About ukpsychicmalcolm

Psychic ukpsychicmalcolmhas 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic ukpsychicmalcolmhas recently helped 38members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about ukpsychicmalcolm's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Malcolm is a Professional Master Psychic, he broadcasts Live from his Studio in the Heart of England. He Is a Natural Born English Psychic, Spiritual-Clairvoyant-Medium & Healer, Many recognised him from his Sky TV days! as a TV Presenter & Broadcasting Reader live, along with being an inspirational Person with a Natural Power, for Mind Body & Soul Healer with his unique Spirit Guides & Skills.

Great help." ... written by Tulips90
Fantastic!" ... written by dani210
Good sound, down to Earth advise. He will lift your spirit to where it should be. Thank you!" ... written by zimerili1
WOW very nice I will see him again " ... written by mlh92107
I've been having a rough couple of days and I need clarity in my life. Malcolm helped me in such a great Way. I don't know what to say except that he is great, he knows what he is talking about. I'll definitely be chatting with him again. Can't wait." ... written by Chellian
That was kinda cool, see if its true." ... written by czechzican
very good reading! " ... written by aisha
He was very caring with his words, and very accurate in his readings. " ... written by Lucy117
ukpsychicmalcolm is amazing.. I recommend him! he is very very good !!!" ... written by pepita24
Very positive." ... written by spiritualgirl1
great read!" ... written by d2k1000
Thank you Malcolm. You are very comforting and reassuring. I will definitely keep you posted. " ... written by amhjth
I highly recommend to visit him! He is brilliant and gave me so much positive energy to make me able to follow my dreams and just live my life without pressure! Thank you so much! :)" ... written by NaGaSnaKe
He is wonderful!!!! The reading was spot on! I can't wait to follow-up with him in a few weeks!" ... written by lovestruck123
Great, so positive and in tune with my present situation. " ... written by brianindublin
Thank you Malcolm you always make me feel better when I talk with you. Thank you. I will be intouch in a month or two. God blessed!!" ... written by luckygirl40
Very good reading, will be back." ... written by chelle54
Very positive." ... written by prettyplease2011
UKPSYCHICMALCOLM was wonderful and so pleasant to chat with! Definitely on point with some of the events, can't wait to see how everything goes. Thanks again for such a great reading; I will definitely be back with an update, or before if needed!" ... written by n8vym0m
This psychic is great he saw threw everything I was going threw. And in 3 weeks I will contact him and let him know what is going on in my life and this relationship." ... written by luckygirl40
Thank you!! Great!!" ... written by DeepAbyss
Malcolm knows what he's doing. He is a lovely sensitive psychic. Answered all my questions and gave me good advice for the future. I will definitely be coming back." ... written by tash1921
I thought he was caring and brilliant with what he said, he hit the nail on its head, about my personality and my life, now I'm very exciting about whats to come for the rest of the year. Thank you again!" ... written by missdeane
So very worth it! do get a reading people! TwinklyDove, Netherlands" ... written by TwinklyDove
Great readiing" ... written by textmonster
Acurate, positive wonderful human being. Thank you Malcolm and Godbless." ... written by mylife123
A hugely informative reading, thanks Malcolm :)" ... written by Simundo
He was wonderful. Very respectful, and very plesant. He tried to give me the news that I needed to hear....not necessarily what I wanted. But he saw hopes for my future. Thank you. I would like to stay in touch! Have a great weekend." ... written by chibchamus
Thank you, Malcolm!!! You were so calming and positive! I know this topic of mine was a stange one and still it is so important for me. I'll let you know about the news. If you want to meet a brilliant man, I highly recommend Malcolm to you. You can see how he works in the Free Chat but it is worth having a Private Reading with him, just brilliant, really!!! Thank you again, God Bless!!!" ... written by SilverSonata
Excellent described my love life to a T and what I had hoped would happen. I never even hinted at what I wanted to really ask but Richard picked up on my overseas love...fantastic in the end I didn't have to ask the question he saw the connection overseas without me telling him." ... written by jayebill
Malcom is BRILLIANT! This man really knows his stuff and he gave me a fantastic reading, that really made me feel at peace and that there is hope for my future. Thank you so much. I look forward to our next chat. " ... written by brazilgirl1
Wow. Just wow. I am so honored and humbled that I found this person. He has a true, defined gift. I will take his advice to heart and will practice positive thinking. " ... written by tara_mcm
Very kind man! Accurately assessed several things." ... written by annak
Malcolm is always so accurate with his cards! He is fast, helpful and really knows his stuff." ... written by tangerinedream
Once again a lovely reading described the situation perfectly, set my mind at rest. I can now relax a little and wait for things to happen and when it does happen I have been given good advice on how to not spoil it. Thank You Malcom." ... written by jayebill
I love him! He's really comforting and just p/u on my feelings right away. " ... written by parkernin
Wow, he's good :) gave a good reading and positive opinions, I was expecting something negative but I guess it's a good advice. Thanks so much sir :) I'll be back again to get a reading from you ^^" ... written by ellen00
Excellent as always :-)" ... written by Bojan99
Told me what I knew in my heart, needed to hear it out loud. luv you malcolm. 5 stars" ... written by ellym3
UK is absolutely brilliant!! I def recommend him He has a great spirit and makes you feel so much better !! Hugss to uk:)))" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Very nice..thank you" ... written by dreamer65
The best On here without a doubt. Clear readings, never any hesitations. Sometimes Malcolms acurracy freaks me out. Kind, caring, Gentle all you need in a reader. Most of all you can trust Malcolm.....your the greatest Malc xx" ... written by jayebill
many thanks , what a lovely reading , a new chapter in my life about to begin ! .Malcolm was very warm and generous with happiness and good vibes . well worth it x " ... written by 218888j
Malcolm, did a wonderful job with my reading. He hit the nail on the head with everything. And did his best to get in as much information as possible. The reading was a very positve experience for me. I will defiently do another." ... written by faith4me
Excellent reading!!" ... written by Katsi36
Malcom is the best! He answered my question and I felt very good and positive in the reading he did for me! I will be back for another reading with him! I highly recommend him!!!! He straight forward and truthful! Thank you so much Malcom!" ... written by goddess70
Brilliant yet again thank you mal xx" ... written by fire
He was really quick which I liked. He really was straight to the point and gave advice along with what he saw and it was a great and moving experience. I will definitely be back within the next couple of weeks to let him know how things were. He is a warm soul and he really connects with how you feel, and really wants you to be happy. I will definitely be back. Thank you so much! xoxoxox" ... written by erricax27
Malcolm is the best!!!! on this site I alwas feel much better after talking to him. He is a beautiful spirit!!" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Great!!!" ... written by Lana2730
My wonderful friend Malcolm, I truly don't know what I would do without him, everything I need to know, he tells me with hesitation, he never ceases to amaze me with his psychic gifts.. I am not a person of profound words, wish I were...but all I can tell you is Malcolm has become a dear friend and has stood by me and given me the right advice every step of the way in my journey. Thank you again my dear friend...I will always go to you when I need wisdom, compassion and the caring that you give without hesitation...Bless you." ... written by Maiden14
The best! He was extremely good. I will check back with him for sure. " ... written by MButler1220
Such a calming way about him. Great reading. I will come back and let him know how things turned out." ... written by kmk777
Malcolm is number one!!! xoxox he is the best on this site! Beautiful energy!" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Brillaint reading, now I am ready to let in all the happiness and sunshine in my life. Thank you!" ... written by nancynathalie
I sooo needed to hear what he had to say. Thank you Malcolm!" ... written by wendic
Very correct and right on! Will come back!" ... written by sweetxcrushx
Malcolm gave me a great reading, and will be catching up with him again." ... written by loulou66
Malcolm was a fantastic in his reading straight to the point. Highly recommended him!!" ... written by lydia40
thanks Malcolm, you are very consistent and it all makes sense. Thank so much will come back again :) " ... written by sunny3107
Great and honest!" ... written by anamaria_marrero
Thank you so much, really want what you said to happen." ... written by rosa55
It was very confronting and straight forward. Thanks alot (:" ... written by maryannepav
He's really good and wise ..helped me out loads and helped me to belive in myself more , thanks malcom top class" ... written by kevjones
Malcolm was truly exceptional very calming and honest to the point. Highly recommend anyone to spend the time with him in private worth all the time!!" ... written by awakeinmysleep
Really intuitive tarot card reading that filled me with hope and positivity for the months ahead." ... written by Misschelseabun
Give positive vibes and positive energy - so glad I took a private - thanks Malcolm" ... written by Nancycyd
insightful and kind" ... written by purplehaze76
Malcom was absolutely brilliant. His reading was spot on.I will definitely see him again." ... written by shirle1
i enjoyed my reading with malcom i felt at ease after the reading.He was sincere and honest. I will have another reading in the near future with him. He is wonderful .Thank you." ... written by lcollofello
Very good and very real - thank you!" ... written by oscar47
.....Can't find the right words to describe my experience with him ! He's outstanding n brilliant ! Uplifted my spirits ! The Best ! Love him sooooo much !" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Highly Recommended!!Thankyou so much for enlightening me with your gift Malcolm :)" ... written by rattail1
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by myetchan77
Wonderful! He is amazing! :)" ... written by jasminetheflower
I think Malcolm is great he gives the confirmation one needs to feel ur good, I cannot wait to see what the new year will bring.. I hope all goes as I hope." ... written by loverpants
He is very accurate. I'm always looking forward to speak to him for my updates. He's right on target and provides guidance to continue to move forward." ... written by vegabonded
I had a psychic reading with him (not spirit) , I felt he was connected to me. Answered all questions without me asking anything really.." ... written by Lifeg0eson
he good i would remended him" ... written by richarddenise47
I like malcolm let you know next month about my 2 readings he is a good teacher from what I can see on his free chat." ... written by anne-marie
Quite amazed at how accurate he predicted the situation that I am currently in. Shocking! Will come back for another reading!" ... written by troubledleo
He's always good !" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
What a wonderful reading. Very accurate, and speaks with alot of heart. I would highly reccomend a reading with Malcom." ... written by katehrine1965
Malcolm is so great at what he does. He is very positive and caring and always tells the truth. I will come back to him in the future for more readings to let him know how I am doing in my relationships and my person life. Thank you" ... written by luckygirl40
Malcolm is always quick and to the point. He sees the situation clearly and is accurate." ... written by tangerinedream
5 Stars" ... written by anamaria_marrero
AWESOME, DEF WORTH A TRY :)" ... written by dinagirl23
Malcom is absolutely brilliant! I highly recommend a reading with him. :) " ... written by kathymac
Ty so much for the reading it really targeted my situation" ... written by lalee0405
Malcolm, you have the WOW’re FANTASTIC! You advised me to send my manuscript in and you mentioned it may be accepted by the end of the year, the publisher is now looking at the running cost of publishing it, and he contacted me within 4 weeks!! You also said it looked positive for me being interviewed on radio; I have now been offered two interviews on radio! A big thank you, you’re a real STAR and so SPOT ON!!! Love and light, Cas" ... written by Cas
Thanks for the advice!! " ... written by Shadow_247
as always, wonderful reading....he is so comforting, even when what is happening is very painful....I will keep coming back" ... written by wendic
Really nice reading, right on the point! It gave me much inspiration!! Will be back for sure!! " ... written by kosmosss
THANKS!!!!" ... written by bluebubble
Malcolm was very in touch, connected, and gave great insight, and also very good advice. Thank you!" ... written by Plunkie
very good" ... written by moonbeamzoey
Amazing! " ... written by nashy23
What can I say about Malcolm?? WONDERFUL....EXCELLENT...AMAZING!!! He was SOOO CONNECTED TO ME....there were tears and not my own (WINK WINK MALCOLM). Such a pure connection...I couldnt have asked for MORE!!! HUGGS TO U MALCOLM :) " ... written by divinedaughter
He was very thorough. He answered questions as he went. Very accurate reading on my lover's situation. Thank you! Everyone must have a reading with him. " ... written by Kindness11
I felt very distort, Malcolm made me see sense, he is always objective. He is full of experience, highly recommended. Thank you again" ... written by t
Wow, he's fast and good! I just had my first reading with Malcolm, and he was pretty much spot on with what's going on! Can't wait to see how his predictions turn out! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
One of the Best!" ... written by dinagirl23
Thanks for the confirmation. will update you and let you know what happens." ... written by Noosiekins
Wow..great..thank you so much...I am going to take your advice and just relax.." ... written by dreamer65
great reading thank you..felt much better afterwards..would recommend" ... written by blueeyes70
Thanks, Malcolm always makes sense and gives accurate information. The only expert on here I consult. Malcolm always steers me in the right direction, predictions so far are panning out so I have full confidence in this reading." ... written by jayebill
He is awesome!" ... written by spiritualgirl1
Thank you for the compliement. and your confirmation that i am on the right track with my business invenstments. I will be back for another reading soon =D" ... written by vivianso
Right on! Such a lovely reading! I'd recommend him to everyone! Great energy " ... written by kb1015
Malcolm," ... written by Lena
Thank You very much for a wonderful reading!" ... written by Bojan99
malcolm is the best!!! everyone should use him lots of love from sexyegyptian xoxxo" ... written by sexyegyptian2
I had a great session with him, very accurate, very understandable and very friendly. He made me feel positive about myself. Thank you so much. Highly recommand. I'll definitely come back." ... written by Pam_mie
what can i say .......... wow was totally blown away ............ tears of joy and my god they didnt half flow ...................... i will defanatly be coming to see you again ............. thank you sososososo much xxxxx" ... written by hazelhazel
Very good reading and advice .......just what I needed to get my life back on track!! Thank you :)" ... written by thomasa16
Still the best!! :)" ... written by FallenOne69
wow!!!!!!!!!! best reading i ever had !!!!!!!!!" ... written by silliysally
HE'S GREAT!! Highly recommend!! " ... written by blanca84
he is kind, supportive, good reading" ... written by bluebluecod
what can i say, he is very warm hearted and very positive. Made me feel at ease and positive feedback. Mostly picked up on my situation right away. Very highly recommended +++++. i will be back for more. Thank you so much." ... written by Joan84
Great, positive, to the point reading!" ... written by fireopal77
Thank you so much Mal i needed that .................... im smileing not crying this time xxxx you always make me feel so welcome THANK YOU xxxx" ... written by hazelhazel
I was very pleased ..highly recommended!" ... written by JB
I like it!! very accurate!" ... written by scorpio71
Malcolms absolutely amazing!Had a reading with him monthz ago and he was able to pick up from where we left off even though he would have had many clients after our chat monthz ago!Things are happening and I'm so glad that my frustrations are at rest:)One million starz!Thankyou Malc:)" ... written by rattail1
As always Malcolm is wonderful.......calms ur anxiety and brings u back down to earth........what a wonderful man Malcolm is. Give him a try and u will not be disappointed. " ... written by divinedaughter
Thank you for your help and assistance, hope everything will happen as you said!" ... written by Sirena22
I'm astonished ...!! This person is the most accurate I have ever experienced .... he is a beautiful person." ... written by sukychi
Psychic Malcolm you are an AMAZING reader and honest, you put my mind at ease and are HIGHLY accurate. Malcolm you ARE one of the few BEST readers I have ever known! And trust me I looked for many years!! Thank you so much for your honesty and help. CasRadio. x" ... written by CasRadio
Amazing. Try him !" ... written by SABRINA always" ... written by katehrine1965
5 stars ***** !!! He amazed me! Malcolm is very great and accurate at reading, he is a very educated Psychic and I will see him soon again! Thanks Malcolm, Ellie USA" ... written by Ellie11
Amazingly accurate and very compassionate in delivery! Will come back andamp; I highly recommend!" ... written by AZangel99
Malcolm is BRILLIANT HUGS TO YOU:) YOUR THE BEST!" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Felt good!" ... written by OllaGunnars
Very good." ... written by marietimperley
OUTSTANDING!" ... written by karolinkush
Wow he is very accurate!!!! Thank you very much for your predictions!! God bless you! :)" ... written by sunandmusic
Excellent reading, very insightful and nailed the situation immediately." ... written by bbrunner21
=o)" ... written by circledotx
Great reading...Thank you Malcolm! " ... written by mylife123
your reading was amazing your so dead on we have been going through alot latley " ... written by morphine_bites
Brilliant!!!! He was so connected. Sensed my past really well." ... written by destinyofme
Great reader. He is calm and comforting, and he give u hope. Ran out of credits, but will come back later!" ... written by Elise79
beautiful words - nice man - taking me seriously, getting the feel directly!" ... written by emotions
Such a great reading! He was very fast and I sure hope that he will come true." ... written by taniatania
You are a champion thanks for your support!" ... written by mdebono
Malcolm is always accurate and a wonderful person! THE BEST! he is worth your credits, he wont let you down. thank you malcolm :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
Malcolm was very good in his reading with me. He picked up on my energy and was very insightful. He was comforting. I would recommend a reading from UKPSYCHICMALCOM." ... written by amhjth
I loved the reading with Malcolm! Very fast and accurate. Definitely recommend a reading with him. He is very enjoyable. =) Thank you Malcolm, will come back to see you again soon! " ... written by katnguyen
Psychic Malcolm was soooo calming! His tone was so mellow and relaxing that it was great. He was very fast to the point and he did not waste any minutes. Very clear andamp;amp; repetitive with his predictions. Very helpful with advice on helping myself through a difficult time! It was really great! In a short amount of time my reading was jammed pack with information. I almost couldn't believe we were done. Also to let everyone know, I did a picture reading on someone else and he was dead on about both of us based on the other person's picture! WOW! Thank you UKPSYCHICMALCOLM for the reading, your inspiring words and your solutions! I will be back to give an update." ... written by kayeluv1
Outstanding...his accuracy about what is going on in my life was amazing. Warm, genuine...I will absolutely be back in touch with him. He's the real deal!" ... written by Pat
Great reading! Very positive! Very friendly psychic!" ... written by thewritegrl
He really seemed to understand what was going on in life. And gave me great advice. Will definatly come to him again!!!!" ... written by PastLove
Fantastic reading time. Gave me so much positive energy and love... I feel far more at peace with my situation and ready to wait for this wonderful life and love waiting for me. Thanks so much, will be back .. :)" ... written by sunny3107
Malcolm is very comforting. He gave me some good advice and I will definitely reach out to him again." ... written by amhjth
Yet again i had a wonderfull reading from Malcolm and he always gives you" ... written by TwinklyDove
Thank you Malcolm for the wonderful reading!!" ... written by TrustGod
Thanks very much again for you help : )" ... written by sukychi
Thanks again! I love chatting with him. He is such a positive person and gets right to the point. I will be back again.^_^" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
thanks malcom great reading i will for sure do as u said ..great guy brilliant medium :)" ... written by cidergirl
he was absolutely brilliant!!!!!!! he gave me so much hope...thank you ukpsychicmalcolm!" ... written by gemmie
Very kind, fast, accurate, to the point, caring, genuine advice. A sincere helpful reader who I recommend to anyone. Thank you!" ... written by mozzy123
Ukpsychicmalcolm is awesome! He was right on with his predictions and is such a fun and caring person to communicate with." ... written by KristiW1969
Really excellent!" ... written by smile123456
Malcolm is truly honest and helpful. Certainly someone who you can depend on." ... written by asilorange
Malcolm always reads in such a positive way...I love readings with him! Will definitely be back soon Malcolm!" ... written by wendic
Such a good spirit and gentle strength. quick and to the point. guides and advises with assurance, good and not so good. He asked for an update...i will always be in touch with him. thank you Malcolm." ... written by lisa
thanks so much for opening my eyes, you are such a wonderful person too Malcolm. You made me realised how much sorrow Alain must be going through. Thanks again and will do what you advised me... " ... written by sunny3107
thanks so much for opening my eyes, you are such a wonderful person too Malcolm. You made me realised how much sorrow Alain must be going through. Thanks again and will do what you advised me... " ... written by sunny3107
OMG! what a great reading! He brought me to tears, talking about my deceased father everything he said was exactly right about my father. Throughly enjoyed listening to him talk, thanks so much!" ... written by sister1
Fantastic Psychic! Helped alot! Thanks a Million! (^__^)" ... written by Eragonewild
all i can say reading ever ..thank u sooo much..ur a lovley human being " ... written by amberdee
WOW. What a great clear reading! I understood my situation way better than I expected! And he made good use of my time which I really appreciated. He knew how to handle my situation too, and made me feel everything's going to be okay. I'll definitely keep him updated when his reading comes to fruition. Thank you so much for the fantastic reading, UKPsychicMalcolm! NAMASTE!" ... written by Hopeful
wow spot on" ... written by chelle54
He is just wonderful ,awesome, greatt reading and a beautiful positive energy !!i would definitely visit him next time!!!" ... written by kitkat79
Excellent! Brilliant. Right to the point!!" ... written by thfnebob
Such a lovely man with so much warmth. His presence fills the air with truth and kindness. It was a pleasure to have met you today and am glad to have brought good memories back to you as well. I look forward to giving you good news in the coming months. Thank you kindly :)" ... written by lotus1121
very good the best psychic" ... written by jana
very good" ... written by moo
Bri8lliant agin im so gratefull xxxx" ... written by firefly12
Very great reading very insightful, will be back again soon thanks so much. " ... written by starlight22
Very good. But I feel like He (like many others) tend to tell me only the best possible outcome...when in reality, maybe the truth is that it's not so good. And the truth, no matter how it may hurt, is ultimately the best " ... written by celeste37
Talking to Malcolm made my day! Thank you for the good reading! I feel so much better now and yes i'll be back for another reading..." ... written by Anniekins
he is fantastic and a caring soul as well!" ... written by gemmie
Very interesting and true. I can definitely relate to what he says about the past and so I hope he is right about the good things coming into the future. Thank you!" ... written by tammycharlene
Thank you Malcolm, you are a God send. You always make me feel that there is hope. You advice is much appreciated. I will talk to you again soon." ... written by amhjth
A fantastic reader and a polished professional. I couldn't be more pleased with his energy and will absolutely contact him again. . ." ... written by windwhisper
Reading was good!" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
I thought this reading was extremely empowering and positive. Gave me some insight into areas that I had not intended on exploring in the reading a well as answering my main question. The reading fits in with my life situation and with what I need to do to take the next step. Thank-you Malcolm." ... written by fjlyons
Brilliant and amazing. Walks you through everything and an amazing spiritual guide. Highly recommended." ... written by Tupac23
Thank you so much for helping me and confirming there is a bond with my love of my life and you are very understanding " ... written by Fekona
Brilliant as always thank you mal " ... written by fire
Very nice, and to the point" ... written by vivianso
he was very good, love it thank u so much x" ... written by chazy6996
it was a great reading hes so soothing. most of all accurate. thank u so much malcom. i will keep u posted " ... written by ty
he was really awesome.I highly recommend to have a privare chat." ... written by endofthedream
Brilliant ! Malcom was just what i needed and i can recommend him to anyone . A very likable man who has a big heart with a very trustworthy easy gong kind of energy Thank-you for your love andamp;amp; guidance " ... written by premshikha
Brilliant a beautiful man ... all heart i can recommend him he is a sweetheart and doing a job he loves and he does it really well THANK-YOU from the bottom of my heart " ... written by premshikha
great ! will return" ... written by Ladylove4ever
Malcolm is the BEST! He's FANTASTIC!!! I have nothing but LOVE for him!" ... written by dani210
Thank yo so much....he's an awesome reader. " ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Once again brilliant thank you so much x" ... written by mememem
Thank you so much malcom that was so beautiful you picked up on my mum so much. You are the best psychic here by far.. and im so happy with what u told me :) xx" ... written by somersetgirl
A brilliant person. Thank you Malcolm your a Star. God Bless You. xxx" ... written by Miss_Blue
Malcolm is so lovely, he's so warm and kind and caring and definitely understands my situation really well. He always makes me feel so confident and calm and positive about the future. He's so great to talk to and I really appreciate all his predictions and understanding. Wonderful!" ... written by K
