About archhana

Psychic archhanahas 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic archhanahas recently helped 38members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about archhana's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am Expert in love-relationship reading as well as Best motivator towards positivity of life.I am specialized in tarot card reading and Astrologer also.I like to tell truth only however bitter it is.I strongly believe humanity is the first priority.I accept sorrow exists, but I never support depression theory.I tell only truth no matter what is it.I support to earn with humanity always.

She was spot on - very lovely - she made alot of sense and i'm glad I got to do reading with her :)" ... written by Adiz
excellent" ... written by ron
Thankyou. Lets hope for the best." ... written by R
very good, exact answers to all questions" ... written by miami_doc
5 stars! Very reassuring! Easy to talk to!" ... written by Love
Very intuitive lady and great advise. Thank you" ... written by Tom
Vry friendly and always encouraging and helpful" ... written by shubh
very good reading amazing" ... written by riya
very fast very current , and very positive energy ." ... written by lady
Further confirmed what I was told! thank you!" ... written by rosie
thank u for the reading" ... written by PIGLETME
thank you archana, questions were answered perfectly. you were great!" ... written by sweet
I really like Archhana's style of reading - she is very specific with her answers and very sweet and lovely also. :)" ... written by Champers11
Archhana is awesome, I like her she sounds like a child... She is wonderful, I got a good advise from her …she's really a numerologist ….thank's Archhana …see you next time…" ... written by Elisa Deriada
Great Reading." ... written by K
accurate and positive" ... written by dean
interesting. " ... written by lasttimes
she was very cheerful and seemed really happy which is great to see! she said she sees if i open my own business it would be successful so hopefully she is right! thanks!" ... written by aimee
had a reading will follow the advice given thankyou for your help a friendly sweet lady xxx" ... written by t
She was very accurate and helpful she gave me a very insightful reading and i was pleased " ... written by floralinda31
she is really good was on point" ... written by emily
great !!" ... written by mara
Great update many thanks for information!!" ... written by QUEENBEE22
Archhana is a good astrologer and is very confident of what she tells and predicts. I give her 5 stars." ... written by Coockiejan
Had the best reading :)" ... written by Adiz
she was very good..gave me some remedies..hope it works. she went the extra mile to help which is rare in oranum." ... written by aqua
Very Accurate and determined answers. In my case, I approached twice and both become successful. Excellent. Regards " ... written by Doctor Kesavan
Archhana's feedback is amazing indeed. I was skeptical in the beginning, but it was soon cleared once I started getting more insights and her interpretations." ... written by areo
she is good..5 star psychic:)" ... written by neha
She is amazing. I really enjoyed her very much. Upbeat and great. You must get a reading from her. Thank you. Nick " ... written by NICHOLAS
Thanks Archhana for giving several suggestions which I'm hoping will yield positive results:))" ... written by Rr
great information thx you very much 4 all ur remedies " ... written by QUEENBEE22
very honest... " ... written by deisy
She is strong and sure / blunt on her reply. She is focused. She has the best combination of ability of answering to the questions and give remedies to ensure that it happens, which is fabulous. Highly useful to get the private chat done. I am benefited. Good Luck and God Bless. Regards " ... written by Doctorkesavan
such an amazing girl and really good and clear predictions and advices. Thanks alot " ... written by val
I found archana very helpful." ... written by juliewa
Intutive..recommend!" ... written by B
Archana has given me some very good information, I will certainly do them and see how it goes. Says I will meet Mr Right only in a few days so that would be awesome, if it happens..." ... written by zina
Very quick. Very nice and professional. Has a good sense of astrology. Thank you" ... written by cutiepattootie
she was helpful but not many predictions made. she is a very nice lady though:)." ... written by Bianca
Oh my god I have absolutely no words ! She is amazing was acurate with everything said I will be relocating soon ! Im even planning on relocating too ! She was right on target with the reading I will defiently go back to her !!!!! Im just amazed right now !" ... written by Silentlurker3
see the prediction tomorrow. and will update the message. Hope she is right . Thank you. " ... written by pigletme123
Great advice again, very detailed" ... written by RJ
Nice lady! Very good reading :) Thank you!" ... written by Mary
I like her way ,,, very positive , good guide... " ... written by lady
