About ahinora

Psychic ahinorahas 10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic ahinorahas recently helped 42members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about ahinora's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a master Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Empathic.By using a combinations of several methods of reading I can ultimately read any situation, regardless of the area. Whether you have a questions about Love, Relationship; career ; Finances ; Health or any other question. I feel confident I can provide you with an answer .I DO NOT use any tools. Time frames giving too.

She was accurate and very nice!Thank you Ahinora!:)" ... written by Daisy
She was good about the people I asked about." ... written by nazlymaria
I truly enjoyed my reading and found it to be insightful!! " ... written by Laverne46
This reading was direct and straight to the point. thank you" ... written by melodicblues
Yes she did give good reading and it helped a lot, thank you :)" ... written by emperorking
Very nice reading! She told me a lot without even asking me anything! Thank you!" ... written by hugs2020
She's worth every credits, I'm very satisfied!Thank you Ahinora!" ... written by horizontall
fast and to the point " ... written by blanca84
Gave me some good answers....I hope they come true. Will have to wait and see....Will def be back" ... written by kellourex
Very good! Thank you!" ... written by kprattis
she is great!!!" ... written by jaybird1966
Very good,. Would like to talk longer to her, but don' have any more money. Maybe if what she says comes through, will come back to her. Very nice lady!" ... written by rhirrel
Her eyes are magnetizing... when she looks at you its like she's reading your mind. Very profound person, It was a pleasure to read with you.I will keep you posted " ... written by bubi4000
Fast and amazing. Glad I got a reading from her! :)" ... written by Archeia
She is always truthful and right about the future. I I recommend her to anyone!!!" ... written by jaybird1966
Good advice and insight on current situation. She also brought to light some additional situations that may come my way. :) " ... written by Jingles
Doesn't waste time, right on the point! 5 stars!" ... written by blanca84
She was amazing!" ... written by Shaleeners
very fast and accurate doesn't waste time!" ... written by delmark
I really enjoyed the reading with Ahinora. She knew exactly about the job that I had applied for before I had a chance to ask. She is excellent in her field and I will be back!" ... written by wthorn1
Very helpful and straightforward. Thank you for your insights. I highly recommend Ahinora for anyone who is looking for a detailed reading. " ... written by mozzy123
She was amazing, this was my first reading and what she said really surprised me. She said stuff I had been thinking for awhile. She was very very helpful. Very Satisfied!!!!!!" ... written by greendragonfly82
She was very fast and nice!!! thank you so much for your help.:)" ... written by marisduhh
Very good! Wish I had more time. :)" ... written by cbcarman
As always it is such a pleasure to speak with her about situations. " ... written by TrueRadiance
Hummmmm - interesting!!" ... written by Mya
Thank you, would recommend!" ... written by fasina
thank you!" ... written by katyk13
thanks for your help. you have given me some hope to move on in my relationship at this point. I had lost all my strenght but chatting with you has re-isntated some belief that i have a child and marriage [thought you said short term] with him . " ... written by geethanjali
Excellent reading. Highly reccomend a private reading with her, you won't be sorry!!!!!! Thank you so much" ... written by TaurusGal
I wish i could afford more time,she knows sooo much" ... written by cynthifri
Always on the mark and never wrong. Time lines are always correct, also. shes great! do not hesitate to take her to private." ... written by jaybird1966
great reading. with timeframe." ... written by aisha
the best" ... written by monica
Good!! hopefully it will come.. I will try her advice." ... written by trusting2012
She was right on AGAIN!!!!!! Thank Ahinora!!" ... written by TaurusGal
I give Ahinora a 5 star Rating!!!!!" ... written by TaurusGal
She really has a true gift she is great!! " ... written by Namii19
She was correct on the entire subject matter we discussed. Please entertain a private reading with her and you will be sure to re-visit her again as her accuracy is so right on. I will be visiting her again soon!!!!!!! " ... written by TaurusGal
She is sooo accurate, it was scary....yet exciting! and I am not kidding! Very wonderful accurate reading! Loved her.....please come back online! " ... written by Toru50 also go by Ludmila
awesome and accurate" ... written by rainbowspark
She was very accurate w details and quite specific with timelines! She gave me good perspective and great predictions!" ... written by rainbowspark
Thank you for your insight! I wish I did not keep getting cut off I had some more to ask. But your were Wonderful! I will be back! " ... written by Toru50
good" ... written by newjob123
She can give very solid advise for you and quick fast typing!" ... written by d.m
Very quick and accurate, highly recommend her! very helpful" ... written by starstruck11
i want to go back to talk to her" ... written by mvaras
She is a very fast typer gave good info will come back soon, thanks again" ... written by chocolatecity
Always a good read session with Ahinora. Quite accurate with predictions. I highly reccomend her. TaurusGal" ... written by TaurusGal
was reasonable,thank u for acccepting lot sof question that i asked" ... written by from_8mile
she was very insightful, enjoyed the reading. I would recommend her to everyone who is looking for true answers." ... written by dliteful
She was good! 10 stars!!" ... written by Namii19
Amazing! I had a full reading and she knew the exact questions and issues and had advice for it! Thank you very much!" ... written by makstah
Excellent reading, she knew me right off. Gave fast responses." ... written by msginny1
she seem to know i lot i hope that i do see him next month thanks Ahinora" ... written by scorpionqueen
She is very nice and give exactly details, very good, thanks a lot" ... written by MelikeVienna
This lady is very professional, i highly recommend a full and private reading with her." ... written by monaverona
great advise picked up accurately highly recommend her:)" ... written by aritra
Nice lady. " ... written by vjrei01
very direct" ... written by xaries2000
