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Psychic psychicXjourneyhas 20-25years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic psychicXjourneyhas recently helped 1148members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about psychicXjourney's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

My room is entertaining and feels like talking to a humorous friend. The difference is, I have the answers you're looking for. Rates are $4.99. Special rates are $3.99 Tuesday and $3.99 Thursday.

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What can I tell you about me? I'm PsychicXjourney !! Aka Donnie Reed !! Well, I’m a Taurus and I love astrology! I’m a 4th generation Psychic /Medium /Spiritual Advisor and I love what I do and do what I love. I Believe in God, Angels, Archangels, and the Ascended Masters! I specialize in working with Guides, Archangel Michael, and Archangel Raphael. I am Clairvoyant (clear seeing) ,Clairaudient (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), and I am also an Empath. I am always learning and studying to have more to give to the World and you!
When I was ten years old, I had a near death experience that completely changed my life. It opened me up to a brand new world, and my Psychic Gifts came alive. I have been doing readings ever since! Over the years I have helped thousands of people discover their own Psychic Gifts and begin the process of Self-healing.
I offer Angel Readings, psychic-mediumship services, Relationship Counseling, Dream Interpretation, and Psychic Development for adults and children. I will help you learn how trust your own psychic gifts.
Always remember to spread unconditional love to all you meet and help make this world a better place!

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 Palm readings
 Email readings
 Life coaching
 Angel Card Reading
 Relationship Reading
 Past life readings
 Future Predictions
 Dream Interpretations
 What is the future of my relationship?
 Why am I having difficulties with my current romantic partner?
 Why am I having a hard time finding happiness?
 Will I get that promotion I want?
 Does my passed over relative have any messages for me?
 Does my ex still think of me?
 Will I be able to pay my rent on time?
 How can I get my ex to take me back?

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Well, after my drowning accident when I was 10, I have always had psychic experiences and insights. I remember floating over my body and watching the rescue team drag my body out of the river. All through high school, people came to me for advice on their love lives. People came to me all the time and confirmed that what I told them came to pass. I’ve been gifted all my life at angel communication and I keep a journal of my adventures and messages I receive. I have saved several lives due to my gifts. I remember driving in the dark stormy icy location with my family and having a strong feeling to pull over. I ended up saving my family who was riding in the car with me and if I hadn’t pulled over, we would have gone over a cliff to our deaths. I have over 40 years of experience using my gifts. I host a radio show, and have worked in several psychic shops. My life purpose is centered on helping people and using my gifts to make a difference in the world.

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This is my FREE chat room and I’m not allowed to give free readings. I can only do readings in a private reading or a demo session. his site chooses psychics at random to do demos. If he gets picked for a demo, he will decide who he wants to receive the free demo. The demo winner will receive 5 free questions. Your life is personal, and it’s better to do a reading in private so everyone doesn’t know your business. Sometimes I feel a connection to people and I give short answers, but it’s nothing like a private reading. A private reading is much more detailed than the short connections I do in free chat. Do not come to free chat expecting to get free answers because this is my job, and I’m here to earn a living just like everybody else. Guests need to register if they want to get any help from me. I don’t like being gawked at like a zoo animal. If you don’t become a member, I can’t do anything for you. Please be respectful to other people in the chat. Do not come here asking me silly questions. I do not answer questions about death or what color your panties are or what number you are thinking. I only answer important questions that your guides want to talk to me about to help you make your life better.
If you would like to receive a reading with me, click on the button. I joyously welcome email questions if I’m not online. Your happiness and success is my biggest concern. I’m here to help you. I hope to work with you soon. May God and the angels bless you and your family. Remember to give love where love is given.

