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Psychic nityanandaHealerhas 20-25years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic nityanandaHealerhas recently helped 887members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about nityanandaHealer's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I'm Nityananda Healer. My life is dedicated to helping other people, truth and spiritual practice. I'm meditating 3 hours a day for 22 years. I've lived in India where I perfected my knowledge of meditation, spirituality and healing. I think that helping people is the greatest value in life because helping and giving teaches us to be grateful for what we have. In this way you appreciate the positive things in life and not take for granted what you have . Putting the needs of others ahead of our own is helping many people to find meaning and purpose of one's life.


LOVE- Relationships/Friendships/Partners / Children&Parents
MONEY- Career/Success/Business/New projects
HEALTH- Physical/Mental/Emotional/Spiritual
CASTLE OF MY SOUL- Conecction with higher self/Cleaning the past
RELEASING LIFE DESIRE- Finding you're true desires
FORMULA OF LIFE FAILURE- Finding the root of your failure that you do in difficult situations
PROTECTION FROM BLACK MAGIC with vedic prayers and mantras


There is no problem in life that can not be solved. For everything there is a solution. The question is whether we really want to solve our problem. I will help you to get to the roots of your problem, because only by solving the real cause of the problem you can be cured and happy in life. I will help you recognize what your secondary benefit is. A secondary benefit is the reason why people seek help, but do not want to make un effort to actually solve their problems, because, if they do, they no longer have excuses for failures in life. My basic moto is: Our life in never so ugly that we could not reach the beauty of our valuable life.
I have helped many people who have suffered from problems such as; fear; sadness; anger; guilt; depression; jealousy; shame; different types of fobia; felling insecure, not good enough or bad about yourself; loss of family members; domestic abuse; mental or psychical abuse; marital problems either on the verge of divorce....
There is no reason to be frustrated and confused about your situation.This is a special mercy for all of us to make evolution and spiritual revolution in our life. If you want to know solutions for your problems in life come with me on the path of spiritual enlightenment and live life to the fullest. Just call me. For your privacy, all conversation held, is between you and me only.


 Psychotherapy- PEAT (psycho energetic auro technology)
 Astrology
 Rune
 Rune cards
 Angel cards
 Spiritual guides cards
 Pendulum
 Music healing
 Chakra healing
 Energy healing
 Spiritual healing
 Mudra healing
 Healing through bioenergy
 Healing through crystal lattice


I'm trained ; counselor; authorized alternative psychotherapist- PEAT (psycho energetic auro technology); authorized Reiki teacher and master; expert for vedic sacrifice and mantras.


I have great success and achievements in reaching solutions for people who have suffered from various problems. More than 22 years of experience, around 1500 clients and more than 5000 treatment. I'm blessed with a God Gift of healing and many people have enlightened their path through this service of mine. I give a real truth which you are looking for.


 Is this a good time to change careers, jobs, lovers?
 Why is this happening to me?
 What can I expect in my near future?
 How can I heal my emotional life?
 How can I heal my past?
 What is the purpose of my life?
 Who is my guardian angel?
 What message angels have for me?
 What message spiritual guides have for me?
 How can I protect my self from being manipulated?
 I'm lost and do not know where to go?


 Everyone who comes to my free chat has to read my profile first.
 In free chat I give only short, general estimates of your state which can not give a complete answer to the solution of your problems . Questions that you ask are too complex to be answered in a few minutes.
 The questions you are asking are very important for your life and deserve privacy, set aside time and honesty.
 I do not answer questions for financial investments.
 I am a healer, but I'm not a doctor. I do not provide services to people who have been diagnosed mental illness because I'm not a psychiatrist.
 You can contact me with full confidence and ask a question which can be a guideline in your life. I will be very happy if I can serve you in any way.

If you enjoyed a private reading with me, please leave feedback so that others can read about your positive experience.

