About nycbbw67

Psychic nycbbw67has 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic nycbbw67has recently helped 746members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about nycbbw67's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

GIFTED Clairvoyant, Intuitive Tarot and Spirit Messenger... Soul Mates, Relationships, Love, Past Lives, Career, Abundance, Prosperity, Personal Growth, Dream Interpretation... ONE OF ORANUM'S ORIGINAL READERS!

**** PLEASE READ ... Due to ongoing projects and external obligations, my Oranum appearances are extremely limited. I'm usually ONLINE available for private readings during weekends or whenever possible. Keep in mind I remain highly committed to delivering exceptional, high quality service you expect from a professional intuitive. I look forward to connecting with you! ****

VERY IMPORTANT: Oranum is a pay-for-psychic service and you must purchase credits in order to have a detailed, private consultation. Free readings are NOT ALLOWED. I don't make the rules but have to follow site policies. Please understand that a really insightful session requires 10 minutes or more. I go into very specific details covering many areas of your life. You receive the whole story instead of one page. Quickie readings do not serve any purpose whatsoever. If you take my work seriously, I'll take you (and your situations) seriously. What you put out always comes back! YOU'RE PAYING FOR ABOVE AVERAGE READINGS NOT MEDIOCRE QUANTITY!

Here is my profile: Extraordinarily vivid perception best describes Dana Marie's natural abilities. Raised in the South Bronx, her uncanny "imagination" since early childhood blossomed into direct contact with ethereal beings. She learned at a young age to "roam freely" between physical planes and astral dimensions. An insatiable appetite for knowledge launched her adulthood journey into metaphysics, amplifying sensitivity to vibrations, frequencies and energies.

For two decades, Dana's understanding of universal laws has morphed into empowering seekers of inner truth. She studied intuitive tarot by way of esoteric symbols, colors and definitions from several card decks and tutorials. Numerology (based on birth dates) and communicating with the angelic realm were later added to enhance connectivity. Ordained by Universal Life Church as practicing spiritual consultant, she received Reiki certification from A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center.

As trusted intuitive counselor with precise vision, Dana interprets karmic patterns and soul reasons behind past, present and future circumstances. Detailed psychic information is essential to create and sustain positive outcomes according to best interests and highest good. Her devoted attention effectively transforms constraining obstacles into boundless opportunities, renewed faith and unlimited abundance. While predictions are never etched in stone due to freewill choices, she provides necessary tools to help you choose paths for increasing awareness and revealing the unexpected.

Dana is very honest, thoughtful, insightful andamp; accurate... i would definitely recommend her :)" ... written by rolinsand
Wonderful lady! Well worth the time, effort and so on. She is wonderful and amazing! " ... written by Espionage-
Thank you so much for a very thorough reading! We covered alot of things and I feel I have a good plan for my career which is what is on my mind right now. She helped to give me clarity for my choices and how I should go about making some changes! I feel confident now with what I'm going to do! Thank you again!! " ... written by Nona29
Good reading would do it again" ... written by angelmichael68
she was inspirational!!" ... written by Xilr8ng
She is definately a genuine psychic. She could pick up on information about my career that I did not mention. She could feel information about my new position. When the possible start dates would be. This information was given to me by the Human Resource departmet, but she picked up on those dates. I am truly impressed. i have been reading with psychics for a while. She has been the most genuine. " ... written by wee318
she was nice" ... written by adep12
She is very nice person, she really comforts you while she is doing the reading." ... written by mossdevraj
Once again, she was amazing. She picked up on family issues that i did not even discuss. I am completely amazed. Anyone who reads with her will be amazed." ... written by wee318
Would definitely come back and see :D" ... written by geminitwin613
Awesome very friendly got alot of info:)" ... written by Redspice66
I had such a fun read with Dana. She's honest, funny and tells you like it is. She doesn't say things just to be nice; she tells you what she sees. She was right about my situation completely, and I was very happy with her reading. I highly recommend her!" ... written by wing-mei
Just received more encouragement and guidance. This is the person that will help you stay on course . I value her advice and guidance. I am sure everyone can experience this feeling with her. " ... written by wee318