I would like to say that psychicxjourney is Good and He is very Sincere About Lives even thou he seems a bit unserious and crazy in sum ways... when u talk to Him is u will Feel Peace and enjoyable... and angels will guide him to talk to U about ur Life...So Enjoy and Trust this Man...." ... written by REXTO5555
He's an awesome chatting with an uncle. Very honest and doesn't pretend to be anyone else other than who he is. " ... written by Wowzers1
psychicXjourney is soooo nice! He is very helpful and I really enjoyed the Private with him! Calm, reasonable :) Thanks a lot for your advices! Strongly recommend to everybody! Don't miss the opportunity to chat with him!" ... written by thetruthseeker
He was absolutely awesome!!!I loved the reading and he gave so many good addvices!!!Thanks a bunch again!:)" ... written by Donatella
he is a very accurate reader.. helped out with my problems and the best ways to deal with them" ... written by edgar3107
Thanks made me feel better." ... written by Tracie
Thank you ... u have given me direction to heal myself and others ... thanks it was great .... Jackie x" ... written by jackiemowat10
Thank you ... you have given me the direction to heal myself and others .... it was great ... thanks" ... written by jackiemowat10
thank you so much you were fab i am now looking forward and not behind xxxxx" ... written by hazelhazel
Psychicxjourney is AWESOME!!. An Excellent Reader. We connected very well. He is able to validate alot of things, and give helpful information. He answered all my questions and then some. He doesn't waste your time or your minutes. I will be waiting to see if his predictions come true. A very Impressive five stars reader. I would highly recommend everyone to get a reading with him. Ty Psychicxjourney" ... written by Tanny6
I really enjoyed talking to you! I will come back again!" ... written by tiffany29
Lovely man,nice to chat to him again,haven't seen him online in ages,I wish him well in all he does! Gave me hope for future happiness.Thank you." ... written by artyvicky
Very nice reader, unfortunately the connection was a bit choppy so it took a little time to communicate answers but he did tell me something that I have been told in a dream. :)" ... written by from_space
THANK YOU for making me feel comfortable and encouraging me! God Bless you! " ... written by livelovelaugh88
WOW!! He is so GREAT!! I will definitely, definitely, talk to him again!!" ... written by kray0705
Good job, " ... written by goodgyrl8
A very quick but insightful reading. Thank you so much. I hope to come back. I was really needing this today. Thank you again :) God bless you :)" ... written by manijhe
Very nice reading...thorough and helpful guidance!" ... written by yas
BEST EVER!" ... written by waiting4myjoey
Very helpful reading! " ... written by pskatymaple
He is really good all the things he said are true" ... written by ilham2
Awesome advice thanks " ... written by kjane3
Awesome advice thanks " ... written by kjane3
He is great! Such great energy and advice. Thank you!" ... written by omar2223
Great, connected with a wonderful person who has passed! Thank you so much!" ... written by Lindsey30
Wonderful:)" ... written by sunshine70
Great!" ... written by marionlyttle
This guy is so awesome I was running out of credits but his demo is what made me come private because he truly demonstrated his abilities and blew me away in a matter of seconds." ... written by Katja87
He's very accurate, I'm amazed is all I have to say." ... written by Intuitive96
He was very good and gave me hope!! I will keep him updated!!! " ... written by Shortcak
One true psychic journey is right. This guy is the real deal. some are definately imposters. Donnie is honest and he pure of heart. Thanks Donnie " ... written by shonie
Thanks for your help, glad i made a new friend. Your pretty cool." ... written by shonie
Very accurate! Very good reading! " ... written by smithchrissy
Great reading. Made predictions; Will get back to him when it comes true." ... written by neethu7777
It was a great reading. I am excited about his advice and going to read some of the books he suggested. I would get another reading from him." ... written by missmce1
Really Insightful. I suggest you try him out" ... written by bkcapricorn
Thank you for your time, a good reading! gave me clarity that I wasn't the one acting insane :-) so thanks x" ... written by claire_libra
Thanx for your help it seems great I will be patient and I feel better god bless and let me know when you are around... your the best online here!!" ... written by daveluv14
Thank you for your help, great reading and insight." ... written by curious14
Can't wait to speak with you again!!!" ... written by daveluv14
It was one of the best readings I have had. Thanks!" ... written by duckkait
He's superb, He picked up on my doubts and cleared. He knew spot-on what I was going through, and showed me the path. Amazing !" ... written by iampsyched11
Needed more time,,,,,,,,perhaps when I am richer,,, this man is cool." ... written by pickawish1
Good" ... written by cat20122013
Was good thanks" ... written by sweetally
Eh, I guess 5 minutes isn't enough time to get anything answered or even connect. So, idk." ... written by storylane333
Great!!" ... written by jaimelee25
Great reading - picked up a lot about me :)" ... written by redraider58
Love to you Donnie." ... written by shonie
Thank you for the positive reading." ... written by Charlie0605
Journey is a awesome guy he is straight forward and says it as it is, really like this guy give him a try. " ... written by suzy29
Thank you so much for your guidens" ... written by Charlie0605
