About thevayutiger

Psychic thevayutigerhas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic thevayutigerhas recently helped 1754members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about thevayutiger's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Authentic and Earnest Reader

I am Vayu Tiger and I am here to assist you with admonitions as a spirit coach, reader, and as a professional. I have been a top tier reader for 4 years on Oranum, therefore do not miss out on a chance for the most authentic and practical readings today. As a spiritual coach you will get the most of every piece of information divulged. My personal maxims to serve you are patience, moderation, temperance, and apprehension of your situation I will help you through your personal situation with my expertise.

I. Common Reading Topics Covered

1. Relationships
2. Love
3. Career
4. Business
5. Employment

II. Methods of Divination

1. Tarot
2. Numerology
3. Astrology
4. Intuition

III. Free Chat Rules

1. I do not do one cards or answer questions, unless a demo is present.
2. Irascrible and insolent behaviour is not tolerated.
3. Respect your peers and friends in the room.
4. Assigned moderators will be present and they will be written below.
5. Topics will be chosen for the room in free chat, and other topics synonymous with them by Vayu Tiger.
6. Any behaviour harmful will lead to being banned from the room for the infraction.
7. Have a wonderful time and respect the rules of the room.

IV. Qualifications

1. Psychic of the Week Award in July of 2013
2. Certified Hypnotist from HMI
3. Author of two Metaphysical Books
4. Expert in Magick, Tarot, and Metaphysics

V. Moderators

Tiger is really good, always nice , honest and generous. I wish i had more funds. Ill definitely come back for more readings. " ... written by missmel2011
Great reading, very accurate! I will definitely be coming back." ... written by conciliatory
Wonderful caring person ! Precise reading !" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Pretty cool guy..." ... written by Lifeg0eson
Always so caring and sweet. He went in depth to really look at all of the different directions that were possible for me to take, and what the outcomes of each were. He knew my situation without me telling him a thing. Great reader. I will deff see him again!" ... written by AbbieMae
Great reader fast honest, awesome i will be back once again.." ... written by new
thevayutiger is so awesome, he is so real and honest, he dont sugarcoat anything and he seems so understanding, more like talking to a friend, gonna be back again for sure, highly reccomend," ... written by darkangel1992
Wow! I am extremely pleased with this reading. This has to be one of my best readings on Oranum!!!!! He was accurate about my current problems,gave insight on my future and also gave advice and caution on what to look out for in the future! He is young but incredibly wise and gifted! " ... written by SeperateSocks
Excellent reading! Nailed my bf as if he knew the guy already! Confirmed a lot of things for me, and I look forward to watching his predictions unfold. Very nice guy, and with whom to get along! I really like him! Definitely will come back! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
What a great insightful reading, very accurate, very nice and caring person, lots of positive energy, will definitely be back , thank you again!" ... written by missdeane
As always very clear, to the point and an awesome upbeat personality. I recommend him a lot to friends and even strangers. :)" ... written by Storm_Wisp
Tiger. So generous and lovely. Respectful to all. Great reading, it made a lot of sense. You figured it out really quickly. Hope to read with you again soon, V" ... written by necklace15
Amazing and very helpful reading. THEVAYUTIGER is a real phychic. He knows what`s going on and what will be. I`m impressed!!!" ... written by Ladyinred3
One of the TOP PSYCHICS on ORANUM...This fella is dead on ...THEVAYUTIGER! " ... written by volume1
TheVayutiger is an Excellent reader Five star reader. He is very specific and is able to connect very well and to the point. He was able to pick up on specific things going on in my life and share alot of insight on it. He doesn't sugar coat things, but tell you what you can do to help your situation. He even give time frame so you know when something going to happen. I would highly recommend getting a reading with him, he is very good and insightful. Impressive. Ty TheVayutiger" ... written by Tanny6
excellent reader made me understand a true blessing.... =)" ... written by greatguy27
Thank you so much for great informative reading. It has helped me alot to see what i need to focus on with some other great advice. I will be back sometime soon." ... written by johnnydeppfan
I got some bad news but I rather get the truth than to have someone sugarcoat me. Oh well left to see what is gonna happen" ... written by loverpants
Thank u great reading:)" ... written by qndiva
He is real deal, you all members have to try this guy he is the best give you all insightful reading, very caring person, love to talk to him again." ... written by TUSHAN
This guy got right into the situation. can only be amazed. xD Thank you much. Will come back when needed." ... written by BrokenJakk
The best relationship reading I've ever had. Tiger is kind, insightful and has his own unique approach to the cards. He is confident in his predictions and straight to the point. Highly recommended!" ... written by tangerinedream
This guy is are going to love him. Thank you so much." ... written by Bolley
Honest and straight. Doesn't waste time. Has made a good prediction, I'll come and let him know for sure. " ... written by missmel2011
Really good reader. My second reading. He was very honest." ... written by missmel2011
This guy is are going to love him. Thank you so much." ... written by Bolley
Very insightful and helpful. Picked up easily on things, I feel a little better now." ... written by Starliteny
honest and kind, highly reccommend" ... written by dmichaels
He's very good. He saw into the person and situation and was open and honest with me. " ... written by dianalj
Thevayutiger is great!!!!!!!!!!! He hit the nail right on the head. Very personable and did not suger coat or tell me what I want to hear well the outcome was good but thats because thats whats actually going to happen but he did tell me I was not wrong because in this situation I 4 sure was and he was blunt about it. He told me thing about my partner that I myself had only found out about just today right before the reading and other things that I didnt. If you want a rel and honest reading with a very caring and trustworthy advisor he is the guy to ask. I will be back again and will pop in to free chats with him again as well. You wont regret talking with him I promise that. :)" ... written by kass83
Very thorough - will go the extra mile :) Insightful and Intuitive Compassionate reader :) " ... written by LauraLyne
He was absolutely nice and caring! I loved the reading! Thank you!" ... written by Dina
Fantastic. Fast, quick, on the money and very cerebral. Excellent psychic and guidance. Highly recommended." ... written by Mclaughlintravis
wonderful" ... written by punkinpie1201
he ws very quick and answered my questions and im hopeful things will play out " ... written by julznycles
Wow. Very honest and doesn't beat around the bush. Definitely made me see the situation with new eyes. :)" ... written by F
Had to get another session in. He gave the perfect advice and saw my situation as it truly was. True abilities and a true psychic." ... written by Mclaughlintravis
Very interesting reading!" ... written by lucy29
saw directly right into our relationship and feelings. felt like he knew it all. amazing. a really good reading" ... written by emotions
Very accurate, focus and alert. He's who I'll recommend." ... written by OOOXXXOOO
Very good reader! Gave me a lot to think about and how to prepare for what's going to happen. I think I know what to do now. I like him a lot! Highly recommend! :D" ... written by wing-mei
great!" ... written by girlytomboy3665
Great guy, funny, and very smart. Great energy and good advice." ... written by Tupac23
WOW. Amazing reading, he told me every aspect of my life to the point I hardly had to ask any questions he covered it all. Very nice, very helpful. I strongly suggest you use Vayutiger-just amazing! " ... written by youcantaffordme
I thought he was very compassionate, insightful and detailed,about my situation well done tiger ill be back" ... written by scarlette
Excellent could read my situation clearly." ... written by serena21
He is great and has a natural way of picking up things. Whenever I am in the dark, Tiger's advice always helps guide me in the right direction and I am very grateful for that. Highly recommended!!!" ... written by Travis McLaughlin
Very helpful thank you so much :) " ... written by AquariSun
Wow another great reading tiger. I was so scared about something, tiger calmed me down. He did a love reading for me, explained each card. Tiger wont bullshit you, he tells you what he sees in the card. Coming for another reading soon tiger prince. " ... written by missmel2011
Very impressive and accurate... !!!!! great person very comprehensive and straight to the point!!! very nice experience! " ... written by AnaForero
It was really accurate, I ran out of questions because he was so fast and on point, Highly recommend him :)" ... written by AmericanHoney
He described the person I asked about to a tee. He even gave me a timeline as to when certain things will happen for me as well as a physical description of this person. I gained some of the clarity that I had been looking for in regards to this person in my life. Thank you Tiger for doing this for me." ... written by bluedevilsd531
hello plp this is the one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by loveme28
He was excellent. Gave all sorts of details. I will be back." ... written by LadyinaMillion
He is great in his chatroom, very respectful to everyone, and does great quick connection readings. Very personable. His reading was great - he tuned into where I think things are heading too. He's very intuitive and loves the way he uses the cards. I recommend! " ... written by necklace15
wow.. am very impressed.. he was so thro and friendly, answered all my questions.. he is a very genuine person... accuraccy is most important and he was able to give me just that... u should so try him he is worth every cent... def coming back..." ... written by lindy6
Always gives me clarity!! wonderful" ... written by punkinpie1201
amazing amazing amazing. he provided me with many solutions and showed me many sides of my situation. he also has a wonderful personality." ... written by iwatchthesunrise
This young man is a real and true empath. Moreover, he is passionate about what he does and your reading. I felt like I came out of this private session with knowledge, peace, serenity and humility." ... written by milona
he was very real and had everything down to the t about the my questions. I am looking forward to coming back for another consultation. He was very honest and really good with the cards. And he nailed the person I was asking about." ... written by Kesmar
He was actually really helpful. He catered to my needs because i hardly had any credits xD. Fastest reading ever-in one minute! I recommend him! He is so polite and calm." ... written by rand0m4
1st reading. thanks!! will continue to visit u" ... written by JackieB66
Right on target! WOW!" ... written by Starliteny
He was very clear and informative. I would recommend him to anyone. His reading was very helpful." ... written by mira88
He is so to the point and accurate it is a great pleasure to speak to him. He is a 5 star reader. " ... written by murdocca
He is the BEST i cried i laughed so so so great thank you.thank you...!!!!!" ... written by sexy962
Very good read highly recommended !" ... written by vc1976
That was great he was on put with everything!" ... written by qwenman
