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Psychic motherearthhas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic motherearthhas recently helped 44members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about motherearth's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Thitha Ghost´s is here ! former Fox Studios Parties Psychic, former TV & Radio Psychic , Psychic Performer, Ghosts and Tombs Tours Psychic-Historian, a Univesity & High School Professor, Actress, Stories Teller, Astrologer and Astronomer. I do have the lowest price online, allow me to guide you thru your journey.

Thank-you for your honesty and guidance, it was very helpful today, i feel much better , more at peace with my feelings." ... written by shereenb
she help me understand a lot." ... written by Princesskay
thanx!!!!" ... written by blessed05
Love her! She is so cute and nice. She wasn't afraid to tell me the truth and she gave really good advice that will help me. I was hesitant but I am glad I signed up for her private chat :)" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
This woman is amazing!!! You cannot go wrong if you choose her as your Psychic today. I will always come back to her. Try it!!!" ... written by tash1921
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!" ... written by blessed05
Best reading ever. Highly recommended!!! Thank you" ... written by tash1921
Honest and very kind will visit again!!!" ... written by keyboo
very cool lady. Her reading was right on it. She made me feel peaceful. I would call upon her gifts again. thank you motherearth" ... written by swhope999
she is wonderful. she is honest and tells you what will help" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Always a pleasure having the guidance of mother earth. She knows her stuff!!!" ... written by tash1921
Motherearth gave sage, HONEST advice for my situation...not just what i wanted to hear. Thank you dear!" ... written by fireopal77
That was the most persuasive reading i have ever had!!! She is reall psychic! You don't need to tell her anything but she says for you everythig! TRY!!!!" ... written by kosmosss
Very good reader. Thanks a lot Motherearth. You made me believe in secrets. Great!" ... written by ErnestHem
Pretty accurate!!" ... written by Georgia333
She is a special lady who guides you through it all....every phase of where you might be in life right now. I trust her and I know you will too. She offers love and light." ... written by tash1921
Amazing reader! very accurate and so easy to talk to! Highly recommend! 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
Very good. Thank you. I will come back as soon as I get more money." ... written by noseporque
Great reading as usual. Highly recommend Motherearth!!!" ... written by tash1921
What a nice lady she gave me the answers that i needed and she is with talking to i will be back for a reading next time thank you Motherearth bless you" ... written by Bluelady9
Once again, thank you very much!" ... written by MythicDann
She was blunt, encouraging, and grounded. I was very pleased, and recommend her for many." ... written by MythicDann
She is wonderful I love her reading will be back more details." ... written by TUSHAN
Thank you once again for an amazing reading. This was just what I needed." ... written by tash1921
ty" ... written by flammingstar
Great reading one of the best!!" ... written by peaceofmind3
Great!!!!!!!!" ... written by AngelaEtwaroo199
Amazing. She helped me and then told me where else I should look to get help! Truly recommend this lady! Blessed be. x" ... written by justmelol1
She was very good!" ... written by guess1953
wow" ... written by harvey6972
I trust her fully. she is no joke. She is a true psychic, she knows exactly whats going on, and even tells you specific details. Specific detail in which i can confirm is 100% true. She kinds of gives me the chills because she is so accurate. Please give her a try, I think she is the best on Oranum." ... written by enterchange
Very good!" ... written by guess1953
Great reading. Enjoyed MotherEarths reading!" ... written by chellehale
PERFECT!!!!! Thank you." ... written by Futuremanager
MotherEarth is very friendly and her readings are precise. " ... written by Iaeizel
Almost as if I was talking to a kindred spirit.... A very great long reading with her! She answers directly and it's very easy to talk to her! Very very good!" ... written by Archeia
very good would like to have spent more money" ... written by pecock
you were absolutely wonderful spot on amazing!!!" ... written by Bryan
Excellent! ***** " ... written by lirepa1282
Always a pleasure. Amazing lady with a wonderful gift." ... written by tash1921
She was impressive...." ... written by rango_25
AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is so spot on with everything. she is awesome. go to her, she has your answers." ... written by iwatchthesunrise
good" ... written by Janiece002
She's amazing. i wish she was my mom :) i have an attachment towards her :3 she's the best" ... written by iwatchthesunrise
She is a lovely lady who can give you very good advices. Thanks again!" ... written by okalulu
LOVE IT " ... written by mlh92107
very good very good " ... written by johnkidd
Incredible! Absolutely incredible! Extremely accurate and HELPFUL! Words can't describe how grateful I am." ... written by Rcancer