I love Journey's readings. He works with angels and archangels in terms of messages and the cards can never fail what you need to know. If you need to focus they tell you to focus, if they tell you to choose your battles they will say so, if they tell you to pray and focus on angel work you will do so. I am very pleased with my reading - thank you, Journey!!!" ... written by Katja87
I'm glad I came back for another reading! Thanks, Journey!" ... written by bkcapricorn
Knows what he is talking about!! dead on predictions and insights...will be back for sure!!" ... written by ebkaray
Thanks, fun read!" ... written by afcsher
This guy will not hesitate to you give it to you straight. He's honest and really relaxed. He'll do the best he can to set you on the right path with his angel cards. You have to give him a try. " ... written by bkcapricorn
Very positive. I really like his personality!!!" ... written by jamira76
WOW//// spot on!!! extremely accurate!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Very patient and caring. Thank you for giving me a very detailed reading. Blessings! Thank you again!" ... written by sweetstephy31
Able to pick up on the situation clearly all while giving great advice on how to move forward! Awesome!!" ... written by emilyxrose
He was great! (:" ... written by adara123456
It was great!" ... written by cfrayle27
Great insights and good advice. Thank you!!" ... written by Marialuis
A very gentle and kind reader. Unfortunately your voice kept breaking up and I couldn't hear everything you said, but I got the gist of it all. Thank you!" ... written by pudleypaws
Was likeable, curious to chat aaagain..wish my computer worked righht!..:(" ... written by specialk23
Very honest and straight forward" ... written by waterbaby65
Was very helpful thank you alot ." ... written by simondifab
Seemed to respond well. Enjoyed the brief chat." ... written by Aquarian4life
Interesting " ... written by Lawanna
To the point and there actually liked him A LOT!" ... written by katana34
Second reading with journey and was good =] Very happy with his perspective on things." ... written by sharni
You managed to pick up on alot of things I believe are true qualities in those around me. I really hope your predictions come true :) Thanks " ... written by LanaM91
Excellent reading" ... written by maryannepav
Enjoyed the reading very much. Thanks for the help. I recommend him :-)) makes u laugh too. " ... written by ale510
New to this site ...and audio was low for me so will have to adjust....." ... written by dcampos123
Wish it was longer. He helped me a lot!" ... written by butterflygirl85
Great indepth reading. Compassion with a touch of humor. thank you. although he comes off pretty flippant in free chat, he is quite caring in private." ... written by sinago
Very good" ... written by cat20122013
insightful,inspirational, pragmatic advice very helpful... Thank you jbadalaska." ... written by juliebourb
Very informative.... I will be back. Thanks." ... written by Scorpio1112
He's amazing, he has so much information that its outstanding." ... written by devinmarston
AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by AlysiumDream
He's great." ... written by spoon1967
Amazingggggggggggggggggg" ... written by onagirl
Very emotional, very heat warming, very aware you should take what he says to heart and you should listen to what he has to offer because he will put the facts that you make to earnest." ... written by devinmarston
I finally got a reading! Totally worth the wait, I look forward to confirming everything and will stick to it. xx" ... written by tickleme2011
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is all i can say!!!! he is so accurate..... he's gr8!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
His reading was good" ... written by EMA
He was great!" ... written by lifetime1974
Did a reading in less than 10 minutes and hit the nail on the head...thank you!" ... written by victoriansunset
5 stars !!! awesome reading !!!!!!" ... written by bbee716
Well reading and hoping back in the future again,thanks." ... written by 62NEBRASKA
Wow!!! This was a mind-blowing reading! He is actually as good as he says :) Even better :) Do you want to hear the truth? Do you want to know real answers to your questions? Grab a reading from psychicXjourney! You will not regret! Highly recommend! 5***** ~~~~ hugs~~~~" ... written by hugs2020
Awesome...thank you!" ... written by vikivictoria1
Honest, great to talk to." ... written by cokemom2
What a great reading. Right on about so much going on in my life. Details and enlightenment about myself and how to accomplish the thingsi need to do. Will definitely be back for another reading with Donnie" ... written by fiberartist
Very good insights and able to help and guide someone to their path. thank you. " ... written by wanderingpsyche
Great energy! Very clear and concise! Quick and to the point. Thanks so much!!! " ... written by missamt79
Seriously brill at what he knows.. he is amazing thanks so much donnie xx" ... written by ariesland20
Great as always!! Really helped with advice and what I'm feeling ! :)" ... written by emilyxrose
Prepared to be WOWED with clear and concise answers and guidance. The X in his name represents his X factor for his psychic and spirital abilities. He literally provided me with answers before I'd even asked a question. He is extremely accurate and fast and provides timelines. His confidence is a reflection of his passion and alignment for what he loves to do which is to help people get on their journey. I highly recommend him. Thank you so much." ... written by jippyxxx
Great! great! " ... written by fitchchic5
Very down to earth. Nice reading, very positive. Thank you!" ... written by beachlover54