Very good reading, gave me new insight." ... written by Starliteny
Very good reader. I liked the tarot session with him." ... written by Rudolph
His readings are always great and right on..I enjoy him truly THANK YOU!!!!!" ... written by sexy962
OMG he was spot on with my situation!!! :) thank you so so so much you made me feel SO much better!! GET A READING WITH THIS GUY!! HE IS INCREDIBLE!!! can't thank you enough tiger :) xx " ... written by Sharna100
excellent ..will come again :) " ... written by krystalxxtips
Thank you Robert.. such an intuitive ,, old soul .. for one so young .. it is evident that you have studied your craft well ... I realize this is a God given talent first and for most... and you demonstrate it so confidently.. and with ease... you are the consumate gentleman... and professional.... this will get you far with Oranum... I have never had anyone pull so many cards before.. . .and this made this reading so much more are quick .. and direct... you don,t sugar coat the information.... he let the cards fall where they may.... and this brings true clarity to the reading.... ty so much and I will let you know the outcome of this reading... Brenda " ... written by bberney
Had a great reading, gave me a lot of info which i was not aware of, andamp;amp; I will watch andamp;amp; see how things go ! I do recommend to give him a try. I will be back again. 50 stars!!" ... written by queenbee22
Great reading, gave me alot of hope!" ... written by Starliteny
Great reading again, gives good advice, helps put things in perspective!" ... written by Starliteny
wow, tiger you lefted me speechless - thanks so much... i am sorry, i ran out of credit in the middel of our conversation, definitely gotta get more!" ... written by chakima
Awesome as usual" ... written by youcantaffordme
very good..............." ... written by emeraldgal
He was really helpful.Very positive but really looked at things that were happening to me and gave me the encouragement i needed to persevere with the path i am on. Spot on geezer" ... written by spreadthelove
loved him xx" ... written by gookstars
Ill come back for a reading tiger, sorry i had limited fund today." ... written by missmel2011
He was right on point during a free chat when he pulled a card for me...I had to take advantage of his holiday special and get a private reading, and again he was right on point...wonderful man to talk with...I can think much clearer and positive now..." ... written by AAstyleU
Always great!" ... written by necklace15
Great reader and friend! Nice to talk to, and helps put things in perspective. " ... written by Starliteny
He was amazing and made a lot of sense! Reassured what I felt." ... written by Lourdy
This guy is great and honest, funny and right to the point , thank you! I will be back merry Christmas!" ... written by new
Helpful as Always!" ... written by Starliteny
Oh no ran out of fund tiger. i wish i could have an hour reading with you. Thank you for your help. Talk to you soon tiger." ... written by missmel2011
Vey good very quick to the point. Picked up on the situation and gave great insight. Will be back :-)" ... written by Deme
He was able to immediately tune in to what is bothering me and described my situation accurately. He gave me some advice on how to proceed and gave a time frame to better approach the problem. Thanks THEVAYUTIGER, i will be back!" ... written by ceffie
Very great reader !5 stars" ... written by SG
Great advice, wonderful reading." ... written by Libertas
AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING the best one yet so kind and sweet and very spot on I just loved the reading and will be back again and again xxoo" ... written by crystalblueeyes
This man is great very truthful and right on" ... written by lovinglifalone
A very great and insightfull reading!" ... written by gchiker
amazing amazing amazing. Loved Him!!! will always come back to him. Was honest and clear!!!!!" ... written by K-Renee
Tiger ill contact you soon. Thanks for your honesty. cheers" ... written by missmel2011
Great reading lets wait on predictions.." ... written by brownsuga5964
He is AMAZINGGG! andamp;lt;3 Wonderful reading, wonderful advice and very understanding. I will be back. (:" ... written by lilmaemae
Brilliant reading and advice. I'll be back" ... written by matthew012374
i love tiger straight and to the point!!!!!! i will be back :) thank u a god bless tiger" ... written by michele
right on, very good, no messing around. highly recommend!" ... written by scadoodle
very helpful reading, will take the advice givin and apply it. all of my questions were answered without a doubt. THANK YOU!!!" ... written by kaymorr
This guys so good, i love him, hes fast, hes incredibly CUTE lol. ill wait for all his predictions to come true." ... written by stebella009
Second reading was very consistent and detailed. Really enjoy Tiger's readings. " ... written by dstufra1
AMAZING" ... written by tivabeth22
It was good" ... written by nae1
Very good reading. He definitely sees the situation as it is and is very honest." ... written by dianalj
Picks up on things well and gives great advice!" ... written by Starliteny
Hes awesome! " ... written by Lourdy
Great, very accurate and practical, he helps me a lot." ... written by mike
Very encouraging reading, thanks!" ... written by Starliteny
Very accurate insight into the situations I am currently facing. Straightforward and to the point." ... written by longingtoknow
Vayu is so honest and will tell it like it is no matter what. His gifts are genuine and it was pleasure to consult him. Highly recommended" ... written by Anonymous
Excellent reading, was right on the subject that was effecting me. I would do it again." ... written by kathleenkats
Good one!" ... written by jiafunny
Good my friend Vayu." ... written by jiafunny
Very good reading,,,, made alot of sense and he made a point about something which i already knew,, try him u wont be disappointed :)" ... written by f99
THANK YOU-.." ... written by Gaby11
Short and sweet as my credits were low! But spot on with picking up on the specific situation i wanted to discuss! will definitely be back! " ... written by gr33kgirl
Nice reading...always friendly and helpful....." ... written by dstufra1
Very sweet and helpful.....nice energy!! " ... written by unity4me2
He is such a gifted reader i love every reading i have with tiger he is accurate and see things clearly and helps u make the right choices. He is a top reader." ... written by murdocca
Amazing.. I tell you every thing that he was amazing.. I have never seen someone pick up as much as he did.. " ... written by Pickles0115
I have never seen someone pick up so much.. He was amazing everything he said about my dad was true and I didn't have to tell him... he picked on everything.. Great Guy" ... written by Pickles0115
Always a calming force.....great guy" ... written by dstufra1
Very good, calm and relaxed atmosphere " ... written by Sousanna
Thank you for your reading. You answered all my questions quickly and picked up on my situation. Thank you and I look forward to the future. " ... written by greekgoddess71
Very nice and helpful and right on the mark!" ... written by piscesmoonshine
Awesome, cant say enough good things about him!! Wonderful reader!! Will be back for more, highly recommend him!! xoxo " ... written by Lindsey30
He is very kind and accurate. He tries to find solutions to your problems and different ways to think of them. Great reader!" ... written by thedawnofanew
He cleared up a lot of things that I was confused about. Thank You Tiger." ... written by gatorsd531
He is a really nice person and helped me well with good advice! He's accurate and well worth going into private with! Thanks a lot :))" ... written by Jodyleelee
Excellent!" ... written by fretan
Always on point also had a demo the other day.... amazing fast and accurate" ... written by sarahjoyce83
Very good! Enjoy his ability to explain" ... written by quaz61
Thank you hun ! I will keep you updated as well." ... written by SissyBlue
Good reading and very thoughtful and helpful!" ... written by nahvii2010
Vayutiger knows his cards! All I can say is that I've gotten readings from him months ago and he was right, even though it wasn't something I wanted to hear. Came back to update him and got another great reading." ... written by florwer85
Wonderful insight, to the point and I'm excited to see the results of my reading come to fruition. Highly recommended!" ... written by sandralamar
Thank you for confirming my intuition. :)" ... written by stargazer7
Highly recommended!! Very accurate with feelings and outcomes. He makes me know my life is good!" ... written by sandralamar
He is so friendly and lovely to talk to. he is thevayutiger is very quick, so you get your money's worth and was able to guess almost my entire birth chart just from talking to me. No birth information :-) Brilliant. Will be back!" ... written by random_diamond
Terrific reader like always... to the point... efficient and fast and doesnt waste a lot of time... great advice" ... written by sarahjoyce83
Very nice, I love him, very accurate, helped me a lot, go to him for anything he will help you trust me! :))))))" ... written by Dphsgo93
Very positive reading uplifting to my negatives in my life. right on with the reading. " ... written by Bellyrox
Great reader that picked up on our situation immediately. Very compassionate yet practical reader that keeps you thinking in the best direction for you. Thanks so much...I will be back xoxo" ... written by Freespirit02
Go private with him. You will be amazed!!!" ... written by GalTaurus
Great info, very pleasant thank you so much for your input, will watch for new beginning..." ... written by queenbee22
Confirmed what I already believed, I feel safe hearing it from vayu tiger, who has also helped me a lot with career advice in the past. Please do remember me in your prayers dear! " ... written by random_diamond
As always, Vayutiger is not only very accurate, but very caring and a good friend!" ... written by Starliteny
Thank you - you were very accurate and helpful. You read something that was in fact on my mind that I didn't ask, and I appreciate your guidance with it. I also appreciate your empathy. You are extremely empathetic. I recommend to others highly." ... written by unknown
Awesome, awesome reading I was in awe of all the things he had to say. Highly recommended." ... written by Alexsheart
He hit the nail on the head.... i allready knew my answers and he got em right haha" ... written by jamesdurham20
Great reading. Very detailed. He picked up on my situation quickly and was able to give me sound guidance and a timeline for some future events. I definitely recommend him." ... written by LaurenNicole15
Want an amazing reading so right on so helpful.... honest and open " ... written by Lawanna
Ur truly amazing, soft hearted, very kind I thank you for all your help!" ... written by samanthabaybee21
I loved my private with him." ... written by beautifulheart10
He is a great friend, and is always steering me in the right direction! " ... written by Starliteny
What can I say? He's very good at what he does. He's nice, he's timely and very accurate! He's given me hope and I can't wait to report back with all the positive outcomes." ... written by ehall88
Tiger's always great, thank you :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
Very insightful!" ... written by jaykun
Awesome reading, very accurate :)" ... written by kirsty23
You earned your 5 stars, you are great...." ... written by SaintlyCat123
Well done!!!" ... written by LeslieKay
HE'S GREAT! 10 Stars" ... written by :)
Thanks again for your guidance!" ... written by Starliteny
My reading was great! Beyond great! He helped me to the point of tears, without saying too much! And he was very accurate and precise. Thank you! I will definitely be back! Smooches!" ... written by curtilia
