About luckyclover10

Psychic luckyclover10has 25-30years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic luckyclover10has recently helped 3597members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about luckyclover10's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.


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"She amazes me she picks up my emotions my problems and tells me how it is and helps me through it very caring person :)" - ashley11100, bay shore ny

"Clover is awesome! She confirmed everything I had high hopes for in life! She is worth the time and money!" -Sheri19, Paradise

"By far the best psychic on this site!! Always honest and helpful... Thank you for never wasting my time... I appreciate you sooo much!!!!" -lehua14, kapolei hawaii

"Love Clover... She is always spot on!! :) She can really tune into whatever it is that your feeling... I always come back to her :)" -parkernin, maumee

"She is super and awesome... I can't go anywhere else because everything she says will happen, it really does... Do yourself a favour and try her out I swear you will not regret it." -witchgoddess, bronx

"Omg lucky is the best :)) Love her always!!!!!!!! Always answers with clarity and believe me it happens!!!!!! Thank you again lucky xoxo" -michele6099, newyork

"Another great reading. I always go to her when feeling stressed or have a big problem. Has been right and knows what is going on around you. Thank You!" -livehappy70, Michigan

"YOU WERE GREAT!!! THX SO MUCH!!! I will get more credits and get more info! That was the best reading ever! :)"
- by bermudagirl, hamilton

- by katharazz, Dallas

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They don't call her Lucky Clover for nothing:)" ... written by lia_11
Great reading. She's is a very kind person. I recomend her. '" ... written by coorsmann
very good reading" ... written by bitt3rsw33t
she tells it like it is " ... written by Harvey6972
Clover was great!!! Just what I needed, she was very caring :) She has great insight into what's happening around you, I will definitely be back :D" ... written by pixie21xp
helpful and understanding. Tks!" ... written by simplesila
She was very accurate! She was also very warm and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her!" ... written by CesarMoreno973
omg she is so amazing and caring!! she made me feel wonderful and very hopeful about my future. Her smile says a lot. Thanks so much!!! i will keep in touch!!! I highly recommend Lucky Clover." ... written by kish216
She was right on verrryyy accurate! she will definitely be seeing me again! very in tuned with me! loved it!!" ... written by kjcooke1984
Very nice thoughtful and kind!" ... written by mary1025
She is very insightful and helped me a great deal to feel comforted. She was able to pinpoint events that i had not mentioned and was very caring. She took the time to explain things and help me understand. she saw things that i had not told her and was correct in her interpretations of the past. She really hit the mark. I recommend that anyone talk with her as she is real in her feelings." ... written by savvydragon
Thanks... you are reading are accurate,,, thanks for your advice... " ... written by khends28
She was wonderful and accurate, I highly recommend." ... written by dracomalfoy
fabulous reading, thank you very much! x" ... written by gemma26
I felt a very strong sense of authenticity from her. She was very accurate. I highly recommend her. " ... written by texas_swift_fox
She was incredibly AWESOME! Really picked up on what I was feeling and the turmoil that's going on in my head, given my possible condition. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
thanks so much!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
thanks so much" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
She is mazaing, sopt on the best of the best thats all i have to say. ill come back again.... xoxoxox ..." ... written by sweet
Thank you for a comforting reading!" ... written by kristen3887
Thank you so much. Not the good news I was hoping for, but it's better to be prepared than ambushed, so thank you for the head's up! Very good reading, really has a great understanding of the cards and meanings. Fun and easy to talk to." ... written by jen318
Lucky was amazing! She was sweet, kind and understanding and pinpointed everything that is going on! Made me feel so much better! Will keep you posted! Thanks so much! :) " ... written by chichi978
Very nice.. well see what happens." ... written by blondeindie
Wow.... I just can't stop saying it! LUCKY is WOW..... amazing, wondering and lots more...... If you want a reading done I say have one done with LUCKYCLOVER10! Thanks so much for such a wonderful was such a great reading!" ... written by bennysgurl82
she was right on the mark. very caring and positive. very insightful. I would recommend her to anyone. " ... written by savvydragon
Without a doubt an Irish lady with a talent a sweet heart beyond her virtue, a jolly little lephrauchaun kind hearted makes me feel special. Her answers are sweet and she is just perfect for getting names ar git iontach le amach amhras mian is fearr " ... written by Bunnygirl80
Clover was GREAT! She pinpointed what I needed and what was going on, and it helped A LOT. I went in crying and left smiling. That's how good she is! I'll continue to go back to her. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Quick, accurate and very detailed reading. Thank you, Clover." ... written by Lovepassenger
Luckyclover wears her name well as she was one for me in a time of despair and tiredness:) She was on target with everything that she told me and that, without asking no background questions or personal information. I felt relief after this reading and and thank her so much for the many concrete advises she gave me. If you want to have some answers and peace of mind, I suggest a private reading with this beautiful being:) Thank you, merci, lots of love:) " ... written by milona
Great reading!!! She was right on point. I will contact her again soon." ... written by Joy007
sweet, caring, thoughtful and full of info. Must try!" ... written by RadesGirl
she help me a lot. She's accurate with her reading, very caring.. I feel a strong connection with her... Thank you so much. GOD BLESS!" ... written by babe28
Positive person! She knew what was going on in my life!" ... written by thenewblack
She was very nice...i had some trouble following her...but she was good..." ... written by jmillerrn
Lucky was right on the mark. Knew straight away what was going on. This was a really good reading and I recommend her highly. I am only sad that it was my first online reading and I didn't know how to add more credits. I will be back for sure. " ... written by Danielle2911
Great reading, thank you luckyclover! A pleasure to speak with, very easygoing!" ... written by starstruck11
Great, try her!" ... written by sabrina
She is so good!!! right on point...Amazing..just amazing" ... written by witchgoddess
Brilliant and Spot On" ... written by sumaureen75
very warm, and good advice. was not disappointed by what came through for me. Thank you xx" ... written by darkindigofairy
very good reading" ... written by Harvey6972
She is great very warm and answers your questions. Great connection! Thank you " ... written by mahogany247
Very sweet. I loved talking with her so so much. It helped me realize that i need to change my attitude toward things. She answered all my questions i had for her. I would really recommend her! " ... written by rachel-louise
First time I used her but she was fast but unfortunately we got disconnected before she could answer the last few questions. We will see the outcome,, But she was great!" ... written by imheather
Besides having an awesome personality and being really easy to talk to, this woman gave me the best reading ever! All I did was ask about relationships, but she brought up other matters that I should attend to like MY CAR. How she knew I was having car trouble is beyond me. I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER and if I ever need or want a reading again, I will come to her!" ... written by sugarcooky
wow absolutely amazed,such a great reading. will be back for another " ... written by chelle54
She is sweet, nice to chat with. I guess I will have to wait and see what comes to pass." ... written by dc29926
YOU WERE GREAT!!! THX SO MUCH!!! I will get more credits and get more info! That was the best reading ever! :)" ... written by bermudagirl
She was very good and sweet." ... written by tchave11
Very sweet! Thank you!!!" ... written by SAchick
She was very nice and made me feel better." ... written by Deeva122658
She gave a great reading. It was very helpful and informative. She made me feel very comfortable about where I am and where I am going and I highly recommend her for readings!" ... written by jacanba77
Great reading yoday with Clover. She really let me know what to look out for with move. She's very accurate." ... written by Lovepassenger
Amazing! Picked up on the very one thing that no other physcic on this site has!!!Awesome intuition!Thank you so much!!!Truth hurts but glad i got it!Thank you" ... written by rattail1
She was good. It takes a while for her to connect with her cards but once she does she's got you pegged. Very nice happy lady." ... written by Tober1387
Such an angel, sweet, took her time and gave me the answers Ive been looking for. Wish I had more credits. I will be back soon " ... written by amr0268
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Angel168
Thank you once again for much needed answers." ... written by Lovepassenger
awesome reading answered all my questions" ... written by vc1976
LuckyClover gave me a wonderful reading. She covered many important points for me. I recommend her and will have another reading with her. Thank you. Blessings. :)" ... written by Jon
Great reading. Answered all my questions and was accurate. Thank you for your help." ... written by eford2005
Very sweet! Thank you Luckyclover! I sure pray in my heart for this!" ... written by blueyze
She was great and gave me great insight on whats going on with my situation." ... written by florwer85
Luckyclover10 is very intuitive and givse insight to many of the problems I was having...Thank You Luckyclover10 " ... written by Moonbeam22
Thanks for the reading, LuckyClover! You were spot on as usual! Looking forward to having another one with you after my 3 weeks are up! :D Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
I am a big mess tonight; but she eased things a little bit for me... I hope the good news will come soon; and that things will really start to look up for me. Thank you luckyclover!" ... written by Archeia
Very kind and sweet reader. I loved her energy it was very calming, and I felt really connected to her. I felt that she was also connected with my situation. She was spot on about my ex gf and how we felt about each other. I hope things will turn out well. I'm looking forward to my future. Thanks so much again. " ... written by tln292
does not try to eat your credits up. she is calm and confident in her reading. i can't wait to see what happens." ... written by justsomegirl
Absolutely wonderful andamp;lt;3" ... written by iwatchthesunrise
I'm so grateful because she helped me get through a very difficult night. I came back to thank her and to let her know things are. The future is indeed bright and happy! She is very caring and compassionate and is not judgmental at all! " ... written by Archeia
love lucky she is so good didnt have alot of time but she gave me the answer i needed" ... written by cindy46
very good reading. accurate and straight to the point. Provides useful tips on how to progress. Thanks!" ... written by E-Motion
Wow is all I can say. I had a very nice session with this young lady and I am very pleased. She carries a good energy with her and is in tune with her abilities. Being a tarot reader myself she gave me answers that I would expect to hear and in a very clear manner. I recommend getting a private reading." ... written by geoff007
She is wonderful. Thankyou again!" ... written by sweetstephy31
She was informative and very sweet thank you." ... written by consignotopia
She is wonderful!!!! Also very fast and precise." ... written by insearch1964
Always a pleasure. Such a nice, honest reader." ... written by lia_11
She was very on but somethings back and forth we will see if she is right" ... written by jmillerrn
love lucky she is so good didnt have alot of time but she gave me the answer i needed" ... written by cindy46
Another reading, another success. She is very sweet and very in tune :) I love the things she has to say. Consult her! You won't regret it." ... written by iwatchthesunrise
She is caring and nice. Have to waite to see if what she said comes true" ... written by rahalt2004
Great Reading....Thx Lucky" ... written by coorsmann
let me know what i needed to hear, even though i knew what happened, thank you" ... written by punkinpie1201
she is so awesome direct and and no BS , sweet i will be back..xx" ... written by new
Fabulous!!! Very helpful with the technicial difficulties I was having! Very informative and spot on. Thanks!!! " ... written by fallensparrow13
very nice woman " ... written by mlh92107
thanks lucky for your endearing words... Though truth hurts, I like it when you're being straight on your readings and your ample advice recharging my batteries... thank u my dear...Thanks for your prayers. I know that d Universe will surely manifest d desire of my heart. Patience is a virtue just like what u told me..." ... written by babe28
Very detailed...very good." ... written by spiritualgirl1
very very good picked up on situation quickly and was very understanding of situation......thank you" ... written by in2d8y
very helpful and in touch :)" ... written by dl12345
luckyclover10 Very accurate reading she was on point with everything........" ... written by josh2588
she was pretty cool,,helped about 90% of my issues" ... written by fuckme
This lady...I didnt even believe in psychics til i met her...she hit every aspect. and i know im gonna go sleep at night with a smile on my face. shes truthful and she will let u have it whether its bad or good news... I will be calling my grandparents tomorrow mornings.. thank you for everything.." ... written by daniellef12
Huge help! I cried, she told me what to do, and she just was amazing. She turned a mess into something that I could take action on positively." ... written by MissCB7
She was good." ... written by Girly521
Sweet, nice woman, who is not afriaid to tell the truth on the insights she gives. Good or Bad. She is kind in the way she delivers the information." ... written by Virgo888
Awesome woman. So sweet, caring , and honest. " ... written by Virgo888
so sweet nature and insightful takes time to make sure of her answers and she is a very good reader. she is a good sheila (lady) ." ... written by murdocca
Lucky is so generous with connection cards in free chat. I wanted to read with her a long time and finally go the chance. She is so highly intuitive! I would recommend her to anyone who really wants to know the heart of your situation. " ... written by Viv
LuckyClover, wow! What a sweetheart, amazing reader, accurate, very warm and sweet, and I can feel her genuine and caring ways through the internet (that sounded weird, I think, but it's true!) Cannot wait for my next reading with her, as she was so right on, it blew me away! Kisses and hugs to you Clover...Read with her, you'll love every minute of it!" ... written by She's Good
Wow that was amazing wish i had more time" ... written by lulu581
She was amazing and told me everything i needed to hear!!!" ... written by hb_dancer
she is really spot on...very reassuring..thank you" ... written by parkernin
thank you. she tried her best to get me answers i needed. very genuine!" ... written by nae1
Awesome like always...... on point!!! I recomend Clover to everyone. She's the best!!!! Clover ur amazing thats all i gotta say. Thank you!" ... written by SWEET84
Awesome like always...... on point!!! I recomend Clover to everyone. She's the best!!!! Clover ur amazing thats all i gotta say. Thank you!" ... written by SWEET84
Amazing AND on point...on point....on point!!!!!!!!!! WOW.....I have no words, but I BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOW!" ... written by witchgoddess
Amazing AND on point...on point....on point!!!!!!!!!! WOW.....I have no words, but I BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOW!" ... written by witchgoddess
she is awesome , honest, right on the spot.thank u " ... written by new
thank u so much i feell like thers not such a burdon on my sholders now" ... written by swimfreak
She is very good...very sweet...she really got my situation." ... written by parkernin
Very insightful and clear, I enjoyed the reading with Luckyclover10, she provided me some good advice on where to go and what to avoid in the future. " ... written by pheonyxfyre
good as usual! very helpful! I only choose her on this site :)" ... written by rachel-louise
