About soulconnector

Psychic soulconnectorhas 10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic soulconnectorhas recently helped 15465members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about soulconnector's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Born psychic, i am making use of my knowledge in the direction of helping others. Can easily connect to ones energies and work from that point towards the goal of embetterment of your life.

Absolutely awesome! Highly recommended:)" ... written by rattail1
great reading" ... written by Bea
Wonderful helper!!! Very fast, can connect exactly to the point!! Recommend him highly!!!" ... written by Sirena22
WONDERFUL!" ... written by warpmind69
He is a very good reader, he knows what he is talking about. Loved the reading, and I will definitely come back for more. Thank you again!!" ... written by LittleStar5
great reading!" ... written by angelbekah
Soul is awesome....very intuitive and accurate bless you soul xo" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Scarily andamp;amp; I truly hope right... thanku" ... written by Alydia
Nice reading. He is calming and sincere. I will come back to him." ... written by kmk777
He was so helpful and I felt like he really understood my issues and my concerns! he doesn't waste your time he try to point out all the details for your burning questions. Pretty cool, i love it." ... written by TUSHAN
Great Job! Very caring and nice guy... thanks a lot for your help!" ... written by missgreeneyes
soooooooo helpful" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
WOW!! What an amazing experience. He defnitely put me at ease regarding the concerns that I have been having about one aspect of my life and re-assured me that I am on the right path. I will absolutely consult again in the future to ensure to calm my fears and insecurities." ... written by jettagirl09
Very strong reading, has good insight on what is happening!!" ... written by thenewblack
WOW" ... written by samanthaa1228
Soul Connector is such a lovely calming influence. I really enjoy his readings he is always very sweet and polite. I can't wait to let him know what happens regarding my future. Thank you so much!" ... written by pixi78
I just had a reading with Soul-connector and he's right on target! He's great with the cards. I do recommend anyone to have a private reading with him you won't be disappointed." ... written by brivers39
Great reading. Very fast and lots of information. Try him." ... written by tash1921
SoulConnector did a wonderful reading for me, re-assured me about my relationship and my partners intentions. I highly recommend SoulConnector he is very sweet and you can tell he really cares about his clients." ... written by pixi78
one of the best on the site!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
soul is such a sweetheart... great positive energy and awesome!!!!" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Excellent, detailed to the max and accurate!" ... written by sprngmaria2013
Absolutely wonderful! 2nd reading in 3 weeks, and an aura cleanse. After the aura cleanse I felt the best I ever have" ... written by warpmind69
He is very caring and doesn't judge you for being who you are. He is calm and helps you to relax and stay positive about what you are going through. " ... written by Gal1240
He is very accurate, picks up on the situation immediately and without tools, i recommend him for sure!" ... written by atlantis111
Intuitive, connected and highly recommend!" ... written by B
great reading... he reads my situation like an open book so just waiting for his prediction to unfold now. thanks Nic! " ... written by stephanie
thank you, thank you! soul.. you just always make sense... always realistic with what you see/feel. Thanks a lot soul!" ... written by m
All i have to say is wow. WOW. he is amazing, so insightful and i trusted him the entire reading :)" ... written by Mary
i believe everything he says because i know he knows" ... written by p
Nic is so sweet, and very deeply insightful. " ... written by A
My GOD! no words!" ... written by CE
Very impressive, I am wondering how he knew I was going to leave my job without me saying a word about it! Truly amazing! :O He knew details about how my love interest felt about me as well. Truly amazing, Soulconnector has a great gift!" ... written by Cherie
Very soothing" ... written by Harvey6972
He was thorough and accurate. Very highly recommend him in solving mysteries!" ... written by tangerinedream
i totally trust him. He is quick and answers every single question you have even if it is insignificant and he is very wise. He gives good advice and is accurate and insightful too. " ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Thank you for the wonderful reading and helping me solve my problem." ... written by Angel168
Amazing, a very warm soul, i feel safe with him while he is reading. Very kind and accurate" ... written by warpmind69
Very good reading." ... written by apr123
I had an excellent session with this adivosr. He is insighful and exempflies the abillity the skill to bring ease and calmness to the situation. He offered hope for my situation and the future of what I am hoping for. Thank you." ... written by kaydi3
love chatting with him. always so positive, highly highly recommended" ... written by bec
Was down when entered reading with soul but he has give me hope and positivity again!!!" ... written by marion
As always, Nicholas was able to re-affirm my feelings that I am on the right track with resolving all of my issues. He is direct, calming andamp;amp; caring and isn't here to waste time or tell you what he thinks you want to hear. I look forward to sharing updates with him in the future!" ... written by jettagirl09
Super super helpful!!!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Soulconnector was a good connection , gave me insight I will take the advice ..Thanks soulconnector until next time" ... written by sc
Nicholas is very calming and empathatic to situations that can be unnerving and stressful. I thoroughly enjoy chatting with him and it's a pleasure to have such a warm and insightful friend in him." ... written by jettagirl09
He was great!" ... written by brownsuga5964
He put my heart at ease...very honest and sincere" ... written by jayr3264
Once again, Nicholas has come to my rescue, re-assuring me that everything is going to be OK and work out just fine. I am so lucky to have such a kind, compassionate friend to talk me down off of an emotional ledge :)" ... written by jettagirl09
It was nice to reconnect with Nicholas over the past week and am so happy to see that he has returned. I first "met" soulconnector 2 years ago and everything that he told me in those early meetings still hold true. I look forward to continuing to share my experiences with him and learning any insight from him, going forward. I'm truly happy to see Nicholas back after much too long of a break!" ... written by Jettagirl
WOW again, he was spot on in details of my situation and consistent with the prediction for outcome! Highly recommend him for pvt!!!" ... written by marion
He is so sweet, spiritual and gifted. I enjoy talking to him very much. Excellent reading!!" ... written by psymeow
heeeeeeeee's back! always such a pleasure speaking with nick. he's quick to connect and so caring. he understands that things happen as a journey towards the end goal, and helps us to understand things better. sending huge hugs to nick! thank you for all that you do :)" ... written by j
Great reading, very detailed!!!" ... written by Emilio
It was nice to be able to chat with Nicholas again. He is such a warm, empathic person that when we talk, it is like catching up with a good friend. Thanks for taking the time for me to babble and catch up. We'll talk soon." ... written by jettagirl09
use him...he's accurate..nice..understanding...and knows what to say" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Thank you for an amazing and accurate reading! God bless!" ... written by mozzy123
Very quick and meticulous reader...Enjoyed his reading and hope things he told me comes true...Thanks once again for the reading!! recommend him to all!" ... written by TrustGod
Nicholas is such an excellent advisor andamp; friend. He quickly and easily puts me at ease with whatever is troubling me. I look forward to keeping him up to date with what is going on with me and my situation and look forward to our "chats"" ... written by Jettagirl09
My reading with Soulconnector seemed very positive even though my reading was cut short. I highly reccomend him." ... written by Mojana
Thanks for the reading, really appreciate it. too bad we didnt get to finish :( But he is great, thanks a ton. Recommended, he sensed my situation really well. " ... written by VicLove
Very nice reading. Thank you!!" ... written by pepita24
Great reading!!!!" ... written by mizbeez
