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Psychic marieaitchisonnhas 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic marieaitchisonnhas recently helped 13278members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about marieaitchisonn's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am a tarot card reader and spiritualist medium. passed down from generations in my family.I always like to deal with truth facts honesty i am accurate at least 99 percent of the time i do give predictions time scales insights in what i see i give this is what my gifts are for.

Marie is awesome. She is compassionate and her readings are detailed. She answerd each and every question on my mind. I no longer feel so confused." ... written by Tracie
I thought she was very accurate on what I needed to know. Many thanks Marie for the reading" ... written by debbiek
She is amazing, everything i was thinking she picked up, everything i thought to do she picked up......loved it!" ... written by missvee7
Amazing woman, patient, as I have needed a lot of reassurance. Very accurate and has always been correct in her predictions. " ... written by mylife123
I strongly recommend visiting this wonderful and lovely Psychic...she made me feel soo good and helped me ENORMOUSLY!!!" ... written by Sirena22
amazing, Met with a mystic the dauy before and she clarified several things he only touched on. truly gifted." ... written by jostens
She was excellent, i liked it!! 5 stars, here they come!" ... written by Cryptids
My reading was right on she knew of my situation and made me feel secure of the outcome. I appreciate all that was said and I will come back again. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
She says a lot and good! Very helpful! " ... written by mariabest3
Marie is an absolutely fantastic psychic. I highly recommend her to all of you out there looking for some answers, guidance and clarity. You will be amazed by her accuracy, that I promise:) " ... written by Rosie218
I was oddly skeptical but she's REALLY good....thank you Marie!! I really enjoyed your reading and I will try my best to follow your advice....=o) Thanks again" ... written by Phoxee
I thought she was very accurate on what I needed to know. Many thanks Marie for the reading" ... written by debbiek
She is The SuNsHiNe! Just made me feel lighter to speak with her. :) Thank you Marie!" ... written by searcherbowie
Very quick paced...lots of things she picked up on and her energy surrounding all the things that were said were very positive and her energy gave this off even more. Picked up on my little one and got him down to a T without me mentioning him. Highly recommended :)" ... written by Justmebeingme
very good prediction....for the rest we'll have a wait and see. thank you Marie" ... written by scorpio1980
very interesting reading, very natural and talented lady thank you" ... written by janetann
really helpful" ... written by foxynav7
Well she is very good, I'm blown away to what i was told, picked upon my new grandson, told me loads, i like traveling that was picked up too. And im going to travel. All my Grandkids she said there was lots of kids, and I have 6 when my new arrivel come in oct.. 2011 ... please take that reading . " ... written by debs1962
OMG! This was amazing!! i love the news that i got.....I was very scared at first and curious as well but now I'm happy and i feel like i am going to be successful in life! " ... written by textmonster
Seemed like a great reading! Guess I will see soon! " ... written by sweetangel87
I have done Private chat With Marie and she is Amazing She knows who u Are and is Concern of ur Welfare.... And she really Speak into Ur life.... U shld have a private Chat with Her or email Reading... U will not Regret!!!! " ... written by REXTO5555
She gets straight to the point and is able to answer your questions quickly. She told me what I needed to hear but at the same time eased my worries as well. Was able to sense things about me (and even my relationship with others) that other psychics may have not been able to pick up." ... written by guriwo
The most amazing experience i´ve ever had, so accurate, she knows what she does. Amazing person. Amazing Human Being. She really does have the gift." ... written by Dandelion
Thank you for your help, I really hope it all comes true - I will stay positive and believe what you have told me! Thank you." ... written by claire1605
great reading, unfortunately ran out of credit but will definitely be back! Thank you for your advice Marie! " ... written by chelcee
Thanks again ;)" ... written by Annmay
Thanks:) " ... written by Annmay
The best of the best I have ever seen. Dont even think twice, she is the right option never fails one! I love you dear..." ... written by Isis
Thank you, I will be talking to you soon" ... written by Banghart77
Absolutely amazing, she hit spot on with a great deal that is going on in my life right now, with nothing even said to her, I gave her no information and lil to no conversation just validations, and the more i validated the more information came true. Everything she said is coming, is actually in the works, nothing can stop us now. I look forward to having another reading, this young woman is absolutely incredible, her kindness, thorough details, just absolutely opened my eyes to what is right in front of me, look out LOVE here I come.." ... written by Niwroc-D61
I've never felt so secure of myself after speaking to Marieaitchisonn. I really appreciate all the insights and clarification. Thanks so much xoxo" ... written by vegabonded
I always feel so good talking to her she is a blessing " ... written by marianazly
Thank you :)" ... written by claire1605
Always great!" ... written by Wowzers1
Very accurate and very good!!!! Thanks sooo much!!!" ... written by angelschild67
very strong personality and very strong prediction !! She is a bit bossy, but her opinions are definitely worth listening to. Thank you!" ... written by Peet
Very spot on Thank you!! xxx" ... written by shadow35
She knows things about you! Liked the private very much! You don't need to ask questions, just enter her private - she will tell you everything important. Great!" ... written by kosmosss
I have had at least three readings from Marie and she is wonderful. we connect always and it is wonderful, I always feel wonderful after :)Thank you Marie!" ... written by shancw69
Amazing amazing person. she is one of the best here on this site .Thank you MarieGod bless." ... written by mylife123
After entering into the free chat I knew that she would get it, and that she would be worth every dollar spent. I made sure to call today and as I thought she picked right up on the situation and had a lot of positive things to say about life to come, and about the guy I'm seeing. She was very accurate and detailed about what I'm going through with him, and re-confirmed without me saying anything that I should be paitient b/c what we have to come will be so worth it even though it's frustrating. If I could give her a million stars I would!!!!! " ... written by Wowzers1
My name is poet301 on here and i am sooo amazied at this lady,s talent , i can not read for myself and she was spot on with everything very kind and gental and gave me alot of information with so little time i will def come back and see her it takes a lot to in press me and i m totally impressed thank you marie xxxxxxx" ... written by Paul_31
great " ... written by jostens
an amazing creature of passion and understanding and very accurated and dead on with everything. Full of knowledge concerning the areas i wanted to know about and was able to pinpoint even more in depth things and areas further... ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ** j" ... written by jostens
she is waht i call somoeone who give you hope when you needed the most, helpful, and persistant to lift your spirit and she does not sugar coat what she sees for you. She is excellent! i highlly recommend her!!! " ... written by nazlymaria
i had the most amazing email reading from marie. she was so lovely and made me feel so much better. i will be back for a reading again in a wee while. just one lovely wee lassie. thankyou dear. xxxxxxxx" ... written by justweemejo
awesome reading!!! " ... written by nazlymaria
Marie is wonderful to talk to and accurate in everything she talked about. Money very well spent and to the point quickly . So much accomplished in a short time. Thank you Marie....." ... written by goggo1
I am so incredibly impressed by Marie's reading. I was recommended by a friend and would also recommend to anyone. " ... written by Rastafairy
I'm glad i got reading done i have been in her room for weeks just listening. It put the spring in my step, i would highly recommend Marie. " ... written by bluebubble
Outstanding. " ... written by damaged17
She is like a a best friend and i want marie to know she is my favorite. I highly recomend her. She is very careing and giveing and knows what shes doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Nichole
Thank u so very reading was dead on target...I recommend you to all who seek truth." ... written by marilyn67
Very reader.....accurate. Thank you Marie." ... written by greek lady
AWESOMMEEE!!!" ... written by dinagirl23
Nice lady, good humor, hope she was right on real good news :-)" ... written by simsimmelim
As always makes me feel better about my life. Very accurate readings always. Thanks Marie" ... written by Tracie
Nice reader, interesting chat, helpful advice" ... written by Triska13
I really enjoyed the way u did my reading. It was awesome and SPOT ON about my gifts and everything else..i needed confirmation - u gave it to me..u were quick, spoke clearly, and i understood u well. Thank you so much....MAY THE BLESSINGS BE...... " ... written by Redeye2610
There are no words enough to say about this lady. She is right on and delivers in a loving and compassionate way. I would recommend her to anyone who would like to hear the truth and is ready for it. I found her to be a great help and delight to talk to.Thank you my dear. Blessings and angel care for you." ... written by oceansandjoy1
I very much enjoy my readings with Marie. She's caring and accurate in all she has told me. Thanks again, Vega " ... written by vegabonded
WOW !!! What an awesome reading with Marie. She is so great and very positive. The best read I have had. I will for sure be back for another one. It was worth the money. Glad I decided to do this today. She has made me feel so much better about a lot of things. Thank you Marie..Much Love..oxox" ... written by Elizabeth7264
Marie is an amazing caring person, gives me confidence to move forward and spot on always! Thanks much and God bless!" ... written by mylife123
Wow! Marie totally blew my mind away. She was very clear and accurate in helping with my situation. Thanks so much for helping me clear my head. " ... written by Soporific
Very upbeat, positive! Helped remove my unwarranted doubts and negativity that I had been feeling towards the situation. Just a great and much needed reminder to remain focused on bringing positive energy into my life (something I was beginning to lose sight of)! " ... written by kristen3887
She is really good! Very very kind, and gave me so much hope for the future! Thank you!" ... written by waterlover
SHE AMAZING!!!!! the only one I will see from here on out! AMAZING AMAZNG AMAZING!!! HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend to anyone!! Thank you sooooooooo much!" ... written by tamara1981
Awesome Lady! Got such a good vibe about her! Thanks I look forward to my future now - rather than dreading tomorrow. =)" ... written by mamarhea
Great reading!!!!" ... written by cabbyaj
She was very friendly psychic and gave me advice about my situation. I will look to see the outcome. Thank you for your advice." ... written by wee318
Thank you for your insight...u are a wonderful spirit." ... written by aihsyt7
Thank u so very much for the insight on my were very spot on about everything that i have been going even was spot on about my children and things about my love life as r a very blessed and talented woman who knows her stuff..and might i add very fast:) my reading was spectacular!!!!!thanku so very very much!!!!!!!:))" ... written by qndiva
LOVE HER!! TRY HER!!" ... written by dinagirl23
she is The Sunshine! Thank you Thank you!" ... written by nancynathalie
Thank you Marie! You have uplifted me so much and you came spot on with the 2 issues right now and like you did in your room. Definitely best on this site and very insightful to things in my life. I will be back :) " ... written by jackie33
Thanks Marie, u were understanding and kind, i really hope your predictions come true, i will keep u posted. God bless xxx" ... written by sarajo1
She was very good and gave a lot in the small amount of time." ... written by spoon1967
