About jithv1987

Psychic jithv1987has 5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic jithv1987has recently helped 1123members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about jithv1987's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Welcome to the LIFE CHANGING room. I am a PSYCHIC, life coach.a SPIRITUAL & EMOTIONAL HEALER, a MEDITATION COACH, and a LOVE DOCTOR! I can help you bury your past, embrace your present and design your future!! I will only tell you the truth, I am a child of god blessed with the heart and soul to help and eliminate negativity!

I was born and raised in India the land of Spiritual Healing My teacher (Guru) worked with me from childhood. I have since developed and utilized my abilities to help others. Spiritual healing has been an extant form of healing and is practiced in India since a long time back. In India people look for alternative health cures rather than relying on medicines. It is widely known that meditation is a primary mode of healing.

I offer services in the following areas
Spiritual Healing *
Mediation (Chakra, Balance, Relaxation, Sleep, Anxiety, Stress)*
Love & Peace of mind Spells*
Spiritual Cleansing (breaking negative energies)*
Palm Readings
Tarot Card Readings
Relationship Guidance (sex, love, marriage, jealousy)*
Depression (low self-esteem Infidelity, sadness, overwhelmed, Insomnia)
Bipolar, Obsession, Compulsive traumatic stress, cutting and Eating Disorders (ADD/ADHD/ PTSD /OCD)
Surviving domestic Violence
Gays, Lesbians & Bisexuality
Grieving and connections with Dead Loved Ones

I honestly advise you come into my room with an open mind to something different, extremely important and serious to me. My joy n power channels by helping other, therefore it is not fair to me or to my spiritually serious clients, that a guest comes in my room and asks me silly questions to test my skills. Please be mature, patient, friendly and respectful. Let’s keep the positive energy flowing we can all make a change for the better!!!!!

i dont believe in astrology .i don't believe in evalution theory .i don't think stars and some planet moment has anything to do with what happen with us and around us... everything has to do with what we do and how we think and how we imagine things ..so please don't believe everything you here....please don't be a slave for superstition..there is more than what you always see...i was a born in to a christen family believing and following just like even one els.but when i stepped out and research about Christianity and start to think out side the box i start seeing things clear ...now i don't call my self a scientist but I'm different than every one.i don't think like a regular human being .if you like to know more please ask me.
:::::::::::::::::::::: Special Free Readings for Active Clients Only::::::::::::::::::::::::

Honoring and thanking my clients for their trust and faith in me, every week I will send out an email to one of my active clients for a free session! You can choose any of my services and we will have an open session in free chat with all my attention on you and only you. (Please choose a service you will be comfortable discussing or expressing in the free chat room) The email will include the date and time you should be at chat! If you miss your appointment you will miss your session Sorry!

I offer a Free Meditation Session to all clients in Free Chat at 2 PM ((Everyday))

Standard Private Reading $ 1.99 per min
Spells $ 3.99 per min
Healing Session 4.99 per min
***Please be advised my sessions can be very powerful, have caution, you must be mentally prepared before pursuing these procedures ****


Very possitive and spiritual. Had good things to say that gave me encouragement." ... written by SHERITALL
He is very good with what he does, provides lots of details in regards to your questions." ... written by gogo88
Thank you for your kind advices. very to the point, straight and fast answering to questions! Thank you" ... written by Sirena22
he was spot on with some things. " ... written by sledhed
Good reading dude! I felt the connection! See ya later!" ... written by Kevin2585
Thanks a loads jithv..u are really good and supportive..thanks a loads...." ... written by renuka1
ill be back but i need to give more info my case, his awesome tho" ... written by 24 T
Thank u !!!! U helped me to know if it's worth for me to spend again energies to help a special person to me ......some ppl has been badly hurt inside I wansn't able to help one but with your help I might be able to help this one....thank you again for your help !!!! Peace n love to you xxx" ... written by pennyone
Great help wonder person really did help me" ... written by BRAD_C1904
Really helpful , was quite sceptic, but really helped!!!" ... written by davock
I needed to continue my initial reading to complete the message from the universe through JItHV1987. He gave me great insights on my future." ... written by rooster051
The message for me was so significant. I felt the presents of my deceased husband embrace me. He gave me a message from my husband that made me smile." ... written by rooster051
He is so on target. Careing and about you spending your money to. He is a very kind hearted person with very quick insight. I will always come to JITHV and i really recommened everyone to." ... written by Nichole
jithv1987 is very good and caringhe was on point i would recommend a private reading with him " ... written by ladytam
Excellent reading! was kind, helpful and very accurate. 100 stars! will come back ! ;)" ... written by coconut1980
a honest reading done well...Even if not all good news :-/" ... written by Simundo
He was very kind and it was really nice to talk to someone, who wanted to help!Thank you for that!Namaste!" ... written by horizontall
I wish my computer was faster, he is good... I will continue to use him.. thank you" ... written by nonoyz04
Very good on some points , have a lot of thinking to do! Thanks!" ... written by Nashvillebbwqt
Jithv's reading was 100% accurate. He knew my problem and helped me see the light at the end of the road. I look forward to a future reading with Jithv. Thank you Jithv for my reading" ... written by greekgoddess71
Very good worth the money and time going to listen to his advice" ... written by kenny47s
Very quick, pacy and understanding - highly recommended. Thank you!" ... written by Justmebeingme
really good guy.. i would recommend to everyone.. thanks a lot" ... written by angel06
Thank you. You're very gifted :)" ... written by coconut1980
He was so good and pinpoint what areas I needed to work on in my love life. I def. recommend him when it comes to love, dating, relationship advice, and general areas in your life. Thanks so much, JITHV1987 for giving me that advice! =)" ... written by chloe1011