Does not sugar coat at all!!! No tools! Lovely man." ... written by Sarah
He gave me such a great reading... straight to d point, accurate... He even send me positive energies. I will surely take his advice... I'm looking forward for positive results.. He said, I just have to believe in myself... God bless!" ... written by babe28
Malcolm is wonderful delight! I cant wait until I speak with him again! He's the BEST!! " ... written by dani210
I really enjoyed him.. straight to the point .. answers questions." ... written by sheylinha86
Excellent to talk to. He knows what he is talking about. :)" ... written by Vivi
thanks malcom i will do as u said u are wonderful man please take him to private hes genuine honet and most of all caring x" ... written by somersetgirl
Really good." ... written by kgill1983
Interesting reading, waiting to see what happens. Belief in myself to make it happen." ... written by barbarosa
A really warm person straight to the point always has great advice would recommend him to anyone and I will be back :)" ... written by hellzbellz
Beautiful reading! I have never been so touched by the words of a psychic like his. He was so positive and encouraging. I will definitely take the time to contemplate and come back for another reading once I have spoken with my ex come the first week of December. Thank you very much again." ... written by tln292
He gave me such a great reading! Straight to the point... No sugar coating.. At the end of the day, I must keep positive because I am the only one who can control my life... Looking forward for 2012 but i must start now like what he said - keep my balance and believe in myself. God bless! see yah again... " ... written by babe28
Very good and right to the point. I feel refreshed and relaxed. Thanks again!" ... written by hoping15
wow he told straight to the point what was abhole life thank you very much your the best you are right on point thanks" ... written by aldo
Amazing reading! Thanks, Malcolm! " ... written by katia35
wow! right on spot! all i can say is ... just wow.. !! thank you so much" ... written by GirlLove11
I loved my reading with Malcolm. He really connected with me--and that sort of connection touched me and made me feel better. He understood my problem and even connected emotionally with the heartbreak I was feeling. He gave me a lot of encouragement and direction and I am hoping to come back to speak to him with better news. I definitely recommend Malcolm as he genuinely cares for you and wants nothing more than to help you. Thank you, Malcolm! xx" ... written by leapenn
Most accurate...dead on.....I knew that I was on the right path and he confirmed it for me...thank you sooo very number one favorite!" ... written by ladyv294
Very nice to have a reading with will come back :) thanks" ... written by simsima
This man is a true friend. I have never met someone more understanding then him! A true counselor and healer! he will take you to positive energy when your stressed out like I was." ... written by lizbeth6865
Malcolm is always lovely to talk to. Uplifting and accurate. Always leave beaming and his predictions are spot on." ... written by Nicky
Malcolm is wonderful! I really don't think anyone on this site comes close! Amazing energy!" ... written by sexygirlKim
i asked him before about love and he told me he is no good for me and he wont come back today i asked about the same person and he is telling me he is the one for me! I dont believe this...." ... written by carmen88
WOW! He is the best reader. With this calming soothing voice, he will give you insight on where u are in your life and what to expect! Must try" ... written by Jennifer
what can mere words do....Malcolm is always a gentle guide and one who helps to get my mind focused and clear. he helps with the situation at hand and the way forward as well....he is liken to a counsellor and mentor...always makes me feel better and always on point. THANKS MAL! sinshine and coconuts....:-)" ... written by asilorange
Malcolm is very gifted and has an authentic passion for helping people. " ... written by Lena
I believe Malcolm is the person I have been searching for to help teach me. For some time now I have been wandering like a lost child. The sun in shining brightly at this time." ... written by Montanay
He really knew what was going on with my life and advised me to let go of my past in order to move on." ... written by scantaloreclad
I am in shock...everything was right on. I am a little speechless right now, but will definitely be back! Thank you so much." ... written by imaginese
Fantastic, thanks so much." ... written by RachaelZ2012
Malcolm is one of best Psychics on this Website. He does Outstanding Demos and Readings. I highly Recommend Malcolm. He is Very Kind, Honest and really connected to me. Thanks Malcolm. (^__^)" ... written by Eragonewild
a lovely reading...honest and true...good advice and sugar coating,,,,lots of information in given time and exactly what i was needing to know without having to ask. thank you" ... written by sapphiremoon
I really, really, really appreciated his honesty. Very, very, very insightful. I will take your advice seriously and focus on turning my life around. Thanks from the bottom of my heart! I highly recommend him!" ... written by Meredith11
He got a lot about my situation correct in the reading but I'm waiting to see if he will be correct about a date he gave me that something was to take place. " ... written by cari1961
malcom is so amazing, he is just so nice and right on about so much. i highly reccomend him for a reading, u wont be disapointed," ... written by darkangel1992
Very honest and accurate..seems to tap into your problems straight away." ... written by robby73uk
You are an EXCEPTIONAL PROFESSIONAL! To the point and have proven again that its not the length of the reading that matters but what you get out of it! I only wish I could put you in my back pocket andamp;amp; have access to you all the time! Thank you Malcolm, for who you are and the gift for which you so responsibly share with the world!" ... written by risingabove
Malcolm you are awesome.. always a very sincere open man.. love u lots.. hugs from the U.S. xoxo" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Malcolm is truely lifting me and can see the true me. When I come forth from the present transformation it wil be in part to his mentoring." ... written by Montanay
Wonderful reading. He picked up on so much of the situation and gave great advice." ... written by florwer85
what a brilliant reading, picked up on my emotions towards the current situations very well... the reading was spot on... thankyou again!" ... written by babydoll33
Malcolm is so fantastic,reassuring and encouraging. he was so accurate. Thanks for a great reading. " ... written by lafaz3
Brilliant" ... written by Guru23
This man is so AMAZING , fast truthful, wether u want to hear it or not , there is no sugar coating, wow is all i can say , very fast and calm and explains all.thank you so much Im smiling once again..i will be back.." ... written by new
I felt at ease with Malcolm, he is a very lovely Physic! Thank you!" ... written by Stella_Jupiter
great and is very honest thanks so much" ... written by jessjess1
Malcolm, you're the BEST! Thanks for being you!" ... written by dani210
Thank you that was really really helpful. I will be taking your advice because it does make a lot of sense to me. I can relate to nearly everything you have said in one way or another. I will keep in touch and let you know how I get on. Thank you" ... written by tammycharlene
He is a great guy...Up beat. We shall see if what he says comes true. I will take it on faith." ... written by spiritualgirl1
Wonderful as always. Great insight and gave me so much confidence. Looking forward to all the positive changes." ... written by wonderbaby
I had a wonderful reading with Malcolm. He knew of my current situation emotionally andamp;amp; mentally. He helped me with his insight and I look forward to future happiness in my life. I will come back for another reading. Thank you Malcolm!" ... written by greekgoddess71
He was awesome. OMG..I love his spirit.." ... written by brownsuga5964
this was amazing.... lovely wonderful person.. very honest... direct to the point very agile and fast.. i will definitely come back !!! " ... written by AnaForero
He is a sweetheart. it wa a good reading. We will see what happens " ... written by spiritualgirl1
excellent reading,will come back again as he has given me time frame. thanks for uplifting my energy." ... written by gr2359
thank you so much Malcolm you just said all the things I needed to hear!! Of course I want him back but if he is taking his time, I need to move on. THanks again, love Olga" ... written by sunny3107
Always so nice to talk with Malcom, he is such a professional. Such a nice reader, encouraging, smart, and shares very objectively with what he sees. Thank you so much!" ... written by Vivi
Very intuitive, and encouraging. The best reader I've had so far. Very truthful person. Highly recommended." ... written by Naleena2u
always straight on point ...he can pick up your energy straight away.... right on point and gives you lots of clarity .... thanks x" ... written by sukychi
Good message, very focused and direct." ... written by barbarosa
Malcolm is absolutely brilliant. An excellent counsellor and guide. Nothing but truth is delivered but in the best possible way and of course, he can give advice in a way that leaves nothing but light and positivity. Here's to 2012 and all the positive things that will on their way! Mal - thanks so much. " ... written by LISA - orange
Was really good! Loved the advice and I know he is right. Thanks again, Malcolm!" ... written by jessjess1
He was awesome.......... wonderful reading and he could tell me so much that was going on................... thank you" ... written by Cari1961
Such a positive and inspirational person! I am so happy I found him!" ... written by dani210
Great reading, loved it. Cheers mate." ... written by maynardtony
My amazing psychic friend Malcolm...what does this man NOT know???? A million stars to my advisor and this man to pieces...always there for me with compassion and amazing advice. Thank you Malcolm again and again.....xxoo" ... written by Maiden13
he did great job!!!" ... written by lushez26
Thanks Malcolm again for your positive encouragement, really appreciate it so much.. x" ... written by hope
Had another reading with Malcom and he kneeled it again. Positive reading and very helpful. I highly recommended him to all of you who wants clarity. U will not be disapointed, trust me : )" ... written by D
He was down to the point and put everything into order for me! Thanks, it was a great reading." ... written by cabbyaj
He is very caring and accurate =D thx for the support Will sure be back for more counsel And highly recommend you to anyone i know" ... written by Vivian So
Malcolm was excellent! Spot on with an incredibly caring, uplifting, genuine, warm energy. I loved my reading!!!" ... written by ambersunrise
Lovely" ... written by spiritualgirl1
Very great reading - so positive and supportive to making a change for oneself. I love the positive outlook and I am so happy to hear the encouragement of the positive and moving forward. Go for a reading with him - you will be glad you did!" ... written by scaredtolose
brilliant yet again thank you mal xxxx" ... written by firebug
He was very much on the money with things coming to pass I feel, and holds great insight into picking up auras of change." ... written by Lisa
I just love this man dearly....He is so compassionate but will be blunt even if you don't want to hear it....I truly love him dearly and you probably will too." ... written by MagaskaweeAlgoma
Malcolm is incredibly accurate with his readings. I am very happy with the information he gives and it is very impressive what he picks up from the cards. He is also consistent in his readings, picking up the very same cards in a reading I had around a month ago!" ... written by tammycharlene
Absolutely fantastic with a lot of insight and positive influences. :-) " ... written by Basia
Excellent, as always!" ... written by necklace15
good!" ... written by pop
Yes he was very professional and encouraging in a positive way . So yes well recomended !!" ... written by mountainski
thank you Malcolm, another great reading. You always make me feel so good about myself.. Have a great Christmas " ... written by sunny3107
Really lovely person with great advice. I really do recommend him to everyone. He's honest, kind, sincere and tells it as it is." ... written by hellzbellz
Lovely man - great reader :)!" ... written by sacredlove71
Great reading... " ... written by vz
He completly amazed me..i enjoyed every min of it..insightful. and to the point. i needed this. ty. wonderful" ... written by punkinpie1201
Great reading Malcolm. Thank you." ... written by LittleStar5
Malcolm is very comforting and I pray that his predictions are correct. I will definitely go back and have another reading with him." ... written by amhjth
Beautiful Reading and Beautiful email readings, Malcom is the very best reader I have had him many times, everything he says come true, In the last 6 months malcom has been a pure inspiration to me, helping me out of the darkness into the lightness. I still remember the first card he ever pulled for me. Now i am pure again, Thankyou malcom. The nicest man ever with the biggest heart xxxx" ... written by sensativesoul
Very helpful guy!" ... written by ppp
He's very accurate as always. As soon as I told him what's my question I got my answer right away and I know that's what I should do. Thank u so much Malcolm u give me confident and hope. Highly recommand!!!! " ... written by Pam_mie
UKPSYCHICMALCOLM was very nice and calm. He is a very sweet man. He did a picture reading for me and he was very accurate, fast and did not waste my money or minutes. I am now waiting for his prediction to come to pass. Thank you Malcolm! I will return to have another reading with you!" ... written by Kayeluv1
Great Reader and has very positive energy! Thank you very much " ... written by future_renter
The most kind man! You can feel his genuine warmth, care and concern. He is positive, accurate...and just plain wonderful!" ... written by patleeme
Open my eyes" ... written by Carolyn
Very accurate. TY" ... written by mozzy123
brillant! Thanks Malcom for you help it was great..My mind is at ease now..Thanks again" ... written by westsidz
Very supportive, caring, compassionate and accurate." ... written by maryannepav
Very supportive, caring, compassionate and accurate." ... written by maryannepav
He was very kind and direct and too the point, I was put at ease and he reminded me of where I have been and where I need to be in the future. Wonderful reading!! I will be back. ;)" ... written by Teardrops
Very supportive, caring, compassionate and accurate." ... written by maryannepav
Very supportive, caring, compassionate and accurate." ... written by maryannepav
Thank you for this nice reading .. and honest .. dialogue .. ..we shared .. your experience was enlightening... BB " ... written by bberney
If its true its fantastic. I will let you know later. Thank you." ... written by romanysurprise
Thank you malcom for the reading was lovley, lookign forward to 2012 xxx happy new year to u xxx" ... written by sensativesoul
Fantastic !!!! Very confident reader, very quick, excellent advise, thanks Malcolm !!" ... written by BeatlesLover
My spiritual guidance..." ... written by ppp
He was right on and very positive. Very sweet soul. I would highly recommend Malcolm!" ... written by Lisa
Great!" ... written by jessicar123
ADORE HIM! SIMPLY KICKS THE PROVERBIAL " ... written by Questionlove2
ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! Fabulous! Wonderful! I'm speechless. Malcolm is such an angel! Wow!" ... written by chelliesally
consistent, honest and caring...what can i say...thankyou...jinette" ... written by sapphiremoon
Pleasure as usual .... my dear Man ... BB " ... written by bberney
vERY, VERY GOOD. HE WAS RIGHT ON! THANK YOU." ... written by SueLanding
Malcolm was right on target!! Excellent reading and i will be back for more. Thank you so much Malcolm" ... written by justdancnwithu
very good advice and clearity i needed i will come back for a reading to give you and update to see what has happened with my ex ! Yes i recommend he has a connection with you! and shows he wants to help! :-)" ... written by Lisa
Gave some real good positive advise. Will see how things pan out. But he doesn't waste time and gets on with it. My first time with him and I am tempted to return. Thanks Malcolm" ... written by langeratul
great as always thanks" ... written by chelle54
Hope to get another reading from you soon! You're amazing!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
He's is the best! :-)))" ... written by Bojan99
Always a pleasure to speak with Malcom...I was finally able to catch him online...He is so fast and honest and i love how positive he is. Thanks again Malcome!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
BEST !" ... written by BM
Thank you! Nice, quick reading, and some wise words for me! Will come back again! :)" ... written by flammsan
ukpsychicmalcolm!" ... written by josh2588
Highly recommended! Best reading I every had." ... written by LadyCandy
Really nice person, spoke the truth - caught on my situation very well." ... written by sycammer781
Very insightful!" ... written by vivianso
I absolutely love this man! I love his readings. He is so full of heart and is right on the money. I keep coming back for more because he is truly special!" ... written by gemmie
He is very good and so accurate as well i would love to do a reading with him thank u so much xo" ... written by vrinda113
Wow! Malcolm is a wonderful person. I really enjoyed my first reading with him. His delivery is very accurate, honest, and professional. I could have listened to his insight for hours. The reading was very detailed and inspirational. I will contact him again. I recommend that you give him a try! Thanks Malcolm!" ... written by AName12
great reader so accurate" ... written by lalee
Thanks Malcolm again ! you are my favourite my mentor .... : )" ... written by sukychi
Malcolm is the BEST. He tells me things that no one could ever know and he has given me strength and peace like no one else. What a magnificent psychic he is. I cannot tell you how much this man has helped me. If you can, get a private reading with him. I've had many readings and this man was the only one that told me things that were specific and on spot. Do yourself a favor and have a reading with him. It will change your life. Love you Malcolm, hugs and kisses from me." ... written by Maiden13
GREAT reader!" ... written by Kari_nightingale
MY FAVORITE." ... written by ppp
Spot on. Will definitely be back with no hesitation. Thank god for leading me to him!" ... written by linny2012
Very honest and fourth right thank u" ... written by higherthanlife
Very helpfull and gave very good clear advice. thank you" ... written by mander28
Brilliant, helpful and cheerful as usual. THanks so much, love xxx" ... written by sunny3107
Thank you" ... written by nae
Very helpful, focused, honest, and accurate. Wonderful energy." ... written by Lauren
Wonderful as always !! The best of all !!" ... written by Bojan99
Good person to talk to,very good drove me crazy that he froze here and there but over all great reading and happy. yes very happy:)" ... written by nala 99
Very caring man gave it to me straight to the point Have to keep the Faith! All will be well soon. God Bless You Sir !!" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you once again Malcolm for a great insight and re-assurance. I will stay positive and will let you know how things progress. xxx" ... written by irinairina
Very good and accurate. very honest sincere. would definately recommend. heartfelt reading. cares about people." ... written by bacidoll
Always enjoy my readings with malcolm, very caring person" ... written by tpat85
Malcolm calms, he reassures, and he is a friend. When I get lost on my path, he is there. I appreciate him and his friendship." ... written by tara_mcm
Youre amazing. thanks for helping me with many many things, i will be coming back and i never met anyone like you! thank you so much malcom" ... written by mollie1985
Amazing reading. Confirmed what I believed to be true but was to afraid to give in to! I've always wanted to read with him.. and it was well worth it." ... written by Vanatru
Definitely a nice reader. Gave me a lot of encouragement and advise inlfie in general. Taught me not to be too focus. needs to live life in a broader way. Thank you and very nice reading. Look forward in all the positive changes in the next few months." ... written by nk063011
This gentleman is very caring. He gave me great advice. As I am going thru a stressful period right now. I will continue to seek him out for advice ,with any future concerns. Thank you Malcolm!" ... written by goodnight2345
He is awesome... right on the money ....and straight to the point." ... written by jessiehoney
I was having a difficult time regarding job issues..Malcolm was able to bring me comfort and give me great advice. He is a very caring individual. Thank you Malcolm :)" ... written by goodnight2345
Was awesome really nice guy and a fantastic reader would definitely recommend him he gave specific answers for specific questions and cleared up a few things i was worried about awesome guy thanks" ... written by hellzbellz
Thank You very much!!" ... written by Bojan99
Amazing and positive and wonderful! He is a true treasure!" ... written by sacred
Very honest and clear." ... written by jpferreira51291
Thank you for the great reading. Not all good news but I like knowing the truth. Thank You so much. It all makes sense. Very good reading and happy I came to you for my relationship advice. Thanks so much " ... written by livehappy70
My favorite...cause he knows ... : )))" ... written by sukychi
thank you again for the positive encouragement xx " ... written by h
he was wonderful and inspirational!!!!!!" ... written by angelbekah
Malcolm is such a great help. He provides real help and positive solutions. His readings are spot on and I am so glad I have known him along these past several months!" ... written by mah
Awesome" ... written by well wisher
Always sweet and fast... Picks up on my situation very quickly... Thank you so much and GOd Bless!" ... written by answers28
very kind and undersanding" ... written by tpat85
Love, love, love, love, LOVED IT!" ... written by beccixy
Love your enthusiasm and the fact you share my happiness and feel it. Thanks you for having been here all the way!! Will come back and tell you how it is going . Lots of love xx" ... written by sunny3107
He was too good///" ... written by hrvision2008
Thank you so much" ... written by cammyboo
Very sweet and straight out man! Told me things i didn't want to hear but had to hear" ... written by jasminepapas
He is wonderful. Straight to the point . Not what you wanna hear but honest. Will come back soon." ... written by jessiehoney
Very reassuring and has been very honest. Will use his service again. Also reasonable service charge. Would recommend." ... written by neethu7777
I give him 5 stars and more." ... written by vrinda113
THANK. YOU SO MUCH! You were quick an honest. I felt comfortable. Thank you sgain" ... written by answers28
Wow Malcom, god bless you. What a reading. I did not connect with you for two long but only a few minutes was needed. Absolutely right on the money. All I can say is I am energized..." ... written by jacqlewis
Thank you so much for the great reading! You provided me with so much detail and insight. Really appreciated it." ... written by Alice
Very friendly and uplifting reading! It was a breath of fresh air talking with him. Thank you so much." ... written by iPreferMimi
Heads up! Hats off! :D" ... written by timkoh
Today was my first reading. I chose Malcom and I am glad I did. I pick him because there was a calm in his voice which made me feel connecied to him." ... written by losttwin
He was wonderful give him 5 stars he was very wonderful reader!!!!!!!" ... written by rainwater05
He was absoultly amazing didn't have to tell him anything, he pick up on all my vibes, he expcetionally very good reader, I will come back again!!!" ... written by BESTGIFT32
I give Malcom always 5" ... written by Bojan99
Many thanks for the reading! Could relate to all that you said, looking forward to chatting with you again." ... written by dinkydiamond
He was very correct about everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars for this man" ... written by rainwater05
He is awesome! Very calming! Definitely assisted me today. Please give him a try! You will love him!" ... written by Tishiab
Great advice, very accurate " ... written by cammyboo
Malcolm is always very comforting and reassuring. I definitely recommend him. I hope that his predictions are right. " ... written by amhjth
GOOD!!!" ... written by ppp
Wonderful reading for the amount of time I had. I needed to get clarification and he was very helpful." ... written by ringsofsaturn11
Best on Oranum!" ... written by Bojan99
Very good, will def be back" ... written by kellourex
Accurate, Insightful, truthful, and very kind...." ... written by oalanis
I just love him...will be back soon." ... written by vrinda113
Terrific reading. Very accurate." ... written by starshine34
Oh my goodness, you are so amazing. Told me exactly what I needed to move forward. Blessed man you are. Thank You" ... written by Judi
Life is good and he confirmed it for me! He has been with me through all the bad things that happened in my life. And now he is with me through the good things that are going to happen! Hugs and much Love Malcolm!" ... written by ellym3
Wonderful, spiritual energy as usual. Malcolm is a professional. Bless him for his service. He is, hands down, the most illuminated spirit--centered reader on this line. I am grateful to have made this connection and will contact him again." ... written by windwhisper
This man was incredible, gentle, helped me so much and was so right on with his details, thank GOD for people like him to help us." ... written by Maiden13
he was awesome very very intune got straight to the reading and picked up on everything a wonderful reader and man thanks :)" ... written by hellzbellz
WOW he hit some key words that were exactly the situation which would only mean something to me. Thanks, I look forward to the outcome!" ... written by faith4me777
Malcolm is a great man full of hope and lots of great advice, he made me cry with what he said but in a nice way, because he hit the nail on the head to how I've been feeling about myself, so I was relieved to know I'm not on my own through this tough time. Thank you once again for your help, you are brilliant!" ... written by f999111
Such a wonderful person, genuine and amazingly accurate, knows the truth without needing any information from you, I believe and have faith in what he says! thank you Malcolm :) xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
I got the answers I needed! Thank You!" ... written by Christygirl2011
Darn. He is good. He hit on things there is no way he could have known at all! He described exactly what I felt." ... written by jswede1149
Love him to pieces...he is absolutely amazing!" ... written by gemmie
Malcom is amazing. He is kind, positive and compassionate. Worth every cent! " ... written by tim
Good advice and funny, same time accurate :)" ... written by hellokittylynii
Was disconnected halfway, but it was a good advice given. Thanks!." ... written by Kyuulin
GREAT READING! good advice and so on the ball about my current life situations. I will def be back for another private. Thanks" ... written by crystalmarie86
He was patient and sweet...Wonderful reading! Thank you very much! " ... written by answers28
Wow! what an amazing reading. totally in tune with who i am! didnt waste my time, told me what i needed to hear! challenged me to do it! for the first time in my life... i feel im walking away in control of my own destiny! def. recommend! " ... written by MissCB7
Best of the best :-)!!" ... written by Bojan99
Thankyou so so much Malcom, I felt as though I hace known you for years. Great advice. Cheers." ... written by decembergirl
Fantastic!" ... written by JayB67
