About zsazsa13

Psychic zsazsa13has 10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic zsazsa13has recently helped 16607members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about zsazsa13's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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The Law of Attraction is NOT The Secret but The Machinery of LIFE. What is important is hidden! I'll tell you all about it!

This lady is fantastic!She really knows what is right and what to say. I enjoyed every moment with her!Thank you, ZsaZsa!" ... written by ShauniX
Great reading again! Thank you!!" ... written by P
Love love love her readings, never doubt it. Totally accurate and truthfully, regardless if you want to hear it or not lol.... but amazing. " ... written by lisa
Great reading, gave great insights about my life in general. Will return." ... written by blossomingsoul
I love zsazsa,one of the only few readers who accesses the universe's energy and yours at the moment to see and make sense of it all . if i want to know if i am on the right path,i would not go to anyone else" ... written by Harsha
Time is too short. The reading made sense, we will see what happens in the next 2.5 weeks before L goes overseas..." ... written by Rachelle
OMG! she's just perfect! I can't believe that she knows me that much! absolutely recommended!!!" ... written by Lexie
Zsazsa is such a great person and she is always HAPPY! That's the most important! I really loved to speak with her! :)" ... written by Kevin2585
Love her reading so far!!!! Very accurate on her answers!! She is awesome." ... written by nazlymaria
I'm sorry for leaving abruptly, you're amazing. you tapped right into his personality and lifestyle. You figured out our dif. backgrounds. He's muslim I'm catholic. very surprising. I hope it works out as you said. I do believe he is my soulmate." ... written by bubi4000
Lovely reading!!! Love Zsazsa " ... written by hugs2020
Very nice honest professional reader!" ... written by guess1953
She is amazing!" ... written by waterlover
Thank you Zsazsa, it was a very good reading! :)" ... written by chelcee
Great reading!" ... written by kellygal77
I really enjoy the work and advice she has given very wise indeed" ... written by Xactaeon
Very nice reader, good advisor. Excellent, professional, very honest!" ... written by guess1953
shes very fun and intuitive...will talk to her again..very helpful" ... written by sphinx777
she was wonderful!! I felt she understood me and the culture of my people.(.persians.) very well, and thats important to me. We're very complex and spiritual people and her worldliness made reading special. " ... written by Zartoosht
She is insightful!" ... written by tangerinedream
Shes a really positive human being. :) " ... written by jannicke1
zsazsa is a wonderful woman who is wonderful to speak with! She's very in touch and very insightful. I will keep my eyes open for what you told me to! Thank you so much!" ... written by chelcee
TY! Wonderful Reading :)" ... written by mozzy123
Thank you for helping me with a problem that I had. You've brought light to the situation and clarity. Thank you, again." ... written by Angel168
very good reader 5 star" ... written by 1212flaming
she was very good n accurate.. I will be back" ... written by lushez26
I love speaking with Zsazsa! She's so calm and lovely to speak with and very in tune with her abilities. Definitely recommend her if you want a good reading! " ... written by chelcee
She made me feel confident and I took it very seriously and I am happy with her reading and will see her again. she was so on point with me and I have stopped crying tonight. love you " ... written by patricia47
Good reading" ... written by Joanna93
She is so kind and uplifting. Connected to me and look forward to the future. " ... written by mhharview
I was pleasantly surprised to meet zsazsa13. She was very observant during the free chat and knew what I NEEDED to hear. She is very intuitive and I will definitely recommend her services to other people." ... written by gypciz
I love Zsazsa I think she is a beautiful person and I could listen to her talk all night." ... written by standwhereIstood
Zsazsa is great reader and quick!" ... written by marsylyttle
Fantastic predictions, accurate andamp; almost like she knows me! Went back twice, will go back again. " ... written by rachel8888
I have seen MANY psychics. ZSAZSA13 is a very gifted individual with ability to see far back into past lives. Able to explain in detail as to why certain things might or might not take place, which I believe is a UNIQUE skill that really could HELP people in making choices,moving on,etc.So, if you're stuck with making decisions.I THOROUGHLY recommend this EXCELLENT, AMAZINGLY GIFTED and ACCURATE individual.Good luck and hope that you find peace, solace..." ... written by belladonna8
Zsazsa is an amazing reader! I have had a few reading with her over the past year and she has given me some of the most helpful advice and guidance that I have ever had. She's spot on with how I was feeling at the times, and some of the things she told me actually happened. The guidance she has given me has helped me transform my life quite a bit and I definitely recommend her! She doesn't only tell you what she sees, but she also gives advice and guidance. She is definitely worth the time." ... written by chelcee
Zsazsa is a fantastic reader, and a delight to speak too. She has a way of picking up on your situation and your feelings. She has a wonderful way of delivering information to you, being very honest but giving you the most positive advice. I will take everything she said on board. Thank you Zsazsa :)" ... written by chelcee
