About heartdivine

Psychic heartdivinehas 5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic heartdivinehas recently helped 116members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about heartdivine's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

"I'm back guysss - haven't been on Oranum in AGES, lol!"

I am an empath intuitive and I use this abilities to help you in the matters of the heart. I feel things, I suddenly get hunches and jus know things and all of this are taken into consideration when I do a reading with you.

I use tools to do readings such as Tarot Cards, Lenormand and Cartomancy.

All at the same time, I don't just use them - I connect with you energetically and connect to tools I use to give me more clear insight in your situation which is psychometry and precognition all in one go.

By the use of my empathic abilities, I offer empathic heart to heart readings to people who are in need to get clarity and insight with their love life situation.

♥ Psychometry - I am able to connect and get more insights to the situation using tools such as tarot cards, lenormand cards and cartomancy

♥ Precognition - I am able to predict the outcome of a given situation.

♥ Claircognizance - I have the ability to feel and know what has to be done in given situation situation to take things in your favor often being accompanied by a feeling of inner peace, even in the midst of a crisis.

♥ Emotional Healing - During the reading session, I am able to send you healing energy for you to get rid of the negativity you have been feeling and turn it to a positive, loving good energy for your own inner loving peace.

Please take note that heart to heart readings are my forte for being a psychic empath and this is what I do for all professional readings I have been doing all these years in serving & helping a people across the globe. I would request everyone to not ask me about spirits, connecting with the dead and other paranormal activities. I work with angels for divine guidance in all my readings. I want to keep a good flow of energies in my free chat as much as possible thus, I will not tolerate any abuse from anyone.


♥ Do you want to know if your EX is coming back?
♥ How is your relationship doing?
♥ Is he faithful to you or cheating behind your back?
♥ Are you in the right path?
♥ What does the future holds for you?
♥ Do you want to know if there is potentiality in the relationship?

Free Chat Rules and Guidelines:

♥ No free readings. It is a place where we get to know each other and to see if there is a connection between you and me, if we are in tune and comfortable with each other. It is also a place for you to know If I am the right reader for you.

♥ We can always talk about spiritualism, angels, astrology and any other problems you want to share. For my clients, feel free to give me updates with what is going on with your life and situation.

♥ If you want answers, please go to private chat by logging in your Oranum account and adding credits - that way, you can have my undivided attention and will also make the reading very accurate.

♥ No fighting between other chatters.

♥ No bashing of other Oranum Psychics.

♥ Detailed Feedback & Ratings are highly appreciated.

***What is your Psychic’s Zodiac Sign?***
Facts to consider:

Cancer is more psychic. (check!)
Scorpio is perceptive. (check!)
Pisces is empathic. (check!)

Note: But they all are psychic to one extent or another. It also depends on which houses it expertise in. We are all psychics in nature but some.. are just born with it and good with it, too.

***Do you want to know what my birth chart says about my work, what I offer to you and my services***

My Sun sign is in Scorpio and I have my Moon in Pisces in the 6th house.
♥ Moon rules our senses and feelings. Pisces is the most psychic sign in the zodiac next to Cancerians, which means that I am very psychic with the gift of miracle healing. This also makes me not just emphatic but VERY emphatic (I am a natural born). A normal Pisces has a strong intuition but without knowing how to control this; it will lead to chaos and big emotional drama. Since this is in the 6th House, it’s all about Marriage, Partnership, Working Together and your Day to Day life routines.

My Uranus is in Sagittarius in the 3rd House of Communications.
♥ An individual who has Uranus in Sagittarius has a very strong intuition and imaginative abilities. They are gifted with visions, precognitive dreams.

My Neptune is in Capricorn in the 3rd house of communications.
♥ Has a strong connection to nature – Earth Mysticism. It has A deeply refined mysticism which bring spirituality to a whole new level. It has great connection to the cosmos/universe.

(PS. This is why I don’t just use my emphatic skills but I also use cards or anything that can be touch to tap on my spirituality and know about the things that can manifest or happened in a given situation.)

Pluto in Scorpio in the 1st House
♥ Extremely intense and powerful individual that can empower and help others to grow past their current psychological limitations that are creating blocks toward further growth.

Midheaven in Cancer in 10th House
♥ Caters to the physical and emotional needs of the public/society.

Still have questions? Join my free chat or hire me as your reader for private live chat readings and I will do my best to help you! (I am a fast typist and I take my work seriously at the same time. I do not want to waste even a cent of your money so rest assured that everything will definitely be worth it.)

