About thetruth04

Psychic thetruth04has 13years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic thetruth04has recently helped 39members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about thetruth04's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I would like to congratulate you to come this far. Many times in life the hardest step to take is the first one. I take only private consultation, I will need your age, name, and the question what you would like to know about. I believe everything is energy , I choose to help with mine. I use Rider Waite Tarot and also Angel energy. Gender, Race, Sexuality, Age does not matter!Everybody is welcome

He picked up on my friend in question, but we ran out of $$$. Will call back. " ... written by Havasu
nice guy told me what i should do thanks" ... written by thenewblack
He is sooo sweet and nice and thoughtful and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Anastasia
spot on as usual" ... written by XE
He was very honest and helpful :)" ... written by Anastasia
Very kind and helpful! thank you!" ... written by mia
He was so amazing. He knew all about me and what i am going through right now. The things he talked about were on point. He was also able to make everything into a comfortable conversation, as if we were old friends. I am so happy that I met him today!" ... written by Harrison Songbird
awesome person! Awesome reading!" ... written by seeker
Excellent reading - he was very honest and very helpful. I would definitely doing a reading with him again!!!!" ... written by Lily
Thanks, so nice and detailed. Loved our reading" ... written by nic
A+" ... written by Barbara
Good reading once again! Thank you! :)" ... written by Sally
He provided detailed info which i felt was pretty relatable and accurate! :) Would recommend him most definitely! :)" ... written by Sally
AMAZING. Seriously.. he helped me realize how much someone in my life was holding me back. and I have the courage now to do that. " ... written by Sabi
my first reading with truth and he was really nice. he gave me some advice and i will try it out and see where it goes from there. hes fast at answering questions too :)" ... written by linny
Very true and acurate" ... written by Bárbara Carvalho
good reading, very insightful, great advice" ... written by dj
Excellent reading, hit the nail on the head, its exactly what I needed to hear" ... written by Deborah
He has very good insights and I really enjoyed the reading. He has good energy" ... written by Brianne
Very good!" ... written by Brianne
Very helpfull, and accurate, and his predications was right," ... written by Jan
too bad credits ran out, i was listening carefully to a good reading" ... written by Bárbara Carvalho
Very Positive and helpful!" ... written by JD
OMG! he is real,i am actually shocked as to how he got everything im going through right." ... written by kay
Excellent, excellent reading!!! Thank you so much for telling me the very real truth!!! I really appreciate you being honest. Thank you for giving me such an accurate reading, SOOOOO FAST!!!" ... written by Sandra
Thank you for the reading! :) great advice!" ... written by S
Suprisingly good advices, and he could see what you had behind, and right on the moment accurately and precisly!Told me some preducations, some good, some not so good, but, he also get advices to avoid them. I will be back again." ... written by Jan
i ran out of credits but he was good. and connected well." ... written by i liked him
He's kind and is like having a friend by your side." ... written by vegabonded
Very wise. He is a life coach, not a psychic but he knew exactly what to tell me and exactly what was going on in my mind and situation. He knew exactly what i was doing wrong. I recommend him completely!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Thetruth,very careing and honest. Felt a connection with him instantly. Will be back for mor guidence. thankyou. Highly recommended :)" ... written by suzana01
He is the best I have met on Oranum! His private chat was the best money I ever spent. He helped me solve all of my problems! I highly recommend him!" ... written by Xavgrl12
The truth is so sweet xoxo" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Thank u so much ! Thank youuuuuuu!" ... written by Defaye
A little nervous he was young...but he really provided great insight. He knew things that I have never told anyone. Great reading!!!!" ... written by tiffintegra
He was very caring and insightful xo" ... written by maryannepav
WoW, very excellent! He helped me out so much! I have a more of a positive mind! Thank you so much ! :)" ... written by niddamit
He's pretty good, picks up fast in his readings. Give him a chance u won't be disappointed." ... written by Lucy117
A very informative and attentive reading. I felt he" ... written by tanyaolivia64
A very informative and attentive reading. I felt he" ... written by tanyaolivia64
Thank you, you were very helpful!!! :)))" ... written by Sirena22
great guy very helpful" ... written by arandelam1
Very intuitive guy, very helpful and caring " ... written by fleurdesil
