About facereadernew

Psychic facereadernewhas 17years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic facereadernewhas recently helped 37members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about facereadernew's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Very accurate reader. Highly recommend to everybody! Thank you, facereader!" ... written by MayGirl
Lovely person, was so nice to talk to, she really helped me out so much. Thanks again. Will call on her again." ... written by marie21
Just to let you know that you have been really helpful, I look forward to working with you again!" ... written by Shevva
She was great... will come back again... she hit every thing on the head....thank you!" ... written by missdeane
She was an extremely accurate and compassionate psychic. I was able to tell me about my current job situation without any information from me. I appreciate her advice, honesty, and compassion. I will return for more guidance." ... written by wee318
Great! picks up on the situation at hand. " ... written by Regina
love her she's the best you guys I'm not lying she's the real deal trust me!!!!" ... written by M
HealerRita is amazing!! she is very gifted. She contacted my guide and revealed so much to me...made me feel so good and got me grounded again...and focused. Rita is very caring...her subtle smile tells it all. I believe everyhting she says" ... written by chrisc1234
She was great. She really gave me some advice that I needed." ... written by Tedawe
Thank you for the wonderful reading. I really enjoyed it and it was uplifting. Thank you again!!!" ... written by Angel168
great reading" ... written by aliali08
She is very sweet, and good at predicting the future." ... written by angellov
Very fast and friendly. Thank you for your advice which I will definitely do. Recommend! =)" ... written by katnguyen
Facereader was very comforting and informative. I will be doing the meditations she has instucted me in. I am excited to get working on myself and a better Now. My Head andamp; Heart feel Hope now. " ... written by Daags8
Excellent" ... written by Bren963
she was great!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by AngelaEtwaroo199
She is very sweet. She didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, so I don't know what to think. I'll have to see how it plays out." ... written by Berkeley13
She is a very nice, accurate and friendly reader. I appreciate her experience and talent. Thank you a lot!" ... written by hgakil
Very intutive and accurate. She went through as much infortmation as she needed to and was very *honest* about what she saw. She has a very kind andamp; patient heart. I enjoyed talking to her and left with some clarity" ... written by guriwo
she is great - helped me a lot. thank you so much" ... written by gurwani
sweet. thanks for your help" ... written by stars2024
very good reading and informative " ... written by anonymous
She is a very accurate and authentic Psychic from India. I really enjoyed the reading with her. Congratulation." ... written by ghandi
Face is very accurate and very nice to talk to and glad i had reading with her!!! i willl be back to talk again to her in the future.." ... written by kresh43181
Very nice! Thanks a lot!" ... written by flaouki
Facereadernew confirmed what Ive been feeling about someone. Great reading" ... written by amr0268
Hi Facereadernew, thanks for the chat. Shame I didn't get an answer to my last question but at least I can put this fantasy to bed!" ... written by SuciQu
She is one of the best! She sees without being told. she will tell you straight forward, and always the truth! She will always prove herself in a private reading!" ... written by jaybird1966
She is just ausum, I love her..." ... written by khanali12
wow very good..very accurate will come back in future " ... written by truartist
i ran out of credits, but thank you for your reading. i wish i had more time. very heartfelt. recommend!" ... written by peachymici
she seemed to be very sure of the things she said that will happen in the future to me. I am skeptical but I will wait and see. I will give it a few months and let you know." ... written by anitalal
Very honest and gets to the cause of the problem quickly. Tahnks for the great reading" ... written by Alex
She seems to know what shes talking about but ill have to wait and see to be sure:)" ... written by cca0393
Very, insightful and reassuring. I was very worried about my exam and she helped me to clear my worries and point me in the right direction. I will definitely be back." ... written by littledoll
Nice reading and very encouraging...I will try what you said and believing it will work. Talk to her soon!" ... written by Bolley
Great reading, very helpful, thanks again!!! Recommend her all day every day!!" ... written by hiding1
Lovely lady completely enjoyed my visit will be back again. Thanks for having me." ... written by Rebecca
wished i had more time but very satisfied with my answers great connection. thank you" ... written by Becka71
Lovely person. Encouraging. :)" ... written by siarisoy
was a very good reading " ... written by lucy29
Great!!" ... written by mizbeez
I connected to facereader before chosing her. she is accurate and quick. she tells the truth and no sugar coating, but does do her best to give counsel. i will look forward to her predicitions and speaking to her again. thanks...." ... written by lisa
2nd reading ! really enjoy her ! very good !!!~~~" ... written by truartist
I want to tell you about my experience with facereadernow, but first I must tell you what happened to my adorable Saint Bernard; Murphy. On Tuesday evening he was outside playing, my fiance brought him in and called me" ... written by nicolem
Very nice and Sweet, quick to answer. Gave a positive reading, with little guide lines to follow. I really enjoyed my reading." ... written by sullysim
Connected to me and focused. Right on target and compassionate. I enjoyed my reading " ... written by LadyL5
Very straight forward and on the spot with what is going on with my situation. Thanks for the insight. " ... written by clb8410
Good reader confirmed my feelings and intuition at a time of need." ... written by Bubbly1983
She is an extraordinary good reader. We connected immediately and everything was great. Thank you." ... written by novforsic
Very nice girl. Gave me some insight. " ... written by ellie62
Great reading and wonderful insight! Thanks again" ... written by Anonymous
Very sweet and knew what she was talking about. Very accurate and help me though what I was thinking about." ... written by Vayrae2
She was good will be back..." ... written by Anniekins
She was sweet,and kind thanks facereader i will be going back to her again." ... written by glenda49
She is helpful,kind and supportive.i hope things work for me as she suggested.god bless u" ... written by rani4you
Facereadernew was very kind and very detailed with her advice. She picked up on my situation immediately and was very easy to understand and made perfect sense. tThank you" ... written by ArmyWife
Helpful!" ... written by kimeu2012
Thank you for your email reading, you have giving me clarity and guidance when I needed most." ... written by mylinh
Thank u so much" ... written by volhaban
thank you. I can't put more money sorry. Thanks so much for your help. xx " ... written by sunny3107
very helpful and genuine, was surprised by her insight and advice, thank you" ... written by kbelle
Very good. She understands your situation, how you are feeling and helps to clarify things :-)" ... written by Helen_r
Thanks again!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Very Direct to the point, she gives you the truth! " ... written by queenbee22
She was wonderful! Very accurate, and quick! She gave me great hope and advice on how to achieve my dreams! I would highly highly recommend her! God bless her!" ... written by scadoodle
She is such Greattttttttt" ... written by anniekazmi88
She was very good with reading the situation and clear on what was needed to help the energy grow between us. I am thankful for her kind help and look forward to some changes" ... written by katharazz
Good reader - with accuracy and good insights. She gave great guidance on my situation. And renewed my faith." ... written by scaredtolose
Great Reading. Extremely positive and practical lady with a lot of precision. She gave me assurance and confidence. I will be back!" ... written by kausalyaramani
oh my god.ty she was so sweet." ... written by susu2009
caring and thorough. accurate and helpful. positive and liberating. kind and generous. :) " ... written by dl12345
Very insightful. I look forward to seeing what takes place in my future. I enjoyed her insight and believe she is talented at what she does. I will be back again." ... written by Ladman49
This lady is truly amazing. Very inlighting." ... written by Livinglifalone
very lovely and enlightening! thank you!" ... written by makstah
First time I spoke to this lady. Very kind and accuratly spot on. Thank you." ... written by pocahuntas
Great reading, very friendly :) would recommend to you all! I would chat all day if i had the credits :) Thank you facereadernew" ... written by Nastassja
Very nice and friendly reader!" ... written by hulala
She picked up on my situation very very quickly and accurately. I am very impressed. " ... written by charmedangelx31
Very very good girl and advices. =) " ... written by vjrei01
Very good and generous..." ... written by thanya
Very good...like my present live...luv u" ... written by confused2012
Amazingly insightful, this was my first reading and it blew my mind.." ... written by neomatrix031
She told me the honest truth, which is what i needed to hear from someone, people around me are new and i;m not sure weather to trust them completely, so i felt better talk to to her. thanks again and i will come back" ... written by elisey
Very accurate and helpful reader!" ... written by Destiny68
Very good, thank you." ... written by choui597
Very kind and welcoming lady, actually spot on on most of her readings, she has managed to give me so much closure from the heartbreak i am going through. She has helped me to understand were things are and where they are heading, she is very accurate and has helped me to get rid of stress in my life. I feel better from talking to her.thanx" ... written by Normz21
Picked up quickly....waiting for the time and the reading to come through.......thanks heaps...cheers :)" ... written by kaur001
Good advice! Thank you!" ... written by pskatymaple
Good !" ... written by olipeno
Facereader is extremely gifted in her abilities. She reads energy amazingly and is very detailed in her descriptions, as well as time efficient; I got so much information out of my reading with her. Thank you so much for your guidance on my matter. Kisses always." ... written by OJD
