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Psychic expertseerhas 25-30years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic expertseerhas recently helped 597members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about expertseer's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a Dragon(by Eastern Astrology).My readings are very specific..Please ask about your past lives, and how they can relate you NOW. If you have questions, jot them down. Also, do write down whatever you want during your reading. Every reading is fresh and unbiased(always chanelled from spirit for you).Although I won't be answering questions with readings in free chat........ please come in so we can get to know each other. There may be Messages from Spirit.................and your loved ones.Get in touch with your Spirit Guides.........I am clairvoyant, mature and professional.I am very accurate discussing compatability astrology with you as long as I have both person's day and month of birth.You can plan and problem solve, with the correct information. I'm comfortable using my abilities as a medium. If you need assistance with dream interpretation, please ask. I use Tarot, runes, and numerology as well as palmistry upon request I work with my guides and also with you towards resolution of your many important life issues.I have a B.A. in languages from University of Malaga Spain. I've behavioural science(associate of arts) and past life regression, as well as accupressure under the guidance of my mentors.I am a member of American Association of Professional Psychics.I've appeared regularly on both Radio and TV in Canada and USA.If you want an uplifting and informative reading, please keep in touch. Of course if you require information in any area of Metaphysical Arts, I'm willing to take your every question seriously, and provide you with answers, information and guidance.

Had update with seer and she still as great as ever! Still says same outcome for me with my situation. I just love her abilities and wisdom." ... written by marion
She was very informative and correct in many things she told me." ... written by Gotmusicinme
Thank you, you're extremely accurate. And thanks for the guidings.. bless your soul!" ... written by Annmay
Very honest and was able to pinpoint some things I have been feeling without knowing much about me." ... written by Nighthawk123
Very accurate right off the bat, from the start!" ... written by Plunkie
Thank you for a beautiful reading. You give the answers right have amasing powers to see trough time! bles you!" ... written by Annmay
Mrs. Expertseer is the best Phychic that this website could have. She is the only one on this site that has been able to tell me realistic thing without asking to much information. She was very assertive on what she said. She is a very loving person and I felt very comfortable talking to her. I am still amaze with all that she told me with just my name and DOB... I love her and recommend her very much!!!" ... written by rinagm
Very gentle reader but yet very powerful with the information she gives with great accuracy." ... written by emperorking
Great reading! I feel so much better!!" ... written by Phoxee
Thanks for the reading Expertseer!!! I always come back to know more ;o) " ... written by Phoxee
amazing!!! can i say more? she comforted, gave specifics, gave little details, gave reasons, gave hope, gave reality... and nice! worth every penny!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
she exellent and told me exactly rite on everything" ... written by cathrinahanna42
Thanks Expertseer!!!! AMAZING READING!!!!! All TRUE about 5 different people, just from dates of birth!!! Definitely I'm COMING BACK SOON! " ... written by Emma
Thank you Expert!! You were amazing :)" ... written by coconut1980
Great reading once again!!! I feel so much better after I talk to ExpertSeer!! Thanks a bundle....I feel like an elephant has been lifted off of me ;o) " ... written by Phoxee
very nice, right proffessional. helping hand, fast reader, right to the point. i will talk soon again" ... written by guess1953
Great lady. Very kind and compassionate. On the nose about a lot of things!" ... written by thewritegrl
very clear... great!" ... written by Xilr8ng
One of my favorite Psychics. Honest and kind." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Interesting input. Looking forward to see if it's going to come true." ... written by czechzican
the reading was great i will come back for more advice " ... written by tyesha_wht
Thanks for your support and encouragement ;o) Have a great day ! And yes I will most definately come back for another reading!" ... written by Phoxee
EXCELLENT!!! She answered questions before I was even able to finish typing them - AMAZING!" ... written by dmariae
Mrs. Expertseer is a really in what she does. She is amazing!!!... She always tell me the right thing with a little bit of info. If you haven't try getting a reading with her, you don't know what you are missing!!!... She is the best!!!" ... written by rinagm
fantastic !!! she is right on on the situations i will recommend her to anyone" ... written by nazlymaria
Always a great reading. She is excellent" ... written by dmariae
slow but effective. i was touched." ... written by marynelle
Great reading .... so in tune! I love her energy and she is very professional and personable! I really recommend her!" ... written by joyjrnys
Expertseer is AMAZING! She didn't have to ask many questions to give me accurate and reassuring answers. She knew things about the present and future that no one else could know. I was feeling very uneasy about certain things and she put my mind at ease and relieved any doubts I was having about certain situations. Thank u so much. xoxoxo you are a beautiful lady. I look forward to out next chat. " ... written by brazilgirl1
