About mystic1a

Psychic mystic1ahas 13years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic mystic1ahas recently helped 45members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about mystic1a's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am Mystic Charles and I am honored to be a part of this website. You may have seen me in various forms of media. My first appearance was in a major magazine in 1975 with a large article dealing with Witchcraft. Over the years I have been on TV numerous times, been the subject of several movies dealing with psychics and other forms of the metaphysical world. My tool of choice is Tarot.

Very good and professional reading, straight to the point, answered all my question. Friendly and positive, no sugar coating! I'll be back :)" ... written by jazzychic7
It was a very good reading, thank you very much!" ... written by Lily
Good reading, will be back." ... written by cina
Just had a reading with mystic1a he is very calming and told me some answers that I wanted to hear thank you!" ... written by Angela
Fun reader." ... written by happykellygirl
Thanks he is great thanks." ... written by happy10
Very helpful thanks, and in depth reading" ... written by Maryanne
Very nice reader. " ... written by philly
Excellent, very intune, just totally awesome, he left me speechless, will consult with him again. Thank you soo much." ... written by leader72
Very accurate, highly recomended outstanding, will come back, 100/100 " ... written by Shamsta247
Excellent!" ... written by g
Very helpful. picked up on many things. very accurate highly recommended." ... written by karla
He's great , so caring with tons of good advice , can't wait to come back here !" ... written by loveee
Good insights. Uplifting reading." ... written by Ngozi07
I was SO happy to find Charles on here! I had been working with him a year ago on a different site, and was finally able to reconnect. He is an amazing talent, and he's so much fun to have a private reading with! He makes even "boring" news have an optimistic spin on it, and his non-judgmental character makes it easy to ask everything and anything. Highly recommend him, and so grateful that he's on this site to help others out! " ... written by Erica
He is good and kind" ... written by asannnka
Accurate ... tuned in quickly ... nice to chat with!" ... written by Ann S
Thanks, Charles. I really appreciate the reading. It was helpful." ... written by Justin
awesome guy" ... written by Tina
spot on and accurate, thank you so much..." ... written by jeter28
Very good and straight reading, thank you!" ... written by jazzychic7
Mystic 1 a Connects super fast, gave Awesome details and very informative in his readings..... I give him 10******" ... written by Lucy117
This reading was awesome." ... written by cuteface1972
Mystic extremely caring, consoling, very friendly, honest and compassionate, felt like an old friend. Gave me some great ideas and direction. Very forthright. Thanks gave me a lot of options" ... written by BNJPANGELS
He is soo genuine!!" ... written by ashnnka
He is good" ... written by ashnnka
He was very insightful and helpful. " ... written by pamela chiaka akuwudike
Good reading!" ... written by moon1leo1
Thank you so much Charles for a lovely reading, you have such a gentle and calming energy. Fantastic reading picked up on my issues immediately and gave really clear guidance, with no sugar coating. Felt really connected. Thank you again. :)" ... written by Willowtear
It was a great reading. He did an awesome job. *high five!* lol." ... written by t1mmyt4m
EXCELLENT - wow he really was EXCELLENT." ... written by laura
He is so genuine." ... written by ashnnka
He is a very honest and straighforward psychic. The real thing!!" ... written by erika
Good reader, recommended." ... written by rei
A great reader! recommended! " ... written by rei
always great and helpful" ... written by Tina
Good reading." ... written by Miguel
Down to earth, very accurate, and gave me lots of insight. 5 stars." ... written by Daisy
He makes me feel well always!!!" ... written by ashnnka
Great reading! Thanks. :)" ... written by Zeigen
I appreciate your sincere word with me ." ... written by Dopplersonograph
He is my favoriteeee soooo gooodd." ... written by ashnnka
good reading." ... written by sadhana
Helpful, direct, good advice and good memory. :)" ... written by jazzychic7
Good reading. loved it. calm. cool" ... written by DEMI
Great reading. I will definitely be back!" ... written by Millie14
ALWAYS INSIGHTFUL AND HONEST...." ... written by Tina
Very insightful, very specific. Enjoyed the reading a lot, very unique and mind blowing details. Thank You so much. God bless! " ... written by truworth
He was a great reading I did enjoy it a lot!" ... written by dladie42
I've worked with him for a long time and he has got some amazing talent. It's always good to catch up with him and he's hilarious to listen to. Our sessions are always awesome, and he's spot on with everything he talks about. I've never walked away disappointed, but prepared to handle everything gracefully instead. " ... written by Erica
He is gooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by ashnnkaa
Fun as always :) I've been working with him and known him for a while, so it's always like reconnecting with an old friend for our readings. He's incredibly insightful even beyond what he sees with the cards. It's guaranteed that you'll have a great experience with him. " ... written by Erica
Mystic1a was very helpful, very clear. The connection was good, and he was pretty accurate in terms of picking up on what was going on. Definitely would recommend him if you're used to tarot!" ... written by Amaya
Awesome as always" ... written by angelic03
I'm a bit deaf so didn't quite hear properly, a nice man but. Thank you" ... written by mrchips2
Amazing!!! He picked up on my grandmother in free chat and I had to go to private!! I wasn't disappointed. He is truly gifted. Thanks so much for your help. God bless" ... written by angelic03
Love him didn't have to tell him much he know just what was going on this what you need real people know the art and having a true gift Gog bless you in all you do!" ... written by Toinette
Excellent! :)" ... written by elle
he's worth it!" ... written by sincerly7
Love him" ... written by brandy