This man is amazing,,,,told me things I had in my head and gave me the confidence to go thru with them,,,,wonderful reading" ... written by SUZANNE59
Thanks you, great reading!" ... written by KC0716
Love this guy!!!!!! " ... written by SUZANNE59
Thank you so much!!! Great reading!!! " ... written by iamworthit
I Think he was very formative and I didn't mean to keep interrupting him at the last minute. I think he is awesome and fun. Hopefully my relationship gets better and in a year another girl. " ... written by henotsurepsychic
Awesome job... Great insight " ... written by tk40000
Great reading, thanks you :-)))" ... written by Bojan99
Really quick, reassuring and easy to understand will be back. wow I'm so relieved" ... written by anehave
He's the real deal i recommend him seems like a good man." ... written by mawiaud
Very wise owl." ... written by ladyesthergloria
I really enjoyed my private reading with honesty and confidence. Xjourney has true gifts to help see the picture of confusion or excitement. I will definitely fell comfortable in using him in the near futue over and over. " ... written by 4Shar1
Great as always! " ... written by emilyxrose
He was very good! A lot of good information and I thank you very much! Take care. " ... written by scadoodle
He was amazing!!!! So genuine, caring and accurate! Give him a try! Thank you, Journey!" ... written by k
REALLY glad that I came here. Really glad He is amazing. So quick with great and deep info. Appreciate it!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
He answered what I needed to hear and it was dead on , so it helped me to see me the way others see me. Thank you." ... written by ronnie12398
Thank you very much, that was an awesome reading" ... written by nickmcgyver
Great reading." ... written by donna320
Your credits are well worth the help and advice you will recieve here. I am a frequent Oranum user, and he is one of the best on the site." ... written by PURPLE-AURA
Can you tell me what you was about to say my credit went and it seemed important" ... written by p3forpheobe
Wow! he is amazing! tuned in exactly whats going on in the guys head and heart :) i will def come back! thanks!! all love to you" ... written by emotions
Very responsive. Answered questions sensitively! Firm! Good quality. Direct, good! Right On! Will call him again!" ... written by dbrculler
He really sees through things and reads you and the other people you ask about, like an open book. He feels genuine. thanks!" ... written by emotions
Great!!! " ... written by Jcsmiles21
Thank you for the positive energy!!!!!!" ... written by jaykun
Very nice reading." ... written by angie_bart
Super easy-going. Very upbeat. Very positive. He likes to end things on a positive note. Will definitely come back! :)" ... written by oneteacher
Great reading...I hope you're right!" ... written by PhickDiva
Right on target and speaks the truth, awesome man! Thank you Donnie!" ... written by Jssjls79
Great session well worth a look helped me look into my situations." ... written by bulldog10111982
Most positive, clear insight. Thank you for your short e-mail on update!!! 5 stars." ... written by Yashoda108
It is the longest most awsome conversation i have ever had! thank you.!" ... written by anehave
Great psychic. He did answer my questions. :) " ... written by cb11112
Excellent and right on....Thank you!" ... written by beachlover54
Absolutely fabulous!!!! Amazing" ... written by RKWJ123
I think he knows what he is talking about and I will take his advice! He is good!" ... written by annie1965
Great. money not wasted. fast talker! fast reader! and accurate.. Niceeeee" ... written by hoping2351
Great." ... written by smokinat
He is the best. Made me feel comfortable and he didn't bs around to waste time." ... written by flyerhelp18
Thank you so much. A lot to think about." ... written by katie46
Awesome reading. Gave me great direction. Thank you so much!" ... written by cat20122013
Only had 2 mins but he was spot on, thank you for confirming what I already knew :) ....I will be back :)" ... written by carrie111
Spot on with mostly everything, just wish I had a little more time with him in private chat, will be back soon ;)" ... written by soulsearching611
Excellent reading, will be back!" ... written by mini1214
I loved it." ... written by caliLuv4u
Great reading...answers questions quickly and accurately. will order another reading." ... written by KarlaSmith
Once again, he is a great help!" ... written by scadoodle
Good insightful reading confirmed a few things also thanks" ... written by joboluvz73
He's great. Very connected, very calming, very insightful. I'll be back" ... written by shinewithme
He was great, a very cool dude, really easy to tallk too!" ... written by yazzy91
Wonderful reading ! Again thanks a mill !!!" ... written by jaykun
Got everything into persepective, very good." ... written by Softice
My reading was very accurate, helpful and made me relax a bit about future, many thanks for your accuracy, patience and time, I will return in for another reading in future. thank you so much PsychicXjourney love and light " ... written by janluv7
Excellent!!! - uplifting, usefull, and honest!!" ... written by Eternety
This is a wise man seeing through your soul. Talks with a friendly sincere approach and have messages from the angels directly to your heart. I always come back to him cause there is something real and honest and true about this psychic. Always recommend him :) thanks for giving me strength, again!" ... written by emotions
Nice reading! Very informative. Thank you!" ... written by hopefull11
I enjoyed the session and it felt accurate" ... written by IsabelSpiegel