Very pleasant, he connected easily, ty " ... written by gnosticdolphin
Thanks." ... written by Noosiekins
Truth is incredibly helpful, positive and honest--he is able to pinpoint exactly what your concerns are, even if you don't mention them. This stunning ability is a testament to his accuracy and validity, and I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking guidance. I will definitely be back in the future." ... written by excusemydust
He is very good! :)" ... written by 01Mobster
Great, system problems on my side but very patient and attentive! Looking forward to the e-mail reading!" ... written by lavalamp81
He seems to know what i had been through in my life" ... written by gypieanne
It was VERY nice reading! Got much more important information then i ask about!!! Thank you! Recommended!" ... written by kosmosss
awsome" ... written by luis
No tools and seems very to the point. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Excellent, accurate and very honest! Straight to the truth!" ... written by Peacebird05
awesome guy he helped out alot" ... written by russell29
He is just great!!!!he found me things that i didnt even told him and he calmed me down....i feel much better now thank you so much:)" ... written by fairy24
He's very nice and sweet, he's seen things about me I really don't know how he's done it. It's been a pleasure. " ... written by RebelleFleur
He was very helpful, and informative so that i wouln't worry and be stressed about the situation that i was in. He assured me that everything was going to be alright with a postive outlook. i felt like he was truely genuine, and didn't have to bullshit his way through a reading. " ... written by anoelramos
He was great and accurate,gave me great advises and going to listen to them!!Coming back for sure:)" ... written by aminash1
great reading spot on very accurate and fast" ... written by lorann23
Extremely helpful and honest gave me great insight" ... written by ghostface1983
trutruth04 is the best male psychic on Oranum. He is very accurate, polite, and honest. If you are looking for someone who can help you at the most trying time, look no further. He will shed clarity on the deepest topics and provide tools and guidance to allow one to draw in divine light. As you continue to work with him you draw in more light and inner peace. This allows you to walk on a path of true freedom without burden or pain. You can now feel awakened, breathe, and be ready to tackle any battles that may come. Absolutely brilliant and handsome reader!" ... written by James
He is a great reader!! he has helped me a lot!" ... written by Vivi15
very intuitive! Picked up a lot of things about situations... " ... written by W
amazing!!!!!!!!!" ... written by virgoe82
Not only is this Pisces boy very sweet and genuine, but he is excellent at perceiving just what kind of words you need to hear. He really brings a lot of light into the short time you have with him. " ... written by Madspoon23
Picked up on situation immediately - gave some good advice." ... written by Onslow
Picked up on my situation beautifully, lots of detail with nothing but name/age. Wonderful direction and advice. Definitely gives you the truth you are seeking, five stars, very honest!" ... written by Amy
He is a good psychic and in my 15 minutes of chat with him he was able to ease my worries and gave me tips to sort out the obstacles in my life." ... written by Subhashree
good reading and advice. definately hit the nail on the head." ... written by malteser1970
very great reader knew what he was talking about!!! no lies just the truth!!! thank you so much for your reading hope to see you soon :::)))" ... written by amanda
Highly highly recommended, hugely gifted and really lovely. Definitley worth it" ... written by bec
Good reading. He tuned in quickly, saw the key issue(s), gave good counsel, and seems to really care n engage w the situation." ... written by Lord Cedric Hightower
Very interested and kind. A caring person I felt he was and a lot of wisdom for his age. Will visit him again." ... written by higherme
Thank you so much... Love your smile !!!!" ... written by ntimidress6
Compassionate" ... written by milona
He is accurate and to the point! Thank you TheTruth04." ... written by Mimi
Wonderful insight !! I really enjoyed reading what he had to say and he was so right about how he saw me and the man I love... Will come back to get his advice. can't believe somebody's my son's age can give me so accurate advice. Thanks again :) " ... written by sunny3107
oh he is incredible!!!! such a sweet treasure, very honest, will tell you what you need to know whether good news or bad!! thank you so much!!! needed nothing but name and dob :) " ... written by Sharna100
He is very direct and doesn't beat around the bush. If you want the truth, you should consult him. He is truly gifted:)" ... written by milona
very understanding and helpful" ... written by fleur
Very friendly, intuitive reader. Thanks a lot." ... written by PeterPan
