About ladygoldenangel

Psychic ladygoldenangelhas 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic ladygoldenangelhas recently helped 112members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about ladygoldenangel's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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➠➠LIVE UPDATES➠➠ ~8*15*2013
Back up and running. I am very very busy outside ORANUM so forgive my absence.

--My Goal--
I will answer your psychic question(s) as detailed as possible.

--About Me--
I am more of a seer, feeler and also hear messages through raw intuition more than anything. While reading for you I actually connect to the Angels through my higher self. As for tools, I like to use playing card decks or oracle cards,sometimes here and there a pendulum. Though I must say the main focus I use to read you ,is as a raw intuitive reader.

--Years of Experience--
14-16 years

--Abilties --
::Oracle Cards::
::remote viewer::
::Distant Healer::
::Herbal Prayers::
::Playing Cards::
:: Spanish Baraja Cards::
::Mediumship::---learning to harness

DISCLAIMER:The client receiving the psychic reading is responsible for all of their own choices and/or actions. You have free will, within the confines of your destiny, to make the most of your situation. I offer insight to help, but ultimately you are responsible for your own decisions and action.

She is great, she told me everything without asking me for any additional information. She is a real Psychic and I will definitely come back for another reading!!!" ... written by rinagm
She is so on the pulse of things she sees things in detail its amazing she is an exceptional reader. thank you Ladygoldenangel. She is on my top 5 list of amazing readers. " ... written by murdocca
i feel like im in a cold sweat talking to her because she has such a strong intuition, she is also very fast to respond and her input made me feel at ease." ... written by hazeleyes09
SHE REALLY HELPED ME SO MUCH!!!!" ... written by blessed05
Lady Golden Angel is awesome, very accurate i just loved her vibe. Highly recommend it." ... written by Lucy117
Good stuff, loved it!!! Positive and straight forward couldn't have asked for anything more!!! 5 stars" ... written by sharron1505
OMG You are amazing!! Thank you so much!" ... written by MayGirl
All I can say is wow! I will have to keep her posted on what is happening in my life. She knew my pasted and the present we will have to see what happens." ... written by luckygirl40
She was so genuine and so fun. I feel she was extremely accurate! Saw things that have happened with us...saw things about his family...specific family's so cute! i wanna her to be my buddy! haha" ... written by chibchamus
Excellent reader. Extremely accurate." ... written by coconut1980
Thank you for your help. You are fantastic blessings to you, I will be back, Highly recommended." ... written by Lorann23
She is the AWESOME! I couldn't believe how accurate she was in her reading! I'd heard great things about her, and they were right! I'll definitely go back to her again. She's sweet, she's funny and so spot on! Still can't believe it. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Lady is a long time friend and a very talented reader, on target with a lot of things- she won't steer you wrong. She didn't know it was me under the Girly521 sn. tee hee! Get a read with her, she won't disappoint! " ... written by Enchanted~Heart521 (Girly521)
She was amazing." ... written by d2k1000
I absolutely love my readings with this lady she is so in tune with what is happening in our lives and picks up exactly whats there without asking u for any info. I think is a very gifted psychic on this site. 5 stars to Ladygoldenangel.............." ... written by murdocca
Wonderful! very good, straight forward and was very accurate. Thanks again dear!" ... written by scadoodle
Wow....she is so intuitive! I only had to bring up the subject I had questions about and she knew what was going on! You will not be disappointed with Ladygoldenangel :)" ... written by florwer85
Good, Informative, and Intuitive..." ... written by BuryMeAG
She is really good and knows what she is talking about. I will always get her to tell my future." ... written by luckygirl40
She was great...reassured me. I feel much better. I cannot wait for all to come to pass. Thank you again for all your advice. Blessings to you." ... written by answers28
she is wonderful!! " ... written by luckygirl40
Oh wow - she can give you so much information! she picks up so many things! amazing! really loved the reading! highly recommend - 5***** ~~~ hugs ~~~" ... written by hugs2020
WOW!!" ... written by friendlyuser
Another spot on reading from Ladygoldenangel. I really love her energy. She has a young fresh energy that I can relate too yet she is mature. I feel her sincerity and I feel like she really is in tune with my situation. Always a pleasure reading with her. Guys you must try her once, you'll be hooked I'm sure. She is very respectful and I get the sense she is very humble. I am very impressed with that... I feel comfortable spending my money with her and opening up my personal information with her." ... written by neeree1
she is really good. and when i hear from my friend I will let her know the details. thank you so much!!!" ... written by luckygirl40
Wow she is super good psychic, love to reading with her again soon!" ... written by TUSHAN
Thanks as always a wonderful reading spot on and very helpful." ... written by Lorann23
This woman is AMAZING!!! You will not find a better psychic or friend. She will tell you things about your past, present and future with stunning accuracy. I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT YOU LADY!!!! Try her for yourself and you too can have the experience youve been searching for. HUGS TO YOU and MANY BLESSINGS XXX" ... written by divinedaughter
She is sooo nice and fiendly, right on and to the point. Recommend her." ... written by darkangel2011
She is the best on Oranum in my opinion. Thank you for that excellent reading. I appreciate it very much. Can't wait for that guy to show up. " ... written by snowpea
I had an Email reading with Lady and she was amazing in what she told me. The ways she picks are energy is awesome. She is truly gifted in picking up energy. She has also help me see something I needed to be aware my own personal goals and gifts. Thank you LadyAngel! 5 stars!!!" ... written by johnnydeppfan
I have gotten advice from many but i feel she may the one who is right about the situation! Ill be back" ... written by HALOVM
She is such a wonderful reader I feel so in awe of her gift and the messages she receives that she makes me feel there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I've said it once ill say it again She is a 5 star reader..." ... written by murdocca
Wonderful read! She connected to me very easily and gave me peace of mind about my situation. She was able to connect to the energy of my partner as well and gave me great insight about my situation with him and what is going on, in his head too! Highly recommended! Very sweet, honest, informative. God Bless!" ... written by NiVanya
Excellent reading. Connected quickly to my situation. Gave some great advice and made me feel positive about my situation." ... written by NICKY1212
I love ladygoldenangel, had a nice reading with her looking forward to having another one in the future." ... written by marybeth1love
She is a very good friend. And I know her prediction will come to pass soon." ... written by luckygirl40
Thank you for providing clarity and guidance Lady Golden Angel! :) Certainly are a blessing. Very quick to connect and spot on regarding details relating to my inquiry. Definitely a 5 star reader! Look forward to chatting with her again :)" ... written by Yoogii
F A N T A S T I C. Very gifted. Tried her out and agree with all the reviews. Pretty mind blowing. RECOMMENDED - she is the real deal!" ... written by belladonna8
She's always on point with every ready I get from her and makes it so you really understand what she picks up on. Her energy is so calming and loving. I love you lga!!!!" ... written by sweet81pea
I have known lady for sometime and she is honest, caring, and helpful. She will not disappoint you." ... written by LunaBear
She was very good...." ... written by psychicstudent