Good reading, unfortunately I ran out of credit." ... written by maryannepav
thank you zsazsa for your reading. you have a wonderful soul and have given me so much reassurance after having that reading with you. " ... written by chelcee
Excellent reading and very informative." ... written by maryannepav
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
A M A Z I N G " ... written by Klaudyna27
Omg shes amazing, she told me things tht only i would kno lol.. you have to try her she has an amazing talent!!! 1000 stars.xoxox thankyou so much. ran out of credits but great reading and definetly will come back . " ... written by Klaudyna27
I think the universe brought me to zszsz's room. She gave me such good information...that I think is finally going to get me to move ahead. I have been stuck for a long time and she opened a door for me. Thank you so much, Zsazsa!!! I will check back with you in a couple weeks." ... written by duckkait
Wow! What a crystal clear connection and accurate reading. This is the real thing people! You won't be disappointed :)" ... written by 2ndSight
She was wonderful!!!!" ... written by vivjourney
Thanks for the reading and the advises.." ... written by Tanya
She is patient and will keep continuously talking, like she is spreading all the truth on your screen. Great." ... written by blueberi
She started talking about the true situation before I even stated my situation. Wow. It's great!" ... written by blueberi
Sorry... ran out of credits..... but wonderful reading. seem to know exactly how I feel. amazing. And I didn't even said a word about anything." ... written by linn115
Zsazsa is a wonderful reader. I really enjoying having a private reading with her because she's so full of positive advice and honesty. Thank you. :)" ... written by chelcee
ZsaZsa is by far my favourite psychic on here. I visit her room weekly and I finally got a reading! I recommend her to everyone, you will not regret it, she is extraordinary :)" ... written by michelle128
A lovely gentle soul..Thank you for the words of wisdom." ... written by Mademoiselle
Great reading. Thank you so much!" ... written by katie46
ZsaZsa is an excellent Reader. She is very detailed and have so much information to tell you. She is also very insightful and tap in very well and quickly. She is definitely a 5 star reader. Should get a reading with her, she is awesome and very deeply spiritual." ... written by Tanny6
Good reading. Very wise woman with good advice, can really feel for situation. " ... written by axia100
I always love my readings with zsazsa, she is so clear and precise and continually gives me very good advice about what the universe has in store. It's why I always come back to speak with her, she's my favorite on Oranum and definitely worth the time. :)" ... written by Chelsea
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" ... written by Erikaafs
She's wonderful!!!" ... written by aaa
Very Very nice lady, and very strong reading ,and really good suggestion, also very accurate. Love her." ... written by veezee
100 starz !! Love this women! thnks again and im so glad I caught you!" ... written by PurePurplePisces
Zsa Zsa is so accurate, compassionate, and wise. She tells it as it is. A favorite of mine for sure!" ... written by Taylor
Thank you so much Zsa. The way you explain in readings really helped me get a very deep understanding in everything I was asking. 100 Starz !!!" ... written by PurePurplePisces
I'm so sorry, Zsazsa I wasn't watching the time. I was too busy listening to what you were telling me. Thank you so much. Zsazsa has a way that focuses you on the true situation. Wonderful." ... written by silverfae
Oh zsa zsa, she is divine. You know, even if she has news for you that is not what you want to hear, she is so wise and kind that you can accept it. She inspires you and encourages you, and gives her reading with love. " ... written by necklace16
Thank you this is a good reading very clear and intuitive. Lovely reader!" ... written by ikroyal
Excellent, right on point no sugar coating straight answers truly excellent, honest." ... written by vc1976
Awesome" ... written by gittyup1945
Great!!!" ... written by steph
WOW...she was right on the money with everything that's going on in my life...I am just in awe.." ... written by Stephanie
You definitely have to have a reading with Zsa if you have not yet ! Zsa is one of the most knowledgeable person and educator on this site. And it is great pleasure to have a reading with Zsa. She sees things clearly and provides accurate insight into the issue even before you tell her anything. Does not need name , date of birth or location, she is just amazing at connecting with people. Zsa, is also one of kindest people, and her messages in free chat are very very insightful and definitely make a positve impact on your life. She not only reads your situation but also provides you advice with care and wisdom. Thank you Zsa." ... written by swind6
Great." ... written by druvina1973
Still as amazing. :)" ... written by linn115
Very motivating and gave reat advice " ... written by britney23
Amazing wonderful enjoyed my reading " ... written by spiritessense
Great medium. Thank you. " ... written by Australiana16
Very good and experienced reader, and she will not overcharge you. You can get full in-depth detailed reading for good price. You deserve it!" ... written by fpinkney
Thank you, ZsaZsa that was very helpful! Nice lady who is very intuitive, I look forward to my creative journey. Will you keep you updated ;)" ... written by tootles83
What a wonderful reading! This woman is spot on, and so lovely to speak with. I will return again. Thank you!!!" ... written by Sun