She is Very Inspirational...She said certain things which it was impossible for her to have known if she wasnt amazing as she is...Very Kind Caring Made certain points Very Clear like to Pay Attention to Certain things..Truely i enjoyed my Reading an she is worth the Reading..Amazing..Thank You!" ... written by Faithhope1
Thank you, very helpful." ... written by lovegal
interesting reading. i will like to see how things work out. wonderful advice though as always." ... written by lilmaemae
Ahinora is a true and very talented psychic! She truly cares about people. She has a big heart and she really can help you with a lot problems. She calms you down and you are able to focus and think positive! I highly recommend a private reading with her because you won't be disappointed!" ... written by Bernadette Davis
Thank you, you are very accurate, quick and charming lady. =)" ... written by vjrei01
Nice lady." ... written by vjrei01
She's good can clrify things...fast to answer.." ... written by confused2012
Right on accurate! i will be returning...highly recommend. thanx!" ... written by mom123456
shes on point." ... written by traditionstreet
Very accurate, she can read better than others. " ... written by vjrei01
i wish i had more time with her" ... written by sondrat
Very good and kind. Easy to communicate. Nice lady =)" ... written by hushhu
5 stars for This beautiful Woman. She is correct and does not make mistakes. I highly recommend her for private!" ... written by jaybird1966
It was good...I am happy." ... written by shelleboys
It was a great reading, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Didn't make me feel bad gave me what I believed to be true. Thank you, Ahinora!" ... written by shelleboys
Sorry about the short conversation, was low on funds. But thank you so much for your help :)" ... written by rosha05
Quick , precise and to the point will be back later!" ... written by gem1974
i love her readings. she is funny, yet serious. tells the truth even if you do not want to here it. go to private session with her!!" ... written by lilmaemae
i love ahinora!!!! i finally had a pvt with her!!!!! i really loved her!!!!!! honest and straight to the point!!!!! will let u know what happens! :)) thank u very much!!! 5 stars" ... written by michele
Very nice and insightful reading from Ahinora. She connected very well, and very quickly. she wasted no time in tapping into the problem, and my concerns. She was also very compassionate, and eased my mind about my situation. I recommend getting a reading with her, she is a five star reader. Ty so much for the reading Ahinora, " ... written by Tanny6
She is just so trustfull and direct to the answers, i love her energy and personallity." ... written by Bella_Luna
Very good, straight to the point, quick and accurate! Will be back!!!" ... written by scadoodle
Love, Love, Love her alot. she knows and sees all!" ... written by jaybird1966
Very nice and right to the point new exactly what i am struggling with i want to do wants best for my self and get my health back to normal .thank you so much." ... written by musicbuffus25
Excellent. Right on point." ... written by josephine18
Wow i loved my reading...ahinora is so honest and accurate you will love her too." ... written by marsylyttle
Thorough. Concise. Straight to the point. Did not waste my time. Extremely (almost painfully) honest, but I like that. I need to know what my responsibility is in the mess I've made of my life and she told me! I now know how and what to change to better myself. Great reading!" ... written by SicPoet
Very nice,truthful and good advice! thankyou !" ... written by paperboy09
Honest and Accurate. Very Nice Woman. 5 Star Rating." ... written by swiftcats64
Very quick and insightful...picks up right away and gives great feedback...and accurate predictions!" ... written by mah
Great at what she does. " ... written by Dom0424
Ahinora is very quick and detailed. I really enjoyed my reading. I will seek your help again. Thank you." ... written by OverJoyed
A few months ago she told me my ex and i weren't going to work and that I would find another man that adored me. I didn't understand it then but I came back because he is in my life now :)" ... written by florwer85
Wow! Incredible! This beautiful lady is bless with a gift. " ... written by TrueRadiance
She is very sweet and gives a great reading. very helpful. i reccomend and will be back :)" ... written by brandileigh000
She is very nice, very occured. thanks" ... written by SadSong
She was great and right on and makes you seem to know dates and other stuff that know would know I would give her a 5 star rating " ... written by joni203
Amazing" ... written by lunaluna29
Good Reading, gave me a lot of information, I didn't realize my personality was hurting others. I didn't want to believe but I knew I had to" ... written by michele1219
Very good with her knowledge." ... written by GalTaurus
Very accurate and right on!!!" ... written by GalTaurus
Great reading" ... written by jaykun
She is so awesome :) helpful, accurate, specific and wonderfully kind :)" ... written by sacredlove71
Lovely lady. Good advice to follow. Thank you." ... written by BarbaA
Very fast answers i know she is right even though it was hard hearing it,,, time will tell thanku ahinora" ... written by f999111
Ahinora gave me a good reading thanks for the advice " ... written by marybeth1love
Ahinora is the person I trust with career advice. Thank you for your time and honesty." ... written by 10faygo71
She is good very helpful thanks alot!!!" ... written by mizlady
So understanding. Helpful. God bless you!" ... written by Prettylightxoxo
Great Advice!" ... written by tionna992
She is honest and straight to the point.." ... written by Jen36ruth2011
Good reading." ... written by noticefoo
I always was drawn to her she is sincere and is real picks up fast on things will tell you the truth so you must be able to receive it...would I consult with her again? Of course I wish I could at least once a week." ... written by 333likefire
Very precise and to the point. Thanks!" ... written by peppers4me
She was great. Never even told her about my husband wanting a divorce." ... written by tiffsmom
She was quick, straight to the point, and honest. " ... written by beetlenut
Very good and insightful. Will see her again soon. " ... written by missyposh88
Wonderful Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Angel168
Cute and straight forward. I like her style. Hope every thing goes well as per her prediction." ... written by nk063011