AMAZING SO ACCURATE" ... written by michelle0940
Thanks a lot:)) Very good reading and I'll come back soon:) Just what I needed at the moment:)))) God bless:)" ... written by shania6868
He was very accurate about the stress, in my life. Friendly and made me feel comfortable. I will be definitely be back. Thank you for the advice about the focus board. " ... written by KellyD
Truly gifted - thank you." ... written by liz
Thanks for the advice and I pray all will unfold as you foresee." ... written by 2_peek
nice one my friend very good was right on the button would defo come back thanks " ... written by waynepip
He was very helpful and gave it to me straight thank you!" ... written by kira
Thanks for the update and talking with me about how things really are...I hope all will unfold soon and ill try to take your advice on the situation. Will keep u posted" ... written by 2peek
Was a very wonderful reading, really enjoyed it a lot thank you. " ... written by darkvemonrose
Thankyou :-)" ... written by ale510
Love the guy! he is so in tuned and healthy and clear in the way he thinks and sees things and his connection is direct. I recommend him. Had several readings with him and enjoyed everyone of them. Helped me to improve myself and keep up hopes. :)" ... written by emotions
Gave me wonderful affirmations to recite. Thank you Journey, you're encouraging! peace!" ... written by ivory_onyx
Everything Donnie saw in his visions was correct with my situation, you will not be disappointed, he is very direct and answers your questions quickly and truthfully, must use Donnie's skills to set your mind at ease." ... written by KarlaSmith
I like this guy He is so real and he speaks truth" ... written by silverdreams
Thank you so much Donnie, what a positive and accurate reading, you have given me peace of mind I shall let you know the outcome. Arohanui (much love in Maori). RainbowNZ" ... written by rainbownz
He is honest and straight forward, just the reading I needed. He gave me examples of several positive affirmations. I am looking forward to his prediction coming true! Thank you and God bless!" ... written by daniii43
Very well put and on the ball! Very helpful! xx " ... written by kezzabella
Very cool!" ... written by pwndbyachick
Right on the money... 10+ stars I will be back!!! Will refer to others!!!" ... written by Marlia69
Great Reading!!" ... written by Bojan99
Good reading " ... written by jackie2728
Nice and seems goodand honest seems to know" ... written by ninariv1
Very good! He was accurate on several aspects and gives a timeline. He gives guidance as well. Nice man. " ... written by Augustflight
Awesome!" ... written by gem1974
Great reading. Correct and very much to the point." ... written by Charlie0605
Good inspiration." ... written by Bellyrox
What an amazing person. He made me believe in God and miracles again. His reading was very very accurate and I wanna thank him for everything he told me to do. Much respect and much gratitude for him." ... written by amnarashid
Lovely guy, very gentle and honest, his heart is true and I feel I can talk to him whenever I feel low, he will always cheer me up and help me. Great reading :)" ... written by Softice
Great reading thank you" ... written by maynardtony
Caught onto the situation really fast that I was in. Nice guy." ... written by AnnaAngel
Great reading, will come back again!" ... written by radix4use
Hi. Just wan't to say Donnie is a great guy and i liked the reading in private it was accurate. Thank you. We will sure be doing it again. :-)" ... written by Coraldeacon
He is great on point fast and gives so much information" ... written by Aries3912
Thanks mate that was great " ... written by maynardtony
Thank you so much!" ... written by beachlover54
Very accurate reading, i am amazed will talk to you soon" ... written by Renaee
I felt like he was spot on with what he told me. Basically re-enforced what I was feeling. Felt good, honest, and accurate. " ... written by alcham1984
Really valuable information he gave me. Thank you" ... written by esotericstar
Put alot of things in perspective, very clear and on point about a lot of things I had on my mind, great experiance, and guidance!!" ... written by chemica88
Wow!! You defitiely rock!! I think Journey has been the ONLY One here taht is sincere and knows his stuff!!!! Take care! " ... written by HappyDays4u
Such a great reading, he blessed me with credits and in a short time, I got a bunch of questions answered, very quick and to the point. Such a nice guy also. Definitely looking forward to his predictions and will be back for another reading. Thank you!!!" ... written by angelloverose
Loved the reading... Quick precise and genuine. I will be back!" ... written by jp4242
Great reading! He was quick and detailed! I would highly recommend him! Can't wait til our next reading." ... written by Helen
He gives very sound advise and tells you as he sees it." ... written by halovm
THE GUY IS A LEGEND! Experience a read to believe." ... written by jippyxxx
Thank you!" ... written by rainbow0304
Very accurate and to the point...wish I could spend more time with him! Thank You!" ... written by somethinglost888
Oranum's best and realist " ... written by Aries3912
Fabulous, as usual. Very encouraging and compassionate, too." ... written by beachlover54
Very detailed, to the point, and a very intelligent man! Thank you so much for the reading, it has helped! :) " ... written by Ashlee
He is optamistic with clients but tells the truth." ... written by dsrwd8
Great Session. Very helpful!" ... written by darlinhun
This man is very good, I am telling u just how wonderful he connects with u. Very easily and well everything he said was right!" ... written by luckycharms312