Super connected. Be right back." ... written by mizbeez
Amazingness!" ... written by michelle
Absolutely astonishing...................let him connect with you and in turn you will discover things about yourself, flaws and all. Let him show you who you are, as you are without any fears.............let him help you." ... written by leelee32384
Amazing. Very well connected and gives really, really descriptive answers that are on the nose accurate. Lovely energy, very balanced and kind. He feels like a wise and ancient soul." ... written by Myrna
AWESOME! Always great! Hopefully he's still right about September!" ... written by MinaVamp27
WOW I don't know how he does it but he is absolutely awesome and truly gifted!!!" ... written by marion
OH MY GOD! I couldn't stop listening to him go on and on about me and my situation. He was dead on, and he provided much needed insight to the dilemma I now face regarding someone in particular. I await his predictions resolution! VICTORY!!!!" ... written by MinaVamp27
Thank you Nicholas for a great reading. I'm looking forward to December and 2012 :)" ... written by pixi78
Nicholas once again had insight into my situation, allowing me reaffirm my faith with the direction that I am headed in. Even when certain aspects of my life are not obvious to me, Nicholas is able to calm my concerns andamp;amp; assure me that things are going to turn out just how I envision them making me a happier and more positive person overall. I really do appreciate our andamp;quot;timeandamp;quot; together...he is terrific!!" ... written by jettagirl09
Yet another great clarification session...I truly enjoy every consultation that we have together as it puts me at ease and prepares me each time for the next stage of my journey." ... written by jettagirl09
Great reading, it will be interesting to see how things transpire!" ... written by moon1leo1
Thank you for the clarity and advice - I will trust him as he trusts me and continue to be supportive and there for him to show what I feel so that he can open up and allow us to get closer as a couple. Thank you so much for the advice and confirmation :)" ... written by elena8014
He must be the best here! " ... written by luckystar222
WOW, this guy is mind blowing. He literally took the questions out of my head as we were talking. If that's not a real gift, I don't know what is. This is what actual connection is..............I'm amazed. " ... written by leelee32384
Wow! He is so spiritual and gifted! Such a sweetheart. I love talking to him. Excellent reading every time!!!" ... written by psymeow
Very gifted and accurate. Must try." ... written by followbliss
OMG... I did not have to ask and he immediately knew what I wanted to ask...OMG OMG... He is good... Very good... Excellent .. 5 stars!!!" ... written by aleehak
:)) amazing fast detailed ." ... written by luckystar222
Thank you Soul, your talk has made me feel that as long as my man and I take care of each other everything else will fall into place." ... written by Michelle Houghton
Nicholas has known my situation from the very beginning and remains consistent with the statement that he made at the very beginning that there is a long, happy life for me. He is very compassionate and loving with his gifts and his friendship." ... written by Kris
A lovely soul and brother I found back with fast ability to connect to the soul and read fast and clear. :) Thank you! Mile grazie!" ... written by Gaby11
Excellent quick reading, thank you very much, lots of inside and detail. Thanks!" ... written by Ja
Thank you dead on knew the situation without me saying anything ...Thank you for your encouraging words. ....definitely cant wait for things too happen " ... written by elena8014
Soul is brilliant and absolutely an amazing reader!!!" ... written by marion
Very gifted and spiritual reader. I had an amazing past life reading! He is just wonderful! xoxo" ... written by psymeow
Always always love him!! A pleasure every time to speak with him. He truly has a gift and it's our privilege to experience it!" ... written by lyric
It was wonderful to see Nicholas back on Oranum. Chatting with him was like catching up with an old friend andamp;amp; it was helpful to be able to catch him up with what's been happening over the past couple of months. I look forward to our future conversations!" ... written by jettagirl09
Loved the reading, felt an instant connection and most certainly felt as though he knew what was going on in my situation. He didn't need to ask much but gave me great insight. He is very nice and very professional if you are thinking of having a reading with him, go for it! :) " ... written by CCLoVe_29
I think he is one of the best, most accurate, most to the point, and kindest ones on the site. He's amazing and a blessing to talk to" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Very friendly and positive thinking reader. I really liked to be in private session with him. I can recommend him very honestly." ... written by novforsic
I'm so glad he is back !!!!!! His readings are amazingly detailed, and have such depth. He is truly great." ... written by A
one word AMAZING .... another WORD ... ACCURATE ..." ... written by anuj
Thank you Soulconnector for another awesome update" ... written by marion
When life gives us crossroads, there is no easy way out, but there are paths and trails to take in order to get to where we need to be, to fulfill ourselves emotionally and spiritually. Soulconnector is without a doubt the most gifted individual I have ever met. If you want a good psychic, dont find one who will tell you yes or no, but find one that will tell you your choices and what stands in your way. Find one who has your interest at heart, and that is what I did. This person has helped me see the grey in what was black and white. He told me not to be afraid and to be bold in my pursuits. I appreciate his empathy and honesty and compassion. This is a genuine person with an ability to help and heal, and for this I am grateful because I dont have to listen to lies in order to go on with my life, but know that no matter which way I go, it is for a reason and that I will be ok. Thank you brother for all your help!" ... written by leelee32384
Great insight!" ... written by Emilio
AMAZING!! Really fast and accurate reading, he picked up immediately on my concerns and needed no info, honest and genuine, totally connected. Thank you again!!" ... written by change
Nicolas was very astute and polite. He answers questions swiftly and communicates clearly to you. He was fast and efficient. I do recommend his work." ... written by Joshua
Brilliant.!....every thing that everyone says about Nic is true simply amazing and straight on with all he said . Unbelievably talent and needs no info...." ... written by ro
Nicholas is always able to connect to things quickly and continues to affirm that things are going to change. My fingers are crossed that things are finally going to change. I will continue looking to Nicholas for updates." ... written by Jettagirl09
Uplifting.. Fast connection.. lLked it.. will wait though to see it happens or not" ... written by peggy
Great Reading" ... written by Jenny
He picked a lot up, some I told him, I hope he's right." ... written by swardan
He is one of the most sincere reader here. He is gifted, articulate, knows how to contract the story so that you can understand well. His reading is accurate, very much in depth, insightful and clear. A great reader and a friend! " ... written by psymeow
Soulconnector made a connection as I entered his chat which made me want to go private with him. He picked up on my situation and saw exactly what was happening with the people involved. His reading was honest, accurate, and very insightful. I have good things to look forward to!" ... written by janesi
He is very soulful and is able to connect on a very deep and spiritual level. He will help guide you in a peaceful and reflective manner that helps heal your soul." ... written by finding peace
Wow!!! What an awesome, spot-on reading. I didn't even have to tell him anything. He just started telling me stuff and it was truly amazing." ... written by Miss Annie Jean
He is my spiritual adviser and friend. I relay a lot of trust onto him..........for he has always given me the truth. Only tells me what he feels I need to know, but he never chooses what direction I should go in because he respects that it is my life and no one but me should be steering it. He is a true gifted individual that respects you and your issues. He is such an amazing soul and I feel very fortunate to have found him. A true psychic does not give you yes or no answers, but rather directions, and he does it in such a good kind way. Like he says........"be warned my insight is deep" and I am a testament to that fact.........he really is. " ... written by leelee32384
