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Psychic gurmeetkalshas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic gurmeetkalshas recently helped 14771members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about gurmeetkals's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Awarded Cert.of Recognition for 100% accuracy, MORE THAN 35,000 Predictions / Readings / Healings Worldwide With deep Practice in the field of Psychic Readings, Astrology, Palm reading, scrying, Dowsing, Traditional tarot cards, Rudraksha & crystal recommendation, powerful ancient healing techniques, remedies and solutions. Predictions inc 2016 PHILLl PRES, MISS UNI.2015 and many more celebs.

Thank you great reading, connected well and great guidance i will sure be back..." ... written by Anniekins
Great reading!!Gurmeetkals is amazing and i will be back" ... written by marion
He is very kind and helpful and doesn't waste your time, gets straight to the point." ... written by ikroyal
Very nice guy." ... written by rachel1312
Interesting reading" ... written by maryannepav
He was good!" ... written by luckycharms312
Good reading.....gurmeetkals, was able to connect fast and answered all of my questions with details. " ... written by Scorpio1112
Very nice reading, tuned in with my situation very well:) Give him a try!" ... written by Aryastark
Straight to the point!" ... written by Romaa83
All I can say is wow!!! " ... written by nikki
Excellent reading, very understanding." ... written by NS1982
Wonderful reading. Thanks so much for your insight and intuition..." ... written by poquette
Very good! Tuned into my feelings and situation without any information from me." ... written by JosephNaz
Great healer!" ... written by whitefarm
Great reading/healing." ... written by whitefarm
He is a very healing... so humble that you will not realize his power until after you do a pvt with him" ... written by whitefarm
He is very kind I was happy to talk to him." ... written by inalandi
Nice guy, tells you the way it is. Gave me many insights and advice. Look forward to things coming up ahead. Cheers :)" ... written by tootles83
Very good." ... written by nikkigt06
Went for healing and I hope to see the results in 21 days. Feeling of peace is something you would want to have!! thank you very much!" ... written by Marialuis
5 million stars." ... written by anonymous
He is very GOOD!!!!! thank you so much!" ... written by Jade199
This man has a heart of gold. So gifted by God that with his powers he can help anyone in their troubles. Thank you so much for resting my mind. Sandra -xo Five Stars all the way !!" ... written by sandra-xo
Great reading!" ... written by theozz123
He really is a gem... most powerful healings" ... written by whitefarm
Fabulous man! :) " ... written by loulourae
Wonderful man and very insightful! 5 stars!" ... written by sweetsx
Good reading" ... written by elle11
He's a blessing. 10 stars!" ... written by DaisyNova
Great great great great healing!!!!!! 100 stars." ... written by whitef
Amazing." ... written by Angelique7
I am stunned... " ... written by Tammy
A lovely and calming spirit. He made so much sense and just made me very relaxed about an issue I had high anxiety over. A real talent." ... written by tashabeaches77
Great reading, looking forward to see if things happen :)" ... written by veezee
I needed this session. I needed to see this man. " ... written by Sanna
This man knows how to deal with a problem head on, no long stories and nonsense, very precise and straight to the point. Polite and pleasant, you won’t be disappointed. " ... written by Stelle
Fantastic!! genuine...he so caring!! I just have to be patient " ... written by Angelique7
thanks" ... written by sudha2809
Great help, great guy! So much information! Thank you!" ... written by MrBrown003
He is bestowed with blessed gifts that shine gently, yet powerfully through him. He gave me answers, clarity, healing and peace. Thank you!" ... written by nannie
Good and effective." ... written by sadhana
Thank you!" ... written by rani4you
A very warm-hearted and clear reading! Thank you. Blessings!" ... written by Denisenz
Amazing reading from a wonderful person with a kind and gentle demeanour and so much understanding that it comforts you like a warm blanket on a chilly day. He has a repeat client in me. Do try Gurmeet, you will not regret it." ... written by katontin
Love this guy! Accurate and honest, very supportive also and not merely giving the answer to the question but also possible solution! Great great psychic!" ... written by eatpraylove86
Extremely positive with accurate prediction." ... written by aikhooiooi
Very very very deep healing as always!" ... written by whitef
Nice reading." ... written by Zeigen
Good reading." ... written by sadhana
EXCELLENT READING! " ... written by cameron
Good times for me ahead...this sounds great to me!! :)) Thank you gurmeetkals!" ... written by Tuck
He is wonderful, right on target and very nice person... Go pvt with him, you won't regret it!" ... written by tia
An interesting session, and willing to provide information to help with situations." ... written by Alneverus
wow...a lot of unexpected info...thank you!" ... written by lila88
Very good!" ... written by psymeow
Thanks so much Gurmeet. You are an amazing human being and I'm truly grateful for you being there for me and the healing. God bless you!! Endless stars for you!!" ... written by mysticmarxo
Good reading!" ... written by sadhana
Thanks for the reading." ... written by maria
so accurate...incredible" ... written by jersey
Accurate! Great reading! Will definitely come back." ... written by Nixx
Simply amazing." ... written by dee
He is good about what he claims to do. Pretty good." ... written by alt
Very kind young man - had technical difficulties talking to each other so had to type. Didn't quite understand all the rituals he wanted me to do." ... written by Reshmi
you are a blessing!!!...Such a wonderful person to talk to and gives a lot of advice....His predictions come true... I'm amazed Thank you so much!!..xo" ... written by c
Very nice and helpful." ... written by sadhana
great" ... written by sadhana
AMAZING!!!!! The best here!!! Thank you thank you!!!xo" ... written by c
Best healing i've got in Oranum so far. 10 stars!" ... written by Daisy
Good!" ... written by sadhana
Very insightful, can't wait for everything to work out perfectly...." ... written by Sunshine sweetheart
I had a reading with Gurmeetkals months ago. I asked him clear and simple question - contact and timeframe. And he hit it! I have tried many readers, for one reason - to find the special ones with undeniable and strong gifts with the ability to connect with me. Among those many readers, there were just two, who predicted not just a contact but face to face meeting. Gurmeetkals was one of them. He even described the circumstances, gave accurate timing and added something extra, which was confirmed upon the meeting. Thats why I came back for and update :)" ... written by Sanna
What a great reading. He is awesome..." ... written by anniekins
He is soooo wonderfull... always make me feel so good..." ... written by tina
Very helpful." ... written by sadhana
You are truly amazing. God bless you!! Thank you so much!" ... written by lila88
The reading was definitely interesting, will come back after the predictions that was given to give an up date!" ... written by Destiny_Love
Gurmeetkals is wonderful person. If you need real help, advice, want to understand your situation better and how it is going to develop, he is the person to go to. He also gives precise time frame. Thank you so much for your help G!" ... written by redrose
Good :)" ... written by luckystar222
WOW Another great addition to Oranum! Great reading and insights answered right back, no wasting of time! He is definitely worth giving a try! You will not regret it... Thank you again!" ... written by Anniekins
Gurmeetkals is one of the simply BEST in my experience, FIVE STARS without doubt." ... written by Unique-S
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Zeigen
Excellent reader!" ... written by need2know5
Excellent Reader" ... written by need2know5
He is good ! Just have to figure out how to use this site!" ... written by Sophia
I like him very much. I have now found the person I will seek for direction when I feel lost." ... written by Tammy Stribling
A wonderful reading , simply terrific! Thank a lot and see you very soon!!!" ... written by zimerili1
Ready 4 all the changes yay thank you!" ... written by queenbee22
Beautiful reading... thank you gurmeetkals, God bless you!!!" ... written by tina
Amazing grace as usual." ... written by beautywithinone
Wow this Man is wonderful omg omg omg God Bless gave good guidance 20 stars." ... written by queenbee22
He is good in helping me have faith to go through this tough time!" ... written by Sophia
He offered a spiritual blessings to save my home. I believe in the power of prayer and thank him for helping me!" ... written by TiffaniMichele
Thank you!!!" ... written by lila88
Thanx so much for the input, you gave peace in my heart." ... written by ronelle du toit
This psychic is the best one so far, have a reading with him, he is great guy." ... written by pink
Definitely deserves more than 5 stars... another great reader on Oranum." ... written by Anniekins
Thanks! " ... written by kingpi
A wonderful man, with great insightful abilities, very compassionate and dedicated to his work. The reading was a pleasure, thank you." ... written by zimeili1
Gurmeetkals is a kind soul with so much understanding and patience. his words are golden truth. He is here to help and gives it 100%. He is right there with you with his warmth and amazing, powerful energy. A blessing!! Thank you so much:))xo" ... written by lila88
I think he did well." ... written by Shaela
Right on point, very helpful. " ... written by 2013fc
Powerfully accurate and great advise and connection to light of god. I recommend gurmeetkals highly." ... written by beautywithinone
This was a very interesting reading, gave me great advise to smooth my way. Thx you so much !!!!" ... written by QUEENBEE22
Great reader, tells you like it is. Quick to know whats going and gives advice accordingly. I will see how it goes. Thanks again!" ... written by Saba
He is an excellent person. He solves the problem to the point." ... written by astha
I consulted for numerology. I will see if corrections and tips are helpful. He worked on numerology in free chat, and advised in private. Nice man." ... written by l
So sweet, talked to my guardian angels and communicated to them for me, when I was unable to. I really appreciated his kindness." ... written by Leblanc
Very pleasant guy! He's very helpful. Great information! Thank you!" ... written by queenbee22
Gurkmeetkal it was a different type of reading for me, and it was very uplifting, insightful, spiritual, and god-given. I thank you so much for all the wonderful messages that you gave me from my spirit guide. I will heed your advice which was honest as well as accurate! God Bless You! " ... written by janesi
Very helpful." ... written by sadhana
Great connection as usual." ... written by beautywithinone
He is very kind :)) God bless You!" ... written by asanka
Very nice man!" ... written by cassiopea11
His advice was much appreciated. I believed what he said and would try his remedies. I will also do follow up." ... written by Omah Lall
Gave me hope, and gave me little tidbits to do to help it along,, we will see the outcome,,aug is not far off. i will be back." ... written by DEBBIE
He's excellent." ... written by lee
Accurate quick read, detailed past and future time frames, caring and compassionate advice. Remedies for problem issues. Very gifted person. Thank You, Gurmeetkals." ... written by sk
He is wonderful man with a true gift and great advice and tips!" ... written by marion
He is amazing! Every time i speak to him I feel s calm. Just waiting for his predictions to come true! " ... written by kristina
Very positive and encouraging. Good advice and instruction. Time will tell." ... written by le
Thank you, sir, again! :)" ... written by astha
Good! " ... written by Zee
Great person to talk with. he gave me wonderful advice, will see how it all turns out!" ... written by Destiny_Love
Awesome, on point!!! Will be his regular!" ... written by Heather
Awesome reading. Very accurate and connects fast. 5 stars!" ... written by Daisy
Just Amazing he is worth every penny!!! so on target and needed no information...thank you Gurmee you are so blessed thanks for sharing your gifts!!" ... written by vayunu
Clear and kind... A good reader and healer" ... written by Abigail
Accurate, very good reading. Will come back to him never asked me anything and was very accurate!" ... written by Nancy
He is a real psychic." ... written by Talebini
Very good reading..." ... written by Sus
Trustful psychic in whole oranum. No offence to others. All reading I have done with other was just bla bla and bit like psychotherapy. Most people didn't even know what they were talking... Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Mrr_nepal
He is very helpful and guided me a lot ." ... written by Abdul Moeed Khan
He is one of the best psychics." ... written by TALEBINI
Always awesome!" ... written by timaga
Very effective and helpful. Great." ... written by sadhana
Really good!" ... written by debby
He is one of the best." ... written by TALEBINI
Very good reader will be back, it's my second reading 10 stars!!! xxx" ... written by nancy
Gurmeektals answered all of my most pressing issues accurately and speedily. He is such a calming soul! I look forward to doing more readings with him in the future. God Bless You!" ... written by janesi
Good." ... written by newlife_85
He is the best, very helpful." ... written by new life