He was great as usual! Thank you very much!" ... written by scadoodle
He is very good...funny, and very accurate too...this is my first time in there...he is very much worth it...thank you xx" ... written by butterflywings10
Another great reading as usual - thank you." ... written by lilwildspirit
Great reading!" ... written by Bojan99
My favourite!!! Always great." ... written by emilyxrose
He is funny, compassionate and tells it as it is. Most of all he has been very accurate. Won't hesitate to recommend him. Worth every cent." ... written by lilwildspirit
Gave so much info very quickly. I have been in his room several times and I've seen the confidence when he speaks, it is natural with no hesitation!" ... written by bluetig
Always sooo helpful!!!" ... written by Girlie152
Alison here.. had a very good reading a while ago maybe 2weeks ago and was exceptionally good. thankyou." ... written by wolgin0169
Great again x" ... written by coral04
Very intuitive, and to the point. Good not only with love and relationships but other facets of life. Will use gain." ... written by Phreddie
Fantastic reading, so detailed and direct, didn't miss a beat once. He is encouraging, insightful and humorous. May just be the best reading I've had!" ... written by ikroyal
Thank you again Donnie x" ... written by Coraldeacon
Very good....this reading was as close to the first one...Thank you." ... written by sunshine70
Great as usual! Thanks Donnie!" ... written by beachlover54
Donnie is a true born gifted psychic and healer. This is my 3rd reading and I will continue to go to him for guidance. Thank you." ... written by nanann1
Donnie is a tremendously gifted reader. He amazes me with his clairaudient ability. Probably the single most clauraudient reader that I have met. So I feel he is also highly clairaudient. It is really refreshing to receive his messages. They are always on point and accurate. Taking into account all except of course our free will choices. Always an excellent reading with Donnie!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Precise, without wasting words. I appreciate Donni. Thank you!" ... written by heavenlylight
As always great, thank you." ... written by coral04
Thanks so much :) Amazing" ... written by allove197
He's to the point, no tools." ... written by BrainyBeauty28
Awesome as ever! xx" ... written by lilwildspirit
He's very opinionated but in a truthful way and it helps you open your eyes. He's very accurate and I would definitely come back for a reading." ... written by fairmemories
A very positive reading. Very refreshing. I will keep you updated of developments. Thank you." ... written by Charlie0605
Great reading, very matter of fact. Doesn't waste time. I appreciated the knowledge provided. I felt he knew what he was talking about. Picked up on emotions and my gender without asking. Will come back for his advice in this matter again." ... written by Uvrs53
He is very refreshing. There is something I don't know how to say. But it feels very pleasant. Soothing energy around him. God bless!" ... written by nk
Cool read! Thanks so much!" ... written by caligal91
To the point - no bs - kept it simple - yet logically all made sense. Was able to connect on a personal level." ... written by marmoser7
Donnie always puts my fears at ease and gives great advice. An awesome friend - thank you so much. xx" ... written by lilwildspirit
Spot on." ... written by coynajordaine
Was spot on for a lot of my concerns and self issues I have with things, he gave good advice and I look forward for his reading to unfold." ... written by Cat3395
Amazing.. he told me everything i was feeling and also getting he clarified alot for me and all this from a stranger somewhere around the world from me ... brill i just wished i had more credits:(" ... written by Linababe
Journey ROCKS - no BS, lays it out there good and bad - always looks for a solution - do not miss an opportunity to read with Journey!" ... written by coyoteroper
Excellent!! " ... written by ladydove
Honest, insightful reading. Well definitely do the work!" ... written by janesi
Very quick and helpful! Thank you again!" ... written by sungoddess11
Great!" ... written by Clearrain
Did a reading with him recently, I like how he tells it like it is. " ... written by Fun_Sized
Was good nearer the end." ... written by flayflow
Awesome guy right on the money picked up clearly on the situation 10 stars from me " ... written by Betsyfelicia2010
Fantastic, inspiring and straight to the point! I will be back when I get more credits! :)" ... written by sim079
He is fantastic - knows the answers before you ask." ... written by coyoteroper
Good reading!!! A+++" ... written by Kelly1321
Great reading! Thanks!" ... written by tammyjb
I felt like psychicXjourney picked up on my situation immediately, and his advice gave me encouragement." ... written by dearjen
Excellent!! " ... written by tammyjb
Thank you, I pray it will be as you say." ... written by sunshine70
Had a reading, he covered so much within the small amount of time I had to spend for and the reading was very positive and covered many areas that were troubling me. His information gave me a much better feel for what to expect to come. The result should be a very positive result... One thing I noticed, was that he mentioned I would get a little help from a woman and I meet with her next week, this I had no idea about until the next day when I realized that he was talking about her. She will be of big help to me and the issues going on. Thank you Xjourney for everything, I look forward to future readings. " ... written by Dali04
Great reading." ... written by tammyjb
