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Psychic vedicguruhas 17years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic vedicguruhas recently helped 37members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about vedicguru's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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All with the grace of divine . i am here to help you. over the last 20 years helping and showing the path .

He was very helpful and knowlegeable, especially in the field of astrology. Thanks alot (:" ... written by maryannepav
Very gentle and kind spirit that seems to really have a good intuition about the situation. Well worth it!" ... written by celticfreckles
Another nice private session. always a pleasure to speak with. thanks vedicguru :)" ... written by ceffie
He stands strong behind his visions, and is very humble and patient. I really think he will be very well liked here on oranum. Try a reading with him I'm sure you will be pleased. He was pretty intuned to my situation. I will be back to let him know when the predictions pan out." ... written by neeree1
Vedic Guru was very unique. Unlike other readings I've had, Vedic Guru tells you WHY something is the way that it is. He does not leave you wondering or pondering after. He was dead on... Everything I always wanted to know the answers to have been finally revealed. I swear I feel a rebirth. He is brilliant. He took away my doubt, healed my heart, restored my confidence and hope in life all while being truthful. I cannot thank him enough. I truly cannot thank you enough Vedic.... " ... written by ginamg
he is really good, right on the point that i want to know the answer, i will be back with him more often, i really like him very calm and honest, i recommand everyone he is really good, very nice reading with satifation. cooool." ... written by TUSHAN
Very simple, positive nice human being. Well versed in sanskrit mantras and absolutely wonderful reading! " ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Vedic was very good....enjoyed what he had to say for the future based on my date of birth...very precise and a good reader....highly recommended!!" ... written by ttgal50
Very calm and clear. Will tell you what is going on in your life and when things will happened. Very nice reading. Thank you. " ... written by answers28
he was very accurate in his reading regarding my love life thank u so much " ... written by angel83
He was good! Gave precise and to the point answers, which was refreshing to see. " ... written by sandalgr8
Good reading,.. things he said came true.. excellent :)" ... written by ginlin
Thank you so much for all the help and giving me positive help. Will follow your advice. will keep you updated. Thank you again!" ... written by rach82
Very nice reading ,I just loved it , he is a good reader!! Thank you very much!!" ... written by LittleStar5
Very good reader! " ... written by dioncarol
I think that he was accurate and he was good with being able to figure out what the problems are within my relationship which nobody else has so far. I appreciate this man a lot xoxox" ... written by loverpants
Thank you for the reading. I found out some things that I didn't know, but I should. My eye's are open, now!!! This reading was very, very, good. Thank you!" ... written by Angel168
Very nice reading. Gave me time frame ...I'll come back to you for sure. " ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
I truly had an amazing reading with this psychic." ... written by tanyaolivia64
Wonderful Reading, Very Nice Man." ... written by kellygal77
Wow! Thank you so much for your reading. He was so accurate..picked up on the situation straight away and the issue! Thank you you have given me hope. I will do as you say. Please pray. Thank you. " ... written by rosha05
Another powerful reading from this psychic. He is able to connect so well with the energy around my situation to put clarity and perspective around it for me. He has helped me a lot and is guiding me through my current situation by letting me see the bigger picture and brighter future that will follow." ... written by tanyaolivia64
Thank you for the wonderful reading. You have answered all my questions, that I was concerned about. Thank you, again. " ... written by Angel168
I really believe him! I can feel everything will be the way he said to me !!! Very accurate and gifted! Thank you, Recommended!" ... written by kosmosss
Brilliant ... thank you so much !" ... written by hazelhazel
I have had another comforting and amazing reading from this psychic, whom is a truly gentle and caring man. Thank you again for helping me to unburden my heart. I believe he connects very well with me and my present circumstances and i have gained truth and insight at this present time and for the future, and I look forward to the happiness and love which awaits me, as no doubt will unfold as he has said. Prior circumstances have eventuated in the manner he described to me and I have faith and trust in him regarding my future for a matter so dear to my heart. He has enabled me to have hope again and confidence to see me through this difficult time. I am thankful to him and his kind words. He will" ... written by tanyaolivia64
Great Reading, lots of information, very reassuring and lovely person, I reccomend him !" ... written by kellygal77
I was impressed with his reading, i would definately recommend him. " ... written by Anniekins
He was really great,i would say the best,answered all my questions clearly and fast,great advises,a real and honest psychic with great abilities and besides i can tell just a good person who wants to help" ... written by aminash
His reading matched up with that of another. I never ask the same question twice, but his reading flowed right into that of another psychic on here. He seems to be using numerology, so it all makes sense! " ... written by AgentOrange69
Very Good. Thank you for your insight. I will do what you told me see how it works out !!!" ... written by SJD101
Everytime i have a reading i feel relaxed and at ease real impressive i must say will definately have another reading soon... " ... written by Anniekins
I trust this psychic with all my heart and he connects so well to your feelings and situation close to your heart . He is able to see all that lies ahead in your future and I am confident that all will come to be as he has said Past events have already occurred and he wants to guide you and offer his insight to assist the best possible outcome for you I find him to be a very compassionate and caring gentleman and treats you with respect and reverance He is like a true friend and I will no doubt." ... written by tanyaolivia64
Excellent reading a must try!!!" ... written by Anniekins
I love this man, he is so nice and gentle, he is lovely!!! and he does not tell u lies he tells u as it is!!! he is god gifted i prefer him to ANY indian man workin on this site. I trust him I will come back for more info and healing one day." ... written by loverpants
He was able to connect with my problem. Will see how it turns out and provide an update. Thanks vedicguru." ... written by ceffie
Very positive and to the point reading. He gave exact dates for the future. Look forward to seeing the predictions happen. Very uplifting... Thank you. " ... written by Iaeizel
I had my doubts, he didn't go through the routine psychic bs.. I asked where do you see my career going. Strangely he guessed exactly the career I am in, and doing now. Highly recommended" ... written by anon
He's my favourit ! I can openly confess what ever...and he never judge me based on the info I provide. I like the way he treats ....He's damn good. Thanks a lot Anil." ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
I had an inspirational reading yet again with vedicguru. He is a very gentle and caring soul and he is very kind. He fiils me with great hope for the future and happiness which awaits. I tust him and believe all he has told me about the future will come true. He seems to connect to my energy and the energy around my situation and he is able to offer great insight and guidasnce for me. He always leaves me with a sense of peace whenever I consult with him. He is also able to remove blockages on order to facilitate outcome that he sees for you. He is a great person and I recommend him highly and has given me so much strength and hope and faith upon my dearest wish being fulfilled. Thank you so much for all your help and" ... written by tanyaolivia64
The reading was great, thank you very much. Finally I know what to expect in 2012. You are great!" ... written by marxis79
Great Reading, He answered some questions that have been bothering me, and he put my mind at ease, fantastic !" ... written by kellygal77
Very helpful and Accurate! Ty Vedicguru :)" ... written by mozzy123
This gentleman is very special and has reassured me. I feel he has special gifts and has been chosen to help others. I hope you will let him help you as he ha helped me. Many thanks Vedic guru and bless you for your kindness." ... written by pepenz
Thank you for the wonderful reading. I really appreciate the time you gave to me and you were very understanding to my problem. You're very honest and understanding. Thank you for everything! " ... written by Angel168