She is great very detailed very on par with the situation i am pleased with her reading she gave me great insight into my situation" ... written by candyla
She was great. Absolutely insightful, and very head on with her intuition. Highly recommed." ... written by LindzJ02
Thank you so uch for your help. I will go and get on with this asap. Thank you very much - Love - HUGS - and Blessings" ... written by Charlie0605
Ty so much ..I cant wait for the future.." ... written by lorri67
Great reader, really enjoyed, very straight to the point and honest!" ... written by tinacmnus
Sensational reading!!!!! Her reading was accurate she gave me details about what i needed to know, i will read with her again! She answered all my questions and explained everything! Thank you Ahinora!" ... written by candyla
Thank you so much you have made me feel that I can change my future but make it happy when we see the date come round to be back together but for now to be friends and start from the beginning xx" ... written by lildan12
Good reader!" ... written by rasvsanz
Good reader" ... written by rasvsanz
She answered everything I wanted to know about myself. I definitely recommend her!" ... written by shayshay36
Excellent, tells you the truth and not what you want to hear. Will use again!" ... written by febuary
Ahinora is a very professional and straightforward person. I get practical advices when I most need them. Thank you, Ahinora!" ... written by Angelina15
Very Very Good. Please take her private. You wont be sorry...She tells it like it is." ... written by GalTaurus
This was a very god reading and clear and to the point and said what I needed to hear. Not all good but mostly good. This is life. She is very good." ... written by katharazz
Very good indeed and accurate on her readings! I will definitely be back. " ... written by manox123
Great" ... written by jaimelee25
Ran out of time, darn! She is good she was seeing something good for me. I need to have another reading, she is good. " ... written by krad242003
Please, take her private, she is very detailed and on target!" ... written by GalTaurus
Great!" ... written by Cache23
She was good, thank you for your reading and your concern, pikced it up well. She's a genuine psychic." ... written by from_8mile
Thank you very much. i hope my good days will come in June. I think she hit the nail by saying October will be a good month. Will be interesting to see if i do need to go to hospital. it was a good reading" ... written by beagles
She was very helpful, I am shocked at the news though." ... written by annabelle2010
She was very clear." ... written by fiesty86
Wonderful....." ... written by love522
Wonderful woman!!" ... written by Chavmcm
Great reading... look forward to what my future holds :)" ... written by AnjelBaby22
Good reading connected fast dont wast time very good " ... written by krad242003
Very good reading" ... written by lilityero
Very good and helpful , thankful" ... written by simondifab
Very good reading. worth the time." ... written by missmoo
Excellent." ... written by sapphiremoon
Great reading my 3rd time will come back." ... written by krad242003
Great reading, gave a lot of information and insight into my situation as well as other areas of my life. Picked up on a lot and gave honest answers. Warm and caring person." ... written by warrenkitty83
Miranda thanks you for career advice and I appreciate your honest insight." ... written by 10faygo71
SHE IS VERY GOOD." ... written by mel1261
Good read." ... written by natei08
Best help ive gotten" ... written by saphirerosse
Awesome, she is my favourite. " ... written by gem1974
Good, time ran out, sorry about low credit." ... written by sweetally
Had technical error..waiting for her to comeback " ... written by sweetally
Great reading" ... written by mimatisse
That was great quick answers!!!!" ... written by dolphina80
Thank you!" ... written by LadyPinkalicous
Ahinora has the real qualities of a psychic. She is accurate in her readings and always gives the best advice. Fast and to the point. She is the jewel of this site." ... written by Draculina
Awsome reading. Thanks so much ahinora... I appreciate it my dear friend." ... written by rj4890
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Angel168
Good! Realy good!" ... written by mary
Honest and to the point!" ... written by LadyPinkalicous
I love you ahinora....Thank you for always being blunt with me and letting me know the truth....You are a wonderful person." ... written by LadyofYourHeart
Great, picked up on what i was feeling quickly" ... written by moniquea
Thank you Ahinora!" ... written by mariela
Thank you Ahinora! That was a great reading. Lots of info and she new a lot. " ... written by myeyesee
Not enough stars for how good this lady is she so accurate and knows her stuff thankyou xx" ... written by shenalp2905
Thank you." ... written by 10faygo71
Great reading as always, really appreciate the time and advice. Accurate in the past so hope the same is true again." ... written by warrenkitty83
Great reading, need more than 5 star , she is very direct and you need to try her, she is amazing. Lot of love and God bless you! " ... written by tatianasmile
Every informative, appreciated her, was straight to the point and very fast to connect.. " ... written by Lyn414
Absolutely spot on, came out with questions i wanted to ask but didn't and really made me feel confident!!" ... written by kristymaree
Excellent reading." ... written by mimatisse
Lovely read" ... written by tonio73
She was very nice and said a lot of correct information, she's awesome! Thank you!" ... written by ashli619poo
Excellent" ... written by mimatisse
Very nice and informative :) I'd do another reading with her." ... written by henotsurepsychic
Awesome!!!" ... written by rjjimenez
Fast and doesn't waste time." ... written by iampsyched11
Great to talk to very honest calm person very good reading" ... written by BLUEJAYS13
very accyurate and perfect." ... written by rajat_25
Excellent!" ... written by sunshine456
She was great!" ... written by danaleigh1437
Excellent, very helpful!" ... written by mimatisse
Well, she didn't exactly tell me what I might have wanted to hear, however, she did likely tell me the truth about my situation. " ... written by nickit62
She is amazing, I like her." ... written by inalandi
Accurate and very nice" ... written by druvina1973
Very nice, and on point." ... written by shareka99
Very informative. I love reading with her." ... written by mimatisse
Thank you." ... written by elode80
She is great!!!!" ... written by ozthewizard
Really sweet and a great psychic, I will be back. Ahinora is one of my go to psychics on the site. " ... written by sapphire456