Thank you so much for your help. I was in so much fear and you helped me to get rid of that" ... written by Lattice3
LOVE HIM! Amazing read. " ... written by Positive Words
He's very patient, kind-hearted, understanding and will offer you a lot of advice. You feel his love and positive energy. Thanks a lot!" ... written by ondoutsidelookin
told me my blockages and y ty" ... written by karen
brilliant reading" ... written by barbara
He is very honest and give great advice and is very detailed and helped a lot. Great guy here! The real deal. " ... written by Positive Words
Quite a nice healing from a wonderful man. This was mainly a general reading but he nailed my characteristics by analyzing my chakras. Well recommended." ... written by justinsensei
Wonderful man. Extremely intuitive. He understands all issues from the inside out. I think he is a very wise man and feel genuinely lucky to have found him on this website - I will be working with him again. Great reading!" ... written by dmbertault1
I am Amazed by this psychic. I don't know how lucky i was to find him . Please he is new, but i will strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to feel good, and know the truth road to their future. I am very speechless with all the information he gave me. God bless you. You have a specail gift and a great help to people. Try his service you will be very happy as i am." ... written by rosemddg1
I love his energy - very positive - very loving. He's great." ... written by dmbertault1
It was a very good reading. He was quick, accurate and very helpful in showing me what i have to do in order for me to move ahead. And the connections was amazing. I felt like we were in the same room. thanks a lot man. We will most certainly have a next session." ... written by madwillow
Had a good reading with Nityananda. He confirmed some of the things I have been thinking and feeling. Also, for the future how to heal from the past if I put the work in. Thank you. I will take what u said to heart." ... written by kealia35
Wonderful. He is a great healer and showed me some techniques that have made me feel better. PEAT seems to work." ... written by justinsensei
He really help me and I will be back, very good." ... written by roxieraynor
Reading was great, chakra healing made me feel at peace" ... written by pandoy
OUTSTANDING so so so genuine gifted psychic... I'VE met lots of experts but honestly only him that i was able to feel relieved. I was in so much sadness when i visited him and suddenly he was able to feel it. He is so generous in helping, so sincere, and passionate to release whatever negative energies you have. Please if there's only more that 5 stars this expert deserves it so much. I am amazed.. i will definitely go back to you. Even he is new believe me he is so AMAZING AND AWESOME EXPERT TRULY A GIFTED ONE. PLEASE DO TRY HIM... Thank you again and again." ... written by home888
Nice, effective" ... written by druvina1973
I had a reading and found it very helpfull and accurate. " ... written by megz2012
Very genuine, connected and wise. Highly recommend." ... written by omega
He is very helpfull, I cried and everything, He is very passionate and caring. I would get a healing by him anytime." ... written by SilverQuinn
He is very intuitive and straight forward with no sugar coating. Also, he is very kind and polite at the same time. I would recommend anyone to visit him on Oranum. Will be back for more reading!!!" ... written by RajneshP
Very very happy, cheerful and a kind soul :) He was genuinely compassionate and concerned, great reader!" ... written by moonstone2
He gave me some great tips on how to feel, and accept the negative energies, and not to fear them. After my cleaning, i felt like this is a rough patch and it will pass. I will continue to use the techniques he has shown me. I highly recommend him. Thank you :-)" ... written by cloriesse
Nity hit a lot of the problems, that I was feeling right on the nose and helped me feel peace within myself. He also gave me great advice on what I need to do to help save my marriage. I'm hoping it all works out for me, thank you so much nity. I'll be back to chat with you soon." ... written by iniki86
THANKS, WILL COME BACK TO U!" ... written by yvonne2020
Wonderful, kind and caring man. Thank you so much." ... written by katie46
It was wonderful to read and perform chakra cleansing with him. I have more questions for him and will use his services again for sure! He is very kind and loving :)" ... written by heartnsoul
Amazing guy, great reading, very spiritual, good vibes. Recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
He is great. I love his reading. He answered all my questions and made me feel really good. I also enjoyed his energy and his healing makes me feel great!" ... written by rosemddg1
This expert is indeed so compassionate, and so concern. No amount of money can compensate the relief that I feel inside me. He is so connected with me that he can feel what is going on inside my heart. Do try him, I knew lots of work that other experts are doing but this is true and instant relief indeed. Please 5 star rating isn't enough for you Nityananda." ... written by home888
Very sweet and very good! Thank you for the healing session and I will be back for another one! " ... written by Shortcak
Wonderful reading... very in depth, takes his time and gives you great, wonderful techniques to clear your energy. Just what I needed this evening. Very sweet, kindhearted and really wants to help you in any way he can. Very honest and looks to the bright side of things to uplift your being into its highest dimension for that moment. He is wonderful. Please, give him a try. He is awesome. well worth the price! I believe in him :)" ... written by lovebugshay