Amazing reading!!! His connection was immediate!!!! As soon as the session started he gave me the true status of my situation with out me actually asking any questions!!! He gave me some very valuable advice and insight!! I am extremely happy with my reading!!! This young man is very talented!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Thank you for your insight and clarity. Amazing reader." ... written by ikroyalal
Words cannot express the clarity and direction i received in this reading! I thought I had a few great readings before but this was much more than a reading - it gave me hope for the first time in a long time!!!" ... written by Gfrenz1
great reader!!" ... written by Shelly
He is the most incredible reader with no information given to him he hits the nail on the head every time. Thank you so much my dear friend." ... written by simon
Nic is a very blessed spirit and has amazing abilities with true clarity.....simply a gift from God...." ... written by va
I was running out of time... Wish I had more:( but I have no words to describe how fast he connects with people. Must give a try!:)" ... written by marie5290
So happy to see Nicholas back we done update and everything is still unfolding as he predicted......he is amazing with his gift!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
one of the Top Psychics, always bang on and knows, I don't give reviews easily. But he is really good and I've been to many psychics and I know what too look for, only couple psychics I can say who are this good. " ... written by J
Great Psychic. True ability. Connects beautifully." ... written by toucan2
Since Nicholas is the person on Oranum who has known me the longest, inevitably, he is the person the I turn to over time to hash out some of the repeating themes in my life. I love being able to catch up with him and "talk" about the things that he has been helping me with over the past 2 years and he always makes me feel less stressed about whatever is going on around me. Thank you my friend!!" ... written by Jettagirl09
He gave me pertinent info. Made predictions so lets see what happens" ... written by sylvestri
Nicholas is awesome! " ... written by deiasallouti
Very good" ... written by GD
Calm and gentle soul, good advice and insight." ... written by E
Amazing very gifted." ... written by PB1923
Give him a try" ... written by sincerly7
This guy, he is "da bomb", hits the nail on the head and gives you the clarity and reassurance you need in your situation. Once you go Soulconnector, you won't go back! Much love Nich! xo" ... written by TM
O MMM GEE Soul is beyond awesome!!!! readings with him are soul benefiting!! his connection is on, deep soul level, you must have a private with him!!! he deserves all the stars and more.... Thanks Soul :)" ... written by marionlyttle
Well. Soul connector connected to my soul. Love his reading style. He doesn't require cards." ... written by Virgo
Soul is wonderful!!! Spot on accurate, so sensitive, caring, and precise. Answers every question with details...lovely soul and will be back for updates. Thank you so much soul...youre amazing! Lots of love x" ... written by Sus
an understanding and helpful reading. I was glad I talked with him" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
My good friend is back!!! I am just so happy to see him, and get real emotional insight into my situations. it is good to have him back. I have been lost without him, but I feel at peace now. :) He is a gracious and amazing soul. " ... written by leelee32384
thanks :))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
such a good connection with him, repeat client, will always be back. " ... written by bec
He connects very well with me and my situation. I appreciate so, so much the clarity he's able to give me. Not enough stars for him :)" ... written by Yiara
My first reading with him, connected right away gave me a lot of clarity in depth unlike other readings I have had. I wait for the outcome and its positive so Im happy. Will recommend and will come back to let him know. Thank you." ... written by Ace
I appreciate your words with me. :))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
As always Soul Connector connects and gives much clarity and insight into the situation. he is so honest and confident in his readings. I look forward to what is to come!" ... written by janesi
what a wonderful soul with a wonderful gift :) so warm and gentle and fast, without any tools. thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. i am really hoping this will come true. hugs to you xoxoxoxo" ... written by emotions
Amazing as always" ... written by J
I hope everything happens like he said :)" ... written by luckystars
very good ty" ... written by linda
Absolutely *SUPERB*. A genius at work. Mark my words. " ... written by Pluto
He's the real deal... Knows everything without me saying :) much love xx" ... written by luckystars
wow..amazing." ... written by S
So happy see Soul back!!!!update was fantastic!" ... written by marion lyttle
It is always such a pleasure to catch up with Nicholas. He is the first reader I ever experienced here on Oranum over 3 years ago and I continue to return when he's on to keep him updated of what's going on in my life. He is always so full of life and positive energy that I really enjoy getting updates from him. Thank you for popping online today. It was wonderful to talk to you and I will return again, soon!!" ... written by Jettagirl09
Thank you for the reading. I pray that you are correct" ... written by itwillbeok
Great reader without a doubt very very connected to my situation immediate responses and in depth guidance. Highly recommended" ... written by ikroyala
What a wonderful man. He is insightful, accurate and doesn't fluff around with meaningless things to bog down your credit. He knew my situation without prodding for questions, and gave precise answers to the questions I was seeking. A true blessing! Thank you Soulconnector! A++++" ... written by BJ
he's good" ... written by nelson
Thanks for the Very accurate, honest, and insightufl reading! I will keep you updated. " ... written by janesi
Thanks for the reading!! :) will keep u updated" ... written by luckystars
He is very kind and takes each question with much importance and gives good detail. He is a good listener as well as a good reader. 5 stars. " ... written by Anna
He connected immediately, and knew what I wanted to ask him about before I typed a word. He's very gifted and a lovely person as well. Great reading." ... written by L
So incredibly moving.... I'd honestly planned on asking about work and career aspects - but instantly the connection was about the greater picture, was something completely different, something that i'd bottled up and packed away into the recesses of my mind and heart. Very emotional and healing. My deepest, deepest gratitude and love xxx" ... written by sunflowersun
he knew what i wanted to know b4 i said anything he was very good" ... written by hope
SO lovely. picked up on things straight away before I said anything. Will definitley come back highly recommended" ... written by bec
much encouragement and deep insight thank you" ... written by william
absolutely love this guy..... :) ..... thanks so much nicholas XXX" ... written by sunnyshine
all I can say about soulconnector is what a sweetie and wonderful energy. he was very helpful." ... written by juanita christopher
he is one of the best, i m really glad i have read with him... " ... written by veezee
Oh Nicholas, what a lovely man you are. You helped me realise something, which I knew deep downside is on my side. You are an incredible reader, and I can certainly see why so many people are drawn to you. Thank you for your time, precision, accuracy and warm heart. God bless you, and may all your life wishes be granted :)" ... written by Tickleme
He is very special! Thank you so much! Will come back soon!! xoxoxo" ... written by K
He only typed for me but was fast...picked up on the situation pretty good." ... written by Sparkle Pony
very fast connected. and great precise reading. He is accurate. Thank you for the reading. " ... written by pigletme123
thank you very clear" ... written by linda
he is amazing....I adore him...he makes so much sense" ... written by dani
Nicholas is truly a gem, and I wanted to check in, so I made a decision which is definitely going to favour me. :)" ... written by TM
great reading!" ... written by luckystars
He is just amazing and I love the energy that he emanates, so centering. I think he's the best on this site :)" ... written by Juliana
He has natural ability and talent to see the situation as it is and convey not only honestly but sympathetically too. Told me some things that rung true and that couldn't of been guessed. A wonderful reading.. I'm so happy I entered his room and had this reading. Thank you soulconnector. " ... written by Zandra
You are amazing and so right I look forward to giving you the good news which i know will be soon. Look forward to talking to you again!" ... written by Catherine