Excellent reading! Was able to give me time frames and real answers about career and love life, highly reccomend him !" ... written by kellygal77
HE WAS VERY CORRECT ON EVERYTHING." ... written by rivers61
great reading" ... written by Katsi36
He is a very good man and also a very professional expert on this site. Thank you!" ... written by MarkCH
I am always amazed at how powerful this psychic readings are and I always feel energized and a sense of serenity after i consult with him, and he is a very gentle soul. He truly guides me so well upon my concerns and matters of the heart as he connects to all i am feeling. I TRUST HIM WITH ALL MY HEART and he is SO GIFTED and always tells u the TRUTH and gives his all to help u through. I will try aaand remain positive as he has seen for me amazing FUTURE and I feel truly blessed if this happiness awaits and I will be back to tell him my wonderful news I am sure , which he has always seen for me. He has given me so much peace and hope especially when I was so fearful and sad. THANK U SO MUCH XXXXX" ... written by tanyaolivia64
As usual he is great i missed seeing him around was really looking for him. Thank God he is back and as usual up to the mark..." ... written by Anniekins
One of the best psychics u will ever consult with. He gives u so much comfort and peace when he guides u with his knowledge. He really connects so well to my energy I feel and can always tell me so clearly and with so much confidence how the situation stands, and very positive and reassuring. He sees so clearly all that will unfold and i am so looking forward to all that awaits. Two other predictions have already occurred in relation to my current situation just as he saw and the final one is not far away. Thank u so much for keeping my hope alive and giving me courage along the way, and u know how happy I will be soon.A TRULY GIFTED READER. " ... written by TANYA
He is a gifted reader and he offers great guidance and advice on how to help the situation. FIVE STARS!!" ... written by sacredlove71
really good session" ... written by DIveeny
hes very accurate " ... written by jen
he is good and can tune into answers for your questions." ... written by wren1414
Clarity, Clarity, Clarity! Doesn't waste time. Dives straight into your situation. You don't need to say much. Very focus and honest. Kind energy! Really glad I came across his room. In my opinion one of the best here! " ... written by Maria
VERY HELPFUL AND HONEST. " ... written by rach82
Thank u for everything u have done and all that you are doing to help me. You are a lovely man and very professional and truly GIFTED and Caring and I trust you so much with all u have told me. This psychic will help u by giving u strength when u need it by allowing u to see the truth and gaining a clearer understanding around you and he does genuinely care.He sees everything so clearly and picks up feelings so can unlock a lot of hidden truths that will assist you in dispelling doubts.I believe all he has told me and he has already seen events for me which did in fact occur and his predictions always come to pass. If u want peace and the truth please contact him." ... written by tanyaolivia64
His last prediction for me came true. I needed his guidance and he is more than willing to provide it. Always a pleasure to speak with him - he is very approachable and uplifting! Thanks Vedic.:)" ... written by ceffie
Thank you. You are very kind!" ... written by opengirl1975
Wonderful reading, highly reccomend him ! Lots of details and great advice. " ... written by kellygal77
What can I say about this man, he is definitely an angel in disguise. The reading was extremely accurate and to the point. He told what the problem was and was more than willing to help me with it. Not use to people being as nice to me as he was. I really do appreciate him being so honest with me. If you want an accurate reading with little info given and someone who really is there to help you, then try VedicGuru, it's definitely a private you will appreciate and never forget. He is truly an amazing reader and man :))))" ... written by cassie52
Lovely man, honest and great intuition. He went the extra mile for me in my time of need. Thank you Vedicguru :-)" ... written by araketanara
I always feel calm after consulting with vedicguru as he truly is a very calm and gentle person and very spiritual. He is very honest and genuine and always tells me the truth as it stands and how he sees it and he has been very consistent in his readings about my future. He connects very well to my situation and picks up on feelings and intentions of those around me which gives me a better understanding of how things are developing. Thank you for all your kindness, support and help. I truly hope all I wish for will occur as you have seen great possibilities for me even though things seem to be stuck and negativity around, I will try and remain positive and patient Thank you for given me more insights and hope I will have good news soon. Love and peace to you always. xxx" ... written by tanyaolivia64
He was super accurate, strait to the point with no sugar coating! Loved his reading! :) " ... written by courtneybdraper
Very accurate, caring." ... written by ary112
Very helpful and generous with his time and energy. He really connects and finds positive ways to assist with your cause. He really cares for his clients and is very gifted!" ... written by sacredlove71
Such a nice person to talk to. feeling better after the session. I will be back in a few days:) Thanks again Vedicguru!!!" ... written by ceffie
Vedic guru is great! Picked up quickly on many things. Highly recommend. D" ... written by dstufra1
This man is wonderful always. Thoughtful, truthful and hopeful....." ... written by dstufra1
A very special guy and so genuine. He truly is here to help u and will do his very best to clear any doubts you have about any situation, He will give u detailed and honest insights and he has given me hope and courage as he has seen wonderful times yet to unfold. I enjoy his readings as he soothes away my troubles. XX" ... written by Tanya
Very nice and accurate. I would like to speak with him again." ... written by appleannie
Great guy, willing to help us. =)" ... written by vjrei01
Thank you for your insight and guidance on my issue..seemed accurate..was a nice person to speak to!" ... written by rosha05
I always feel calm after consulting with vedicguru as he truly is a very calm and gentle person and very spiritual. He is very honest and genuine and always tells me the truth as it stands and how he sees it and he has been very consistent in his readings about my future. He connects very well to my situation and picks up on feelings and intentions of those around me which gives me a better understanding of how things are developing. Thank you for all your kindness, support and help. I truly hope all I wish for will occur as you have seen great possibilities for me even though things seem to be stuck and negativity around, I will try and remain positive and patient Thank you for given me more insights and hope I will have good news soon. Love and peace to you always. xxx" ... written by tanyaolivia64
Great reader. Gives you info without you having to say anything......polite and honest. Highly recommend." ... written by dstufra1
GOOD CLEAR N DETAILED" ... written by ppp
Very accurate and to the point!" ... written by petalouditsa
Thank you so much...he was terrific and right typist too " ... written by dreamer65
He seems to have a very empathetic approach and some real gifts. " ... written by celticfreckles
WOW Vediguru is the real deal!he is spot on in picking up situations and predicting what to come,wish had more than five stars to give him!!!!" ... written by marsylyttle
5 stars is not enough for a rating. He is amazing! " ... written by silverheart
Thank you!!! Very nice person :)" ... written by silverheart
Very nice gentleman. and caring. He caught on the situation very well and look forward in chatting with him later " ... written by nk063011
Good reading. he offed to give me extra help.....thank you very much" ... written by nk063011
This man is incredibly gifted I love him like a father he sees the truth as it is... no bullshit about it.. a lot of the things that card readers picked up on but could not explain he did.with clarity. Anil ur gifted n compassionate." ... written by Katja87
Thank you for your time and insight!! :)" ... written by star2012
I can always count on Vedicguru for telling me the truth and without any sugarcoating and he tells it as i is but still helps me to stay positive and with good advice and guidance as well as his honest insights. HE IS VERY GENUINE AND VERY CARING. Thank u so much for all your help, I just hope I will bring good news soon, you helped me be patient and understand the big picture too, Peace and love to you always. XXX" ... written by tanyaolivia64
Amazing gift, very straight-forward but friendly and very very nice." ... written by reginagrin
Good reading! He picked up on things, picked up on my aura :) Really nice man! " ... written by rumi628
This man is beautiful inside and out !!!!!!! I cant get enough of him. To bad I couldnt put him in a pipe and smoke" ... written by TamaraAquarious
