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Psychic angelministerhas 19years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic angelministerhas recently helped 13423members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about angelminister's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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20 yr online psychic medium seer known for quick precise answers My readings/chat are 5 mins will provide excellent answers fulltime,dream interpret,remote viewing,paranormal ,channelling angels,,work with shamanic energy. I work with medicine men,I have offered courses,do blogtalk radio show,and youtube channel which keeps my business very exciting and prosperous.

Wonderful reading great confirmations. Now ready for the next plane in life. Thank you Angel minister" ... written by Kristina prattis
very sensitive and accurate. She could read me from the free chat area already..which is always amazing. Thank u Angel." ... written by tash1921
She is great adviser I wish to have her advises for more time I chated with her for 1 hour I need to take again with her she was accurate and clever and keen to provide me with a direction , Many thanks to you Angeleminster ." ... written by emanismaiel
Clear reading of what to come.....:))" ... written by sweetlymystic
Angel is just awesome...what more can I say...she is fast and can pick up on everything you need to know. She was very helpful even in things she picked up without me telling her...highly recommend her..looking forward to another reading...thanks Angel !!!" ... written by Terri1321
Not sure how to rate this. She was a very nice lady, very nice and caring, but needed birthdays of all people I asked about, and I really hate giving birthdays, for many reasons. Warm lady and really cares about her customers, thank you AngelMinister!" ... written by Unsure
Positive, positive, positive!!! great vibe! on top of that - she gives you all the info you need to know without asking any questions. Recommend to everybody. 5******" ... written by hugs2020
OH MY GOD! THE BEST EVER! " ... written by kenny47s
She was absolutely wonderful, right on, full of energy and you won't regret your experience." ... written by tobebilled
Bubbly personality, great reading with a lovely lady!" ... written by slz0304
Fantastic reading, spot on...cant wait to see if some of the things come true highly recommend her down to earth honest thanks so much. xx" ... written by gemma26
very kind...honest. She knew what to say and she considered my feelings too. She wasn't afraid to tell me the truth. she was accurate too." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Very accurate in her reading, thanks for your help angel, i come back later for more!!" ... written by patrick_be
She is great, very kind and warm" ... written by duewson1
Very nice touched on my situation!" ... written by elizabeth63
Thanks so much a great privilege to be read by u...awesome indeed .." ... written by kristalmagic26
Highly recommend if you want the truth. Truly one of the best readings I ever received. Not because she told me good things, but because she was so RIGHT ON with my situation. Many Many Thanks to Angelminister and her guide/guides" ... written by alohaspirit
I had a good reading form her and would recommend her. The technological problems hurt since I couldn't hear her and had to type most the reading. But she was really kind and sensitive to my needs." ... written by Fldjak
I truly enjoyed my reading with Angelminister and am looking forward to my next reading with her!!! She is honest and tells it like it is." ... written by msblessed
You were very insightive....picked up on my situation " ... written by braco1
Really enjoyed her and I had a nice time chatting with her about my life!" ... written by euphoriableau
She always know how to approach the topic and ease you into the understanding of the big picture. There's more going on here in the world with us then we are really aware of. Our destiny and true self is more than we can even fathom. She is truly a life coach!!!! God bless angel" ... written by cabbyaj
she was right on the money great confidant!!!!!!! " ... written by cabbyaj
Very accurate and reassuring! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Angel." ... written by divinedaughter
Quick read, she dove right into it, and i left feeling confident about her predictions for my situation :)" ... written by fireopal77
She was wonderful...Saw alot about about me. Very caring and compassionate reading. Would recommend her to everyone.Thank You and God Bless." ... written by oceansandjoy1
Very bubbly and vibrant!and fast talker! Highly recommended! :)" ... written by rattail1
Angelminister is so nice and accurate in her readings. " ... written by marybeth1love
She make sense of even the most difficult things.. Great reader and friend.You wont be sorry you chose her.." ... written by cabbyaj
She has gave me hope!!!! She is amazing at what she does! Her gift is Imo From god! Can't wait to see how life goes with this Information! " ... written by BrokenJakk
Always the best!!!!" ... written by cabbyaj
Wonderful reading so spot on with the situation and great advice. I will definately come bac. Read into the future and gave clarity. Thankyou. Nice lady" ... written by Tracie
Thank you for your help!!!! Amazing and fast reader!!!" ... written by Sirena22
