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Psychic mi3centshas 20-25years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic mi3centshas recently helped 448members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about mi3cents's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.


My services are designed to help encourage and motivate you to be the very best person that YOU can be in any situation that you might be dealing with. Consider me your own personal therapist and life-coach, with plenty of insight into everyday issues. You will find that my brand of medicine might be hard to swallow at times, but if you truly want the results that you are seeking in your life, taking my advice will eventually lead you to a better place.

I specialize in relationship therapy. So many people are settling for less than they deserve in their relationships and that is not the way that life should be lived. Love is something most of us desire and the amount of love we put into a relationship should be the same amount of love that we get out of it. A lot of people confuse love with lust and that is where we get distracted and make very discouraging decisions within our lives. Let me teach you how to love yourself to the point that you won't allow lust to cloud your judgement when making vital decisions that can be catestrophic to your overall happiness. Got a specific issue that you are dealing with? Ask me before doing something that could affect you for years to come. Not sure if he/she is the one for you? Come sit in private with me and I'll help you figure it out.

I am very intuitive and full of wisdom. I am the mother of four and also a writer and entrepreneur. I enjoy communicating with people and helping them to solve their problems through the sharing of my own life experiences. I've been told that I have a way with words and have a true gift for inspiring people. My username reflects my ability to not give just my two cents worth, but a little bit extra, thus the name Mi3cents. I'll be that person that will tell you what you NEED to hear and HOW you need to hear it. Need someone to just listen...select me and you'll be pleasantly surprised how good you feel after we disconnect. We all need that motherly/sisterly/auntiely advice from time to time, so come on, let's get acquainted. I won't waste your time or your money telling you things that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy, but will tell you things to point you in the right direction as far as helping you to get through your current situation that is causing you concern.

To schedule your own private consultation: Please visit my free chat area, get acquainted with who I am and how I do what I do. What you get in free is just a smidge of what I offer to you on the private level. Once you determine that I can indeed help you with your situation, get on my schedule. There are two ways that you can do this, the first is by purchasing credits and instantly clicking on private chat, or you can purchase credits and schedule a time that is more suitable for you. I do keep a scheduler next to my computer.

Absolutly right!!!!" ... written by livelaughlove28
Listening to you tell me what i needed to do in regards to my love life was like a storm breaking through. Now I am ready for my sunshine and new life. Thank you so much for keeping it real." ... written by Maximillian
mi3cents, everything you said is what i needed to hear, when i needed to hear it. i will definitely tell all my friends about you who need to hear the truth about their situations." ... written by CoraDO
This lady is amazing good! She is charming. And her smile..... a wonderbaby :) Super reading with her." ... written by David84
MI3CENTS is not a normal psychic, cause as she said, she is not. But her insights and senses are incredible awesome and fits what I need to do. She helped me keep my mind stronger and my strength growing. Wonderful session. You can't miss it." ... written by ffloraqiu
very helpful, been a brilliant support to me throughout, how she tackles issues is awesome, shes a favourite" ... written by melodicblues
This woman is sweet and her eye's and smile ............." ... written by sundance-kid
yet again thanks for listening you're great." ... written by melodicblues
She's a wonderful lady!I loved all the seconds with her, she really knows what to say. This conversation helped a lot!Thank you!" ... written by Josephine
Oh my God! She can talk from experience. Full of alot of knowledge." ... written by future777
Thanks for being a truly great person, who is always there when needed" ... written by melodicblues
words arent enough to describe just how much this lady helps you in your time of need. She is very understanding and non judgemental whatever your problem is she is there for you always. Thanks" ... written by melodicblues
thanks you are the best, a great confidant an individual can turn to, and someone who takes the time to listen and offer their advice. your a star." ... written by melodicblues
I wish I could put you in my back pocket as a permanent compass on which direction to turn in life. You are so good at that. So true and genuine." ... written by coconut1980
Excellent advisor, has plenty of life experience. Guides me in the right direction. Highly recommended." ... written by coconut1980