He was very positive in his reading. He gave me some insight into my work situation. He was accurate. I will read with him again. " ... written by wee318
thanks for the reading, and advice! xo" ... written by loveable1390
Excellent reader" ... written by coconut1980
Very kind caring and accurate. Highly recommended," ... written by coconut1980
Jit is a great, sweet guy. He knows what he is talking about and very helpful:)))" ... written by sexyegyptian2
He is a wonderful, compassionate and caring person, who has great insight and understanding when doing the readings. I hope to have another reading from him again. regards, Marijana" ... written by maryannepav
Thank you." ... written by coconut1980
hes great!! accurate about everything" ... written by loveable1390
JITHV1987 very intuitive and helpful!" ... written by LadyJ1966
Great energy, positive reading and very detailed." ... written by slz0304
Very nice person, caring and intuitive...worth the money" ... written by hxd181
A very sincere and helpful person. He gets straight to the point. Would recommend to everyone. He was absolutely spot on with where I stood in life and all thats been going on. Thank you J!" ... written by tash1921
Thanks so much. You gave me hope about how good things can be; will be! I appreciate that. I will take your words and use them to make changes in my spiritual life. :)" ... written by EarlyIrishEyes
My first consult with Jit and I am so impressed!!! What a sweetheart he is and so very helpful. Very caring guy and I highly recommend him! Thanks Jit" ... written by leogirl
very kind and right on spot" ... written by skamal
He is very kind and cares about the decisions you are making whether it is what you want to hear in the moment or not, he tells you what is best for you, which is why we are here. He is real and honest! I will definitely consult with him again. Thank you Jith!!! " ... written by karlabebe
=) Wow, very good reader! Understanding, patient and knowledgeable. He is actually VERY caring and genuinely wants to help you resolve whatever problems that you may have. I definitely recommend a reading with J! =) Thank you! MoMoSuGaH" ... written by momosugah
Thank Jithv, I will look at the situation from a different point of view, maybe you are right. I will keep you updated. " ... written by Mailo000
J is awesome! =D" ... written by momosugah
He is awesome..... He hit it on the nail. After the reading I felt much better and understood a lot of things. I am more positive and relieved. What I like as well is that he does prayer for you and that is another plus. He is the best person I have talked to in here. I never talked to a male, did not really trust them, but he is so sincere. I cannot explain how to the point he is. " ... written by loops52
he gave me hope when i needed it and told me everything will be alright . the best reading ever!!!!!!" ... written by queenmarge
Gave hope and good advice. Always right on point. I will be back for more." ... written by Joan84
very quick and channels in on energy fast." ... written by Bellyrox
He is very direct and to the point. I definitely needed to hear this reading!! Always enjoy my chats with Jith!! " ... written by karlabebe
The Reading was nice, he seemed pretty strait forward Genuine. " ... written by nwm_joe
Jit is the absolute best. He picked up on person I wanted the reading about perfectly and has given me great advice. Try him-you will be glad you did!!!" ... written by leogirl
Thanks for the consultation and prayers. I'll try to meditate and hopefully we'll see the manifestation soon enough. I'll check in with you soon, thanks buddy. She better be hot though, or I'm coming back to write another review.Haha" ... written by duck86
This guy is the real deal! I was impressed with his great energy and accurate information. I wish more readers were like him. Thanks alot!" ... written by B.B
Thank you for your time and words." ... written by mandymann23
He is full of energy and helped me how to find balance in my life! Thank you!" ... written by mimizi
Thank you so so much, it was very good, very supportive. Everything starting to make sense now and I know which way to go now. Thank you again, thank you!" ... written by Holmavik
Very good psychic! " ... written by achance80
great reading!" ... written by aisha
He has helped me before when my marriage had ended. Now I have a new love and he has shown me that this will be my last love through eternity. I will come back to get another excellent reading." ... written by rooster051
it seemed like he cared about me and he did hit everything on the nose that I was feeling,he said a prayer for me and I appreciated it,can't wait to see how his predictions come out." ... written by apple12
Very focused and to the point. I love the energy he brings. I gave such good insight. I felt a peace when we finished. " ... written by LadyL5
Out of all the phychics I felt connected with him because I didn't tell him anything and he figured out what was going on in my life. I promise I will be back to speak to him again. He keeps it real and does not sugar coat anything and thats what i like,someone to be honest with you and he is the real deal!!" ... written by apple12
Very good!!! He is my new life guide!!! " ... written by littlemissmoody
This was amazing! So many things to help turn my negative energies into positives. These things will change a persons life completely! Thank u!" ... written by Stephie77
Very helpful, and very passionate about his work. Thanks so much." ... written by brazilgirl1
You are the best!" ... written by beckerbradley11
Wow he was wonderful, amazing ..he was fast, accurate, and very helpful, he will not waste your money, Thank You very much Jay i feel relieved and at ease!!!" ... written by psychic81
omg he is one of the best phychic in this site ..great reading gave me gud advice,highly recomanded .....:)" ... written by roop83
He was very good!! thanks" ... written by Cryptids
The Psychic picked up on my negative energy right away and told he what i needed to do to fix it. He is concise." ... written by brutusk
Great as always!!!!" ... written by rooster051
I have had quite a few consults with Jithv in private and he is the very best. He did something for me that I so appreciate and is a genuine, very caring guy. I high light recommend that you try hi. Very well worth it and he reads so quiclly! Thanks again444" ... written by leogirl
Feeling down? Want to life your energy?" ... written by Agent49
we did a few min meditation. It was amazing. I felt like he really wanted to help me. I will do what he said and come back again. thank you" ... written by missmel2011
