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Psychic psychicdarlene77has 25-30years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic psychicdarlene77has recently helped 389members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about psychicdarlene77's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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i was born psychic,I dont need cards or anything i just see [images,pictures, iIam gifted and see future and past and im a medium , i give you names and dates concerning your problem i will be able to see in depth on any body connected to the situation i can see when to do something and when not too,to any questions. i can answer, one reading with me you will be stasfied and you will be come my client
i can look into your life and see were things are wrong and help you yourselve to fix what the problem is. just consalt me let me look into into your life ,wharever it is i will see it for you. i do tarot cards i can see astrology charts on timeing my mediumship includes speaking to the other side giving nessages to loved ones and resolving any issuses from the past which needs to be straighten out so everyone can be happy. I do see angels always did i can see angels connected to you also,that would be an angel reading .crystal reading to me are also good to to look in depth at any situation what ever reading you choose will be great

very good reading, quick n precise" ... written by destinywaits
good reading. really caught my attention when she knew the first letter of my anme and the girl i was talking about." ... written by Harvey6972
it was great, she answered all my questions and im very happy with the reading, thankyou again!" ... written by missdeane
good reading very accurate" ... written by manne88
Amazing reading !!! thank you for your help!!! Highly recommend! " ... written by Aaslesha
She is good and fast." ... written by soosanmh59
Darlene was definitive and confident. Works quickly and does not need much information to start to read. Liked her alot. And look forward to my next reading. Thanks Darlene" ... written by helenoftroy21
AMAZING, HOPE TO UPDATE HER SOON!" ... written by slz0304
very good and very quick at picking up on things" ... written by chelle54
She was amazing. She answered all my questions and expanded on them with additional information with dates and names. She even connected to my dead father and gave information so that i knew it was him. I was amazed at how accurate she was. She also gave information and guidance on how to improve things." ... written by IAS2653
Wow! She was spot on! I lam pleased with my reading with her... great energy and very quick and to the point. Thanks so much for your help!!!!" ... written by missgreeneyes
one of the best here in oranum. very very good reading!! highly recommend her!" ... written by aisha
She's really good at what she does ! She doesnt use cards .......and see every thing. She's a real deal. " ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
very helpfulll,,, would use her again.. thank you" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Was a great reading, recommend her strongly!" ... written by Csilla_Goddess
real good connects fast , told me what i needed to know , would do it again " ... written by juicyred47
Wow, just Wow. She is amazingly accurate and quick, giving names and dates. She can even give informaiton from relatives who have passed away. I highly recommend her!" ... written by IAS2653
she was great in the two min i had with her " ... written by me
I like her, I would return. She responds quickly and she taps in really fast. No age, or dob or name stuff. Just reads you. I just wish her sound was better. I am going to return for an in depth reading!" ... written by lexie622
my reading was wounderful love every minute of it and will come again, thanks ms. Darlene" ... written by chocolatecity
Brilliant woman! Thank you dearly!" ... written by Illuminated
great advice" ... written by suga-slim
Wow! I only had a little time with PsychicDarlene, and I felt an overwhelming sense of relief in the message she gave me. I will definitely be back for another reading; this time much longer. Thank you PsychicDarlene!" ... written by I_Love_Life
darlene is so lovely and honest. I loved my reading with her. I definitely recommend her and will for sure come back! thank you so much darlene! " ... written by katnguyen
What else can yu say..she is the best..10 stars all the way" ... written by monaverona
GREAT...she was on point with everything..Everyone should go to pvt with her." ... written by monaverona
Great! Honest and does not beat around the bush. She tells you the truth!" ... written by Mesha11
She is really wonderful to talk to and really gifted as well. I will definity be contacting her again ." ... written by kissed
She was great....but didn't have enough credits to finish" ... written by amr0268
she is just wonderfull...and on the point of everything ...thank you" ... written by soosanmh59
loved her...will do it pvt again " ... written by monaverona
great! try her!" ... written by Danny0525
Helpful Tips, Sweet and Accurate! Thank you Darlene :) God Bless" ... written by mozzy123
She is my angel! God bless you Darlene!" ... written by Illuminated
I had a wonderful reading from this psychic. She was able to connect so well to enegy and situation around me and offered lots of insight into where i stand now and in the future. She described events that would unfold around a relationship close to my heart and so offered me hope about these feelings and happiness to come, and saw how we will relate together so clearly. She is a very kind and helpful lady that is here to guide you if u need guidance. She certainlly allowed me to have faith of wht awaits me and filled me with hope. She sees things very clearly and will answer any question you may have and will dispell any doubts you are having by giving u vision.Thank you so much and I wish her love and peace" ... written by tanyaolivia64
OMG SHE IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!! she picked up the initial of the guy i was seeing!!!! HIGHLY recommended....i will only contact her from now on!! YOU BLEW MY MIND!!!!!!" ... written by Onica86
Darlene was awesome...recommend her highly...she is truely gifted." ... written by Sunshine122
Every time I have a private session with PsychicDarlene I am completely amazed!" ... written by I_Love_Life
Can't say anything except that excellent reading and situation read well! She was dead on and will now wait for the dates to pass. Thank you!!!" ... written by Marialuis
