About araishaa

Psychic araishaahas 19years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic araishaahas recently helped 45members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about araishaa's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a TRUE clairvoyant. I have been doing psychic readings for more than 26 years. I use normal, numerical playing cards to keep our readings structured. And for VERY precise details. I don't use any tricks or gimmicks. Bienvenidos también hago consultas en español soy clarividente y tengo mas de 26 anos de experiencia mi precio es 9.99 al minuto es un placer ayudarles

Great reading. Very detailed and accurate on my career!" ... written by yvettepandora
Great as usual." ... written by smiley2011
Wonderful accurate readings. But most of all, eases the fear and the insecurity. " ... written by mikkle
Be back to see if anything come trues" ... written by leebee4
Great when I want to know something I come to her." ... written by smiley2011
Brilliant!!!" ... written by marion
5 stars all the way! Araishaa is outstanding! She is the real deal. She knew things about me that only a real psychic could have known. I am so impressed. I give her the highest recommendation possible. " ... written by Asothpeace
This lady is good, she's on the money.... Take her, she's honest and realistic ... Love her style! xx" ... written by katzhous8
You were great, on point with everything. Thank you soo much!" ... written by santhia1989
I like her, she was accurate. I will come back for a follow up definitely!" ... written by moon1leo1
She is practical. Good answers. Thanks!" ... written by blueberi
Very good, I loved it, she is really good!" ... written by smiley2011
Wow, great insight and advise, thank you. I look forward to the follow up reading!" ... written by corvettime02
A lovely lady and a nice reading xxxx" ... written by suertemia
Love her, really good, knows her stuff." ... written by smiley2011
Insightful reading!" ... written by janesi
This was a very good reading. She was on point and very detailed. Will come back for update!" ... written by dladie42
Bless you, you will go to the top on this site. " ... written by sunshine678
Good reading, very detailed and accurate." ... written by dladie42
Awesome, the best ever" ... written by sunshine678
She is nice and her info is good" ... written by xashamarie
Very nice and fantastic lady. Didn't have to tell anything and she knew so much. Thanks so much. Enjoyed every second. It's so worth it. Thanks." ... written by kemofos2
Brilliant like always" ... written by smiley2011
Very good reader - thank you for the help! I will come back and let you know how I get on." ... written by clairejane33
Araishaa is brilliant!! :-) blessings to you and thank you xx" ... written by Heather
She confirmed everything I was told and even gave me more details, I do appreciate her work and you should too when you get your reading from her" ... written by masterstarwolf10
Everything she said came true, EVERYTHING, I am just blown away and very happy. " ... written by sunshine678
She's wonderful! She's very honest and you don't even have to say much. She can read very well!" ... written by itsuramo
Awesome, the best, compassionate and sees everything clearly." ... written by sunshine678
Told me what I needed to know." ... written by smiley2011
Excellent reader, is truly gifted. no games. very accurate. loved her, will be back!" ... written by mini1214
Great." ... written by smiley2011
Thanks so much, Araisha. Lovely reading, confirmations of my thoughts and future developments. Will be back." ... written by poquette
Great." ... written by smiley2011
She is my angel." ... written by smiley2011
She was amazing! So specific details like hair color, stature...amazing!" ... written by Palomina
Awesome, the best, sees very clearly" ... written by sunshine678
Accurate, everything she said the last couple of months has come true everything amazing!" ... written by smiley2011
Every good at what she does." ... written by dellamalee
Great!" ... written by dellamalee
When araishaa says it gonna happen it sure does. Contact when she has said, things happening like she said. I've seen a lot of psychics but no one has ever been as clear and spot on with detail and time frames as her no time frame has come true except hers. She explains everything and gives great advice. She has never asked me for details she just knows it, even the skin colour and descriptions. I trust her 100% as what she said so far has come true as she said." ... written by wishingsmi
Very good and professional" ... written by OLAMOTIL
She is an excellent reader. She surprised the heck out of me. She was even able to tell down to the skin color of the people. Incredible!!!!!" ... written by miami0203
I come to her when I want to know what is going on." ... written by smiley2011
I went in for a relationship reading! And got sooo much more information!! Definitely be back :)" ... written by rainbows8
Thanks for good reading!" ... written by elle11
Very good... She can pick up people around me and give her advice... On what she see and sense. Very accurate and very sincere! Thank You!" ... written by fit2day
Smart, intuitive and extremely accurate. A thousand stars!" ... written by araketanara
She always does a great job...she puts all the effort to help you she the best I came across on the site, thank you so much I'll do what you told me, and get back with, you have a bless day!" ... written by dellamalee
Not bad at all ... the info is solid!" ... written by gummigummi
Right on point! Very clear vision." ... written by jennifeeer
She is amazing! I've had several readings with her and all of them were correct! Try her. You will not regret it!" ... written by itsuramo
Gave a time frame, will wait to see what happens ." ... written by stars2024
I trust her so much, she is very accurate." ... written by smiley2011
Great reading, very accurate. She described people down to the skin colour and explained situations. The details given blown me away. Very good connection. " ... written by wishingsmi
She's so wonderful I love her." ... written by holton5000
Great as always " ... written by delllamalee
Always accurate." ... written by mzgg85
Thanks again!" ... written by elle11
Thank you. I highly recommend her!" ... written by nickmark
Always a pleasure." ... written by kamsriv
She's awesome." ... written by katalist
Fab as usual greaaattt" ... written by smiley2011
Came back for second reading for more clarity:)" ... written by Kumar
Accurate, don't know how but she perfectly described me... Didn't ask any question cause she told everything by herself." ... written by Rahul
Very accurate, friendly, approachable, and compassionate. Will definitely consult again." ... written by Erinyourva
Great reading." ... written by pammy13
Very good reading, recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
Fab as usual." ... written by smiley2011
She is superb and I will follow her advices. She is truly accurate. Truly recommend her. Thank You so much, Araishaa!xxx" ... written by Msprofessor7
Great as always." ... written by dellamalee
Today I was blown away Araishaa described me in details that couldn't even be guessed, she hasn't seen me but described how i look so accurately. Her readings stay consistent and she is very honest in what she sees. What she says comes true and her advice is great. Thank you very much" ... written by wishingsmi
Absolutely accurate! She explained everything in the reading and touched on many parts of my life with detail and accuracy. I appreciate her. " ... written by renaji
She is fantastic. I truly recommend her. Very accurate. I will come again." ... written by Msprofessor7
Great reading, accurate, recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
Great!" ... written by smiley2011
Amazing accurate read again!" ... written by wishingsmi
Phenomenal, so so accurate, needed more time" ... written by hereandthere
She is wonderful , she knew exactly what i looked like without me saying anything or describing myself , so the guy that liked me at my job is 2 years younger than the other guy that likes me at the job, i went to work and asked the guy how old he was. she was exactly on point. She knew about one of the guys being unhappy with a girl that has a kid , and the guy told me himself he was unhappy , she is excellent." ... written by purple20
Everything she told me has happened even though with certain things I didn't believe her but yeah, the best on Oranum!" ... written by smiley2011
Araishaa is an excellent reader. She is really spot on. would recomment to all" ... written by samtruth1
Amazing reading, recommended, the most accurate in Oranum. " ... written by vjrei01
She is very accurate! She is excellent! I want another NOW!" ... written by SA
She scared me :( i need to work on something cannt disclose... but again she is tooooooooooooo good :)" ... written by Rahul
Amazing, scary, accurate, super nice, kind" ... written by Simon
As usual, she is amazing. :)" ... written by Kumar
great detailed reading.. Past and present were accurate... Cannot say about future lol........ :) need to wait only :)" ... written by Kumar
This is my third read with Araisha, and I am completely astonished at her accuracy. She described a woman whom i would be getting money from- well this woman was responsible for putting in my pay increase! I believe everything Araisha has predicted and will update on predictions! Amazingly accurate! " ... written by reenaji
EXCELLENT!!! She is super accurate. She comes highly recommended!" ... written by SA
Had some doubts came back for clarification.. Reading was consistent :)" ... written by Kumar
Great reading as always. Thanks araishaa!" ... written by mini
She gave me exact dates, she's amazing!" ... written by tiwa
Great reading." ... written by dellamar
Always love her reading." ... written by dellamar
Always nice reading with her." ... written by moon1leo1
Great as usual." ... written by smiley2011
Amazing an so on point what else can say xoxoxox" ... written by Samantha
Wow she is GREAT! Lots of info, right down to physical descriptions...AWESOME!" ... written by Jazzyme
Follow up reading...... in sync with past... in depth detail." ... written by Rahul
In detail, in depth reading, she read me like open book. :)" ... written by Albela
Totally recomended... :) Just don't give her anything... ans let her read for you... :) Rest assured. :)" ... written by newKid
Always accurate. " ... written by reenaji
VERY accurate! Outstanding!" ... written by SA
Excellent. Expensive. I hope to afford you! :) Thank you blessings to you." ... written by Rachel
Fab as usual!" ... written by smiley2011
She has given me 2 readings and saw the same thing both times. She's very accurate and kind! I love her!" ... written by kira
Good reading... As usual she is fab :)" ... written by naive
Great as usual." ... written by smiley2011
Good reading!" ... written by R
She is unbelievable!!!!!" ... written by silvana
I come to her when I want to know what is going on..." ... written by smiley2011
She is incredible!!!!" ... written by miami0203
Describes how people look physically and tries her best to be quick, always fab!" ... written by smiley2011
Very accurate I am a big fan." ... written by england
WOW!!! Thats all I can say is WOW! Love her!" ... written by Jocelyn
Very accurate with what she sees." ... written by smiley2011
Can't get enough! lol" ... written by smiley2011
Nice reading as usual she is fab :)" ... written by naiveKid
I can't explain in words how amazing this woman is with her predictions!!!" ... written by miami0203
You wont be able to hide urself from her :)" ... written by Rahul
Araishaa is great, she saw clearly my situation and people involved, she even described them, skin, eyes, birth marks... amazing... She described me and what i am planning to do without me telling her anything. As soon as I got into private with her and even before I said hello, she immediately told me that I will travel, which I am planing to do and wanted to ask about! She answered all my questions, gave me time frames and I am confident her predictions will happen too. No doubt she can see, you, people around you and your situation. Just sit and let her talk." ... written by found
She was spot on." ... written by Megabee
Highly recommended! She has explained things about myself that no one has picked up before, it's like she knew me since I was put on this earth. She was very welcoming into her chat and really took the time to help me see ways that could improve in the present and help into the future." ... written by Megabee
She is excellent and very accurate! I am amazed!" ... written by SA
Great as usual. Great detail and explanations." ... written by wishingsmi
Too accurate I love araisha." ... written by smiley2011
Amazing." ... written by smiley2011
As usual, no words to describe her!" ... written by naive
She is awesome as always! lol" ... written by found
Great!" ... written by clarissa
I dont know how she read. She's like reading my mind." ... written by Rahul
Great!" ... written by smiley2011
Amazing!" ... written by smiley2011
She explains pretty well :)" ... written by Kumar
Came back for more... she is very good. :)" ... written by William
Amazing." ... written by smiley2011
Everything she saw in the past has happened, all predictions have come true." ... written by smiley2011
THE BEST!" ... written by pinky55
THE BEST." ... written by pinky55
Very accurate in her readings. She is always right- Hands down! " ... written by renaji
AMAZING." ... written by MONISHA
Amazing! She started with a great connection and just kept snowballing with even more information. Great insight! it's crazy!!! I will keep you posted - thanks, Araishaa :)" ... written by Jocelyn
Very good... can read my sister and bros... say similar things as my last read... will see how things will turn out. Thanks!" ... written by William
fab as usual" ... written by smiley2011
Nice detailed reading :) as usual." ... written by Rahul
My favorite psychic ever!" ... written by smiley2011
Amazing with a general reading! I can't wait to see what the predictions are going to be." ... written by kitkat02
Great! " ... written by luckystar222
great" ... written by smiley2011
She describes pretty well" ... written by Rahul
AMAZING!!!!! She is so accurate with details and describing definitely need take her pvt!!! Wish could give more than 5 stars" ... written by marion
Araisha saw that i will see a guy in 4 days i thought it was the one who i was supposed to be seeing but she said no this is not him, which came out true the guy cancelled so i saw someone and it happened in 4 days just like she told me" ... written by smiley2011
SHE IS THE BEST!! THANKS AGAIN !!!!!!" ... written by pinky55
The best! That's all there is to say!" ... written by pinky55
Very good reading with a lot of things to look forward to. Great reading." ... written by Harold
Araisha million stars to you,, my fav psychic... had many readings with her she keeps telling me guy I like has friend of her complexion and I have no idea who she on about because I live in cold country don't know many people of her exotic complexion..." ... written by elle11
She is awesome :)" ... written by Kumar
Great as usual." ... written by smiley2011
Amazing!" ... written by smiley2011
ONLY THE BEST!" ... written by pinky55
THANKS THE BEST AS ALWAYS!" ... written by pinky55
Great reading!!" ... written by starchild700
She always does a real good job " ... written by dellamalee
Blunt truth :) be ready for no sugar coating :)" ... written by Rahul
Great session!" ... written by sunny0day
Good reading!" ... written by Rahul
Nice reading!" ... written by Kumar
Fantastico!!!" ... written by smiley2011
Great." ... written by smiley2011
Amazing." ... written by smiley2011
Pretty good as usual." ... written by smiley2011
Fabulous :)" ... written by Naive
She is good at describing people :)" ... written by Kumar
Tells it as it is." ... written by smiley2011
Three months ago Araishaa read about my relationship and I just found out what she told me is true. So far, all her predictions have happened and more are in the process. She's an excellent reader. She saved my relationship so many times. Thank you, Araishaa. " ... written by renaji
She is an awesome reader. :)" ... written by Kumar
She is amazing.... I can't get over how good she is!!!!" ... written by silvana
Amazing! She is very good. Everyone should read with her. I cant wait for the predictions to come true." ... written by kitkat02
Nice reading! :)" ... written by Rahul
Good" ... written by smiley2011
Great" ... written by smiley2011
Always accurate in what she has predicted. Sometimes the truth hurts but she gets me back on track. Thank you, Araisha. " ... written by renaji
Thanks again!" ... written by pinky55
Thank you! Free flowing info love that will keep you updated! " ... written by Snapple
Excellent reader. " ... written by renaji
Had second reading and waiting for her time Frame." ... written by monisha
excellent!!!!" ... written by miami0203
I think she was very much on point about love and work relations. I will give an update in 3 weeks :-)" ... written by Kat
Needed it so i can sleep like an angel now :)" ... written by smiley2011
LOVED HER READING VERY ACCURATE! " ... written by nanada
THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by pinky55
she is brilliant as before ammmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaazing!" ... written by V
whoaaaaaaaaaaa! She is on point no question asked I love her. She told me EVERYTHING I am going through and even questions that I wanted to ask she told me up front! even told me about a lady that is seeing me today what she look like OMG! See her!" ... written by V
Pretty good" ... written by smiley2011
This is my third reading in a row : )" ... written by Anant
Great person, Loved the reading...! Told me some good news is round the corner..: )" ... written by Anant
: )" ... written by Anant
Pretty accurate" ... written by smiley2011
5 STARS." ... written by Anant
Great reading!" ... written by sunny0day
The bomb! Hahah, predictions come true!" ... written by summa
Excellent!!!!!! She is so accurate and she is the ONLY one that I trust with giving me information about my life!" ... written by SA
This girl know her stuff she is so gooooood! I swear come see her NOW!" ... written by V
She's accurate!!" ... written by Ernesto
Thank you soooooooooo much, she is good and she tells it like it is!!!! " ... written by Diamond
pretty good" ... written by smiley2011
Good Reading... do give her a try. :)" ... written by Rahul
AWESOME! MUST SEE AND MEET IN PVT! Will stay in contact. xxx" ... written by fretan
Amazing, love her!" ... written by elle11
Very kind, down to earth and comfortable lady! Her descriptions about me was correect! I really enjoyed her energy and she was very easy to connect with and very fast!! YOU HAVE TO TALK TO ARAISHAA :) " ... written by Maria
This lady is FABULOUS OMG! Where do I start, she told me about big money coming my way, and in 1 week I kid you not! I was approved for some back pay I did not expect she knows it all she is the BEST clairvoyant here with her cards I really trust her! Thank you!" ... written by V
Thanks! Very quick and positive reading." ... written by sunny0day
She is very good had many update readings with her...she always finds things in cards no one would have known... :))" ... written by elle11
I trust what she says." ... written by smiley2011
Amazinggg!! She was right on track with my whole situation, knew a lot of things!" ... written by ju
Great as usual!" ... written by smiley2011
Very nice person will look what the next weeks will bring, and tell her what happened. Greetings Corinne" ... written by absolutlylove
Good read ... will update on reading." ... written by Rahul
Fantastic reading. She was spot spot on with information.. Truly amazing." ... written by Modele34
She's the real deal and very humble person too. Pls try her out." ... written by belladonna8
She's one of my FAVORITES. She predicted a work colleague getting sick/my health getting better andamp; meeting someone specific - all this came true within six to eight weeks of the reading." ... written by belladonna8
Loved her!" ... written by J
She is lovely. Hope predictions come true. Will see her again. Lovely energy!" ... written by iconnect
She is a 5 star in my books. Every prediction she has told me about is starting to come true. I will continue to read with her. Take a moment and read with her. She is right on the money!" ... written by Kitkat02
She is AMAZING. LOVELY ENERGY and very sure of herself. Highly recommend!" ... written by iconnect
Thanks for the reading. Spot on." ... written by tanya
Amazing person! Here predictions always come true. Now, I have to see what is going happen with these predictions." ... written by Kitkat02
I have so much faith in her every time I need direct answers she tells me she is 100% accurate, so direct, tells you excellently what she sees and doesn't sugar coat anything to make you feel better." ... written by elle11
Good reading so far...waiting for predictions to come true." ... written by star
You were excellent I give you 20 stars thank u:)" ... written by Patricia
Thanks for the session! Very in depth, with details. One of my favourite!" ... written by sunny0day
WOW!!! What can I say. She picked up things so quickly. She is amazing!!! I will clearly have another reading with Araishaa. Five stars of course. I was very impressed." ... written by Martank
Amazing and truthful to the point." ... written by Kitkat02
AMAZING! THANK YOU." ... written by STEF
Awesome reader! Totally spot on. Highly recommended." ... written by 69wondering
Great reading, tells it how it is! I wanted to know and more i do, will be back for updates, thank you :))" ... written by smiling
Hope her predictions come true!!" ... written by Ernesto
She's straight tells you how it is!!" ... written by Ernesto
She is tooo good omg!" ... written by V
Thank you for your fast and accurate reading! You are a great psychic and i really do appreciate your help! thank you " ... written by Lisa
Pretty good." ... written by smiley2011
You are very helpful to me. I'm forever grateful. My struggles are at ease because you sho me clarity and I feel comfortable opening up to you which isn't easy for me. Thank you." ... written by rudexlove
Thanks for the reading." ... written by tanya
Great!" ... written by smiley2011
Fabulous!" ... written by smiley2011
Spot on." ... written by tanya
Thanks for the reading today! Awesome." ... written by sunny
Thanks for the reading" ... written by tanya
Very good reading ....excellent!" ... written by SA
She's good, need an hour, your gonna need at least an hour with her!!" ... written by Ernesto Bonilla
Nice reading as usual." ... written by Rahul
Great as usual, describes people very well." ... written by smiley2011
You hit it right on the money sis :) You confirmed all my questions within. I shall be a better me indeed! I say right now.. My anger shall not control my destiny. I love my wife and I shall show her a new me :)" ... written by rudelove
Great update." ... written by smiley2011
Last year she told me that my ex will come back..that's was just after we break up and today he shows up my work place.... it's unbelievable about his predictions!!!! I love her." ... written by Angela
The best reading I have got there so far. every word she said made perfect sense. Thank you a lot." ... written by Anna
Sweet lady." ... written by e
Very Accurate. Told me something about my family which was to the point. Always provides me with some new insight. Hope to see you soon : )" ... written by Bobbin
WOW!! She is great!! Information was tremendous for me!! 5 stars of course. Will have another reading." ... written by Martank
This girl here!!?? She is the best with the cards even more better than any clairvoyant that don't use tools-her cards speak secrets color names everything omg I love herrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" ... written by V
My fav psychic." ... written by smiley2011
Another update with Aaraisha she is so so good, I see some of her predictions coming through already for me... Amazing Love her." ... written by elle11
What can I say? Other than "everything she says pretty much happens like she says it." You won't hear her saying, "change your energy, it's your fault it didn't happen, etc and other thinks like that" unlike some others, on here. So please do yourself a favor and try her out! She is the REAL DEAL. Also very down to earth, humble, genuine, non judgmental, consistent and kind lady. " ... written by belladonna8
ACCURATE!!!!! She is AWESOME!" ... written by SA
She real as hell...not only real but she's fun great reader!" ... written by dellamar
A+" ... written by Cara
She is a 5 star psychic in my books. Everything is has predicted has come true so far. She is the first person who has predicted something to come true for me." ... written by Kitkat02
a lot of what she says happens to me which is why i always come back to her for updates..." ... written by elle11
Awesome, Awesome, and Awesome! Everything that she has predicted has come true. Araishaa is worth the every dollar, because her predication come true. Thank you, Araishaa! You are the number one psychic in my books. 100 stars and more." ... written by Kitkat02
She is right on target and quickly picks up the answers. Terriffic!" ... written by Elaine Faber
Always incredible and she don't change!" ... written by V
She's good" ... written by Ernesto
WOW!!! She is on target again! Great read with this lady! 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Awesome! Her predictions are coming true. She is worth a more than 5 stars. You should read with her." ... written by Kitkat02
Great!" ... written by smiley2011
Was very honest as always." ... written by Anna
This woman is the best here. 1st time she saw all. Everything of my life. All. She is the real one. Dont waiste money on others." ... written by AMANDA
She is real one. she can see all. The best one here." ... written by Mimi
Always correct." ... written by wishingsmi
Thank you and yes she helps. she was right . Wow thank you!" ... written by jennifer
Wow Araishaa is the real deal. She was able to pick up on everything around me without me giving much information. Identified the problems in my life in detail and with accuracy. Have a reading with her, you will be blown away!" ... written by Sydney
This is first time I have ever used her I have read her testimonies. We will see if what she tells me is comes true!" ... written by done51
I LOVE HER! SHE IS SO ACCURATE!" ... written by Elizabeth
i absolutely love this woman the best reading i ever received thank you so much i feel much better " ... written by mimi
Awesome!! come back to add my credit. " ... written by stephanie
Star reading." ... written by nanadan
Consistent she tells what she sees always accurate." ... written by smiley2011
Really good." ... written by smiley2011
Real good reader..sees all." ... written by marie
she is always accurate for me.. " ... written by elle11
Araishaa connected with me very quickly! I was very impressed with my reading. She also gave great advice." ... written by cherryblossom10
Araishaa gave me hope and she will give it to you too! :)." ... written by roshini
I always get something new with her!" ... written by Ernesto Bonilla
I still love my babygirl hahah brilliant!" ... written by v
GREAT! All the reviews here don't lie... she is really that good. I am her new client and definitely this won't be the last. Thank you! :) " ... written by steph
Creepy! She freaks me out with the info she has! Wish I have more credits." ... written by Acissej
Great readomg .accirate." ... written by veezee
It was a good reading, now I wait to see what becomes of it. Ty Araishaa." ... written by rivereed
Detailed timeframe prediction." ... written by sk
She is excellent and is very accurate; will update on prediction of meeting" ... written by miami0203
So far all she has said has come to fruition even when she told me I would be involved in an accident....she is truly gifted!!" ... written by miami0203
Great reading :)" ... written by luckystars
Great Read!!! 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Thank you araishaa!" ... written by BillKy705
Thanks sistah!" ... written by rudexlove
You were excellent sistah. You see my life so clearly. I need you in my life always. Thanks so much :)" ... written by rudexlove
She is more than a 5 star in my book. She has made predictions and all of them has come true." ... written by Kitkat02
Great read again!!! 5 stars of course. Always caring!" ... written by Martank
Thank you for the detailed reading!!!" ... written by Seekingtruth74
She's genuine and accurate. Told me things that were true and I'm super excited about the outcome of a lot of things. Stars galore!!" ... written by cabolch
Follow up reading! So detailed and assuring as usual! :) " ... written by stephanie
Araishaa is defintiely one of the best on here!!!!! She predicted that I would get money soon and just like that within days it came to pass!!!!!! Wow! She even could guess my best friends' color skin and the guy I like too!! Try her if you want to get assurance and clarity!! " ... written by stephanie
Fantastic!!!!" ... written by SA
Amazing how much she knew without me even telling her!! Such a great reader! Thank you!!" ... written by Moonshine
OMG she is so accurate I cant get enough... She sees things in cards that there is no way she could have known.. " ... written by elle11
Great reading as usual" ... written by mimi
I tell you, this lady I love her, it's a shame I'd never get to see you in person to hug you! lol" ... written by mimi
thank you for the reading. you were accurate about my situation with the women in my life." ... written by isaac
She is the best here. She doesnt tell her clients that her things did not come true because of the client did something like many false readers do. She's the real reader." ... written by Eveline
She was remarkable beyond words !!!!!! Awesome !!!!" ... written by laila
She is amazing and accurate; she knew I was feeling sick... now I am awaiting on something else she told me... will update." ... written by miami0203
Awesome sistah" ... written by rudexlove
Awesome!" ... written by rudexlove
It was amazing reading and she is very fast, accurate and amazing. Thank you so much for being honest with you." ... written by noga1981
thanks sistah" ... written by rudexlove
Very accurate, SPOT ON. Get a reading from her fast!" ... written by purple m00n
I wish it were longer, but I will wait and see what happens!" ... written by Sallyjack
Araishaa is the best of my best psychics. She is very professional, organize in reading, told me all what I need to know. She reassure I remember important thing I need to do and she keep telling me that there will be one bad thing happen to me first than good thing will come right after. She make sure I will not worry about my finance, business and love life. She doesn't waist time by chatting. I stay with her around an hour and her price is not cheap but it is reasonable and the reading worth money. I will come back to her instead of some one else when I need a reading. " ... written by Mai
Fabulous as usual." ... written by smiley2011
She told me I will get 2 calls both good news, and it happened pretty accurate." ... written by smiley2011
Told me that a brown girl would cause an issue for me getting something i want at work and told me to go address it before it makes me lose out... i said no way the girl she described i dont even know her... GUESS WHAT 24 hours later this girl showed up -- she is in a different team and i didnt even know she existed! thank you araishaa you are amazing!" ... written by Raya
ok so my reading today, araishaa told me that I was going to have a conflict or a little problem with my client" ... written by Elizabeth