Very nice person. fast and very honest.. it made a lot of sense all what she said" ... written by AnaForero
She is so quick and very good !! Right to the point !! I love her very much said alot she is very good,and so sweet !! God bless you hun !! big hugs !!!" ... written by motherangel
I loved my reading.....100 % thank you so much...." ... written by Tanisha33
FANTASTIC!" ... written by answers28
She was amazing! she was exactly on point with everything that was going on and was also very sweet and nice about everything as well. I totally recommend her. she has the answers. " ... written by eyeris
she is good and helps very well..........:) thanks" ... written by kaur001
Great advice and very fast as well. Thank you very much, I really needed to here positive reinforcement. :)" ... written by lovebm021410
thanks a lot Facereadernew........i am waiting for the rite time to come through. It was a great help. thx" ... written by kaur001
Thank you so much for my reading loved it" ... written by jnr1971979
I give her 5 star!" ... written by anniekazmi88
Thank you so much!" ... written by answers28
Thank You, Thank You...THANK YOU!!!" ... written by mzjam04
Thank you so much for your amazing abilities! you really were a great help on answering some of the questions i had about certain issues! i look forward to some of your predictions!!! :) " ... written by flores2071419
Thanks..." ... written by hushhu
Thanks Facereadernew." ... written by Suresh Paunrajan
Thanks. Very helpful. Very good." ... written by hushhu
Thank you so much" ... written by hushhu
Good." ... written by hushhu
Thanks for the advice. it really helps. truly talented psychic" ... written by hushhu
Very direct and too the point ...tells U how it is." ... written by jade6996
Thank you so much for helping me with the question I had earlier, I'm always happy to hear your feedback! " ... written by flores2071419
Great psychic!" ... written by Joanna93
Enjoyed our reading. Our session was timed out." ... written by Tishiab
Credits ran out but very good from what was said :)" ... written by f999111
She was accurate in her reading! Thanks very much!!" ... written by samael69
Another great reading with Facereader will come back soon for another reading :)" ... written by isaale
Awesome reading love it" ... written by isaale
She is very nice and polite, I will love to have a private reading with her again and i probably will. " ... written by LovelyLAND
Fabulous, very impressed, thank you. Fingers are crossed like never before." ... written by BarbaA
Thanks for the read :)" ... written by d2k1000
I enjoyed her reading very much :)" ... written by lovebutterfly8
Very good! Very nice and very good if you ask me! I will definitely be coming back!!!!!" ... written by nayze17
She knows what she is talkn about .... Thank U Highly Recommend Her ..." ... written by Nessa31
She is really accurate. She knew straight off the bat about me! It was cool, and i liked it. Though I heard some things I didn't want to hear, it gave me more confidence in my relationship. Thank you." ... written by Meo_5411
Seemed very insightful. ill have to wait and see lol" ... written by 3rdrocket
Wonderful reading!!" ... written by Bojan99
She is a very quick read, tunes in very well to you and your subject. Highly recommended for relationship questions for sure!" ... written by Welldread
Your great! very very good! hit everything. thanks!" ... written by kat620
Great!" ... written by marionlyttle
Thanks" ... written by natasia
Thank you for the reading. it had make me think diffrently now" ... written by heartbroken81
Good reading,enjoyed speaking with you" ... written by marionlyttle
Very good " ... written by angelzramoungus
I connected really well with you...though would have liked the session to last a little longer.You seemed to be a genuinly concerned for others person which makes to have that bond with others.Keep up the good work.." ... written by yamlapun
Nice and excellent reading." ... written by bobby19002003
Excellent reading!!!" ... written by bobby
She's awesome :) I love this girl a lot! she answered all my questions :D " ... written by ana101
She very helpful I am very satisfied" ... written by sexyangel3127
I am pleased with her reading. Great psychic." ... written by LovelyLAND
Very nice, straight to the point, will read with ther again." ... written by Monrarev
Very good :) gave me great guidance." ... written by RhiannonLynne01
She was really insightful and I am glad I found her, she told me things I needed to hear and in a gentle manner. She is great!" ... written by LovelyLAND
Good reading" ... written by chellehale
Is able to pick up on the issues at hand and tell you what the other is feeling" ... written by victoriansunset
SHES one OF TH BEST readers i have ever meet in my LIFE@@@ shes just sooo accurate... REAL ORACLE!!!!! and a knower of the truth.. she knew everything about me, my life and what kind of a person i am, also gave me very good time frames... this is my 2nd reading with her, after the first one came true, her predictions REALLY HAPPEN!" ... written by yourlavan
Excellent. :)" ... written by superemsgirl88
She told me what I really needed to hear and helped with a decision I have been wrestling with for months. I feel like a 100lbs brick has been lifted off my shoulders." ... written by libra2009
Thank you that was amazing" ... written by opti11
Thank you for your advice! Was great! " ... written by KEVIN
Very helpful and professional. Easy to talk to. I will definitely be using her again!" ... written by superemsgirl88
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Very informative!" ... written by mizzsuzo
Fantastic thank you." ... written by De5pina
Thank you for the help!" ... written by ninjakitty88
Thank you I enjoyed the experience, it was my first time talking to a phychic. Thanks for the support and advice!" ... written by aleksaACE
Thank you :)" ... written by LovelyLAND
She was spot on :) " ... written by hely89
Great!" ... written by mojo223
Thanks for your private reading I feel a little better and I will never accuse him of what he did. I just hope your right. I have never been good at this waiting game." ... written by ladyrosepetall
The chat should have lasted 5 min it was alott less then that :( " ... written by Barbaradiane
Very good!" ... written by Klaudyna27
I love her! She is dead on and incredible with knowing details that were not given to her. Very sweet gal. 5 Stars. Probably the best Psychic so far on the site! Thanks again Facereadernew!" ... written by cosmoem88
Her answers appeared to be accurate on what I was asking. Hopefully all will look well in the weeks to come." ... written by gpd174
GOOD ONE" ... written by ppp
Sorry, about my credits, but thank you for your help. I will definitely try to be back! " ... written by morbid_knight
Friendly and kind - I trust what I learned and appreciate the advice - Thank You!" ... written by Allison40
Your really good..and quite accurate. :) awesome " ... written by simranP
OMG this girl is phenomenal and I only spent a few moments with her but I love the way she looks the others looked tired or worn out or not care about how they look." ... written by thrsnchz
I hope what she said comes true because if I won't get nervous then I will get my license!!!" ... written by koko24
AMAZING! Extremely informative and accurate! You won't regret it!" ... written by cosmoem88
This is the first time Ive ever tried this... I wanted to know about my boyfriend and she told me his personality and whats happening dead on!!! It was amazing!! She told how to treat him and that she sees it will work out...it will take some time though!!! Thank you for the insight!! I will definitely be back when I can!!" ... written by loyj1968
So amazing her reading spot on!!! thank you i'll be back" ... written by Lovelyleo274
I love her! She is as real as it gets. Money is always well spent. She is very resourceful and helpful. Very accurate within a short period of time. GO TO HER!" ... written by cosmoem88
Very good and will get straight to the point!" ... written by mhharview
It was good" ... written by Lynboges77
Very specific with the information she gives. very accurate reading of my situation and the person of concern -highly recommend talking w/ Rita." ... written by lilliableu
Very good." ... written by wolfhelix
Very very insightful." ... written by jaykun
Ur wonderful:]" ... written by albert0074
Thank you so much you are wonderful as always!" ... written by scadoodle
Shes just amazing!!! " ... written by simranSharma
Excellent advice, worth the money." ... written by jp4242
Very specific directions for negative energy removal... Straight to be point... With no fluff words. Thank you so much." ... written by jp4242
Like always the best reader on Oranum thank you so much." ... written by heartbroken81
Wonderful as always" ... written by john
Answered all my questions very helpful" ... written by becca2312
Very nice lady, very helpful. :)" ... written by Peleandra
Very good!" ... written by Melissa425
Quick response and insightful!" ... written by hmt813
Thanks alot for everything I will start having faith and hope and believing all is going to be ok" ... written by Berniesauls
Kept me in tone and wanted to know more, she was very detailed" ... written by Rowapache81
Great reading!" ... written by rebeccah1122bep
Good reading read your feeling... give you the best advice for your life.. " ... written by ginlin
Amazing!!! Very understanding and caring. Accurate reading." ... written by Delmarie777
I LOVE HER!" ... written by drayadoll
So far so good" ... written by tasha_j
Thank you SO MUCH for the reading Facereadernew.... That reading was Awesome!!" ... written by BackHoney2
Very good!" ... written by logicsmason
Very good!" ... written by logicsmason
Facereader helped me to calm about a situation, Was very pleasent and helpful. and truthful. Her gift is amazing would recommend her highly! TY Facereader! " ... written by Sandi2
Very good!!" ... written by fdjesus
Thank You so much. I recommend this reader who is very insightful clear reader and gifted. please try her." ... written by jerin2000
She is cool, awesome energy and very very real . have seen lot on this site who are not. thank u face, from bottom of my heart. I am happy I will get married!! yayyyy" ... written by catsofabed
She was very good with me, throughout my reading. She told me about my career..Would love to consult her again..Thank you." ... written by nidhi20074u
Facereader you are gift from above, feel very soothed talking to you. Much thanks from me for your kindness and intuition." ... written by jessicatojesus
One of a kind! No other psychic on here like her, she knows everything and she truly helps." ... written by truartist