Thank you very much! Very helpful! Thank you. " ... written by hedy1234
Wonderful healing grace and light of enlightenment. My soul, mind and body was transitioned in my session to another level of growth and beautiful change. Praises." ... written by beautywithinone
Extremely powerful connection. Great peace and happiness. Truth is here. I am pleased and at peace." ... written by beautywithinone
Amazing!!!" ... written by Janice75
Great reading and healing work. I feel much better and clearer after speaking with him. I will definitely be back." ... written by LaurenNicole15
He is outstanding, very quick, the information flows through him, and he is direct and caring, no sugar coating. Thanks! Will be back!" ... written by Janice75
Fantastic." ... written by Kim1601
He has good insight. He saw somethings not clear on some but the most important question i found clarity. I have a good future reading.. Which means blessings for me. I am very happy about my reading. " ... written by Sunshine10601
Very very good and very calming effect will return for another reading" ... written by sky456
He really knows what he is doing , feel much better after private reading, thanks so much and will be back definitly...." ... written by sabinaa
Thank you.... I wish I could talk to you for a little longer.." ... written by shenazi89
Thank you for your help and good energy!" ... written by elode80
Thank you very much..." ... written by hedy1234
Thank you for the heal :)" ... written by kohiprinsu
It was so nice to be understood without having to explain everything. The instant connection was outstanding. I highly recommend Nityananda. " ... written by lillyput8310
Such a generous and insightful man. Recommend everyone to get a reading from him :) Thank you Nity" ... written by Chuffsta388
I've been drawn to this room several times and finally did a reading.. He was dead on about me and what's going on in my life. Absolutely %100 worth the investment to let him help guide you on your path. Be well and thank you!" ... written by raven981
Thank you." ... written by mredel
Thank you very much for your reading ,,,very nice,,, " ... written by hedy1234
Great help, thank you!" ... written by petalouditsa
Excellent! Bottom line instructions for a serious situation. Thank you! Please send siddha family blessings and support to us, thank you." ... written by devi88
Very Powerful man Great help, I am very great full to visit you , Have wonderful day!!" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you so very much. You helped me understand, realize and finally reach the right decision concerning a very important part of my future. You were right with your what you said and I found a true connection in your answers. After speaking to you, it feels like finally I reached the right person for advice. Thanks again and talk to you again.." ... written by sima
You were spot about my job, education, and were headed in the right direction of promotion. My boss and our communication that was spot on too. I was hooked until our session stated youre busy. Thank you so much. You are very engaging, open and fair. I wanted more. Librans are fair minded people and look at both sides that some think we are indecivise. Headed in the right direction. Thinks you said that was my plan of action already. Looking for clarity. Thank you again. Spot on. Imagine that..... ;-)" ... written by bren1190
Thanks for the good and helpful advise.." ... written by thanya
NityanandaHealer was spot on to the point and very accurate...." ... written by gita05
Thank you very much for the reading. it was so accurate. It really is helping me get through a tough stage in my life. Highly recommended!" ... written by lilliput8310
GREAT update thx you" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you so much I feel much better after my personal healing session much light and love to you." ... written by ikroyal
He is a wonderful healer." ... written by Messenger87
Good Stuff bro." ... written by stuffandthings88
VERY VERY GOOD ......" ... written by LeKris22
Thank you for your reading very clear and good advice. " ... written by haylo29
Great guy......" ... written by mac 1
Very good and very calming always a good reading." ... written by sky456
Fantastic reading, i feel much better now.. brilliant reading " ... written by daisy1234567
Very interesting reading... Thank you!" ... written by highestgood
Thank you!" ... written by leah1988
He helped me heal my chakras . I feel much better now. I feel i can conquer all! Thank you for a wonderful healing :)" ... written by Godsangels
He was very understanding and brought very clear words. I highly recommend him. An amazing reading! I enjoyed it I must say, so torching and inspiring, helped me to understand a lot of my future and love. If you don't want your credits wasted, go to him." ... written by deathbetrayer
Brilliant!" ... written by Nikamoore
GREAT READING! Helped me see clearly and believe in myself. I will definitely be back." ... written by Godsangels
WOW!!! HE IS AMAZING!!! In just a few seconds he saw exactly who I am and what my troubles are. And helped a lot. He truly has a gift, just AMAZING! :)))" ... written by bradaneach6
Great reading. Gave me good advice. Will contact again!" ... written by christyp1977
He picks up on everything and I was amazed by him." ... written by plove1968
Precise, quick, knowledge of my situation quickly." ... written by mstinalouise
Very sincere, beautiful man, who knows his stuff... I will need his help working on me for long time, but spirituality learning never stops -- the trick is to break through obstacles in the right way as fast as you can!" ... written by john
He is GREAT!!! he really knows what he is doing!! " ... written by lauu89