I had two time reading w her. asking about the timeline of somebody. The truth is she got the right time. awesome. she can even know the person" ... written by amy19a
MotherEarth was amazing good psychic. I highly recommend her she knows a lot. I had a wonderful reading with her good work. I look forward for another reading with her in the future, thanks a lot MotherEarth" ... written by marybeth1love
Excellent reading. Long, detailed, positive, helpful. Mayan Tarot. Fantastic person, wonderful energy. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" ... written by John
EXCELLENT!" ... written by J
Thanks!" ... written by rango_25
Mother earth is detailed and make sure you understand the information that she is giving you. " ... written by Pauline
She is so helpful." ... written by amy19a
Very helpful and to the point. Answered all my questions honestly and was on point. Will be back soon....Thanks " ... written by flower74
Mother Earth has that certain something that allows you to fill gifted in her presents of wisdom. She is an amazing spirit to be with. Her individual gifts of knowledge will bring you comfort and peace in your time of need. I highly recommend. This was my second reading and I have followed her advice and guidance. She has not led me wrong. She is a very wise counsel and should be respected and appreciated. Thank you Mother for sharing your wisdom and gifts with me. I will see you soon. A New Year a waits us!!! :-)" ... written by peaceofmind3
i chatted with motherearth before and she is great its like chatting with a old friend again very down to earth will come back again " ... written by MISTIE1
thank you" ... written by lovegal
Mother has been a great confidant fpr me and I truly appreciate her. There is no topic you cannot discuss with her. She is a real soothing and wise person to be with. She will walk you thru the fine details with great insight into situations that are true and dear to you. Although you may be having difficulty, she will listen with a keen ear and gives you the truth in every since of the word. I respect her wisdom and recommend her highly to others. I will talk to you soon mother. THANK YOU AGAIN ...:-) " ... written by peaceofmind3
Straight to the point, honest, insighful and accurate. Doesn't waste time, is warm and sincere aswell. I highly reccommend her. Muchas Gracias MotherEarth :)" ... written by 7Scorpio88
I love motherearth i always have a good reading with her, i love her how she gives advice, she alwasys on point thanks so much " ... written by marybeth1love
I think she was awesome her answers were right on point. thank u" ... written by mrstessmer
Wow Motherearth was superb with her accuarcy. I was astound with the pvt Reading. She was on point every step of the way. I will make sure to have more pvts with her in the near future. Please give her a chance, Motherearth is amazing! you won't be disappointed. " ... written by Lucy117
So deep. I could feel her authenticity. I will be coming back to speak with her soon. " ... written by somnia2103
So wonderfully nice and insightful. Gave me the answers I needed to lift a weight of question off my shoulders. I hope that her prediction comes true but also know what I need to do to help things work out as I wish and I hope that I can do just that. Thank you MotherEarth!" ... written by crzdnem
I got cut off,but it was good" ... written by spring1973
I always love coming to Motherearth for reassurance. I have a tough situation and she helps guide me through it even when I have the most mundane of questions. I can't wait to see things come through though. Thank you again Motherearth Love andamp; Light to you." ... written by crzdnem
Motherearth is so funny and so real. I can talk to her about anything and I mean anything! She told me last week that I would be getting contact from my ex in no more than a month, that tarot and time wasn't specific but she felt it was no longer than a month out and could be sooner. Well I got that contact last Saturday and the conversation was interesting to say the least. I followed up with her tonight and she gave me much more encouragement and probability that I could hear back again today or within the next few weeks. Let's see if it happens today, since it's my Birthday, yay, April 17th!" ... written by crzdnem
Mother Earth is always a delight to speak with. She is very fast and will tune on your situation quickly. She is honest and will tell you what she sees for your situation. I am hoping that all she has told me will come to pass shortly and will be checking back." ... written by geoff007
Mother Earth was amazing...she connected in a way that felt so real to me...I will take her advice...She knew things and names...I will definately be back. She is honest, and will tell you exactly what to do." ... written by frustrated67
Very enlightening. confirmed my choice was the right one. thanks motherearth!" ... written by ceffie
Wow Great Lady, She is very helpful Have a very serious issue, she gave me Great Advise Gonna , do what she advise me with Faith .. God Bless U and Thx You !" ... written by queenbee22
Great Update. I thx you for your insight. God bless you. Much Success and Good health to you." ... written by queenbee22
She was really good." ... written by 2012balance