♥ Love and Light

She is a very good reader and extremely helpful. Even before going into a reading with her I saw how she tried to help people and seemed to really care about the questions they asked. She feels very positive and warm. :) She did not waste my credits and went into as much detail as possible. She did not make me feel as though anything I asked was stupid and could tell me what I needed to know (good and bad) in a thoughtful and kind manner. She was always able to give advice from her personal experience. Like others have said, she can easily connect with you and pick up on your problems. She's actually one of the better experiences I've had on this site. I definitely recommend her :)" ... written by Mary
Thank you for a great reading!!! DivineHeart was very in-depth!!! She really makes me feel a whole lot better about the my love situation ;o" ... written by Phoxee
This psychic was genuine and quick in her responses. She is honest and quick to feel your situation and reply. I enjoyed my reading with her and will seek her for guidance again." ... written by wee318
She is a very nice lady. I really liked talking to her." ... written by Jam781
Pretty accurate, once she is in the flow, she doesn't stop!" ... written by RestoSham
She is very straight-forward and does not give ambiguous answers, does not jump around the answer or waste time. She is to the point, sympathetic and very easy to talk to. Very accurate as well. " ... written by blanca84
Thank you for your guidance. I was impressed with your ability to pick up on my situation. She remembered every detail from my previous reading with her about three weeks ago. A very accurate and compassionate psychic. " ... written by wee318
awsome that's all i have to say..." ... written by SWEET
Good advice :) On point! Thanks! :)" ... written by christine305
Thank you so much!!!! This is my second reading with DivineHeart and her first predictions have already come to light ;o) I can't wait for her new predictions to come to pass too!!! Thank you again for your guidance and your words of wisdom ;o) I will definitely try to work on my positivity ;o)" ... written by Phoxee
This was a very good reading. I can't wait to contact her in the coming weeks and see if her predictions come true. I will let her know how it goes." ... written by luckygirl40
Thank you! Great reading again ;o) " ... written by Phoxee
sweet girl, and very helpful! She has calming and comforting ways. I highly recommend a reading with her!" ... written by cherie0710
beautiful :)" ... written by mikelee2468
wow....ok divine totally blew me away...this girl is unbeleivably awesome...very intuitive with a wonderful personality in this pvt i just had with her she plays no games and gets right down to business!!!!!!!! thanku so very much divine u r AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
very sweet does not waste time and types fast. she tells you what she sees." ... written by sammn1
Heartdivine was extremely helpful as she gave me answers to my questions. She picked up on what was going on and what will occur in the long run. Thank you" ... written by greekgoddess71
She was lovely, sweet and fast... no time wasting. Answered me before I asked a question. She is so angelic and comforts you. TOld me to relax and she was absolutly right. Cannot wait to see all she predicted. Thank you again you are DIVINE. :)" ... written by answers28
ON.THE.MONEY. She got it going. shes got a gift" ... written by waka
very intuitive, and accurate. she has made a few predictions and i can't wait to see how the events will unfold. She is great!!! you won't regret :)" ... written by enterchange
Absolutely amazing!!!Very fast!!!hope her predictions come true!!!Highly recommended!d" ... written by rattail1
She was once again amazing. She was compassionate, quick, and accurate with her comments and advice. I appreciate her gift and desire to really want to help people. I will continue to seek her for advice.. " ... written by wee318
Thank you for the reading!!! Heartdivine is a sweetie!!! " ... written by Phoxee
very good, nice and sweet. thanks!!" ... written by meli1986
Focused and right on point. I enjoyed my reading. Very kind " ... written by LadyL5
She is truly a gifted and compassionate psychic. She is accurate and gets to the point quick. I enjoy receiving guidance from her, because she always brings clarity and understanding to my situations. One of the best psychics on this site. " ... written by wee318
Very kind and a gentle reader. " ... written by justinsensei
Things will go well!" ... written by imheather
WOW Wonderful! She is absolutely wonderful. Divine, thank you for the confidence!! 10 stars!" ... written by tara_mcm
Very sweet and fast, I recommend." ... written by bonnielynn
Wonderful reading, thank you very much :-)" ... written by Bojan99
Wonderful thoughtful reader. Her predictions are spot on!" ... written by Chloe28
Wow!!! so impressed very accurate" ... written by edelaine
The sweetest girl who is really interesting and accurate about the person I asked... :) See u soon..." ... written by linn115
She is very nice and open minded, very frank and straight to the point. She is funny and smiles all the time. She is a sister to me. Doesn't sugar coat. I will have another reading with you. Take Care" ... written by AutumnFairy
Dear, i just would like you to know that one of your predictions came true. I hope to see you in freechat so that i could say thank you and do follow-ups. kudos to you girl :)" ... written by AutumnFairy
She pikced it up well but please dont pay attention to somethign else when u have reading, but thank u for the accurate reading,i liked it" ... written by sweetally
Heartdivine is so sweet...she was able to read my situation and her words were very soothing. i will surely read with her again." ... written by Bolley
I connected with her inmmediately. She is very gifted, she is an intuitive, a great reader, she was right on!! on the things she said even before i went pvt! Love love love my reading! will definelly come back, I felt uniderstood, and gain knowedlge from her." ... written by springmaria2012
Wonderful, she is connecting with you in a second, very nice reading, i will defiantly come back. Thank you again:)" ... written by LittleStar5