Very intuitive and easy to speak with." ... written by Elaine Faber
Very accurate, gets right to the point. " ... written by peoples41
Pleasant, calm, positive reader" ... written by michelange9
I just love him!!! He is one of my favorites hands down!!! :)" ... written by angelic03
Had fun and in depth reading...with clear insight! Great soul." ... written by Elaine Faber
Always a charm, but takes it seriously and gets straight to the point. If he has to, he'll always use another method to concur what he has seen. Thanks again Charles! x" ... written by naygirl911
Good :0" ... written by gladys
Good reader. " ... written by Rei
excellent reading and honest..loved him " ... written by Candice Robles
Great reading, thank you so very much!" ... written by vigglesworth216
HE WAS SO AWESOME!!!!" ... written by st
Fast answer, good advice, thanks, Charles!" ... written by jazzychic7
Excellent!!!!!! Like normal!!!!! xxxx" ... written by beebee89
He is really nice and a very kind person. We connected well in the reading and he connected with the situation very well. This is my 2nd reading and I would have many more!!! Thank you so much!! :D" ... written by Muse
Cool!" ... written by kye2210
He's so much fun. I've had too many readings to count with him, and he's always fun, upbeat and honest. I'm cracking up half the time I meet with him, but it's so much fun. He's very good at asking questions surrounding the main issue you bring to him, and smoothing over all the details necessary to get a good picture on the issue. Love working with him!" ... written by erica
Will definitely come back to talk to Charles again. He's very honest very easy going and very insightful. I very much appreciated all he told me." ... written by Allie
Was very honest" ... written by karie
He was right on and very honest" ... written by karie
Everything was accurate!!! I will come back for sure." ... written by yanirv
Charles is very good." ... written by irelandirish
OMG!!!!!! Amazingly accurate!!!!!!!! Spot on everything little details!!!! I am soooooo speechless. There's no words I could describe the experience I just had with Charles. Started out with the demo, he was able to pick up on some important details that no other reader brought up, that's when I took him to pvt reading, thank you god, now my mind is so clear, all my questions really got answered, and I do believe that Charles was able to pick up EVERYTHING....HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!" ... written by C
Thank you...." ... written by Anna
Warm friendly deep honest man enjoyed my time, thank you blessings xxx" ... written by HeartofPeace
Thanks so much!" ... written by girl
Great as always! Thank you Charles!" ... written by K
Good reading!" ... written by Donna
Tremendous connection... With him, he is very nice and explains things in a nonjudgmental way," ... written by agablue
Excellent! " ... written by Lianne
He was right on... :) Great insights. " ... written by just a curious person
That was a fine reading. Thank you." ... written by poli
Charles is wonderful and always soo helpful. He makes everything that much better and I am going to take his advice and see what happens in the next couple of weeks...Thank you Charles!" ... written by Candice
My opinion is not very important to the world as a whole." ... written by JANWORDS
Great reading." ... written by cindy
Mystic is nice and reassuring in his reading and tell is as it is. thanks" ... written by irelandirish
Mystic is good...I just ran out of credits" ... written by irelandirish
I love his energy. Very insightful as well, and helped me gain clarity where I needed. 10 stars! :)" ... written by Amaris
Awesome! To the point!" ... written by unknownjourney
amazing reading. honest, fast, knowledgable. accurate is the main things. Thank you thank you for the awesome reading. worth 10 stars of course." ... written by g
I have no words at all, just perfect. Said details about my situation that I did not mention. He is gifted, brilliant in what he does. Trust me. Omgg" ... written by Denise
He's so quick and accurate and perceptive, and he's a real joy to exchange energy with." ... written by Ammy
Thanks for the comforting and reading" ... written by Angel
very nice man, takes his time, explains things well." ... written by Dreams395
very accurate and quick to pick up on things. " ... written by Joanne
He was really on point and gave some great advice." ... written by Tanisha Garner
Amazing reading, depth is great, good understainding of the feelings and possibilities a must try" ... written by agablue
Thank you very much, will be back to see you." ... written by planejane7
Great reading and wonderful grounding insight....." ... written by Jean
Very good reading!" ... written by Anna Jean Robertson
I had a great reading with Mystic and his gifts are real. Thanks for sharing with me..." ... written by Jean
Great reading!" ... written by Jean
all I can say is I love this man ....." ... written by gerrijj
This man is brilliant. I love him and he deserves more than 5 stars." ... written by gerrijj
Excellent reader 5 stars spot on with everything really nice man defo will be back xx" ... written by beebee89
Great person, easy to talk with, answers any question that is asked, and is very accurate with it. Best person so far on this site in over 2 years of being on here. Thank you very much you have help settle my mind. " ... written by Charlotte
He was very nice and was able to answer any question I had. He helped me understand my situation a little more." ... written by BP
Excellent reader. Spot on. xx" ... written by beebee89
Amazing positive person, does amazing reading. thank you so much :) " ... written by Bhavika
amazzing and clear advise " ... written by karan
Lovely reading :)" ... written by Anushka Arya
Excellent and right on" ... written by Sallie
he is pinpoint and doesn't waste time I enjoyed my readings with him :)" ... written by daniela
Spot on. Very interesting. I would recommend him to everyone. Thanks again for a wonderful reading." ... written by angloThai
excellent reader straight to point , millon stars for mystic xxx" ... written by beebee89
excellent! superb! the best on this site!" ... written by t.i.
once again excellent exchange of energy, amazing reader, skilled to perfection, clarity 100 %" ... written by t.i.