He is so kind and honest in his personal readings. Whether its straight forward chatting or utilitzing cards, you will come away feeling more at ease about your troubles. I recommend him highly. :)" ... written by Virgo888
Completely put my mind at ease - picked up on what I was worried about and about who was worrying me. Very intune with what's been going on, would definitely advise him for anyone who wants some good, solid, honest...well....TRUTH. :) Ta hun, B xxxxx" ... written by beccixy
great and very spot on " ... written by jessjess1
Very sweet guy, tells you the truth.. not just what you want to hear" ... written by Jillian40
Another great reading. :)" ... written by Virgo888
TheTruth is an angel. Pure and Simple. An Earth Angel. Knew more things about myself than I even knew (yes, that is possible). Don't know how he did that because I can't even figure myself out most of the time, and I have kept my personal/emotional crap in a bolted, locked up vault for so many years, but he managed to chisel away at the ice chest that I call my heart (LOL!) until he knew I was feeling better and happier. He is just pure love and joy and cares so much for everyone, and you yourself will feel that from him the second you start speaking or chatting with him. I think I've had more healing just by reading with him this weekend than I've ever had before. And I couldn't love him more or be more thankful for his patience with me during my reading if I tried! Many puszik and hugs to you, Truth :)" ... written by Miss Piggy Excuse Moi
Awwwwwwww. LOVE this man. A very wise soul and gorgeous young heart. And don't even try to tell porky pies (lies) b/c you can't hide anything from this guy. He's that good. And then some. Thank you Sir Truth. " ... written by Spicy Sausage
Wow.... the name says it all...the truth! Open, honest genuine and helpful. Listened carefully and knew about things before I even mentioned them! Great help :) Will be back " ... written by makstah
Tell you what you need to know to keep you on track. For a young man he sure knows his gifts..." ... written by cabbyaj
He's just wonderful. And so sweet. Very peaceful. Very accurate. Very calming and healing. Thank you Truth for your excellent caring ways and readings, and for being here on this planet, and on this site, too. Xx" ... written by Little Miss Giggles
My Own Personal Guardian Angel who uses private chat. What more could a girl as for?? What would I do without him?? " ... written by Lucky Ducky
Awesome guy, very understanding and accurate with his reading. Would come back to him again and again. For someone so young he is very knowledgeable!!!!" ... written by MelArtist
Awesome reading." ... written by cabbyaj
Wish I could read with him daily, I need my Truth readings and advice daily! Sending you many hugs and much love from you know where :) XOXO" ... written by El Lie
Amazing! very accurate, quick, and insightful! He was able to connect with me and my situation very fast and gave me confidence to move forward on the right path in my relationship. Great advice and highly recommended!" ... written by NiVanya
Thetruth04! is very encouraging and accurate in his readings and might I add very attractive to ;) thank you!" ... written by earthangelerks
He was excellent, very helpful and nice to me. Highly recommended!" ... written by Robert
He saw the situation and gave quick and accurate feedback. Had good advice for me!" ... written by sacredlove71
Perfecto!!!!!!! :)" ... written by sweet
Brilliant reading and great advice thankyou so much" ... written by Tracey
Oh my!! He is very good!! he leaves out no details and really feels what you feel!!! Very great reading:) I enjoyed it" ... written by tyrah93
Heart of gold, says what he feels." ... written by Softice
His reading was great what he said was true especial about me being stuck in my life.i will have another reading with you again in the future.Thank you ." ... written by lilac1973
Really well done darling, thank you! " ... written by hope2321
Very positive reading thank u :)" ... written by f999111
Very true to form and relevant to my predicament. Would highly recommend." ... written by BarbaA
Hit the nail on the head. Will be back again." ... written by Theresia
Knew what he was talking about, very kind, and really positive energy!" ... written by chrisjriley
Very nice and friendly man. Thank you for your insight." ... written by bungalow
He was very down-to-earth and helpful, a good buddy!" ... written by Carl
Too short!! To talk more! But you saw a lot of true things!!! thx" ... written by nounoushka
Definitely recommended!! 5/5 stars. Thank you truth!!!! ;)" ... written by MagpieJordan
Helpful and sweet. :) Thank you!" ... written by MoChuisle
Thoughtful and kind guy - lots to think about. Thank you x" ... written by Bella100
He was wonderful, I loved my reading, and he is very caring and nice. I loved his personality, very respectful! I will get back to him soon and will highly recommend him. Thanks Truth, Ellie " ... written by Ellie11
He was very clear on helping me with my son. I will be back to see him again." ... written by kikigirls2
Thanks for the advise and for confirming what I felt. I now know what direction to take. Thanks so much." ... written by mitchells39