Was a great reading she know her stuff I thank you for all the love I always fell so much better after talking with you I pray things will truly work out with I know you know your stuff I give you 10 stars!!!!!" ... written by cadesgirl
I love you Araishaa! The readings are unbelievable I will say this every time. #1 reader in my book." ... written by mimi
Very honest and deeply insight reading. Thanks!!!" ... written by noga1981
Fab!" ... written by smiley2011
Araishaa was good. She picked up on my current living situation and that a move was on the horizon. She also was able to sense the current relationship I am in and the blockages/problems with it. I am interested, however, to see how her timeframes work out as they were much different than other readers on the site. I am in no way criticizing she was wrong, but it does now raise the question to me of what/how I should proceed. Good reading overall, will follow-up as things progress." ... written by SeekingAnswers
She works well with her cards and connects with the person.This is my second time having a reading with her. The first time her predictions came true. This time she made predictions and I will update once the come true." ... written by enamorada
She is amazing, super fast and accurate, recommended. She will tell you everything FAST! Good reading for the money. " ... written by rei
OMG she is gifted. she says things I only know. Great reading I'd see her again. Loved the reading!" ... written by MaryAnn
She picked up on things that happened today and I haven't told anyone about! This lady definitely has skills!!! Try her you won't be sorry :) " ... written by Raya
Wow wow wow! Really great abilities!" ... written by Raya
Listen this woman is dead on accurate ok. People that she tells me that will come in my life have. Problems that she has predicted has come true. There are a lot of false psychics here on ornanum and she isn't one of them. SHE IS THE BEST!!!" ... written by Elizabeth
amazing... very accurate. no words can express. she is right on point. You must do a reading with her..MUST." ... written by ivy
Excellent reading! " ... written by Mai
Amazing!!! :)" ... written by Ice
OMG OMG OMG! I think I have found my new psychic on here. She told me some stuff there is no way possible for her to know. All I did was give her my name and date of birth. She was very specific and dead on with some things that I already knew about. She is awesome and I highly recommend her. You will be left in amazement after a reading with her. She has such a sweet and honest soul. Araishaa thank you so much for the tips and the news. I really appreciate your help." ... written by dabountychic119
She is great! I am still amazed. Wooooow!!! She is so accurate!" ... written by dabountychic119
Love her as always short reading but as usual a lot of insight." ... written by mimi
She is amazing! She connects with you very quickly; what she tells you in the reading does come true. She is worth the time to have a reading! She is more than 5 stars in my book." ... written by Kitkat02
Great always!" ... written by rudexlove
Thanks, very interesting!" ... written by SS
Awesome, great, detailed! in such a short time Araishaa could furnish me with a lot of details and now I will just wait for her predictions to come true. Thank you!!!" ... written by stephanie
Araishaa predicted that the woman my husband cheated on me with would contact me. She told me this 3 days ago. And yesterday a 10:10 the woman contacted me. I am just saying this girl is amazing!!! Not a fake at all." ... written by Elizabeth
I love her. She's so accurate. Thanks sistah" ... written by rudexlove
She is my psychic, always accurate." ... written by smiley2011
Thanks so much!" ... written by SS
Honest, honest, honest that's the most important trait!!! And good too :)" ... written by Raya
Thanks so much!" ... written by SS
This lady is unbelievable!!!!!!! She's so spot on with accuracy and details and gives great advice. Beautiful lady and straight to the point, no sugar coating. " ... written by JELENA
She is the most amazing psychic on Oranum. Everything that she sees and speaks about comes true. Her predictions have been happening to me since my first reading with her. She is a enjoyment to talk to and have a great reading. What she says to you, she means it. Oranum, you have a true number on psychic on your website. " ... written by Kitkat02
wow!!! She always able to pick up things. Great Read!!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Thanks bunches" ... written by rudexlove
lmao i must say i had lots of laughs in this private " ... written by mimi
As usual i have a great reading can't resist " ... written by mimi
I'd heard such positive things about this reader. I hope whatever i did hear comes true." ... written by sara
OMG she did it again! How did she know I had back pain? how did she know I was trying to get a new job? OMG Please Please Please get a reading with her. For all you non believers, I'm here to attest to her psychic abilities as being REAL. She is as real as real gets. Take it from me! I am a vet on here. I know whose real and whose fake and she is the real thing. She will blow your mind. I can't wait to say I told you so! Thanks Araishaa. " ... written by dabountychic119
She covered all area with predictions. It's like her reading is all predictions! So I have to wait and see. She uses playing cards and also talks to deceased. Gave some warning, what to expect and advises. Very nice lady. See what will happen!" ... written by PM
Excellent! To the point! Will come back to chat with her. =) No kidding!" ... written by kitty
Excellent Reader" ... written by need2know5
This woman knew everything about my life as soon as she started doing the reading, amazing!!! Will be back, Araishaa! Everything she read from the cards came out true without me telling her anything." ... written by Lindaparsons
Great" ... written by smiley2011
Great Read!! Very direct, and pinpoints situations fantastically! 5 stars!" ... written by Martank
She is in top 2 here on the page." ... written by Miltonxx
She's just honest and wonderful someone I can turn to always and she feels like i've known her since forever thank you gorgeous" ... written by laila
She is awesome ... liked her very much!! Very Accuate!!!!" ... written by Ann
Thank you so much for your honest reading and it is more detailed compared to the others. " ... written by noga1981
She's very good ...hands down..." ... written by gine1223
She is very accurate, infact things I didn't even know, thumbs up to you." ... written by jojo
Thanks for the follow up. He contacted me just like you said. OMG! You are a great lady. I can't wait to see what else happens. Predictions came true." ... written by dabountychic119
Araishaa is incredible, sweet ... Definitely will be back for updates. Love her." ... written by globedove
Very interesting!" ... written by Erin
She is great, very gifted" ... written by MaryAnn
Thanks sister" ... written by rudexlove
I give her a million stars ****************************************************************************************************** because she is awesome! Very accurate, fast and honest. Predictions has came true for me....Many times." ... written by dabountychic119
Good reading" ... written by globe
Thank you very much, I know it was a bit short but will be back, gave me a bit of hope. She picked up on some things." ... written by Zorica
She is very accurate and quick!" ... written by Sunshine
Awesome reading... She can pick up the smallest details! Amazing reading experience. Give me much needed assurance. Thank you Araishaa! " ... written by bananaboat19
She's never been wrong so far, for me. And she didn't ask for this review. A bit expensive but spot on every time- so worth it. Only sharing to help others. Please give her a try, you won't be disappointed." ... written by belladonna8
Great Read as always!!!! Good advice on delicate issues I am going through. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Very good. She got a lot of details nailed down and was absolutely confident in her timelines. Will go back to her soon." ... written by Vee
Great psychic, she helps me to know my destinity." ... written by Ionut
Okay people!!! She should be the top psychic on ORANUM." ... written by Kitkat02
speechless" ... written by mimi
She is right on point with the problem I've been having. Love the reading with her. Will definitely use her again. " ... written by twinspice7
She is really good. she sees all... can't wait for things to happen." ... written by loveher
5 stars! Good reader!" ... written by Ann
I highly recommend her... She is the real deal! Check her out and she will make a believer out of you..." ... written by dabountychic119
Singing Hallelujah I found my favorite psychic on here. All of her readings with me has been dead on. OMG OMG OMG! " ... written by dabountychic119
she is my psychic." ... written by smiley2011
Explains and describes people in detail, great." ... written by smiley2011
Great as usual! Thank you so much!" ... written by noga1981
Great Read!!! Wow!!! Very interesting events coming down. Very direct. 5 stars. She is the real deal!!!" ... written by Martank
Araishaa is insightful, she is quick, firm and confidence in her predict. She helps me a lot. Thankful to her !" ... written by Mai
She's very accurate and clear about my future and I'm stable enough to know whats coming and I'm more prepared than I was before. I love her! Def staying with her." ... written by Briginette
She's amazing I recommend her!!! Accurate as well" ... written by Briginette
She excellent, I do recommend her!!!! Please do your reading with her. " ... written by Briginette
Thank you" ... written by duke
She always makes me feel better!" ... written by mimi
I love Ara, she is always accurate for me, and she always sweet. Just LOVE HERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" ... written by V
I am impress." ... written by Marcos
Great as usual." ... written by smiley2011
Too much information flowing, so I needed to come back. Pleasant and satisfied with the reading. 5* definitely " ... written by woodencloud
Detailed, confidence, accurate. That's what I get from the Araishaa. Read a lot of positive reviews here. I hope what she predicts from me comes to fruition. Thank you!" ... written by woodencloud
I like the privates we have. She tells me about people around me that .. how would she know unless she is authentic? She gives me tips and information about what to look for or look out for. I am sure to go private with her more. " ... written by rivereed
AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!! More predictions came true. OMG! Get a reading with her and see for yourself." ... written by dabountychic119
It was my first time reading with her. she is very sweet and funny. she seems accurate in her readings and I hope her predictions come true." ... written by linh
Great as usual!" ... written by smiley2011
She is always excellent. Today she told me I'm going on trip soon which I haven't even told anyone yet only just booked my tickets but Araisha saw this straight away that's how accurate she is... " ... written by elle11
Listening to Araishaa and her warnings about what is to come is an eye opener she was on point about how I am and how impatient I am about things. " ... written by Briginette
She was so right about her predictions. She told I was getting a job and BAM I got the job the next day everything that she told me is coming true. and Im so amazed and the things thats she has told I cant wait til the things that she has told me to come true." ... written by Briginette
Thank you!" ... written by sa
I ran out out of credits, she is very on target, and I hope all that she see's will turn out to be true for us in the end. Thanks so much!" ... written by Jena
She help me a lot.. Great ready **********************" ... written by char
Great reading!" ... written by char
Great reading. " ... written by mimi
Everything that Araisha has told me has been on point when i think that im done with my reading theres always so much more that she tells me thats correct about whats going on in my life. she was right about my grandma and she's leaving the hospital today" ... written by Briginette
I cannot go through a reading without a smile on my face! She brings up such random accurate stuff that leaves you wondering how would anyone possibly know that?! Everything she has told me has been correct and all predictions she has given me have come to pass. She's simply the best :) Thanks for another great reading araishaa! :)" ... written by Moonshine
She really the top here. She gives you details and lots of it." ... written by lifelove
Thanks sistah for everything! :)" ... written by rudexlove
This woman never ceases to amaze me. I swear... she is more like my consular now!" ... written by Elizabeth
Very good needed more time" ... written by mz
She really the best with the cards" ... written by mekey
Loved her!!!!! She did multiple readings with me and the same answers came over and over and over and over again..... will definitely stick with this one. She's legit!!!!!" ... written by naygirl911
The awesome reading I have had with details and hair color and race I, couln't have ask for more, she nail it to the T. Ms Araishaa is the best, she told me things that I don't know how she would know iuless she is psychic. Awesome, awesome thank you soooo much!" ... written by scorpionqueen
Great session." ... written by luckystar
Great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
Wow, She is great, Love her!" ... written by Mai
She is extremely good. Her predictions do come true. She should be on the top of the list with Oranum." ... written by ladykathy
Wow! She can definitely see the present and she can see what is coming and what I planned to do in the near future. I can't wait till march next year to see if things pan out..." ... written by linn
She is scary good. I doubted her a lot but a couple of days later she told me a lot of facts that came true. " ... written by Rachel Rosenzweig
Describes things very well" ... written by smiley2011
I love her, best psychic ever." ... written by smiley2011
Great, gave me predictions as usual will have to wait and see she is always right anyways" ... written by smiley2011
Great as usual, always accurate." ... written by smiley2011
Says it as she sees it." ... written by smiley2011
Great!!" ... written by Brit0923
Best psychic, her predictions always come true!" ... written by smiley2011
Great, sees things very clearly!" ... written by smiley2011
Arraishaa's predictions came true. She told me I was going to interview with a light skinned woman and I did. She said I would have a second interview with the light skinned woman and a man. I did. The man really liked me so much that he started to give me a tour of his office and where I would be sitting. She told me that my ex was coming back and he has. She is great! She tells it like it is. No sugar coating! She keeps it honest and real. I love her. Highly recommended!" ... written by dabountychic119
Update reading... let's see how things will unfold. thank you! " ... written by woodencloud
Great reading." ... written by Rei
My favorite psychic on oranum, very accurate " ... written by smiley2011
Wow!! New information, outstanding! Araishaa is very direct, and likes to give you a complete picture. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Amazing, describes people as they are and she sees things before they happen" ... written by smiley2011
Wow!! Always great with info and insight! 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Insightful and professional reading with wise advices. The reading was worthy. Love her so much!" ... written by Mai
Very amazing reading 1000 stars" ... written by sam
I Love this woman. When she isn't on I get severe withdrawals. I feel like a damn stalker" ... written by Elizabeth
I want to say that this psychics by the name "araishaa" the best person whose prediction does come true for me on this site, there was stuff she told me that took me by surprise when it come to past! I have been talking to her since a year now and I feel she deserve the best judgment or highest rated. I do not really compliments much but if I do it simply means she does a great job! I must tell ...she is straight forward and she tell you how it is! it is a great pleasure to know that there is a psychic that don't sugar coat and not for the money! thank u Oranum for having her on this site and thank u araishaa!" ... written by Angelapebbles
Wow!! Great read! She never fails me. Great insight, and advice. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Everything she said was on target." ... written by Superstar
Thank you so much!" ... written by NIGEL
Araishaa is absolutely amazing. Everything she ever told me came true she told me an ex would come back to me and he did she said i would be very sick on my job and while she was on vacation I became ill on the job . So much more came true but too much to write. Love you araiashaa! xoxoxo" ... written by mimi326
Araishaa's readings are incredibly in depth and informative. Her cards picked up again what she had seen before, very accurate, I trust what she has to say. Thank you! " ... written by Jena
I love her so much must read with her." ... written by mimi
AMAZING!!! KNOWS everything right to the dot! It's insane! " ... written by Regina
The best here." ... written by mariaee
Very, very good in details." ... written by Christina HOU
<" ... written by cc
Very honest." ... written by krat13
Great reading." ... written by luckystars
Araishaa is excellent psychic. She gave me 2 predictions and both 2 came to truth. She also give good advice. Love her!" ... written by Mai
very precise" ... written by satyen
Great person, gave me a prediction which came true in 2 months. With lot of accuracy. Helped me in many ways and really positive. God Bless!" ... written by Bobbin
Wow!! Great read as always. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Great as usual!" ... written by smiley2011
I just had a quick update with araishaa. This is my 3rd time. I absolutely love her. I got positive news for the most part and shes always consistent with all her readings with me. Like she doesn't shift her time frames when I ask her for updates on the same situation. She's pretty honest. I'm still waiting to see if her predictions will come true but based on her reviews and her great personality, I have faith that all that she mentioned will come to pass. I do recommend her." ... written by linh
Was really good !!!! was pretty spot on :) " ... written by Amrita
She's the best! Right on! Don't go to other psychic. Araishaa will give you the most accurate answers and prediction!" ... written by itsuaramo
Spot on once again.. the things she tells me I never believe her then it happens and I'm left shocked... " ... written by elle11
Great reading! Everything comes true with her. " ... written by ladykathy
My angel, when I want the truth I come to her." ... written by smiley2011
Good read as usual.....:D" ... written by Rahul
Good as usual." ... written by smiley2011
I love her, already 2nd reading, she was very assuring, very straight, I'm waiting for her predictions to come true but she was right on with the situation." ... written by Acealways
Thanks sis!" ... written by rudexlove
Great reading as usual!" ... written by Rahul
Arasha saw all right...I lost my hope but she kept telling me that it ll happen and it did...She is the best." ... written by bettany
Very good!!!" ... written by tiffany
Predictions come true with this Angel. She is the real deal!! Don't believe me, get a reading and see for yourself !!" ... written by dabountychic
She is right on point!" ... written by aSHLEY
Says it as she sees it, as usual." ... written by smiley2011
Another great reading by Araishaa. She is an amazing psychic and I keep coming back to her because she is so accurate and her predictions have come to pass. Thank you Araishaa." ... written by Cora
Awesome" ... written by smiles
Overall the session was great. I got a pretty decent amount of time and he was very straight forward with me. I love her personality!" ... written by linh
Fantastic as usual!" ... written by Kat
Fantastic!! But I got D/C!!" ... written by Kat
Confirmed exactly what I was feeling without having to tell her much. Amazing thank you. Keep me safe!!" ... written by Kat
Araishaa is amazing. Everything she has said has come to pass and the detail in her readings is astounding every time. She gives numbers, physical descriptions and everything is spot on. Very accurate, she is the real deal. " ... written by Irene
Amazing!" ... written by Meohmy7
great reading!! Thank you" ... written by vine
I missed her so much and love her accuracy " ... written by mimi326
What can i say!? Shes astonishing, accurate, fast, right on point, answered all my questions and more. Wonderful reading. Thank you!" ... written by PB1923
She is very accurate, and I know straight away that everything she tells me makes sense. It is as if she knows me and my situation without me mentioning anything to her. So it's very easy to trust her words." ... written by Anna
Another good reading :)" ... written by shad
Very good..... We ran out of time but I really appreciate her honesty and help. You are truly worth every penny.....God bless you and your gifts honey......All I want is the truth and that's what you gave me.....I will keep you updated on predictions....(((hugs)))" ... written by Ebony
Very good woman. Did not even say a word to her and she blurted out my life history!" ... written by love
very accurate!!" ... written by Ernesto Bonilla
Araishaa is very good... She was so accurate it was almost scary!!" ... written by dvalshoe
Thank you, Araishaa! Great reading! She was very fast and answered all my questions." ... written by Stargazer44
Pretty good as usual!" ... written by smiley2011
She is amazing! Everything that see predicts has come true for me. I have no doubts about her readings. If she warns you about something that she sees, you have to take it with caution. Otherwise, she is my top pick on Oranum!" ... written by ladykathy
I can't stay away. her predictions keep coming true." ... written by dabountychic119
She's amazing!! just wow!" ... written by Regina
Amazing reading....." ... written by zimerili1
She is great... knew colors and more... wow!" ... written by butterfly
Best reading ive ever done the things she tells me always comes true especially about jobs" ... written by Briginette
She said I was stressed at work and shes right i am totally on the spot. I can't wait to see what else is coming " ... written by Briginette
Predictions constantly come true. Amazing!" ... written by Regina
Araishaa is insightful and extremely accurate. Love her!" ... written by Mai
As usually, Araishaa is simply amazing! fast accurate insight, i just love readings with her! " ... written by maria
Thank you Araisha... I look forward to the predictions. Timelines seem to be accurate and the reading as well. Thank you for your prayers. x" ... written by GD
Great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
Awesome reading! She tells you like she sees it and within time they do come true. I come to her for updates because they come true. She is the top of my list for readings from Oranum!" ... written by ladykathy
She saw me getting some big moneys that day and I did. She is the top one here." ... written by amelia
I ve tried many experts, and Araishaa is by far the most accurate, detailed, fast reader i have ever had experienced. She is SO ACCURATE and absolutely wonderful person, makes you relax and opens you up for a wonderful reading! THE BeST out of dozens i tried on liveperson site!!! Wonderful advice on my situation" ... written by Maria
Everything was spot on, I like her........... She is lovely. Very helpful and I will be back soon!" ... written by Christina HOU
OMG! She is just so good, I'm always amazed!!! She knows everything without you saying anything to her. She already knew about some of my plans for the future that I just recently decided, ALWAYS go to her!" ... written by Regina
Prediction made 4 months ago is happening now... Still waiting for the rest... Accurate reader!" ... written by cat
She's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by leelee32384
Very, very good and helpful, third time visiting.... Always good." ... written by Christina HOU
very nice!" ... written by Ratan
Very nice!!" ... written by Ratan
She is the real deal. I had a very specific situation. She got to the bottom of it and told me details." ... written by bearsmum
Great as usual." ... written by smiley2011
Araisha came recommended from my sister and it was all good! I asked one question and got many answers; very useful ones that I did not even see coming. I will recommend and definitely use again. " ... written by Nic_2013
Everything that araishaa has said about my current relationship has come true i love what she has told me and has come true " ... written by Bri
Very insightful as always " ... written by mimi326
Thanks sistah.. That explains a lot" ... written by rudexlove
I am thrilled for the new things that are coming my way i cant wait to see whats going to happen. I will def be back, Araisha is the best all her premonitions have been coming true" ... written by bri
I just had the most awesome reading with Araishaa I think she is the top rated psychic on her she reads me like a book and she knew things before I can ask the question. Top rated all the way love this young lady she's the best hands down THE BEST EVER!" ... written by scorpionqueen
Great as usual, sees whats happening and tells you the truth." ... written by smiley2011
She is awesome." ... written by Rei
Araishaa was straight forward and picked up on my concerns immediately - I feel better now - Thank you xxxxx" ... written by kim
She is quick and fast and accurate... Thanks." ... written by irelandirish
Very fast and good. Many thanks!" ... written by irelandirish
That was fun! She is cool." ... written by Mary
Very good reading. . ." ... written by Lyn
Wow! Great read! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
100% accurate!" ... written by Mai
Everything she says is eerily accurate. It kind of scares me, but things she told me to be wary of have happened. Never had I had a psychic be so on point with everything going on with my life. I know they are predictions but they also serve as warnings. She is a psychic but also a guide. I am thankful for her honesty and hope that things go according to how I want them. I am glad she told me her visions and hopefully I will be strong and overcome my own fears. She is truly gifted, and no matter the price... the guidance from her is priceless. " ... written by leelee32384
She is just on point with accuracy. Thank you Araishaa." ... written by love
Araishaa is always a great pleasure to speak with...She deserves all the stars for her honesty and accuracy...(((hugs)))...So far one of her predictions have come to pass but I will wait patiently for the others to unfold...One of the very best on Oranum...God bless you my dear...Xx" ... written by Ebony
Another catch up with araisha her predictions come through for me sooner or later what she says she is soo accurate..." ... written by elle11
Best advice, 100% accurate. Love her!" ... written by Mai
Great my angel." ... written by smiley2011
Said i would get a new job and guess what just got the offer today!!! Awesome! thank you" ... written by Raya
She's amazing!! My first reading with her and it won't be my last." ... written by aribel parache
I say this with the upmost honesty, forget everyone else, shes amazing. There is no one here like her. She is a real talent. Dont be fooled by others, this one will blow your mind. Let her show you the way, and bring peace into your life." ... written by leelee32384
She's really awesome. I love getting readings with her, always relates well with me. Thanks mama!" ... written by bumblebee03
great as usual, amazing psychic." ... written by smiley2011
Great as usual." ... written by smiley2011
Thank you " ... written by irelandirish
100% accurate and love her!" ... written by mai
Araishaa is my best psychic. She is very, very intelligent and exactly 100% accurate, not 99%. Everything she predicted, they happened. She is very quick. She has been helping me a lot in business, Finance, and love life. Her price is not cheap but I don't waist money by talking to her. Love her so much! more than five stars." ... written by Mai
Excellent. She is the best!" ... written by Sunny
Thanks Araishaa. Your last prediction came true and I know this one will too. Also I will following your advice. Thanks." ... written by irelandirish
She confirmed what I knew in regards to my situation. Very direct and confident. I will return." ... written by Leticia
Hope her predictions come true!!" ... written by Ernesto Bonilla
I love, love, love Araishaa so much. She said has came true for me and she keeps it real worth every dime you spend. Nothing she hasn't told me failed everything always comes true." ... written by mimi326
Absolutely speechless. Araishaa just kept coming up with so many things that were spot on. Kept topping up and spent credits, she was so worth it!" ... written by Freedom2211
Tells me what she sees, she is great." ... written by smiley2011
Fast, accurate, friendly, right on spot. Lets see what future brings! Thank you for your great reading! I will be back for updates!" ... written by emmanuel
Nice reading as usual :)" ... written by Rahul
Great as usual!" ... written by smiley2011
She kept telling me that she seen a baby. A long time, and I kept saying no I'm not going to have a baby and guess what guys, I'm pregnant!" ... written by hey hey
She's awesome. I come to her like family. She's very consistent with what she sees and feels. I really love her. " ... written by leelee32384
She sees what others miss very accurate." ... written by elle11
She was very honest and to the point. I liked it a lot. Thank you. " ... written by star
My angel, she sees everything!" ... written by smiley2011
When I say Araishhaa is the truth she is always 100% right about things i love her worth every dime!" ... written by mimi326
Araisha is great. Good advice and great reading.. Thank you!" ... written by globe
Araishaa is always accurate!" ... written by Mai
Thanks, you're always right! lol" ... written by rudexlove
100% accurate!" ... written by Mai
Number 1 psychic on ORANUM" ... written by Mai
best reading, best consultant, love her!" ... written by Mai
April and march... I will take note of things to come. Thank you." ... written by linn
Great as usual." ... written by smiley2011
She the top. Her cards do not lie...she sees all...all her things happened to me and waiting for more now." ... written by mariaee
Good reading, quick. " ... written by Rei
She sees all the things correct...all" ... written by mariela
Great reading! Thank you my laptop crashed. :( So sorry." ... written by jojoed
She is always on target with her predictions. She is really good." ... written by ladykathy
Thank you Araishaa, I didn't hear what I wanted to hear but what you told me gave me hope for something new and better to happen. I will see what the future will bring. I will let you know. Thank you!" ... written by Nectar
This woman is phenomenal love her very accurate. " ... written by araishaa
Thanks Araishaa. You have cleared things up. and you are right. Im going to read your mantras too." ... written by irelandirish
Spot on!" ... written by Queen
So I had a specific question in mind for Araishaa, I wanted to know if my professor had messed up on my grades because it just didn't look right. Araishaa told me that she had messed up on my grades but would own up to it. This morning I received an email from my professor confirming that she did mess up on my grades. Araishaa had the description of my professor down to a T. She described her as non white and as a person who did like me and would correct her mistakes. I was so happy to get this email from my professor. Thank you so much Mama, for all that you do and for being persistant in your predictions. You are the TRUTH." ... written by leelee32384