PsychicXjourney is laid back and honest psychic. He picked up on my relationship right away. Definitely worth consulting with. " ... written by Nina_Lovely
I loved the reading and what he had to say. He is definitely an awesome and knowledgeable person! He did an excellent job. I also loved the positive reading that I received. 5 stars" ... written by Lindajc7
Excellent!! Spot on!! Thank you so much for confirming all of this for me." ... written by rastolin
Brilliant psychic in the sense of unraveling complex questions into accurate concise answers. Very calming effect even when telling me things resisting in wanting to know. He speaks the truth but with the guidance of love and angels healing. Fantastic! He is gifted - I say go for a private. " ... written by nanann1
Excellent!!" ... written by skye13
I have to say I have never sought an Energy Spiritual healing before, as I was skeptical of them. PsychicXjourney in a few minutes healed pain I had for 3 years. Thank you! Bless You!" ... written by nannee00
A+++" ... written by Kelly1321
There is so much to learn, but so little time. I will be spending a lot of time with psychicXjourney!" ... written by KentIam
Wonderful experience. Will visit again. " ... written by xsecretgardenx
PsychicXjourney can read what's in your heart and soul and is guided with a true gift of sight. He is psychic and delivers guidance andamp; accurate answers that answer questions you didn't even know you had. Logical and spiritual. I was left with a sense of peace. Thank you!!" ... written by nannee00
Wise words from a wise man he mentioned things about me and hit the nail on the head and will be coming back for more insight into my future and more guidance. Thank you!" ... written by rosepetals10
Awesome reading and insight highly recommend to all.. Will definitely be back for some guidance .. Now I better get meditating and researching :) ... thanks again.. Love and light to you and yours." ... written by mystic_haze
Thanks so much for great update I will pray all will unfold as you see it...God Bless" ... written by 2_peek
PsychicXjourney I have had many readings with him and he is so Gifted!! He already knows what is going on in my life without question. He is a true psychic, healer, and can see the future which I can confirm. Please give him a try for your sake. Thank you." ... written by ladydove
Great reading picked up on a of stuff and me. Really good " ... written by maynardtony
Very detailed and fast. Love him!" ... written by Aries3912
PsychicXJ is a very clear and accurate reader. You see how effortlessly he picks up info and consistently hits the mark. He also is a straight shooter. So, I really enjoy coming in to ask for his insight." ... written by MerkabahMan633
I think you got it and feel a bit better about what to do. " ... written by robin
Cool reading." ... written by Lily
Psychic is truly gifted. He is helping me to become who I am and I am grateful that he is willing to share what he knows!" ... written by liz s
He connected very well and fast. I will see if his predictions come true." ... written by tONETTEsHILO
He is very good reader very accurate! I just had follow up with him and he is so down to earth and gives good guidance. Thank you!" ... written by ZetaTheShiny
Very good reading, resonated very well with me, he got the situation right on and gave good guidance. " ... written by ZetaTheShiny
Lovely!" ... written by Vicky
Amazing angelic reading !!! Love him " ... written by vvd450
He's one of the best! " ... written by kelly1321
Excellent reading, I feel so ease. Definitely I will talk to him again." ... written by reenu70
Thank you very much for the great demo and the advice i certanly will keep you updated." ... written by 2_peek
He was really encouraging, just the person you need to listen to when guidance is needed!! He will help change your perspective on how you look at things that are going on in your life too. Five stars!!" ... written by Rebecca Guideme2013
Very insightful...and provided kindly advice delivered in such a honest but kind manner. First time reading and it was quite good." ... written by kissmeangel
Amazing and flat out sugar coating." ... written by kelly
Always awesome and insightful! Very kind and honest! You need to try him. He is that good! Thanks Donnie!" ... written by Valerie71
Fantastic, very down to earth and clear and concise. Ran out of credit but will be back,A+" ... written by Kate
Awesome as always. Never fails to inspire. Definitely the go to guy if you want honest, sincere, straight forward answers. xx" ... written by lilwildspirit
he was really good!!" ... written by mshr
thank you very much " ... written by GHC
Thanks Donnie - appreciate the honesty of your reading and how I should go about things and what I have to look forward to. xx" ... written by lilwildspirit
He is honest and tell it like it is. I trust him. I am taking his advice and going with it. Thank you God Bless You" ... written by Nikki
Donnie is truly one of the most talented psychics on this site. Of the many that I know (and I am psychic myself) he is a great example of the claircognizant, because he instantly knows info from the synergy of his senses. Great and cool guy too. I am always encouraged after his readings, which are always accurate." ... written by MerkabahMan633
excellent" ... written by davidtjl
insightful and empowering read." ... written by sk
Donnie was great... totally nailed it! Apart from accurate reading, he also gave me practical advices which I will definitely follow. Thank you! " ... written by steph
Fabulous as always!" ... written by beachlover54
He is one of the best in here. Really good psychic and reader. He knows his staff to the point and gives good advice. I like his reading, he is very accurate. Highly recommended, try his private" ... written by ZetaTheShiny
