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Psychic psychic007has 25-30years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic psychic007has recently helped 119members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about psychic007's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Hello, I am Steve Huff, Ordained Esoteric Chaplain, our Private Consultations are Protected Communications under US Federal Law. Your privacy is Protected and Assured.

I am a Modern Intuitive Psychic and Hypnotist, I conduct Intuitive Tarot Card readings. I specialize in Relationships, Family, Business, Energy Healing, Positive Remote Influence to bring you your desires, Psychic Development and Path finding.

As a Hypnotist I can align the power of your mind to attract to you and assist you in building the life you deserve.
1.Loose Weight
2.Quit Smoking
3.Manifest your romantic dreams!
4.Increase Confidence and Psychic Ability
5.Pain Management
6.Past Life Regression

If you need answers,solutions and honesty, I am the one you seek.

Steve Huff

*************************************************** FREE CHAT RULES *****************************************

1. Only positive statements, no put downs or negativity. Please remember we are here to help and enlighten.

2. I do not have unlimited Mental Energy. So if I answer your question please remember it is a gift from me to you.
No general questions or "test" questions like, what can you tell me about me (Money,Love, or Employment). Oranum has a very good Psychic screening process.You came to my chat room on Oranum, I have nothing to prove.

3. If you see me working with someone in free chat it is because we are finishing up a private chat or they are a Preferred Customer. Here is how I prioritize and answer questions in free chat.
C. Members who have credits on your account. (THEY ARE READY TO DO BUSINESS)
D. Members who are polite and introduce themselves and wait their turn.

4. Do not give me personal information in free chat.I will only accept your personal Information in Private Chat or Email per Oranum Recommendation to combat Identity Theft.

5. Guests please feel free to observe, but to participate you must Register, its real easy, No Credit Card Needed just a couple of questions.


*******************************************DEMO READING RULES***************************************************

1. Only the person getting the reading may interact with psychic007 in free chat
2. Psychic007 chooses who receives this free reading and may ask questions to establish a connection.
3. Psychic007 may choose to terminate the reading at his sole discretion at anytime due to privacy issues in a public forum.
4. Participant of the demo reading must be sincere or the reading will be terminated.