She is so accurate its unbelievable... I came to her to ask about 2 things today and she already answered my second q without me even asking the question.. Love her!" ... written by elle11
All my readings from her have come true. She is the best and worth every minute to have a reading with. She is 5+ stars for me." ... written by ladykathy
Oh my goodness, this woman is amazing, you wont regret it, very quick. I have made a note of the predictions lets wait and see..." ... written by sticky toffee
Great reading she nailed things on the head. Ran out of credits but she seemed VERY confident with her prediction. I'm hoping it comes through. TY Araishaa!" ... written by Pete
So let me tell you my experience with Araishaa. Back in early September I was head over heels for this guy I was dating, I went to Araishaa for advise because i began to get worried if he wasn't interested in me anymore. She advised me in the reading that ANOTHER guy will come into my life, who will like me a lot more, will have a very stable job and will move the relationship much faster than the current guy. She also told me (career wise) that a light skinned woman was not to be trusted... so..." ... written by naygirl911
Thank you!!! You are awesome! Very helpful :) Looking forward to the changes! Bless you!" ... written by Nva123
Great reading." ... written by luckystars
She is very nice and sticks with her predictions. " ... written by Ratan
Still waiting for march's prediction and thank you for being fast and she was accurate about the previous readings." ... written by linn
Very clear and visionary, thanks!" ... written by Denise
She is quick reader gives you detail in everysubject, she is perfect." ... written by rose3739
LOVE LOVE Araishaa and her readings!! True and honest." ... written by kat
This is my testament for such a wonderful and accurate lady. Araishaa is truly gifted and really sees into your life. She told me I would be in love with this guy, at the time it was highly unlikely but I can tell you today, that yes I am falling hard for this guy. Her visions of what she sees are always consistent and always makes sense to me. She is very compassionate and speaks the truth. She also pushes you to look at things from another angle if what she sees is not what you envisioned for yourself. She is by far the most accurate and gifted reader I have encountered. I really respect her, and feel that she has a sense of pride and need to help others whether their paths are good or bad. Thanks Araishaa for everything. You have made me a believer of your abilities. " ... written by leelee32384
loved it and her" ... written by mayce
Thank you so, so much! You are so sweet and helpful! You are a true blessing! and I like how you don't lie at all if you don't see something you say it, you don't make anything up! So thank u! You are an angel!! :) " ... written by nva123
Amaxzinggggggg" ... written by sandra
omg!!! omg!! she is amazing!" ... written by sandra
Very nice!" ... written by Ratan
She is great, GOD, she even mentioned the other guy at work that likes me and I didn't mention him to Araishaa. Worth of try." ... written by miti
Great reading, she lifted my spirits." ... written by Peter
AMAZING AS ALWAYS!! Knows everything! You won't regret it. " ... written by Regina
I can just confirm other testimonials. Amazing depicting of the situation, she really wants the best for me and several things have come true already." ... written by eva
I absolutely love araishaa she is accurate about everything she says not one thing since i put my trust in her did she let me down with anything i trust her fully and she is worth every dime . xoxoxo" ... written by mimi326
Araishaa has always been so on point about everything, and has picked up on things in a way no one else has, I always wait until I see her on before reading with anyone else. Thank you!" ... written by Jena
She is simply amazing!! sees stuff happening right away! She told me things that I was aware of happening soon. It's just crazy how amazing she is. Choose her you wont regret it!! " ... written by Regina
Time and time again..............i come to her for guidance........and she helps me in every way. She is a godsend. I believe in her and her abilities. I am so lucky to have found her. Thank you!" ... written by leelee32384
She is really terrific, I really enjoyed her reading, which is quite detailed and she has a fantastic energy. Thank you !!!" ... written by jag
Amazing!!! Only person I go to and only person I trust... Accurate, accurate, accurate!" ... written by RDS
Great reading." ... written by luckystars
She is just so amazing! Everything she says is right where it is! and the predictions are just incredible I'm really looking forward to this year! thank you Araisha." ... written by alma
She was fast and accurate about certain things in life. I can't wait to see what happens next." ... written by Bhabylee
She is superb as usual! Very accurate!" ... written by maria
Always clear, consistent, and concise!" ... written by Queen
Caring. great!" ... written by Angela
great reading" ... written by luckystars
muy bien reading!!" ... written by fllow
Araishaa has been consistently good through the past year. Her predictions come to pass and she is so connected with the current situation with very little information needed. You are incredible Araishaa. Thank you." ... written by Coral
An absolute gem!! This lady works for the good of others, trust me! She is honest and sooo gifted x" ... written by L
Very nice sweet lady!!! Gives you an answer really fast! Thank you! " ... written by olyagray
Thank you. You are always very clear in your description" ... written by lilian
Thank you so, so much! you are an excellent reader! and thanks so much for typing, that was very nice of you!! Bless you!! and guys, she is really good! Does not waste any time and helps a lot with your questions you have! " ... written by nva123
whatever Araishaa says comes through exactly like she said it would in chronological order. Best to do a "general" with her as see will tell you step by step what's in store. Wholeheartedly recommended. Very professional/efficient and completely accurate. If you're wanting to know what's instore for you- she's your lady. 1000 stars :-)" ... written by belladonna8
Very very good, pretty much told me some of the things that are going on in my life right now. Plus some people I should probably avoid." ... written by Paul
I love this woman to death, great advice and also right about everything she tells me." ... written by mimi
ONLY person I trust! Wasted so much money on useless fakes, she is the only one I care about and even consider a friend and trust. Thank you araishaa for everything!" ... written by RayAD
This was my first reading with her, and OMG she was spot on with everything. AMAZING reader. She said things that I already knew. She predicted a lot of good things for me. I'm looking forward to her predictions. She also gave me great advise and I'll def follow her advise. Thank you so much for everything. I"ll be back again!" ... written by sweet84
Very accurate, and love her honest !" ... written by Mai
Perfect!!! Loved her reading!!!" ... written by Diego Ratzlaff
Soo accurate!!! I really do hope that all predictions come to pass!!! Araisha you're the best." ... written by san
She is always honest and tells you exactly as she sees it! Thanks so much!" ... written by alma
Thank you. You were accurate and gave me clarity." ... written by maison
Short reading but I feel so much better I trust this lady to the fullest . I will recommend her to everyone I know " ... written by araishaa
She gave me good predictions for February then March/April I believe it will all happen will come back to testify." ... written by Aacealways
great reading...waiting on predictions to come true :)" ... written by serbboy3
Great! Thx!" ... written by Lisa
so where do i start with this wonderful lady she has been right about everything she mentioned something about my father that was so true and i can not believe she can pick up his energy and hes so far away . also months back in july she told me my ex will come back things looked so down for me now we are back together and stronger like she predicted shes the best thanks xoxoxo" ... written by mimi326
A very special reader that is dear to me. Thank you for everything every time that i seek you out. You are an amazing woman. " ... written by leelee32384
woahhhh....she is good! She picked up on a lot of stuff!! GEEZ! I never told her I wanted to do anything with writing and she just picked that up immediately! She is good! and I must add she is super fast as well! She is good! Go to her, you will not regret! Save yourself the hassle of going to all the other bad ones and go to her" ... written by NVA123
Very good reading, helpful!" ... written by Christina
Nice, honest!" ... written by christina
Very accurate, knew things without being told, spot on about relationship and career, great advice, will definitely be back" ... written by Susie
Araishaa was and has been such a wonderful reader. I haven't gotten a reading like that in at least 10 years, She touched base on everything quick and correctly. She was honest and open. I can not wait until her predictions come true, because I just feel in my heart that they will. I have trust and confidence in her. If you decide to get a reading with her, know that she is worth every penny. Have faith and trust in what she sees and reads. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!!!!" ... written by Ann Marie
You are beyond amazing to me and the details are spot on, it's crazy, love u for all u have taught me xoxoxo" ... written by mimi326
Great reading!" ... written by luckystars
This woman is one of the best, she really put my mind at ease. I was so worried about things but the cards told us that all will be well at the end. Araishaa gave detailed information, I know it will be great and I can now look forward. She is one of the best, and a very quick reader. I cannot wait for the predictions to happen because I know that they will. As a matter of fact bits of what she said before in another reading have happened already." ... written by Stickytoffee
I find Araisha is the best for Honesty, quickness and direct answers. She is lovely too!! Even is situation is complex she unravels it easily for you and tells you what will happen and gives the time frame. worth it!! L " ... written by L
She is fantastic!!! She really knows...she picked up on my situation without me telling her. She is lovely from inside and outside. I got confidence from her andamp; feel that I would get the results soon. God bless her!" ... written by aqua
She's accurate!" ... written by luckystars
I trust her readings because they always going to come true." ... written by ladykathy
Quick reading but very good picked up things right away. " ... written by Lyn
Fantastic!" ... written by Shameika
Her readings are so incredibly accurate that it leaves my head spinning. I can't believe how much she knows without me saying anything and how she is always on point. I look forward to her predictions coming true. Thank you so much!!" ... written by Moonshine
Knew things others didn't know but gave me encouragement. " ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful reader helped give me hope, clarity and understanding. I really like how she reads because he likes to double check her work make sure she gives honest answers. Her predictions I will wait to see if they happen." ... written by pinkpather30
She is very good and sees things that are going on around you clearly!" ... written by Flower
She gave me hope, and every word she said meant sense. " ... written by Anna
Excellent reading will come back" ... written by Cindy
I love her!! She's amazing and accurate :)" ... written by luckystars
What she told me in the pass, came true! She's a real deal :)" ... written by shad
She picked on my situation without info and told me about her, how she looks great reading :)" ... written by serbboy3
Ok, araisha predicted that i was going to meet a new guy in 3 weeks, and last time i had an update with her was 3 weeks ago and i did!!! She told me that this new man had his own business and she even described him physically, well this new man has his own business fits the physical description. She has predicted more things for me, so now i know for sure that they will continue to unfold…This is a really exciting time of my life and i thank araisha for her insights…she is amazing!" ... written by sandra
People pls have reading with araisha she is 110% accurate! I can't believe what she tells me! Then few comes true! Unbelievable!! " ... written by elle11
Very good. 5 stars." ... written by peace
Thank you very much! I ran out of funds. But thank you for your time. Very genuine and easy to talk to. Blessings" ... written by loving
Araishaa is the best and most accurate psychic to me . Love her!" ... written by Mai
Amazing!" ... written by leelee32384
Excellent reading! xxxxx" ... written by Mai
This Lady is amazing, I do not know how she knows the things she does, but she def. knows something!" ... written by Roonil
Amazing reading… let's see how things unfold. I will be posting my updates!" ... written by san
She's amazing." ... written by luckystars
Always right on...and does not waiver from what she sees for you." ... written by Crystal
She saw so many things... Been coming to her reading for 7moths at least..She saw my money things and she saw the ring coming..Like 80 procent of all she sees happens..It is amazing what she sees on her cards....She also warned me not to buy my aparamant and i did and there was a mold there...She also saw bf very much in love with me and the ring that I got 2 days ago..." ... written by happygirl
Time and time again, she has given me insight regarding my personal life as well as career. She has remained consistent and her readings have been spot on! I truly trust her guidance." ... written by BlkQueen
Thank you for the update! Very awesome x" ... written by luckystars
She proves to be consistent every time... And what she said would happen... happened! She is also good about letting you know what you may not see coming... One of my trusted readers!" ... written by Queen
Truth! No sugar!!" ... written by BlkQueen
Araishaa you are absolutely amazing the minute I asked you a question you pulled a card saying the same thing the same time i typed the question ... You have never been wrong o far and I'm hoping what we spoke on will come to pass fingers crossed lol xoxoxo" ... written by mimi326
Great update..Some things came true as she told me earlier..Waiting on rest to become true" ... written by serbboy3
She is always on target in what she predicts. I have been reading with her for almost a year. Everything that she predicts has come true. I will keep reading with her because she is the best in my books. She is number ONE in my books on Oranum." ... written by ladykathy
Came back for update, very accurate, great reading. Thank you." ... written by sweet84
Reassuring..."it is what it is...and it ain't what it ain't". She won't tell you something that she does not see to make a few dollars. She's worth won't be disappointed." ... written by BlkQueen
Wow!! She has predicted sooo many things that have slowly been happening. It is just crazy!!! Her time frames are always right and she keeps seeing more things coming up for me… I trust everything she tells me as she is able to see things only I could know! I will keep coming back for an update and to let her know that predictions are happening for me! Thank you so much araisha!!!!" ... written by sandra
Amazing job! sees things I didn't even tell her! its crazy how good she is. " ... written by Regina
Absolutely amazing. Araishaa was addictive with her reading. she was spot on and so quick with very minute details. i absolutely loove her and her reading. i will recommend anyone to her and come back with updates." ... written by Anushka Arya
She is truly amazing, the real deal. I trust her immensely. Anything that she has said to me is true. Not just someone online to juice you. " ... written by luckystar222
FANTASTIC!!!! Every time!!" ... written by anonymous
thanks for everything" ... written by dellamar
I don't understand how she is always accurate. Except that she is really gifted and she really cares. I have been going to her for a while now and whenever I feel unbalanced I come to araishaa" ... written by Elizabeth
Great reading!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Araishaa is one of the few readers I keep coming back to. She is very gifted in seeing into details and explaining what she sees in a way that I have not come across elsewhere. She's also direct and honest. I always leave feeling like my questions were really answered. Some time-frame predictions have come true in the past as well. Thank you!" ... written by vintersolis
Very good. Very direct. Thanks. :)" ... written by William
Wow!!! Great read. Interesting new info. Always a pleasure. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Very good. Honest and doesn't sugar coat anything. Will be in touch again." ... written by Lisa
I hope it will be alright like you said." ... written by luckystars
The best!!!!!" ... written by A
I love this lady and it's ridiculous how accurate she is! Someone she told me would come back to bother me this week definitely did bother me this woman is phenomenal worth all the money xoxoxo!!!" ... written by mimi326
THANK YOU SO MUCHHHH!!! :)" ... written by angela
great reading" ... written by luckystars
Good." ... written by Anushka Arya
Thank you very much!! I'll be back again. :) x" ... written by l
Very good, I like her!" ... written by moongirl777
Very good, very strong, very fast... Caring too. Thanks!!!!!!!" ... written by W
She is amazing... She sees every small details... I was broken up with my bf and things were bad... I mean really bad and she saw us getting back together and in love... It happened and also money things happened exactly way she told me. Now she saw me getting a huge huge surprise real soon... I can't wait... I'll keep you posted... She saw the ring before I got it last week so I m looking forward the surprise... OK sometimes things did not happened but they were bad things so I was happy of that...." ... written by sofie
I'm going to keep this one short, but this woman is always accurate. She sees everything for me so clear. Key to everyone: keep it all the way honest with her and she will read you even better. Love you. xoxoxx" ... written by araishaa
She is awesome! I love reading with her! Her predictions come true!" ... written by ladykathy
Araishaa is really good with time frames..her one prediction has come true!!!!!" ... written by Anushka Arya
So sweet. Picked up on a lot.. looking forward to her predictions. I will be back." ... written by shauna
The VERY best!!!!" ... written by Brav0923
My favorite!!" ... written by luckystars
Great reading all around. =)" ... written by Pete
Araishaa is like my friend. Her readings are always consistent sees the same thing so I believe all the predictions will happen. Thank you." ... written by Acealways
Awesome!" ... written by luckystars
Great reading." ... written by luckystars
Not gonna say anything else but you're always right. xoxox. " ... written by araishaa
She was right about everything " ... written by Pioneers19
I have run out good things to say at Araishaa. Every reading with her is shockingly accurate!! " ... written by elle11
She is amazing. Really professional. I recommend her 100%." ... written by martinia
Thanks darling....Lol. We always have a good laugh. She is always on point. Love this girl. We got cut off but it's all good. Thanks for clarifying everything and warning me about other things. I really appreciate all of your help always. She deserves all the stars in the universe. Take her private, you will not be disappointed. She is that good. Hugs. Xx" ... written by Ebony
Thank you so much!! Always able to ease my worries and concerns! You are fantastic!! Wow, so blessed to have you do my readings!" ... written by E
Araishaa is very genuine one of the predictions came true. Im waiting for the others which will happen this month. Thank you." ... written by Acealways
she's great as usual" ... written by luckystars
You always give a good reading always go to you you're so awesome." ... written by dellamal
I dont get much positive vibes from everyone from this site, but I continuously come back to Araishaa because I feel safe and sound with her. I believe she has extraordinary gifts and what she sees is not doubt visions of actual events. Shes a really good listener as well, not all psychic, but a human being with a compassion to help you. She understands me well, and does not feed me false promises like some on here. I am grateful for her assistance and kindness to me even when my faith dwindles. She gives me strength to go on, and accept things as they are at the moment, but also shows me the light for the days and months ahead. She is an exceptional talent, and I am always going to seek her out because i believe she guides me on a path that is suitable for me. Thank you for being here Araishaa, I hope I am always able to reach out to you whenever I need you. Also thank you for always being consistent with me, and remembering me:)" ... written by leelee32384
Thank you so much! You are always wonderful!! You are so clear and concise with what you see, and for that thank you!! :)" ... written by E
Great reading!" ... written by joe
Great Reader! And very attractive." ... written by Jwest12
Great Reader!" ... written by Jwest12
Needed to finish up my reading and it was awesome. Love, love, love Araisha...she is truly the best! She will tell you the straight up truth and she is accurate beyond belief and I believe all that she tells me will happen." ... written by Jenn
Excellent as always, one of the best on Oranum. My go to psychic because of her high accuracy!" ... written by Jennifer
great reading" ... written by luckystar
Araishaa gave me the best reading.. She hit on things that she could not have known." ... written by Terri
she was good..lets see how it spans out..will be back soon..thanks for a lovely really care for people :)" ... written by aquavenus
Great reading. " ... written by luckystars
Quick reading, but we'll see how things unfold. Thanks." ... written by Tooker
The best!" ... written by Samaya
Excellent!" ... written by Samaya
Accurate!!" ... written by Samaya
araishaa it is unbelievable how good you are, everything we read about comes true and it's unreal" ... written by araishaa
awesome read" ... written by ohyikes
It is always a pleasure to speak with araisha." ... written by aghora
Very accurate. One of the best! Worth 10 stars." ... written by PIGLETME
I'm going to go broke talking with Araishaa...but I love her and her readings. They are so accurate with lots of details and information. She is my favorite on here and I will keep coming back to her because she is professional, truthful, accurate, and confident. This lady is awesome, take her private and she will astound you with she sees." ... written by Jennifer
Wow, there was so much accuracy in Araishaa's reading it was amazing! Lots of really good details and she hit everything right. Everything she said was correct, I am amazed and super happy. What a wonderful reading, thank you so much!" ... written by Jennifer
My first reading with Araisha, very good and in-depth. She covered a lot of issues in my life. I will come back and report on how things go. Many blessings" ... written by September
Great follow up, very consistent with the path that was projected last time." ... written by Pete
Another great reading that confirmed other readings and things that had happened so far... Best reader on ORANUM... Will come back for other things as soon they come true :)" ... written by serbboy3
The BEST, her accuracy is outstanding. Everything Araishaa said was true and it all left me in awe. My favorite reader here and I will continue to come back to her because she is confident, full of energy, fun, and truthful. I am looking forward to her predictions coming to fruition. Thank you again so much, it was another wonderful reading!" ... written by Jennifer
Direct, good. Fast, thanks." ... written by W
amazing as always.. thank you Araishaa god bless" ... written by sweet84
i love this lady like ive known her forever she keeps me grounded in so many ways and i will always stay loyal to her everything she says comes true for me keeping my fingers crossed xoxoxoxo araishaa " ... written by araishaa
SHE'S great!" ... written by luckystar
I love reading with her. The readings always come true." ... written by ladykathy
Some things she told me in the past got me shaking my head. Then months later, it happens and believe me when they happened my jaw literally wanted to drop. I've been with Araishaa since August, and through out these months, she has been consistent and very caring with her readings of my life. I do not know how she knows what she knows, or sees what she sees, but i am a believer of her and these latest predictions just summed up how awesome and real she is. Sure she is expensive, but if you want the best, you must pay. Just because someone has a cheap rate does not mean its better quality or how much quantity you can get out of a reading. Araishaa is the best female reaqer on this site, I can attest to that. I'm on here way too much, but Araishaa for me is the only reason to stay, well her and maybe 3 other people, but the point of my wordy testimonial is........Araishaa is worth it and so much more. I really love her, and hope shes on here whenever I need her. Actual real guidance is hard to come don't pass her up!" ... written by leelee32384
Thank you once again :)" ... written by luckystars
Really spot on with everything. Great reading. And quick" ... written by Ahz
Great. Absolutely great" ... written by ahz
Amazing as always. Spot on with everything. I'll def come back again. Thank you Araishaa oxoxox" ... written by sweet84
She is a 5 star plus in my books. Everything comes true very fast. Awesome!!" ... written by ladykathy
Wow!!! So much great information. She tells it like it is. Upfront 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Araishaa is an amazing reader. EVERYTHING that she has told me so far has come true. There are so many things yet to happen, but I know that with her guidance and suggestions I will get through them. I have never had a reading like hers. She was on point with it ALL. She has left me dumb founded and amazed. She really is incredible. If you want accurate predictions, consult with Araishaa!!!" ... written by adonnelly76
to be honest.... your cards and you are amazing. I have never gotten a reading where everything has come true. I cant believe that every time you say something it has happened. You are a blessing. The things you have told me that have happened in such a short time from our readings, are impossible to know. they weren't things that were general they were specific, and you nailed them. Thank You and bless you for your talent!!!!!" ... written by Ann Marie
You've given me hope. I will do some research and meditation and go forward. I look forward to meeting again. :)" ... written by Sabrina
Amazing as always can see things that are coming up without me saying a word it's just crazy! Love her!! " ... written by Regina
Araishaa is always good.. she seen many things...already many things happened like she said..some i m waiting.." ... written by serafine
Great... :)" ... written by maurvon
Her reading was the most accurate I've ever gotten, it was quick as well!!! I was hesitant/skeptical but she hit on my situation accurately and swiftly enough to make me a happy believer. Great reading." ... written by vousavez89
Love her. She always calms me when I am ready to lose it. Gives me the truth for all it is worth." ... written by lilian
I would like to give her 5 stars. she's amazing!! Accurate and caring xx" ... written by rainbows8
Shes great and makes you understand everything" ... written by Trisha
WOw Araishaa has always been so true and accurae with her predictions. Whatever she told me , actually came true. WOnderful person and energy. Truly Blessed " : )" ... written by Bobbin
always a pleasure" ... written by aghora
Great follow up.. made a lot of sense!" ... written by Pete
Very Very good... I need to save some more money and come back to her... Amazing... Very good..............." ... written by md3311
She has been very consistent in her predictions and Im hoping all will happen as she sees it. I would recommend her. " ... written by Ace
Her predictions come true" ... written by luckystars
Good Morning... Hope all is well with you. This is just a little update to our reading from yesterday. He did call me, and well, the doctor is going to put him on insulin. He doesn't like it and isn't happy about it, but at this point has no choice, just like it was said. Aparte de eso, me estoy arreglando el pelo, para las cosas buenas que vienen, lol. Araishaa, your cards are wonderful, and I cant wait to see what happens next. Amazing that 85 percent of what your cards have said, have come to pass and in such a short time, I mean seriously in under a month. Im still in shock!!!! LOL. Thank you!" ... written by adonnelly76
She cares for her cilent and is always reliable/accurate" ... written by luckystars
Araishaa is my go to girl for confirming things.....Always right and always honest about what she sees. The last reading happened just like she said and I never doubt her because she is usually always on point....Thank you darlin....Xx ((Hugs))..." ... written by Ebony Trott
Excellent reading.. predicted great things for the near future, and I'm very excited about. She also was very very accurate with the current situation.. Thank you Araishaa" ... written by sweet
Always right, always honest, always the best. " ... written by A
Thank you so much for the reading. I will come back again. You made me strong and I will update you. You are brilliant, thank you mama!! I will let you know how things unfold! " ... written by littleone3
Always remarkable!!" ... written by queen
Amazingly accurate...insanely so. I find myself nodding my head and laughing out loud every time because what she says is bang on! Can't wait for predictions to come about. You are an amazing lady. I will definitely be coming back to see you again :) Thank you so much Araishaa!" ... written by Joc
Araishaa's reading give me a sense of peace. I love her reading and everyone of her readings have come true. she's great with her readings. i do recommend her." ... written by Bri
Good " ... written by Srallen
thank you. Very real and very thank you a lot" ... written by loving08
amazing!" ... written by raquel
she is great!!!!! all predictions are just amazing and they happen " ... written by sand
Awesome reading! Amazing how accurate. Really helped me to feel confident about what is coming for me! Thank you so much!" ... written by Stephanie
Araishaa is spot on- her predictions come to light and this is why i always come back to seek guidance from her. Thank you Araishaa. xx" ... written by Coral
very very good!!" ... written by ap414
Araisha is the best, so accurate and truthful. She consistently tells me the same thing and with a little bit extra here and there but it's always spot on! She is fun, nice, accurate, truthful, detailed, and informative. She truly has a gift. Take her for a private and get the answers you need." ... written by Jennifer
Great reading... Got to wait couple of weeks to confirm her predictions :)" ... written by serbboy3
OMG is all I have to say! I was completely blown away by my reading. There is no way she could've known what she told me. I am amazed and is an believer!" ... written by happybee2