she could connect me so easily and so well, this reading was unbelievable! I'll be back Angelminister!" ... written by waterlover
She is great, very receptive and answered my questions before I asked them. excellent reading" ... written by baabebel
She was very very good I love her direct way of telling thing that are right on!!" ... written by rainwater05
Good advice, everything was very accurate. " ... written by lorabloom21
amazing reading...right on target!" ... written by luv01_2008
Just Stunning!" ... written by justmelol111
In a few Minutes she managed to tune into my energy and tell me about my past life and how to learn from it! Amazing the way she did it so quick! Thank you so much! xoxoxoxoxo" ... written by Justmelol
SO AMAZING!! friendly, genuine and caring!!! :) great reading!! HIGHLY recommended!!" ... written by aabyqf
A genuine gem. I trust this person. Also very quick mentally and verbally with a natural and light spirit. Gets all things covered rapidly. " ... written by shugenja_
Highly recomended, very good" ... written by petalouditsa
She was very truthful and sincere in her reading and gave me lots of details without asking questions. Thank you.x" ... written by tash1921
Wow she never steers from the truth.. I am lucky to have her as a guide....wonderful!!!! " ... written by cabbyaj
You made my day again...i will keep you posted. Such a sweet person." ... written by Bolley
awesome - !!!!" ... written by ssgkboo
Just incredible, she knew everything and she rocks!!!! hahah thums up!!!" ... written by andreux
Best Reader! Too good to be doing free demos... take her in private room asap! Thank you hunni. Will be back! mwah. Book her she's worth it" ... written by silverdllr
She told me she sees me dating this guy in November, if I keep doing what I'm doing. She was right about his personality too and mine, so we shall see, and I shall update! I love her!" ... written by egg_nog
fab reading i know what direction im now going and and what to do with my life and how to handle situations................ thank you so much " ... written by 69hazel69
As always, she is the best." ... written by cabbyaj
great reading! will definitely let you know what happens. thank you!" ... written by aisha
She down to earth as always!" ... written by cabbyaj
Great intense 3 minute reading! :)" ... written by Phil
amazing reading! she talk to my grandma who has passed away and she made me feel so much better!!!! she an amazing person and i DEFINETLY recomend her !!!! one of the best reading i ever had ...THANK YOU SO MUCH " ... written by Onica86
Wonderful, wonderful reading. I hope I'm able to catch up with her when she's available for my updates. She makes you feel at home and at ease to respond your questions. One of the best reading i've had here in Oranum. " ... written by vegabonded
wow absolutely amazed!! would love another reading, thanks alot." ... written by chelle54
She's really great...I love her energy! The more we connect, the stronger our link is, and the more she picks up! It's wonderful to be able to connect with someone so positive in order to find guidance and peace. :)" ... written by sheila042083
She is totally wonderful" ... written by juliahelen8918
she was great.. spot on and she really gives good advice too and wont just tell you what you want to hear. definitely coming back for more" ... written by jessjess1
Thanks Angel! Very helpful and supportive!!!" ... written by growinglight
She was awesome., I will be back. She was right on one of her predictions. " ... written by amr0268
U R GREAT!" ... written by kotshy
She is cute. I like her. Friendly and warm." ... written by bluebluecod
Angel is very supportive. She helped me to connect with three past family members and the reading was very fun. She seems to be very honest and don't sugar coat things or tell you what you want to hear. I would recommend her to anyone." ... written by Wendy
Awsome!" ... written by Ontheblue
She was nice" ... written by Cari1961
She was wonderful! Not only was she right on with almost everything. She is alot of fun. Great Personality " ... written by sbrock5836
she picked up on what many havnt! i really needed to hear what she had to say to me :) shes great. thank you so much angel x" ... written by Sharna100
She has to be my favorite. :) I think I feel more connected to her than anyone else, I don't know how to explain it? But I love her, she's just awesome! A few months ago, when she first joined, she was the ONLY one who was right with me, when others were not. :) She told me today that I still had a chance with this guy and why he was doing what he was doing. Thank you dear!! I will keep you updated!" ... written by egg_nog
She lifted my spirits and gave me direction to take...helped me see it's time to love myself. " ... written by celticfreckles
Forever Fabulous :) haha thanks for an awesome reading once again! " ... written by mozzy123
she was GREAT...knew just what my situation was...I recommend her HIGHLY...Blessings" ... written by Silverstarr
Well, you hit on some really good things that were true." ... written by gipsygirl
amazing right on point with everything i didnt get a lot of time today but i am coming back. thank you so much " ... written by jennmedical30
She is accurate and laid back. She made me find humor in the situation I'm in. She puts things in a simpler perspective. I recommend her! " ... written by owllove18