Great reading with great guidance. I was given a lot of detail in a short time. I love zsa zsa's messages from the universe because they give me strength. :) " ... written by NiecyM
She will not give you specific details, but her advice is unbelievable because she just picks up on your energy. She tells you where you are in life and points out your flaws. When she does a reading, you feel like she is telling you how you will mature from a child into an adult, with the child being your present. She knows how to read people." ... written by ABA
Wow.. She's so right on. I didn't tell her nothing about me or who I will be meeting this coming Sunday. She gave me information about me and my woman so accurately. Zsazsa13 is so incredible..EXCELLENT PSYCHIC READING Worth everything and more. I'm so happy..I will be back for private session again." ... written by izzy98027
Wonderful reading, ZSAZSA13 is awesome she was so accurate. Very Sweet and soft spoken . Can't wait to see the outcome.." ... written by sunshinec
She is amazing!!!!Like really amazing. Spot on and tells you truth, but so sweet about it. I absolutely love her. :) " ... written by Lisa
I enjoyed my reading with Zsazsa. She is a wise woman and a very sweet one too. Thanks for your guidance for my life." ... written by kealia35
Awesome!!!" ... written by bequestions
Super informative! Good to talk to!" ... written by Happy
Simply amazing!" ... written by peter
Very genuine and accurate lady! You are very insightful and I truly appreciate what you did for me. THANK YOU." ... written by Lisa
Excellent truly gifted. Never have to give information. She really is an extraordinary psychic always on point honest and straight forward, no hesitation, she give awesome description of person you are asking about and situation, picks up quickly. Highly recommended." ... written by vc1976
Thank you for the reading, I was very pleased with the way she gave me information and she connected to my situation well!." ... written by soulguy4
Interesting read! I can not wait to see her predictions come to past in the next month!" ... written by Destiny_Love
Wonderful reading, straight to the point. Made me realize exactly what I need to do to move on with my life. Thank you so very much. Recommend!!" ... written by Tricia
Yes intuitive and right on the money, a pleasure." ... written by bloc
Very good advice." ... written by Simon
Thanks" ... written by jo
A very good reading, I enjoyed it very much" ... written by zimerili1
Very lovely person." ... written by sadhana
Heavenly sent! So glad I came to you, my dearest Zsa Zsa. No questions asked, all answers given. Delightful reading with everything I needed to hear. In my heart, I knew it. But I was struggling with my doubts and fears. I'm so ready to break free now and the timing is perfect. Thank you so much for the reassurance. Great insight into the situation. Sound advice and guidance. Stay blessed! " ... written by Liz
She is AMAZING knew EVERYTHING about me andamp; really helped me better understand!" ... written by Miranda
Wow that was really good. She is fast talking and reading and she breaks everything down to what I could understand. She doesn't sugar coat and yet she delivers the message with comfort. I will take precise action now as to what she said." ... written by me
Amazing!" ... written by Klaudyna27
She is amazing and wonderful !" ... written by Jennifer
OMG thank you so much!!!! You gave me advice that I really needed to hear!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Wonderful, insight on a relationship I was unsure of. I now know how to move on forward. She is amazing and told her very little. She told me lots, love her dearly. 50 Stars if I could..." ... written by Triciawondrs74
ZsaZsa gave me clarity. She was very comforting. She picked up on issues. Thank you, ZsaZsa!" ... written by Moonchild59
Fantastic amazing detail, very intuitive very detail, told me everthing I need to do Amazing Thank you" ... written by BNJPANGELS
Always 5 stars!!" ... written by Purp
Wow! So much information! Thank you! Covered so many things and really connected with me. I will return once predictions happen!" ... written by LizaLiza
Thank you for the advice!! It was great :)" ... written by cmerced
Good reading thanks!" ... written by candy
Thank you sooo much Zsazsa! Lots of good information provided in the reading and connected very well! Much love and light!" ... written by CA
She was very good... Wish I had more time. Excellent!" ... written by Patrice
Amazing, amazing, amazing!" ... written by Gaby11
Wow!" ... written by Gaby11
What an inspiring and uplifting spirit. ZSAZSA is always gracious and empowering in her messages. She is truly wonderful, insightful and positive in every messages she gives. She inspires me to make changes and is being a driving force for my energies. She tells me a great deal of changes will happen for the better. ZSAZSA I pray you are right, I have a lot of people counting on me. Blessings and Light my friend." ... written by BNJPANGELS
She was spot on !!!!! WOW...I am speechless" ... written by ucalatinlady
ZsaZsa is excellent, she touched on issues that I would only know and she is very fast, accurate. She picked up on so many things and at such a quick pace, I appreciated that very much. She is polite and so warm, I loved this reading, I felt a good energy and connection with her. Much love and blessings, thank you xxxxx" ... written by Jade50
Inspiring and inspirational. Zsazsa, is a wonderful soul and I had the best reading with her. I highly recommend her. Thanks so much!" ... written by Jessywhat
Excellent advisor, very in tune and right on target with my situation. Thank you for all your help . Take care. " ... written by Ms G