great reading" ... written by apple
Got a reading after two months. Everything she told was going to happen, actually happened. Great reader, will always come back" ... written by A Reyes
She was awesome!" ... written by happybee2
Great read! Very detailed. She covers everything. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow!!! That was a nice reading. Very detailed. She likes covering all areas in your life. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
I just love her I am so faithful to her" ... written by Elizabeth
OMG!! I have never had such a reading! This woman is more than amazing!! She is worth the money and more. I will only read with her from now on!!!" ... written by Etta
2days... 2 weeks or 2 months... Waiting to see my surprise" ... written by Linn115
good reading" ... written by luckystars
Araishaa always predicted the same thing for me in April and Im sure it will happen I got a breakthrough finally waiting for it to occur next week. She is very good and knows her cards I recommend her highly." ... written by Ace
Great reading.. gave time frames again, i hope that i happens soon like she said." ... written by sweet
Araisha has predicted some major changes in my life and huge opportunities… some of them are already happening. I have to say that most of her predictions and insights are 90% correct. I absolutely trust her and her predictions as i have been coming to her for the last 6 months. Thank you so much!" ... written by sandra
she said me hard things to hear, but someone needs to tell me this. I know how to handle with my situation now. Thanks Araishaa!!" ... written by Aby
To all the non believers of Araishaa, I have to say shame on you. She is the most detailed and excellent reader EVER. With none of the other psychics on this site have any of their predictions come true but with her they have. She connects wonderfully and on point. She tells about people, and what is going to happen. She leads you down the path that is right for you. In the 2 months I have been working with her my life has changed completely. I am more confident of my choices because she knows and tells me how to be react so that it works for me. Most things in my life now are expected because of her skills. " ... written by Ann Marie
thanks araishaa u are the best always on point " ... written by mimi326
the best!" ... written by leelee32384
WOW.....Amazing......what a lady...she told everything.... whats happening in my lifee......cant believe.... Hold ladyy" ... written by nag
Very good and exact and quick ty!" ... written by Tameka
she's great as usual..." ... written by luckystars
Wow!! Great read. She gives a lot of information in a short period of time. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
She is just awesome, great insight, truthful and accurate. Love her to pieces, one of my go to readers because she is the best" ... written by Jennifer
I just experienced the most insightful and ultimate reading with her. She gives descriptions of people to confirm what she is saying and time lines. She is a very fast and compassionate reader. She just awesome!! A reading with her will change your life." ... written by happybee2
She's amazing!! Accurate!! I have to top up a couple of times." ... written by luckystars
Thank you gorgeous....You always know how to send me in the right path. Always truthful in what she sees and says. One of the most talented psychics on Oranum and she deserves all the stars in the universe. Thanks for this reading dear, it really helped me. ((Hugs)) Xx" ... written by Ebony
It is really difficult to put into words the accuracy of this tallented and very gifted woman. Her ability to pin point exact detail is mind blowing. I have a healthy ammount of skeptisim with these sorts of things and there is only one real conclussion. Araishaa is real, she does see and the proof lies in thelong line absolute truths she has told me over the past year" ... written by Alex
Wonderful.... simply wonderful. I love this woman. Everything she tells me is right on the money. I cant wait to take her to pvt every week, it gets me thru my week." ... written by Ann Marie
First, so much information! Look forward to the predictions!" ... written by Mare
Wish I had more money, could listen to araishaa all day!" ... written by librabeauty
thanks you . you are the best " ... written by sai
connected quickly. nice lady. will certainly visit again. " ... written by jan
Excellent, very accurate." ... written by librabeauty
It's a great reading" ... written by luckystars
She;s fantastic, funny, honest and she hits the spot...." ... written by bucholoco
thank u araishaa u help me so much, hope your prediction comes true" ... written by angel
What to say..she is great as usual.........amazing..." ... written by Nag
Very good reading!" ... written by Marie
Wonderful!" ... written by jay
There is no one like her in this worlddd" ... written by nag
really accurate and fun!" ... written by dean
simply MAGINIFICANT.... everything she told me would happen on line 1 happened the next day. You are wonderful" ... written by ann marie
Interesting information was given." ... written by telt1910
I know I have left many testimonials, but I have to tell you. I have been on Oranum for over a year now and just recently have I come across a TRUE psychic. Ive consulted many on here an none have been on point like Araishaa. None so detailed and so willing to help. Thank you so much. You will forever have a satisfied and happy client with me." ... written by AnnMarie
Great reading I always get more that I ask for and usually happens. Prediction came true about important documents at work and a big error. I was able to catch it thanks to my reading!" ... written by Pete
hope what she see manifest :)" ... written by aquavenus
Greattttt" ... written by Nag
I am completely in awe at how fast and accurate this very special lady is ! She is incredibly accurate and detiled and fast :) ! Will keep coming back again and again for sure !!!" ... written by Sarah
She is just unbelievable ! So direct and so good ! Super funny, caring and trustworthy, saw many many things with extreme accuracy I did not tell her, very impressed ! WIll come back again and again :) !" ... written by Sarah
Very nice reading" ... written by luckystars
Very spot on with many things including relationships and career with minimal prompting - very impressed!" ... written by Maria Pritchard
Araisha is a very powerful psychic. Last time she told me some things that came to pass, so I came for another reading. I think she is great, so give her a try! Thank you. Many blessings :) " ... written by Willow
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!! Araisha is the best!!!" ... written by Brav0923
Back once again as predictions keep coming true ! I just can't believe how accurate she is and well you just need to try her because there will be no doubt in your mind ever again. I have tried many psychics in oranum over a year and never found someone like her ! integrity and truly gifted, she will never waste your time or money !" ... written by Sarah
Pretty accurate...and honest without prompting...I'm happy to have done it!" ... written by Josh
Thanks so much Araisha! She has predicted so many things for me and they have actually happened… she immediately sees the situations without you saying a word… just ask her one question and her cards will tell you everything!… i always come back to her because i trust her 100%… thank u so much :) xoxo" ... written by sandra
Araishaa is very consistent with her predictions she sees the same thing for me and Im waiting for it all to happen soon I believe it will. Thank you" ... written by Acealways
Amazing as always! She knows the situation exactly without saying anything!" ... written by regina
another great reading with many details of whats exactly going on and whats coming up...araishaa is person that i trust most :)" ... written by serbboy3
OMG i was just wowed by her talent like she literally pinpointed every single detail about my life without me saying anything no joke!!! shes amazing and funny at the same time :) I'm still under the shock because nobody was ever able to know so much just like that so I 100% recommend her to everybody...a bit pricy but worth it!" ... written by Adiee
Great reading . I call before and she hit it right on the nail" ... written by benina
My weekly news.... lol. I love this woman. She is the best ever!!!!! I come in every week so I know what is going to happen, and guess what it does!!!!!" ... written by Ann Marie
She keeps it 100%. Never trickery or saying what you want to hear....always honest and stands behind what she says. I trust her." ... written by anonymous
Excellent reader, she's one of the few I will keep coming back to, I've had readings with many and she has always given the most details and information of anyone I have been too, always accurate, you never feel your time has been wasted and will leave with the answers you came for. " ... written by Jena
always a pleasure" ... written by aghora
I love her, for me shes absolutely always on the money. Shes always right, and at the time she says something that sounds strange, im always like yeah right, but it turns out to be true. She really has an extraordinary gift, but you have to remember, she is there to help you and not to give you fantasies. There is a reason why people keep coming back to her. But if you go into private, go in positively, do not doubt her. Believe in her visions, because it truly does unfold later. " ... written by leelee32384
Araishaa allways gets the same cards for me and I am waiting soon for her predictions to happen which I believe they will she is very sure and I trust her. " ... written by Ace
EXCELLENT!!!!! ALWAYS! Spot on!" ... written by Queen
shes amazing!! shes always right everything she speaks comes true..!" ... written by Aribel
she is honest " ... written by sai
So thankful for her insights and accuracy." ... written by phoenix2007
another great reading with many details without giving her any on oranum :)" ... written by serbboy3
Time and again she is superv :) ! highly reccomend her !" ... written by Sarah
another great reading with many details...cant wait to confirm all things happening true " ... written by serbboy3
Her cards and her numbers do not lie. She has read for me twice and each time they involved numbers/time frames. She was exact and near exact with each one! Unbelievable!" ... written by BQ
Super Accurate and trustworthy she is simply the bestest and I am incredibly grateful for her fast and xray like readings , dates, details, she is worth it :) !" ... written by Sarah
hahah i does hope he resign and i get assigned to another team ;p" ... written by luckystars
Superb! Always truth....with confidence in her work! " ... written by Queen
Excellent, truthful, insightful, intuitive, awesome! Araishaa is the real deal, she will tell you the truth and what you need to do to be happy. She does not tell you fairy tales and she is super accurate. I love this woman like a sister and she is a trusted advisor that I will continue to come back to time and again. Thanks mama, love you!" ... written by Jennifer
oh wow araishaa restores my belief in psychics such a great laugh in private today lol I feel ashamed not trusting her most times I have reading with her it dnt seem to relate to me.. (just dnt see it) ..I told her in private today everything she saw just happened and I doubted her lol feel so bad! I love her sharp nature she just tells me to the point straightforward good or bad no wasting time she is an angel I love her... all things she saw happening it hit me unexpectedly 1 by 1 work/love/trips etc and I remember araisha telling me long before one example- there is a dark guy I will like and who likes me already very handsome but I dnt see that he likes me because my mind is on another etc and finally the guy was in my face the whole time and just like she said I didn't notice him... Trust her she knows what she sees, talking from experience she is the best u get on Oranum Recommend her 100% if u haven't had reading with her u dnt kno what u missing :)) xxxxxxxxxx" ... written by elle11
She is the best! no doubt...all she says happens...sometimes its delayed but it ALWAYS HAPPENS." ... written by Acealways
very honest and accurate and fast. shes really good!! thank you" ... written by Think Blue
My go to....always helping to center me!" ... written by Queen
Araishaa has done it again. Her predictions (that i could never see coming from a mile away) come true. She's the real deal. Worth every penny. Thank you Araishaa. You are amazing!!" ... written by Coral
Thanks! very nice reading.." ... written by luckystars
Araishaa is very sweet and quick... She nailed some things dead on.. And others I look forward to seeing if they come true..." ... written by Tooie1969
The best! predictions come true! " ... written by Regina
shes fast." ... written by ex
She is the best!! Her accuracy and predictions are amazing!" ... written by GJ
Awesome as always.....I just love her honesty....She never sugarcoats anything and always tells you the truth. Predictions have happened in the past and she will never tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. She deserves all the stars in the universe.....Xx ((Hugs)) Thanks Araishaa for another wonderful reading..." ... written by Ebony
awesome!!!! first reading from her i hope that all come true!" ... written by kw
best reader...had things come true just like she told me and cant wait for other things to come true" ... written by serbboy3
Gracias Araisha ! You are the best always again and again, much respect and waterfalls of blessings, very grateful for your gift :) !!!! AMAZING !!!" ... written by Sarah
excellent !" ... written by Jennifer
She is the best! She is on point and knows what she's talking about! Highly recommend her!" ... written by Trisha
Always spot on and have to laugh and many of the things that she says to me when they come true. I enjoy her energy and "get real" attitude...always speak the true and is confident with her work." ... written by Queen Esther
Many things have already come true what she has told me. She reads her cards very well I believe them. She has predicted things to come and Im sure they will all happen. I highly recommend her she is one of the BEST here a true Psychic. Thank you." ... written by Acealways
Wow!!! Great read!! I am very surprised by such details from her. fantastic! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
i can tell that she is linked t whats going on in my current situation." ... written by kw
Great usual...will wait n see" ... written by Nag
Sometimes in the reading there are warnings that things will happen, and sometimes i dont pay them any mind. But i suddenly remember the words that Araishaa tells me when they do take place. She said be careful on the streets, and lo and behold i get stopped by a cop one day and in an accident the next. The things she sees are eerily correct. Honestly im so amazed with how accurate and how spot on she is. Ive never had anyone be so accurate with me on this site. And for things to actually happen as Araishaa is top notch here, believe me. Shes definitely worth it, and when i read with her, i feel she has an authentic light to her. Shes pure and honest. I feel safe with her. " ... written by leelee32384
predictions have happened before. Very confident" ... written by eva
Araishaa is top notch here...she has made predictions before that come to past and waiting for the big ones too..I trust and recommend her highly." ... written by Ace
my go to for everything.............thanks for always be patient and understanding with me. most of all, thanks for always being there!" ... written by leelee32384
another great reading with many info....cant wait other things come true....she is always right to the point" ... written by serbboy3
Wow! Another great read with more information and good advice to use. She is very helpful. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
AMAZING!!! Araisha is one of the best, really. She is honest, accurate, truthful, and right most of the time. Her predictions do happen! Take her private, you won't regret it." ... written by Jennifer
Thank you so much...she connected thoroughly, wonderful sense of humor and made me feel wonderful inside. Will be back soon with updates!" ... written by LalaLand
She is great! Always consistant and always right. Never fails" ... written by Alex
She is accurate." ... written by Samaya
im so happy i find araishaa everything she say so far is so tru for all my questions. Please try her. 1 thing is oranum need to fix the video but not araishaa fault she is excellent!" ... written by jean
This reading was excellent , very accurate and she is awesome." ... written by Jessicka
This woman is amazing!!!" ... written by Olivia
wow and wow and wow and wow , yeah omg, what can i say, spot on spot on spot on, in few minutes private so amazing smbdy sees and feels what's happening into your life into the core of it" ... written by peter
This reading was without a doubt a wonderful experience clarifying and helpful in providing light to me and what is to come next. Thank you once again Araishaa!!" ... written by MoonGrl
Thanks Araishaa for another accurate and insightful reading.....You are my go to girl for details.....I just love your energy and you always know how to put a smile on someone's face in the darkest of times....Predictions are always happening one by one....Thanks for always being a great friend to me.....((Hugs)) Xx" ... written by Ebby
thanks araishaa missed u so much thanks for the reading as usual it was great " ... written by mimi326
Verryyy good!! spot on " ... written by kyrii
She is quick and accurate will wait too see if her predictions come to pass." ... written by geegee
5 stars! Very honest andamp; caring and insightful." ... written by Christine
She is the best ever! What she says happens!" ... written by Rebecca
Wow this lady is superrrrrrrrr amazing, spot on with a lot of things wowwwwww. She is truly gifted!!!" ... written by sweet
Very good reading" ... written by luckystars
wow… araisha predicted soo many things for me. She told me i was going to see my guy in three hrs or three days … and i saw him three hrs later! she also told me about a trip that was being planned… and seconds later i got a message about a trip being planned!!!!!!! she is just amazing I;m so impressed by her abilities. today I have been thinking about my business, however, my question to her was about love, but the first things her cards told her were about my business and its success… she keeps predicting the same thing for me for the future. exremely consistent with predictions… trust her 100%… Thank you Araisha! xo" ... written by Alma
another great update...things keep coming true just like she told me :)one after another cant even believe with my own eyes" ... written by serbboy3
I have been to Araisha several times, and she has always been consistent with her readings. She picks up on a lot of stuff. I will come back to update on predictions. Hoping for the best. :) Blessings" ... written by sanya
Always amazing!" ... written by Trisha
Very, very amazing readingggggg. She was spot on with a lot of things, and predicted a lot of great things. Looking forward to the predictions.... Thak you Araishaa" ... written by sweet
Oh wow she never fails me.....Amazing so many predictions happening luv her " ... written by elle11
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
very good reading!" ... written by rosy
Thanks alot!! She was great!! Highly recommend!" ... written by mysticmarzo
She is so amazing! She is accurate every time!" ... written by Rebecca
beautiful" ... written by me
another great reading with after another coming true :)" ... written by serbboy3
I am speechless. Truly a remarkable psychic. I have consulted a lot of different psychics with great insights but she is so clear and straightforward in a very loving and uplifting way. Left me truly impressed with all the details she gave me of different aspects in my life. She earned my trust and I look forward to post my update on the aspects she saw on my reading." ... written by Mgrl
very good" ... written by luckystars
always a plesure! " ... written by luckystar222
Araishaa is no doubt a real psychic..many things have come true she sees the same cards for me and I know it will happen. She gives timeframes and details she is very correct." ... written by Ace
This reading was excellent, very accurate and she is awesome." ... written by Jessica
Araishaa sees things and is really accurate. She tells me all in details and it does happens next day or so..even if i think it is not possible....So many things happens the way she tells me." ... written by marialla
she predicted a guy would come into my life around now and we would be solid and together and it happened just as she said! thank u for everything " ... written by drsleep
Amazing." ... written by luckystars
Very nice session" ... written by Luckystar
WOW! my first time i can't express how good this lady is with her cards..a definite keeper, I'll be back for sure!" ... written by victoria
I have now been a regular since no one compares to Araisha ! She has read besides me also my mother and best friend incredibly accurately with predictions happening hours after reading ! I am always so grateful and in owe with her gift , blessings Araisha ! see you soon ! :)" ... written by Sarah
Always speak the truth, and ask that you trust her! Very good...sincere...and serious about her job!" ... written by Black Widow
amazing amazing again! This is I don't know how many times I have read with her. Everytimes is so accruate and got the same situtation. She really knows her cards, very very gifted. Shocking and suprise me. how many stars want to rate her? Million stars.Thank you very much. " ... written by PIGLETME
Thanks! Always amazing" ... written by luckystars
real quick! amazing! will wait to see if things come true! =) thank you!!!" ... written by catherine
She is 100 percent right with what she sees...this lady is AMAZING" ... written by ACe
This lady is the best psychic on Oranum! And I don't say that lightly. Unlike others, her predictions DO HAPPEN. I assure you. Last time she gave me a prediction about something that I couldn't make sense of - but it happened!!! She said 2 days or 2 weeks, and it happened after 10 days. Incredible. She restored my faith in psychics. Extremely talented. Don't waste your time anywhere else. Her style may be something that you are not used to in the beginning, but trust me you will se the true value of it in no time. Thank you Araisha, many blessings. " ... written by sanya
thanks sis .youre always accurate" ... written by rude love
Araishaa is extremely accurate reader. She sees every smallest detail and moods and happenings..." ... written by Sofie
This lady is fantastic" ... written by aghora
Great, Great, Great!!! cant wait to come back" ... written by Adiee01
Always good....refreshing and encouraging!" ... written by Black Widow
Great!!!" ... written by Queen
great! will see what happens" ... written by kw
I dont know why my review didn't post from the other day, but Im going to re write here for you. Aariasha I cant begin to tell you how you and your gift have changed my life. You have prepared me for some of the most difficult situations and I have over come them. You are a wonderful person. Your cards tell NO LIES!!! You have predicted many things for me, and I would say all of them have to come pass. 95% of the things you have said have happened, exactly how you said they would. Your time frames, descriptions of people and situations, reactions all have happened just like you said they would. You are truly amazing. There is NO ONE on here or anywhere else that I have been, that has been so accurate or spot on like you! You are my GO TO PSYCHIC!!!! I know for sure that what you say will happen!!!! Thank You so much for your help, insight and advice. May God Bless You everyday!!!!!" ... written by adonnelly76
awesome very clear she does a great job for her clients we got cut off tho" ... written by angela
she is really amazing, thank you so much " ... written by vk
Araisha is just the best!!! i could say that 95% of her predictions have come true, and she describes situations that i wouldnt know later to find out they are true! she is definitely top psychic… love you araisha thank for everything!" ... written by sandra
Received a phone call right after talking to Araisha about signing papers just as she had just predicted, she si ture, caring, loving, honest , funny, great reader, her predictions unparalleled !" ... written by Sarah
5 stars!" ... written by -
She is brilliant, my god she gives a lot of info, and everything is spot on wowwwwwwww I'm shocked how much she knows, and how accurate she is. 10 stars for sure, highly highly recommended. She is the star amazinggggg" ... written by sweet
SHe is the best !" ... written by Sarah
Araisha saw and predicted a problem i just had.. She is incredible and after trying other psychic I must say she is worth the wait every time. I absolutely trust her and her predictions seem the most accurate on Oranum, she will never waste your time or tell you something that is wrong :)" ... written by Sarah
She was very direct and assured in her reading. Focused on my question and more! Now to see if these predictions happen!" ... written by Calizaliza
she's amazing!" ... written by Calizaliza
Araisha is just amazing!!! everything she has been predicting is happening!!! its just crazy! love her ! xox" ... written by San
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
All I can say is she hasnt been wrong! ***5***" ... written by Butifulbutterfly
Arasihaa is really great. I even forgot to tell her today that last time she saw a reunion related to work, and I did have a reunion 5 days later. Amazing. So I come here to ask her about things that worry me, and I know that if she sees something - it will happen! Thank you and blessings always :) " ... written by sanya
some predictions already come true she made others waiting for them to happen she is very correct in what she sees." ... written by A
Wonderful reader will definitely use again gave me alot of information in short time." ... written by pinkpather30
She is always on point. she did a reading 6 months, and 6 months today, everything she mentioned has happened. I wasnt even thinking about it. and every event actually happened!! great reader and is very passionate in what she does. I recommend her to anyone. " ... written by Angelo
what can i say.. really amazing" ... written by peter
aweome...had a prediction come true..." ... written by kw
she is awesome!" ... written by Humility
another great reading with many details...things keep coming true" ... written by serbboy3
Araisha is so right about so many things. A lot of what she saw keeps coming true, sometimes it just takes a little time to realize that she actually told you about it. She is really great. Many blessings :) " ... written by sanya
Thanks dear, im speechless.. wow. You seem very accurate about the things. Lets see what will happen." ... written by Anne
Araisha has been great!!!! all of her predictions are just coming true… she has been absolutely on point with everything!!! thank you so much!!!! with everything and for the great advice as well…. xoxo" ... written by sandra
Very intuitive connects on situation. Will come again for updates." ... written by enamorada
Again and again Araisha is extremely fast and accurate with absolutely everything ! I am always amazed at how and true and fast her predictions come true !" ... written by Sarah
Very accurate! on the spot, no questions needed!!!!" ... written by rosa
Wonderful!!!" ... written by QUeen
Araishaa is incredible. I recommend her highly!" ... written by Marie
she was excellent, very quick and accurate, loved her!" ... written by I
She's very good!!!!" ... written by b
She is amazing and worth the money!" ... written by Rebecca
Love Araisha, she is so accurate, honest, confident and detailed. What she says comes to pass and her predictions are spot on. Thank you my friend so much for giving me more clarity on my relationship. " ... written by Jennifer
Araishaa's some predictions have come true im waiting for the big ones and I know they will happen. I recommend her." ... written by ACe
OMG, she has been my favourite of all. Time went by very fast but I want to engage with her. Excellent!! She doesn't need more information, she will start just talking and you will be amazed! I love her." ... written by kalapuse
Always straight to the point...tough love....and accurate with her readings." ... written by Queen
great!!" ... written by BQ
great great, always says same thing, cards don't change, will wait for her predicions" ... written by bb
i adore araisha!!!! she is just always right!! i never question what she tells me bc she is always right on point!" ... written by sandra
perfect reading as always! " ... written by regina
Always a great reading! " ... written by Trish
She is great. get a reading." ... written by Aundrea
Wowwwwwww she is very accurate and spot on with a lot of things as alwayssss!! She is the real psychic give her a try!" ... written by sweet
another great reading..just got things come true like from nowhere...she is great...cant believe how good she is at those reader" ... written by serbboy3
Very cool" ... written by soapyviolence
OMG !!!! I AM SHOCKED ! Last time i saw araisha i was dissapointed i did not get a position she said to wait as very soon in 23 weeks or two months i would get news of a better Job! well it has been 2 weeks and i just got a new contract working doing what i love and where i wanna be for the biggest tv station ! eveything she has said has come true when she did ! The descriptions of the people involved are accurate and point on , she saw even that my partner was sick and ghe´s recovery, just absolutely everything without any input, shes the fastest most accurate psychic i ver experienced here or elsewhere ! highest reccomendation possible !!!!!! still in shock ! jaw droppping accuracy ! it will not take long for y to see every single prediction come true, have been loyal to her for months and each time is the same !!!!!!! A M A Z I N G TRUE clairvoyant no bs ! Simply the best, words are not enough ! Bless you Araisha !!!!!" ... written by Sarah
Nice Reading" ... written by Luckystars
she is very accurate and nailed every problem I had" ... written by daniel
Araisha is great, she picks up on everything in the present and near future. It's always spot on. I really like her readings, they are the best! Blessings :) " ... written by sanya
this lady is unbelievable i love her to death this reading was well needed everything she sees always comes true . thanks so much araishaa will get a trillion stars if i can give it " ... written by mimi326
She is expensive but very on point. Picked up very specific things that were happening on my life. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
great reading" ... written by luckystars
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
love araishaa thank you" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
another great reading with many things coming true and describing everything in small details...cant wait to confirm all other things coming true" ... written by serbboy3
Awesome reading!! Accurately picked up on so much going on and personalities that are involved." ... written by Seeker1200
another good reading. See her predictions will come true. She already spot on something. And in 2 months time to see predictions on my business. Thank you again araishaa's. The best of the best. Love her." ... written by PIGLETME
I have rarely encountered such an accurate and on point, full of integrity, ethical, lovely, clear minded, super gifted psychic as Araisha ! I come back about once a month because she simply is the best and predictions come true and details are abundant. Deadlines, colors, descriptions, work, love, family, she pretty much can answer and see your near future in her cards, and guide you through any doubts. 1000 stars !" ... written by Sarah