Fantastic. Honest, genuine andamp;amp; straight to the point. lovely gifted person with a great energy. thanks so much xoxox." ... written by RachaelZ2012
love, love, love dana! she has such a great energy about her. i appreciate that she gets right to the point and is able to connect right away. this has been the second reading, and she has been right on!" ... written by cprasad1
very good, very out there and tells it like it is, i m so surprised what she told me :) i hope everything comes into place, ill deffinatly come back very nice " ... written by emlovesbrendon
If you want your weird dream interpreted, nycbbw67 is your woman! Fantastic interpretation for me!" ... written by wing-mei
A great help to my difficult journey. Very personal.Explains in great details. I wish I had more credits for a longer session." ... written by rooster051
Thank you for your kindness and help! it was a pleasure to talk to you" ... written by Sirena22
Awesome reading, very tuned in, was very interesting, thank you so much :)" ... written by kjane3
Very, helpful and informative. I shall come back to Dana when things that we talked about happen but everything she said made sense and I'm sure when I go over things I missed that I'll be able to clarify them too. Thanks I'll definitely recommend her to others. Thanks Dana." ... written by Riverinme
Dana is awesome as always! I've had 4 privates with her, and she's nailed the situation every time! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
brilliant insight, and useful advice - thank you" ... written by Mandy59
Dana is lovely and for sure she is one of the best here at Oranum. She is kind ,very skilled in what she does, always encouriging and most of all very precise. I don't part with money easily,as I am not exactly rich,but she was well worth all the money.I highly recommend her and ensure you that you won't be dissapointed." ... written by KatjaNesbitt
very nice insight ...thanks" ... written by liz
Absolutely amazing! I would recommend her to everyone! The message she relayed to me was amazing and easy to follow. Truly a gifted psychic!" ... written by blakkatt23
Thank you Dana for your guidance. I am happy that I have a genuine psychic to gain clarity and understanding. I hope that others enjoy her gift to help them gain clarity. Thank you Dana" ... written by wee318
What can I say about Dana? LOTS! She gave me so much information and was so helpful with my situation, I was in happy shock. She was honest and she was funny and she was caring. It was almost like she's known me for a long time! I'm def going back to her! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Dana has been a HUGE help with my situation! She's been the guiding force in my actions and thoughts, and I gotta say she's good! It works! I can testify to that with the results I have gotten so far! If you want a reading, GO TO DANA! :D" ... written by wing-mei
Awesome" ... written by hxd181
Very caring and intutiive" ... written by hxd181
All I can say is that she is a great psychic. She can provide beneficial insight to anyone who needs it. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to receive genuine information from a legitimate psychic like her. " ... written by wee318
Dana has a way of making me feel better when things are down. She tells it like it is and made me feel a bit more optimistic about things. I highly recommend her." ... written by wing-mei
Thank you for an honest reading, I really appreciate it. Thanks for the dates etc I will be patient and wait for June and will keep you updated." ... written by pixi78
Wow that was great and she was funny! She got to the point on it! So i think i have clarity Will get another soon! :D" ... written by iquestionlife
Today was Keith and my wedding anniversary. Ms. Dana has helped me see the laughter in Keith's face. I am with him for a brief moment in time. I can feel Keith taking my hand. He pulls me closer to him and hugs me so tightly. He kisses me on my forehead. He tells me everything will be alright. He tells me he has never stopped loving me. Keith and I embrace and our lips become one just like our spirit. He tickles me and the laughter is infectious. I tell Keith I miss him so much and he tells me the same.But it is time to go and I feel my hand slipping from his hand. It is time for me to return and Keith tells me he will be waiting for me. He tells me he will be sending someone special for me. But all I want is you, Keith. He tells me that he is the chime in the wind. He tells me he will be in my dreams. He tells me he will always be with me. I say good bye to Keith" ... written by rooster051
Great lady, thank you" ... written by jedda6666
Ran out of credits, glad to know what was going on in his view." ... written by Angeldust99
I talked to NYCbbw67 last night and he called me today." ... written by Greatlife2102
When I came to Nycbbw67, I was a nervous wreck. I desperately wanted to know the honest answers and not just a pipe fairy tale. She was very honest and true and I felt comfortable talking to her. She gave me the dates and I will wait. God Bless" ... written by Greatlife2102