He was very honest and knows what he is talking about. I would definitely recommend! " ... written by me
Excellent reader, straight to the point and fast." ... written by beebee89
Great. :)" ... written by kevin
This was the best reading I have had on here!! I am happy I found mystic1a." ... written by b
Always very accurate... Another great reading :)" ... written by Mysteriious56
Excellent reader strainght to the point... honesty and fast. x" ... written by beebee89
great guy and is accurate with readings also he is very good at helping and giving advise" ... written by muse
he is positive and amazing, gave the best and positive insight. thanks again " ... written by bhavika
He has a great energy and I do believe in what he says. I'll have to wait and see what happens!" ... written by BP
I've had the wonderful opportunity of working with MC for many years. He's awesome, and we can always pick back up where we left off. He cracks me up, and is really enjoyable to read with. He's fast, and knows the right questions to ask." ... written by Erica
Love Love Love Charles. I've worked with him for several years, and he's super great at what he does. Hilarious, lots of wisdom, tells what he sees and never wastes/b.s.'s time. He's just a genuinely awesome person too so it's nice to catch up. I highly recommend him and encourage anyone needing some guidance to seek him out." ... written by Erica
Very nice.. Confirming.. Keep me in your thoughts these coming weeks ! :) I will be back in the future." ... written by Explorer77
Awesome." ... written by G. Jane
excellent read xxxx" ... written by ebee9
Wonderful reading as always...very accurate...always a pleasure." ... written by Mysterious56
amazing !! accurate !! thank u Mystic Charles I will be back soon. Much love and light" ... written by tya7771
Excellent! A million stars! Highly recommend a reading with mystic. xxx" ... written by beebee89
dead on practically, knew things before I even told him :) highly recommend" ... written by brenda
Excellent!!! This man was spot on with my situation. Blessings Charles! :)" ... written by Lisa1775
Second reading with him and he's great! Going to see if his predictions happen! Very calm and helps you relax!" ... written by BP
He is very nice and is very wise.I always like a reading with him! you should too!!" ... written by muse
Charles was really great. He answered all of my questions and gave me a lot of details and information. He didn't waste any time and continued to give me plenty of feedback. This was truly a great reading full of confidence and good insight. He was also very accurate on the situation in question." ... written by Jenn
Excellent reading ,mystic is excellent in his readings millon stars for mystic xxx" ... written by beebee89
Excellent reader. I was quite impressed with his insight and clear answers. I really recommend him. I needed a quick answer and he gave me much more than that. " ... written by Jose
Love Charles. Been working with him for years, and its always a pleasure to reconnect. He cracks me up, knows the right questions to ask, doesnt judge and tells it to you straight. I love the energy he has, it's very inspiring!" ... written by Erica
very honest and accurate thank you so much lovely to talk to as well. 5 stars highly recommended" ... written by dgk0901
LOVE him" ... written by Stephanie
perfect and spot on as always didnt have to say anything and it was like he read my mind! 5 stars highly recommended" ... written by dgk0901
Charles is just awesome. Very caring and totally understand my situation. Gave me great advise. Not just from the reading but also on a personal note. Thanks Charles. I need to come back and chat with you soon. xoxo" ... written by Keila
A true Phsycic." ... written by Elathris
quick, straight forward. lots of reassurance. thank you charles. another great reading " ... written by Joanne
amazing as always very awesome " ... written by dee
thanks" ... written by philly
thank you so much awesome as always!" ... written by dgk0901
Awesome reader!" ... written by Mona
He was great!" ... written by Mona
really great insights " ... written by joanne
Thanks for the great reading and insight on life. :) " ... written by joanne
Caring and to the point. Thank you ." ... written by Patricia
Wow, Charles is really great. Connects very fast. Enjoyed that reading very much." ... written by b
I love Charles to death. I've been working with him for several years now, and he's always been correct in his predictions, and he's incredibly talented. He knows exactly the right questions to ask, and how to direct the conversation. I really enjoy working with him, and hope everyone can enjoy him! " ... written by Erica
:)" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Charles is VERY FAST!! To the point and also very insightful! LOVE IT! ty!!" ... written by ragingwaters
very good readingwill stop back" ... written by sweetpea22
First reading with Charles, he was brilliant. I will return. Give him a try you will not be disappointed." ... written by Mshelli
really nice like and belived in him a lot felt relaxed and didnt raise my hopes to to stuip level. thank so much for ure kindness" ... written by mizzimoo
once again Charles is amazing. Connects very well every time ... i just love him xxx" ... written by gerirish
Really great details and quick answers. Really loved the reading. Very truthful and confident in what he told me. Terrific!" ... written by Jennifer
great!! answered all my questions!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
amazing thanks!" ... written by kevin
as usual amazing, said things i didnt even mention to him. hes a great person with great energy go for it!" ... written by dee
charles' predictions have come true for me before. he's honest and reads very well, i appriciate it :)" ... written by jazzychic7
Thank you so much! Great reader " ... written by L
Very Intuitive, very few i run into are good with cards! Mystic is one of them! Highly recommend!" ... written by B
wonderful and insightful" ... written by agablue
awesome, mind blowing, excellent, brilliant!!!!!! ask charlie, he knows!!!! absolutely amazing reader! experience shows through!! love you charlie!:):):)" ... written by beautiful
he was just wonderful awesome reader, knows his craft....full of detailed info on everything, connects the dots well, perfect clarity,....uses his intuition and gifts, to better get into the story and the cards....just overall..a MASTER! AMAZING! WILL COME BACK FOR HIS ADVICE AND READINGS!!! BILLION STARS!!! LOVE YOU, CHARLIE! :)" ... written by beautiful
when i have problem, i always go to mystic, he is amazing, loving person. extremely accruate. My fav. physic. Highly recommend" ... written by PIGLETME
just divine, he is spot on, tells it like it is, no bs with Charles, worth every penny, amazing, experienced reader, never disappoints!!!!!" ... written by neala-beauty
he is just amazing and his cards tell it the person really gets clarity....he is always helpful and you can tell he is not just there for the money, but really sincerely wants to help a person in need..." ... written by beautiful