Wow..she is extremely awesome!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
very sweet nice person" ... written by missvirgo
Wonderful, wonderful !!!" ... written by jostens
Marie is absolutely brilliant!" ... written by eloquent31
What an amazing reading. She was able to answer all my questions concerning love for me. I feel she " ... written by tanyaolivia64
aww again a great reading made me smile so much.. Marie your the best :)" ... written by jackie33
gr8 reading, spot on, very fast,....and accurate..will be back 5**** highly recommended" ... written by kristalmagic26
Always great! " ... written by vegabonded
Marie is always wonderful an uplifting...this is my fourth reading with her and she is definitely worth every credit!!!!!!!SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU MARIE:))" ... written by qndiva
Brilliant as always. Marie you're a star!" ... written by eloquent31
Marie was AWESOME AND AMAZING. She didn't waste my time and was able to pick up on things quickly." ... written by CT2011
sensational! i always like to talk to Marie" ... written by sprngmaria2013
She's really great. Her energy is awesome and she picks up on a lot and nailed everythng on the dot." ... written by steph
WOW I TELL YOU THIS WOMAN IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE TO YOU MARIEAITCHISONN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
Highly recommended!!My spirit is heightened!!I have been blessed!Thank you sooo much!" ... written by rattail1
Absolutley love Marie... Feel confident after speaking to her. What a genuin person." ... written by mylife123
Yes i finally did a private with her... so thankful! I appreciate your help!" ... written by buzysignal
WONDERFUL reading!!! She covered so many aspects of my life. I have been wanting to get a reading with Marie for a long time now and I'm so glad I finally did....I have so many good things going on right now and much more to look forward to! Definitely give Marie a try. She is honest, ethical, and uplifting! Loved my reading!! " ... written by Nona29
Once again full of information that I needed to hear. Spot on as always. Such a lovely lady. Please try her you wont be disappointed" ... written by Tracie
Most exciting reading i've was amazing to hear all the positive things about my future... Cant wait to get started now...will definitely return for another...thank you sooooooo much! xxxxxx" ... written by missdeane
She makes me feel good every time!!! Readin was soooo helpful, made me trust in what is coming and relax more!! kisses for you! RECOMMEND BIG TIME!!!" ... written by Sirena22
I love her. She is powerful. She is of the light." ... written by helenoftroy21
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!" ... written by dinagirl23
She was excellent and very clear. Nice lady and very spot on! Thank you" ... written by baybes
wow gal.. im so moved right now.. i can hardly wait for it all to happen.." ... written by shikins
As always a great reading. Very accurate and full of great advice. She is always right and spot on. Thanks Marie!" ... written by Tracie
Wonderful reading. Got all my questions answered without having to ask. Thanks again Marie." ... written by Alexsheart
The B E S T !!! I don't have any doubt that everything will be the way she said, because even if it shouldn't happen, after reading with Marieaitchisonn i will make it come true. Great, positive energy and really gifted!! RECOMMENDED!!!" ... written by kosmosss
BRILLIANT!" ... written by dinagirl23
She is very good person. And she understood the problem immediately and helped me to understand my mistake. Thanks Marie. You helped me a lot!" ... written by okalulu
REALLY GOOD!! thank you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by Lauren94
Marie gave me a fantastic reading, very positive and the future looks bright! Thank you so much!" ... written by pixi78
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
what more can i say ................. bloody brilliant i know i will sleep tonight ....................... i have got a smile on my face for the first time in months ................ thank you so much you have made my night xxx" ... written by hazelhazel
I definitely liked her and felt she was clear. Generous with her time and explained things very well. Liked her spriit and feel shes a good one! Blessings to her and I recommend her..." ... written by BlissQueen555
Brilliant. Thanks so much, onwards and upwards:-) " ... written by suertemia
Fantastic!" ... written by dinagirl
Very accurate and intuitive person. Thanks for your advices." ... written by okalulu
thank you unfortunately time over i feel much better after i heard that" ... written by pavlova
favorite" ... written by jostens
3 wks? ill let you know... ya havent steered me in the wrong direction yet... " ... written by jostens
Thx Marie ur wonderful thx for ur time xxx" ... written by Shaun100
Always a great reading and nothing more can be said.......... " ... written by cabbyaj
awesome reader best on this site please give marie ago" ... written by kindredsp1rit
Great reading Marie, everything you saw and said made sense..I will deffo come back again :) Thankyou very much xx " ... written by toyah123
It was a great reading. she is kind and honest..." ... written by cabbyaj
Wonderful reading! Thank you so much! Loved what I heard and very accurate." ... written by wendic
Genuine u are marie, very very touching the way you got through to me! So many good advices and thank u for seeing the positive in me and for my future as well. you are truly blessed! God bless you! wish i had more creds on my account.... Thank you sooo much:D" ... written by lightning76
she was great felt me in and told and made things much more clear :)" ... written by simsima
the best I've had in a long time :) wow she told me the answers to things i was typing" ... written by angelbekah
Very good experience. It is like she knew me already. Thank you very much Marie. " ... written by Emerald11
You r great! Thank you for ur time, ur r very good. " ... written by okokokokokok
Fab as usuall ................... i love the reading marie does she is excellent" ... written by hazelhazel
Wow Thx Again Marie Highly Recomended xx" ... written by shaun100
u make me sooo calm :) thank u once again" ... written by simsima
It's always a pleasure to check in with Marie. She is always helpful and accurate!" ... written by tangerinedream
Once again a wonderful reading by Marie. Gives me hope for a bright future. Thank you Marie!" ... written by pixi78
everything spot on !!!!!!!!! x" ... written by gary
wow Im never dissapoointed" ... written by cabbyaj
thank u so much veery quick and i hope things turn out" ... written by julznycles
i love her she was so loving and supportive and she was right on point about everything. " ... written by dee
thank you for such accuracy and I bless you marie!" ... written by mgreen6769
Wow, she is always worth the money and understanding. Her reading are like a dose of truth..." ... written by cabbyaj
The reading was a great one. Marie has great talent. And I thank God for her gift." ... written by kim07762
I had a wonderful experience. Thank you Marie, it was a pleasure talking to you." ... written by okalulu
Marie is the first one I ever had a reading with...she is fantastic!! she has become a friend and helped me through a very tough time in my life.Thank you Marie..I will let you know how it all goes!!! Love you and Bless you...HIGHLY HIGHLY Recommend!!" ... written by shancw69
wow she was so awsome...very possitive and made me feel good about was like she was reading a book and knew so much about my situation...marie is worth 10 stars and she is truly a gifted psychic that is so genuine and knows what she is talking about.." ... written by thalassaki17
Thank u so much Marie. You are an inspiration for me and you have fulfilled my life with happiness and positveness. Talk again soon x" ... written by rosa55
She is my favorite always!" ... written by nazlymaria
thank you soo much you helped me so much..tatiana dinas cousin!!" ... written by dinagirl23
you are wonderful!" ... written by murrymax
she always the best!" ... written by cabbyaj
She is wonderful.....and gave me hope!!!" ... written by lis
Spot on with everything she said, excellent xxxx" ... written by julie42
Great person! Very positive and encouraing. Does a great reading!" ... written by Elizabeth80
She was fast and accurate... New things before I even told her... I really like... She will not waste your time. Very good reading.. Definitely, you have to talk to her." ... written by answers28
v insightful, quick and gives good direct feedback, talented, v intuitive, read my thoughts.... " ... written by jp
Very fast-paced and kind reading. I like her energy. My credits ran out but I will come back and talk to her again soon. I recommend her!" ... written by lostintwinpeaks
Came to get an update. Without me going into details you picked up exactly what was going on with my current situation. she had an excellent grasp of the situation, my personality and flaw, and gave me some great advice which I will use! Thanks again!!" ... written by Nona29
great reading as always - spot on hun. Thank you x" ... written by Hayley
Marie's gifts are exceptional. She is, by far, one of the BEST advisor on here. She's VERY accurate and picks up amazing details that validate her abilities without question. Very kind as well." ... written by Mylife123
She was great, fast and what a mutitasker!" ... written by rainbowspark
Hands down she is the best. If you want an accurate reading and prediction of what to expect in your life, go to MARIEAITCHISONN! Theres nothing to loose! THANK YOU AGAIN" ... written by Ashley
With only stating your name, Marie has the ability to foretell your present situation and predict your future, you'll be amazed @ the accuracy! One of the best readings I have gotten in AWHILE! Will absolutely be back. THANK you marieaitchisonn!" ... written by Lilly
You are truely amazing as always xxxx" ... written by blackcat06
Amaing reading, straight to the point, best one ever , not for money here, she is here to help souls" ... written by carbon14
Amazing reading, straight to the point, best one ever! She is not here for the money, she is here to help souls." ... written by carbon14
Great reading." ... written by damaria34
thank you marie sooooooooooooo much xxxxxxxxxx" ... written by bill
She is fast and good tells it like it is in a nice way!" ... written by rainbowspark
Amazing.. 5 stars!!!" ... written by Leona
very good, she is very lovely ,and very confident ,I really can see she really wants to help people and help them change their lives ,I know that she has done that for me ,thank you Marie" ... written by psychicXjourney6
Thank you so mucht Marie! You have great insight and a special gift and genuinely care for people. You gave me lots of hope. " ... written by celticfreckles
:) amazing really filled me with lotes of hope thank you so so much i will let you know xxx" ... written by meghall87
Amazing reading!! Marie is so friendly and approachable. Her Reading is fast, straight to the point and most of all accurate. So much information given in the short time we had. Marie picked things up about me in chat before I entered private and I knew we had a great conection. I am now uplifted and look forward to my future.. and will be ordering a e-mail reading very soon :) " ... written by Leona
As always she puts my mind at ease!!" ... written by cabbyaj
She was so accurate on everything single thing!! She is truly gifted!!! I will come back to talk to her. She is understanding and so encouraging!!! Everyone should seek her advice!! Thank you soooo much!! Love you dear!!!" ... written by marlenea64
Very sweet and gentle, connects immediately. Will be back and let u know about the future :))" ... written by quickdance
She's accurate and precise! - if u want to know exactly WHATS going on in ur life! TRY her :)! This is my 5th readiing!" ... written by Ash
Marie gave me peace and hope. I am not afraid to continue my journey now. My deepest gratitude to Marie. XOXO" ... written by Mimi
So helpful and accurate. Thank u Marieaitchisonn!" ... written by mozzy123
Well I can't wait to see how this turns out. thanks Love.. great reading" ... written by cabbyaj
She is one of the best Psychics I had read for me and she is wonderful and understanding, great energy! She seems like a person who is always there for you!!!" ... written by Donnie
Also accurate and precise " ... written by Global
Also accurate and precise " ... written by Global
She picked upon things straight away she has given me some hope to look forward to...will have to wait and see definitely have reading again." ... written by chrissy1154
Marie thank you so much. You were so accurate with what is going around me right now and how wonderful things will turn out for me andamp;amp; my family. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
