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Psychic bluelight33has 19years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic bluelight33has recently helped 44members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about bluelight33's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello my lovely friends ! My name is Oty and im here to guide you how to find the best way to be happy .Im here to answer you to all your questions ,like : when i will find my love? ,i will succed in my profesionl life?, is he or she my destiny ? for all this questions i'm using : astrology ,numerology and cards reading .

A very good reading, I enjoyed it much thank you!" ... written by zimerili1
Very special." ... written by hh
She taught me some cool stuff. Confirmed something for me that I was getting different responses about. Pretty good read, ran out of time while she was typing. so It wasn't a complete read, but what I got was really good!!!!!!!!" ... written by Tiffany
Good reading kind and helpful person and has a lot of detail and good advice." ... written by ikroyal
She was good..I had very few credits but whatever she told was same as other psychics..." ... written by bubblygirl
Good read!" ... written by d2k1000
Great reading very calming and assuring! Thank You so much." ... written by LovingSunshine3
Very wise." ... written by englandsglory
Incredible, accurate, amazing kindness!" ... written by atomic96
Thank you so much for the reading. You were very helpful. =)" ... written by ddburks22
Beautiful!" ... written by englandsglory
Relies a lot on astrology." ... written by p
I am again... Impress. To the point. Honest...Gave me a clear vision of my outcomes....It will be my personal advisor for ever..." ... written by Marcos
Quite brilliant. Genuine psychic, and kind! Thanks, bluelight" ... written by usr
My opinion is that this woman saw some very important details that i had to hear, She saw my past life where i was weak and didn't full fill my story. Now I am in this life and the hounds of hell are on my tail. This time I won't be weak. I will be the bait until I turn and wield Thor's sword. Bluelight saw the little details that I ignore. Maybe she saved me from more damage and more stitches. More important, her simple quiet way is like my grannie and for her I fight the dark forces. This is a quiet, safe place for me to learn and rest. It will start soon, what we all wait for. Soon, very soon we will see God's revenge on this place. The big show is about to begin. Thank you again Bluelight, I will fight for the pure of heart like you and the others. I will win but some blood will flow into Gaia. She is drowning in her daughters tears. She is getting ready to shake and moan and we will suffer. Enuf already, I'll go now. Thanx Bluelight and bye for now. Love to you from me." ... written by simonvanstyle
Beautiful soul and spirit. Very caring and kind. Amazing reading.......Will help you with your problems with a smile. A ++++++++ will come again and she has beautiful earings!!" ... written by Smilegodlovesu77
Good" ... written by englandsglory
Amazing, with capital "A"!" ... written by dreamingisfr33
Thank you for the insight to this confusing man! :-) xx" ... written by Helgaz1
Good" ... written by englandsglory
very good " ... written by anon
Thank you so much for you help. :)" ... written by Peter
I liked bluelight33 very much. She gave the answer that I was suspecting all along but wanted clarification. I thank you very much." ... written by kim
Great but needs a mic, will help more for a better communication." ... written by iliveinbahrain
Very professional lady with great insight and advise, thank you!" ... written by corvettime02
Great reader :)" ... written by HollyB123
All right then, This psychic did for me what I believed that she could. I searched along time to find her and I put her to my test. She is a true blue person with a warm brown glow which I realized was the one that I needed when I finally saw the glow. It wasn't really brown, it was more like oxidized bronze in hue. " ... written by simonvanstyle
Very professional and wonderful advise. Thank you." ... written by corvettime02
Well, well, this time, I learned something special. 2 all people: have a nice day cuz it's all I can say. Thank you Miss bluelight33. Thank you very much." ... written by simonvanstyle
Very good! I really like her!" ... written by ashley_pepper25
Just amazing, accurate, nice, understanding..." ... written by atomic96
Just amazing with capital A" ... written by dreamingisfr33
Thank you bluelight33, you are lovely and uplifting. Will take your advice and get back to you! (^o^) " ... written by cfromlacey
Thank you for the reading you are very kind and very very helpful and accurate." ... written by ikroyal
She's honest, calm and very good listener, and very accurate. Loved to have a chat and a reading with her :-)" ... written by bellacasa
Great reading Bluelight is lovely and has great sense of humor...i recommend you have pvt with her." ... written by marion
Good reader!" ... written by Kman
I would recommend this reader in a New York Minute! What a gentle reading that was honest and straightforward around a most sensitive subject matter. I can't say enough about you." ... written by Michelle
thanks" ... written by mwisteria