Quick and direct thank you so so much !!!!!" ... written by noga1981
He is excellent." ... written by new life
he is excellent" ... written by newlife
he is really helpful!" ... written by ashnnka
excellent sir!" ... written by new life
Excellent!" ... written by new life
Very to the point. Confidence builder. Thank you sir" ... written by newlife_85
He guides very perfectly. His method of guiding is excellent. What ever the matter is, he will guide you. I recommend him!!!!" ... written by Abdul Moeed Khan
Awesome reading!!" ... written by erika
Amazing man answered questions that I didn't even ask!!Looking forward to his predictions!!!Thankyou god bless" ... written by rattail1
Excellent!" ... written by aries04131985
Great reading. Lovely man. Made many predictions and also zoned right into my situation. Recommend highly." ... written by followbliss
Thank you so so much!!" ... written by noga1981
Clear and direct!" ... written by Kishore
Up front doesnt lie , if you want psychics that tell the truth go to him." ... written by johnsonkelly17
Good reading." ... written by tejaswini
Very on point reading!" ... written by Delores
Thank you for all the details." ... written by TALEBINI
Great healing session and very clam environment!!!" ... written by noga1981
He is very true and honest person. Truly satisfied by his remedies and his way of talking is amazing. I like the way he answered my request and he accommodated me." ... written by benediction
Beautiful energy love." ... written by sincerly 7
Do I like him? This guy made my day and it will spill out to the weekend. Thank you so much for your consideration and wow-factor care. Much appreciated. Good things to you." ... written by Melanie
Very accurate positive and to the point recommended." ... written by irene
If I could give him 10 stars I will definitely give him 20!!! Very calm and spot on very fast. I will be back for updates!! Thanks!!! Highly recommended!!" ... written by wendybb0880
Very accurate, will come back again, thanks :)" ... written by John
LOVE this man. He is a powerful psychic and healer. Highly recommend for those seeking clarity and real solutions." ... written by Toucan2
Great!" ... written by tim
He is very good and knowledgeable and very helpful and he doesn't sugar coat and he tells to the point. Awesome, 5 stars :)" ... written by Moeed
Gurmeet is fabulous! His prediction of a "miracle" in 30 days came true... Look forward to the next predictions. Thank you Gurmeet and God Bless you! x" ... written by globe
So truly grateful for this reading and I will be returning always. Spot on with what is going on. Thank you for your help!" ... written by marzterz
WOW! amazing healer and very accurate predictions..." ... written by jack
Thank you!" ... written by meohmy7
if you're looking for remedies - he's the one" ... written by s
Gurkmeektals is a very honest, accurate, and caring man. He gave me a very detailed and insightful reading surrounding my situation and great advice to follow to help resolve my issues. He is very generous too! Thank you and God Bless You." ... written by janesi
Helped give me advise on things to try and gave me hope in a bad situation." ... written by pinkpather30
Very reassuring, uses the time very well does not waste time." ... written by irene
Today I made a friend. He is not only a psychic he is a true friend. You can call on him whenever you need help and he is available." ... written by Delor63
Excellent. " ... written by teko123
Very good very short and direct answers.. no sugar coat .. no waste time.. great@try him." ... written by lady
Very nice guy, knows what he is talking about in relation to you and your questions. He feels authentic. He gave lots of useful advice. I really appreciate his candor and insight. " ... written by leelee32384
I have been seeing him work in freechat.... toady i went pvt... the remedies sound good.... will try and come back with results...thank you so much gurmeet.....god bless" ... written by sim
This precious soul is amazing. He is the best here on oranum. Try him you won't regret it. His predictions are incredible." ... written by Delor63
I give him all the stars he is allowed. He's really good and you have a friend in him" ... written by Delor63
He had interesting advise on tapping into my inner energy resources to solve a current issue. I'm looking forward to seeing if it will prevail. " ... written by danna
Gurmeetkals reading are very accurate and honest. He don't do any sugar coating andamp; he is always very accurate and quick reader . I recommend him as a very nice reader." ... written by Abdul Moeed
Gurmeet kals was very fast and described the person I was asking about with great accuracy. Thank you very much for the reading!!" ... written by weissinha
AWESOME...NO WORDS. stop wasting your time on others...if you need truth and spot on reading quickly...come to gurmeet. And he even doesn't try to use all your credits. he does it sooo fast to save your money and yet tell you everything you need to know. Million stars. :)" ... written by Kimmm2
Great great reading!!! very informative!!! :)" ... written by Krissy
Amazing! What an awesome person. Very kind and understands your problems. Also remembers what he told you the last time." ... written by Delor63
Gurmeetkals is awesome..he has given me insight and clarity into a complicated situation. Thanks so much for your guidance!" ... written by janesi
Thanks for your guidance. I will follow through with your suggestions and keep my fingers crossed:))" ... written by AH
Great reading! Very good connection with what is going on." ... written by deiasallouti
He was very gifted. The most gifted psychic I have come across here so far. And very kind as well." ... written by Jonathan
What an amazing person. I enjoy his readings and believe that he's a very sincere person." ... written by Delor63
He reads so well. He could immediately connect with my past, and not just that he also suggested remedies which I will follow and wait for result. He even provides exact dates for events which is cool. Will wait and see how things work out. He definitely gives very good reading." ... written by Keera
Very helpful insights. He always is so to the point and accurate." ... written by Keera
Very compassionate soul...Hope his predictions come true" ... written by Humility
Seemed very good. Hope what he said is accurate." ... written by ed
Excellent advice! Always so helpful in times of need." ... written by Keera
Full of details. Time frames given. Thank you very much." ... written by Poli
I have got good predictions and detailed insights. I think he is very accurate ... He gave me some remedies too to support the unfolding. I have positive impression and I'm happy with his reading. Bless you Gurmeetkals." ... written by ZetaTheShiny
Wow." ... written by Chickapee1
So nice person, gives great advice!!!" ... written by tim
He is very fast reader . I would recommend him who ever want a true psychic and true friend." ... written by khan
Amazing predictions. Very accurate and to the point." ... written by mallika
He is awesome... always tells the truth!!! I believe him!" ... written by tima
Very powerful reading. Will DEFINITELY be back if what he says transpires! Can't wait! :)" ... written by trust
Yes, he is definitely that good and worth every penny!!! He gave me remedies that were amazing and high quality. WOW! Thats all I can say. He will blow your mind with his pin-point psychic knowledge. " ... written by LadyGrace
Love this man!!! Amazing amazing. " ... written by SG
Gurmmetkals is a great reader and energy worker. My second reading with him. 10 Stars!" ... written by JBee
He is very nice and gives good remedies on how to get what u want. " ... written by beautiful
Very good" ... written by halovm
Excellent Update. Gurmeet's timelines are always significant and he is accurate. He nails it. Wonderful caring and god blessed man. Thank you Gurmeet" ... written by GD
I found him very intuitive and gave me good advice with my problems. we will see how things work out. Thank you." ... written by BONDIBEAUTY
It was my second time with gurmeetkals. He gave me a lot of positive energy right now and good reading with tools to use when I'm in stress. I like him a lot. Don't hesitate to take him to pvt. God bless you! " ... written by ZetaTheShiny
He is a 5 stars. Very fast and accurate. Doesn't waste your time. Highly Recommended!" ... written by oolong
I really enjoyed my reading and I will be recommending him to my friends. I'm very happy with my reading. Thanks so much for the advice, I appreciate it. God bless you and take care." ... written by Lori
Thanks for your reading! =)" ... written by kingpi
Fantastic update reading, always precise and encouraging expert." ... written by zimerili1
Gurmeetkals is great. He gave me the clarity and insight that I needed. I am feeling so low, but he gave me hope once again." ... written by janesi
Wow, I felt absolutely comfortable and connected, only asked name/age everything - gave me so much insight, truth to things I already knew in my heart, straight on point, no sugar coat, and clear. I truly hope the next 6 months things do work out. I will definitely do a follow up and let him know my update. God Bless! Thank you! More than 5 stars is an order! I went into a private after a demo in his room! " ... written by Spanishhelp
As always his readings are so helpful and insightful. They even help me understand myself better and have faith in my doings." ... written by Keera
Gurmeet deserves 5 stars. He is definitlely an awesome reader." ... written by Delor63
Excellent reading and as always so helpful." ... written by Keera
Such an amazing reader. So accurate and confident. I love this man and highly recommend him." ... written by GR8Teagle
Always an amazing reading!" ... written by grt
Excellent person!" ... written by asth
Nice reading , quick, thank you." ... written by cf
First time I use this site, will do what you told me to do, thank you!" ... written by BENINA B SANTOS
Seems very nice and understanding. I hope his predictions come true and I will be back." ... written by anna
Loved him." ... written by alyssa
The most amazing psychic in ORANUM. I am glad i had a reading with this gentleman.he is calm,accurate,quick and knows so so much about things and a very good adviser. I would definitely come back for another reading." ... written by n g
I've got a positive update from him:) And im sure evrything will fall into place ! He's very genuine and will tell you the truth. " ... written by mallika
BEST in the WORLD...thanks for the reading!" ... written by jackmejack
He's very good." ... written by neo
Love his readings! Just the best! Very accurate again! " ... written by mallika
He was cool and his prediction was so precise.. and correct... He gave a great suggestions to be better in life... nice...Hes the bestttt among st all...." ... written by Nagendran R
You want the thorough and good reading. Do not doubt and try him. He will tell you from A to Z. " ... written by John
VERY GOOD.... quick and really was able to connect." ... written by Lisa
Another update with this amazing expert who is full of knowledge wisdom and compassion. Very sharp precise and fast, once more i truly appreciate the time i spend with you, thank you kindly." ... written by zimerili1
He's just amazing! Whatever he told me today is actually happening or has already happening :) His readings are very accurate and no false hopes! One shouldn't miss an opportunity to consult him... He will give you very sincere advice ! He's one of the best psychics!" ... written by mallika
Very helpful, calm, and comforting advice. When in need of an advice he sure shows direction. His suggestions always prove very helpful." ... written by Keera
Very good, enjoyed the reading and he is quick and kind." ... written by freespiritwave
He was wonderful." ... written by Susan
Hey Gurmeet, thanks again for the reading. Thank you for reading me what I needed to hear and know right away without wasting any minutes. You got to the details RIGHT AWAY - which is perfect :) Thanks again! I'll talk to you again soon." ... written by Richard
he's very genuine and makes u feel comfortable all the time. I feel even more positive after talking to him." ... written by mallika
OMG he is just amazing omg omg omg. Yes I HIGHLY recommend this man, very soothing and calming, there was a subject i did not want to speak of so he did not mention it. Now just have to wait for it all to come to pass...Brilliant man." ... written by Paulaisfine
I got a lot of guidance from god bless him" ... written by naqsh
I have a session with him and i will come to him for more . " ... written by rawabi
I definitely recommend." ... written by monalisaferreira
Very helpful and fast picked up on situation and gave good advice will be back for updates, thank you." ... written by Rachel
Sir is excellent ,accurate time frames ,remedies, solution everything. You have major problems come to sir and he will vanish the problems very soon.:) God bless." ... written by ansh
Just amazing. He cleared all my doubts." ... written by N g
This man is amazing soooooo kind and understanding about the hurts I went through and told me how to change my life. I am sooo glad I had a reading with him. Love u and GOd bless!!!! will keep u posted. He is a great reader and very detailed!!!!!!! God bless you always!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!! " ... written by genie980
Very good reading and guidance in the future." ... written by newname
As all the times, he is amazing!" ... written by humility
Wow, amazing first session with Gumeet. Really Intuitive and point blank truths. Gotta try it and do yourself a favour..:)" ... written by Bobbin
Really great reading thank you." ... written by aquariusgirl1935