Very good 5 stars!!" ... written by sunandmusic
Hard to hear, but she was very honest and gave a lot of information very quickly." ... written by yiniyu
Always excellent." ... written by acealways
She is direct and to the point. Wonderful! She spent time to explain her reading and allowed for my questions. A 5 Star Psychic!!" ... written by LikeLov1
Very good reading. hard to understand at times. not the best internet connection.Will go back to her again." ... written by duckkait
Very good - I am just so depressed but not her fault she did say that my time would come but ran out of time before I could find out when." ... written by Lyne37
Lover her shes very very positive.. accurate also!" ... written by Prettylightxoxo
Excellent very good and acurate." ... written by gracerose29
Thanks so much....very good reading" ... written by sabinaa
Great reading, always good to get an update as advice and predictions have always come true. Lovely lady to talk to." ... written by warrenkitty83
She is very kind, amazing " ... written by inalandi
As always a straightforward guide I trust her very much and her predictions are on target highly recommended." ... written by acealways
Ahinora is excellent I always trust her advise and she is very kind and genuine..I recommend her highly" ... written by acealways
Amazing reader and best empath." ... written by john
Very precise! I like her style, direct!" ... written by jaykun
Excellent read." ... written by natei08
Will come back" ... written by smithch1
100 percent... show her the money honies and she will read you like a chapter of a book you never experienced." ... written by popcyclestick
Thank you, Ahinora :))" ... written by marmar
Honest reading even though it hurts to hear it." ... written by acealways
She is a fantastic woman. Very Caring. Very Clear. Gave me good advice that was true to my situation. Thanks Ahinora...All the best!!!! Getting to work on my project now!!! Thanks for the code! I will do it now." ... written by Mitzer
Lovely reader." ... written by rajat_2510
Angel, divine and precise, full of energy." ... written by gem1974
Very wise and honest!!! Great reading." ... written by MVGlove
Thanks so much ......" ... written by sabinaa
Very fast and honest." ... written by cookiie24
Amazing woman!am very impressed.very accurate." ... written by fretan
Wow...She is so good and such a sweet person.. I have never had a reading with her, but a friend referred me to him.. And i am so glad I did. Try her out! You will be so glad you did :)" ... written by butterflywings10
Thank you Ahinora, you are a sweet great psychic.l Good or bad info but honest. 5 star" ... written by myeyesee
Excellent advice and reading." ... written by peoplesman
Excellent as usual and very fast." ... written by mimatisse
SHE IS GREAT!" ... written by lorinalala
Excellent and a fast reader :)" ... written by Cache23
She's direct to the point. Hope her reading will come into fruition this year." ... written by aeon_flux
Accurate and helpful!" ... written by druvina1973
Excellent reader! Thank you very much! AAAAA++++" ... written by taupon7
Excellent reading as always." ... written by mimatisse
Sorry it was short but thank you!" ... written by myluvlyaly1
Great on point!" ... written by Cache23
Good reading!" ... written by acealways
Fabulous!" ... written by popcyclestick
Nice and caring, honest." ... written by stylist22
Great reading! Very in-depth!" ... written by vessy_92
Fabulous!" ... written by popcyclestick
Great reading! Told me many things I need to know and was also helpful! 5 star!" ... written by myeyesee
A very honest psychic always truthful and accurate. She may not tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear." ... written by sapphire456
Another great reading! So happy with ahinora! 5 star!" ... written by myeyesee
Amazing lovely lady so honest!!!!!" ... written by Cache23
I loved everything she said, it was definitely on target!!!" ... written by daddiezgurl88
Ahinora was on target and knew so much information about me. I'm definitely coming back to visit." ... written by daddiezgurl88
Good reading." ... written by druvina1973
Nice reading picked up on my energies." ... written by afatur
Always good always come back " ... written by gittyup1945
It's been a while but she is spot on as always! xx" ... written by shenalp2905
Your predictions are always right. You are wonderful!!! Thank you so much!! Xo" ... written by lila88
It was a good reading" ... written by dladie42
Unfortunately my time ran out...I may actually buy more. I wish my mic was working at the time. Very nice... Gave a lot of advice in free chat. Would recommend. " ... written by tinytrudy
She's so direct with her insight..One of my fav psychic in Oranium!!" ... written by Aeon Flux
Great reader and intuitive. I recommend her. " ... written by Faye
Was very insightful.Recommended" ... written by crystalmaze
Very good!!! Thank you!" ... written by joh118
5 star reading with a 5 star psychic. She always does great. Thank you Ahinora. " ... written by myeyesee
Ok" ... written by vjrei01
5 star psychic and reading. Information just flows out of Ahinora." ... written by myeyesee
Ahinora always gives me sound advice like a real friend" ... written by acealways
Good reading thank you so much." ... written by lottabody1982
Loved her reading. Clear, concise and a good knowledge of my situation. Hope she's right about her predictions but I do have faith in her." ... written by Pauline36
Great insight. I can see what she is telling me and its quite true. I can't wait for things to change for the better for me. Great reading." ... written by tumyheart10
Ok!" ... written by Luella63
A good reading, didn't sugar coat it. Told it as it was. I appreciate her honesty." ... written by Pauline36
Very good!" ... written by DDDaniela
Very pleasant and gave great information...... Very realistic and not overstated....I enjoyed my reading and would do it again." ... written by Penny
Accurate!" ... written by druvina1973
She is so wise and so patient! I love her straightforwardness and her wonderful spirit! She made me feel at ease and she did not waste my time with lengthy embellishments! Excellent!" ... written by Sayette72
Knows what she is talking about, very nice and helpful." ... written by meloye123
Great reading!" ... written by sunny
Very direct and to the point!! Did not waste my time and did not ask any questions! Highly recommended!!!!" ... written by Monique
Clear and very insightful reading thanks." ... written by Denise
Very dead on" ... written by Naye