She is one of my fav two readers. She gives amazing detail..." ... written by spiritualgirl1
Angel readings from above. Beautiful channeling. I had the beautiful experience listening to her sweet voice and understanding the messages. Insights are deep and connection is crystal clear - Angelical looks of an angelical soul Highly recommended. Loved the reading! 10 Stars! " ... written by albita
thank you Lucky. an excellent reading and a wonderful lady. thank you for connecting with me 10 STARS " ... written by crizantema
thx lucky so much u da best!" ... written by frizzle441
Saw everything very clearly and picked up on things right away. Really great reading!!" ... written by sacredlove71
She is great and very detailed with her info!! I will def talk to her again! thank u so much lucky!!" ... written by waiting4myjoey
she is the most caring, lovely lady I have ever met!" ... written by mimizi
She is very sweet and knew a lot about my situation without me telling her anything. It is always a pleasure to have a reading with a Psychic like her - genuine gift! 5 *****" ... written by hugs2020
Lucky, it feels so great to breath again. I know you will know what that means. She is fantastic. She was so in tune with me and read me like a book. The future she told me was in store for me is the one I have been hoping for a long time. She picked up on me and my boyfriend as well as we are having a few issues. She read him WAY better than I ever could haha. Worth all the time that I had with her. She is the first psychic I have ever added time to. I will come back to her as much as a possibly can afford. Thank you Lucky. So much" ... written by alexsisdawn
Thank you :) Good reading." ... written by Angelwingss7
She is such a positive and wonderful reader - she is honest and delivers all news with care :)!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Very good." ... written by Ernestine
Good reading, we'll see what happens!! :)" ... written by Catster12
My second reading, amazing as always :D" ... written by alexsisdawn
Very Kind. Good reading. First one, I will definitely read with her again. " ... written by Catster12
Appreciate lucky, God bless her!" ... written by kamini123
Thank you, very lovely. Great reading, understood my current situation and was able to shed light on my dilemma. " ... written by lcp123
Again I must compliment Clover on her abilities. She can see into a very difficult situation and pull out things that normally would not be known or overlooked. I appreciate her cander and honesty and would recommend a reading with her for anyone seeking enlightenment. Thanks again." ... written by geoff007
EXCELLENT!!!!" ... written by katharazz
Good reading" ... written by Zeigen
She's great. really on point" ... written by CM
She was great, I really enjoyed my reading, even though part of it, i didn't want to hear. But it was what is in the cards" ... written by bela
Loved her! Will be back again! " ... written by Karenseby1
Very good reading. She was spot on I thought. Very kind." ... written by Catster12
Dear Lucky, its my second reading for you and it was so clear. She is right on target and thorough and fast. Her energy is amazing and I highly recommend her for a private. She deserves five stars and she is one of the best on Oranum. Thank you my little clover:)))))xxxx" ... written by milona
great" ... written by fayedarryl
Great reading, very nice lady put me at ease. Never had such a marvellous reader before, thanks hun xxx" ... written by marzybee
kind and caring. thank you." ... written by Ken1027
o....not what i wanted to hear.....because i am impatient. Great read....thank you!" ... written by victoria1963
I love you - so accurate!" ... written by kaoele
wonderful reader - she is terrific" ... written by michele64
Just great~~~ :) she helped alot I have wanted to do a private with her for awhile!~" ... written by aspect24
Wow...she is always so detailed and really digs into the situation. it's amazing...I am so floored by all she sees when she reads..." ... written by yas
Very nice reading. Thank you!" ... written by Nettee
Amazing guidance. Beautiful conection. Angel sent from heaven." ... written by ALBITA111
Nice reading as always, thank you. " ... written by Catster12
I need more time with her i want to know more details about whats to come! however it will have to wait now.! God bless " ... written by waiting4myjoey
Grr UR amazing but can u possibly email me what u couldn't tell me abt my reading? It mean a lot, thanks so much! I def will be back for guidance from you!" ... written by waiting4myjoey
Kind and compassionate. Told me what I needed to hear" ... written by afcsher
Very good as always." ... written by Catster12
Not enough time thanks" ... written by mmd1990
Thank always wonderful!!" ... written by parkernin
Lovely!" ... written by V
Great reading..." ... written by brownsuga5964
Awesome! Great Reading. 5 Star Rating" ... written by swiftcats64
Lovely person to talk to. I do feel a strong connection whenever I get readings with her. Thank you again Lucky :) I will follow your advice :) I will recommend her 5 stars" ... written by Esmilodon05
Great! Very accurate! Would visit again :) " ... written by taryn84
Awesome reading. Hopefully that would turn out to be good in the next few months :D .... THank you!!! :)" ... written by Esmilodon05
She hit upon somethings that were right on and now to see if what she saw coming up happens-good reading would diffinetly come back to her again" ... written by sunshine05
Omg i love lucky :)) sooooo real!!!!! cant wait to c what comes to pass!!!!! thank u again lucky xxxxx" ... written by michele6099
Still amazing. her readings are AMAZING. I love the vibe I get with her and she is always straight to the point. I can't wait to come back and give her an update, I hope that her prediction, like all the others, comes true :D" ... written by alexsisdawn
She was great! She took her time and listened-no rushing." ... written by Moomoo99
Very good, very detailed and patient with me. " ... written by Catster12
Excellent, great connection, and guidance, " ... written by alizaroncrimson
Good reading, very helpful and informative. Will be coming back for another reading. Give luckyclover a try!! she is excellent :) " ... written by adam200
She is great! Picks up on things easily and gives great timelines. She also told me about someone coming into my life. Thanks Lucky :)" ... written by florwer85
Thank you very much! " ... written by FurBabiesMom
She is the best!!!!!!!! She was the first person I met on Oranum back in November 2011, and I just had a private reading with her. I am very glad to have met Lucky. I learned a lot about myself, my aspirations, etc. because of her. She has a great personality, and she's very willing to help. I love her!!! If you have any time or money, CHOOSE LUCKY! She's the BEST!!!" ... written by keeetz
Nice reading!" ... written by Catster12
She is great very kind. she just sees what is going on I really enjoy my reading. excellent!" ... written by Retsy44
Totaly awesome!" ... written by lorri67
5 stars :)" ... written by adam200
Thank you I will let you how it went, thanks!" ... written by Ldyangel
Excellent and very genuine. Truth hurt but I needed to hear it. thank you for helping me in my hour of need. June xxx" ... written by junie67
Wonderful!" ... written by lorri67
FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! The reading helped me get my thoughts in order and realign myself on what I must do. Thank you again!" ... written by wickedfemme
Thank you" ... written by ale510
Absolutely fabulous, gave me enormous confidence and energy. xxxxxxx " ... written by SHEILESH42
Very good - very kind - very honest, even if its not what you hope for, she will always say what she sees" ... written by sumimasen
Great!" ... written by Sheri19
Very good" ... written by Catster12
Wonderful as always!" ... written by lorri67
Thank you lucky... I appreciate all you helped me with... things are so crazy it's hard to know what to expect and I have a better picture now!!!" ... written by Karina_me
She is wonderful!!!" ... written by Jewls8107
Great reading x" ... written by capricorn69
Like she reaches into the depths of who you are in this existence, and finds the essence that helps you make sense of it. It is like hearing your own inner voice, so kind and accurate, but with a greater clarity that you could hope to get on your own. xxx" ... written by sumimasen
She was pretty good. Gave advice, accurate with some details. I'd recommend her. " ... written by beetlenut
Very good reading!!!" ... written by kielygirl111
Always a pleasure to read with Clover. She has very good insight and tell you the truth about what you need to know. Thanks again and God bless." ... written by geoff007
She was great absolutely amazing " ... written by Kristinnicole
She was wonderful and very open!" ... written by quaz61
Luckyclover genuinely connects! She also has a very serene and comforting presence. Thanks for the reading!" ... written by growinglight
Was very informative and helpful" ... written by carter31usn
Thank you" ... written by Pixie013
She is very sweet and connects really well" ... written by meralla
Very detailed and love her!" ... written by lorri67
Fantastic reading with incredible detail! Thank you so much!" ... written by KC0145
Right on the money!" ... written by lorri67
Thank you for the wonderful reading. It was very helpful and you've answered all my question, and then some! Thank you, again! " ... written by Angel168
AMAZING!!!!! Lucky clover is the real deal and if you want truth honesty and reliability then she's the one to go to!!!Absolutely delighted with my reading, she put a smile on my face!" ... written by marionlyttle
Appreciated it." ... written by maryhouston
She's amazing thats all I gotta say. Great, great to the point." ... written by SWEET84
Made me feel much better :) " ... written by belovebelight
She was right on target!!! " ... written by Catster12
As usual.. she is AMAZING. Her readings are so truthful that there's not one thing she says that isn't the truth.. past , present and future.. she has predicted my future many times now. What else can you say to that??? She's the best and it's very powerful!" ... written by katharazz
I'll be honest. I went into this reading skeptical and came away pleasantly surprised. Worth your time :)" ... written by TrueSpirit
Thank you Lucky for another great reading!" ... written by Catster12
Simply awesome! She has been wonderful and very accurate!" ... written by LMeredith
Clover was great. I was very skeptical of this whole thing until now. I would suggest anyone that could use a little direction speak to her. she picked up on stuff instantly and honestly really amazed me. I look forward to consulting her and her wonderful gift again in the near future. :)" ... written by clairdelune11148
Very good and interesting :)" ... written by nathan1000
Calm and nice!" ... written by ladyheartmate
Thank you so much for the excellent reading, I will defiantly take your advice, I'm sure glad I found you :) thank you, God bless." ... written by LorenaAries
Great!!!!" ... written by jamira76
Shes really good and says the truth on your face, even if it hurts u so bad---like it did to me!! but i know inside whatever she said is true, so.. get a pvt with her. shes really honest. " ... written by stebella009
I was amazed of how correct Lucky's predictions were. To the tee!!!" ... written by Catster12
GREAT!!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
I like her, she is straightforward, lets see how it pans out... but I think she is good and I do recommend her. Thanks." ... written by SaintlyCat123
Great reading as always!!! Thank you Lucky" ... written by Catster12
Wow great reader!" ... written by marionlyttle
Thank you Lucky Clover! Very Gifted... " ... written by lagirl
Great reading, very kind and caring!" ... written by Saphira02
Great job " ... written by quaz61
Thank you" ... written by SistahMaria
Tells the truth all the way!" ... written by Temporal84
I was skeptical going into this reading but I was pleasantly surprised. When she connects with spirit it is real." ... written by TrueSpirit
A great reading as usual." ... written by Catster12
Great" ... written by jamira76
Wonderful reading knew everything hardly had to tell her anything she was absolutely amazing." ... written by brandonisaboss2
Good reading as always." ... written by Catster12
Good reading, very quick in picking up on answers. Will be back again. thanks Luckyclover10" ... written by capricorn69
I come back to Lucky over and over again because she Is right always. I have been able to come back to her over and over and say.. you were right .. that happened.. what next and she keeps being right. She's an angel!!! " ... written by katharazz
Very good reading, very informative!!!" ... written by Catster12
Thank you so much(: I'll deff listen to your advice" ... written by ohmyshirlz2
Great as always!!!" ... written by jamira76
Very accurate thanks !" ... written by kmg41011
Always a good reading with Lucky!!!" ... written by Catster12
I really like her :) She was able to pick up on my energy and the energy of those in my life really well. I feel that she was accurate in what she told me. She also gave good advice that I will take to heart :) Looking forward to good things to come! Thank you luckyclover :)" ... written by abundance
Great!!!" ... written by jamira76
I luv her" ... written by aflacwingnut
She was amazing - brought chills and thankful I got warning will have light switches checked " ... written by coyoteroper
Can't wait to see what happens..." ... written by precious_angel7
A sweetheart and always knows it." ... written by beautifulmoi
Nice and in-depth!" ... written by JustAngel77
Thanks again Lucky, you really brightened my day !!!!" ... written by jaykun
I love lucky :)) help confirm what i need to know :) shes the best :)) and my lucky really cares!!!! xoxo thank u lucky :))" ... written by michele6099
She was great! She helped me a lot!" ... written by LuckyStar5
Calming and kind with relevant useful advice covering past, present andamp; future." ... written by KarenMary
She is so soft and caring - she really hits to your heart." ... written by coyoteroper
Awesome!" ... written by jamira76
She is awesome... she found out things that i didnt tell her @ all... My secound return and im happy and pleased with her services! Gold Star A plus plus!!!" ... written by lolapstar91
Very insightful. Picked up on people from my past, impressive." ... written by sublime5157
She is awesome great. Wonderful spirt... Thank you." ... written by witchgoddess
I think she was wonderful. She gave me some things to really think about." ... written by sebastian6776
Nice reading to my problem" ... written by tonio73
I dont know what i would do without lucky .. the guidance has been priceless" ... written by katharazz
She was great and fast.. Thank her for her help." ... written by tgould21
Awesome,just awesome." ... written by witchgoddess
Thank you Clover, I apprecaite your time. Sorry I didnt have much time, I guess its a wait and see .. I will def keep you posted." ... written by beautifulmesss
Always a pleasure to get a reading from. " ... written by texas_swift_fox
Lucky thank u so much... u really r awesome.!!! i recomend Lucky to everyone, very sweet and amazing person...." ... written by SWEET84
Love her will def go back! very accurate" ... written by LilLadyBug
Great!!!!" ... written by jamira76
You've helped a lot, everything that I felt guided me in the same direction, but everything became clear when you told me those things." ... written by tabidi
LOVE HER!!! She is always spot on." ... written by parkernin
Very caring and helpful, a wonderful person. Highly recommend her for a reading." ... written by Jim
WOW, clover has this energy about her, very grounded, sincere and valid. She was bang on and gave me great hope. Thank you so much." ... written by jippyxxx
Luckyclover was right on. She started telling me things from my energy without my words or info of any kind. Very pleasant, even when giving me info I wouldn't consider awesome. five stars in my book." ... written by Dacey8
Quick and to the point. Just what I wanted to hear." ... written by betsysue
She rocked.. Very detailed. Connected well. Will be back." ... written by Scorpio1112
Amazed how was she able to pick up on my situation. Worth the time and money. I wish I could have more credits to go on but will go another private with her again soon. Thanks clover! Hugs!" ... written by lagreta79
Very honest and thorough! She gave a detailed reading that I am excited about! She knows what she's doing! Thank you very much" ... written by djordan6898