He didn't tell me what I wanted to hear but that's okay. He was very sweet." ... written by pound77
Nice." ... written by karolinkush
Nice. :)" ... written by karolinkush
Good, I think - we'll see - but he needs to answer directly." ... written by jfriedma
Awesome! Picked up on what was going on really quick! " ... written by Nicky
He has really read my thoughts, energy, and feelings correctly. I'm so happy I talked with him." ... written by hazelred54
Lovely guy and GREAT reader!!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
VERY HONEST!" ... written by Migzer86
Great advise when I have needed it the most! Very much on target. Will be back. " ... written by harlemomajors1
Thank you so much! Helped me a-lot once again :-)" ... written by MagpieJordan
He was so accurate, unbelievable!! As if he knew exactly what was going on in my life at this moment and in my mind as we spoke :o))) He gave me very good advice that I will follow :o))) Thank you TheTruth :o)))" ... written by LizNorway
Amazing reading. He was straight to the point and gave me guidance to the right path!!!!" ... written by dladie42
Thanks you for the great reading!!" ... written by holy2408
Thank you your great and did answer what i felt inside " ... written by Toni1223
Accurate!" ... written by druvina1973
Great!!!!" ... written by lonely192012
Great advice :)" ... written by yleana
He said some good things about me, like confirmed things for me that I needed to hear :) He is very nice and polite. " ... written by bluebutterflies
Excellent reading, will come back for sure." ... written by dladie42
Thank you for being there when we needed it, we are very happy that you responded to what we had to ask. I go and wait for a response now. We had lots of time to ourselves and we have talked a lot but thank you for being there. :) Big hugs from me and her! :)" ... written by gschib89
Very accurate" ... written by druvina1973
Thank you!" ... written by p
He was great!!!! Very Helpful!!! " ... written by lonely192012
Such a nice and sweet guy. He makes sure you understand the message hes giving you. Great Advice!!" ... written by Ivory
Sorry! Time was running out! Thank you for your help! :) I appreciate it" ... written by nini
Thetruth helped me to understand what I have been going thought. I do have a gift but before I can use it I must put myself first." ... written by yvette
Very good and straight up and to the point, I will will have a reading with him again" ... written by Lawrence
very sincere, had a very good perception of my situation, and was able to give me very good advice, i believe he is a good psychic." ... written by Ana
:) he knows what he is talking about " ... written by luckystar222
Great!" ... written by alex
Great, really saw what I was going through!" ... written by cindy
Very accurate patient :)" ... written by gina
Very accurate and pleasant person! Highly recommended!" ... written by maja1405
Awesome and quick." ... written by G
Upbeat very charming and intelligent young reader. Accurate, insightful and helpful! " ... written by psymeow
Definitely a 5 star reader..." ... written by Ian
Such a sweet heart, You knew just what to say and where to strike I didn't even need to ask questions!! I will be speaking to you soon that is for sure. Thank you for your kind andamp; wise words!! xxx" ... written by Emma
Interesting!" ... written by seeker
He new things I didn't tell him. He is amazing. I believe what he told me will happen. No one else here has impressed me the way he has." ... written by lore1968
Very honest and kind. Insightful as well. I believe that he has to say." ... written by lore1968
Amazingly fast, enthusiastic, caring, sensitive, accurate. I recommend him fully, and highly. Thank you so much." ... written by Samsharia
Great advice and he is very truthful... defiantly a great reading! " ... written by elizabeth
Wow. Great Advice. I think maybe the best advice I have gotten on this site to be honest. Accurate, straight forwards and so nice as well and empowering. Loved it. :] " ... written by Sabeeha
My favorite on ORANUM!" ... written by Nick
Good reading. Found him to be fairly accurate. :)" ... written by Jordan
He gave me instructions to do something I am very uncomfortable doing, but I will do it and see what happens. He's kind, gentle and encouraging." ... written by e
Helpful and nice to look at :)" ... written by kelsey
He gave me the truth I desired. He was accurate about the lack of control at my job currently. He was very clear and gave me a time frame. Thank you so much for sharing your gifting with me. Blessings to you..." ... written by Janine
Very accurate. Very helpful" ... written by sadhana
A very genuine soul who works from the heart, a sensitive who understands using empathy and compassion." ... written by Natalie Warner
Very upbeat sweet guy. Excellent reader and psychic!" ... written by P
Helpful and understanding. Thank you for helping me through the morning." ... written by Nicole
a sincere reading felt... thanks" ... written by candy