Very caring reader , truthful and extremely accurate said so many things i did not myself know till now. but she was right i have lost faith in myself and there has been a lot of people who have taken me for a ride. facereader when I get a job I will fill more credits and ocme to you only. You are my true angel." ... written by ericka999999
Thanks so much.... She is really good.... Try her in private..... Directly on point..... Thanks! " ... written by sabinaa
She was spot on from the beginning, she tuned into my relationship and identified the issue, I really hope the rest of it will come true in time and I really believe it will. I will definitely be back for readings in the future." ... written by jamie_lee
Thank you!" ... written by katie46
Thanks!" ... written by Twinheart
She totally Rocked! I feel much better about my future," ... written by kimmyst
You know facereadernew is a very gifted reader. She has not only forecasted things that have come true, and continue to do so, she completely feels your current state with utmost accurate. You can spend a lot of money with psychics, what I love about facereadernew is that she taught me tools (that you cannot find online) that have real measurable results for your physical state, metaphysical state and well-being. Ill be using these for a life time!" ... written by j
OMG she is soo good. I am stunned right now... So accurate it is not even funny.. I am so glad that i read with her... My first time and definitely not my last..." ... written by butterflywings10
Nice lady who seems to be very wise, would recommend if you want some insight on your situation. Thank you :)" ... written by tootles83
Very wise and kind reader. Would recommend. :)" ... written by tootles83
Very uplifting! She knew I had doubts about my situation and told me to keep my faith, which I will do. I feel a lot better after the reading with her, and I will remove my doubts and fears from my mind. Will come back. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
She is very quick and very accurate. My second reading with her, and not my last... read with her, trust me :)" ... written by butterflywings10
Very firm, does her job very very well. I appreciate that in a person. Thank you for listening to me! " ... written by dle55555
Very good reader, and also very kind and patient. i enjoyed" ... written by sarahsellers1985
Provided great insight. Knew a lot before even starting to converse my questions. " ... written by andy610348
So insightful it hurts. Thank you so much for your aid!!!!" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Very good I recommend." ... written by Lyne37
Quick responses and good advice." ... written by RuinofDarkness
Wow, I really enjoyed my reading with you. I could talk to you for hours! , you put me at ease and I feel better now. I can sleep nicely now and not to worry about anything. A thorn kinda came out from my heart. Thank you for clearing things out for me and I can finally stop thinking of worst things in my head. I know now what to do and thank you for your advises! Thanks girl! I could feel that you are very sweet and beautiful inside and out! " ... written by connette
Thank you for the reading I appreciated the connection was immediate and very kind." ... written by ikroyal
A very skilled and kind person. She really connected with the situation and gave me the clarity I was after. Straight forward and to the point!!! thank you!" ... written by suchAlady
Really accurate and spot on! :)" ... written by seb2thebest
Rita is not only a psychic but also a very dear friend and advisor. She is always there for me and her predictions have always been spot on... she never sugar coats but gives honest and critical guidance. I cant wait for her november prediciton to come true....thanks for all that you do for me and my family rita" ... written by didi1962
Excellent! Knew the situation very well.. I hope it comes true. Thank you :))" ... written by AngelVisions
Had a reading and she was spot on and gave some very good advice. I look forward to the outcome! Will be back! x" ... written by Paulasun
GREAT feedback and advice......." ... written by 666TIGER999
Amazingly accurate reader. Thanks again!" ... written by J
LIKE IT OR NOT SHE TELLS U THE TRUTH!" ... written by purplecloud
Good and accurate." ... written by sudeepinfo
Wow, the accurate information and reading she's giving me is great, also she is very honest, she tells you everything, advise you, I will recommend her to my friends and family. " ... written by taphawane
The reading was brilliant. A caring and comprehensive reading. " ... written by melandemile
I spent a about 40 min talking to Rita couple of days ago. She wasnt the first psychic I talked to, but certainly the first one I believed and felt comfortable speaking to 100% You see, the psychics before gave me basically the same outcome but they would often add some extra information that didnt make sense or felt too...unreal, fairytaly? You know when you are being told nonsense :-) Rita feels you, Rita is accurate, Rita gives you detailed describtion of ones character,...she is kind, funny, relaxed, casual, not pushy, not andamp;quot;know it allandamp;quot;. She speaks clearly and doesnt babble the good old spiritual phrases, she is very interactive. She is a one fine gifted lady. " ... written by susanna12345
She is very accurate and to the point!! Highly recommended!" ... written by umabalan
Good reading. " ... written by Ruth
Thanks for the reading" ... written by crystalmaze
Thank u for you help you was excellent in telling me what i wanted to know i will be back" ... written by danesh888
She is kind and very helpful :) " ... written by Butterflyy
Intuitive and very helpful!" ... written by poquette
To be honest, I am very satisfied with her reading, she is accurate and answer to all your question. She is the only one who I advise my friend and family. The only thing is her rate is little expensive, but it's worth because I am getting all my question answered." ... written by taphawane
Stunning reader.. Amazing accurate insight.. Very very gifted.. Thanks! :)" ... written by AngelVisions
Very clear and concise. Very good." ... written by candycrowley1957
This is my third time back in one day. I'm telling you guys, please come this way!" ... written by fpinkney
I really advise everyone to have a reading with facereadernew!" ... written by fpinkney
Amazing woman.... very genuine, honest and absolute amazing!!! Love n light n blessings! Thank u x" ... written by courtk11
Good service" ... written by OLAMOTIL
Cleared the fog excellent to the point and honest no sugar coating!" ... written by vc1976
Pretty cool! Wish I had more time. I will probably be back. Thanks!" ... written by StacyL
I love this lady. She is very accurate and will tell you the truth and will also help you. God bless her and you all as well." ... written by fpinkney
Such a sweet lady... Great insight and intuitive. Thanks for the insight and advice." ... written by Songbirdy
Very honest, thank you!" ... written by krat13
Accurate reading!" ... written by Marialuis
I had a reading with Rita in the middle of December last year. I asked about getting back in touch with someone and the timeframe. She predicted it was surelly going to happen and she predicted March 2014. I am very happy to confirm that her PREDICTION CAME TRUE!!! Contact + physical meeting. :)" ... written by Susanna
She is accurate and straight forward.. Highly recommended!" ... written by umabalan
Very good" ... written by robinleelover
Good reading." ... written by victoria111
It was good, specific, helpful. Answered the questions I had." ... written by Brittany
very good advice and the reading" ... written by termo
She is awesome and a lot of help, blessings my friend... " ... written by dreamgirl7
Honest and empathetic...thank you!" ... written by wendic
Rita confirmed what I sensed was going on. She is down to Earth and easy to" ... written by susanna12345
Amazing, caught on right away!" ... written by m
She's very descriptive and detailed, as well accurate." ... written by Chris
She makes you feel she knows you better then you know yourself." ... written by shay
Gave me, not only insight, but a sigh of relief as well, on my relationship... thank you. Now time to be patient to let this situation grow...and be that companion and friend. Thank you...you really gave me something to look forward to!!!" ... written by Relieved :)
Gud and accurate reading .... and very sweet lady... Thank you ..." ... written by BV
She's great! 5 stars :)" ... written by Lauryn
She is very straight to the point and very caring." ... written by archinor
Wow! What an amazing in depth reading. She answered all of my questions and gave me so much clarity... thank you so much. Very kind and sincere in her advice and gave me a feeling of happiness for my future. :) Thank you. " ... written by Jessica
She was great! As always!" ... written by KR
Thank you for a very good reading!" ... written by zimerili1
Thanks for helping me with my problem. Also thanks for showing me your talents. Very, very helpful." ... written by schici
She seemed to know things that I didn't even elude to." ... written by Robin Miller
Great Session." ... written by Star
Positive reading mostly." ... written by Paul
Very good psychic!" ... written by jenny
Great advises and reading!!" ... written by carla
great read and honest.. truth hurts but its sounds right." ... written by Karla
Thank you for your reading!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
nice reading !!!!" ... written by chi
thanks a lot, it helped me a lot" ... written by sangeeta
good" ... written by sangeeta
she was quick and to the point" ... written by emily wood
Facereadernew, was amazing! She was an great help!!!!!!!!" ... written by Scorpio2993
Even tho we didn't have much time to talk I was very pleased" ... written by lealander
She is great! " ... written by GD
Hi, I didn't have enough time to thank you, but thank you. You are very insightful. I learned a lot of things. I have a lot more to think about now." ... written by Katherine Smith
Very helpful, and very truthful. She confirmed so much for me! Thank you!" ... written by kimmy
She was great! Very informative and correct :) Would definitely come back." ... written by Silky
Thanks for the read. " ... written by d2k1000
She was delightful and pleasant as always. Thank you again for everything! Take care!" ... written by Scadoodle
Good reading thank you." ... written by 03041958
Thank you very much for the clarity and accuracy with my situation I appreciate your help very much!" ... written by ikroyalakryal
Thank you so much for your reading..x" ... written by angelkay
Very accurate!" ... written by arl
