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Psychic iandfbyisabellehas 20-25years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic iandfbyisabellehas recently helped 100members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about iandfbyisabelle's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello dear Members and Visitors, this is a special message from INSIGHTS AND FORESIGHTS BY ISABELLE:

In celebration of HALLOWEEN and because I am back on Oranum after a long absence, I am offering a special for my private readings - $1.99 per minute,INSTEAD of $2.99 per minute.

So, if you have questions you want answered now, go ahead and click on the button underneath my picture.
In this private stetting, I will tune into you and your energy. your questions. HURRY,, take advantage of my special offer which ENDS AT MIDNIGHT PST on MONDAY OCTOBER 31ST.

You can connect with me in my chat room Monday, October 31st between 9 and 11 AM PST

During this shift, you will be able to see a demos of a Tarot reading for selected member so you can see how I work. During my demo, I ask that hold your questions until I am finished; this helps me tune into the person I am reading for.

I look forward to connecting with you tomorrow on this special of Halloween.


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First, I want to invite all GUESTS to register right away for FREE MEMBERSHIP. Once you are a member, you can take part in the conversation I initiate; it is never the same from day to day. As a member, you will be addressed IN THE ORDER THAT YOU APPEAR. Please listen -or let me know if you cannot hear me - do not interrupt me while I am addressing another member, wait for your turn, treat me and your fellow members in the same friendly way I know you wish to be treated.

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I also ask that, as an Expert on Oranum, I AM NOT ALLOWED TO GIVE FREE READINGS. This is why I offer the demos mentioned above, so you can see how I work and how my readings can provide you with empowering insights for the issues you are currently working through in your life.

I am a French-Canadian born California-based Intuitive.
I have been working as a professional Tarot Reader and Numerologist for over 20 years.

I grew up in Quebec, Canada and relocated to Northern California in 1983. I was introduced to the Tarot at 17 when I witnessed the powerful and transformational effects of a reading. My curiosity about the Intuitive Arts led to my lifelong study in Tarot and gaining more certainty and comfort with my gift as a Clairvoyant and Clairaudient.

I call myself an "Intuitive Activist", my tag line is "Intuition on a Mission", meaning that, as I read for you, I help you connect with your own intuition so that you can readily access it and act upon it when you need to make decisions regarding your personal and/or professional life.

I use the Tarot as a Divination system and a practical tool for self-transformation, particularly for those of you who are in transition.

My Numerology readings help define and refine your unique Mission - your Life Purpose- as well as enabling you to "find your place" at various points on your Life Journey: This type of reading is the spiritual equivalent to the YOU ARE HERE symbol you find on maps inside large shopping malls.

Here are examples of he kinds of questions I answer in private readings:

I am in a new relationship with X. Her/his date of birth is____. How is it likely to develop?
I have been in a relationship/marriage with X, It has been difficult for X time. Is it beneficial for me to continue?
My sweetheart and I are planning on marrying on X date. What can you tell me about the energy of that day?

My birth date is ______, . What is my life time number? What special gifts can I contribute in this life time?
Is this a good time for me to change careers?
I am thinking of quitting my job and start my own business, is this the right time to make a move?


Is this the right time for me to move?
What do the cards say about me relocating to another state or country?
I am thinking of traveling/taking a vacation in the month of ____, is this a good time?

If you have a question which you do not see above, feel free to ask and I will tell you if can answer it.

People come to me for readings when they find themselves at a crossroads and are seeking:

**A fresh perspective on their current life circumstances

**A keener sense of purpose on their life's journey.

**A different approach from which to look at their business or career next steps.

**More clarity in their personal and/or professional relationships/partnerships
**To reconnect with and activate your most cherished dreams.

My readings are empowering, positive and ALWAYS offer a STRATEGY that you can use to deal with your current situation. You have the choice to use or not use the information you receive during my readings.

Remember, you are in CHARGE of your destiny; the more you PARTICIPATE in your life, the more fulfilling it will be. In all aspects of my work as an Intuitive, I seeks to guide you to know, trust, and act on your own intuition, to be at the helm of their Ships and completely in charge of your Life's Journey.