He's a tiger...he read my situation right off...went beyond the current state and advise on next steps, which were wise steps for me to reckon with. I appreciate his wisdom and guidance. I will keep you posted." ... written by JacquiD
I only had time for three questions with him but I like him as usual because he usually been correct in his predictions. " ... written by Katja87
5 STARS!" ... written by :)
Great adviser and friend!" ... written by Starliteny
Had a great reading and highly informative." ... written by donna320
Very good...sweet soul...I highly recommend him!" ... written by TaylorZane
He is very true and clear to the point, my favourite! Always guaranteed an honest reading! :) Thanks" ... written by emotions
Friendly, honest and insightful." ... written by bunnah
He SO pinned the situation and the people involved. Can't believe how accurate he is/was! And saying he's AWESOME just doesn't do justice. I highly recommend him!" ... written by FaithGarrett
Great reading! Very helpful advice." ... written by bizzybbest
Awesome reading and gave me great tools for coping. :)" ... written by bunnah
He recognized me as a mystic and straight to the point. " ... written by noirsolaris
Gave me an awesome reading, this was my first time here and he hit everything with me right on... I'm in shock right now..." ... written by femmes0fatale
As ALWAYS he is/was right on key/point. I am DEFINITELY going to keep coming to him. Thank you for the/your clarity! :)" ... written by FaithGarrett
Very perceptive and got right to the point. Led into the reading very well and got me hooked immediately. Picked up on a lot of energy that is stirring around. Thanks for the reading dude!" ... written by Jason Matthews
He saw a change in my current situation, and gave me hope again!" ... written by Starliteny
He should be called the AWESOMEVayuTiger! :) Once again he was spot on. If you want spot on answers and results I highly recommend getting a reading from him. :)" ... written by FaithGarrett
Wonderful reader!! I didn't have to tell him anything he just knew everything about me! Great guy and very understanding. One of the best readings I've had on Oranum so far." ... written by Chloe28
This psychic is amazing. He really gave me a very thorough reading, and got very in depth, even helping me clear a certain situation. Thank you very much! I will be back, for sure. :-)" ... written by lesoirdeorleans
YOU ARE THE BEST." ... written by ESMERALDA091608
I truly appreciated his honesty and insight into my current situation. Very good advice on how to go about improving my current concern. I highly recommend a reading with TheVayuTiger. " ... written by hazedpurplemoon
He is very nice and helpful! I feel like I talked to a friend who really cared. Give him a try - you will not regret! ~~~~ hugs ~~~~" ... written by hugs2020
Thank you." ... written by friendly22
I thought his reading was thought provoking and insightful. He gave clear advice and was very knowledgeable on the meanings of the cards. Very Good reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by DrThomas72
TheVayuTiger gave methe truth. Even though it hurts me deeply concerning my situation. I now have the clairty, I needed. He really cares for others Thank you VayuTiger. ***** " ... written by hazedpurplemoon
Got a fresh update it's time to move on thx you!!" ... written by queenbee22
I enjoyed his reading. Hopefully his prediction will come true. I will let thevayutiger know if he meet this person, Thanks for the help......" ... written by luckymiki28
Great reading thank you " ... written by beautifuldonna07
He is SUCH a rock star! :) VERY detailed and precise. I am going to continue using him. :)" ... written by FaithGarrett
Went out of his way to help me :) appreciate that" ... written by bella911912
Another good reading. Thanks!" ... written by nahvii2010
Very kind pick up on my situation..ty for helping me out hope things turn out for the better " ... written by BESTGIFT32
Very helpful, thanks a lot!" ... written by Muscleman36
As always an awesome reading and session... :-) Thank you so much for your help! :-) Will definitely be coming back..." ... written by lesoirdeorleans
Thanks for your help Tiger!" ... written by Starliteny
Thank you for the great reading. Confirmed my thoughts." ... written by Charlie0605
Amazing as always! Thank you! :-) " ... written by lesoirdeorleans
Tiger is so helpful! He really helped me see what I did wasn't right, and how to make it better! I am so glad I got to meet with him. It is really worth it :)" ... written by dustydarkness
Tiger helped me so much in solving my problems and relieving the stress in a situation I was in. Thank you so much! I feel so much better after the session with you." ... written by Alyzania
Very very very good :) helped me alot " ... written by Emily2006
The reading was great answered what i needed to know thank you again" ... written by ronnie12398
He is very calm and understand and sweet. I'm glad to have connected with him. I will be back for more readings." ... written by aadizooke
That was very helpful. Thank you Tiger. Thank you for your guidance. " ... written by Charlie0605
Good reading. He was quick and detailed. Very nice guy as well. " ... written by norabaun4
Loved your energy! It was a pleasure 2 meet someone like you :) Keep the good work andamp; the positive attitude! " ... written by Patry1976
Great guy and very informative." ... written by donna320
Very positive and helpful! He connected with me right away! He is genuine! " ... written by michelle128
He made me feel so much better bout my situation will talk to him again recomend him to anyone" ... written by 16539emma123
Thanks for your help Tiger!" ... written by Starliteny
Great could have been longer." ... written by kelleess
Right on target." ... written by sandiruss
Amazing, life changing." ... written by chanelle4rill
Just wish I had more credit." ... written by tes1368
Great reading, fast and accurate. " ... written by smithchrissy
He is amazing---teaches you instead of doing it for you---" ... written by Vandwnbthervr
Vayutiger read me very well. He was spot on about so many things in my life. I feel understood, completely. My session was amazing. Thank you." ... written by Faiyde
Thevayutiger is quck, friendly, talkative, and informative. He picked up on my personality and gives great advice. Would recommend to others and will use again in the future!" ... written by cruz9131
Great reading. Answer my question very well." ... written by jints84
Very happy with the reading. Thank you soo soo much!" ... written by J66
Good reading will persue." ... written by Kaly2012
Great help and feeling a lot better :)" ... written by AlanaWicks
Was really accurate and understood my whole situation...thank you for your guidance and advice tiger, truly appreciate it.." ... written by Maiden14
Had energy reading gave great insight on my issues.. its Been Great thx u" ... written by queenbee22
He was a good guide shows u where u need to be before u jump into what u want hes a good guy very good" ... written by mawiaud
Has a great deal of respect and a large heart, he is very caring and willing to help always :)" ... written by backtomyheart
He has helped and gave Me some guidance as what I should do, thank you." ... written by miny39
Very good guy, excellent work " ... written by DorianGray666
I came here keeping fingers crossed, knowing I may hear what I dont want to but it wasnt that bad. ACCURATE AND PHEWW!!!!!! BLUNT TRUTH. That I was ready to hear - AWESOME READING!" ... written by beautifulmoi
Excellent knowledge and a great teacher" ... written by Franktexas
Great reading, thanks." ... written by Bojan99
Awsome Reading! Dead On EVERYTHING!!! I am definalty coming back!" ... written by misssq
Thank you Tiger. It was really great to have the follow up. It has confirmed what I was feeling. Will be back!" ... written by Charlie0605
Hi..thankyou for your advice...i would have liked more time with you as i feel a connection between us..I cd also feel that you were really able to tune into me..perhaps it is to do with our past histories..i think i will need to come back for more! tku sarah" ... written by Highpriestess012
Quick to connect, picked up well on person concerned. Thank you" ... written by zebedeee39
Thank you." ... written by from_8mile
Thank you for your help." ... written by butterflykuiui
Thank you Tiger, you were right on with the cards you drew for me. I am hoping things work out with both work and love as discussed. I will let you know." ... written by keg333
I think he was good.. Although I did get quite frustrated by having to type so much.. kind of wanted him to tune in and flow with it more.. But I did feel he was giving good advice..Just too much going on for me." ... written by clairejane33
Great reading! put me back on track :) chat soon" ... written by pollycorn
Tiger is the BEST thanks again tiger :)" ... written by sexy962
Always great insight, thank you! :-)" ... written by lesoirdeorleans
Vayu provided me with insight on a relationship, my own personality, and hers. Helpful." ... written by epsylonic
Very good! His reading was spot on and not only did he give me my reading and answer the questions that have been bothering me, but he gave me great advice and counseling. I'll be coming back to talk with him more : )" ... written by Strawberrygel15
Thank you for the direct and honest reading :) Offered great advice " ... written by Summaluv8
Hes very understanding, and helped explain a lot of things to me, in a way I could understand." ... written by alysha_L_1993
Very Helpful! Thank you kindly!" ... written by meohmy7
Right to the point. Great advice quick on the draw and tunes right in." ... written by TT1225
As always, great insight and help! Thank you and blessings... :-) " ... written by lesoirdeorleans
Excellent, connected immediately with situation. Will return." ... written by Flowers2012
We travel along the plane of this earth and BANG, thevayutiger will excite you with the energy.Gods Energy." ... written by volume1
Amazing insight as always...and thank you for the help!!! :-) Blessings..." ... written by lesoirdeorleans
He is very intuitive and genuine, Highly recommended." ... written by Gyppsy
He is very intuitive and genuine. Highly recommended.Thank you for your advice! :)" ... written by Gyppsy
Was on point with the question i asked and gave great advice on how to deal with the situation. I would def come here again." ... written by beth48
He was on point with my reading. Very positive. I enjoyed it. =)" ... written by candy2103
I was very satisfied with my reading and will go back to him again." ... written by hisbaby1967
Great reading and very understanding and connected to my situation. I really wish I had more time to delve into the situation further because he was so in tune with everything that was happening. Thanks for everything and helping me understand what I need to do to improve my own happiness. " ... written by Pixie73
Great reading." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very nice and right on with everything. I will definately be back." ... written by marci4hunter
Thanks so much!" ... written by spencerhusak
Try him. Very logical and indepth" ... written by librabeauty
Thank you for the advise. I am sure i will be able to use the skills you showed me in the reading...Very intuitive and nice person" ... written by nk063011
Good reading." ... written by Abby_Z
Vayutiger, it was very awesome how accurate you were and I appreciate you going to the root of what was holding me back. I am looking forward to working with you again, the connection and honesty was priceless........... " ... written by whirl22
Very honest and good psychic...." ... written by SharingIsCaring
He is always helpful with solutions to problems, and is a good listener. Thanks for your help again!" ... written by Starliteny
I think he is on to something.." ... written by halovm
Amazing reader! Very caring and very understanding. Always accurate." ... written by Chloe28
Very on point gafve great advice!!...the pvt chat went very great!! i will be going back for more pvt chats:))" ... written by seirragdelgado91