Excellent reading will definitely go back" ... written by Kazzi819
Perfect Psychic!!!! I recommend readings with her. She really knows everything." ... written by DanielAnd
Very good!!!" ... written by jamira76
So glad I got to speak with Motherearth again and get an update on my situation. She seems to tap in well and provide me with the answers i seek and will be honest with what she sees. He readings are not full of fairytales. If she sees something, an obstacle in the way in your situation she will tell you good or bad and if it can be overcome. My situation had a lot of downpoints and obstacles and she never once made it seem like there was nothing in the way of progress but she did point out there would be progress eventually but patience would be key. So, I'm here to say that she does tell you the good, bad and the ugly even if it's not what you want to hear." ... written by crzdnem
She is very great and sweet! I trust her and trust me, she knows it well!" ... written by piscesblue
As always motherearth is incredible..You are a blessing. Thank You mother earth. I know you will pray for me..Love, Blessings, Peace and light" ... written by frustrated67
Lady Motherearth was amazing. Something in her lets you trust her immediately. I am so grateful for her words, they made me so happy and reassured. I wish i could talk to her again. She was very accurate and wise. Thank you, i really do recommend this women. thank you" ... written by blueberrypigs
Motherearth is amazing. If you need a true psychic to guide you then i highly recommend her. No nonsense..just the truth:)" ... written by tash1921
Motherearth, is a true intuitive and can read me like a book, i feel as though i have known her for a long time, she gives very good advice. Connects quickly. Thank you for the readings." ... written by frustrated67
Motherearth has done it again...This was my 2nd reading with her. Always on point,, She is always amazing... Looking forward to more future readings with her." ... written by Lucy117
Motherearth always helps me feel better when things have gotten me down, she makes it easy to come back to her for an uplifting message and will pull cards again for you to show you where things are even if she just saw you recently. I do appreciate her guidance and will be back to update!" ... written by crzdnem
Motherearth is so comforting and she tells exactly as she sees in the cards no false hope. I'm glad that my cards show good things in the near future and further on, I will do what it takes to make sure the cards come to fruition! :) If you're looking for honesty and fast answers please don't pass motherearth by!" ... written by crzdnem
Very informative... I didn't know these things about myself until she told me..." ... written by stphn101
Wonderful as always!" ... written by frustrated67
MotherEarth is absolutely MARVELOUS!!! She is a pool of wisdom and uses her gifts of keen insight to assist you in all situations no matter how sensitive. She's been there for me and her predictions have been on point AND ALL HAS COME TO PAST as she predicted. If you want the REAL TRUTH and the right predictions. MotherEarth is the right choice here on Oranum!!! I will be back again...See u soon MotherEarth!!" ... written by Peaceofmind3
She is awesome and down to earth. love her!!! She really knows" ... written by iwatchthesunrise
I always come to motherearth for insight and timing on certin situations and she is always accurate. This was my fourth private reading with her. She is amazing and knows details that are most important. I will return again!" ... written by peaceofmind3
Lovely reading! Thank you!" ... written by pskatymaple
She made me feel safe and loved. " ... written by katie46
Always amazing what she does!!! " ... written by tash1921
Motherearth is a very caring person, very accurate, thanks for all of the amazing readings...again thank you!!!" ... written by blessed05
Gave me great update to my questions, Very positive Lady" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you i will be back" ... written by ale510
Very nice and interesting reading I enjoyed it thanks." ... written by maryannepav
She is fantastic always!!!" ... written by bbdo1234
she very good" ... written by johnkidd
Thank you! good reading" ... written by epilock
Very fluid and clear with questions about love, relationships and general well being. Id definitely repeat another session" ... written by MrLight
Mother amazing as always...I missed our talks...She connects so quickly with you, does not waste minutes or credits....honest and far everything she has said has come true....Thank You Mother Earth. Blessings!" ... written by frustrated67
WOW Motherearth is quick and concise!!! Highly recommend her for pvt." ... written by marionlyttle
As always, Mi madre de La always wonderful...wish I had more to spend tonight, I could just talk with her for hours...She is very accurate, loving, but honest. She does not waste your time, with unnessary chatter, she gets right to your reading, and your questions...besos mi Madre de La Tierra!" ... written by frustrated67
Nice, kind, and accurate. What more can you ask for?" ... written by daydreamer246
Motherearth is awesome she tells it how it is i love this lady thanks so much " ... written by marybeth1love