I really like your works man, keep it up" ... written by beckerbradley11
He is very concentrated and focused. He gives sound advices and tries to give help as best as he can. " ... written by kavita123
Today was an important day for me. I miss you Keith but I can feel you by my side." ... written by rooster051
JITHV1987 was very helpful and his insight was on point. he has given me a gift. A path that i will take to end all confusion. I appreciate the passion he has for his abilities to help others in need. I have direction now." ... written by peaceofmind3
Today is Keith and my wedding anniversary. JITH1987 has brought my deceased husband, Keith back to me. I can close my eyes and see us both dancing the wedding dance. Keith has his hands around my waist. I am looking into his eyes deep into his soul. His smile is so infectious.I remember his dimples in his face. I remembered he whispered in my ear "I love you Yvonne, forever." I said to him "I love you forever Keith." I wish this dance would be endless in time." ... written by rooster051
He is the only psychic on here that told me the deep things within me and why I am going truth so much...he is real and tell it like it is!!" ... written by coffin11
Very calming and powerful..." ... written by brianindublin
OMG!!! J you did it again...thank you so much. You are a miracle worker!!!!!" ... written by faith81
Just want to say a real thank you to Jit, he was really there for me when I needed it...a truly genuine, gifted person that will guide you to see the light. I am truly grateful, thank you for coming into my life, God is great, thank you so much." ... written by Mandy
This man can help you with a lot of things. You can tell he is not doing this just for the money! Hes doing it all for your happiness...your care!..your life! He is truly a gift from God. If you can't go private at the time you should come for his meditation because everything about him is just a aura of gratefulness and Gods love and grace. You will catch it when it comes to putting your trust in him. He tries to the best of his ability to give you positive vibes! Please trust in my testimony! Hes the real deal. Try him out and see how much you really need him.......Be Blessed!" ... written by Jitsumina
Hey man, your awesome!!!" ... written by beckerbradley11
Very intuitive, accurate and helpful reading andamp;gt; thanks and i will follow your advices. See you back later for giving you the outcome" ... written by patrick_be
I meditated with him for about 10 minutes ...and I genuinely felt relieved. This was my second time with him. I'll come again. He is very compassionate reader and looks like he genuinely care." ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
I have had 3 amazing sessions with JITHV1987 he had to be one of the best from this site. he has real powerful energy and came like an angel right on time he made me feel like its rock n roll time! He is also helping people close to be in order to purify my sounding energies to help me achieve my goal ! I LOVE U JAY !!!! YOU ARE MY MENTOR!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST !!! BLESSING !!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET TALKING TO JITHV1987 HE IS WORTH EVERY PENNY !!!!!!" ... written by miiszd33
as always, absolutely great. thanks again Jay!!!! you picked up on the situation and gave super advice." ... written by leogirl
Man, Jay is by far the best psychic you will ever meet in your life or rather on the internet, he is ver compassionate, very loving, caring, and he's just got the whole package of light!! your the best, keep it up, and never give up at what you do, your the one who showed me the way." ... written by beckerbradley11
I enjoyed reading, he guided me through the ways" ... written by tanyaolivia64
Amazing what he knows... helped me with a huge emotional problem. All my friends tell me to quit, and Jithv's telling me otherwise. I'm gonna follow my feelings, not my thinking and anger, and act from the love i feel. So not quit just yet ........ Thanks JITHV!!!! Big kiss from Amsterdam, I'll let you kow what happened.. " ... written by rosemary72
Hey man, thank you so much for everything, relationships with family, ex girlfriend, etc... Your the man!!!" ... written by beckerbradley11
As always, jay does wonderful things. Thank you so much for what you do........" ... written by leogirl
Hey man, I like the good works that your doin man, keep it up!" ... written by beckerbradley11
You were excellent, thank you for the good confidence. I will take your great advice." ... written by faith81
He really tries to help. Good man." ... written by Lifeg0eson
Recieved some healing, was lovely, thank you! " ... written by j33
Wonderful and to the point!" ... written by jostens
Another great reading by JITH. He did a reflection of my deceased husband, Keith and how for me to move forward in which happiness will be granted to me. It seems that I have waited a lifetime." ... written by rooster051
hmmmm interesting..... " ... written by Nona
My first time reading with Jihtv he was very good at picking up on your energy he is a very live person. He will try to help you if you have things around you that aren't considered good. Very peaceful and caring person. The best on here. Thanks!!!" ... written by virgo08
He made me feel more relaxed and at peace with myself. I only wish I had more credits." ... written by donkey5
He is so adorable! He takes his job seriously and gives a lot of energy into hat he does; a very hard worker! He a young spitfire for sure but u have to stick with him for help. He tries to help u to help manifest the things that you want to happen into your life. Hopefully i can afford to come to him from time to time for that cleansing. His readings are pretty quick!" ... written by neeree1
You are very accurate and very good at your job, i love what you do man, keep up the good work." ... written by beckerbradley11
Lovely man, realistic, optimistic and full of hope! I will deffo b back, he's lovely, ty j xx" ... written by sarajo1
Thank you so much for the heartfelt information that you provided. You were able to provide sound advice. God bless You!" ... written by theoracle17
You can always count on Jith1987 to see right to the heart of the issue and give great advice. Always makes me feel better and helps to make you think more clearly." ... written by leogirl