What a wonderful caring person! I had an excellent reading and highly recommend NYCBBW67!" ... written by Riggergirl17
Dagnabbit, I ran out of credits! Dana ALWAYS helps me when I need help! She's so accurate with the situation, it's creepy! lol I love having readings with her! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
VERY GIFTED, VERY CONNECTED!!! Thank you so much Dana!!!! xoxo" ... written by Tina11
Good reading thank u so much...will be back!" ... written by kristalmagic26
Thanks for calming me down Dana, her predictions last week were on the mark. I believe they'll be correct now too, she's never let me down" ... written by fleurdesil
Just had another great reading with Dana. She was on point as she always is. I am amazed and excited that I have a genuine psychic to talk to and get sound advice." ... written by wee318
Incredible psychic, I am always impressed with her abilities. She always leaves me with a sense of peace after a reading. I will continue to seek her for guidance. She is truly a genuine psychic with an incredible gift. I hope others will witness for themselves what she can do. " ... written by wee318
Wonderful. Nailed a few things on the head." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Wow she was right on the money. She really thoroughly explained everything. Not to mention she is super nice!" ... written by HelloSunshine21
Loved the reading. She was correct" ... written by poeticlytragic
She is amazing" ... written by nazlymaria
Yes, I took advantage of her rollback hour! She was great as always, providing honest, truthful information to me. She's also given me great advice to help me with my relationship. I have and will continue to HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!" ... written by wing-mei
Like the reading she gave me some good pointers and will really recommend her to anyone.. I appreciate her thought." ... written by maylove
The one thing I love about Dana is she makes a whole lot of sense! Everything makes sense! It's all clear to me now! I was lost, but Dana found me! HUZZAH! Talk to her if you need a private! Go to her if you need help! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Can you tell I depend on Dana for guidance?! My life is such a drama right now, I can't see straight... yet Dana steers me in the right direction! Get a private with her! She's worth it!" ... written by wing-mei
Very insightful, will take her advice, picked up on all people involved with the situation." ... written by hxd181
Dana really knows her stuff, can pick on things and people you dont even tell her about. She's my rock...totally worth your money and her advice..." ... written by hxd181
Glad to have an opportunity to talk to Dana again. Everyone who has read with her knows about her amazing abilities. I continue to receive solid advice and guidance and as always is still amazed with her ablility to give clear insight, names, and details about upcoming events. " ... written by wee318
OMG, I had another freaky dream, so I had to ask Dana for an interpretation... and she helped me A LOT! I mean, WOW. I didn't know I could have dreams like that, but she guided me right through it! Still freaked out, but now things are clear! Thank goodness for Dana!!!! Highly recommend!!!!" ... written by wing-mei
I just wanted to leave a review that your predictions have really came true. Around the 21, we did indeed see each other on the 18 and even on the 19, you also claimed he would start reconnecting with me around the end of Feb, which also came true, 25th he finally spoke to me while we worked together :) Thank you so much for the hope and light you give me! " ... written by Angeldust99
She was very insightful and right on! said some things i didn't want to hear, but i think she was right." ... written by gemmie
I appreciate the guidance that I receive from this gifted psychic. She connects and provides you with great advice on how to handle and deal with your situation. I will continue to seek her guidance. Thank you D, I appreciate your gift and compassion." ... written by wee318
amazing person, and she picked up on an ongoing construction project (lol)...really perceptive...I will definitely take her advice" ... written by fleurdesil
Great as always! Confirmed a lot of things I've been dreaming about this past year, and now I'm all freaked out in a good yet weirded out way. But the cards don't lie, right?! LOL Highly recommend her. Absolutely love this psychic!" ... written by wing-mei
Very good energy and great suggestions. I will follow her lead to look for work outside of Michigan and stay in touch as to how the journey turns out. The guidance was needed and definitely appreciated. Thanks so much!" ... written by Dreamteach622
awesome ! Recommend her to all....thank you Dana" ... written by Terri1321
Great, as always! Couldn't have been any better! The next few weeks are going to be interesting, and yes I'm understating. lol. Looking forward to seeing how things progress. Once again, highly recommend her!" ... written by wing-mei