ive had many reading with marie n everything she has said has come reader here xxx" ... written by somersetgirl
Marie is a truely gifted human being who shares her gifts and talents with a pure and open heart. She is great and certainly one of oranums finest!" ... written by helenoftroy21
This BEAUTIFUL Woman AMAZES me everytime!!!!!!!!! All i can say is WOW..!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Thanku Marie with all of my heart..!!!!!!!!!!...U NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME.!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
Always inspiring.. quick.. and honest.. If in doubt try and you will not be disappointed." ... written by Leona
Marie was very accurate and looked into my soul..... she told me the difficult truth but also gave me hope for the future ....Thx Marie xx" ... written by Greg
LOVE HER.. !!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
She's one of the best psychics on site. You wont be disapointed." ... written by vegabonded
Amazing : ) " ... written by jomills
Thank you so much, you were great :)" ... written by sandra7793
Thank you Mariea! Thank you for the advice and I'm going to keep you updated! I believe that all that you have told me! You are accurate and truly gifted! God Bless you! :)" ... written by marlenea64
Once again, wonderful insight and great prospects for the future, can't wait for it all to happen, love her energy and made me feel very relaxed." ... written by wonderbaby
Excellent reading 5 stars, instant connection... Marie worked very hard to give me as much as she could as fast as she could,, she knew it was important to me, truly wanted to help and did... money well spent... ran out of credits but when I buy more I know where to spend them. Thank You Marie!" ... written by Robby
Thanks a lot! She is encouraging and amazing. Got shocked how she knew that he was my boss ... thanks millions and definitely I recommend! :))" ... written by lori
She was amazing and I loved what I heard , she made me see my future and it is really good and I am looking forward to seeing my future. You are truly a blessing from god :))" ... written by avergeman202
thankyou for that reading first one ive ever had it made me smile" ... written by jessicajade1
Marie was very sensitive to my pronblems and very positive with her advice........ just what I needed....Time will tell if things work out but I certainly would recommend Marie for the warmth of her personality....Thx Marie xx" ... written by Groggy59
Awesome! Marie simply the best!" ... written by Simplybe
PERFECT !!! No need in more comments!" ... written by Futuremanager
she is amazing.... i am always blown away by her abilities. this is a woman with great gifts. 5stars" ... written by steph
I went to Marie's chat room so often and she always made me smile. Today, i decided to have a private reading with her. My God, she is the real deal, she does not ask questions and gives you answers that are related to you and on target :) She amazed me before but now, she is truly a wonderful soul who came here to help us. I recommend that you have a reading with her, you will be astoned:)) Thank you, Marie:)))) " ... written by milona
A great reading as always. I certainly hope Marie is right about the holiday in June....ah a holiday in June would be fabulous! :)" ... written by pixi78
Alright, I must say. I remembered the first reading with you. It's all happened, except one things. I keep looking in on this more, everything you have said just makes it seem a whole lot better. Thank you xD" ... written by BrokenJakk
Very gifted and a pleasure to speak with. Very caring." ... written by lia_11
Picked up on some details very easily... Thank you Marie. :)" ... written by USA
Thank you Marie, your advice was extremely trustful and consistent" ... written by joanna4
love her she keeps me alm:-)" ... written by lushez26
Thank you for the heads up on life. May your deeper intuitions profit you with many more pleased customers! :D" ... written by spiritdefuego
She picked on situation and feelings really well! Was honest and quick with answers. I feel she is really trustworthy and very gifted. Gets to the point doesnt need prompting. I feel reassured and positive of things to come. Thank you Marie x" ... written by cherry44
great job....ever good and knowledgable" ... written by plummouse
Thx Marie........ Here's to the future then x" ... written by Groggy59
She is AWESOME!!! So TOTALLY PSYCHIC!!! She was spot on! I HIGHLY recommend her!!!!" ... written by TaylorZane
love her" ... written by lushez26
Thank you." ... written by sulie1002
Seriously Guys if u want complete CLARITY MarieAitchisonn is the perfect one for u...this includes NO SUGARCOATING NOR WASTING UR TIME AND MONEY...SHE IS QUICK PRECISE AND TO THE POINT....UNBELIEVABLY TALENTED....GIVE HER A TRY AND EXPERIANCE SOMETHING AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!...LOTS OF LOVE MARIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
SIMPLY MARVELOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
Thank you Marie, your advice was extremely trustful and consistent" ... written by joanna4
lovely as always cant wait for next year hehe ty hun xxx" ... written by somersetgirl
wow thanks , your great will be back xxx" ... written by Theresa123
Seemed to know what she was talking about. Will have to wait and see if her predictions come to pass. Thank you marieaitchisonn!" ... written by tarynrd85
Typing was difficult to understand. Very choppy sentences. May have been better if just talking was used." ... written by Gordon
Thank you so much for our insight and for being fast. I will really appreciate you. I can't wait for everything to come together. Thank you again." ... written by answers28
She always picks up my current situation and gives me accurate predictions on the future! MUST TRY!" ... written by Claire
Thanks for all your advise... thanks for helping me.. i did not even know my inuitation is that strong..... thanks you so much.. you help me alot..." ... written by alya
Ty for an excellent and accurate reading!" ... written by mozzy123
She is not just a good and warm hearted lady but also a very good friend who is having a very gentle soul!" ... written by Daniel79
Fab as usual. Love Marie to bits the best reader here, doesn't mess around tells you straight. Bless you Hun xxxx" ... written by suertemia
SHE IS SIMPLY THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
Interesting, so many things to ask but at least she managed to help me a little. " ... written by normandysam
Realistic..." ... written by spiritualgirl1
She was amazing!!! Very on, gave a lot of good feedback...would highly recommend!!" ... written by scadoodle
Marie is so quick, comforting, and very accurate with her readings. I really enjoy talking with her. She answered all of my questions without hesitation. Thank you." ... written by Lovepassenger
whoa! she is really good, she picked up on everything that was going around in the situation! Never asked any questions, knew everything ! I am amazed!" ... written by dalilahflores
Thanks Marie would recommend x" ... written by silverdllr
Thank u !!! i will let u know how it goes.. " ... written by Scorpionessa
She was very informative " ... written by pauline52
Another great and clear reading from Marie. She is always accurate and her predictions from previous readings have come to pass for me so I am hoping this will come to pass as well!! Thank you again! Highly recommended!" ... written by Nona29
Answered all my questions on point " ... written by vc1976
Great reading. Enjoyed her very much. Thank you!" ... written by Alease
Good!" ... written by spiritualgirl1
amazed!!" ... written by BESTGIFT32
Great adviser when you need consoling. " ... written by Alexsheart
Always excellent, thank you!" ... written by snowmoon
Very Quick answer" ... written by roa_gene
You are so true... thanks for your advice once again... i felt happy to talk to u !!! u cleared all the questions in my head" ... written by alya529
Mariea is very quick at picking up feelings and energy around situation and she is a very caring lady too. I enjoy her readings very much as they leave me with a clearer understanding of the bigger picture. She tells u the honest truth. Thank u again for a fantastic reading yet again. A very gifted and professional psychic XXX" ... written by tanyaolivia64
Thanks a lot, great advice and accurate" ... written by anjani48
Thanks Marie. Always very good. Great person I love talking to her. " ... written by Tracie
My goodness this woman is BIONIC!! She shuffles cards, reads the cards, AND types her answers, ALL AT THE SAME TIME! And her accuracy is out of this world. Quite maternal instincts, as well, even though I'm probably older than she is. How does she do it? Shuffle, spread, type and give extraordinarily accurate advice, all simultaneously? What What? Thank you Marie, you are amazing and wonderful!!!" ... written by SuperWoman!
luvvv marie:-))))))" ... written by lushez26
Great!" ... written by Beth
fast, honest, amazingly accurate" ... written by VivaLa__D
thanks so much. You were so quick and so positive. I do hope it will be like you said and I should know soon :) lots of love xx " ... written by sunny3107
Marie is great! She gives so much positive things to me, she helped me to believe that I can do what ever I want. I can achieve my dreams! Thanks Marie :)" ... written by scorpio23
Congrats Marie for helping 1000 members! " ... written by Mylife123
Fab as usual ;-)))) Great Marie xxx" ... written by suertemia
Thank u!" ... written by rutti1962
She picked up right away and gave me the confirmation I needed. Very helpful reading." ... written by scaredtolose
as always a really interesting reading with Marie. I dont know if I'm sad or happy...lots of mixed emotions." ... written by pixi78
THanks you so much an dcan't wait to see it happening. lots of love xx " ... written by sunny3107
Marie is a fabulous gifted psychic! You will not be dissapointed! Definately have a reading with her! Love you Marie! Will for sure be back for another! oxoxox" ... written by Neptunes-Child
Very insiteful, she was able to tune into me immediately, she picked up vibrations that were fairly new. Will definately calll her again. Thank You, Michelle" ... written by frustrated67
Excellent as always!" ... written by lisa
Lovely reading, as always! " ... written by W
Very good - picked up right away. Accurate and caring...very quick!" ... written by scaredtolose
THIS LADY IS AMAZING!!! I have had 2 readings and the predictions just unfold like clock work its absolutly amazing, Mariea you have helped me sooooo much. so much love and light to you my friend xxx" ... written by SarahA
She is/was so very wonderful and delicate. An angel. She told me of my future and the present situation with clarity and conviction. Typed fast and answered everything, very well worth your time." ... written by peachybeez
Marie is an angel...a wonderful human being. thank you for your advise.I will definately be back!!!" ... written by suzana01
Marie is an angel...a wonderful human being. thank you for your advise.I will definately be back!!! Keep smiling and having those chocolate bars!!! You are my new best friend XXOXO " ... written by suzana01
Marie is very quick and to the point! she will not mess you around and provide you with an accurate and true reading." ... written by Alex
Wow!!!! Amazing!!! thats all i can say!!! Thank you so much Marie!!!" ... written by weissinha
She is/was so very wonderful and delicate. An angel. She told me of my future and the present situation with clarity and conviction. Typed fast and answered everything, very well worth your time." ... written by peachybeez
THE BEST of the best! M has helped me time and time again.......Love and Light to you and those you serve Marie... you are truly a blessing on Earth." ... written by RobbyChicago
Wonderful - quick and great reading!" ... written by sacredlove71
aww ty hun looks liek things are getting nearer yayyyyy brilliant once again xx" ... written by sensativesoul
A very positive and clear reader. Thanks Marie." ... written by Erin
Love my Marie. Will be around for another after things happen. xD Thank you, your such a lovely lady!" ... written by BrokenJakk
Amazingly good reader and ONE of the bests on Oranum who is presented in UK's special Spirit andamp; Destiny Magazine!!!" ... written by okalulu
Fantastic !!!! Always there when I need you. God bless. A xxx" ... written by anon
love her" ... written by bluesky10
Thank you hun another nice reading xxx" ... written by sensativesoul
Marie picked up on me right away without asking any questions. She is truly gifted. Thank you for lifting my spirits." ... written by diane1964
Love her as always! She is very accurate and gives u always the best answer. Love u marie always and god bless u!" ... written by from_8mile
Thanks so much. You helped me see situation in a more positive light.. love, xx" ... written by sunny3107