excellent read" ... written by leodragon
i had a great time chatting with him and it felt wonderful having some one genuinely interested in my future " ... written by Ari
I finally got my reading with Mystic !!! He gave me news that lifted a little weight off my shoulders" ... written by T
Picked " ... written by ally
very calming and insightful. Always have a good ready from Charles!" ... written by b
Always really good details and information when I read with Charles. He is pretty accurate, precise, and intuitive, and very informative. Great reading, thanks." ... written by Jennifer
AMAZZINGGG!!...such a great calm ...I know things are gonna manifest...I trust Mystic..." ... written by tasha_j
He picking up on some very interesting things. I can't wait to see what happens." ... written by Vicki
Thanks mystic for the nice reading.. :)" ... written by Pooja
I've worked with Charles for several years now, and always enjoy my experience with him. He's very straightforward, accurate with his predictions and what the cards tell him, and he doesn't lie just to tell you what you want to hear. He's got a fantastic sense of humor as well. I greatly enjoy working with him." ... written by Erica
Another brilliant and accurate reading..." ... written by tasha_j
always such a pleasure to read with Charles... very accurate and on point... always come true!! ty!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
Very nice man. I feel he has a great heart and that he gave me some great advise." ... written by Debbie
another good reading withmystic1a! always accruate. Thank you very much" ... written by PIGLETME
just superb, amazing, as always,....the best!!!!!!!" ... written by ohsobeautiful
Thank you very much as always" ... written by Lisa
My best Friend and guide...He always puts me at ease when I am freaking out...Brilliantly accurate!" ... written by tasha_j
charles is awesome ...chipper guy" ... written by vell
Really putt my mind and heart at ease. Alot of what he said made alot of sense, and he picked up on my situation to the exact tee!. He's also such a sweetheart :)" ... written by Christal
Love him. Been working with him for years, and its always an amazing experience. He knows all the best questions to ask the cards too." ... written by Erica
when i have problems , i always come to him for reading. And I always get the answer from him and I know it is truth. Thank you again" ... written by pigletme123
He was soo sweet and i will always come back to mystcal " ... written by susan
very helpful " ... written by Denise
Charles is always soooooooooooooooo good and clear in his readings!! He goes on a quest to help you in every reading!! ty!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
Always a pleasure to speak to Charles..he is really good !" ... written by tasha_j
charles is always helpful" ... written by vell
Charles is very cute.. He tried to calm me down. His readings are always quite accurate and honest.. " ... written by Pooja
Superb! Clear, straight to the point reading, tells it like it is, not like you would want it to be. I am very familiar with Tarot cards, but I cannot see in them, nor "through" them, like Charlie does. He is a real Master, so experienced, wise and intuitive, extremely skillful and it shows, without a doubt. I love these truly mystical encounters with him, he likes to say "we are exchanging energy", and yes, as we do, one can feel the magic in the air, not some fairy tale magic, but the one of sheer human benevolence, compassion and grace. Integrity of his character shines through, and there is something so childlike-pure and so genuinely good about this man. He treats you with great respect, acknowledging you as unique individual, giving you his full, undivided attention, and he never tears you down with his words, but always builds you up. His advice, as a reliable confidant, is precious. Getting in touch with this kind, honest and loveable man is always such a special treat for me. He uplifts my spirits and I also enjoy his awesome humorous side, as we share many laughs together. What a spiritual (and not just spiritual) treasure house he is! Indeed!" ... written by ohsobeautiful
one word fantastic as always " ... written by gerirish
thank you!! it's nice that i inspire positive feelings in people. " ... written by leodragon
Thank you..." ... written by leodragon
Awesome......That's the one word I will describe Charles.....Honest, very accurate and an outstanding tarot card reader.....Highly recommended... Thanks Charles......" ... written by Ebonyeyes
He gave predictions timeframes this is my first reading with him, lets see if it happens. He is nice gentleman to talk to." ... written by Ace
I enjoyed the reading with Mystic very much. Thank you" ... written by Dora
Super brilliant always!" ... written by tasha_j
readings are always accurate with Charles. until our next read" ... written by lavelle
Seriously, Mystic Charles has a totally truthful energy. He will read honestly, openly, and without judgment. Five stars!" ... written by nmussen
got my anwer quick, hes great :)" ... written by jazzychic7
he is always accurate and never has let me down. charles is awesome" ... written by lavelle
thanks for your reading made my day" ... written by Kritika
Very accurate, nice details, quick answers and overall a really great reading. Charles is really very good and he is thorough, detailed, truthful, and consistent." ... written by Jena
Good!" ... written by Cristina4413
Only talked for a minute, but he gave me some heads up!!" ... written by Dylia
Very nice warm caring and funny!" ... written by Cristina4413
Such a lovely gentleman. took the time looking into what my personal outcome would be in the next six months. was very accurate with my current situation. highly recommended." ... written by Naygirl
I would reccomend this psychic for accuracy and if I ever need a readin I know where to go" ... written by townages
connected and calm" ... written by s
The reading was not only good, but I like how tactful the reader was, some psychics say they don't sugur coat and they dont, but this psychic was very tactful. When people are nervous for the truth I think the last thing they want is to hear the truth in a rough manner, i heard it nice and comfortable and very easy going down to earth. It was a very loving reading I felt" ... written by townages
really good reader on spot with situations and even things i did not ask about!! will return!" ... written by Koel
omg, i missed you Charlie, no one is like you!!!! the best, most clarified reading, as always!!! god bless you! you are totally awesome! what a spirit! what a skill! geez, you amaze me each time! superb! brilliant!!!! in a lack of earthly words here....will always come back to you for confirmation and the best advice!" ... written by ohsobeautiful
relaxed, spot on, really friendly.." ... written by verlin
wonferfull" ... written by sher
totally awesome guy" ... written by donna
this man is very impressive...very sincere...and accurate...u should find this out for yourself...give him a have a keeper here...I hope u know this..." ... written by Dale