I just had another reading with vedicguru and just can't get enough of this man.I'm going to have to take out a home equity loan to have more" ... written by TamaraAquarious
My angels sent to me him and this man is the real deal.He's the best!!!!!!!" ... written by TamaraAquarious
Hopefully what he says will come true." ... written by Cari1961
Thank you" ... written by Cari1961
I enjoyed the reading..." ... written by Cari1961
Thank you for the feedback. It was good. Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
Love you!" ... written by Katja87
Enjoyed" ... written by ____Ganesh
Merci" ... written by gstephen
Thank you so much for your help. Reading with you gave me hope. I needed it. God bless." ... written by doralice
He was so accurate about how my friend feels about me. Definitely getting another reading with him. And he offered me a free spell with reading. he's really good." ... written by lovelytipp
He was right on target. Extremely accurate about people entering my life. You will not regret the reading! Thank you very much." ... written by jdlawson03
He is the most honest reader I have had. no sugar coating...thank you!" ... written by piscesmoonshine
Very good reading extremely accurate and a very kind man" ... written by arlinruth
Very true and accurate..." ... written by rani4you
Was a real understanding and true person.would love to come back again.thank you sir!!!" ... written by rain091988
Was able to shed light on whats going on things will improve looking forward for all he saw Thx you" ... written by queenbee22
Hope his predictions come true, an excellent reader:)" ... written by dwinadrito
Straight to the point! Thank you very much!" ... written by twenty1stars
Time ran out... great reading! will be back in touch in a few days. Thank you so much for wanting to help me. Very sweet person." ... written by silverheart
Great, got on immediately, was very in tune with my situation, very helpful. " ... written by fitchchic5
He is great. Very accurate. Very Accurate about the Past, present and I am sure about the future too. Provides remedies to your problems and no sugar coating readings. Will tell you the truth. Definitely Recommendable. Will get a reading from him again. Simply 5 star Astrologer. " ... written by Need2know5
Thank you so much...will come back!" ... written by rani4you
Waitingf for the prediction.. " ... written by purple20
Thank you for the wonderful reading, and helping me with my problem." ... written by Angel168
He's always good. Probably my top favorite. He said i'd start making money beg of june and I did." ... written by celticfreckles
Thank you vedic, was a great reading!" ... written by stebella009
A very kind man. I eagerly await for his predictions to come true! Thank you" ... written by Illuminated
Thank you so much! I can't wait for tomorrow!" ... written by honeybee198703
Always helpful and guiding...thank you!" ... written by rani4you
Thank you such :)" ... written by roopkaur87
Fast!" ... written by dd41783
Very clear and accurate!" ... written by rani4you
Very nice guy and very true" ... written by rani4you
Another great reading. Can't wait to come back with updates. Truly a very helpful and sweet person. Extremely generous in offering free spells." ... written by silverheart
Very intuitive and caring, thanks for your help!" ... written by Starliteny
Wonderful as always! love talking to him he always gives direct answers no sugarcoating......he is well worth taking pvt you won't be disappointed." ... written by marion
He was awesome!!!! very good at feeling the spirit world " ... written by Linrenayfisher
He is very kind and always wants the best for others. I believe in him and his abilities." ... written by celticfreckles
Very accurate...straight forward and helpful...I would give him more than 5 stars if there were." ... written by rani4you
Very accurate and helping." ... written by rani4you
Had to verify a few Things he gave me Great detailed information. Just have to be Patient and Let God work this all out." ... written by queenbee22
He is direct. He is to the point. Good reading. " ... written by GeorgieGirlie201
Thank you for your prayers." ... written by naz186
Such a nice man, thank u for guidance and reading good updates :-)" ... written by honeybee198703
Very Nice man, very Honest. Glad He was able to shed light on my issues." ... written by queenbee22
Very accurate and very good one, highly recommend." ... written by sunandmusic
A Very Caring, Wonderful Psychic! He is straight to the point, compassionate, honest andamp; accurate! Strongly Recommended !" ... written by Sweet111111
Thank you" ... written by leah1988
Great reading and I have faith that what vedicguru has told me will come true, I must remain positive and things will hopefully fall into place.... Many thanks for your great reading vedicguru. :)" ... written by BabyJayJay1983
Another great meditation!" ... written by Starliteny
Very good at meditation! He is helping me alot." ... written by Starliteny
Wow you do cleansing! This is Good to know, thank You Again Great Info, God Bless." ... written by queenbee22
Very positive!" ... written by Famu800
Good reader" ... written by venuswoman
Very good reading and very helpful, thank you." ... written by Klaudyna27
He always makes me feel better and I think he is accurate too." ... written by celticfreckles
I enjoyed my session with Vedicguruu." ... written by Famu800
Thanks for your help!" ... written by Starliteny
Thanks!" ... written by mirosabi
Thanks for your guidance." ... written by rani4you
Very compassionate and able to tune in quickly to the situation. He gives good advice and is very intuitive. I highly recommend Vedicguru." ... written by aurora22
Very professional and honest" ... written by Delmarie777
In a few minutes I received confirmation of what I had already felt and a few positive surprises which sound possible and realistic. Now all that needs to happen is for it to come true :-). Having confirmation makes me feel stronger and clearer about my direction in life." ... written by akashicgirl
Thnx!" ... written by gyro29
Awesome first reading! He is great! Very accurate!" ... written by lifetime1974
Great reading. I hope it all happens." ... written by jasminepapas
Goes straight to the point." ... written by angelakaine
Thank you for your time, it was very appreciated!" ... written by ritacrt
Excellent reading, with all the remedies and very truthful and all of the predictions did happened in the past. " ... written by Need2know5
Quick straight to the point, fast typist with time frames, highly recommend!!!! " ... written by Kindred01
Very good. Gives insight fast and very truthful. wants the best from you and wants to make sure you get what you deserve in life. Really enjoyed talking with him. " ... written by fitchchic5
Thanks very helpful ...." ... written by wowme75
Great reader. Accurate and straight to the point. Definitely get a reading." ... written by lydialyon
Thanks for your help once again,. It is always a pleasure to chat with you, as you are like a true friend and I trust you with all my heart. You give your heart and soul into my readings and I know you understand me and the depth of my feelings in regards to my situation. I hope I will be able to come for a reading again soon, as you tap into those around me with so much ease and I appreciate your honesty. You are so spiritual and very gifted and I feel comfort when I come to you. Thank you for your help. I will pray and thank you for keeping me in your prayers, and I hope those obstacles for my friend are shed soon. Take care xx " ... written by tanyaolivia64
Excellent!!! 100% recommend! :) So lovely and clearly." ... written by Dzindzina
Positive and to the point.. Thanks." ... written by rani4you
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
I liked my reading with Vedicguru he was with on the money with my questions and answers. ty again for clarity in my situation and you have set me at ease with it all. I will be back for more readings I know that!" ... written by mummycrtr
I liked my reading with him and I will prob. be back for future readings with him. Thank you again for my reading." ... written by mummycrtr
Thank you, very good reading!" ... written by marjoram
Another awesome reading! He picks up quickly, and is very accurate! I can't wait to see his predictions come true!" ... written by lifetime1974
Very nice and true...God bless. Will come back!" ... written by rani4you
Good reading - lot of info." ... written by Cari1961
Thank you very much for the healing. I will return. I am very grateful :)" ... written by marjoram
Very gifted, kind and empathetic :) :) :) :)" ... written by neenzbeanz
Very good Reader, excellent face reader, all the remedies work, future predictions come true, understands and clearly sees the present situations." ... written by Need2know5
Fairly accurate and nice." ... written by kanchana
Very Accurate, Reliable and Trust Worthy reader with in the range. 5 Star reader" ... written by Need2know5
Heres a true legend." ... written by simmo235
Five stars." ... written by Cari1961
I had few reading, but one I had today with VedicGure was an amazing. He was very accurate, and very kind person.Definatly he has a gift. I will recommened him very , very highly. I will be back. Thank you so much and Good Bless you." ... written by keka333