Angel is always insightful and deep iwth details. She captures the nuances that are diffcult to see. Thanks so much Angel and I wil keep you updated dear. Love x" ... written by Globe
I liked her a lot maybe didn't get the answer that i wanted to hear but felt comfortable with her " ... written by gouveia28
As a life coach, she is one of the best. Her insight on peoples thoughts and feelings are dead on! She will always steer you in the direction your heart and soul need to go in order to grow and have peace!!!! " ... written by cabbyaj
Thanks so much. You pick up so much of my life and how my love is. Thanks so much for this and will come back later.... " ... written by sunny3107
You are Excellent...!!!!" ... written by trusting2012
Angelminister was fantastic! I felt a connection and her explaination of my current relationship was correct. I can't wait to see what happen's this March. I will be back for another reading." ... written by snowitch17
Very good and right on the spot... as always!" ... written by Daniel79
Excellent as usual :)" ... written by jessjess1
thanks for the positive feedback, will have a go and too bad if I make a fool of myself, I wont go back there again :) " ... written by sunny3107
WOW!!! What r u waiting for?? This reader is so worth a private reading. She is fabulous, easy to talk to and accurate. Will do a reading again with her soon. Thank you Angelminister :)" ... written by mozzy123
WOW......She is the real deal...I will get another reading with her." ... written by monaverona
oh wow -- what great fun and precsise details, and woooo what a reading... fast, warnings, ministermum saw the COMPLETE STORY... thank you so much.... i will be back!!" ... written by liindee-lou
As a guide I couldn't live without her, she puts everything in light and help you choose a healthy path...... Awesome!!!" ... written by cabbyaj
wonderful" ... written by reginagrin
Thankyou so much we done a connection to a passed parent and picked up well and shot a few names out I knew, lovely reading and will be back very soon, ty and ill take note xxxx" ... written by jackie
i luv her she is so real and very plesant . Spot on." ... written by IRETODAY
love her, so outgoing right to the point, she knows where I am in life and damn she hit it all thank you I will be back..xx merry christmas" ... written by newhorizons12
She was very quick and helpful. Thank you! Love. xox" ... written by spunkykat
Very helpful and clear. Thanks will definitley be back." ... written by maryannepav
Easy Connect...will see what happens in July!" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
Thank you!! Sorry I had to keep going!" ... written by Laura
she can pick up on your energy quick... very good !!!!" ... written by sukychi
Great readings. Right to the point. " ... written by Joanna93
Awesome experience. Very detailed and thorough. Honest reading. Very friendly. 5 star rating! " ... written by swiftcats64
Instant connection. Great, thank you!!" ... written by littleone73
Brillinat she is a great person and alsways straight to the point" ... written by Tracie
Ran out of credits but amazing as always and good advice " ... written by jessjess1
She was wonderful as always! She's very good with time frames and interpreting other peoples emotions. I HIGHLY recommend!" ... written by sheila042083
I chose angelminister after being in her free chat and watching how she is able to amazingly connect with everyone. I loved my reading with her and feel that she picked up my situation exactly!! thank you angleminister!!" ... written by ariz2012
Always there with a breathe of freash air!!!! " ... written by cabbyaj
Just love her past live reading ty." ... written by bam486943
Great reading, " ... written by bella
Great reading, " ... written by bella
Always there with a breathe of freash air!!!! " ... written by cabbyaj
Always there with a breathe of freash air!!!! " ... written by cabbyaj
Always there with a breathe of freash air!!!! " ... written by cabbyaj
Great " ... written by MALEX3007
She is always wonderful thanks so very much 5 stars" ... written by rainwater05
Love her, Love her, Love her! nothing less to be said..." ... written by cabbyaj
Thanks so much, lovely reading :)) 2nd one and will continue with you angel :))" ... written by staryskys
Thank you for your help angel. I will try to clear up what you told me to do. I found you very honest and helpful. " ... written by Bondibeauty
Always there with a breathe of freash air!!!! " ... written by cabbyaj
Cool fun and down to earth. Not the answer I wanted but good to know." ... written by united4life
She told me some wonderful things, thank you" ... written by De5pina
Angelminister, is truly amazing a true psychic. The best on here hand's down, I will definitely be coming back." ... written by victoria111
Most amazing reading I have had! Spot on. everything she said related to me had such a deep connection with the ones I wanted the most. Amazing! Definitely worth it!! " ... written by cassamici91
Amazing :) She was so on point... and really clarified a lot of confusion for me! So wonderful! So thankful I came to her directly into private without any free chat feelers! She's great... you won't regret it!" ... written by newsjunkafied
Awesome reading !!!! 5 stars for you." ... written by bbee441
Thanks for the insight!! " ... written by shikins
Excellent reading... " ... written by golden..