wow! she connected very fast!! great reading. spot on" ... written by melissa
Omggggg she is AMAZING!!! Hands down, the best! Why haven't I had a reading with her sooner?!! Yes, she is pricey but for all the money spent on second and third opinions with randoms and scams... she is well worth the price and all you'll need is one reading. She was answering my questions before I even asked them and validated connection with me several times. I trust her advice and although its too early to discuss predictions, I'd say judging from the testimonials she is pretty spot on." ... written by Mimi
very quick will see if prediction will come true.." ... written by n
SHE IS BRILLIANT! OMG! I love araishaa for being honest and on point-she confirmed what I see in my own readings! Thank you hunny!" ... written by myself
I always sat Araishaa is a sweetheart and always on point-there is no more to say I LOVE her! Excellent!" ... written by myself
She is awesome" ... written by Sparkle Pony
she did a reading for me yesterday and the very next day ive got a very important phone call proving to me her 2 predictions came true, my jaw dropped.. it was a very bold prediction but i can confirm it came through the second day. seriously seriously mind blowing!" ... written by sm
Great reading" ... written by luckystars
Fast, accurate, spot on!" ... written by lovesthesun
I love her!!! let see if what she says happens but she was right about a lot. " ... written by synergy
LOVE ARAISHA!!!! she is always on point and very thorough. Hits the nail on the head always" ... written by kat
another great reading hitting on every detail and over and over getting things right:)" ... written by serbboy3
I really needed a session with Araisha today. She is awesome, everything she says makes sense. I will be back soon, that's for sure. Blessings :) " ... written by sanya
she just always picks up what is going on, she puts me at ease." ... written by bm
I always have an incredible experience talking to Araisha. She is simply amazing and her talent always leaves me filled with peace and joy. Truly gifted and caring individual!" ... written by Mgrl
cant believe how things come true and over and over keep telling me every small thing that happens or is coming up" ... written by serbboy3
Araisha is always so very accurate and her predictions do come to pass. This was another exceptional reading and she is really great. If you need answers, take her private and she will not disappoint! Thank you for another great reading my dear!" ... written by Jennifer
wonderful!very very spot on" ... written by toby
arasiha is soo amazing!!! she reads me a like a book… and so many of her predictions keep happening it's really crazy!" ... written by sonji
Fast and wonderful" ... written by maria
Wow, what an indepth reading! I had to come back several times just to hear what she says! Pretty accurate, and straight to the point! Definitely recommend!!" ... written by Van Anh
Amazing as always. I've been back to see Araisha for a year now and she really is gifted. Thank you so much :)" ... written by Jocelyn
interesting reading and am looking forward to how it all works out....Thank you :)" ... written by libstat
Really amazing! So much information. Time frames and indepth. Warm and kind hearted - but SO direct and to the point. xxx" ... written by sunflowersun
There is nobody like Araisha, she is the most accurate no bs psychic with predictions and clarity that will shock you ! She described exactly what i will be doing and dates, she describes people with incredible accuracy. Literally every single prediction has come true and you will not have to wait for long to confirm this. She is the best and I love her ! It has been a few months now and I will continue as her guidance has proven incredibly helpful :)" ... written by Sara
You are great I will be back again. Thank you" ... written by Beatrice
What an amazing reading and as always spot on. Thank u Aaraisha! " ... written by Blue_Phoenix
I will say over and over again this child of GOD is beautiful and she do all she have in her power to tell you a lot of info-perfecto! Thank you Mija! XOXOXO besos!" ... written by myself
This lady has stood by me all the way for a long time she never changes on her predictions and slowly but surely it all happens. BELIEVE ME I HAVE HAD MANY READINGS but she is exceptional. Sometimes the wait is hard but its not her fault just takes time. Thank you Araishaa sincerely." ... written by Acealways
Very assuring lady, first time chat I was surprise she knew things about me and told me some accurate part of my life in minutes. Second chat she revealed more, I am amaze. I thought its only God that can see things that we cannot. Araishaa, your are wonderful. I totally recommend her, she is very descriptive and the proof is in what she says. She was very accurate for me. Thank you very much Araishaa for shedding some light in my darkness" ... written by sharon
Great reading, solid advice. Love her insights. I will be back. " ... written by Margaret
Araisha has been right so many times! she has predicted so many things that are unfolding now, i trust her 100%! thank u so much araisha" ... written by sonji
araishaa can connect very very fast! strong insight. highly recommend her to anyone thanks araishaa" ... written by melissa
Araisha has been right on some many levels! it's really crazy how accuarte her predictions can be… definitely one of the bests i know. thank you!" ... written by sonji
I absolutely love Araisha ! back again and again as she is always spot on! Blessings! S" ... written by Sarah
This girl right here....!!! Love her" ... written by Angel
araishaa is straight to the point and very good insight and spot on to my situation" ... written by melissa
once again all things been coming true just like how she said...over and over she gets every lil thing correct...cant wait other things to come true" ... written by serbboy3
Aw shucks ran out of time! lol she is too good. I'm glad I came in today cuz she gave me a warning about something that's about to go down.. and she gave me advice on how to approach it which is much needed. So, I'm lucky I got this heads up. Plus, her previous predictions about car issues and job offer did come true. " ... written by Mimi
She is great and truthful, always spot on ! love her, will be back soon, blessings" ... written by S
Wish I had more money to speak tp Araisha more and more !!!!! She is so accurate and I am incredibly grateful for her guidance and accuracy, predicitions are always spot on :) !" ... written by S
She is amazing!! What would I do without her?? She mentioned something about my car last time, and I told her yes, I had an appointment to take it to the shop and I had to renew my insurance.. but today I actually had an accident the day before my appointment. So, she was right on the money with that one. She also mentioned a job opportunity which I received a phone call about one day after the reading with her. I'm telling you, she is spot on, and truly uplifting to talk to. " ... written by Mimi
Very accurate" ... written by Johnny
Awesome" ... written by Johnny
I love her straight forward answers! Confident and clear. Trust her, have patience, and let things flow. She gave me some caution for my life in general, which is nice because it will give me time to prepare. Definitely have a reading with her" ... written by Van Anh
always good...honest with compassion" ... written by BQ
she is accurate...not like most people readers here....She sees things and most of them happen..I see it immediately." ... written by MEtroq
the best, she's awesome!!!!! totally worth it." ... written by RosITA
Araisha is always right!! i have been coming to her for the last 8 months and everything she has told has been right on point. Predictions and all are just amazing! thank u so much araisha!" ... written by sandra
THank you araishaa!! I know we had short time, but i really wanted to make a point to see you. You are amazing, and have come through on so many things. thank you again!" ... written by vine
Awesome, looking forward to predictions!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by JON
nice follow up" ... written by BQ
Amazing" ... written by Johnny
Awesome!! Lots of details" ... written by Johnny
Wow. Araisha has predicted my entire life basically!!. she predicted huge things for me 5 months ago. she has been extremely consistent with the predictions, and now everything she said came together at once. I'm amazed and forever thankful!!! thank u so much Araisha u are so gifted! xoxo" ... written by Sandra
THE BEST on here or anywhere.... ALL her predictions come true!!!! Thank you for all you do" ... written by Ann
Always so amazing! I am waiting to see her predictions come through!!" ... written by Stella
Shes Good and honest..." ... written by Gabriel
highly recommended" ... written by does not wish to share
Thank you!! " ... written by Virgo
I am speechless literally. Just wow! She is VERY good. She knows what she's talking about. I HIGHLY recommend her. " ... written by Thuy
She is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Insanely accurate wowwwwwww! I had to get another reading from her - she's that good! She is the real deal, you won't be disappointed. " ... written by Thuy
Omgosh she blew me away....WOWWWW. So accurate with everything she told me. So much information. I cannot wait to see everything unfold. I will be back. Thank you so much." ... written by Thuy
she is very good." ... written by sundar mathan
very good" ... written by sundar
I have come to accept that Araisha and her cards never fail. I was sceptical but kept coming back timenafter time and she ALWAYS picked up on things that always came to pass no matter how redical the prediction. God gifted woman" ... written by Alex
This gifted woman has been working with me for nearly a year. I so appreciate her talents, gifts, and honesty. It has been a long time coming, but some thing have manifested...and I feel the rest." ... written by BQ
very good, accurate, and as fast as possible" ... written by Roseanna
Good, can't wait to see how the predictions pan out." ... written by AB
veyr good " ... written by roseannaooNr
shes the real deal :)" ... written by diamond
soooo spot on" ... written by Tobyal
I mean seriously Araisha, who do you work for? Lol. :) Every single one of your predictions has come true for me! I can't believe it. I wasted so much time on other psychics before I knew you - they were not even close to accurate but rather made me even more confused and desperate. And then I found you, and you restored order in my confused mind, since everything you were saying was happening. Now I come on Oranum only to read with you. I think you are the only REAL psychic on here and should be given an award! " ... written by sanya
Good and informative thank you" ... written by sharai
she is so good and so quick. Amazing " ... written by val
Wow, i'm blown away by her, i didn't have much time, but she was extremely good. Very impressive :)" ... written by Yiara
Very true to her her character and profession." ... written by Stella
Excellent...two of her predictions came true as she stated...." ... written by Stella
1000000000 Starssssssssssssss!!!" ... written by Nag
Always the best reader, what she says DOES happen. For months I have been living proof. She describes people and tells you exactly how it is, NO SUGAR COATING!!!! This woman is the BEST on here. DO NOT waste your money in other places, save and spend 10 mins with her and you will see. I am soooo happy that I found and met you. You have been a blessing!!!!! " ... written by Ann
very accurate" ... written by brenda
Araisha is seriously amazing!!! she has precited so much for me its just crazy how everything she said is happening.. wow wow wow" ... written by Sandra
As usual FAB :)" ... written by Rahul
Very, very honest and straight to the point. She made things very clear." ... written by gayle
I always come to araishaa because she has always been right on point and gives great guidance and advise" ... written by pinkpather30
Araisha," ... written by Sarah
thank you so much.. you were spot on.." ... written by dawn
Very good!" ... written by sonee92
Awesome" ... written by Johnny
great session" ... written by luckystars
Best Master reader out there seriously!!!! everything she has predicted just comes to pass liek that!!!! she is my psychic forever! and thank u so much for the advise girl. much love and respect :)" ... written by sandra
Amazing. I am blown away by her ability." ... written by rrrrrr
great as always!!!!!! thanks araishaa 95% of previous prediction came to fruition..!" ... written by n
araishaa, definitely amazing, consistent with cards, and yes of the few things she said so far, it came true !!!! i swear it did" ... written by peter
suchhhh positive energy araishaa has, things did come true she said, of course waiting for the others, but this needs time of course, but pretty sure it will, great professional, great woman :)" ... written by peter
once again she told me exactly how things gone go from point to cant believe it with my own eyes" ... written by serbboy3
Amazing she describes thing out of the blue that i never told her about" ... written by Florence
Great!!" ... written by Stella
Araishaa is the best! i will always come back to her..." ... written by rosita
i have no words to describe how accurate araisha is with predictions and time lines! she is greattttt i really really trust her 100% whatever it is that she says! So many things she predicted that i thought were impossible happened, and now im just shocked that all the predictions are coming together one by one…Araisha you are truly a master!!!! im so glad to have a psychic like u! thank u so much" ... written by Alma
Araisha predicted for me that i will no longer be in love with an ah a couple of motnhs ago. someone who really hurt me and i was so attached to. I never wanted to belive araisha bc other psychic were telling me that he was the one. However, all of araishas precitions seemed to come true, so i stuck with her and predictions kept coming true, and today i can say that im no longer in love with this ah. I couldnt believe it! Araisha you're a great reader i thank u a lot!!!! talk to u soon" ... written by Sandra
wow i wish i had more money on araishaa so many things she had to tell me. Thank you so much." ... written by Callie44
Araishaa is truly amaizngggg" ... written by sweet84
Always good things coming from Araisha, everything keeps happening within her time frames. I feel so blessed to be able to read with her. Thank you, girl. :) " ... written by sanya
Aaraisha is extremely talented and clear. She is worth every dollar invested if you want to obtain clarity in your questions. I always come to her for advice and I truly love and respect her professionalism. " ... written by MGRL
Thank you " ... written by ACB
over and over she gets things correct 100%...without any info she gives time frames and describes everything into small details...cant wait for rest to come :)" ... written by serbboy3
Excellent reader. Gave me I lot to look forward to and read many things in cards about me that are very true. She is expensive but worth it." ... written by Krista Elliott
AMAZING!!! i will definitely be back!!" ... written by agablue
She is amazing! She has been helping me through this hard time in my life right now. A couple of her previous predictions have come to pass already but I'm waiting on the exciting ones and I have faith that they will unfold as she says. She has helped empower me and knock some sense into me as well. One of the best!" ... written by Mimi
Very accurate lots of details" ... written by Johnny
Shes good." ... written by GG
WOW! Great reading ! Thank you for advices and help! she is very accurate! Thanks Araishaa!! Amazing!! :) 100% accurate " ... written by f
Amazing. She picks up stuff. She told me something that happened in my past that nobody knew. I am very impressed. TRY A READING FROM HER!!!!" ... written by ttytytyty
As always it is such a pleasure to talk to Aaraisha. She is truly gifted and always caring and honest" ... written by Mgrl
Araisha is spectacular! she has predicted soooo many things for me since day one that they are still happening… it's really crazy. She is just extremely accurate with her cards. Thank u for your time araisha! xoxo" ... written by sandra
Accurate and spot on alwayssssssss, amazingggggggg!!!!!!!" ... written by sweet---
Aaraisha is always a joy to talk to! Thank you!!!" ... written by MoonGrl
Lots of details and fast! Amazing." ... written by Johnny
Love her time predictions!" ... written by Angel
Perfect....awesome....never wrong.... friendly. The only person on Oranum that tells the truth. the only person on Oranum that their predictions come true. she is the truth. Don't waste you money on anyone else.... save up some, and see Araishaa.... she is the truth!!!!!! I love her!!!!" ... written by Cubanita76
Best reader my whole life… Araisha thank you sooo much for your clarity! I have the best psychic ever!! you just clarify everything and im still shocked even after 8 months of getting readings by you thank you xoxo" ... written by sandra
Good." ... written by juhi
She was awesome, VERY quick and to the point! She picked up on my situation very clearly! I cannot wait to come back when I get more funds!!! :-)" ... written by SmileyT
Always the best and always right!" ... written by Alex
Thank you love! Always great" ... written by luckystars
great as always." ... written by diamond
she is awesome but my computer kept freezing. have to go back to her!" ... written by wren1414
She is my go-to advisor. I've pretty much stopped going to other psychics cuz I feel like most of them have given me false hope in the past. Araisha is real, she says it how she sees it and she has never steered me wrong. Many of her predictions have come true for me already, and I trust her advice wholeheartedly. " ... written by Mimi
Araisha is irreplaceable for me. Everything she said has come true in my case. I just adore this woman, she is so right about everything. Don't waste your time anywhere else, Arasiha is one in a billion. :) " ... written by sanya
Outstanding" ... written by Johnny
Lots of details" ... written by Johnny
will be back!!!!!" ... written by diamond
Shes good... real good.. Too accurate" ... written by Vivienne
Fast lots of details! Accurate" ... written by Johnny
once over and over tells me things and they keep coming true...without knowing any clues about my past and things cant believe it...cant wait for other things coming up true" ... written by serbboy3
Araisha is imply the only psychic I will ever trust online," ... written by Sarah
Amazing reading!! I had to come back in to finish up. She amazes me every time!!" ... written by Mimi
Wow!! That was a deep session! Araisha correctly predicted I would meet someone and I did! So, I came to update and she gave me some amazing heart-felt advice which I will be sure to follow. " ... written by Mimi
tells me what she sees as usuall, hve no doubt in her accuracy" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
I don't know why other psychics try to knock down Araishaa or put down what she does. I have been to other psychics on this site before and not ONE was able to tell me what was goin to happen and what was going on like Araishaa. To say that her predictions have come true, is just the start. She is caring, understanding, but most importantly tells you how it is, even if you don't like the answer. People need to be open minded, and understand what she is telling you. She is here to help you not hurt you. She doesn't sneak into other chat rooms to see what other members are saying and hopefully gain them as clients, like a lot of other psychics do on here, I know, Ive done the test, and they have failed. There is NO ONE on here that I trust more with their readings than Araishaa. I know she has been knocked down, and even bad things have been said about her on other sites, but I know I am NOT the only one that believes in her, her cards and her predictions. There is no need to question her ethics or her reading style. She is RIGHT ON the money. We have been a 8 month journey so far, and everything she has said in 8 months have come to pass, in the time she says or sometimes, with me sooner. Each person is different, but none the less, with me it has happened this way. I enjoy my time with Araishaa, because I know, she is being real with me. Not only does she read my cards, but also advises me on how to act when certain things happen. She has been, to me, a blessing to find. I challenge any psychic, to come and tell me what or even close to what Araishaa has told me, and see how right you are, if you are so sure of your skills, and want to make a believer a non believer, than seek me out. I know there are NO others who even come close to her league." ... written by Cubanita76
Very nice update" ... written by luckystars
Thank you so much Araishaa! I really needed some hope..." ... written by Lulu
wow... i cant be more wowed!!" ... written by wow
WOW WOW WOW....she blowss me away every single time. She is amazing. Spot on and she sees sooooooooo much. And her predictions happens as she describes them. Love her." ... written by Thuy
She is always the best! The prediction she said came true. That time when she predicted, the situation not even appear, she told me, and i said okay. then, now, it happened. I was shocked. And I re-assured with her today. I am so happy, and because it was a important decision, she was very very careful with her reading, and she repeated to ensure the answer. I very appreciate her caring and her professional attitude. Yes, she is expensive, but it worth it. Because i knew it is 100% accurate. Thank you again. " ... written by pigletme123
Great reading!!" ... written by butterfactory
she is just number one with predictions and time frames!! extremely trust worthy wiith everything she mentiones! im totally a loyal customer because so many things have been told by araisha even the things i didnt want to believe! thank u so much" ... written by sandra
great reader" ... written by smiley2011
I got confirmation and more details, awaiting predictions to unfold, thank you araishaa xox" ... written by karnio
another great reading with details and things keep coming true...she is one and only one that i can trust 100%" ... written by serbboy3
wow amazing she was on spot knew everything can't wait to catch up with her again I'm amazed!" ... written by j
Wow wow wow... everytime we talk I realise just how right she has been and how many predictions have unfolded!! She predicted I would come to a crossroads in my love life and she was spot on about that. She also predicted I would be moving soon.. and now I know why. Thank you for being there for me araishaa!" ... written by Mimi
Araisha is the best psychic not only on here, but anywhere. She's been with me for the most part of this year, and I can't think of a single prediction that didn't come true for me. I love her to the moon and back! Speak soon chica :) " ... written by sanya
We will see...but she is very very pleasant and sweet to talk to!! " ... written by miszy
over and over keeps telling whats coming exactly to small details...waiting for other things to come soon" ... written by serbboy3
She is the very best, predictions keep coming true… her ability its just crazy!!!!! im always shock with her readings…will always trust her 100%. the best here " ... written by sandra
Amazing as always!" ... written by regina
When i have problem, i always go to her. And the answers always ensure what I agreed. She is so accurate. She is one of my fav. psychic. Thank you very much. " ... written by pigletme123
Amazed at everything she picked up on. Will wait and see how predictions go. " ... written by AB
Always the best!" ... written by sanya
she is the best. she saw my fathers green card interview..and i was like no..and i got a letter of it. Also she saw so many other things that cant be guessed. Like my man ll travel soon and yes trip came. Also she saw an award..and it an most things happens..It so like scary how accurate she is...She warned me that my baby ll have an accident and yes happened.." ... written by donald
another great reading with details like never before :)" ... written by serbboy3
Fast Accurate" ... written by Johnny
As always is wonderful to read with Araisha!" ... written by Adrienne
good very good" ... written by meika
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
thanks reading was wonderful accurate and detailed I will have a reading again with Araishaa" ... written by phina
She is amazing! Very friendly and shockingly accurate. It's only been my first reading and I will defo go back for an update. Thank you so much :)" ... written by Sara
So spot on!!" ... written by Mimi
I really had a great reading with Araisha today, she spoke to me like the best friend and counselor. Her predictions come true, but it's not only that - she puts things in context and gives you an insight like no other. I am very grateful for being able to read with her. My life has gotten much better compared to last year, but I still have a long way to go. " ... written by sanya
Many of her predictions have come to pass already!! She has been consistent with her readings for me since I met her two months ago. I trust her advice completely, and I look forward to what's in store for me. Thank you Araishaa." ... written by Mimi
thank you very much for a wonderful reading many blessings :) xo" ... written by libsta
Araisha is my to go person for questions on all matters. She is extremely talented and professional. Truly trust her and recommend her for serious people who are ready to hear the reality as is. Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Adriana
love araishaa that woman predicts everything that happened in my life and i never believe and then boom here she is being correct worth every dime xoxoxo araishaa" ... written by araishaa
Great read. Detailed information. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
she's is just the best I have ever seen, time goes by very fast but she is worth it, she gives a lot of info and she is spot on everything, just let her talk." ... written by ylang
great reader" ... written by smiley2011
Great read!! Detailed with information that can help you. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
great reader" ... written by smiley2011
She is amazing!!!! I cannot put it in words. It is incredible what she knows. I will definitely contact her again." ... written by hhhhhhh
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
spot on!!!!!!" ... written by jose
THANK YOU....THANK YOU!!!!!" ... written by Queen
Highly recomended.Amazing lady" ... written by MB2014
Araisha is THE BEST, there is no one better than her. Her predictions always come true. I couldn't be without her readings. " ... written by sanya
She's great!! " ... written by jand777
she is awesome, I always have to save money to come and see her but she is worth it! The best! " ... written by rosa
once again been on spot and things keep coming true over and over again...cant believe how she do it but she is best" ... written by serbboy3
Aaah she's so good!! She has never steered me wrong. If you want a real reading with real results, araishaa is the one. Amazing woman!" ... written by Mimi
Araishaa is always spot on, and very accurate, what she says it will happen 90% of the time it happens!! She is amazing. 5 stars for sureee" ... written by sweet
Wow!!! She is always amazing!!! Will come back!!!" ... written by eeee
Thank you so much araishaa for doing a reading for my friend. She is still stunned and blown away by your reading and she wants to thank you so much." ... written by Mimi
WOW!!! I cannot describe. Amazing. She is the best!!!!" ... written by qwerty
So true!!" ... written by Queen
she is amazing, and she is so accurate. her reading is powerful and she able to describe the person's appearance. And she is correct. wait for her predictions. She is really gifted and very insightful." ... written by gugu58
My favorite reader! I love her for all the amazing advice she gave me. She empowered me today, along with her consistent and accurate predictions.. what more could I ask for? Thank you luv." ... written by Mimi
a very good expert great insight her feedback speak for themselves, a great reading thanx." ... written by zimerili1
Always on the money!! Spot on...some things she tells you long time...and it is not until it's in your face that you realize what she was talking about." ... written by B
omg, she is out of this world good!!!!!" ... written by OHSO
Araishaa is very consistent with me and her predictions for my work came true. She is kind and gives genuine advise." ... written by Ace
She was awesome the first time I read with her. This time I don't think we connected well but it could be my fault because I didn't tell her up front the information she needed from me. Thank you though!" ... written by jand777
Accurate reading..will be back!!!" ... written by Jacky
GREAT!!! Thanks so much!!!" ... written by qqqqq
There are no words that contain the grace and grand vitue of this reader, she´s fast, accurate, caring and a friend, details , predictions all true within specific dates , deadlines and places. Araisha is simply limitless and better than anyone i have ever consulted. Trust her 100 % as in the past year rarely have any predictions not been accurate if never. She is always 100% spot on. You will not regret your visit . Much Blessings and love Araisha !" ... written by Sarah
I loved her! She was very good. She really wants to help and she is straight to the point. " ... written by Daniella Hernandez
I love araishaa! She is my go-to advisor. She is always right even when I find it hard to believe. Everything she's been saying has been coming true." ... written by Mimi
Araisha is number one, there is no one else like her. She has never steered me wrong, her predictions come true and her time frames are amazingly accurate. In my case, most of the time predictions happen sooner, which I am very grateful for. :) " ... written by sanya
As always she is a pleasure to talk to! Thank you Araisha!!" ... written by Adrienne
she was great and very accurate and thorough told me everything I needed to know and warned me and told me about my love life she great I highly recommend her." ... written by Suely
thebest." ... written by diamond
Excellent" ... written by Ruby's like getting a real talk from a friend...honest and true...with nothing for her to gain" ... written by Rachelle
She is worth the money!!!! She is amazing!!!!! Highly recommend!!!!" ... written by yyyy
Great as usual." ... written by smiley2011
what would I do without her? she IS the real deal, and has helped me when I needed help the most." ... written by diamond
She is absolutely wonderful! Will wait to see what happens..." ... written by Ruby
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Q
Amazingly accurate, and to the point...but gives it with sincerity. Somehow you find yourself empowered after speaking with her. She's good and serious about her gift." ... written by Mona
Excellent" ... written by Queen
great" ... written by smiley2011
fab as usual describes people and how they look like. usually accurate with future" ... written by smiley2011
Wonderful read...will wait for the results as she stands firm on what she sees....she's truly gifted." ... written by BQ
Very good and very quick. Told me a lot of good things." ... written by Aliese Copeland
wow, powerful reading! love her!" ... written by Mai
Thank a lot! You are very accurate! Best wishes to you! xxxx" ... written by ...
Thank you very much! You are very accurate! :)))) 100% accuracy thanks" ... written by ...