I had a personal private reading with JITH today, it was one of the most profound and powerful things i had ever experienced. This was my second time having JITH's assistance with a serious relationship problem. He has been on point each time. JITH is the one and only reason I continue to come back to Oranum. His gifts are unmeasurable and is truly a BLESSING to those in need of his special gifts. He has been my eyes, ears and heart beat through out this situation. I trust is unique ability to see past present and future paths for me. Oranum has a powerful being in JITh which gives its followers what they're in need of on a spiritual level. I've had other psychics readings in the past....NONE like this, none as accurate and on point and ever present in his abilities as JITH. I will seek his knowledge and his guidance in the future. He is needed in the Oranum community." ... written by peaceofmind3
jithv1987 is very good at what he does. I plane to get more readings done by jithv1987. He is a really good guy. He cares a lot about the people he does readings for. He is helping me to see that my life can and will be better!!!Thank you so much jithv1987!!!" ... written by annesmess
He ia awesome. Caring and seems to know his stuff. I recommend him." ... written by Anonymous
i recommend jith to every one he knows what his talking about... he knows what kind of advise to give u hes streight to the point he will not let u down hes amazing ... i'll do another reading with him asap. rating for him 5 stars isn't enough..thank u jith.." ... written by SWEET84
He offerred great advise and a a sense of very positive energy to move on with our inquiries..." ... written by osvaldogm
Was a very spiritual experince i have not felt in a long time .. I would recommend talking to J for sometime so you can connect better :) he is a very good person, you can just feel it. I will continue to work with him and do my best to make my spiritual and personal life alot better :) .. thank you J .. ur awesome :)" ... written by InFlight66
JITHV1987 has confirmed that I have taken the first step...turned the corner...traveling a new road to love and happiness. The universe has open the doors and bestowed a gift for me...Davis is his name.All the pleas, endless hurt, and pain have reached the heavens. My deacesed husband,Keith can now rest in peace knowing that his wife, Rooster051's fragile heart has been placed in Davis' hand for safe keeping. He will bring her new love, joy, and happiness until the end of time" ... written by rooster051
Very fast and accurate... looking foward to more" ... written by beni77hy2
very positive will follow his advice" ... written by julznycles
J...You have brought me to life. Thank you for all you have done for me. I do believe your every word and I will do as you say. You are the best!!" ... written by faith81
This was my first reading with Jith and he was great. I highly recommend him to anyone. I will definitely come back for another reading." ... written by Missleo
He was great put me on the right track. Honest and really cares will be back." ... written by parentrep
He always gave me the best advices and gets clearly to the point ." ... written by pennyone
ur are amazing everything you said is soooo true u ave been very helpful and you definitely know what ur taking about will be coming back for another reading very nice guy " ... written by ooopsi
Wow, is he honest! He doesn't sugarcoat at all. He tells you like it is, which gives me a lot to think about... but you know what? I like thinking about things and figuring out what to do. And he's right. So I'm going to follow his advice. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Always gave me a great strenght and the right advices! xx" ... written by pennyone
He has great energy and passion, wants to help you and for you to understand. He was sooo right about an energy accumulated around me. I understand! Gave me explicite outline of what I should do to break energy built up." ... written by southernnights
Wonderful as always. I have had many readings with Jith. Go for a spell!!!!" ... written by leogirl
He is great....his private is well worth it...very calming and very helpful. Gives you great energy. Thank you! " ... written by cowboicasanova
Talking to him really helped me realize what I needed to do..not just for my problems but just life in general too..a really sweet guy and very honest. :)" ... written by Esha
He was cool. He confirmed things I kind of thought were going on." ... written by sunshinemj916
Jith is so amazing and so wise. He cares about his clients and helps so much with his advise!!!! I will have further readings, of course!!!!" ... written by leogirl
J is amazing!!!... He did a meditation with me and make me think about what should I do to have my present life fixed to open my heart to the bright future that is coming through. I do recommend him very much, don't miss the opportunity of having a card reading with this psychic, he is very compassionate, accurate, giving and really focus in helping you to overcome the obstacles in your life... NAMASTE J!!" ... written by rinagm
Simply sending a huge kiss to you! x " ... written by pennyone
Great reading! He helped me get rid of all my bad energy and learn to deal with those situations. " ... written by Xavgrl12
Very good. Very helpful and good with cards. " ... written by tachita
HES AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Jitsumina
I feel so free and uplifted right now!" ... written by LadyJ1966
Very interesting and calming. I long to see what comes of his intuition and my energy. Helped me to concentrate on the positive. Thank you" ... written by answers28
He calmed me down and helped me realize what I needed to do. All he says is the truth. He is the best guide around!!:)" ... written by esha
I have no words to say - just go in private to find someone who really cares about your issues. Lots of hugs and kisses Jith for being there!! you rock!!" ... written by Esha
he is a very enjoyable reader! all i can say is just hop in to private room with him. he is amazing!" ... written by niddamit
Great. uplifting. insightful. honest. empathy" ... written by sunshinemj916
Excellent reading. I highly recommend him!" ... written by anne
Hes great! you should really go to him for help! If you ever have a problem he may be the solution. Try him out! Hes great in private!" ... written by Jitsumina
Thank you very much for the reading. Very powerful, insightful and helpful. Thank you so much. Blessings..." ... written by L-boggie
HE is good wow....i know..what i have to do this year lol.....i know his spells will help me.......and..i believe and trust him...and thank god i meet him....soon enough lol......god bless you child by...." ... written by Obama
This guy is great!" ... written by cowboicasanova
Great !!!!!! All I can say is so sweet !!!" ... written by gabriela h
He has so much positive energy ! Better in private !!! 2 thumbs up !!!!" ... written by Kathy
He is great !!! Worth every penny $$$$$$$! Thank you !" ... written by Jessica S.