Go straight to the point, pray for you and give you answer what you asking for.." ... written by ginlin
Thank you Vedic! Another great reading!" ... written by lifetime1974
He is very accurate and on point. Hoping his predictions comes true and will come to him for more!" ... written by Jade
Very good and honest." ... written by mandybecool
The reading was great! He picked right up on things as soon as I gave my birth date. He confirmed something that I saw in a dream that I never mentioned to him. I will be returning to him. Thank you so much! " ... written by esynce1
Great reading thank you Vedic." ... written by ikroyal
Another great reading!" ... written by Jade
Thank you! Was very detailed and insightful." ... written by thinkpositiv2012
Another awesome reading! He connects fast, and can't wait to see his predictions come true!" ... written by lifetime1974
Such a great reading, I loved it, I surely recommend you to others.." ... written by sandy1113
Thanks for update." ... written by Cari1961
You are very special to me and I trust you. Thank you for all you have helped me with, the dream interpretation was very interesting and also what you sense is still there in my future which you know I am hoping for.... It helps to know I can trust in my feelings but only time and obstacles in my way but i am glad you see good future filled with happiness. Thank you for confirming things for me as the waiting period is so hard but it helps to know what i am feeling is not one sided, you have given me more hope. Thank you for your prayers.... God bless you and protect you. YOU ARE VERY GIFTED AND VERY KIND.I RECOMMEND YOU TO ALL THOSE SEEKING HELP AND NEEDING CLARITY AND PEACE, AS YOU ALWAYS DO THIS WITH EASE. :)" ... written by tanyaolivia64
Connects well with you, he have me good insight, thanks again." ... written by marybeth1love
Very serious person gifted and true professional." ... written by reginagrin
Excellent! I'd go see him again. Thank You!" ... written by remowil
Very great reading i thank you so much!!" ... written by sandy1113
Good" ... written by druvina1973
I dont regret! he is very good, simple, accurate and honest!" ... written by dom-dom-dom
Very helpful and sincere person, seems like he definitely sees something that others don't, let's see if it works." ... written by kbalasena
Very good and gave time frames for predictions." ... written by Bones75
:-)" ... written by LeKris22
Always go back to him, highly recommendable, excellent reader" ... written by need2know5
Excellent Reader, Highly recommendable and will go back to him." ... written by Need2know5
Very good and thorough, gets hold of your surroundings and people and will tell you everything that you experience and with all the remedies. Excellent reader. Highly recommendable. " ... written by Need2know5
Thank you great reading very accurate and intuitive." ... written by ikroyal
Very informative reading." ... written by Cari1961
Thanks for the reading Verdic - very intuitive and wonderful insight. Awesome!" ... written by Ik royal
He was very insightful with lots of details. A very kind and caring reader. Thank you" ... written by Grace035
I give VediGuru 5 stars. He is pretty good. Very thorough and will do all the remedies too. And vey effective. Highly recommendable." ... written by Need2know5
Very very good! Right on point!" ... written by gail
I give Vedic Guru 5 stars. Very thorough and very powerful readings. Highly recommendable and also gives good remedies. Will definitely go back to him. " ... written by Need2know5
Great reading, thanks!" ... written by hope04
Very good reader, highly recommendable." ... written by need2know5
maybe I'm just exhausted, but it was a little too slow for my liking as I would have liked answers straight away. Though different readers will do different things to obtain info they need to tell you." ... written by luxxicon
Great reading!" ... written by sunny
Great person! Truly Blessed and gave all the predictions with accuracy. : )" ... written by Anant
Very insightful and a great typist. He can read into every situation and describe what is going on and offers solutions. See him if you want to hear the truth." ... written by goomstooms
Good reading overall..." ... written by fun in mck
As always, very good!" ... written by dom
Wow!!! Very good. Thank you so much you have given me hope that I am moving forward in a very positive way. I am looking forward to the future with great sense of happiness that all will be well and life will be good for me. I am glad that I came into your room today. " ... written by positivelife1
Very good reader, excellent reading!" ... written by Need2know5
Great help." ... written by darius
You are great thank you!!!" ... written by Lena
Quite positive yet very truthful about my situation. thanks" ... written by NP
We were in a demo, and he picked up on my guy immediately and his problems, I took him into a quick, quick private, and he gave me solutions. I will be back for a healing of negativity." ... written by DEBBIE
Mr. Vedicguru is a a great psychic. He provided much insight into my life and what I should look out for. I highly recommend him as he is very honest, kind and caring." ... written by Elle
Vedicguru is a kind and caring healer. He is currently helping me release negative energy and is super positive. He is quite intuitive, patient and is an honest man. Thank you Vedicguru and I hope to continue contact with you!" ... written by Elle
not as expected but picked up a lot on what is going on around me at present. thanks :)" ... written by NNili
Gives honest and straightforward answers... no sugarcoating... what you hear is what you get." ... written by neul23
I just joined and I had only 10 credits worth so he could not give me that much information in such a short amount of time. Vedicguru picked up that I wanted to talk about career right away in free chat, despite not having said anything about it. In my private reading, he was very quick, compassionate, and did give me dates to look for relating to my career which were positive and what I was hoping for. I am very happy and hopeful with the information that he gave me. I would suggest that he if will not do any demos, that he continue to show viewers that he knows what they would like to get a reading about. That really helped me make up my mind on the private reading. Thanks again!" ... written by LisieM
Breaking up. He was the best reader I had but breaking up. Will def go to him again. Spot on with what's going on in the past. Will def see him again. " ... written by Nancy
Good as always!" ... written by NNili
he is really great, I would recommend him to anyone, try him out!!!! :) xoxoxox" ... written by adriane
Accurate and detailed:)" ... written by marie5290
Thank you for your reading. I feel that what you had said was accurate. Being able to give me the exact initials of some people that mean a lot to me gave me much confidence in your grace and vision. Thank you much." ... written by WINTEROO6
Great reading, recommend to all." ... written by Natasha
He was awesome and so helpful to me and my situation. I want to thank him for all the wonderful prayers. Also for being so patient with me. I'm new to the site and how it works. I couldn't find my camera but he still was able to help me. Thanks for everything I really can have a positive out look on my future." ... written by tanzola matthews
Excellent Reader and very knowledgeable. Highly recommendable." ... written by need2know5
Absolutely terrific reading, extremely precise, thank you so much for the knowledge provided I think you were spot on lets hope things turn out well in future, I will let you know of developments." ... written by zimerili1
I feel that he picked up on my energy and my friends energy very accurately. Reading was very helpful." ... written by Lorie
Thank you. :)" ... written by NNili
wow he is very fast in answering questions I really like the way he answered my question will be back for more. Highly recommend him!!! " ... written by goddess70
Vedicguru is a true physic...." ... written by Steve Potter
Excellent reader!" ... written by need2know5
Great reading, very accurate in my current situation. Thank you! vedicguru" ... written by simon
Excellent Reader. The top most Astrologer with 10 stars. Very good and effective remedy, every time line he provides is correct, informs about everyone who is involved in your life and knows so much about their personalities, always go back to him for assurance, he is highly recommended." ... written by need2know5
He is very positive and helpful. Will do great remedies for you so that you can get rid of bad luck and good luck prevails. He is a great astrologer and great psychic too. I always go back to him and talk about my problems to get an insight from him. He is very true and provides the time line of different happenings in your life. He is a highly recommendable astrologer." ... written by Need2know5
He is really great and helped me a lot .." ... written by anaina
He really helped me with my situation and I recommend him to everyone! Thank you so much for putting a lot off my shoulders. I will definitely come back for an update!! Thank you soo much once again! :-))" ... written by ashana17