Best." ... written by Bojan99
Great, He is very kind clear and wisdom,, I like what he told me to do with such a honesty " ... written by veezee
Wonderful genuine gifted psychic won't be disappointed!he pick up my situation right away and didn't ask questions just kept giving evidence and information ..he is so caring and lovely lovely gentleman" ... written by marsylyttle
Thanks so much Malcolm. So positive and I will definitely come and give you feedback on my situation in the next few weeks. Lots of love xx" ... written by sunny3107
He was awesome! Definitely helped me understand my situation! He is definitely heaven sent! :-) Thank you so much! I will be back." ... written by Tishiab
Wonderful as always! love this man to life!" ... written by gemmie
Excellent.....kind caring ..honest xoxoxo" ... written by babay88
Excellent...ty xx" ... written by babay88
Fantastic!!!! Wow! He made me cry he was so right on with the situation. I didn't have to tell him anything...just ask the question." ... written by jasminetheflower
Second time back seeing Malcolm and he is great. He is a lovely human being." ... written by tara_mcm
Great reading and so up-lifting, thank you so much!" ... written by chelle54
Malcolm was sooo good. TRY HIM OUT. hes quick and very ACCURATE!!!" ... written by sun89
AWESOME!! Talked the whole time and was spot on, on the whole situation..." ... written by vineir08
Malcolm is FAST, PRECISE and so CONNECTED :) It blew me away :) will come back because I did not have many credits" ... written by MMaria
He gave me a great reading. He listened to what I had to say and was empathtic. He was also non judgemetal and very helpful. I will get another reading from him soon." ... written by Morgan2533
FIVE STARS, he was very accurate and gave me a wonderful email reading. Thank you so much!" ... written by Naseth
True energy coach... warm/wise invigorating. He aligns me with positivity, trust in myself and in my journey, which I do have...but he confirms and mirrors my own inner knowing. He is brilliant in holding sacred space for issues, concerns and offers excellence of compassion, spiritual knowledge to contribute to what is needed to go forward triumphantly. The perfect ally!" ... written by bluebird08
Wonderful as usual. He is the best and his energy is contagious." ... written by tara_mcm
Amazing guy! Picked up on sooo much going on with me.." ... written by butterflywings10
EXCELLENT!!!!!! Very informative!" ... written by diane1964
Told me what i knew in my heart. Great person" ... written by ellym3
I adore Malcolm he is patient kind and simply amazing. I usually don't write much but he is truly worth every word. Malcolm is someone you can trust, and a reading with him is something you wont regret. " ... written by beautiful_redd
He is definetly my favorite, he always has great advice and has been very accurate with dates! He amazes me. Thank you again!" ... written by cammyboo
He is a love...such a dear...and I am so grateful for the energy and positive he brings to us all. What a generous and caring individual and spot on reader!" ... written by the real sacred
Always enjoy my readings with malcolm, very caring person" ... written by tpat85
Had a reading with Malcom a few weeks ago and just got picked for free demo today. He knew things that only I knew and didn't ask me any questions, just knew it. " ... written by ellym3
My trusted friend and advisor. Always helps me through the rough times. Worth every credit!" ... written by ellym3
A True Professional! AMAZING! Malcolm hit nail on the head... the good and the bad... I've made a new friend today and can only recommend him. No frills and no fuss." ... written by fretan
I could feel his warmth, his sincerity and most of all, he was spot on accurate. I feel that he gave me an invaluable gift..he gave me hope, reminded me to be strong, and also reminded me that I'm not alone." ... written by patleeme
What a fabulous man, tuned n straightaway and knew all of my problems and the advice was spot on, and after the day I have ha today,k I am so grateful and appreciative. Many thnks Malcoilm. I will be back." ... written by BarbaA
Although my one to one with Malcolm seemed to go very quickly he gave me a lot of info and great advice. I really just needed confirmation on the thoughts I had and he gave me that, he seems to be a very caring man who uses his gift in a very professional way with lots of empathy. After talking with him I have managed to move on in my life and feel more positive. I've also chatted to him a few times and he is great to talk to. If you have a problem then talk to the best choose Malcolm." ... written by decembergirl
He's Awesome! Positive Feedback. Very Helpful. Honest and Accurate. Will Come Back. 5 Star Rating." ... written by swiftcats64
Highly recommend a private reading, on target, SUPERANDOLOS" ... written by timegirl
He is always amazing and on point. A+++++++ thank you!!!" ... written by cammyboo
He is amazing, he picked up on things that i never thought anyone would " ... written by De5pina
Thank you so much Malcolm for ALL your wonderful e-mail readings you've done for me since October -- which have helped SOOOO much with all this - while having so little money to spend! I so appreciate you! " ... written by Pixie333
Great reading, thank you so much!" ... written by chelle54
What an INCREDIBLE man. I think Malcolm has a secret gate into your heart. He knows exactly what's going on and how to get you through your challenges in life. I thank God every day for this man and his help. His wisdom is a cherished gift that I will always embrace and I thank him for giving me the courage to never give up. BLESS YOU MALCOLM. I CAN BREATHE AGAIN." ... written by Maiden13
I'll check this out. It'll be cool!" ... written by ThisIsATestAccount
He gave me clarity on my relationships status and gave me clarity on my path. " ... written by vegabonded
He is fantastic! He was able to pick up so many things without me saying a word. He gave me the strenght I needed to continue. Thank you!" ... written by 01Syches
Excellent Reading. Very quick and spot on. Didn't need much information besides names and was able to tap into my situation quickly. Will definitely be back" ... written by happy4eva
Fantastic! Sweet and fast! Thank you for the clarity." ... written by Rescume8
Such a positive and happy man. Brought me to tears, told me so much about my father and mother... :-) " ... written by random_diamond
WONDERFUL VERY TOUCHING!! " ... written by lilly19610
He was very straight to the point." ... written by cabbyaj
Great!" ... written by dani210
WOW, another e-mail from Malcolm with wisdom and advice. Just when I'm ready to give up...Malcolm senses it and sends me an email that hits on exactly what I'm feeling and tells me what I need to do. How in the world does this wonderful man know to contact you with just the right just the right time...I'm dumbfounded. AGAIN. I NEVER expected pep talks after my privates, but I'm sure glad you send them! Bless you Malcolm... You are an angel...." ... written by Maiden13
I first had a one to one with Malcolm but my camera wasn't set up and it went too quickly. Then impressed by his lovely personality and kind dispostion I went onto his chat and was lucky enough to have a very inspirational free demo from him. What he said then amazed me and so I ordered an email reading with the briefest of info in my question. His reading was brilliant. He hit on everything I needed to know and gave me the confidence and hope to 'hang on in there' in a situation I was beginning to despair of. I always get the feeling that Malcolm genuinely wants to help people in tough times when the answers evade them and they need good sound advice. I take my hat off to this man and would highly reccommend anyone out there with a difficult situation to have a private or email reading with this talented andamp;amp; highly gifted positive thinking guy. Since then Malcolm has kept in touch by sending a very heart warming and confidence building email to let me know that he had'nt forgotten me or my situation and that spirit were still looking out for me. Totally amazing and I thank him for being there for me. decembergirl.x" ... written by decembergirl
I know the spirits are round me and it was good to hear that someone else knew that and maybe I will go home!" ... written by angelamartin524
The best!!!! i love this guy...he is powerful and positive. Will be back and look forward to my adventure into the new realm of life!" ... written by mhharview
Excellent. Gave me just the right detail that I needed to make the difference." ... written by starshine34
Wonderful wonderful reassuring man, excellent tuned in reader, worth every second. His positivity is absorbed by you as you speak to him, a treasure - thank you Malcolm, hope predictions come true." ... written by Nicole212
Great reading, so accurate without telling much. Very helpful and uplifting. Thanks a lot." ... written by spinifex
Thank you very much for the fast and accurate reading, it was to the point and I really hope that the positive end will come true :) " ... written by Witzuschka
Lovely and so uplifting." ... written by anon
He is great reader and life coaching!" ... written by ema
Psychic Malcolm you are an AMAZING reader and honest, you put my mind at ease and are HIGHLY accurate. " ... written by CasRadio
Excellent reading!!!" ... written by Bojan99
What a great advice!!!! This man is so right on many levels!!!! Thanks, Malcolm!" ... written by nytango1234
I love this gentle man so much....he is my friend and my mentor......i could not have gotten through my difficult time without his wisdom, guidance and true caring. He is an amazing person and I am so grateful to him....he shares his gifts without hesitation.. thank you again malcolm, for always being there and being a friend to me. XXXOOO" ... written by Maiden13
Brilliant as always! He is so positive and uplifting...I love speaking with this man!!!" ... written by gemmie
Malcom u r damn good, 1000 stars to you. You were bringing me back to life, I am Alive!" ... written by Loverboy
This guy is brilliant!!! Needed nothing from me and connected amazingly. OMG go private!! Thats all I have to say!!" ... written by nytango1234
Awesome!" ... written by sunkist84
Thanks for still believeing in it. You make me believe it is still possible. Despite the odds. Thanks Mal and have a wonderful christmas. xx" ... written by sunny3107
He truly cares about me situation. I feel at ease. wow. god bless this man. he has an amazing spirit that will just amaze you if you go on private. please, go to him. he will change your life for the better. he will see the good in you, even if you don't see the good in yourself. I will never forget this first reading I had with him. thank you, malcolm. you truly care about me and that's what i needed in this tough situation i am going through. i feel we will now have a lifetime relationship together. i will always appreciate his great spirit. please, don't waste your time on anyone else and go to him!!!!!!!! lots of love, malcolm. be well." ... written by lizbeth6865
How many times can I say, WOW. A zillion times wouldn't cover how I feel about Malcolm and his readings. When you have a private with Malcolm, you feel like you're talking to your best friend in the whole world, who knows you better than you even know yourself..just a brilliant psychic and compassionate and loving person....Malcolm, You are the BEST!" ... written by Maiden13
I was so excited to talk to Malcom that I was busy focusing on typing questions as opposed to listening to all the inspirational and wise counsel he was generously gifting me with... will definitely be coming to him again soon to receive more of his blessings for my journey. With GREAT Appreciation!" ... written by sacredlorrie
very connected to my situation. understands what i am feeling.... i loved my reading!!!! get a reading with him, he's great!" ... written by mizbeez
Thank you Malcolm for making me feel good. Have a lovely christmas...I will put myself first now." ... written by sunny3107
Excellent!" ... written by Bojan99
He's brilliant! 10 stars!" ... written by L
Gratitude for the understanding, support, keen intuitive and psychic gifts that inspire, educate and lead to my joy!! Thank you for your light and your radiating such warmth, positivity and trust in the journey!" ... written by sacredlorrie
Ukpsychicmalcolm is a great psychic helped me alot. Give me soo much information good or bad but to the point. Thank You." ... written by myeyesee
Nice and encouraging man. Gave me a good prediction. Love him!" ... written by nk063011
I love Malcolm, wonderful reading.. :-)" ... written by Bojan99
Thanks again another great reading." ... written by myeyesee
Thanks!" ... written by zmann18
You were amazing!" ... written by megrock
Just listen to him .... that's all i want to say." ... written by kaur123
Great reader" ... written by sapphiremoon
Positive, wise, compassionate... heartfelt inspiring support and psychic brilliance!" ... written by bluebird08
Best of the best, thank you :-)" ... written by Bojan99
Thank you for this reading! You gave me hope and excitement! Hoping things will work out in my favor!!" ... written by bella83
Helped me through all of my hurt and helped me turn my life around. I will always come back to you Malcolm!" ... written by ellym3
Words cannot express my gratitude to Malcolm for his kind and compassionate words. Everything he said was so accurate and touching, One of the best readings I have had. Thank you again." ... written by Annied13
Very kind and calming! Always enjoy his readings!" ... written by Teardrops
Mal is such a wonderful role model for humanity. Not only is he very gifted but he also has such a beautiful soul. Very genuine, caring and sincere; as long as there are people like Mal to inspire and teach us all the future is bright :-) Thanks so much Mal" ... written by Kel_Vrol
He gave me a demo reading and it was spot on. He even sent a support email to remind me to be positive through my wait. A++++" ... written by jswede1149
I was very impressed! Hope it all will come true!" ... written by Toneberg
You are the best Malcolm..... its always diferent with you .... I will always look for you ...thanks so much" ... written by sukychi
HE IS GOOD" ... written by ppp
Wonderful, accurate. So informative and right on, wish I had more time with him!" ... written by arlinruth
I have had quite a few readings with Malcolm and he never fails to come through with amazing psychic abilities and compassion and caring. I've had other readings and no one can even come close to Malcolm's abilities. So, I have learned a great lesson, don't go to anyone else...stop right at Malcolm, and receive the best reading and guidance and friendship you will ever have in your entire life...He is brilliant but ever so humble about his gifts. The angels were watching over me when they connected me with Malcolm, I truly believe this..Thank you again, dear friend." ... written by Maiden13
Really enjoyed hes reading was very positive i hope everything will happen will let you know ." ... written by xxcutegirl
Great advisor..i am convinced that his prediction work..god bless" ... written by dicksonrobert
Always amazing and very talented." ... written by Kel_Vrol
Great person, says things really clearly. Gave me a lot of insight into what I should do." ... written by cupkatie
Malcolm gave me hope that there is a new beginning for me...I can't wait to see how it all works out!..Cheers..Shall keep you posted!!! :)" ... written by elledaly24
Omg wow, he picked up alot on what i feel is right, im happy that i met him! Hope fully my gifts will progress someday :) Blessed be!" ... written by hope2321
This man is amazing. If you want honest answers - go to him! Don't waste your money anywhere eles!!" ... written by wonderwoman29
UKPsychicMalcom - is very compassionate and kind - and put me at ease although I was so restless. I felt he was very genuine. Thank you Malcom. " ... written by 7Butterflies7
Malcolm is not only a brilliant reader, but a trusted friend. Talk to him... He will blow you away with his gifts...He is also a warm and caring soul...Love you malcolm, thank you." ... written by gemmie
Malcolm has gotten me through another trying time...Love this man....What a friend and mentor he is to me..and his psychic ability still amazes me..He tells me things that absolutely no one could ever know.....stunning.....Thank you again malcolm, xxoo " ... written by Maiden13
Always uplifting. Whether it's an email reading or private on line, it is to the point. He is a truly spiritual, gifted professional psychic. He has consistently been able to give me readings that confirmed my own feelings on upcoming career matters. I look forward to seeing everything right and good manifest in my reality. Thanks always, Malcolm. You are an absolute dear heart!" ... written by windwhisper
Very right on " ... written by lalee0405
Great was worth every penny, feel so much better will be back to see him!!!" ... written by iamn0ble
He was really good he gave me brilliant advice about love great psychic!!!" ... written by pinklollypop121
Meaningful and honest reading." ... written by cab
He is awesome,greatt reader, spiritual very much positive ,a good polite friend and am so very much satisfied and hope so all the freewill i choose in future ahead would be a positive go for me ..thankyou Malcolm love you you are a spiritual star to me who shines and shines up in the sky and hope me too be positive just like you" ... written by kitkat79
Splendid !!! lol he is always a joy to talk with. Very intuitive." ... written by jaykun
He is the best! Always positive, gives amazing advice and makes me feel great about myself and my situations. Always amazing! Thank you so much." ... written by cammyboo
He is truly amazing and sincerely the right one to seek answers from, thank you Malcolm for your time here at Oranum. I will be back." ... written by fresiaflower
Wow!!!!!!!!!! Wow Wow!!!! He is spectacular!!! Fantastic person/reader/psychic... he is fast and accurate!!!" ... written by GM
Thanks...." ... written by sabinaa
Spot on connection genuine and real thank you Malcolm. Your a star Jane xx." ... written by jademc
I really liked this psychic. There are a lot of phoneys on here but this guy is the real deal. Will be back! " ... written by malexa214
....A trusted friend!" ... written by dani210
Always a wonderful reading! " ... written by starshine34
Thanks a million." ... written by sim1726
What can I say about Sir Malcolm ? Excellence is small word, Thank You Malcolm :-)" ... written by Bojan99
Cant wait to see how it all works out in next few weeks/ months :)" ... written by kathymac
My initial plan was to obtain a reading from another reader. I am so so glad I didn't and found Malcolm. He is so positive and uplifting and touched me so much. I was emotional during the whole reading, but it wasn't sadness I felt. It was hope. He gave great insight into what I need to do to turn this around. Was very comforting to know that my unborn child and grandmother is around me and that he would be looking out for me too. Thank you so much. " ... written by hopefull11
Malcolm is very good and gives good advice. :) I came on line to thank you! Thank YOU Malcolm! You have changed my life." ... written by Softice
Love this guy, its exactly what I needed!!!" ... written by Chance
Malcolm, Oh, what would I do without you? What a star you are to me..I have never had a more loyal and compassionate friend in my entire life and I bless you to the stars...BEST PSYCHIC IN THE WORLD EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! THIS MAN IS A GIFT FROM THE HEAVENS! He will tell you the truth, no sugar coating, guide you in what path to take, hold your hand and be waiting at the end of that path to celebrate your victories! Thank you Malcolm...can't ever express how much you have enriched my life..XXXOOO" ... written by Maiden13
He is a very wise man! I enjoyed talking with him! A 5 for sure!" ... written by quaz101
Thanks" ... written by mandybutt
Nothing to say..mind blown, those who want to have a spiritual connection that is real and true and speaks to the soul..don't keep reading just trust that he is genuine." ... written by jacqlewis
Yes, second time in private with him, and i know he will be the one to seek each time i need advice!! Talking straight to my heart and letting me adjust and move on into the right direction, see the light path and love. thanks Malcolm, I am grateful " ... written by fresiaflower
Thanks once more Malcolm... it's always enlightening to talk with you... lots of love" ... written by sukychi
I absolutely love this man. His readings are always so positive and right on! Consult him, you won't be disappointed. " ... written by gemmie
He was just on the ball and so right about me" ... written by Bowyer123
He's great! Always trust in him." ... written by Pam_mie
Thank you once again Sir Malcolm :-)" ... written by Bojan99
AMAZING!! such good advice and very direct" ... written by Ryan747
HE IS GOOD..." ... written by ppp
Malcolm, you are the best of the best. What else can someone say about you and the readings you do. Thank you :-)" ... written by Bojan99
I appreciated what he had to say..." ... written by timminsgrandma
Good reading." ... written by dd41783
Mr. Malcolm is so much guided by divine energy, when combined with deep concern and explanations down to the last point, it gives us the life changing opportunity to embrace answers.Thank you." ... written by Yashoda108
Malcolm was great! Very nice...very informative! Will definitely be back! " ... written by sandronik
Amazing! Straight forward and to the point! " ... written by itsuramo
Excellent reading, Malcolm gave me so much information really quickly. Many thanks once again. A++++++++++." ... written by mystical23
Great reading" ... written by qbcstar
You were amazing - I applied for a job in San Francisco today.....I am hoping that it will happen." ... written by Suzanne56
As usual, Malcolm tunes in and tells me exactly what I need to know and bless him for always being my friend and advisor when I need it. And being honest with me....Malcolm, you are the BEST....xxoo" ... written by Maiden14
What can say, Sir Malcolm is just simply great. Thank you again Sir Malcolm:-)" ... written by Bojan99
Great! gave me some awesome advice " ... written by nickmcgyver
Malcolm was spot on. Thanks again for your help :) Enjoyed the reading! " ... written by denideni63
Brillant reader, clear, direct, no fluff and gave fantastic advice. I really like Malcolm's approach and find him to be very professional. He was spot on in my demo reading and he was even better in my 1st private reading. I will be back for up dates and I highly recommend Malcolm as a reader for anyone who needs the service of a professional reader. Thank you " ... written by apollobay
Good soul. Good perspective. Kind Intelligent and quick to the point. " ... written by Questionlove2
Hes always very good, thank you!" ... written by cammyboo
Super!" ... written by TwinklyDove
Malcolm is the best of the best. Wise, warm, loving, kind and skillful. I am always GRATEFUL for his connection and the wealth of energy he exudes of peace and love, restoring my own inner knowing of myself as trusting in myself, in life and in all of my experience serving me perfectly!!! Thank YOU so much for everything always!!" ... written by bluebird08
Spot on. Really helped to clarify a situation and helped me look within myself to become empowered." ... written by thfnebob
Awesome! :) Encouraging and honest. I recommend Malcolm to all." ... written by manystars
He is a calm and non judgemental person to talk to. Puts me at ease every time!!!! :) Will certainly come back! Cheers!" ... written by elledaly24
Excellent, will wait for predictions : )" ... written by purple20
Malcolm is so connected words fail me to classify his reading. I did not have much money but he was so fast providing so many answers in such a short space of time. Predictions have come true. He is awsome. You are ((blessed)) with a fantastic gift!" ... written by MMaria
I love Malcolm, hes so warm, honest clear and very very accurate.. I love hearing the messgaes he has for me and to give me guidance i always feel so much better after having consulted with him.. Love him! Looking forward to our next reading. Becca xo" ... written by Beccaboo72
Malcolm is just great. He's very kind and very honest. It was a pleasure to speak with him." ... written by Indigo15
Thank you very much, was stunned about what you said before i've even typed in any question.... wow-magic!!!" ... written by maithu
Really lovely and helpful in career and business advice!" ... written by random_diamond
Very fun fresh vibe! Gave me a good reading and good advice." ... written by punkqueen_13
Brings cheer to my life always, fantastic reader." ... written by ellym3
I will come again and thanks once again!" ... written by ira
Very nice! Very accurate!" ... written by lifetime1974
Very clear and honest reading - would call again." ... written by chris87571
Very nice and helpful!" ... written by elode80
Doesn't waste time at all at pvt readings at all. Honest opinions and gives it straight. Very insightful and caring at the same time. Gave me hope and looking forward to the future. Thanks Michael." ... written by millie1123
Good reading, very accurate about me and my life." ... written by barbarosa
Wonderful reading :-))))" ... written by Bojan99
He told me what I'm feeling, reads me well. Love him to bits. 5 stars!" ... written by ellym3
Easy going and insightful. " ... written by Rosie0h
He is very good, accurate and very possitive i highly recommend!" ... written by ira
Thanks Malcolm for another brillant reading. Very insighful, caring and honest as always. I have learned so much from you and i will always be back ! Love Becca :)" ... written by Beccaboo72
Amazing person, and a wonderful listener. He cares about everyone and is trustworthy! " ... written by beautiful_redd
I did not get to thank you properly as my time ran out. Thank you so very very much Malcolm for your guidance and for checking in on me from time to time. For anyone considering a reading, Malcolm is very caring and positive and full of light. " ... written by 7Butterflies7
If I learn to create the environment inside and externally of your relection of deep inner peace, tranquility and trust in the moment of power is now, in myself and in Life, I will always get more than my money's worth in connection with your loving kind spiritSelf. Thank you for everything always!" ... written by bluebird08
Malcolm as always has good advice, what's more he can tell you what the situation is requiring for life to run smoothly, he is so uplifting and positive to talk to ." ... written by kellygal77
What can i say ? He is such a wonderful man so honest and accurate with his predicitions. Very encouraging and insightful, i love every reading i have with him, Thanks so much Malcolm. Becca " ... written by Beccaboo72
Simply the best!" ... written by dani210
Wonderful reading as always, thank You Malcolm :-)" ... written by Bojan99
Lovely very calming and positive for september xx" ... written by bubblesgalore
Brillant man, so caring and warm and accurate. He always knows what youre thinking ! Amazing.. The nicest man and always such a pleasure. :) " ... written by Beccaboo72
Very clear reading, good focus, knows his stuff!!" ... written by barbarosa
Amazing reading,.. i feel very inspired! Thanks Malcom " ... written by lolapstar91
A sessional experience with Malcolm is such a blessing. Spirit speaks beautifully through him and that energy radiates off his body and his words like iridescent yet calming sunshine. He picked up on my situation instantly, was very professional, and knows how to relate to this clients on a very human and authentic level. Thank you Malcolm, for your service to Spirit and to humanity and for instilling me with a newfound exuberance and gratitude for my life. May God bless each and every one of your unique spiritual journeys through the guidance of this man. Warm kisses." ... written by OJD
Good job!" ... written by tk40000
Malcolm, I gave you such little information about me. But you knew my life, and what I was going through. You said what is right, and what I should be doing w/my life. I was looking for some direction, and you gave me that. Thank you Angel. I love you :)" ... written by desichick1983
Answered all questions, friendly, reassured me, made me feel better about situation. " ... written by becca2312