Dana is my LIFELINE! Bf is riding on the crazy bus, and I needed clarity. She gave it to me clear as crystal. Couldn't recommend her even better than I have been! I trust her completely! Not looking forward to the next few months, but oh well! lol HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" ... written by wing-mei
Another great reading to bring clarity and understanding to my situation. She is quick and accurate in her readings. Thanks for your help." ... written by wee318
I enjoyed another good reading from Dana. She is always inspiring and uplifting. She gives you her honest answers in a compassionate way. I will definately return for more advice later. " ... written by wee318
She is totally amazing! very very very helpful - she felt me, read me accurately, and connected to me immediately. Very positive experience! Thank you! I highly recommend her to everybody!!!" ... written by hugs2020 Dana....just love talking to her...what she said before was absolutely true...110% right, I hope its the same now" ... written by fleurdesil
Wow, I loved NYCBBW67! She was so amazing. Just right to the point. Talks a lot. Either you ask her about career, love or family... :)" ... written by Leila
Always a top off to see what's going on with my situation. Dana was fantastic, as usual. I don't think I can praise her any more than I already have, and it'll be interesting to see the coming events in the near future! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
She was very accurate! I really enjoyed her!" ... written by PeaceLoveLight
I enjoyed the reading very much, much details and in sight about my career life. Thank you for the guidence." ... written by bailey1983
This psychic was very to the point with her guidance and accuracy. She definately helped me realize where my career path may extend to and helped guide my spiritual self in how to deal with personal relationships and matters of the heart. Would recommend to anyone. So inciteful!!! " ... written by Tamara_Rivera
Dana is ALWAYS fantastic! She really knows what she's talking about and lets me know what to expect. I have choices to make, and that's a good thing! I look forward to another reading with her! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Sorry ran out of minutes but I lad you were able to give me some insight as to what I wanted to know. You are very good and I am glad I got to talk to you and that you remembered me too I was impressed." ... written by lrussell45
Thanks again dana!very very good as always take care" ... written by Anee
Dana is AMAZING!!! I will definitely be back for another reading,and soon!!!!!" ... written by HoneyinLove
Without a doubt my favorite on Oranum. I've left plenty of positive reviews for Dana and I usually say the same thing--always accurate and always honest. :) Thank you! xxx" ... written by Lee
She is able to pick up and read people with amazing accuracy! Trust her and enjoyed the reading :)" ... written by girls22
Dana, she is a rockstar. Fantastic!!!!! She gets it!" ... written by V
Excellent!!! very accurate!!!" ... written by jessicar123
Very sweet, warm. Felt very at ease in the reading. She worked fast which I appreciated since I only had a limited amount of credits. Enjoyed the reading, and will come back for another in the future. Thanks!" ... written by lisamarie28
This is an extraordinary psychic and I am happy to have the opportunity to receive advice from her. She is genuine and accurate in her readings. She really enjoys using her gift to help others. " ... written by wee318
Another great reading! So happy I have her to guide me! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
GREAT... precise... accurate! LOVED HER! Strongly recommend her!!" ... written by bubi4000
All I can say is I wish I had more time and money. My reading was very informative. I would recommend Dana to others. " ... written by gullatrj
very friendly, helps me feel at peace" ... written by warpmind69
She was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!!" ... written by John
You are amazing!!! She can tell you exactly what is happening with you now and also give you advices how to improve your life!!! Recommend BIG TIME!!!!" ... written by Sirena22
Oh bugger! I ran out of time! Dana was great as always, and everything she said rang true. Always a guiding force in my relationship and I can't wait to see what unfolds. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
I had a great reading. She was so very sweet and helped me a lot. Thank you!" ... written by krissy525
Straight shooter, no bull...thanks Dana" ... written by adronaught
Dana is a gem...she shines like a brillant diamond in the evening sky. She gave me great insight on my future. I wish I had more minutes to do with her. Rooster051" ... written by rooster051
You are amazing!!! She can tell you exactly what is happening with you now and also give you advices how to improve your life!!! Recommend BIG TIME!!" ... written by Sirena22
she was great ever session she get everthing right loved it." ... written by daneillwells30