Five Stars and more for Marie.... Happy Holidays to you and your family Marie. " ... written by mylife123
Thank you very much" ... written by rbc863
really good reading hope everything goes the way she said it would " ... written by lucy29
Once upon a time a couple months ago, I was a newbie on oranum. So i didnt know what i was doing and came into marie's room. I just said andamp;quot;hiandamp;quot; and she said to me andamp;quot;you just came out of a break up didnt you?andamp;quot; I didnt give her a single detail and she picked up on my situation within 2 seconds. Thats beyond impressive. So then i had my first private with her today, asking her to connect with me first. She was right on spot with her connections i didnt tell her anything about myself at all. I would highly reccomand. So now im waiting on her future predictions to come true alos. She made me happy and encourgaed me and is amazing. HIGHLY RECCOMAND. " ... written by astrology22
loved her.. very fast .. very accurate.. i loved my reading with her.. will defo come back for another reading.. " ... written by scorpionsarita
......just when i needed her, she is always there for me. what can words do, but express my thanks...she is GREAT!!! " ... written by lisa
Always incredible... :) Thank you, Marie. xoxoxo" ... written by snowmoon
Very caring and considerate person. Tunned into my situation and made a couple predictions. Will update once they come true. Thanks again Marie." ... written by enamorada
Very detailed! Thank you!" ... written by tanya22
She was so good! She also works quickly :)" ... written by florwer85
She seemed pretty SPOT ON ... will have to wait to see what happens! Gave me hope! :)" ... written by LovelyLeo1
Another prediction come true. Amazing lady xx" ... written by Sarah
She is very good, reliable and very helpful. You feel very relived after speaking with her, it is like therapy. She has a talent and can tell you what you need to know before asking. She is a quality psychic andamp;amp; not a chancer. I wish her more blessings and all I can say is thank you, for her spot on reading." ... written by Kelebetse
Amazing as always!!! Second reading with Marie and I will be back!!! Thanks Marie!!!" ... written by diane1964
We shall see. I hope she is right." ... written by Bens_girl
so fast and insightful....she really is able to see and feel the situation and also give some wise advice and time frames to help you sort things out. bless you marie xoxox" ... written by divinegoodness
Marie was very straight forward and to the point. She wasted no time on tuning in on my situation and gave me clear answers to my questions. I enjoyed the reading with her very much and I hope that all she told me will come to pass. Thanks again and will check " ... written by geoff007
Thank you so much! You were so very detailed and accurate in many things you said! I sincerely appreciate it!" ... written by aurasena
thank you for giving me more confidence.. and u really did pick up on things i dint even have to tell you.. very fast too.. thanks so much.. i will be back again. :) " ... written by redrose24
Thank you for all your help. My education is the only that matters to me right now, and you picked up on everything. I wish I had more time to talk with you. Great reading! to the point! Thank you so much" ... written by Retsy44
Thanks Marie. You have helped me immensley. You always are intune and have spot advice. You are a good person marie. xxx" ... written by Tracie
Gentle as always" ... written by vinnythepoo
She is definitely sweet, understanding, and gave me clarity. Will be back soon." ... written by blue221
She was so spot on about things and told me about things to come, I cant wait. Great reading" ... written by Kelly
Liked reading w marie, shes kind quick to respond, i hope what shes told me comes true, ty marie." ... written by wingtip
She is truly amazing - gives so many specifics and lots of information in a short period of time. Very worthwhile to get a private reading with her :)!!! FIVE STARS!!" ... written by sacredlove71
I love her readings!!! She is very detail, not that many questions to ask, just let her tell you and she will go on a rampage!!!!! Talented, very talented!!!" ... written by insearch1964
Thank you for your advice... Straight forward ...Tx again" ... written by answers28
Good girl, accurate, simple, clear, quick. Approved =) " ... written by vjrei01
Very good, clear, precise and caring. Explained everything. Thanks so much!" ... written by dreamer65
Always loved talking to her" ... written by from_8mile
Thank you..very good advice." ... written by valb312
She say things the way they are, not what you want to hear. .. Everything she said is so true.. " ... written by Scorpionessa
Always wonderful... xoxoxox" ... written by snowmoon
amazing , mindblowing don't know whatelse to say, highly, very highly recomended thats for sure." ... written by remedio
Thank you for the reading u pickedup on alot and cant wait for the good things that havent happened yet but will be in touch when they do strsight to the point genuine reader will be back xxxx" ... written by Marie
Thank you for advice xx" ... written by sunny3107
Was good read. But am hopeing it doesn'thappen with the bee.. " ... written by Charles
Good advice, helped me" ... written by klw877
Awesome! Honest and quick with answers. Extremely happy with my reading! I give her 5 stars!" ... written by swiftcats64
Scarily accurate and gave me hope when I am all nerves. Thank you!" ... written by jswede1149
Great as always!" ... written by littleone73
Really helped me out. she's a gifted lady 5++++" ... written by tivabeth22
Marie was able to connect immediately, she did not waste your credits, she was clear, concise, and to the point. I wish I had more credits with her. She types very fast. Sensitive, and very Sweet, but truthfull!!!" ... written by Michelle
She just started reading, I am so beyond impressed. LOVE LOVE LOVE her honesty, integrity and intensity! WORTH THE INVESTMENT!" ... written by Questionlove2
she is very kind and loving and right on the money. " ... written by nicholek
I feel much more confident and comfortable after this reading, my gut told me what I needed to do but human nature makes us doubt ourselves, i feel that immediate choice i was going to make should wait a bit and be calm as what i really want is around the corner, much calmer, thank you for your time and help" ... written by Esther216
Very accurate and nice....I would read with her again" ... written by michele64
This was a very good and positive reading. I will contact her again." ... written by AName2
She is wonderful!!!!!!Very accurate!!!!" ... written by KKBABY11
Wow! Have never been given so much info in a reading! Great, thank you very, very much!! Fabulous!" ... written by littleone73
Wow she is really good..." ... written by cookietiger
Great as always! One of the best readers on here!" ... written by Banghart77
Thank you Marie... i really needed u !! xxxx" ... written by Scorpionessa
Thank you so much for helping me. You told me things I've been told before, but you touched on something that I hadn't been told. You are truly doing us all good by sharing your gifts." ... written by MsKatie
Very good, very insightful." ... written by julie45
Oh my, I got overwhelmed with so much information. What a vision..." ... written by _Alexis
Wow so accurate with the reading. I look forward for her predictions" ... written by jasminepapas
She made predictions so we shall see.... but what she picked up was accurate :)" ... written by Donaldduck123
She's on point. She knows before you say it. Respect to this gifted woman." ... written by cobb864
I have absolutely loved this reading with her, she anwered my question without knowing a thing about me, her predictions are exciting me!! I can't wait to see if they will come about!! I highly recommend her (:" ... written by lilmama11
Great as always!!!! " ... written by bubblelove33
The Best!" ... written by Scorpionessa
Great advice, very nice, looking forward to her advice to happen. " ... written by yaamendez15
She is wonderful she helped alot!! we love her!! " ... written by psuaims43
She was very accurate and it was a pleasure to speak and get guidance from her. i do highly recommend if you need immediate answers to all your questions 5 stars yes she is well worth it!" ... written by peace2u2
Thank you!!" ... written by Alexsheart
Thank you again for easing my mind. Your readings always make so much sense :). Will see you again next month xxx" ... written by SarahA
Marie is so Supportive. She honestly cares about her client. She doesnt gives you false hopes like other psysic. andamp;amp; she is always there for you. Marie has helped me out alot. Honestly love her!! I highly recommend her. She will take " ... written by Scorpionessa
She is quick and accurate!" ... written by florwer85
Marie is great, will let her know how it goes with my guy." ... written by hoofer13
Very Nice person and right on with everything." ... written by cookietiger
Always good to get a reading from marie. Thanks" ... written by Tracie
I'm so so so happy! I was feeling so down and desperately needed advice. Marie Aitchisonn gave me a boost of confidence in such a short time! I'm feeling so much better :) :) Thank you and tons of loving light to you!" ... written by manijhe
This lady knows how to type fast!!! She is quite accurate :) And sticks to the present." ... written by hope2321
Marie I love you, you are s great. Go to Marie best on Oranum xxxxx" ... written by suertemia
So far, she has given me the most specific and accurate info of all the readers I've tried on She is my favorite. " ... written by lylakpetals
SHE IS OUTSTANDING" ... written by sweets123
All I can say is WOW. Thank you so much, you have really helped me to feel so much better. So quick and true. Even repeated some things said in free chat over 2 months ago! wow...thank you" ... written by tammycharlene
Great reading...i love her calmness and positive attitude....made me feel better!" ... written by wendic
Great " ... written by Banghart77
Thanks Marie...positive as ever...I'll keep in touch." ... written by Groggy59
Thanks for the reading. I was hoping for more specifics on ancestral info, but I know it is difficult. She touched on love life and career which were on point to what I have been feeling. She confirmed that 2012 will be the year of change for me and wil just get better. Thanks! " ... written by girlwithsockson
So quick and helpful always...very spot on and straight to the point! Excellent reader!!" ... written by yas
She is amazing, really caught on my situation very well, very fast typist." ... written by Ammer
100 STARS: i don't even need to ask her questions anymore, she just tells me - how perfect is that!!!! Marie - thanks for always being there for me and for guiding me. xoxoxoxoxoxox" ... written by lisa
Marie is an outstanding psychic. Best on Oranum!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
She is amazing!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Marie is just outstanding! Try her You will be happy you did!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Great as always! " ... written by littleone73
One of the BEST psychics on Oranum!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Good reading. thank you much!" ... written by BrokenJakk
I enjoyed her reading and she gave very good advice" ... written by lovebutterfly8
Was very very good, right on with questiosn thankyou" ... written by cookietiger
Very good! " ... written by daffodil71
Marie is indeed so AMAZING, SO ACCURATE AND PRESCISE... truly gifted expert... and psychic... thank you for the readings Marie.. and i appreciate it... " ... written by home888
Very accurate reading.... defiantly recommend" ... written by Scorpionessa
Always Good" ... written by bubblelove33
Don't know yet. I hope what she said will happen" ... written by jmerritts
Great as always! Fantastic!" ... written by littleone73
Wow quick and specific - hope it comes true :D" ... written by Nicole212
Marie is a very good psychic very helpful and honest,, i respect her for that and she tells it how it is thanku,,, sorry credits ran out x" ... written by f999111
IN TEARS SHE IS AMAZING.." ... written by beautiful_redd
I am truly amazed by her abilities. She is the best on this site. I would only chose her for insight for now on. " ... written by Parker120406
Outstanding as always!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Thank You so much for giving me good advice. You told me so much without even knowing anything about my husband. You knew him and how he is. It tells me a lot and gives me a lot to think about. Thank you so much. Very impressed." ... written by livehappy70
Positive reading...caring psychic :)" ... written by TravellingInside
I am blown away with her clarity and wisdom. She is beyond accurate!! Truly stellar!!!" ... written by Questionlove2