Absolutely wonderful Psychic!!!!!" ... written by DanielAnd
Very good reading. Thank you so much Malcom. I'll come back to you." ... written by D
Indepth and clear reading rang true on everything!" ... written by MarcRickard
Wonderful reading as always :-))))))" ... written by Bojan99
Wonderful reading , thank you!" ... written by Bojan99
Thank you, sorry I didn't have longer!" ... written by Allicat73
Pleasant chat thank you. " ... written by bertrumrumrum
Brilliant reading....was definitely to the point and encouraging" ... written by empm31
Thank you malcom you are wonderful :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
Thank you very much for that reading. YOu described me perfectly well....... but I needed to hear it from someone to believe it. I know myself but I don't know why I needed that validation still. " ... written by Bebe829
Fantastic!" ... written by reginagrin
Malcolm is such a wonderful, caring and honest person.. I am so happy that I finally found the courage to have a private reading with him because he is a real psychic. He is honest in every way, very open, very relaxing and you immediately feel that he would tell you the truth, no matter what :) I cannot thank him enough for giving me all the answers in needed and being so helpful... I strongly recommend a private reading with Malcolm, if you haven't had that amazing experience yet:)" ... written by LoveElly
Thank you, great reading!!:)" ... written by Lanaishere
Very comforting, and his constant barrage of positive thoughts motivates me a lot, thanks malcolm." ... written by jasonx1234
Wonderful reading! Very intuitive and friendly. Definitely added on my favorites list. I feel like a new person and have a different outlook on life. Highly recommended!" ... written by crystal0780
Excellent!" ... written by Freedom2211
Very fast...hope the prediction comes true...enjoyed the reading of what i recieved...thank you for your honesty" ... written by lisapatrick
Just another great reading with Malcolm. Sir Malcolm is always wright :-)" ... written by Bojan99
Such an intuitive and coreect person.. so nice and sweet too" ... written by myangel1234
One of the best physics!! He really calms me all the time! Thank you for this! :) God bless you." ... written by sunandmusic
Malcolm seems to know me very well! He has a kind, caring and compassionate way about him that leaves you feeling reassured and positive about the future. I look forward to updating him as the next year unfolds. All the best." ... written by Freedom2211
Great reading as always!" ... written by Bojan99
Thank you so much. I come every so often to get a reading for Malcolm. He is amazing and worth every penny!" ... written by beautiful_redd
Very accurate, thanks." ... written by kmwren66
He is a great reader, enjoyed the reading a lot. Thanks, Malcom." ... written by dimond110
Fantastic!" ... written by Annemelize8
AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! I wish I could put into words what Malcolm means to me...Always positive, uplifting, caring, unbelievable psychic, intuitive and stands by me no matter what...I know i always have a friend in him and a friend that will tell me the truth....Malcolm, you are the absolute BEST and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me and listening with patience, i'm sure you've heard it all before from me and you never make me feel like I'm a bother or that you're tired of hearing my problems...Bless you Malcolm, and I will talk with you again soon...xxxxxxoooooo" ... written by Maiden14
I just had a demo reading with UK psychic Malcolm and wanted to give him a review. 5 stars for Malcolm. He was wonderful and kind. He picked up on my situation immediately and was spot on. Thank you Malcolm." ... written by thedawnofanew
Very up lifting and honest" ... written by chandragomes3
Fabulous!" ... written by dani210
Great!" ... written by reginagrin
My reading with Malcolm was beautiful. He is kind, caring and a very gifted psychic. He picked up on things right away about what I have been experiencing without me even asking about it. He described exactly what I have been going through. Amazing! 5 stars!!! Malcolm was also able to give me encouragement and advise about some upcoming events in my life. He also shared some incredible details about my daughter and he was EXACT when describing our relationship. I would highly recommend Malcolm for a reading! As a psychic medium myself, I can tell you I had the chills during the reading. Thank you Malcolm for sharing your gifts. My daughter sends her heartfelt thanks! God Bless you, 1111Violet :) " ... written by 1111Violet
Love your email! Greatly appreciate your thoughts. I am really ready to fly away . I am looking forward to see the changes! Thank you!! God Bless !" ... written by queenbee22
Very good,nice person!" ... written by rojusvika
In a great place thanks to Malcolm. Hugs for everything you've seen me through!" ... written by ellym3
Brilliant! Will have another reading." ... written by sky456
Amazing!" ... written by Niamore1
Malcolm, thank you for everything you said was spot on andamp; you have given me the confidence to do what I want to do and make some things happen for me that will make me happy. Would highly recommend, very accurate!" ... written by Tmaree
Amazing!" ... written by dimond110
Prediction came true! UKPSYCHICMALCOM gave me a reading and i am giving him 5000 stars!" ... written by from_8mile
Malcolm helped me through some hard times before and now it was a while, since I had a reading with him. He once again saw right through me and gave me wonderful advices, and gave me hope of a bright future!! Thank you. Means so much to me :)" ... written by emotions
Awesome. Zeroed in. Plus, I just love his energy. I will take his advice TODAY!" ... written by twiggy75
Thank you so much, with love. jaime" ... written by jaimelee25
Always a great reading with Malcolm! So insightful and motivating." ... written by bbrunner21
So wonderful to connect with Malcolm! I look forward to learning and growing with him. The reading was truly uplifting and it felt like years of fatigue just disappeared talking to him :) Thank you so much and God bless you! I shall re-connect soon!" ... written by heartnsoul
He is my mentor... : ) Malcolm is very intuitive , He can pick up on everyhing you are feel at the moment , its always a pleasure to talk to you . Thanks a lot. " ... written by sukychi
Wonderful reading :-)))" ... written by Bojan99
Thanks for the insight Malcolm!" ... written by heartnsoul
Fantastic! Dont know what i'd do without him." ... written by dani210
Thank you so much!! I am looking forward to getting more advice with you. :)" ... written by libraj16
THANK YOU." ... written by ppp
I felt that everything he said related to what I was going through in my life at this momet in time." ... written by dawn3004
Just another beautiful reading :-)" ... written by Bojan99
Extraordinary man, the real deal!" ... written by Similuce
Very positive reader." ... written by Vicky1973
Warm, supportive, wise and wonderful." ... written by bluebird08
Great reading as always!" ... written by Bojan99
Great!" ... written by nicolemari7
Simply great!!" ... written by Bojan99
Terrific, thank you!" ... written by starshine34
Excellent reading!" ... written by barbarosa
Wow. Thank you very much Malcolm! You know I was a bit sad while I was talking to you, but you lift my spirit up!!! You are right with all the things you said. :) I will be be back and keep you updated. Thank you so much for being so positive :)" ... written by jimikuta
Amazing!" ... written by dani210
Awesome reading Malcolm, was great. He answered my questions without hesitation. Thank you!" ... written by Scorpio1112
Great reading as always!" ... written by Bojan99
Malcolm is my favorite psychic on Oranum.... He connects very quickly, explains things so in depth and is spot on with his perception of situations. Thanks again for your warmth and kindness." ... written by Freedom2211
Great advice!" ... written by yvettepandora
I was picked for a demo and I was deeply shaken by the demo, everything Malcolm said was true. I would like to recommend him to all the other visitors of Oranum and I would like to thank Malcolm for his deep insight." ... written by snowwhite2080
Fabulous!!!" ... written by dani210
Fabulous!" ... written by dani210
Merry Christams Sir Malcolm, you are the best and always will be..." ... written by Bojan99
He is lovely! Positive energy, positive reading. Uplifted my spirit! :P" ... written by librabeauty
Wonderful " ... written by mancrm
Amazing friend!" ... written by dani210
Malcolm is simply the best!" ... written by Bojan99
Great!" ... written by dani210
That was a fantastic reading. Thank you for the great advice. I'm really looking forward to 2013 now :-)" ... written by MelAScott79
Great reading! Just great!" ... written by Bojan99
Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Malcolm just knew me and what I am like and my marriage issues. Malcolm - thank you so much! x" ... written by Happiness200
Malcolm you are the very best in this world.... !!! you just know it ....its being a great help and pleasure and it will always be... lots of love ...see you soon " ... written by sukychi
Very good. A deep, spiritual man who sees through everything." ... written by martarlyd
Had another reading with Malcolm and he is AMAZING and SENSATIONAL as ever!!!! I will keep coming back to him for more he is lovely caring man.... I highly recommend him for pvt." ... written by marion
Just another great reading with Sir Malcolm!" ... written by Bojan99
Malcolm always has a kind and gentle way of enlightening you on the situation and offering supportive, clear guidance. " ... written by Freedom2211
Excellent reading, great focus on different parts of my life, good directions, really understood me!" ... written by barbarosa
Was very detailed, just with first name he told me many things about myself without me asking. I recommend him really!" ... written by mettlwire
LOVE LOVE LOVE Malcolm. My new favourite. He told me things that made reaffirm what I thought was happening. He is a great person. Look forward to working with you Malcolm and your offer of teaching me!" ... written by Australiana16
Thank you so much my dear I can't wait till one day I meet you. I will belive in my gift and play in my own secret garden of life, love and freedom . Delilashulahealer xoxo" ... written by Delila_shula_777
Thank you Malcolm, thanks you are great reader, wish you the best and keep on doing this for 35 more years. " ... written by kiaraem
Great reading as always!" ... written by Bojan99
Not what I wanted to hear, but the truth. Malcolm is very supportive. The truth sets you free...LOL" ... written by angelszone
Prediction came true!! He's very good at it without dob, and he's the best!! Thank you uncle Malcolm!!" ... written by sweetally
Fantastic!" ... written by dani210
He's the greatest!" ... written by dani210
Thank you for the reading, Malcolm! You are wonderful as they said! Very positive and helpful reading! Blessings" ... written by Sirena22
Thank you for your time! You are amazing :))) always the best" ... written by sunandmusic
Thank you very much!! Your suggestions are very helpful!! Describing the event in a understandable way. Thank you! Keep in touch! :)" ... written by Crystal
Great reading as always :-) Thank you Sir Malcolm." ... written by Bojan99
Fantastic!" ... written by dani210
Brilliant, thanks " ... written by figsticks
He is very quick and direct and to the point, loved his reading, can't wait for it to happen!" ... written by Godsson4
Wonderful... that is the best I can say, is wonderful..." ... written by heathermarie0301
Fabulous!" ... written by dani210
He was spot on. I can't wait for the next few months!!" ... written by TravlFunLove
I had a very nice reading with Malcolm. He connected with me very well. He tapped into my situation straight away. He told me about my past, present and future. He wasted no time in telling me what I can do to help myself, and how things will be for me in the future. He also gave me time frames. Ty for the healing Malcolm. 5 Stars~~" ... written by Tanny6
Great reading!!!" ... written by Bojan99
I just joined as a member this past week and was blessed to have psychic malcolm as my chosen private reader. This was my SECOND reading with psychic malcolm and once again he knew, foresaw, enlightened and gave me HOPE that was realistic. Left with peace of mind and confirmation. He is not only psychic, gifted but a truly good soul. xx" ... written by nanann1
Nice quick reading. I felt a fatherly energy coming from him, very comforting. Thank you." ... written by Reyna1113
Malcolm is the point...truth and no sugar if you need the honest to god truth....just ask him and you'll see. he is a great friend and a fantastic reader....." ... written by lisa
He seems very good, very clear and nice, i`ll have to give him some updates and watch out for the date/s he has given me to particular happenings :)" ... written by ninariv1
Very good reader, I would recommend" ... written by charmaine54
Wonderful inspirational reading... Will let you know how it goes..." ... written by poquette
I really like Malcolm, I'm so glad I had a reading with him, I don't even know how to express how wonderfully amazingly positive he is, this was meant to happen, he is so full of wisdom, taught me a lot I'm shocked, grateful and happy I found a great person! God bless x AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! GOOOD :) FAB!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by HeartOfsilver
Thank you very much!! Thank you :) It is really worthy and delightful to have a reading session with you. :)" ... written by crystal_x123
A good reading, thanks." ... written by maryannepav
Wonderful. Thank you." ... written by BeaZBea
What a lovely reading." ... written by victoria111
Um...WOW! seriously was not expecting that! He saw the connection between and my love interest like he was watching a movie! He gave me some sincere and valuable advice!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
He is the BEST!" ... written by beautiful_redd
Wonderful great reading!" ... written by Bojan99
Very accurate, nailed it, Im rather speechless actually." ... written by Saraharas
Truly amazing." ... written by sky456
A person that I would love to contact again, easy to talk to and gives you answers on your questions." ... written by kiaraem
Malcolm is amazing within two minutes his premonition came true! Thank you!" ... written by beautiful_redd
What can I say ? Perfectly wonderful reading with Sir Malcom." ... written by Bojan99
Hes amazing! I always come to Malcolm when I need guidance.. " ... written by beautiful_redd
Yes UK Malcolm is Psychic! He knew about my life without me telling him. He sensed where I needed enlightment. Not only is he gifted, the real deal; but he was genuinely cared! He left me with a sense of Hope and real answers. Thank you." ... written by nanann1
Spot on thank you malcom x" ... written by bbsweetieangel88
Malcolm is the greatest! So accurate on how I was feeling and how I should forgive and let go of the past to start anew. I will definitely come back for more advices and enlightenment." ... written by Jade
He's very amazing and good at what he does." ... written by lovestruck12
He is simply awesome!!! Cuts right into the heart of the matter and gives very real advise!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Always uplifting, always positive, always. Wise, warm and wonderful! Thank you for being a Way-Shower..." ... written by bluebird08
Ok" ... written by eurbaez438
Thanks again for your support! It is much appreciated! - Denise" ... written by TravlFunLove
Malcom is the best he is a really nice guy and helps you, I have been told a big year for me so lets see big changes coming hes encouraging me thanks!" ... written by ninariv1
One of my favorite readers by far- was so in tune with everything and just knew my situations dead on. Very informative and such a sweetheart! Can't wait to do another reading with him! Thank you! " ... written by Sam_Hope2
Thanks again for your reading. It will help me a lot!" ... written by TravlFunLove
He is amazing, it is true he is 5 stars or more and very nice, friendly personality. Really wants to help and I feel very happy after my reading, all positive in my case. Very happy and I will come back to Malcolm," ... written by akenatonacindere
Calm reader who was sensitive and in touch with his intuition." ... written by Fun_Sized
Ukpsychicmalcolm is a true psychic! Words cannot express how much his divine gifts soothed my spirit andamp;renewed my hope...and answered my questions. Thank you!!" ... written by nannee00
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Bojan99
Excellent reading can really pick up fast... Thank you!" ... written by vayunu
Very positive. Uplifting and supporting. Much love and thanks!" ... written by mammajamma
Excellent reading! Very dedicated and focused. Skilled at delivering a precise message answered all my questions in a limited amount of time and kept message positive while directing me where to go. Also he has a really awesome deck of cards." ... written by pomegrntsunrz
Friendly and amazing, comforting. Thank you for your kind words." ... written by mpm9177
He makes me happy and I'm looking forward to tomorrow!" ... written by ellym3
Awesome and VERY VERY genuine!" ... written by Andrew,
Wonderful reading as always by Sir Malcolm!" ... written by Bojan99
Awesome! :-)" ... written by economics123
Very honest and good reading, highly recommended." ... written by OLAMOTIL
He is amazing and very kind. He is also very spot on, he knew what type of person I was and everything. I will definitely be back, I cannot wait to see how much this year has to bring for me. :)" ... written by ninjakitty88
Reasonably accurate, however since this a psychic reading, future events will be the best testament to his skills :)" ... written by saviour1991
Amazing, so kind and thoughtful. amazing aura and person. Thank you so much! I made a friend for life!" ... written by starsalign21
Wonderful! Amazing! I couldn't be happier. Malcolm was spot on with my reading, and I felt wonderful after talking to him. A new lease on life for me. Thank you!" ... written by krismic2
Definitely recommend reading with Mr Malcolm!" ... written by KS1986
Thanks so much Malcolm. came back after a few months and you still remembered everything and said the same things. Thanks so much xx" ... written by sunny3107
Fantastic!" ... written by dani210
First time read with this guy. Brilliant. He is amazing and cuts right to the chase. I mean quickly. He can read the problem and guide you very quickly Use Malcolm!" ... written by FrankJ
Thanks." ... written by wtbh2011
Malcolm was spot on during my reading. This was a follow up reading, and he actually brought my attention to something that is very important in my life right now that I have been putting off. It was inspiring and eye-opening. I've been focusing my energy on the wrong things and not myself. Will let you know how things develop. :) thank you!" ... written by mpm9177
So wonderful. Gave me goosebumps. The best I've ever had on this site!!!!!" ... written by clearbluesky
He was brilliant! Very kind, quick, and knew right on. Thank you once again for everything!!!" ... written by scadoodle
Great Reading as always!" ... written by Bojan99
The man with a accurate intuition, directly contact with the spirits, very clear... " ... written by shika79
Another amazing reading. I love Malcom, he's honest and I find him very calming." ... written by krismic2
This guy is just amazing and very very good will always come back." ... written by sky456
Very nice reading..he was very sweet and offered great guidance and i appreciated his wisdom! will def do what he told me too..will be back" ... written by ceejox
I think this guy does not get enough credit. He is amazing. Spot on with the circumstances and he will guide " ... written by FrankJ
Very positive and uplifting. Thank you!" ... written by cj1984
I will wait to see if my cat comes to me tonight like you said around 3-4 am in the morning." ... written by fuzzy64
Fabulous!" ... written by dani210
I had clarity after speaking with him!! Highly recommended." ... written by umabalan
Wow. This was one of the most pivotal experiences I've ever had in my life. Malcom is amazing, and such a incredible person. He lives to help others and loves doing it, really a remarkable person, you have to speak with him once!" ... written by DerickM
Nice ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
Awesome, right on. I felt he really connected with me. I feel uplifted and ready to to what I have to do!! Great!" ... written by Louann14
He didn't tell me what I was wanting to hear, which is okay, he did give me good tips in how to get in tune with my spirit guides. Thanks, and I wish you only the best" ... written by MidwestSierra
Good thanku :)" ... written by qndiva
Always a joy to do readings with!!! He's very accurate, and down to the point! " ... written by Sam_Hope2
He is an intuitive reader and hit a couple points related to my issue that were not divulged by myself. I would recommend a reading from this reader. Thanks." ... written by baxter51865186
Thank you for your kind words!! " ... written by meohmy7
Lovely man, very understanding and kind. He told me just what I needed to know and hear to get on with my life. Thank you Malcolm. I'm looking forward to staying in touch with you." ... written by raynejae57
Great reading! I will need you until I move on" ... written by tara00
I feel that Malcolm is very honest and straight forward. I know Malcom would not lead you on a wild goose chase. He tells the truth and I think he is a good person to talk to. I highly recommend him. " ... written by TKD1963
Thank you" ... written by mikiknmg
Another enjoyable in-depth, powerful reading with Malcolm. His positive energy is amazing and just makes you feel comfort with him the moment you start your reading... :-)" ... written by heathermarie0301
Thanks Malcolm!!! You have been great as usual! I appreciate your advice! =)" ... written by kingpi
Malcolm is very sensible and he is wonderful!" ... written by wtbh2011
A true teacher!!!" ... written by Bridgette1987
If you have not used Malcolm for clarity, WHY NOT?? He will amaze you with his knowledge, skill and ability to guide. He is fast, efficient and you leave whit the feeling you have really really been helped." ... written by FrankJ
He did see what I'm going through and more details on what i have to do. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
So spot on with where i am and what im feeling. And great advice to where i need to head. Thanks mate." ... written by rivalry
Amazing reader." ... written by mi
Greaaaaat Reading!!!!" ... written by Bojan99
Wonderful. Encouraging!" ... written by Bridgette1987
Great reading!" ... written by mini1214
Clear, accurate and honest reading. No holds barred... His advice helped to guide me in the right direction. Thank you Malcolm !" ... written by kramers22
Malcolm is very attuned to spiritual energies and where you are on your journey. I really appreciated his reading and his candor on all matters. He has a very calm balanced approach that left me feeling good and centered. Thanks and blessings to him." ... written by MaryB11
Thank you Malcolm for your encouraging words and advice. You helped pick me back up and refocus my energy on things that also matter in my life and I feel your positive energy and appreciate it so much! Thank you!" ... written by mpm9177
WOW, very accurate person! answered every question i asked and was right about everything he said about me! will come back for another reading (: xo " ... written by Mel
Malcolm is a lovely man! Very kind and understanding! Definitely recommend him!" ... written by gadgetsgirl
Great Update God Bless thx u" ... written by queenbee22
Excellent Reading" ... written by knight11746
You were absolutely amazing! On the money with everything! Worth a chat! Looking forward to the predictions. Thank you!" ... written by Rosa1982
He is an amazing person! Absolutely spot on. Thank you." ... written by delighted2
cool." ... written by dennis
Amazing man! So much positive energy. I love Malcolm's readings. " ... written by kristina
Very inspiring! " ... written by dani210
Just amazing and spiring... I was feeling blue, and get better... thanks so much.!!!" ... written by Cintiagodoy
Always a supportive, inspiring true friend! Won't waste your money or time! Will always help you stay positive!" ... written by KS1986
Wonderful reading as always!!" ... written by Bojan99
I thank you for your kind words and your willingness to help." ... written by asanchez30
Malcolm is an amazing man, and was able to accurately identify problems from the past, and give me a fantastic dream interpretation. I will be back for his loving guidance." ... written by SunshineLynn
Great reading, good advice. Can't wait for tomorrow! Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Thanks for your advice today...." ... written by shereenb
Brilliant as usual! I had read with him a while ago and I am glad I took his advice...hard at first.....but am flying now! Loads of love and light to you Malcolm! " ... written by heartnsoul
Amazing guy. Not only a great reader but very positive and encouraging which will help guide you through the situation" ... written by Frank
Awesome. Very inspirational!!! WOW. You won't be disappointed. He's very positive!! Great man.Thank you very much." ... written by jamira76
Malcolm as always honest, and so quick, he does not waste your time with unnecessary chatter. He gives the best advice, so kind and compassionate, but honest. Thank you, Malcolm! Many Blessings!" ... written by frustrated67
Oh wow. I have had readings with Malcolm before which were really very good but this time his connection with what was going on was AMAZING. Definitely worth spending your money on." ... written by Freedom2211
What a lovely lovely person! Malcom just started bringing up how things were in my recent past years and knew how much I worry myself. His connection was truly amazing!" ... written by lilliableu
Amazing, he described my son as a gentle giant, just as I was typing it. He is spot on!" ... written by suzy12345
He's soo cool! " ... written by dani210
Great reader, very compassionate." ... written by happykellygirl
Great update from Malcolm! So much change has happened since I last spoke to him, and it was great to give him an update and hear that I am on the right track. I love his positive energy and accurate readings!" ... written by MM
Thanks so much. I did not talk to you in ages and you pick up the situation straight away. Amazing! Will come back to tell you when everything is good which I believe soon xx" ... written by sunny3107
Thanks for the reading." ... written by TravlFunLove
GREAT reading as always with Sir Malcolm :-)" ... written by BM
Very nice Person, Felt very comfortable with him. Would come to again. Thank you." ... written by charlotte
awesome ^^" ... written by xxx
Awesome ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Wow, I have never felt better. Malcolm was very confident with his advice and made me feel confident about myself and what I was doing. I'm going full steam ahead. Thank you Malcolm! XXX" ... written by Janine15597
sweet reading, very positive, loving and encouraging. Thank you!" ... written by Fulgur
THANKS malcolm! You are great as usual! =)" ... written by kingpi
Hope it comes true now :)" ... written by xxNivyxx
He was absolutely wonderful! Made me feel good about the situation I am in. He filled me with hope and brought a smile to my face." ... written by augustflameXO
Interesting reading, I did not agree with what he had to say, however, his positive energy is what intrigued me, I will return and recommend a reading with him :)" ... written by leti98
Thanks malcolm sorry I just lost you there but I will give it a go. Even if it doesn't work out I'll at least know I wont have any regrets :)" ... written by harhe002
Amazing!!!" ... written by dani210
Good Reading!" ... written by Uaine
Excellent reading, very fast , to the point." ... written by swind6
I enjoyed this reading, clearing some doubts and providing some gentle guidance about my situation. Was positive and very clear with the direction about the way things are likely to unfold." ... written by Enkori