She is so kind to me am happy to have her." ... written by ina
Very helpful! Thank you!!" ... written by Alice
Ahinora is fabulous! She is so kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable! Every member should have a reading with her! She is the best! " ... written by Sofie
Great reading!" ... written by sunny0day
Very good. Really saw my situation as it is. Very helpful." ... written by Meria Stapley
Helpful, gave me insight into all of my issues." ... written by Karma
Very accurate reading thanks alot very nice lady and very honest too." ... written by christchild
Very accurate and highly recommended!" ... written by julia
Accurate!" ... written by sadhana
She is straight forward but picks the situation in a sec. Thank you Ahinora for your honesty- bless you." ... written by Theshiny
xoxox very good!" ... written by PM
Very straight forward, didn't ramble in order to gain money and got straight to the point. She was very good about letting you ask more than one question about a situation. " ... written by Marlen
Ahinora is the only one knowing what she is talking about. She's been right about my situation for the past 2 years!!!! you can't get any better psychic on Oranum!!!! Thank you Ahi :)" ... written by roxy614
Awesome" ... written by Mariana
Thanks for the reading." ... written by tanya
I love her reading, in free chat and in private both!" ... written by Hana Trinh
Very good and right on the mark" ... written by carla
She picked up on 5-6 details of my life in the first 2-3 minutes! Outstanding and accurate!" ... written by Funinmck
Very nice reading. She is very informative. " ... written by Rox
Very accurate." ... written by raman
Awesome, love her." ... written by Karen
tHe very best psychic and she asks no questions. Omg! she tells everything!" ... written by VV
Excellent reading. Accurate and kind." ... written by JP
Great reading!! Lots of info and guidance." ... written by SoulDesire1
Very quick and straightforward intuitive." ... written by Agu
Shes fast and concise." ... written by justiceforall
Ahinora is a 5 star! Great reading. Some info I needed to hear she was honest. That's good. Thank you!" ... written by barbara
Accurate." ... written by sadhana
Great reading! I hope predictions will come true. I will be back. Love and light to you " ... written by Andrea
2 THUMBS UP! GOD bless you and your family and friends. Thank you very much. xxo" ... written by Crew
Awesome" ... written by gittyup1945
Always my favorite lady! Thank you for guiding me as a "teacher" all the time!" ... written by Hana Trinh
Great reading, helped me in several areas, even areas I didn't ask about, thank you." ... written by Casey
Thank you!! :)" ... written by hillary
she was helpful and insightful." ... written by Jennifer
Right on point didn't have to talk she knew my life better than me! Amazing!!!!" ... written by jellisha
YOU ARE A GEM AHINORA, you had understand very well my situation, you make my day full of sunshine. GOOD LUCK and I'll see you around." ... written by cinderellalisa
I totally agree with what she said.. I will certainly stay away from Negative people.. Thank you" ... written by kristina winters
I liked her. informative and to the point and fitted in a lot. Much appreciated!" ... written by K
Thanks so much ahinkora. Interesting insight into future. Will see what happens." ... written by poque
Wonderful, fun reading. Made me smile, accurate and truly gifted. Thank you!" ... written by spiritessense
She was great, very fast and accurate. I honestly didn't tell her anything regarding the situation she was spot on. Wow!" ... written by Alicia
She's amazing!" ... written by sincry7
Incredible!" ... written by gittyup1945
EXCELLENT AS ALWAYS!!!" ... written by Gfrenz1
Thank you,, so clear and insightful. Enjoy talking to u." ... written by aquarian
Wonderful reading.." ... written by reading_nl
Thanks." ... written by zimerili1
She is straight and does not sugar coat, very honest." ... written by Charm
Very nice reading, she is very sweet lady, I will recommend any one for reading. I will give her 1000 stars" ... written by sam
Very correct! Very impressed by her abilities to be so accurate and supportive at the same time. She is truly gifted and I appreciate her time very much!" ... written by LisaS
Very good. " ... written by GD
Right on the spot! Amazing how she knew everything!" ... written by melissa
Fantastic informational reading!! Spot on and explicit! I recommend her highly to everyone!" ... written by LikeLov
awesome and always greart" ... written by gittyup1945
Great reading. Will wait for October." ... written by Aisha
You are so patient and caring and lovely... Thank you so much!!! You are wonderful xo" ... written by lila
Awesome reading!!!!!" ... written by jaykun
thank you! she says things how they are not how or what we would like to hear. she is very good. Recommended!!!" ... written by Aurelia
Great!" ... written by sadhana
Yes, she helps me to be strong, and give me strength to carry on with all the bad luck I placed on my self. Thank you so much!" ... written by donna bonnici
Many thanks for setting me straight. She's the best." ... written by sincerly7
Nice, accurate and very honest. I recommand her to everyone!" ... written by dolmenia
Wow, as always miss! Love you!" ... written by Hana Trinh
#1 !!!!!" ... written by oz
She's always my favorite. :)" ... written by Hana
Good reading, truth hurts sometimes." ... written by tiffany
Thanks..." ... written by SS
Very good , quick, clear.... honest ..... a lovely warm woman.. " ... written by Sunshine0105
Thank you!!" ... written by Virgo
Great." ... written by karenna
Ahinora was great!!!!" ... written by Sapphire456
Absolutely enchanting." ... written by Vipin Viswanath
Great feedback. Excellent advice. And honesty. I will continue to come back!" ... written by Lucio
Good Advice. Good Intuition.Good Prediction. Good Adviser. Will refer friends." ... written by MannyNGK
Cool." ... written by kye2210
Always a pleasure, always the most trusted psychic EVER !!!!! Everything she tells me always comes true and she is just amazing. Never met a great psychic like her and im sure im never going to meet another one as good as she is.... Thank you Ahi for all your help and support" ... written by roxy
Very good." ... written by kye2210
Was on the mark and what I needed to hear." ... written by Tri
Very nice lady! Accurate and fast!" ... written by Erikaafs
Straight forward and honest and accurate too, thanks! " ... written by Rose
Very nice and very spot on... Thank you :-)" ... written by kristina
She was on point!" ... written by Toya