Good Reader, Precise and well informed." ... written by Anonymous
Awesome! Was very very accurate and gave me amazing insight. Highly recommended!" ... written by Sarah
Thank you dear. another great reading. love , alla" ... written by alla
Detailed read." ... written by s
I am simply amazed by accuracy of her reading! Amazing speed in connecting to guides, the answers were spot on. I will always come back here for guidance. 5 start reading!!!" ... written by Alla
It was my second time here. Had great direct readings with no bullshit. " ... written by rahul
She was wonderful as always! :) Thank you!" ... written by Scadoodle
It is super great how she got the details right and went through all details without me telling much and guided me well. " ... written by rahul
Very helpful and straightforward " ... written by Saanya
Very intrigued by her. She knows what she is talking about " ... written by rachelle
Silent but with a deep and rewarding, peaceful and reassuring smile! Fast , accurate! Great reading although did not like all she told me, wish was different somehow! Thank you so much! I 'll be back for updates!" ... written by seeker
Thanks for reading. It was awesome again. Love Alla!" ... written by alla
Very insightful and clear! This is a must!!!!! " ... written by sora
Great." ... written by bRIDGETTE EVANS
Great reading, on point with whats going on." ... written by Pete
She helped me to feel better and she enlighten me. She gave me great advice. She confirmed what I was thinking. I would like to speak with her again for guidance and deliverance thru my trials. I want to thank Facereadernew for her kindness and insight. She has a gentle spirit. I want to thank God for her." ... written by Veronica
She was right and only spoke truth to me she was honest , but also the things she said I just didn't what to face. She was great." ... written by Micaela
Rita is excellent and gifted. She is sweet and accurate. Thank you x" ... written by Globe
Rita is amazing. Every reading is so true, warm, and felt as angel or friend-like advice. My dear, I will keep in touch with you as always, You are my dear friend. Blessings, Alla" ... written by alla
She was very nice and Honest I feel she knew the situation very well." ... written by muse
Rita has given me a solution to my problem and i feel better about facing it. And I am sure what she said will come true." ... written by Angeleene
She is very caring and listened to me carefully, she gave me some tips to release the negative energy surrounding me and to clear my mind. Thank you facereadernew." ... written by nutty00bunny
Very fast and informative, thank you!" ... written by S
Connected fast with the situation. Pretty accurate. Great advice. TY" ... written by Chris
She's fast, calm and sees so quickly. She tells it to you straight. I'll be back. x" ... written by SAL9768
Very good." ... written by Kashif
Once again, she's really great! I love her. :)" ... written by Magdalene
Rita has been really helpful for me to understand my situation better. She advised me on how to cope... And even though it is difficult she has showed me a way to cope with the tough times ahead and keep hope!" ... written by Angeleene
She's amazing and connect with my situation very well. Wonderful and caring, understanding how messed up I am and is very reassuring in guiding me. Would love to come back for her help and guidance. " ... written by youralice
will wait to see if predictions for future come true. Picked up on current situation very well." ... written by LA
A delightful reader she is fast and accurate, and was so pleasant. She gave me the insight I needed to hear, which I appreciate. She used no tools.....I like readers who pick up quickly. Thank you so much. Love and blessings xxx" ... written by Jade50
Great as always, i can always rely on her for telling me how it is that she sees. Many thanks as always." ... written by alice
thank you very much for that. It was a great insight to life!!!" ... written by Jess
Wow I got a totally different reading to what I had with other psychics. I have yet to see the truth" ... written by Jess
she is a sweetheart and fantastic :)" ... written by sarah
Im so lost for words, Even though I Enjoyed the reading im gonna stay positive and do what i have to do to keep moving forward :)" ... written by Vaneya
She is one of the first people that has given me a reading. very honest and straightforward and gets to the point. she is very easy to talk to and communicate with. really appreciate your input and advice. thank you!" ... written by sora
She was right on. Excellent reading." ... written by laurie
Love Reader's predictions came true, even when it seemed highly impossible. She doesn't sugar coat things and is really loving and compassionate when sharing bad news. I am grateful for her advice." ... written by iris77
Reading sort of got cut off twice but I will be back to tell of predictions. Sweet nice lady and quick answering." ... written by Ashley
she is great and straightforward." ... written by prosper
Great reader, very dependable. Truly connect with her. Really caring person and I am often touched with the small things she said and did. " ... written by alice
She's good, connected with my situation right away and has given me a lot of advices. I'm glad to feel that someone's there for me so I am not all that lost though my situation's a bit complicated and seems like a lost cause. Love to recommend." ... written by youralice
Thank you for your insight. Chat soon. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Picked up on the situation immediately....very to the point :)" ... written by maraisheart
She was to the point and very helpful. I really appreciated what she had to say and will be back. very positive and uplifting." ... written by janet
She has been telling me a lot of things. I'm just waiting things to unfold as she said it would. Great to have with. I am just afraid really." ... written by youralice
spot on and smooth without much info" ... written by geni
She confirms my feeling and I am glad finally I am able to come out of the dilemma i had. Thank you again. " ... written by Sachin
Thank you for your help! I feel better as I write this. I will definitely take your advice!!" ... written by cerobi
a lot of info. thank u for the insight great reading" ... written by sweetsx
thank you Love you wer so accurate in the reading xxxx" ... written by elle11
I really appreciate the reading..Beautiful energy...I will definately come back to facereadernew!" ... written by Gina
really nice girl and could see the situation clearly " ... written by hb
I Felt so touched and moved by this reading it really broke me down into tears. I feel so relief that i got a chance to know what come ups i will need to be aware of im just in such shock on this reading. It was great and i loved it so much." ... written by Vaneya
She was awesome! She was right on the money with her descriptions of people I asked her about. She is truly blessed and is a sweetheart!" ... written by happybee2
She was awesome, I would recommend her to everyone. I felt she knew exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you again." ... written by cece1969
Great advisor and reader." ... written by a
wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! FAST, EFFECTIVE, TO THE DOT! 10 STARS!" ... written by Liliana
was very gud.Will have to see if prediction come true thanks a lot" ... written by Jimsh1234
Very intuitive and sense things strongly. Highly accurate. Always stunned with how precise she is." ... written by a
heart her" ... written by Zana
Very caring and sweet, and she really does care with every reading that you have with her. Her kindness and how she can tune in with the other person win me over." ... written by youralice
Fast and to the point response to the questions that I have. Thank you very much. Will take advice and see how it goes! Definitely should give a try if you want a straight to the point answer" ... written by Van Anh
she connected to me!! such a sweetheart and very on point..thank you so much!!" ... written by Lehua
New outlook and actually helped with my feelings that I've had lately. I'll try to be more calm. based on her predictions, i cant wait to see what will unfold." ... written by jab13303
very good! " ... written by L
Very highly recommended. Anybody should come seek her for help." ... written by a
Very good update." ... written by a
Face was a good reader. Didn't sugar coat it. I didn't like to hear that life will be a struggle but I guess it is what it is. Thank you!" ... written by Evie
That was one reading that left me speechless!" ... written by Spearhead2011
A truly lovely and gifted person of the highest degree. She connected instantly with me and was able to see my situation. I was blessed by this communion. I ran out of time but will be back..." ... written by beautywithinone
really good" ... written by L
a lovely reading. i will be back." ... written by beautywithinone
She is very honest; good and very accurate. I recommend her. Thank you for the reading it helped me." ... written by Theodora
she is awesome!" ... written by ml
a lovely connection with details as usual.. I am always happy in our time in session. I am amazed by her quick response too." ... written by beautywithinone
Thank you so much! Only names and Dob's needed and she knew my situation. Thank you for the reading!" ... written by Garace123
Thanks for the great update and advice always" ... written by youralice
Great connection and very good reading..def recommend to all!!" ... written by missvika
Very good n fast reader accurate still need to find out more and hoping predictions come true. " ... written by Tina
Wonderful update. Reassuring." ... written by youralice
She was fast and good" ... written by tasha_j
Always looking forward for the update with her" ... written by youralice
Thank you! I always enjoy reading with you because you have such a positive energy about you and quick and extremely helpful! Thanks" ... written by Felicia
Always looking forward for the update with her." ... written by youralice
right to the point, gave clear insight." ... written by ambi
all the most important i wanted to know was responded precisely love her :)" ... written by fruitopiatropica
Very Good and Quick and to the point no draggin convo on for extra credit ... Thank you and Brings Hope and Faith to nur situation !! Thank U " ... written by Nessa
another superb update reading thanx a million" ... written by zimerili1
She is very good and I recommend her for a reading" ... written by Pammy826
thank you" ... written by zimerili1
good" ... written by e
Spot on highly recommend!" ... written by Chelle
Different than others have said but in any case I'll have to wait and see what happens." ... written by .