So great working with MC. I've worked with him for years, and it's always a fun hilarious time! " ... written by Erica
He is charming and tunes in well to your questions. Very knowledgeable." ... written by wren1414
Fab reading...always brilliant...always" ... written by t
Appreciate your time, Charles. I feel better." ... written by Lily
charles is really good. first private with him and he answered like others and answered a ton of my questions from big ones, to small ones with the tarot. very fast and very insightful" ... written by m
I've worked with Charles for several years. He's such an amazingly talented psychic and he cracks me up. Awesome guy! " ... written by erica
great" ... written by taufahema
i always enjoy talking to charles... his readings are on key point." ... written by lavelle fav always will be....he gives me the sanity, the good advice, clarity,....he knows what needs to be said to help a person....amazing reader.....big heart, beautiful soul!!!! ALL MY LOVE AND GRATITUDE GOES TO YOU!!!!!:) N." ... written by osho
Great reader really different kind of reading and method... very calming " ... written by Koel
5 star, great reader picked up on a lot of info will return for more" ... written by koel
great reader and genuine and accurate" ... written by koel
Great reader and sound advice and hits on accurate parts of the issues" ... written by Koel
great reader assume energy and advice" ... written by Koel
love m.c. been working with him for years. he's hilarious, super accurate, amazing with the cards and just phenomenal all around. everyone should experience a reading with him. thanks so much! xoxo" ... written by erica
Very good reading, I really enjoyed it. Thank you for answering my questions. I will be back next time! " ... written by lynnrmc
warm" ... written by jerdine
Wow, my kinda reader! Fabulous! Amazing! Superb as always!" ... written by angelswings144
I'm amazed at how fast and accurate Charles is! Definately one of the best Oranum has to offer!" ... written by Samantha
I've been working with Charles since 2011. He's fantastic and I certainly feel unjudged in his room and like I can tell him anything. He makes me laugh, he's a very compassionate person and he's phenomenal with the cards. Knows exactly how to phrase questions and what to ask. Love him to death. Thanks, Charles!" ... written by Erica
He is so awesome, we had a wonderful session today and he was just telling away about various topics. He answered my questions and I am so thankful to have found him in my path! Mr. Mystic Charles you are #1 on my list" ... written by maitevaldes
Charles, I'll be back, like you, like your insight, thank you! :)" ... written by C
wow, amazing! highly recommend. " ... written by Sylvie
great reader and calm!" ... written by koel
I've been working with MC since 2011, and never had a more positive experience with a psychic in my life. He tells it as he sees it, doesn't lie, doesn't lead you astray and is super detailed in his readings. I greatly enjoy working with him. Thanks! " ... written by Erica
short sweet and to the point. love this man." ... written by erica
xx lots of love and appreciation for this man! he's very patient and understanding of my 1000s of random questions ha" ... written by m
always lovely" ... written by m
very wonderful and reliable" ... written by sdfd
Had a great reading with Charles, He was very helpful as always" ... written by darlinhun
Charles is great! remembered my situation from the last time we chatted, which was awhile back. Even remembered names which is impressive! He's the real deal and love that I can go to him with little things and he'll calm and reassure me =)" ... written by m
Very good psychic and worth 5 stars. Very accurate too" ... written by focusing
calming, fun energy." ... written by sd
charles is the best!" ... written by BP
Mystic Charles is just awesome, 2nd reading with him and he is always on point. You won't regret having a reading with him, super person, calm and always guides you through the readings. Love him!" ... written by maite
amazing reader really picks up on a lot of information and others feelings" ... written by Koel
charles is awesome! i kept having these computer problems and we had to restart our private more than once, but he was very understanding of that. charles' energy is so calm and open like i could ask him anything and he wouldnt judge me. he also gave me a past life reading which was awesome. highly recommend him" ... written by m
always good, always helping me out with my situation" ... written by m
Charles is awesome. He's very fast and honest and ill be waiting on his predictions!" ... written by BP
thanks charles ur awesomre" ... written by lavelle
superb reader, the best!!!!" ... written by angelswings144
thank you so much :) your wonderful :) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" ... written by disturbed86
It was just a short reading but very nice. Very clear, accurate and helpful. Will be coming back for updates!" ... written by RaphaelG
Absolutely love Charles! would recommend him to ANYONE!" ... written by Samantha
Always enjoy my readings with Charles, he is so relaxed and no nonsense type of guy. Says it like it is which i truly like. Will recommend him always." ... written by jewelw203
Thank you Mystic1a! It was a very nice reading!" ... written by Adriana
Charles is an amazingly talented reader! He is honest, fast, precise, picked up various things about me. So i def highly recommend him as you will not be disappointed for sure. It was an excellent reading seriously..." ... written by Adiee
very, very, very good reading. i am very pleased. down to earth and straight shooter. cool guy with amazing skills that he blends with intuition providing so much info in short amount of time." ... written by jessy
Dead on to the issue. Spectacular insight" ... written by Barbara
always a pleasure. always on point with the cards" ... written by m
amazing as usual. detail, accurate, spot on, precise, kind, what else more do i have to say . Thank you again for the confirmation of my siutation. always consistance. Thanks again" ... written by g
Love MC. I've been working with him for years and always wait for him to get online because I know he's the real deal and will be honest in my readings. He's one of a kind!" ... written by erica
great reading " ... written by m
He is great! very accurate!" ... written by Cozmic
Thank you, MC. I adore readings with this man. He puts up with all my neuroses and is phenomenal with the reading. Everything is always accurate, and he's very thorough with his reading. There's never any judgement from him, and it's very easy for me to be open and honest with what issues are really at the core of the reading. He's amazing." ... written by Erica
very very good super great " ... written by tim
great" ... written by tim
AWESOME great reading" ... written by lori
very fast and accurate will see if predictions come true, fingers crossed xxx" ... written by lisa
