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Psychic lovemecoachhas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic lovemecoachhas recently helped 132members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about lovemecoach's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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What’s behind the name “ Love Me Coach?” A Gifted Clairvoyant, Intuitive Tarot Reader and Spiritual Life Coach with a BBA in Business Administration and pursuing a Masters in Psychology at Kaplan University. By living through tests and trials of coming to terms with myself, I have much to give to the community. Stepping into the boxing ring and winning the good fight I am now here to help others get past issues of self-doubt, and soul progression. I a. I give people a deeper connection to themselves by creating a powerful self image, enhance of confidence, skills strengths, and motivation to eliminating life challenges. These features that are offered are based on practice which includes helping others to gain patience, trust, support and commitment.
Just ask the coach? Milton Jackson is “ Love Me Coach.” He helps men and women to land a life of their dreams during and after their turning points such as Identity Crisis, Tolerance, Acceptance, and Identity Pride.

I needed some quick advice/guidance and he knew what was on my mind/bothering me, but now I feel more confidant about my planned action! Thank you again! " ... written by Nona29
He was very nice. Very detailed I liked how he explained things and were simple. I felt good for what he was saying because is true." ... written by lilyforyou
I spoken to LoveMeCoach because my life had seemingly fallen into a abyss. I was" ... written by Lynn Keith
I would love to share, ” thanks for your friendship and guidance. I am now living a life" ... written by Ms. D. Wilcox
Thank you again!! He just reads me and my situations soooo well! He told me I would be receiving good news in regards to my unique job situation this week and even though it seemed impossible, I received the great news today!!! Several predictions of his has come true: my ex returning, my job relocating, and more!! Love him!!" ... written by Nona29
Awesome! Straight forward, really honest, and fun to talk to. Makes you feel a whole lot better :) Thank you so much!!!!!" ... written by cowboi
Well, I think he's really good, but couldn't find out in a reading because there was no sound. Technical thing... :(. He said he gonna contact the administration, so I get my credits back. I hope I do, because still really wanna spend it on a reading with him. Bye and take care, Rosemary72 " ... written by rosemary72
Let me just say that I read your profile and was deeply touched by what you had to say. I saw so much of myself in the words you wrote about your personal journey. You seem to have such a passion for what you do and that is something to be admired. I do not know that I have ever met a life coach but I am very sure so many people need them. So I hope God’s blessing on your work and your life. Im sure his anointing is a true blessing to you. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!" ... written by Ms2020
First person to pick up on him! Spot on. More after private consult. :)" ... written by Sylph91
wow he is great " ... written by cinlorri
Love him!! He connected with me in the free chat area and he just got deeper with it in private consultation. He confirmed my feelings and the actions I know I need to take when the time comes. Very realistic reader and gives great advice! " ... written by Nona29
Thank you so much for being a big help so few. I always wanted someone I can look up to and say thanks. Now I feel, I found someone to be a teacher." ... written by Zuri56
Dear Lovemecoach, You are great! The problem in communications is because us Asians have a hard time expressing our true feelings.I now understand what I must do if I am to save my relationship and marriage. Yvonne ( Rooster051)" ... written by rooster051
WOW! He picked up on a very important and specific information for my job situation. Gave me a better peace of mind about what's going on! " ... written by Nona29
Very cool reading, loved it a lot! I felt very comfortable during the private reading :) exactly what I needed -- calm, clear andamp; detailed reading full of guidance. Thanks, Lovemecoach!" ... written by thetruthseeker
Is very awesome. Worth every penny. 20 dollars off your paycheck a week won't bother you to know more about yourself. Lovemecoach has it !!! " ... written by genesis28
The Lovemecoach was amazing. He picked up on the fact that I am looking to move up in my career. He also acknowledge that intuitive insight myself spiritually. This is something I have never embraced, probably because it frightens me a little. I believe that once I embrace my skill set in this area, the less afraid I will become." ... written by deeakram
He was right on point!" ... written by JMGAFH
i learned a lot in his chat andamp;amp; in his prvt reading..... he did not tell me what i wanted to hear... and that is because he was HONEST... dang it.... lol.... ty Lovemecoach... you were awesome...I highly recommend him people... get a reading with him .. :) " ... written by Spare2012
He was right on point and focused. I enjoyed my reading. " ... written by LadyL5
Great reading, picked up on a lot!" ... written by steff
took the time to explain everything out to me so that I understood. Very nice reading " ... written by Wowzers1
I appreciate your honesty and accuracy. He rocks. Truly and totaly a gifted individual. " ... written by LeekaLeeka3
Very understanding and caring, very perceptive and tells it as it is." ... written by hxd181
he was wonderful ..he pick up on everything and i didnt have to really say anything...thank you lovemecoach..i will be see you again soon" ... written by cece121
lovemecoach is the bom!!!! he is so easy to talk to 2!:)) He helped me by understanding what is coming my way." ... written by sexyegyptian2
HE was so amazing thank you so much!!!!!!! I can't even explain how helpful he was :)" ... written by carmelluv5
Very honest and straight forward! Loved the private reading." ... written by funchallady
awesome. he picked up my questions very fast. and cleared lot many doubts i had. good guide. " ... written by Mui
The magnitude of his accurately is energetic. Very accurate and insightful in the area of love. He is able to define yours and your significant others best interest and capability of the relationship. Thanks again for your insightful words lovemecoach! " ... written by vegabonded
It was a wonderful reading to the point and just what I needed..thanks so much!!" ... written by shancw69
he was great and very positive ..i will heed his advice" ... written by julznycles
He was very detailed and I loved my reading would do it again" ... written by tyesha_wht
I am going through a bit of a mental battle right now and He picked up on several things that are getting in the way. He knew the areas that were bothering me and he gave me some great advice to deal with it all. I am going to try to implement his advice ASAP! I needed to hear this today for sure! Thanks again!!! Love him!!! All of his predictions for me have come to pass too in both love and career! " ... written by Nona29
He was good. He picked up the issues. Im looking forward to the predictions now . thanks a lot" ... written by missmel2011
) thank you once again for ur time and u helped me alot i greatly appricate it " ... written by terri21
thank you once again for ur time and u helped me alot i greatly appricate it " ... written by terri21