Love her, super accurate!" ... written by rosa
araish was great. everything was on point " ... written by yuriko
she was amazing!!!! everything was right and made sense " ... written by yuriko
As always she is a sweetheart and very accurate. Extremely professional, no time waster and also very honest. Thank you Araisha! I wish I could have more time :)" ... written by Adrienne
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
Araishaa is extremely accurate ! Love her !" ... written by Mai
Always quite quick picking up the situation and made some pretty close deadline predictions i can´t wait to see come through ! so excited about the near future and a great reading as always :)" ... written by Sarah
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
I mean ARAISHA WILL ALWAYS BE NUMBER ONE WITH PREDICTIONS AND INSIGHTS. She has been predicting the same things since last year and they just keeping coming true. I am very blessed to have her as my psychic. Until later araisha xoxo!" ... written by Sandra
once again and again she got to point with correct answers and been correct so far...cant wait for all to come true" ... written by serbboy3
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
Awesome lady. Knows a lot. Told me all about me without asking questions. She brought me instant energy and laughter and I was very grateful to talk to her. " ... written by yaraley
Always a pleasure and she is always on point! Love that lady!! Confident in her ability, and what she sees, which is assuring." ... written by Queen
whatever araishaa tells me is true so i have no doubts" ... written by smiley2011
She is simply the best , words are not enough always so accurate !" ... written by Sarah
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
thank you so much i cannot wait till everything unfolds and i am finally happy!" ... written by maggielee
It's like talking to a good friend! She laughs, picks you up, and will set you straight all at the same time! " ... written by Queen
Usual!!!! Sweet accurate..No words!!" ... written by Nag
Thanks kindly for the reading " ... written by jody
Araishaa is always on point, she is master of her cards and very detailed also a very nice and kind person. I recommend her." ... written by A
Araishaa is my go to person when i want absolute clarity. Thank you for everything Araishaa, you are my guiding angel. " ... written by Coral
Simply amazing!! Honest in her approach, unyielding, and not afraid to say what she sees or does NOT see! Has been consistent." ... written by Queen
she is very quick and good." ... written by wren1414
Excellent reading as always! I would be lost and helpless without my monthly reading with araishaa.. she always gives me something to look forward to, and warns me of things I need to know about before they occur. Honestly, she is the only advisor anywhere that I trust. I don't feel the need to go to other advisors anymore even if the matter is time-sensitive. I prefer to wait for araishaa to log on because I know I will always get an accurate and honest reading with her. Thank you so much araishaa! You are the best. xx" ... written by Mimi
Marvelous!" ... written by maria
awesome ...nailed it." ... written by maria
great reader as usual" ... written by smiley2011
Very quick! Looking forward to everything. " ... written by Maria
Araishaa is always very consistent in her readings with me its the same thing she sees and I wait for that . Thank you." ... written by A
thank you! hope they come to pass" ... written by RS
you have to adore this woman :-)" ... written by malinda2011
Araishaa is the best! I just read with her a day ago and already contact happened like she predicted. But I am more thankful for all the great advice she is giving me about how to better my soul and clear my mind. She is helping me work on myself which I am so grateful for. I will get started on meditating tonight! Thank you araishaa!" ... written by Mimi
neat" ... written by meg
She is wonderful and I will be back for all her help. xoxo" ... written by ll
She is phenomenal! Araishaa is truly a blessing in my life.. what would I do without her? She has been consistent since day one and her predictions have always unfolded just as she said they would. I look forward to the year ahead :)" ... written by Mimi
Very quick connection, to the point. Also tells you other information you need to hear, not just the one you think you want." ... written by angelszone
I just love her spirit, she knew of something that there is no way of her knowing and she was correct. One already came to past. I look forward to the rest of her predictions. :)" ... written by maria
Arisha is definitely accurate and amazing at what she does.. i have been seeing her for a year and so many predictions have come true, even the ones i thought were impossible. she is incredible!" ... written by alma
Araishaa is always on point!! A couple of her major predictions have come to pass this week and her timeline was spot on. Excellent reader!" ... written by Mimi
Very very good" ... written by Vivienne
She is the best one here. She sees small and big details that do happen. Where did she saw that my man d get a huge award, my paper d arrive all details..All happens sooner or later..She saw me moving and i said no i m not and now I m moving." ... written by mariela
Wow, consistent feedback and very quick! Excellent advice!" ... written by kim
Araishaa is always consistent with my readings never fails me. She is very genuine and wants the best for her clients and gives great advise. I highly recommend her." ... written by ACE
She was fast and clear!" ... written by Santhanakon
Amazing!!!! I am beyond words!!!! I have never met anyone like her!!! Experience her talents!!!" ... written by ghhh
Super!!!! Very Honest and caring!!! She is the one to go to if you want truth. Her past predictions have happened and she knew things about me nobody else knew. Thanks so much Araishaa!!!" ... written by yyyy
great as usual, tells me what she sees" ... written by smiley2011
omg she's amazing so specific, expensive but she is fast and got things very correct will look forward to her predictions coming true , but that you xxxxx" ... written by lisa
Talented lady!" ... written by Emilia
This lady is truly amazing. I believe she is the best person on this site. If you want a truly gifted physic, ARAISHAA IS YOUR PERSON. SHE HAS A GIFT. EXPERIENCE IT!!!!!" ... written by jjjjkkkk
Araisha is always spot on. Always my trusted advisor!" ... written by Dianne
Great as usual." ... written by smiley2011
Thank u so much I wrote everything down and will pay attention. so much information!!!! Wonderful and thank you." ... written by l
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
There aren't enough words to say how unbelievably great araishaa is! Everything she told me would happen months ago is now unfolding. I don't even bother getting readings with anyone else anymore because once you've experienced the best, no one else is good enough. I look forward to the new year and what's to come :) Thank you araishaa." ... written by Mimi J
Amaaaaaazing as usual. She did a reading for my friend, and my friend is literally in tears right now because she can't believe how right on araishaa is. Hands down the best ever." ... written by Mimi J
fantastic" ... written by aghora
Ive been coming to see araisha for over a year now... and she has predicted so many things even things i did not want to hear... i got to trust araisha 100%% i mean she blows my mind all the time... thank u araisha" ... written by alma
she is amazing, picked up on my situation immediately. thank u soooo much for everything!!! 1000000000000 stars :) " ... written by bm
she was quick and to the point. very good thank you! " ... written by scadoodle
She always reassures me the right direction to talk, and calms my nerves. Thank you!" ... written by tiwa
Araishaa!!! what can I said it a long time ago...I would be so happy!!!!! Patience...and is surely coming!" ... written by BQ
all good ! same as my inner intuition and spot in as always, so grateful for her in my life :) ! so much love !" ... written by Sarah
uncanny" ... written by ron
She is the best" ... written by v
OUTstanding as usual...waiting to see what will prevail....thank you Lady A!!" ... written by Black
great reading. thank you. 10 stars " ... written by g
Such a beautifully insightful and helpful reading. Araishaa's reading style is truly amazing, she was totally right on with everything that she told me, she read me perfectly. My jaw actually dropped a few times with her level of accuracy. I will be back to see her for sure. Thank you!" ... written by Chloenka
Great reading. Quick and to the point. Not what I was hoping to hear - but it's good to know the truth." ... written by L
Araishaa is very gifted and worth every bit to talk with her. It was pretty amazing all the details she saw. Very helpful as I had a heartfelt concern about an upcoming event and if I was with the right person. Thank you!" ... written by mary rose
She is amazing!!! She impresses me every time I read with her. She is simply the best I have experienced. This is who you should read with. She will not let you down." ... written by jjjj
great as always" ... written by smiley2011
i come to her when i need a message and accuracy" ... written by smiley2011
Wooow, i really missed talking to her!! You have to try her out to see for yourself! She is beyond great and worth every penny no doubt about that! Everything she said was so true even down to detailed descriptions. If that is not being gifted, idk what is lol " ... written by Adiee
Always a blessings ! always accurate and on time. Thank u!" ... written by mariaheart
Araishaa is always consistent with me I have been reading with her for 2 years and I trust all she says. She is not just a good psychic but a very kind human being. Araishaa I wish you the best from my heart. " ... written by ACE
always fantastic" ... written by aghora
Very quick connection and kind. Consistent reading from last time. Also a very important prediction about my daughter came true, that she will become pregnant. This happened within the timescale, and at the time it seemed unlikely as she had been married 7 years and trying for a child but with no luck. Very gifted." ... written by angelszone
Thanks a lot for the reading you are amazing" ... written by ash
i trust in you" ... written by danz
excellent, picked upon situation very well ... good things are coming and I trust her!" ... written by d
Araishaa has this something .... absolutely great :-) There is always so much information, you can get confused at first but think about it later, dont take it too literally, remember you and araishaa have different visions :-) but it all comes true! " ... written by Kalissia
Thank you very much " ... written by katerina
Omg she was so on point! I'm about to buy more credits so that I can talk to her some more. " ... written by Denisa
Excellent!!! She was amazing. Truthful and direct" ... written by Romina Valentini
Araishaa has time and time again proven to be accurate with information and predictions. She is the real deal. Thank you Araishaa for your guidance xx" ... written by Coral
Loyal customer of Araisha because I know how reliable and professional she is. I wish I could add more time but soon I am confident I will. Thank you Araisha!" ... written by Marge
wow she is amazing , really impressive " ... written by aggad11
Speechless, so scary through, and honest lady!! I have seen her predictions come true and she is damn gifted!! Gracias Mamie :)" ... written by Adiee
I love, love, love her! I don't know how she does it but she is accurate and beyond awesome! So you guys know I'm coming back to talk to her again and again." ... written by Denisa
always a pleasue" ... written by aghora
OMG!!!!! I will most definitely be back for more guidance!!! Try her she's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by GratefulOne14
Such a wonderful lady. Loved the reading with her. She is very fast and very detailed. If I am honest, she confirmed other readings i have recently had. Everything she told me was spot on with the other readings as well but she gave me so much more detail which I found, not only very interesting but so very helpful. She told me of warnings, what to be aware of as well which I had not had before which was excellent. " ... written by Heather Wilson
OMG she is so awesome! She is scary accurate and fast! I am just blown away!!!!" ... written by Ashley
I really needed to talk to Araisha today, she has been so right about almost everything in the past year. I love her style, sometimes it's a matter of preference, but I really prefer her cards to tarot. What I noticed about Araisha's readings, they will not only pick up actions and physical events, but mental events as well. Things that will bother you mentally and emotionally without having to manifest physically. I mean, I could go on and on, but to sum it up - Araishaa is great! " ... written by sanya
Everything was great, I wish I had more credits to continue to talk" ... written by Angela
wonderful !" ... written by m
Thank you once again! You have become more than just an advisor to me. I feel like Im talking to a friend because you know me so well, even better than I know myself. You are always right and I know to always take your guidance and advice :)" ... written by Mimi J
Yet another amazing reading by araishaa. I feel centered and so clear about what I need to do now. Thank you so much!" ... written by Chloenka
Great update" ... written by luckys
She gave me a prediction and it happened!!!!! Come back for a second update and she's just fantastic!!! Try her. It'll be the best thing you did on Oranum!!" ... written by GratefulOne14
A wonderful lady, very fast and to the point. She did not waste my time. Blessings and hugs to you Araishaa" ... written by J....
She is great, and has given me an understanding. Thank you !" ... written by J....
great great great, cant wait!!! 1-0000000000 stars" ... written by bm
thanks a lot very accurate" ... written by keke
As always I come back to her for muy consults. She is simply amazing. Thank you " ... written by Adrienne
How can she always put me at ease... priceless.. she is the best. Repeated what she saw before with more details, things are evolving not the way I expected but she still can see it coming nicely... it all made so much sense! Absolutely recommend her to everybody!" ... written by catarina
5 stars!!!! " ... written by Rose
Amazing as usual. My go-to advisor. Thank you so much for the clarity Araisha. Will most definitely be back for an update :) Love and light x" ... written by GratefulOne14
I am speechless once again ! I have been reading with Araisha for almost a year and absolutely love her energy and readings, predictions have a happened for myself and others in my family and friends circle. We trust Araisha and highly recommend her, she is the bestest and I can assure you you will not be disappointed. Crazy accurate and fast ! Muchas gracias Araisha once again ! So much love and Blessings !" ... written by Sarah
once again things are coming true....she is best" ... written by serbboy3
She is great, however I didn't realize the amount of credit I needed!! :( Hopefully I will be back " ... written by Ana
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
one thing is consistent with the reading. that i’ve had with other readers... it was a good reading. didn’t have to talk much, she did all the talking and they were relatable " ... written by intrigued8
she is a beast - my monthly dose :)" ... written by maria
Wow!!! How does she do it?? I am totally amazed!!! Please, please, please experience her talent!!! You will not be disappointed!!! Thanks!!!" ... written by jkjkjkj
Always amazing! Keeps things in perspective and stands firm on what she sees for her clients!!" ... written by BQ
thankyou very much. So accurate and amazing. worth to pay the price. she is definatl accurate and honest. 10 stars ++++++" ... written by g
good" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
predictions come true! and she works really quick for me with my limited credits this time ard" ... written by lucky
Always nice to get that perspective of what's going on...and she gives it to ya!" ... written by Rosa
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
Great! :) " ... written by GratefulOne14
Fabulous! Always on point!" ... written by Rosa
Really nice and really good :). very easy to understand made sure I understood what she was saying." ... written by Bravebyrd
Araishaa is my saviour!! What would I do without her? Seriously, she always gets me back on track and reminds me what I need to focus on when I start to stray and when I start to let everything get the best of me. Thank you for being so patient with me always." ... written by Mimi J
she is totally amazing and very clear about the reading.. great reading. just the confirmation I needed." ... written by aarisha
good but short" ... written by smiley2011
wow she is good knew things immediately thank you sooo much" ... written by lee
Great!!! Totally amazed!!! She is amazing!!! You will very happy and satisfied with her talents!!! Thanks so much!!!" ... written by nmnmnm
Always Excellent" ... written by GZRNYC
Amazing again!!!! How does she do it!!! She is the best!!! Thanks so much!!!" ... written by ghghgh
she has been on point so far - quick, honest and so funny. I just love her. Her rate is high but so worth it. You pay for good quality. Thank Araishaa" ... written by maria
great as usual been with araishaa for more than a year " ... written by smiley2011
Again and again she is right with her predictions! I trust her completely and highly recommend her ! Much LOve and Blessings Araisha ! Thank you" ... written by Sarah
awesome, she gave me the heads up. she has been right in the past, now I will wait " ... written by bem
Simply amazing !! she is the best on here very accurate very fast and clear about her readings. Straight to the point, and precise. love her this is my second time reading with her well worth the money. You wont have to go anywhere else. :)) thanks much Arraisha " ... written by moni
Her prediction came true...just waiting on the others..." ... written by Queen
Always a good reader! Wonderful in details...and consistent!" ... written by Rose
stands by what she says!!" ... written by bravebyrd
Good, good, good!!" ... written by Rosa
She is always the best!" ... written by valery
always a pleasure" ... written by aghora
i love araishaa to pieces she is always accurate with what she sees 100 stars lol bests oxoxo" ... written by mimi
thank you for the nice update! :)" ... written by lucky
She is absolutely incredible," ... written by Sarah
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
came for an update after three previous predictions had come true. Only had a a few minutes, but she told me a lot and confirmed what she had said told before and clarified things for me as I was confused with my emotions. Very gifted." ... written by angelszone
Araisha es la mejor psychica que hay en Oranum. Muchas predicciónes ya han pasado y en ella yo confío totalmente. Lo puede ver todo!!! Muchas gracias Araisha. xoxo" ... written by alma
I am amazed!!! She is truly talented!!! Will use again!!!" ... written by hjhj
Araishaa is amazing- she predicted long ago that i would have a baby boy, even before i contemplated children, and she was right. Her predictions do come true. She reads with integrity and tells things as she sees it. Thank you for your guidance Araishaa xox" ... written by Coral
she is remarkable!!! Oustanding!! wow wow wow " ... written by bem
Hermosaaaa muchas graciassssss!!! se corto voy a intentar comunicarme contigo nuevamente. eres increible" ... written by abundancia
always on track with my situation I love her. I cant wait for everything to come to pass. She is always reassuring. Love her p.s. we need a sale :) please please tell me when? xoxoxo" ... written by bm
Always Always amazing!!! past predictions have happened!! Now on to the next step!! " ... written by bem
I never trusted a psychic until I met Araisha. But she has been right again and again. Her predictions come true, not once or twice, but 99% of the time. I am really grateful for being able to get readings from her. " ... written by sanya
Has acertado algunas cosas, y otras espero que sean tal y como dices." ... written by agentemosley
love araishaa lately everything thats said is coming true extremely fast the amp mucho mi amor besos" ... written by mimi326
makes me smile gives it too me straight never changes what she has told me." ... written by Bravebyrd
Ara es lo maximo, she's the best! no doubt!!!!! will always come back to her for her readings" ... written by rosa
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
fantastic as always" ... written by aghora
she is amazing !!!! her past predictions have happened and still continue to happen just as she told me. she is wonderful. 100000000 stars. a true gift. :) god bless her always " ... written by bem
always comes with the real never moves from what she says." ... written by Bravebyrd
always a pleasure. very rewarding coming to see araishaa" ... written by aghora
Always does it every time...." ... written by BQ
Araisha is the best, i just love her xxx" ... written by vk
100% always enjoy her honesty and positivity!" ... written by Rosa
i love my araishaa she reads me so clearly .. shakira said hips don't lie well araishaa cards don't lie either xoxoxo" ... written by mimi326
thanks again mi amor everything is happening way too fast xoxoxo" ... written by mimi326
AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!! Araishaa is hands down the best on here. She just did a reading for me and two of my friends.. she was absolutely spot on about everything!! She has always been accurate for me. I trust her advice and she always knows the right things to say. You are my saviour Araishaa! xx" ... written by Mimi J
araishaa is the best can't say it enough everything she sees for me is always right whether it already happened or its bout to happy 100 stars lol" ... written by mimi326
100% system was stifled, but her reading was great!" ... written by Rosa
I am blown awa y!! told me i was going to get into an argument with my mother and we did lol." ... written by Bravebyrd
ok, so where do I start? :-) always the same cards about the person I ask recently - like for the past 3 months... sometimes araishaa sees different issues with this person but because it is so personal she is still picking up more than you would ever expect, or sometimes even were ready to understand... She is TOP NOTCH! all she says makes sense, she is 100 stars reader! She shuffled so many times and it always went the same way. I only hope her cards are right because it was all so positive, xoxoxoxoxox" ... written by malinda2011
No se ni donde empezar con Araisha. Hace ya 6 meses que Araisha ha visto cosas que no pasaban y que yo misma no podia creer. Pero es ahora cuando todas las predicciones están pasando y los mas extraño es que ella me dio información con lujo de detalle como era cada chico. No puedo creer que ella haya visto todas estas cosas, lo único que puedo pensar es WOW WOW WOW. Una vez mas Araisha no me falla. Es la mejor psíquica que conosco y confío. Muchas Gracias Araisha. " ... written by Sand
Wow!!! I am simply amazed by here ability!!! She has gotten many predictions correct. She is definitely the best!!!! " ... written by iiiiii
i swear this woman is too good araishaa said if I'm feeling a little sick in a certain place and long behold i go to the doctor and it was just that just amazing xoxoxoxo but i will be better soon" ... written by mimi326
once again she been to the reader " ... written by serbboy3
Omgggg I love herrrrrrrr. She told me I would meet a guy in another country and that happened. Im not surprised as she's always right on. And I love that she gives me a head up about all the good along with the bad. Thank you araishaa!! xx" ... written by Mimi J
Excellent reading as usual! Her past predictions have come true. She is always right on the money! Sorry I ran out of time araishaa. I will be back later this week :)" ... written by Mimi
great as usual, always honest with me" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
Excellent always" ... written by ssharma
WOOOOOW! Everything Araishaa said is coming true. I am so excited. She has been consistent with her predictions for me since I started coming to her last October.. and finally things seem to be unfolding for me. You are a godsend Araishaa. Love you! xx" ... written by Mimi
araishaa te amo mucho gracias" ... written by mimi326
she is great!!! same outcomes! she sees it all. I love her. " ... written by bem
she is wonderful! xoxox" ... written by kriskros
Araisha!!!!!!! es la mejor que he conocido. esta mujer super increíble y lo ve todo!!!! ya no se que mas decir simplemente es una super psíquica y lo sabe todo... muchas prediccion muchas cosas que han pasado... eres la mejor. gracias por todo besos " ... written by sand
Describió la situación tal cual y me dejo muy sorprendida. La recomiendo bastante y le agradezco ese consejo tan bello que me dio al final! Muy rápida, concisa y profesional!" ... written by phoenix0011
The best" ... written by rosa
she is awesome hands down! thanks araishaa" ... written by marias
great as usual, tells me what she sees, always honest and accurate" ... written by smiley2011
Es rápida y precisa en sus respuestas :) Muchas gracias por tu tiempo" ... written by Daniela
she is amazing...i try to argue with her and say not possible and things do happen the way she sees...she said i ll get a legal letter and court filings...i said no dont tell me..and yes they arrived like she saw. Also many good things happens..I cant even name them they so many..." ... written by she
Me he estado haciendo readings con Ara por mas o menos un año talvez mas. Siempre le da al clavo, no ha habido una vez que ella me diga algo y no se cumpla. Tuve una deuda de 6000$ y estaba preocupadisima, ella me dijo mira no te preocupes que eso lo resuelves y ayer me llegaron $10, 000 de donde menos lo esperaba. No me duele gastar los $9.99 a minuto porque se que lo que ella dice vendrá. La recomiendo al mil, siempre regresare a hacerme readings con ella cuando lo necesite porque he visto y experienced on my own que lo que ella dice pasa!!!!!!! thank you so much for my readings Ara!! Love you girl!!!!!" ... written by Rosa
always always 1000000 on spot. her past predictions have come true and are continuing to come true!! holy cow is all I can say. she is the real real real deal 10000 stars" ... written by bm
my fav psychic i come to her when i need to know something" ... written by smiley2011
Always good to hear what she has...wonderful!" ... written by Queen
Excellent...always good!" ... written by Rosa
always a pleasure" ... written by aghora
Great as usual. " ... written by smiley2011
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
very honest and accurate" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
araisha is the best ever. always right about everything. thank you xx" ... written by val
no words, she's the best there is no one things she has tell me that hasn't happened" ... written by rosa
she amazing...always on point about eveyrthing..shes the truth thank you for making my life easier and less stressful " ... written by Ari
Araishaa is the best, you don't need to tell her ANYTHING and she's ALWAYS spot on. I had my first reading from her months ago and pretty much hit everything. My most recent followup has also been spot on confirming my current situation and concerns. If you want someone who's honest, straight-up no sugar coating get a reading from Araishaa." ... written by Selphee
Araisha es la mejor psychica que hay !!! muchas gracias por decírmelo todo y por todas tus predicciones. besos" ... written by sand
Great update with araisha; I have been reading with her for over a year, and she has always been incredibly accurate with her predictions. Love this woman" ... written by sanya
if you want to know ask araishaa" ... written by aghora
AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Brina
the best there is love her mucho always on the money" ... written by mimi326
Araisha is simply amazing! Truly a gifted reader and a professional who is fast and extremely accurate!" ... written by Melissa
tells me what she sees" ... written by smiley2011
Genial, estaba un poco asustada porque es la primera vez que lo hacía y de repente estaba cara a cara con ella que me hablaba!!!! Y no sabía qué hacer!!!!!!!!!" ... written by 13579natalia
excellent" ... written by ron
Araishaa is one of a kind. She sees it all.. and always knows the right things to say to put me back on track." ... written by Mimi
if you want to know. ask araishaa" ... written by aghora
she is the best. thats all..sees all" ... written by marielaa
ask her and she will tell you. she is the best there is" ... written by aghora
ask and ariaisha will tell" ... written by aghora
She is always on point. Her predictions never fail. She reads me like an open book! She has been assuring me since last year that things would change for me by June of this year.. well that time is almost here and I can't wait :) Thank you Araishaa, you are the best. xx" ... written by Mimi
marvellous. truly marvellous" ... written by aghora
Araishaa is the best! Everything she has told me since last year is coming to pass right now. I'm getting a job promotion like she said. She was right about delayed documents. She was right about me receiving some extra money. She was right about me moving. And she was right about me meeting someone this month. I'm just speechless. " ... written by Mimi
Araisha es una profesional con un talento increíble. Conectó muy rápidamente con la situación y me dio unos detalles muy concretos. Para aprovechar al máximo los minutos es bueno tener escritas las preguntas. Eso ayuda mucho! Gracias Araisha!" ... written by Alicia
she is greatness" ... written by aghora
Thank you for your guidance we got cut off but i will be patient and wait for everything to come to pass." ... written by Chrissy
She is so amazing i love her!!! Definitely coming back!" ... written by Courteny
Great update!!" ... written by luckystars
you are amazing my love omg i am coming back to you so right on the money and i didn't need to tell you anything you told me what has or is going to be happening and is happening i cannot wait to tell you your predictions to come true" ... written by m
My favorite woman! always the best " ... written by val
Always good to touch base with her" ... written by Rosa
i want to thank her for her insight. I recommend her highly " ... written by theodora
amazing reading!! i recommend her highly" ... written by theodora
Awesome! thanks" ... written by ..
great thanks!" ... written by ...