Great! Great! Great!! Loved her reading :-) Very down to earth and very accurate :-) Thank you!" ... written by sara
She gave me a reading quite like others. straight to the point. Validated others readings but gave her own insights as well. I'm hoping for the former to come true. " ... written by intrigued8
She is great.... Super nice connection.. Love her interdimensional connections:) Just what I need... Hehe" ... written by Gaby11
O, wow, so wonderful reading, very helpful! I deeply recommend her. I wish I would have more credits. I would talk to her for hours. Bless you Zsazsa" ... written by ZetaTheShiny
Thank you, Ms. Zsazsa is wonderful to talk to and offered a lot of wonderful advice." ... written by Huyen
I love her she makes sense, she knows what she is talking about. x" ... written by Kath
Zsa is amazing she is extremely detailed and I don't even have to ask questions, she knows everything about me, my past and where my future is headed. Zsazsa extremely knowledgeable and informative and is very strong in communicating everything that I need to get back on track." ... written by BNJPANGELS
I always enjoy my readings with zsazsa, she is lovely to speak with and gives such clarity and great advice from the universe. A wonderful reader and definitely worth it. :)" ... written by Chelsea
Honest, accurate lady with no sugarcoating and tell it like it is." ... written by tonya
Thank u zsa zsa u was so great. She is so kind and honest. I truly love her sooo much I learned alot. It was a great reading." ... written by genie980
A great reader! extraordinary!" ... written by marya23
Very sweet soul, honest, fast and gets to the point, doesn't waste your time! She brings hope to the hopeless... Great reading!!! I will return!!!! " ... written by BB
Very helpful and gentle. Thank you" ... written by happigal27
Picked up on me in a blink of an eye. Very accurate reading! genuine, and straight forward. Loved the reading." ... written by Tiffany
This lady is amazing...she always is accurate never tells you things you want to here... just as it is...no fairy dust here xxx" ... written by katz
The most aweome lady I have ever met yet, leaves you feeling of positive honest advise, I recommend zsazsa13 to all, no hesitations at all! Very beautiful, if you were unhappy before, after speaking with zsazsa13 you end smiling all the way. I have no words can explain this beautiful lady. If I was there, I would give zsazsa13 a big hug. Like I said, no words could explain zsazsa13 tell you how it is. Thank you zsazsa13, I will do this again sometime. Love you lot!!! sxxx" ... written by debbie
Always love her insight! Thanks sooo much Zsa Zsa!" ... written by vigglesworth216
thank you." ... written by Lenard
Just lovely. Such a sweet-natured lady that calmly delivers spot on info over and over again. " ... written by Freedom2211
Wonderful reading and guidance! Thank you!!!" ... written by Calizaliza
Great insight...... Thank you for the advice... Much appreciated." ... written by QTyrone
Love her..very accurate. amazing woman, truly." ... written by anonymous
She delivers every time!" ... written by intrigued 88
Great reader!" ... written by marya23
Great reader!" ... written by Marya
Very fast and honest" ... written by Sarah
Wonderful , " ... written by Sol
5 stars and more! excellent and on the spot reading. Zsazsa is very lovely and caring lady. Definitely recommend." ... written by sunny
Excellent reading Thank you ZsaZsa.." ... written by sunshinec
ZsaZsa gave me clarity. She was so positive with her advice. She is so calm and a fantastic person to talk to. Thank you very much, Zsa!" ... written by Moonchild59
Great reader!" ... written by Marya
reads the complexities and is insightful and willing to tell the unsecured truth about things" ... written by quiet
Always a pleasure to get a reading from her... Very compassionate and genuine." ... written by vigglesworth216
What a wonderful reader!" ... written by marya23
Zsa very inspiring intuitive, caring, great energy!" ... written by BNJPANGELS
Wonderful reading, insightful and very helpful. Highly recommend zsazsa :) thank you! " ... written by Lynda22
Wow I am impress...she knew everything about my situation at work and give me priceless advises!!! Spot on all the way and the light of my day for sure!! Thank you again zsazsa you have a priceless gift !!!Take care. :D" ... written by onelastbreath_
Great. Connected to me immediately. Awesome experience." ... written by rose
ZSA is amazing, she gives a wealth of direction without even hardly asking her about anything specific, an incredible reader, and she explains thoroughly what is happening and what to focus on." ... written by BNJPANGELS
Great reading!" ... written by Marya23
Zsa zsa - thanks so much - I think you've turned the light on for me. I'll be back.." ... written by poque
Awesome. Awesome. Awesome!!!! Thank you!!" ... written by Autumn
Thank you so much for encouragement, i knew exactly what you were talking about. Great reading! Much beyond 5 stars!" ... written by Meandme
wow, what a profoundly wise woman, she rocks, totally!!!" ... written by dancinqueen
LOVE ZsaZsa ... very fast to connect, started talking about what was going on before I said anything. Very accurate and I left feeling very strong.-" ... written by maddi
Thank you so much for this wonderful experiences . You are always a great adviser , so clear and kind ... " ... written by Bless
best reading here!!!" ... written by humi
I am so so so glad I logged on to see that zsa zsa was online !!! I love her pvt readings she is so positive and i will always be a client and close friend !!! Love u zsa zsa !!" ... written by PurePurplePisces