he is very good! knows how to talk to you and make you feel good inside. very energetic and caring! " ... written by niddamit
His predictions are right on the money. He's very honest truthful and straight forward. Everything he told me he was right. Would reccommend to anyone. u won't be disappointed. Trust me!!!" ... written by cocoaluv
the spell was life changing !!!! thanks !!!" ... written by daniel n.
the spell was life changing !!!! thanks !!!" ... written by daniel n.
Prior to entering the private chat session with Jith, I was very frustrated and angry from events that have occurred in my life over a period of time. While going through the cleansing / meditation session with Jith, Literally felt the frustration and anger leaving. A sense of calmness and clarity came over me while going through the meditation process with him. I have never experienced this before, and I will most definitely return." ... written by deeakram
Pin pointed what i m going through. I am impressed." ... written by bdawoud1
I have to say that Jith's spell's are magical!!! I am a believer They do work!" ... written by leogirl
Hit me with truth right in my face! I think i needed that he knows me better than i know myself!" ... written by carmelluv5
I came for a spell, I felt it instantly working, and I just got a job promotion OMG jithv1987 you are the Greatest!!!!!!!!! how can i give you a tip ????? " ... written by Jasmine A.
He is a strong believer in himself and myself. No regrets in coming in again. It can take away your troubles and you can always see the light at the end. " ... written by slz0304
jit was very helpful:) he is the best!!" ... written by sexyegyptian2
J is incredible. He has a wonderful gift, and has always given me the love" ... written by Faith81
I feel a great inner peace and tranquility with the meditatiion. I feel so good. My distress is gone and not on my shoulders anymore." ... written by sunshinemj916
insightful " ... written by sunshinemj916
UR INCREDIBLE." ... written by bubi4000
he was brilliant.. he helped a lot. I started crying with his cleansing spell :(.. then i opened my eyes and candle fell.. i dont know what that meant. but I can feel it working , i felt my entire body shake :s .. thanks, for all your help. U kindda left abruptly.. dont knw what to make of it. " ... written by bubi4000
This guy is a genius and he really likes to help people. Try him, he will not disappoint." ... written by ravisidhoo
WOW....im speechless... JITHV1987 is amazing...i wil be back!!! defiantly would recommend " ... written by krystal123
Tx as always gave me the right advices and confirm my thoughts !!!!!!! Great sinthony ! " ... written by pennyone
he is simply the best !!!! really is , he is straightforward . He will tell you exactly what is going on . Truly gifted, trust him . And go for it . He is all you need if you feel confused." ... written by emabuterfly77
very nice advisor .fast proffessional" ... written by guess1953
I hopeful after our chat." ... written by dawncrock
He is the best ,he is frank, honest , just wanted to say thank you so much. He helped me on everything i had questions about . He knew exactly what i needed ,trust him , he s worth it ." ... written by emabuterfly77
JITHV has helped me through another milestone in my life. I am destined for something great. As J is a light healer...I am a person that has worked with the sick and dying for alot of years. God has taken my hand and is guiding me further into the realm of medicine to the uncharted place where I have never been before. I might be alone on this earth but I can feel my deceased husband, Keith spirit all around me protecting and guiding me on my next journey with God." ... written by rooster051
I just had a prayer with J and I feel a lot better than I have had in the last few days...I had a mini cleansing which will help me thru my situations. I believe in everything that just happened and I am soo thankful J took the time out to help me...only he knew what was troubling me without me saying anything...J is very good :)" ... written by coffin11
Whenever you are low...you know where you need to go...you can put ur worries to rest in his room..HE is the BEST !!" ... written by eshatr
I had asked for a cleansing from JITHV to remove the negative spirits from me and let my deceased husband, Keith spirit touch me. I could feel the essence of Keith cover my head and shoulders. During the process I had cried to let the feelings I have held in be let out. I remembered the good times that Keith and I laughed.. the first date in which I made snow angels in the snow and I through snow at Keith, the wedding dance...played Here and Now by Luther Vandross...Keith has whispered in my ear ...I love you Yvonne for all time...the dinner cruise for our anniversary...and the day Keith died in my arms and I said good-bye to Keith...my love. But Keith never left me he is right here with me everyday holding my hand." ... written by rooster051
Pinpointed the exact situation. Thank you for an accurate reading." ... written by arodri26
He was very helpful, he gave me a cleansing, and for the first time i was actually able t cry and not feel bad about it like i didnt have the right to before, thank you" ... written by shebahvnly7
His a powerful person, i feel your spirit !!" ... written by princs74
I m speechless i m sooooooo lifted words cant describe ur wonderful work that ur doing jithv1987" ... written by ooopsi
Really enjoy in the conversation and still very helpful !!!!!!!!!! Great feelings xxx" ... written by pennyone
Wow!!! after the meditation , i felt so relieved from all the stress i had , and i was able to see clear. he is very caring, sincere, and brilliant . he knows everything about your life you don't need to explain much. he will advise you on what s good for you. definitely the best." ... written by emabuterfly77
Excellent read!!" ... written by ooopsi
As always, jith is wonderful.. so caring and picked up exactly on what i was feeling." ... written by leogirl