He grasped the points that were in my life. He was accurate. Hoping his predictions will come true. Till then God Bless you. xx" ... written by Vari
I loveeeeeeeeeeee Gurmeet, he gives me information that is 1000% accurate and helps me, he is the best!!!" ... written by caliz
He truly makes me feel better about my life, giving remedies that can solve or make things better for the problem that I have. Thank you sir! " ... written by Vinnie
He is the best, accurate, and gives me soo much help and relief, honestly love gurmeetkals!" ... written by californiaz
First reading with this lovely guy, gave me some wonderful predictions and remedies to allow the predictions to happen sooner." ... written by Mshelli
He Was spot on with alot of things my life!! As well as the people connected to my life. Was very helpful on what to do to make things better and to bring more peace to my life. I would go back again!" ... written by Muse
Thank you so much for the wonderful reading! You have lifted my spirit and have given me hope not to give up and keep positive. I know you are very gifted and compassionate and loving and caring. I feel it and I can hear it through your voice. You are very amazing. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me today. " ... written by Raquel
Great reading as always :) I trust his readings:) Surely one of my fav. psychics." ... written by mallika
Thanks friend for the reading :)" ... written by Moeed
Gurmeetkals is very accurate with his readings. He is confident and gave time frames with his predictions. I will heed his advice and will wait for his predictions to come to pass." ... written by Moonchild59
He was fast, used his own powers to connect. It was how he got things right. I was amazed with it. Hopefully his predictions come true. And he told me remedies which I'll try." ... written by Vinnie
Terrific reading always with gurmeetkals, a very compassionate man alongside his expert abilities." ... written by zimerili1
he was good" ... written by Staci
Lovely :)" ... written by Anushka Arya
really good :)!!!" ... written by Anushka Arya
He is outstanding. Highly recommended." ... written by gt
He is great with predictions and he helps to come over it." ... written by nag
He is a 5 Stars! He is 98% accurate. He is brilliant and gifted. " ... written by Oolong
Thank you!!!" ... written by ladyseeking
thank you so much for your advise, with out telling you anything, you already knew, and gave me a lot of advise to take care whats is bothering me. i will add you to my favorite list, and comeback to you. thank you for going right to the point an not waisting my time." ... written by planejane7
He was accurate, and made me feel much better again. Full in details with everything. Thanks sir!" ... written by PVinnie
Thank you for the reading and the advice. :) You were very accurate :) Five Stars *****" ... written by Sonia
He's just amazing! I enjoy his reading! and he's very accurate and to the point. Highly reccomended." ... written by mallika
He is fast and relaxed reader at the same time. Great!" ... written by Marya
Gurmeet is consistent with his reading. He is very encouraging and put my mind at rest. I have to stay positive like he said to clear negativity. I will wait patiently for his predictions to happen. Thank you, Gurmeetkals!" ... written by Moonchild59
Great reading and very inspirational. I will be following the guidance and remedies. It was such a joy to speak with you and I look forward to speaking with you again soon. God Bless. " ... written by Alice
He is very fast. Makes me feel uplifted when im down. I always tell him to wait for me to give me a reading. He makes me have my confidence for myself to overcome the problems i talk to him about. Thank you Sir! God bless you" ... written by Vari
Picked up my energy very quickly and hopefully he is right - good prediction! :)" ... written by jazzychic7
He's my favourite. Always reassures me, and makes me feel better. Thank you sir!" ... written by Vinnie
Omg!!! Amazes me every time.... Spot on every time.... It's like he knows my life more than I do..." ... written by kimmm2
Thank you for your help and insight!!!" ... written by ladyseeking
Thank you!" ... written by ladyseeking
Accurate.. will contact again" ... written by ss2208
I'm so glad that hes is on Oranum. I wouldnt know what I would do without him now. I have to talk to him every week. He always makes me feel good when I was down. Thank you and god bless you!" ... written by PVinnie
Thank you!!!" ... written by ladyseeking
Amazing reading as always!" ... written by mallika
Very Intuitive.Connected with situation immediately. Highly Recommend!" ... written by Bhanu
Wow came away with so much more than I was expecting from this reading. Gave me great advice and support. Told me amazing things for the future. So happy. " ... written by Lyn
He is amazing... told many thing and came true, so insightful and so good advices... so encouraging... xxxxx" ... written by carina
He's very accurate! Everyone must try him! 5 stars!" ... written by mallika
Really helped me a lot." ... written by cali
He is by far the best and most accurate I have ever seen. Back in October 2013, I had a reading with him and he told me that I would be purchasing a house and shifting my residence by the end of the year. He was right on target!! I found a house quickly within my budget and the closing took place Dec 2013. Also, his remedies are very powerful and effective. You will do yourself a great favor by having a reading with him. Please give him a try!! You will be blessed. " ... written by LadyGrace
That was the best reading I have gotten on ORANUM." ... written by dan
So genuine!!!! Was my first reading I really enjoyed very accurate and caring .xoxoxox....!!!!*****" ... written by mskilo
He is a 5 Stars! He is 98% accurate. A gifted man! Highly Recommended!" ... written by Oolong
I can talk to gurmeet kals all day long, he gives me sooo much information! and help! Absolutely wonderful" ... written by calizbestjatti
Feel wonderful, he is soooo great, helpful, and protects and cares, great remedies, waiting for all to happen." ... written by calizbestjatti
Highly recommend...Intuitive, connects immediately!" ... written by Bhanu
All time best. I cant praise his virtues enough. You have to see it for yourself. " ... written by LadyGrace
He is so great and super reading thanks so much gurmeet kals." ... written by nighty0913
He gave me so much clarity, provides me all the answers i'm seeking for. He knows what i'm into, knows what do i want to know and fix and how to get out of this stressful situation. He picks up my father's energy very well, and gave me the answer that i wanted to ask to my father. I like him, he helps me a lot. He will take you to light and give you peace of mind." ... written by RC
he is the absolute best!!!! " ... written by calizbestjatti
he is AWSOMEEEEEE, accurate, n i love talking to him!" ... written by calizbestjatti
superb! i love his reading" ... written by maria
That was an AWESOME quick read!! He was to the point, accurate in everything he saw and gave some really great advice. Recommended!!!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Simply the best!" ... written by LadyGrace
Highly recommend." ... written by Bhanu
Gurmeet is brilliant. He is the real deal. He is so accomplished and his gifts have come to him through many spiritual practices. If you want true guidance I would recommend him. He will bring clarity and his predictions happen. They unfolded for me even though when he made them, I did not buy it. WOW!!!!!" ... written by sylvestri
His readings have come true for me, so I come back to get more insight. He provides remedies which have changed my life for the better. Will keep seeking his advice. Highly recommend!!" ... written by Keera
Amazing! Always love sharing my stories and updating with him! Thank you, sir. :)" ... written by Vinnie
Oh my goodness, I love gurmeet kals. I had been waiting anxiously for him, and my goodness, I am so excited and awaiting for everything to unfold and happen and I know it will!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by calizbestjatti
He always makes me feel better regardless of anything. Thanks sir" ... written by Vinnie
Absolutely wonderful!!!! Gave me the remedies andamp; info I needed. :) You are awesome! God bless you dear. :)" ... written by Pam
Very comprehensive and thorough reading. Kind man, whom gave predictions and sound advice. Recommended, especially if you want all areas of your life covered." ... written by TD
he is spectacular, and his remdies are sooo powerful, i have done and seen the results, just amazin!!!!!!!" ... written by caliz
Very good and very helpful has a lot of good remedies to do and use." ... written by Viviann
He is 5 Stars! He is top on Oranum. He fast and positive reader. He is worth every penny. Do not look farther. His predictions are right on the point. He is an excellent and gifted man. Very Highly Recommended !" ... written by Oolong
great and accurate....xoxoxox" ... written by cam
Very thankful that I came to him! He is very helpful and offers sound advice. He was quick to pick up energies and also allow me opportunities of improvement by use of meditation. I look forward to following up with him when my situation improves. Very kind person andamp; gave some warnings to be aware of and also some good news. Will come back again soon! 5 stars!" ... written by Christine
great reading very...very..helpful...I thank you and may GOD continue to bless you.....xoxoxox" ... written by cam
Wow.... He is amazing!!! That is all that I can say.... He just knows things without having to tell him anything!!!" ... written by r
He is the only psychic you need to contact. All your problems will be remedied and questions answered accurately. " ... written by LadyGrace
Thank you. Your last ritual works out so well!!!!" ... written by sai
Recommend...highly intutive" ... written by kosubhan
HE is good and knows what he talking about!!!!!!!" ... written by Ora ORa
All i can say is he is the best and 3 time reading with him . Thanks you . His ritual is work so well I have to stop at the moment but i will do it again. So much blessing energy. God bless you . swa mi . " ... written by sai
He has been very good to talk to and was extremely helpful. Will certainly come back and he is 5 star. " ... written by s
Thanks again on the ritual about business and my hope and dream . The first one is working so well so i believe will be again . " ... written by Sai .
Thank you! And thank you for all of your advice!" ... written by bethany
He is really fast!! Great reader. " ... written by elle
Thank you for your help!!!" ... written by Ladyseeking
Intuitive...Highly recommend!" ... written by kosubhan
Great in tune quickly answered and gave me guidance" ... written by cv
Good. " ... written by s
Great psychic. Pick up on my situation immediately. " ... written by Virginia
Extremely helpful, assisted in with a negative spirit attachment. Definitely recommend!" ... written by Angelica
you the best " ... written by sai
Amazing." ... written by sylvestri
Amazing reader. So many details" ... written by SG
I'm so very impress very good reading very helpful advices" ... written by termo
I am just blown away, his words, they made me so emotional,i dont know what to say right now because i am so speechless everything he said was so accurate!, he is so gifted i have not met someone who has such info and accuracy as this man! i highly recommend him!" ... written by Christopher
Thank you!!!" ... written by Ladyseeking
Thank you for your great reading!! :-)" ... written by sara
Follow up reading, lovely guy with great remedies. Give him a try you will not be disappointed." ... written by Mshelli
Thank you!" ... written by angiefra22
Gurmeet is so accurate with his readings that is why I keep coming back for updates. He will not tell you what you want to hear. He is honest and doesn't sugar coat. I will keep going back for updates. Thank you, Gurmeet!" ... written by moonchild59
He is brilliant!!! accurate and helpful.." ... written by tasha_j
he's really really really very good" ... written by fragrant
Thank you!!!" ... written by Ladyseeking
great reading, very fast connection to my situation, hope remedies work , thank you and god bless you. will be back!" ... written by pauly61
Thank you Gurmeet! I am impressed with your remedies and very happy!! will let you know how things go forward :-)" ... written by sara
Thank you!!!" ... written by Ladyseeking
thank you very much for all insight and helpful advices! :)" ... written by Alicja
The amount of patience he works with with his client is amazing. For any situation or any type of events in your life he has the remedy. I highly highly recommend him if you want to get direction in your life or want to improve your life or even change things for the better. His remedies have changed my life for the better, given me direction, and always proved beneficial/positive. Words are not enough to express my thankfulness to him and to God. I will continue to come back when I feel lost or can't make decisions." ... written by Keera
amazing predictions as always!" ... written by mallika
He is amazing, he picked up everything spot on, i enjoy working with this person because he tells me everything and knows his remedies" ... written by Christopher
Thank you so much! " ... written by angiefra22
Gurmeetkals was very insightful, kind, and generous in his reading. I could tell he was connecting with me and with the person I was curious about. He provided not only the good news but the warnings we needed. He is a very skillful reader and quite empathetic. One of my favorites and best on Oranum. " ... written by Amy
His predictions came to pass. He will tell you everything and give you remedies. Gave time frames for events in the future." ... written by .