Good advise. Thanks." ... written by irelandirish
Very polite and sweet lady. Helpful and give a lot of information." ... written by Saanya
Good and fast connection.." ... written by elle
Very honest and fast. I'll come back when there's new developments. Thank You :-)" ... written by DLove
She's awesome!!!" ... written by Deria
Amazing lady, I will give her 10000 stars! She very accurate and very sweet, not a waist of money. She is here to help people not after money, you are the best in Oranum AHINORA!" ... written by sam
Excellent help, thanks so much, clear and eye opening. xo Thanks again!" ... written by maryannepav
Very trustworthy and real!! All facts. Connects very quickly and doesn't sugar coat!" ... written by funinmck
Very sweet lady. Told me what she saw answered questions as i was about to post them…she just knew!!! Will def be back for an update! Thanks hun" ... written by Desire2succeed
SHE SO GOOD!! " ... written by JY
She is very accurate, she got to things even before I asked her. It was a very good reading and I wish I had more time with her. " ... written by Kay
WOW, Impressive... Read me like a book. My goodness she knew me better than myself. WOW. What on earth was that! I am so impressed. She told me everything I needed to hear. Gave good advice and helped me a lot to understand myself better and what to do. I'm very content with my reading and she didn't need much information she just went on and on about my situation. Health, career, love life... everything! WOW!!! NO Sugar Coating. She is very good! " ... written by nva123
Awesome!" ... written by c
She was absolutely great!" ... written by Cheryl
She was very accurate and hit everyone on the mark" ... written by Pam
She is wonderful and insightful! Very quick to connect and gives sound advice. Never sugar coated just honest!" ... written by Funinmck
it was interesting, we will see if she will be right" ... written by squilry
Amazing reading. She knew so much about me it was cray. I had to write down notes so I could take down her advice. It was perfect. " ... written by Tayn
So quick to connect, doesn't waste time! Immediately begins relaying info with just your DOB! THANK YOU!" ... written by summa
Ahinora has guided me through a tough journey and continues to advise and help... She is very good and like a friend to me. I highly recommend her." ... written by Acealways
She is absolutely wonderful and on point. She cleared everything up for me and I really needed that. Her predictions are always spot on, even happened earlier than I expected. " ... written by Lisa
So honest and to the point, thank you!" ... written by ashley
She's good...Great reading! " ... written by LadyGrace
This lady is awesome! The truth will meet you...whether you like it or not. She reveals the hidden things to help you become strong and work through your problems. I could feel her positive energy. I will definitely see her again. Thumbs Up!!" ... written by Cordie167
Helpful." ... written by Gayette Greaves
Thank you for the information." ... written by jdeane44
I got disconnected but I will be back." ... written by Jasmine
I always feel so good after a reading from Ahinora. She is so straightforward that I know what she is saying is as real as it can get. I never thought seeking a psychic was realistic but after finding this site, having only two psychics read what I am feeling has been the most peaceful feeling anyone can feel. I admire you as a person andamp; also respect you passion in helping others connect with their inner thoughts andamp; feelings." ... written by Rose
Very good reader, excellent reader!" ... written by need2know5
It was very helpful. I will return very soon. Thanks!" ... written by anna
Great reading" ... written by Jenny
Can tell my situation very well and encourages to go forward the next step. Rings true, thanks." ... written by Rosemarie
Very good reading insightful." ... written by Danielle
THANK YOU" ... written by tALEBINI
thank you" ... written by Tamika36
Honest and caring." ... written by Ashley
Great reading. Connects very quickly and accurately." ... written by boru
Wow, she is very accurate, really gifted. No tools!" ... written by happy
Good or bad you will get the truth. She is accurate." ... written by kathy
She was accurate." ... written by s1
Very good reading." ... written by apple
Very amazing reading all the time she is very accurate i will give her 1000000 stars" ... written by Sam
Great reading and very helpful! " ... written by halo
thanks for your time :)" ... written by Angel
She is direct and told me what I need to know regardless of I like them or not. I can tell that she is a caring person who wants me to do well in life. I value her insight and wisdom, and I will be back for more in the future and update her. :)" ... written by Honest answers
Great Reading! Knew me and my situation well. " ... written by Danielle Henderson
I want more lol thanks. x" ... written by lorraine
Very honest reader!" ... written by Sapphire456
Thank you so much, I really appreciate your words." ... written by planejane7
Wow how amazing. Not exactly the news I wanted to hear but so accurate on my situation. Some great advice. Very honest. Thank you." ... written by Berrie
She was wonderful I hate I ran out of time!! " ... written by angelic03
Wonderful as usual!" ... written by Elena
Great thank you very much." ... written by planejane7
Amazing reader, she is very nice lady and good advice, she is the best on Oranum." ... written by sam
I appreciated the reading - I was needing urgent advice and I feel Ahinora provided me with some things to think about and some important dates. " ... written by Verity
very good read, very insightful" ... written by jana kadri
Helpful!" ... written by s
Awesome" ... written by gittyup1945
love talking with her. She is so great and very helpful...A+++++" ... written by Longforlove
WOW!!!!!!!!!! She is so accurate in her reading. She used NOTHING! She even picked up on things I did not tell her about! GIFTED!!!" ... written by Longforlove
I love ahinora shes amazing and honest." ... written by Kayla Mcgee
Good and honest" ... written by Lisa
Very on point! Thank you so much for all of the advice. You have given me hope to be happy again. :)" ... written by belladecadance
Ahinora so smart and she will tell you only the true! she is my favorite! " ... written by oz
Wow! All I can say is wow! Within seconds she was exactly in tune and provided great depth. Can't wait to see how the Spring plays out as she said. Will be back!" ... written by Amanda
She is a seer and simply tells you what she accurately sees. Simple and clear. Very deep" ... written by qp