Very good it was a quick reading but was to the point. Appreciate you Dana" ... written by awakeinmysleep
Thanks so much. She gave my the assurance that I need. :) She is right on with my situation. Again, thank you so much." ... written by blueyes38
Great, as always! I always enjoy my readings with Dana, because she's so honest and upbeat! She tells you like it is and won't sugarcoat anything! If you want the honest truth, go to Dana! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
DANA didnt bring me down and thank u for the correct reading,shes very lovely and sweet lady love u so much! thank u" ... written by from_8mile
Dana was once again fan-friggin-tastic! She helped me with my path and where it's going with my bf. Ooh, what a ride ahead! She's there for me when I need her, and I always feel reassured whenever I have a reading with her. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
SHE KNOWS HER STUFF!!" ... written by queenbee16
was so accurate and clear on everything,shes kind patient n very caring ....totally amazing ty so very much wud highly reccomend " ... written by colapop1
One of the best readings ever!!!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Dana you have helped me when my deceased husband, Keith had passed away. Keith has protected me and now my new guy, John is ready to pick up where Keith left off." ... written by rooster051
I ran out of credits! Crap! Thanks for the great reading! Everything you said was true, until I ran out of time! ARGH! I'm gonna go see what's up with my debit card. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Great reading excellent, got a lot of things absolutely right..amazing... will certainly be back for more..may the blessings be.............." ... written by Redeye2610
AWESOME!!!! Highly recommend!" ... written by TUSHAN
Dana is always ready and willing to pick me up when I'm confused and worried. She gave me a great reading and put my fears to rest. Always a good psychic. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
very good :)" ... written by emzygirl87
She's very helpful and considerate." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Nice reading...was very helpful...will keep what she said in mind!" ... written by fleurdesil
She was right!!! She is great.." ... written by brownsuga5964
Very helpful accurate reading :) Ty nycbbw67 " ... written by mozzy123
ARGH! I ran out of credits! She was fantastic as always! I think I know what to do know, because of her. Thanks, Dana! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
must try her! great" ... written by Danny0525
She is amazing, and gives insight to whatever you are going through. MUST TRY!" ... written by Around there
Dana is always great! I love her to pieces! She always nails the situations accurately, so I know what's going on. The best part is she never ends a reading making you feel disturbed or sad. I always feel better or good. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Dana is a Special person I just enjoyed her Angel Readings very accurate. Thank u so much Dana looking foward to my future predictions." ... written by Lucy117
Thanks for your time and reading for me" ... written by Lyle
Awesome reading . She is very, very good. 5 Stars for her!!" ... written by LittleStar5
Dana is great as always. She looked at my situation and told me some good news, which is what I need right now. Not that she told me what I wanted to hear, but what she saw. Go-to girl galore! Thanks, Dana! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Dana is amazing! she says things as they are. In-depth inside into things, totally great." ... written by irinairina
You know what I love about Dana? She tells it like it is, whether it's good or bad. As she puts it, she's just the messenger, so I have complete trust in her. You go, Dana! Highly Recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
I liked her. Wish I had more time " ... written by rniki35
I liked her. Wish I had more time " ... written by rniki35
Excellent Pshychic! She is right to the point. " ... written by Joanna93
she's very straight to d point... She is actually a good messenger... She even tackle d things that's just playing on my mind even if I'm not asking it yet. I will surely recommend her to you guys... Have a private reading on her and for sure you will be enlightened with your situation... God bless! see yeah again... " ... written by babe28
I received some wonderful updates from Dana tonight. One of her predictions has already come true. She has updated me on events that are due next month. I am so excited and thrilled with her ability and accuracy. If anyone has not tried her, you should. You will be amazed. Encouraging, honest and warm during her readings." ... written by wee318
pretty good" ... written by queen11
was right onto everything , fantastic , thankyou so much xx" ... written by jojo20652003