Simply Amazing insight. Definitely worth speaking with. Will indeed have a reading with him again. Thank you Malcolm. You truly blessed me with my reading." ... written by ritab33
This individual delivered a thoughtfully encouraging message toward the predetermined goal I had in mind. Thanks again, sir." ... written by spiritual_seeker
Always best readings!" ... written by Bojan99
His reading was dead on and the advise was so helpful. He is honest and straightforward, I highly recommend!" ... written by webbygryl
gave me an excellent reading hopefully it will come true as he predicted. I will come back for updated review. :0)" ... written by edel95
Malcolm, what can I say. What an amazing man. Always so positive and gives me great hope for my future. He tells me the truth and not what I want to hear. That is what a true reader is about. No someone that is saying what you want just to keep you going. He invites you to his room with open heart, love and soul. No pressure to have a reading. I loved our reading and will come back again for another follow up. He is my go to when I need clarity. I do also pray to God, and God comes thru Malcolm and talks to me. Thank you for the reading." ... written by lisapatrick
Awesome .... don't have to say any more :)" ... written by kellourex
Thank you Malcolm. You eased my mind and gave me some really great advice too. I will stay in touch and let you know when it all happens. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable. Hopefully next time I will be able to hear you as well :-) Thank you so very much." ... written by wondakai
Very accurate and very warm and friendly. I will definately re-visit." ... written by rosalind11
Great reading as always from Sir Malcolm!" ... written by Bojan99
Nice reading... he doesn't sugarcoat and give sound feedback and insight... much love.... Thanks." ... written by Scorpio1112
Very, very kind person!!! Such lovely words full of hope!" ... written by mi
Ty ty ty ty for alll you said I'll get back whenever everything will come true :) btw you speak too nicely ..thanks again you judged about my liking correct ;)" ... written by kj24
Great reading. Thanks Malcolm." ... written by delighted2
Always warm, wise and wonderful..." ... written by bluebird08
He is Awesome and gives great advice and is right on the money" ... written by stacey46
Awesome" ... written by dani210
A great energy reader, gives you accurate snapshots of your near future. Listen carefully " ... written by dokuchai
Quick and to the point. Gives a lot of pointers. Fingers crossed it goes the way he sees it." ... written by kar118
Wonderful reading! Great advice and insight that I will definitely put into practice in my life. Thanks so much for the clarity!^^" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Great healer, awesome reader. Very good man!" ... written by delighted2
Wow! What a fantastic reading - picked up on energy so quickly, was able to give me affirmation that I am going the right way, and to continue. A very warm gentleman, very impressed by his work. I will stay in touch and definitely have more readings with him. Thank you Malcolm! :)" ... written by claireylou
He was so generous with the details and very inspiring! He was very direct. Highly recommended." ... written by megabee
I think he is very genuine and I appreciated his ( what I know to be) honesty. Many thanks." ... written by Cathy
Just wanted to leave feedback for Psychic Mal: 5 stars. Thanks Mal, you have been heaven sent to help lightworkers like me believe in themselves and develop their gifts. I always feel so full of light and positivity after your readings and you are an amazing mentor and being! Lots of love and light to you." ... written by Kel_Vrol
Malcolm was fast to connect with my issue, he told me straight up that I wouldn't like what he was going to tell me but he wasn't going to be dishonest about it. He picked up on job issues.....I can see why he's ranked 5stars." ... written by curiosity24
Malcolm is a straight shooter. He is honest, empathetic and caring. He has great insight on a level that many others do not. I will continue to use him. Many thanks." ... written by Bracamontes
Lovely Lovely reading, great energy, looking forward to the predictions! will def be back." ... written by cb1987
Brilliant. And yes, I do wear too much black. Very perceptive- will let you know what happens, thanks Malcolm!" ... written by skape55
Amazing connection, picks up the situation very well. Will definitely recommend to all." ... written by layla
Wonderful reading from Malcolm!" ... written by MM
You are amazing! You saw so many things about me without me telling you. I just love listeninng to your positivity!! Will definitely come back! xxx" ... written by sunny3107
Thank you so much for your insightful reading! I was happy to give you a great update and look forward to talking to you again soon! Your last reading for this week was completely accurate, and I feel that the energy has shifted to something so new and positive. Lots of love and blessings, MM." ... written by MM
Fabulous!" ... written by dani210
I thank this wonderful man, who helped me in so many ways. I felt his connection with Spirit and his reading was SPOT ON " ... written by Evie Santauro
Just purely amazed. Couldn't sleep, woke up at 5am, and found out it was a wake up call. Gotta do what I need to do! Thank you so much!" ... written by PM
THX!" ... written by psymeow
Malcolm has a wonderful spirit and I enjoy his advice and readings." ... written by MM
Thanks very much Malcolm for your help. I will be back soon hopefully feeling better." ... written by sukychi
Always good to talk to Malcolm :)" ... written by Freedom2211
I love Malcolm's energy and positive feedback. It is so uplifting and comforting. I appreciate his intuition and look forward to giving him more positive updates as things move forward in a positive wonderful direction. " ... written by MM
Always spot on with his words of wisdom. Thanks Malcolm!" ... written by Freedom2211
Gave me some great advice...hope his predictions come true!" ... written by keisha
Fantastic reading, thank you Sir Malcolm! :-)))" ... written by SM
Amazing reader.. wow right on the dot..10000 stars." ... written by Klaudyna27
I love Malcolm!! He is so calming and he always puts me at ease! His readings are so clear and accurate and he connects very easily. He has a wonderful sense of spirituality and he's able to convey everything in a way that's easy to understand. He's a wonderful teacher and psychic. I have learned so much just from participating in his free chat. Thanks so much, Malcolm!" ... written by cherryblossom10
I love it when you get the opportunity to spend time with a real, genuine, gifted psychic reader like Malcolm, and i am very thankful to Oranum for giving me the chance to do just that. His encouragements and advice were spot on, and he very much verified the truth and pushed me towards pursuing it. Thank you again, sir, for your time and beautiful mind. " ... written by Rok
Thank you so much... excellent insight." ... written by jerald
I love him. Just met him and I love him haha. The word that comes to mind is "teacher." He feels you, he knows you, he knows your spirits-- he uses his gifts to help you in the exact way that you need... he just knows, plain and simple. the best part is, he gives you the "high price reading" that we all want for a realistic price. It is really great to have an honest reading of HIGH quality within budget. he really is here to help. I love the feeling he gives off too... really, needless to say, an amazing reading. :)(:" ... written by krista
Malcolm was amazing! He is exactly what I needed to hear today and put me on the right path of life. I don't even have the words to describe how amazing this reading with Malcolm was!! Highly recommend him try him you wont regret it! " ... written by Elizabeth
Straightforward, great reader! " ... written by Viv
Thanks so much for your support. Talk soon. " ... written by sunny3107
Great." ... written by sadhana
Fantastic!" ... written by dani210
Very nice reading picked up everything right away everything he said was just spot on with what is going on just now but future sounds amazing I can't wait for it to happen. " ... written by Lyn
Wonderful as always- thanks so much Malcolm." ... written by poquette
Had a wonderful follow up reading with Malcolm. His voice is very calming for me and he helps me focus on issues at hand. I'll keep you posted to time frames etc. " ... written by Curiosity24
Wonderful caring person :)" ... written by missy
Lovely man and some great advise. Thanks Malcol" ... written by Lisa1775
Very good!" ... written by davidtjl
Great reading as always with Sir Malcolm!" ... written by MyGoodTime11
Amazing. Thank you so much" ... written by karla
FANTASTIC!!!" ... written by dani210
Malcolm is so lovely and so kind, he is so reassuring and I hope what he predicts comes to pass. He is such a good soul and you can tell he wants the best for you and he advises you accordingly. Thank you I will take everything you say on board. 10 stars." ... written by suk
He is very assuring and connected right away. Thank you Sir. Blessings." ... written by Acissej
Had to cut the reading short as my phone rang, but was so quick and straight to the point. Hopefully what he has said will come true. Lovely guy!!" ... written by Mshelli
I don't know where to begin. Malcolm...amazing. phenomenal... extraordinary... outstanding... he could see so much and connected right away. i'm sorry... right now i'm just at a loss for words. so much gratitude in my heart for this session... my soul knows what it needs... and it needed this." ... written by lovebug
Thanks" ... written by Debbie
AMAZING! He described me, my situation, and the person in question very accurately. His caring and loving words are really soothing to the ears and I believe he said those words not just because he knew that what I wanted to hear but really what he saw in his visions. He gave me practical advices and I have never felt this good after a reading. Try him... he's not only a good psychic but a great advisor too! Thank you Malcolm! " ... written by steph
To the point, very insightful, see what future brings." ... written by dl
Excellent reading. He keeps me focused on what I can do." ... written by Barbarosa
Wonderful person with so much positive energy. Saw all that was going to happen and it did!! Will be back Malcolm,... xx" ... written by sunny3107
Always spot on and so fast - I gave him only 2 minutes and he was amazing!! I'll be back on pay day lol" ... written by Freedom2211
WOW! He was right on about my situation and gave me advice that addressed a very core issue. Thank you! You are brilliant." ... written by iconnect
thanks a lot that was awesome" ... written by Lisa
Great man, to the point and detailed." ... written by davidtjl
5 stars!! although the page wouldn't let me rate it. Want to say that Malcom is fab. On the spot and right to the point." ... written by T
Quick reader, and I have to wait and see what will come to pass." ... written by marya23
he is soooo awesome, love him!!! " ... written by timaga
Quick, accurate, detailed read. direct, caring andamp; compassionate advice." ... written by sk
Great reading!" ... written by Antonio
Very kind gracious man! Here to help pick you up when your low and show you the light at the end of the tunnel. xxxxx Thanks so much again, Malcolm! " ... written by Lauren
Nice guy, very encouraging!" ... written by Kavi
He was so quick, so reassuring and a great human being, felt like I've known him long time. He immediately knew what I was going through, and feeling. Will definitely be back for a reading! You are truly awesome and god gifted!" ... written by laila
Lovely reading, wonderful Man!!! I will be back. Thank you!" ... written by Anna
Thank you. Very insightful." ... written by delighted2
VERY GOOD." ... written by davidtjl
Excellent, tuned in immediately. I was feeling overwhelmed by everything and didn't know where to start but to take small steps and change one thing at a time sits well with me. Thank you so much! X" ... written by Infinity54
It was like a major pep talk. He told me to just get going. I needed that push. I really enjoyed talking to him. Something tells me we are gonna be friends. I trust him already. Gotta get going know like he said. Can't wait till next week when I can tell him how things are going." ... written by Wendy
Made my situation much lighter, I needed the positive andamp; didn't know how to bring it into my world everything was overwhelming me - thank you so much it was the start of a change to lift me out of the dark I felt I was in....wish Malcolm all the love he shares with us." ... written by zephyr2311
Very special man! Thank you for all your help!!!! Cannot wait for the next few months to unfold! You have confirmed everything I was thinking without me it! looking forward to whats ahead. :):) I will definitely be back again!!!" ... written by Lauren
Very calming andamp; compassionate man with an optimistic andamp; throughtful approach - would recommend highly. x" ... written by marie
Great man. Highly recommend." ... written by iconnect
Uplifting... great awesome update reading. Thanks Malcolm for your insight! " ... written by stephanie
Wow amazing Malcolm was like talking to myself he knew every thing I was feeling.... and going to do ....unbelievable wow awesome! xoxox" ... written by cuteface1972
Very uplifting, feeling good, thanks!" ... written by guisep
Really like him lift me up when I feel down, honest and caring." ... written by cat
Malcolm you are the best.... its always enlightening to talk to you." ... written by Susana
Great reading as always!" ... written by Antonio
As always: Just GREAT, accurate, and genuine:-) - Thank you Malcolm" ... written by Eternety
Great guy, will always go to Malcolm, in time of trouble, and he will always put me back on the right track." ... written by Softice
Great reading with Ukpsychicmalcolm :-)" ... written by Antonio
Thanks so much again are the best :)" ... written by sukychi
Great to see you again. It has been a while, but your readings have actually come to fruition and I just wanted to let you know that. It took many months, but we're here now. Thank you!" ... written by mm
Very helpful." ... written by Sarah
This is my 1st reading with him and he's amazing!! I gave him little info and he took the scenario and ran with it. I feel better about my situation and the positive light he cast on me. Thank you!!" ... written by Zeigen
Love Malcolm, he is an awesome reader!" ... written by Jojo
Great reading!" ... written by Antonio
Very, very helpful! Thank you! xx" ... written by joy morgan
Thanks once more Malcolm.... !! Its always helpful talking to you." ... written by sukychi
Malcolm was wonderful. I really appreciated his reading. It was quick and positive, and he put a smile on my face. I highly recommend his spiritual counsel." ... written by bearlight
Thank you!" ... written by luckystar222
Very positive reading for the rest of the year. I will keep saying yes... Good to touch in with you again. Thanks" ... written by Enkori
He was just amazing and helped a lot. Thank you so much." ... written by jillian ghezali
I wait and wait for him to come online! He's such a JOY! Love him!" ... written by Zeigen
Lovely, lovely reading" ... written by mm
WONDERFUL! I feel his wonderful light and energy and her truly understands me." ... written by mm
Amazing. He has been there through the beginning and his readings have truly come true after many months. Hope to give him better news soon." ... written by mm
Malcom is very wonderful and supportive, very clear and concise. He gave me hope when I was having trouble finding my own. Thank You so Very Very much Malcom. Huge Love! XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
I hadn't had a reading from malcolm in months, and he has provided such kind and comforting words. all that he has said has truly come true, and I cannot wait for the future and to give him such wonderful updates." ... written by mm
Wonderful positive reading. Much love and blessings." ... written by mm
It is always a pleasure to speak with Malcolm. I enjoy his positive energy and light. He has helped me literally for many months, and his predictions have come true. I can attest to that. I hope to come back and affirm what he has told me now, but hope to continue to live my life freely, happily, full of life knowing that I have guidance, love and prayers. Thank you Malcolm. So glad to reconnect with you again after many months." ... written by mm
RIGHT ON! Love it looking forward to doing more work. " ... written by Rebecca
Great reading with UKpsycic Malcolm just fantastic... some great and beautiful energy for Malcolm." ... written by Antonio
Wonderful positive reading from Malcolm. Just great energy, and gives me the courage to see the light and think positively that all will work out. " ... written by mm
Thank you Malcolm, for coming back for me. You give me such inspiration and hope for the future. Your readings have helped me tremendously spiritually and in all levels of my life. " ... written by mm
Thank you so much. I will try and stay positive. lots of love. M" ... written by mm
He is very good and clarity and understanding" ... written by Danielle
Excellent reading." ... written by barbarosa
Great reading!!!" ... written by timag
Thank you again Malcolm, you are always there when I need you." ... written by mm
Thank you so much Malcolm. There are few people that I trust, and you are one of them. I trust your intuition, love, and readings." ... written by mm
Just lovely person, with so much knowledge :) you are so clear headed and with such a strong mind and power.." ... written by shika79
WONDERFUL reading with malcolm. Comforting and I trust him. So thankful to have him in my life!" ... written by MM
Was on point on how i was feeling." ... written by frances
Always a pleasure to talk to him... so nice... and he knows things!" ... written by tim
Malcolm has brought so much positive energy and light into my life, and I know he can help me get through this difficult time. He's always been there for me. I appreciate it so much. Many blessings Malcolm. Lots of love. - M" ... written by mm
WOW! What a wonderful reading. I can't wait to give him an update. This man is very positive! Thank you so much." ... written by Robert
Great Reading with Malcolm :-)" ... written by Antonio
Really hit the nail on the head without any information from me. He is amazing and can't wait to take his advice and see what happens. Gave me a lot of confidence!" ... written by Sarah
What in the world would I do without him! Malcolm is absolutely FANTASTIC! Soo positive and encouraging! I love him!!" ... written by Danielle Kenny
He is awesome! Its like chatting with my best friend and I do enjoy the reading. Not only is he accurate, he's very nice, answers all my questions and gives alot of information. I will be back with updates!!!" ... written by Vanessa
Great Reading. Good advice." ... written by barbarosa
Malcom was amazing and so kind, very to the point and very positive, but not a sugar coat :)" ... written by ashley
Thank you so much." ... written by Debbie
Excellent reader! Helped me at an important time in my life. " ... written by madhu_thomas
Amazing reader! He tapped into my feelings and concerns effortlessly! He is a true reader! Contact him for the truth!" ... written by Chloe
Thank you so much Malcolm. Your words, advice, kindness, warmth, mean to much to me. I look forward to talking to you whenever you are here. Thank you. Lots of love. x M" ... written by mm
Thank you Malcolm for your insightful reading." ... written by mm
Fantastic reading with Malcolm!!" ... written by Marco
Very positive experience and I honestly believe you are very talented. Thank you again! :)" ... written by Elo
Brilliant reader. To the point. Definitely wait and see how it goes. Thanks malcolm." ... written by delight17
Thank you so much for your kindness, support, and advice. It means so much to me, and I trust you. " ... written by mm
Wonderful insight, quick, extremely perceptive and SO uplifting!!! Delightful individual!!!" ... written by Pat
Answered every question and made me feel so positive." ... written by nichole mangold
Excellent reading. Lot's of good information with details." ... written by barbarosa
Very positive and uplifting" ... written by Pam
Very great, I loved his reading it was the best, I will be coming back for sure" ... written by Bahareh Rahimi
malcolm was way more spot on then anyone who read me and I felt a "warm loving energy around me" very much he was connected with me. He was even doing (he felt my energy very well) AWESOME. He was real he was quick reader (he was finish way earlier but he was so spot I had to let him keep talking (hey it a tip from spirit) LOL!!!! AWESOME AWESOME I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!! " ... written by Stormfire28
He was very insightful and on point. Told me some things about myself that are very true. Thanks alot!" ... written by Akilah
Straight to the point. Knew a lot without having to probe me for information." ... written by Anonymous
He has good vision and he gives advise like an uncle. I want to have another reading with him again!" ... written by frankiekr
Once again are the BEST. You are going to be my mentor..I have chosen you! well spirit has for me hahaha! So expect me back often. You are the gift for me to learn about my gift. Blessings xx" ... written by Katrina
Very accurate reading, what can I say?" ... written by dokuchai
This was just a starting point and my first conversation with Malcolm, though brief, was incredibly insightful. " ... written by violet
Brilliant reading. lots to deal with but still have no idea what kind of journey i am on? scary really! " ... written by shane
I waiting for quite some time where we were both available for this reading. Glad I did. Perceptive, clear, uplifting!" ... written by Pat McCreary
Malcolm is great. A lovely person and always gives me extermely helpful insight into my situation." ... written by delight17
Malcolm, Malcolm, Malcolm!!! I love you to bits! I saw your demo tonight and got credits to have a reading. Its the best investment I have ever made. Your reading so spot on, frank, quick and so full of inspiration. You touched my soul without even trying. You saw things from my past (thank you)and my future(bless you). I will do as you asked as your wisdom is TRUE. You are truly blessed Malcolm. I thank God I found you... I definitely will be back and will keep you posted in freechat. xx" ... written by Katrina
Helpful and quick." ... written by Power
A very uplifting reading, thank you so much." ... written by Mandy
Amazing Amazing Amazing !!!!!!!!!!! Everyone I'm being totally honest. Malcolm is so very AMAZING HIS GIFTS ARE EXTRAORDINARY !!!!!!!!! This is my 4th reading with him and he is always so spot on you would not believe it. If you want to be read like an open book or want every question you have to be answered with complete accuracy please get a private reading with Malcolm to see for yourself !!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so very much once again Malcolm, your readings always blow me away !!!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
OH, I've missed you! Thanks so much for the clarity. Be back in a month... big hugs!" ... written by poquette
Brilliant!" ... written by Michael
Thanks, Malcolm, you were very encouraging. Five stars and thanks for the extra credits." ... written by JoAnn
Spot on. I liked his reading a lot. Genuine." ... written by Marybeth Hiebert
Mal, you are simply the best. Without even asking you gave me the answers, insights and directions I needed. You guided me out of the dark and into the light. You gave me clarity and courage to take the next step for me to go forward. When I come to England I will visit you and buy you a Pint or cup of tea hahaha! But seriously I will give you a big hug and kiss. Thank you so much Mal. Kia tau te rangimarie ki a koe i nga wa katoa. (May gods blessings reign upon you always!) (This is my native speak). Katrina xx" ... written by Kata
Thank you so much Malcolm. I've been looking forward to catching up with you, and I appreciate all your positive energy, readings, advice, and I am trying my best to relish the present as I look forward to the next exciting chapter in my life. Will try to catch up with you again soon this week. Lots of love, M." ... written by mm
Thanks for the advice Malcolm.....You have an awesome way of making people feel better about themselves.......You would make an awesome psychologist and you are definitely a healer.....Great reading....." ... written by Ebony
He's honest and good at explaining things to you in a way that you'd understand them. Very friendly, I know that he can help anyone" ... written by Kelcie
This was by far the best reading I have ever had! We had a great connection. He was very intuitive, very kind, and insightful. Well worth the low cost! I have spent way more on other readings with other psychics, and regretted some of them, but not this one. I will definitely have another reading with him! Highly, highly recommend! Thank you for the wonderful reading!" ... written by princess_chi
Thank you so much for your reading for me! I will certainly be back for another. You have just gained a fan. :) Wish I can give you more than 5 stars!!!" ... written by aknative
Amazing! Honed into my situation and have me amazing insight. Very excited to take his advice! Please trust him. " ... written by Sarah
Thank malcom. was just like talking to a father figure. Really made me very very happyxx" ... written by number3
My special angel. He helps me with a lot of my problems. I will always come back to him. " ... written by madhu_thomas
He is a very nice man. He is quick with answers as to nit waste your credits. Very pleasant and smart man. Thank you so very much for shedding light on a few key subjects. Terrific!" ... written by Val
Very nice reading. He understood me and knew what was going on. I appreciated the reading." ... written by Diana Denmark
Brilliant ." ... written by pierre
Malcolm is always spot on in his readings. He brings me so much comfort and support with his positive energy. I've been talking to Malcolm for almost a year now, and he has provided me with so much invaluable advice and support and I appreciate it so much. I can't thank him enough. " ... written by mm
I just love the way he is soo encouraging and soo truthful. Felt like I was talking with my father." ... written by jessika
He is so knowledgeable! I had many questions and he answered them all so kindly. I will definitely be back!" ... written by Michelle
Thank you Malcolm! You are the best, and I love your positive outlook and energy. You are always spot on in your readings, and it is amazing. You always make my day and my week. Thank you for everything. Much Love, M." ... written by mm
Absolutely amazing." ... written by emily
Um. .. No words. " ... written by emily
Thanks!" ... written by jd
Thank you! Thank you! You always know what to say to make me feel better. Your advice, energy, readings are so positive and accurate. I trust you, and appreciate you so much. Much love, M." ... written by mm
Fantastic as ever." ... written by Debbie
Very helpful to me on my path..encouraging,genuinely so. " ... written by Marybeth Hiebert
said the exact same thing as another psychic online that i had a reading with before malcom, interesting. his reading was reassuring and backed up what the psychic was saying . thank you." ... written by tan
WOW, honed in so accurately. Was also able to tell me what colors I normally wear. WOW!" ... written by SG
Great reading thank you very much " ... written by jojoed
Thank you Malcolm, for always being there when I need you the most- - for your positive energy and advice. I appreciate it so much. Also for having faith in my situation, and giving me the strength to be patient and wait for the positive things to come in my life. " ... written by mm
Great reading!" ... written by Zeigen
My 3rd time coming in with Malcolm. The time is never enough. But, its almost as if he stops the clock in a way. He's very connected, and I will be coming back again! Thank you sir!" ... written by emily
Malcolm was wonderful! I felt so connected that he must have known I was crying. But he gave me words of encouragement and hope and told me to have faith." ... written by Michelle
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by gr...