Very thoughtful and attentive - clear read of the situation. Thank you truth04. Calm is the key! XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
'thetruth4' Was absolutely fantastic. Said with (of course) truth and guidance that made you feel assured, I was very pleased with this reading. I would recommend him to all who need to hear the truth and what they should do to address it." ... written by Joshua
Very lovely, thoughtful, and accurate. TheTruth gives lots of encouragement, support, and direction appropriate for situation. Thank You so much. Much Love and Light XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
He is good and honest and kinda like a friend and accurate about my situation a lot of his advice, I love to hear 'cos it is sound make sense, Thanks my friend Ampy :)" ... written by Ampily
He is wonderful, with clarifying, mind opening, truthful approach. He confirms facts with certainty and presents to you the very obvious options, which you know in your heart are true to follow, even though they might be the hardest. He is just SO very good and all about The Truth!!! Love him! BILLION STARS!!! BRAVO!" ... written by neela19
Was a very relaxing conversation, appreciated the honesty. " ... written by Henrietta
He was very fast and very good!!!" ... written by GM
He is a person that you can share your secret and enjoy his reading and all thing sound make sense to listen and his advice also great to follow. For me he is good and beautiful friend and yes he is accurate about my situation (indeed). IN case you never try my friend Thetruth04 then you better try by yourself he never bring you feel bad even reading cant be in your bad situation but opposite you can feel better and secure to know what you should do or what can you do to make it better. Thanks many blessings Ampy." ... written by Ampily
Total sweetheart. Very in tune with my situation. He felt very sincere and very on point with the way things were going between me and the people in my life! Totally gorgeous too hehe! and I will definitely be having another session with him soon! Thanks for the great insight! " ... written by Camille Potter
Great job, very truthful, warm, good person, and he was spot on. I really recommend him." ... written by masha milezhik
Very sensitive person you are and I will take the first step by getting out of the house. And try to stop worrying about what people think." ... written by FRANCES
Very good reading I was very happy he got to the answers what I wanted to know." ... written by star
Definitley recommended, super talented" ... written by Rebecca
Got it right :)" ... written by HeidiKristiina
Very thoughtful, attentive and so very supportive. Thank You Truth. Hugs andamp; Hugs." ... written by Samsharia
I liked thetruth04's straight up but kind approach. He was very caring and I feel he was channeling accurately even though he said things I didn't really want to hear. To be honest I'm not a lot wiser but that was not really the reading that is the situation." ... written by FrancesAnn55
He absolutely speaks the truth, hit the nail on the head! Amazing!" ... written by ri6888
great reading. thank you so every much" ... written by androsea
Lovely, honest and spot on. I didnt have to explain anything to him. He already knew why I was there and he helped me through it. He has given me great advice and I love forward to our next conversation. Thank you!" ... written by Nina
You are amazing but my comp never works during our privates ,so I run out of time too fast." ... written by Sheri
Very good reading. I reccomend" ... written by Tim
Such an inspiration. Such an accurate understanding of everything without much information given. Such a great reading and great advice. Thank you for everything :)" ... written by Natalie
So spot on! You knew so much in such a short space of time I was given! Such a wonderful man with such vision! Thank you!" ... written by Natalie
Helpful insights thanks" ... written by Denise
He was right on the dot with my questions and reading. I highly recommend him. Very polite but straight to the point :)" ... written by mystique810
Wow how spot on was this reading thank you so much I know have a bit of understanding of things." ... written by Danielle
Helpful." ... written by S
Very detailed and accurate with his reading lovely to speak to, will be back highly recommend." ... written by Ann
another great session. Thank you for all of your love and support :)" ... written by Nina
This was a great reading, not exactly what I wanted to hear but the truthfulness was greatly appreciated. He was able to pick up on a lot with much information and provide great advice. " ... written by Lisa
Was honest, precise and true. A real energy was felt, and I would have my cards read by him any day :)" ... written by Tara Osborne
Thank you for helping me with my problems and concerns that I have been having!! I would love to have another reading with you again, thetruth04. :D" ... written by Sidney
Honest and sincere. Everything he said was correct. I never had to offer any additional information he already knew and was quick to offer advice. Thank you for your loving energy. Until next time friend " ... written by Nina