She is simply superb. Very accurate and for me all the time it become positive. Means she is blessed by God and it turns positive. One should not miss getting the reading and advise. Good Job. Keep it up. Regards" ... written by Doctor Kesavan
great reader !" ... written by Isis
What a great reader!!! thank you so much!!! Will be back for sure!" ... written by Olya
VERY GIFTED READER! She is very knowledgeable about remedies, she is very sharp! 50 big stars!" ... written by Benny
We will see more tomorrow..." ... written by RJ
Great as always :) def recommend her for clarity and advice!!" ... written by Adiee
Thanks for the read. " ... written by d2k1000
excellent she said what other did not want to say " ... written by maria
really nice" ... written by Ziyada-21
she is the kindest most thorough, loving advisor." ... written by LIGHT
Nice and Honest Readin" ... written by viru
nice reading" ... written by viru
good remedy" ... written by s
Archhana is highly intuitive and full of great wisdom. Thank you Sister. xo" ... written by Shakti
Thank you" ... written by Joyce
a very nice person, with solution, caring sister" ... written by dheeren
genuine and very serious.thanks madam" ... written by coolpaaji
very very nice person, knowledge , remedies and i'm very sure someone will get out of their problem. god bless her" ... written by dheerenkumar
She was wonderful! I will be back to chatting with her soon!" ... written by Lisa Gbaler
very informative. thank you" ... written by megabee9
nice reading and honest" ... written by viru
Amazing reading . Ming blowing " ... written by VIru
Very nice and polite. without wasting any time she come straight to the point. she has given some predictions for me ..Waiting for that." ... written by Lalit
Hmm.. I had a wonderful remedy from Archanna.. something which I have never done..i would like to try it and see if it works! Thanks Friend! Many Many stars for you!" ... written by Muchinlove
She is the best " ... written by VIru
Archhana is very sweet and caring, suggesting spiritual remedies to help." ... written by jennymcjenny
Best readings ever " ... written by Arun
very helpful will return" ... written by lynn
Archhana has provided me good remedies and hope whatever predicted comes true soon." ... written by Suchi
Helpfull and best as always" ... written by Arun
thank you once again" ... written by lynn
She is the best " ... written by Arun
She is very honest and her readings are mind blowing" ... written by Arun
she is like 200 % accurate in her readings and like the best " ... written by virumaandi
5 star" ... written by dheeren
great session with understanding" ... written by lynn
As usual mind blowing and her remedies work like a charm " ... written by Arun
great help in my situation thank you" ... written by lynn
very informative thank you" ... written by lynn
very patient and truthful" ... written by jen
another great session thank you" ... written by lynn
Good remedies given. " ... written by Suchi
Best as usual :) " ... written by Arun
Excellent advisor and solution provider. it is not that prediction alone that matters, but how to get it done is the major part, and Archana gives that advise as well. Good job. God bless." ... written by Doctorkesavan
great reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Excellent, very knowledgeable. Fast typer. Impressed, will return and highly recommend. " ... written by Ron
she knows everything, very good physhics" ... written by dheeren
Very good, i recommend" ... written by ron
Very knowledgeable, friendly, I recommend. thank you for the advice. " ... written by Ron
She was very wonderful and my time was well spent. She was insightful and had great advice." ... written by Angelina
thank you for great session and reading" ... written by lynn
Always the best " ... written by Arun
Best as Usual" ... written by Arun
Best of Oranum" ... written by Arun
you are amazing!" ... written by maggielee
thank you for the preparation it was an amazing guidance." ... written by megabee9
amazing reading and really took the time to explain in full details and showed different cards." ... written by megabee9
Very quick answers. thank you" ... written by Angela
Amazing as usual. Great advice that can be easily done." ... written by Angelina
good" ... written by Elaine
No words to describe . always the best" ... written by Arun
She is wonderful." ... written by Rumyana
She is honest , no sugar coating what so ever . I would say best of oranum and helps a lot " ... written by Arun
I thought she was very insightful and honest with her reading. I came back in private with her because it was very interesting and I needed more time. " ... written by Mzladii88
She gave great remedies for what I need in my life, I am at peace after her reading. " ... written by Mzladii88
If it is said by Ms. Archhana, then it means, it is done. That much sure and perfect. She tells the truth and it happens. God bless. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
Very kind and caring." ... written by gchild001
Sweet and good types fast. Wait and see how it goes." ... written by Joann