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Mai
Always amazing" ... written by Debbie
Very nice!" ... written by Ratan
Best on here! must try because he is always right on target. " ... written by Redd
He was fast talker and gave amazing advice. soothing and counsel like. give him a try i give him 100 stars" ... written by l
Thank you so much Malcolm for everything: your insight, positive energy, guidance, and compassing. This is why I always come back to you! Much love, M" ... written by mm
He is always so great!" ... written by tima
Fantastic reading!" ... written by Bernard
Awesome reading! you lifted my spirits. thank you so much!" ... written by Hardeep
Excellent reading as usual. Lots of encouragement to move forward." ... written by barbarosa
Malcolm was amazing, tapped right in to me and spot on. Talk next time Malcolm!" ... written by Jules555
Very clear, very supportive, warm and gentle. Amazing! Lots of Love Malcom and Blessings for sure! XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Malcolm, Thank you so much for your updated reading. Your positive energy and outlook is empowering. You have comforted me through some very tough times, and now seeing me through the good. I hope to have good news to share with you in the coming weeks. I honestly feel the positive energy around me, and I know I have you to thank for lifting my spirits. I'll enjoy the present, and patiently wait for the future. :) Much much love, M." ... written by mm
Mal, once again you have given me strength, knowledge, insight and clarity. God Bless you for always being there for me. All the stars in the universe for you. xx" ... written by Katrina
Just a BEAUTIFUL man! LOVE talking with him! What more can I say? Choose Malcom, you wont regret it! " ... written by Dani210
He is very accurate." ... written by Humility
Malcolm, you're the best! Thank you for all your positive energy and encouraging words. It's just what I needed today. I look forward to all the exciting things to come in my relationship, job, and life in general, and can't wait to give you an update!" ... written by mm
Great readings. Quick and to the point. Help me regain the confidence in my situation. Very good. " ... written by msrae
Patient , accurate, waiting to revert on prediction. " ... written by krishna
Very accurate reading. A great encourager... If you are looking for direction, he is worth your investment !" ... written by kramers22
Thank you so much Malcolm! It is always a pleaser to get a reading from you. :) If anyone is reading this, you will not regret getting a reading from him. Malcolm is very kind and insightful." ... written by aknative
Thank you for the reassurance as always." ... written by Debbie
Very kind and gives a good vibe. Totally worth it" ... written by Vanilla88
Truly amazing, he knew straight away what the issues were, what was in the past, what was coming, times frames, and what to do in the meantime. Excellent reading, accurate, very positive, and a wonderful experience. I will ask for another reading in a month. " ... written by Stphen
A nice reading! Thanks, Malcolm!" ... written by Zeigen
Malcolm is fantastic and is the best! I've consulted with a lot of experts to try and find answers. Malcolm gave the best advice and was accurate with his reading. He had the most sensible advice. I now feel a lot calmer and have more peace in my heart.Thank you so very much, Malcolm!" ... written by Moonchild59
Lovely reading, very in tune with what has been going on. Lovely man very straight to the point, doesn't waffle. Excellent!!!" ... written by brilo1969
Thanks Malcolm.... Practical advice and insight." ... written by irelandirish
That was amazing." ... written by nick
So warm and encouraging! I recommend him for honest reading... waiting to see the predictions come true. " ... written by skroses
Great reading!" ... written by Antonio
Fantastic advice! Thank you...I will do just that! " ... written by lan2013
Great and straight to the point. He managed to say so much in a short space of time. I feel he understood my character and spiritual ability with fabulous insight. Thank you x" ... written by Highflier51
It is always good to talk to you, and I do feel that you get the connection with my husband, I am so greatful to you, good bless you, and I will get back to you and let you know what happened." ... written by Kiaraem
Malcolm you're the best! :) Thanks for being with me all along, you have been making my life so much better. There is no words to explain how I'm so grateful for you help. Thanks so much for your patience. Will talk soon...lots of love." ... written by Susana
OMG so fantastic is Malcolm I can't believe how you have described me to a t and described my love for my bf and I will keep in touch as promised you have truly made my day. :)" ... written by karen bond
Was very honest with me and gave me a good perspective. Glad that I came to him today. I'm glad that he told me the truth. Moving on is hard, but something I need to do. " ... written by Sarah
Calming as always." ... written by Debbie
Malcolm is just great, the best. No sugar coating, to the point, very caring person and all has come to pass, just amazing." ... written by jj
Such a caring man. Easy to listen to and connects well with the situation." ... written by Freedom2211
Excellent reading...Knew things with out me telling him. Very wise and very honest. Thank you so much" ... written by Cindy
Good Advice. Thank you!! " ... written by NVA123
Mal you're a god send. Thank you so much for lifting me out of my own dark questions. I will do what you have suggested. Once again you are simply THE BEST xxx. K" ... written by kata63
So very sweet, easy to talk to and a wonderful psychic!" ... written by Christine
Awesome! Straight to the point!!!! Thank you." ... written by unknownjourney13
Wonderful, and quick, warm and very caring. Great Love and Light to You Malcolm. XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Wonderful as usual." ... written by bRIDGETTE EVANS
Being with psychic Malcom was an Amazing experience. I had the most beautiful spiritual connection with a past loved one and he delivered the messages with love, giving me a sense of peace. One of the best psychics on oranum. I hope I will stay in touch with him regularly. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!" ... written by sara
Very caring man, very good reading!" ... written by tggkeane
Great, always knows what is going on!!!" ... written by tim
He's fantastic! What more can I say." ... written by Dani
Beautiful man he shared so much with me and really made me feel ten pounds lighter and i look forward to speaking with him again." ... written by crystaljasmine
I do not know what I would do without his calming influence." ... written by Debbie
Malcolm is so calming and reassuring, quick answers, gave good details - made me feel so much better and really understood my situation and saw deeply into it. Really appreciate his reading." ... written by Kath
Completely amazing! My first time with him, and could not believe how well he tapped into my! Very thorough, no fluff, just honesty. Will return for follow-up!" ... written by BlkQueen
Saw my situation very clearly. Gave me some great advice! Thanks!" ... written by K
Thank you so much for your readings, Malcolm! I'm sorry that our session was ended abruptly, as my funds ran out, but it was nice talking to you. I kept nodding my head throughout the session, haha. Hopefully we will get to meet in person one day. :) Good luck with everything and have a happy New Year!:)" ... written by Kaeli
This man is great! " ... written by crystaljasmine
I had a great reading with Malcolm. He is very understanding, insightful and gave me the self belief that I needed, I couldn't rate him highly enough." ... written by Alex
He's wonderful. He's got a great energy surrounding him, he gets right to the point, doesn't waste your time or credits. Highly recomended" ... written by Master badass
Thanks" ... written by Debbie
Thank you so Much Malcom. You are right, Spirit won't let me down!" ... written by Ted
Brilliant thank you very much :D" ... written by Larissa
Thank you Malcolm, Exactly what I needed to feel bright and beautifully connected again. :D Blessings to you. " ... written by Teddi
excellent" ... written by shad
Excellent reading no sugar coats straight to the point. So assuring and caring" ... written by jj
Malcolm is fast and amazing, also very comforting. Thank you dear, I will keep you updated. The most accurate and fast reading I've ever had. Love, bless you, alla" ... written by alla
Good reader, very intuitive, very insightful." ... written by maryfran17
So glad I came to Malcolm was really at a low point with things in my life but he has restored my faith in what I believe in my heart is what should and will happen. Such a nice guy he really cares. " ... written by Lyn
Malcolm is a very sweet, genuine person. I enjoy having readings with him. :) " ... written by emily.
OKay, I feel this was so important and I want to thank you Malcom. I am returning and awakening through your guidance. Thank you for your time and my millions of questions. It is always soothing talking to you! Blessings." ... written by Tedd
I had a really good time chatting in private with Malcolm, and he inspired me to focus on things I really enjoy doing and start something completely new. It's about what I want to do with what he gives me in the end. And I'm sure I'll be coming back son for an update. Lovely man, very positive energy, I highly recommend Malcolm." ... written by Annie
Thanks for the advice and prediction Malcolm, I'll let things happen and worry less now, will keep you posted! Rosemarie" ... written by Rose
As always amazing and calming." ... written by Debbie
I loved loved loved him. Great energy. He just knew everything that I was going through. A great help." ... written by Tiara
Malcolm is great. I enjoy taking him private. I know that you will too." ... written by emily
Thank you Malcolm for you positive reading. I appreciate it so much. Many blessings. You're wonderful." ... written by mm
Thank you so much for your thoughtful and insightful reading as always. I will keep you posted. You're wonderful." ... written by m
Honest...which is what is needed." ... written by Millstarr
Good." ... written by jenny
Thanks as always keeping me positive!" ... written by Debbie
A catalyst, read my mind inside out and I wish that my husband can see what he sees. Thank you for encouraging me and seeing that I did not do all these things and thinking so highly of me. Thank you for all the healings. " ... written by sisis
He helped me a lot. " ... written by gujiguji
Excellent reading by Malcolm which perfectly matched my situation. Wish I had few more minutes to talk to." ... written by Swathi
Malcolm, I don't know how you do it, but you're wow amazing. You came into the reading knowing exact names of people I was focused on and worried about and I didn't even tell you their names. I am absolutely speechless how spot on you were with things, and am anxious to see my life changes I've forever been waiting for. Thank you so much for giving me the strength, confidence and ability to take the first step to the rest of my life. Bless you, Malcolm, and many hugs - Most sincerely," ... written by familyhelper
Very good weather" ... written by barbarosa
I’ve come away from this reading with such a positive vibe and energy. Thank you Malcolm for giving me hope and positive energy. Love ye." ... written by Lily
Malcolm is so great - he always picks me up and helps me to have confidence in my situation - keeps me on the straight and narrow too! I always love talking to Malcolm - he has never wavered from his vision and I look forward to things happening the way he sees. He's excellent on emotional detail and helps me to understand why things unfold the way they do. He's all-round super!" ... written by K
Great reading, straight forward and to the point, amazing energy. Will come back for a reading again, really enjoyed the reading. " ... written by Henrietta
Thank you so much Malcolm. You always know what to say, and I truly believe that all will be well. Thank you for being with me along this journey...I'm ready for all the good things to come this year. Many blessings." ... written by m
Really positive. Great to talk to and is quick with responses." ... written by cheeksup
Excellent in connecting! Right on spot!! 5 stars..." ... written by Bhanu
WOW! I highly suggest Malcolm! Thank you so much for a great reading! " ... written by Jessica
Simply amazing! What a positive and empowering human being. he was dead on with what I was going through. I am grateful to have spoken to him. I will definitely contact him again." ... written by Lisa
He was Awesome!! He was spot on about my future career and i what i wanted to do. He also had alot of suggestions on how to make my goals happen. I can't wait to have an update with him! " ... written by Muse
To the point... Very direct and very warm . Loved the way he boosted my esteem. Will keep him informed. Thank you..xx" ... written by hanu
WOW, so fast reader, so impressive, so sweet, highly recommended!!!" ... written by carina12
Just the right person at the right time with so much insight and clarity that I needed. Thank You so much. In 2 months or less I will report back to you on the progress you allowed me to see for me. Your wisdom was clear and straight to the point. My needed soul awareness or lack there of from my blindness. Is now free from your true unbelievable insight. I will be forever thankful for you helping me rid myself of the blindfolds and swords I can and will pass through. Thank You very much. Laura Beth S." ... written by Beth Suhor
I always love talking with Malcolm - he is so great and calming and sensible! He sees things as you can make them and always brings such warmth and compassion to his readings. *****" ... written by K
He's very kind, I feel good inside.." ... written by Jane
He was absolutely wonderful and right on with advice. Bless him, get a great reading from him, he is excellent!" ... written by Shelley
WOW ! Thank you! He picked immediately on my situation! Thanks a lot for your help and advices! :) =)" ... written by f
Love the reading. very straight to the point. " ... written by Gina
Great. Malcolm helped me a lot. Clear in His message - that is so important. Honestly I recommend Him wholeheartedly. " ... written by Mark
Malcolm is a lovely and caring man. Helped me so much with my worry. Sending out healing too. Thank you Malcolm and speak soon. Blessings to you xxx" ... written by Heather
Very good!" ... written by Lene
awesome he was spot on with any leads from me - highly recommended thanks Malcolm xx" ... written by hellzbellz
quick and to the point - great connection - you won't be disappointed" ... written by jeanie
Thank you so much for the encouragement and honesty. Malcolm is more than just a fortune teller. " ... written by mg
what an encourager. thanks" ... written by Anne
I was so happy Malcolm was here today - so great to hear his reassuring voice and really excited about the future he told me about. Can't wait for it to happen!" ... written by Girl
that was awesome...u always let me know the truth good or bad." ... written by lavelle
If you won't someone who will tell you how it is. Please consider a private with this man. Thank you sir for this amazing reading. " ... written by tyler
Absolutely amazing reading. he is very spot on with my situation. am glad i came by for a visit tonight. I enjoyed the reading, and looking forward to new love." ... written by Debbie
Malcolm is the best - he always makes me feel so calm and positive and happy. Even when life is crazy upside down, Malcolm shows you a way through things. Love him to bits!" ... written by Girl
Good thank you" ... written by Christy
he's amazing!! truly gifted !! thank you so very much ukpsychicmalcom you are a gem!! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
Great reading, helped me to relax and focus." ... written by barbarossa
Very positive person, thanks Malcom." ... written by cheeksup
Just had a really nice reading with Malcolm. I am going through a tough time just now. He described the situation perfectly. But he said that I just need to give it time and there is still hope. Such a nice guy. Very caring towards feelings. He is honest but in a caring way. " ... written by Lyn
Always such a positive experience, even though Malcolm doesn't sugar coat! In touch with the situation and such a caring reader." ... written by Freedom2211
Very clear in understanding who I am and where I have come from. Thanks for helping me through this time and letting me see the return." ... written by Roes
Great reading and always so caring and spot on." ... written by jj
Great person... would talk to him forever!" ... written by tim
Best person on here, easily!" ... written by nimue
Oh so good! Malcolm was really amazing. He quickly answered my questions with ease and confidence. ONe of the best readings I have had here. I will definitely be back for an update! Wonderful insight...I will just enjoy!" ... written by Jennifer
Malcolm is always on point, always sees into the situation, and always tells the truth. I really enjoy talking with him and I trust his compassionate, warm readings. Thanks so much Malcolm!" ... written by Kath
Malcolm is very inspirational and gets right to the point. He's helped me a few times in the past few weeks. Thank you!!" ... written by Obi Juan
I appreciate your words with me. :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
Very nice reading, very positive and gave me some things to think about. I really hope that what he said is true, because that would be amazing!" ... written by jen
I don't know what to say about this man, other then he is the one... Haha. He did a reading for me and I felt a really strong connection with him and what he was saying. Very accurate, gave lots of detail, details about the future which was great. And I can only say that after this reading I really feel like i have had a reading. He was pretty wow... And he has left me feeling like wowed, thank you so much Malcom :)" ... written by sarah!!!
Can not even describe how awesome Malcom is! I always return to him, he makes me feel so good every time! " ... written by tima
Really great." ... written by fdsds
Very insightful, genuine, compassionate and mind opening reading. Malcolm IS the best." ... written by MsAlexandria
Malcolm was my first ever reading on this site; I am sure glad to see he's back and helping me trough along the way. 5 stars!! Thank you, malcolm!" ... written by anon
Thanks so much Malcolm-great clarity- will be back soon.." ... written by bobo
lovely Reading. i recomend..." ... written by gioconda
Thanks Malcom." ... written by cheeksup
Truly connected to me, told me things exactly what needs to be told. Very positive and a humble person. Mus try for everybody out there. Right place right time." ... written by Bobbin
Wonderful!" ... written by Queen
Outstanding reading and I received it as it was given. Thank you so very much...I will be moving on and looking for the month of March as my new beginning...thumbs up to you." ... written by Jean
Had a chat with him for the first time, but didn't felt it was the first. Had this amazing positive energy. Thank you so much. :)" ... written by Bhavika
great person with so much positive energy! " ... written by sunny3107
Malcolm is one amazing gem of a man and an extremely gifted advisor and guide. Many many thanks!" ... written by lovewater
An amazing reading , filled me with hopes and a sense of positivity towards life." ... written by Ashwarya
Good person!" ... written by transform
thank you" ... written by Fatimah
What can I say... He amaze me every time I speak with him... Just love him!" ... written by tima
I need some clarity on my relationship and Malcolm was truly fantastic as usual. He is so confident and quick with his answers, I can't help to be at ease and believe that all he sees will come to fruition. " ... written by Jennifer
Thank you so much Malcolm for the wonderful update and vote of confidence. I am looking forward to the future and this year. Lots of love, m" ... written by m
This was amazing!! I am so motivated and inspired!" ... written by moonmaden
Fast connection, excellent reading, I definitely recommend him." ... written by hb
He did a good job of kicking me in the butt to get some things done. Great Reading!" ... written by Barbarosa
Second with Malcolm, very positive and uplifting!Thank you." ... written by Alex
Malcolm is always excellent. Great reading, good details, and much needed reassurance. Thank you so much!" ... written by Jennifer
He's great. Has a very positive energy and could pick up on my situation. Would definitely have another reading with him!" ... written by BP
Wow, I love Malcolm he has really positive energy and was very uplifting. Blessings Malcolm x " ... written by Angelight
Great reading with Malcolm. Very insightful and spot on!" ... written by Patience29
Amazing energy and gave me validation on the gifts I have and direction I am headed." ... written by Beathive
Thank you very much. He was so positive and helpful towards my situation. He really helped me seeing the bigger picture and stay strong while also embrace why I've learned from my experiences. Very kind at the same time! Lots of love... Thank you!" ... written by loving08
Malcolm you're the best always .... Thanks so much :)" ... written by susana
Malcolm is wonderful, truly. He is warm, compassionate and so easy to talk to. I really appreciate how he looks to find the best paths for you to tread and doesn't shy away from telling you how you can make positive changes. I feel that he is very honest and very clear in his message and what he sees. I really value his visions. Thank you Malcolm!!!" ... written by K
He was right on track!" ... written by Stacy R
Always helps me see the positive and great for keeping my mind clear. Thanks Mal" ... written by cheeksup
Thanks Malcolm. Great intuitive person with gifted abilities. I will listen closely to what you are saying to help carry me through everything. Life will get better." ... written by familyhelper
Always a pleasure. So easy to listen to, and everything makes sense when he's talking - so free flowing with info too." ... written by Freedom2211
its amazing to have a chat with malcolm. guides me to the right direction and gives the positive push. thank you once again " ... written by Bhav
amazing reading.. thankyou malcolm" ... written by dessy
Very nice man to talk to. He gives you so much reassurance and I am looking forward to see the outcome of what he told me." ... written by pisces
Thank you. You are so right about everything. I do not doubt you at all, this is all new to me. I sooo hope your predictions come true. Thanks again and god bless you. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
He's wonderful to talk to. His comments rang true to my situation. I will let you know how it plays out. Definitely gave me great advice on how to improve things. Thank you Malcolm :)" ... written by Wink Away
Malcolm is fantastic as always!" ... written by dani210
Very excited about reading and predictions... will update as they happen. But he instantly connects and spots on!!!" ... written by T.
He was very quick and straight to the point also very nice! He seems to pick up on a lot of things!Very good positive reading." ... written by muse
Highly recommend, very intuitive!" ... written by B
Thankyou for the reassurance. Great for keeping you positive" ... written by cheeksup
lots of love to you malcolm and your positive energy" ... written by m
always great and very positive. needed the boost to keep on going and realize that I am on the right track." ... written by b
thank you of r your insight" ... written by m
he is just so amazing person I've ever came across. No matter what i know he is there to help in every way he can. thank you xxxxxx" ... written by bhav
Thank you for your positive and insightful reading.. it's just what I needed this morning. " ... written by m
he was really good I felt a lot of comfort in his presence new what he was talking about and had great guidance for me" ... written by Emma
no matter how big the situation i come across, he is always there to find a way out of it and give the best insight. he is amazing. love him. thanks again and again :)" ... written by Bhavika
Brilliant" ... written by D
He seemed to know me... and what i was troubled about.... feel more encouraged.... and have some better clarity. Thanks for the boost.." ... written by Abigail
Such a positive energy that he gives out!" ... written by BP
Malcolm really tries to get things back into perspective, love him so much, wish he lived closer to me. He is honest and true to his word xxx" ... written by Debbie
I'm so glad I came for reading tonight it had been while since our last reading and it was so positive tonight. A lot has changed from the last time and I am so glad. He confirmed everything that I want to happen more than anything will. Feeling happy. Thank you. " ... written by Lyn
Always makes sense and helps to make things clear. Thanks Mal" ... written by cheeksup
Thanks, Malcolm. Such a calming, positive reading. I always feel so inspired after leaving your readings. Makes me feel like I can conquer the world and all that exists in it. I can't thank you enough for your foresight and insight to my future. I'll be back for an update. Hugs to you. Have a great weekend." ... written by familyhelper
Thank you for all your positive energy!!" ... written by m
Thank you Malcolm, as usual for all your positive energy and kind words to get me through the day. Much love, M" ... written by m
Wonderful person, love him!" ... written by timag...