This man is awesome!!!! He isn't the great healer but he is a tool that the great healer uses! I Thank GOD and his tool for the beginning of my healing, I'm not there yet but much closer. Thank u for the chat session about my dad u was right on. Only someone with such a gift could have told me the things u did about my dad and myself...I will be back to talk to you.....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! U peged me good.....about anger....I never show it outside but I hold it all in...I have been thinking about what causes it and I have many questions since I have had time to think...he also said that I'm strong minded and think a lot....right on.....I have a lot to talk to him about in the future!!!!!!!" ... written by stormyminer
Amazing healer, very intense and very clean and positive. thank you Nitya - I will see you in one week =) God bless you and keep you. " ... written by blue eyed doe
Thank you so much for your reading! It confirmed a lot of things for me! I will be eternally grateful." ... written by Salina35
Very helpful and nice." ... written by druvina1973
Very positive clear and helpful. I recommend him for reading. Thank you." ... written by zimerili1
I couldn't stop crying, that`s to let me know how amazing I feel after my reading." ... written by lorraine26
Fantastic man and great healing session, feel brilliant :) Thank you ! " ... written by Jodyleelee
Very accurate. It was like he read my mind. " ... written by mschris2014
Thank you, calming and helpful :-) x" ... written by Helgaz1
I am amazed at what I got from the reading. I got such a powerful message. NityanandaHealer is truly gifted. I will definitely come again. Thank you." ... written by SJuice82
NityanandaHealer connects very well and is very insightful. He did healing on my chakras, and I could feel the energy as he cleared and balanced my chakras and did healing for me. He also picks up on things that I didnt even tell him, and taps in quickly. 5 stars~~" ... written by Tanny6
Great reading, very satisfied with everything he had to say!!!" ... written by KatarinaMaria196
Very good." ... written by gabisel26
Thank you so much, I will let you know how it goes." ... written by judith1920
Very good, interesting!" ... written by angie8604
Very fast and accurate. AWESOME." ... written by jadensmamma09
HE IS AMAZING! Very powerful healer and very passionate. Fast but detailed. Must have for healing." ... written by jadensmamma09
If anyone needs ANY TYPE OF HEALING, I really suggest this wonderful man!" ... written by fpinkney
I'm very happy that this man is really trying to help me with my problem. I recommend him to anyone!" ... written by fpinkney
Great UPDATE THX YOU FOR ALL THE INFO." ... written by queenbee22
NityanandaHealer is right on target, after consulting with him, I felt much better about my situation. Thank you, NityanandaHealer, I really appreciate your help." ... written by Esterlee02
Good reader." ... written by LeoTheLion99
He was spot on!" ... written by ninjakitty88
He's good...He explained very well. Readings are true..." ... written by L4dyscorpio
Spot on, helped very much...!!!!! Also used a healing tech..." ... written by jacqueline1966
I'm sorry I had little money to spend on you. But what you said to me was very inspirational. As I typed to you I was crying. It was cathartic. Thank you." ... written by dancingpetals
Great relationship advice and understands chakras well. Go to this guy if you want to cleanse your chakras." ... written by ninjavanish111
Interesting healing method and can detect your problem well. Recommended." ... written by Headinghome
Things he told me were true, especially my past, and the kind of a person I am. They all made a connection, and gave me a clue on where to work hard to make things right. " ... written by pacifikmm
I felt good after the healing session, more calm.. Hope I stay like this for a long time. Thank you!" ... written by zanux43
I did a healing with him and felt great!" ... written by Dole22
Very good!" ... written by sky456
Made the best use of the time I had. Great reading. Thanks!" ... written by RUBYRED2020
Wonderful healer! I feel much better after the healing session. He also cleansed my chakras. If you need healing go to him!" ... written by lana12
Great!" ... written by druvina1973
Very good " ... written by hanzal
Great! Thank you for helping to promote my healing :)" ... written by Salina35
Very good session. He genuinely cares about you! I have not felt this peaceful in so long. I hope I stay this way. Thank you! I will definitely go to him again if I want to be at peace." ... written by suzie76
I had three healing sessions with him so far and words can't express the changes that are happening. The release of an entire life trauma is occurring. During a demo he gave me a crystal healing for only 4-5 minutes as an introduction and I am amazed what is happening with my body mind and soul. These healing methods have to be taken seriously as they are so powerful. I was glad I did not have to work after that. Maybe it is just me reacting so strongly, but after a few days, when things settle I feel the weight of sadness, anger, fear etc, which was locked up in my being leaving and all settling. Due to extreme CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome - which the allopathic medicine can't cure. ) I was not able to work in my profession as a medical specialist for the last 8 years. I have now some hope to be able to return soon to my work. I still want to do some more healing. Further he is very accurate in his psychic abilities. I am glad I found him (incidently?!) within the hundreds of psychics. Thank you for sharing your gift and helping people Nityanandahealer, Sadly Oranum is not able to fix their sound problems which would improve communication and their service greatly." ... written by wightfox