such an amazing woman, who listens and has great empathy to whatever your problem is at the present time. thank you from the bottom of my heart." ... written by melodicblues
This woman is truly amazing, she is an inspiration to me, i have taken on board all her advice and her great wisdom. She has helped at great length. I would like to say thank you so much for being there at my times of need." ... written by melodicblues
yet again thanks, your a star, thanks for being there" ... written by melodicblues
Oh my God! She can talk from experience. Full of alot of knowledge." ... written by future777
Love her...she is a very nice and helpful person..thanks again ..." ... written by pepita24
Was feeling low, but after a good chat, saw things from a clearer perspective . Thanks to you i got a smile across my face and a laugh in my soul." ... written by melodicblues
Without your help i would not have stayed strong to finally reach the goal that i have been waiting for. I owe you my heart and i want to say a great big thank you." ... written by melodicblues
Mi3cents is very empowering and uplifting. I enjoyed the session very much." ... written by justinsensei
Keeps it 100% real!" ... written by LadyPinkalicous
Imitated but NEVER DUPLICATED. The very FIRST to be the caretaker and advisor of Oranum. A mom, a sister, a shoulder to lean on. I just ranted for about 10 minutes and she sat patiently and listened to me and gave me my solution. Never underestimate the kindness and wisdom of this woman, doesn't claim to be psychic, yes, but one of the BEST of Oranum. Thank you, mama!" ... written by coconut1980
i just love talking to her...she is full of positive energy...thank you again" ... written by pepita24
Fabelous lady and get right to the heart of the matter and gives things straight. I may not be necessarily what you want to hear but what you need to hear." ... written by estabiz
She was as comforting and honest as ever. Thank you M3Cents I know it was short, but you helped me feel better." ... written by mindfulscorpion
You're the best, perfect in every way, thank you soooo much!" ... written by melodicblues
Mi3centz is da bomb tells it like it is and is kind, loving and very honest.. Gives very good advice fo' real wish I could pay you to have you with me every minute of the day 5 stars" ... written by 1blessings
what an amazing person, without her support and advice throughout i dont know how i would of managed. The gate has been opened and a new journey is about to start." ... written by melodicblues
Thank you so much!You're smile and energy have made my day much better. You are a God Send!!!I'll be back!!!" ... written by happy4ever
Great connection - really enjoyed this and made me think a lot about my situation." ... written by defiantiger
All i got to say is one word.AMAZING.." ... written by babylove84
A great fun person to consult with :) TRY HER OUT PPL!" ... written by Jitsumina
She is very helpful! you MUST take her to Private - especially if you have problems in love life :) she brings her life experience to help you and to make things clear. Highly recommend! 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
Wonderful woman. Makes u feel like u have a really good friend to lean on. Very sweet. Thank you!" ... written by bellacasey
She has a way to make you feel better even if its not what you want to hear but what you need to hear. Don't think about it...just do it..have a private reading...You will be very satisfied!" ... written by Jayda25
I have come to M's room many times and I get fed by her spirit. Thank you for your honesty. This is one powerhouse of a woman. Thank you for your time. May that light that surrounds you, empower you and those that cross your path, for you make the world richer by being in it!" ... written by frubbee
I had a great private session with Mi3Cents. It was a rewarding experience because it was very refreshing to just have her all to myself without any disruptions in the chatroom. Talking to her keep me calm and I really appreciated her input." ... written by I_Love_Life
Thank you very much! You are amazing!" ... written by mahogany247
She is very straight forward and fast. I truly recommend her for clear advice! She is tells you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear. =)" ... written by katnguyen
Awsome lady gave me insight and helped me to find answers with in myself to the mistery that is and will always be part of my life thanks chickie" ... written by newzealand78
very nice " ... written by eama96
She is the most real person on here. Don't come to her if you don't want to here the truth! She is incredibly accurate and really cares about the people who come in her room." ... written by Jeneva33
she was amazing.. helped me figured out the pieces.. she spoke from the heart..i will be back " ... written by rachealdj1
SHE IS AWSOME!!! Picked up on my situation and laid out the truth the way it should be. She is definately one to contact..she is very acurate and wonderful! Thank you so much for an amazing reading!! A Million Stars!!!" ... written by deannbri1126
It was as I thought it would be, the best advice, that I needed at this time in my life, I'm so happy I did the private with Mi3cents she has given me clear clarity on my love life, and has help me to move to the next level. I advise all to speak with mi3cents one on one she has the answer, very wise and straight forward with the answers you seek.. I will return Thank you mi3cents for clarity all that help was so needed. LUSCIOUS LIONESS" ... written by LusciousLioness
