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I was born in Peru, I have been working as a clairvoyant for 18 years, and been tested in E.S.P. (extra Sensorial Perception).And was told I possess 3 faculties: CLAIRVOYANCE (clear seeing); CLAIRSENSE (feeling and sensing); and CLAIRAUDIENCE (hearing words). ISince a very early age maybe 6 years old I remember question the meaning of life and wanting to know about God, I used to go on my own to the beach, which was 2 minutes from my home and look the inmensity of the sea, and feel the wind , and birds flying free and felt connected with an amazing energy that was overpowering and me and this energy were one and was coming direct into my heart and I knew then That was God, difficult to describe with words, then I saw a vision of myself like a bean of light coming into earth and incarnate into in a being, then I saw myself as a grown up person with other people, not many maybe 12 or 20, we were dressed in white like tunics in a world difficult to describe were buildings were made of huge clear crystals and we had a plan to build a perfect world, we could communicate telepathically, the place had a natural light, but something went wrong, some in our group had disagreements and want it something different and the plan didn’t go ahead, next I saw myself as an old man and exiling myself in a island and a feeling of sadness and disappointment of humankind, I could never forget that vision because was so clear, was like watching a movie. Since then I always had visions, where I can see people’s lives in front of me, just looking at a person I could see past, present and future and thought forms in the future of several possibilities, depending what possibility they choose, and see previous past lives and records of their souls and challenges that they will have to experience in this life form, with time I discovered that I could look into peoples bodies and x-ray them and see if there is an illness developing or a virus or problems with heart, bladder, thyroid etc. and suggest to see a doctor.
I always accepted my inner vision and felt quite confortable with it, I never questioned, I thought was quite natural to be like that. I was very fortunate to grow up in an environment of metaphysics and spiritually, my father was an economist by profession , but he had many years of learning esoteric studies and metaphysics, as well as parapsychology and was encouraged to read books of that matter and got me into do different levels of yoga and meditation since the age of 12, as he will practise the same and we could talk freely about these subjects of the paranormal. I had a close auntie that was a well known clairvoyant in Peru, a trans-medium and a healer, because of her influence and the connection we had together, I was allowed to come to her group of paranormal studies and be an observant, I could not participate due to my age that was 15 and lack of experience but I was very fortunate to be guided by them, they were all very experience people, they help me and nurtured my skills and learned so many things, as astral traveling, seeing into the third eye and see past lives and taught me not to be scared of my gifts and respect spiritual rules. I witness many times trans-medium and amazing healings done by this group, in which I am very grateful and honour.

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