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Psychic psychicLUDOhas 20-25years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic psychicLUDOhas recently helped 185members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about psychicLUDO's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a Belgian astrologer ans psychic. I live in the Northern part of Belgium near Antwerp. My specialities are the Western Astrology, the Belline Cards and the French deck of Mademoiselle Lenormand. I can look into your birth chart and see the strong and weak points. I can calculate for you if time is favourable to take actions. For several years had my own astrology-program on Belgian national radiostation Radio2. I've been guest in many tv programs too. I am a natural born psychic. Optimistic and full of energy. Truth and honesty are my device.
You can ask my help in all matters of carreer, luck and opportunities, relationship and family issues and of course for any spiritual help.

I apply my intuition to flow with the cards. I'm convinced that we are all put on earth for a reason and to serve a certain purpose. Life is certainly not a coincidence and all things happen for a reason.
Problems are not to be considered as a defeat. Better is to see them all as opportunities that able us to tune up the path of life.

I will always try to help you in creating a better world around you.

Feel free to come into my room and participate in discussing all psychic and astrological matters and issues.
In school of life we all can learn from each other. There are no stupid questions. Only stupid answers !

Ludo was very good. The reading started out slow but once he got started everything he said was very true and very accurate. You really need to give him a try. Excellent" ... written by raym57
Thank you so much! I've truly enjoyed the reading! Coming back soon for my dream interpretation :)" ... written by Emma
Ludo is awesome!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Enjoyed The Reading .. He Gave Me Hope for My Situation.....:)" ... written by Auspicious31
I have just had a reading with Ludo and I think he is brilliant. He was spot on with what he felt about me and what is happening in my life. I do hope that his future predictions are true as the future sounds very bright indeed and I shall look forward to every minute. Thank you so much! " ... written by carrieg22
He was very insightful and helped me a lot. He explained that I needed an outlet for my emotions, and that it would help me even better. He was really good." ... written by Angel168
Thank you so much for the reading, it was very thorough and from the heart, i will definately be back again for another reading soon." ... written by melodicblues
Mr. PhychicLUDO was great. I made me feel so comfortable while he was doing my reading, and he was very accurate. He gave me a lot hope to resolve my issue and made me feel better. I was very sad when I asked him for help and he helped me a lot. God Bless him!!!... He also has a very nice sense of humor, he also made me laugh... Thank you, thank you and thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! " ... written by rinagm
This man is amazing ...He is really accurate and told me what i needed to know!!" ... written by donnaluna
He is good as always....helpful and honest....come back soon!!!" ... written by soosanmh59
He's cool. Gives really good advice. Worth every penny.Thanks !" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
PsychicLUDO genuinely likes to help the reader ;o) He was very informative and his cards were spot on about things. He cleared a lot of doubts in my head ;o) Thank you!" ... written by Phoxee
Ludo was very exact about things that could not have been guessed. He provides positive energy and has a lot of empathy." ... written by laudanum
This guy is pure positivism, and just hit the things in my life! Thank you, it was a pleasure! :)" ... written by mimizi
PSYCHICLUDO is very energetic and accurate. He made me laugh while he still was able to see who I was and what life was reserving for me. He used the French deck of Mademoiselle Lenormand, which was very interesting. If you seek an advice I strongly recommend him to read the cards for you!" ... written by atelmo
Thank you Ludo!!! I greatly appreciate you spending the time to read with really was informative and I know things will come to pass soon..." ... written by Phoxee
Very straight to the point and clear answers! Thank you for your advices :)))) will come again" ... written by Sirena22
Ludo is very nice, and very good . I just loved the reading... i highly recommend him...thank again Ludo :)))" ... written by pepita24
Great reading and advice once again from PsychicLudo!!! I feel he's calmed me down and helped me figure certain matters out ;o) Thank you very much!" ... written by Phoxee
Amazing as always!!!" ... written by loveb1980
he was great! thanks!" ... written by Phoxee
You answered all my questions quickly and compassionately. Understood my situation perfectly and what craziness was going on in it. He helped me calm down a lot. Thanks!" ... written by poeticlytragic
I just had reading with him he is a kind man , and happy ,,,gave me positive energy,,,and i feel he is right about the things ,just wait and see what happened ...i will back soon.....thanks ludo" ... written by soosanmh59
He is the best psychic ,and person ....I trust him,,, you should have a reading with him.......thanks Ludo" ... written by soosanmh59
Thank you so much you alway make me feel better!!!" ... written by loveb1980
he is wonderful man and reader." ... written by soosanmh59
What a fantastic reading with Ludo! Very funny and caring person and truly gifted!!! You won't regret having a private with him.:-)" ... written by tash1921
good ,good, good.....he is one of the best " ... written by soosanmh59
Could see things that no one else had " ... written by MALEX3007