she is very good psychic and confident on her readings. She has very quick connection and provides very detailed readings with a specific timeframe for her prediction. I'm waiting to see things to happen." ... written by susan
she is fast connected, accurate....thanksso much.." ... written by happy
I think she's very good at what she does and on the money." ... written by Leonard
She is very good and I feel alil better wha she tells me and I kno i need to work harder and make things Right , Very Gd and One of the Best On Here !!!" ... written by Nessa
Very and clear and worthy for the money." ... written by Lotus474
Facereadernew was absolutely amazing, accurate, and right on the money! She picked up quickly and accurately on my situation and its many issues. I was so very thoroughly pleased with her. I will definitely be back. She is so worth your time and money if you are seeking true insight and discernment. 5-stars all the way. ******" ... written by angolob
She is straight to the point and honest!!! I highly recommend her" ... written by Umabalan
very insightful" ... written by sweetsx
I wish i had more time, great read" ... written by Hana
right on the button" ... written by kris
amazing just what i need to hear :) thank you so much " ... written by Shania pelletier
good update" ... written by zimerili1
Good reading. Different from what others have said. August is her prediction 2015. oh well. Thank you" ... written by Angela
You are awesome...straight forward and very accurate ...thank you so so much! Very fast no waisting of time...loved that." ... written by Elle
The only person I trust. I have been coming to her for 2 years now and have never been disappointed. " ... written by Rahul
excellent!" ... written by Clive Barker
Very accurate and on point. Gave me timelines which I am looking forward to. She seemed very sincere and she is such a sweetheart." ... written by Tricey
good" ... written by ad31983
positive and constructive advice and promising. Thank you " ... written by t
excellent" ... written by alotlikedorothy
BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT! " ... written by Yeni
She seems like the real deal. I will sit and wait xxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by Me
Rita was very attentive, focused, and heard me out while being very gentle in her advice and insights. She was able to pick things without the use of any tools and she was spot on. Confirmed a few things which I knew but needed a psychic opinion on. Very genuine person. Highly recommended. Thank you for your time and guidance, Rita. :-)" ... written by Miracle
Wonderful reading!!! Very accurate and to the point, did not sugar coat and very fast typist. Well pleased with my reading she really did a great job. Well worth it. " ... written by Stephanie
Good healing....shes helping me upgrade chakra system and remove blocks....warm and supportive energy." ... written by Lammonator
What a good healer. Shes good at moving energy around and for identifying blocks to fulfillment. We found some issues that needed work and i appreciate her insight. She saw some things that I was vaguely aware of and clarified them for me to where i can heal now. " ... written by Lammonator
This woman is very clear and blatantly honest. Just what we all need. Thank you very much Love Reader. We will meet again." ... written by Shan Shine
always 100% on point" ... written by April
I think Rita was fantastic! I feel she is a real deal and gave an honest answer about what will happen. She gives a fair bit of information and has a calm personality to her. Go and talk to her you will not be disappointed." ... written by JL
Coming back" ... written by JL
The best on here! Very genuine and true to God in her work. Gentle in her advice while she does not mince words when delivering the truth. My favorite go-to girl to talk to when I find myself in one of those rare dilemmas. Highly highly recommend Rita! God bless you! " ... written by Miracle
always a beautiful insight and on point." ... written by mariasheart
thank you, great reading... very on point and accurate. " ... written by Mp
She was great. I am really impressed! Readers who use no tools are the best! She was very genuine and honest and direct. She knew exactly what she was talking about with me giving her little information. I will be back soon for more clarity. Thank you!!!!!!" ... written by Tana
I like it! She is very nice and easy to talk to" ... written by Boombox24
spot on " ... written by kenny
Great reading!!! Very fast at typing and answered all of my questions. Thank you again!" ... written by Nicole
amazing!!!! so helpful :)" ... written by krissy
Good. Fast reader. Specific predictions. We will see if she's correct." ... written by mstein327
Rita was great - she answered all my questions and put my mind at ease. She's very easy to talk to and very polite. I look forward to her predictions. :)" ... written by JL
facereadernew is good at connecting and picking up on things she very good I highly recommend her " ... written by marybeth1love
I LOVE HER! She is the REAL Deal on her. No sugarcoating and telling you what you want to hear. She is also very detailed and gives you the breakdown on everything. I will be back for more with updates and to see if her predictions pan out. God bless! " ... written by KL
thank you soooo much for the bonus credits, really helped to get to finish my reading. Its amazing how fast you can connect and type. thanks again will keep u updated on how everything goes. xxx" ... written by emy
facereader's a gem.....she has healing skills and a good intuitive ability....ive had several readings and healings and they all have helped and brought me to the next level ...i keep coming back because each time she brings me to a better place." ... written by Santosha Contentmenti
a lovely detailed and accurate space as always. I am happy to connect again with reader." ... written by beauty
As always she gives the very best readings :) she has a big heart and a warm welcome and doesn't sugar coat her readings. " ... written by Nia
another excellent reading from facereader....." ... written by Jade Emperor
Great reading again.....i keep coming back she's very intuitive and has given good counsel." ... written by Larry Lifeblood
Honest " ... written by LJ
Never fail to be amazed by facereader, she's very perceptive. A sweet and caring person too." ... written by Aloysius Crabtree
thanks" ... written by MMarmalade
Great reading!!! Very helpful!" ... written by Danielle
She told me the honest truth. Very caring " ... written by Naadira
she did no sugarcoacting very great reading thnak you" ... written by lb
thankyou for an honest reading . await results . await your predictions come true soon . they are true just need to manifest with time . my case is one that requires times . thank you indeed ." ... written by shela
Very good reading indeed, recommend her to everyone thank you so very much, will be back for updates many blessings" ... written by Libsta
Good reading, honest and quick connection. Reccomended!" ... written by B
AMAZING, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" ... written by Gabriel
Shes awesome, her insight is so pure , and is a warm and caring person. Shes also a good enrgy healer has healed me on numerous occasions." ... written by Jade Emperor
honest.. " ... written by eveliz
very good reading. Highly recommend" ... written by Cindy
she was very polite and welcoming. I felt my reading was really well spent and accurate. I am definitely going to tune in again for another session with her!! she very honest and had great advices and her reading was very helpful in many ways. thank you again Rita you are truly gifted dear! " ... written by sofia
As usual, spot on, quick and to the point. Rita is one of, if not my favor Oranum. " ... written by Tricey
I've came back to Rita a few times and feel I could get an honest answer from her. She's very reassuring - will answer your questions as you pose them to her. I enjoyed the reading, thank you." ... written by JL
Amazing" ... written by amrita
Facereader is the best! Direct intuitive, freindly and caring, and offers remedies an good suggestions. Good at reading the chakras. A wonderful person." ... written by Cinnamon Bear
excellent, in-tune reader, always helpful and accurate" ... written by alotlikedorothy
gerat connection as always. detailed and accurate." ... written by beauty
Good readings with her, i cant wait for the next readings. SHe is veru good" ... written by p
Thank you. " ... written by gemini0605
Really right on the dot." ... written by Karli
excellent reader" ... written by gregg
very goo" ... written by curlypeach
thank you for this reading! it helped so much" ... written by Krissy
On point and gave me clarity." ... written by Tiffani
wow really enjoyed her lots of info and answered all my question thank u hope to talk soon again " ... written by ppp
Great reading! Hope everything comes true in the near future." ... written by Lori
Still interesting.... but very on-point" ... written by leah
Facereader never ceases to amaze...her insights are profound, intuitive and deep. A warm and caring person, truly a joy." ... written by Lord Cedric Hightower
very good reading does not sugar coat or judge...thankyou xx" ... written by joboluvz73
very on point and clear. " ... written by leah
thanks for the insighful reading.... appreacite your positive energy and i will return soon xo" ... written by truth5
very good reading. accurate" ... written by shades212
Really good!! Quick, accurate, predictions come true. I keep coming back to Rita" ... written by Tricey
She is so accurate on my situation and she gives good and clear advise that makes me clear too. Now I need to talk more with her to understand more." ... written by bb
Such a nice energy - but sadly her timeframe stretches far into the future (several months). Time will tell how it goes." ... written by Laura
She really impressed me because I told her nothing and she told me about something that you had to be spiritual in order to know. It was great to finally connect with someone who connect to my life. Thank you" ... written by Luella63
facereadernew was really helpful and was able to answer my questions with lots of positivity. " ... written by Sam
awesome, very, very good, 5 stars!" ... written by clfishh
Very wonderful reader, straight to the point, have to wait and see what happens. Not to long either. :-) will keep you updated." ... written by han
Facereader is very good. A natural born psychic and intuitive, tunes in quickly....had several good readings w her. " ... written by Sargon
She was helpful and insightful. Gives time frame that you can expect. Very quick and to the point." ... written by Frank
face readernew is awesome she is good she accurate and she picks on things fast I recommended her great reading thanks so much " ... written by marybeth1love
she is awesome and made me feel so much better" ... written by marissa
Very good reading " ... written by 131
Great great reading. Honest, fast type writer and answers all the questions as they are. I am happy with her reading and for sure I will come back,, " ... written by sharen223
She's really quick and her reading are detailed :) thank u!" ... written by Adiz
great reading certently helped me thank you" ... written by elizabeth
This was great and sincere. Love her. I will be back." ... written by aroehrig
thak u" ... written by mares
i went back in for a second reading shes great honestly worth it i like how she doesnt suger coat things and is honest thank you for the great readdings" ... written by Xelizabethx