oh oh..! im speachless!! i didnt even ask and he kept writing and writing..he is so good! im just speechless.. ty!" ... written by ABSFAB
He sure wears his name well :) He connected very fast and accurately with my situation and gave me much needed clarity. 1000 stars! " ... written by Yiara
SoulConnector is very special not only in being very gifted as a psychic, but his gentle and caring demeanor offer a comforting space to receive a reading, and be open to his insights." ... written by Ahz
He is very sweet, with great loving positive energy. I highly recomend him." ... written by Jennifer
excellent, 7 stars " ... written by gigaman1978
Another great reading! More insight with details." ... written by janesi
1000.. stars! :)" ... written by Yiara
Excellent advisor and confidant. I will consult soul connector many times." ... written by Krista Elliott
He has a really kind energy and is very good and clear at explaining what he feels. I enjoyed my reading with him very much and will be back for more. Thank you soulconnector, many blessings to you! " ... written by lynnrm
Soulconnector was amazing!! He could sense my issue before he knew anything about me. His reading was insightful, compassionate yet honest. I will definitely be back to see him. He is a gem :)" ... written by Debbie
He is amazing. So connected. And he remembers past reading information. Kind of uncanny in his abilities. " ... written by L
Most amazing reading. I had already read previous reviews and expectations were high, but this was beyond anything that I could have imagined. Extremely insightful, with timeframes. Really understood the situation and was able provide much needed information. Nearly made me cry as the information was so clear and left me with no confusion. Thank you." ... written by pinkilght
He has this lovely energy so calm..... He read to the point and eased my mind.... I hope and trust that his predictions come true very soon... Thank you very much x " ... written by Lalima
Nick you are great, and yes I am great too. I am glad we have come to a nice conclusion! All joking aside, Nick is so tuned in and provides you the clarity and peace you require to continue on your destined path :)" ... written by Sharon
very warm and sweet. delivered good information...thank you very much!" ... written by Liz
Such a dear fellow. Gentle nature, and he is able to offer clear insights into situations." ... written by L
I thank Spirit for being able to find someone that I feel is truly connected in love and light. May Soulconnector continue to deliver Spirit's messages." ... written by juanita christopher
Great reader. Connects fast and easy. He has given me 2 to love , one by end of sept. new middle of october. Will return for updates" ... written by BM331
Another amazing reading, words cannot convey the quality, extremely insightful. By far one of my favourite. Thank you so much." ... written by pinklight
WOW! Nicolas blew me away. He was drawn to me in freechat as I was drawn to talk to him. I took him to private and he immediately brought up what was on my mind and confirmed how i felt was right and to stay positive regarding my situation. he gave me a reasonably timeframe too which makes sense" ... written by m
This man is the real thing. His readings a pure, honest and gives you a feeling of resolvement. What the outcome will bring is just a question of time and patience. But Nich has given me patience.. Thank you!" ... written by Cancer
I'll keep it simple and just wanna say that he's my favorite here on oranum :)! True expert." ... written by Juliana
He's a wonderful person, and an amazing psychic." ... written by Ahz
He uses no tools, and he is completely mind-blowing. Amazing. Knows every little detail without you revealing information at all. Totally recommended. I will be back for sure." ... written by clara
just one thing.. hes the real deal.ty :-)" ... written by absfab!
Excellent reader and went right to the heart of my problem. I appreciate his help and guidance and would highly recommend him." ... written by Krista Elliott
soooo nice! i really like you! :-)" ... written by abs fab!
SoulConnector is amazing. And such a kind soul. He is a gem." ... written by L
great reading" ... written by luckystars
he is amazing and always so spot on, he is a true reader and hard to catch but so worth it!" ... written by Catherine
Thanks for the reading Nic clear and great guidance" ... written by ikroyala
Wow…I didn't have to say a thing and he knew exactly what I was there for! He picked up on the situation immediately. I have never experienced a psychic reading where I didn't even have to say anything for him to tell me the problem. " ... written by Alison
thank u for the insightful reading, i cant wait for things to happen." ... written by lynnrmc
he picked up on everything. made me happy. so happy i started crying at the end of my reading. I know what to do and I'm feeling confident that it will work out according to my wishes" ... written by l
one of the best readings i have had, thanx so much." ... written by zimerili1
OMG He is amazing.....he knew what to say without me saying anything... he is truly amazing and spot on with everything.... he is the real deal.... I recommend him to anyone.... I will definitely be back to speak to him again..... Amazing insight and he is truly deep ...... Than you .... you serve 10 stars" ... written by Rosa
Impressive reading..highly accurate..Recommended!" ... written by tasha_j
He connects very well. He's great at readings and he is always spot on with his information. Very kind hearted and deep. " ... written by Mia
Follow up reading with this lovely guy. Really helped put my mind at ease x" ... written by Mshelli
Wow im so happy i have found Soul Connector hes " ... written by jody
This guy was absolutely amazing! Within 2 minutes in free chat he had already picked up a guys initial and birth sign. He was sweet, and caring and accurate. I honestly cant put into words how good the reading was. He made me feel so much more positive than i have in a long time. If you see him free, give him the chance to read for you, you will not regret it x" ... written by Mshelli
Nicolas was very on the ball with my situation so I will be giving him a 5th star if his prediction comes to pass." ... written by Sean
he is very aware and consistent. " ... written by Jay
thank you so much nicholas.... i appreciate your insight." ... written by jerald
I love this man he is truly gifted..... I will always go to him for advice . he truly is the real deal and probably the best I have had on here...... I will be back for an update.... 5 stars and more " ... written by Rosa
Soulconnector is one of the best on this site. You could not ask for better and clearly guidance. " ... written by Krista Elliott
he is very good.. really really great.." ... written by n
SoulConnector - does exactly as his name implies: he connects on a soul-level and is able to give very deep readings of people. Fascinating and so very valuable." ... written by L
Soulconnector are a beautiful man. Thank you so much." ... written by
Absolutely brilliant. No tools and he picked up on the situation straight away. He told me things to help guide me on the right path and his insight is very deep. " ... written by B
Absolutely brilliant. First Class. Picks up on things easily and quickly. Highly recommend" ... written by B
amazing again!!" ... written by m
I've really missed him !! So glad he is back. Such a kind person. And a superb psychic. " ... written by L
Thank you for a great reading. How you know what you know is amazing! ...and you DO look like Chris from coldplay :D" ... written by JnJ
This guy is amazing! Its been so long since I've spoken to him but he remembers everything and sees the situation as it is now perfectly and accurately!" ... written by RussianBlue1
great reading. soul does soulfully connect. he taps in very well and gives great advice and insight. Thank you soul! will be back to update" ... written by lee
SO GOOD to have him back! so highly recommended, missing out if you don't see him." ... written by bec
Love him so glad he's back!" ... written by CT
aahhhh! been sooo long since we spoke. yet his predictions have happened since we last spoke earlier in the year. I missed your insight soul!!! dont leave again!! your so good! God bless!!" ... written by k
So glad to see you back online! Amazing, amazing guy! Connection is instant and insight incredibly accurate. Love how detailed he gets and his explanations just make sense of the craziness that happens in our lives. Thanks again!" ... written by J
extremely positive and reassuring...very kind.....time will tell about predictions....thank u and could u pls answer my last question :)" ... written by lovehouston
Its amazing how deep into the soul Nicolas is able to see. He provides many details about a person's feelings, and he has been accurate on several things he saw the last year and a half." ... written by G