Good reading!" ... written by sadhana
Thank you for the reading you are truly wonderful and blessed" ... written by ikroyaln
Always very empathetic and kind. I've always felt he is the real deal and one of the best on Oranum." ... written by CelticFreckles
Very fast honest intuitive accurate." ... written by kyaundra
Excellent Reader, Highly Recommendable" ... written by need2know5
Thank you so much for all the information and detail you gave me. I feel at ease and need to start praying again and being positive and think of all the good things in my life that are about to come. I cant wait for this year to end to see all your predictions come true . I wish i could take advantage of the healing 3day process but unfortunately financially I'm not able to. I will do the praying and light some white candles in my home.... :) Thanks again you were wonderful and really put my mind at ease. " ... written by elena
Excellent Reader" ... written by Need2know5
Very good reader, and very good predictions " ... written by need2know5
Vedicguru is awesome, never give him any info but reads my situations like a book, I would highly recommend him to anyone if they want a true reading with a true psychic, thank you so much, my dear friend, 50000 stars!" ... written by simon
Absolutely incredible in private i would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to sort out issues of life thanks again my dear friend." ... written by daddychop
Vedicgura is a good man and is trying to help me with my issue. I believe he can :)" ... written by Paul Fenton
Vedicguru has become a wonderful light and spirit in and for my life. He is a wonderful hope for me in my fight to save my relationship. He is a good man" ... written by Paul
Vedicguru is helping me with his prayers. I thank God for him." ... written by Paul Fenton
Thanks Vedic for your help and kindness!" ... written by ikroyala
VedicGuru is helping me very much with my issues. He is wonderful!!!" ... written by Paul
Vedic is a very helpful man to me and his readings arevery supportive. Godbless you Vedic and thank you" ... written by Paul Fenton
He was very accurate and gave me some good predictions. Will update! Thank you!" ... written by Sarah
Very, very good reading." ... written by Stickytoffee
Excellent Reader, highly recommendable, always go back for confirmation." ... written by need2know5
Very clear and straight to the point, hope what you said will happen cant wait for prediction to happen. Thank you!" ... written by taz
Great Reader" ... written by need2know5
He was very thorough. I really enjoyed my reading." ... written by butterfly77lady
Thank you so much very detailed. Will wait to see if predictions come to pass. Thank you! xx" ... written by tamara
Excellent Reader and very accurate, Highly recommendable." ... written by need2know5
Thx VEDIC, a life saver!" ... written by LeKris22
Vedicgura has helped me and is praying for my relationship to heal and fighting the negative forces around it to break free for me." ... written by Paul
Excellent Reader, Highly recommendable, to the point and very accurate. " ... written by need2know5
Awesome as always" ... written by simon
Very powerful and accurate, highly impressed, 10stars, highly recommendable!" ... written by need2know5
He gave me a positive feeling!" ... written by christine
good" ... written by tejaswini
He's the real deal" ... written by Zeigen
reassuring, and insightful" ... written by g
Wonderful and awesome reading! Vedic is amazing in pvt you must try him." ... written by marionlyttle
Vedic is a powerful help to me in my quest to save my lady against another man spell. He is my friend and my supporter and is helping me with my problem. Thank you Vedic." ... written by Paul
Vedic has given me strength and insight and a path to follow for my quest to have a 2nd chance with the lady I love and lost and I am slowly working towards another opportunity with her through the help of Vedic. Thank you my friend Love Paul" ... written by Paul Fenton
Thanks for the tips!" ... written by vee
Decent and accurate reader. good fellow!" ... written by pjgovind
Great update with Vedic :)" ... written by marionlyttle
Thanks for the great reading!" ... written by happiness2014
He is the best, quick and give me a good help full of information. Thanks. " ... written by sai
Great!" ... written by c
Love readings with vedic!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
He is a great reader!" ... written by Stacy
He was on target. I enjoyed my reading. It was excellent!" ... written by mylifedreams
He is great" ... written by Olana
He is excellent and predictions do happen. I give him 10 on 10." ... written by Need2know5
Amazing. " ... written by cc
Great connection, Very Gifted, gave insights ahead. Picked up well on my Aura as I know it needs cleansing. Namste!" ... written by debi_crystal
Thankyou for your help needed more time " ... written by t
This is my first healing with VedicGuru. He seems honest, straightforward and kind. I am counting on his help in this specific matter. Time will tell. Thank you Vedic. I will be back!" ... written by AH
Thank you for the healing sessions, VedicGuru. I am very optimistic that they will bring the desired results. I will keep you informed:))" ... written by AH
He is very good. used no tools and connected to me and situation easily and quickly. highly recommend" ... written by Danielle
THANK YOU VEDICGURU!!! VERY COMFORTING!!!!!" ... written by Jeliza
Vedic Guru is intutive, with profound knowledge on astrology..recommend!" ... written by B
great reading.. very informative." ... written by daisy12345678
he has been accurate in the past when i asked him questions. and i have faith in my dreams and what he tells me. thankyou vedicguru. " ... written by gladys
great reading, but its late for me, so all i can say is... five stars" ... written by MerkabahMan633
nice caring person. What happens in the future remains to be seen. If things happen on the short timeframe he gave. I will certainly be back to tell :)" ... written by k
vedicguru gave me an excellent and insightful reading. I believe his intuition and clairvoyance is very advanced. He proved very quickly that his abilities are great, and with humility. Thank you so much vedicguru!" ... written by Michael
Decent chap and in-depth reading. I would go again " ... written by pjgovind
great once again!!! can't wait to have another reading!" ... written by daisy12345678
Thank you. Chat soon. SMILE. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Woow! what a great psychic.. He is the only one I connected with!" ... written by daisy12345678
excellent nice calm, and straight forward answers " ... written by maria
Amazing very gifted 50****** " ... written by Think Blue
I think that in the few minutes I had it was a good reading..wish I could have gotten my camera working faster so he could see my aura" ... written by sheri cumiford
10 on 10, very accurate, must visit" ... written by need2know5
i like this psychic. he has a great energy" ... written by didi
Very good astrological reading. " ... written by Sandeep
he is excellent and positive! will update more after things happens:)" ... written by Leo
He is very very accurate. !!!!1" ... written by je
helped me a lot especially on such a hard day like today" ... written by barbara
He not only sees the whole picture and what is and will be coming up but also has a non-judgmental attitude. His advice is gentle, and respectful not instructive. Kind soul" ... written by tom
very nice person and helpfull. Really gave the impression that he cares. Thanks vedicguru! We will meet again :)" ... written by miix
vedicguru was very accurate in his predictions..i think they will happen..he gave me remedies andamp; also some dates to take care of.." ... written by aqua
very good readiing and intuition. accurate and intuitive" ... written by shukran
He is very kind and seems to be the real deal with very intuitive abilities. Again, thank you." ... written by celticfreckles
I was really having a rough couple of days until i talked to vedicguru. He really made me feel better about my situation and even though the outcome of my situation is not what I had hoped it to be, the future that vedicguru showed me is far greater than what i could have hoped for. Thank you for giving me hope where I thought there was none." ... written by keisha
very accurate" ... written by d
picked up on my energy very fast and gave me the best advice to solve my problem. thank you so much " ... written by Ridz
Great reading. I will definitely be back for another one. Thank you so much Vedic Guru. I always love your readings. You are a very kind soul. Bless you and I wish you all the best. I will keep you updated. " ... written by Barbara
I feel fantastic after my reading with Vedicguru. He gave me peace and understanding with facts, accuracy and guidance!" ... written by Michelle
great reader, very helpful and offers great insight to any situation." ... written by tk
Fantastic! Told me details and situations with all accuracy. I highly recommend." ... written by M
As usual a very insightful reading!! I will definitely be back !! Thanks!!!" ... written by celticfreckles