Very reassuring in how accurate the reading was, in picking up on energies. Thank you." ... written by manycycles101
Thevayutiger is incredible! He helped me so much, and taught me alot of things. Things I needed to learn about myself, along with any questions I had he answered them right on the money! Hes so smart, great to talk too and Im glad I choose to go private with him. Indefinitely! I know what I need to do now, and I know what to expect. Thank you Vayutiger, you were exactly what I needed! Your the best! " ... written by kkaayy1
Had to come for an update after previous reading. He's very accurate with his messages." ... written by Alexsheart
Nice guy. He does what he can to make you feel better about a situation and is very realistic. " ... written by oneteacher
Another great reading :) Thanks again." ... written by emotions
He was, as always, right on and truthful. Thanks :)" ... written by emotions
Always awesome! I've consulted the vayutiger a few times now. Always spot on and real. He let's you know what you need to know and is always the upmost professional. When he needs to tell you something that you need to hear, he does (whether you like it or not). Willing to answer questions on how to follow up on the bad news, and has an infinite wisdom of guidance in the worst possible situations. I not only recommend a visit with the vayutiger, you should make it a quarterly necessity." ... written by MissCB7
Thanks for the advice, wonderful reading as usual! Will be back!" ... written by jaykun
Thank you tiger. :) always know how to help and make things better! " ... written by Jodyleelee
He read my energy and had great feedback considering there was so much he didnt know before the reading and after he felt like a friend." ... written by compassionatSol
Accurate and clear reading." ... written by qbcstar
Thanks for the advice, read my energy very well, I'm impressed" ... written by john0907
Accurate and picked up on things!" ... written by Proof_Of_You33
Vayu is real. He's there for you with every step of the way. Very willing to help you out when you're stuck and hurting yourself in the rut. It's because he's been through so much pain and enduring which is why he understands. I found comfort, strength and a friend in him. Thanks for everything, dear buddy. Thanks. Will keep in touch. *Love, light, smiles and blessings to you~*" ... written by kohiprinsu
Caring , awesome advice. Gave me options." ... written by sillygirl
I feel much more at ease with what I already knew had to be done. Its great to know I'm on the right path" ... written by Brandy_Marie
Had a very good connection with Thevayutiger. He is quick and picked up on this special someone very accurately. 5 Stars!!!!!" ... written by malinda2011
Thevayutiger was able to help me out and listened very intently to what was going on with my current situation and was able to connect very well with me and the person and gave me a very good reading on what can be done and what should be done. He is very calming and makes you feel at ease when in a private reading with you" ... written by PixieSakura26
Thank you tiger. I have a challenge in front of me and you have given me the courage to proceed. As for my relationship question, well I've just gotta get over myself! )))) Thank you for your kindness and compassion." ... written by pudleypaws
Fantastic reading, some great advice and has given me confidence for the next interview! I definitely recommend him for a private reading. " ... written by fishsticks25
Very Nice, Caring Person! I Will Definately Keep You Updated! " ... written by Colombian Diva
He is great! Understood exactly what was going on and gave great advice! I'll let you know what happens! thank you!" ... written by angel4885
He was really eager to help, and very spot on about some things. I want to come back again." ... written by beetlenut
Helped me out with a few issues, was a great reading. Thanks!" ... written by purduepetesgurl
Great thanks " ... written by maynardtony
He is good.... he is verrrrry verry good!!! not dissapointed one bit by this man!!!! thanks tiger!!! wow is all i can say.... thanks for the help!!" ... written by gerritmarx
He has always been a fantastic reader... and loves to help you moove forward with things... 5 stars" ... written by murdocca
He really got it right and said what was real." ... written by pink21rose
Great guy. Taps in well with vibes. he picked up on the personality of my so called mate. Great . " ... written by MrsChung1
It did help me understand my situation and gave me an insight into it very good x" ... written by haylo29
Wonderful reading, very accurate, and great advice. " ... written by smithchrissy
Helped me to help other people with his techniques " ... written by luckyone8888
Very good advice" ... written by rasaka
Very, helpful and insightful!! Thanks!" ... written by mattsmom101
Thanks tiger for your help again! Great help." ... written by Jodyleelee
Very genuine, thank you." ... written by badblood88
He makes sense!" ... written by halovm
Very impressed, I give 5 stars. He is mature beyond his years. Was very clear on describing a person of interest and the chain of events that I am looking forward to seeing happen, sooner rather than later. Nailed my son to a T and explained things I did not understand. VERY kind in explaining a situation that is not in my favor. I will definitly return. Thank you so much for your insight." ... written by Onewarmheart
Very kind and fast! He helped me so much in such a short amount of time! will come back again!" ... written by Tori1424
You are awesome and I was so surprised by your answers and readings. I was surprised by how accurate they were. Thanks alot " ... written by susanprince
Has great advice and very good readings! Let me see some hope with my future career! :)" ... written by SEV7EN66
Gosh...What to say about Vayu... He's just awesome and always out there to look after for ya. :( Always willing to help you out get through to everything. Thank you so much Vayu. :)" ... written by kohiprinsu
He is very friendly and helpful and like a long lost friend." ... written by compassionateSol
He was aswome he helped me with the questions that i have been have and makes me feel great. i give him a 5 star" ... written by mcgirl
Good advice and clear, will certainly come back, thank you very much :-)" ... written by flameoflife
Told me what I wanted to hear and what I didn't want to hear...Thank you for that!" ... written by MirrorMe
Gave some interesting solutions to an age old problem. Good life coaching skills! Very compassionate and kind. " ... written by pomegrntsunrz
Fantastic guy, really helpful, quick to connect and has a lovely personality. He picked up on my situation and helped me with it rather quickly and I'm impressed. :)" ... written by spiritessense
He is always great." ... written by nahed
Good reader felt comfortable, truthful too." ... written by bulldog10111982
Really good." ... written by Ihaveawoken
5 stars!" ... written by purduepetesgurl
Great chat with you! you helped me out a lot lately and I enjoy my pvt chats with you! thanks so much!" ... written by purduepetesgurl
This psychic is awesome! I definitely recommend him! He answered all of my questions as I hoped he would!!! :)" ... written by cb11112
It's great to know that when your in need of answers theirs always one person who will never let you down. Awesome as always. He defiantly deserves 5 stars :)" ... written by ehall88
He is definitely one of the coolest ones on here! I love talking to him and getting readings with him, he is very patient and he is great at listening and helping, he genuinely cares and wants to help people! Thanks robert!" ... written by purduepetesgurl
5 star rating....accurate and understands well. Thank u for ur predictions." ... written by deepakrishna
I was confused about something in particular and he definitely cleared it up very quickly. He has this vibe and attitude that is very welcoming. Highly recommended. " ... written by becase
Thanks for the help in clearing my mind for the days ahead." ... written by kilroy7
Very friendly, honest!" ... written by Lolabean1019
Incredibly intuitive, and very helpful with readings, cards and advice." ... written by losttrack123
Very useful advice, good attitude, useful info gave me lot to think about very supportive." ... written by oiseau67
He's excellent! That's all I'm gonna say lol" ... written by purple20
Well his predictions are unpredictable. thanks four ur guidance" ... written by deepakrishna
You Did A lot thank You. All My Worries Are Gone Now ." ... written by alexussl123
Thank you Vayu :)" ... written by kohiprinsu
Very nice reading! Quickly connected with my energy and gave great advice in regards to my career. " ... written by stevery87
Really nice person" ... written by chandragomes3
I thought you were great! Thank you! When I thought my life was getting bad, you helped me realize that things are getting turned around for the better. :)" ... written by jenniferlynn1992
Insightful!" ... written by GarnetRose21
Another wonderful private session with thevayutiger. Very amazing person, very open and down to earth and professional. Helped with all the things I needed help with and gave me some skills to use in my everyday life to help me solve things. I recommend this guy!" ... written by PixieSakura26
A very awesome reading and a lovely person. Would love to do it again" ... written by LibraryNerd
Positive, truthful, and encouraging." ... written by joyful222
This guy is awesome! He's also the nicest reader here on Oranum and still not sure why he only calls himself a tarot card reader since I feel he is psychic.Probably an intutive reader or something more.The dude is the best on here." ... written by TamaraAquarious
He's awesome, and really helped me make up my mind about a few things going on in my life at this point." ... written by FlyingCoffin
Thank you, thank you and God bless you!" ... written by tatianasmile
He was really sweet and picked up on my energies fast. Thank you so much Tiger!!! " ... written by Shortcak
Nice way about him - good energy worker." ... written by bexter101
He was very helpful and reading to arm me with the tools to overcome and fix a situation I am currently having. Thanks again look forward to talking with you again and find a solution to this situation. " ... written by luckyirish
Very informative, honest and educated as well" ... written by Illeanna
Very interesting and helped start off the process to unlock my gifts :) Would go for more private readings." ... written by BellaDecadance
I like him, I felt very connected to him and relaxed. It has been a while since I felt like I could tell someone how I realy felt instead of havinig to be the strong one all the time." ... written by janievette1
This guy is simply amazing with his knowledge of very rare and powerful magic" ... written by nostradamus2014
Thanks, your were truly amazing." ... written by anynameyouwant
Great reading! Confirmed my gut feelings... allowed me to see things again for what they are. Thanks! One of the best readers on Oranum." ... written by Flowers2012
Very right on with what I am going through in my life right now, Gave me alot of info to look forward to for my future, the good n the bad. He is always there willing to help me out, and always knows how! Thanks Alot, you made my day a whole lot better." ... written by misssq
HE'S AMAZING!!" ... written by oohamb
He listens and gives his opinions fast. doesnt waste time. confirmed my suspicion." ... written by jasonx1234
Excellent message" ... written by chrism210
My experience was pretty decent. It helped me realize I should speak my mind and not to hold back as much as I do." ... written by faceer616
My second reading with him was very helpful. He really knows how to give you clarity and make you feel better. Highly recommended." ... written by LibraryNerd
Great personality....kind and considerate....good advisor...god bless" ... written by dicksonrobert
Adorable, positive, and tons of fun. " ... written by starlight8353