I feel like a different person, now the reading is over! The help, accuracy and information I was given, was exactly what I need to change my life and my personal outlook for the better!! Thank you! :)" ... written by lovehimsince2010
He is truly an amazing healer who accurately feels the energy and what is going on without telling him. Years of emotional stress resulting in physical disease was healed within one session. I am impressed! Miracles do happen. I am back Sunday for a follow up. I highly recommend NityanandaHealer for healing and for advise in any life situation." ... written by wightfox
He is very good...highly recommended, Very forceful healer and kind and empathetic. " ... written by NoniNew
This man is great and he is quick with his responses. I recommend him to anone and he keeps it honest." ... written by vonjay1990
He's good! Thanks very much for your advise." ... written by jimikuta
An Amazing Experience." ... written by mebucko29
Great Guy, very powerful Healer, Love him so much x" ... written by angelight67
I do feel that you were correct with things, and I am pleased with the out come of your reading, You covered things I already have been trying to do and address in my life. Thank you for your guidance!" ... written by westienz
I have been having private reading with Nityanandal lately to help me heal from my childhood memories till now. All the anger I had and sadness just drags me down. Now little by little I've seen a change in me and I feel it. I am more positive and feel I don't have to get mad. I want to laugh at everyone who does get mad for all the little things in life. Day my day I know I will smile more =) I love his parrot!" ... written by Delila_shula_777
Thank you. He has been spot on as far as which chakras need healing and has help me feel love and happiness. I will cont to work with him. Thanks Healer!" ... written by ninjavanish111
He was very healing, very in tune, helped me overcome my biggest fear. I had left the session smiling and laughing and filled with love. Highly recommended!" ... written by marianalee
I definitely recommend him to anyone who's feeling sadness or loss of a loved one. " ... written by oreo15cat
I found him very accurate and precise. A great help for my situation. Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Lavender108
Wonderful man. He made me see things so clearly. I am going to be ok." ... written by katie46
He is an awesome healer! I feel so much better!!! Thank you!!!! " ... written by Faithlovetrust
First time in his room and instantly in free chat, he connected to me and was scarily accurate on my problem areas, so I decided to have a private and heal the biggest chakra area i had and boy I literally had tears falling but i do I feel a sense of fulfillment and peace afterwards. Will return to heal other areas. Thank you!!!" ... written by angelloverose
Thank you so much for your reading. It was powerful and I feel the difference. I cannot express in words how different I feel. You saw what was in my heart and helped me to feel better. Once again thank you. I highly recommend you. I will look for you when I need another reading." ... written by mylife7678
GREAT INFO THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!" ... written by queenbee22
Many thanks and appreciation- he opened my heart and thought process- will use him again!!" ... written by MSGINA
Very accurate and straight forward. My mind put to rest within minutes. Thank you so much!" ... written by charp25
I love how he was able to see all my problem areas and finally gives me a peace and freedom of all the negativity around me and since the first time I saw him I was smiling and I cant stop now=)" ... written by Delila_shula_777
Very good at eft and to show your to release unwanted patterns in your life. " ... written by indigo_eagle
This guy is excellent. He is always on point. I recommend him to anyone!" ... written by vonjay1990
Great guy to get a reading from. He is honest and very understanding. He really helped me find some sort of peace. I wish I had more time with him...." ... written by AngieJM
Such a positive guy...Great reading!!" ... written by Zeigen
Very calming relaxing, nice long distance healing. Felt the fear leave my body. " ... written by Taura1320
Thank you for your wisdom, I will do what you suggested and trust that things will get better. Thank you again!" ... written by nostalgicgirl
Thank you!" ... written by nostalgicgirl
I'm cleaning out all the bats in my closet since I started coming. I feel more amazing than ever, I even have my mom thinking positve and listening to me about getting rid of all the negativeness in our life. She even started to take care of herself just a little more. I now can smile more than ever before ! You have to give Nity a chance, he can tell you how to heal. I even been given medication and that did not even help me as much as it did, talking to Nity and doing my setions. I can't wait to feel healed completely and to finally love myself 110%. I deserve it and you do too!" ... written by Delila_shula_777
Very good! Excellent!" ... written by peace147
Nice reading, very honest and good energy." ... written by veezee
Always feeling love and having a beautiful healing with him." ... written by Delila_shula_777
I really feel comfortable going to to Nity and he is always open minded to talk and listen. And I think I'm full of surprises but he still is very open minded." ... written by Delila_shula_777
Good advice." ... written by msvero
Great depth of insight, helpful, tells the truth even if the truth is inconvenient." ... written by Taura1320