A+++++ Highly recommend. Amazing man with great accuracy and detail." ... written by Al
He is good connected, accurate predictions with time frame. Thanks so much..." ... written by happy
He continues to guide me in an amazing intuitive way. He sees things I can not explain and they are spot on to the situation at hand. He is an excellent reader." ... written by thinkblue
Always a fantastic reading and such a good person to talk with, instantly soothes me and makes me feel rational and realistic." ... written by michelle
thorough and reassuring. very helpful" ... written by jamie
Impressive astrological knowledge, very glad to have spoken to vedicguru... I wish him a 100 stars!" ... written by bennyy
He is great! " ... written by meera
Always go to him to find truth and peace." ... written by chelle
Hes the master of all psychics! Fast, on point, very very accurate, honest and direct, will answer all ur questions in fair details. He will never let you down. He's very kind and understanding too, with alot of compassion. I always feel better after talking to him no matter if its good or bad, he will always show u the light. god bless u always" ... written by thinkblue
Time will tell if his predictions will come true. Very quick, to the point and warm in his reading. Thank you vedicguru" ... written by iammoonpiestew
A+++++ Reading as usual. Very honest and connects well with the situation." ... written by mitchell
Thank you for reading. First time reading with you. talk to you soon." ... written by Lisa
the best man He is authentic, never repeats the same information, very accurate and very honest. What i like about him is that he will freely give you solutions and tells you what to do . He is the REAL DEAL !!!! Please try him and you will be happy you did it !!!! Thanks bro !!!! GOD BLESS YOU DEAR !!!!!" ... written by thinkblue
Vedic is very detailed on events and situations! I trust him completely and continue to be a repeat customer." ... written by Mitchell
Love Vedic. True, accurate, detail oriented and connects very good!" ... written by lea
thank you for a very giffted reading, you are very talented and kind." ... written by zimerili1
Great reading. recommended!!" ... written by adel
i found vedicguru very direct i like that very much" ... written by paige
Thank you so much. Honest, direct, caring and fast! " ... written by Kary
Thank you for the healing " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you for the healing" ... written by Sandeep
Thank you for the healing" ... written by Sandeep
Thanks for the remedy" ... written by Sandeep
will wait and see" ... written by Sandeep
thankyou youre very good i like the way u talked to me and explain thinks " ... written by cervantes
I appreciate your words with me. :))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
cervantes whant to say youre a great person i love the way u talk to me and help me on my troublez youre the best " ... written by cervantes
thankyou very much again for every thing youre the best " ... written by cervantes 30
I love Vedic. Very in tune to the situation, I highly recommend him to anyone . " ... written by michelle
WOW my reading with him was absolutely amazing!! He connected great and fast... he was right about my current situation... I will be back!! Thanks" ... written by Ash
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Fantastic, caring, accurate, fast and very in tuned to the situation." ... written by Shelly
Great reading... I hope everything is true!! Thanks" ... written by Ash
He gave me some predictions and answered all questions very promptly. We will see what happens. " ... written by cooke
Thank you for your insight Vedic. You have been very helpful to me over the year." ... written by Paul
Always fantastic and accurate! No tools and connects great!!!" ... written by mitchell
I love Vedic, he is truly gifted and gives great details and guidance. Highly recommend!" ... written by shell
Vedic is my friend and is a good man and helps me with good advise so I can move forward with the lady I love. Thank you Vedic!" ... written by Paul
such a wonderful and kind soul! i loved all of the advice he had to share with me, wish i could talk to him all night! thanks again, vedic!" ... written by n
He was so in depth with my situation we scheduled a healing session for someone who really needs it. He's been doing his best with prayers as we'll and I already feel the positive energy flowing for this person. He tells me I am very blessed which I am very appreciated by my god! And this is what Helps me as we'll . But I thank u very much Vedicguru for pointing out this situation and helping me in the process . But I do recommend anybody to just try him out it will not hurt you !!!!!!" ... written by meridag22
Heart of gold! Very intuitive and compassionate! Highly rated and recommended! He will not waste your time with filler information. Very accurate!" ... written by Michelle
very good accurate" ... written by pamela
Vedic is one of the most honest advisors here. I will always come back to him. I never feel as though I'm being lied to or strung along. He is patient and I always feel like I'm talking to a friend." ... written by Sam603
brilliant!" ... written by michael
very good/ i recommend." ... written by ron
Thank you for a wonderful reading." ... written by Jason
he is so fast and accurate. his predictions in the past did come true. so thats why i come back. " ... written by jen
This is my 3rd reading with Vedic. I keep returning because he has been accurate every time. He gives very detailed information and is truthful." ... written by Fatimah
5 stars" ... written by n
excellent, very knowledgeable, very friendly and courteous" ... written by ron
Always complete talking with Vedic. He uses details and will not waste your money with filler information. He is very genuine and real. He made a prediction that was very accurate! 5 Stars." ... written by Salliee
Good reading " ... written by viru
I will continue to go to him because he is honest, and fast, and puts his all into helping people. He is a kind soul and really has been there for me through a tough time. He is very accurate too. He told me I would hear from someone and the very next day, I did." ... written by Sam603
amazing just as we were getting somewhere my credit ran out " ... written by el
thank u always a pleasure amazing.." ... written by christina
wow, quick and to the point. I can't wait to see what happens. Great reading!!!" ... written by m v
Very good, highly recommend. " ... written by ron
I have been seeing Vedic for awhile now. His direction, details and guidance has never changed and he is very compassionate. He uses no tools and can see the situation very clear. Definitely 5 Stars." ... written by Mitch
thank you so much I appreciate this a lot." ... written by MMarmalade
excellent" ... written by dan
My wonderful dear friend Vedic has been with me all along my journey this last year and a half. Praying for me to help me win back the love I lost to another. Vedic's prayers have helped me come back in my loves life and I am now able to work towards her love in the future because of Vedic's work and other friends too! God Bless you Vedic and thank you for all your help. You are truly an amazing man with a great gift to help others!" ... written by Paul
Excellent reading as usual! My ex contacted me twice before December 17th as Vedic predicted! I appreciate his honesty more than anything! " ... written by Fatimah
FANTASTIC reading!!!" ... written by mc
Vedic is an amazing Psychic. He has been very helpful to me and his prayers for the lady I love and I are helping us come closer again. I am grateful to you Sir. Best Wishes Paul" ... written by Paul
very insightful lots of details... thank you amazing as always " ... written by christina
great update ,, always excellent readings thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Excellent" ... written by ron
Thank you Vedic for your help always!" ... written by Paul
i will be back , he is very good try him !!" ... written by sabolini
Thanks for your help!" ... written by Paul
So genuine. Fast and accurate. Offers great guidance and hope. I highly recommend him and give him 5 Stars!!!!!!" ... written by Chelle
wonderful" ... written by c
very good and deep knowlege of vedic remedies and timing of events." ... written by Lance Lammon
Vedic is always on point, compassionate and honest! He takes time to explain things he is doing to help. He did something for me, without me even asking, to help with a personal situation in my life, and I can't believe it happened! I'm still in shock at how what he said would happen actually happened. He is the best" ... written by X
Good working knowldege of vedic astrology, and intuition. LIked what he had to say. " ... written by Larry Longtree
GURU JI was a great reader, connects well and is very insighful, thnk you very much!" ... written by angel
Guruji was very helpful and insightful, a very good reader! But sound was not on." ... written by angel
Very good reading and gave me some good insight, now I can be at peace when I rest this evening. Definitely coming back again for what I need done." ... written by Tina
In very short period of time he was able to answer all my questions. Types very good and fast. " ... written by Daniela