Thank you for the update love coming in to see you and get your information. I write it all down and watch for it. Love ya" ... written by LL
She is just the best!" ... written by val
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
fantastic" ... written by aghora
I must give this woman 1000000 stars. SHe is fabulous. I was dating Mr. F for a long time but Araisha told me that I would get tired of him after he moved. Well it happened. SHe also said that I would meet a darker guy who will want commitement. well I did meet new guy who asked me to date me exclusively. she has predicted sooo much for me. she is amazing. thank u" ... written by bm
Amazing as always !" ... written by abby
Twice arasihaa answered questions from her spread that I hadn't even asked...she's very consistent and extremely fast! Does not waste time at all." ... written by pink_94
Araishaa is the best! Everything she says comes true. Since last year she has been telling me I would find love in June of this year and she was so right! She has also predicted money coming my way, moving and traveling.. all of which I know is happening as I am planning on continuing my studies abroad. Also, my internet connection is slow today, and Araishaa was super-kind and patient to type it out for me during our reading.. She may be on the expensive side, but she is well worth the money. Thank you Araishaa. xx" ... written by Mimi
she is the best of the best. She knows all." ... written by roberth
Excellent reading, love her !" ... written by Mai
Amazing predictions, and the amazing part, that they all came true!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Joanna
She is the best, no matter what she says, it always come true, even if the first time it looks weird. " ... written by loops123
Loved the reading today.. so much clarity" ... written by abby
Araishaa is so good!" ... written by Mai
wow araisha can work really fast! she is fast. and I can feel her tap into my energy during the private reading. it was amazing! this why her price is high. shes truly gifted. she predicted things will happen to me from previous readings and they came true. just like she said. no lies. ahes the real deal" ... written by melissa
over and over she been to the point...told me money struggle in last reading and it happened...also family problem and it waiting for other things to come by as she told me :) " ... written by serbboy3
Hands down the best reader :) I have been coming to araishaa for almost a year now and she is the only psychic advisor I trust blindly out of the many I have spoken to in my lifetime. I love her energy as well, she is such a joy to talk to, even when the news is not so good.. she is always genuinely concerned and caring. She has guided me and seen me grow throughout this past year, and finally things seem to be looking up for me, I can feel it all coming to fruition." ... written by Mimi
LOVE my reading with Araishaa. She is so on point!" ... written by Abundance
very quick and to the point, looking forward howt hings go!" ... written by jazzychic
thanks a lot, you have been very helpful, as an always :)" ... written by Mary
Very accurate, her preditcions are always coming true" ... written by judy
amazing how she is saying about the future, and the most amazing part is, when you DO see that she was right....always..." ... written by Crystal
Araisha is the best psychic on here!! I have been reading with her for a long long time and she has on point everything that she has said to ne has come to pass and is still continuring to happen. I read with her often and she is just the best. She know what the current situaion is and what will happen. she prepares you for what is to come. I still cant believe how accurate she has been. She is worth the wait and and time.. she is quick and to the point. 1000000 stars ;)" ... written by bem123
First time with Araishaa... I'm blown away with what she picked up on! She does not waste any time! I will definitely be back! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Lynda
always the best!!! SHE IS NUMBER ONE HERE, NO DOUBT... SHE HAS ALWAYS PREDICTED EVERYTHING SO FAR.. 100000 STARS" ... written by bm q
She was very helpful and honest. I will find out in 1 month to end of year of her predications. Very friendly and kind. Great personality" ... written by TexasVintage65
Outstanding Fast Accurate" ... written by Jay
love this lady she is very quick and feels like she knows everything.I am really hoping her predictions come to pass and will update when they do" ... written by sgiani
you are amazing i cannot believe how spot on you are! so spot on! everything you said came to pass and true! i'm so excited and am in shocked!!!!!!i will be back for more omg she is to go to and worth the money!!!" ... written by m
i love reading with you never a dull moment when you read for me always exact and i can't believe your predictions come true. this women is the togo to women omg i can't believe it!" ... written by mlee
you are alawys on the dot omg!!!!!! all your predictions came true!!!!!!i'm so shocked and amazed by what you would see for me. i just can't believe it lol you are amazing" ... written by mlee
she the most accurate one here on this site. Her things do happen one after one...some take time..i been her client 2years soon." ... written by emily
Araishaa is superb!! She is one of my all-time favourite readers. She is honestly the only reader that I know I can trust whole-heartedly. She has been guiding me for almost a year now and she has never steered me wrong. " ... written by Mimi
always forever my favorite reader." ... written by Giny
She is THE best!! I don't even really bother with anyone else anymore. Even if I do go to others, their advice doesn't hold as much as weight as araishaa's. I don't mean to put down other readers, but that's just how good araishaa is.. she has always been honest and uplifting. " ... written by Mimi
she is good i will be back!" ... written by .....
simply amazing" ... written by aghora
Excellent as always!" ... written by ssharma
great great as always...things coming just like she told me :) " ... written by serbboy3
she is just the best" ... written by aghora
Araishaa has been saying I'd be in love by fall of 2016 since last Sept.. and she is so on the money!! Everything she says has come to fruition. I've learned not to doubt anything she says :) She is the absolute best there is." ... written by Mimi
wow wow wow...speechless, she is soo accurate" ... written by Gina
oh my god, never met a real psychic before, she is the one!" ... written by Tony
always good..." ... written by Rose
Araishaa is always amazing. I have been coming to her for guidance for a few years now and her predictions have come to pass. The real deal. Thanks Araishaa. " ... written by Coral
she is excellent!" ... written by carl
excellent highly recommend" ... written by ron
amazing" ... written by theodora
Araishaa was kind enough to do a reading for me and my friend today!! She was so scarily accurate as usual :) On point!!" ... written by Mimi
Fantastic readings always clear " ... written by Pugsleyjne
My go to woman, i just love her" ... written by val
OMG!! She's really amazing!! She's very good I can't wait for all her prediction to happen. Its my first time with her but difenitely will comeback. She's very accurate with my situation. She's more than 5 star" ... written by OMG lies. no lies" ... written by Rose
She got everything on point. She was right with predictions and right with everything so far. She told me, I was going to see someone and it had to do with the number 2. I saw him on the 2nd of August! It was unplanned, she couldnt have possibly known!" ... written by F.
she is the best. Accurate one" ... written by odile
araishaa is fantastic....." ... written by aghora
Perfect! Fast and sure of her work!" ... written by Rose
amazing reading. She gave me so much information and I can't wait to see the predictions come to life." ... written by s
good fast answers, honest" ... written by godn
answers by cards, she predicts in future and tells situation. she is accurate. " ... written by goldn
she tell everything ty" ... written by raya
Give your self a chance to do reading with her" ... written by Victor
she is fantastic - she keeps getting it right" ... written by aghora
OMG she s scary good!" ... written by antoi
OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! OMGGG! She is the most accurate reader i have ever got all i said in private is OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!" ... written by Antoi
Great, the best...." ... written by Rosa
good honest straight answers" ... written by norcal
esta vez las cartas me han explicado mas. gracias y entiendo lo de los nervios tambien. la vere pronto Araisha sus consejos y vision me han ayudado." ... written by meiky
thanks lovey I always love coming to you to get the real upcomings and I know I trust you completely. You had mentioned the travel before. Thank you so much." ... written by Islandgirl
What a wonderfull reader, her predictions always come true." ... written by Jen
Excellent reading!! Thank you so much!" ... written by Rose
Fast Accurate" ... written by Jay
I could talk to advisors all day but I only feel better and assured after talking to araishaa!! She's the only one I trust and whose predictions have consistently time and time again panned out for me. She knows me so well, and she has become more than just an advisor to me. She's like a friend who's always there for me. I look forward to all the positivity coming my way." ... written by Mimi
very fast, will wait for predictions. thank you" ... written by jc
I always feel better after a reading with araishaa. She gives it to me straight, and I never have to doubt her because she is always on point. The best on Oranum!" ... written by Mimi
One of the best I actually felt a connection with araisha. Look Forward to speaking with her soon. Thank you for the clarification and predication's told me what I wanted to know without me even asking. " ... written by Goodmyster
It just scares me how accurate one psychic can be. It truly worth to pay the high price, you will see." ... written by Lynn
Thank you it was an amazing reading!!! :) :) She gives very accurate and specific things! Thanks! xxx" ... written by ..
Until I met Araisha, did not believe that real psychics are existing. She is one of them." ... written by Mellinda
Araishaa's readings are so consistent! She has been seeing the same thing for me for the past year and I am looking forward for it all coming to fruition this year. She also saw something that I never mentioned to her.. although it's not something that has been put into action, she mentioned something about it possibly happening next year. Araishaa is honestly the best on here.. I wouldn't bother looking elsewhere. Also, something she predicted for my friend came true today, so I had to update her about that :)" ... written by Mmi
she is amazing" ... written by aghora
awesome!!" ... written by Rose
good reading. honest, answers questions with time frames. " ... written by norcl
Um.. honey. What you said about meeting a guy in line four, you were right. very right. and about seeing the brown one, you were right too. tried to be subtle haha but just letting you know you were spot on!" ... written by fairmemories
First time, will see how things unfold, hope predictions happen. She was right 1000% about my past. Thank you!!!!!!!!" ... written by E
Excellent as always!" ... written by Mimi
Great reading as always!" ... written by abby
she is totally awsome" ... written by aghora
Wow, I had to take her to private three times tonight because she was on a roll!! Lol Her predictions are consistent.. she still sees a move and a contract for me this month.. so I can't wait for this all to happen and be over with so we can get to the good stuff :)" ... written by Mimi
amazing, worth every pennies. very accurate. Thank you" ... written by coffeecandy
Araisha is so amazing! I love love love her readings! She is so accurate it's scary! Everything she told me in my last private reading all happened! I can not wait to see how the new information unfolds. I'd give her a million stars if I could... She is a must-go-to!" ... written by Rebecca
araishaa is fantastic. absolutley 100% bang on" ... written by aghora
I love love love her readings! She is so accurate it's scary! I can not wait to see how the new information unfolds. I'd give her a million stars if I could... She is a must-go-to!" ... written by rose
Araishaa has the most accurate predictions I have ever come across. Through her predictions I've learned to realise that patience is key. I was applying for an extremely competitive job and some of my fellow competitors had applied for the same job twice before and were far more experienced than me. I was extremely nervous about the whole process. However Araishaa was confident that I would secure the job. She asked me to remain patient and by merely taking on board her advise I recently received an offer. I cannot thank Araishaa for her vote of confidence. She is definitely something unique and her predictions are unbelievable! Thank you :)" ... written by klove7
Thank you soon much araishaa!! You are the absolute best as always!! " ... written by Mimi
She gave me specific time frames to look for. I'll definitely keep my eyes open to see what happens. Thanks, Araishaa :-) " ... written by DesertLily
you are amazing so dead on I love you to death she is a must wiorth the price I pay I always get excited when she comes on " ... written by m
A wonderful message, and very detailed...cant wait to see what happens." ... written by Rose
Wonderful!" ... written by Rose
Thank you Aarisha, good answers and spot on. great!" ... written by Stephanie
I keep coming back because her predictions keep panning out one after another! She predicted I would sign a work contract which I did a few days ago. And she predicted a job offer for me which I just received today, so of course I had to come back for her advice. Araishaa has never steered me wrong. She is the best!" ... written by Mimi
Thank you very much. You are the best on here. Thank you, thank you, thank you." ... written by ilovetravel
Very Good With Her Work!" ... written by Jay
I am so much clearer on what is going on here, Im glad I came back to clarify the other questions I had, Thanks so much! your a true blessing" ... written by think
So I have been reading with aariasha for 2-3 years. She told me that documents are coming in regards to my business that will be excellent news. And my business is now certified by NYS as an MWBE entity. She told me I would land new client that will bring in money. I landed a 15000.00 contract. She has been guiding me for a very long time. Thee are only two of the numerous things that has happened that has come true. " ... written by Elizabeth
awesome lady! :)" ... written by spirit
very gooooood" ... written by Stan
She is amazing and truly gifted. Try her, she will not let you down." ... written by iPreferMimi
I keep coming back because her predictions keep unfolding one after another! She told me a certain someone from the past would be back and she was right! But more importantly, araishaa always gives me the advice I need to hear to prepare me for what's to come. She is the best there is " ... written by Mimi
Thank you for the reading. I loved every minute of it. 500 stars. Blessings." ... written by rachelbaldij
She is the bestest. Very accurate. Very nice and calming person. Will come back soon." ... written by rachelbaldij
The best so far I have tried, recommend to everybody." ... written by Kevin
She is the real deal. I love her. Thank you for being my friend Araisha." ... written by lucyrumb
Very on point, no sugarcoating. She always gives me the advise I need. You are the best, girl :)" ... written by acealways
I was very worried but you just eased my mind. Thank you for always being there for me when I need it. 10 stars" ... written by bem123
She read for all three of us ladies, and everything she said is on point!! All of us have seen her predictions pass and we are so excited for what she sees coming up for us. Araishaa is the best there is!" ... written by 3 Girls
Thank you for keeping me insane, I thought I was going crazy, but you helped me through this tough situation. Thank you for being there for me. Lots of love" ... written by Kat
Araisha is the best. You always know what to say. Thank you for being my friend." ... written by LennyB
fabulous!!" ... written by Rose
Such a good reader, suggest to everybody." ... written by Raz
Great reading" ... written by -
Wonderful reader!!" ... written by Rose
Araisha is amazing! her predictions have come to pass one by one just as she said seriously! everything my love life my travel my business everything this woman saw a year and half ago! i was a skeptic in the beginning, but just as things started happening i was in awe! thank you so much ! " ... written by alma
araishaa is simply brilliant. " ... written by aghora
she is fantastic as usual!!! 1-0000000000 stars. the best of the best" ... written by bem
Your insight has helped me sooo much. God bless you." ... written by Nazi
Excellent Thank you " ... written by H
Wow it was such an amazing reading I am definitely coming back! such great energy, lovely woman, love the vibes and everything she said made so much sense even the people she sensed in my life. Too bad credits ran out but will be back for more! Super exciting " ... written by Sherry
I have only good things to say about her.... always understanding, no judgement here! Thank you love" ... written by siti
Amazing .. amazing!" ... written by abby
Amazing! So fast and accurate! I cannot believe it! I didn't give her any information, and she read correctly. I highly recommend her!" ... written by phyl
great!" ... written by lucky
Araishaa is the best one here. Her predictions happen for real. If u have like really serious issues and need to ask of serious business you consult her. If u want to hear bs and talk of auras u contact some others... But if u dealing with real issues you contact her. But only if you want the truth." ... written by starboy
I would pay herr 999.999 as all her predictions were coming true all the time." ... written by Sawyer
Amazing, whatever she tells me it will come true, very impressive and very good psychic." ... written by Jennifer
Wonderful as always!" ... written by Anette
excellent....lots of details and predictions from before all happening now. She is a true and real psychic and she really helps and cares for her clients she is very worth the money spent. " ... written by 888
Araishaa is truly an angel! She has changed my life in more ways I could have ever imagined. Blessings" ... written by Sani
Thank you, thank you very much!" ... written by Ray
Araishaa is the best for me, who have always helped me, recommend to everybody." ... written by Ray
Wonderful reading!!" ... written by Rose
She sees many things small and big and they all happen eventually." ... written by Love Araishaa
Had an update, 2nd reading, first one came through exactly as she said. Wow :)" ... written by E
she is giving true visions and i trust what she say n will recommend her. i will definitely come back to uhh.. thanks" ... written by saharashraf
She is the best...been her client 2 years and her things happens 1 after 1...if u really need help you go to araishaa. She is so correct with her predictions that it is scary. But she also makes warnings so not like she only sees good things." ... written by PETER
As always on point with everything, great connection and great reading. Thank you Araishaa!" ... written by Adrienne
Honestly love the reading it was so great and spot on, waiting for my predictions to pan out, very quick, accurate and can not wait for another reading. Thank You" ... written by Sharifa
very good" ... written by yu
amazing and accurate reading always. Worth every pennies. Thank you. 10 stars" ... written by coffee
OMG!! Araishaa is top-notch. She kept telling me things would get better after I move. I finally moved and she was right. Money and love is looking up for me. I can't wait for things to get rolling." ... written by Mimi
Araishaa is truly amazing. " ... written by aghora
once again her predication came after another of readings it comes true...readings full of the details and always right to the point " ... written by serbboy3
update ! Great as usual. Very clear and very precise. Wonderful lady and so genuine. Thank you again love. 10 stars of course" ... written by coffee
Araisha is excellent always right! You have to get to her to believe it and then you will never go back!" ... written by ssharma
Araishaa has been so consistent with her readings for me and her predictions have been panning out one by one. She is amazing! You have to try her for yourself." ... written by Mimi
She is the best one here." ... written by oliver
OMG, what an awsome reader, she is way best here for me so far." ... written by Jim
always fantastic and fast and accurate love her style" ... written by Pugsleyjnr
Very good" ... written by Walter
Gave me insight. 5 stars." ... written by Gustavo
Liked the reading!!!!!!! xoxo" ... written by Jesse
Wow this was such a blast! She KNEW it!" ... written by Tiffany
Thank you very much sweetheart :)" ... written by Devonn
Araishaa is great, the reading was worth every cent. I will come back for an update soon. Everyone should try her, you will not be disappointed!" ... written by jamesO
Araishaa is always fantastic. Love her. Million stars." ... written by mary mary
She is just GREAT!" ... written by ab
Her prediction did come true!!!!! Thank you so much!" ... written by b.k.
She is so nice and can read the cards very well. Great!" ... written by C.
She is the Best Psychic here! I wish I could have more time with her." ... written by Coral9
She was amazing! Without her guide I would not know what to do!" ... written by marianne11
Great reading, always on spot" ... written by Mimi
Thank you, you are the best Araishaa. I can always count on you" ... written by Lolo baby
Araishaa is the best on here, If you try her, you will not be disappointed. Lotsa love girl" ... written by Nina G
very good psychic, can really tell me the future" ... written by Kumar
she is sooooo sweet!!!!!lovely family!!" ... written by meme
Awesome predictions, always come true." ... written by Lilgirl
thanks for the updates, so far everything become true what you told me." ... written by Jason
She is amazing! Will come back to update my lovelife shortly." ... written by mary
Thank you very much for your Guide! It helped me a lot to understand my life." ... written by a.m
the best of the best, she just knows it all!!!" ... written by bm
Excellent. Very friendly. U feel very confident after speakin to her . Thanks!" ... written by reshma chandra
My life is much better since she is helping me out." ... written by Joy
Thanks, its like you 'just'saved my life" ... written by Jennifer
Very good reader, always tells me the truth and her predictions come true:)" ... written by James Louis
She is amazing with her cards. Her predictions are so correct, it's scary or just freaking AMAZING. Go to Araishaa and she will tell you what is going to happen and it does. " ... written by Amazing Reader
Great reading!!!" ... written by lucky
Awsome reading, she is the best, you can read previous testimonials, she is simply the best" ... written by Jeremy
Amazing! I told her nothing but my name and DOB, and she told me everything going on and predictions. She knew exactly my worries and gave me predictions, twice already! She is extremely fast! I highly recommend her, she is the best!" ... written by phyllis
Araishaa is really correct and good. She sees all. u need to consult her if you really want the truth." ... written by mr doctor
Wow! You are amsbolutely one of My favourite! She knows everything-unbelivable." ... written by Jude
OMG!She is sooooo good!" ... written by Libby
Since I found this gem, not a day goes by that I don't come to her. She hass given me so much support I am forever grateful for. Love you!" ... written by sweetkitty
By far the best and most compassionate reader on here --- KEEP ROCKING " ... written by Mimi
It was a pleasure to read with her. She knows the cards well and gave me lot of information. Thank you." ... written by James
You were absolutely great! Thank you for your help! I dont know what would I do without you!" ... written by Karen
Talking with Araishaa was great! :) She gave me much insight and details in a very fast time! I really hope her predictions will come to pass! :)" ... written by Ida
Very fast and friendly answered all my questions. Would recommend her. Hope her predictions come to pass." ... written by E
she has the answer to all questions, it is mindblowing" ... written by befree
Araishaa is definitely one of the best psychics on the site!" ... written by elephant8
I wish I would have found araishaa earlier, she is very good, so compassionate and funny at the same time." ... written by Dreamer
impressive reading! I will surely come back for a follow up!" ... written by micheal
Araishaa is awesome! It is so nice to talk to her, her advice is was very helpful!!" ... written by Becky
Thank you very much for the insght, i'll be back" ... written by Sky
WOW! Awsome reader, very good." ... written by Jen
She understands my situation without me having to explain anything, it is that empathy that is most important to me in a reading" ... written by BelieveInYourself
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by jlouis
She is goood, I would recommend for sure" ... written by ObenyO
You are the best Araisha, I feel so much better after this reading. I know everything will work out as you said :)" ... written by Belle
OMG, worth the price, she is very accurate and fast." ... written by spirit
She's fast, good, and honest!" ... written by Rose
Araisha is very understanding, to the point, and she really cares. and for that I will be forever grateful" ... written by morning glory
She was scarily accurate, I barely had to say" ... written by Ducky
I appreciate your help, you are great :) Will let you know how things turn out!" ... written by chris
Thank you sweetheart, you helped me a lot " ... written by beautifulbae
She is always great at connecting and clear on details, it helps to have questions typed along with your info. Thank you" ... written by M
Very fast and accurate. Gave me timeline and prediction and will update when things happen. Will definitely come back" ... written by aaa
Araishaa has been my guide through this stressful transitional period in my life, but it's been looking up and she has given me a lot to look forward to! She has walked me through this process and supported me in order to avoid any delays or issues. I am so grateful." ... written by Mimi
She is AMAZING!! Picked up on something I didn't even tell anyone yet!" ... written by Regina
Excellent reading! She was spot on!" ... written by Myluckystar
Just had to come back to her, something she said happened right away!" ... written by BlueSun
Amazing as always !! Thank you Araisha, see you very soon!" ... written by smileyface
I like the way she reads really like talking to Araisha, she is so cool and funny." ... written by May
Araishaa is just astounding, every single thing she told me just happens. All her warning are correct and since Im forewarned I am able to handle the situation when it arises. This is why I have been coming to her for 3 years and will always do. Thank you Araishaa...everyone needs to get a reading from her" ... written by LOVE ARAISHA
The best no doubt, worth every cent! Thank you!" ... written by LoveDove
Very fast reader. I am eager to see if the predictions happen." ... written by jax
Fantastic reading. Having a reading with Araisha is well worth the rate. Very spot on!!!" ... written by Gem
I have been coming to her for months and her predictions have come to pass, you are losing out if you have got a reading from her yet!" ... written by TayTay
First time reading with Araisha, she was right on. I will definteily be coming back :)" ... written by clive
best of the best! today again she has not failed me she was straight on point" ... written by Diamondintherough
A beautiful personality and I enjoy reading with her. Some of the predictions have come to pass. I always seek her out as she is ON POINT! Give her a chance and you will no regret your decision." ... written by Valery
I would recommend her wholeheartedly, she helped me a lot, words cannot describe" ... written by daisies
No sugar coating for sure, and always right on the money. I love her " ... written by Tara9263
OMG! araisha is just amazing! mind-blowing ... I am really speechless." ... written by 3rdeye
she was excellent, didnt even needed extra info, and she could read in her cards my whole life, past and future, not the first time." ... written by attractivebeagle
true psychic, everything that she told me came true, accurate level 100%" ... written by Garison
Thank You so much for the informative reading regarding my love and financial situation. Will keep you updated once I have more funds. Thanks Again Araishaa! :)" ... written by Vas
I was feeling really worried and scared about starting graduate school after ten years of being in the workplace. Ive been feeling out of my element, and it's already crossed my mind to drop out after the first day.. but luckily, Araishaa was here to advise me and give me the reassurance that I need to take it day by day.. and of course I always trust her predictions.. so if she sees that I will do well, then I trust I will." ... written by Mimi
Spot on! She is fast with the cards and accurate, well worth the time and money." ... written by davyking
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
Try her. She is the real deal. You will not regret. WOW!!!" ... written by Lucille
Thank you Araishaa, you are the best" ... written by Mary025
Very good. Thank you." ... written by windfall54
once gain she was at point...she told me my trainer at work gone like how i do work and he does...everything she says so far it had happened...this woman is great and reads you like a book" ... written by serbboy3
First reading with Araishaa and she connected real fast to my situation and gave me the answers to my questions. She's a fast reader and does not waste your time. She provided me with time frames and I'll wait and see what happens and provide an update. She's a very nice lady." ... written by Miachloe120
LOL, ran out of funds just when she was getting to the good stuff! But she is so consistent, it's crazy! The cards keep showing her the same thing.. it's definitely taking some time and it's been testing my patience for some of the love-related predictions to come about but I trust araishaa whole-heartedly! All her predictions in the past have always come true for me." ... written by Mimi
All I can say - WORTH EVERY PENNY! " ... written by pink_94
awesome as usaual!!! if you need the right anwer go to araisha!!" ... written by bm
she is quick!" ... written by fv
E X C E L L E N T E" ... written by A
Araishaa was right on! very very gifted lady. Time frame was exactly what she told me it would be. " ... written by Miachloe120
well she's impressive for sure" ... written by fv
It has been over a year since I last spoke with Araishaa and I felt it was time to seek her advice again. Let me tell you that I shouldnt have left it so long. This woman is brilliant and understood and could see everything in her life with total clarity. It gives me chills when she starts reading, she is so good and her predictions do come true!" ... written by Alex
Extremly accurate, love her!" ... written by Mai
great reading" ... written by luckystars
Araishaa must be so sick of hearing from me by now LOL but she has been so patient, supportive and compassionate with me during this time. Today's reading was a little different but not any less valuable. She focused most of our time on giving me information and honest advice about how to get over my negative thoughts instead of just giving me the predictions. I believe that's the advice I really needed to hear right now to help get me through this rough time. She is the best there is!" ... written by Mimi
She is awesome was telling me so much about what is going on to verify that it real which I love!" ... written by Ashley
she is great!! she is overall great! still waiting on the money !! lOl best advisor to date on oranum " ... written by bm
Always tells me what I need to know to ease my mind" ... written by George
Very good psyhcic" ... written by Penelope
She knows all ;) Her face is so radiant from all the love and wisdom" ... written by Phexic
I like her really much she has predicted my love" ... written by Babyblue
First I was like she cant be serious but she is the real deal yo! I believe in her!" ... written by GG Pete
She helped me with so many issues of my life. I cannot be more thankful for this dearie, she is a godsent." ... written by Louise
She is the best. Period." ... written by Jesse
OMG araishaa is so goood!" ... written by David
this woman is amazing. - the best" ... written by aghora
The truth, plain and simple. No sugar coating. On the spot. To the core. Up the max." ... written by Eduardo
She has shown me the path to walk on. Now I only have to walk on it." ... written by Tyronne
I am so happy to have her as my reader. She gives me consolation even when I am sick of myself." ... written by Chuck
She is the best I ever saw since she told me I will meet my friend. She is like Master to me" ... written by Woland