Love her!" ... written by mary505
Very good reading. Thanks so much :)" ... written by precious_angel7
She was very very kind and positive!! Loved her reading!! Thank you!!" ... written by kittykmk
Interesting reader, nice conversation, good insight" ... written by daydreamer246
Very accurate." ... written by lynns44
The best reader by far on here! 2nd reading as you were so accurate the first time! Thank you :-) X" ... written by Helgaz1
Very good" ... written by Izzybelle
Really funny lady, love her so much. watched her twice in free chat and her personality drew me in, even though i wasn't looking for a reading. I " ... written by paulthefool
This is a great psychic and I would recommend her! :) " ... written by cb1111
She was great!" ... written by rlrlnishioka
Thank you!" ... written by prettytaz
Beautiful energy, lovely personality, great connection thankyou so much AngelMinister! Will definitely be in contact :)" ... written by jazz1992
Felt so good talking to her, so comfortable.. was very quick to connect with my situation and answered me very quickly.. i loved loved lovedd my reading with her... will be back most definitely... thank you again angelminister =) " ... written by Lyn414
I like talking with her." ... written by candcmom87
A very personable, friendly lady. To the point but very kind. " ... written by RuinofDarkness
Positive energy and supportive reading. Thank you for your view..." ... written by jadelioness01
Extremely nice and precise." ... written by truevictorylove
Very good reading, thanks for your help! " ... written by deltaj
Thanks for the reading.." ... written by shikins
Cool calm to the point" ... written by gem1974
Great insight and very informative." ... written by Montice
Great , she has a great character, hopefully everything will come true great that i chose her!" ... written by radix4use2
She is honest and very nice!" ... written by chandragomes3
Good reading. nice lady." ... written by MrsChung1
Very honest and to the point" ... written by chandragomes3
Amazing as always." ... written by victoria111
Very nice person to talk too." ... written by cg4
Awesome! She is the real deal believe me folks!" ... written by gittyup1945
She's good" ... written by gittyup1945
She connected very quickly. No nonsense and to the point almost taken back by this demeanor, but she is honest and means well." ... written by bacidoll
Angel minister is wonderful and I really got the answers that I am looking for. Now on to the future insight of what will occur. Free will is a powerful thing." ... written by kprattis
She's the best I really love her." ... written by gittyup1945
Was a great reading! No tools!! Angel was quick and to the point and I felt very honest. Genuine psychic no messing about. Very happy with my reading and feeling relieved and relaxed. Thank you x" ... written by Lalima
Awesome!" ... written by gittyup1945
Great reading very honest tuned in right away said what i needed to hear waiting to see if prediction comes true will definitely be back " ... written by musha1
I got the clarity and insight that I needed from her. Angel minister really looks deeper into the situation than most readers on this site can see. Wonderful visionary and clairvoyance. Keep up the amazing work. Love, hugs, and peace." ... written by Kristina Prattis
Thank you for the guidance I'm pretty much convinced on what I'm going to do in the near future. I'm ready for a change in my life and I can't wait till it comes!" ... written by kprattis
Excellent Reader." ... written by need2know5
She is incredible! Talented, fun, smart, experienced!! Love love love her!!" ... written by psymeow
She is so real." ... written by cg4
Stick with her! She knows what she is talking abou.t" ... written by gittyup1945
5 star reading with a 5 star psychic! Angelminister is great! I love her!" ... written by myeyesee
always a great reading with her " ... written by Ana
Angelminister is the real deal. She is clear, concise and straight to the point. She doesn't waste your time or money. Definitely would see her again" ... written by newness
Am Just AMAZED" ... written by florence
Wow, very accurate, straight to the point she's real. Will go back for sure thank you soo much!!:)" ... written by marie5290
Dead on true medium and psychic, go Oranum!" ... written by MaryAnn
Awesome" ... written by gittyup1945
Angel is absoutely top notch! I highly recommend her if you want the full truth and details... I am stunned and amazed! She is very nice, fast, polite, and accurate! Thank you, Angel, and god bless you! x" ... written by globe
She is GOOD!!! Laid back, fast on connecting and funny too! Hit on sooo many things without me saying a word. She knew personal details about me that no one knows!! And the info she gave me was incredible - I cant wait for it to happen! I whole-heartedly recommend her!" ... written by Ev C
I like her. Funny. Good insight." ... written by k
Great reading... She is very honest and gives good honest logical advice!" ... written by marion
PERFECT" ... written by Ann Marie
Amazing!" ... written by luckystar222