He is very warm and patient. He has very good energy about him and gives fantastic little tips to cleanse your energy and reflect negative energy from your life! Thanks!" ... written by Aimee
Great as usual" ... written by LJ
very good" ... written by tim
Love Charles and his insight! " ... written by Samantha
Nice reading and very positive, very good advice and seems to care. love him very kind person." ... written by god girl
wow, glad i discovered this guy!" ... written by ice
Great connection, very spiritually in tuned psychic. I loved my reading, and the peace and clarity it brought for me. Highly recommend!" ... written by Jen
Had a wonderful reading. He gave me great insight into my question and even knew that I had children (which I had not revealed!) I would definitely recommend him " ... written by caroline
another reading with this guy." ... written by ice
Pretty good! He was spot on with everything!!!!!!!!!! I will see him again. " ... written by kt
super great" ... written by tim
the best!" ... written by tw
Was a very good reading. He hit on a lot of things that were happening. " ... written by great full
charles ia always straight to the point. i like his energy overall" ... written by lavelle
Very honest, picked up a lot of information. " ... written by AK
i love readings with Charles. he has a great energy. his readings are awesome too. highly recommend. " ... written by lavelle
always answers my questions fast and efficiently. never wastes my time and always great connection" ... written by m
excellent reading. i appreciate how he gets right to the heart of the issue. the connection is so fast! thank you, mystic!" ... written by leodragon2014
Charles is a fluent and capable tarot card reader and was able to pick up on particular details regarding my situation. The insight and advice was helpful and practical. Based on my experience I can recommend his services." ... written by Martkos, Rukbat
My favourite reader on here. Such a lovely guy and really understanding" ... written by vc
Charles is really so good at what he does. He is great and I like reading with him because I get honest, clear and direct answeers to my question and he is funny too :) Thanks!!!" ... written by A
Very quick, and very insightful. Overall a very good reading will be back" ... written by M
superb, brilliant as always!" ... written by soulconnection
five stars :) " ... written by lavelle
Excellent!" ... written by ginbellen
this guy is cute and accurate. i like his vibes and style:)" ... written by ginbellen
Tranquil and positive" ... written by Andres
Very positive reading. He does more than answer questions, though that is important. Confident predictions. Clear insight." ... written by honeylotus
Thank You. " ... written by M
always good" ... written by ginbellen
such a reassuring reading. thank you. always appreciate your insight. :)" ... written by leodragon2014
Charles is wonderful and caring. I enjoy and appreciate the time he takes in answering my questions and concerns." ... written by b
wonderful energy!" ... written by E
♥ Thank you so much Mr. mellow, my darling Charles, for uplifting my spirits, for honesty, for the best advice from the goodness of your beautiful heart, for healing laughter and for another amazing reading! I love being surrounded with your magical energies and I intensely enjoy those positive vibrational frequencies that you emanate in very unique way, which makes your readings even more special to me. You truly are one of a kind reader and you always amaze me, time after time, with your extraordinary gifts and abilities, that go way beyond any tools, such as tarot cards, etc. You are a real deal! Mystic, you leave me in awe....eternally grateful,...endless stars for you!" ... written by N
the best and highly intuned reader on the the site" ... written by oles
thank you!:)" ... written by malen90
Great reader! Thorough and completely accurate with what is current without being told. Helpful solutions and options. Kind, non-judgemental and wise. Wonderful reading and I will be back when I need more assistance." ... written by divine
Love the readings i have with Charles, He always seems to know whats going on, and the right advice to go along with it." ... written by Samantha
He is amazingly accurate." ... written by Artemesia
Thank you so your words of wisdom always last things you told me came true so lets see how this goes for me again. 10 stars highly recommended" ... written by edna
Wise! Easy advices.." ... written by Trying
as always charles is there when i need him. ty" ... written by m
Amazing!!! would do it again and probably will next time I am seeking answers!! thank you for your time" ... written by Tiffany
love this man" ... written by breannabee12
Thank you for the quick responses " ... written by aaa
thank you so much for the reading. great to know that he still cares about me. that's what i care most about knowing! " ... written by leodragon2014
thanks charles ur sessions are always a pleasure." ... written by lavelle
must have a reading with mystica1a, very positive and uplifting . makes you want to come back for more readings. makes you go away with a very positive feeling. the best xoxo" ... written by meera
love charles! always right on the money!" ... written by BP
hadnt talked to charles in sometime but i got a nice message from him today and really glad i did. always uplifting" ... written by m
thanks charles " ... written by lavelle
Great reader. very clear. very honest." ... written by Lisa
Very nice connection in our reading, much useful information. very insightful of situation happening in my life. will definitely return for further readings. thanks again" ... written by Dakota2043
Very good .. very accurate .. thank you for the clarity" ... written by RASPBERRY47
Brilliant, fast friendly and helpful" ... written by 1111
great reading, very honest and kind!" ... written by sophy
I've worked with MC for a very long time, and it's always great to catch up and check in. His readings are always thoroughly detailed and he's super funny. Thanks for all your help!" ... written by Erica
great and informative reader" ... written by oles
he is incredible. very polite and to the point. he knows his stuff. I will return to him. Thank you so much xxxx" ... written by jeanrene
great reader" ... written by Sabrina
hes a lovely guy and he made some predictions in February which have now happended so I came back for another reading, thankyou " ... written by Lisa
mystic's readings are always so quick and accurate and uplifting. thank you so much." ... written by leodragon
I thought the reading was enjoyable and I look forward to seeing if things go according to Mystic1a." ... written by Donna
Great Reading, Thanks. " ... written by M
LOVE Mystic Charles. I've been working with him since 2011 and he's such a joy to be around. He cracks me up, and his spiritual and psychic abilities are out of this world. He's amazing." ... written by erica
thanks for update" ... written by bc
he is wonderful" ... written by mariaheart
Good connection, very informative reading, thanks again" ... written by Dakota
Always a pleasure to talk to my buddy mystic!" ... written by s.g.