His last two predictions came true ! lol :) im waiting for the next one" ... written by purple20
You are really good u made me feel so much better" ... written by shawnn101
Awesome! quick! patient! ;)" ... written by gittyup1945
Clarity " ... written by kalimaya
So this was my first cleansing and WOW did I feel great afterwards! Seriously Im not going to lie I was little nervous going into it because I wasnt exactly sure how a cleansing worked or even IF it worked but thevayutiger completely changed my mindset. Immediately after the chant I felt like this weight had been lifted off my chest and felt happier and revived! It was a great experience and Im so glad I did it! Thevayutiger even gave me tips and advice on how to do my own cleansings and keep out negative energy. I would definitely come back for another cleansing!! " ... written by cicilyw
5 Stars *****!!! He is very Honest and Positive. I will see him again. " ... written by Ellie11
Yes hes said about what I expected. I am still a little unsure but hope things go ok.Very pleasent reader." ... written by Polly3561
Excellent! Need I say more;)" ... written by gittyup1945
Robert was divine and quick with my reading." ... written by jenfitz
He was very nice we will have to see what happens." ... written by Deligirl96
He was right on target!! made me feel great and gave me insight that I have not been told before. I feel so much better and will follow his guidance! Thank you!!" ... written by Yoda1520
Great guy. I like the advice and will consider it seriously. " ... written by Mufaro
Really good!!!! gets really into it and really love his opinioins!" ... written by vineir08
Another eye opening reading from thevayutiger, very good with the self help as well as my issue. Will recommend him to anyone" ... written by PixieSakura26
It was good, very helpful in a lot of ways" ... written by mont21889
Easy going guy. Great advice. Well recommended." ... written by Mufaro
AMAZING! Tiger actually guided me to opening and using my gifts more. I was so surprised and just so impressed. Thank you so much for helping me with my abilities and I will be coming back for more practice and private readings with you. :D" ... written by BellaDecadance
He is great very concerned about you as a person 5 stars!!!!!!" ... written by dominquez1
Thank you you made so much sense. I will take what you have said and i will make this work. The fire in my belly is burning. thank you once again" ... written by enchantedlove
Thank you! Very good reading!!" ... written by buffymonet16
Great reading, helped a lot. Definitely recommend him!" ... written by rachelise93
Great" ... written by godess01
Thank you, clear reader. Honest and professional." ... written by Zaya21
It was interesting." ... written by shaz77
Thevayutiger is very good,one of the best rated on oranum " ... written by volume1
You're like a very smart and caring younger brother. Thank you so much" ... written by katie46
I really recommend him!.... Excellent reading ..... You wont be disappointed!" ... written by eli2009
Wonderful reading, straight to the point." ... written by tammie1974
Thanks, your reading was very helpful!" ... written by sweetbu51
Always caring, and great to work with!" ... written by Lolabean1019
Brilliant reading, in depth, long. Picked up on all my issues we made a battle plan. Couldn't have asked for more, highly reccomended." ... written by beccixy
He was really good. He gave me a lot of information and I will certainly be back in the future." ... written by beetlenut
Good reading, will try some of his tactics!" ... written by camizzle77
Very impressed - gave thorough insight to the situation from what we discussed. We'll hope everything works out!" ... written by IndigoStars
Were great on the money thanks again chat w / ya again " ... written by susieq37
Encouraging" ... written by starlace
Awesome!" ... written by kadijatukanu
Very good energies and very honest " ... written by deliliah15
Wow!! I would need to come back and update him with his reading. Will be back for more. Thank you" ... written by sharona315
THEVAYUTIGER is a GREAT READER was right to the point and able to understand and one of the most insightful psychics I've ever meet. Thank you so much for your time." ... written by themightyzorgon
Really great reader. To the point. We will see if predictions come true. I would definitely try him out." ... written by dmbertault1
He has great insight and very good listener. Has helped me deal with some important issues in my life lately. Much respect for his abilities." ... written by compassionateSol
I found thevayutiger to be very perseptive and easy to talk to. He picked up on several things going on in my life and answered one of my questions that has been worrying me for quite some time. I enjoyed talking to him and will contact him again." ... written by TerritheSecretar
I cannot begin to tell you how spot on he was! So amazing! Thank you dear much love!" ... written by smokinat
Good!" ... written by spiritflower79
Very cool guy!" ... written by tganios
He is always so helpful!!!!!!!... I really recommend him.. It's like he knows everything you're going through.. and for me he makes me feel more relax and calm!" ... written by eli2009
I just want to thank you a lot!! It is always great talking to you... Makes me feel much better... Thank you!" ... written by eli2009
Thanks for the reading... " ... written by shikins
One of oranums best... warriors. his energy connections are top notch. Trust me and doing private chat will only open your mind more. Trust me give him a chance. Stay positive and keep away the negative. The Mystical Parias Its Darkest Before Dawn" ... written by ArchMage
Great reading! Spot on and he makes you very comfortable. Coming back definitely! " ... written by mposada
A truely amazing expereince. Thank you so much!!!!!! You have no idea how much you helped me tonight. See you again soon :)" ... written by hewla11
Hes very kind! and really willing to help anyone out... Tells you honestly what is going on not what you want to hear and hes willing to pick up on peoples energies before giving you a reading so you can know that you two really do have a connection! I'm really happy about the reading and will go back to him again :)" ... written by crscheck
Easy to talk to and had good ideas for guidance. i wish i had more time to talk and will definitely be back to talk again!" ... written by flinkerz
We done a PVT reading and he is really quick and what he says make a lot of sense :) he connects to your energy fast and he really trustworthy :) love every bit :) thank you so much for the help " ... written by santanah
AWESOME reading!!!" ... written by jvilosipeniza
Thevayutiger is a very encouraging reader. He is honest, real and a helpful person. He helped me to see what choices I have in life and no matter what I decide to do there is no wrong choices. I had an instant relief of all my anxieties as soon as the reading was over. I send my utmost gratitude to this guy." ... written by Twidlemetree
Always picks up accurate information. Gives sensible advice. Excellent consultation!" ... written by Flowers2012
Awesome, very helpful in giving me a direction to go." ... written by flinkerz
Great, thanks!" ... written by spiritessense
Very honest, and gives good advice!" ... written by Starliteny
Very nice and talented." ... written by pinkquatrz
Things going slow. It's been a while. I have to hang in there. Will see you again!" ... written by queenbee22
HE WAS EXCELLENT. RIGHT ON POINT, AND I RECOMEND HIM A 100%" ... written by ymckenzie
Thanks very much!!! That gave me strength! " ... written by pinkquatrz
I truly, truly feel comfortable in getting readings done with TheVayutiger. This has been my second one with him and he is great! He can pick on the situation right away and will give you his honest answer. Much appreciated. " ... written by michelle128
Every time I speak with him I feel so much better. I love him like he was my own brother. Very accurate and really puts things into perspective! I would give him 100 stars if I could! :)" ... written by smokinat
Amazing reader. He give me the truth andamp;amp; saw my future clearly. So happy to make reading with him. He is a perfect pschic really." ... written by Ayshaue
This guy knows his stuff and is probably going to be my new best friend for a while. He helped tremendously.Thank You So Much." ... written by msindependent73
Awesome read..Tells it like it is." ... written by KarlaSmith
Very honest person! A MUST VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
He is great. I love him. He was so right on and I was able to get clarity from my past loved ones and clarification of their presence. " ... written by bflow1
Awesome reading he completely got what I was feeling.. Was right on with my feelngs." ... written by kball1974
He is very great and helping me with my needs." ... written by themightyzorgon
I-AM-AMAZED!! He's so quick and thorough! He answered so much in the small time frame i had, And really shocked me with what he picked up, understood every word as well. Thank you Tiger, You have a true gift! x Will be back again! ^___^" ... written by Kymehh
Hes awesome at what he dose 100% accurate." ... written by themightyzorgon
Thank you." ... written by lila88
Very good and informative 5 stars give him a try. Great spirit very in tune and I enjoyed every minute. " ... written by googlemebaby
Good private session! Tells you straight up what he sees!!!! and doesn't sugar coat anything....Worth it." ... written by vineir08
Thank you so much." ... written by Leyasaku
Awesome. Spot on." ... written by ewieder92
Every time I chat with him he gives me reassurance and light in my life ! I cannot say enough about him ! Love him to death!" ... written by smokinat
Thank you for connecting with me. Thank you for truly giving of yourself. I look forward to speaking with you again." ... written by rachelesp2
Great as usal, straight to the point as always!! Its like talking to a good friend" ... written by ehall88
He always helps me to make better decisions, thanks!" ... written by Starliteny
Awesome words of advice." ... written by themightyzorgon
Clarity, peace, and comfort. Thank you very much!" ... written by 77different
Was very honest and intuitive. Felt like I could relate right off the bat, and also was very warm and inviting. Thanx a bunch! " ... written by pandapuppy
It went really well. He connected with me strongly and told me what to expect and what was best. I am very thankful for his work. He is talented. I recommend you consult him. He is a nice guy and accurate. I cannot thank him enough. " ... written by esotericstar
Always such a great reading! :) he's really honest and it's just like talking to a good friend, except he's a lot better at finding a solution and helping you get your life back in balance." ... written by mposada
Love him like always, thanks!!!!!!" ... written by Adriasexy
LOVE him, he nails it/me every time! Will keep coming back. " ... written by FaithGarrett
Once again spot on! He is SO amazing for his age. I can't say enough, him and his readings are AMAZING!" ... written by FaithGarrett
Time flew by.. He is very empathetic and down to earth I enjoyed his time and energy. He told me what I needed to hear.. Not what I wanted to hear and I agreed with all he said. I will visit him again." ... written by wwjdnutmeg
Connected well, very good and compassionate...just can't wait till what he says maybe we can still make it happen" ... written by lisapatrick
Very kind man. definately knew what he was talking about." ... written by Tober1387
Just wow! 10 stars!" ... written by 44JBee
Vayutiger was great. He gave some really practical advice with my present situation. He gave me the confidence to do what I need to do to make things better." ... written by GarnetRose21
AWESOME!!! Vayutiger is amazing in pvt.... i recommend him highly." ... written by marionlyttle
Good person takes time ;)" ... written by gittyup1945