She is absolutely AWESOME! Great Personality and right on with her reading. She is very accurate and very understanding. I enjoyed my reading. She has a fun loving personality that bubbles over and relaxes you. I will speak with her again soon!" ... written by Sonya
Wow is all I can say. She is awesome. Very on point, honest -- no sugar coating anything. She was picking up how I was feeling and about my past and future. Always on point with it. Will most definitely come back to her if anything. " ... written by Michelle
Excellent reading as usual, thank you!" ... written by globe
Lovely lady, will be back! x" ... written by Libra
She's AMAZING. Not only is she hilarious, but she is also the real deal. She is just spot on and conveys what she sees in a completely truthful and accurate manner. Meeting a real deal psychic like this is a blessing, cause what she does is so important - she will ease your heart after winning your mind with her spot on accuracy. REAL DEAL PSYCHIC. Thank you, you lovely lady for putting this ever analysing virgo at peace. XXX" ... written by 1984
Excellent insightful and detailed reading. Thank you Angel! You're wonderful xx" ... written by Sus
She's awesome, I love her. She's always right." ... written by gittyup1945
Great connection and on point...Blessed." ... written by beautywithinone
Thank you Angel minister for the reading. It was a great experience and I will continue to look optimistic for the future." ... written by Kristina Prattis
Fast, connected and accurate! Picked up on tons of things in my situation without any leads. She's very laid back and funny too - fun to chat with. Looking forward to her prediction!" ... written by Seeker1200
Angel gave me a great review of my calling in life and my life pathway. She spout my gifts and gifting. She was very clear and accurate. Blessings to you angel." ... written by Janine
I love her. She's awesome! Always!" ... written by gittyup1945
Wonderful woman, very kind, thoughtful (accurate) for those that need to know. I will continue to seek her guidance and possibly friendship from afar. Thank you." ... written by morgan
AMAZING update!! Always so in tune with whats going on and so relaxed and funny. Çan't wait for the prediction for Sunday!" ... written by Seeker1200
Awesome reading - great connection." ... written by Pam
Nice reading. Insightful, honest, clear, and detailed. My kind of reading!" ... written by ikroyala
angel minster is great at connected with. She a kind sweet lady thanks again for the private " ... written by marybeth1love
She is very good and compassionate." ... written by daniel
BRILLIANT!" ... written by JOJOED
This woman is absolutely wonderful... I will defiantly be coming back... God bless you X " ... written by jojoed
Awesome reading hopefully she is on more often. Any who i loved it and i hope for positive things in the future." ... written by Kristina Prattis
She's awesome!!!!!" ... written by gittyup1945
She is a real psychic." ... written by kumudu_sm11
She's great." ... written by gittyup1945
good reading. gave me a big push and answered a lot of pressing questions i had on my mind" ... written by m
She gave me a little hope about my future but not anything solid. I believe she is the real deal though and I am very glad I found her. I hope to speak to her again soon." ... written by Jbtforme
wow I cant wait for it to happen!! great reading" ... written by my first steps
Thanks for giving me some insight on what I need in relationship situation" ... written by Kristina Prattis
awesome awesome awesome ty very much" ... written by mary
Thank you" ... written by GD
superb reader" ... written by omeros
Gave me some info I didnt know" ... written by pinkpather30
very good and fast" ... written by itwillbeok
Thank you for easing Amanda. She really did enjoy the experience. Great speaking with you again" ... written by judi
got cut off, but what I did receive was GREAT. She truly has a gift" ... written by judi
To the point and understands the situation. Very cool." ... written by itwillbeok
Good reading " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Great reading, so accurate about everything, completely genuine, no sugar coating just facts!" ... written by Pete
She is one of the best readers on Oranum. Highly recommend her." ... written by ssgkboo
Good energetic feeling from her, very positive. She tends to ramble on a lot, though, so it's a bit difficult to ask her direct questions. Having said that, it does contribute to her overall charm/demeanour, and that was one of the qualities that drew me to her. She was quite clear about what she would and would not discuss. Overall, a fairly uplifting experience. Recommended if you don’t take things too seriously." ... written by Anonymous
She is definitely cute and sweet! I would recommend her to anyone..why look any where else! she is the one for you.." ... written by asal_f20
so ive never seen her on here before, but holy shit, glad i caught her bc she gave me such great insight into my love and career. shes soo funny too! i was cracking up throughout my reading. i love her honesty and shes extremely quick with things so dont worry about her wasting time" ... written by m
great reading wow u picked up alot but i think we got cut off im gonna try to come back in " ... written by jody