I was asking about the future of my relationship and all of a sudden she started talking about my grandfather and that he was with me and wanted to give me a hug. I didn't mention anything about him, so I was floored that she picked up on it! Not only did I get some answers about my relationship, I was able to connect to my grandfather again. I would recommend Dana to anyone!" ... written by FiKA88
Dana always give me an excellent reading. She is very positive and helpful." ... written by rooster051
So very polite, jumps right in with whatever you have going on. So dead on! Wow...Im still in awww....Thank you so much. I will be returning again." ... written by chcoprincess
Very nice and accurate... I will be patient and see what arises. Thank you again. " ... written by answers28
that was great, she said things that were REALLY going on in my life, i was amazed!!!!! Unfortunately i couldn't talk for my reasons, and had to type, so didn't have a chance to have a proper conversation but she amazed me with her insight, she's awesome!!! If you want a really FABULOUS reading, come to her, trust me!" ... written by vladimaria
Great! 5*****" ... written by brownsuga5964
Thanks :)" ... written by girlytomboy3665
She is great. No nonsense. Got to the point immediately. Gave good advice. Would call on her again definitely! Thanks chica!" ... written by 4rgy765
Dana you are a true inspirATION...i wish you were on more in free chat so we could connect more often." ... written by rooster051
Dana has given me isssues to think about. She has always had a good ear and a tender hug." ... written by rooster051
Dana is so sensitive with my issues. She has always given me the kighter side of life. The readings have always guided me to the correct path in life and my journey has been a difficult one because I lost someone I loved very much...Keith, my beloved husband. But Dana has helped me cross a new path and discovered a new love, John. I have been blessed twice and to me that is a true miracle." ... written by rooster051
She knew things I didn't even tell her. It was a good reading. I enjoyed it. " ... written by LadyL5
I have had another inspiring private chat with this psychic. I really enjoy speaking with her for advice and guidance. She takes away all my doubts and fears. I will continue to read with her." ... written by wee318
she is so great.... And help me a lot.. thanks dana... God bless! =)" ... written by babe28
OMG!!! read me like an open was so damn amazing!!!!!!!....She saw right through me...completely........never had a pvt with her before...but she felt me through and through....from beginning to end.....She read my husband like a book as well...saw right through him if she's known the both of us her entire life.......her numerology readings are to die for...same with her spiritual advice,,...this woman knows her stuff ...she really does......I thank you from the bottom of my heart Dana....and I wish to God whatever you told me comes to and light....xoxoxoxoxox" ... written by sexybunny69
Dana picked up on my situation, and gave me clear answers." ... written by amr0268
Thank you so much for your reading! I took copious notes on everything you picked up. I'll get back to you on the week of December to let you know how things pan out! " ... written by tln292
thanks again Dana... i will take your advice.. I will look forward for d manifestations of my desires and I'm shouting andamp;amp; i believed that d Universe will bless me and him with light on this journey.. God bless! thanks again.. hugs and kisses..." ... written by babe28
Great reading" ... written by MarianaSchechter
Amazingly she picks up on details from my life how they really are and gives me security that things will happen how she says - try her and you will get convinced the knows her work!" ... written by Sirena22
She is amazing person. Amazing energy. Made me so positive again. Thanks alot." ... written by whyilovehim
You are so amazing... Very accurate! Thank you!" ... written by AbbieMae
I was chosen for a reading. She was right on. So, I decided to accept a private reading and found out more. She was so in tune with what has been happening in my life. I would highly recommend her and plan to have a reading with her again. " ... written by rkbaffa
Thank you very much..God bless you !! " ... written by whyilovehim
WOW JUST GOT BRIEF READING ON THE COMING YR!!" ... written by queenbee22
She was great and very informative. I felt she gave allot of good advice. She was very kind too. I would definitely go back her for a reading." ... written by jedimonk
she is good stop she is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by loveme28
Dana was on point once again! She was spot on about my situation and what's been going on with me lately. I wish I had more credits, but I will definitely go back for another private once my funds come in later this week. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
She is good I liked her very much and I will be back to see her. She is very personable and makes you feel comfortable. Whatever you people at oranum do please keep this one. Linda Russell" ... written by lrussell45
Thank you for sharing your gifts with me today! She is very real and will not be dissapointed! Call her!" ... written by Sistahmaria1218