Very on point and to the message! She is such a great psychic!!! I love her so much!!!!" ... written by Deja
so wise and full of information" ... written by E
Reading was very good but the screen froze up.. don't know what happen" ... written by Kit2go
thank you very much very interesting session. Very well gifted and educated lady." ... written by countryliving1
amazing advice!!!! thanks so so much!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
wonderful, warm, and connected. will be back. " ... written by t.
Zsa Zsa knew exactly what to hit on when it came to my future with my book and love life. I needed these updates so I can now move on with life and close my past doors. Really looking forward to the next few months. She is a very remarkable lady that I trust coming to for my answers. I would highly recommend her to all." ... written by Tricia
she is very trusted! Thanks for the great reading!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
So so happy to have had reading with this lovely lady... many times I searched for her I heard she was the best but difficult to catch online !!! OMG she was so so worth it picked up everything about me and my situation wow she is AMAZING!!!" ... written by elle11
I love her , she is going deep and in details nothing superficial with Zsa zsa , she is just extraordinary! " ... written by Blu
All I can really say to zsa zsa is thank you." ... written by vigglesworth216
Zsazsa is great and I'm glad I caught her and was able to talk to her in private. she picked up on all the change that was going on in my life and picked up specifically on the person I asked about. She answered all my questions too. Highly recommend her." ... written by m
You are spectacular , so clear and honest ." ... written by Blessed
Nice and positive reading. She gave me general insights. Good reading indeed." ... written by Ystylus
Very pleasant to talk to. Direct and to the point to answer you questions." ... written by K
Great reader! Will be returning to update ya! " ... written by jaylo1980
I love her readings.. absolutely spot on and very encouraging. :) she is on my "must to go" list when I need the advice in my life. " ... written by junekay
She is truly gifted, and very detailed. Also, she gives guidance on your particular situation and how to plan ahead of time. I highly recommend her!!" ... written by rai
ALways a great reading , insightful and I am growing each and every time. Thank you my darling xx" ... written by B
She is very intuitive and honest. I am hopeful what she says will happen." ... written by Cheryl
Great as usual.. she is really awesome." ... written by rose
Awsome reading!!!" ... written by aurelia
Excellent! Was on point!" ... written by Mona
Very fast and lots of details. Awesome" ... written by Johnny
Thank you for your insights. I left the reading feeling much more at ease and good about things that are just waiting to happen in my life. I appreciate how quick you were and that you really care about how a person feels. I can honestly say I felt the presence of your angels!" ... written by Carolyn
good reading" ... written by lavelle
What a great reading. She got it spot on. I will be back again if the predictions come to pass" ... written by Sticky toffee
thank you dear, it was a pleasure getting that great reading from u. goodnight!" ... written by ak
100 stars as always when I come to see zsa zsa!!!" ... written by PurePurplePisces
words cant describe this gifted soul ... it's amazing what she picks up and how she delivers it -- this work is her calling and her heart goes into helping us. She motivates us in the proper direction which makes a huge impact in our lives." ... written by maddi
was very insightful and detailed.Highly recommended" ... written by jerin2000
Lover Her she is so sweet, funny and realist when she does her readings. A Blessing, ZSAZSA" ... written by sunshinec
Fabulous! Thank you so much!" ... written by Meera
very loving person and good reading" ... written by sadhana
she makes me feel s much more confIdent. and she Is really nIce.. almost as If she can read my mInd.. thank you see you agaIn soon" ... written by mack
Thank you. It was Great!" ... written by rebirth
fantastic" ... written by Bnjpangels
Wonderful spot on free flowing amazing reading that I absolutely loved and got much from." ... written by Jewels
Great and amazingly in tune lady . she put me straight and tell me what i needed to hear . a 5 star xx" ... written by B
Good reading!" ... written by aurelia
Very good reading!" ... written by aurelia
very very very very good and on target with everything!!!!!!" ... written by leona
very straight to the point and sweet thank you!" ... written by tiwa
very fast and to the point, 5 stars and more, thank you." ... written by p
Always a pleasure" ... written by roseq
Great detailed and fast reading! didn't ask question, very positive and calm energy from her. :)" ... written by Sylvie03
omg, she puts me at ease so much, she is such a blessing and such a help, she understood my situation so completely, it was almost unreal how we finished each other's sentences...she gave me the confirmation on important issues and that was so necessary for me to hear today, also, extremely good advice and useful pointers and revelations that serve as a guiding light...such a powerful person, and a reader, my zsa lady,...in awe...lacking adequate words to describe how awesome she is..." ... written by donna
Very good reading!" ... written by Aurelia
AS always, this woman is so special, and lovely. She's always encouraging and right on point. Thank you!" ... written by 888
good reading!" ... written by aurelia
Wow, she is spot on when it comes to health questions! Awesome amazing and quick reader. :)" ... written by ..