My 2nd reading with dear tiger. I love talking with him in many actions in my life. He gave me clear details and advices to resolve problems. So happy to read with him. He is amazing as every time. God be with you." ... written by Ayshaue
Tiger was so awesome! He gave me great insight in myself and how to develop my awareness, how to practice meditation and mantras. So cool to chat with, very warm hearted and genuine! Will definitely be back for more!! Thanks, Tiger!! :)))" ... written by LizNorway
Thank you for helping me with tarot it was very helpful." ... written by Kelly1321
Thank you, great cleansing!" ... written by sashagurl22
Well, what he said about the present situation and me is spot on, very good. I have to wait and see what happens in the future!!!:-) Thank you!" ... written by rossel
Nice reading, thanks!" ... written by AnaForero
Thanks for the reading! Clear and concise :)" ... written by yvettepandora
Great to talk to, remembers details, and always a great help!" ... written by Starliteny
He is good has a great intuition. and yes he was giving good advice" ... written by hoping2351
He was right on with the reading, very enlightening, uplifting and reassured me of feelings I already had about the current situation I am in.It's always good to get a second opinion on what you're already thinking and TheVayutiger did a great job. I felt he was accurate and sincere in wanting to help me move forward and not just telling me things I wanted to hear. Thank you! " ... written by alcham1984
Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. really appreciate it.x" ... written by eldora_7
Always lovely to chat to. Very understanding. Hopeful reading! xx" ... written by Moonbeam71
Very good but not enough time and no credits left" ... written by chas44
Seem very good, will come to him again" ... written by ninariv1
VERY VERY GOOD." ... written by LeKris22
He did indeed give me clarity!! Amazing guy!! " ... written by TrueRadiance
Fantatsic let's see it unfold" ... written by ninariv1
Helpful" ... written by Rowapache81
Felt like I was talking to a friend. Calm and smooth. Really shed light on the situation and gave great advice on travel!" ... written by ttan15
Thank you for your time. Wish it didn't just cut off with out saying good bye. But thank you for your insight. " ... written by rmg010
Great self healing teacher! " ... written by Starliteny
Had an amazing reading! His techniques work amazingly!" ... written by morlock53
Wonderful! so honest and to the point! A MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
Great, positive reading!" ... written by miny39
Very nice man with a good heart. Willing to help any time. I recommend him for for an unconditional reading." ... written by ModelChristina
I kind of knew what I wanted to ask already, straight and simple and he took it nice and easy and answered in such a way as left me satisfied. (I like the calm-mellow approach) I also appreciated that he read all I wrote beforehand." ... written by dreaminterpretation
He sees very well into present and immediate future. His predictions have come true before. " ... written by stebella009
This guy is pretty good, he gives advice and a lot of detail, it was really helpful." ... written by Matty7246
Thank you!" ... written by jrinker
Awesome, absolutely awesome!!!" ... written by sweetb305
Always good in depth answers, thanks!" ... written by ninariv1
Thank you so much. You read my dad really well. He was a working man till he went to the other side. I have made some dumb choices about men lately and hope to make better. Thanks and will keep in touch!" ... written by nickycat2012
Made a difference. Passed on great tools to use." ... written by jacqueline1966
He's always so nice and spot on with my readings! :) " ... written by mposada
Very good reading, accurate, to the point. Give it a try, you won't regret it!" ... written by apolly
To the point and very accurate! :)" ... written by pinkstyle
Very accurate for me!" ... written by taetaebabe1
Reliable, honest, can count on him, highly recommended, thanks Vay." ... written by ninariv1
Thanks! " ... written by shaz77
Honest and a good psychic." ... written by ownway
His insight on spiritually was very helpful and gave me tips on protecting myself. Very appreciated of his thoughts. I will keep him updated with his prediction. I felt he was very caring for his clients needs. Thanks again. Blessings. " ... written by tumyheart10
Hmm - he is sincere and kind- I hope he is correct - but I am not to sure - again I hope he is right and I can come back and say so!" ... written by Lyne37
Honest and thorough reading! " ... written by ohitscc
Great techniques. Very knowledgeable!" ... written by darlinhun
Great guy!" ... written by rachel1312
Great connection. Ty for ur insight on energy connection. I really enjoyed our session. Planning to learn from u on more energy work. Thanks again my friend. " ... written by tumyheart10
Makes me feel better!" ... written by Kelly1321
What can i say? Guys he's wonderful! The energy that he has is amazing..Hes always there for you with open arms. He really takes his time to get to know his customers. He pulls lots of cards to get the big picture. He is more a friend to me the n a Psychic. Cant wait till come back :)" ... written by ehall88
Oh wow he very very good... You helped me a lot. Thank you, I'll see you soon.." ... written by redice
Caring and dead on! He's a great psychic." ... written by HTB0033
Great guy...knows what he's talking about. You can learn a lot from him if you are trying to learn abilities." ... written by Kelly1321
Great blessing!" ... written by fortunecookie1
Very interesting reading. Thank you!" ... written by redice
Very easy to connect with and talk to. Very clear in his thoughts and is great at revealing the truth. Is spot on with connections and a 5/5 star tarot interpreter :-) I will surely be back!" ... written by flinkerz
I lack the words right now, but the 5 stars should say it all!" ... written by kavintee
A gentle but kindly assertive spirit. Wants to help clients to the utmost. I had a chat with him and a Golden Dawn ritual done. Lovely experience and I hope to come to him again for his variety of skills. I'm left with the impression that he is a natural intellect and is truly interested in learning about and exercising the gifts he was given." ... written by Julia
Amazing." ... written by gipsygirl
He is awesome, seriously dead on everything! Thank you so much and I'm excited for the coming months. I can't wait to tell you about it. " ... written by keirablanco
Informative, kind, generous, sensitive, captures energies quite well." ... written by blackcatmagicxx
So real... his answer was honest and accurate I will contact him again for a reading" ... written by jackie2728
Picked up the situation quickly." ... written by Fun_Sized
Interesting, very caring person." ... written by vikcot
His reading blew me away as he was able to describe all my emotions and challenges I'm currently facing in life without giving him a whole lot of detail regarding myself. He's truly gifted and easy to communicate with and everything he said was clear and spot on. Can't wait for what's in store for me for the future." ... written by wingman777
Good reading!" ... written by AmyDog
Very Well Spoken, Concise and straight to the point. Easy to speak to and understands you very well. " ... written by davidanthony91
Very nice; easy to talk to; spot on with his observations and interpretations." ... written by aperfruit1
Good reading. Helpful!" ... written by druvina1973
Gave me A LOT to think about, will come back for a follow up." ... written by FaithGarrett
Good advice, in 2 minutes!!! Great!" ... written by lavelaso
He was clear on everything and so precise and helpful he picked up on so many things around me Im very grateful I chose the right psychic!" ... written by ikroyal
Such a nice guy!!! I really like him :) Get a'll be happy :)" ... written by CatherineLoree
Just had my second reading, good follow up!" ... written by luxxicon
Supportive, concise, compassionate. Thanks!" ... written by dandypants
A blessed connection and time. I am grateful for his assurances and warm spirited conversations that resonated. Blessings." ... written by beautywithinone
Great guy good advice" ... written by Kelly1321
I love him, hes so good at what he does!! I love getting readings from him!! :)" ... written by Angela2508
Been to him a few times, good reading." ... written by luxxicon
He's amazing andamp; very helpful, look forward to coming to his room even if its just to say HI!! See you soon!" ... written by ehall88
Right to the point. Excellent reading." ... written by Flowers2012
Great reading! He picked up on my situation immediately!" ... written by afatur
Spot on reading!!!" ... written by jvilosipeniza
TY for the update and insight onto improving myself as a whole person at the moment. You have been very helpful. " ... written by tumyheart10
He picked up on my situation and gave me ideas to help. I think I already knew this but was glad he confirmed it." ... written by gemini2460
Great reading, honest and to the point. Thank you." ... written by michellemarie70
He's honest, easy going, friendly, excellent detailed, very accurate.. It was a good reading and a chat with him:-)" ... written by bellacasa
I had my second reading with TheVayutiger. I feel very comfortable in getting readings with him, I do recommend him! He is sincere and picked up a lot going on in my relationships, I enjoyed my reading!!!" ... written by michelle128
Compassionate." ... written by Tulips90
Great reading, right on target!!" ... written by AmyDog
He is very accurate and thorough. Answers all questions directly and accurately." ... written by myojin
Was a good reading, will keep update!" ... written by Dom_Dom_Dom
I appreciate the insight. Great feedback!" ... written by jeraldryan
Excellent." ... written by Tulips90
Awesome reading! Valuable advice!" ... written by angelwhisper
Very insightful and helpful, thank you!" ... written by lolagreen0684
Understanding, straight to the point, gives alot of information, nice :)" ... written by Moonbeam71
Thanks for helping me with my pendulum!" ... written by Starliteny
Very informative as usual. He is patient and gave me many many advices! He's been very helpful with my progression in life. He gave clarity and support. Thank you!" ... written by ttan15
HE WAS GREAT." ... written by pumpkin23
Great reader!" ... written by robin02
Thanks Tiger for clarity. I will be back for another reading." ... written by kmwren66
Great as i expected . hope will come true . you are great wisdom:)" ... written by mszkut29
Thank you for the great feedback and insight. i appreciate you guidance." ... written by jeraldryan
Great life advise, very kind, and picks up on energy very fast." ... written by jjbunny0
Good psychic i like him" ... written by arthur170684
Good advice.. down to earth will visit again" ... written by Talbain
Very good advice. Seems to know my situation well." ... written by jehan123
Friendly guy with lots of information. Thank you very much!" ... written by silvers12
Really sweet, and honest, great advice." ... written by frustrated67
Gave me the information I needed." ... written by astralbread
I have tried 7 physic's on Oranum, and he is one of my top two! Quick, honest and uses tools for advice not just for for the answers! He cares too!" ... written by stacy02935
He's good. Please contact him." ... written by gittyup1945
Thank you so much for the reading, it was more than I was expecting. You helped me open my eyes with something that kept me cloudy and unaware. I am truly grateful for this reading. Thank you Vayutiger." ... written by luckygrl77
Great guy." ... written by Jonnybones
I felt he was very accurate in understanding my relationship, he was helpful and encouraging. I am thankful. " ... written by Sweetls
Great reading! Would highly recommend!" ... written by Zeigen
I like how simple but precise and has in-depth his readings are. Always been a help and a good friend. Thanks, love and light." ... written by kohiprinsu
