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Psychic sacredlovehas 25-30years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic sacredlovehas recently helped 105members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about sacredlove's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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i am a natural born psychic, very experienced in give readings, predicting events based on past and present conditions in any pathway, i specialize in soul-mate and twin-flame love relationships, i work with archangels giving guidance to a more peaceful pathway, bringing healing and clarity, i work also with tarot and a pendulum, and a strong connection with spirit, i am compassionate and honest, bringing love and healing into every reading,. i use my third eye and remote viewing to get a bigger picture on any situation, i have had many years experience, can tune into situations. giving validation along the way, i love working with spirit and giving guidance, knowing that a difference can be made in someones life with the right guidance, i also connect with animals, reading whats going on with them, connecting with their energies, very at one with nature and love the feeling of inner peace, and get so much of bringing this to others, this is my purpose in life, and i will continue to develop more as the years go by. walk love, talk love, be love, show love, love is..............ever wondered where heaven is??.......... look inside Ur heart and u will experience heaven, share this with Ur children, its a domino affect, heaven for our children or hell the choice is ours!!! make a decision NOW in this moment for our children and our planet x HAPPY HOUR BETWEEN 11PM - 12PM GMT dont miss out all readings will be at 1.49 a minute at this time of the night.x

she was very kind and she picked up on alot of things goin on in my should try her ..she help me alot" ... written by julznycles
SHE WAS GREAT!!!AMAZING!!!I can't believe she knows me that much!WOW!Thanks so much!" ... written by horizontall
omg.she is awesome...highly recommend her.." ... written by pepita24
By far one of my favorites!! That is all I am going to say...I will definitely definitely come back to her!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
great reading!" ... written by aisha
Thank you for helping me. You are such a darling. Your reading was spot on, i will surely be back and highly recommend you. " ... written by Lorann23
SacredLove is an absolute angel! It was like she was reading a book about me! She nailed so many things about me and my relationship. I'm so impressed and happy with her reading! I highly recommend her to anyone. Really enjoyed my time with her. Worth every penny! :D" ... written by wing-mei
She is good. btw go into free chat first then private." ... written by jenfitz
You was such a blessing to me. i will definetly be back for a reading with you. I will update you on my new journey. Thanks again and God bless you" ... written by Happy74
She is amazing!!! I will add her as my favorite, she picked up about a cousin of mine who is going thru some issues on her marriage! I hope you are right about mr. right! Until then thanks for this reading really wonderful! " ... written by nazlymaria
She was sweet and thorough. She really tapped into what I was feeling and thinking. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Ladonnalove1
She was awesome, picked up on my thoughts and feelings, seen my grandmother I coud've talked to her all day" ... written by bebe
She is very very gifted you have to try her now before she gets very very busy" ... written by kevjones
lovely person, and very calming. Picked up on stuff right away which i didnt even have to tell her about " ... written by hxd181
what a continuous stream of information. i promise you will be in shock! Sacredlove truly is a gifted and kind psychic. Will be back in weeks to talk to Mollie soon. " ... written by qwert_destiny
Thank you, she knew things that only a genuine psychic could know,will use her again,try her shes the real deal,many many thanks sacredlove,be back again." ... written by tree68
Amazing woman. She was spot on with everything thats going on in my life. Absolutely recommend her. She's warm and nurturing. Worth all the creds u have.X" ... written by tash1921
Great reading very positive, sweet lady. She was right on with so much. Very caring and understanding person. Loves to help people. Will come back again. Felt like I could of talked with her for hours. Loved her is was awesome...Lots of help to me !!! Bless Liz" ... written by Elizabeth7264
ScaredLove was amazing,. she was able to hit things right on. She gave me guidance on how I should let things be and let go of the pain and things will come to light. Thanks so much God Bless" ... written by ElatedHeart
Absolutely spot on. best of all i had. . Quick and wonderful . Thank you so much! will come soon for sure !! God bless you !!" ... written by Kumira
I think she was very helpfull andamp; got straight to the point! I recomend her!" ... written by cutesnapshot12
She gave me some peace... and thats def what i needed. She was right on what was bugging me. thank you sacredlove" ... written by Kiki1984
Sacredlove gave me an insight, she is very good I will be back." ... written by roadrunner335
AMAZING!!!!!! Quick, accurate, jaw dropping reading!!! Love you SacredLove!!!! You totally just blew me away!! I'll be back!!!!!" ... written by BrittyW
She was right spot on and picked up my problem and fears straight away, excellent reading, would recommend! xxx" ... written by irinabrs
Sacredlove is one to talk to when you start getting paranoid about your relationship. I was, and now I totally feel better! It was a fantastic private, and my positive energy's come back. Thanks, sacredlove! I'll be back for another private soon. Always spot on. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
a lovely reading, with so much insight, so much guidance, She's a friend , a spiritual advisor and a therapist to me...I will be back soon" ... written by hxd181
One of THE BEST psychics I have ever talked to! She picked up on so many details and was right about so much. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Anne
Amazing, know me better than my friends do. She is great i recommend everyone see her...Thank you" ... written by lastylist11
picked up on sooo much from my past.....has been a therapist and a friend, in addition to an advisor...definitely coming back for more" ... written by hxd181
Really enjoyed my reading very accurate and a wonderful person to speak too. " ... written by hippygochicky
Awesome as usual!" ... written by Ladonnalove1
I really am very grateful for all that was revealed wonderful caring person remarkable insight 5 stars you won't regret a penny love, light and blessings!" ... written by 1blessings
Wow, she is great! Thank you so much I wish I had more time! Bless you Scaredlove!" ... written by Dumbfounded