I'm seeing her more than a year... And everything that she said on my reading already happened... She is such a sweet and endearing psychic like a friend who cares for you and will tell you the truth on what she pick up on you even if it will hurt you.. But she will surely suggest you the best course of action on what to do with your situation... She is so lovely as lovely with my she reading today because she picks up a good energy that will be coming on my way. Love that info And it will just wait on for the unfoldment of the happy one and good stuff that is lining up for me on a nearly future... I am happy to know that the Universe is rewarding me now and making a favor on me... Honestly I felt that vibration and I am experiencing it at the moment... Looking forward for a promising and a happy life... I am indeed such happy and Thank God with all the blessings in my life because even in the midst of problems, I am surrounded with good people especially here at Oranum and Lucky is one of f great one that I can count on. Thanks Lucky... God bless! mwah... =)" ... written by babe28
She's so peaceful, she cares and is a very nice person, her advice is useful and she makes your feel comfortable." ... written by HeartOfsilver
Wonderful person very kind! knows alot ! very good!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
Great reading. Problems with computer at the end of reading. Other than that she was great! Very honest and clear. " ... written by duckkait
Always helpful! Thanks!" ... written by shells71
Ndrful and inspiring as always" ... written by coyoteroper
Awesome" ... written by gabby453
Thank you for your kind guidance. I will follow through that what I have already started. I will keep in touch. Love and light." ... written by Charlie0605
Friendly, nice, and will take her time. Did a wonderful job!" ... written by Trishab24
Wow! Lucky really is the real deal. she's very open, and gets right to the point. Perfect readings every time!" ... written by kitkat5554
Very helpful!!! Thanks!" ... written by ccorky
5 stars" ... written by coyoteroper
She is such agood reader and will always keep you updated on things ." ... written by coyoteroper
What a soft spirit she is - I feel so much more positive " ... written by coyoteroper
Great" ... written by ckayx69
Thank you so much for helping me out lucky (: you were so right about a lot of things. Every time I come to you I feel so much better! I will never be able to thank you enough! thank you for being patient and understanding with me (: you are an amazing psychic who is very gifted!" ... written by anm5335
Thank you so much! You helped alot. Wish we had more time:( Thank you!" ... written by nivayo1220
She is gracious and understanding! great read " ... written by quaz101
Good reading" ... written by Catster12
Well Lucky, I was really chilled, but after the reading I am so inspired to get a really good result. Will keep you posted." ... written by Charlie0605
I really enjoyed the reading. was insightful. I would recommend her. She very sweet too! :)" ... written by sherry88
Excellent tnx.......exceptional reader" ... written by Answerthis
Luckyclover10 is awesome. She was right on the money." ... written by BethFarrimond
Great reading." ... written by iicasey93
I was completely satisfied with my reading. I will wait for the Psychic to be unbusy any time. I just luv Luckyclove10 - she was right on cue with everything." ... written by MyStyx1969
Great reading lots of information, Thank you so much Lucky, confirmed many things I knew and new information as well." ... written by Jim
My reading was great alot of things made sense and i understood it all! Thank youuu! " ... written by Bubbles321
I feel great peace." ... written by deakmister
I am just going to say - she stopped my tears and renewed my hope. Do not pass up Lucky." ... written by coyoteroper
Luckyclover was so accurate she gave me goosebumps! She is so gentle and sweet and on the nose with all her information. Very truthful. I loved her and I will continue to come see her...You must get a private reading from her!" ... written by cooboz
She's amazing and she really helped me a lot. icant wait to private chat with her again!!." ... written by thatchick
She was very helpful and gave me great insight to my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone!" ... written by dabountychic119
Wonderful as always!!! Love her she GREAT!!!!!" ... written by kat620
Very nice and understanding." ... written by Crunchmuch
Thanks dear.. You totally rock! =)" ... written by babe28
Luckyclover10 gave me a very thorough and comprehensive reading. I appreciated her keen insight, her sensitivity, and her straightforward manner in conveying her information to me. She is a gifted psychic who is expert in the use of several different tools, all of which she brings to bear in her readings. I highly recommend her and will be having readings with her again." ... written by demondestroyer
Very relaxing, positive and genuine. Thanks Lucky! :)" ... written by bflow1
Thank you. " ... written by mslauren
She is so soft and positive and will always make you smile no matter how bad the news." ... written by coyoteroper
Such a wonderful reading and a wonderful help! Thank you sooo much!" ... written by kittenshadow
I have been going to lucky for 2 months now. And her first few predictions just came true, and i am so excited and ready for her other predictions to come true as well. (: she is amazing at what she does. " ... written by anm5335
Thanks!" ... written by mmd1990
She was very helpful and straightforward!! Kind and very caring and made me feel right at home quickly. Thanks again." ... written by 0nevets0
She was helpful, thanks." ... written by lovinmymakayla
I just love Clover - such kindness - Her connections are just amazing - She amazes me every time. She is spot on - I always feel so good when I am finished talaking with her." ... written by coyoteroper
I love her. She is really great and informative! She has a great spirit and I love her to pieces. I would highly recommend a reading from her. Thanks again Lucky." ... written by dabountychic119
She is the best - always a good connection and always honest!" ... written by coyoteroper
Great reading, nice details and lots of energy!!" ... written by kiki228
Every time i get anxious, upset or worried, i always come to luckyclover. She always knows how to uplift me with her positive energy! All of her predictions have came true so far (: she is very gifted and one of the best here on oranum (: " ... written by anm5335
Love this reader - she was so insightful, so detailed: both about personalities and timings, honest and positive. Her reading was conducted with so much love and kindness, really felt the energy. Very kind and deep - definitely recommend a reading with her :)" ... written by moonstone2
Thank you Luckyclover! Great reading and good insight. " ... written by mylife123
She is so good." ... written by coyoteroper
Thank you, lets see how it pans out…" ... written by Isislily
Lucky was in touch and in tuned. She can sense and help u out. shes real. Very insightful!!!" ... written by purplecloud
She was very helpful in my questions and also unveiled some things i didnt know... i would recomend her to my friends. thank you" ... written by luckyone8888
She is blessed with a beautiful accurate gift. I will always go to lucky for advice." ... written by coyoteroper
Great!" ... written by kate19871
Luckyclover10 is awesome. I look forward to seeing all the good coming for me. I love working with Luckyclover10. " ... written by BethFarrimond
You were great and I cant wait for the outcome. I'll keep you up to date on the outcome. Everyone should have YOU read for them!" ... written by Donna208
She is very good and accurate. I will not stop getting readings by her. She is kind and honest. " ... written by goodfuture23
Thank you luckyclover10. Luckyclover is great, answered questions without me even typing. There is someone that I'm interested in and feel his energy all around me and maybe there are problems but feel that he needs me for some reason. Can't wait to connect with you soon." ... written by potofgold
Very honest, kind, straightforward lady!! She gave me some advice on how to overcome my problems. I feel much better already, thank you!! She is worth a try!" ... written by kellycalifornia
She is the best." ... written by coyoteroper
Thanks lucky for a great reading! God bless! =)" ... written by babe28
Great! " ... written by quaz101
Time will tell" ... written by alidenes
I enjoyed my time even if the prediction was gruesome shall wait and see if it occurs, lucky is a very lovely psychic will see her in the future" ... written by PinkBeatle10 James Hansen
Very lovely reading - will comeback and see if the predictions come true - thank you so much!" ... written by Kazzi819
Very good!!!" ... written by focusing
I'm writing to change a rating and comment I wrote about Luckyclover10 a few weeks ago. I wrote that I wasn't convinced. I would like to change that, as she turned out to be correct." ... written by librabeauty
Great. Excellent... she is very good!" ... written by focusing
Great!" ... written by jamira76
Excellent. very calm!!" ... written by jamira76
Very specific insights. A lovely, caring disposition and very gentle energy. " ... written by Kel_Vrol
Glad to know what I need to look for in the future. It will help me avoid them. Thank you so much Luckyclover10. As always you are right on the money." ... written by BethFarrimond
Awesome" ... written by ckayx69
Good reading. It gave me some hope and some clarity for the present moment. I'm going through a lot and its confirmed. I'm hopeful for the future." ... written by nahushj
Thank you for all ur help! You have not disappointed yet! You are the best!" ... written by LMeredith
Kind, gentle, able to give a very detailed and visual reading over a long time frame, while giving out such compassionate energy. Some psychics jump right in and start judging, but not luckyclover10 - and this helps her give you a more accurate overview. A wonderful person and amazing psychic." ... written by moonstone2
She taps ight in and right on target each time. Such agreat heart and no matter howbad she says it straight with compassion, but always gives you the best course of action. She is much loved" ... written by coyoteroper
Straight talking and down to earth. If you want the truth, listen to this lady! Good or bad, she sees it as it is!" ... written by librabeauty
Awesome and great!!!" ... written by jamira76
Thank you very much." ... written by katie46
Connected well but time went so quickly...Thank you." ... written by serinaserina
Thanks again.." ... written by serinaserina
Wonderful Lady! Thank you! Wish I had more time!" ... written by ChristinaKW
Thank you " ... written by leah1988
Clover connected fast and was able to give really good details. Thanks." ... written by Scorpio1112
Had another godd reading with luckyclover. Thanks again." ... written by baxter51865186
She did a very good reading, as she has before. Very accurate and honest. I would highly recommend her" ... written by baxter51865186
This is not my first time reading with her, i WAIT for her to come on :) always so spot on!" ... written by LilLadyBug
She was fantastic clear compassionate and truthful, leaves you with hope for the future." ... written by sandiruss
Well she said a lot about my future, now I will just have to wait and see what happens" ... written by annaa8270
Thank you for tapping into my situation so quickly. I appreciate the advice and you sharing your gifts. You were great!" ... written by angelwings7
She seemed very genuine! She confirmed what I felt. I would go to her again:) Thank you!" ... written by camizzle77
Great awesome, very accurate." ... written by jamira76
Always understanding, and caring and understands the situation, thank you!!" ... written by jamira76
Lucky clover is very gifted at what she does! She helped my feel alot better! She is the best on Oranum! I recommend everyone go to her!!!" ... written by Sheri19
What i likemost about lucky is she always tries to make sure she connects before she goes to private - she is always so honest and so kid even with the bad news. but she always gives you a different path if need be" ... written by coyoteroper
It was hard to hear, but right." ... written by BethFarrimond
Great insight, and clarity. Great advice. Thank you! Will come to again." ... written by ccorky
Thanks!" ... written by patricianelly1
Thank u, i will have my eyes open." ... written by patricianelly1
She seemed ok but what she told me i didnt want to hear , but if thats what going to happen then there is nothing i can do. i will wait and see" ... written by Brigitta
She was good. " ... written by Antranae1
She is great!" ... written by LuckyStar5
Good" ... written by gstephen
Had a good reading with her again. she Picks up on important things" ... written by baxter51865186
It was really amazing to learn from her. About Spells she knows a lot and I hope to learn from her." ... written by Spanizh
Great reading! Lucky is so amazing and helpful. Love her! " ... written by myeyesee
I always loved her calmness. She connects well. I enjoy her readings all the time. Thanks for the reading lucky! It's always make me feel that I had a pat on the back from someone that says i'll be alright! Much love..." ... written by lagreta79
Good reading, very specific" ... written by pandette
Awesome help!" ... written by vickyvlrich
As always a very kind and honest reading! Thank you so much! " ... written by annaa8270
Lucky is a lovely person, and caring!" ... written by Patience29
Lucky is so great!!!! She really made the time stretch out and she was so much fun. I will be back!!" ... written by Slamothecow
She is amazing she helps u with a problem and gives u great advise " ... written by mcgirl
Interesting and fun" ... written by Catster12
She is really good and fast!Thanks Lucky!" ... written by dimond110
Thank you Lucky! :) I really appreciate the words of hope. God Bless :) " ... written by Esmilodon05
SO SO WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
Thank you for the reading you gave me." ... written by friendly22
She was great, predictions came true!! She is my favorite on here!!" ... written by Moomoo99
Answered my questions honestly" ... written by smiley2011
She is Great!!! Honest and Nice! I liked her." ... written by Ellie11
Thank u so much for the reading." ... written by jerin2000
Love her." ... written by coyoteroper
I think what I did get out of this really did help a lot and I will come back to Luckyclover very soon! Thank you hun for your insight!" ... written by Amber423
Five stars as always xx" ... written by librabeauty
5 star reading! Thank you Luckyclover your great. Very helpful." ... written by myeyesee
Thank you for a very kind and warm reading. I felt like I was in good hands with you. You knew exactly what was happening in my life and helped me gain some clarity. Thank you so much. " ... written by taniatay
Luckyclover10 is awesome. Very quick to pick up and such a lovely beautiful person. She picks up on a lot of truth and will definately keep coming back to her. " ... written by capricorn69
Thank you so much. I know there is a lot more you wanted to tell me. I will come back to you." ... written by MrsHollyGirl
Thank you luckyclover10 Insightful, sometimes we need to wade through the deep river ... lot's of still water here. Thanks for giving me advise on what best to do for my family situation " ... written by Jillian5
She is a very kind person and i enjoyed our session together. she was very accurate and picked up on things quickly. i would reccomend her to anyone who has questions they need answer to. Thanks luckyclover i look forward to more readings from u in the future." ... written by luckyirish
She was great" ... written by LuckyStar5
5 Stars ***** !!! Lucky is amazing, if you can match your energy level with her, you would get ACCURATE and HONEST answers! I will see her again. Thanks Lucky, Ellie -Sep 24th 2012" ... written by Ellie11
A very sweet and genuine reader as always :)" ... written by moonstone2
Great reading!" ... written by katiew12345
She is amazing, great reader!" ... written by dimond110
Thnak you for the reading." ... written by yellowbear777
Clover is very good. On top of her stuff!!" ... written by jonian72
She is amazing! A very kind and caring lady!" ... written by dimond110
Very good first reading! Wish it was longer!" ... written by lifetime1974
Wow, but by the time we got comfortable and begin getting into, it was over. Lucky is definitely one of the better ones. Look forward to see her again." ... written by canthurt2kno
Totally connected...thank you 5 star...awesome read..worth it" ... written by lisapatrick
Excellent reading ... you will enjoy it!!" ... written by eli2009
Very good reading. Very clear and detailed reading. I will be back!" ... written by duckkait
Well connected from beginning till the end. One of the few "BEST" I know here in Oranum. Great reading as always!" ... written by lagreta79
Helped me to decide where I need to go with my current situation. This gave me great incite. Thank you Lucky you are great!!!!" ... written by BethFarrimond
She was so clear and helpful. Great reading!!!" ... written by stakiss
Great reading very intuitive. I enjoyed the reading very much." ... written by earthangel4477
She is great! She said things about my life before I could even type them. I trust her, she knows!! Very gifted" ... written by punkbilly