malcolm's positiive energy is amazing and i know it will get me through the day an all the challenges ahead. you are the best. lots of love. m" ... written by m
malcolm is wonderful. thank you for your positive energy, and i hope things work out the way they should. praying and hoping." ... written by m
wonderful positive healing energy" ... written by m
amazing man I truly enjoyed ukpsychicmalcolm comments enlighting encouragement no hesitation in recommending Malcolm at all thank you Malcolm will do this again soon" ... written by debbie
always enjoy my readings with malcolm. thank you!" ... written by emily
Thank you so much. Malcom is very insightful and he gives me clarity about my life situation. He gets to the point and gives me useful advice. I definitely recommend his private reading!!" ... written by Golden Amber
Thank you for your comforting words. Much Love, M" ... written by m
Malcolm is amazing! So uplifting and helpful and positive. I am crying right now, only because I feel such relief and am completely surrounded by positive energy from Malcolm's reading. I am very thankful for him and so glad I came on the site today, I got information that I didn't realize I needed...but I needed it badly! Just amazing!" ... written by Wendy
He is just an amazing person. true and honest. thank you for always being there. xxx" ... written by Bhav
Would have liked some further details that I could resonate with :)" ... written by Maria Pritchard
I've had several readings with Malcolm" ... written by laura
Really good reader. He gives quick and wonderful reading." ... written by delight17
he is amazing!" ... written by timaga
wow-- he is truly amazing! picked up sooo quick! was really right about everything...will keep u posted!" ... written by bebe
I appreciate all your love and positive energy and hope for the best" ... written by m
Thank you for your wonderful positive energy. " ... written by m
Thank you!" ... written by m
thanks Malcolm, always help to keep positive" ... written by cheeksup
thank you. You are so fast reading and so positive! i am always so amazed of your energy ... i cannot thank you enough!" ... written by loving08
Thank you, your reading lifted my energy and gave me perspective again." ... written by jenny
xxx Malcolm." ... written by m
wooooow... he always make me feel so good! he is great!" ... written by timag
Always makes me smile" ... written by Debbie
Than you for getting me through such a difficult time. " ... written by m
Another great session with Malcolm! I truly love readings with Malcolm - always feel so much better after his gentle reassurance and positivity. But more than that, I feel confident that what he tells me is real and true - I always know that he sees my situation, understands it, and shows me positive ways forward. Thanks heaps and heaps Malcolm!!!" ... written by Girl
very connected and authentic.clear and insightful" ... written by ally2208
He is extremely accurate. I was overwhelmed. He gave me a lot to think about. thanks Malcolm!" ... written by Kellie
Very good, with grat advice, thanks" ... written by Roberto
good reading!! thank you :)" ... written by jana
great" ... written by mendel
Thank you, very inspirational, really hope things will happen as you said :)" ... written by EzyPzy
Love love love this guy for readings, he connects instantly and tells it like it is and he makes you feel so positive a thousand stars!" ... written by sky456
I just Love and Adore this amazing man ! Malcolm is so spot on every time I get a reading with him he never cease to amaze me ! Such a wonderful talented and caring man ! Please take him for a private reading u will not b dissatisfied but u will b amazed ! Love u lots Malcolm and I will b back to update u :)" ... written by sexypisces
Malcolm what you said was very true. everything you said, that what i was going through. thank you and yes i am trying to go forward with my life. but my past is haunting me thats why i ask for you to tell me. thank you once again and God bless you." ... written by christine
Malcolm...thanks so much for your support and insight. I will follow your suggestions cause I know they are right. You always seem to know the answers." ... written by familyhelper
great reading as always xxx very healing and reassuring " ... written by hyperion
i m glad i talked to malcolm again in my time of need... i am sure his vision is correct. so i will take his advise once again. thank u." ... written by Callie44
Thank you for your healing words and positive energy." ... written by m
Amazing reading! Am excited to watch as things unfold as he said they would!" ... written by Tanya
very good!" ... written by anna
I am so happy I chose to have a reading with him, the most positive energy and guidance I have felt from any reader. Everything he said feels right, I will stay strong in what I believe and see what happens. Thanks so much!" ... written by Jena
Amazing man love you Malcolm you are a breath of fresh air" ... written by emma
OMG!!!!!!! he waws right on with one simple question! Love him!" ... written by kimbabbles
he is gifted and instantly picked up on my energy" ... written by jessica
Malcolm was amazing and am so glad I choose to have reading with him. Feel so much better and he picked up right away on my situation. Very nice man - gentle and seemed very caring. Thank you and I trust all he told me is true and will be back." ... written by debbiec
Lovely lovely lovely " ... written by Ryzette
Really connected quickly and gave lots of detail" ... written by missannie
inspiring and uplifting" ... written by s
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you, i am so relieved, thank you my friend" ... written by jana
It is amazing how Malcolm connects and is so clear about what is going on. Really incredible. Calmed me and put my situation in perspective. Thank you ever so much Malcolm. Will let you know how things go" ... written by debbie0613
Fast and correct " ... written by Ingrid
Thank you so much Malcolm!" ... written by m
WoWW Malcolm is just amazing! can read and see you and your life.. past , present and future.. He hit all my issues right on . and is so compassionate and encouraging.. Highly recommend this gifted Man.. Thanks so much and will back soon! " ... written by Lynda22
Malcolm is by far one of the best advisors I ever spoken to. He helped me, with his inspirational advice, realize I had lost my focus and my connection to my source, creating problems that did not really exist. He is truly gifted and connected with my energy so well. Absolutely have a reading with him - you will be so glad you did. " ... written by Debbiec0613
Great reader, great person. Always can count on him for advice and insight on life." ... written by familyhelper
Absolutely fantastic! Malcolm sensed my situation straight away and gave wonderful advice. I will definitely be coming back!" ... written by Marie
Puts my mind at ease, Malcolm stops me from doing anything stupid, and makes me feel like there are things to live for." ... written by Softice
He works quickly and is very reassuring" ... written by missannie
wow what an amazing fast...and on point..thank you so much!!!! will be back again...thank you" ... written by lehua
Great reading with Malcolm. He calms me, but is extremely honest and no sugar coating what he sees and feels. But connected and truly gifted. Always feel better after speaking with him. Bless you Malcolm for your advice and vision. xo" ... written by debbie0613
Predictions seem to be happening. Thanks for the reassurance Mal!" ... written by cheeksup
OMG! you are so awesome! I've had readings from several here and you are on my favorite list!! You clarified so much for me and I cannot wait to experience the next month of my life! God bless you! xoxxo" ... written by kimbabbles57
Thank you for all your prayers and positive energy. xoxo M" ... written by m
Malcolm is fantastic. He has helped me tremendously gain clarity and I cannot recommend him highly enough!" ... written by Marie
High or low he's always been there. it always feels amazing to talk to him even if its about nothing. Always gives me a positive push in life to phase the situation. Thank you so much. Lots of love xxx" ... written by Bhav
Thank you so so much Malcolm!" ... written by K
Absolutely wonderful reading! Malcolm connects instantly and he is a true source of inspiration. I was blessed to chat with him and was given answers beyond anything I could have imagined. He is a man with integrity and Divine connection. Thank you again Malcolm. " ... written by blissful
Thank you for your insightful reading as always and your positive energy. much love, M" ... written by m
he is great! and a lot of things happened like he said!" ... written by timag
he know everything" ... written by kawal
You give me hope and positive energy. I appreciate all your kind thoughts, prayers, and healing words. Much love, M" ... written by m
great guy loving genuine and honest, i would defo come back for another read" ... written by spirit7846
Very encouraging and positive. Really understood the situation and very, very clear in his reading and guidance. Wonderful :)" ... written by sunflowersun
fanstastic reading. thank you" ... written by androsea
He made some wonderful predictions to happen soon next month and I will come back to testify they did. He is a wonderful energy and connected very quickly and very well. I would recommend him." ... written by Ace
Amazing!!!!" ... written by e
Thank you so much for your prayers and positive energy. " ... written by m
thanks so much Malcolm. " ... written by cheeksup
Malcolm is just great. He quickly tunes in to the situation and provides me answers and insight with no judgment. He is super intuitive and pretty accurate as well. This was a great reading, thank you. The word of the year "togetherness"--brilliant!" ... written by Jennspain
he is just great! he knows everything and has such a beautiful energy! love him!" ... written by timag
Malcolm is terrific, just so reassuring and calming. I appreciate the serenity he brings to me through his readings. He has a clear vision and sees situations with great accuracy. I can't speak highly enough of him. Thank you Malcolm!!!" ... written by Stressy
Things seem to be going as you said and it is so helpful to be able to get your advice and assurance as the situation progresses. Thank you. Debbie xo" ... written by debbiec0613
super, direct to the point" ... written by davidtjl
Malcolm is by far the BEST. See's right into what is going on and gives perfect advice! Thank you Malcolm" ... written by Lynda22
Malcolm is always so lovely and inspiring. He is gentle and wise - I really trust his readings and find them so positive and uplifting. I wish I were richer and I would talk to him all the time - but he'd probably get sick of me!!! Malcolm has never steered me wrong and I am so thankful for his guidance." ... written by Me
ukpsychicmalcolm is a zillion stars as far as being a true psychic! Look no further for clarity, truth, understanding and spiritual healing. Thank you. " ... written by 01Rose
thanks a lot" ... written by ruuchi
An amazing person with honest true and inspiring guidance. God bless you and I sincerely appreciate your gifted visions." ... written by ruuchi
Wow Wow Wow the reading was so accurate and so unbelievable thank you thank you thank you i'll defiantly keep in touch. " ... written by Sheleigh
I have never met a person who is so inspiring and positive. Malcolm is an angel sent from heaven. He picked up on my feelings and what is happening in my life without me needing to go into detail. I am truly amazed and will turn to him for help when I need it again. Thank you so much are truly a blessing and you've lifted my spirits more than you realise." ... written by lilycicco
You are an angel and a blessing. Thank you Malcolm. Much Love, M" ... written by m
Lots of love to you Malcolm. XOXO, M" ... written by m
Wonderful wonderful Amazing!!!! Thank you so very much Malcolm again and again!!!!!!!" ... written by sexypisces
good reading to the point ." ... written by mary
as always an amazing reading Malcolm picked up on the energies around me instantly and he got to the heart of the issue I can thoroughly recommend a reading with him" ... written by sky456
I love readings with Malcolm so much! He brings such a calming energy and so much kindness and reassurance. I really appreciate his help so much. Thanks again!!" ... written by Me
Thank you Malcolm! Helpful and wise as always. xo" ... written by debbiec0613
To the point thank you." ... written by mary
If you're looking for someone that is sincere, warm, caring AND psychic, then Malcolm is your man! Amazing." ... written by Freedom2211
As always, Malcolm is amazing. He connected so quickly and gave me accurate and encouraging insight. Thanks for all your help!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Malcolm is a good friend, and always helped me in my time of need. " ... written by mt
Lots of love for you! xox M" ... written by m
Malcolm is such a refreshing "everything!" I am in awe of his awareness as to exactly the "type" of person I am. He is a very gentle, caring, understanding, and practical man. He has actually calmed my anxiety, which nothing or nobody has ever been able to do. Malcolm was not only spot-on about me, but several other people in/out of my life as well. I can't say enough wonderful things about him! My time with him was well worth everything and was as amazing as the peak of the meteor shower in the Northern Hemisphere between 2 - 4 AM this morning! You should definitely have a private chat with him! I cannot explain the "weight" I feel that has left my body. I cannot even say that I have ever felt "this light" before. It feels great! Amazing! Thank you, Malcolm!" ... written by Jen714
Malcolm is always so kind. Thank you!" ... written by cheeksup
Brilliant always feel so happy afterwards and believing in myself" ... written by Debbie
Words can not express the boost I've just got from speaking to this lovely man. Thanks for believing in me x" ... written by LillyT0ma5
this is my third reading. i feel stronger now. I am on the right road. his predictions are coming true. He knows my strengths and weaknesses and suggests choices. He makes things clear. He is so great. thank you so much." ... written by christine
Makes me smile everytime" ... written by DebbieF1
Thank you Malcolm - again- made me feel so hopeful and relaxed about my future. Things are going very much in the direction you have said they would and I will remember your advice and just enjoy. Will update you. Love D" ... written by debbiec0613
It was amazing...Everything he said was absolutely amazing!!!I was suppose to go to Psychic Malcolm and get such great predictions that have already begun...Did not say anything to him, he told me everything that was and is going on in my life now...It was ATAAHUA (Beautiful)..." ... written by Jess
Absolutely brilliant, caring compassionate and I will be back to let you know the outcome thankyou for your time :)" ... written by BIMI5959
Excellent reader" ... written by Milan
I've had many readings with Malcolm over the last few years. He really is awesome. His wisdom, maturity, perception, healing and love shine through. He will give you the truths you seek. I really believe he's the best choice, why go to someone young and less experienced. Malcolm will tell you how it is. Ohm." ... written by laus
very good very accurate" ... written by sky
Thanks again!!" ... written by cheeksup
very comforting and reassuring" ... written by happyfish1960
I've been coming to Malcolm for a year and he's always guided me in the right direction. Thanks so much!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Psychic Malcolm is so wonderful. He is always there for me and so kind and patient and sees things as we can make them to be. He helps me to understand the energies around me and my situation and helps me to stay strong. He is so reassuring and affirming - he's just so calming and uplifting. Thanks so much Malcolm!!!!" ... written by Me
Thank you for giving me clarity and positive energy in my life. I'll take your advice and open myself to the new opportunities. Thank you. " ... written by Golden Amber
ran out of credit but read me like a book. Thankyou" ... written by Mair
Another uplifting reading with Malcolm. Just what I needed - his gentle reassurance. He never waivers in his advice or his predicted outcome and so far even though some ups and downs, all is moving in the direction he said it would. Thank you Malcolm for your patience" ... written by debbiec0613
Thank you so much for all your positive words, energy, and prayers. I just know that you know me and who I am and what I need! You're the best! xoxo , M" ... written by m
Yes he was very reassuring about my troubles, and accurate about my personality. Ran out of credit but got enough to be going on with for a couple of weeks so can't ask for more than that." ... written by CAROL NEILANDS
I need to say thankyou. I think I can do this now. I don't feel like I am alone anymore." ... written by Granma123
Malcom was great he was very uplifting and was able to read me Im going to take his advice and just live life..Thanks Malcom!!!" ... written by Shannon
Malcom is very precise, very clear and spot on. He just focusses into the situation and sees very clearly. Simply the best!" ... written by Oceandrive
You make it all sound so logical and you just have the answers. All you have ever told me came true, and I can't wait for my new life the last part of this year. Thanks so much!" ... written by familyhelper
wonderful guiding force!" ... written by angelc.
he is amazing!!!" ... written by timag
Tonic for my poor soul! Thanks Malcolm! Malcolm is a total gem - he is so caring and positive and reassuring. I love readings with Malcolm. I know that he understands my situation and sees into the heart of the matter. He's just great!" ... written by Me
Very uplifting reading. Love talking to Malcolm. He cuts directly to the heart of the matter. " ... written by barbarosa
Your positive words and energy always lift me up when I'm down. I feel that good things are coming my way, just as you say. xoxo, M." ... written by m
Right on the nose... Thank you Malcolm" ... written by 1lilfish
5 stars...he is so positive and healing. ..I was stressed since yesterday and went to so many of them in different none could calm me as he did...thanks malcolm..." ... written by shona29
Thank goodness for Malcolm! His wise and kind words never fail to bring me comfort and strength!!! He understands my situation very well and his insights help me to get a better perspective on things. His readings never fail!!" ... written by Me
Very accurate and inspiring, I know why he is s well known in Britain .. very gifted and generous!" ... written by donna
Good cut throat advice." ... written by Al
he is a god advisor andamp; guide:)thanks" ... written by aquavenus
Malcolm is really one of the most gifted psychics - and he's helped me a lot. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Marie
Thank you so much Malcolm, it was really great" ... written by Amelias
Wonderful man, can't thank him enough for calming my over-thinking mind. :) He explained it exactly as I thought it was and clarified it for me. I really appreciate his time and guidance." ... written by Saorse
I've been running round different people on this site looking for answers...I should have come here first. Malcolm was amazing...he connected with the people I felt were around me and gave me the messages that I needed to hear, not just what I wanted to hear. He described the situation well and made a lot of sense...I am now praying that things will go the positive way and our spirits can help us. I now feel that I can move on with my life again and not rely on readings to guide me. However, I will be back to speak with Malcolm again sometime to update him. Would definitely recommend a reading with him, very calm, patient and genuine. :)" ... written by Saorse
::) thanks! very insightful, " ... written by luckystar222
Thank you Malcolm for being there for me... when i really needed someone. xoxo M" ... written by m
Malcolm is as usual, the best. He lifted my spirits incredibly and has not deviated from his predictions from an earlier reading. You are an incredible healer Malcolm and my situation is slowly going in the direction you foresaw. I can't wait for the coming months to unravel. Thank you again xx" ... written by LilyCicco
He's very good. gives great advice that lifts you in a tough time. and he tells the truth." ... written by Danielle Harris
Thanks so much or your very honest and accurate answers. You are a very caring person and I immediately felt drawn to you. I like the way that you were sensitive when delivering your answers and the depth of information you gave me. Thank you so much. xxx" ... written by Rachael (Libragirl2809)
Thanks once more for your help. its always a pleasure to talk to you. love and light . " ... written by Susana
it's something else when a person is able to pinpoint everything without having to even ask a question - thank you" ... written by me
You have an amazing energy, wonderful person, and spirit.. thank you " ... written by beluved1
was awesome thank u so much :)" ... written by helen
So grateful that Malcolm is here :) He is a ray of sunshine-filled hope! He is full of positivity and warmth and encouragement. I feel so lucky that he is here to share his gifts and help us all so much. Thank you truly." ... written by Me
Malcolm is wonderful person very uplighting and so positive. I highly recommend him he has given me wonderful news and timeframes and I will be back to say it all happened for me which Im quite sure it will. Thank you" ... written by Ace
he spot on with i have to tell him anything!! it is amazing!! thank you Malcolm. i will come back for sure for updates!!" ... written by Hermestarr
Very happy Malcolm is back! Malcolm is inspirational and so great to read with. He always picks me up and helps me to stay positive and hopeful. I trust him totally and look forward to his predictions coming true. So far he has been right, and I know that he will continue to be right. Really warm and wonderful to have a reading with Malcolm. Thank you so much!" ... written by Girl
Always reassuring , Thanks Malcolm" ... written by cheeksup
Thank you Malcom for a great reading. Almost no questions asked and everything was spot on :-)))" ... written by sara
very healing and nurturing and wonderful" ... written by happyfish1960
no tools needed!!! no informations given!! he spot on all!!!! how amazing he is!! you have a great give from god! Thank you Malcolm! speak with you soon with more updates!. " ... written by hermesstarr
Thank you your spot on. :)" ... written by Raylene
Malcolm eases me out..calms me down when I am freaking out..He is really amazing!" ... written by tasha_j
Speechless! SO very accurate and fast...connected very well and picked up on the other person...Thank you!" ... written by tasha_j
thank you Malcolm for your advice. Will keep you updated. D" ... written by debbiec0613
excellent medium with strong direct advisement. Highly recommend!" ... written by beathive
malcolm was so astute and positive, he said things that i really do feel nobody else would know and he seemed to know about the past. he really gave me confidence in myself " ... written by pollypp
He is always been amazing and accurate. Things he predicted has been come true for me. Always very supportive and encouraging. And no matter what he always puts a smile of my face. thank you so much for always being there for me. " ... written by Bha
very quick reader picked up on my situation quickly, gave me details which cant be disputed hope it comes to pass in the next 2 weeks will check back again :) thank you for your time " ... written by bimi8989
Thank you so much Malcolm" ... written by cheeksup
Amazing! strong immediate connection to the spirit world and validations. highly recommend " ... written by Anna
gr 8 reading and instant" ... written by Anil
very good, so hoping it is gonna unfold like he said. time will tell will be back with update" ... written by kalina
very positive and strong reading and reader" ... written by qp
What a fantastic reader. This reading really made my day! He's very accurate! " ... written by Drummergirl
Caught up with Malcolm for an update and as usual he was amazing. Trust his insight as he has never been wrong and has always been consistent in his advice and predictions. Truly a gifted professional. D" ... written by debbiec0613
Excellent reading, so good with helping me to focus on me. Lowers my usual stress levels. " ... written by barbarosa
Thanks malcolm, clear insights. Will see if things come to pass. cheers. Will be back to update someday hopefully." ... written by MTL
so glad i found him on oranum after trying so many. always truthful, quick, no tools, very honest, specific timeline. He is so great i highly recommend him to anyone. thank you malcolm for another wonderful reading." ... written by christine
Words cannot express Malcolm's abilities..he is really one of the BEST readers so far...take him pvt and you know what I am talking about..Brilliant!" ... written by tasha_j
Malcolm is fantastic, absolutely. He is so caring and kind and full of warm compassionate energy. I come back to Malcolm because I know that I can trust in his readings and also because he is just so very nice and lovely to talk with. He always calms me down and makes me feel positive again. Absolutely wonderful and a total sweetheart!" ... written by Sleepy girl
All I can say is wow! I am really grateful that I got the help that I needed, I was worried, fearful, hopeless because I was powerless, but now I feel like I have a reason to live and hope. Thank you so much. " ... written by Balthazar Balenda
Just wanted to thank you for always being amazing and cool, calm and collected. Always accurate. Thank you again. xx Debbie" ... written by debbiec0613
he is just awesome!!! knows everything and his predictions did come true! " ... written by tima
I appreciate your encouragement . :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
Thank you Malcolm for another great reading :-)" ... written by sara
I am a regular:)" ... written by tasha_j
I enjoyed this very much!" ... written by Mair
Malcome is amazing. He connected with my situation right away. He knew what is going on and gave me a great hope. Best on Oranum. I will be coming back. Thank you so much!!! Highly Recomand!!!" ... written by Liliya
Wow this man is beyond amazing! I don't think I have enough words to describe. He sincerely wants to help. He is now my spiritual guide!! I am so grateful that he and I crossed paths today and I will be coming back to him again and again!! Thank you thank you thank you!! You just changed my life! xo" ... written by SS
Amazing intuitive, visionary who I am blessed to speak to about my life. Thanks for all your guidance, Malcolm!" ... written by beathive
wow..... was so in tune with me, can't wait for the wonderful future , 100 stars :) XX" ... written by starz
Thanks for your help Malcolm.." ... written by tasha_j
He's the best, by far he's so so so talented !!! was really impressed. God bless you " ... written by Sara
Amazing reading. Worth every penny." ... written by Kathy
Thank you Malcolm! I am so glad you were here today. I was having a low day, but you picked me right up and gave me the confidence to keep pushing forwards! I am really happy to know that you see things changing ahead for me and I believe you that all will come to right in the end. Malcolm is so optimistic and warm and encouraging - he is such a super help! *************************** stars!" ... written by Possum
Great reading with Malcolm. He is not only caring, and accurate. But he is very accurate and easy to talk to." ... written by Patience29
Fantastic reading :)" ... written by Zuzana
very good and positive reading!! makes complete since!" ... written by pure
Thank you dear Malcolm for another great reading :-)))" ... written by sara
thank you Malcolm you gave me strength and hope and i appreciate that from you god bless great reader. thank you 5 star" ... written by edna
I just adore him!! If he was in front of me I would definitely give him a hug. He believes in me so much and that really uplifts my spirit. This man is definitely genuine. Please try, he really does care!! Thank you sooo much Malcolm! I will update you tomorrow about what we talked about :) may you receive an abudance of blessings. XOXOXO" ... written by S
Thank you" ... written by lotus71
He is amazing! Gives good readings and great advice! so open-minded and nice. Loved my reading- very comfortable!" ... written by Elaine
Great! Very compassionate!" ... written by Hildie Jones
Malcolm is just amazing - he is uplifting and has been so consistent every time we speak - even though sometimes he had to tell me to basically "snap out of it" He was right - and things are progressing as he always said they would. He is a good soul. Debbie " ... written by debbiec0613
Malcolm is a terrific and inspirational reader. I have had multiple readings from Malcolm and he never fails to leave me uplifted and full of positivity. He is wise and kind and so compassionate and caring. I have trust in what he sees ahead for me. Simply wonderful! Thank you!!!" ... written by Me
malcolm is a true gem. he is genuine, kind and really does want to help." ... written by laura
Malcolm is an amazing reader...I am very grateful to him for coming online because I needed him :-) He calms me down in every reading!! He accurately described what is going on, gave me advice and I trust him completely...A lot more than 5 stars if I could... Thank you soooo much Malcolm! You are unique :-)" ... written by sara
thank you so much Malcolm!! you are amazing!!!" ... written by tima
Thank you again Malcolm for your wise words!! xxx" ... written by sara
I liked him a lot and it all rang true. Thanks." ... written by julie
HE has always been there for me and guided me. He is true and positive about everything he gives out. he is an angel for me. thank you so much xxx" ... written by Rid
beautifully calming! " ... written by purenergy
Thank you. Amazing. Just drew everything out instantly. Thank you. " ... written by quest
5 star fast to the point. i trust him now. Third reading predictions are coming true." ... written by christine
Very good andamp; am grateful for the reading" ... written by BBBlack
very good fast and accurate with predictions. thank you" ... written by christine
Malcolm touched my heart with his words..He is an amazing person..Thanks a ton for being there Malcolm..xx" ... written by tasha_j
Awesome" ... written by Johnny
Malcolm is just the person I needed to get things into perspective. I will not go to another psychic on Oranum again! After being through so many I feel he is the one that knows how to guide me. I will want to follow up on the meditation. Thank you so much Malcolm. " ... written by Linda
Malcolm is brilliant - he always manages to pick me up and keep me focussing on good things ahead. I trust in his vision and just know that what he sees will happen. He is so positive and warm and encouraging. I sometimes think I would be lost without him - he is an absolute treasure!" ... written by Girl
Thank you brilliant reading as always" ... written by Debbie
Malcolm as GREAT.....This was my first physic done and was right on point thus far.....I will give an update after some time has passed. Thanks Again Malcolm~!" ... written by DiamondStP
Malcolm is very good and compassionate, he states it as it is, and can even provide me the business insights i needed, he is definitely the business psychic. Good meeting him.Highly recommended" ... written by Sooriamurthy
Malcolm is a very intuitive and experienced psychic. The reading went very well, with good insight and advice. Well worth it and highly recommended." ... written by Martkos
good guy told me straight to the point to sort my life out haha he was soo true about everything glad i had the opportunity to speak to him will speak again xx" ... written by lisa
than so much for the insight...will wait" ... written by rani
he was so right i am silly i need to get ny act together if i want it to work" ... written by Zulu1659
beautiful straight talking person" ... written by tracey
Thanks Malcolm. You make so much sense. How is it that you seem to have a window view into our lives. You're just amazing all the time. Thanks for the confidence and support always. Hugs." ... written by familyhelper
Very inspirational advise. eyes opener. thank you very much.. God bless!" ... written by hermestarr
Absolutely sweet man, great advise, I'm so hoping his predictions will come truth. Very straightforward reader, highly recommend!" ... written by mala
He is great!!!" ... written by tima
*Love Malcolm*.. he's so connected, caring and such a great intuitive, medium and accurate adviser. Thank you!! smiles big! " ... written by Lynda22
Amazing reading. makes a lot of sense :) i can't wait. i feel it!!!" ... written by lilly
He was dead on definitely worth it" ... written by Lane
very informative hope all that s my way cheers" ... written by berryjam
Well, he knew some things that he couldn't have known. He can't even see me and he knew what I look like. pretty amazing. " ... written by allbright
wow. He really made my day. so kind warm and was able to tell me about my kids, so beautiful!!! wow" ... written by jamira76
hes a comfort for sure thanks malcom" ... written by malcom
wow malcom! does not know me from adam, first reading but he read me extremly well, gave me the clarity and insight that I oftentimes keep loosing. By letting fear creep its way into my thoughts,.. and then its gets all hazy. but he has such a great way to put you back on track but seeing through the fog, thank you dear!" ... written by c
thank you that was very good, and you helped me feel at ease x" ... written by margaret1712
Readings with Malcolm are the best. He is always so calm and encouraging and keeps me feeling very positive. Malcolm is really kind and compassionate and helps me so much. I have absolute confidence in what he sees for me. Very wise and very understanding. He is absolutely great!!!" ... written by S