good reading. Have to follow his remedies andamp; advice." ... written by aquavenus
good reading and healing" ... written by sadhana
wonderful" ... written by fragrant
great. amazing" ... written by robin
Gurmeet is always accurate with his readings and predictions. He does not tell you what you want to hear. He tells you the truth. I keep coming back for updates. Gurmeet deserves more than five stars. Thank you so much, Gurmeet! Many blessings to you!" ... written by Moonchild59
came back to let him know that he was right over his past predictions on a certain person and the date. Thank you so much :)" ... written by Vinnie
we shall see...he seems nice enough..i do feel calm and hopeful. he believes in GOD and anyone who does is ok in my book." ... written by usa
Gurmeet, how can I say thanks? You are truly gifted I thank God that I found you. You have given me so much hope and light for the future. Thank you" ... written by Ladymysterious
Very helpful and gave lots of great advice beyond just answering my questions. thank you!" ... written by Heather
An awesome reader. Deserves all the stars allowed and more. Try him sometime." ... written by Delor63
The only psychic on this site whose predictions come true. " ... written by Top
good reading:) must try him:)" ... written by mallika
Awesome. Awesome. Awesome reading. When the chips are down there's no doubt GurmeetKals is the answer." ... written by Delor63
really good. excellent actually. thank you !!!!" ... written by lopezina
he is the best" ... written by vidya2106
The reading was great. Thank you Gurmeet. It was a pleasure thank you so much." ... written by Ladymysterious
Excellent!! " ... written by R
good and fast reading. will come back. ty :)" ... written by william
He is very good at dates..5 star reader.." ... written by neha
Gives best suggestions :)" ... written by vidya2106
WOW! WOW! Is all I can say! This was my very first reading with Gurmeet Kals and I am very happy that I had a reading with him!  I was shocked at a lot of the information that Gurmeet Kals gave me because he was so right about so many things! There were things I did not know either and I can’t wait to confirm those things. I also look forward to his predictions coming true and I sure hope they are in the near future. I did not tell him anything at all about my situation and he told me things I wanted to know without me asking any questions. He was very patient, kind and he did not judge my situation at all which meant a lot to me!! He gave me many solutions for my situation and I am going to do every single one of them! He has given me back some hope! I look forward to having another wonderful reading with him. You deserve more than 5 stars! Thank you very much Gurmeet Kals! I am wishing you many blessings!!!!" ... written by kayeluv1
He should change his name to "Gurmeet Accuracy Kals"." ... written by Alex
AMAZING!!!!!Try him...u won't regret!" ... written by tasha_j
Thank you so kindly your techniques always work i appreciate it. We got cut off but im coming back to you." ... written by Ladymysterious
Brilliant as always..." ... written by tasha_j
He was great as always share great insight into many situations and went very in depth with my situation. Thank you Gurmeet Kals you are absolutely wonderful." ... written by Ladymysterious
Thank you so much for another wonderful reading, for the lessons that you taught me today, for your patience, kindness and understanding! Thank you for having a big enough heart to take the time out of your busy schedule to talk to me and listen to me in free chat too. Your caring heart and gentle spirit completely changed my day for the better! My tears dried up and for the day I truly felt some relief! I even took a peaceful and well needed nap without worries! :) I would recommend Gurmeet Kals to anyone that not only wants to know the truth but who is also looking for powerful solutions to their problems! Thank you so much Gurmeet Kals for all of your kindness and help! You deserve more than 5 stars!! I am wishing you many blessings! Take care, my friend. " ... written by Kayeluv1
Thank you. " ... written by R
Wow..OK..where to start..I was in his room 2 times..and always he had a really good conversation with me..I guess that u can call a good connection..The second time i decided to take him priv...I didnt share many info about my sit..I did let him go with what he see..and man..he saw it so clearly....That after few first minutes he got me...I hope his predictions will come true..and i will return...He is very good" ... written by md3311
All I can say he is excellent!... Recommended!!" ... written by shanni
very helpful as always!!!!! thanks highly recommend!!!!" ... written by cam
really great reading, thank you so much, gave me so much ease" ... written by loveisuniversal
I felt so good talking to him" ... written by vidya2106
Master Gurmeet is very powerful in his visions. All his predictions came to pass in my life. I trust his abilities and visions 100%. He's very accurate and gives exact time frames." ... written by ...
His predictions are accurate. I hope everything goes good, like he suggested." ... written by vidya2106
I came to him at my worst time and his remedies are superb, it just showed me results in just 2 weeks... I am surprised. I thought my wedding will break but now am happy everything is smooth now.. He is the best person u can approach here. Thank You Guruji." ... written by vidya2106
kind person. He is accurate and he really care for readers. He will provide ways to help and change the situation. Very gifted and calm person. Thank u very much. Will update him my situation when the prediction come true." ... written by PIGLETME
fantastic always" ... written by zimerili1
Astonishing. Great reconfirming reading. Go to him. You won't be disappointed. His predictions happen." ... written by ,,
sure" ... written by fragrant
Thank you Gurmeet you were wonderful as always." ... written by Ladymysterious
He is so EXCELLENT! Not only does he give accurate information but he is personally dedicated to helping you change your situation around with remedies and his own prayers for you. Recommended!!" ... written by Seeker1200
He is sucha good reader...amzing person ..very calm ,very patient and very accurate..Love talking to him..U must try himmwont be dissapointed.I never am..Thank You" ... written by md3311
He was really great! Told me things that made heaps of sense :)" ... written by Adiz
thank you for the reading." ... written by PIGLETME
I really trust Gurmeet..He keeps me grounded and can see things clearly...Accurate!" ... written by tasha_j
last predictions came true..this was an update session. Gurmeet is spot on many things. Thats how good his spirutual powers are." ... written by aqua
Great reader..internet problems and we got disconnected..but really good..please try him..he is very good" ... written by md3311
always pop by regularly" ... written by fragrant
Thank you!!!" ... written by ladyseeking
He is a 5 Stars! His predictions are 98% accurate. Amazing and a Gifted man!!! Highly Recommended !!!!" ... written by Oolong
Answered my questions" ... written by angelszone
Fantastic, always on point with his readings and very soothing and helpful " ... written by michelle
Great as usual." ... written by Ladymysterious
I really like Gurmeetkal. I have had several readings from him and I think he is most accurate. He really tries to answer your questions and address your concerns. he is most helpful. " ... written by Phthompson
He is excellent and very knowledgeable. gives recommendations on the spot and right on. His energy is a blessing and i will be speaking to him again." ... written by wren1414
Always on point with everything. Great professional. Thank you, master." ... written by *
Gurmeet thanks so much for opening my eyes, I wish it was open long time before. Thanks with all my heart.." ... written by Diamonds_1105
Thanks for your time and help so have always been kind to me." ... written by frag
Good reading. Took too long on a certain topic but the reading was good. Thank you and I wish you many blessings!" ... written by kayeluv1
amazing, truly amazing" ... written by hyperion
great reading!" ... written by irene
Thank you again!! Gurmeetkals is excellent, give him a try, you won't be disappointed :-)" ... written by sara
Stellar, as always. He is wonderful. So knowledgeable and kind. Try him and you won't regret it." ... written by wren1414
great connection...always come back!!!!! thanks" ... written by mskilo
had a wonderful Reading with him and he saw deeply into my soul. we will see about predictions cause only future will tell but he was so specific with details it was Amazing :) told me how someone looked like exactly and so on. thanks! :)" ... written by emotions
wow... very detailed reading. Connected very quickly and looking forward to his predictions. Will keep you posted" ... written by T
Came back for a update reading.....excellent reader as always really appreciate genuine guidance and accuracy... I would recommend him to anyone who really want s to be free and peaceful with a piece of mind about situation...thanks!!" ... written by cam
Fantastic read, saw things that I have never been told on here and was very accurate" ... written by michelle
wonderful as usual kind, patient and wise." ... written by wren1414
gurmeet is a very good psychic..his remedies are very powerful andamp; simple. i will be back dear:)" ... written by aqua
I had few credits he guided me perfectly . He don't sugar cot . Even in less time he tries to help as much as he can ." ... written by Must happen
Marvelous! On Point! will be back! very spiritual" ... written by pink
Amazing...He knows it all..Thank you Gurmeet..." ... written by tasha_j
Very good help. always spot on and helpful. thank u. very helpful remedies. " ... written by kimmm2
Very quick connection. Gurmeet is a very caring, non judgemental and compassionate guide. Sees clearly what is happening and is able to advise and give remedies. Would recommend" ... written by angelszone
Would recommend" ... written by angelszone
I had to give him a try. We told me things that I forgot to mention. He is the real deal. Awesome reader." ... written by Faith81
Amazing....He has so much to tell You..It is amazing..YOu soak his words and advices like the sponge...amazing readin...thank u " ... written by md3311
After losing my former awesome advisor it took me 7 months to replace her w Gurmeetkals. I can finally have just one and i will wait for him. Thank You. You are awesome and so gifted beyond words. and truly connected. Looking forward to a lifelong relationship if God will allow. " ... written by TeeLee113
He was amazing and precise. Told me a lot that needs to be said. Without me telling him. He is amazing and great. 5 out of 5 and tells a lot of stuff.. " ... written by Nandini Sunger
All I can say is WOW!!!!!!" ... written by stickytoffee
Beautiful remedies, straight to the point, will use this psychic reader again, provides solutions for fast effects. Good, and worthy to try again." ... written by Sooriamurthy
his remedies are very powerful." ... written by aquavenus
a beautiful spiritual and natural exchange of truth as always...what a blessing." ... written by beautywithinone
Always and always a great person to have priv with,,,will always come back to hear what he see and how he can help...He is so sure of what he see is to happen,that there is no doubt about it..Thank You..and try him pls..u wont regreat.." ... written by md3311
Accurate and helpful" ... written by D
very refresing reading" ... written by alicia
great reading thank you" ... written by love
accurate and insightful!" ... written by H
Wow Gurmeet is one of a kind. Extremely psychic and totally connects to me whenever I talk to him. Its a pleasure know you, and to learn from you. Thanx for being there and giving me all the information which is going to be life changing for me. God Bless you..! : )" ... written by Bobbin
Thank you for a wonderful reading and for the advice! I am looking forward to your predictions coming true. I would recommend getting a reading with Gurmeet Kals! I am wishing you many blessings. Take care. :)" ... written by kayeluv1
great reading as always!!! highly recommended and uplifting!!!" ... written by mskilo
great as always, always lifts me up!! thanks xoxo" ... written by msk
He is always a great pleasure to talk with..Amazing reader..and now every next reading is to make sure is he see the same outcome,and he does..:) always gives u great advice to follow,and give u hope ..thank u " ... written by md
Nicely read. Accurate!" ... written by HI
asked my question and he gave me really good techniques to use. will try them and come back and update on the progress it makes" ... written by m
He tuned in super fast and also verified what I have gotten from other psychics!! I believe him and his reviews are fantastic!! He seems very genuine. Blessings to you xo" ... written by SS
He is one of the best." ... written by n g
he was really genuine and my first reading was excellent was afraid he was going to say something negative about my relationship like ive been hearing but very positive. not use to this useful advice! cant wait " ... written by lucky
Very good..Thank You for all those good remedies and advices...thank You" ... written by md3311
Thanks so much, again! I will be back :)" ... written by fragrant
such a caring reader, fantastic in specific dates, was correct in predictions before, very empathic and deep. can give great advice. felt i needed to return as i had a reading before where i needed some clarity. i got it. :) thank you!" ... written by emotions
Will wait it is around the corner " ... written by Clint
last prediction came true. he is so certain of what he is saying and feeling i really do Believe him. i truely recommend him. thanks! :)" ... written by emotions
Offered an amazing cleansing ritual that will help. Fantastic as alwasys." ... written by mitch
good" ... written by sadhana
Very Good. I enjoyed it very much! gave me a reaffirming and what to expect for things to come. Thank you!!! " ... written by Jim
Great advice and perfect connection! loads of help and extremely gifted reader! Thank you!" ... written by Tanya
he is very nice..i go to him almost every week now. He has been very consistent in his remedies andamp; timings:)" ... written by aquavenus
very good, gave a hope for future, will update later" ... written by bbubba
Accurate reading in short amount of time" ... written by kan
thanks gurmee so much I was feeling so low...thanks for lifting my spirits will chat with you when I come back ok.....highly recommend 10 stars!!" ... written by specialk
He is amazing. Gave me many remedied. Cant wait to try it. Thank you so much. Will be back." ... written by Lil
Very blessed reading. He is very kind and uplifting to listen to his reading. Will definitely be back to do another reading at a later date. Still curious about a few things he said. Need to delve a little deeper when I get more time and money. HE has a God given talent." ... written by Janice
Accurate and helpful" ... written by HC
GURMEET KALS had totally dazzle me with his great capacity of psychic reading with the invisible plan. I am more than satisfy. Also, he have compassion and great respect. thank you lot GURMEET KALS !" ... written by Kausik108
very good, very good" ... written by Marina
very good detailed reading " ... written by v
Thank you again Gurmeet!! xxx" ... written by sara
had a great session today " ... written by hana
excellent as always, I love him xxx, so grateful xx" ... written by carina77
Thank you again Gurmeet!!! I really like talking to you :-)" ... written by sara