Facereader never fails to give honest, accurate assesment of whats going on. Direct intuitive, caring perspective . ANd what she's said has proven to be true over time. " ... written by Jade Emperor
thank you very much very nice and straight to the point. :) " ... written by seeking guidance 2
love reader is by far my biggest comfort when i'm stressed out and has not ever told me anything that was not true, excellent reader" ... written by alotlikedorothy
does not use tools and I feel very accurate with the readings that she does, and very fast, does not take too much time to do my readings" ... written by sunrisegold
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by Garace123
She is very honest, pure, and accurate! Can't wait to chat again!" ... written by scadoodle
Facereader is remarkable ....tunes right in....a gem of a reader. Has some good guides helping her " ... written by Ernest Hemingway
very accurate readings, is very quick to answer questions, does not need tools to do my readings" ... written by sunrisegold
good reader, she tells it like it is, but not enough time to" ... written by maria
very nice and friendly, really helped me with my problems and reassured me that things will get better. I feel so much better after talking with you" ... written by emy
great reading 5 stars****" ... written by emy
Had a past reading with her and it did come to pass. Very honest and thorough reading. Some things were difficult to hear but also explained the positive and gave a good overall picture of things to come. Much gratitude :)" ... written by Kosmo
Great reading and fast! Thank you so much, and I highly recommend to anyone!" ... written by Camie
Thanks for the reading - it was precise, good and usefull with love and very caring towards me." ... written by Jazztime76
not to much to say, she healed me and understood the parts of my soul that needed healing. thank you very very much!!!! much love" ... written by christos
Fantastic reading. She was really great! Fast typist and was very clear about the situation. Will go back to her again. I recommend her to others." ... written by mikosama
very honest and truthful. Thank you for the advise." ... written by theodora
She is a true women. I want to keep contact with her. Im sure she will help me in future. " ... written by semhar
She is fast and clear! " ... written by Erin
She was very accurate with out me having to tell her anything. I felt like it was the truth i already knew but needed confirmation. I would highly recommend." ... written by Croach1012
She is the best reader ive come across so far. From her i can always expect a true reading. and her predictions are very true. Worth the money!" ... written by Lady_indigo
very helpful" ... written by shannon
super reader very accurate with predictions, 5stars" ... written by emy
greattt readerr . she is totally right about the person in questionnnnn. she gives solutions to what seems impossible" ... written by maria
she was amazing, thank you sorry transaction failed for some reason, and for sure not on my end Rita you are super thank you for helping others with your beautiful gift" ... written by Sue
very helpful!!" ... written by isabellissima
New reading - very interesting. I will see how it all goes and will report back." ... written by LP
Great update. Quick to connect and genuine1" ... written by Tiffany
Right on point and very quick reader, clarified all doubts as well :))" ... written by Jane
thank u for the update" ... written by emy
Nice lady picks up fairly quick,hope to have another reading soon...Thank you.xoxoxo" ... written by J
great reading...i felt she got right to the point and understood what was going on....I appreciate her advice and insight!!!" ... written by penny
So accurate predictions, really true! Thanks!" ... written by Sherazade
She was spot on. i will update on the predictions" ... written by Maria
wow she is great" ... written by katie
wow truly amazing " ... written by katie
Very connected and accurate. will read again. " ... written by Ladyl5
Very detailed and excellent reading..." ... written by Sofia
Face reader's the real deal ...i appreciate her insight, she has a true gift to read things, and her guides are good at seeing things helpful to knoow. A caring and freindly person." ... written by Krishna Samaveda
amazing review. honest and accurate" ... written by jen
facereadernew its a good reader she picked up on things well she connected well with me thanks a lot many blessing to you " ... written by marybet1love
facereadernew its good at connecting she a good hearted women thanks for a lovely reading " ... written by marybeth1love
Loved her honesty even if thats not the answer i wanted" ... written by Nina
Very straightforward. Very concise and accurate to what I can tell. I appreciated her speed and how specific she was." ... written by Jimmy Ranso
thank you nice chat" ... written by luvuchaluka
Such a kind and clear reading. Thank you very much for your help and advice. " ... written by nic
good insight, positive reading" ... written by goldenaura
great reader with good details and updates" ... written by thank you
She is awesome time and time again!" ... written by Elizabeth
good " ... written by michelle
good honest answers and guidance to situation and people" ... written by goldn
Best reading I have ever had." ... written by Elizabeth
Rita was wonderful she gave me predictions and time frames to look forward to. She was quick and very helpful!! Thank u so much my dear I will return w the good news!!" ... written by LibraDragon11
Fast typer and very clear in answers... I think she's really good and picked up things right away..." ... written by J
she was to the point and very informative." ... written by laura
She is really great and to the point. she saw my energy problems without fail and gave great sound advice. she is truly awesome! :)" ... written by Chiara
She is great as usual. Very kind and very honest. She does not just tell you what you want to hear, but tells you exactly what is going on. I have good faith in her abilities and guides. much gratitude and blessings!! :)" ... written by Kosmo
Rita is amazing...she is very intuned to the future..and those involved in the reading...I trust her very much. I love her confidence. Thanks Rita....you made me feel so much better today. :)" ... written by chrisc1234
good reading quick and to the point" ... written by kelly
Great reader very fast and accurate, will be back!!" ... written by lanaray17
great first time read with her.... thank you so much!" ... written by Monique
thank you" ... written by ras
thank you" ... written by ras
Thank you very much, straightforward, honest and fair. Uplifting!" ... written by chesha
very fast typer and quick answers. Understanding." ... written by angelszone
Wow! She was really great! My first reading with her and her sweet confidence totally came through. She was accurate on my situation. Thanks so much" ... written by Amy
had a reading with her and had to go back in as she was giving so much detailed information. Answers very clearly and quickly. Time will tell with the predictions, but i have the feeling it will happen, incredible as it seems. will be back in Nov. dec. to tell. " ... written by angelszone
answered specific questions, connects fast. she's good and honest. no dramatics. i appreciate that" ... written by gldn
Very hopeful again...can't wait till it comes about!" ... written by Amy
Good. hope what she predicts come through" ... written by vic
totally awesome and really put m mind at ease :0" ... written by Rudiestar1
very detailed" ... written by cbus
Very helpful. Made predictions :)" ... written by Regina
SHE IS GOOD " ... written by MYSTERY
She was fast and accurate and very sweet!" ... written by Susan
great and honest" ... written by E
you have been fantastic and really helpful I felt energized after" ... written by chazzamadazza
Good reading." ... written by tulipmelly
love her love her love her" ... written by hadassah
very genuine and clear" ... written by s
She uses no tools and answers all questions, great insight. " ... written by FANTASTIC PSYCHIC
Face reader has done it again. another perfect and helpful reading. genuine caring person and deep intuitive her guidance never fails to inform and educate" ... written by Guiseppe Guillame
excellent, very detailed reader" ... written by alotlikedorothy
Fantastic! Fast and very accurate!" ... written by Sallie
Thanks for your confident and clear reading!" ... written by Charlie
Very good" ... written by ray
She was quick to connect :)" ... written by S
Thanks for your honest and clear reading once again!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you for give me advice and you are great and honest" ... written by mama12369874
She is quick and very kind. Very accurate. Great read." ... written by Sara
You nailed the reading, I will defiantly come back to talk to you in the future" ... written by Ceramicsjst4u
very good reading" ... written by cory
great reader" ... written by hcf
She is fantastic. Very fast. Picks up on everything. Very kind and knowledgable. " ... written by Trisha
xxx" ... written by xxxxx
She is great!! My favorite on here. Very kind and compassionate. Quick and accurate!! " ... written by Michelle
honest and true" ... written by E
great reader, answers, fast. " ... written by good reader
thanks for your honesty" ... written by e
very good psychic wow" ... written by lee
thanks for the help" ... written by mark furney
thanks for your honesty and calming me down ... " ... written by E
Thank you." ... written by d2k1000
Nice reading, straight forward and on point. " ... written by loveornolove
thank you!" ... written by Ava
Thank you again Rita you have again help lift my vibration with your words and helped me back into believing what you say is true and will come true. You have been there for me for many months now, and I appreciate you being there along side me on this twin flame journey I am on. :) You are very gifted and I trust you so very much." ... written by chrisc1234
awesome thnkl you for the help" ... written by lee
Very good reading, quick and to the point. Will definitely come again!" ... written by Stephanie
Thanks for you and spirit's help. Hope things get okay. " ... written by Shiks
THank you for your help!" ... written by Oleg
Very good reader" ... written by Mary
Very accurate and sincere person." ... written by james
truthful and honest.." ... written by E
thanks for your honesty and helping me calm down.. ive come to you bc I know you will tell me the truth. ive come to you with other relations and ive didn't get the answer I wanted but tat is the reason I come to you.. bc of your honesty.." ... written by E
I been having her read me and she always tells me the truth. Love her" ... written by lalyaz
On point!" ... written by Regina
Great reading!!" ... written by Regina
facereadernew is a great psychic, i felt drawn to her and she is very trustworthy" ... written by Rocknrollchick4
She has a lot to say about things. I will see if she is accurate. Will post later." ... written by L
Very honest and straight to the point. Clear understanding of my situation." ... written by TS
She is amazing as always! Her insight is spot on. She is very gifted and always so helpful and nonjudgemental, I cannot say enough nice things about her. So much gratitude for her help. :)" ... written by Kelly
thanks for everything........" ... written by E
Fabulous reading 5*" ... written by Delph
thanks so much love...always there when I need you..." ... written by e