great reader!!" ... written by Nicole
He was very nice and very real, i will be coming back and i am excited about him as my personal psychic. it rang truthful and i will be coming back. it was a great experience and i recommend him to anyone." ... written by Keyonna Jones
charles is always a pleasure to read with. i recommend him" ... written by lavelle
thank you so much for the reading. it's nice to hear something positive. " ... written by leodragon2014
very good reader " ... written by Sabrina
he is nice calm and quick" ... written by 1
CHarles was great, fast and insightful!" ... written by Grace
thanks. youre always there when i need you and i love the insight and advice you give me. " ... written by m
Great reading I really like this guy!" ... written by lavender
Amazing spirit! Loving energy!! GREAT READING!!! HAPPY" ... written by Tina
I love this man. I've been a long time client with Mystic Charles, since 2011. And he's my go-to guy, without a doubt. He's really unique in that he picks up on so much rich detail outside of what the cards show. I can ask a general question, and he hones it down and looks at other areas that I may not have thought of on my own but that are ultimately relevant. I'm always in awe of what he picks up, and just the degree of detail. He's the least judgemental person in the entire world, and very supportive of personal identity and meets you wherever you are. This man is very special to me, and I would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone. " ... written by Erica
Very calm and accurate!" ... written by Cassandra
Great reading. Really connected with mystic1a" ... written by Debbie
thank you charles for everything! always been here for me thru the tough times and appreciate the clarification and deeper 2nd reading. xx" ... written by m
thanks always there with spot on insight =)" ... written by m
lovely reading as always" ... written by lavelle
Very well Done" ... written by Greg
great reading" ... written by chloe
Well I wasn't wanting the news given but I appreciate you tell me the truth. It's going to be rough for sure but I know I will get through it. " ... written by Andrea
not fast but accurate" ... written by f
he's fantastic. have a reading with him. you'll be blown away." ... written by e
Readings with Charles are the highlight of my week. It's like catching up with an old friend. I've been working with him since 2011 so he's very aware of my life and what's going on and knows exactly what and how to ask the questions I need answered. I find this to be one, among many, of his finer talents. He's so in tune with you, and knows how to ask things to get the most detail positive. Even besides the cards, his intuitive abilities and communicative abilities with others beyond our realm are impressive. I always like hearing the amazing things he's up to, and have continued to come to him for almost 5 years because I've never been led astray. He's wonderful. Thank you, Charles!" ... written by ERiley
love him. been working with him for ages. " ... written by erica
charles is always a breathe of fresh air. thank u again. u keep my spirits up" ... written by lavelle
OMG he is very good" ... written by Chloe
thanks for the explanation of the cards in the reading, it is helpful, good connection, quickly able to see information, :)" ... written by Dakota
Charles is so honest and genuine. He will not make stuff up to try and seem like a phycic he just is one!!!! " ... written by Melinda
Thank you for the reading! I wasn't sure how to add more credits, but I really appreciate the advice and the insight!! Five stars from me!!" ... written by Michelle
love" ... written by m
Love me my reader, thousands of stars would not cover the ability he has when decoding the language of his magical cards,...deeply spiritual, picking up effortlessly on hidden details and energies of things and people...seemingly simple man, yet profoundly deep master of the unknown... mysteriously in touch with other you clarity to perfection..awwww..Blessings..." ... written by NEALA
Excellent reading, he was accurate, charming, and fast reader. Thank you soo much Charles! the reading was fantastic!!" ... written by cathy
5 star reader and friend awesome individual who i respect and love " ... written by edna
Thank you." ... written by Laura
thanks charles..u always have great readings" ... written by lavelle
Thanks Charles" ... written by M
love him. he's so talented and hilarious as well. readings with him are always a good time" ... written by erica
excellent reading!!! love his energy!!!" ... written by cathy
Love him. so much fun in readings. " ... written by erica
amazing reading! goes fast and gives great detail!" ... written by gabby
5 stars...very good reader....highly recommend him..." ... written by Focusing
thank you for the in-depth reading. really appreciate the insight on Mr. "A". Hope to hear from him soon..." ... written by leodragon2014
Charles is an amazing reader who knows a lot and has a good heart. He is very honest and all his predictions for me came true so I trust his advice and what he picks up during our readings. Blessings! He is def worth a try and I fully recommend him " ... written by Ad
honest and insightful reading - appreciated " ... written by thetimeisnow
thank you.really appreciate the reading and insight into his thoughts and feelings. " ... written by leodragon2014
Thank you sooo much!" ... written by Lisa
very good reading answered a lot of my questions" ... written by cletrel
♥ biggest cyber friend, one of a kind...readings with him are so enlightening, so inspiring,..not just that he brings clear, spot on, accurate answers, but he is here, as a true friend, really exceptionally kind person, to listen and to understand, never judgmental...but full of wise, down to earth, helpful advice...Endless stars for Charlie!!! :)" ... written by neala
perfection. this man knows all." ... written by erica
love this man. readings with him are pleasant and so informative. I've been working with him for years so we're in a great groove and understand each other well. His advice is always from a strength's perspective, and i appreciate the time he takes to assist me. he's amazing." ... written by erica
good connection, lots of information picked up on in reading today, thanks" ... written by kelly
Jim was straight on and gave me great insight. He is a great psychic. Will wait and see how my situation will unfold." ... written by AfricanCinnamon
very experienced tarot reader " ... written by Rob
heart the times we spend together in private! =)" ... written by meg
love him. great reading. he's so knowledgeable! " ... written by erica
love mystic charles. I've been working with him for several years, and it's so comforting to come to such a reliable and wise source as him. he always approaches readings from a helping angle, there's never a hidden agenda with him. he wants to help and to heal, and can guide you towards making the best out of difficult situations. i trust this man with my life. every reading with him is special. " ... written by erica
i really enjoyed my reading........... i like mystic, have always found him to be accurate....great guy" ... written by kate
WOW,...awesome, brilliant, mind blowing...always extremely clear answers, as he digs deep below visible surface, straight to the heart of the matter, revealing hidden truths and meanings..." ... written by l.d.