Gurmeet is always very helpful and very uplifting...has a really great spirit and offers great advice as well as healing....highly accurate and highly recommend to anyone who seeks serious help...." ... written by speck
his remedies are excellent :)" ... written by moeed`
he is very good!! Very talented and precise..amazing!" ... written by Helena
spot on. new things without me saying a word. all he wanted was names and age . a definite go too" ... written by gerirish
Very clear and precise. Will wait to see if predictions come true!" ... written by AB
amazing man right on point as always " ... written by hana
very very good " ... written by lopezina
thank you so much...thanks for all you have done for me..I think that you are truly gifted and a true GOD send thanks for all your help.." ... written by k
Great reading as always!!!! Very helpful and uplifting....thanks....highly recommend to anyone!!" ... written by spek
Fantastic and very helpful. " ... written by michelle
thank you very much for your insight. Part of that was very accurate, for other i'll let you know about my situation and your predictions. " ... written by Alicja
terrific update reading, as always, thanx a lot" ... written by zimerili1
he is great, as usual." ... written by wren1414
thanks gurmeet as always very helpful...very accurate....xoxox " ... written by spek
healing stuff" ... written by frag
I like the way you read. So calm and focus. Kind and confident. I will be in contact again. " ... written by Australiahope
Thanks always gurmeet!!! Highly recommended!! thanks for being my friend..." ... written by spek
amazing reading as always! :)" ... written by mallika
Excellent advices from him :)" ... written by Sharar
Thank you for this insight and prediction. I will be sure to do your remedies." ... written by Faith81
Wonderful advice giver!!!" ... written by greg_28
Thanks for your all your help Gurmeet..awesome reading...Accurate!" ... written by tasha_j
confirmed and confirmed" ... written by frag
Great help to me" ... written by lee
great reading as always are always helpful and always accurate....thanks for helping me so many times and listening to me....xoxoxo highly recommended!!!!! " ... written by sk
Very calming very good at what he does." ... written by kk
he is a very positive soul and always helps me inculcate postive thoughts." ... written by n g
excellent reading " ... written by lopezina
very good excellent" ... written by jana
good advice thank u :)" ... written by manushi
great reading and healing as always...very accurate and compassionate in his work...highly recommend" ... written by k
connects quickly and is detailed will have to wait and see. will be back to update" ... written by t
great healing as usual...thanks so much!!!" ... written by spek
very helpful as usual....very thoughtful and genuine...very powerful healing always, great person to talk to. Highly recommend!!" ... written by spek
thank you so much for everything I will be in contact for updates!" ... written by spek
delightful reading as always." ... written by zimerili1
Thank gurmeet for are truly a blessing in my life and whenever I feel down you always give me more strength...I really appreciate everything..." ... written by spekk
great reading and support as always.....I really am grateful to have meet a man like gurmeet he is very encouraging and very uplifting...also accurate in readings, remedies and healings....always come back because he Is trustworthy" ... written by spek
Very helpful as usual will be back for updates...thanks!!!" ... written by spek
Great reading. He told me very hidden things and I'm grateful I connected to him. Thanks a lot!" ... written by Amanda
Simply amazing always accurate and always encouraging I was down on my luck and completely low...gurmeet never left my side...he stayed and continued to help me back to strength..I am forever grateful....thank you. BLESSINGS!!" ... written by spek
are you tired oof advisors telling you that you have negativiry and selling you spells etc when all you want is just a reading Well, Gurmeet does just that . HONEST, REAL, and even tells you how to perform your own stuff too if it is needed. A breath of honesty . Thak you , Gurmeet" ... written by Suzanne
He was pretty much on the money. Thank you for the advice." ... written by Themoon
Thanks." ... written by frag
Thank you Gurmeet for you insight!! Very good reading as usual :-)" ... written by sara
Such a wise and kind person. I really like his energy and how fast he connected with my reading and I'm very grateful for the clarity and guidance he brought forth. 5 stars :)" ... written by Yiara
I really like the way Gurmeet reads, he see the current situation and gives remedies for everything. Thanks soo much" ... written by Swathi
Thank you so much Gurmeet Kals for my healing session!!!! I know that I need 1-2 more sessions and I look forward to those sessions. I look forward to feeling better, lighter and happier each day!!! I really hope that my tears will dry up soon and the excruciating pain that I feel inside my heart will eventually vanish. I am ready to be happy, to have peace and to receive love!!!!" ... written by kayeluv1
the reading was amazing before i could get the question he answered me one of oranums finest thank you so,light,and blessings...xoxoxo" ... written by BEANNIEBABY
great update" ... written by zimerili1
Thank you so much for another great healing session!!! It was a very interesting and unique experience. I look forward to feeling better more and more each day. Thank you for the update on my overall life! This was a really great session. I am looking forward to so much more positivity in my life and to your predictions coming true. I wish you lots of love and many, many blessings!!! :)" ... written by kayeluv1
Thank you so much for all the great remedies that you taught me!!! Thank you for your patience and for making sure I understood everything that I needed to do and how to do it the right way. You are a wonderful teacher and master and I look forward to your remedies working. I wish you lots of love and many blessings!!! :)" ... written by kayeluv1
thanks for the reading...and the accurate information.." ... written by spek
just wanted to give update and say thanks for all your help also for believing in me and motivating and helping me...thanks...highly recommend" ... written by spek
h ewas good gave me techniques to use I will try them " ... written by crystal
He is awsome and he connect to me very quickly" ... written by Mandoob
amazingly stunning" ... written by remedio
Thank you very much for my update reading. I am really shocked at your predictions but I do look forward to them coming true in the near future!!! Thank you for ALWAYS taking the time out in free chat to listen to me and even advise me even when I don’t have any credits! Thank you for being so concerned with my well being and happiness. Thank you for your patience and understanding and for the discount rate for private. I thank you for your kindness, understanding and advice. I thank you for not judging me and my situation! I wish you many, many blessings!!!! I would recommend getting a private reading with Gurmeet Kals." ... written by kayeluv1
This man is truly amazing and gifted! Very accurate and spiritually based for soul growth. I can't recommend enough, please try him!" ... written by atlantis111
thanks for the guidance and reading" ... written by spek
great update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
fabulous update" ... written by zimerili1
Gurmeet is my long term advisor. Sees things coming and psychically advises me w truth and clarity." ... written by Suzanne
Excellent medium andamp; healer...God bless you gurmeet:)" ... written by aquavenus
he is a very good medium as well. I am very impressed with his mediumship skills andamp; his clairvoyance. thanks gurmeet I was able to speak to my grandmother.." ... written by aquavenus
fantastic update again, lots and lots of detail, very calming and possitive man, a delight to talk to, thanx." ... written by zimerili1
It was a very honest reading by Gurmeetkals and i appreciate that. Things did make sense on what he said.. " ... written by Pooja
Excellent suggestions and remedies provided. Will try them and post the results." ... written by Swathi
great details." ... written by beautywithinone
lovely connected and very detailed session as usual. I am always blessed with time spent with gurmeet." ... written by beautywithinone
reading was good as usual..time will tell." ... written by neha
Thank you for another wonderful reading!! :) I got a lot of information and some time frames to look forward to. I look forward for your predictions coming true. Gurmeet Kals is very kind and patient and he does not judge he only tries to help and heal! Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance! I wish you many blessings! " ... written by Kayeluv1
he is very good at his reading, connects so fast and very accurate! he deserve more than 5 star!" ... written by RC
wow wow wow" ... written by kika
he's my medium...give him a try you'll never get disappointed!! " ... written by RC
Very interesting reading. A lot of esoteric wisdom and predictions. Highly recommend. No non sense psychic." ... written by w
Thank you for another wonderful reading and for your reassurance! Thank you for not judging me or my situation and for still wanting to help me find a happy solution to my situation. I look forward to your predictions coming true in the near future. I look forward for my next healing session too. Thank you for listening to me and for your remedies. I wish you many, blessings and lots of love!" ... written by kayeluv1
i had a lot of readings done by gurmeetkals...he is the psychic u can trust and rely on! he is great in his readings and accurate. lots of insight and on point! try him and you'll never regret it!" ... written by rii507
Wonderful update, very accurate again as always! This man is gifted, try him!" ... written by atlantis111
thanks gurmeet for the updates and everything!!!! It was good talking to you!!" ... written by k
Thanks gurmeet for all that you have helped me with...thanks for your guidance and help!!" ... written by k
great" ... written by nany 14
gurmeet was very helpful and gave great guidance. reading was excellent" ... written by angelswingz
Gurmmet was very good very spot on and clear in the direction he provided. Excellent reader, will reconsult!!" ... written by angelswingz
Gurmeet is my advisor for life . He is so gifted" ... written by Suzanne
He seemed right on with my situation. Thank you." ... written by Anny
Great as always!!!! Highly recommended for positive and uplifting guidance...By far the best on oranum!" ... written by spek
*****Gurmeet Kals deserves more than 5 STARS***** " ... written by Kayeluv1
amazing reader!" ... written by Mallika
gurmeet was awesome, ery understanding and gae some great remedies" ... written by softspirit
Gurmeet hits the nail on the head again with his accurate assessment of things." ... written by Suzanne
Gurmeet has always been accurate so far . He is connected and always give remedies for free" ... written by suzanne
excellent, superb thorogh reading, very gifted, oranums best. " ... written by mm
Wonderful person. Bright personality, respectful, nonjudgmental and easy to talk to." ... written by ALS
You are awesome. I appreciate!" ... written by MMarmalade
Gurmeet is a fantastic reader everyone must have a session with him. Healing and inshtful." ... written by angelswingz
most amazing reading as usual right on point and picked up so quickly just waiting for the rest of my predictions" ... written by BEANNIEBABY
Very good analysis for astrology, highly recommended" ... written by angelswingz
OMG, he knows so much and I cant wait to come back to tell him what all comes true :) God bless you" ... written by Tie
Excelelnt reader as always" ... written by angelswingz
He did a reading for me and was able to answer my questions directly. Thank you sir for this. God Bless" ... written by ss
he is the best!!!" ... written by timag
he is always accurate and i love his remedies." ... written by n g awesome friend and in in words as he will show you how to be strong for yourself and will also be there to help guide you..HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!" ... written by M
Very kind and great practical advice. He gave me hope in the midst of my despair." ... written by butterflysun
thanks for all you have done for me and the guidance and support.." ... written by s
Awesome!!!" ... written by Greg
Very good reading spot on, no sugar coating, will be back for update." ... written by pauly61
excellent" ... written by b
wow, amazing, omg the first words he said is what i do in my career now absolutely gifted guy, by far the best reading i have ever had on here. everything he said was spot on,i look forward to the future xxx" ... written by lisa
thank you so much. for your words of wisdom and clarity i will be sure to come back to you. thank you i will update you" ... written by maggielee
Thank you gurmeet for connecting with my dad a giving me extra strength at this time...please continue to keep me lifted in spirit...thanks friend!!" ... written by k
fantastic reading thanx and happy holidays" ... written by zimerili1
EXCELLENT" ... written by B
EXCELLENT" ... written by B
A very kind healer. Thank you for the reading and the advices. Will definitely do them . Thank you.." ... written by PRINCESS1218
Wow Gurmeetkals was so helpful. He picked up on my situation in an instant and told me what i need to do. He was amazing and I plan on speaking to him over and over again." ... written by mc
thanks for the help" ... written by d
Amazing and have a positive energy.." ... written by RealLove
gurmeet is always helpful and insightful to the situation!" ... written by angel
gurmeet is a powerful healer and has much insight thnk u" ... written by angel
Awesome!" ... written by Cynthia
very helpful and kind" ... written by gchild001
thank u some much for the clarity " ... written by hannah
very accurate!" ... written by ritila
Very thorough and informative. Very detailed in things he predicted, only time will tell when it pass. Highly recommend. Very kind, honest and direct. Superb." ... written by reenu70
Very accurate and i will come to private again" ... written by greeen
I would recommend him to everyone if you want to choose gemstones and healing crystals" ... written by Manaraat
he is so accurate and helpful with his remedies." ... written by hannah
Wow Gurmee was so in tune with my situation and he gave me great advice. Very good reading. Thank You!!! " ... written by mc
Intuitive, connects nicely, highly recommend!" ... written by BK
The best! So in tune. " ... written by Theo
Thank You Gurmeet" ... written by Suzanne
Fantastic!" ... written by Chee
excellent" ... written by c
Thank You Gurmeet " ... written by Suzanne
What a reading!!!!" ... written by zimerili1
Thanks Gurmeet" ... written by Susanne
This guy is amazing, never in my life have i been given such a detailed reading like he has done twice for me now, very accurate thank you so much " ... written by lisa
Came to gurmeet for long overdue reading and update.. He really helped me sort out alot of things and get clarity about alot of it... he gave me helpful messages through connection and also stregnth and alot of help...thank you gurmeet for all ...xoxoxo highly recommended and highly accurate" ... written by k
fantastic superb wow ow owo" ... written by SG
gurmeet is an excellent reader, tells me exactly what the situation is and connects very fast." ... written by angel
Awesome - it was so scary to here him say somethings" ... written by mariasheart