Fantastic " ... written by De5pina
Great reader. Love talking to Marie. Thanks once again for your impeccable guidance." ... written by OverJoyed
Marie is very sweet, down to earth and accurate. I love her reading style. She is quick and does not waste time or money. Thank you." ... written by OverJoyed
One word : Amazing. Thankyou for the advise." ... written by tb
She answer all my questions, she is the best, " ... written by heather89
5 star! She's my go to girl!" ... written by florwer85
Great ! she is very fast and gives advice also." ... written by severa91
Marie is great as always!!!! xxxx" ... written by weissinha
I will let you know when these predictions come to light." ... written by jasminepapas
:) Absolutely brilliant reader!! She has a rare gift that can give you goosebumps when the fortune vision comes true!! :) I'm absolutely amazed at her talent.. God bless you Marie!! Much love and light :))" ... written by manijhe
Thank you so much. You gave me so much hope about my future :) xx " ... written by sunny3107
She sees it happening soon thanks so much Marie I will let you know." ... written by hoofer13
THanks you are awesome....she didn't aske me for dob or anything...I just asked on question and she went right into it...thanks so much...I feel a lot better now^_^" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Very good reading! " ... written by starshine34
Marie is one of the best psychic on Oranum. She is empathetic, warm, sincere, honest and extremely gifted. I am always amazed by her insights and everything she has told me in the past, has come true. Thanks Marie I think you're wonderful :)" ... written by Rosie218
Sweet, clear and gives alot of info!!" ... written by Esterilla
She is great, very on point with everything she says. Really enjoyed talking to her and I will return." ... written by lmcgee901
Marie was just amazing!!! She figure out a love situation and has helped me understand and move forward. I am now eagerly awaiting .....Definitely come back again...thankyou" ... written by suzana01
Excellent marie is natural born psychic. one of the best on oranum!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
She very good " ... written by crazycatlady01
Excellent, clear concise great energy loved it." ... written by alizaroncrimson
AMAZING!!!" ... written by Questionlove2
Very quick to answering your questions and very kind. Thank you for the guidance Marie :) It is nice to know that I am still on the right path. " ... written by livehappy70
Sweet and kind soul that I sensed even through the computer. Accurate in her reading of my situation. Gentle guidance that I will seek again. Highly recommend." ... written by lilliableu
Marie, you are very in tune with what is going on. thanks " ... written by hoofer13
Amazing...she told me something in free chat ....before it happend...and then it did!!!! i had to tell her in pvt and now believe me, you will never go wrong talking to her....x0x0 lots of hugs Marie" ... written by lisa
Marie is great with insight and advice,you will not be disappointed!" ... written by marsylyttle
Yes she is good and tells the truth does not lie 1000 stars" ... written by truthplease
Thank you Marie, I appreciate your time!" ... written by richie5280
Great read" ... written by FRANCIS27
She gave me a fact that I told no one about. I was telling her a story about a wierd incident I had the wind came up and blew money right out of my pocket. I told her I had caught most of it, and when I paused she said "you fell". I didnt even tell that to anyone. And today in my reading, she got everything right on the money. I know there are a lot of fakes out there, but miss Marie, she is the real deal! Thanks for caring Marie! You truly are one of a kind! " ... written by shonie
Very helpful reading." ... written by maryannepav
FABULOUS!!!!! AS ALWAYS!!! " ... written by diane1964
Great as always!" ... written by bubblelove33
Brilliant reading thank you so much" ... written by chelle54
Fantastic reader!" ... written by sweets123
Positive and tuned in..will be back!" ... written by lilliableu
She is great! Always consistent with readings and accurate!" ... written by :)
My second reading with this fabulous lady :) She is very fast and does not waste time, she had perfect timing for my credit today. I thankyou so much for the things you have said, as it has given me hope, and lifted my spirits. I do appreciate it very much.. Lots of love and blessings... Toyah x" ... written by toyah123
Outstanding!!!!!!!" ... written by tendollars
Always great!" ... written by bubblelove33
Great as always, a star!" ... written by littleone73
Fab as always the best one on here, so quick and straight to the point." ... written by suertemia
GOOD" ... written by ppp
Wonderfull wonderfull girl!! Very helpfull" ... written by jollie
Like always....she is great." ... written by florwer85
Always good! love talking!" ... written by bubblelove33
Marie has a deep connection with me and I feel blessed to have met her. You're absolutely divine." ... written by _Alexis
It was great, right on target" ... written by 12aqua
She is amazing!!!" ... written by sanshine
Very on point,has detailed time lines, she's a must try." ... written by starz189
A very nice reading. Very accurate. i will be back. Thank you :)" ... written by maria50t
Highly recommended, one of my favourite psychics in Oranum!!" ... written by Alexsheart
Always good, honest and great person. Thank you" ... written by Tracie
Very genuine person , she really wants to help . there are people who just see you and get the job done for the sake of it, not Marie she is one who cares and is genuine in her work. people come here because they are distressed , at those times they would need someone like Marie. Im lucky to have found her and a few other blessed spirits here. God bless you and keep you happy always xoxoxo" ... written by quickdance
She gets straight to the point and answers your question in great detail that will blow you away. She will leave you wondering, andamp;how did she know that? And then, she gives you advice to make your life better always. She's wonderful, the best psychic on oranum." ... written by lylakpetals
" ... written by Chris7878
Shes my regular, i seirously dont know what to do without her i trust her no matter what, i belive her i had no doubt from her reading so dont hesitate i do trust her" ... written by from_8mile
Shes my regular, i seirously dont know what to do without her i trust her no matter what, i belive her i had no doubt from her reading so dont hesitate i do trust her" ... written by from_8mile
So quick to the answer. I will come back again..." ... written by cool99
Quick to answer no waste of credit friendly picks up accuratly many thanks! Will come back again." ... written by mcbint
Picked exactly what I was about to ask her... Accurate... I will come back again!" ... written by cool99
Made immediated connection and sought approval in free chat in pvt good calming manner. Thank u " ... written by mcbint
Very good, fast typing" ... written by mcgmpc2509
She was very fast and accurate and i will definately be back thank you for the reading" ... written by maria50t
Marie did an amazing reading :D thnx marie" ... written by Gu3st74
Great I loved what she had to say." ... written by emmlovex33
She is dead on...on key! Great for reassurance." ... written by leila1048
This was a very positive, inspiring andamp; reassuring reading. Thank you very much Marie! You're beautiful :)" ... written by rolinsand
She's amazing!" ... written by Pam_mie
She very accurate on what she said and also very nice person." ... written by prettyeyes0401
Excellent and very helpful. " ... written by maryannepav
All my love are truly truly gifted" ... written by lisa
Cheers marie xx " ... written by louise21
I liked what she said, i hope that its true. she was very precise with her reading. straight forward. thanks" ... written by myjenny
Wow! She was quick and on point! She's the real deal. You will not be disappointed!" ... written by TrueSpirit
I give 5 diamond stars that shine evanescent light from the heavens for you Marie and thank you for your accurate connection ... I feel I can do this ... May God Bless You ... " ... written by Iamwithgod
Accurate,she knew it all and advised me..always liked her,and my very first psychics i visited in free chat..she draws me towards her" ... written by buty
GOOD STUFF" ... written by mfurney
Happened always, accurate always" ... written by from_8mile
AWESOME AS ALWAYS!" ... written by mfurney
Always good to talk too, and makes you see what you know you should already be seeing..." ... written by bubblelove33
Marie is indeed an amazing human being. Thank you!" ... written by _Alexis
Thank you for your time... It really did help me feel better and everything you said made a lot of sense... God bless you!" ... written by florallamas123
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! Loved every second of it and will definitely be back!! You are amazing Marie, truly amazing!!!" ... written by AlysiumDream
Great" ... written by mfurney
She was the only psychic that I could think about and didn't want to have reading with anyone else," ... written by from_8mile
Thanks very Marie for looking into that for me, just very confused and was so unsure on what was happening, but thank you for clearing that up! :)" ... written by oneofsorts
I think this is the best reader i have ever had, she was amazing and to the point... you cant ask for better... thank you so much x" ... written by peterniemand
Very nice lady, helped me a lot!" ... written by Tashbash22
She picked up on what i needed to hear at the time am psychic my self love her energy shes a sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by cancerscorp
SHE IS ACCURATE, BELIEVE ME!" ... written by ppp
Always great!" ... written by bubblelove33
Fantastic reading, picked up my situation really quickly. Gave me lots of information quickly and I am a really satisfied customer. MANY THANKS!!!!!!!" ... written by mystical23
She was amazing and definitely will be back! Go to her answered in short time amazing! God bless you hun xxx" ... written by manox123
Very very very fast! Great reader very genuine and kind! Completely and utterly satisfied with the reading such a beautiful person." ... written by soulquarianlove
Very fast and very fast connection. I really needed to hear her message today. Talk to Marie!" ... written by lilliableu
Very good and fast!" ... written by teddy31643
She was very good and kind, with good information. Will come back again!" ... written by Talbain
She is great reader!" ... written by 1111warlock
Wonderful fast insightful and on target " ... written by higherthanlife
Thanks. You helped so much - and quickly." ... written by Smprivo
She is awesome and has a beautiful heart, very comforting and understanding =) truly gifted lady" ... written by lovelylovely89
Very well read!!!!" ... written by cabas
Amazing women. The best." ... written by lightinside
The best and most accurate and brilliant!" ... written by lightinside
Always good, always the best!" ... written by from_8mile
Good and very reassuring. Thanks :)" ... written by TravellingInside
She is great!" ... written by :)
Reading was good - will have to see." ... written by nickellme
She's great! Very insightful and knew me without saying anything!I will be back again! She gave me a prediction that I'm hoping will come true!" ... written by lolapstar91
Very typer...very positive...informative...overall great!" ... written by foreverblessed13
Very good!!" ... written by Toneberg
GOOD ONE" ... written by ppp
Great as ever..even though its the info is not ideal, I trust her message is from spirit." ... written by lilliableu
Brillant reading. will definately have a reading again with her" ... written by meldove777
Incredible, wonderful, professional, insightful, I really recommend a private. Then you will understand what I said." ... written by john
EXCELLENT :)" ... written by farheenasim124
Amazing amazing amazing! She's knows the truth and is sharing it in wonderful positive light :) Must listen to her again and again and ask her all your questions because she never ever lies... for many months her predictions about me have been unbelievably accurate!! Gosh I'm so surprised and sooo happy :) :) :)" ... written by manijhe
Marie always always always keeps me in check.... Love you marie.....cheers!!!" ... written by wingtip
Thanks for your reading. speaks the truth and does not waste time. :) " ... written by Unique1here
The best, very best... she's a good Medium" ... written by thanks2u
Very good" ... written by Susiescimone01
I have had two email readings first w her. they both came to past. I was shocked how much she knew in the prvt reading. She knew my birthday and she knew my daughter was pregnant. She yet made a wonderful prediction of happiness and success coming soon for me and I have to believe it. She predicted i would meet a lover with the initial "S" and I did. She told me this lover would be giving me a special gift and I can't wait to come back and tell she knew this too. Sooo excited. Wow...Wow....Wow....Wow..." ... written by katharazz