very helpful !" ... written by Jennifer
Awesome reading. Tuned right in and really saw everything so clearly. Eye opening." ... written by Ahz
Absolutely brilliant reading full of insight, hope, and true spiritual guidance. I honestly feel like I'm on the right path now. A lot things were made clear that were once clouded by emotion. Thank you so very much for helping me at one of the most vulnerable times in my life. Leaving you with love and light. Thanks again." ... written by James
Excellent reading - one of the best I've ever had. Can't say enough good about this and really helped me look at things a bit differently - yet what I knew inside but needed reinforcement. Thanks so much!!" ... written by Mike
Thank you for the honesty. It's not something that I want to hear but at least I had a warning. Thank you." ... written by Joseph
I thought he was knowledgeable about the situaton" ... written by d
Interesting read. Quite deep and good advice. I'm going to follow it and see where it leads me." ... written by lotus71
I am very happy to have a more positive readying and helpful to let me let go on issues in my life and also to learn to love myself... Thank you soo much will be back again xxxxR" ... written by Rutinha
spot on " ... written by bec
Sweet guy. I learned a lot from him. Great reading A+" ... written by Zeigen
Such perfect advice! Such a kind and gentle manner. Thank you." ... written by sarebear
Very honest!!" ... written by Londo
Thank you for the lovely reading. I will keep you updated! " ... written by lynnrmc
I have talked with him before and I liked his energy a lot, so i searched him up again. He is very good to connect and being able to see my situation every time. I hightly recommend him!" ... written by baringa
Very accurate. " ... written by druvina1973
Accurate." ... written by druvina1973
great reading thanx excellent expert" ... written by zimerili1
Thank u for the insightful reading once again! " ... written by lynnrmc
Nice reading" ... written by Amanda
You were really helpful! You are putting me at ease with my situation. Thank you!" ... written by Amanda
he was surprisingly wonderful. amazing.. simply amazing. he said so much that was on point. thanks! :)" ... written by Ana
Very good, and quick, reading. Doesn't waste time and is very helpful." ... written by L
:) love ur readings. ur great . " ... written by Ana
This was the second time I have gone to him. And i will next time. He was precise and to the point. He did not sugar coat things he was very honest. Very different experience than anyone I have gone through. Before I said anything he already knew. Amazing" ... written by ro
excellent " ... written by Andrea
Wow, what can I say? He is an amazing listener and he really cares with his whole heart. I am very blessed to know a man as wonderful as him. He literally knew everything about me and was able to give me some predictions about my future. I'm very hopeful of the path set in front of me this morning and excited about it. I came into his private with a heavy heart and deep regrets, feelings of lost hope, and more. Through his extrasensory gifts and spirit guides, he was able to help me close one of the hardest chapters of my life and throw away the key. I am in awe of the work he does and I feel that others can benefit from speaking to him. So often on Oranum you wonder, 'will this person understand me?'. He will understand you completely and he will help you find the answers you need to walk across the watery rainbow after a storm. You will never feel enclosed again or trapped because you will be led in the direction you are meant to go. Enlightenment, spirit, and his calm sense of understanding is the reason why I will continue to support him as an Oranum expert and go to him whenever I am down and even when I'm not because he truly cares about you. You are not merely a guests or a client, you are like family to thetruth04 and you will be treated with respect, love, and kindness. " ... written by James
100 stars as always!:)" ... written by nyny
love a reading with him...very very sweet and accurate" ... written by fleurdesil
He was so helpful and insightful. I didn't have a question, but knew I needed a reading and he tapped in right away. Almost immediately, I felt lighter and my spirits lifted. He was very honest an didn't sugarcoat anything but was still very encouraging. " ... written by Jayna
Absolutely brilliant psychic full of spiritual guidance and direction. He will give you the necessary tools to go far in life without reservation and the strength to push yourself. I'm truly blessed to have met such a magnificent man as him! Blessing to you dear. Always very accurate! Sending pure love and light! =)" ... written by James
i felt he was sincere and accurate....highly recommended" ... written by ginbellen
Yeah Amazing, helped me a lot! xxxx" ... written by Siany Deigan
great reading " ... written by veezee
Very good. " ... written by Jim
Thank you for the help. I'm going to go give it a try the advice which I was given. Things are looking brighter." ... written by Freda Wiley