A wonderful reader. A clear bright star, in her field! - Thank you Isabelle!" ... written by Eternety
I truly benefited from a less linear approach and think Isabelle’s abilities really facilitate others to resource and access their own intuitive nature." ... written by Anonymous
I have utilize Isabelle's services at various times when I was making a critical decision or major shift over the last three years. I am very impressed with her presence, clarity and integrity. She is a very gifted consultant with a wonderful ability to deeply see and gently communicate fresh perspectives; from questions about my health to my business relationships to adjustments in my career path, Isabelle has been instrumental in helping me stay on track or to radically change my direction." ... written by JAMES STEPHEN
I am so thrilled that you visited with my dear friend the other day. She felt most empowered by your insight and wisdom and I feel strongly that it helped her to take the next step in what has seemed to myself and probably others a rather slow process." ... written by Carolyn
Iandfbyisabelle as great skills as an intuitive coach. She makes you feel at ease and inspires confidence in her abilities to show you the possibilities ahead. Isabelle is warm, kind and enthusiastic about life." ... written by Caterer
Recently, I sought help from Isabelle regarding the direction of my career. I was experiencing conflict and distress over what aspects of my business to concentrate on; wasting time and energy through lack of focus." ... written by InteriorDesigner
Coming from an engineering background, as well as an Episcopalian Christian culture, I've always been instinctively wary of Tarot cards and palm readers. However, the practical sense offered by Isabelle Choiniere and her honest open advice, has made me realize that Intuitive Coaching provides me with a viable alternative perspective to the direction of my energies." ... written by VideoProducer
Isabelle offers a very intuitive reading grounded in a reality that grows in possibilities andamp; promise as well as being rooted and connected." ... written by Roxanna L. Rutter, Ph.D
I met Isabelle at a National Association of Women Business Owners' meeting at the City Club in San Francisco . I was fascinated to find a clairvoyant Tarot practitioner as a member of this group of "high-powered business women," and was immediately interested in divining what Isabelle was "all about." In speaking with her, I was struck by not only her business savvy, but also her kind energy and keen interest in others. I was curious to hear what she would have to say about my business, and signed up for a reading." ... written by Sandra J. Shepard
I met with Isabelle when I was in the stages of business development and experiencing some blocks and feeling somewhat overwhelmed with all the steps involved in starting on my own. The work Isabelle does is very individualized and intuitive. We can feel stuck because we have not become aware of what is keeping us back. Isabelle's experience and energy with intuitive guidance and professional development is a powerful tool that can assist you with unconscious blocks that may be keeping you from fulfilling your potential and unleashing of your full self in realizing your goals and objectives. I recommend Isabelle as an Intuitive Coach. She will work with you in a genuine, caring, and interactive approach. Debra lyn Johnson, Integrative Eldercare for the Late Life Journey" ... written by Debra Johnson
Isabelle is one of the persons, I owe a lot. A lot of gratitude! Whenever I had a question - if it was personal or for my business - she gave me great clarity with her awesome Readings. I was always uplifted with her way of looking at things, it made always sense what she said and it helped me sort out my own thinking and responses to situations. Finally, for my business, she really helped me to make the right decisions. Isabelle is fun to work with, has a beautiful all embracing character and whatever you look at, she can embrace this and understand you. It is a blessing that shes does the work she does and I can only highly recommend her." ... written by SYLVIA DREISER-FARNSWORTH
I have known Isabelle for almost a decade as a client and as a partner in collaborations. Her skills as a practitioner are unparalleled. I trust her intuition completely as she has helped me through some heavy transitions. As a fellow collaborator in special events and workshops, she is willing, able and so much fun to work with. I miss this part of our work together! " ... written by Janet Savage
I usually only believe in science, but I almost got scared when she told my past as it exactly was. Frightening correct prediction." ... written by Siren
Thanks, darling! you are amazing! didnt know what to do, but now have a whole action plan of how to get that guy ))" ... written by Emma
She is kind and helpful. I will be surely back for more readings in the future." ... written by 01Mobster
Very helpful. Thank you!" ... written by Hannah8821
she was absolutely wonderful. She was quick and to the point did not waste time and credits five stars " ... written by ARADNEA
Isabelle is not just wonderful as person, she is GREAT in reading. She told me everything what I needed to know. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! Thank you!" ... written by MarcoS23
Isabelle is full of energy and wisdom, made me feel that i have the power to take the lead of my life. She is open-eyed and very sensitive. It was a pleasure to enjoy her attention! Thank you!" ... written by Aamber
Wow what a reading. the best yet, and really gave some insight instead of wasting time to get me to buy more credit." ... written by Mandy59
Thank- You so much you were incredible. " ... written by lilolite
vey clear and accurate" ... written by katee131
Merci Beacoup" ... written by goodie49
Very pleasant person to talk to. Very clear as well as understanding. I would recommend her to anyone looking for answers. Thank you again. " ... written by cougarcoupe88
I gained valuable insight from this reading. I believe she had my situation pegged. Hugs" ... written by Kuzza60
She was great!" ... written by raven77
was quite an interesting reading. i am confused though. so dont know how accurate i can be in rating this. but isabelle was quite good in her talks" ... written by dcnair
Lovely reading thankyou so much i would recomend xx" ... written by Leanne2011
the reading was ok. i just needed. more info. it looks like. i did not get answer i really wanted. " ... written by shemeka
Very helpful and friendly to everyone. I felt her good nature immediately. She is honest and accurate" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Very nice and to point, i really enjoyed my reading with her. I believe every word she told me. Thank you so much!" ... written by jose
Such a sweet woman! Brought a lot of clarity to a situation I needed light shed on for awhile now. Will for certain be back and recommending people to receive her readings! " ... written by Kebe76
She is lovely and very sweet. Really understood my situation." ... written by parkernin
iandfbyisabelle is very helpful! she brought the clarity I needed now to move on in my life:) I really appreciate everything she said! very very helpful and encouraging! Thanks a lot! Recommend to everybody, and will come back for sure :)" ... written by thetruthseeker
Awesome!" ... written by beth0582
Very nice and helpful reading. Thank you Iandfbyisabelle :)" ... written by mozzy123
What a wonderful woman!I loved each and every minutes with her!Highly recommended!" ... written by Jeff