Thank you." ... written by wendic
Wonderful and fast. " ... written by higherthanlife
Marie is great. So compassionate. She gives me hope. Will come back to talk to her soon." ... written by padmapani
Great great!!!" ... written by thanks2u
Enjoyed the reading. She was quick and to the point." ... written by maxwellsmart66
She is so unbelievably fast, accurate, and stellar!!!" ... written by Questionlove2
Very insightful and connects immediately, I thought she would be great and I was right" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very good reading, will have to wait and see what the outcome is. Definitely worth the credits. Recommended." ... written by terryma123
She is terrible....she dint ask for any details and she highligthed on every aspect without me telling her anything. I am too impressed. She is amazing." ... written by bubblygirl
Brilliant brilliant brilliant! Marie is just who you need when you doubt the deepest feelings inside :) " ... written by manijhe
Fantastic as usual.. Thank you." ... written by suzana01
Very fast. Thanks." ... written by tuda11
She's the best!" ... written by padmapani
Quick and to the point!" ... written by snowbird40
BEST.." ... written by farheenasim124
She is wonderful!" ... written by pakkidskelly
Instant connection. Extremely validating, therapeutic, and accurate. Altogether lovely experience that left me feeling much better about who I am and my next phase in life. Thank you so much Marie. I learned a lot, and I feel much more steady." ... written by bknight80
Thank you for the clarity. i appreciate your insight. very helpful." ... written by sunflower9
My private really covered many issues and was so in tune of what I needed to here. She covered many aspect of past present and future. Thanks oranum." ... written by 1talkalot
Really liked the reading, very accurate thank you. :)" ... written by Klaudyna27
Picked up really quickly and thank u very much!!" ... written by sweetally
Exactly what I needed to hear." ... written by TheMonarch
Absolutely amazing!" ... written by eetswaa1
Amazing as always :) Thank you so much Marie :) I'm very pleased with her reading :) " ... written by manijhe
She is best " ... written by manoj2562
Fast, good!" ... written by st5sts
Marie is always on target, cant wait to tell her when my guy gets back." ... written by hoofer13
Always good to come back for a reading with marie,best phsycic on here. Thanks ;]" ... written by Klaudyna27
She's the best :)" ... written by manijhe
Very good. Felt a very nice vibe off you. Thank you!!! x" ... written by JuliaButrenko
Marie is fast. There was a bit of a confusion I felt at first, but she does not waste credits and gave some detailed predictions. Everything she said makes sense." ... written by anon
Shes very accurate.. She told me details and the next day it happen just how she said.." ... written by nafayia1984
You are amazing to speak with!!! You picked up on everything perfectly!!! I hope whatever you said comes true... and I will definitely keep you posted on this!!!" ... written by sanatahreem
Great reader. Will read again." ... written by meldove777
Marie is a friend when you need her and an amazing empath with great insight into your love life. Very genuine!" ... written by manijhe
GREAT!!" ... written by iampsyched11
She's good at what she does!!" ... written by iampsyched11
She is good (: Her previous predictions came to pass! Can't wait for these ahhh :D" ... written by merpderpherrpy
Great reading, thank you! I will come back!" ... written by shaki1991
Easily one of the best psychics I have ever had the pleasure to meet." ... written by lightinside
Very quick and great reading." ... written by justinsensei
Always great honest and direct, no footing with Thank you." ... written by Tracie
Fast, to the point." ... written by dd41783
Thanks. Your awesome!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Very quick very very accurate" ... written by nafayia1984
Gifted reader, accurate, her information just was wonderful 5 stars." ... written by arlinruth
Very accurate read very helpful ill come back and see her " ... written by truartist
A+" ... written by snowbird40
Lovley to talk to her...great...thanks" ... written by serinaserina
Wow, before I could even get my first question typed out, she was already typing answers to me and fast. " ... written by tblove1
Great I like her very much! :))" ... written by mary
Insightful !!! Fast !!!" ... written by jaykun
Great and very fast and to the point great!100%" ... written by Darrantong74
Absolutley awesome, always honest wether you like it or not. This time it was a good honest." ... written by higherthanlife
As Always, insightful and accurate to my questions. She is worth spending time with." ... written by Duke
Great reading, picked up on the situation perfectly and gave me good advice. Great update as what she told me before came to pass and i'm positive this will too. Thanks" ... written by warrenkitty83
That was AWESOME!!!!! Never had a reading before but that made me feel great about my future." ... written by stankfiist
So quick to connect great reader" ... written by fasina
She was good!" ... written by Anniekins
SHE IS GREAT I WILL ASK FOR HER AGAIN " ... written by linmom
She is very good! I'm going to come back again!" ... written by marlenea64
Awesome....Excellent....100% Accurate....luv to see this psychic time to time...godbless" ... written by monit_heda
THANK YOU SO MUCH MARIE... I HATE I RAN OUT OF CREDITS....UGH !" ... written by qndiva
Thank you wonderful reading to get all the questions I need to help me through. Right on with every point." ... written by tonio73
AMAZING. I am so calm now- so free. She is absolutely amazing." ... written by tara
Thanks Marie always honest and straightforward" ... written by Tracie
Thank you for reading, always appreciate" ... written by sweetally
I had technical problem so i couldn't see her" ... written by sweetally
I come to Marie when I want the truth." ... written by anothersoul1
She was amazing!!! Very positive and knew so much!!!" ... written by Priya477
Marie is great, cant wait for the profecy to come true. She is by far the best. Thanks so much." ... written by hoofer13
Thank you so much again. I appreciate you." ... written by tara_mcm
Thank you for such a great reading." ... written by sunfun340
Wow!!! How could she have known!!!!!!??? its hectic what she knew without saying to her... She is fast.... Friendly and tells it like it is!!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Wonderful!" ... written by moniquea
She's great and right to the point. Gives great advice as well. I'd go back! Thank you so much!" ... written by Lpap116
Very quick responses no messing about, very good" ... written by Benson2001
She is great..." ... written by ppp
VERY GOOOOOD" ... written by Klaudyna27
She just keeps getting better and better everytime I see her. Whats amazing is that she is so consistent with previous readings. Great!!" ... written by iampsyched11
Addicted to Marie !!" ... written by iampsyched11
Fast reading... quite good.." ... written by gerritmarx
Nice lady and very accurate. Call her you won't regret it." ... written by silenthill7
As always I loved every second. :)" ... written by Vermillion5
Thank you so much friend. What a uplifting reading. " ... written by tara_mcm
Was a very good reading,i'll be back" ... written by sublime5157
Awesome lady, so right about things." ... written by littlekelly0217
Marie was wonderful. She helped to calm my fears and was right on target about the person I was having concerns with. Will definitely speak to her again. Thanks Marie." ... written by kkinney7
Very accurate." ... written by sunshine456
She's great. Straight to the point and nailed everything without telling her any information. Will come back. Thanks for the good reading." ... written by leila1048
Excellent reading, to the point and helpful, please thank Marie" ... written by mackenzie2nd
GR8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 AS ALWAYS " ... written by remedio
PHENOMENAL!!! Amazingly accurate!" ... written by Chloe28
Thank you. Cant wait to see how things end up." ... written by tara_mcm
Just fantastic!" ... written by freebecca
Positive and full of details reading :) Marieaitchisonn has a lot to tell you, believe me! Thanks again, will come back for another reading for sure :)" ... written by thetruthseeker
Great reading, gave me honest answers and good updates, always accurate and picks up well on the situation" ... written by warrenkitty83
AS ALWAYS A1 !!" ... written by iampsyched11
Nice reading, very quick and detailed." ... written by zebedeee39
Marie, you were fantastic, thank you sooo much...amazing psychic ability....100 stars!'" ... written by Maiden14
Thanks!!" ... written by iampsyched11
SWEETHEART......ADORABLE ACCURATE AND KIND........" ... written by beautifulmoi
Went straight to the situation and got to the details quickly! Very good!" ... written by mhharview
Was a good reading." ... written by jberger433
Forever reliable and trust worthy always accurate and honest tthank you so much!! xx" ... written by harmoniclove
Great reading!" ... written by Sirius
Marie is the best !!!! 20 stars plus as always." ... written by hoofer13
Excellent again! Loved it!" ... written by mini1214
Really great help, very fast and caring." ... written by mini1214
Marie is always awesome. Thank you." ... written by hoofer13
Great and accurate! straight to the point" ... written by technoGIRL
Thank you always good!" ... written by bubblelove33
She is my best friend and I always rely on her shoulders whenever I need someone's help." ... written by sweetally
Thank you she meant alot" ... written by dolphinluv72
Awesome!!! wonderful!!! I always return and she is always on the mark again and again!!!" ... written by higherthanlife
5 stars all the time!!!! never lets me down has very good accuracy and connects excellently!! love her truly AMAZING!!!!" ... written by harmoniclove
I JUST LOVE MARIE SHE IS SOOOOO AMAZING !!!!!!!!!! 5 STARS ONCE AGAIN BEAUTIFUL LADY !!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
I dont have describe her! she's totally d psychic to go prvt wit!! Fast nd her advices are so genuine. She gives advice nd details in depth. Quality assurance i say! hehe. lots of luv xoxox" ... written by mehakn1234
Excellent as usual...things that she has told me are coming to pass....i think i can completely trust her and she is worth every penny...thank you so much.." ... written by bubblygirl
Words can't express the amazing skills, talent and insight this lovely lady has! Each time when I think i can't be amazed Marie always amazes me! She is not only spot on she is very very accurate she has said things I have not even mentioned or told her like I said no words can express!!! Absolutely amazing xxxxxx" ... written by harmoniclove
She hears me out patiently and guides me when I have lots of doubts. So far so good. Her predictions can only get better! Luv you Marie" ... written by Jamie10245
Thank you Marie! You are excellent and thorough psychic, xoxoxo" ... written by milona
She always gives her honest opinions on subjects that bother me. Lays out the pros and cons and tries to get the best out of me. Very inspiring. Thanks Marie" ... written by greenleaf77
Marie connected so fast and shocked me with some things that she sensed about my life:) She is great, seriously! I strongly recommend a private reading with Marie:)" ... written by LoveElly
I've been waiting to have a private reading with marie :) she is so accurate and very smart :) she is sincere and straight to the point. She's like a sister and a very true friend :) I am one of her loyal clients. Keep up the good work marie" ... written by Autumn_fairy1998
Loving and caring friend. She is so patient and always comforting, thank you :)" ... written by millie1123
My friend is always there when I need help. Marie is sweet and caring. " ... written by loganmx
Great reader." ... written by snowbird40
Always good to see Marie - very clear, and (I hope!) very accurate. She gave me a lot of hope today. Thank you x" ... written by Bella100
Thanks marie your prediction always comes true." ... written by Angelapebbles
I am a continueing client of marie's. She is awesome and her abilities are fantastic. She is beyond words and is always there to comfort and guide.....100 stars......" ... written by lisa
There has never been a psychic more right on than her after 6 times.. She's always right..What else better can you say." ... written by katharazz
Awesome, thank you so much. You are very gifted" ... written by sunshine456
Hi thanks for the update and will keep in touch 100%" ... written by Darrantong74
BRILLIANT always " ... written by beautifulmoi