Am very pleased will be back!" ... written by junior92
She was great!" ... written by Moomoo99
My first time with this, she was bang on about everything during our first session! Thanks xxo." ... written by CortneySpragg
Answered all my questions straight up and gave me great advice.. and was very nice and easy to talk to." ... written by laura2210
Amazing and caring. She is fast and spot on. Thanks Luckyclover." ... written by dimond110
Good read." ... written by Sherroll08
Awesome! keep coming back!!! She reallty good." ... written by gittyup1945
She is really good. Spot on and I do trust her a lot!" ... written by dimond110
Fantastic reading spot on worth every penny please give her a try you wont regret it." ... written by Lorann23
It cut out I'm sorry but thank you for an awesome reading...." ... written by Annonymous
Always on point!!! She listens, responds accordingly. Will definitely use again!!!" ... written by wickedfemme
Clover is brilliant reader!" ... written by marionlyttle
As amazing as usual! Thank you Luckey!" ... written by dimond110
Very kind and intuitive to me even before private chat" ... written by bowlinglady042
Awesome personality. I had a great experience. Thank you. I'm glad you could help me." ... written by dancekam1
Thanks so much for the reading, it was great!! I will be coming back! " ... written by tabatta68
Wonderful!" ... written by gittyup1945
Luckyclover10 is awesome! She's very gentle and calm, understanding an kind. I really appreciated her insight and feedback. A great reader!! " ... written by OrangeCate
You are wonderful, you brought my spirits alive in me. Will keep you updated." ... written by staceythompwson
Wonderful as always! honest great!!!!!" ... written by kat620
Very good, soooo would work with her again." ... written by tiffany29
She is the best and I would not talk to anyone else." ... written by Donna208
Awesome." ... written by jamira76
She is great, fast and accurate." ... written by dimond110
U give me so much hope, thank you. " ... written by staceythompwson
I hope some of that is wrong. I want him back. I've heard different readings...I don't know what to think." ... written by JerriAnne
She's wonderful!" ... written by shans70
I love getting readings from luckyclover, because she is very accurate, honest and she's a beautiful angel! I highly recommend her!" ... written by cooboz
Great Connection... Nice, detailed reading." ... written by Scorpio1112
She made my day! such a amazing reader!" ... written by dimond110
Very detailed, helpful, and kind. I no longer have any worries or doubts, that I've been carrying around with me for many months. Thank you for taking the weight off my shoulders. I'll be back." ... written by bulletsintherain
Love her. Always spot on. She sees things right away." ... written by parkernin
Very sincere, very accurate." ... written by hannah19
Great!" ... written by SionSky
This has been the most touching reading I've ever experienced. she can really see into souls and situations. Thank you so much Clover, you're a blessing *hugs you*." ... written by dare2believe
She was right on the money!! Very very accurate! Will definatley be talking with her again!" ... written by Seagoat1972
I like her. Her predictions in the past have come true." ... written by stebella009
Really helpful. Provided great insight into my relationship. Will definitely call again :) . Thank you! " ... written by misszaza
Awesome." ... written by gittyup1945
Great detail...Very accurate. Thank you!" ... written by breeboots
Straight to the point and connected with me very fast and is friendly." ... written by mcgirl
I hope your spot on with your time frames. Thank you for a very confirmation and mellow reading ..." ... written by onfiregirl
Thank you for the quick answer :) " ... written by Esmilodon05
Excellent!" ... written by Paulina60
She was very fast and in tune, JUST AWESOME!" ... written by leader1972
You did very well, Clover... From Bryant... I really like what you told me, I give you 5 stars." ... written by Bryant42
She is just fabulous!! Right on target. Very spiritual and straight forward. Love her!!!" ... written by Yoda1520
Very clear and to the point. Answered my question quickly just wish I had more time. Very warm kind soul, thank you again!" ... written by Sheilamay1303
I dont know if what she said was right, time will tell :) Anyway, she is very kind and pleasant, and if she is accurate of what she told me, Ill defenetly talk to her again:)" ... written by bluebutterflies
She is amazing... Gave me good direction and a lot of insight on what is too come. Thank you soo much!!!" ... written by emmy26
I love her... she is very kind and I recommend her to anyone! will def come back. xoxo" ... written by tabatta68
Very detailed. New stuff about me that wasn't even part of the question. I would highly recommend her!!!" ... written by carmie45
She was fabulous... lots of details. Loved hearing her thoughts." ... written by Karina_me
Your the most exciting to talk to when it come to love thank's for pendulum reading thank's..." ... written by fallbegun4u
Insightful reading and detailed. Very glad to be informed of my family and how we will need to be a tower of strength and for my father and his surgery. I will be looking for the love of my life to arrive in the months ahead. I am confident it will happen. In the meantime thank you Luckyclover for seeing the peace and healing ahead for the details. It has been a long emotional journey for all involved. I appreciate everything so I can better help my family through a major crisis and health issues. If anyone is seeking emotional or compassionate truth give luckyclover10 your time. " ... written by Jillian5
Lucky is the best, she has helped me sooooooo much and and has given me great guidance!!!!! lucky is always there for me love her!!! :) thank u sooo much for everything lucky! xoxo" ... written by michele6099
She is awesome, love her!" ... written by Seagoat1972
Concise and quick.. Recommend." ... written by Kindred01
I keep coming back, sometimes 2x in one day." ... written by gittyup1945
This is the most amazing reader I have ever had the pleasure to read me. I always, always , always come back to Lucky, because she's right." ... written by katharazz
So amazing on point!!!!!!!!" ... written by witchgoddess
:) Thank you ^_^ Glad I finally got a reading with you. Thank you for helping!" ... written by AwkwardTurtle21
Lucky is always a great reader. She is kind, and direct in her readings. She is tender when it is not necessarily what you want to hear. A+++++ Thank you!!" ... written by Yoda1520
Excellent reading!!!" ... written by gypsygirl
Lucky is wonderful. I always feel very content after speaking with her. I will defiantly be talking with her again." ... written by Seagoat1972
She is amazing and till now whatever she had told me came true! Thanks Lucky!" ... written by dimond110
Great reading!!! This was informative !" ... written by confusedchica
Thank you for the great reading. I cannot wait until Wednesday for my interview. " ... written by BethFarrimond
Very nice and very helpful, was very comfortable talking to her." ... written by bader271
Awesome reading... Thank you!! :)" ... written by lehua14
Lucky was very kind. She knew her stuff. She told me things I did not know. Very informative reading. I highly recommend her to anyone." ... written by MzNursie
Very sweet, caring and accurate I think. 5 stars" ... written by angeldear7
Awesome as always! I highly recommend Luckyclover10!" ... written by breeboots
So careful with my heart. Thank you." ... written by justme
Great reading! Luckyclover is very helpful. 5 star!" ... written by myeyesee
I cannot believe the true accuracy that she has. I cannot describe it even. Only her and only her would I spend money, I really don't have to hear the truth, good or bad. " ... written by katharazz
Amazing beyond compare... If uncle is not here she's the only one I go to... She's the kindest on Earth!!!!" ... written by witchgoddess
Very excellent read!! Will wait and see!" ... written by leebee4
Very accurate reading. Will be mindful of the advice." ... written by life2015
She answered questions very quickly and accurate. She really was on about everything. She was as helpful as she possibly could be with the time given. GREAT READING! Thank you so much! :)" ... written by livehappy70
She was very good and accurate... I loved her!" ... written by kaeronsmom
Good reading. Very nice and energetic. Picked up on lots of stuff. Gave me a time frame which was what I was looking for. Next time I will speak instead of type. I think when I speak it's easier to connect." ... written by Redhotlion
She is the BEST!!! I know she cares about me and I love that. I believe she has a gift. She has helped me a lot!" ... written by punkbilly
Amazing......" ... written by gabriel____
Thank you~" ... written by shopgirl
Once again ... set my mind at ease, thank you!" ... written by Jillian5
Thank you so much! She is one of greatest... Please please you wont regret.. She pulled everything I saw in a vision right out of my head. Truly amazing. As an empathy I could never do what she just did. Thank you my visions were bothering me and I am glad that they were confirmed and giving a happy ending... Truly amazing." ... written by witchgoddess
Awesome reading as always! She is amazing and sweet!" ... written by lifetime1974
Very calm!" ... written by Sherroll08
Great reading.....Very precise. Thanks." ... written by Scorpio1112
She was awesome." ... written by starfish444
Answered my questions fast!!" ... written by melbellking
Wonderful!!!" ... written by witchgoddess
Luckyclover is very insightful and intuitive. She is very accurate too." ... written by breeboots
Great, great, great. As a gifted person you want someone to help you as well. She is so good and kind. Right to the point and no info needed. xoxoxox Thanks CLover!" ... written by lisa
Great! She see all in the question I asked and tell exactly what is wrong." ... written by MaggieQ
She is always right... always.. and I have so much confusion in my life... Many choices and many that I cannot choose." ... written by katharazz
Spot on, very good :)" ... written by dribler1984
She is the best psychic on this site period!" ... written by tiffany29
Excellent!" ... written by ShamanCharlie
As great as usual, Very helpful and caring lady." ... written by dimond110
She gave me some insight and relieved my worries of infidelity. I was happy for the insight. She is good." ... written by missingthelove
Great reading from lucky!" ... written by earthangel4477
She's so awesome.. so on point, I love her!" ... written by witchgoddess
Very helpful hard to know the truth. Thank you!" ... written by eire411
Lucky is awesome. Her reading are very detailed and informative!" ... written by earthangel4477
Thank you Lucky :)" ... written by ShamanCharlie
Lucky has such a wonderful way of soothing my soul. Thank you!" ... written by Laura
Very good was a very difficult question I asked of clover and she helped to the best of her ability I felt." ... written by eire411
Very good reading!" ... written by eire411
She gave me great information about what has been happening. " ... written by BethFarrimond
Up front, caring, honest, wants to help. Appreciate the honesty." ... written by GroovyGoddess
Wonderful feedback and advice. You are so caring and I appreciated your delivery for a very sensitive topic for me." ... written by jeraldryan
Reccommended. very kind and honest. x" ... written by thingy1889
As great as always!" ... written by dimond110
Very good reading. I was asking about a change and she knew the details of what I was looking into without me saying it. I feel more confident now to pursue my ambitions." ... written by bowlinglady042
She was spot on for all the questions I asked. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Thank you for giving me a better piece of mind!" ... written by lavenderfields
She was really great and right on with people that I have talked to/dating/relationships. Very satisfied!" ... written by Alopez43512
Left me feeling assured about things in my life at that point. Definitely helped xx" ... written by claire_1186
Very good!!!! What can I say! I keep coming back." ... written by gittyup1945
She's awesome!" ... written by Zeigen
Gets to the heart of it, directs you, great!!!" ... written by purplecloud
She's great!!!" ... written by gittyup1945
Yes, very good!" ... written by eire411
She read my situation to an exact T!!!!! Thank you so much." ... written by TangledInLight
Thank you Lucky!!!! Friendly, great insight, brings guidance and clarity to your situation. " ... written by Ceeclouds77
I adore Lucky. She is so sweet and caring. Wouldn't dream of trusting anyone else." ... written by Lisa
Very sweet and helpful :)" ... written by HeartOfsilver
Really lovely lady, connected well and answered what I needed :)" ... written by lovnlight
Thanks Luckyclover10, we are getting closer, I pray it is this week." ... written by Jillian5
Great job...big help." ... written by tk40000
She is very sweet and open. " ... written by jennydemarrey
Great insight!" ... written by fallenangel227_a
She is amazing and makes me feel very good whenever I talk to her." ... written by dimond110
She's so amazing, so sweet and so accurate about my life. More than 5 stars!" ... written by Febbruary72
Absolutely wonderful. Always right on with my surroundings and emotions. Very honest-good or bad news. Great advice. Thanks!!!" ... written by livehappy70
SHE'S SO ON POINT AND WONDERFUL! THANK YOU AGAIN!" ... written by witchgoddess
Very precise, I love her." ... written by isapowell
Great reading andamp; clearing!" ... written by sashagurl22
She has seen many things that are right on the money. Thanks again for your insight." ... written by BethFarrimond
Doesn't waste any time, can get you answers to your questions right away. Compassionate." ... written by axia100
She was dead on. Thank you for the help. " ... written by mara2328
Great!!!" ... written by gittyup1945
5 star reading and psychic! So helpful and compassionate! Thank you" ... written by myeyesee
Good news about the money any how." ... written by katie46
She told me things will get better and I am hoping so, she was caring and reassuring." ... written by Messenger87
Lovely person, kind, compassionate, VERY ACCURATE. The best on here I have found so far. She has your best interests at heart. VERY HELPFUL!!!! Everything so far she has told me has come true. Thanks again! " ... written by GraceHopeLove
Thank you so much." ... written by vitamink42
She was very straight forward. Told me what I didn;t want to hear but it was the truth so it seems. she connects very powerfully. I really recommend." ... written by Palomina
Another great reading...very intuitive." ... written by axia100
Very good." ... written by royalmail
Great Reading!! :)" ... written by ThePrincess13
She is very accurate" ... written by dabountychic119
I love you, I will be back... Thank you so much..." ... written by aimee78
She is amazing! Thanks Lucky!" ... written by dimond110
Great reading, clear and to the point." ... written by ikroyal
SHE IS AWESOME!!! I will definitely ask for her again! :)" ... written by Nicky005426
Thank you Luckyclover... We shall continue this life journey, thank you for everything. I love the insight and the knowing of the future and minds of others. Thank you, thank you!!" ... written by Jillian5
Always helpful." ... written by sweetie12
She answered my question right on perfect thanks!" ... written by nicolemarie1214
Awesome as usual..." ... written by axia100
Lucky is the best here on oranum!! She is so on target and I don't make a move without her telling me!! She is kind, sweet and open. Thank you!!!!!!" ... written by Yoda1520
So sweet and understanding, she knew exactly what I was going thru.I would recomend to do a private reading with her!!!!!!" ... written by 1blondstreak
Thank You ... gee all kinds of new and exciting things coming and I am so happy to hear about the good news on my boss. We shall talk again very soon, thanks Luckyclover10." ... written by Jillian5
Thanks again. Another great reading." ... written by livehappy70
AMAZING... What a help she was xxx, thank you!" ... written by rollanda
She has a very nice energy. I can tell from the reading that she is accurate and caring. She is defiantly has an old soul and is full of wisdom. I would recommend her to a friend. " ... written by HealerFromThEast
Lucky is wonderful and very gentle" ... written by Denise
Wonderful to talk to. She's always right on!" ... written by LMeredith
nice" ... written by luckystar222
Thank you lucky!!!" ... written by eire411
She's awesome, very accurate and non judgemental. Great reading!" ... written by ikroyal
She was great and to the point, no sugar coating. Thank you!" ... written by gatomata
Wow... She was so right on with the details and information. I got all the information I needed. Luckyclover10 is so positive and fast and accurate! Loved it! Thank you soooooo much!!" ... written by breeboots
She was very fun to talk to and helped out a lot." ... written by Sherroll08