Excellent! " ... written by Anna
excellent, superb detailed reading! very insightful" ... written by angel
excellent reader as always !!!" ... written by angel
really, really excellent reading! He was straight and to the point. he had great advice on everything. He was right on target without me telling him. I would highly recommend him!" ... written by lin
He is excelent" ... written by Reziza
Great advise...Hope all comes as has been said!! I'll let you know, thanks sooo much. ♥" ... written by xJENNiFERx
awsome remedies" ... written by Moeed
Gurmeet is always on the point! His readings are both insightful and healing, God Bless ." ... written by angel
went in for remedies." ... written by kool
Amazing, highly recommend!" ... written by Gabriel
It's very good to have a reading with him . He's awsome" ... written by Khobar
great update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
thank you so much didnt have much credit but he helped me alot " ... written by hannah
He is really good and went straight into what you wanted to know. Nice and well spoken. Thank you!" ... written by Trisha
I was so surprised with what all he picked up about my life without even me saying a word... had an amazing reading with him.. one blessed psychic!! thank you" ... written by lams
Awesome reader as always, provides healing techniques and remedies,always a pleasure" ... written by angel
Excellent connection as always! Powerful reaqdings!" ... written by angel
warm assuring clarity" ... written by michelle
Gurmeet is always a guiding light in the dark, helping me to gain clarity! God Bless" ... written by Angel
very nice and quick very insightful" ... written by Eve
Deep reading- lots of info and quite accurate. highly recommend. one of the better ones on this site" ... written by SG
Gurmeet is always there to give me guidance when needed and to help me get back on track!" ... written by angel
great session" ... written by zimerili1
He is best love expert i would recommend it to everyone" ... written by Gadeer salim
he was right in the past and is assuring" ... written by jamie
great detailed reading" ... written by A
good update" ... written by zimerili1
What an awesome read? Gurmmet is truly gifted and after a long period of time he's still on point. Read his testimonials and try him for a reading. You will never be disappointed. Many blessings Gurmeet." ... written by Delor63
love this reading so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so accurate" ... written by Stefanie
Great reading. No tools, Fast and honest. He picked up on some details very accurately both during the demo and during my private reading. Highly recommend. " ... written by w
hes excellent, very detailed and fast " ... written by lisa
very thorough and concise reading" ... written by rr
great psychic, extraordinary abilities" ... written by ccc
I have just short reading and i feel very blessed to have a rading with him . I will be back soon" ... written by Moeed
Great reading and great genttleman." ... written by jendio
Very good and precise reading and instructions given to help the situation with very simple remedies. Kind man indeed and sees the essential things immediately. " ... written by in_the_making
Gurmeet has excellent insight into the situation and is able to provide true clarity, an excellent reader!!" ... written by angel
terrific" ... written by zimerili1
thank u so much for the reading very assuring and i know that it will happen " ... written by 5 starts
A very kind andamp; informative reading. Thank you" ... written by havy678
great ...." ... written by zimerili1
His demo was impressive, he didnt need any tools to connect to the person and so I took him for a private session to try him out. I think he was patient and accurate in describing the person in question. I think he was telling the truth about what is to come. I had to disconnect but will be back for the cord cutting remedy. Thank you Gurmeet! " ... written by Sam
great as always,, thanx again" ... written by zimerili1
He is a blessed psychic... very thorough and patient." ... written by llamya
great detail in the reading and such dedication,, thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Clarity when needed!" ... written by angel
He's a nice person and reader. He could tell me things that I sense are correct. Gave me some remedies and hope. I feel better after talking to him. No one knows the future is my thought but he's told me what he got. God bless u Gurmeet. thank you" ... written by GG
so accurate reading" ... written by Matti
great reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
great update" ... written by zimerili1
I would recommend crystals recommend crystals healing from him as he is best crystal healer ." ... written by Cool
wow!! such nice remedies!! thank u! ran out of credits, but will be back soon" ... written by vv
amazing!!! spot on!!! great psychic!! highly recommend!! defenetly looking forward to another private later!! excited for my future!! thankyou!!!" ... written by Ana Peralta
thanks gurmeet for the update...It was very good to see you and get a good update. Thank you.. I would highly recommend....xoxoxox" ... written by k
Very far distance talker and care talker. Nice and warm person to talk to." ... written by FeelWill
Gurmeet is a very blessed psychic. He knows exactly what he is talkking about. Love getting reading from him" ... written by llamya
he is a blessed soul with lot of knowledge. Gurmeet is very gifted and always guides me in a right direction.ty for being here" ... written by llamya
He's accurate. Hope the reunion he sees will come true." ... written by stellachan
The best pychic on Oranum. Accurate and helpful, pure intention to help those in need. " ... written by John
Gurmeet you are a highly spiritual and gifted angel. Many thanks for your wisdom and support through these difficult times. Wishing many blessings to you. I will be back shortly as I feel the peace and love my heart so desires." ... written by delor63
He was right on point. Connected very good and gave me great advice!" ... written by Nicole
Gurmeet is one of a kind...he has helped me out of so much darkness by being a mentor and friend. He has showed me ways to be stronger and powerful ...forever grateful...xoxoxox" ... written by k
wonderful man. very accurate reading , so insightful , just blown away by how much he knew. I HIGHLY recommend him. The best I have seen in a long time." ... written by Nathalie
This is my 3rd consultation, after his 2 previous predictions came to pass as he had described. " ... written by Candy
Really like him. He is competent and serious and really good. Very compassionate and confident. 5 starsss" ... written by SG
Strange but true :)" ... written by FeelWill
Strange Connection :) But always a good reminder" ... written by FeelWill
Amazing thing that life cannot answer might be found here!" ... written by FeelWill
He is so in tune with spiritual side of life andamp; very interesting advice :)" ... written by Havy
Love getting readings from gurmeet. He guides me through every step. Amazing knowledge " ... written by llamya
than you for reading dear, much appreciated" ... written by gat
He gave me some remedies for my situation. thank you so much " ... written by Radhika
Gurmeet is always on point. I enjoy his readings. Such a gifted man. Thank you so much for your support." ... written by delor63
this guy is amazing, I had a reading wilth him a few months ago and some has already come true, he is the real day, just wonderful xxx" ... written by Lisa
he's great" ... written by danielgemini
Very insightful and interesting shocking reading today, shed some light! Thank you" ... written by angel
gURMEET IS VERY GIFTED AND PROVIDES REMEDIES THAT WORK. A very insightful gifted person.Thank you!" ... written by angel
Gurmeet is always helpful and sees the situation clearly" ... written by angel
gurmeet is always loving and helpful, I am thankful for him in my life and being on my journey..i just love his spirit...." ... written by k
Thank you for the clarity and direction, as always,keeping me on track." ... written by angel
great as always" ... written by amalia
Awesome. I'll definitely do what he told me to do." ... written by Andi
best rudraksha nd gemstone recomendtion as ever" ... written by smart
great remedies helpful, correct" ... written by cal
good reading on point will wait and see for results" ... written by Koel
awesome person... sooooooo accurate!! will def come back!!" ... written by Karla mercado
fantastic update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
He is the best and honest person in this site. Very accurate and great guide for your life path. He is very dedicated and loving person and he is in a high level of spirituality. " ... written by Jenn
great advice great seeing of what is really going on in a relationship. He has taught me alot about myself, my partner and our love for one another, Karma cycle. I will live by it for now on. thank you very much gurmeetkals" ... written by Brit
This gentleman is awesome! He is very quick and compassionate!" ... written by deva delight
Thank you Gurmeet. You're a special angel. " ... written by Delor63
thanks so much gurmeet for everything I will update you and keep you informed...thanks blessings" ... written by k
thanks gurmeet for everything....I will be back for update soon...xoxoxo" ... written by k
Had to go again, for few more details.TY" ... written by Kool
Gurmeet is da man. Very intuitive, no tools, great advices and sincerly cares." ... written by Eldridge Cleaver
update reading.." ... written by Kool
Very good! try gurmeet u wont be disappointed. HE picked up on my situation right away. Good remedies too." ... written by Leroy Sibbs
i had rudrksha recommendation i will surely get this" ... written by smart guy
His past predictions on me had come to pass, and the new ones seem to be manifesting in the next few weeks. Gurmeet is unbelievable!!!" ... written by Rooster
I will do as you say. I'm hoping things will get best. " ... written by full of hope
He's the best!!! Doesn't sugar coat, and makes a lot of sense. He can really connect with me and can predict whats gonna happen. Tried him many times. Still amused!" ... written by jenrey
hope things he told me will be true .will write again if they do ...thank you gurmeetkals " ... written by aa
Powerful guidance and suggestions. best manner to talk and feel about. Accuracy is higher than expected. Recommended to see him when you really need help." ... written by FeelWill
I am surprised to say that the few things that he mentioned has come to pass. thank you. " ... written by believing
super update" ... written by zimerili1
hes excellent his predictions have come true and I come for more advice thankyou " ... written by Lisa
Always very accurate!!!!" ... written by Greg
he is astounding !!!! super duper wow !!!! " ... written by autumn
he gave great insight and he saved our relationship. he guided me to the right direction of my life. thanks" ... written by Brittani Hall
Thank you for the update. I'll be back to share the outcome" ... written by Delor63
Cant say thank you enough." ... written by angel
thank you again gurmeet, very helpful as always" ... written by angel
I havent been to gurmeetkal in a while, but I'm happy that I came to him. He is always so accurate and he confirmed so many things for me, things he told me before, without even realising that he's told me it before, it shows consistency." ... written by Ladymysterious
fantastic update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
a great guy just simply a great guy so pure and so honest,, always a wonderful pleasure to talk to." ... written by zimerili1
I appreciate all your information. Awesome :)" ... written by Tie
good update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
quick accurate and gives good advice , thankyou again" ... written by Liise
I always call on him when answers are needed, as well as guidance. Thnak you." ... written by angel
Great readings and very accurate " ... written by Jenn
He was very helpful and nice. Had a reading with him before and I know his tools are powerful. Im going to listen what he told me and see what happens. But im quite sure there will be good results." ... written by Iam
Thank you for your help in this matter! Will keep you posted" ... written by Tie
He's so sweet and sincere. I love coming to him for guidance" ... written by angie
Thank you for confirmation and comfort that you gave me. I look forward to your prediction and will definitely give you an update on the results." ... written by Ladymysterious
As always on point, clarity given. God Bless" ... written by angel
good update ,, thanx" ... written by zimerili1
great reading" ... written by zimerili1
Thank you!" ... written by T
ver good reading and full of detail - i recommend gurmeetkals to anyone looking for guidance. Thank you very much and i look forward to coming back for an update" ... written by S
great update..extremely interesting.." ... written by zimerili1
Thank you Gurmeet for your time and confirmation. I will watch what you have said." ... written by Ladymysterious
wonderful session..." ... written by zimerili1
Thank you for you in depth reading. " ... written by california
ONe of the best in oranum. :) " ... written by California
In our last reading he mentioned someone would be reentering my life in 7 or 8 days. Exactly 8 days later I had a very unexpected call from an ex. He picks up on issues so easily and is very kind. I always trust him." ... written by angie
Thank you Gurmeet loved the session and your abilities. " ... written by ISL GIRL
great update" ... written by zimerili1
Positive vibes:) and truthful" ... written by Nina
great reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Gurmeet is a true saint with many gifts. Very helpful and intuition is spot n." ... written by Delor63
thanks" ... written by world
have your question ready. he is fast gives timeframes and gives more predictions as you type. really great thank you " ... written by christine
great update.." ... written by zimerili1
Gurmeet is perfect" ... written by suzanne
GUrmeet, my guiding light always! Thank you and God Bless You." ... written by angel
his very good I will do it agin with him." ... written by H
his very good he get to point and tell you all his detail and very kind. I suggest him to others. " ... written by h
his very nice and good on what he does. his to the point." ... written by H
very honest reading. said things i could attest too, may not be exactly how i wanted to hear it, but he was definitely on it. i will keep him posted as my timeframes are very far out, but he was realistic and to me the most realistic time frames ive gotten on this site." ... written by b
was a very interesting its to wait what will happen.." ... written by Sonia
he was kind and nice and very thanking. because he helped me answer my questions i thank you again. thank you." ... written by nelson
Thank you for the reading. So far everything you told me is true and also the remedies do work." ... written by xo
Had a great reading...thank you" ... written by Nil
Amazing reading, totally blown away! Thank you and God Bless" ... written by angel
Nice reading....Good solutions" ... written by Golden
Very awesome help thank u again!" ... written by Ava
Very Eye opeinging helped me see i need to start taking care of me Thank u so much for your insight!!! " ... written by Ava
Amazing! Thank you" ... written by Tony
he is amazing!!!" ... written by timag
he is very good. can see things clearly and he is spot on. recomended!!!!!!" ... written by MYSTERY
He is good person I consulted him few times he is kind as well. best wishes, god bless" ... written by NN