very honest" ... written by jayr3264
Most uplifting person I've ever spoken to. Didn't give me any silly predictions or promises, just helped me to think of things in a different light and learn how to heal myself. Thank you!" ... written by Derali
She is so nice and very friendly. I was feeling lonely and enjoyed talking to her. She is very inspirational. I ran out of money! So was only talking to her for a few minutes, I will buy more credits so I can come back and talk to her for longer. I really like her! Recommended!! :)" ... written by TotalEclipse
She is the best! MI3cents will make you see the truth, no matter how painful it may be. She really cares about the people who come in her room and doesn't waste your time telling you what you want hear. " ... written by Jeneva33
Thank you WISE ONE!! will come back !!" ... written by pepita24
Had very good insights..I will come back." ... written by brownsuga5964
She gives it to you straight, no chaser, and I loved that about her. Truly enlightening reading." ... written by dliteful
I really appreciate this womans free chat and her private chat is awesome. Helped me more than words can say.Delivered what i truly needed to hear" ... written by Sarah
shes great will reccomend" ... written by VAit2014
Thank you so much! I needed to hear what you said and how you put things in perspective. It has helped me in making this hard decision. You are an awesome woman!" ... written by scorpiorising
OK she won't tell you anything you don't know, but she will tell you everything that you need to hear and don't want to listen to. Don't get me wrong. This is a really good thing. She says the things that is so obvious but nobody wants to say to you because it'll hurt your feelings. But it's the one thing which will make you move on..." ... written by AgentMagpie
Thank you so much! I felt really alone and the advice and time you took to chat with me has helped considerably. It meant a lot! Will contact you after I do what I need to do! If anything! Truly a wonderfully gifted person! Lots of love!" ... written by sarahjoyced
A wonderful lady, honest and very helpful, made me feel so good about myself, told me what I needed to hear, made me feel so comfortable in private reading, recommend. I wish i had more credits to stay longer with her, will be back for more privates...hugs to u mi3cents" ... written by snowriver71
She tells it like it is and is so down to earth. Glad I finally had a chat with her! It's time for me to move on and she gave me the strenth to do so." ... written by dreamgirl30
Mi3Cents is the truth. She helped me to see a true picture and understand that words are sometimes just that,.. Words from the English dictionary. Thanks doll:)" ... written by niecym
Love the energy" ... written by bladerunner74
My sister is great and I'm not just mentioning that becasue she's my sister she keeps a smile on my face! " ... written by Tushae
Very nice lady, more a psychologist I would say. " ... written by vjrei01
I LOVE HER!!! She's so sweet and her advices really made my day. I will come back ;)" ... written by ellen00
Mi3cents is everything she says and more in her profile, if you want help have a private reading with her, she can give you the help and peace of mind you need. She won't waste your time or money and you will find it will be money well spent to help yourself. Thank you mi3cents, you are a kind and caring person, blessings and love to you, won't hesitate to have another private reading with you when I need it. (((Hugs)))" ... written by snowriver71
Such a pleasure , to finally meet you.. one on one... stay true to who you are.. don,t let those trolls in... Good luck with that good man ..and the wedding.. sending you light and love always... BB xx oo " ... written by bberney
She was great.. And gave me awsome advice..." ... written by ciarak91
Undoubtedly the TRUTH serum! if you want the truth this is the right place to go." ... written by iwanttoloveme
Very good reading. Thank you! :)" ... written by hildie82
Wonderful! great advice and insight!" ... written by NiVanya
I love her... She really mad me feel that she was here to help me.. So encouraging. really did leave her private chat with a smile on my face. So sad to run out of credits like that but will be back soon.... So glad I met her today. thank you so much for the encouragement you gave me today Debzxx " ... written by DebbieBee
Honest! Real and very good! " ... written by stellarexpress
Great reading !" ... written by SHAKIYA88
Honest" ... written by JSerrano0304
She is amazing ...i'll come back for sure " ... written by marmar03
Great advice!" ... written by iPreferMimi
She is great will do it again soon!!!" ... written by myteewog
She was great had a lot of insight and understanding. she really helped me" ... written by madame1
Lovely lady" ... written by maryannepav
She is awesome!!!! she is the best!!!! i cannot even express how great she is! she has helped me so much!! in dealing with issues, she gives great advice and she knows what she is doing!! she knows alot and she is very nice and friendly! i will take her again soon!! " ... written by dalal2012