great reading" ... written by luckystars
don't pass up the opportunity to have a reading with soul connector.. he is truly gifted, amazes me every time. He's been right on everything he felt for situations in my life in the past, he's a gem and a kind soul." ... written by bec
amazing speed! delivers what he promises.." ... written by f
Feeling ease after chat with Nic, he is very fast and straight to the point, hopefully his prediction will become true! Thank you Nic~ " ... written by emily
Brilliant!!! 100 stars!! Can't wait for me predictions to come to pass!" ... written by Miszy
Always reads the situation and emotions spot on. Really reassuring to get advice from him. " ... written by Amber
Thanks again Nic, you are very helpful in this journey, much love xxxxxx" ... written by capricorn_dancer
the reading was great! he's very patient and picked things immediately without me telling. he's very sweet and wont waste your time!" ... written by oanh
He is fabulous! Awesome update and very good things to happen very soon and I know they will as he has been so amazingly accurate in past readings. He is sweet, concise, very insightful and connected. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Seeker1200
I've missed talking to you!!! It's amazing how well you connect and what you know! Hope to catch you again when I have more time!" ... written by J
he is very nice! hopefully i have good news for him soon :)" ... written by luckystars
The absolute real deal - is talent is so raw and fascinating. Please don't pass up the opportunity for a reading" ... written by lotus71
thank you for the sincere answers." ... written by j
Got few updates, now just wait and staying positive. TY Nic XX" ... written by Kool
My third reading with Nic in less than 2 weeks...he's just amazing. This may sound silly to some and many of Nicolas's clients might feel this way, but I just feel a different kind of connection with him that I can't exactly put into words other than to say, I am so grateful to have found you here. You have such a beautiful soul, I feel it when we speak. Thank you Nicolas. Can't wait to come back with good news. " ... written by mainstreem20
I read with soulconnector for the first time last year when I was in a really tough situation, he was 100% accurate in what he saw with what the other person was feeling and also with what he thought would happen.. he is crazily gifted and has the most lovely energy. HIGHLY recommend him :)" ... written by bec
a beautiful soul..................." ... written by leelee32384
He is wonderful, accurate, and helpful. I'd recommend him!!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
I went into my reading with many doubts but he cheered me. Seeing nothing but good things coming in the near future. He picked up on everything going on and I am confident in his predictions. With the way things are currently going, it is only right that his predictions happen the way he says they will :) This man is truly blessed as a blessing to others :)" ... written by l
omg, he goes into depths of the soul and reads people like an open book, wow" ... written by donna
The soulconnector has told me that my new love which has the same zodiac sign, scorpio as my deceased husband,Keith. I believe that Keith has selected my new love to care for me. It is like Keith has sent this beautiful person to me so Keith would know that I was being taken care of by a dynamic,compassionate and spiritual loved person." ... written by rooster051
Bless soulconnector. He is really amazing. I did not mentioned anything to him, this is the second reading with him. I got his email and he said somehing regarded to one of my family member. Then i went to free chat, and he mentioned somelthing about my life partner too. And this just happened a day ago, and he knew it what happened, and he will tell me the rest of the details. I did a pvt reading with him. blow my mind off. He knew everything details, that i never mentioned to anybody. Psychic that knows strong channaling, always 200% spot on. I am glad i read with him. So many advices and details informed. Thank you my dear., You worth 100 stars. I knew the reading I had drawn a lot of your energy. Thanks again" ... written by pigletme123
A great insightful reader. His readings are deep and have been accurate. He was able to connect immediately and shed light on my situation. The understanding gained from his readings allow me to be strong regarding my current situation. " ... written by pinklight
thank u for the reading! you are fast connecting. looking forward to the future and stay in touch with you on updates! thank you!" ... written by Alicja
Thank you so much Soul! I am so happy that I met you! xoxoxo" ... written by P
Fantastic - quick, to the point helped me immensely. What a great talent! Connected quickly, quick typist, did not repeat info, answered my questions astutely. Will definitely visit again. Hugs Nicolas xxx" ... written by jo
very good" ... written by mia
Another reading with him. Very consistant! very accurate. He always blow my mind before I even start to ask him things. Thank you! Very warm and kind boy. But he said, he wouldn't been online as much as now when he start he school. I have to schedule with him next time. Without him, I will be so miserable and helpless! He is extremely accurate and gifted. Thanks again" ... written by pigletme123
awesome dude , very intuitive, direct freindly" ... written by Jade Emperor
Thank you so much soul! I will be back soon. With love," ... written by P
wow had to go up for a follow up reading after my last reading with him was in august, and everything he says rings true to how i feel and what ive done. hes awesome in that he just uses names and gets a ton of insight" ... written by m
Thank you for your insight! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
I don't what else to say but WOW. Thank you so much!" ... written by simon
A great person as well as reader. He connects with ease and is most accurate. You won't regret taking him to private. Will definitely keep getting updates with him :)" ... written by BMJ
Amazing, just within couple of seconds, he said about what I am doing and what would happen. Simply fantastic, No questions asked from me. Very much impressed. Good job. Keep it up my dear. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
Thank you for the wonderful reading once again, I hope to update up soon with good news. Cheers. " ... written by lynnrmc
thanks for your help" ... written by nextelife
Soulconnector was absolutely awesome! He uses no tools but connects with his ability to see my situation clearly. Nicholas often spoke on areas occurring in my situation that I did not share with him. His insight is phenomenal and his foresight superb. I will be returning. I highly recommend. Thanks a million! " ... written by Kaydi
He is really good as usual very calm and patient, give him 5*****" ... written by TUSHAN
Thankyou so much didn't have to say a word he just tuned right in to the situation and was spot on thankyou highly recommended xxxxxxxx" ... written by t
Connected with just my name. Didn't ask anything!" ... written by kool
i was very excited today to catch Nicholas online! he's simply the best! tried and true! " ... written by w
This guys the real deal. Amazing intuition he just saw stuff with out any questions or statements on my part. I recommend him highly if you want pure insight." ... written by Aloysius Crabtree
Nic is amazing, always spot on" ... written by Jay
thanks for the update" ... written by lucky
Ran out of credits but will be back soon. Thank you so much! The things you know are just mind boggling!" ... written by Jocelyn
This guy is an absolutely incredible and brilliant psychic! This was my first reading with him - immediate, very fast and accurate connection without even one question or any info from me and no tools. Instantly saw the exact situation on a very deep level and gave such beautiful and intense details. Very much worth the private. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Seeker1200
Great getting a update from him to see where things are standing he is always so good." ... written by CS
It's so great to have SoulConnector back :) He's such a lovely person and gives very detailed, wonderful readings. (no tools)" ... written by L
Another great update that clarify all he has told me previously!!!" ... written by M
Connected really well with me, it was an amazing reading. Thank you so much!! " ... written by lynnrmc
Wow! So accurate! He is a genuine!Real deal no doubt, spot on without giving any info. speechless. Gifted and bless by God. Kind Man and honest. Worth 1000 stars. Thank you" ... written by gugu58
very insightful!! and accurate, excited to see results, a very nice person to talk with, felt comfortable" ... written by Anupama