she was so kind and loving recommend her " ... written by edna
Fantastic reading so accurate" ... written by Lorann23
Wonderful!!! Fantastic!!! Speechless!!!" ... written by P
Beautiful loving reader. Tells you what you really need to focus on and do for your best you. No smoke and mirrors here. If you are looking to better yourself as the being that you are this is this place. Love you beautiful zsa zsa. Blessings and love my dear. " ... written by love
She has read things very well and very accurately. " ... written by allbright
Such a very sweet and uplifting individual. I have enjoyed her demo readings, and finally decided to purchase my own session. I was very much encouraged by her messages for me - she is all about positive growth. " ... written by Kay1700
WONDERFUL READING!." ... written by Ceejay
My second reading. Will be back in a few months, very insightful Zsa Zsa." ... written by AB
Zsazsa was I loved my reading, although it felt more like my good friend giving me excellent advice. you were spot on." ... written by Abundance
She's polite and genuine. Amazing woman to learn from." ... written by Sierra (rarasie)
Very life changing person wonderful and kind, loving and all around good person. She has lighten my tunnel and now ready to take on the challenge. thank you zsazsa!!!! you are a wonderful blessing to me and the world. " ... written by Ceejay E
great reading!!" ... written by longdon
you can trust zsazsa .. always accurate, the real deal - stop by for a message and you will want to take her private" ... written by d
She is fantastic...there really isnt anything more to say...no cards no crystal ball its just you and her. !!!!!" ... written by Eric
great! i believe u" ... written by carlos
Zsa Zsa is great. I've learned a lot. Thank you!" ... written by Hollie
Zsazsa is absolutely wonderful !!!! She is just amazing !!!!! I am gonna listen to her advice and follow it up !!!!! Thnx Zsa !!!!!GOD BLESS !!!!!" ... written by Rose
fantastic reader excellent perspective" ... written by bnjpangels
Zsa is absolutely fabulous !!!! No words to describe her......pure magic !!!!!!!" ... written by Rose
A really amazing person, her predictions has come true, and many more! thank you zsazsa my love you are my guide to life my love!" ... written by CeejayE
Thank you so much for thoughtful helpful reading. Will come back! Big kiss!" ... written by P
Wonderful as always ZSAZSA. .Beautiful Soul ..xoxoox" ... written by sunshinec
you are so cute and right on! i hope you are right." ... written by maggielee
Great reader!" ... written by xxxx
szasza ia amazing her predictions has come true as i am now seeing! she is an amazing person and reader the best! a wonderful friend and guide one million stars!." ... written by CeejayE
great follow up xx" ... written by B
A trusted teacher of mine and an acclaimed pyschic.." ... written by miami_doc
EXCELLENT!!!" ... written by allpositivity
thank you. Very nice." ... written by Laniers
thank u" ... written by judith
Very emotional for me. Thank you for your honesty and the first person to strike a nerve in my core. Very real person who is truthful and a good spirit." ... written by EyeRis6
Zsa Zsa has done it again wonderful reading, PREDICTIONS COME TO PASS!!! thank you my love for your time and friendship. " ... written by Ceejay E
she is good thank you " ... written by is
She is very accurate and sharp. Strongly recommend " ... written by humility
A lovely friend found... Very accurate and you would wanna see her, if you need a direction in your life. Thank You for being a blessing" ... written by Bobbin
Very nice reading. She is a very understanding lady." ... written by Zooba
Thank you for a great reading." ... written by Zooba
She is simply awesome. She picks up things without having to say anything to her. She is kind and understanding and really lovely to listen to. I recommend her highly!" ... written by V
very thorough, insightful and accurate as others have said the same thing, will try her again in future, thx zsa zsa" ... written by afroditi23
Awesome as always...." ... written by Sc
Zsazsa my lovely daring i thank you again for such a wonderful session with you my love." ... written by CeejayE
Zsa is very very great and amazingly gifted!! She became one of my favorites to talk to because of her depth of knowledge and ability to adequately tap into and interpret situations. Besides she also connects fast and was very accurate ;) thanks so much again for everything. XOXO" ... written by Adiee
Great great great..i am topping up more and coming back for more ;P" ... written by md
Great..Oh wow.I am so happy I went priv with her..." ... written by md