Told me somethings nobody else said before. Good or bad she will tell you. Hopefully things will be okay for me. Made me think about thngs" ... written by dijana77
Nice woman" ... written by gstephen
Love her so much. Accurate and straight to the point. " ... written by amyamy
She is fantastic! Must get another reading with her soon!" ... written by ikroyal
She was very earthy... good reader.. liked her style and her compassion.. the reading was excellent." ... written by LeoTheLion99
This lady is amazing! I will use her advice. Thanks so much!" ... written by Destiny68
I have missed you so much, always fast and honest, and quick to connect. Truthful with great advice in wisdom. Blessings, Mother earth." ... written by frustrated67
I love this beautiful woman, she is so honest and quick to connect. So far things she has predicted have come true. I can't wait to see the more recent predictions happen. Blessings, Love, and Light MotherEarth!" ... written by frustrated67
Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope the predictions come true I will be back when they do!" ... written by ikr oyalakr
She was very helpful in my issues. Wish I had more time." ... written by queenbee22
Really good. Like her a lot. Recommend." ... written by SG
Sweet lady and very intuitive. Recommend." ... written by me
Lovely soul, kind manner. Great reading." ... written by ikroyalal
Thank You so much Mother...You always connect so quickly with me. Mother Earth is fast, honest, and will advise you on how to fix the areas of concern. I always enjoy talking to her. She gives me a sense of peace. I love you Mother...Blessings." ... written by frustrated67
Very insightful." ... written by Carolyn
She knows what's going on to the people around me and she tell what's other's think about me. Good review from me. " ... written by amyamy
I LOVE IT! Will keep you posted!" ... written by ry
Excellent reading!" ... written by planejane7
Great reading. " ... written by vjrei01
Love readings with her. " ... written by me
She such lovely have so much good patience :) God bless her soul. I give her 5 star rate." ... written by anniekazmi88
WOW - that's all I can say ! She is amazing! You won't regret a reading with her." ... written by Jelena
She is awesome" ... written by nalita18
Thank You Motherearth for the great advice. You are such a blessing!" ... written by frustrated67
Good." ... written by sk
Great reading!" ... written by sunny0day
Very good and very helpful." ... written by samanthajane
Very good reader. She gave me answers and advice to all my answers." ... written by Michelle
Really like her. Real deal psychic." ... written by grt
Great as always......." ... written by rango
Thanks you made me feel a lot better!" ... written by Angel
Great reading. So many details and advice. LOVE." ... written by SG
Fun and interesting reading. Gave me remedies to help manifest things sooner. Very sure of herself and I really like her." ... written by g
great reading, didnt tell her about half the things and she new straight away highly recommended!" ... written by dee
I liked the reading. She was a fast and told me things about my Mum that I did not know it clearly. " ... written by rekatheprincess
Thanks" ... written by Faz424
Thanks " ... written by Faz424
Repeat client.. Great Readings andamp; Spiritual Cleansing. Thx" ... written by Barbie
Really good reader. Gives many details." ... written by GREATEAGLE
a little slow to connect but got information i need to use now. Next time i prefer a speaking reader, it makes life easier to hear a voice. Thank u motherearth i will hang on for 3 weeks then move on." ... written by Callie44
Very detailed. Quick. Mother Earth, knows her stuff! Thank you." ... written by Lilac
very encouraging and exciting info i received. looking forward to august..." ... written by leodragon
I liked her very much. First time reading so I was not sure in the beginning. She did a great job and I feel she is highly gifted as a psychic and also a nice person. Thank you, and I would love to get another reading in the future." ... written by Diane
WOW she is amazing and her predictions happened ..thanks so much" ... written by Faz424
Loved Mother Earth and her energy. She was very accurate on a lot of things. " ... written by coolbreeze
gr8 reading, spot on " ... written by Andy
Gr8 reading" ... written by Andy UK
fast accurate,caring and just amazing" ... written by jack
she is the most accurate and calmest person i have ever had a reading with. shes so spot on its crazy! she is very fast and accurate..." ... written by jack
i thoroughly enjoyed our connection" ... written by qp
She is fantastic the best! :)" ... written by Beautiful_angel
She is very accurate :) and nice!" ... written by Beautifulangel
very on point very fast with cards very good." ... written by christine
WOW! So accurate and so genuine! She is the real deal. LOVELY WOMAN!!! Totally recommend her!" ... written by a
thank you. good reading. god bless!" ... written by mm
She is just spot on.. honest and amazing... I will come back for her" ... written by sista
This woman is amazing!! She has picked up on so many details that were not given to her. She knows things and can really look into the situation. She has seen things that I only knew. I am so grateful to have her here at Oranum. Thank you 5 stars!!" ... written by AmazingStars