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Psychic psychiccandyhas 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic psychiccandyhas recently helped 163members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about psychiccandy's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Iam born clarivoyant psychic. Discoverd my ability when I was 6 years old. Studied tarrot for over 15 years been giving psychic readings out of my home for 10 years . Been around psychics all my life . Iam 5th generation with my ability. And iam happy I can share my gift with the world.till today I still give readings out of my home and have many returning clients. Iam a people person . Iam very honest in my sessions. I'm non jugemental. I use my gifts to find the best soulutions to satisfy my clients goals and put them in the right path . I have many tools my clarivoyance/tarot/my angel guides/and my clients angel guides in all my sessions.iam also very caring I like to build a foundation with my clients to they can feel relaxed and confortable because I know they are looking for guidance and help. My. Goals are to reach out and help as many as I can who is in need because that's my reward in life to help like my mother/grandmother/great grandmother did .iam trully blessed to have this gift.

Candy is wonderful, she has given me hope!" ... written by lostchild1964
She is sooooo nice! Very straightforward, no sugarcoating. Worth every credit spent! Thanks again, Candy! " ... written by hugs2020
She was great and gave timeframes. I would come back." ... written by tyesha_wht
Another great reading!!!!!!" ... written by liz
Awesome awesome reading. Very intuitive, sweet and sincere. She hit the nail on my situation...and gave me peace in knowing it's going to be okay...I will definitely stay in touch! Highly recommended. " ... written by cherie0710
I enjoyed my session very much. She made me feel at ease with everything going on in my life right now. She was very caring and nice with her words. I can now feel much better about my future and hope for the best of what is to come. I can only hope that everything works out. Thank you, very much. " ... written by xdanit
This was my second time doing a private reading with her, and It was great. She has really given me hope, and peace in my heart. We will be in touch regularly!" ... written by cherie0710
Loved her!!! Very accurate and detailed about the situation. Will call again. Her angel cards are right on target!!!! Sorry we didn't get to say goodbye i was typing as the seconds were going down. Thank you for your help. " ... written by Wowzers1
Definitely prefer her own gifts vs. a tarot read, then she gets right in there and the info starts coming fast. Thanks Candy!" ... written by fireopal77
excellent the track exactly..i would recommend her for worth it a loads....thank you ...." ... written by renuka1
The reading helped me to understand the complex issues in a relationship." ... written by rooster051
Candy is a very sweet reader. She tunes into your energy very fast. She is the real deal and one of my Favorites on Oranum. " ... written by dmariae
She was great! Very forthcoming :) Thank you Candy" ... written by carmelluv5
I loved the way she picked up on my situation. All thats going on in my life in the present moment. Even people that I knew that were getting in the way of my relationship she mentioned and she was right. I will keep in touch with her and get another private reading." ... written by coorsmann
Whatever you want to ask - you will like the way she answers! Very calming and positive energy coming from her! I liked that reading - you will like it too!" ... written by kosmosss
she is very pleasant and patient i enjoyed the reading will return " ... written by saharahfoxx
She is great, kind, compassionate, andamp; direct." ... written by mistersmom
My second reading with candy it went very well. I feel a lot better now that I got to talk to her again. Will continue to chat with her and give her feed back on whats going on in my present time. Shes great and ill recommend her to anyone who needs clarity in their lives. TRUST ME." ... written by coorsmann
Wow i finally got to consult Candy!!!!!!!!What an AMAZING WOMAN!!!!!!!!!! VERY VERY TALENTED!!!!!!!!!It took me some time to catch up with her and tonite im so happy i got the chance to take in private chat...i have always felt that she connected to me extremely well from the 1st time i entered her chat room so i am going to say again WOW WHAT AN AMAZING TALENTED WOMAN!!!!!!!!!! UR TOTALLY WORTH EVERY CREDIT!!!!!!We will speak again..:))" ... written by qndiva
I tend to be very choosy when going for a psychic reading, Reason i choosen Candy is because she is got a good heart and good energy about her. She is non-judgemental but emitts alot empathy as well as understanding in her reading, She is very sharp and accurate with the sight given in my love life at present and help me to focus on my goals better, will love to come again for reading soon. :) " ... written by embrace786
It was A great reading I loved her. Candy was easy to talk too. She was so right on a lot of thing. Will for sure get another reading with her. Candy is right on and AWESOME. Thank you so much !!!" ... written by Elizabeth7264
Spot on about current situations. Good, honest reading and she's a warm, caring psychic. Recommended!!!" ... written by tash1921
great reading ...easy to talk to" ... written by liz
so kind and nice. :) very good reading" ... written by love2smile29
REALLY personable and down-to-earth, had a very pleasant reading that answered quite a bit. Highly recommended. PsychicCandy is great. " ... written by TheMaskedRider
very accurate and helpfull reading, i will come back later for moreandamp;gt; Thanks alot for the great info." ... written by patrick_be
Thanks so much truly. This whole situation is a complete nightmare for me. I thought we...not just me...were so much in love...true soulmates...and for him to go do this to me after all we have been through just blows my mind. I am here alone, trying to cope, I have no one basically as they all shunned me for marrying him and I have a disease flaring out of control due to the stress they and now he have all put me under. I am sick, financially strained beyond the max and metally trying to wrap my head around the one person I thought I could trust in this life abandoning me for reasons I am unsure of though are clearly immature, selfish, self-centered and egotistical. I feel like I been hit by a truck and it's not like I haven't been down this road before (though not married) but this is somehow so different (and why I married) and so devastating. I know in my heart and soul I will never truly get past this one and it kills me that he has done this. I now question it all from beginning to end. I have no idea what is real or what was and I so want answers...but I will never get them I am sure. Thanks again. You're much appreciated. I wish I had more money for time. Blessing to you." ... written by Dumbfounded
Very kind hope what she says comes true!" ... written by love2smile29
Always a great reading!!" ... written by dmariae
thank you i will come back" ... written by linetteham
wonderful reading...she is very much worth your credits" ... written by Bellyrox