I've have been to psychics all over my whole life ! i never been to one that can tell me the future and change my life all in 10 minutes !! He is amazingggg, honest, real, and gave me the best clarity on my life !!! i will come back to him every time i need some uplifting and strength to pull forward !! I am eternally grateful for this man !!! GOD BLESS HIM and HIS LOVED ONES !!!!!!! " ... written by Ms Dreamer
I really enjoyed my reading, I feel with more time we would have got through to more, but I could feel her I could almost see her. Thank you so much :)" ... written by bobby1987
You did it again J..I feel so confident with you. You give me the power to make things work in my favor and I see all things from my eyes. Thank you for your wonderful work. Love!" ... written by faith81
Thank you Jithin so much. I really hope this works. I will do what you told me. I have so much hope now. You were great, and direct to the point. you also didn't give me any negative answers but resolved them, i appreciate it very muchhh, ! haha, btw i noticed the black ops poster, GOOD game :)" ... written by Prettylady123
this physic has really help me understand my current situation and made me see thing clearer " ... written by grayricktypeo
The cleansing session was really soothing and felt peaceful." ... written by Esha
He is amazing! Told me things thats unbelievable with my relationship issue. Will def come back for future readings when I see a change." ... written by nashy23
wonderful cleansing session by Jith!!!" ... written by es
He has a ton of energy and has pumped me up and ready to take care of business!! Thank you so much for the reading! He said quite a few things that hit home with me!" ... written by Nona29
This is my second time doing a reading with Jith, and he is simply AMAZING, he has helped me with alot of things that were going on in my life, and because of him and his advise i feel soo much stronger and better, im actually happy with my life, i highly recommend JITH to EVERYONE, i promise every pennyy is worth going to a private with him... Thank youuuu Jith sooo muchhh" ... written by SWEET84
this man is wonderful and very accurate and has a healing presence, i will always go to him for future readings" ... written by freebecca
very nice guy,felt like he was a close friend who was giving me advice,very easy to understand.thx" ... written by frizzle441
I will defintely try him again - highly recommend!" ... written by sprngmaria2013
JithV1987 is a great guy! Thank you for the reading and your insightful advice! I will certainly give all that you said a try. I'll definitely be back for a follow-up reading to let you know how things are progressing. Again, THANK YOU! =P MoMoSuGaH" ... written by momosugah
ABSOLUTLEY BRILLIANT, I will certainly come back for pvt reading in the future" ... written by maan90
Jith is just wonderful! Definitely need to talk to him, but you gotta believe!" ... written by asilorange
My deceased husband, Keith has been watching and protecting me every since he passed 3 years ago. I have traveled down this long journey trying to find a new love. I have come to the end of my journey and found a new love. Now Keith can finally rest and now that my new love, George will take care of his beloved." ... written by rooster051
he told me exactly what the problem was...but we didn't finish everything .he is good!" ... written by SandraBianca
he was very positive. advised me to hang in there a little while. will see if it comes true... will be coming back again soon. thanks....." ... written by momma1965
Awesome, spot-on, very nice and comforting!! This guy is the real deal." ... written by SheaMc
jithv1987, was absolutely right on the money. Not only did he know and inform me of the situations but he also gave me the solutions to them. Key factor its up to you to follow the good advice that he gives to you. Be Bless and a Blessing!!!! Will be Back " ... written by erika
Jitvh is worth the time and money. Very uplifting. He is worth spending the credits! Happy I did it." ... written by raindeva
Very helpful, very sweet and caring. Hope to speak with him again soon!" ... written by mirage1218
pretty accurate. " ... written by mexcnboi
the cleanse that I had today was wounderful i feel a lot better now thanks JITHV1987, will have another with you " ... written by chocolatecity
Great reader, great energy, very enthusiastic!" ... written by Naseth
Very accurate reading. Great advice. Made me feel better. Thank you so much. God bless." ... written by Melissa
Very right on, very accurate. Extremely helpful advice. I truly appreciate it. God Bless you." ... written by V4Victorious
Tremendously helpful! Recommend him very much!" ... written by ken10304
very straight exellent" ... written by guess1953
fabilous" ... written by guess1953
VERY GOOD. HELPED ME OUT GREATLY " ... written by Harvey6972
HE was so good! In 2 minutes I got 5 questions answered - WOW!!! Thanks and God bless you! " ... written by MATHEW
I luv him. He's the greatest. He helps with love matters and is straight forward and honest. He offers alternatives and consults to all problems and concerns. He's the best. Luv him." ... written by sunshinemj916
helpful and honest" ... written by suga-slim
Fabulous, the words cant express what he does for you. He's thoughtful and kind. " ... written by MrsChung1
My first reading with Jithv, he showed me the path to great comfort. I will take his advice and continue to move forward. Thanks for the reading." ... written by vegabonded
He is great. I look forward to what he'll do for me." ... written by MrsChung1
This mann was awsome,,,,,,, Dead on the sopt accurate i will be coming back most definatly.... Great energy...." ... written by jamiejoe
this man is aweome, fast , no sugar coating, hit everything right on, thank u i will be back.." ... written by dymonds47
I luv jith he is so awesome. He's direct and give s options. When in doubt it always nice to have options, instead of just a yes no. I always feel at peace with his work." ... written by sunshinemj916
He is good, very energetic, and to the point and very fast and direct. Like that. Surely a second reading is soon due :) take care and god bless" ... written by geminineil2011