Very accurate, quick, kind, very helpful, on target. Will def. visit again! Love her!!" ... written by Quest
the best one. try her never regert rest me" ... written by Senait
excellent, by far" ... written by ron
I highly recommend her. She was so helpful and knew my situation completely without fully having to explain to her. She was very direct and caring at the same time. " ... written by Raquel
very good very knowledgeable" ... written by ron
Excellent" ... written by Loveena
a genuine person with magical remedies, god bless" ... written by ashman34
excellent, by far, best on oranum" ... written by ron
Excellent, very professional. highly recommend. " ... written by ron
Nice reading and remedy as usual. thanks for this." ... written by Suchi
she was on point about everything. God bless her!!!!" ... written by hazeleyes4
Excellent! she was very kind and helpful and gave a very good reading." ... written by sati11
Very informative indeed! thank you." ... written by sati11
very good..." ... written by ron
Excellent, spot on predictions. highly recommend" ... written by ron
excellent" ... written by ron
Excellent. Excellent advice and guidance." ... written by ron
Thanks for remedies as always." ... written by Suchi
She is a sweet heart." ... written by gst
Simply excellent, after checking with few good ones, she is the best among those good ones. God bless. Regards " ... written by Doctorkesaan
excellent." ... written by ron
excellent. " ... written by ron
greatttttttttt" ... written by tymora
excellent, very helpful " ... written by Ron
Motivation, encouragement, optimistic and rigid answers. Good job. God Bless. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
Very compassionate but honest reading. Did not tell me what I wanted to hear. Gave it to me straight. Thank you" ... written by Jane
she was right on! such a great read just what i needed " ... written by caitlyn
She got right to the point which was super efficient because i had not much time. I had a simple question and got a simple answer. It was informing though. Thanks archana!!!" ... written by Derek Malbroux
Great :)" ... written by Mirree
Wonderful andamp; Great :)" ... written by Mirree
Very good and remembers everything about last conversation. Helps me each time with good remedies. " ... written by Mizladii
excellent. " ... written by ron
she gave me remedies to try" ... written by broken _souls
she is very nice and patience and she is explain so well thank you" ... written by francis
Great. " ... written by Constantine
excellent" ... written by ron
she is very accurate, very patient, and very kind to me, thank you" ... written by veezee
excellent" ... written by ron
Very kind and helpful" ... written by Amthere
Very good" ... written by angelszone
excellent..." ... written by ron
said a lot in a short space of time good reader" ... written by leigh osborne
the reading was very direct and information I need to know. Very accurate." ... written by SN
As the powers may be lots of energy interruptions but the critical information was delivered to me. Crazy morning, but accurate as usual, Love this lady...Thumbs Up!" ... written by Cordie167
This was my first reading with her....I felt very confident and she is knowledgeable....Will come back again,....Thx for guidance." ... written by Monisha
She gave some good insight and remedies... although remedies hard to do in my situation. I will keep her advice in my mind and see what happens." ... written by kissme
Very good accurate readings" ... written by Manoj
Hopefully the information provided is good" ... written by Sash
Very good and accurate reading" ... written by Manoj
time is the factor but she was very helpful and easy to understand and right to the point plus a fast typest...ty" ... written by L
Very Very Good reading, quick and accurate insight. She is the real deal! Wish I'd had more credits to expand my time. I will definitely return for another reading. Thumbs Up!!!" ... written by Cordie167
honest reader" ... written by roly
She was fast and very interesting...time will tell and if things comes to pass life will be wonderful..ty" ... written by Lynne
great" ... written by Latroy
archana is very good, understanding and at the most very proffesional in her work" ... written by dheeren kumar peelonah
shes very good at what she does :)" ... written by eisha
excellent..." ... written by ron
I found the reading helpful and have been told what she had mentioned before, however, I did not realize these skills would help me in something I had wanted to pursue." ... written by Me
Interesting time will tell all. will be back ty" ... written by L
Different was a different type of reading. I will follow what was said and hope everything to switch as she said. I am hopeful for the future, will feedback with more details when all this happens, Thanks" ... written by bibi123
Great Reading, very quick and to the point. I really enjoyed it!" ... written by Stephanie
thank u for the reading." ... written by -
Amazing reading! :)" ... written by Victoria
amazing thank you :) :) :) !!! very accurate!!!" ... written by ...