second reading,,,much more clear and better....because i guess he was talking and not typing...thank u.,,good details and v tuned in,,,will be back....." ... written by lovehouston
His wonderfull reader and comes with sulation and tells you detial and gets to poing others should give him reading. :)" ... written by H
Many thanks to you Gurmeet for your guidance, patience and understanding of my situation. God has blessed you with many talents and your willingness to share is awesome. Many more blessings to you. " ... written by Delor63
This was a new beginning and a first reading for me with Gurmeetkals but I trust him and I felt a strong connection with this man Awesome reading will update update you Thank You and God Bless" ... written by edna
amazing. Genuine. what else can I say more! highly recommended, He know what he is doing, connect fast! Thank you" ... written by coffee
thank you so much for your predictions!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
he connects fast.real psychic. no tools needed. I keep coming bak to him .try him !!" ... written by myst
thank you for you great advise! you are very nice and helpful. and accurate" ... written by Shanil Kumar
This is my second reading with Gurmeetkals. When I had relation ship issue he gave me hope and remedies. His remedies were amazing me and my husband got back together again as he predicted, now we are happy in our life's again. If you really need help you should go and see him. I promise you will not regret it. He is worth every penny. Thank You so much." ... written by Neel
You are very accurate with dates . 100% thank you! " ... written by Shanil Kumar
thank you again and again " ... written by hannah
Thank you for your help.. god bless" ... written by Shiks
Wow very straight forward first time reading. Connected very fast and told me information I have been wanting to know for so long. I felt things were wrong for a reason and Gurmeetkals connected really fast and starting doing his work to help me get through my problems. Provided the remedies that I will put to use to clear my situation. Truly a blessed man that gets straight to the point. Thanks Gurmeetkals." ... written by Aliyah
first time with him...alot of hopeful predictions...i hope to God he's right... thanks, will be back to update. I'm happy for now!" ... written by lovehouston
update, as amazing as usual. thank you again" ... written by c
Genuine reader. Will wait to see how it goes with his predictions" ... written by keera
supportive, intune...thanks" ... written by lovehouston
He is so helpful when it comes to understanding situations and providing remedies. I always find his remedies very helpful and will follow what he suggests since they are so helpful. Would give him 10 stars instead of 5 if possible." ... written by Keera
Gurmeet is always my guiding light helping me to see my way.God Bless always!" ... written by angelswingz
hes great!" ... written by cali
I like the fact that he gives time frames. Let us see how the predictions unfold. " ... written by kb
lovely man!!! good reading" ... written by .....
he si a wonderful person and very honest with his reading. I am thankful for my reading" ... written by ritu
very helpfull will b bak" ... written by cali
the tide has changed. great prediction for my love today. his predictions have come true. good and not so good always the truth and remedies to change outcome. thank you so much for your help." ... written by christine
Always insightful, very helpful readings" ... written by angelswingz
thank you for an amazing reading. You cleared many many things up. And thank you for the remedies. I will keep you updated on my health. Have a blessed and wonderful rest of the day. " ... written by California
very good" ... written by fatoom
he is good and confident. 5 stars" ... written by nip
wow, one of the best readers on oranum, very very helpful." ... written by h.h.
First time reading, loved it, gurmeetkals is warm and lovely, gave me some timeframes and details about my person of interest, I hope the predictions come true, got recommendations of chakra healing which I will shall try, xox" ... written by testtesttest
it is my first time and was blessing and really i comfort with gurm and bless him and really he makes me happy" ... written by emmyq
great reDing" ... written by apple
Gurmeet delivers and I accept his accuracy. I'm so glad to have met him. I truly believe that God has directed him into my life for the guidance he provides. Truly a divine and spiritual soul. Many blessings." ... written by Delor63
He has given a very detailed reading with timeframes and has provided so much clarity!! I'm really glad I read with him again! :) Highly recommended!!" ... written by Saloni
Thank you so much!! Happy Halloween!!!" ... written by shanil kumar
nice guy, and great advice!" ... written by kw
been seeing him over a year and every time my partner drifts away he does the healing and remedies and get me right on track again. he is spot on with predictions. i would personally recommend lovers to visit him. am glad i did " ... written by hannah
master of spiritual knowledges and gives most beneficial time cycles for activities of enlightenment" ... written by edrick
If you need an honest answer or opinion Gurmeet is the one to go to. He has always been spot on. Great to have him around. thank you Gurmeet" ... written by pucchi
nice guy, helpful things to do" ... written by kw
He is very generous and can interpret dreams as well as the living life. He is spot on and his predictions do happen. One of the very trusted people I go to. I am thankful to have readings with you. Have a blessed day. " ... written by usa
He is such a good and genuine reader. Im glad to have come across him. " ... written by Priscilla
Thank you my friend. You are a guiding light and you are a very gifted soul. Many of your predictions have come to past and I'm so happy to be a client of yours. Thanks again for your spiritual direction. Many blessings to you." ... written by Delor63
Thank you for the great reading and all your great advice!" ... written by shanil kumar
Gurmeet sir is really a blessing to me..he sees things so clearly. " ... written by Priscilla
THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP and energy so accurate I did not need to ask questions :-)" ... written by Missmystik
he is amazing!" ... written by timag
I always come back to him for rituals to follow and things to do to improve my life. He is right on with sensing situations and recommending suggestions. Highly recommend and will keep coming back." ... written by keera
thanks gurmeet for everything....xoxoxoxo will be back with updates soon..." ... written by k
He was great!!!!" ... written by Miss Keya
Thank you sooo much for the reading. You definitely see all aspects and areas including my thinking patterns. Thank you for clarification. Bless you so much. Five stars!" ... written by xo
Caring and gentle psychic who cares about the readers and their lives. Give him 10 stars if I could. He talks about anything really. I feel safe to have readings with him and it means a lot. Sometimes I feel he's someone who guides very well and understands. Some of his predictions do come true and he does sense many things including future as well as the present. I don't feel any negativity from him just care and love for all the people who come to him. Have a blessed day. :)" ... written by united states
thank you for the reading. Many blessings to you. " ... written by ..
thanks him for the insight and healing hope it all works out in the end" ... written by dimauro
Thank you Gurmeet for your constant guidance and support through this journey. You have helped me tremendously. Many blessings to you." ... written by Delor63
he is one of the best psychics on this site love him " ... written by hannah
cnt get enought of the best psychic " ... written by hannah
a genuine psychic" ... written by myst
thanks gurmeet..xoxox" ... written by ...
He has given me solutions to work on my problems and look forward for the positive outcome!! :) He is amazing!!" ... written by Saloni
thanks for a quick reading!" ... written by f
Good update and straight forward reading. Accurate what he said and genuine reader. Until next time for an update. God Bless." ... written by Lloyyd
Gurmeet is always a light in the dark, very positive, well connected reader!" ... written by angel
Gurmeet is a lovely reader, doesn't waste time and calms our mind with his reading. He has predicted things in future for me and I trust him.. Will look forward to see if things will manifest. " ... written by Sri
Reads very well situations and circumstances" ... written by Keera
thanks gurmeet as always!! highly recommend" ... written by ka
great as always " ... written by daria
very good" ... written by zuki
AWESOME as always" ... written by Missmystik
Will follow his remedies and see how things work" ... written by Keera
PERFECT AS ALWAYS :-) thank you so much" ... written by MISSMYSTIK
Thank you Gurmeet once again, many blessings for the clarity you provide." ... written by angels
The best here in Oranum!!" ... written by jen
Very confident in his reading. Very intuitive and comforting in his delivery. Gurmeet explained situations and people with precision. I look forward to Gurmeet's predictions." ... written by Nia J.
The best on ORANUM!!!!" ... written by HH
excellent reader" ... written by wiki
waiting on preds" ... written by rl
great as always xxx" ... written by purple
Thank you so much I was just restless. Thinking about things. Im glad I came on tonight your an excellent reader waist no time and you care about peoples well being. thanks. " ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
Gurmeetkals is Amazing! He is very gentle and caring, with great inner harmony. He is indeed a Blessing! TY and Great Blessings to You Gurmeetkals." ... written by Maggie Mae
Good demo and then reading - spot on and very good with remedies" ... written by A
he is always accurate" ... written by moeeed
a wonderful reader" ... written by kiuz
amazing!!!" ... written by Melinda
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by
What a great man!!! Well on point and very interesting reading..Doesn't waist any time. He taps into your energy very simple and makes connection. Will tell you the truth. " ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
Thank you so much for your patience and guidance in these trying times. Be blessed. Love and Light" ... written by Delor63
will come back... very good reader and useful remedies that I will do. I trust him" ... written by Stacil
Thankyou for the interesting reading! I know that everything your saying is right. It helps to trust and come to someone that care about my well being and has interest in helping me promote my own healing.. very appreciated and I will take advice." ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
thanks" ... written by freedm
thank gurmeet - I look forward to the outcome xox" ... written by freedm
I am so encouraged by his prediction, I cant wait for things to happen" ... written by d
he is really good and picks up on things :) waiting for his prediction to come true :) " ... written by Huma252
Very good reading. He told me what I needed to know with time frames. Waiting to see the outcome." ... written by mv
Good reader" ... written by Suman
I enjoyed all the information you had provided and for touching up on important points from last reading. I appreciate the assistance and help you have given me and the great insight. I have to say he is quick to give you the details and very straight forward. The remedies given have provided me with positive outcome and results and is shifting things for better. I see improvements. " ... written by Aliyah
i use to come with a nick name looser1 then when i got my firts reading from gurmeet . he advised me to change my id to winner1. and then solutions he gave me to my problems not only solved my one problem . but also solved my other problems . because of gurmeets solution i left my bad habits behind n i changed completly . then what ever gurmeet predicted for me 2 years before all of realy did happend. gurmeet predicted good real love n it happend n then there is always a lot to know n learn" ... written by wiinner1
great reading..he's terrific and gives lots of details..." ... written by Ameer
He's the best! 100% accurate about past, present and future and his predictions come to pass! He's amazing and I will always come back to him for answers and I recommend him to everyone!! He will be honest and tell you the truth no matter what!! Awesome reading!! Thank you with all my heart!!" ... written by sweetmarionette
Very good read very helpful ... thank you!" ... written by J
truly amazing reading and very quick!!" ... written by chintan
NAMASTE" ... written by
good" ... written by samson
nice and straight forward " ... written by chintan
amazing reader . thank you" ... written by zui
amazingly accurate thank you so much!!!!" ... written by Ava
Gurmeet is an Angel in Disguise. Love getting readings from him" ... written by Lamya
Gurmeet is always so good at seeing details of a situation, and for helpful advice. I will be back for future updates for sure!" ... written by Marie
Gurmeet is such a kind andamp; caring soul, who can cleanse your aura andamp; remove the blocks holding you back, i felt lots of sensations, love andamp; light andamp; happiness xxx" ... written by loved andamp; blessed
Gurmeet is fantastic! He so easily andamp; clearly sees so much! And he has great advice! I'll be back for future readings and guidance!" ... written by Marie
good reading , picked up stuff quickly." ... written by gjhjghjgj
the bestest " ... written by pureenergy
Gurmeet has amazing abilities. His predictions happen, and he can read energies so perfectly. His readings and guidance are always so helpful and to the point." ... written by Marie
wonderful as always - highly recommended !!!" ... written by Shawna
he was great, told me a few things that shocked me because they are true, i will definitely be returning ..." ... written by mariam
wonderful reader" ... written by pilo
Great update reading with Gurmeet. He sees things very clearly andamp; easily. Thank you!" ... written by Marie
Made me realize the truth so very grateful,very honest and fast" ... written by Jay
Fantastic reading, so accurate and detailed! thanks so much" ... written by Lynda22
A great update with Gurmeet!!! He sees so much (correctly!!) and has great advice!!! I look forward to future updates with him." ... written by Marie
Thank you so much. Your Readings are so on point. Many blesings to you." ... written by Delor63
he is very insightful and told me a few things that i need to do " ... written by sharon
powerful, knows so much, great healing xxxxx" ... written by happy love
Very nice reading! He is very kind. He seems to be spot on in what he sees. Thank you Gur!" ... written by KBJ
Excellent!" ... written by KBJ
Gurmeet has wonderful healing energies, he doesnt judge, just helps andamp; gives good guidance, Thank You xoxoxxo" ... written by Love andamp; Light
Great!" ... written by KBJ
Great as usual!" ... written by KBJ
GREAT READING, very accurate and detailed. Compaasionate with his answers and some great advise and told me about my future also. Thanks so much! " ... written by Lynda22
My update with Gurmeet was very helpful. He always provides extremely connected insight and advice to help my situation. Thank you!" ... written by Marie
lots of great advice...thank u....pls don't forget the healing! " ... written by lovehouston
he is amazing, Im speachless! I love him!" ... written by timag...