so honest and to the point….refreshing. i love the clarity and highly recommend Ahinora" ... written by aumdeyr
She is very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't have to say much." ... written by amber
Needed the kindness and perspective. Thank you." ... written by r
She was good and talked to me about finance in which I really needed to understand and I was calm to know things for me are coming in a positive manner. Thank you " ... written by Edna
:) ahinora tells the truth and is very sweet. Thank you." ... written by arix
Very direct on point , I truly enjoyed the reading, and I will come back for a follow up. Call Ahinora was the real deal. " ... written by Tammy
Thank you very clear, validating highly reccomend!" ... written by bluetippi
Very interesting reading. Thank you for the advices. I will definitely come back. " ... written by pmk2005
Loved it thank you so much!!" ... written by Michelle
Lets see what happens." ... written by wioletta
Thank you for your guidance and help!" ... written by cristal
She is very nice person!!!!! Good reading!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sam
Great as always!!!!!!!!" ... written by Longforlove
Really gifted and honest. lovely lady indeed to talk with. Many blessings, thank you for yours advice xx" ... written by mati
Will digest info, thank you for your insight!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sirilee
Excellentt as always. sees past the lies and get to the truth" ... written by funinmck
Good to the point. " ... written by sai
Acurate, to the point, amazingly sweet. I loved every advice she gave, and I will make sure I follow them." ... written by Jyotsna
Good" ... written by ddd
She was accurate, fast, confident and provided me with detailed need to know information. I loved my reading from Ahinora : )" ... written by brightsoul84
well lets see what happens here thanks" ... written by usa
lovely lady!!!" ... written by sally boozar
Spot on, great reading, gave me focus and insight!!!!!!" ... written by Carly
she was very honest and answered all my questions fast please give her a try, you won't be dissappointed.love and light riley" ... written by riley
Excellent insightful. Would love to hear more. " ... written by paige
have many readings with her she is amazing " ... written by sam
She was great and offered me good advice which I will follow." ... written by lilycicco
Great Reading" ... written by Star
Ahinora was so ACCURATE about everything. I was very amazed and had a lot of fun throughout this great reading. :)" ... written by Maria
Very helpful. Thanks so much." ... written by sasha
very amazing reader she is the best with no tools" ... written by sam
wonderful i enjoy her" ... written by jo G
loverly lady gave me hope xxx thank u" ... written by mizzimoo
Thank you" ... written by claire
Great like always,good visions,advices and honesty." ... written by laura
she was correct about something! did give some ideas about the future..will see how it unfolds!" ... written by aquavenus
another great read, although I didnt have my volume up and did not know you were talking to me...But the half of which i got i appreciated, thank you again for the insight! " ... written by sirilee
thanks for the advice " ... written by dellamal
really like her" ... written by pppp
Well we will see what unfolds." ... written by pppppp
thank you for brining news let see what happens" ... written by nachalo2012
I had a good,clear reading! I'll keep you posted." ... written by Meli
thank you bless" ... written by pppppp
good reading right on everything love her truthful ness " ... written by devene page
The truth is painful but I appreciate her advice. For everything there is a reason. I am looking forward to the future when I find someone deserving of me. 5 stars. Accurately picks up energy!" ... written by C
great reading!" ... written by Star
she is very good will recommend her" ... written by daniel
Ahinora is the best! This is my 4th reading with her and she is always on target. Give her a chance you will be glad you did. " ... written by longfor love
Wish I had more time :( Absolutely great reading. " ... written by lisa
very amazing reader she is the best in oranum i always having readings with her she dosent use any tools very honest even somethings you dont want to here she will tell you the truth no sugar coating 1000000 stars for this lady" ... written by sam
Very good. Tells it like it is. Straight forward and simple. Really knows. " ... written by Jenn
good reading " ... written by rosebud77
AWESOME,,, is all I can say" ... written by Kainaj
she was right on the money" ... written by sheree
It had been a long time and she was still spot on. Sound bold and direct advice. great reading. " ... written by funinmck
awesome!! i love her!!" ... written by mayala101
I love coming to her for my readings. Great reading. " ... written by lisa
Ahinora was excellent. She connected with my situation effortlessly and gave some very useful and relevant advice. I look forward to receiving your follow ups." ... written by Michael
Excellent! Quick connection and very accurate, she was able to look into many areas of my life not just one in a very short amount of time, will definitely be coming back. Thank you. " ... written by karlabebe
This is my second reading with Ahinora and she doesn't use any tools and answers all of your questions very quickly. I will see what happens and I trust Ahinora's guidance. She is one of the better readers on Oranum who are spiritually gifted." ... written by LarimarGem
Right on target love this lady." ... written by devene pagebaca
Very good, thank you" ... written by zebedee
Very detailed and enlightening" ... written by P
always the best." ... written by ssgkboo
she was right on target" ... written by devene
Thank you so much!" ... written by
im happy in the time i had, picked alot up on some things , i didnt say much, im happy gave alot in so little time. " ... written by targ
thanks for the honesty!!! : (" ... written by sirilee
really great reader told me all the important things that i need to pay attention " ... written by Dg
Great reading, very helpful advice. To the point" ... written by Sarah
A very honest and insightful reading." ... written by janesi
i like her details great reader" ... written by vell
Second reading....She has me completely pegged. I feel like I come to her to hear things I already know about myself but am too scared to admit. She has given me the amazing gift of learning more about myself with each reading. I will come back often. " ... written by Taryn