Nitya is very good....very insightful. He picked up on my problems very accurately, I was very pleasantly surprised. I haven't found this connection with other psychics . I recommend him whole-heartedly." ... written by shygirl77
Such a beautiful spirit!" ... written by Zeigen
Did not have enough funds for full reading but will definitely be back. Very accurate. Picked up it Free chat too. Thank you!" ... written by cb1987
Thank you very much, you were so quick and at the point. Kind hart, kind soul, kind words." ... written by yto_84
I love my conversation and healing moments with Nity, He always understand me. They are times when I come to his chat room and he already knows what is going on or bugging me. lol " ... written by Delila_shula_777
Very fast, accurate. great guy!" ... written by keeetz
I always love my private sections with Nity, Everytime he is always able to help me and is very trueful and understands me. " ... written by Delila_shula_777
Gave great advice and tuned into my situation .... Great healer here." ... written by perflip
I had a quick healing and spoke with my inner child. Feel a lot more peaceful. Made me cry but happy crying :) Good hopes for my future. Thank you nityananda! Lovely man." ... written by Australiana16
Thank you so much I really like talking to him always a pleasure." ... written by plove68
Spot on with my question, thanks!" ... written by flyingyellow11
NityanandaHealer you are amazing! Thank you, I am at peace wit my emotions now. And I always knew that I had a higher calling. Thank you so much and god bless you." ... written by ceciliamb
I feel more relaxed after the chakra healing. Very friendly and considerate person. Thank you very much! :)" ... written by jeany90
Wonderful healer: heal emotions, physical, and spiritual experiences in your life :) Chakras are wheels of life " ... written by indigo_eagle
He's very spot on. I couldn't not have a reading with him. Just from his gift and in private he knew everything and was so spot on. I highly recommend you and you're truly gifted. Thank you from the heart! xxoo Love and light!" ... written by bunny222222
I have no words to describe what a great session and what a great person he is. Thank you Nity and I will be back soon. I just love you." ... written by DDDaniela
Great I enjoy the session very much, he is a great healer. Thanks." ... written by MTHH1003
Nady is more then great... I felt his energy. Before session I was not feeling good. Thank you Nady I will be back again. Thank you so much..Good Bless YOU. " ... written by keka333
He is very professional and kind. I loved my reading with him...very insightful and detailed. I highly recommend!" ... written by Palomina
Great Psychic, will be back later...! Thanks" ... written by kosmosss
This was a wonderful experience. I plan to return for more guidance and healing. A great investment in myself. " ... written by Newby321
IN DEPTH!" ... written by caraml25
Im happy to have Nity to help me with my healing. I can't believe how much all the things around us affect us. I think in a way we know but we don't want to believe it. I like the fact that Nity is able to give you a quick view of what's going on. Some only go thru the cards. and I feel Nity's ways are more stronger. I love the fact that he is Honest from day one. I love to help people but now it's time to help myself. I was pushing my feeling away and now it's time to clean out the closet for good. If you do healing with Nity, it's not just for today, tomorrow or a week or two. It's for life. Like that. I want it gone and burn out of my system for good. Just like trash, we don't know what happened to it, was it gone. Right. GOOD LUCK AND BLESS EVERYONE. I WISH PEACE AND A LOT OF LOVE TO ALL!! WE ALL DESERVE IT, DON'T LET NO ONE TELL YOU ANYTHING ELSE =) !" ... written by Delila_shula_777
Wonderful experience, very insightful... highly suggest having a private reading with him! Amazing!" ... written by coridawn
Nice reading and he is friendly to all, and helps as much as he can." ... written by virumaandi
My goodness! He did help me to overcome fear in me, and restore it with happiness. still have more sessions to do with him. I recommend him hundred percent for healing." ... written by mhlanga2013
Oh Wow! I had a chakra healing with nityananda I feel so much better. I feel more calm, I'm feeling more empowered and confident. He is definitely gifted at healing and helping people. This was my first chakra healing and well worth it. I would Highly recommend nityananda. Thanks!" ... written by mzgg85
I always feel refreshed and encouraged after my reading. He is very knowledgeable, direct, and honest. The healing works as well. " ... written by Newby321
This is also my third section not only do I feel but I have seen progress in my thoughts. I smile more and not just facking it for people and feel better about myself. I am really trying to work on myself right now. Can't wait till my next section." ... written by Delila_shula_777
GREAT update! Wow! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! " ... written by queenbee22
Quite a wonderful opportunity to delve deeply and understand the larger context of our lives and living. A great blessing and many thanks. Learned, open heart and much much to offer. Blessings and thanks all round." ... written by blocpress
Nity is a wonderful person and has been very helpful and understanding. And never put me in a position where i would feel guilty of feeling anger, sadness or even as a failure. He has been helping cope with all my emotions and find why i kept them in for so long. I want to have love and peace in my life . Cause I want to be the one to say I felt that once and its gone now." ... written by Delila_shula_777
Very truthful and sound prediction." ... written by lovestruck12
Very accurate and caring." ... written by celticfreckles