How could I ever return the wonderful things she has given to me? THE TRUTH with capital letters, but with kindness and tenderness, not in a destructive, blunt way. I think this is very important. She is a wise and kind soul." ... written by MrKat
Araishaa sees things and is really accurate. She tells me all in details and it does happens next day or so..even if i think it is not possible....So many things happens the way she tells me." ... written by James
Yess that is how I like it! Truthful and honest! Keep it on sister!" ... written by LaVoy
It was a year ago I first saw her, and she knew me like I was her best friend since the beginning of time. This woman is truly sent from the heavens." ... written by Kathalyn
Araisha my angel " ... written by Katie
best " ... written by Robin
Thank you ever so much. Will be back :)" ... written by Marine
Absolutely best. Kind hearted and compassionate Psychic. Do yourself a favor and go see her!" ... written by Kate
great!" ... written by --
awesome" ... written by tiff
AWESOME" ... written by tiff
I wish i had more time" ... written by cutiepattootie
Just came to check in with my girl araishaa :) things seem to be looking up with the exception of some family trouble but finally I'm ready for all the predictions i have been waiting for to unfold! xx" ... written by Mimi
thanks ! great as always" ... written by lucky
the first day i came and i saw araishaa and she said hi and i said hi and i was like how are you and she was like good and you and i was like okay i am too but what about jack and he told about jack all about him like things about hsi car and his life and how could he know i was shocked and i went to look at the river outside of my house i was so shocked how could she know she doesnt even know me like i saw the river and the fishes and birds but thats not relevant now i am just telling this to you so you understand the depth of my shocked so i love araishaa really really now." ... written by pinkie
All this truth from one woman with no tools only his soul.. Unbelievable.." ... written by RogersTJr
OMG, all her preditions came true" ... written by ray
wow wow wow wow...amazing predictions come true" ... written by Courtnez
True gifted psycihc " ... written by Dasmond
true gifted psychic" ... written by Amanda
best of the best!!! she has always helped me see my situaion. thank u bc things in past have happened as you said and theyu continue to happen.. thats why i am here all the time!!!" ... written by bm
very good reader" ... written by Jasmina
WOW! So accurate, could even predict the color of the skin of my new girlfriend " ... written by Mark
Another prediction come true" ... written by Jeff
Can't wait to see your predictions come true. x x x x" ... written by coldasiccce
Always spot on!!!!!" ... written by lizzy
I have not been in a while with Araisha because i lacked money or we did not meet at the same time online, however, i missed her and love her readings !!! She has been mostly right with my predictions always !" ... written by Sarah
great clarified things for me" ... written by smiley2011
shes the best.very quick and to the point I like her!" ... written by diamond
will want and see if predictions come true, they usually do" ... written by smiley2011
Its just simply amazing, whatever she says happens...." ... written by Bell
araisha I hope what u said comes true . god bless" ... written by myst
she is real deal" ... written by myst
Great reading" ... written by -
So good so funny so real!" ... written by Rose
Araishaa is excellent , no doubt about it!" ... written by sharma
Loved this reading" ... written by Erica
the best of the best !! love her she is soooo good, its amazing!!!" ... written by bm
this lady is fantastic. " ... written by aghora
I wish i had more time and credits ! I love Araisha, she always puts me in a good mood and is so caring ! I will be back :) ! Blassings and love" ... written by Sarah
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Mai
Good an quick need a few to see if what she says is true. But friendly and quick." ... written by shades212
She was good from what I was able to get from her." ... written by Stephanie
she is the very best! " ... written by rose
So great to catch up and get clairity. Love this lady and trust her every word. I will let you know soon. Hugs" ... written by Islandgirl
The best of the bestest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Ross
Finally was able to get a reading with araishaa after some trouble with my wifi, but fortunately we got through it this time :) Some of the predictions she has been seeing for me for a while now are just starting to make more sense to me.. I can feel them getting closer! I can't wait to come back and update her with all that has unfolded. Thank you araishaa! xx" ... written by Mimi
we shall see, i will be back to let you know if what she says comes to pass." ... written by p
lover her readings , they are very accurate!!! wow !!!" ... written by bm
Read a few times with Araishaa now. A lot of the events she predicted are coming true now when I couldnt see how it could happen. Definitely looking forward to the other predictions as well." ... written by gel
this woman is fantastic. " ... written by aghora
love her and i can always count on her, i have been coming for a couple years now and I am always grateful to find her online, can't wait for next predictions to come true !" ... written by Sarah
Araishaa is the bomb!!! She is one of only two psychics in my entire lifetime that has consistently been accurate for me. I thoroughly enjoy her readings and love chatting with her!" ... written by Mimi
Araishaa is consistently right about everything with me. She has been my friend and guide for 3 years and I keep coming back because she gives wonderful advise and her cards are very accurate. Thank you." ... written by ace
honest and great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
she is amazing!!!" ... written by myst
Araishaa has already been super accurate. She told me there will be two men helping me out with work situation with given age. Despite she couldn't tell me in details how they would help, it did happen. Her predictions had always been very consistent. " ... written by jel
She amazing and so accurate. She can tell you what happens next and you ll see it will happen just like she saw" ... written by helene
Araishaa is fantastic. In the reading she saw some trouble/betrayal with my job hunt..something with the paper work and told me to check it. Literally straight after the reading I checked my resume and found a mistake! Even though I had sent it to my university to look at it for me, they didnt even see the mistake and they checked it twice. She was spot on with some paper work trouble. Truly fantastic!!" ... written by pink_94
she sees all. Every detail and things do ll happen and you ll see it. I been her client for 2 years." ... written by she
Fabulous!" ... written by Rose
araishaa is my go to psychic, she sees deep into things" ... written by smiley2011
SO. ON. POINT. Araishaa is my girl. Love her energy and her truth. She's consistent and very connected. " ... written by Desertlily
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
Araishaa keeps me sane while I wait for all her bigger predictions to come about. Her cards show they will come about soon, and her cards never lie. Can't wait :)" ... written by Mimi
simply amazing. " ... written by aghora
I have been a client of Ms. Araishaa for over a year now. I was having some work and personal issues and was really losing my confidence. Each time Ms. Araishaa would tell me that these set backs are temporary and to keep moving forward, because she saw some great things happening for me in the near future. I must admit I did not believe all the things that she was telling me but when the things that she saw started happened in my life, it was amazing that it happened just the way she stated it. She described the people that would help me and the time frame of when these events will take place. I am amazed on her accuracy rate; and from now on when she tells me something I take heed to it. I am glad that I found her because she is an amazing person. I just want to let you know that you are very lucky to have her on your staff. Ms. Araishaa thank you for your assistance and please continue to use your gift to bring joy to people's lives." ... written by Chris
she the top one here, the only one worth 9,99." ... written by james
thanks" ... written by sasha
Thank you araishaaaaa! You are the best!!" ... written by Mimi
Thanks lady I look forward to coming to you and getting the update of whats coming up in the future. I value your time and abilities.. Hugs " ... written by ISLANDGIRL
wonderful reading!" ... written by Mai
she is fantastic" ... written by aghora
Arashai is the best she knows exactly my situation. The last prediction that she told me about my job actually came true. She really the best. Her reading for me last time its actually slowly progressing. I can really recommend her. She's not waisting my time at all." ... written by Sarah
absolutely fun, accurate and fantastic" ... written by Pugsleyjnr
my friend told me there was some money coming and it has happened:)!! she is so nice!! i can't waite until the other things she has told me come to pass." ... written by BraveByrd
Thank you for that very enlightening reading araishaaaa.. I feel like we found out so much today from reading both sides of the situation. I enjoyed that haha" ... written by Mimi
this lady is amazingly accurate " ... written by aghora
If I ever doubted araishaa in my life, I got a serious wake up call today lol! She kept telling me I would meet a rich light-skin guy who may be married but not really.. I kept thinking this seemed almost impossible cuz I've been waiting for him to come into my life for what seems forever so I could get some confirmation about other predictions. I was literally in a private reading with her an hour ago telling her I was feeling hopeless because she kept seeing things for me in the love department but they weren't showing. Literally not even an hour after her reading for me, this light-skin guy texts me on Facebook. Turns out he lives in my building, and yep he's rich and has kids.. Not saying it's a love connection yet but now at least I know who the hell this light-skin guy is that keeps showing up in my readings LOL!! Seriously TRUST ARAISHAA!! Do not doubt that her predictions will come about.. even if they take a while.. the wait is the hardest part but I've been getting readings with araishaa for over a year now and she has never failed me. THANK YOU ARAISHAAA!! Much love. xoxo" ... written by Mimi
amazingly correct everytime" ... written by aghora
Great as always:-)" ... written by desertlily
she is an excellent psychic" ... written by myst
absolutely fantastic as usual" ... written by Pugs
Araiashaa is the best, she is always accurate and i have been coming to her for years. Very detailed readings and also her predictions come to pass. Thank you as always for your guidance. " ... written by Coral
wow she is great" ... written by Nag
araishaa is fantastic.. every penny worth it multiplied by 10! " ... written by aby
shes one of the best here!!" ... written by diamond
She predicted correctly! Timeframe perfect and accurate! She will only tell you the truth! I would recommend her!" ... written by phyl
I have been reading with araishaa for almost 2 years. Everything that she has said has come to pass almost everything!!!!! cant say almos.. EVERYTHING" ... written by Elizabeth
she is such a good psychic" ... written by myst
this woman is amazing " ... written by aghora
she the top one here. Amazing gift" ... written by araishaa fan
Thanks Araishaa for your constant re-assurance. You have made some amazing predictions so far and I'm yet to see a few important ones unfold. " ... written by klove7
Araishaa is amazinggggg. Everything she has been saying to me has come to pass but the big ones are supposed to happen soon, so like she said, "I'll leave it in God's hands." It's all about being patient now. I love talking to her and she gives me the best guidance." ... written by Mimi
this lady has magic in her soul" ... written by aghora
Simply the best. I've had several readings from her, and she is incredibly accurate, as well as helpful. She gives more than a reading. She has taught me practices to help me grow and attract the positive life I desire. Bless you, Araishaa. " ... written by Clazzyone
she is always consistent,never changes reading" ... written by spirit
AMAZINGLY accurate. She knew so much about my life and situation. She even knew about my car troubles, which I did not mention to her. She is worth every penny and more!" ... written by Clazzyone
Awesome reading :0). 5 stars!!!!!" ... written by Clazzyone
very straight to the point, excellent reader does not waste time. money well spent even though shes expensive but worth it " ... written by nada
everything that she tells me happens exactly...its amazing...give her a try she is very well worth every dollar. Thanks" ... written by ace
this lady is amazing. " ... written by kam
To say that I love araishaa is an under statement. I have been reading with her for years. I love her like she is part of my family. She is worth every dime!!!! She tells you like it is " ... written by Elizabeth
i love this lady" ... written by aghora
excellent reader!! very accurate!" ... written by silvarious
she is amazing " ... written by ylang
Araisha is consistent gives good advise her cards always right" ... written by A
this lady is a shining light in the darkness of this life. " ... written by aghora
OMG!! shes really good!! Her prediction to me keep slowly happening. She is really worth it. If you want the truth have a reading from her" ... written by Sarah
awesome!! wanted ageneral outlook on 2016 and araisha just flowed with information!! didnt need to ask questions, so grateful for all information. thank you so much" ... written by jc
Awesome and always spot on!!!!!! 5 stars!" ... written by Clazzyone
amazing as always, the accuracy is so high, all the time frame make lot of sense to me, I totally love this woman. worth every penny to read with her. Thank you and bless you Araishaa" ... written by coffeecandy
My life saver!! She has been so on point for me with everything!! She has been honest and has given me some tough love but she always wants what is best for me. I have been coming to her for over a year now, and I am so thankful I found her on here." ... written by Mimi
omg.. she described everything to a T! i HIGHLY recommend her!!!" ... written by 123
she is 100% correct all her predictions happen" ... written by a
Very accurate and inspiring. Always spot on! Her energy is amazing and her insight is unbelievable!!!!! If I could give her 10 stars, I would." ... written by Clazzyone
Thank you my lovely!! You are the best always!!" ... written by Mimi
The best!" ... written by Rose
Always very insightful and accurate! Araishaa has been my support and strength when I need it the most. Thank you for everything." ... written by Mimi
Amazing! consistent and comes true!" ... written by E
amazing" ... written by aghora
Fast connection thanks so much looking forward to predictions coming true real soon.. Definitely will come back for updates." ... written by T
Very straight forward and honest definitely worth it if you want the truth. Awaiting for predictions to come true in due time. " ... written by TJ
WOW SHE IS RIGHT ON THE MARK!!! AMAZING!!" ... written by milena
this lady is amazing ." ... written by kamsriv
excellent" ... written by Rose
really reassuring and so informative" ... written by s
tells it as it is" ... written by smiley2011
waiting for predictions to happen, she has been right many times so hope the big ones happen too" ... written by a
Took her reading for first time. She has given me so many time frames .. specially in 3 and a half months in my love life . and there is time from by september to make choices. will definitely get back and update on the Results… Will suggest for others to take and see." ... written by araisha - aries
Araishaa saw a problem which i could never imagined would have been an issue and she saw this from years ago. Her predictions happen. She is amazingly and scarily accurate. Thank you for your guidance Araishaa. You are THE BEST. " ... written by Number 1 fan
this woman is amazing " ... written by aghora
Second day reading.. she did consistently say the same time frame that she had yesterday … I do believe in her … Would definitely suggest for others.. she quick in connecting … does not waste the time .." ... written by araisha- aries
Move to home in 5 and two men in 3: I will be back. It took me month to get a reading from her due to her high rate, but, after going to dozens of low rate experts on here, i FINALLY CHOSE ARAISHAA. SHE IS FAST andamp; RIGHT ON POINT111" ... written by Ladyl
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
Best woman in Oranum . She gave nice clarification on how to act upon today for my future things to happen.. very positive no sugar coating.. will have to remember her advices to keep myself happy … " ... written by araisha - aries
She is the best psychic ever! I will give her 10 stars if that was a choice. Always and always accurate....she has a true gift !!!!! No joke, she has been with me through tough times but things kept unfolding exactly the way she told me!" ... written by ssharma
One of the best psychics here… no matter how often u go.. no matter how many different ids u take… her readings match which means , she really sees it … the best the best the best .. i have complete trust in her ..." ... written by araisha -is the best
Fabulousssss.....I can't wait tel all come to pass" ... written by Ladyl
this lady has magic in her eyes" ... written by aghora
Oh my goodnesssssssssssssssss!!!! She just rocked my world lol" ... written by Marissa
She's the best!" ... written by Jb
excellent as usual. the sharpest and most intuitive expert" ... written by maria
this lady is amazing. " ... written by kam
4 for money, #6 on new house, 3 men, 2story house, dark color....I will keep you posted: THIS IS THE MOST I PAID FOR ANY EXPERT BUT SHE IS WORTH EVERY DIME!!!!" ... written by Ladyl
Another great reading.. what an amazing psychic !!" ... written by abby
Always spot on!!! She is out of this world trust me, you will not leave her once you start following her!!! She is gifted in real sense!" ... written by ssharma
wow" ... written by kam
Excellent, wish I had more time with her. She is the real deal I swear I just started asking her a few questions here and there few months back, seems like all predictions coming or came true. Her time frames are on point as well. It's well worth it coming to her, even if you have to save a little to add credits. Just had a quick follow up and she will not sell you a dream either, gonna keep it real too.. " ... written by Lady
she is always good alot of what she said has come to past waiting for the big one." ... written by a
Awesome and inspiring reading. She is extremely accurate and I trust her opinion. She is my go to person if I want to know the truth. Her predictions ALWAYS come true. She is simply the BEST!" ... written by Clazzyone
Great reading with predictions." ... written by GratefulONE14
Shea was great! I didn't have to say anything and she was on point!!" ... written by Walejr
for some reason … i trust her reading so much … i did get so much clarification… heart breaking news… but its better to know the truth rather than being sugar coated … Thank u araisha.. u r the goddess.. i have to wait for her prediction to happen.. will get every one updated when it comes true.. " ... written by aries722
Perfect as usual!" ... written by Clazzyone
she is fantastic" ... written by kamsriv
Excellent reading!!" ... written by Rosa
She is very consistent: a house in 4, loan approval, house with stair...I will keep you posted." ... written by ladyl
xoxo, wonderful woman." ... written by
WOW!!! She is AMAZING!!! Super great vibe and very straight to the point. I loved her and definitely will come back for an update. " ... written by Ag
love her. She is super accurate and seen many things happing to me in past" ... written by very
Thanks!!" ... written by Ladyl
araishaa the top 1. She the best saw my marriage happening and all happened wow wow...." ... written by meryl
this lady is amazing" ... written by kim
WOW! she is so GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! she AMAZED ME SO MUCH!!!!!!!! What a wonderful reader! wow! I will be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweetangle3
She is super great. So consistent and I really feel things will happen as she says. " ... written by angeles
Araishaa" ... written by kam
Five stars ...I'll give her more if I can !" ... written by ssharma
would definitely suggest her reading for others.. " ... written by aries.
Thank you!!!!" ... written by
House in 1, engage in 6, wait for water view. I can't wait tell it all come to past, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH." ... written by Ladyl
Great! can't stop!!" ... written by
Some of predictions about my house is coming to pass right now:SHE IS A BLESSING TO ME!" ... written by Ladyl
this lady araishaa is amazing " ... written by aghora
great" ... written by L
Excellent update!!" ... written by Rose
She is so good, tells it like it is and is very accurate and fast. Not exactly what i wanted to hear, but still very positive. I highly recommend her!!!!" ... written by pea
wow this woman is sooooo on point with everything.... she answered some question i didnt ask about my pregancy and that was the first thing she said. She also saw my business plans, and told me things happening all positive.. thanks araisha!! " ... written by eliza
Great" ... written by L
great" ... written by L
I love love love her!!! She is AMAZING!!!" ... written by a
WOW!!!! Amazing! We ran out of credits! SHe is phenomenal! Highly recommend!" ... written by Pea
Thank you!" ... written by
Araishaa, I LOVE YOU! You are the BEST OF THE BEST!!! Not only so consistent but so FUN to talk too! Thanks so much for your help!" ... written by a
this lady is amazing" ... written by aghora
Thank, you " ... written by meiky
as usual...a pleasure :)" ... written by leelee
thank you so much for the reading first time here you really awsome precise fast honest truth you told me lot of thing about me and my situation without even telling you anything 100% precise and accurate i will follow your advice and i will definately come back god bless" ... written by joseph
good reading!" ... written by JA
she is amazing, confidence and accurate. Thanks again" ... written by coffee
always on point " ... written by nadaebrahim
Always awesome! Great updates, and predictions too!" ... written by Rose
this woman is amazing" ... written by aghora
My first reading with araisha..lovely lady! She gave me lots of info..and i will wait for predictions to happen n report back :)" ... written by P
Superb!!" ... written by Rosa
Araishaa is better than great: She told me that the house I will be seeking will be two story (house with stairs) , correct, I found a townhouse. She said the number 6 will be in the address, correct, its in the zip code. She said a woman owns it, yes a woman own the townhouse. She said the townhouse will be the 3rd house from the corner end unit, yes, it's the 3rd house. She said the house will be light out the outside and dark on the inside, correct. She said the number 5 was for my house, correct again! I am moving in the 5th month (May). She said I will be approve for my loan, unfortunately, I was not approve but she might be looking at another future loan (we really did not need the loan to move)." ... written by ladylaughter
Thanks very very much the update!!! Always the best !" ... written by angeles
Excellent as always!" ... written by ssharma
Araishaa fast and accurate. Her prediction always come to pass. Whenever I" ... written by gugu58
I wish I had more time to speak with Araishaa, but it was great catching up. She has always been right" ... written by A.W.
Araishaa is amazing as usual. She is so accurate it's scary and her predictions come to pass time and again. " ... written by CL
wish i had more credits to get better insight..." ... written by Samsam
this lady works miracles. " ... written by aghora
this woman gives confidence" ... written by aghora
I wis I had more time... she was great... looking forward to her predictions!" ... written by 180
i have been coming to her for long and a lot she sees has happened still waiting for big predicitons but she sees line 3 andamp;4 so will come back and tell. She is always very quick and good knows her cards well." ... written by ace
Excellent reading as usual. It is AMAZING how much her cards reveal. There are things ion my life that I did not tell her. She knew what was happening and gave me the advice I need to handle the situations. I appreciate her guidance. Many blessings to you." ... written by Clazzyone
love her...she can see everything. let's see if prediction will come true.....follow up soon!" ... written by nik
amazing reader. worth every penny. and accurate." ... written by cof
excellent as always! couldn't be better anywhere else, I bet!" ... written by ssharma
ran out of time, she is amazing, spot on everything" ... written by cof
She is great! On point and honest. " ... written by A
Amazing reading, very accurate, I highly recommend!" ... written by gigglzz
One of the best.. she has predicted so many things and said my coming months r good .. i got lots of time frames starting next month… her previous predictions came to a pass… would suggest for others to take and see.. she does not waste time.. very quick and very helpful .. does not sugar coat.." ... written by Araisha -is the best
Always so spot on and fast. Have been coming to Araishaa for years. " ... written by Anonymous
she is just amazing she knows a lot. " ... written by kay
Outstanding! Fast accurate" ... written by Jay
this lady has magic in her cards" ... written by aghora
excellent!" ... written by phyl
great, will see!" ... written by -
Thanks Araishaa as always! Waiting for the new predictions to come true. " ... written by Angel
Great person" ... written by Nag
she is amazing" ... written by aghora
always correct and accurate. precise and clear. thank you so much!" ... written by cof
she is always very consistent with my readings and line 2 for contact she informs me what to look out for and has been correct, waiting for big predicitons to happen." ... written by ace
this woman is unbelievable. she said my daughter is 7 and she is! she said so many things that i am flabbergasted by her accuracy! wow!" ... written by growfree
Araishaa is amazing. her predictions do happen. They not vague, unspecific blaa blaah...1 by 1 her predictions happen. I Been her customer years. She worth 9,99." ... written by linda
It has been a while ! same quick accurate style as always, love and light" ... written by Sarah
your amazing cnat wiat for it ocme true1! lots of lvoeeee" ... written by LL
she os amazing" ... written by L
I started coming to her last year and she is worth every dime!" ... written by LadyL
I am happy to see her reading playing cards" ... written by KATRINA TSINALI
She is the best and everything that she has told has come true. I am in awe." ... written by Bri
Araishaa is simply amazing. I have trusted her advice for months, and her predictions are always spot on. She predicted things far in advance and warned me about various situations. I trust her completely because she always is positive and encouraging. EVERYTHING she predicts does happen. Well worth the money and the peace of mind her guidance gives. She is a blessing." ... written by Clazzyone
this lady is fantastic" ... written by aghora
Araishaa is very accurate, consistent, and caring in her readings. Her guidance helps me to make wise decisions and to prepare for situations I typically would not know were coming. I trust her readings and appreciate her advice." ... written by Clazzyone
Thanks so much Araishaa! Always super spot on! 2 predictions came to happen about some documents with family and the boyfriend coming back. " ... written by A
SHE WAS DEAD ON TARGET ABT THE GUY" ... written by Ashley
she is amazing her predicitons always happen sooner or later" ... written by A
Very awesome reader, I came back to her after a year and looking back on my reading with her then, she was on point and so I came back. " ... written by kw
araishaa saw love with colored guy and i saw someone who she described exactly she is just amazing" ... written by 888
thank you cant wiat for it to come true" ... written by L
thanks" ... written by L
Ariasha is scary accurate. Out of all the psychic I had reading this lady almost 100% incomes to prediction. When Aisha tell you the number for example 3 that can be happen 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years. Believe me it will happen when Ariasha tell you. She's past and not waste my time at all." ... written by SARaH
Araisha's predictions had come truth, love her!" ... written by Gaston165
Excellent" ... written by gregg
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
great " ... written by yu
Araisha's readings have always been excellent, and help me a lot in making decisions in my love life and financial life. I am thankful to her, five stars!" ... written by Mai (Gaston165)
thanks " ... written by L
Thank you araisha!! i will ocme back!!" ... written by L
Yes good indeed I will definitely return. Thank yoU!" ... written by Heather
I love her reading and all her readings in the past hac had come to pass, very very accurate and I appreciate her help very much!" ... written by gaston165
thanks " ... written by L
this lady never ceases to amaze me with her insight and knowledge" ... written by aghora
Araishaa, she is the only I trust in Oranum. I have been read with her for 2 years. Everything she predicted come to pass. Some readings when she told me what would coming, I disagreed and I would not believe her because it hardly be possible, but......SHE IS RIGHT AGAIN, HER PREDICTIONS ALL COME TO PASS. IT IS SCARY!!!!! Love her so much. Her rate may be a bit high but rather go to her for true answer then go to any other which the rate is low but not accurate. Her ACCURACY~~~~speechless. Thank for the millions.xoxoxo " ... written by coffee
She was very good and right to the point!" ... written by Alexandria Tava
great reading" ... written by n
very accurate and on point " ... written by nada
Great as usualll" ... written by Nag
thank you" ... written by n
Spot on with everything she said...woww. Amazing 5 stars" ... written by s
This lady is amazing, dead on with everything she said and gave me great details to avoid problems...5 star" ... written by s
Always On Spot :)" ... written by Rahul
Araisha is a mind-blowing psychic who accurately predicts events in your life. She has predicted pretty much everything that happened to me in the last 2 and a half years, since i first came to her. To be honest, in my first few encounters with her, I wasn't really impressed because nothing really made sense and her style was a bit sharp. But...when things started unfolding, I realized her amazing talent, and have been coming back to her all this time. " ... written by willow
she is" ... written by nag
Very fast reader, thanks- will update soon." ... written by bA
this lady is fantastic" ... written by aghora
Very confident reader and honest. I trust her" ... written by Pri
Simply one of the best psychics on here....predictions have come to pass...." ... written by Adriana
Very accurate reading! Spot on at! Thank you" ... written by Mei
Bless you araishaa I will keep you posted." ... written by
Bless you! " ... written by
Araisha did give me couple of time frames on few things and her cards keeps giving the same reading on meeting few people . like line number 4 on new person (dark) and line number 6 for promotion. line number 5 for the old one.. Will get back with updates araisha." ... written by ariasha- aries
she was very accurate and dead on. I am in complete shock! this was my first reading ever. I am now a believer. She told me things that she could not have known. Thank you Araishaa." ... written by charlie
Araishaa is lovely wish i had more time with her xxx" ... written by Heather
THANKS ARAISHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are great straight forward. Love your predictions!" ... written by A
Thank u Araishaa u are the best. I have been coming to Araishaa for years now and her predictions come to pass. Amazing accuracy. " ... written by House
she is nice" ... written by L
woooow i just had to come to araishaa's page , to tell this to her and others, because after weeks (waiting) again an other prediction she made happened ... smtmg i considered as IMPOSSIBLE.. an old relative she said will come back to you , make contact again with you after years and it has to do with your music writing and .. like a band / a working together thing on things ... OMGGGGGG , scary , this woman /this relative contacted me TODAY with this exact offer about music araishaa told me ... ok, one prediction maybe can come true, but I'm honest to you guys and tell only but nothing than the truth ... ALL of her predictions for me HAPPENED , not one single one she's made didn't come true ... that's a GIFT , this is not coincidence anymore .. truly amazing !!" ... written by doctorpeter1