OMG and WOW! I didn't say a word and he asked no questions - asked nothing - and completely laid out my 2 concerns in great deal .. simply amazing." ... written by d
He picked up on my situation very quickly. Quite a gifted psychic. Gave me some great advice that resonated with me. I recommend him to others wanting a fast reading on their most pertinent question/s right now. He's great at picking up on that and suggesting ways forward as he reads the other people in the situation. Many blessings!" ... written by nlove9
My reading was short unfortunately and it was my first time. I definitely want to visit him again. " ... written by lovely14
wow wow wow" ... written by soulconnection
So glad I invested the money into a reading with soulconnector. Gentle, and accurate." ... written by Freedom2211
excellent, excellent, real deal, true talent!" ... written by d
wow, very on point with what he picked up on. sure will be back to update him. thanks soulconnector." ... written by mini
consistance answers, very gifted and very accurate, no tools. god bless this guy. thank you for your help. " ... written by gugu58
just needed more time ...... xx" ... written by freedom
I love talking to Nicholas. He's the absolute best! Always a pleasure :)" ... written by n
AMAZING, Soulconnector really connects to your soul and heart and can see everything without me telling, he knew my situation and picked up on it straight away, and he even stayed on so I could have a pvt, thanks so much Nic xxx much love to you ♥♥♥" ... written by capricorn_dancer
Fantastically accurate with no info given! Clear, fast and very connected to spirit. Excellent update that helped me sort out some things I've been struggling with." ... written by Seeker1200
amazing. i felt the connection and I heard the answers." ... written by amzsed
He is a true reader, he connected with me very fast and spot on at the situation ! Definitely gonna come back for some more update! Thank you so much!!! " ... written by Emily
wow i did not even have to say a word. this man is awesome and the real deal. i will be back for an update .please take him private if you can catch him . thank you soul :)" ... written by riley777
OMG this mans brilliant and kind so much info cant wait for his predictions to come true thankyou for your help , Take soul connector to pvt absolutely fantastic xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by tamara
WOW ... honestly I don't even have any far the best and i mean the best reader here. I have had reading with many many many people here and I trust 2; however Nicholas just blew my mind away. I don't even know how I came across his room but I just knew I had to go in and get a reading from him. Although the reading was positive and I am excited about that, but the fact that he just read the situation without ANY and i mean any information from me was mind blowing to say the least. Thank you so much Nicholas. You have no idea how much I appreciate your words. You gave me a sense of calmness I haven't felt in a long time. Love andamp; Light to you my friend and I will be coming back for updates. " ... written by mainstreem20
Quick. thanks...let see if he contacts " ... written by Noosiekins
great reading" ... written by luckystars
thank you. " ... written by LIGHT
Thank you Nicolas for coming back. I feel very connected to you. I wish there was no limit to speaking with you. You are really special and I am really grateful to have found you here. Thank you again for the update :) I will come back with good news I am sure :) xoxoxo" ... written by mainstreem20
Amazing!!! He is very good...if he is correct with my time frames I will be back to scream it from the roof tops!!! I am sooooo encouraged for the coming weeks!" ... written by Miszy
I loved my reading with Nicolas. Lovely angelic energy. Honest and genuine sensitive heart. Everything he said made sense and i didtn tell him anything he went right to the point. So caring, kind, respectful and truly gifted. This man has a mission. Please do try him...GBY Nic xxx" ... written by G
i have so much love for Nicholas! he has such a beautiful and kind soul...I look forward all my readings with him! " ... written by whit
ty soo much for u love and support! v helpful" ... written by m
Wow absolutely fantastic. Connects Immediately and KNOWS! Five star reading...made me feel great and not crazy. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Mj
Always very lovely to have a reading with this gentle soul. He is an amazing psychic. So very tuned in. Really remarkable." ... written by L
amazing, 100% accurate. Blow my mind, how could he can do that. Unbelievable. No tools. It just crazy. Thank you Thank You Thank you. Have been clarify all my questions. and no sugar coat. Very kind and polite young man. xoxoxo" ... written by gugu58
i'm always running out of credits but with good reason. nicolas is amazing! connection is instant and his insight is second to none. thank you for a great reading and helping to bring clarity to the situation." ... written by JJ
can I just call this man my brother? Thank you so much " ... written by
Soulconnector is great, i had a good reading and he dialed right into the issues , we got some good healing insights. " ... written by Bernie Worrell
ty for always reassuring me in the darkest times of my life. that doesnt happen with a lot of readers on here and i dont trust ppl easily now a days esp ha, thanks soo much love" ... written by h
Feeling so great to get re-connect with Nic again, he is real psychic!! He knew the situation very well, very caring and seriously can feel a deep connection with him!! " ... written by Emily
Hella good reading. Sees whats happening, makes Soulco Nectar out of the reading, helpful advices, nice guy." ... written by Grimoire Grinspoon
It was Awesome and very satisfying , but the time was too little, because just when the thing was intensifying ..I expired my time!!! I wanted more.. And I can't afford going for a "bigger" package!" ... written by Marina Marchese
loveeeeeeeeeee" ... written by auroura
Fabulous thankyou so much had an update with nic much reccomended i will be back for another update just hope he doesnt go away for too long next time " ... written by T
thx boo! love you are amazingly helpful" ... written by a
cant wait for his predictions to unfold, sweet as ever" ... written by rish
He gives me warm feelings :) " ... written by
This guy's awesome. Read me like a book. Humourous, wise, insightful, good understanding of human psychology" ... written by Sri Sri Sri Swami Balagangadaranathaswamy
long reading, verify all the quesions, gifted and awesome, thank you" ... written by gugu58
gifted and awesome" ... written by gugu58
Great connector and reader. Loved his calmness and energy. he picked up well. " ... written by BFM
loved every second of the reading! (as usual). soul just knows... no clue how.. (maybe because hes not human and he doesn't want to tell me.. lol.. inside joke) but yea... he knows, that's all I can say. Predictions have already happened and even now his most recent are unfolding... So. Thank you Soul!!! you know ill be back! (keep this sale ;)" ... written by m
OMG first read with soul connecter and it was what I needed. he digs deep into it!! he is the man. thank you I await your timeframes!! " ... written by v
Another great reading withsoul connector thankyou for your guidance xx" ... written by T
thankkk you soul!!! you are the best! SERIOUSLY!!!! hugs!! xoxoxoxo" ... written by m
i loved talking to soul connector.. hes brilliant .. i can tell .. the energy is flawless and pure .. thanks!! a million.. i will certainly be back for more... i know i can count on ur guidance..." ... written by aby
He is a gem...soooo kind, generous, caring and talented!!" ... written by Miszy
Soul connecter is really good and is very articulate with his words. Keep in mind he will give good details!" ... written by mary
the minute i came into the room he knew why i was there and went into detail. hoping his predictions will come to pass!" ... written by BP
He gave an excellent reading. He was spot on!" ... written by Maria
Loved having the opportunity to chat with Soul Connector who gave me so much hope and made me feel really good inside. He is a wonderful person to talk to and makes me feel peaceful and joyous with how he sees my life transpiring." ... written by Teresa
Simply amazing, a quite insightful and prescient reader. ALways apprecitate his counsel." ... written by Granville Von Crenwick
He is very nice and picks up on my situation" ... written by Teresa
first reading - interesting" ... written by mandeep
first readings - interesting and intriguing" ... written by mandeep
the guy is straight to business without wasting any time" ... written by mandeep
will come back next week if the prediction comes true - thanks for your time" ... written by mandeep