Great reading 5 stars!" ... written by sweetsx
He is an excellent healer and gives accurate advice and prediction." ... written by aikhooiooi
Yes! He gave me the truth. And the truth shall set me free. Honest. Other than that he gave me a good and beautiful reading .. I need to have hope and faith." ... written by hoping2351
Thank you for your insight. Very helpful and empowering. I like the card reading... You're a sweetheart. Oh hold up the card a little farther away so I can see in camera. Thanks! " ... written by umagata92121
Highly recommend him !:)" ... written by ceejox
He was very sweet and understanding and helped providing solutions to the problem at hand.." ... written by ceejox
Great and truthful reading! Only wish we had more time!" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Thank you for your excellent reading and advice. I will definitely come back and recommend it to my friends." ... written by snowy88
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GREAT NEWS FROM YOU WOW, THANK YOU. GOD BLESS!!" ... written by queenbee22
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This man is incredible! Extremely Accurate. All I said was I was advised to work on my throat Chakra. He pinpointed everything. Each Chakra and the issues I was having. I started shaking and eventually cried because I had always put on a brave face in appearance. But my body was telling me different. He knew, then I knew instantly I needed to have a private session with him. After my session I felt so much better and a deeper connection. I highly recommend. Thank you so much Nityananda. I will come back. " ... written by Dolly Dagger
Wow the cleaning of the charas is BEAUTIFUL I saw the colors and flowers, wow very owerful have to come back again. Wow, thank you. " ... written by queenbee22
I'd puzzle of what u see and feel, any how, will try myself to do the right things and disregard the thing that black in my self and destiny" ... written by lorryvie
He seems quite good, knew alot, he's nice person. Will come again" ... written by ninariv1
Thank you for the reading, you helped me out very much with my issues and getting them released. I will definitely come back to see you again for some more healing." ... written by IndigoStars
He is truly gifted :))" ... written by pinkstyle
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Very nice guy, thank you!" ... written by vcalk27
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I feel like I just woke up from sleep, a very moving experience, thank you." ... written by westienz
Cool need to see how it works, he knew about things that others don't know ...good. " ... written by marinakasha
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Thanks Nity always wonderful and informative, my opinion one of the best here at Oranum x" ... written by ninariv1
My God this man is amazing. He helped me feel a sense of renewal and has helped wipe away much of my doubt. I recommend him and I can see myself going back to him in the near future." ... written by section1991
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His a great healer!!!!! I had a Chakrah cleanse and I honestly feel much lighter and cleared now!! " ... written by whitedoor
OMG! That was awesome! We went deep into my issues. Pulling out all the bad and burning it. I was infused with love and light after my session. My mind became peaceful with a stronger connection. After this session I felt sparkletastic." ... written by dollydagger
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thank you " ... written by Sasha
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He was 100% right about me and my family. I feel I as though I have been looking for readings for years and today I was sent to him. Thank you so much." ... written by robinsnl789
Very accurate. Great healing. Caring reader. Thank you very much" ... written by Grace035
Wow I am amazed! Hes is exellent and so insightful and truthful highly recommended. Will come back Nity with some updates! " ... written by ninariv1
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That was an amazing session of healing chakra i literally am in tears of how positive i feel, very very good." ... written by alexis leigh
Guided by the angels." ... written by noble 9146
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I had a wonderful spiritually energy reading with him, it was a very good one, he new what was going on with me and how to fix what is going on with me. I just have to wait to see what happens ." ... written by Erin Stephens
Very supportive, does not sugar coat things, is very honest and accurate, lovely warm man. Thank you. " ... written by SUZANA
Wow... Thank you... it was a great experience, definitely feel better, less tensed... Highly recommended." ... written by angelove1983
Thank you! Blessings!" ... written by Rachel
Nice, very detailed. " ... written by edelweiss
I just had a healing and I could feel the energy. I feel lighter and more energetic that i have in a long time. Highly recomended" ... written by char10222
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Sir, he really helped me out. And gave me very positive outlook towards myself." ... written by shruti
Favourite pyschic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Lauren
Will be back for more readings!!" ... written by Lauren
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Thank you!" ... written by janetet
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It was fantastic!" ... written by Dhruv
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Very kind and nice! Reading gives you the sense of what you know is going around. " ... written by tomsmith111
Feel much better now. Thank you." ... written by janetet