Great reading, very interesting and hopeful. Messages were relevant and to the point" ... written by crystalrei
She's AMAZING! I love her energy. I know I'm her client, but I really consider her to be a friend. She has a beautiful soul! I couldn't say enough good things about her! :)" ... written by Nicky005426
Accurate andamp; fun reading!" ... written by Sam_Hope2
Once again, AMAZING!!! :)" ... written by Nicky005426
I appreciate that a lot - honest, fast and accurate!" ... written by vivviolett
Shes wonderful...awesome and on point." ... written by witchgoddess
Once again, absolutely wonderful!!" ... written by Nicky005426
I love her readings!! :)" ... written by Nicky005426
:)" ... written by Nicky005426
Great reading! She tapped into exactly what my question was before I even asked it. " ... written by JessicaLori
She did a great job connecting with me." ... written by Sherroll08
Very honest. Didn't sugarcoat it. She told me like it is. :)" ... written by Nicky005426
Shes amazing sees and tells the truth had me in tears about my brother who passed she knew so much thank you so much!" ... written by ashley11100
5 STARS!! Lovely reader... Quick answers... Really nice woman she relieved the confusion.. Thanks Lucky! xx" ... written by shorty34
I think she is great!" ... written by aflacwingnut
Another wonderful reading! She's a fantastic psychic!" ... written by Nicky005426
Her energy is great - reading was very good." ... written by Taurus357
Very accurate reading! She's wonderful!!" ... written by Nicky005426
Thank you my good friend, I am sick of being hurt." ... written by 0james9999
Luckyclover is very very accurate, she has helped me out tremendously!!! My fave on Oranum!! THANK YOU!" ... written by Seagoat1972
Omg lucky is the best :)) Love her always!!!!!!!! Always answers with clarity and believe me it happens!!!!!! Thank you again lucky xoxo" ... written by michele6099
She is really awesome!" ... written by dabountychic119
Great reading." ... written by veezee
Nice, friendly lady, helpful... :))" ... written by mi
Great, clarified a lot for me!" ... written by cuttacodynavajo
Another great reading. I always go to her when feeling stressed or have a big problem. Has been right and knows what is going on around you. Thank You!" ... written by livehappy70
Thanks lucky. Great reading and help!" ... written by kingpi
Clover is always amazing." ... written by Tracy Joel
Great reading as usual." ... written by dimond110
Is really, really good" ... written by mcasas
Thank you so much!" ... written by sinead181
Love Clover... She is always spot on!! :) She can really tune into whatever it is that your feeling... I always come back to her :)" ... written by parkernin
She's awesome! I love her! " ... written by Nicky005426
She is amazing gets information so quick and knew my situation gave good advice thank you so much!" ... written by ashley11100
She is super and awesome... I can't go anywhere else because everything she says will happen, it really does... Do yourself a favour and try her out I swear you will not regret it." ... written by witchgoddess
She is Great !!! Everytime I have a reading with her she is spot on! Thank You !!" ... written by katiew12345
Really sincere in her reading. I believe her. Got right to the point. I really enjoyed it. She was specific... I love it. :-)" ... written by MasterJU
She's always a comfort and put doubts aside... I go to no other psychic because it would be a waste of time and energy... She's the best!" ... written by witchgoddess
By far the best psychic on this site!! Always honest and helpful... Thank you for never wasting my time... I appreciate you sooo much!!!!" ... written by lehua14
AWESOME!!! thank-you so much!" ... written by Miss_Miszy
Amazing... Exactly what I was looking for!! Thank you so much!" ... written by inneedofclarity4
Sweet lady!" ... written by cupcakes93
Caught on right when I came in the room!! Will be coming back." ... written by intrigued8
Great reader!" ... written by Sherroll08
Clover is awesome! She confirmed everything I had high hopes for in life! She is worth the time and money!" ... written by Sheri19
Excellent reading with lucky , tuned into my situation and very honest and right on , will use her again. " ... written by gr8tday
Always always always gives you the answers " ... written by coyoteroper
She's amazing!! Always amazing readings!! :)" ... written by Nicky005426
Very interesting reading. She gave me clairty on the situation I had in question." ... written by hewla11
She amazes me she picks up my emotions my problems and tells me how it is and helps me through it very caring person :)" ... written by ashley11100
AWESOME! THANKS!" ... written by witchgoddess
Hands down the best! wonderful, insightful, loving and kind!" ... written by Funinmck
Wow she's very sweet! I love the reading she picked up things I didn't say. Thanks very much, will keep you updated. " ... written by Gie
Thanks, Lucky... Will wait and see what happens now. So interesting the differing perspectives in a reading. But all good:)" ... written by Jillian5
She is amazingly wonderful!!" ... written by Sheri19
You rock, girlfriend. I wish that I can have a beer with you!!! You are very nice and straight forward and honest and tell me what I need to know with no BS!!! Please don't go away and I'm going to add you as one of my favorites! Cheers my friend!" ... written by izy2013
It was a good reading, she gave me really good sound advice... Thx a million..." ... written by bricknstone
Very sweet! Thanks for the reading!" ... written by md1990
Lucky is great always enjoy a reading with her. Very on target to what is going on in my life." ... written by earthangel4477
Thank you, thank you. Again very nice to chat with you and I will continue to have more readings with you in the future." ... written by izy2013
She is always so accurate and kind hearted." ... written by bulletsintherain
Very detailed 2 things happening at min." ... written by 1stepahead28
Thank you so much for all your help. I feel so much more at ease knowing she will be back." ... written by mandynice301
Great reading. Answered all my questions. Fast and accurate. Amazing energy and insights. Thank you. " ... written by jessywhat
Luckyclover10 is absolutely wonderful!!" ... written by victoria111
Beautiful as always, taps in really fast and says how it is, thank you x" ... written by capricorn69
Wonderful! Charming on point! Thanks." ... written by witchgoddess
Was GREAT, to the point" ... written by lolcrazy
Good connection. Good insight. Enjoyed my time with her." ... written by pammy13
Great reading....very intuitive!" ... written by lyates2014
Always readings, my friend Lucky, thank you, I am grateful to have you in my life! :) See you soon, lovely connections with her, Sincerely, Diane" ... written by D_lil_Lady
Very nice andamp; intuitive! " ... written by l2007m
Great reading!! She is such a sweet person, and whats most important she is honest when giving a reading! i got a reading a couple of months ago and most of the things she has told me have come true! I have found the love of my life and at the date she mentioned! I will be coming back to give another update... Thank you so so much! :)" ... written by sandra
Great reading with Lucky, really enjoyed chatting with her." ... written by earthangel4477
Very detailed and very good to talk to." ... written by chris
Another great reading with Lucky. " ... written by earthangel4477
Great reading... definitely got some clarity on my situation. Very personable. Definitely recommend luckyclover10." ... written by myob777
EXCELLENT!! Easy to open up to, bright, warm, it's like you're talking to a friend or relative. Thanks, lucky *hugs*" ... written by Derek
Real insight, incredible senses, in-tuned and channelled to your questions, wonderful guide. AMAZING!" ... written by purplecloud
She addressed all my concerns and very friendly!" ... written by frmwithin
Amazing amazing amazing clarity, if that's what you want! No sugar or flowery readings, just very clear messages." ... written by ikroyal
Amazing as usual!!! Very accurate, provides peace of mind and help for the future. Very Kind and Caring!!! Thanks again, Lucky!!!" ... written by GraceHopeLove
I have never had such a PERFECT reading as this one and all of my PERFECT readings have been from her but she saw stuff that I saw and confirmed and validated stuff I thought but wasn't sure of and so much much much more. I always come back to clover for reality. isn't that what we really look for in a reading!!!!!!! You will get it with HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by katharazz
She is always caring and nice. Does not waste time and her love readings are amazing! thanks Lucky for the fantastic readings!" ... written by dimond110
Thank you again Luckyclover10. Simply amazing accuracy and very kind and caring. Lucky is very dedicated to helping others and her heart is very loving and open. Thank you again for giving me peace in many different areas of my life. " ... written by GraceHopeLove
An angel sent from heaven with gifts out of this realm. Extremely extremely wonderful." ... written by Gloria
Very excited for the things coming my way, she is very quick and accurate at what she does. Loved the reading!" ... written by damian1482
amazingly detailed reading from luckyclover10." ... written by victoria111
She's amazing! I love her!" ... written by Nicky
Another great reading with Lucky. She is always a pleasure to talk to and spot on with my current situation." ... written by earthangel4477
Thank you again for the confirmation Lucky. Your readings are always accurate and you tell me everything I ask about good, bad or ugly. I love the honesty! I have great respect for you. Thanks again for helping me spring forward into my new improved life." ... written by dabountychic119
She's my favorite psychic! Great reading, as always!" ... written by Nicky
Great reading and love coming back to you for more. Thank you for everything." ... written by Izy2013
Brilliant! So helpful in so many ways." ... written by eire
Thanks, Lucky, for being so great with me and guiding me. I will defiantly be coming back to her in the future." ... written by Amanda
Wow!!! Lucky was spot on with a lot of what was going on! I can't wait to see if her predictions come true!!!" ... written by Amanda
She was very to the point with answers and very reassuring. Thank you so much!!" ... written by Whitefeathers
She was extremely spot on with her reading.. she was very honest and answered all of my questions.... warned me of all the things I needed to know... and gave me some things that I need to thing about.. only time will tell what will happen but she did give me courage and strength to make the decision I need in the future and present. I highly recommend a reading with her.. I will warn you she is accurate and very honest and will tell you everything the good the bad the ugly and will not sugar coat.. but we do have free will and we do have an opportunity to change our future :) Thank you again!" ... written by ELIZABETH
She's awesome!!" ... written by Nicky
Thank you. Gave me some great advice and things to look for. I am grateful." ... written by im
Look no further!!!!!! ACCURATE!!! She is very caring and wants the best for you. Helps to provide amazing guidance for the future. The best I have ever found. THANKS, LUCKY!" ... written by GraceHopeLove
Glad to hear things will turn out well for my son! Thanks! I needed to hear that!" ... written by BethFarrimond
Awesome lady....great reading. " ... written by lwjordan
WHEW! I am so blown away by the attention and accuracy given to me by LuckyClover. She is warm-hearted, passionate with her work and so in-tune. I PROMISE you that you will go away with more than 1 question answered. AMAZING--will so be back!" ... written by FastestGirl
Luckyclover10 is amazing! She's so accurate and hardly needs any information for your reading. She's very compassionate and has a good sense for what peoples' motives are. I asked her about several situations and she was able to give me timelines for the predictions she made. She's a very nice person but she doesn't sugarcoat anything. She tells the good and the bad. Will definitely come back again!" ... written by cherryblossom10
She was good." ... written by Teedgra
Informative." ... written by jerri
Very direct and calming. Thanks lucky!" ... written by Derek
Great reading! Thank you for the reading. So kind!" ... written by sonji
Another great reading as always." ... written by Derek
Lucky is a great reader. Its always a pleasure to talk to her in private. Thanks Lucky." ... written by earthangel4477
She's awesome!" ... written by Nicky
Another great reading!! :)" ... written by Nicky
The best!" ... written by cupcakes93
As always, she's so spot on and sweet. Thank you clover :)" ... written by jennifer
Oh you know, she's pretty amazing, thank you lucky. :) " ... written by Tashina
Thanks for the reading! I look forward to experiencing what you said!" ... written by BlueAngel
All I can say is wow...she is a hundred stars." ... written by Carolyn101
Very sweet and gave good direction. " ... written by Tash
Luckyclover is awesome, she is very insightful and kind and patient, she understands almost everything that is going on in your life and is there for u even in free chat." ... written by mcgirl25
Very informative, ty." ... written by Lyle
Great reading from Lucky. Always a pleasure to speak with her in private and is always one of the most accurate readers I've spoken to on Oranum." ... written by earthangel4477
Slugger who hits a grand slam! You are so calm and honest and you don't sugarcoat it at all. Thanks you are an angel girl." ... written by Aon
She is so amazing and accurate!!! I feel so much more clear on i need to do...i knew in my heart what I felt is right...and I am and she just confirmed it:) Thanks so much:)))" ... written by Evette aka angeleve79
Great reading! Very on point knew situation without me saying anything! Thank you!" ... written by jul
A great reading with Lucky. She is very accurate and detailed." ... written by earthangel4477
She is a kind and gentle soul. She picked up on my situation right away. She gave me some things to really think about but she was absolutely spot on. I will be coming back for another session!" ... written by Beth_E
She was wonderful!! And what a good reading! She was very genuine and so wonderful of a person. Thank you for the reading. I will definitely come back again." ... written by Kat
Just amazing!" ... written by J
Peace of mind! Worth the money! :)" ... written by Nicky
It feels good talking to her after because she'll make you feel that there's always an answer to every question, a solution to every problem, a warning to whatever that is to come. It's always a relief. She's one of my favourites and will always get my 5 stars." ... written by Lagreta
Very positive awesome reading!! Love love loved her!!!! I'll be back for more!" ... written by Lauren
5 star reader!" ... written by Real
Another great reading with Lucky. Thanks" ... written by earthangel4477
Thanks Lucky You always give such great confirmation." ... written by earthangel4477
She was precise and knew everything that is going on and told me the straight truth. She is compassionate and a true angel of God. I will keep in informed on progress future prediction she talked about because I will be so happy and it is greatly wanted. I will joyfully shouts it to the world. She is a must to get a reading from you will not be sorry." ... written by Pam Smith
Great work." ... written by Allison
I really love her!" ... written by Nicky
Her insight about the situation is detailed and amazing. She has become one of my favorite readers on Oranum! Definitely recommend her!" ... written by vivviolett
Thank you soo much you helped me soo much I appreciate it." ... written by Michele
I have had several readings with Lucky, she is one of two of my favorite psychics. She has an amazing way of connecting quickly to a situation and can give details and timelines. I'm very skeptical and cynical so for a psychic to win me over it is a BIG deal. Lucky's the best!!!" ... written by axia
Thanks for the reading, and for being honest. :) " ... written by steph
Thank you Luckyclover, this has been very stressful for me as I need to work. I will pray for the new trips ahead and hope they are in the month of July. Or August at latest ... I will get through this... appreciate your fine, intuitive insight and truthfulness." ... written by jillian5
Awesome reading with Lucky, Thanks for your insight. You are awesome. " ... written by earthangel4477
I love lucky!" ... written by Nicky
I love Lucky so much!!! She is so accurate!!! amazing woman and you will hear the truth...please give her a try:)))" ... written by Angeleve79
Wonderful person, kind caring lovely personality helpful and gives quality reading :)" ... written by Silver
I love lucky!!! She is on mark!!! Thank you for your assistance...Everyone should go to private with Luckyclover.,she is awesome!!! Thank you!!! xoxo" ... written by cecef764
Another great reading! Thank youu :)" ... written by Lauren! She's just good...don't hesitate!" ... written by Miss CB7