She is very good and accurate." ... written by Lucy
Best" ... written by Ashok
fantastic reader with great remedies and insight, very honest" ... written by hmk
She is really very good. She is quick and detailed. Picked up on my situation with great detail and accuracy. Look forward to her predictions coming true" ... written by linda
thank you for reading dear, looking forward to the next one" ... written by gt
To the point answers" ... written by Ashok
Amazing, extraordinary, one of the best! Blessings." ... written by loving angel
Archana is an Amazing reader. she reads through vedic astrology and she has been able to give clear answers about situations, people and relocation, giving exact dates and remedies. I liked her approach: very serious and very grounded. thanks a lot. " ... written by love in the stars
Nice reading, will be nice to see things unfold. Interesting advice that is much appreciated. Will be back to look into numerology. " ... written by Student124
ok" ... written by kw
very gifted and amazing reading, higly recommend" ... written by c
Amazing reading" ... written by Lorna
great reading!" ... written by stephanie
Excellent reading and great insight and advice. She is a sure thing. Thumbs Up!" ... written by Cordie167
great" ... written by adriang39
excallent" ... written by ron
good accurate reading.....positivity...problem solving" ... written by sharlin limon
excellent astrolger, very kind and courteous" ... written by ron
excellent astrologer, very honest and sincere" ... written by Ron
excellent" ... written by ron
great! very very helpful!" ... written by jdm
good reading" ... written by jdm
Gives great advise. Do consult her for a reading. You will be happy you did. All the best." ... written by Anita
she is very accurate shes awesome " ... written by latoyia gray
Very helpful! I was very confused about a lot of things but she answered every question. Not only did she answer them, she gave me explanations as to why that was the answer! Thanks sooo much!" ... written by Tarlesha
Great input and gave remedy for my problem." ... written by Romeeta
thanks for the reading, will follow your instructions." ... written by bibi123
She knew exactly what I was going to ask...about jobs. Very nice energy. I recommend." ... written by Morgan
Great help from Archana" ... written by VS
excellent as always" ... written by ron
she is great and good with follow ups. I will come back again" ... written by bibi123
excellent astrologer, very kind and compassionate" ... written by ron
she is the most amazing person ever!!! Not money hungry at all but is really devoted to what she does. Thanks bunch!" ... written by bibi123
Another reading with her; short but very instructive. Will come back soon. Thanks very much" ... written by bibi123
Good reader..nice reading" ... written by Anonymous
Nice reading.hope it all comes true" ... written by Anonymous
Amazing talented woman. Cannot wait to share more about my journey. Her private sessions have been an amazing experience so far. I feel more blessed. Thanks" ... written by bibi123
Great private, thanks for everything." ... written by bibi123
nice reading and advice!!" ... written by chintan
She is fast to connect and gives great advice :)" ... written by Sal
She is superb as she has the solution for any type of problems. She is a real friend and so kind lady." ... written by Prat
she is a treasure " ... written by Neha
she is really good and a 5 star reader" ... written by Neha
ok thanks" ... written by f
Aside from your outstanding professional work, I find you warm, generous and a very thoughtful soul. The work you do is amazing. May you continue to do God's work in all His Blessings. Thank you for an amazing session!" ... written by A
Love archhana! readings are great, gives so much guidance, super interesting details and is so sweet :) def coming back and really recommend. Thank You! " ... written by sherry
shes the best.. im glad shes back" ... written by ron
She is simply awesome....." ... written by N
Great as usual" ... written by N
She is excellent" ... written by Neha
excellent" ... written by ron
excellent shes the best" ... written by ron
She is a 5star reader. She connects so well and quickly to the situation. She is so kind lady that helping people with her abilities and god gifted gifts. Many many blessings." ... written by Neha
Loved this reading, it was pretty insightful and I think very accurate, was using astrology for proof which is great for me, thank you so much will be back " ... written by Sherry K
She is incredibly amazing. Wonderful update with so much details. She connects very well and give remedies too. Definitely recommend her" ... written by Neha
Love the reading with Archhana she is so detailed, interesting and great with astrology thank you" ... written by Sherry
good reading" ... written by lynn
Amazing reading with her. She deserves all the stars" ... written by Prat
Excellent as usual" ... written by Prat
She isn't money minder. She gives her best for any situation. She is a treasure." ... written by Prat
She is excellent guide to help you in your situation. Feel blessed to be with her. Highly recommend her. " ... written by Prat
Such a great reading, love talking to her and great insight that makes so much sense :) thank you so much " ... written by Sarah
She is excellent guide." ... written by PS
great reading agen " ... written by leo
She is a treasure and she gives a reading with full details. Straight to the point. She is the best. She suggests remedies also to make things happen. Everyone should have a reading with her." ... written by Prat
