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hi everyone I'm archangel when I was 18 years old I was just arrested for the second time I thought my life was completely over so I took a bag full of pills that I had and waited for every thing to be over made my last calls to loved ones to say good by I then went into the woods and laid down on a crack heads mattress and soon past out during the night I felt everything spinning and though there was no one around I felt myself being pushed up at one o-clock in the morning and I vomited most of the pills up I then called my sister scared at what I just felt and she came into the wood and helped walk me out to where my my drove up close as she could to get me and I could not walk straight after I came to I was out for about two days and I prayed except this time I could hear the voice of god he has been there with me since helping me guiding me and everything he has told me has come true and everything I ask for I have received so I am here now to give readings for the who want to know what god wants for them in there life I am not able to tell you what your wearing or what your name is but I will give you a reading from god or his angels about what you need to do or witch direction to go to succeed in your life home work ect. it will not be my opinion I will call upon god and when he speaks to me I will tell him I'm hear with you and from what you tell me about your situation I will ask him what you should do or if things will work out of if the one your with is right for you I will tell you what he tells me to tell you I am just hear to give you his message what he wants you to know not prove his existence that's what your faith is for I have struggled with that for many years because I did not know how I could have faith If I knew something was real as fact but anyway come see me and I will help you connect with the angels and god thank you

" ... written by Stephanie