He is a great reader was right on everything) he is my first reader on oranum i would tell everyone he tellls it like it is he got 5 stars from me !!! best reader i seen yet i been to many readers in my life time i am 51 yrs old i go to readers in my town i pay big bucks i go 4 seaons summer spring and fall:) hugss JITHV1987" ... written by angie1959
Very wonderful reading as always ur the best in the west no one can compare the way u ave helped me with my situation very accurate and insightful" ... written by ooopsi
Thanks for your help " ... written by sarojnaidu97
I understood a lot of what J was getting out of me. Sensed what I was feeling very well! He gives great advice to make sure that what he sees will happen. Very gifted. Please have a chat with him, you won't regret it!" ... written by sweet_jesse
Woow very good! Will go back!" ... written by chelle54
Very quick and straight to the point and very honest and i do believe he is guided!:D Thank u so much jith:) God bless! and stay so positive:) lightning" ... written by lightning76
Very good and accurate. I would recommend it to everyone. He tells it as it is and can feel your problems without you having to tell him. " ... written by Ruchipatel
Jith is truly gifted, warm and caring. He speaks the truth. I feel so much better, he identified the problems and offered solutions. I trust him and will be back.... Excellent job JithV. Thank you." ... written by TropicalGirl
thank you" ... written by raindeva
AMAZING!" ... written by Ruchipatel
This man really knows what he is talking about. I had a very good chat with him and I will be visiting again!" ... written by dragontail_
Jith's help is beyond words....he is definately able to help with anything. " ... written by asilorange
Excellent!! Highly recommend!" ... written by anne
He felt he picked up on my issues quickly. Not what i wanted to hear but i guess it is what i needed to hear. thanks jithv." ... written by ceffie
I will be back tomorrow since I had problems with my credit card. Thank you:) You need to know more about the inmate and me." ... written by milona
Dman Genius!!!! Pray for me man" ... written by Rahman1234
NAMASTE BRO... GOOD MAN YOU'RE" ... written by Rahman1234
He is very enthusiastic about what he does. He tells you the truth and does not sugar coat it even if it makes you sad. I definitely recommend this guy, give him a try, he's good." ... written by katnguyen
HONEST!!! Many people want to know when it gets better and whos going to do it for them. He tells you what YOU can do to make things better, and gives you the tools. " ... written by AgentOrange69
This man has helped me see the clear picture and has un clouded my mind and heart. Thank you!" ... written by babyjen
great!!!" ... written by AngelaEtwaroo199
This man can help you with a lot of things. You can tell he is not doing this just for the money! Hes doing it all for your happiness...your care!..your life! He is truly a gift from God. If you can't go private at the time you should come for his meditation because everything about him is just a aura of gratefulness and Gods love and grace. You will catch it when it comes to putting your trust in him. He tries to the best of his ability to give you positive vibes! Please trust in my testimony! Hes the real deal. Try him out and see how much you really need him.......Be Blessed! " ... written by Jitsumina
Jithin is a wonderful insightful reader he is young but he is accurate in his psychic abilities and predictions I hope everybody should have a private reading session with him :)God bless you brother :)" ... written by nahidg
He always knows everything. He can help with guidance, understanding, and counseling. He's the best" ... written by sunshinemj916
HE is good and ONE of the best around!!" ... written by ka03107223
HE'S THE BEST !!" ... written by londyne
Good person knows his stuff. " ... written by BrokenJakk
he is awesome!!!!" ... written by august21ac
He has helped me SO much." ... written by Ruchipatel
Confirmed things that I had already knew. TY!" ... written by justbeu2011
Today I have asked J for a blessing of my new relationship with my new love, John. I know my deceased husband, Keith has brought John to me.Because both circumstances surrounding Keith and John are the same." ... written by rooster051
great" ... written by tahifi
All i have to say is CARING. he's caring and genuine. Good reading " ... written by MrsChung1
J is wonderful in helping the everyday issues that come up in living day to day. I found happiness but just like everything else it must be cared, nutured, and love so does happiness." ... written by rooster051
Always great thanks!" ... written by rattail1
Cool. He knew my talents and moods right away. A very cheerful and charismatic dude. The only bad thing was the audio, it was pausing." ... written by rasvsanz
Thank you, got some ideas what to do about my relationship and idea what has been problem there." ... written by Martina-
My friend, J has brought me enlightenment in the area of a new love life. He has shown me that it is the spiritual person underneath that will last throughout eternity. Yes we all look pretty or handsome but in time all that will fade away and what is left is the true essence of the person." ... written by rooster051
Seems to get the picture :)" ... written by Sarah
J has confirmed what happiness and it is a secret between us. He has great insight of what is going to happen in the near future." ... written by rooster051
He's always great filled with compassion and empathy for others, and always extends an open hand to help. Luv you." ... written by sunshinemj916
Informative, caring, and straight forward. Explains things completely. Luv him" ... written by sunshinemj916
Omg wow!" ... written by reneelw9
J has told me on several occassions to be patient and this is a hard ideal to accomplish in out fast paced world. But I have listened and I have found my Prince and my life is at peace and it is filled with happiness and many blessings." ... written by rooster051
My, oh My!" ... written by milona
He actually reached out to me, I don't know if he could tell I was feeling bothered or if he was just following up. Either way, it's nice to have some re-assurance. My situation gives me too much time to stir up worry, I'm glad to have someone to help me sort it all out." ... written by AgentOrange69