He was YOU.-..thats why I needed!!!" ... written by Gaby11
I got some good advice and since I didn't really have any direction in what I wanted out of the reading, Journey did an incredible job of giving me some guidance. I will definately visit him again." ... written by TerritheSecretar
Awesome as ever! Thanks so much for clarifying many issues with me. xx " ... written by lilwildspirit
Excellent, as usual! Thanks Donnie!" ... written by beachlover54
Thank you, took time to understand but it makes a lot of sense" ... written by graham
Holy Moly he is awesome! If you want the nail hit on the head he's your man. He will tell you how he sees and feels it. I will definitely be back! Thank you so much." ... written by April
Very quick and to the point - good read - thanks! " ... written by JL
He's good." ... written by tinyfish
Thanks for the sincere read -- nice guy, recommend you give him a try!" ... written by p
All around awesome!!! Very-very right on and to the point. No pressure and fun. Check out PsychicXjourney for yourself. I'll be back!" ... written by Holly
Very easy to talk to, insights made sense. " ... written by Lorie
Great reading" ... written by linautumn
He's good" ... written by emily
He is wonderful. Gives very good insight and guidance how to handle the situation to achieve what you want. He doesn't sugarcoat but he gives information on a way it helps you (not distress) but gives you foundation to built on. Thank you psychicXjourney! Excellent reading! " ... written by ZetaTheShiny
Great reading!!" ... written by Lorie
Very happy with reading, he's great." ... written by kye2210
Straightforward, very good." ... written by kye2210
Great reading with Psychic Xjourney, really 5 stars!" ... written by Antonio
Great." ... written by kimeco
Thank you." ... written by G
HE IS AMAZING!!!!" ... written by Courtney
PsychicXjourney is a very talented Psychic who also proves good explanations and advice. My reading focused on Past Life Regression, Present and Future Developments. It was both detailed and informative and really helped me with understanding my current situation. Thanks so much. I would highly recommend a private reading of 15 mins. " ... written by Martkos
This was a Amazing reading very positive i don't always get positive readings. So this was really nice lifted my spirits. I know this man is great. i truly believe in his ability to give accurate reading. I am going to pursue my goals, and go in the direction of my dreams =) plus i will have the man i want with time i know he will open up more =) God Bless and i hope things work out with you and your love interest =)" ... written by luckycharms312
Very helpful reading, full of good advices and good insights. I like his way of reading and he is truly connected. Very good. God bless!" ... written by ZetaTheShiny
PsychicXjourney is very good with performing past life regression and placing this into context with your current life. Whether that be an Earthly or Galactic plane. I highly recommend an extended reading. You will be amazed and more at peace knowing where you came from and why and how this influences "the now"... Which can also help with improving future outcomes." ... written by Martkos
I give him 5 stars and whatnot!" ... written by Jasmine
THANK YOU" ... written by Denise
Awesome" ... written by Mike
THANK YOU" ... written by Denise
It was great! Just what I need to hear." ... written by Crystal
PsychicXjourney has been helping me with past life regression. He is able to give very accurate information including Names, Dates, Time Frames, Events. I highly recommend a reading." ... written by Martkos, Rukbat
Really good!" ... written by AngelsRus
Thank you!" ... written by Denise
One of the absolute BEST!!!" ... written by T
He has such a way of talking to you! Loved it!" ... written by vvd450
Good reading, to bad the time ran out..." ... written by Laura8425
Fast, clear, thank You!" ... written by Samsharia
Vey accurate with my situation." ... written by Rose
He is quick and good." ... written by Mamma6
Thank you." ... written by Denise
Very straight forward and very respectfull. He is accurate and one of the best psychic on Oranum…. 10 stars!" ... written by Spiritonloose
Fast, and kind. Thank You" ... written by S
Amazing reader .. perfection.." ... written by seakat
Very nice reading picked up things right away. Would come back in the future. " ... written by Lyn
Very good. Great advice and quick answers to my question. I really enjoyed the reading and would come back again for an update." ... written by Jennifer
As always… he is all accurate, right on spot and very helpful. For me psychicXjourney is the ONE on Oranum….. Don't miss out on him…. love and light" ... written by Spiritonloose
Very insightful..connected immediately..Highly recommend!" ... written by Bhanu
Thank you so much, wow, what a positive energy and so much compassion. True, all accurate and very fast! Thank you and bless you." ... written by Ted
Thanks for the quick answers to my questions...I look forward to the out come. God Bless" ... written by 2-peek
Good advice!" ... written by lotus 99
He is very straightforward and gets right too it. Has a very relaxed yet on point energy to him. Thank you very much Donnie!!!" ... written by Brad
Awesome as always!" ... written by Antares
As always, another great reading! He is very quick and to the point. I was able to get many questions answered in a very short time. I would highly recommend a reading!" ... written by Helen
Superb as ever... speaks honestly and truthfully and I highly value his opinion. He is a very genuine reader. Doesn't waste time or money... " ... written by lil