She is good." ... written by ppp
Spot on. This lady gives validations and predictions. Although I cannot vouch for the predictions as yet, I have a lot of faith in what she has said as she told me things that someone could never just guess. She described the person in question on a physical level, their occupation and verified other things too. You will not be wasting your money if you spend time with Marie in private chat. Worth every penny. It's nice to meet a genuine pyschic on here. Thanks Marie, you're amazing! " ... written by librabeauty
Great! always accurate! Thank you." ... written by johny_john
this woman is so on point its amazing!!! truly love her " ... written by harmoniclove
Been following her advices and it keeps me happy :)" ... written by esterada
Marie is awesome as usual!" ... written by hoofer13
This woman is always awesome. thanx" ... written by rbc863
Very detailed and very good reading will be back for another reading" ... written by sky456
PERFECT.AWSUME , GOD BLESS MARIE" ... written by remedio
Good one!!" ... written by hashmi84
I keep going back to her for more insight. Her predictions have so far never failed. xoxoxo" ... written by jasonx1234
Marie is such a sweet person, she gives me great energy and hope every time we get into a private reading. Thank you so much Marie, i will keep you posted:) And everyone, i strongly recommend a private reading with Marie!!" ... written by LoveElly
Always amazes me how much she knows about me, without telling her anything. Her calm, peaceful personality is a pleasure to observe. Thank you Marie xoxox" ... written by iaminvincible
Wow" ... written by maynardtony
Interesting insights with very little knowledge. " ... written by gardhard49
Lovely and so gently giving advices as always!! Thank you for your time Marie!! " ... written by fresiaflower
Thank you!" ... written by epilock
Thank you for everything and thank you for answering my questions." ... written by candcmom87
Always the best. Highly recommended." ... written by _Alexis
What can I say? just amazing, awesome, without a doubt the best friend I ever found on Oranum, thank you Marie..." ... written by lilyana
Great reading Marie...You have given me hope in a time of need... Quick to connect and highly recommended... Thank you :)" ... written by suzana01
Thanks hun.. feel so good talking to you " ... written by serinaserina
Great as always! " ... written by zebedeee39
Thanx marie, so fast and accurate, great reader must try" ... written by fasina
Interesting reading." ... written by shaz77
Always good." ... written by Tracie
She was clear on my problem - very straight forward!" ... written by ladeeinwait
Wonderful reading, it felt like she knew a lot about me. A truly blessed psychic." ... written by josealvaro
Very honest to the point and great detail and always right..i have done many readings n will continue to do so " ... written by beautifulmoi
Her reading came true! YAY!! You should all see her! She is very sweet and a great psychic!!" ... written by meera830
She is very professional, accurate, and honest! I like her readings!" ... written by john
Real nice genuine gifted girl,highly recomend to people!" ... written by leanneuk26
She is very good and helpful." ... written by getmeright
She's very good!" ... written by marlenea64
Good reading." ... written by mancrm
Thank you again, Marie, for looking after me. I will let you know when things happen as they usually do :). Lots of love to you and get well soon x" ... written by SarahA
Wow " ... written by I_have_no_clue
Interesting read again." ... written by shaz77
Does not waste time, great psychic, thank you Marie!" ... written by liza
I just love Marie she is so on target! Stupendous." ... written by hoofer13
Great, great, great. Very detailed, with timeframes. lovely." ... written by zebedeee39
The best part about her readings are the advise that comes with it..not just predictions but the reasons behind sumtimes u need to know that..BRILLIANT AS ALWAYS" ... written by beautifulmoi
Amazing is all i have to say" ... written by kalixchole
She is so amazing. Once again another prediction of her came true. She told me he will message me back soon, and when I checked my mail, there was his message. I have tried almost all psychics here and none come across as her.Now i have found her! No need for me to try others. She is nothing, but the best and even her guidance and faith in you. I love her!" ... written by Angelapebbles
She is great..very fast..feel so good when I talk to her..thank you hun from all my heart " ... written by serinaserina
Always good on point and very fast. Whatever she told earlier had come true, so I believe in her. This time also it will..." ... written by bubblygirl
Had been waiting for the opportunity to have a private with Marie and finally got chance.. As expected she was fast, honest and bang on the money.. Told it how it was, and was precise, and geniune.. One of the best, if not the best psychic on here :) THANK YOU MARIE!" ... written by acejase80
Absolutely accurate. :) Very clear and straight on point. Great help, thanks so much, there is no confusion, no more. Much love. :)" ... written by sukychi
Love marie shes wonderful. Good reading as always" ... written by Moondancer61
Great as always but hope prediction will come true." ... written by serinaserina
Brilliant very very accurate." ... written by sky456
Marie is wonderul and awesome, had a second session today to really get details. Really trust in her abilities and what she sees and says." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Mary is a wonderful soul. She guides me in a special way and i already see the difference in my life. Had so many readings with her and i trust her with my life. thank you mary" ... written by cecilia
Marie is very clear and insightful, and I really feel truth and meaning in what she says. She is a very amazing lady!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Brilliant advice brilliant reading brilliant insight. " ... written by beautifulmoi
Thank you, sooo wonderful!" ... written by mancrm
Very good reading, very intuitive, picked up on the situation fast... Loved the reading... Now to see outcome, I feel positive. Thank you!" ... written by Carpi17
Brilliant" ... written by sky456
Marie is awesome, take her for a reading, you will be happily rewarded." ... written by hoofer13
WHAT A FANTASTIC READING......WHAT A SUPERB ADVICE...she was so happy for me...her expressions as he read..was amazing.....brilliant of my favs..and so chilled out u marie and thank you for guiding me through out the tough times." ... written by beautifulmoi
I love Marie so so so much, such a fantastic reader. Readings are fast and she is always accurate and sincere. Bless such a gifted lady. xxxxxx" ... written by suertemia
Great as always, I have really missed you Marie xx" ... written by SarahA
She's an awesome reader waited for her all these days...and she made me very happy...shes amazing just amazing. " ... written by beautifulmoi
Now I have clarity. Thank you." ... written by santhia1989
Just love Marie, she is fabulous, take her for a reading." ... written by hoofer13
One of my favourites." ... written by eware1978
Love her...Thanks!" ... written by hoofer13
Marie is the best, you will be amazed by her accuracy, she has been reading for me for several months. Totally awesome." ... written by hoofer13
Very fast, and I appreciate her uplifting positive message!" ... written by lilliableu
Wow again totally awesome, take her for a reading, you will be amazed." ... written by hoofer13
Superb fast accurate reading....The most amazing part is her advice!" ... written by beautifulmoi
Great reading!!" ... written by CaseyN
You are the best and thank you for your support as always:) You are the real one and I love you so much Little Marie:) Thank you xoxoxoxo" ... written by milona
Love Marie as always an angel xx" ... written by SarahA
Marie is wonderful. Full of information and a beautiful person. Worth talking to." ... written by Moondancer61
Thanks Marie... you're fantastic .... get stronger soon xx" ... written by Groggy59
EXCELLENT! " ... written by lagirl
Great reading. Patient and kind." ... written by yvettepandora
You're amazing! Thank you." ... written by lagirl
Marie was a true angel! She help me alot and answer questions that I really needed help with. She's an amazing psychic. She knew things before I even could tell her. It was such a great relief and peace of mind." ... written by sunflower22
Very quick and very thorough. Thanks for the reading! :)" ... written by RuinofDarkness
She is as usual, great, on point.. Everything that she told me earlier came true and it gives me great relief talking to her..." ... written by bubblygirl
Thanks again for your help and clarity ..... I much appreciate it. Lots of love x" ... written by sukychi
She is amazingly accurate . Highly recommended. god bless you always marie the great." ... written by remedio
She was very good!I really liked the reading with her!I'll come back to her, for sure!" ... written by Gia
Very intuitive, and knew exactly what was going on with me. She made me feel very happy after speaking to her." ... written by Destiny_Love
Marie is fantastic as usual. I love her to bits, always spot on and genuine. Love always Marie." ... written by anon
AWESOME!! " ... written by lagirl
Great, felt she totally described my ex partner and his characteristics." ... written by XEXPRESS12
She is amazing!" ... written by misspeach
Very nice (:" ... written by Mel
Cool connection, she is fast and precise." ... written by gem1974
Thank you.. You ROCK! " ... written by Lagirl
She was awesome, she read for me like no one else, I felt very hopeful and positive, come again to leave other review:)))" ... written by eternalove21
Thanks so much. I really appreciated that reading! xxx I will definitely be back on again soon. Best wishes, Tracy! x" ... written by newbie25
Like always the best!!!" ... written by Suuz72
Amazing she is so accurate my reading was wonderful i knew when i first came in her room she was amazing and very very gifted i want to thanku for waiting on me tonite u r a beautiful angel ! thanku for my reading it was everything i thought it wuld b and more ! I will return to u." ... written by 122673
Great person! thanks" ... written by Angelic03
She is very good and fast to connect and tell me things I didn't have to ask her too much questions, i am happy with the reading i will come back, is very good and i think i have to repeat the reading thanks!" ... written by akenatonacindere
AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by 122673
Right again. xx" ... written by SarahA
Awesome!! " ... written by lagirl
Fantastic insight as always..." ... written by beautifulmoi
Another fab reading from Marie. I love her to bits" ... written by anon
Another great reading from my wonderful friend. Thank you for your encouraging words. Thank you for your time as well. Have a great reading with her, she's wonderful, straight to the point. she knows a lot. keep it up marie" ... written by AutumnFairy
She is great as usual, love talking to her because she is caring and while she says exactly what is on the cards, she goes far and beyond to find out more in the cards that will give you hope and strenght!" ... written by numee2012
Very good. Thank you!" ... written by Raspberry220
Excellent reading love and light to you marie xxx" ... written by verseau
Excellent. Very helpful. She is sensitive and insightful. " ... written by Raspberry220
She's warm, to the point and gives very detailed reading, recommend to all! I can't wait for all predictions to come true!! xo" ... written by shopgirl
She is good and kind!" ... written by umabalan
The most Accurate reader ever." ... written by starsalign21
Magnificent amazing incredible kind nice accurate to the point all you need all you hope marie is the one" ... written by dreamingisfr33
You're awesome... " ... written by lagirl
Marie is always great to have a reading with. Take her to private, you will love it." ... written by hoofer13
Marie is a pure channel on uncorrupted information..." ... written by kalimaya
The eagle has communicated and the unexpected way in which it happened makes sense x" ... written by SarahA
Thank you for the reading. Will keep you updated :-) X" ... written by Helgaz1
Great as always!" ... written by zebedeee39
She gave me good advise I will come back to ask her, and she types fast thanks." ... written by akenatonacindere
Just love Marie, she is awesome, take her to private." ... written by hoofer13
Always a great help... Very insightful , I will keep coming back... Thanks! x" ... written by sukychi
She is great and awesome. Everything she tells me comes true. The only psychic i confide a lot in this site..." ... written by bubblygirl
Wonderful!" ... written by katehrine1965
Amazing insight amazing psychic, wonderful woman,,," ... written by hopelesschav