Luckyclover10 was WONDERFUL! I will use her again in the future. She's patient, kind, and inspiring. She was also very accurate. I will definitely be recommending her to others and she is now the first psychic on my favorites list! Thank you so much for your insight. It has changed my perspective on my life and encouraged me to be a little more patient. For this, I thank you dearly!" ... written by tawee06
She is very friendly, warm, caring and kind. This was my 1st time speaking to her and will contact her again. She is wonderful ;-)" ... written by Mel
Thanks Lucky for a great reading. " ... written by earthangel4477
Nice reading. Looking forward to meeting the man. Thank you." ... written by honfleur
Seems right on dot with whats going on. " ... written by Acissej
Thanks Lucky I really appreciate your help. You're an angel. Blessings" ... written by earthangel4477
Yes yes yes! luckyclover found my document. I'd been searching for about a year and a half. She described my parents house, and the room, so i'm going to go to my folk's house and get it. If i find it there i'll update my feedback and let you know. but how cool is that? she described the room and hallway very accurately. Thank you." ... written by Fulgur
Very good reading! She was right!" ... written by Aurelia
Thanks for the reading" ... written by tanya
She was very insightful connected with my situation. " ... written by enamorada
Good reading." ... written by Mis
Another great accurate reading with lunckyclover!" ... written by victoria111
Very good, and very interesting on how I went back to a past life. I recommend coming here if you want to know a past life." ... written by Alan
Very detailed helped to look at the past and going forward. She is very grounded and realistic in the information she provided. The reading helped me to put things in perspective and learn from the past and not repeat or carry judgement from things in the past." ... written by Penny
Nice reading! She was to the point, answer my question, straight, accurate, no waste of time. Thanks" ... written by aurelia
Thanks for the reading! :)" ... written by sunny0day
luckyclover is simply amazing. I absolutely love her tea leaf readings!! Always accurate." ... written by victoria111
She is so amazing and always is great to talk to her!" ... written by dimond110
Absolutely amazing. Kind. Loving. Very direct and accurate. I have used her a few times and have seen consistency in her predictions. Speaks the truth and love. " ... written by funinmck
She was very nice and friendly . she explained things very well, took her time and made sure I understood what she was saying. I liked the reading and will go back to her again. she gave me some good details about my kids, really eased my mind. thank you luckyclover10." ... written by sheryl
Great!" ... written by d
Another awesome reading with Lucky." ... written by earthangel4477
Lucky is always awesome!" ... written by Nicky
Lucky is my favorite reader. She connects well and gives great advice, doesn't sugarcoat. She knows alot about holistic nutrition also....just a lovely person. " ... written by axia100
She confirmed many things about my job, that I suspected. I am glad I seek her guidance tonight." ... written by NiecyM
She is her.." ... written by Gaby11
SHE THE BEST SO FAR!! WOW GREAT AND SPOT ON!! FIVE stars is not enough!!!" ... written by Stormfire28
Great and detailed reading. Connects very well!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Very helpful in a situation I need help with your the best..." ... written by Alan
I loved my reading and i will be back she was on point with everything even though it was hard to hear. Thank you!" ... written by mmarshall126
She tried very hard and gave all kinds of clues to find something" ... written by afierystarz
Thanks Lucky for another great reading." ... written by earthangel4477
Not the answer I am hoping for but exactly what my gut feelings are, so all in all pretty accurate and a calming feelings to chat w her. Thank you. Blessings." ... written by Acissej
I appreciate your patience and your reading :)" ... written by spooono
Lucky is one of my favorite readers on ORANUM and I have had several readings with her. She is a gentle soul that connects well and can give timelines and predictions. I recommend her to friends all the time. Doesn't sugar coat and doesn't tell you what you want to hear..... I Love Lucky Clover!" ... written by axia
Thanks for the great reading.. will wait for it to happen" ... written by hard2break
Thanks. :)" ... written by sp
Caring, compassionate." ... written by sk
Good reading ty" ... written by Rhadhannia
ONE OF ORANUM'S TOP PSYCHICS!!!! I love her reads... Straight to the point... Kind and warm hearted.... Has your best interest at heart. She's typically a fast reader... I love reading with her and I'll be around for other reads as long as I can catch her online! She is among my few favorite ORANUM Pyschics! Thank you Luckyclover for your love, light, and valuable insight! :)" ... written by tawee06
Had lots of reading with her, she is really good." ... written by dimond110
Another insightful reading with luckyclover10" ... written by victoria111
Great! was able to give full insight on my question. She gave me enough information to remember! great choice. " ... written by Sheri19
ALWAYS A PLEASURE! She is the one of the BEST readers on ORANUM!!! She offers great advice! Always honest!! This is why I always go to her for my readings! If you don't believe me, read her reviews! SHE'S THE BEST!!!!! Thanks luckyclover!!! :-) (.... She's my luckycharm and I am honored to be her client!!!)" ... written by tawee06
She gave me a reading 6 weeks ago and told me what I wouldn't be going on a trip that I planned. Honestly, I was a little pissed and wasn't buying it. Fast forward to present day, the trip isn't happening but another (and better!) one is. She saw great things happening on this trip AND with the person I'm going with. " ... written by Zeigen
Loves her energy. Blessings." ... written by Acissej
Love her, good energy , gave me alot of important info, I call on her again." ... written by chilashlounge
Very detailed reading. She gives honest insight." ... written by arl
Lucky is a great reader i really like her and would recommend her to everyone." ... written by sherroll
Wanted to tell you how you were spot on during our last reading. Thanks so much!" ... written by spooono
Glad I came in for a reading. She was very thoughtful and kind and she could had great insight on what had happened and what is happening with me!" ... written by MerkabahMann633
An awesome reading with Lucky. Thanks Lucky!" ... written by earthangel4477
A wonderful caring psychic who is very honest and wants to help you as much as possible! Loved her " ... written by Renae
Love her amazing amazing woman very trustworthy." ... written by HeartOfsilver
I love love love Lucky!!! She is my rock!!! Helps me always!!! Ty ty ty Lucky and god bless u xoxo You are the Best!" ... written by mchele
Said things that I guess were honest, time will only tell but very healing. " ... written by Sarah
She was very confident and very accurate in her reading. A good psychic to visit for a true reading. Thanks!" ... written by Texas
Very good, this was my first chat and she was spot on. I so want to use her again very very happy with what she told me." ... written by Danni
Greatest psychic ever! " ... written by Maggie
She is amazing!!! :) " ... written by Amy
Lovely lady with very caring heart! She always looks for the best benefit for me and help me realize what is going on with my life that I should or should not pursuit! " ... written by Maggie
Clover was spot on, accurate, calming and very wise. She saw things for how they were and her energy was so great. I needed this clarity so much and i cant even begin to truly explain just how much her words meant to me. THANK YOU FOR YOU, Clover! You are a wonderful woman " ... written by LE.B
Good reading. accurate. would be interesting to see where things go!" ... written by moon1leo1
Thank you luckyclover. You're the best. " ... written by bridget
She's always right on the money!! Love her! " ... written by Zeigen
Brilliant reading. Lucky has such a kind, patient demeanour too. Raised my hopes :)" ... written by beans4876
She is very helpful and a great person. :) Would love to meet her in person one day :D" ... written by Amy
Lucky is the bestest......can give you a lot of information in a short amount of time. I have had quite a few readings with her, and she always makes a good connection. She tells you how it is, not what you want to hear...and that's what I look for in a reading because Life isn't always a bowl of cherries." ... written by axia
Thank you for being straight forward and clearing out the bs for me. You dont sugar coat and no hooky bs either and it helps with your calm demeanor and politness. " ... written by izy2013
I don't know what I'd do without her. Positive thoughts are in my mind. :) Thanks so much, it means soooo much!" ... written by Amy
She gives great advice and helps tremendously. Thank you soo much LuckyClover! :)" ... written by Amy
Helped make some sense of some things in my life, Thankyou" ... written by shannonlo
Great insight very intuitive..." ... written by twistedkittie42
Very nice detailed reading! Thank you!" ... written by ana
She is just great! I love to do readings with her. She is accurate and tells you the truth." ... written by dabountychic119
Great help :) Thanks again!!" ... written by Amy
I've had two readings done by luckyclover and both of them have been very helpful. I will be coming back for another reading soon. She is very sweet and on point with every reading I have had" ... written by mmarshall126
She was awesome! Very good and clearly on point." ... written by Christine
Thanks Lucky, you're awesome like always." ... written by earthangel4477
Luckyclover is awesome as always, I think I am one of her more frequent clients and she is ON THE BALL! My readings are always consistent and she always has new information to give me too! Her readings are also consistent with other readings I get (when I can't catch her online). She is accurate, helpful, kind hearted, and GREAT at what she does!!! ONE OF ORANUMS TOP PSYCHICS! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!!" ... written by tawee06
She is sweet and kind but my time ran out though. " ... written by Hana Trinh
Her smile if infectious and my heart is smiling. Thank you for helping me find peace. You should bottle that and sell it, whatever you have :)" ... written by sincerly7
She was very kind!" ... written by SLC
Thanks Luckeeeee, you're the best." ... written by earthangel4477
She is awesome sweet caring right to the point, 10 stars! " ... written by bigjohn400
She's just wonderful. Right on the money! :D" ... written by Amy
She is helping me out a lot. I am getting my thoughts together. :) Thanks, Lucky Clover :D" ... written by Amy
Very nice reading, I hope it comes to pass" ... written by Don
LuckyClover is one to help you and not just sugarcoat things. I like that about her. She is a great inspiration. :) Thank you for all you do, LuckyClover!!" ... written by Amy
She is awesome, right to the point and knows the truth, she is my go to person !" ... written by bigjohn400
I got the answer that I need to move on with my school. Lucky once again has help me!!!!" ... written by BethFarrimond
Very honest reading.. I appreciate it." ... written by candy
Great reading." ... written by findingpeace
Thanks Lucky always a pleasure getting your readings. :)" ... written by jillain5
Very honest very fast I felt she was accurate." ... written by angela
Great reading as perusal luckyclover's tea leaf reading is amazing always accurate predictions have come true." ... written by victoria111
Great Reading and insightful." ... written by nikky
Lucky is the person I go to whenever I need advice. She is wonderful. :) I don't know what I'd do without her. Sweet and caring." ... written by Amy
Thanks" ... written by SS
I am just amazed on how she calms you down. I have had a lot going on and she always seems to give great advice :) Thank you sooooo much!! xoxo" ... written by Amy
Thanks so much!" ... written by spoooono
Wonderful, kind and caring. Thank you!" ... written by Clair
She is such a wonderful, caring, sweet lady. :) " ... written by Amy
She tells you things that just make you feel better about yourself. :) I thank her a million times If I could :)" ... written by Amy
Lucky, words are just not enough.. You are a great person and you are helping a lot of people :) You are in a special place in my heart. Thank you!!" ... written by Amy
She did a great job!!!" ... written by Sherroll
Great readings! All accurate without me even giving hints" ... written by Maggie
I have had the best day!!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!" ... written by Amy
Very nice person. covered a lot of ground in a short time. answered all my questions with good answers and bad ones - she didn't sugarcoat anything that I could tell anyway. I feel she genuinely wanted to help me." ... written by Cathy6212
She is so amazing, teaching me meditation. :) I will have to try that. I know it'll be a big help!! Thanks, LUCKY!!! xoxo " ... written by Amy
She was awesome and a right on target with everything." ... written by patty
She is great and very sweet!" ... written by Sheena
She cares so much and it's a great feeling to just talk to her. :) Thank you... xoxo" ... written by Amy
Great connection...seemed to dial into the situation quickly and on target" ... written by LIght
Lucky has an amazing power to connect to the situation, gives lots of details with almost no information. She is sweet, caring and gos straight to the point. " ... written by Eva
I'm really happy with choosing her as my go to. :) She is awesome!!" ... written by Amy
Gave great advice and was on target with how I felt about the situation. Thank you!" ... written by keliza
Thank you for all your help. This was very helpful and I will keep looking for him with the information you gave me." ... written by schici
Very interesting reading, a lot of options for me. We'll see how it all turns out. Many blessings!" ... written by Aussie girl
Always Honest and Straightforward as well as caring. Such a nice person and so Sweet." ... written by Jim
It was amazing to know the love of my life, will be mine!!!!!" ... written by 3Hearts93
She is amazing! very helpful and does not waste time at all! She is very accurate. Thanks lucky!" ... written by dimond110
I asked ab my cousin Ronnie who passed away and I cried. I miss him so much and I am soooo glad that he is still around me protecting me. :)" ... written by Amy
I enjoyed the reading...I will come back to check in on the progress." ... written by Alex
She was very good and knew things already! I will talk with her again soon." ... written by Donna
I think she is wonderful! she seems to understand me without my telling her!" ... written by Donna
I really like Luckey Clover she is very nice and easy to talk to!" ... written by Donna
She is great! Gives you insight on what to overcome and what is along the way." ... written by izy2013
She is amazing...!! Truly! : ) Thanks so much!" ... written by susana
Now that's what I call a good reading very well put together and Omg!! the accuracy sometimes she would say stuff before I put it on the screen OMG!!!! 20 stars must get reading." ... written by Adreanna
Lucky is a wonderful reader. She will tell you good and bad, doesn't matter. I love that about her. If I could, I would try to meet her in person and say thank you for helping me through this and being the messenger. :) xoxox :D" ... written by Amy
I really like Lucky Clover she is so nice to talk to!" ... written by Donna
Amazing.. and very accurate." ... written by thewhitegirl
Oh my goodness, I thought I ruined things but she helped me w/ so much info!! I am just amazed!! :)" ... written by Amy
Thank you!! Awesome as usual :)" ... written by Jennifer
Thanks for the advice! It's always very much appreciated and to take note of" ... written by candy
She described what was going on in my present moment. Not sure about predictions, we'll see. thanks" ... written by Jaqueline
So sweet and helpful :) Thank you!" ... written by Denise1024
Thank you luckyclover10! She was very accurate!" ... written by Catpearl
She's wonderful!" ... written by Natalie
That was a fabulous experience, and Lucky is very fast and is directly focused on the question at hand. I really appreciate her time, energy, and very beautiful spirit. " ... written by P
LuckyClover is wonderful and so precise! I love our readings - she is just so professional, but with such elegance and gifted skills of communicating the truth. Absolutely a favourite for me! Thank you lucky! You are amazing " ... written by Nsw - lbr
She did a great read!!! Things seem so clear!!!" ... written by Sherroll
All good." ... written by s
She did a great job got a lot of great feedback!!!" ... written by Sherroll
Very fast and accurate. Great reading. Thank you!" ... written by PB1923