zsazsa is a wonderful reader. She actually pours positive energy towards you during reading. I always appreciate her reading :)" ... written by humility
She is so awesome..My god..SO wise women..I love listening to her.." ... written by md
She is a great psychic . I like to take advice from her." ... written by zooba
very honest and connected right away!!" ... written by sun
Zsa was wonderful once again and i loved our reading, she is simply amazing ;) very accurate too!" ... written by Adiee
ZSAZSA is very accurate with her answers, very uplifting and to the point. Always a pleasure!" ... written by lpa483066
very good reader no nonsense made me feel very welcome I give her a five star" ... written by lucy
as usual fantastic guidance, intuitive and very powerfully motivating, phenomenall lady" ... written by bnjpangels
ZsaZsa is so incredibility talented on so many different levels - she not only accurately sees where you are heading, she has such great insight on who you are and where you have come from, it is uncanny - very loving and genuinely cares about her clients." ... written by d
amazing insightful person , i value her guidance. " ... written by z
very good insight. good advice. I trust Zsa Zsa. I would consult again. She gives quick, fast, accurate insight and directions for best possible outcome. She's my hungarian mom or grandma. No, really. " ... written by golden
I enjoyed my reading, look forward to her predictions." ... written by imbeingme
She was very kind and accurate and good. I liked her advice. She told me certain possibilities for the future. Very sweet and generous. Excellent reading!" ... written by L
Fascinating! Encouraging! Wonderful! with Love," ... written by P
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
thank you zsazsa so much for the clarity! You really helped alot!! love and blessings x" ... written by missvika
great advices and guidance thnx" ... written by hopefull58
she is awesome" ... written by humility
good reader to the point, gives good advice" ... written by nicks
Zsazsa is the best as always! I always come back to her for answers. No one else can match up to what she is gifted with. She's truly unique and is blessed with so many gifts and her predictions always come to pass. She'll read your past, present and future and leave you amazed at the accuracy of her details. I recommend her to everyone!" ... written by dolefuldoll
Thank you for helping me grow" ... written by deb
Thank you. Always makes me laugh" ... written by 1111
zsazsa is amazing. she knows things which one doesnt even admit to ones self. she is the wise oracle who guides me througuh transitions and open my eyes to my own weaknesses and strengths. thank you zsazsa for your wisdom and words. " ... written by z
Thanks Zsa Zsa. Great reading. Will take your advice." ... written by familyhelper
thank you not what I wanted to hear. :( but thank you anyway" ... written by aaa
Thank you. Makes me laugh and smile." ... written by ABC
Lovely lady, very straight forward honest reading. Will speak to again. Thank you Zsazsa13" ... written by Helpme67
Thank you. I still disagree and I know i must be the only person on this site who does not want to meet a man but thank you anyway." ... written by ABC
thank u" ... written by judith
i love her reading, everything was on the point... i am staying positive love the first reading i got from her " ... written by veronica
VERy Very Very Very good" ... written by Leona
Accurate. Honest. best." ... written by Jess
Nice to see you back. :)" ... written by debbie
1st reading. Will see wht happens." ... written by Seagreen
Very awesome reader! Showed me so much about my past life, which I had no clue about. Past life readers are HARD TO FIND! Definitely get zsazsa13 to read for you, you will learn so much about yourself and be amazed! :)" ... written by Kara
Great reading! Great advice!! Always fantastic!!! Thank you so much!!!!" ... written by P
Absolutely fantastic! She honed in on so many things I hadn't even revealed hints of!" ... written by Leona
Thank you for the reading and updates. Always fast and tells you what you need to hear" ... written by 1111
I love her insights and cant thank her enough!" ... written by pure
Wow, what a true blessing to this site and to anyone who gets a reading from her. I have felt aimless and confused for awhile now and after opening myself up to zsazsa and allowing her guidance in I feel so incredibly focused and empowered to live my life with enthusiasm. She not only channels spiritual messages but she's an excellent teacher so she knows exactly how to translate those messages in a way that will make sense to you. Thank you and I will be back :)" ... written by .