Marie is honestly the only REAL psychic I have ever been to. NO bullshit whatsoever. Predictions always happen. She can tell you the words in other peoples thoughts that you will later on hear from their own lips. Been doing readings with her for nearly 2 years x" ... written by SarahA
Thanks so much... Good, very good reading!" ... written by garcia433
Marie cleared a lot of air on the relationship front for me and it put my mind at ease, thank you! " ... written by Sarah
She is such a doll! First room I went into 2 years ago and picked up specifically on my situation in free chat within 30 seconds! " ... written by astrology
Marie very accurate, fast typer. Holding thumbs!" ... written by Skape55
superb reading, truly great i am very grateful thank you. Highly recommended very positive lady." ... written by zimerili1
She connected so well to my situation. Thank you so much! I can't wait to see the future! Looks so bright :)" ... written by Trista
Boy is she right on! she knew things without me telling her. Thank you for the advice." ... written by Marialuis
There was a compromise like you said there would be. I did not compromise." ... written by SarahA
Another great reading with her :). She is so loving, caring and straight to the point :) You are such an angel. I love you, Marie, my son says hi :) " ... written by AutumnFairy
Accurate reading! thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
This is the best reading I had in a long time. Thank you Marie, you're blessed. Postitive thoughts, great advice and a wonderful woman. All together a great session. Thank you! xox" ... written by Mimi
Very much liked her reading! Excellent reader." ... written by psymeow
Picked up on situation very quickly and was clear and precise. I got a great reading." ... written by Debra
Don't trust too many psychics but I can tell she picked up on my situation accurately. She gave me some very good advice!" ... written by keisha
Marie is so awesome take her for a private you will be amazed." ... written by Hoofer13
She was very accurate in her reading - saw everything very clearly! Truly a wonderful reader!!!" ... written by alwaystrg
Awesome, she's good with picking up on emotions and feelings!" ... written by keisha
Very good!" ... written by Lisa
Wow i love marie! shes always been right in her predictions." ... written by jp
Great!! Very special woman and reading!!" ... written by lilliableu
Amazing accurate so kind and nice great listener honest to the point just great fabulous recommended !!!" ... written by paul
Very good :) " ... written by J
amazing! rrght on point knew situation right away!" ... written by j
Very encouraging reading!! I felt so refreshed and energized. She described my situation accurately... she didn't need any info from me except from my name and age... then straight away she flooded me with information and insights and advices. thank you a lot Marie! You're definitely a five-star!!!!" ... written by steph
ALWAYS FABULOUS, PERFECT!!!" ... written by SA
She was so great and so nice. This was my first reading here and she was great. I would definitely recommend her!" ... written by lingearthy
One of the best, most genuine psychics I have ever encountered. Her past predictions have come to pass and I do hope her new ones happen too." ... written by jp
First reading with this lovely lady, very quick at answering the questions. I will definitely return x" ... written by Mshelli
A beautiful follow up reading. Thanks!" ... written by zimerili1
Answered all my questions, was so accurate and kind and thoughtful towards the situation. Thank you, you gave me hope!!" ... written by bubblegum23
Awesome lady! Has always predicted correctly and great advise!" ... written by Lisa
As always, she is very fast and good!" ... written by LA
Thanks so much Marie, you are always so right. Big hugs xxxx" ... written by suertemia
Thank you for the reading. I will definitely take your advice and make it into action. You made me feel better about it. Thank you!" ... written by awareness
Marie is one of the very best psychics on this site. I am now only seeing the ones that have proven themselves time and again, and she does! She really flows well and is such a super fast typer. Well she had one insight before that no one else did. Well, I really enjoyed today's reading. Glad that I could catch her online! Thanks so much Marie!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
awesome reader ;)" ... written by brandon
I love reading with marie! She's always been right in her predictions." ... written by jp
Interesting read! Hope things come true." ... written by Tiffany
I find her really really amazing. I am glad we connected. " ... written by bumblebee03
Man...she rocks. Great adviser!" ... written by Lisa
She said a lot of positive things which I hope all are true, but I will do my best to not place my whole heart into the predictions and live life as optimistically as possible. Thank you." ... written by mm
Could she see what was going on in my life? This was way awesome? It's like could see or feel things without having to tell her. I hope it works out like u say. I should believe in myself you are right, and throw some of the fear away! Thank you again for your wonderful reading!!!! Blessings and Light, I will keep you updated!!!!" ... written by Ann Marie
Marie is fast and accurate! AMAZING!!!!!" ... written by Peggy
I have been talking to Marie for the past few months now and everything she has told me has happened! In fact it seemed way too good to be true and I am in absolute shock. She described things to the detail and it happened. Timing was a little off but that is totally ok with me. I don't usually go off timing, but her descriptions of events have all happened and her new predictions will certainly happen, I have no doubt in my mind that they will. Thank you so much Marie for being so true, you have an amazing gift and I thank you so much for using it to help people. Lots of love and light to you. xxx" ... written by jp
Very good, straight to the point and very clear!" ... written by anna
I love this lady. She is fast, accurate and honest. Give her a try you will not be disappointed x" ... written by Mshelli
Always a geiger of information. She's unstoppable as usual." ... written by Ruia
She is a 5 Stars! She is 95% accurate. Very fast and positive attitude. A gifted woman. Wow! Fabulous! Highly recommended !" ... written by Oolong
Brill as always. Great to see you back Marie. xxxxx" ... written by Andrea
Great as usual! Love her!" ... written by Lisa
Very good and honest. I would love to come again to talk to her. " ... written by Roseanna
WOW! I'm not sure what i expected - surely you wouldn't pay for a counseling you didn't believe in somehow, but i must admit that i was a little sceptic. This was brought down - fast!! She is/was incredibly accurate, and I'm really just sitting here now… stunned by her gifts, and truly overwhelmed by her capabilities. TRUE PSYCHIC HERE, FOLKS!! " ... written by Blanket
Marie is a real psychic! I'm going to wait out her predictions. She said many nice thinks for my future!" ... written by Coockijan
Marie is very fast and a really good psychic! Hope her predictions come true." ... written by Coockijan
she was good:)" ... written by aqua
she is good so goooooood thats all folks" ... written by loveboy
It's too early to tell anything but she did a good job. Very fast typer in private, and what remains to be seen will be seen in time. " ... written by Tooker
AWESOME" ... written by Maddi
She connected pretty fast. She was also pretty accurate! The screen froze so the reading stopped. But she had a lot of positive things to say. i hope they all come true! Thank you for sharing your gift with others" ... written by Tiffany
great reading. thank u" ... written by erini
great great great!!!! love her readings...if you want details, details details please give her a try and she is super fast with info...will not waste youre credits like many!!!!" ... written by kw
got disconnected but this lady is always on point and full of information. she is very gifted!!!" ... written by kw
great. very accurate and very sure of herself. loved her" ... written by SG
EXCELLENT!" ... written by maddi
I love this lady, so fast and accurate. Had many a reading with her and she is always spot on." ... written by Mshelli
If you can catch Marie on line, you are indeed lucky -- if you are looking for details and accuracy -- she's the one ...." ... written by Marie
Her readings are superb! I always trust her guidance!!! Catch her if you can when shes on, you will not have any regrets!!! a few predictions have come true in the past!" ... written by kw
Marie is simply astounding ... she picks up details in such a surprising way ... we're talking about a particular subject, and out of the blue, details of another important area come out and she shows how it is all tied together .. remarkable!" ... written by Donna
great reader" ... written by maria
i love taking to her she is good" ... written by maria
Excellent like usual. We got cut off I'll be back." ... written by marie
lovely lady!! she confirmed some things other psychics have said. i do keep positive as she said. hope her predictions come true, if they do i will update: )" ... written by jazzychic7
very quick and very on point and made sense. lets see howthings go!" ... written by jazzychic
Brilliant!" ... written by tasha_j
thank you very much for the reading!!! ill keep in touch with you and update you about the outcome! Many many Blessings!!! xxx" ... written by Alicja
An incredible amount of detail given - all very encouraging and positive. Such a relief! Many, many thanks - I look forward with new strength :) xxx" ... written by sunflowersun
fast, accurate and amazing! " ... written by curlyfan
thanx for a great reading" ... written by zimerili1
GREAT AS ALWAYS . " ... written by remedio
Bless Marie." ... written by Andrea
Lovely reading with a lovely lady. She is fast and accurate. I will return for a follow up x" ... written by Mshelli
Clarifies very well with her cards and still senses so many great things to come. Thank you Marie!~" ... written by Tooker_B
Wow, great reading. First time she read for me and every detail was accurate. Very fast too." ... written by ikroyala
She was very good. 1st time reading with her. I hope her predictions come true. I will come back to update her." ... written by Lee
amazingly good as always " ... written by remedio
Thanks so much Marie. I needed that reading today. You help me to keep believing." ... written by suerteoneday
Amazing as usual." ... written by Lisa
Thank you! you really eased my worry! " ... written by sincerity
she is warm, kind and wonderful soul, good reader, spot on, got my answers and clarity! excellent!!!" ... written by OHSO
excellent and worth every penny. and very reasonably priced and also straight forward." ... written by a
Marie is a sweet lady. She has helped me feel much better about some things going on in my world. Certainly give her a try. You won't regret it. Thank you Marie. :-)" ... written by Shanshine
Good" ... written by Hanna
Marie is fast and no beating around the bush. Very positive. Will talk to her again soon." ... written by nanerelle
not one single prediction has come to pass after months of readings. became flip and insensitive when the opposite of the readings has happened and took no repsonibility for giving me false hopes" ... written by kay
I had a reading with this lady years and years ago and she is the best i have to say, she connects so well. I really do feel she can tune into situations well. So i'm going to keep going back to her because she is on the ball. Thank you so much x " ... written by Star
she's super good!!! i start to become her regular :)" ... written by jazzychic
She picked up on very specific things about my situation!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
I really like her...she only types but she tunes in well. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Amazing! Keeps me grounded. Her predictions come true." ... written by Lisa
she is a brilliant rare jewel of wisdom and insight. I have worked with her for years and love who she is and how accurate she is. 30 stars" ... written by freespiritwave2
Really great connection. Connected fast and gave accurate information. Look forward to what was seen " ... written by Christi
Super intuitive! She knew things that I had not mentioned, yet!" ... written by Deanna
I really like having readings with this woman because she does get to your problem. I'm so recommend her to anyone who needs to get to the bottom of a problem Marie helps so well you wont be disappointed. I even got what was wrong with me health wise and i got the answers she is amazing " ... written by star
She is great! One of the best if not THE best psychic here. I can only recommend. She is passionate, accurate and honest. She really made my day!" ... written by 01Mobster