Expert is her name and expert readings is what she gives!" ... written by dmariae
Very insightful andamp; interesting :) " ... written by rolinsand
very very good reading :) .....My energy just went up and i feel happy instead of miserable" ... written by textmonster
Accurate and very sincere, thank you!" ... written by slz0304
Thanks so much very helpful for me :)" ... written by coconut1980
WHEW!!! Thank goodness you were on Expertseer ;o) You helped relieved a lot of my worries ;o) I will definitely be coming back for a future reading ;o)" ... written by Phoxee
Great advice and now i wait and see......Last time it came true! this time we will see and i'm sure i will be back to tell what happend!" ... written by textmonster
As usual, a great reading. She's the best !" ... written by dmariae
As always, a great session. I highly recommend expertseer. " ... written by brazilgirl1
sometimes we all need a motherly direction and she did it quick without having to answer so many questions. She only took about six maybe not even that long 4 minutes to tell me what i have been trying to find out. Some people will suck you dry. She is not one of them. Very straight to the point and caring!!!" ... written by Nichole
What an enlightening experience. i highly recommend Expertseer I will surely be back." ... written by Lorann23
Thank you for the wonderful chat tonight Expertseer!!! I really love doing readings with you ;o) I could talk to you forever about 'him'!! Hehe....Thank you for being a good psychic and a person I can turn to for advice!!! We'll definately talk again ;o)" ... written by Phoxee
Very Kind, will see if the predictions were right... have 10 days to see !" ... written by VALOUHAITI
As usual, amazing." ... written by brazilgirl1
Expertseer was wonderful! Very sweet and right on target! Thank you very much!" ... written by maclen
i just love her and am so glad i talked with her. she is so right in so many things!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
I LOVE HER, read me like a book." ... written by delores
Great.........As usual!!!" ... written by dmariae
she is a great lady!!! love her great energy.. thank you" ... written by sexyegyptian2
She's really great always on point . Can't wait til see the outcome." ... written by Lucy117
Always right on point!" ... written by LadyJ1966
Yet again she was very good and knew what she was talking about. This lady knows her stuff great psychic I would recommend her." ... written by Magical13
i am grateful to have talked with her. I was waiting for her to come online because I knew she could give the type of advice I needed." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Expertseer was very straight to the point and pickup straight away she was very precise and very accurate and to the point I will difinately be speaking to hear agin great psychic......" ... written by Magical13
Wonderful experience with her. Very in detail too. She really cares about what's going on. Definitely plan on talking to her again." ... written by Chicoca587
great as always" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
very compassionate psychic, thank you so much for your help and support, i really appreciate it " ... written by beckerbradley11
Great!" ... written by MayGirl
just what i needed... she has really given me the courage to move on with my life... thankyou!" ... written by missdeane
Fantastic, right on! Definitely would recommend! Answered all my questions very accurately!" ... written by ashbtheshawty
Thank you very much! " ... written by ShyPisces
Yyou were a really big help! Thank you!" ... written by vkyvky
She said the words I needed to hear. " ... written by sheresearache
Exactly what I needed...accurate and understanding and helped me see what I needed to notice about the situation" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
thank you for a very good reading straight to the point" ... written by diddyann
Very patient with me and my little worries." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
A++++++++ Seer" ... written by boston
Simply fantastic as always - not more to say :)" ... written by preview
very cool reading. hope the things will come true=) she is very good" ... written by manne88
Again time ran out on us, but shes so very good and accurate, because she told me things only we discussed. wow I could speak to her all day long ...." ... written by Magical13
I identified with her. She was extremely truthful and helpful. She is one I can trust to help me through the tough times I've been through lately." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Thankyou so much for your insight!It was beautiful!God bless you :)" ... written by rattail1
awesome!!!! thank you so much" ... written by ghostface1983
i am sooo grateful for this woman. she has been an amazing help to me...many of my decisions have been based on her advice and so far it has gotten me far. " ... written by rockhoundcarrie
LOVELY LADY AND VERY ACCURATE." ... written by sumaureen75
well as always what would i do without her andamp;lt;3" ... written by boston123
i love her :)" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
She really is an expert seer!Thankyou so much for you reading!Appreciate it much!" ... written by rattail1
Great reading! She really put my mind at ease." ... written by Joy007
I love talking to her, she is great very specific as to dates and times, I look forward to speaking to her each chance I get" ... written by baabebel
Clear friendly accurate quick helpful - no time wasted THANKS - worth doing" ... written by an
she answered all my questions gave me clarity in to my situation connected quickly highly reccomended" ... written by vc1976
She's friendly, connected quickly and we'll see what's up in 7 days, or Nov. 7th! I'm excited! and she kinda resembles Hetty from CSI Los Angeles but only with rectangle glasses and blond hair. :) " ... written by OCgirl521