Made more progress in my situation. Asked the right questions and helped me realize what need to be done.Thanks for your advice." ... written by ICYUNVME
She motivated me" ... written by luckycharms312
AMAZING!!!!! so kind and sincere and straight to the point...she knows her shizzit!" ... written by babette99
If you are looking for someone to tell u the truth in a real way she will definately give you just that. I got the eye opening advice of my life and I felt like i was talking to a close girlfriend. She has a real way of addressing the problems head on and giving you a way out to help better yourself in the long run. " ... written by Countrymisses88
Right on point....pulls no punches...." ... written by wickedfemme
She keeps it real and waste no time getting to the point .I will be back again.The best by far I've seen on here." ... written by ICYUNVME
She gave it to me straight, and helped me to look at things in a different light. I'll be back! :)" ... written by jssb78
I like mi3cents! She doesn't waste time. Gave me what I needed. I will definitely be back to talk with her. :-)" ... written by Dimples03
I like the way you just get straight to the point your amazing keep up the good work" ... written by ICYUNVME
Wooow......... she is a totally different person in chat!!!! she is such a sweetheart i love her honesty and she will tell you how it is but in a nice manner, don't be discouraged by her take her private and she'll be your life coach for live as she says :)" ... written by brittany07
Very in-depth reading andamp;amp; quick typer Many thanks :)" ... written by Matthew12345
Gave wonderful advice " ... written by fatcatcook
Mi3cents, where shall I start. She is going to give it to you real, no sugar coating at all. She has a gift to make you use whats already inside you to see the correct path to take, how to fix a problem or to remove the blockage from your world. Wonderful reading!" ... written by LusciousLioness
No psychic talk ... just advice which was needed. Thanks!!!" ... written by nickellme
Admittedly, I have not been in mi3cents' room since February when I joined Oranum. I saw her on tonight so decided to have a private reading with her as I saw what appeared to be a wing over her left shoulder in free chat. In the private reading as she was talking to me I observed an orange light surrounded by a white light cover her than disappear as she was talking. Blew me away! Take her private and see for yourself. She gave me the faith of knowing I was on the right path......Thank You!!" ... written by mad_69
AMAZING!!!!! she makes me feel better nuff said" ... written by babette99
very nice to finally meet you in private, and I will take your advice and take my relationship day by day....thank you much love." ... written by pepe
Great insights, straight forward to the point. " ... written by Alexsheart
Very good trust in her 5 stars" ... written by ridedasurf
She is the ONLY person on here that you need to talk to. If she can't help you, noone can! She will teach you not to worry about the future when your present needs fixing!" ... written by Jeneva33
Awesome session. I was left feeling empowered and peaceful. Truly inspirational." ... written by needclarity788
An absolute pleasure as always. Love this woman she is awesome!" ... written by spreadthelove
She is absolutely brill.......tells you straight, whether to want to hear it or not. and sooo true....tytytyt xxx" ... written by cjbabe66
If you like real she's the one. Straight talk to and to the point." ... written by julieolsenjessop
She is so personal! Like my online mother =)" ... written by Carmellia
Very personal." ... written by Carmellia
I LIKE HER SHE IS CRAZY HONEST!!!" ... written by yemoja1
Really cool!" ... written by Blkbutterfly
Awesome first reading! I will come back and see her again." ... written by lifetime1974
If you want the truth and real guidance, and you really want to see a difference this is the best person on Oranum!" ... written by acmarsh1
Mi3cents was very warm, loving and caring. She is genuine and very intuitive. I am looking forward to speaking to her lots more in the near future. I rate her 100 stars." ... written by coconut1980
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. you are one in a million." ... written by melodicblues
She is on point..." ... written by Carolyn101
Thanks for putting the smile back on my face!" ... written by melodicblues
An exceptional reading, very intuitive and tuned into the whols situation. Her advise was awesome! Thank you and I look forward to the follow up reading." ... written by vet
5 stars very positive and sincere guidance!! I will return in the future mi3cents is excellent." ... written by Rene067
Love the encouragement." ... written by char
girlkeep its real" ... written by Nicole
She is AWESOME!!" ... written by Rachel
Absolutely out of this world, she is like a mirror of truth. The wisdom and information she gave me was completely what I needed. Real blessing to this site and definitely an earth angel working for the universe." ... written by Jamie.
you are straight to the point and don't sugar coat anything. I appeciate your honesty, it is something that I needed to hear." ... written by Ohk6708
mi3cents, you have really opened my eyes to the truth. thank you so much for your time and concern regarding my issues. i will be sure to come back often..." ... written by Joyride