This is was my first reading and it was going so well that It was probably my longest reading to date--I went back multiple times to add credits! But every minute was worth it. I've been checking out different psychics but she is definitely one of my go-to-psychics from here on out! We looked into a lot of details and time frames and I am very pleased with the advice she has given me. She is amazing and accurate and so I look forward to how things progress further. Thank you very much! :)" ... written by leapenn
Lovely and very respectful of time and money." ... written by spiritualgirl1
she's very sincere and direct" ... written by pretoucheka19
Dana is always there to reassure me that I am traveling the right path. My dreams are finally coming true and I am glad to share them with her." ... written by rooster051
Great reading!!! :))" ... written by taniatania
Good reading....straight to the point...will consult with Dana again." ... written by Mojana
Dana was great! She is a very loving energy who picks up on things accurately and quickly. Picked up on a deceased pet of a person in question (which was very significant!) Looking forward to predictions and will be back to update. Thanks!" ... written by from_space
I love what she had to say. She is very precise and knows what she is talking about. I sure will come back to her." ... written by trinibabe_81
This is my second reading with Dana! I am so glad I got to come back to her again and confirm her predictions to be accurate--the time frame she gave me in my first reading was spot on! I couldn't be happier with my reading! And without any cues from me, she was able to pick up on certain details I hadn't even mentioned to her yet! Thank you so much, Dana! I will be adding credits later to continue our conversation and reading!" ... written by leapenn
Crazy dead on right!" ... written by spiritualgirl1
Like Dana's straight to the point answer - and she gives me hope and it was alot of fun and have enjoyed her insights in the Free Chat - would go private again for sure." ... written by Nancycyd
Thanks Dana - sorry I ran out of money! I so wanted to hear about John too!" ... written by rochelleb1
Very good and very fast. she was very honest and patient with me. since my computer kept logging out on me. she's worth the private chat" ... written by shelly
She is always brilliant and right on point and I am amazed at how many times I can come back to her to CONFIRM her readings! I cannot stress to anyone enough at how accurate she has been for me! It's not just her accuracy that I love, but it's the fact that she gives you excellent guidance and advice as well. " ... written by Lee
I know that the things we talked about came true in my first reading with Dana, which makes me excited to see how things shape up after this reading. I will definitely be following up with her very soon and I am so appreciative of the advice she gave me. I have a date with my ex (his communication with me fell within the time frame she gave me in my first reading) and she reminded me to stay grounded, and not worry when he acts stubborn at first-- and without seeing him, yet. I know this to be true to his character and how he reacts. Really was some good advice, and am glad we could look at the date and also the near future to calm my nerves and relax a bit. Thank you, hun! xxx" ... written by leapenn
How many times can I say how fantastic Dana is?! As many as I want! Because she was fan-friggin-tastic again! Right on the money with what's going on, and I got enough patience to wait the time period to see what happens. It's all good! I will always HIGHLY RECOMMEND her! :D" ... written by wing-mei
Helpfull (:" ... written by maryannepav
NYCBBW67 in absolutely wonderful. I checked out a few on this sight but was drawn to her. She seemed in tune to what I asked her about and good suggestions on moving forward and what I may be dealing with soon. I wasn't sure I wanted to know the answer, but I'm sure glad I asked. What a sweetheart, straightforward and kind. Thank you so much for your time!" ... written by Cori
She's good!" ... written by confused2012
Thanks...Good reading! xx" ... written by Romaa83
She was great she was on point, she new everything before i told her!" ... written by Saycred2
She is great. She picked up something I didn't tell her. and She is trying to do the best for the clients. " ... written by Grace
I honestly cried when you told me about how he felt. Thank you very much and hopefully, by where ever the number 8 is, we'll be back together by then :)" ... written by Angeldust99
Very good psychic, Fast and accurate. I wish I had more credits though I will be coming back :)" ... written by LuminousChild
Very nice and quick..thank you." ... written by dreamer65
Thanks for your advice." ... written by aura_crystals
Very sweet, got everything down within a good few minutes and gives some helpful advice in a brilliant way. Always has a big smile that you can't help but have as well. Thanks, Dana! xx" ... written by beccixy
Awesome" ... written by Narcisx