Kind, caring...thank you..." ... written by Carina
good new thank you very much. I feel so much better talking you. With you saying i passed thank you " ... written by gill
he is very warm and consoling. I asked about a personal matter and he gave me sound advice into the matter. I hoe I can follow through" ... written by bnjpangels
very nice, like a elder brother giving me advice. picked up several key components of my situation without being prompted. " ... written by sarangless
Lovely man. " ... written by lovewater
He was able to pick up on my situation very fast and was accurate and gave me really good advice. Thank you!" ... written by Amanda
Malcolm is so sweet and kind. He has given great insight and positive vibes for my future to go forward and leave the past where it should the past." ... written by cuddletight
wow............" ... written by t
My mind always calms down after i speak with Malcolm..he is super brilliant and I trust him a lot.." ... written by tasha_j
I had gotten a reading from Malcolm a long time ago and he was wonderful then. No change this time. Very encouraging. Thank you!" ... written by PhoenixRising
positive, reassuring, and pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to think more positively for the future.." ... written by r
Thank you so much for your invaluable teaching, Malcolm. I always get elevated and gain confidence whenever I have your reading. Thank you. " ... written by Golden Amber
Malcolm is a truly gifted psychic. he is able to describe situations and people. amazing person. I love his readings. From now on I will stick to Malcolm" ... written by Debora
Loving energy...positive vibrations...will return Thank You Malcom" ... written by Christine
Good." ... written by Janine
Great reading. Thank u." ... written by Kitten
thankyou" ... written by t
Always great to chat with Malcolm - trust his insight completely as he has never been wrong. Very honest and straight forward in his insight and it is much appreciated. Always recommend him highly. The best." ... written by debbiec0613
Thank you, Malcolm. I needed these tears to come out. You are so encouraging and caring. I can't thank you enough. Thank you for your reassurance on all levels. Please keep me in your thoughts. I'll be back to chat very soon - I'm sorry it took so long to get back with you this time but I am so happy I was able to speak to you this morning! You are the best! ~smiles~" ... written by Jen714
Thank you Malcolm - always wonderful to get your insight and appreciate your consistency and honesty. You keep me on the straight and narrow. lol. " ... written by debbie0613
Thank you for a fantastic reading... it brought me comfort and also gives me a direction where I should head to. " ... written by Rojjer
Thank you Malcolm! Will keep you posted. " ... written by lovewater
Malcolm is so lovely and caring and wonderfully kind. His readings are great and help me so much to feel encouraged and strong and persistent. Malcolm always brings light to my darkness and helps me get ready for fresh things to come. So inspiring and compassionate. He's great!" ... written by Me
felt down about the situation, but he gave me lots of positive encouragement and hope. Thank you.." ... written by t
Malcolm is awesome!" ... written by timag
Fantastic and down to earth. Spot on." ... written by SAR
Right to the point without asking details about the situation! :) Would recommend. " ... written by Sylvie
he is amazing!!" ... written by tima
Wonderful reading.......took me a minute to fit what he was saying into my situation but he nailed it. Looking forward to his time frame but am thrilled with the reading. Thank you so much." ... written by Hope228
Thank you Malcolm! You always give me clear insight and positive encouragement. Thanks a lot!! " ... written by Golden Amber
Malcolm has always been there..he is helping me..inspiring me...Great reading...thanks a lot Malcolm" ... written by t
thank you once again Malcolm" ... written by Vanessa
I love Malcolm's reading always on point. I literally was tracking him to see when he would come online again just so I could get an update reading thanks so much Malcolm you rock." ... written by AL
Amazing reading!SO much positivity.You feel awsome after you talk to him." ... written by Aurelia
Amazing reading! I was so impressed by Malcom. He went straight to the point!" ... written by Liv
Excellent reading as usual. He picks up my energy very quickly and gives me good directions. " ... written by barbarosa
he is just amazing, he see the things like he watching you from above,he predict some thing for me i really hope it come true for my sake, he is awesome persona and worth every penny spend on reading,thanks a bunch for lovely time we had " ... written by kalana
your so amazing and give me hope thank you so much for your words love you Edna 100 stars" ... written by Edna
exremely intresting, very positive man and optimistic. a great person thanx for the great advise." ... written by zimerili1
He is an amazing man. I value my readings with Malcom. He is a very honest and accurate advisor. Definately, one of the best at the site. He gives clear guidance and direction to make the best life decisions. Very gifted. " ... written by Kathy
Very positive and encouraging. I am grateful for the advice and will follow it." ... written by AJ
Hes awesome!hope he is right!" ... written by caroline123456
he is the best!! love him!!" ... written by timag
As usual encouraging and helpful. Always removes my confusion.. " ... written by t
Excellent reading as usual. " ... written by barbarosa
Psychic Malcolm is so great - always energising, always positive, and always full of care and compassion. I love his readings, they always help me to see things clearly and keep me encouraged. He's such a lovely, wonderful, warm man, and very spot-on with the things he says - just fabulous!" ... written by Me
law of positive attraction- Nice reading!!! " ... written by ali
straightforward, accurate! what else do you want? highly recommended" ... written by unknownjourney
he is great in every way! love him!!" ... written by timag
This reading really moved deep places within me, he spoke directly to the soul and connected deeply into the issue; I didn't have much to say, being left speechless, and there really wasn't anything left to say by the end of the session - Malcolm has the uncanny ability to reach the spiritual core of the matter and point to the light and truth, putting everything into perspective. Nothing but boundless gratitude on my end, Thank you - Love andamp; light (:" ... written by Aeureus
amazing thank you so much! blessings!" ... written by bj
Very interesting and encouraging reading, hope it is accurate… it has definitely helped me to settle. So glad to have this reading. Thank you!" ... written by jag
Very positive, makes me look at life differently, more positively in a spiritual sense.. Thank you" ... written by t
Thank you..." ... written by joylife
Very accurate and very clear and fast in hitting the spot..." ... written by Cirkeline1
Good reading, positive with some detail, I feel more settled.. thank you very much malcom" ... written by julie
Received a great reading from him. Such great encouragement. So excited about life ahead. Will come back." ... written by Lisa
Excellet reading with Malcolm!" ... written by Bruno Logos
Such a great guy! Really nice and lovely and caring. He was very encouraging about my situation and was spot on about what he said. So fingers crossed now and looking forward to the future. Thank you so much Malcolm!" ... written by Lia
Lectures you but it's what you need to hear" ... written by Danielle Harris
this man is genuine honest and sincere " ... written by melissa
Malcolm always makes me feel better, over the years, he has got to know me as a person. I rely on him when i have issues in my life, and he is always there for me, and solves my problems. Love u malcolm xxxxxxxx" ... written by Softice
Trust Malcolms insight completely as he has never steered me wrong. Accurate always and just a lovely man" ... written by debbie0613
I always feel energised with Malcolm, he is honest and positive and has this unique quality in believing in you and a reason to carry on. " ... written by t
I feel better, thank u for having faith in us Malcolm... " ... written by t
Very good advice" ... written by Jen
Amazing, told me exactly what I needed to do!" ... written by Leonardo
thank you Malcolm for raising my hopes and keeping me on track and sending me your positive energy. love and divine x " ... written by hope
The best on the site. He is so accurate and gives the best advice. Not to be missed. Gifted Advisor." ... written by Kathy
Over the years I have had several readings but nothing like the ones from Malcolm he is always so honest, refreshing, and accurate! I love when I am able to get a reading from him. " ... written by Redd
he was amazing simply amazing exactilly what I wanted to hear.He was very nice an explained everything to understand!!!" ... written by Lisa
Sometimes I don't listen to other people's opinions but he really opened my mind up. I'm going to take what he said and stop being so awkward. " ... written by Antoinette
malcolm was awesome! he gave me great insight without any tools. he didnt waste my time, was very fast and courteous. i feel like we truly connected and everything he told me also resonated inside my soul. love him and recommend!" ... written by m
Thank you for he positive energy, really appreciate it, and giving me confidence to carry on and believing in the outcome x " ... written by kr
Fabulous, calming, warm and wonderful. Malcolm has such great energy and always calms me right now. He is the best! Thank you!!!" ... written by Girl
Amazing reading!!Very quick and accurate!!" ... written by Diana
Thank you so much for clarifying my priorities and issues I have faced. Whenever I'm about to make important decisions in my life, I come to you and talk about it. It's very worth it. Thank you Malcolm for your wise advice. " ... written by Golden Amber
Malcolm is always wonderful, and today he was extra wonderful! I so appreciate his calm and warm energy. He is so inspiring and caring. Truly lovely!" ... written by Me
he is great, just great! I could talk to him all day! Thank you Malcolm for everything! xxx" ... written by timag
thank you for the energy and belief in us xx" ... written by rs
Thank you, will be patient, thank u for the encouragement." ... written by h
Thank you for putting things into perspective for me, feeling a bit better" ... written by t
Lovely and warm and inspirational as ever! So wonderful. I really appreciate Malcolm's readings. He is great, really kind and compassionate and brings such hope and happiness." ... written by S
Malcolm is a wonderful reader, he is so warm and kind and generous with his time and is so uplifting too. It always makes me feel so much better and optimistic after talking with him. He is an absolute star! Thank you!!!!" ... written by P
so much love for this man!! he's soo supportive and helpful of my life's mission and what i need to be doing in 2015. xx" ... written by m
Great reading in such short time. I appreciate his honesty and willingness to help." ... written by Sam603
Well that was a reading I was not expecting I feel so blessed to have just experienced what I just have. Has really made me think about things and from the sounds of it I have a lot look forward to. " ... written by Lyn
Thanks for making me feel my true self. Malcolm's advice lets my mind be free from worries and self-restrained boxes. You're awesome!! Plus, he so insightful and keen that he always explains situations I'm at around even before I started telling him." ... written by Golden Amber
he is amazing... always!!!" ... written by timag
WOW I am shocked that he could see me in that light wonderful " ... written by Jacklyn
very wise advise! Awesome readings! " ... written by chantelle
He's such a lovely guy, spot on with some details, he's amazing" ... written by Stella
Thank you again Malcolm" ... written by debbiec0613
ukpsychicmalcolm described me to a tee , amazing ,gifted man. I will definitely be back to chat again . Many many blessings and thanks Kind Sir" ... written by Ruth
fantastic... I'm not done.... times a tickin.... im writing my book at the same time... " ... written by shauna elliott
Very positive person. Sheds light on so much. Thanks, Malcolm. Can always count on you to put it into perspective for me." ... written by familyhelper
Ha - thanks.....:) You're very clear." ... written by Amanda
Malcolm is an amazing reader! He is so kind and lovely and in tune with spirit. He always helps me to see things clearly and to help me understand my situation. I always feel so happy and refreshed after talking with him and he brings so much warmth and hope and balancing. I think he is just great!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by Me
Malcolm is lovely. He helps me keep a level head and helps me to see the long-term. He is so kind and compassionate. I just love his readings so much!" ... written by P
Excellent reading and advise. He totally understood my lack of direction and need to focus on my career without my saying anything. " ... written by barrbarosa
Malcolm was so wonderful, his reading of me and my future made me feel so positive and confident! He picked up on things so quickly. Love and Light xxx" ... written by liz
thank you again Malcolm, I'm going to be positive again. Take care xxxx" ... written by hope
Have not talked with Malcolm in a while and reached out to him because I was so sad about problem in my relationship. He is amazing as he remembered everything from our past readings and gave me reassurance and told me not to give up. I trust his insight as he had been right in the past and i have always found him to be such a genuinely honest reader. He tells it like he sees it always. He is the best really" ... written by debbiec0613
thank you very good" ... written by chloe
Thank you malcolm always for giving me great piece of advice! you always remind me of following what I resonate with. " ... written by Golden Amber
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
Great reading!" ... written by Lise
Thank you always malcolm for your warmhearted and insightful advice. " ... written by Golden Amber
Malcolm is absolutely terrific! I absolutely love talking with him. He puts everything into perspective for me and lifts me up and helps me to keep positive and encouraged. He is so kind and compassionate and genuinely warm. Malcolm helps me so much and keeps me focussing on the important things. Love him!" ... written by K
What a lovely, lovely man. Full of light and a big big heart." ... written by dddDDDDDDDDDDD
wonderful" ... written by mm
Wonderful, so kind and compassionate and brings me hope and peace! Terrific!" ... written by K
Malcolm is lovely, very gentle and reassuring and encouraging. He makes me feel so positive and calm and helps me to keep my courage strong. He is fabulous!" ... written by K
very honest, helpful reading. a lot of personal truths were spoken that really helped me understand myself" ... written by ak
good, fair, down to earth (didn't like the news very much, but it is what it is, rather know the truth)" ... written by Rybka Gold
Love him - just like talking to a favorite Uncle - his insight, wisdom and kindness is the best!" ... written by NinaLynn
first reading with malcom very insightfull" ... written by jerry
I have spoken to a lot of people here and Malcom truly impressed me with his level of connection, clarity, professionalism and heartfelt desire to help me and not waste neither my time nor money. His words to me have given me a peace that I had for so long searched for. He refocused my attention on what truly matters my inner wellbeing and the importance of faith. Thank you Malcom!" ... written by Melissa
Malcolm is so kind and sweet and generous. His readings always help me to feel positive about things going forward. He cares so much and is very genuine. I just love Malcolm! *****" ... written by K
He was truly amazing and zoned right in on my spirit without trying!" ... written by Ginny
Very close insight , very good approach on the situation." ... written by Mihaela
wonderful positive reading from malcolm. he's been on this long journey with me and i am so thankful for him." ... written by m
he is amazing!!!" ... written by timag
Thank you Malcolm. Your reading is insightful and reminds me of lessons to learn. Thanks for telling me the right direction aligned with cosmic energy. " ... written by Golden Amber
amazingly fast and accurate" ... written by jana
So much higher knowledge to share, I learned a lot in a short time, certainly helped me to get back on track. Love and light" ... written by Pheonix
First reading with him, Amazing! " ... written by Tiffany
great" ... written by amanda
Awesome!! Very insightful and down to earth! Very complete , thorough, accurate and fast!! Great advice too. Thank you!!" ... written by ned
such a beautiful soul and full of wisdom!" ... written by fishygirl11
Great insightful reading. Definitely recommend his reading. He is my honorable mentor who encourages me to redirect my focus to live a better life. Thank you!! " ... written by Golden Amber
Thanks Malcolm. You always make so much sense and you're always right. Truly appreciate what you said. " ... written by familyhelper
Thank you so so much Malcolm. A great insightful reading, as always!! :D " ... written by Golden Amber
Detailed and caring. wonderful quick to response and powerful. intelligent and good guidance given. " ... written by katty
PsychicMalcolm is fantastic.. very quick in connecting to a concerning soul and situation, and very compassionate in his answers and advise. He really does care and gets right to the point. I highly recommend Malcolm for any concern you may have!! Blessings!!!" ... written by Lynda22
Accurate, clear and no messing about. I appreciate your time, thank you so much" ... written by Pheonix
OMG this is amazing what he told beautiful spirit honk 1 time for the Uk" ... written by cuteface1972
Really felt a connection, this is the real deal. I'm so happy to have found you because i really need the guidance. I'll be back shortly. Thank you again!" ... written by raysa martin
he is a genuine sweet guy who feels energies in right direction. assess your situation fast.i really liked his raeding " ... written by MEMOONA BILAL
Simply the best on oranum!!! the best!!!! :) spot on 100% no details needed ... wow i'm amazed on how clear he picked up on my situation and where i'm going... stunned :) " ... written by Roy
good insight, amazing words, empowering. " ... written by goldn
I did not really have to write down my question - he started right away and gave me wonderful insight!!! " ... written by Sonia
so glad i met malcolm years ago. he has helped me and guided me through so much. through knowing him for almost 2.5 years, he has guided me through tough times. " ... written by m
malcolm, thank you. thank you for your positive readings energy and healing. you have helped me along a difficult journey and i can say after readings with you for almost three years that your readings have been accurate. you are the best. " ... written by m
Very good reading!! Helped me a lot with understanding things. Great advice as well." ... written by Understanding
very good reading. thank you" ... written by Joanna
Thank you for your kind and supportive words!" ... written by m
THank you so much for everything. Your words have spoken a world of difference to me and my heart and mind. Thank you so much. God bless!" ... written by Tiffany
Thank you so much, Malcolm! You are so very positive and encouraging! I will be seeing you soon! :)" ... written by Ariana
Good" ... written by Tutsi
Wonderful reading with Malcolm as always!" ... written by m
It´s always sooo good talking to him! He really gives good advices!!" ... written by Sonia
Thank you so much Malcolm. I've really needed your encouraging positive words." ... written by m
very calming, loving, insightful - thank you!" ... written by mom bean
all updates are always consistant. truly a remarkable reader. thank you malcolm." ... written by malteser_1970
Life is hard. Thanks for the insight Malcolm. Happy New Year! I will try to move on and find my life." ... written by familyhelper
Thank you ... you are an amzing person" ... written by cuteface
thanks for the update reading. so rerassuring. i hope all goes well. thank you Malcolm. Your calm and clear voice really helps me." ... written by gotham1234
thank you i will listen to your guidance and focus on my business. i hope that i meet my life partner in 2016" ... written by hurtingalot
EASILY the fastest, most fluid, flowing, psychic I have ever found. Ridiculously accurate and tuned in. I will never forget this extremely useful and enlightening reading. I will definitely come back for future guidance. WILDLY GIFTED" ... written by A
Awesome reading. Always encouraging and insightful. It's my honor to be connected to Malcom. " ... written by Golden Amber
Awesome ! Accurate, knew everything before i even started talking. He is amazing. Right on the money. Thank you!!!! " ... written by Terry
Great medium. I highly recommend a reading from Malcolm. " ... written by Jim
he is like a father :) " ... written by timag
I come back every few months to get a reading from Malcolm. He has seen me in my dark and good days. And has never judged or looked down on me. Instead he has always guided and advised me, in which I greatly appreciate. His wisdom is definitely worth every penny. Thank you again! " ... written by Beautiful_Redd
Hoorah for Malcolm!!! I was so happy to see him on here tonight, really needed his encouragement and guidance. He always manages to pick me up when I am feeling like things are getting on top of me and I totally trust what he tells me about how things are going to progress. He is just awesome! Thank you so much!" ... written by P
Malcolm is absolutely wonderful, he is so kind and compassionate and helps me to get a good perspective on things. Always keeps me hopeful and optimistic and looking forward with positivity. An absolute gem!" ... written by Me
Great encouraging reading. Thanks for help me aligned with good energy. Will check in with you in a month or so! :D " ... written by Golden Amber
I keep coming back to Malcolm because when I was at my lowest point of my life he gave me a virtual "kick" in the backside told me what was really happening and told me to move on with my life. And I did and things have been amazing since. This time around I was expecting him to do the same and that the answer was going to be no to my question but he surprised me again and told me to go for this thing that I desire. If you need honest direction in your life you must see Malcolm. It may not be the answer you want but it is for your own you can live a better quality of life and see how amazing life is. " ... written by Sarah
malcolm... is always wonderful... and i always feel uplifted.. thank malcolm xoxo" ... written by freedm
He's awesome :)" ... written by laurie
Long time since I spoke with Malcolm. He assured me back in January that my love and I would spend Valentines day together - even though we were barely speaking at the time. I was sure he was wrong but He turned out to be right and things have been getting better and better ever since. Malcolm always said we would be together. His message was the same today - that things would continue to get better. I trust his insight - his predictions have been accurate and he is very wise." ... written by
very very loving and caring and calming, its all I needed right now sending you love and light. " ... written by c
i've been talking to a lot of psychics, he's different in the sense that he doesn't focus on the small problems, he gives you the big picture, doesn't sugarcoat things, tells you what matters and what doesn't, he knows more about my problems than i know about them myself, if you need someone to get to the main source of the problem, you need this guy." ... written by need this guy
guessed the basic premise for why we stopped talking, tells me what i need to know to help me to deal with the situation, very confident about the reading overall and gets to the core of the problem" ... written by interesting reading
Just loved his readings. Very to the point and supportive positive he is." ... written by sabina0202
I always love talking with Malcolm, he's wonderful. He's been with me on a very long and rough life journey and I trust him completely. Always helps me stay strong and go forward with confidence." ... written by Her
Malcolm is just wonderful - he has been advising me for some time now on a difficult matter, and through it all he has been such a great support - always helps me to stay up and shows me the path to hope - he has helped me stay sane, positive and living in the light - he is just brilliant. Thank you!" ... written by P
Malcom is a very inspirational reader. And inspired me a lot today!thanks for your support. I will come back!" ... written by Lise
Always a good reading with excellent advice about the future." ... written by barbarosa
I love this guys presence! It is so welcoming and calming. He is very open and communicative with his clients and there is no judgement within him. He does tend to talk a bit quickly but he is fantastic" ... written by Randi
very good thank u" ... written by jana
wow, so much information so quickly.. just wow!" ... written by strong whisper
You always make sense, now I need to listen and believe. I will, and I will come back in three months and tell you just how right you were about everything. Thanks so much, Malcolm. You are amazing." ... written by familyhelper
Thank you Malcolm. Great reader. Very peaceful" ... written by Randi
wonderful " ... written by Alaynah
Malcom is great, he always tunes into what I'm feeling that day! Definitely recommend on Oranum! " ... written by Zachariah
useful!" ... written by yellowMellow51
thank you amazing wow factor " ... written by cuteface1972
Malcom is an excellent person, really talented and he picked up on things sooo fast! I can't wait for his predictions to manifest themselves. Thanks Malcom!" ... written by Zach
thank you awesome reading 100 star" ... written by cuteface1972
great thanks" ... written by roselilly5
great" ... written by Alissa
It was nice to catch up after all this time" ... written by DebbieF1
Supportive as usual, u always believe in me, and give me confidence. I get scared to make changes, but u give me that push that makes me strong again. Sometimes I need a boost, and u always manage to do it ! Thank you Malcolm, you make me strong and believe in myself again." ... written by softice
great" ... written by Alaynah
THANK YOU" ... written by malteser1970
wonderful reader highly suggest " ... written by Kelly
he is awesome!" ... written by timag
thank you." ... written by malteser1970
wonderful reading highly suggest malcom to anyone" ... written by Grace
wonderful reader thank you so much" ... written by Sally
thank you for being straight forward with me 1000 stars thank you again" ... written by cuteface
wow" ... written by nat
I really appreciate your reading, felt very connected and you went straight to the point. Thank you and I will keep in touch" ... written by nick
Brilliant. He did remember me and saw exactly the same as last time. He didn't stop and flowed with information. Thanks again Malcolm" ... written by s
Excellent as ever! Malcolm is so calm and keeps me grounded - always value his advice so so much. Such a kind and generous man, tells me the truth. Wonderful!" ... written by Me
good no sugarcoating, i know he doesnt even do it for the money, or else he wouldn't be so brutal about the truth. " ... written by addasf
Malcolm quickly picked up information for the future and they correlated with what others have said. He was an amazing reader and very reassuring. Will defo keep him posted. Thank you :)" ... written by s
Awesome reading. Very empowering." ... written by Golden Amber
positive, calm, direct, fast" ... written by joy
He is always very thorough without my even having to ask any questions. Very good reader who knows me well without my giving him details about me. " ... written by barbarosa
what can i say. ive had manyy many readings here. malcolm makes me feel good. Ive had a different account and deleted it cos i didnt want to come to oranum again. i did a new account and a new name. i had another private with malcolm and the reading came out exactly as it was a few months back. genuine. straight to the point. ill take his advices and will eb back to confirm when all happens. thank you malcolm" ... written by gotham1234
Fantastic as always. I absolutely love your readings, I always feel so much peace when I am able to have a reading with you Malcolm. I wish you all the best and will be back to talk to you soon" ... written by nick
Thanks, you were the first person that could comfort me x" ... written by Rose
Malcolm is my favorite reader, very sensitive and in touch. Flows with information, picks up very well on my energy and helps me interpret the situation from a perspective of learning and expansion. Looking forward to watching things unfold. Thank you for the reassurance Malcolm, I take a lot of heart from readings w you." ... written by Amy
marvelous!" ... written by Ms. Alexandria
Malcolm is awesome! Great insight into my relationship and my guy will contact me and this all works out. Everything 100 % for me, love, work, etc. He knows he made a mistake and soon h wil be back and hes my knight : ) I will keep busy in the interim and not worry.. Just be me.. and will enjoy life..." ... written by suzy
omg this man is out this world words cant describe my reading I am really at loss of words wow thank u so much I will be back 4 sure love light n blessings 2 u xxoo" ... written by dignity
great reading" ... written by sabrina
It is a wonderful, insightful, and encouraging reading. Thank you so much Malcolm. I definitely recommend his reading if you're interested in personal development. " ... written by Golden Amber
Malcom picked up on my energy and connected so quickly. Thank you so much for your insights, and guidance. " ... written by Moon
Very good" ... written by Amanda
Came back for my third reading with Malcolm. He has never said anything that didn't resonate with me and my situation and the person in question 100%. He just becomes a conduit of truth from a more knowing realm. Lovely speaking with him as always, lots of clarity and encouragement " ... written by Amy
Thanks a lot Malcolm for your advice. " ... written by moon
WONDERFUL reading. wonderful person. totally puts my spirits up. Came for an update and wow he kept same views as before. Thank you Malcolm. Thank you." ... written by malteser_1970
I always love readings with Malcolm, he is always so uplifting and helpful. He always reassures me and helps me to see deeper into my situation - keeps me confident and his truth and honesty keep me sane too!" ... written by Me
Best reading ever! Thank you for your words and your positivity" ... written by Simona
amazing and moving! I will keep faith in his reading, great reading and very accurate. Gave me the push I needed" ... written by vvd450
Malcolm is amazing and always makes me feel better after a reading" ... written by Phiore
picked up where we left of and gave amazing advice. Saw exactly as last time" ... written by london
Malcolm was brilliant! His words were amazingly kind and accurate. He knew my nan accurately without even needing her name, date of birth, anything. No tools, nothing. He is amazing. Left my mother and me in tears and completely speechless. Thank you for everything " ... written by kalarni
great!!!!" ... written by timag
Very straight forward and very good advice" ... written by Agl
wise simple strong and clear" ... written by qp
Thank you so much for the information and positive encouragement. " ... written by Moon
he was right on with everything" ... written by karie7573
Good Advice" ... written by Ons
spiritual inspiration" ... written by Julie
He instantly gets me and knows what I am going through." ... written by barbarosa
Malcom is the absolute best... i feel he is an ethereal kind of human being... so quick to connect and accurate and so uplifting. Everything he has told me so far has been exactly as he said it would be and I am grateful for his guidance. I look forward to continuing with him. Blessings to you Malcolm! :)" ... written by Sam
awesome reading. " ... written by Stacy
very encouraging individual." ... written by starfish57
Malcolm seem to pick up nicely. He felt I will get my business of the ground by April, no later than May. And I new guy in May. We will see. " ... written by BFM
thank you! i needed that talk i appreciate it! " ... written by mio
wonderful!!" ... written by timag
Love Malcolm! He's so warm and understanding. Always makes me see sense and reason and paths ahead. Thank you!" ... written by Me
always straightforward and an amazing connection. thank you" ... written by nick
Excellent reading as usual. Always positive and gives me a better perspective of my life. " ... written by Barbarosa
Thank you for your guidance Malcolm! It's much much appreciated!! " ... written by Lost
how excellent, nailed it on the head! thanks a million Malcolm!" ... written by bcqt555
Awesome, encouraging man, 5 stars." ... written by Loni
Thank you so much. :) He was very honest and kind with me. Thank you Malcolm :) You are amazing :) " ... written by magiccherry
This was my first reading and it was terrific! It was incredibly reassuring and enlivening for a big step I'm about to take, with a lot of hopeful expectation! Thank you so much." ... written by Champers11
Absolutely right in every word! A great personality and wonderful reader. Thank you Malcolm, you made my day precious!!!" ... written by marxis79
wow many thanks that was fantastic you made me cry to know that all good things come to us n u made me very positive for the time to come much love and thanks talk soon to let you know how thing are going xx" ... written by rosie