Thanks for the info!" ... written by Blue
Thanks for the insight." ... written by spooono887
Great reading! Very quick connection!" ... written by Adam
I loved her!!! Very in tune with everything. I would give her 5 stars for sure!" ... written by misty
Perfect in everyway!" ... written by Luke
She is really connected." ... written by aquariusgirl1935
Wonderful!" ... written by H
Lovely reader, thank you." ... written by Sarah
She was superb! On point!" ... written by Olivia
She tapped in to me really well on how I was feeling and on the other person in my relationship. I was given some pretty good info and will be back to tell of my predictions." ... written by Ashley J
Great energy, good job.. true readings. Surely will be back. ")" ... written by me19832
Very insightful. Thank you!" ... written by lnorwood
Awesome! Always on the money! This is my fourth reading with her!!" ... written by magen
Luckyclover is the psychic that I talk to at least monthly. She remains accurate, positive and honest. I enjoy my reads with her as she remains one of Oranum's top psychics. Give her a shot, you won't regret it! Thanks luckyclover for all you have done and all you will do." ... written by tawee06
She is so helpful :) Thanks so much!! :D" ... written by Amy
Detailed good read." ... written by sk
Very sweet lady.... She really cares about your feelings and is in-tuned with your feelings. Accurate reading and Im excited to see what the future holds and to be able to share with her the findings that come in the future......" ... written by Shardae
Thanks." ... written by M
Great reading! Amazing predictions! Last time I received some ok news and they came true so I am back and I feel great that I can trust her with her readings :) love it !" ... written by sandra
This was a follow-up to a reading she had done for me about a month ago. It was very informative- great things and not so great things. I hope her predictions pan out- only time will tell. But I feel confident bc some predictions she had given me over a year ago are falling into place. I will follow up again, maybe next month. " ... written by Cathy
Insightful and informative." ... written by sharen223
Very good read! Picked up on my personal life." ... written by mags0123
I love her readings! Extremely intuitive!" ... written by sandra
I had the reading of my life with her. She is amazing and take scare of her regular customers." ... written by dimond110
Great reading!!! very accurate and straight to the point. Thank you." ... written by angelonmyside
Luckyclover was great! she is actually one of my top favorite psychics on here. I trust her always to fulfill my wants and questions. She is very kind and warm hearted. I love her xoxo" ... written by Sheri19
Amazing reading!! she is always able to connect right away and gives me great insight of the situation.. Thank you so much!" ... written by sandra
Very nice person! Thank you so much!!" ... written by Amy
Her reading changed my life!!!!! Best reading thus far!!!!" ... written by Heartbroken
Great job!" ... written by Mary Ward
Very helpful and sweet, she really puts me at ease with whatever is going on with me...highly recommended." ... written by Shardae
Thanks so much .... I love how you are so detailed about it. Coming back for sure x" ... written by susana
Just phenomenal! " ... written by Ashley
Very helpful! Love her energy! " ... written by Ashley
I absolutlely love her, she is always so in tuned with my situation, and always very comforting. very accurate!! 5 stars for sure" ... written by misty
She always helps me with life changing revelation! " ... written by Ashley
Love her!!! She really puts me at ease each and every time. " ... written by Shardae
Great!!!" ... written by My name
Truly amazing, spot on with everything.. 100000 stars. Thank you so much for everything. Lucky is the best in ORANUM. xooxox I'll be back again." ... written by sweet84
Amazing amazing amazing!!!" ... written by sandra
OMG Lucky is truly amazing, and awesome, very very accurate, fast and to the point, She has a very special gift, she knew everything. 100000 stars not enough, she deserves more then that 100000000000000000000 stars. Thank you so much for all your help Lucky. Can't wait for predictions to come to pass. XOXOXO I'll be back again." ... written by sweet84
Very accurate! I only go to her for my readings. She's very nurturing and understanding. I absolutely love her! Everything she has told me thus far has manifested. 5 STARS EVERY TIME!!!!!!" ... written by Shardae
She was very good! She connected with me fast and I learned a lot." ... written by Sherroll
luckylover is wonderful!!! her readings are all on point,and very consistent, as well as predictions! Many things she has mentioned have come to pass and I'm just really grateful for her time and patience! thank you soo much!!!" ... written by sandra
She is very good, and accurate will come back for more, hope predictions will come true :)" ... written by angel18wings
Her reading so on point. I needed it!" ... written by Ashley
She was very accurate with dates! Highly recommend her!" ... written by Tori
Thank you lucky for the preview of the next few months." ... written by spoooono
She was amazing. Thank you." ... written by j
This is my 4th time with Lucky Clover. I trust her fully becuase the readings have been consistent and she doesn't just say what I want to hear - believe me! But knowledge is power and she's great for that! I will definitely come back to her. She's very nice on top of it." ... written by cathy
Love her, love her, she will really put you at ease and she is always accurate with her readings. Very in-tuned with how you feel and you don't have to say much at all. She gets 5 stars from me every time." ... written by Heartbroken
Gives me insight that I needed to hear and hope for the future. I have my fingers crossed and will keep her updated on her reading." ... written by Tri
Amazing reading!!!! I must admit that all of her predictions have come true for me! dates, images, people! She deserves a million stars!! Thank you so much for your help and for the amazing reading!!! I can't wait for my next reading xox :))))" ... written by sandra
Thank you for the insight and answering my questions. :)" ... written by heather
Wow, she is so accurate. Time well spent. She is the best ever. I trust her. " ... written by Jeffrey
Lucky is a great person, I always come to her and see if she is online. I trust her talents and gifts to expand my experience with my inner soul. She is like a good friend I always will love!" ... written by Sheri19
Great reading very accurate and great energy from the reader. I will recommend." ... written by larry green
She was absouletly wonderful, I appreciated her honesty and accuracy. No tools were used which help me feell very comfortable with my situation. And she was very respectful. " ... written by Leblanc
She is simply amazing, and the best of the best.. Spot on with everything, very very helpful. She has a very special gift. worth every penny. I can't thank her enough. Thank you so muchhhh for all your help. 10000000 starssss... Love you Lucky and thank you once again. xoxooxox" ... written by sweet84
She is nice and calming. " ... written by lady
She's nice and tunes in and verifies info with tarot." ... written by wonder woman
Wonderful!! She's my "go to" psychic... always accurate and to the point!!!! Awesome... :-)" ... written by Hearbroken
Amazing! So much clarity!" ... written by Ashley
Another great reading... I only go to lucky. He has incredible abilities." ... written by axia100
Lucky is a great reader she really cares!!!" ... written by Sherroll
I just simply love her. She is spot on with everything, the reading was amazing as always. She has a very special gift, and whenever I talk to her I feel so much better. She predicated things for me couple days ago and they came to pass. This just tells me that she is the best of the best and she's worth every penny. 100000000000000 stars. Love you and thank you for everything. XOXOOXOX I'll be back again." ... written by sweet84
Luckyclover is amazing. I will definitely return for future readings. She is an angel!" ... written by April
She was very helpful, and able to give me closure on a relationship I am in. Thank you." ... written by Jazmine
Clover is excellent in her readings. She is intuitive and sees many things that are happening in the future and gave predictions with timelines. This isn't my first time with her and she is always consistent no matter how long it has been since the last reading. Thank you again clover!!" ... written by FP
Clover is thee best seer this world has ever known!! The reading was very precise and thorough, very heart felt and touching. There were no guessing games, it was pretty clear and to the point. Now I'm just careful with my daily life and doing the right thing. I'll definitely be returning for another reading when I catch up on much needing meditation and rest. Thank you my darling Clover. There is no spirit guide quite like you in this world. She has a gift and it's real." ... written by Tracy Joel
Lucky never fails me! She is a awesome person with a awesome heart! just 100% awesome :)" ... written by Sheri19
she is awsom and well worth the time " ... written by bigjohn
Her readings are always amazing! Thanks so much for the insight :)" ... written by san
Thanks for the read. " ... written by d2k1000
She is a lifesaver. I don't know what'd I do without her. I've been struggling and she just puts my mind at ease. It's great knowing that she thinks of you. That's when you know, she is the best!! :D Love you my LUCKYCLOVER!! xoxo" ... written by Amy
I had a wonderful reading, she nailed everything to a point!!!!" ... written by luckystar5
Always on point with everything!! Many predictions have come true so whenever she says something to me I know it'll happen…thank u so much :)" ... written by sandra
Wonderful reading! So much clarity. I really needed that! " ... written by Ashley
I thought she was great! Very sweet and sympathetic. Seemed to get my situation and gave me some great insights into what was going on. She's awesome :)" ... written by hotchocolat1977
Thank you!!!" ... written by Ladyseeking
Always 5 stars in my book! Always on point and I love how she connects with my energy and really gives accurate feedback. I have been getting readings from her for over 4 months now and so far everything that she said would happen has happened...... Def recommended. " ... written by Shardae
She is great!!!" ... written by luckystar5
Always on point and very helpful and attentive. She has literally become my only "go to" psychic and she helps to make this life journey a little easier. Always 5 stars!!!!!" ... written by Heartbroken86
Always great insight about the situation, and always great advise!" ... written by san
She is great. I had lots of reading with her and all the time she was right and whatever she said came true." ... written by dimond110
Fast on the 2 questions i asked." ... written by christopher
Awesome :) could'nt ask for better :) " ... written by Brona
felt very friendly, and relaxed, left me feeling at ease " ... written by wendy
What a breath of fresh air. Our connection was immediate and she and i went into a lot of issues and some of my intuitions were confirmed. i plan on talking to her again and again and i would recommend her to anyone wanting honest clarity and learning about themselves." ... written by amber aka sanguine_psionic
This was my most helpful reading yet. She was so caring and so honest. I truly appreciate your help. You're extremely talented." ... written by lauren
Awesome reading, besides being pretty, I feel very comfortable talking to her. Gave me the answer I'm really looking for. 5 star for luckyclover." ... written by RC
Great!!.. Hits you with the truth no matter what.. I had good and bad but she was honest.. sorry my credits ran out... See you next time" ... written by Sugarbear12
Awesome!! Thanks a lot Lucky. You made my night.. really appreciated.. I will definitely give you updates :)" ... written by Sugarbear12
She was EXCELLENT! On point! Didn't waste my time and told me what I needed to hear not what I wanted.... Well I got some great stuff in there too! hahaha" ... written by Allison
Nice person, takes her time, but very gud reader!!!" ... written by brebre88
Amazing!!! Must try! :)" ... written by agablue
Well how many words can I say. It was a delightful and insightful experience. Clover was recommended to me by a friend and I would recommend her to any of my friends for her honest appraisal and insight. A truly blessed person I am honored to have met." ... written by Khrysaor
She is fantastic!! :) Positive thoughts. Thank you so much, my LuckyClover." ... written by Amy
awesome! incredible! amazing! great! super! " ... written by Sheri19
Very insightful reading. She exceeds my expectations and I'm always blown away by her accuracy. I get updates with her to confirm her predictions and to see if some predictions are still on their way. Very consistent reader that never fails!! Thank u :)" ... written by sandy
Always satisfied when I do a reading with Lucky! she is one of my favorites here on ORANUM. Good choice to make when you come to her for a private reading,you will not be disappointed." ... written by Sheri19
She is sincere, and didn't say what I wanted to hear. So stuff makes me side, but she was very positive, there is another way in life. Well, will see. Only time will tell me." ... written by Mily
She's sweet and patient with questions. Takes her time. I think she's good!!!!!!!!! :)" ... written by Miranda
Thank you for the reading, will return with an update. Blessings x" ... written by Jade50
good reading...5star...always gentle and sensitive to the situation at hand...thank you" ... written by linda pryharski
Thanks again. Always accurate. :)" ... written by spooono
She was sweet :)" ... written by lavanya
Honest and to the point.. Love Lucky!" ... written by Lehua
She was able to calm my anxiety about needing a man and a job right now. She basically told me that it was okay that I needed healing time after breaking up with my ex so hopefully this will calm me down now!!!!!!!! :)" ... written by Anna
Absolutely excellent... Really detailed and really good!!!!" ... written by smc325
She is amazing! All her readings were true!" ... written by dimond110
Amazing and emotional reading...brought me to tears" ... written by Sarah
simply amazing!!! She is the sweetest and most loving individual... if you have something private you need to discuss do not be afraid with this psychic... her reading was simply amazing and I know what she said was absolutely true... 5 star rating ... will definitely return...thank you so much" ... written by linda pryharski
Amazing" ... written by -
Great read, very fast and to the point! Lovely reader!" ... written by flow
Lucky has been my lucky charm since June of 2013! She is one of the psychics I've had reads from on a consistent basis! I love her work and positive energy. She always provides me with suggestions that help me in deciding what decisions to make for myself. I sincerely appreciate your patience and help LuckyClover!" ... written by tawee06
:-)" ... written by bb
spot on as usual...she's my only reader and the best." ... written by axia100
AMAZING... That's what Clover is... Reading goes beyond 5 stars... Exceptionally helpful and supportive... Offers realistic advice to get thru hard times... Thank you so much... Will speak with her again!" ... written by linda pryharski
`love!" ... written by -1-`
Wonderful person who gave excellent reading. I will chat with her again." ... written by Jesse
Lucky is an amazing soul and she will not waste your money or give you answers that are not true. She will only tell you what she sees. I have always appreciated her honesty, integrity and her understanding. " ... written by FP
she is so sweet and sensitive ...very good reading ... 5star would recommend ...honest and accurate..." ... written by linda pryharski
Great reading" ... written by Angel
thanks! cool reading!" ... written by spoooono
fast and very accurate" ... written by angela
she is awesome!!! her predictions have really come true for me… and she is always on point with situations. thank you so much!" ... written by san
Hi i just wanna say you are a kind woman hu wanna help me and i got lots of information in those minutes i could use thx very much for the help! Chineseflower" ... written by Chineseflower
Very kind and helpful. Positive feedback. " ... written by May
She is the greatest woman. Very caring. :) Thank you, my luckyclover :D" ... written by Amy
What a relief!! :) Love her!! :)" ... written by Amy
very warm and caring, easy to talk to" ... written by wren1414
Lucky is a great reader I have seen her on many follow ups and she is consistent and accurate with what she predicts." ... written by FP
She is very good and i thank you for that." ... written by Theodora
Long time since we have connected and done a reading .. together .. but always true and clear . Being Intuitive myself .. I know this to be true . Nice that you are here to share your Gift with others ... Great Reading .. Nice to see you...are Happy as well ... xo ..BB " ... written by Bberney