He picked up my situation. Very accurate. Will be back again." ... written by qhemet
Great reading, very honest and straight to the point. looking forward to the next session" ... written by bib123
Amazing read. He told me something that only a gifted person would see. I highly recommend him to anyone!" ... written by Shelly
Vedic is always helpful and has good power and energies towards my issue, so thank you Vedic for the help!" ... written by Paul
I had a really nice reading. Vedicguru was in touch. I recommend him for sure" ... written by Abundance
Great stuff, I can't wait to see all this to come true so I can enjoy the fruits of my patience." ... written by bibi123
Very good reading and worth a try, gives good insight no matter what. Coming back in 3 months for update, await to see timeframes are pure." ... written by L R Bug
Five star reading and quick to connect." ... written by Shell
Wow, amazingly accurate!!!!!" ... written by Cheryl
Great insight as always. Vedic is my go-to guy. I give him 5 stars! He's accurate and fast." ... written by Sam603
Vedic is like a good friend. Very sincere and patient guy, and accurate and helpful too. Definitely give him a try." ... written by Sam603
Very accurate. Told me something that only I knew and confirmed some of the questions I needed to be answered. I left with all my questions answered and I am very happy with his gifts and service!" ... written by Shelly
very precise and positive :) will be joining again" ... written by Anupama
Another great healing session, I was going thru a lot of stress and desperation but from the first session everything switched; I have been feeling so much better than I was before. Can't wait till the end of the healing process and experience the results. I am already feeling great and much more positive. I totally recommend him " ... written by bibi123
he is so accurate, his predictions ALWAYS come true and his time frames are excellent and on point. hes predicting through a science that he has mastered very well, so I don't ever doubt going to him when I need clarity on a situation. He will never leave any room for disappointment! " ... written by mane
Guru ji is a remarkable reader! connects well and fantastic insight." ... written by sonai
Wow this was the most amazing and well detailed message on "oranum". Omg he was strapint, tellsyou what's going on before you even mention anything!!! This is what real Psychics should come off with. This is one of the best investements I have ever made in my life. I strongly recommend him to anyone. when he tells you that he feels "positive energies" about while in public chat, go for it, take him private. He's got a great insight, is honest, quick, you definitely won't regret it. Ask as much questions as you want." ... written by bibi123
he is very direct and his predictions always come true." ... written by jen
He answered all my questions. Was impressed with my reading-" ... written by chapman9
Awesome and powerful healing. I am so thankful for this 3 days healing. I definitely recommend these sessions with Vedic, just make sure you stay connected during these moments. I strongly recommend him" ... written by bibi123
Excellent, thank you! " ... written by lovewater
Fantastic reading. Pinpointed an issue I have with a person and told me details no one could have known. Very good at what he does." ... written by Shely
great reading as usual. divine insight. Will come back for updates. thanks" ... written by bibi123
Very accurate. :) Thank you " ... written by sarah
THANKS!!" ... written by MMarmalade
great reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
thanx for great update" ... written by zimerili1
I love him! I can always count on getting an accurate and thorough reading with Vedic. He is always honest and everything he's told me thus far has been accurate. " ... written by Fatimah
Very deep reading, very clear. Thank you!" ... written by LJE
He was right on about my situation. I am amazed what he knew. " ... written by Donna
Thank you Vedic for your prayers. For my lady that I love and I. Your prayers work and I appreciate all you do and have done." ... written by Paul
Vedic is like a spiritual big brother! I can always look to him for guidance. He hasn't steered me wrong yet. I'm excited to see what's in store for me in 2015; thanks to Vedic. :)" ... written by Fatimah
He is a good reader, gave me good advice." ... written by Nichole
I enjoyed his reading, he was very nice and a good reader." ... written by AnnaNichole
very good thank you heaps awsome reading my friend." ... written by gusessendon
Extremely great reading.. So grateful for his insight. It truly helped me alot at a time of need..." ... written by roseshanda
Wow, Spot on! Told me things that no one could have possibly known. I highly recommend his readings !!" ... written by Mitchell
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Very very good. Once he connects, he sees the situation completely. A very thorough reading and it was fantastic!" ... written by Sheila
He is a good reader and accurate reader." ... written by Nichole
He is a good reader, he is accurate and nice." ... written by Nichole
Good reader, very detailed reading, a lot of information. " ... written by Nichole
good reader, accurate and reliable reader" ... written by Nichole
He is good" ... written by cristina4413
very good" ... written by gusessendon
Thank you so much very accurate I hope these predictions come to pass" ... written by Maia
his predictions have always been accurate." ... written by lana
He did a good readings for me." ... written by shelly
Picked up on the situation clearly and easily. Told me things without me saying a word to him. He is very gifted and I am really excited to see what happens with his predictions. I will come back to keep everyone updated." ... written by B
Very helpful. Great advice and great insight into my life. VedicGuru said I was gifted and even offered gave advice on how to use my gifts. Definitely would recommend to anyone." ... written by yellowMellow51
Very calm and spiritual. He was clear about the situation right at the start and supplied important info concerning the situation. I feel assured and relived after the reading. " ... written by AJ
had a healing seasion was good " ... written by av
Thank you for your prayers Vedic. I know they will help me." ... written by Paul
Thanks again Vedic!!" ... written by shelle97
As always thank you to Vedic for his wisdom and help for my chance with my lady." ... written by Paul
Thanks Vedic great connection and clear guidance 10 stars" ... written by Maia
picked up on energies very well,,very kind...seems quite realistic with prediction, only time will tell...thank you!" ... written by lovehouston
10 stars awesome and positive reading thank you my friend " ... written by edna
Vedic has been accurate since day one of our readings. His predictions continue to unfold just as he described and I love his humble spirit. I will keep coming back because I know he is the real deal. " ... written by Fatrimah
he was amazing new friend god sent 10 stars was a wonderful reader" ... written by edna
I had a great reading from Vedicguru. He has given me some great insight regarding my relationship. I will follow-up with him in a few weeks from today!!! @)------ " ... written by Butterflower
I enjoyed the reading, very accurate and straight to the point. Worth the time and thankful to have stopped by. Thanks. " ... written by Fatima
good reader." ... written by nichole
good reader, very accurate and precise reading. " ... written by nichole
Thank you." ... written by Bitte
Excellent read my second time, speaks the truth and connects fast. " ... written by aliyah
Awesome reading straight to the point. i really enjoyed it. Thanks." ... written by Yaiza
he was right on point fast and really nice thank you vedicguru" ... written by francis
Thanks, i appreciate" ... written by MMarmalade
Always honest and accurate." ... written by Fatimah
He is patient. He seems fairly accurate." ... written by Shuchi
good reader" ... written by nichole
He seems very grounded and straight forward. I will wait to c if his predictions are accurate.. I have a good feeling, i do! He answered all my questions about career, relationship and keyed in on health and energy. Very nice reading." ... written by Deb
Vedic is always very helpful to me and I appreciate his words. Thank you Vedic!" ... written by Paul
Vedic is always accurate and i feel much more peaceful every time I talk to him. He is not fake and tells you the truth, always. You can't go wrong with him." ... written by Sam603
very nice as usual ! highly recommended" ... written by sap
he is brilliant ! 5 stars" ... written by carla
HE connected quickly and was very accurate! And genuine! He confirmed things for me! I will have to wait and see how this unfolds. " ... written by Tiffany
he is very good psychic he did give a ery deep outlook on my career " ... written by john
He predicted something and it happened!! A miracle:)" ... written by MA
he is really good psychic he has given me really good reading and he has been great support in my problems and he has also s provided me with good solutions " ... written by john