very intuitive individual, noticed a lot about my situation, put things in context, good advice" ... written by onceuponatime
That was such a good read! so accurate and on point..." ... written by Kim Fields
Didn't even have to say a word...Excellent..xx" ... written by mbear
omg he is absolutely amazing" ... written by natural
he is amazing allways!!! he knows everything and his predictions come true!!!" ... written by timag
Fantastic reading and very accurate and detailed. " ... written by Lynda22
I found the reading to be accurate. Gurmeet is fast and connects well. I will return.." ... written by L
Its been long gurmeet but you always guide me correctly. I am confident of your god gifted powers." ... written by neha
thank u so much " ... written by remedio
UGH! We ran out of time, but he was very accurate and fast! I am going to come back to tell him how I made out! I highly recommend him!" ... written by pea
Excellent an knowledgeable reader , so helpful, and a genuine intuitive will come back whenever i need some real help n understanding." ... written by Lemon Lyman
thank you for this great reading" ... written by kuiipo5
Gurmeet is such a pure and genuine Psychic. He connected with my grandma who is passed over for some years now. His accuracy is commendable and his work too." ... written by aquavenus1
amazing!!!" ... written by timag
Thank you Gurmeetji! Excellent advice!" ... written by Amy
Interesting reading with interesting details will follow advice and update on situation thanks" ... written by Sher
wow!!! amazing! really gets to the point. Gentle and not abrasive. Felt at ease. Great Listener. Excellent reading. Confident, wise and strong. Thank you." ... written by member 1 LR
Thank you so much... " ... written by xo
THank you very much!" ... written by bike..
he is very helpfull ...wil definately be coming back for more readings" ... written by mariam
Very amazing reading and i hope that it all comes true" ... written by Kim Zolciak
Gurmeet has been a mentor from the very first day I interacted with him. His spirituality and belief in God is his biggest strength. He is very clear on what he sees and guides you in the right direction. I am very glad he is around to help. Ty gurmeet. Love andamp; Light to you" ... written by lamya
Thank you Gurmeetji! Very good advice! I will follow and give you feedback. 10 Stars!" ... written by Amy
This guy is amazing. Excellent advice. He seems to know exactly what is going on!" ... written by sherry
First reading with Gurmeet. It was great. He was patient, calm and gave me postiive advice. I will certainly be coming back..." ... written by SB
Update with Gurmeet. I am an impatient person - so I really am depending on his guidance to take proper steps to create positive future. " ... written by SB
I am very happy with the reading I received from him! It gave me a lot of clarity and comfort! He connected very fast and without any tools and gave me accurate descriptions of the person and people in question, that he could not possibly know before hand! He gave accurate times frames, as well as sound advice! I recommend him highly! 5 stars! Thank you x" ... written by Cindy
Gurmet WAS GREAT AS USUAL. He was able to tell me that the person that I was asking about had just moved, without me even telling him that. He was on point with many things and also so accurate. Thank you very much for your incredible insight." ... written by Ladymysterious
the best" ... written by thebest
Such a great reading with Gurmeet! He sees the situation so clearly and has such helpful advice! Thank you again!" ... written by Marie
He connects fast and without any tools! Straight to the point and doesn't waist time! He also gave me good advice and I now feel confident in moving forward with my work! Thank you x" ... written by Cindy
awsome as always " ... written by remedio
it amazing how he hit the nail on the glad a gave him a chance in pvt....i will be visiting his room again...5 star reader." ... written by sabrinalove
great person. I felt good after having a session with him. thanks dude" ... written by sally
gurmeet is pure love and peacefull energy, reading was just spot on, and detailled" ... written by kuiipo5
Update with Gurmeet. Love talking with him. I've very hopeful his predictions happen!!" ... written by SB
great reading makes things so much clear" ... written by leoleo
great" ... written by f
good as always" ... written by remedio
Great advice and connects fast. Thanks!!" ... written by P
He sees things and tells them as is, very honest and very to the point. Great reading!!" ... written by keera
Always like the fact that he suggests methods to deal with situations as well. Feel blessed to have him around for recommendations when in need. Thank you Than you" ... written by keera
gurmeet, have the answer before im asked him, and his reading are always truth" ... written by kuiipo5
excellent reader" ... written by zuli
Very helpful,inspiring reading." ... written by Irvin
Awesome Psychic, highly recommended! With time frames and detailed answers, worth my credits well spent." ... written by Naomi
Gurmeet Is the Absolute Best on Oranum, able to pinpoint the problems and analyze the situation every time. God Bless!" ... written by Angelswingz
Thank You Gurmeet for a very illuminating reading! God Bless." ... written by M M
thank you very much gurmeet" ... written by kuiipo5
i love him !! he is so on point and straight to the point !!! highly recommend!!!" ... written by tamjones
Amazing with so much information and help. He is very gifted and does much more than just read the future. He helps you achieve it. Thank you so much " ... written by starrose
thank you" ... written by kuiipo5
Picked up on several things and was very clear about things. Will definitely check back for updates. Very calming and reassuring." ... written by Annon
Great astrologer!" ... written by Arjun
Gurmee, your prediction came true on the 13th exactly. the most unexpected thing did happen with E asking me to be more involved and taking his puppy to help him. Since then he has been better. I have been continueing my prayers and energy work. Youre words and advice have been most helpful and nuturing.... thank you Gurmee. 5 stars" ... written by A
omg how awesome he is" ... written by freespirited
This was my 1st reading here at oranum. He gave me much to consider. I do not know how this will pan out so I am kinda where I started but, at least I know change is occurring. I had a very interesting reading with him. He was very kind and open. " ... written by Foofiee
made some interesting predictions....hope they happen,,,thank u" ... written by lovehouston
This man is amazing and a true healer. I feel blessed for his amazing abilities and help. Thank God I found him." ... written by star
thank you dear gurmeet, for this very great reading, waiting for the predictions , as i have the experience will come true" ... written by kuiipo5
You are wonderful, i did noot have to give much info, you were right on point. As well you didnt push for longer time and swiftly went into a healing session because thats what was needed and you knew it. God is very strong in you and speaking through you along with the good things this Universe is trying to give. Bless You and Namaste" ... written by Angela
to get a reading with gurmeet is to get the real answers and the accuracy of the future situation" ... written by kuiipo5
He is so helpful and his remedies do work. He is there for you to help you change your path. I appreciate him deeply. If you feel stuck, listen to him. It will save you a lot of heartache." ... written by Amy
He is lovely and very informed. He has extraordinary insight and knowledge. A true healer guide. Thank you." ... written by Starrose
Gurmeet is a great psychic. He has a great vision. He gave me a very good reading. Very accurate. He was right on spot. He said things that are related to my problems. And also he gave solutions. Thank you Gurmeet. Bleesings." ... written by kaya
thank you for the reading. I hope things get better for me just like you said. Have a wonderful and blessed day. 5 stars." ... written by regular
very helpful" ... written by zaka
very helpful" ... written by zaka
Thank you, thank you, thank you soooooo much. I came to you so stressed now I feel sooooo much better. You are awesome!!!!" ... written by Ladymysterious
He is a God gift. Thank you. Amazing and empowering. Someone who will teach and guide you, not just make you feel suffering is the only way. He helps you change the wheel of fate so you can arrive at your greatest potential. " ... written by starrose
Great reader. Had a demo. It was so good. I took him into private and got more clarity. Thank you!" ... written by Lisa
My first time im his room, very nice and very spirituel, nice to chat with someone who understands and see me." ... written by fresiaflower
Definitely calming to talk to Gurmeet...Thank you.x" ... written by bear
WONDERFUL AND ACCURATE AS ALWAYS. THANK YOU." ... written by Ladymysterioussteri
Amazing detail and support. He is truly gifted. Thank you always Gurmeet." ... written by starrose
It'll be interesting to see what happens. Very accurate." ... written by Dreaming201
Thnx for the valuable advice and skills :)" ... written by C. S Tomorrow
Thank you very much for the wonderful tips to heal my anxiety disorder. Will follow them right away. " ... written by AMSTEL
He is calming and reassuring. I pray that everything works out the way he said. I have faith they will he made sure to reassure about it. Looking forward to the positive news so i can update him. Thank u gurmeetkals :) " ... written by star
it was an excellent reading today...all my questions answered to a very satisfactory level. Thank you." ... written by lovehouston
Nice reading. Straight to the point. Speaks with certainty. Calming energy. Will be back. " ... written by Maria
Great psychic. He's my guru from here on!" ... written by Arjun
reassuring reading....i always come back...thank u" ... written by lovehouston
amazing like always!!!" ... written by timag
an amazing reader" ... written by lola
good and satisfied" ... written by sangeeta
great gentleman , very accurate reading well pleased." ... written by aysha
the most real psychic on oranum, know the question before you ask" ... written by kuiipo5
I think he gave me a lot of technics saw into the future and i will wait and see what happens but it will happen i know. Thank you " ... written by Marko
Provided wonderful healing tools for twin flame relationship and was very accurate" ... written by mcf
Thank you for making me feel n light.x" ... written by bear
many thanks" ... written by kuiipo5
good and calm" ... written by mc
thank you very much gurmeetkals" ... written by kuiipo5
Gurmeetkals said something to me that no psychic on this forum has ever come up and said to me off head as they connected to my situation. He saw something that was very hard for me to explain to anyone. This man is the real deal!!! " ... written by Njeri
reassuring and guiding.." ... written by lovehouston
Gurmee is such a joy to talk to he is an awsome psychic as well as a friend.And he is one who will tell you everything you need to know no half steps just the truth,so if you want someone who can help you in every way gurmee is just awsome.:)) thank you Gurmeetkals" ... written by wildfire1959
Thank you guru i apricate you so much." ... written by Marko
very and accurate" ... written by sabrinalove