thanks and i appreciate your time " ... written by lashunda
What a lovely reading, very accurate and honest. kind and gentle to talk to. thank you " ... written by Lorna
charles says it like it is - and that is appreciated" ... written by thetimeisnow
thank u for everything as always youre spot on and very helpful " ... written by meg
thanks charles always helpful" ... written by meg
He's such a calming presence. I love readings with him. He reviews everything in depth with me, graciously takes his time being patient with all my needs/concerns. He's a phenomenal talent. " ... written by erica
thanks as always for being there when i need you boo" ... written by megz
Charles is the real deal! Always wonderful and acurate. Well worth going private." ... written by Melinda
Great reading, thank you very much. He was spot on and I enjoyed the conversation, appreciate it very much." ... written by Lee
He was fantastic!" ... written by Michelle
Excellent reading, very accurate, and gives soo many details! thank you charles! " ... written by gabby
Thank you. Cheered me up" ... written by D
Good reading. thanks" ... written by Rosh
amazing readings all the time. love it, and love your humour" ... written by nick
loved it! great reading" ... written by nick
Thank you for the update" ... written by DD
five stars, great reader. thanks" ... written by Ruby
Thank you!" ... written by HJ
He is always the best. Clear and accurate as usual. Thank you" ... written by coffee
always wonderful" ... written by Melinda
Thanks you for uplifting and honest readings as always" ... written by D
I've worked with MC for almost 5 years. He's such a joy to be with, and his readings never cease to fascinate me. It's like connecting with an old friend who knows me inside and out, good and bad, but still greets me with comfort and never judges. Not only are his readings incredibly accurate, but there's just such a personal touch as well. He takes time to explain the cards and how he views the situation and how you can make the best out of anything that comes your way. Definitely worth a reading. " ... written by erica
Great reading, as usual. MC is my go-to man! He is incredibly wise and offers phenomenal advice. I thoroughly enjoy working with him. He has been my trusted advisor for almost 5 years. " ... written by Erica
Charles is the best!!!!" ... written by Melinda
thank you charles - appreciated" ... written by thetimeisn0w
was good" ... written by tiff
im glad i caught u for a private! been too long and was happy to catch up. will def keep you informed =)" ... written by mm
thank you for the update" ... written by D
spot on...thx" ... written by sabrinalove
wonderful reading, and wonderful man. such a comforting soul. i trust him beyond measure. " ... written by erica
my favorite reader of all times!!!!" ... written by neala
da best reader on the face of the earth!!!" ... written by neala
Charles is always spot on and wonderful" ... written by Melinda spot on...always shed clarity on any situation....1 of the best here.." ... written by sabrinalove
short, sweet and to the point. always a lot of fun! " ... written by er
Charles is so sweet, charming and very down to earth. I love his style of reading which is very straightforward and accurate." ... written by StarrVision
what a wonderful man, such a beautiful energy. loving and fatherly and very very accurate. thank u!!!!!" ... written by beautifulwisdom
very good reading, shed light on things for me" ... written by n.p.
Thank you for the reading. Very insightful, 5 stars, much appreciated. " ... written by A
Very nice to deal with. Thank you!" ... written by Leia
Thank you, 5 stars" ... written by AJ
Charles is very good, and my reading with him was very enlightening!! Thanks!" ... written by shelle97
Very nice! So endearing and easy to talk with; encourages you with logic and makes you feel confident. Wonderful!" ... written by brandy
accurate." ... written by lee
Awesome as always!" ... written by Jackie
he is one of the most amazing ppl ive spoken with , always clear, spot on, and entertaining as well, very open minded and loving " ... written by dubaiisgold
great, as always! " ... written by erica
tHANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH." ... written by Genan El- Oubary
He is my fav. honest, fast, accurate and fun person. He is amazing and very gifted of course. Thank you mystic1a. :)" ... written by cof
Extremely helpful and clear reading ! Will come back for followup reading with him. Thank You very much !" ... written by sap
Brilliant!!!!..Totally cool, unique, very special of a kind reader...extraordinary abilities mixed up with the mystery of tarot and you get superb, out of this world reading! Strong, powerful exchange of energies! WOW!" ... written by glitter
amazing and very sweet and honest " ... written by hm
Thank you for the update" ... written by Deborah Flanagan
superb! five stars!" ... written by song
fantabulous!" ... written by o.
deeply spiritually connected and gives accurate answers" ... written by xyxyxy