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! i did not tell her a single thing and she read me like an open book! Highly recommended! " ... written by autumn
Prediction is a good distance away but she picked up on the way i have been thinking and feeling lately so there was a connection. Thank you" ... written by Tierra
Very good reading :) !!" ... written by Roberta
Fast and straight forward. Had mix feelings through out the reading. " ... written by Hannah
Rita is always perceptive and has some true things to say and see. I appreciate her caring n insight." ... written by Sargon
thanks for the honesty:)" ... written by E
thanks so much for your patience and not judging me when im down.. nice to know you have the patience to answer every question :)" ... written by E
Great job! Previous prediction has come true." ... written by Regina
Thanks facereadernew for all you do .. For helping me stay calm even tho it's hard at time. Thanks for being honest as always" ... written by eveliz
Just had a reading from face reader new and she is awesome. Always keen with details without me giving much information about myself. Always giving great advice and a spiritual teacher. Giving me great advice to reach my purpose in life spiritually and life path. Never a disappoint ment. " ... written by 808smiles
WOW!!!!!!!!" ... written by ray
Short time but was super sweet, felt calm talking to her will b back thank you! " ... written by Sherry K
Had a 2nd reading with facereadernew and sheandamp;amp;#039;s always amazing me with everything she shares. I never get disppointed with her. Great assist to this company" ... written by 808smiles
She is amazing! I cannot say enought good things about her insight and readings....I mean that. I recommend a reading with her for anyone. Very kind and understanding soul. She really sees and bring clarity to any situation. So much gratitude. " ... written by kelly
Was super sweet and quick, prediction will have to wait till June! but was great thank you " ... written by Sherry K
thanks for your honesty ... I appreciate it a lot... thanks so much.. " ... written by E
good reading with lots of care and compassion" ... written by David
thank you so much for your guidance. it has put my mind to rest. priceless!" ... written by Krissy
I loved her reading" ... written by Virgogoddess
Very honest and quick and accurate, and constant." ... written by softwater
Very swift connexion. She is good!" ... written by softwater
Quick and connected and caring. " ... written by softwater
Always enjoy my readings, they are quick, accurate and very sight full, will definitely come again!" ... written by Stephanie
thank u for an amazing reading! everthing u said was spot on . I feel better now .x" ... written by xx
very helpful" ... written by xxx
Thank you." ... written by d2k1000
Great reading" ... written by Angela
Rita is always amazing...the only one on oranum I talk to for the truth." ... written by chris
Ty Rita..you were fast and right on...and gave me positive answers and feedbacks..i will let you know about the time frames:))) Everyone...please really consider her for a reading if you want fast accurate response and positive feedback." ... written by TC
She was great!:)" ... written by Rebeca
She was brilliant and quick in her readings and gave healthy tips." ... written by sherryazam01
Amazing as always. Tons of details. Great insights." ... written by e
Awesome " ... written by nandeesh
a little upset with the results due to it being about my fiances ex, nonetheless very believable and i will look more into it." ... written by mystybluebeba
she is very honest accurate caring concerned reader....thumbs up five star....should wait for things to happen" ... written by pinky114
good readings and predictions come to pass." ... written by dsd
very good, sweet girl" ... written by Carmelle Visconti
honest and accurate. her past predictions have come to pass." ... written by sd
Fast n definitely good advice makes me feel at ease about my situation. She is sweet n kind hearted don't ask many questions n gives you clarity. Waiting for prediction to happen for an update to follow. " ... written by T J L
thanks for your honesty always very helpful" ... written by E
Awesome, clear genuine!" ... written by Suzanne
thank you." ... written by d2k1000
Thank you for your lovely in site.. The reading was interesting!! Your always on point and don't waist time. I wish I could have got in more time but I was broke today but at least I found you today!!! " ... written by Felicia
Very, very in tune, and quick! Clear predictions as well." ... written by softwater
good" ... written by ritesh
Face merrader is amazing great read. Will use her again" ... written by ahsram1
Seriously, great reader, always a deeper insight and a caring attitude." ... written by Hiram Bingham
she's wonderful the best i've ever had highly recommend five stars!!!!!!" ... written by m, usa
She is an amazing reader and very detailed. She is very accurate!!!! I look" ... written by bebethomas
PSYCHIC RITA Thank you very much, it was an excellent reading. I will be back." ... written by Marie B
we will see :) " ... written by stephanie
we will have to see :) " ... written by stephanie
Very good" ... written by EVE
thanks so much for your honesty.." ... written by E
she is very keen and picks up a lot without me saying anything. she tells you what you need to hear not what you want and very open and calm to talk too. She has this calmness and gentleness to make it very comfortable to talk with. Facereader has a very special gift." ... written by 808smiles
had a reading with Facereader and she is amazing!! I didn't have to say anything and she picked up on it. She has a very special gift." ... written by 808smiles
Psychic rita is blessed with abilities that has help empower me with" ... written by lolaeve
Thanks for being honest as always" ... written by eveliz
I had a reading with facereader and it was awesome! she told me things I never thought I was possible or capable of having." ... written by 808smiles
was very sweet and informative :)" ... written by ashley reynolds
Wow! I really feel like I could understand myself due to Ritas' abilities, a true gem of a reader and Ill be coming back to investigate more her counsel has proven to be very good. " ... written by Bernie Sanders
Rita is amazing...she connects so easily...she has such a gift." ... written by CHRISC1234
Thank you a lot for the honesty and help I appreciate it and talking to you was very helpful so I am waiting on for the exciting predictions " ... written by REading
great reading, hope to see pridictions happen. love her insights and cares." ... written by lolaeve
Psychic rita is amazing, she gives answers with light and accuracy. Can" ... written by lolaeve
Thanks very much. I been managing to catch you which is very good. The reading was interesting. Ultimately I know everything depends on me. Love and light" ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
Thankyou so much dear its always a pleasure to speak with you. Im glad that I been able to make contact with you..love and light" ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
She was really nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend her. " ... written by Scarlet
She gave a very excellent reading. very accurate prediction based off of very little info. I was very impressed almost as if she could read my mind." ... written by ricotaco
nice reading" ... written by elohor
ive appreciated her readings very much" ... written by eveliz
thanks for the honesty and advice... so much needed ..." ... written by E
Feel blessed to have had a healing.she is wonderful and did help with my pain in the short time that we had together(ran out of credits).I will be sure to take her advice and see her again." ... written by cittylove
Excellent reader. Very connected and honest. Sees things on many levels. " ... written by Ren
Wow may u stay blessed with the ability to read for all the days of ur life... " ... written by Jahzel101
She is really good to talk to. Connects really quickly" ... written by ---
She is truly the best. I cannot thank her enough. So much gratitude. " ... written by kelly
was a great Reading, thank you facereadernew, I will let you know after July :))" ... written by Onmyown2015
Very good!!! well be back! :)" ... written by Walejr
Thanks for the reading. She is very quick and detailed. Looking forward to predictions" ... written by Merry
She is very great - answers all your questions in good time" ... written by Joyce
Nice reading naturally" ... written by mary2509
Very well and good reading" ... written by mary2509
she is amazingh" ... written by kim
Rita is very warm and friendly - she will tell you as the situation in a gentle way" ... written by Joyce
you're very honest and straightforward with logical thinking. you look at both sides and understand and you're predictions are also on point and true. I would highly recommend you to others. " ... written by Bhumi
Psychic Rita is very straightforward and honest. She deosn't give wrong hope to her clients, she thinks about the outcomes of her predictions and then gives honest advices. I would recommend her to others for true advices. " ... written by bparix36
thank you so much!" ... written by mary2509
Just had a reading again with face reader and always a pleasure chatting with her. Sheandamp;amp;#039;s always sharing what needs to be said. Never a disappointment." ... written by 808smiles
I love facereader! She is such a beautiful spirit to connect with and I enjoy your positive energy and genuine, accurate readings. Thank you Rita! " ... written by Tana
Pyshic Rita is a wonderful person, She is very honest about her predictions and she will guide you in the right direction as she can see whats coming up. She is very friendly also, so understands her clients easily." ... written by debbiemezyene
Really good imformation happy with the time but will see if it is what she says, i will find out" ... written by me
loved it " ... written by r
She picks up energies fast." ... written by Julie
Rita is always spot on amazing..especially connecting to my guide. I ONLY trust her to read with me." ... written by Chris
She is So good!" ... written by chris
Thank you for your honest insight and guidance! (:" ... written by Domino
Rita is a very good reader. i recommend her to all." ... written by lolaeve
She assists you in making not just the right decision but also realistics once for both your benefit and that of your entire environment." ... written by lolaeve
I feel rita's prediction coming to past that is reality. so excited to see it in full!" ... written by lolaeve
She is awesome!!! I didnt even had a dob for the person I was asking about and even then so accurate with her reading. I am very happy I talked to her today :) " ... written by Parmela
GOOD" ... written by Ahmed Baba Fall
Kind and insightful read. Many thanks" ... written by Scrol123
she is one the best and fastest and very accurate in her reading , god bless her" ... written by adersh babu
Good Reading" ... written by RM
i wish i had more money to feel like this on a daily basics. this healing was amazing" ... written by Olga
5 STARS" ... written by Ahmed Baba Fall
thank you for the guidance, always appreciated" ... written by a
lovely and sweet" ... written by a
she's the best!!" ... written by mandamp;m usa
very calming, explains only what's necessary." ... written by coffeecupt
great, short and sweet" ... written by coffeecupt
Good reading. :-)" ... written by han
GOOD!" ... written by Cirkeline1
she was quick to connect, great reading she connected well to the situation. i recommend her." ... written by S