Thank you so much for all the predictions… i trust her 100% many predictions have come to pass.. she is really amazing :)" ... written by san
Great reading!!! always so insightful… predictions have come to happen… thank you! " ... written by san
Good reading thank you :)" ... written by libsta
thanks!" ... written by spooono
Great reader" ... written by Ola
Made me feel better about things..." ... written by Derrick
She is always correct about specific stuff. Generally I ask if I will get a text from my love interest on a certain day, and she always is able to tell me a correct yes or no" ... written by JellyBell
great reading and to the point. Clover is very sweet and kind hearted. she puts her all into helping you. " ... written by Rana
Now, is she good or what? she is wonderful !!!!!" ... written by lopezina
She cares a lot about her clients. I always go to her and feel much better afterwards. She definitely is a Lucky Clover :) Much love. xoxox :)" ... written by Amy
She picks up a lot of information and I don't even have to tell her. It was good to talk to her. She makes me feel better afterwards. Love her!! xoxox!! :) Thank you!!" ... written by Amy
great reader and highly professional" ... written by ola
She was fast and quick....seems very on point..will wait and see." ... written by Monica
Great reading....connected quickly and she was fast with answers and I know accuracy. Awesome psychic" ... written by Scentsations
WONDERFUL reading...very positive and informative...also had a very calming and soothing effect on me which i really needed...5stars...highly recommended...she is very gentle with her delivery of the information and will look into anything you need..." ... written by linda pryharski
Good reading. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
good reader will have to wait and see if predictions come true" ... written by smiley2011
I just love her!! :) She is the best on here!! I feel more relaxed and look forward to the future. Thank you soooo much!! xoxo!!" ... written by Amy
great reader and very highly recommended" ... written by ole
She is amazing!!! she gave me the exact same prediction as a couple of months ago, very consistent and i have to say many of her predictions have really come true. Thank u so much for your amazing readings. I will always come back :) xoxo" ... written by alma
She is the real deal at oranum.....she gives diversified answers that make sense. Just watch her in her reading as she looks deep into your question. I adore her!!!" ... written by Scentsations
Very good reading and very accurate. I will be coming back to you again very shortly :)" ... written by Shiran
She truly is gifted! i trust her so much!" ... written by sonji
Thanks so much. Was very helpful. I had readings with you before and is always very accurate. Thanks so much " ... written by susana
thank you once again. I loved the tea leaf reading" ... written by spooono
very accurate reading I was impressed!" ... written by badgerman6
Very detailed, interesting, and fun. She's provides a fun environment where all of your questions can be answered. I enjoyed it." ... written by Risingphoenix00
She was helpful." ... written by clover434
she is extremely good. I am so impressed. Very very gifted. and very precise. She told me a lot of thing i did not mentioned to her. And she got it right and accurate. She is a real deal. Thank you for the reading. Appreciated with the long session. " ... written by pigletme123
Thank Ms. Clover. As always, you rule :)" ... written by Jen
Very Detailed fast" ... written by Johnny
She is really calm and genuine! I give it 5 stars !! thank you" ... written by Hilde
Great reading very honest and doesn't sugar coat " ... written by ma
spot on as usual" ... written by axia100
great reader" ... written by smiley2011
Lucky is the best here.....always on point." ... written by axia
connects really well, very genuine" ... written by smiley2011
good honest conect" ... written by s
very soothing voice and great reading:)" ... written by tasha_j
She was very very good:) Loved her sweet energy. Gave me a lot of clarity. Truly appreciate her kindness and her gift is amazing:)" ... written by Cari
she is amazing, very friendly and whatever says comes true." ... written by dimond110
A 10 of course but should be a 20!!!!! Consistantly the best reader I have found here. Her answers are very kind and she brings peace of mind always. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Thanks agan and I will be back. " ... written by ALM
I am had a reading with luckyclover10 and she takes her time to get the right answer for you... she is caring and does not sugar coat anything ..... she is spot on" ... written by Rosa
Ver good reading!Thank you!I will be back." ... written by Aurelia
Thank you so much, you told me exactly what I needed to know" ... written by clover434
She has a very gentle tone in her voice which is very comforting. A pleasure to read with" ... written by JellyBell
She helps me relax. I wouldn't know what to do without her. :)" ... written by Amy
well after being kicked out. I finally got to back and she was able to finish the reading...she is so supportive and gracious...thank you again for all you've done ... 5stars...i highly recommend her... " ... written by linda pryharski
my current situation was immediately tapped into and wow, i have hope that i can work things out with any relationship that i have....even if it only ends in friendship....i see things going that way too....i think i may want tutoring and i can't wait to have another reading. Honest, accurate, and compassionate, Clover is one of the best on here. i would recommend her to anyone." ... written by amber aka sanguine_psionic
Very good reading!" ... written by aurelia
She is really amazing! i love her readings because she is always right about things that are going on in my life… her predictions have always been on point! thank u so much :)" ... written by sandra
5stars!! thank you again for clarifying:) " ... written by sweet
Lucky is an amazing reader , so loving and caring , i always come back to her for reading because she always tells me the truth." ... written by victori111
I return to Clover as my spirit guide over and over because she's so blessed. In return, she blesses us with her presence and helpful tidbits that will help us get through life. Clover is absolutely the best psychic on this planet, I have absolutely no doubt. The readings she gives are very personal, straight forward, and exactly what needs to be heard. I'll always return. Thank you so much!!! You're so awesome Clover!!" ... written by Tracy Joel
always fast and very honest and has been dead on accurate before so i trust her " ... written by angela
Great reader" ... written by OLA
great" ... written by ola
Luckyclover confirmed what I've been feeling for the past weeks for this month. She honed in on some problems that I should not worry about because I do not have too. She did pick up on that people will TRY me or sabotage my goals because of some personal agenda. Well that's too bad for them. Anyway, I strongly feel that I am on the right path and this will continue into next year." ... written by Chyree
Nice and on target." ... written by Barb
She is great and always helps. I feel much better after the reading with her." ... written by dimond110
Luckclover is amazing. She is always on point with her readings. " ... written by Cesar
been reading with lucky for a few years now. She connects really well. " ... written by A
Very helpful. Thank you." ... written by joe
thank you for helping me with your insights and to the point remarks! : )" ... written by sirilee
sounds good" ... written by rishma
nice reading" ... written by jojo
Clover really picked up on things for me..." ... written by clay
She was on point" ... written by SC
!!!! A 10 !!!! She is so accurate. You don't need to look further to get your questions answered! Kind, compassionate and the best I ever found!!! Thanks again for bringing me peace of mind. Love, ALM" ... written by ALM
Awesome reading. answered all my questions. great reader." ... written by MM
Awesome" ... written by Keenshasha Zaire
Thank u Clover for a wonderful reading tonight. I look forward to everything occurring as you have said. I feel blessed knowing this and confirming my thoughts. I will keep you posted." ... written by Tina
absolutely great reader and wonderful person" ... written by oles
She really put things into perspective for me and gave me so much clarity and understanding about things i was confused about. I definitely will be back for another reading and hopefully for as long as she is on here. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience luckyclover10" ... written by Danielle
Another spectacular reading from Clover! She's my absolute favourite here on this site. She's very personal and has the most amazing power. I truly couldn't recommend a better spirit guide. I'll always return time and time again for advice, guidance and just to be enlightened. Her words and seeings are very fulfilling and healing. Thank you so much Clover, you've no idea how much you've helped me. Love Tracy" ... written by Tracy
!!!!!! T-H-E B-E-S-T !!!!! Reader here! Amazing and very accurate. No need to look any further!!! 5 stars but should be more like 1) ********** Thanks again!" ... written by Linnea
good expert great reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
really great reader and great person" ... written by ola
thnx" ... written by Natasha
Luckyclover is such a great person. Love her energy so pure and genuine. She was able to connect with me immediately and answered my questions fast and in detailed. My reading with her was excellent and will come back to have more readings with her." ... written by MM
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
I'm glad I pick her to read my future " ... written by Leah Whiting
very descriptive and careing" ... written by nicole
Excellent woman " ... written by Maria
Thank you for the reading. You reassure me that everything will be alright. Great reading." ... written by Mari M
Luckyclover is awesome, love her energy. I have gotten really accurate information from her. Will be consulting with her in the future. : )" ... written by Seagoat
She has always been very helpful. Her predictions are always right, and she gives great advice… amazing reading :)" ... written by sandra
Great reading...true honest and to the point. Very honest and trustworthy.Strongly recommend her" ... written by Truelove_68
thank you so much I had a feeling that my ex did something but i never could get proof. and I will be looking for my keypad tomorrow. thank you again" ... written by Stephanie
lucky was great. she is a very sweet person and a great reader. " ... written by faerieLovee
i had a reading in the past under a diff. user name in 2013 and she told me things about (now ex) dead on. now i came back to ask about a new person, an she saw me and him getting closer, having child, marriage, and just being financially/emotionally prosperous. will wait. so 1year and 7months. cant wait. also next month a rondevoux with looking forward to it. will come back at least in july to see how things are shaping. overall awesome. worth my money." ... written by sin
Really great! Got to the point." ... written by Emily
she is amazing and very helpful! I was about to break up with my boyfriend but she saved my relationship." ... written by dimond110
Luckyclover, thank you for my reading, Your reading was very close" ... written by PINKANGEL31
OKay" ... written by I
It was positive" ... written by I
She was very helpful and very thorough in her reading. Will be back for an update " ... written by Robin
good connection, accurate information given of my situation, thank you " ... written by dakota
Got straight to the point, answered all my questions. Great!" ... written by Emily
she's great" ... written by cristina
well read. she connects so quickly and accurately bout the reading. thanks for that" ... written by Soul
Connected very quickly. genuine and very sweet" ... written by tiffany
She connected well, not too much specifics but definitely accurate insight. thanks " ... written by Muhsybean
I really enjoyed my reading. It was hard to take though. She's very truthful and it's hard. It's real and I just hope things do get better for me. Thank you Clover" ... written by Tracy Joel
Kind, honest, told me good things and bad things, direct without being hard about it. Very very wonderful." ... written by Cynthia
very nice reading , thank you:)" ... written by Dee
I love her energy and lightness. I hope her predictions come true. I do hope to have some changes in my life for the better. Thank you!" ... written by lovelychocolat
I feel so great after talking to her! She is a very caring reader!" ... written by dimond110
had a great indept reading from clover " ... written by av
Wonderful reading, full of detail and lots of information. Lucky has a wonderful soul and very easy to chat with - highly recommended.. Thank you SO very much !!!" ... written by S
She was very sweet and connected quickly" ... written by angie
:uckyclover is one of the best. accurate.. does not waist time. gives life changing information. this is my second reading and i am profoundly grateful i found this amazing gifted psychic.. she is sooo very very specific and see the future and is accurate. she is worth her weight in GOLD!!!! do yourself a favor and get a reading from her. I found her by accident.. LUCKY ME!!! i am returning on purpose. she takes my pain AWAY!!!!! i can see the possibilty and the limitions she takes the blind fold off and is awesome! very sweet too... thankyou bright earth angel thankyou so very very much!!! big wonderful wishes to you for being so special and sharing your gift with US!!!! wow TNT powerful the BEST!!!!!" ... written by erika cowell
she did excellent!" ... written by sheri19
Lucky is very good and knows what she is feeling with the energy. She is well worth 5 stars and more..... She gave me lots of clarity about what we talked about.... She is well worth the credits and will come back again to go to private....." ... written by dimples
I always come back to ms. clover! Love her...She really is amazing and just *gets it*. " ... written by Jen
Clover did a great job connecting right off the top. She is a fast typist and does not waste your time at all. My questions were answered before I could even ask her. I look forward to speaking with her again." ... written by StarrVision
lucky is an awesome person! she know how to connect and give you accurate answers/truth. I would definitely recommend her! " ... written by sheri19
She's an amazing reader!" ... written by NEH
Hi," ... written by Sin
Excellent connection and reading....amazing reading!!" ... written by Scentsations
great reading i feel very good about whats going to be coming next in my life !! " ... written by morgan
I had an amazing reading with luckyclover. She was able to give me accurate details on my current situation and specific timelines for my future and the futures of my loved ones. She had great advice for all my questions and was able to answer very specific questions geared towards the future.Her calm and kind demeanor was very relaxing to me and combined with her reading, brought me much relief. She is definitely worth every penny and more! " ... written by shasha
Thank you!! you are amazing as always" ... written by Jen
She is like an angel! whenever I have reading with her she makes me happy! Whatever she has told me so far, all came true! She worth every penny!" ... written by dimond110
Once again I had a great session with Lucky! The few doubts (human nature) that had crept up in my mind about the future...well she put them to rest. I feel great again and can't wait! Thanks a lot LuckyClover! :) " ... written by M
I am so lucky to have come across LuckyClover! She was very gentle and just amazing! She knew the situation in depth, and gave me lots of great news. I was very sad and anxious before I saw her, and after our reading I feel so much joy and positivity to look forward to. I'll definitely update you when it all unfolds. I am going to go write all that details down right now! Thank you! :) " ... written by M
Great in depth reading. Gave me a lot of insights into what to expect. Gave me a lot of hope. Thank you Lucky." ... written by Maria
My first reading by LuckyClover...I truly liked her spirit/energy. She's is a sweet one, she answered my questions and didnt try to keep me hanging on to get my credits. I really appreciate this...I will find out if what she gave me comes true...will be back with an update :)" ... written by Bronxie
Great reading!" ... written by MayGirl
Very interesting reading and she's really good. Recommend her!!!" ... written by tash1921
she was ok some answer was right but she kept calling me man and not" ... written by daneillwells30
She is very intuitive :) I liked the reading very much. Highly recommend her!" ... written by hugs2020