Thank you Nity for your help finances are tight, I got worries on exams right now, thank you for insight and I will see what I can do about this situation, always wonderful Nity x" ... written by Antonina
said something that was on point..." ... written by Intrigued8
Thank you so much." ... written by Salina35
Nity was very gracious and understanding. It's a different type of reading, and I can see his expertise other than psychic abilities coming through. Thanks Nity and blessings! xx" ... written by Twinsoul
Has knowledge, and has gifts... He can help people on the highest of energy to the ones of lower energy... he is a source of energy. I finally got someone who could tap in to the fabric and stretch it enough while connecting to source!" ... written by WhiteLight9
Wonderful. Excellent reading and time with him very valuable!" ... written by sapphron
5 Stars! I will return again for reading and enlightenment!" ... written by Ann S
Awesome!" ... written by kelly1321
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He was scary accurate!!! Very good." ... written by Katy
Very good, awesome" ... written by sapphron
Good" ... written by sapphron
Just Amazing !!!" ... written by Hana
Nity is the best, I love talking to him and he is always on track. I recommend him to everyone if looking for the truth. Thank you so much. I was very satisfied." ... written by paulina
Very good and right at the point. I got my mind cleared and my soul calmed... Thanks a lot. :) I'll come back... Love!" ... written by Tania
Great. Detailed and straight to the point. Wonderful guide and life coach. Highly recommended. Will come again.Thank you kindly." ... written by Jamil
Very good person." ... written by Angelique
very generous, helpful, caring, understanding, non-judgemental, trustworthy advisor, great insight... accurate, every time.... One of the best readers on ORANUM." ... written by sk
Wow. I had to buy more time, as all he was saying was making so much sense and a great deal of insight. Discussions regarding my chakras (right on target the misalignments), the ex lover (unfortunately true) and the current man (better but still difficulties - so true). The advice is priceless and will help me move to better and brighter future. Will try for a healing sometime soon as well." ... written by kissmeangel
Nityananda is spot on. Really taps in and gets to the root of the matter. Wish I had come to you first!!! Highly recommend. Peace and blessings." ... written by newness
Thank you Nity. You were able to faciliate a transfer of a range of negative emotions into something more peaceful and calm. You have a beautiful soul and I believe in your work. " ... written by Diana
He has been extremely accurate in his outcomes, and very helpful to me getting through a very challengingtime. Excellent and healing, and precise on details all in one, highly recommend." ... written by sapphron
Absolutely brilliant, very intuitive and he just knows how to put across to you, very flow communication and he can pick your flaws and energy very easy. Energy is very positive and healing too... thanks so much, coming back soon." ... written by susana
Did a simple healing via chat room over an elbow pain. Was so effective coz the pain subsided almost completely. So paid for a private session for a more intensive chakra healing, was serene andamp; calm. Sensed his sincerity to help, making sure that my timely credits were worth the session. Will wait for results andamp; come back for more. I would say that he was accurate on all that he'd mentioned." ... written by purplemoon
You are very clear and succinct! I will meet with you again!" ... written by sunryz
Cool. Thanks. " ... written by Lilith
Very good pranic healing, I felt peace and relief after it, I would recommend his healing to anyone." ... written by Chocolina
Good reading... Energy based." ... written by globe
Needed more time but like talking to knowledgeable friend." ... written by halovm
I love my private readings with him . I think he is the best" ... written by paulina
Very good very true thanks." ... written by gusessendon
Very good reading.. thanks for being so enthusiastic I appreciate it very much!" ... written by candy
He is just so amazing and a very advanced spiritual being and exact psychic, very very exact. So much trust and respect I have for him. Highly recommend." ... written by sapphron
He gave me some realy good insight and was very fast and clear w serious questions! Thank you!" ... written by Sonia
Best reading ever! Thank you so much!" ... written by PB1923
thanx for reading i enjoyed" ... written by zimeriii1
I liked the reading, it made me feel at peace, and he gave me really good advice, thank you!:)" ... written by Aryastark
examined my situation from a different perspective that was very helpful to me. thank you. " ... written by leodragon
Excellent.... very powerful. I will definitely be back!! Thank u so much for sharing ur time and skills with me. Gratefully appreciated xx" ... written by Kelly
Brilliant... feel the changes already. " ... written by Kelly
omg superb" ... written by donna
omg, this guy is mind blowing expert!!!! totally god sent guidance!!! please, seek his help, as he is definitely the one who can help you with any life's problems!!! awesome healing techniques, just real-hands-on help for your life, with practical solutions, not just mumbo-jumbo, wishy-washy talk, but true, specific, concrete help for your situation! Do not look any further,you found what you need! I am totally in awe with his abilities, masterful abilities, and I am eager to continue to work with him on regular basis, until desired result is achieved!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MY FRIEND FOR ALL THE AMAZING WORK THAT YOU DO!" ... written by donna