Very deep and very insightful, got straight down to it, no hesitation. He has an extemely calming and trusting energy. Thank you for the very reading :) " ... written by Lalima
UNBELIEVABLE 8!" ... written by Ryzette
First time session with Soul and he is pretty spectacular. I'm truly impressed...very. He doesn't use tools, connected incredibly fast. He started typing out something that was on my mind....which says something truly. I do, very much, think he is gifted. His English is very clear, he's detailed and he can read other's feeling and yours very well. The result of this all...he landed on my favorite list. He gave me insight, different perspectives on my love rubics cube I'm still working on and his honesty. I did have a good smile and laugh here and there with him so that's always uplifting. Thank you Soul. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Excellent to the point " ... written by gigaman
he's sooo calm, love it, could talk very good with him, and yes he felt person like he/she is... and i even didn't have to say a name, then later to get more into detail the name but he already felt the energy, really crazy, but positive crazy of course , top " ... written by peter
such a soul connector he is :)" ... written by myst
my soulcnnector.... he's such a sweetheart... love this guy. words cant even express. He knows how much I appreciate him and his insight. Thnk you, thank, you, thank you! 50 stars!" ... written by m
i love and appreciate your guidance more than ull ever know" ... written by sexy
Fab as usual cant wait for predictions to happen thankyou im so grateful xx" ... written by T
what he told me surprised me but lets see/ he is good!!!" ... written by myst
He just knows, and tells you exactly what YOU need to know. I have faith in him, and everything he tells me. He truly has a gift!" ... written by Boya
I love soul!!! I went to pvt freaked out and came out with a rational understanding of the situation and his same positive outlook and insight into the future of the situation. Thank you so much soul for being here for me not only as my psychic, but my psychic friend! hugs!!! xoxoxo" ... written by m
Love talking to Nic...he is such a caring and uplifting person; a great listener with an amazing talent for hearing and seeing! Thank you so much for the update." ... written by J
I love this man, words cannot do him justice. I appreciate his whole being." ... written by
great advice thank you soul" ... written by ak
Enjoyed insight" ... written by knowing2013
omg, you put so much happiness in my heart :)" ... written by peter
I appreaciate that guy.... that generosity...... that sensibility...." ... written by mariacalves23
thanks soul. great as always xxx" ... written by v
Thanks very much." ... written by See
no words for soul.... just... simply.... a BLESSING.. " ... written by m
Nice chatting with Nick... will see if the prediction comes true... thanks! " ... written by SB
ty :)" ... written by peter
Superb update once again so detailed recomended recomended recomended if you havent had a reading with soulconnector please do so you wont be disappointed xxx thankyou once again" ... written by T
always consistent/" ... written by myst
Always like soulconnectors readings, a comfort and an insight into self and others. Kind, humorous person, has the soulful perspective. " ... written by The Right Reverend Anwar Saddattington
Thanks for calming me down and helping me understand. " ... written by knowing2013
Very beautiful reading thank you" ... written by BN
Appears to be on point with my situation. " ... written by knowing2013
Always great. Super insightful. And a lovely person." ... written by L
ty nicolas, i understand all more , worth a lot" ... written by peter
great insight! thank you" ... written by Karina
oh SSM, (sexy sweater man in case you forgot^_^) i appreciate everything you do, have done and the insight and advice. youre an amazing and gifted person and oranum and myself are better bc youre on here =)" ... written by m
the absolute best on this site!" ... written by w
He is so amazing - fast, accurate, detailed and has such a deep connection. Very awesome and highly recommended!" ... written by RussianBlue1
pure perfection" ... written by mariacalves23
i seriously like nicolas soooo much, it's like he vibrates happiness, positivity, sweetness, love and what he tells me the words he's using it's sooooo recognizable , i know 100 % he's not just talking about A person general, he's talking about the person you're talking about with him, it's too compatible for that !! im very grateful i've met you here " ... written by peter
what a blessing.... a true friend and psychic... love this man! thanks a million soul... really... " ... written by m
he picked up what was most important, deep insight" ... written by mihaela
deep connection" ... written by Michelle
Loving you from afar." ... written by
He is amazing as always. its crazy how much he knows ! " ... written by Mary
Wonderful. Always. I think he gives more information than anyone I have had a reading with. It just flows..." ... written by L
Refreshing, I didn't say a word, he jumped right in on the conversation and he knew what everything about the situation.! I was actually amazed! the energy that he picked up was amazing! I didn't even say anything...and he just went on and on...and he was SPOT ON ACCURATE!" ... written by GERI
Thank u very much" ... written by vik
He is wonderfully awesome! First time with him and i didnt have to say anything he was already connected and accurate. hope on his time predictions" ... written by d
amazing reader." ... written by Cristina
Thanks so much for the confirmation I desperately needed at a time that I desperately needed it. YOU are amazing!!!" ... written by GERI
what a cool reading! I was very much inspired. " ... written by queensarina
Such a long time ago!! I love your reading!! Thank you so much!" ... written by P
Thank you so much for the detailed reading...I am amazed at it all....ALL....I'm just amazed! I will keep you posted! THNKS." ... written by GERI
He is a beautiful soul, and a remarkable reader. SO MUCH information. He's amazing." ... written by L
he is consistent. so in touch with feelings" ... written by usa
I appreciate his insight" ... written by knowing2013
Nicolas sees and understands things and is able to fill in the blanks in situations. Truly gifted and a great person with a heart of gold. Like an old friend. Thank you for everything. " ... written by J
will see what happens! types very fast connects well and remembers previous conversations" ... written by BP
thanks soul. always a pleasure. your in sight is so deep. ive never known a psychic to go as deep as u do... and to hear good news... this is crazy ill be beack to update you. until then keep that smile... hahaha" ... written by v
That was the best reading i have had on here. He just picked everything out and told me my current situation and how it would change in the near future. I am extremely satisfied, and I believe i have found my go to guy. Thank you so much! I have had a lot of readings on here and I am home now. You are a talented individual my friend." ... written by candace miller
good and clear insight into things, hard to argue with him, thanks!" ... written by sdaf
soul always comes through for me. God bless this man... he has felt me at my highest high and lowest low. He knows what i deserve and he stays positive for me. Thanks for your strength and positive energy soul. Love ya! " ... written by m
Highly Talented and deep. Fast and accurate. Blows my mind everytime !" ... written by Michelle
WOW what an update!!! love readings with Nicholas he is just amazing!!!" ... written by marion
WONDERFUL READER!!! ACCURATE, SO QUICK, AWESOME!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
as always love" ... written by ssm
great reading! thank you so much for your insight!!" ... written by adsf
read my mind before i had the questions, like the testimonials said. expensive but can tell he's worth it." ... written by adf
thank you so much, a fast typer, so was able to answer my question though i only had a few credits. really appreciate your insight " ... written by Muhsybean
Thank you, great as always!!!" ... written by V
ty :)" ... written by peter
i absolutely adore Soul and what his insights and words has to offer me. He uplifted my spirit and pondered some thoughts of mine for me. He'll remember you and this still astounds me. I greatly appreciate and am thankful for him. I would highly recommend and vouch and plead that you take a gander on him. I've only come away with my sessions with food for thoughts, elation, and a better perspective on life. It doesn't get better than that. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Amazing!!!! Great, news that bright up my day, and news that keep me positive!!!thank u Soul!!!" ... written by Vikks
Thank you very much for a great reading. Highly recommended" ... written by Orly
looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you and the insight you give me. as always will keep u updated maglione dell'uomo" ... written by m
He's great!" ... written by l
He reads well into the situation and picks up on the other person's energy as I know it to be. I will try to follow his advice as he has confirmed somethings I strongly felt and suspected on my own. I will be back to update when his predictions do come true. thank you. You are amazing!" ... written by L
<" ... written by
Love this kind and caring man thankyou for your help and support xxx" ... written by T
Oh my good. This was a brilliant reader, even though he was expensive as hell. But who the hell cares? As long as he gives you straight and uplifting answers, that is all that matters. Time will show if the predictions will turn out right. My intuition tells me they will, at least to some extent." ... written by Kalito
thank you so much sweetheart! " ... written by jb
thanks soul I just enjoy every single read with you your the only one who has ever been on point.... don't know why it took me so long to find you... you came just at the right time." ... written by v*
Thank you for the reading. Soul is consistent and thorough. I appreciate his guidance and his honesty. Many blessings to you. Speak soon :) " ... written by Lalima
you have never steered me wrong dear and kind Nic, you're soo sweet and i love that youre one of the few ppl on here that wont ever give me false readings. xx" ... written by megs
Always enjoy readings w soulconnector, adept perception and hella helpful counsel, a kind and caring person. " ... written by Kali Mantra Mardhini
very gentle and positive, connects easy" ... written by Michaela
He is amazing and genuinely a great person. You have to get a reading with him" ... written by Mary
I love to connect with him, he is amazing!" ... written by Geri
thanks soul even when im pissed off you always manage to lift me back up again..." ... written by v*
I didn't have to ask anything soulconnector started typing and I was speechless how he knew. Impressed!" ... written by dc8
very nice person and quick connection" ... written by B Michaela
very gifted soul connector! worth having a reading" ... written by smart
he is so in touch with thoughts and situations. what a gifted osychic he is" ... written by myst
Thank you for your insight on my situation " ... written by S
nick was spot on. Last year I had a reading with him and he told me things were not over with me and my love, when I didnt see any hope, he was right!! and now he sees completion of the relationship in a very positive light and Im sure it will be so and I will be delighted to come back and tell him. A very peaceful, positive soul...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" ... written by A
i felt so warm talking to him. its a very strong energy and i believe are aboluetely one of the best i have met yet. where have u been" ... written by pree
Lots of information, types fast. Thank you." ... written by Eva
WOW! Nice! No tools, quick, to the point, direct and very informative. Definitely tops. Cover in great detail in 7 mins. Astounding! Will come back incredibly soon since he truly gained my confidence. Thank you Nicholas." ... written by carl
Thank you for the update Nic. Always love your readings. You make everything so clear and I love your honest words on the situation." ... written by J
thank you soul!!! you're the best! you always know what you are talking about and you have a way of putting me at ease (until my next day rebound of But seriosuly, you are such a sweet soul and I hope you stay here foreverr!!" ... written by minion
good connection" ... written by ellie
Nic is wonderful. Very very quick typist, which is great because so much information flows through him, that he's able to get it out quickly too. Such a lovely, sweet soul. " ... written by A
I find him very good!" ... written by DS
He is always right. Connects superfast and cuts right to the matter. I enjoy coming back for insight, and updates, as he speaks the truth. A beautiful soul andamp; a beautiful person. " ... written by B
I feel Nicole is honest and genuine psychic,doesnt mislead clients" ... written by spirit
Nic is wonderful. So kind, and just amazing." ... written by L
Oh my tender heart so needed to hear soul's perspective on life's mole hills, hurdles and hoops. His compassion and gentleness billows and his reassurance and goodness excels. I don't doubt his great humanity or gift and I'm quite thankful for it. I would recommend him to you fiercely and lovingly. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Wonderful as always" ... written by L
I just love soul - always provides me with the best advice and guidance, keeps me sane with the current situation." ... written by A
xoxo, you are a god:)" ... written by
Connected well. Types fast, provides lots of info. Will follow-up." ... written by Eva
Magical. Absolutely brilliant in every way. Soulconnector has very quickly become the only person I will consult. " ... written by b
Always wonderful. Quick, connected, - and as he says - deeply insightful. " ... written by L
wonderful at how fast the connection is and how deep insight he goes into." ... written by ms66
=) thx as always for helping me when i feel lost" ... written by m
SOOOOO excited he came back!!! So brilliant!!" ... written by Melissa
Seriously if you have not tried this guy you are really missing out on something he made a connection with me in free chat with only me saying hello to him. Good 5 star reader" ... written by Raym
Thank you, you the best xx" ... written by Tatiana
songlad to have u back" ... written by pree
So glad you are back, lovely to see you. Great reading as always! " ... written by
Nicholas is a lovely person with his readings, full of surprises and very accurate. He doesn't waste time in the reading he is very fast and on clue. I would definately go back for more. Thanks Nicholas and keep you the good work" ... written by LILDEVIL454
Amazing insight. Thank you so so much" ... written by crystal
wow!" ... written by s scurlock
Wonderful - -as always." ... written by A
Such a sweet man. I love his tremendously kind and gentle nature. He is extraordinarily gifted. " ... written by A
good to hear his answers" ... written by izzy
He is one of the best readers on the site. Very kind and his predictions are awesome. If you have the chance to read with him you definitely should!!!!" ... written by Lily
Nic is the absolute best! One of the best psychics on this site. I've been reading with him for over 2 years--his connection and accuracy is why I keep coming back! xoxo" ... written by w
Thanks" ... written by See
this wonderful soul is so very healing. he spoke straight to my heart and the deep conlicti have been in. and he helped me to a higher perspective. i am so grateful for having met him. thank u xxx. i highly recommend him :)" ... written by beautifulgaia
gotta love this one! he comes from such amazing space that he calms you down without doing a thing. motivating, believing and reading in an absolutely unbiased manner like hes been witness to it all... missed u Nic!" ... written by a
The best of the best ! He knew things before i told him anything ! There is many here on oranum but he is deffentely gifted ! From now on he is my personal psyhic." ... written by Mickyssss
Thank You!!" ... written by blessed05
There was a lot of clarity that was needed from this reading. Thank you for the advice too. I look forward to letting you about your prediction x" ... written by s
Loved the reading. I will definitely come back for more" ... written by Gina
Wonderful person and is very gifted. I have about 2 weeks to wait but I will come back to let all know how things went" ... written by Ray
As usual, simply perfect, answer with time. Very pleasing job. God Bless." ... written by Doctorkesavan
Excellent. He read me even in the free chat and answered very well in the Private. Very good job. God Bless. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
A lovely soul. An in-depth reader. He's always a pleasure and he is impressively gifted." ... written by A
A Great Reading Really Full Of Facts...Thanks for Sharing and Helping me!" ... written by Geri
thank you for the update. as always, nic is a kind and truly gifted person. easiest put, he just knows!!! love and mad respect for him!" ... written by j
Thanks Again ....Really Rough Ride ...But You Have Explained It To Me Amazingly....And You Remembered Our Conversation From Last Year!!!Im So Grateful For Your Help" ... written by livingfaithful
return customer. WOWWW! predictions are coming to pass!" ... written by 1emmanuel1
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i absolutely love our readings. sometimes i think Nicholas knows me better than i know myself :) he's been a great friend to me over the years, and i have nothing but the most respect for him xoxoxo" ... written by w