Really helped have answered all my questions. Gave so much clarity. He's very easy to understand, even though how complicated my situation was. Thanks vayu... :)" ... written by kohiprinsu
Very good, very motivational as well. He really helped me realize which man I need in my life and helped me understand who I am as an individual as well." ... written by sabrina005
Very well connected." ... written by abbie559
Very good reader!" ... written by DDDaniela
Love him and great accuracy!" ... written by steffleblanc
Very honest and I felt 100x better after chatting with you, a whole weight lifted off my shoulders and made me smile thank you so much will be back!" ... written by Sophs18
What I like about my readings with thevayutiger is that he is always honest no matter what. He doesn't tell people what they want to hear, he tells them the truth and that speaks volumes. " ... written by GarnetRose21
Thank you for your advices." ... written by thanya
Great Reading, will have him read for me again." ... written by Saphira02
He was really kind and his reading was great! Very precise." ... written by Palomina
Amazing! Seriously, he told me something in my relationship that I have not told anyone. He was right on. Very good reading. I am grateful! :) " ... written by Sweetls
Loved him! Very informative! connected quickly, great reading!" ... written by donna2330
Accurate reader!! thank you very much, all the best!" ... written by KerstinNanda
He's extremely accurate and precise with information. I enjoy reading with him very much. Absolutely worth every penny. Not judgemental and always truthful. Thanks Vayutiger." ... written by rainwaterfan2
Sweet kind and caring." ... written by Isha234
Very nice guy thank you x" ... written by Coraldeacon
Very good energies, helped me a lot recommended " ... written by Merlin160
This reader effectively used the tarot to help guide him to answers to questions I had. He seemed to have a realistic outlook on things." ... written by Lightstar
Really amazing and helpful, I couldn't help but smile during the reading :) deserves the 5 stars ! " ... written by Sophs18
Very kind. And straight to the point. Thanks!" ... written by Lucy2011
Very good and very helpful will be back to let him know how things went thanks." ... written by smiler801
Thanks, Vayu, for the cleansing session and life coaching. Fantastic!" ... written by ikroyal
A++++" ... written by Kelly1321
Great insight. Thank you." ... written by jeraldryan
Amazing .. Knew a lot of info I'm pleased with the reading" ... written by Klaudyna27
Helps to guide me in the right direction with my relationship. Very insightful. Thank you. 5 Stars!" ... written by Sweetls
Great reading!" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Very positive energy! caught on everything right away- Great reading!" ... written by Sam_Hope2
Thevayutiger is a great teacher and helps those that truly seek it. He was very helpful with a lot of knowledge and references. He gave me tools that I will use to move forward with. I am forever grateful for his truths and wisdom. Thank You so much Tiger." ... written by Twidlemetree
Thevayutiger is very helpful in helping me with my relationships in love. Always a pleasure. " ... written by Sweetls
Very sweet and on point thanks for the information and the way to solve my problem." ... written by myluvlyaly1
He is a great instructor, he is teaching me the tarot card deck." ... written by mcgirl
His fast in reading and the best." ... written by misspeach
Awesome... Amazing and he connected so well. I will be back!" ... written by SunshineLynn
Thevayutiger is a pleasure to work with. I chose him because I wanted a man's perspective and he has been very helpful. Highly recommended :) " ... written by Sweetls
TheVayutiger is very intelligent, and knowledgeable, he's quick and accurate and one of the best readers on here. I highly recommend a reading from him! :) " ... written by WhiteDove1234
I felt like he understood me before going into chat, once i was in chat i got really confused and felt like he changed what he was saying, i did like him though and think he might have helped me." ... written by catie622
Looking forward to the techniques he showed me. I felt relief immediately. " ... written by mylinn143
Awesome! I recommend him to others." ... written by Bquestions
Thank you so much! I will keep in touch." ... written by Babygirl1617
A good person and very helpful!" ... written by LuminateDeWorld
Great start to get in touch with my abilities!" ... written by chevere07
Nice guy and he is very helpful!" ... written by LuminateDeWorld
I ready did enjoy my reading!" ... written by misskatrina73
Accurate, I will just have to wait on time frame." ... written by Kaly2012
He did a great job, I went into the chat with no expectations and he was able to give me a reading that was not only spot on but gave me some clarity. Well done. Bought more credits before the reading could end. " ... written by MidwestSierra
TheVayuTiger is excellent! Thank you so much for the reading." ... written by blackdove1234
A very interesting and good reading." ... written by Alneverus
Godsmacked! that's all I can say. You've made me able to put closure to life-long issue.. Thanks you! " ... written by Charles1144
Thank you for the reading you were very helpful!!" ... written by beta4ever20
He was awesome! He picked up on things I haven't thought to pick up on." ... written by jadedcandi
Tiger's a very caring and welcoming person. Everything said in the private reading was very accurate!! I was very impressed with all the personal things he picked up on. I felt at ease with him as if I had known him for a long time. I highly recommend him as a psychic to anyone who needs help. I definitely know that I will be coming back to him for help again!" ... written by Lavie
Great always:)" ... written by mszkut29
I loved this reading. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend quite a bit of time and I found the reading to be helpful and fulfilling. It was amazing. will be back regularly." ... written by krismic2
Vayutiger was very direct and accurate during the reading. He deserves 10 stars! I highly recommend him." ... written by sweetsiren0072
Vayu was wonderful, very accurate!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
I have had several reading with Thevayutiger and he is very insightful and helpful. 5 stars! " ... written by Sweetls
I took a chance on getting another reading, I usually prefer females. But, HE was absolutely the BEST. He picked up on my energy and knew things nobody could know... Thanks for putting my mind to rest..." ... written by Srunion
Very insightful, thanks!" ... written by Nora Sbibi
Thevauytiger read me very very accurately. I believe I know what to do now. Thanks." ... written by MaryB11
He really did help me a lot. I feel much better after talking to him, he knew things without even asking. Also good with advice. Awesome Reading, Thank you" ... written by lrw276
Great! Had fun with him!" ... written by Tashy_514
He is so gooooooooood and very fast to connect to you. He picks up things right away, try him out he is THE... good.. ***** in top five " ... written by johnnyfrib
You are so good thevayutiger's. WOWOWOW THAT'S WHAT I HAVE TO SAY, HE IS SO GOOD. Try him out you won five big stars from me. I have been hanging out here for two years now and I tell you he is good very good ..." ... written by johnnyfrib
Very kind and detailed in his readings. He's always on the dot with my situation and the things I struggle with. I'm looking forward to what's in store for me." ... written by wingman777
Thanks ! thank you for your reading" ... written by kingpi
Very awesome...he picks up on energies very well... very quick and very on point... he picked up on my boyfriends feelings and what i was trying to do to change him.. He was so correct with the matter; and he gave very good advice that i am going to put in practice. I didn't see his point of view until he pointed it out and it made sense.. thank u." ... written by witchgoddess
Amazing amazing reader!!!!" ... written by mi
Always good to have a catch up with thevayutiger, he is always so calming and understanding to talk too - wise words really do help and i thank him for everything, deffo one of the best on here" ... written by Sophs18
He is always on the point great teacher." ... written by mcgirl
Spot on and such sweet and amazing reader!" ... written by pocketroo
Thanks again honey for a great reading." ... written by kmwren66
He was right to the point! Value and trust his answers! I will see what transpires in time line.." ... written by msginny1
He gave me a peace of mind. I am really lucky that I got to chat with him about my love problems. Thank you for your help and I can't wait to chat with some more. =) " ... written by rose1621
Loved the reading. Only planned 5 minutes but spent the whole 30. Touched based with important issues in my life. Very intuitive kind and sweet guy. Thanks a lot." ... written by hoping2351
Thanks for your insight. I hope that this relationship turns around." ... written by donna477
Great advice." ... written by AleahRyder
Very insightful, tells you what you need, no BS. I could talk for hours with him, and I will definetly come back! 5 stars and i would recommend him to everyone!" ... written by KentIam
He's really very good!" ... written by Kayrouz
Thanks for helping me." ... written by Twinheart
What a relax reading!! He brought calm to me regarding to my issue, Thank you very much!!!" ... written by rb31081981
Very quick accurate read...ty" ... written by shiftsgirl
Thevayutiger is very calm and motivated to help others I believe. I truly appreciated the personalized reading he gave me and he probably is salvaging something very important in my life as well as developing skills that will stand me in good stead." ... written by MaryB11
He is really very good and he picks up on things very quickly! He is definitely worth it. Try him and you won't be sorry." ... written by angiefra22
Just had my second reading with Vayutiger, I like it that he doesnt tell you what you want to hear, I am soo blessed to have run into him on this site... I would highly recommend!! I will keep you posted on the results!! Thank YOU, your the BEST." ... written by Srunion
On the money." ... written by mfurney
Very good and vey kind .. Will chat with again..." ... written by rk6561
Wonderful genuine reading." ... written by gigaman1978
Accurate reading. Great humble person. Very positive, helped me understand things from all angles and how to work on fixing it. Very positive. Recommended." ... written by donorak
He was very sweet and helpful and I felt we had a good connection. :) I'd recommend him!" ... written by Siazze
Thank you!" ... written by angiefra22
Thevayutiger is really good at hitting the nail on the head. He's very intelligent and knows just what's going on and how to help you! Thanks again!! :)" ... written by Angela
I had a past life regression and I had a lot of answer for me he should me how to do that he is very good I give him a 5 star." ... written by mcgirl
Lovely guy, really calm and kind. Very good reader. Thank you. Have had time to absorb all you said now and it was so true thank you. Will be back for updates :D" ... written by Nicole212
Very good." ... written by peachieface
A genuinely intelligent man willing to help all. Spot on with his assertions. I enjoyed the short time with him in the reading." ... written by NordicKron88
Really superb!" ... written by gittyup1945
Good solid advice." ... written by Sweetls
What an amazingly helpful psychic! He provided some very important details on a missing persons case and I have a feeling that this will be solved very soon! He's definitely a go-to psychic for precise readings!" ... written by Lavie
He picks up on energy very quickly and is a very accurate reader, thank you." ... written by vayunu
Vayutiger's reading was wonderful! He is very insightful! Thanks again!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Very interesting method of teaching psychic abilities. I never thought it could be so simple yet challenging at the same time!" ... written by Lavie