Love her readings, quite quick and accurate gives good advice thank you, really recommend " ... written by Sherry
She tunes quickly and connect to the situation . No sugar coating. I trust her insight. " ... written by Neh
thank you" ... written by lynn
She is super excellent in her readings. Her readings are always 10 stars. She is a perfect friend and sincere guide. Highly recommend her." ... written by Prat
She is incredible fast and delivers only the truth. No sugar coating. Highly recommend her." ... written by PS
excellent, one of my favorites" ... written by ron
thanks for the reading and remedy." ... written by suchi
She took all my worries and give me happiness only. She is incredibly amazing. " ... written by Prat
She is awesome. A 5star reader connect so well to the situation." ... written by Prat
She is really good." ... written by Pra
Thank you so much for the reading." ... written by Prat
She is a lady with divine powers shining light on darkness. She has incarnated to guide humanity with truth, love and compassion. Love my reading from her. She is extremely efficient and accurate." ... written by Prat
She eases all my pain from this reading. She is so kind that she gives remedies to do also. 5star reader she is. Highly recommend her. " ... written by Prat
She is a very nice and considerate reader. Answered quickly lot of predictions...gave some imp dates. Hope what she told me comes out true...Thanks Archana You are really a very nice person.... " ... written by sap
Great with REUNION, helped me get my love back. Her time frames are very accurate, I never got any sugarcoated reading from her. I highly recommend her. Thank you so much. I will surely use your guidance when needed. God bless you!" ... written by bibi123
She is an excellent reader and a true friend. Highly recommend her. " ... written by Prat
very true and inspiring" ... written by Manoj
She is really good" ... written by Prat
excellent, as always" ... written by ron
Good!!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
good" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
shes the best, hands down" ... written by ron
excellent" ... written by ron
excellent, as always" ... written by ron
excellent by far" ... written by ron
She is the best" ... written by Pra
She brings light to my life " ... written by Pra
loved the reading " ... written by leo
She is the most accurate reader on this site." ... written by Shi
She ease all my pain through this reading" ... written by PR
Feels happy after my reading with her. She is like an ocean with full of divine knowledge, solutions and remedies." ... written by Pra
She is good" ... written by pra
awesome details" ... written by pra
Awesome update " ... written by Pra
Archhana is so sweet, supportive knows her number and information correctly! Thank You " ... written by Sherry
Good one" ... written by Neh
Nice update" ... written by NEH
thank you" ... written by scadoodle
excellent" ... written by ron
excellent. one of my favorites" ... written by ron
one of my favorites on oranum" ... written by ron
excellent, shes the best at what she does" ... written by ron
She's very happy when she gives me good news. You see it in her face. Also gives remedies to assist. I will let you know if everything eventuates. ty :)" ... written by Bainzedda7
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
excellent" ... written by ron
excellent, one of the best" ... written by ron
excellent" ... written by ron
excellent as always" ... written by ron
excellent, one of my favorites" ... written by ron
fast , honest , truly gifted . i love her" ... written by tamjones
best as always" ... written by ron
Correct readings" ... written by Lwp
one of my personal favorites on oranum" ... written by ron
good so far " ... written by IVELISS INOA
Remedies really work !!" ... written by raj
excellent, one of my favorites on here" ... written by ron
excelent, one of my favorites" ... written by ron
She was fast and helpful, it would have been great if her microphone system worked as the reading would have been faster." ... written by mahblr
Good reading, good connection, thank u! :)" ... written by DDDz
one of my favorites" ... written by ron
very good advise and timely help. She is like angel and guru always availble to guide. " ... written by Ashok
excellent, as always, one of my favorites" ... written by ron
awesome" ... written by shubh
excellent, my favorite on oranum" ... written by ron
excellent, one of my favorites" ... written by ron
excellent" ... written by ron
excellent, the best" ... written by ron
good" ... written by sangeeta
Always helping :) amazinggg" ... written by Shubh
excellent, one of the best" ... written by ron
excellent, my favorite" ... written by ron
excellent reading- fast responses and very calm - did not talk about things unless we asked about it. Thank you" ... written by violet
thank you for your honesty" ... written by ron
Thnks for always supporting" ... written by Shubh
excellent, the best" ... written by ron
excellent, shes the best" ... written by ron
My lucky Lady :)" ... written by Shubh
the best, very helpful" ... written by ron
Always smiling and ready to help..." ... written by Shubh
Amazing" ... written by Shubh
shes the best" ... written by ron
excelent one of my favorites" ... written by ron
my personal favorite" ... written by ron
good" ... written by sangeeta
Very good reading , fast to connect. no waisting time" ... written by planejane7
excelletn" ... written by ron
excellent, very helpful" ... written by ron
great reading" ... written by stephanie