I had a great reading with my advisor facereadernew and she was most helpful" ... written by Tahishia90
I had my third reading with facereadernew an it was astonishing" ... written by Tahishia90
I encourage you to read with her she is so nice" ... written by Tahishia90
I can't wait to have another reading with facereadernew she makes my day" ... written by Tahishia90
thanks a lot, yr reading is accurate" ... written by david
ty rita x" ... written by aly
Hope to have another reading with facereadernew she answered everything I" ... written by Tahishia90
she is very nice" ... written by david
Right on the nose with every thing even mad me cry but tears of joy. Rita thank you so much for helping me understand my crazy life. I feel like you just open my Root charkra You are truly blessed and amazing person, Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. " ... written by Olga
veryhelpfull, very accurate, and gives you solution" ... written by david
Thankyou I wish I had more time ..but thankyou for your help! Always reliable!" ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
Thankyou you were so gifted to see things so clearly. Im really hoping this new job will work out for me like you say it will. I really have good feelings about it myself and you were right about the last job. God bless you ---thanks " ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
have no words to sya, but im beginning to find myself after all these years" ... written by david
see what happens" ... written by me
I love facereader's readings, shes intuitive and perceptive and manages to find the thread of truth in the situation, freindly and caring person." ... written by Maitreya Boomba
very much glad to see her online! ive been waiting to have another reading with her bc she has always been accurate for all the readings ive had with her in the past. thank you so much for this reading and guidance." ... written by krissy
another wonderfull reading with this fast calm and gifted psychic ." ... written by CEC
" ... written by lolaeve
wonderfull reading!" ... written by CE
Very nice reader." ... written by bri
Perfect to the point explanation of current practical situation.. thanks a lot" ... written by Sid
Very good response to my questions" ... written by Sid
she is so good" ... written by r
Thank you Rita, I read with you last year and your prediction was correct at the time, I am glad I came in today to get some clarification from you. Great reading, connected well and read the situation very accurately. Thank you again. xoxo" ... written by Mainstreem20
GREAT" ... written by JAMIRA76
thank you for the quick reading and very quick connection.will be back for updates." ... written by L
Thank you so much... " ... written by 180
great reading" ... written by mike
another great reading with clarity!" ... written by Seeker
she was accurate love her " ... written by barbie1024
She is goood! try her!" ... written by kim
Great reading -- very honest. Thank you!" ... written by lornalulu
good reading" ... written by rt
nice" ... written by manjula
Rita is amazingly accurate, she predicted my grade in a science course and the feelings of a guy given just the name." ... written by kim
thank you so much for this reading! i really needed the guidance she was able to give me. very quick to connect" ... written by Krissy
she is good" ... written by kim
i have had a readiung with her, she is perfect always in what she tells me" ... written by david
great!" ... written by 180
It's never a disappointment from facereader, she's always honest and says what needs to be said. Always keen with her gifts and readings. " ... written by 808smiles
Just had a reading today with facereadernew ; and I love her work. Tell her to keep it up." ... written by DeJuirh
Superb and comprehensive reading, i appreciate her skills and abilites." ... written by Elroy Crambleberry
excellent so thorough and accurate!! will def be back." ... written by katie
thank you for such clarity that was an amazing reading" ... written by tyler
she was very kind and helped me understand her readings quite accurately" ... written by anonymous
she telling me about my situation and helped me understand my situation" ... written by Kajakaja112
Very accurate, amazing intuition. She was so accurate about my situation even before I had given any real information about my circumstance." ... written by Ed
great" ... written by Reneex0x0
Had great reading" ... written by Reneex0x0
Great" ... written by Reneex0x0
Great" ... written by Reneex0x0
Great" ... written by Reneex0x0
Great" ... written by Reneex0x0
Great" ... written by Reneex0x0
Shes simply a great reader, perceptive and quick and has insight into the details of life." ... written by Simon Schuster
I had a good reading witt Facereadernew. I just wanted to tell you that she is very good at what she does. She is very kind and pleasant ." ... written by DeJuirh
she gave maee a lot of information and she was quick and accurate about my futer love life and my career" ... written by Bibiaalli
She was fast, polite and very interesting to talk to. Told me things others didnt tell me. Got more indepth with situatuaions." ... written by Bibiaalli
well, i would like to say that she had given me a lot of information , about my future job and my future love interests." ... written by Bibiaalli
Love facereader's readigns....shes really intuitive , considerate and understands human nature, shes helped me a lot and continues to provide good insights." ... written by Edwin
Best!" ... written by 180
she is so good!" ... written by kim
Had a lot of predictions - time will tell :) " ... written by heather
Great honest and to the point. Highly recommend." ... written by CK
perfect reading... i feel peace and hope. great guidance and clear thoughtful and kind. Recommend. Thank you for sharing your gift." ... written by Carol
Thanks" ... written by Bearthoven
Honest and straight forward. She really impressed me and her readings were very specific and clear. Great guidance as well. Highly recommend!" ... written by K Santos
she is always very good, spot on. I would recommend her to anyone! I am very grateful! :)" ... written by Kosmo
Accurate and no sugarcoating. Very compassionate and gifted. Have had readings several times now. Bless" ... written by Buzza2016
excellent" ... written by rashid
i found her to be honest, accurate and fairly quick once we established connection. She did not sugarcoat or ask any questions. Her reading flowed and I found her robe accurate" ... written by Hotmum2
I found her robe accurate about my situation without getting much information from me at all. One of the best I have used so far on your site. Very helpful and I did not leave feeling like I had wasted my money with her. I highly recommend her. " ... written by Hotmum2
Amazing!!" ... written by Maria
Honest and clear in her reading. Highly recommend." ... written by Karla
" ... written by Buzza2016
Truly is a gifted pyschic. Tuned into my situation with no probing - pure intentions and answers. Will be back when in need again!!" ... written by Buzza2016
Direct answers clear and compassionate. Facereadernew certainly has a unique gift and recommend her to anyone wanting clear answers to questions." ... written by Buzza2016
amazing conversation, she is very intuitive." ... written by Ed Simpson
Thank you for an amazing reading session. Hope to come back later for guidance." ... written by JeromeMarcel
In all honesty facereader new is gifted sweet and sincere. I would recommend jer to anyone needing quick concise answers to help your situations you may be facing. Helped me tremendously !" ... written by Buzza2016
She spoke truthfully and gained a lot of insight in a very short time. Thank you for your help" ... written by Chiara
Good reading" ... written by Gandalf
awesome!!" ... written by chi
good and accurate" ... written by sangeeta
good" ... written by sangeeta
good" ... written by sangeeta
Thanks a lot!!!! This made my night!!! :) You give me so much to hope for FaceReaderNew! :) Love andamp; Light to you my dear!! :)" ... written by 82Aquarius81
She is an awesome Psychic. I think the information she had told me about my future are accurate. I recommend to everyone those who want to consult a Psychic, consult her. Rita is very accurate. " ... written by Suresh Kumar R
helpful, kind, very very patient. defiantly recommend." ... written by karla
great read and so quick and on point" ... written by karla
was very good reader" ... written by rm
good and accurate reading . Thanks for your opnion." ... written by sangeeta
good and nice" ... written by sangeeta
very good" ... written by zaka
very good" ... written by zaka
very helpful" ... written by zaka
very quick and authentic!!!" ... written by chi
Absolutely correct and genuinely comforting." ... written by E Jacob
she is so accurate about everything" ... written by ki
I wanna to say that she is really accurate and two of her predictions came true! I would recommend 10/10" ... written by kimbialy
Lovely and direct straight to the point. No hassle in turning into exactly what you need to hear not what you want to hear." ... written by Buzza2016
Spoken with facereadernew several times and each and every time she has been able to shed light on circumstances allowing me to make better decisions moving forward." ... written by Buzza2016
OK" ... written by sangeeta
Face reader new is wonderful! What a dear!" ... written by Sanibel35
Face reader new is amazing" ... written by Sanibel35
Face reader new is an absolute dear!!" ... written by Sanibel35
Correct readings" ... written by Lwp
" ... written by Sanibel35
Wonderful amazing!!" ... written by Sanibel35
This person has a heart of gold!" ... written by Sanibel35
Thank you so much face reader new! I do appreciate your time and words!" ... written by Sanibel35
had a few new questions and she answered them soooo clearly and honest !! she is one of the best here on oranum !! i love to stop by to get updates from this wonderful spirited woman!! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
Highly recommended!" ... written by lalyaz
Facereadernews was awesome, she gave me the answers for every question. I" ... written by lalyaz
good and accurate" ... written by sangeeta
good and accurate" ... written by sangeeta
good " ... written by sangeeta
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
she is very honest and accurate love her " ... written by k
she is good and nice" ... written by kim
wonderful as always, very on point and tells it like it is. love her!!" ... written by scadoodle
GOOD AND NICE/" ... written by sangeeta
Gave the answers to my questions! Thanks!!" ... written by lalyaz
Love her! She is amazing after I talked with her everything was very clear." ... written by lalyaz
extremely accurate so far." ... written by sd
Facereadernew she is always on target, great adviser. I recommend her 100%" ... written by lalyaz
I always love her reading, she is the best." ... written by lalyaz
Accurate" ... written by Jessica
she was a nice reader. Time will tell. I will be back to tell her the happenings." ... written by neha
Brilliant very accurate" ... written by Maan
great reading, quick and honest" ... written by Debra
A very insightful reading. Facereader was accurate in my situation and very compassionate. An excellent reading. Thank you" ... written by Tracie
First time reading with this psychic. She was warm and caring in her reading. She was able to comfort me about my situation and show me that all is not dark. I value the advice she gave me and I will contact her again soon. Thanks for your help. " ... written by wee318