Precious beyond words. I adore him and know he is spot on....VERY VERY TALENTED" ... written by Questionlove2
in spite of the fact I'm a thorn on his hip he is always nice and caring and give me te right advices !!!!!!!!!" ... written by Penny
Jith gave me invaluable information..and helped me in a amazing way spiritually......i will take his advice and will update with what happens..such a great guy really does care for his clients, genuine and honest" ... written by rani
Bro...you saved me...amazing friend you're..God bless you... " ... written by Rahman1234
Great...straight to the point and very exciting...He got what was going on with me and my issues..I will follow his advice, best I've gotten...Thanks again.." ... written by dreamer65
every good was on point " ... written by jessicainme
it was a good reading because I was able to let the stress and worry out of me. J was able to show me the other side of the issue. Food for thought." ... written by rooster051
JITHV is the best and right on all he told me was true and on the money! He is one of the BEST !" ... written by bosetina
he was awesme, great sense of humor, right on in the things he said. " ... written by rmelitza
JITHV is amazing, has a lot of energy and is truly honest in the free chat as well as in a private reading:) He is going out of his way to help you and he is right on target. I could say that he is one of the best psychic here. So, you should try him in private since you will not regret it:) Thank you, xo" ... written by Milona
Great advise and awesome psychic. " ... written by Mclaughlintravis
was very helpful told me what i was missing in the puzzle piece that i could not find!" ... written by tigerbliss
Good a lot of info in short time" ... written by anamaria_marrero
Thank you friend :) " ... written by mozzy123
he was great !!! " ... written by ronniecateyez
great, really spot on and I can relate, very profound. Defineately worth the private." ... written by jackie777
He is so good ! He doesn't waste time. He tell me only what I need to know. He know more than what I expect him to. I am very appreciate his work." ... written by Mai Gaston
Millions of thanks..........millions" ... written by SunnyR
He was very nice and very helpful! " ... written by RaeAri
Spot on things he told was very true as only I knew and he picked on them immediately. Recommend to people who want reading in private he is one of the best,was my 3rd time. Keep up the good work. God bless!" ... written by gr2359
Thank you , and I have to tell you that you were amazingly accurate. I look forward to having a reading with you in the future. Your work is a gift to the planet! " ... written by nolin21
Really fast and dead on! Thanks Jithv! Recommended to all! JITVH IS GREAT! he's got a wonderful sense of humor, he picks up on everything and I love this guy! He's like a brother to me! I know I can run to him for anything! Definitely worth your time! EVERYONE, see for yourself! :)" ... written by sjlh11
Helpful, compassion, wonderful friend, working really hard. Thank you, thank you!" ... written by gaston165
Very honest and cleared up a lot for me. =]" ... written by beccixy
Thank you, i think this was 3rd private reading that I have had with Jith1987, and I will be coming back for more readings in future.. :)" ... written by Martina-
Went back for more got more than ever!! Great Reading" ... written by queenbee22
Down to earth young man very smart andamp; talented in his field of work will always come back !" ... written by queenbee22
He's good and accurate!" ... written by Lady49
The brother is awesome!" ... written by phillips31
HE IS VERY HELPFULL" ... written by Mirre78
hE WAS GREAT WILL BE BACK AGAIN" ... written by Mirre78
Good session! Enjoyed the reading! :-) Thank you!" ... written by Tishiab
I had a very hard time hearing him. Lots of breaking up.. But he was very funny and sweet... I would say call him for a Reading, he has the gift... Trust him he will guide you...:)" ... written by Blanca78
JIth,is great he can helpyou identufy your spirit guide and get info about everything around your situation if you take him to private." ... written by newjob123
Thank you....for your care" ... written by SunnyR
addicted to this guys talents! i recommend him for every1 he gets the job done and he is one of a kind i will still keep comin back !" ... written by fierygoddess1
Omg jithv1987 was so spot on tonight I'll definitely be back soon,I didn't have to say much as he already knew.Thank you so much your a star,I would highly recommend you xxx" ... written by hunniebee
always great, freindly, intuitive. my buddie." ... written by sunshine
sexy cute and he is very on point boy do i feel special " ... written by fierygoddess1
On target like always. Friendly, detailed, and insightful." ... written by sunshinemj916
great on every reading i did with him...desearve a 5 stars " ... written by AngelaEtwaroo199
jithv1987 is a very friendly and good life coach! I recommend him for all the members because he is honest and right all the time!" ... written by novforsic
JITHV1987 is the BEST reader on this site always right NEVER wrong everything he says comes true! WOW he great get a reading done by him " ... written by jodymccallum
Second experience. Very good and accurate. Thanks J" ... written by Nolin210
BEST PSYCHIC ON THIS SITE!!!!!!! get a reading by him everything he says is TRUE and always comes TRUE" ... written by jody
He was very friendly and funny..." ... written by Blanca
Best !!!!" ... written by Lucy2011
Jithv is the best,I keep missing you online for a reading please could you email me and let me know when your next on thxs" ... written by hunniebee
Great! " ... written by rumi628
I love him and i think we will someday gett married and live happily ever after. My future husband was on point and the sppells that he did is working like crazy and i love u for that . i miss you like you just disappeared like no one business lol. I recommend him he will give it to you the way he see's. He is one of the top best on this site." ... written by fierygoddess1