very good psychic!!!!!" ... written by queen11
did not have to tell her anything. she was right on with everything..Very kind and compassionate. Would have a reading again. " ... written by oceansandjoy1
YO she is awesome dead on ... serious about her gift .. tells you the truth and gives you ways too improve your situation... I recommend her for anything you might be going through she will guide you " ... written by m1ladyscorp
Quick and right on the spot! :)" ... written by flammsan
another GREAT reading .... love her, thanks darl, worth every cent " ... written by wingtip
Wow, Darlene is always on point with me..cant wait to see what will happen soon." ... written by monaverona
Excellent reading, gave me names and time frame and provided me with some suggestion to help things materialize faster. Try Darlene you will not be disappointed. Love it, will definitely go back. Peace and Love" ... written by MV1021
Very to the point and no mucking around. She will tell you what you need to hear" ... written by araketanara
I think she is great and very informative whiich I had more money...waiting for things to get better...she gives you hope. Thanks !" ... written by Chanej
Fantastic and so helpful!! Thank you Darlene for a great reading and your help andamp; advice!" ... written by marionlyttle
Thanks Darlene" ... written by peggy1966
Awesome." ... written by kd
Answered my questions with truth." ... written by jasminepapas
Loved her! Great and Straight to the Point!No frills." ... written by fretan
Wow! On point.. very black and white reading.. just what I needed." ... written by iPreferMimi
GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, best ever!!" ... written by rusa11
Darlene is amazing!!!!! " ... written by jaiyakali
Very sweet. Looking forward to her predictions." ... written by vocalmachine1
Excellent reading, she's great." ... written by mimatisse
Really impressed. She was really helpful and understood the situation without me having to go into details with her. She's the real deal!" ... written by daydreamer246
Felt comfortable with her and her positive feedback is great I will know the out come in the next 6 months" ... written by Dedehabebe
Encouraging and supportive, thank you!" ... written by Illuminated
She was very quick and very blunt but that's good, she told me the truth and didn't sugar coat it and I like that..." ... written by nafayia1984
Great reading....." ... written by mariekat72
Great" ... written by anonymous
Awesome!!!!! Dead on with everything and hardly any info. She is the best on here! The truth!!!" ... written by Dymples2
I love this woman and she is serious at what she does. Give her a try you will not be disappointed!" ... written by fpinkney
Wow wow wow wow that's all I can say... million stars!" ... written by Bless101
This reader is a must have! Make no mistake I am very discerning and fussy! She was outstanding in content and delivery. Confirmed all details I already knew but had not told her. A true psychic for the people. You will enjoy her ability as deeply as I did. Do It Now!" ... written by newdaydawning
Seriously she is awesome! I mean if you do not go to this woman you are insane! Her accuracy is number 1!!! I give her a million stars! Try her!!!! Love you Darlene!" ... written by Dymples2
REALLY fast. Recommended." ... written by Jonathan
SUPER and ACCURATE reading..She saw the flowers around me and I was sitting next to a big flower Vase while I was talking to her... Don't delay..get a reading people." ... written by tasha_j
Thank you Darlene, you have been very helpful to me. I appreciate your time and effort :)" ... written by Phoenyx
She picked up my nationality and my boss' name :)" ... written by giselle18
Great, awesome!" ... written by jamira76
Very quick and direct!" ... written by skf271
Shes awesome" ... written by giselle18
She is FABulous! Give her a try..... she knows it!" ... written by ljsbmwz3x3
Darlene is a sweetheart and so empathic! I love how she picks up on things, she is awesome :)" ... written by Phoenyx
Thank you Darlene for good news and clarity. You made me really happy and looking forward for predictions. You are awesome and super kind person :) Will call you again. Please give her a try she is more than 5 stars!" ... written by ConnieConnette
Darlene is fast and has knowledge she can see. she looked at the present and saw my situation as is. A kind woman. I do recommend her for readings. Thank you Darlene." ... written by zimerili1
She is great, good psychic, I will have to come back with more questions. She is really good, thank you so much!" ... written by akenatonacindere
Excellent reading. She is quick and very insightful. She saw my situation right away and was able to answer questions precisely. Definitely worth the money!!" ... written by dianalj
She was fast and wonderful, thanks so much!" ... written by Angelic03
Extremely impressed, picked up on things accurately, even guessed my profession spot on, was very helpful , hope her predictions come true." ... written by brownpanther1031
Great!" ... written by rainosue1
Very fast. gave me the specific details i was looking for in a very short amoun oftime. wish i had more time tough :( very satisfied though" ... written by ElizaV
Great, what can I say, wait for more results and be happy with my reading, she is very good. THANK YOU DARLENE i will come back to you." ... written by akenatonacindere
Fast, straight to the point." ... written by mini1214
Straight to the point. Great reading!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Very good picked up right away will be back for update." ... written by lottabody1982
Seemed to be in tuned with the situation. Straight to the point and answered beyond my request! Try her!" ... written by HALOVM
WOW, FANTASTIC, Definitely love the no cards! She'll answer all your questions to the best of the ability! She is more than 5 stars! I love how quick and blunt she is! She will not waste your money!! Thank you!!" ... written by wishingstars1111
All I can say is AWESOME!!! TY, so much for a great reading. You truly have giving me a great out look on life and concerning my future. I definetly look forward to our may readings to come. " ... written by Happy74
SHE IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
Very fast, accurate, and to the point. Then gave advice on how to solve my problem. Thanks" ... written by LadyL5
Great reading very accurate told me a lot of good things about everything ." ... written by unclel16