good reading and accurate" ... written by OOOXXXOOO
Very helpful and easy to talk to. He really told me a lot in a short amount of time! Great reading. I will be back" ... written by Betsy
Very much enjoyed talking with him, felt very comfortable . " ... written by mslauren
He was great, and helped me see the situation clearly and he tuned into my needs and tried to see me through it! Thank You!" ... written by rainbowspark
brill thank you very much xxxx" ... written by fire
fab thank you " ... written by mmmmm
Psychic007 is an Excellent Reader. He was able to connect very well with me and fast. He seems to already know alot of things about my situation before I even mentioned it. He also gave me information that was very helpful. He is very insightful and shows great concern. He is definitely a five star reader. I would highly recommend everyone to get a reading with him. He is very helpful." ... written by Tanny6
He was great! He was very accurate and easy to talk to. He connected fast and picked up on my situation. I would highly recommend a reading." ... written by Luna
He was really good!!! He got right to the point and I really enjoyed all the info he gave me. I feel we connected very easily and I'll be excited to know if I truly do end up being with my ex and doing better in school =)" ... written by luckycharms312
very nice. " ... written by oceansandjoy1
very nice! to the pint thank you so much" ... written by ghostface1983
spot on andamp; to the point.. connection was there without a doubt, picked up on my situation straight away. will be back :)" ... written by Sammie23
Thank you very much..I appreciate your being candid with me..and thank you for your email follow up..I am doing ok by the way and yes I do feel as if I'm getting stronger each day...I have also been keeping myself busy as you suggested :D Thanks again" ... written by Dreamer65
Steve was great to tell him about the transformation that has been going on with my relationship. I am beginning to understand where I have been and where I am going to be in the future." ... written by rooster051
He was honest and forthright with his reading. I have learned not to look too far ahead and take things as they come. Good lesson to learn from him! Really enjoyed my reading! Will go back to him after time has moved forward a bit to see where things are heading. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
psychic007 has great insight to pick up on my energy and being to help me with the situation." ... written by rooster051
Thanks so much...amazing fella :) I appreciate he has to say and he makes a ton of sense.." ... written by dreamer65
very real, down to earth, honest, doesn't give false hopes, keeps it real!" ... written by blanca84
Very accurate andamp;amp; informative. Love the reading. Very supportive. Worth the time n money. Great guy down to earth n easy to talk to. It like he sitting across the table from you and has know you for years. Thanks so Much!" ... written by JSerrano0304
What a nice person w/ great insights! Highly recommend. Thank you Psychic007. " ... written by mozzy123
Psychic007 has given me the green light to understand the love and happiness of a new relationship that took so long to complete. I will want to come back and have another visit. I am still on cloud nine." ... written by rooster051
he was supportive and accurate and he really helped me to find the solution to my problem" ... written by rubylane
Psychic007 talks to me like an old friend and gives me great insight of the situation." ... written by rooster051
the revelation of the pain and hurt in a relationship.he is given me some issues to think about." ... written by rooster051
He gave me some advice and he seems to be on point, hopefully it comes through, I believe what he says. Good reader and does not waste anytime!" ... written by lexie622
Great hrlp in telling me how about my strong points and to further a relationship so to keep the fire in romance" ... written by rooster051
Psychic007 is warm, down to earth person that help ground individuals when going through a crisis." ... written by rooster051
I enjoyed my reading with Steve very much. He felt my pain and I pulled two wonderful cards regarding current situation. All I have to say is positive things are in the horizon and Steve validated that. Thank you Steve!" ... written by greekgoddess71
I had a great reading and felt that he connected quickly and gave good advice. I will be back again." ... written by betsysue
To the point! thank you x" ... written by seehere
Very good reading. I like his manner and the fact that he tells you how he feels bluntly. We had a very nice private and I will consult again. " ... written by geoff007
Another wonderful reading. Steve put my issues at ease he gave me wonderful input and reassurance. He is genuine and down to earth and feels you pain and energy. Thank you Steve!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Very very good, will be back" ... written by kellourex
Very good reading! Very positive and clear and caring." ... written by Plunkie
Steve is helping cope with a problem and see the right way to accomplish this without creating alot of stress. I wish I could have spent some more time with him...but will always return again for more readings." ... written by rooster051
Steve has helped me understand the type of relationship that has been bestowed upon me. I am the key figure in making the transition of the hearts and souls in this unique relationship. It seems my level of intuition and spiritual contact will create the foundation that will affect so many souls." ... written by rooster051
Nice easy reading... explained the cards in depth .. and knows them well .... able to discuss issues comfortably .. does not waste your time or $$ .. nice to have met him on his proffessional level .. ... " ... written by bberney
lovely reading and was very good many thanks" ... written by somersetgirl
Thank You so much for bringing to light my doubts. I really appreciate all your help and your insights. " ... written by Goldenlight1
What an AWESOME guy!!!! 5 star reader!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Awesome man, awesome connection!" ... written by dallascowboys8
WoW very truthful, right on , and no bs no sugar coating u want the honest truth hes the one,,i will be back,,thank u" ... written by dymonds47
Picked up well, loved it." ... written by mini1214
Steve is wonderful and makes a quick connection. Very reliable and accurate!" ... written by betsysue
Omg, I wish I had met psychic007 sooner! Awesome reading - I'll be back again soon!" ... written by Lucy
Can't say enough good things. I feel so much better knowing I can come to him when I need help and guidance. xoxo" ... written by Lucy
thanks so much , will keep in contact " ... written by jojo20652003
Thank you for reading, liked it! Will be back!" ... written by Futuremanager