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I am related to the World Renowned Professor M. A. Malik who has written books on Palmistry and studied this Occult Science from the age of 15. Upon my return from the USA, him now being close to 90(sadly Prof. M.A Malik is no longer R.I.P) requested to teach me all that he has gathered since the age of 15. I asked him," why me?", he then showed the line in his palm and then a strange variation of the same line in my palm that suggests that I can master this occult knowledge scientifically. I have already been on all the major TV channels and Fm radios, here in Pakistan and am a regular on PTV, the State-owned TV channel. The program I am on is also broadcast to Europe and USA. Over time I have also learned Numerology according to Cheiro and had learned Tarot cards from 2 different individuals in the US. I over the phone do provide readings to people not only here but abroad too. As I am getting deeper into the occult sciences, I have started to see flashes in which what I see and describe to the individuals I am dealing with to which they claim to have relevance. I look forward to taking this knowledge forward by revolutionizing it through every electronic media possible including the but not limited to the Neuro Net.
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Mojahed Ray Reaz

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