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hi im azza haf turksh haf egyption istart to know the futuser from 13 or 15 years by card and gad let show the thing befor i when it dubi i so in my dream my father will die and i tel mymom he will die moorring and is happen ............................... like when i be in usa 9.11.2001 i feeling about samthing will happen for2 bilding i tel my friend and noone belive me .and sacon time .ibe in turke i tel my people about mr bush he will make wor in midilest 3 isay about 5 presentint will die only one not about what happen now in arab contry liby bahiren and tunas and surya misir .and i feel about airquik befor caming . ican see the futsur enyone by book koran and sabaha also hand .and when i open the condl and i look it to her i think for samthing is happen quikly .and my soul feel about evrything .when samone make bad to me an.d i got angry badthing happen to him .i have geney is big one she is quin .iwill tel samthing will happen mebe soon in us people there will not accapt preszint and and mebe the peopel make like araba contry .like to day the 4 plan in sky caming near now at 12 cloc in egypt time and light of the 2 u can see it .that is bigist thing happen ..and one uropa contry will fight with enther .isow in my dream yestrda bigthing will hapen in us what i dont know that feeling .anyway if eny one he want get money or he want to married or help me to get what he want i can do by sam ayat in koran .i can make agood . u can ask me what u want to do and u can see .if i know or not my soul enrgy and pawor is biger .hiy.ur welcam and thank for lesining me

" ... written by Bennett