Very good reading...left me feeling very positive! Thank you very much!!!" ... written by Cindy
he was very deep. i trully liked our reading. he was on spot. thank you so much!" ... written by Ana
he's so good at picking up on things!!! he's really intuitive and fast! i highly recommend him! " ... written by ninish
so incredibly nice! so accurate and knew what he was talking about. gave great advice! " ... written by Nadia
What a great guy! He was right! Thank you :)" ... written by Cindy
A very interesting and insightful reading with TheTruth. I wasn't expecting what he said, and it really changed how I think of my situation, and the other person involved. I am grateful for TheTruth's help in moving forward." ... written by L
Definitely a great reading, was very clear and straight to the point, and gave guidance on how to prepare and map out a plan for my future. I was very satisfied with my results :)" ... written by Tiona
Right to the point. Tyvm will be back for update. Have a great day!! : )" ... written by Jerry Birdsong
The Truth is very honest and on point with my situations. He broadens my perspective of balance and understanding. Can't wait to see how everything improves in the coming week. Talk to you soon! " ... written by mystique810
great reading....put my mind at ease... soo hope it all works out for the best... will chat again...." ... written by armyof2
This was an interesting experience. He picked up on my situation and confirmed several details. He explained exactly what was going on, why I was feeling so confused, what I could do to resolve my issue, and what lessons I could learn. A very wise man :)" ... written by unlocked
he was good." ... written by Marcus Andrews
good overall. intuited alot from just our names and age. great reading - thanks! " ... written by whenever21
Very honest guy. Very good and intuitive." ... written by Elizabeth
I think he's fantastic. very empathic and connection. highly recommended!" ... written by tiffany
His name is very accurate. He told me the truth of my situation - very kindly, and he also provided much needed sage advice and guidance. I am grateful for his help." ... written by L
Started from general and he went to specifics, am amazed. Truly a real reader. Thanks. I will see you next time." ... written by Joseph
He is a lovely person, and kindly conveys the truth of a situation. (true to his name.) Excellent psychic." ... written by L
Thanks so much for your help!!! You've helped me a lot. :) " ... written by ninishs
He is straight and good" ... written by chief
He is very compassionate person, encourage me and very good listener who always can count on because he is honest and kind , healer by nature. If you need that then he is a quality one and the right one to consult in private. I recommended you to try to join him and talk to him you might get very good advice and seek help in the right place here he is! much love and many blessing to you , Emily sweden :) " ... written by Ampily
very talented reader!" ... written by m
On the ball, even if you don't like what you hear!!!" ... written by Londo
great reading and reassuring" ... written by malteser1970
Caring and empathetic style, astute judge." ... written by Londo
REALLY GOOD READING !!!!!" ... written by lorenzo3584
wonderful! highly recommended" ... written by Tiffany
Very insightful. Name is accurate. This was what I needed to hear today. Thank you." ... written by Ferrari
awesome reading and great connection" ... written by virgoe82
the best psychic ever! so easy and sweet. sometimes creepy but in a good way." on point"!" ... written by cross eyes720
very understanding and caring person. Truthful and honest. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
He makes very good predictions. I strongly recommend him." ... written by ceno
thank you" ... written by carlos
Good reading, I felt like he knew what was going on, and helped me toward a path way to deal with it." ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Very intense reading, very truthful, I felt like he pushed me right back on track! " ... written by Jessica
Great Reading very deailed and honest" ... written by Sunday
It was a really good reading, he doesn't waste time and gets to the heart of the matter :)" ... written by S
very calm n collective person soothing sound, great advice and on point very much appreciate will def come back to truth! Thank you so much XXX " ... written by nada ebrahim
amazing reading,details and connects very quickly. I recommend!" ... written by Romi
he was great" ... written by askme
highly recommend him!!!! he helped me a lot with my past issues...I feel completely satisfied with the answers he provided me even though the answers were not what I was looking for. " ... written by adsafdadf
very healing" ... written by amrain
He is so kind, sweet, honest and helpful!" ... written by Anastasia
Very helpful and great" ... written by Ana
He really helped calm me down! :) He is sooooooo great and honest" ... written by Anastasia
He was amazing, I really enjoyed every minutes with him. He has such positive energies!Recommended!" ... written by Alex