Great guy =3 I honestly enjoy spending time in a private session with him. Even if your not getting a Private session he's always a great guy to spend time with in the free chat sessions. He knows how to make you feel better and reassure you in the long run as well. I really do appreciate his readings and if you want someone who could really tap into things and tell you how its going and how to fix things I would really strongly recommend him. " ... written by sukachu
Great reading, very helpful!" ... written by gagirl31
He is truly one of the most caring psychics I've ever spoken to. I'm so glad to have stumbled upon his page because I've been needing a lot of help from someone like him!" ... written by Lavie
LOVE him, he is ALWAYS dead/spot on!!" ... written by Faith
Thanks a lot man, you helped me ." ... written by ali
He's a bit precise and on top of it. I gave him one situation and he sensed further. Must say I feel a lot better than when I didn't say a word to anyone. " ... written by IZzy
Gives very good practical advice for the long term. Knows what is going on with people in your life and how to handle them." ... written by MaryB11
Great reader! One of the best on Oranum! He picked up on every single thing spot on!! So fast and so accurate!! I would definitely come back to him for future readings!!" ... written by lonelybaby
Helped by tiger once again with a missing persons case and I'm very pleased with his efforts and accuracy." ... written by Lavie
he seems to pick up my energy every time..." ... written by happykellygirl
good reader...I will wait for the prediction to come true" ... written by happykellygirl
Thank you for the private!" ... written by sweet
Thanks for the advice. " ... written by d2k1000
Awesome... Perfect match... Good advice, right on!" ... written by sabrina
He is accurate in his reading!" ... written by teddybear6934
Wonderful reading, felt a connection to him when I went into his room so decided to take him into private. Wonderful reader!" ... written by Melanie
great wish i had more time" ... written by tara00
Great reading, really addressed the issue and set me on the right road." ... written by tina
Very nice to talk to, and has great ideas. Thanks!" ... written by Starliteny
He was wonderful! He answered my questions directly. Vayutiger was very insightful. I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Awesome." ... written by laura
Very genuine and on point!" ... written by sparkfactor
Great reading, spot on! Thank you for sharing your insights... See you around! " ... written by Steph
Very much enjoyed talking with him. He is a smart, level headed, well balanced guy with great psychic ability!" ... written by psymeow
Amazing." ... written by luckystar222
Very direct and straightforward. His reading helped me a lot tonight. Thank you!" ... written by xtine
He was honest and very kind. Thank you." ... written by RuinofDarkness
Reassuring, but results are pending upcoming bloodbath." ... written by Jan
Great reading, very helpful." ... written by theresa
He did a good job, was on point and fast." ... written by lauren
I LOVE HIM! He is really good :o) I would recommend him. Definitely will be back to see him. Thank You Tiger. :o) " ... written by Jonathan
Was good about getting to the point. was right about a lot of things, and helped me to understand what i already knew deep down." ... written by MadamFire
Consistently provides great readings while offering honest advice. " ... written by Shirley
Accurate, straight to the point very helpfull." ... written by Marie5290
He's always very kind, and pretty accurate, he doesn't sugar coat the truth but always gives hope. Very understanding. " ... written by Bes
He's insightful and lovely person. The things he said made sense so that's great." ... written by K
OK, so this is coming from a Vet! (me) ; p Nobody can do energy connections like Tiger! NOBODY ; D " ... written by angiefra22
TY!!!!" ... written by kelly1321
Too right, and thankfully too right about my kids - lovely guy, thoroughly enjoyed my reading. X" ... written by ljaugust
TY your great!" ... written by kelly1321
Awesome reading!" ... written by kelly1321
Very kind and empathetic...he really saw my situation quickly and was able to give me some good advise...Thank you!" ... written by wendic
Fun reading! I really enjoyed the answers I got from him... Looking forward to the future. " ... written by Lisa
Vayutiger was excellent! I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Gave me practical advice to my situation" ... written by keith
Thank you!!!!!" ... written by shopgirl
Really helpful and understanding. " ... written by Kathrin
Thank you! You were fast and fun! :)" ... written by Tuck
A+++!" ... written by kelly1321
Very nice, cheerful guy. Good reading. " ... written by linda
Accurate with information......gave insight and ideas on how to improve things going forward." ... written by Penny
Thank u :)" ... written by Yoogii
Great reading! :-) Would encourage!" ... written by SmileyT
He was very pleasant to talk with..hit some things on the head....kind of talks a lot...rather than staying on point...but enjoyable nonetheless. " ... written by babs
Good reading. Helpful and guided me through some techniques to feel better." ... written by ryan747
He was spot on the money. Made me look at things in a new perspective. Also gave me different ways of approaching some of my situations. :) Thank You!" ... written by Dolores
I love him!!! XXX" ... written by Jonathan
Great...Fast...on point" ... written by Gaby11
On point" ... written by Gaby11
This man is amazing and he helped me with my problems I had he is a lovely man take him to private he will help you brilliant thank you so much." ... written by angiebabe13
Nice quick read, detailed, recommended, is the second time that I turn to him that's great, good choice." ... written by Lumusia
Excellent - helped me clear up some old baggage." ... written by laura
Well it wasnt what I wanted to hear, but it was quite specific and honest. He is definitely one the better ones!" ... written by Camilla
Positive." ... written by s
He told me everything about the guy I asked, gave me advice what to do, I have to think about it if I am ready to do that. " ... written by sharen223
Been a long time and super happy to see him and have a reading again! hope this all works out! x" ... written by luxxicon
He was dead on with the big picture. Amazing." ... written by melissa
Did a card reading. Thanks! Tomorrow will tell." ... written by Theresa
Soothing tone and stays positive" ... written by halovm
Good reading! Right to the point!" ... written by alr
Great reading quick and to the point." ... written by Unknown
Very helpful!!! Gave me great insight on my situation!" ... written by Nina
What a great reader! Very caring and honest. Really wanting the best for you. Tells you the truth and really tries to help you in every way needed. Thank you so much! Will see you again!" ... written by aerie4
First reading was great. He hit on great points. I will talk to him again. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
VayuTiger is the BEST!!!. He is truly gifted. I wish I have come to him long ago. What I learn from Tiger is very powerful I can not give him enough stars to rate him. He is Gazillion Stars + a million more. I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED him, and come to his chat room and learn about your own intuition. " ... written by izzy98027
:)" ... written by marie590
A very kind, clear and concise individual. Was able to open my eyes to what I already knew was there but refused to see. Vayu is one person that I could actually feel a connection with from the moment I entered the free-chat. Warm and inviting, he sticks to his word about neither standing behind you watching or walking in front of you leading but staying along-side of you, with you. He is like the Magician in the story of the Tarot, though rather than just giving you the tools you need for your journey, he is more than willing to walk beside you as a companion." ... written by Kristen
From the get go he was able to read me. Very accurate, friendly, and understanding." ... written by Huyen
Great read, clear concept of current issue as well as hope for andamp; solid plan for future." ... written by Brandy
Good reading, very informative." ... written by misscaro88
Vayutiger was wonderful. His readings are very clear and direct. He can tap right into what you're feeling. I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Very helpful, polite and honest :)" ... written by Raivis
Vayutiger was spot on with my current situation and seemed to know exactly all the details and the possibilities. Very accurate with his reading of the cards." ... written by MaryB11
AMAZING." ... written by amanda
Impressive. Sound advice, thanks." ... written by Patient libra
He hit everything right on the head. Just as my strong gut feeling was telling me so. And some stuff I already knew. AWESOME !!!" ... written by Jackie Phillips
I appreciate your sincere word with me . :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
So pleasant to chat with." ... written by Acissej
Helpful." ... written by sweets
Totally picked up on things that were accurate - like my boyfriend being very effeminate. I didn't like what he had to say about my situation but I know that it's true. " ... written by Zeigen
I enjoyed my reading with valutiger! He is professional and easy to talk to. I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
What a great guy! He really helped me refocus on what is really important , and just cut out all the rest. This was my first, but DEFIANTLY not my last reading. He is just so straightforward and accurate in the energy he picked up. Very glad it did this!!" ... written by Rok
a great character very positive very down to earth thanx for the read i enjoyed" ... written by zimerili1
Kind guy, great personality, hes humorous :) seems like a nice guy gives a lot of info and very kind" ... written by Ashley
amazing i really enjoyed his reading he was great. Need to come back for more." ... written by leblanc
He was pretty close to being spot on." ... written by Amy
He was really accurate and awesome!" ... written by JOann
Accurate/ fast reading, and he is very patient! :D lol" ... written by daisy12345678
awesome! very accurate, picked up stuff before i asked, straightforward and honest which i love! " ... written by starrose
Thanks again for another lovely reading! Glad to you're back!" ... written by swsiren
good" ... written by fv
Very good fast reading, recommended. Totally. " ... written by vjrei01
One of the best psychics on here! He truly got a feeling of me and my situation. It was like talking to a friend. He genuinely loves people and it shows. Will be back to see him for sure. :) " ... written by Ginny
Calm,cool and practical!" ... written by R
I was afraid for a while but you it everything right. Thank you. Everything was accurate." ... written by Joseph
Very quick and precise. Good answers and time frames. Picked up on situation quick" ... written by lpa483066
Positive, I recommend this psychic" ... written by Francisco
* * * 5 stars * * * I asked him a few questions and he confirmed what I already know about the other person. From his reading, Tiger gave me excellent insightful guidance, and very good advice. Tiger gave me a 12-month reading that shows me I have to wait instead of take action now. This makes good sense for me to wait. I have come to Tiger before and also got excellent advice and accurate reading. He is very good. I believe he senses my energy and whatever else good psychic does to provide me direction. I have learned so much from him as I becoming better at making the right choices in life. Thanks!" ... written by Lovingcompassion
Super helpful, great insight in very little time. Caring and compassionate! I recommend him." ... written by Eva
Great reading. Thank you vaytiger. Will keep you updated. Thanks." ... written by sunshinec
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