Dana Maria, Love you! You just get the situation :) One of the best and I respect ur reading :) TY. " ... written by necklace15
Thank you ,very nice warm soul I will be back,,thank you" ... written by rob300c
She was GREAT, as I had expected!!! Can't wait for next reading! She is the best psychic on Oranum!!!" ... written by krush1986
Spot on as usual :)" ... written by kjane3
Very good and sensible ! 5 stars" ... written by quaz61
Dana is always great... just great. She confirmed a lot of things for me, and she was very informative. That's why I always go back to her! Because she's that good! Highly recommend as always. :)" ... written by wing-mei
She's really great!!" ... written by courtneybdraper
She was great!" ... written by courtneybdraper
No sugar coating this lady is a favorite of mine shes very detailed knows what shes saying all valid love her!!!!" ... written by osheakca
Awesome as usual thanks so much x " ... written by kjane3
Gd and right on!!" ... written by BeeYourself7786
It is good to talk with Dana is like talking with an old friend. She is always concerned about your situation. She has helped me know if I am moving in the right direction in my life." ... written by rooster051
Really on target. Too bad system went into loud static and then I lost her. 5 stars for her though." ... written by spiritualgirl1
Always search for her when I need clarity on my situations! She connects easiliy and fast! Thank you for your assistance." ... written by Sirena22
She is great and very nice!!!" ... written by bbdo1234
We had a bad connection but she had awesome advice as usual, thanks talk to you soon :)" ... written by kjane3
She is great and totally right on ! Highly recommend her ! True gifted psychic." ... written by givetomepeace
We ran out of time but she is awesome as usual thanks so much x" ... written by kjane3
Dana your insight is awesome and i really appreciate you helping me in the really messed up situation! helping me sort my patience and helping me understand the drama! thanks so much, i would highly recommend her! xx" ... written by kjane3
Awesome as always, spot on the mark! thank you talk soon x " ... written by kjane3
Thank you Nycbbw67 was awesome. She really laid the foundation of the current situation and my future. I really enjoyed her. SHe was excellent. If you need clear, concise answers go to her. " ... written by kprattis
She is very articulate and wise with remarkable abilities!" ... written by quaz101
Dana is incredibly amazing!!she is truly gifted and big hearted...she gives good advice and genuinely cares,i will be back for more!!!!!" ... written by marsylyttle
Thank you so much" ... written by Antranae1
She knows what's she talking about. Big time." ... written by crystal
Aweome as usual, great advice, great insite, thanks so much Dana x" ... written by kjane3
Dana was excellent and accurate as usual. I love her She is definately someone you can trust to always give you the truth." ... written by kprattis
Dana is wonderful as usual. Very accurate, quick responses and she definately does not waste your time. And she never gives you an average reading." ... written by kprattis
Dana revealed my dream about my dad's ring and showed me that I have a gift of touching a personal item and I can be in contact with the spirit whether the person is alive or has passed on to heaven. I think that is so wonderful. Thanks Dana!" ... written by rooster051
I've been through a lot of readers and NYCBBW is one of the best. I appreciate her help, her perspective, and her accuracy. She not only confirmed things I knew but informed me of some things I wasn't aware of that are or have been true. She has a kind spirit and i'll definitely get another reading with her when the time comes. I reccommend her to anyone looking for both clarity and accuracy!" ... written by daydreamer246
impressed... she knows what shes talking about!!" ... written by DivineLust
Revealed my dreams and my future." ... written by rooster051
She's such a fun reader who is friendly and insight with her readings. Love her personality." ... written by persephonestears
Ms. Dana is helping work through a dream and has bring new solutions to an unanswered dream. She is always helped me just like an old friend." ... written by rooster051
Great reading fast, accurate and very in sync with her guides and time frames of my future." ... written by kprattis
Wonderful and accurate as always I really believe in all of her predictions because I have witnessed it." ... written by kprattis
Great as always! I love her, she is so honest and open with me." ... written by kprattis
She's really nice! " ... written by yvettepandora
Always come back! You're in for a treat!" ... written by gittyup1945
Keep coming back!!! What can I say, excellent." ... written by gittyup1945
Awesome!!!" ... written by gittyup1945
Great!" ... written by gittyup1945
Awesome!!! She's good!" ... written by gittyup1945
She is good!" ... written by gittyup1945
I keep coming back!" ... written by gittyup1945
Had a general reading with her, Im really impressed!! :) it was fun and accurate!" ... written by Cryptids