Accurate about past. Gave me some predictions to look forward to. Thank you." ... written by Andrea
wow, vedicguru just blew my mind!!! He knew about a piece of information BEFORE I even said it!!" ... written by shelle97
I enjoyed readings from vedic guru, he is an awesome guy, he doesn't sugar coat things. He tells everything the way he see's it.He is an awesome reader.. I will be back vedic guru. thanks" ... written by annanichole
wow!! there was so much info given .I can't believe it, my mind is blown!!" ... written by shelle97
he never lies, all predictions come true. " ... written by jen
thanks again Vedic" ... written by shelle97
OMG!! Vedic did healing in private.. I felt warmth on shoulders and almost a fire like sensation in my heart. it actually was amazing." ... written by shelle97
excellent" ... written by ron
I liked ur reading,and will come back for more.. thank u" ... written by anna
wow! I am impressed with vedicguru!! I hop his predictions plays out." ... written by shelle97
thanks again vedic" ... written by shelle97
he is very accurate. " ... written by sting
Vedicguru has done readings for me a few years ago. He was spot on with his readings and his predictions. I will come back for updates. Thank you, Vedic, for giving me clarity!" ... written by Moonchild59
thank you vedic. detailed and accurate. Hoping all comes to pass." ... written by summer
As always Vedic is a strong power of light and energy and help for me thank you Vedic for your help!" ... written by Paul
Vedicguru always puts my mind at ease. He connects with me very quickly. Sometimes he knows what I am going to say before I say it." ... written by shelle97
Thanks for the healing Vedic. " ... written by shelle97
Vedic is doing healing on me . it's very different that what I have experienced. Thank for helping me bring love back to my life." ... written by shelle97
Vedicguru is a very kind man and has really helped me a lot and i am very grateful." ... written by shelle97
hes very very accurate" ... written by mellisa
got some great updates with vedic. very insightful and we are finding out we have strong connection with one another." ... written by shelle97
AWESOME!!! Gr8 medium. Right on target andamp; helpful. Love this guy!" ... written by Dana
he is really good psychic he has really great skills and he has also some good abilities to tell how to tackle problems in life ." ... written by john
Wow! He is a 5 STARS!!! He captured the reading right on. Very quick in picking up with the situation. His psychic abilities is superb! FABULOUS!!! Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
He Helped calm my mind about the situation with my home. Thank you so much. " ... written by Wendymertens
Great reading Vedic, thank you" ... written by Nicole
Great reading, best on Oranum, very accurate. Thank You Vedic" ... written by Nicole
Thank you Vedic for your feedback and good words" ... written by Paul
Vedic knows what the other person is going through. The reading was a bit slow because the frame was freezing so there was delay with Vedic's typing and mine. Technical problems with site. I hope that his positive predictions happen. Fingers crossed. Thank you, Vedic!" ... written by Moonchild59
Vedicguru is amazing. Taps in quickly without even saying a word. He is quick, precise and doesn't waste your credits mucking around. I spoke to him last week and what he said happened. He is the real deal and someone I will be sure to consult again. Brilliant." ... written by B
hes very accurate, his predictions always come true. " ... written by jenny
not enough time" ... written by owen
As always, it's a pleasure getting a reading form Vedicguru. He predicted new love in my life, and that has come true." ... written by shelle97
great reading helped me find direction " ... written by ak
Thank you again Vedic" ... written by shelle97
Vedic has been very helpful to me in my time of need and has helped me pull through with my lady friend and continues to make things better for us. Thank you Vedic" ... written by Paul
Time will tell..." ... written by Beverly
Vedic has been there for me and has helped me and I appreciate his words of wisdom." ... written by Paul
wonderful. such a kind soul and can tap into a situation quickly and easily. He predicted a few things before and they came to fruition. Now, I am just praying thats his guidance is correct again. I will keep updates." ... written by B
Vedic is accurate in his readings. He is spot on. He is honest and does not sugar coat just to make you happy. I can't wait for his predictions to come to pass. Thank you, Vedic!" ... written by Moonchild59
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I think you were great keeping up with all my questions.... I can not wait to see how things turn your predictions. I will post when things start happening you said good times between December 25 and new beginnings in next two and a half months... Thank you" ... written by Debbie Demchak
ok" ... written by r
very good" ... written by ineedpeaceofmind
Vedic has been very helpful in guiding me for 2 years with the lady I love. I appreciate all his good help! Thank you" ... written by Paul
A+" ... written by B
nice" ... written by CHIN
clear and accurate" ... written by nicole
Thank you for your prayers Vedic they are helping me with my lady. I know this! God Bless Paul" ... written by Paul
great reading thank you " ... written by ak
great reading and update thank you vedic" ... written by a
a" ... written by a
Doing the healing process for 3 days! First day was awesome! We will see in the next to come." ... written by rhd
Vedic is a wise man and is very helpful in helping me with my relationship problem. He is always spot on with his words. Thank you Vedic" ... written by Paul
It was excellent. :D" ... written by Maria
hes quite accurate" ... written by mara
It was an interesting reading and will wait for prediction to span out; there was detail and some truth thank you " ... written by Sherry
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As always Vedic is very good and pinpointing times for me to help me with guidance for the lady I love. He is always correct! Thank you Vedic. Paul" ... written by Paul
very good" ... written by priyanka
thank you Vedicguru -- great, truthful reading. I wasn't led to believe anything other than what he was really feeling. Will be back to follow up again!" ... written by lornalulu
Thank you so much you are simply amazing. Great reader 10 stars" ... written by Edna
100% I believe in him, very good spiritual advisor, accurate readings, good heart and soul, can answer all your questions, and has positive outlook." ... written by Galil
As always Vedic is very helpful in the direction I need to take with my situation in my relationship and he is always correct. Thank you Vedic" ... written by Paul
Vedic has been very helpful to me and is a very powerful Psychic who can do much good. I recommend Vedic highly. :)" ... written by Paul
Vedic Guru is a genuinely gifted psychic who is God gifted. He was so accurate about everything he told me about the past and present. He also made predictions that made a lot of sense to me. He told me a lot of things no one else could've possibly known about me and my life. He's 100% accurate and the reading was simply overwhelmingly impressive. Thank you Vedic :-) ♥" ... written by sweetmarionette
best and predict always right" ... written by ud
I had a reading with Vedic several times before. Recently i was having some issues, and he was spot with my situation it was scary!! It was worth every penny." ... written by shelle97
Thanks for another great reading. I told him I didn't have plenty credits and he was very fast. He answered my questions with clarity and details. Thanks a lot, you're always a blessing. I can't wait for another private session." ... written by bibi123
Thank you Vedic for your help as always." ... written by Paul
Great feedback and was spot on with time frame. Aura reading which was a first and I enjoyed it! Planning on coming back!" ... written by rhd
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He's good he could pick up a lot and gave me lot of information. " ... written by new
Very perfect and correct readings given by Mr. Vedicguru. I will consult him again. " ... written by Sid
Perfect reding. thanks" ... written by Sid
he is very very accurate" ... written by jen
Is good astrologer" ... written by vedic guru
Very caring and straight forward reading. Clear and direct answers. He's very kind and understanding offers much help without being asked! god gave me a new blessed friend named Vedic today :) blessings and light to you always" ... written by dragon
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My favorite psychic here....he removes all worries and tensions...he is ready to help through his healing etc...all his words are true and accurate. I love the music he uses for his healing, it was a beautiful follow up session. thanku dear" ... written by dragon
hes extremely accurate" ... written by jenny
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Was good" ... written by Nag
He is a great clear, fast, no sugar coating, taking you into reality ! Very friendly and nice , a good profesionalist!" ... written by HELLEN
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