spot on for situation but did not give me answer to what i was after or my question" ... written by nz
Good" ... written by Angel
ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT!!!!! I LOVE HER!!! ACCURATE!!" ... written by freeandlove23
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Debbie
Zsa Zsa was a great reader, was quick and spot on in everything she said. I highly recommend her. The information she gave me will definitely help me during the next few months. I enjoyed every second of my reading with her." ... written by Megan
I love zsa zsa" ... written by chef
amazing person just get a reading with her " ... written by hayday
Fantastic again! So happy to be able to have a private with her. Love," ... written by P
Brilliant i have missed her wonderful energy" ... written by aaa
Thank you for the insight and helping me turn my life into a more positive existence" ... written by abcb
absolutely amazing.. great energy information and advice.. Spoke with her as she was a mentor and very wise guide!! " ... written by alicia
Thank you made me smile" ... written by Debbie
Thank you for the reading " ... written by Debbie
Brilliant as always i love this woman" ... written by Debbie
Thank you for the update. Everything you have said in the past is now coming to pass :)" ... written by abc
Thank you so much for very clear and positive advices. Fantastic!!!" ... written by P
I am hooked! The woman is a marvel. Understands me more than me." ... written by Diana
Always the best guidance and connection. Zsazsa is a wonderful reader. Highly recommended." ... written by .
Absolutely Excellent. I will come again. " ... written by Diana
zsazsa is an amazing reader. very intuitive zsazsa is very consoling and instrumental in helping me got into the right direction" ... written by bnjpangels
Thank you Zsa Zsa is helping me deal with issues that are holding me back" ... written by 123
She is an amazing reader, strongly recommend!" ... written by humility
Very warm, very direct and honest, but most importantly very accurate. Thank you!" ... written by Eric
nice to get an update" ... written by d
extremely good" ... written by laleona
Brilliant and informative as always" ... written by 123
Thank you for the positive words and alternatives" ... written by Debbie
I think she connected to my current situation well, and she is very sweet. " ... written by Sarah
brilliant reading, will wait till it comes to pass" ... written by rish
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Zsazsa speak so much sense and she is seeing true to the chore of the situation . one of the best xx" ... written by B
Thank you for the update and positive words" ... written by D
Thanks for update" ... written by deb
she is awesome!" ... written by headingbackhome
So nice to have ZSA ZSA back :)" ... written by Deb
Love to Zsazsa back xx" ... written by B
Omg I love my readings with Zsa she is beyond amazing, always right with her predictions, the information she picks up, and is a very honest person!! Her knowledge is just so impressive and I love learning new things all the time from her. Blessings Zsa " ... written by A
Thank you for your positive words and outlook" ... written by 1111
Wonderful!! Thank you so much!!!!!" ... written by P
It is so nice to see Zsa Zsa back i missed her smiles" ... written by Debbie
It is nice to see you back" ... written by D
she is simply awesome" ... written by untitled
Wonderful news" ... written by candace miller
Thank you soooo much for your insightful reading as always. I'm so encouraged every time." ... written by P
Thank you for the update. Have a nice trip" ... written by D
Better than I expected. This woman can see/feel you very deep. She will give it to you direct. I recommend." ... written by USA
Thank you for the update" ... written by D
ZsaZsa was so very on point.. and patient.." ... written by dee
great reading but got cut off " ... written by jim
What a beautiful catch up , it was nice to work with the lady again xx" ... written by B
Excellent and heart warming reading. Thank you." ... written by Tony
Thank u sooooooooo amazing and gifted!" ... written by Ava
She is funny and awesome love her readings Thank you for waiting...xoxoxoxo" ... written by sc
Thank you this was an awesome reading very on point big smile thank you again" ... written by cuteface
OH MY GOODNESS! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! She knew the deepest part of my fears and psyche, no one has ever picked up on that in any previous readings Ive done. She does not waste your time, and gives you an abundance of details and an amazing reading!! Thank you soo mcuh ZsaZsa you are a bundle of beautiful positive energy. :)" ... written by gabby
She told me that I would get the job I applied for and she was right! I am currently hunting for houses and preparing for a move! Thanks so much! :)" ... written by B-lizabeth
ZSaZsa is amazing intuitive psychic reader to phenomenal proportions, Zssazsa knows exactly what is going on in my life and wh i am. She is a beautiful soul inside and out. She is extremely wise and give wonderful counseling as well. i am so happy I have found her again." ... written by bnjpangels
excellent reading, absolutely accurate!" ... written by gabby
Thank you always so positive" ... written by Debbie
thank you" ... written by D
BEAUTIFULLLL!!!!!!" ... written by Kimberly
very nice reading" ... written by kw
I love this woman! She is positive and encouraging and kind. A total joy!" ... written by Sylvia812