Very Professional and Friendly. She was very accurate and caring. " ... written by Sonya
VERY WONDERFUL....TRY HER!!!!!!! " ... written by qndiva
Very accurate...must give her a try. ty" ... written by stargazer7
Ty :) Excellent Reading. God Bless" ... written by mozzy123
i consider her inputs very seriously in determining the course of my life and i am glad to have found her. " ... written by fairytale
very good ty" ... written by mary558
she's a wonderful reader...She's full of details and care. Very wise." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
She is a kind hearted soul with a beautiful gift. She is very caring and compassionate. Her readings are awsome! " ... written by Sonya
great reading! with timeframe too." ... written by aisha
As always a wonderful reading." ... written by Sonya
Enjoyed her reading. Very comforting " ... written by carrie
ExpertSeer is fast, accurate, and tells you how it is! And she gave me a timeframe too! Wow. I'll definitely come back for another reading with her and to update her on how things are. I didn't even have to ask the questions I listed down; she just knew things and went on with what to say to me! An excellent reading! Thank you Elizabeth!" ... written by Archeia
Wonderful! She hit the nail right on! Soo Accurate! Thank you! I wish I had more time!!" ... written by Mila091676
Wonderful reading. Can not wait to update her!" ... written by Sunshine
Ask her about your relationships with others now and in past (as in pre-existence or past lives)...very dead on and interesting :) She is wonderful" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
had a great reading with expertseer she really knew me well, she a sweet person i will have a reading again with her in the future" ... written by marybeth1love
Cant wait to update her on my life!!!!!!!" ... written by ntimidress6
WOW!!!!! lot of things she said was great..." ... written by ntimidress6
AMAZING!!! no more comments needed ;) thank you" ... written by Creation
accurate, fast, amazing as always! highly recommended always" ... written by rainbow
She is ALWAYS great - give her a call you won't be disappointed" ... written by dmariae
I think this might be my favorite psychic. She's very gifted and calm so i always walk away with much peace over the situation. Very well worth the reading! " ... written by celticfreckles
ExpertSeer Elizabeth is an excellent reader!!! 5 stars!!!" ... written by Faye
I must say that I am astonished at the amount of information that I recieved with such little information given. She was clear and to the point and told me things that I could hardly believe that she would have picked up on. Agian I am very glad I had this reading with her and would reccomend a private to anyone that needs clarity on a situation. Thanks again and I am looking foward to the next month ahead." ... written by geoff007
She has given me hope..." ... written by Justmebeingme
Awesome as usual!!!!!! merry christmas to you too" ... written by ntimidress6
Very intuitive and able to put things into a psychological understanding at a very deep level which helped clarify things greatly. Thanks for all your help." ... written by celticfreckles
Thanks so much! " ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Thank you!" ... written by dreamer65
Thoughtful and precise." ... written by greddiar
She is great! I was very impressed!" ... written by rdyer85
Great reading and insight!" ... written by MayGirl
Hope what she is saying comes true. Loved her positive and calm energy. Loved my session with her :)" ... written by d2k1000
Wonderful reader......compassionate and caring with alot ofinformation....highly recommend" ... written by dstufra1
She is fabulous! She hit exactly on so many specific details, but is hard to hear and the computer starts and stops a lot! " ... written by Moonwtch
The reader gave relevant information and did not waste my time with nonsense. She was direct and to the point. I would recommend this reader as someone who will get to the point without wasting your time or money... " ... written by Lightstar
IMPRESSIVE. Our time ran out, but I want to thank you 10000 times for your advice....:)" ... written by Blacklagoon
Great reading, can't wait for predictions to happen! :)) Thank you, Seer, for a lovely reading xx" ... written by marionlyttle
Amazing reading, made me feel so confident now. Very detailed in every question that I asked. Real deal again, lucky me :-)))" ... written by lovelife
Wow..thanks a ton...great" ... written by dreamer65
She was simply wonderful! I will get back to you, hopefully soon ;)" ... written by terecka
I want to say that Seer is one of clearest readers that I have ever had a reading with. She tunes right in on the situation and tells you about everything without anything but the basic information. Amazing and helpful. Thank you again and will be checking back." ... written by geoff007
Very quick and compassionate... She answered my questions and helped me feel better about my situation." ... written by anonymous
Really amazing - gave me the honest truth and what to expect in the future. Highly recommended to others." ... written by Ameer
Excellent... I really trust you! Thanks!" ... written by Annmay
She was very helpful, definitely give her a try, thank you so much!" ... written by cammyboo
She was very detailed in her timeframes... she answered all of my questions, now we will see how things unfold..." ... written by sgarton
She was wonderful.. now am waiting for the predictions to happen.. thanks a lott. " ... written by scorpion
She was very good and helpful, i will definitely come back to her soon. thank you. " ... written by blueberrypigs
Sweet and straightforward, thank you very much!!" ... written by twenty1stars