very helpful and insightful" ... written by christopher willams
she was outstanding I will be back" ... written by debbie
This woman is brilliant and super super quick and very good to connect thank you so much!" ... written by myself
Good reading " ... written by Sparkle Pony
I love her honesty she knew him exactly without anything or info other than his birth " ... written by Annmarie Mckenzie
very amazing reader 1000000 stars" ... written by sam
Intuitive...recommend!" ... written by B
This is my second reading with Ahinora, the first reading was a demo reading and today was a private reading. I am going thru a hard period in my life and she picked up on the issue right away and gave me great advice. I recommend her to anyone who wants an honest and accurate reading." ... written by jewelw203
thnks Ahinora, for pointed, time frame, accurate reading." ... written by happy
excellent !" ... written by charles
thank you it was a great reading" ... written by Talebini
on point and spot o wow amazing..." ... written by stormfire28
Straight to the point. Picks up on situations quickly and answers questions directly." ... written by k
clear connect" ... written by s
I talk to her once in a while but everything she said was right in the past. No sugar coating!Truth if you are ready to hera it." ... written by aurelia
She is a very good reader, I wish I had more time for the reading, especially for my love life.. I am going to listen to her and follow her advice." ... written by TTLady
I have had several readings with ahinora and she is amazing. She is very accurate ad helpful. If you want someone to tell you what you "want" to hear then she is not for you. Ahinora will tell you what she see's. Love having a reading with her." ... written by Longforlove
Very straightforward. Understands people's personality very well. I will wait for predictions." ... written by honest
great reading " ... written by veezee
my first reading with ahinora. thank you so much. you really picked up on the people i asked about (my long list lol) and hopefully this prediction you gave me will come to pass shortly. thank you thank you." ... written by luxxicon
As always she gives it to you straight! no sugar coating...and thats why I appreciate her advice. Excellent insight...and connects easily and right away!" ... written by Cordie167
very good" ... written by bob
shes great as always thanks for ur help" ... written by purp
good reading. straight and to the poin" ... written by imdeeim
truthful. " ... written by sprinkle
She was fast which I appreciated and after looking all night and never having a reading before, I chose her and I am glad I did. She did well with pegging a particular characteristic. She forsaw someone coming in and having me a mess around october (which will probably be my ex husband as he is coming back in the country) and Unfortunately it was cut off due to my credits when I was asking about my present relationship." ... written by Robin
Awesome reading. My connection went out at the end...blah. Very informative and precise info." ... written by Rita
thanks again for your insight!" ... written by sirilee
she's really good :)" ... written by brandee
very good reading 100000000 stars for her" ... written by sam
Very intuitive reader. very sweet and easy to understand. goes above and beyond when answering questions" ... written by ssgkboo
Wow. She's amazing and quick." ... written by Sheila
good" ... written by diva125
Very good reading, she is always good. " ... written by vjrei01
wonderful reading" ... written by patty
very helpful and very intuitive and very gifted...no sugar coating...gave me solid advice... thank you!!" ... written by mary
she was great" ... written by shareca
she knows what she is talking about!" ... written by Leah
Very good and quick reader" ... written by Krista Elliott
She is the only person I trust and come back to. I have tried other "popular" readers here, but their readings did not come true, only ahinora's did. She is very honest. I also trust her judgment, and she has been a great guide for me." ... written by honest answers
she is very fast and caring." ... written by n g
excellent" ... written by s
she was great ! confirmed a lot of things for me." ... written by blessing
This woman is amazing!!! I assure you, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Ahinora!!" ... written by Shanshine
Thank you :)))) see u soon!" ... written by Mariela
Good reading" ... written by vjrei01
she is always fast connected, accurate." ... written by happy
she is always amazing thank you everytime " ... written by purpledove
Good work" ... written by Biz312002
i hope you are right...will come back for more" ... written by thank you
She is the only I come to. Very fast. Very accurate. Her predictions have come true so far. Absolutely best for me. " ... written by honest asnwers
good reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Great Reading" ... written by Jackie
Ahinora is consistently great. She is direct and honest. Will wait on her predictions. The Oranum website, however, is terrible. My typing is very lagged, so I cannot communicate well with Ahinora." ... written by Honestanswers
wow! just simply AMAZING.. speechless.." ... written by Sladjana
Very honest. Not what I wanted to hear, but what I NEEDED to hear. She knew exactly what I was feeling. I look forward to more time with her. " ... written by Rose
Very in tune. A must contact." ... written by SAR
Thank Ahinora." ... written by happy
Once again she makes me feel much better. I can always count on her to tell me the truth. I simply just love her!" ... written by Sladana
great reading" ... written by sunday
Thank you Ahinora :)" ... written by Angie
She is great!" ... written by enri
Ahinora is a fast typist, oftentimes answering my questions before I could even ask them! She accesses the Akashic Records so she sees all in our life. She was so spot on in my reading it was delightful and inspiring! She doesn't sugarcoat anything- for example she laid out the lessons that I needed to learn ,within a certain time frame I inquired about,point by point. She also suggested a visit to the doctor regarding a possible hormonal imbalance that I've always been curious about for years and it affecting my stress levels. Needless to say, I will be making a doctor appointment to get this checked out. I should have followed my own intuition about this years ago but I never did so I will follow her guidance now! I wrote down most of the information she provided so that I can go back and review it often to remind myself to stay on track and the good things just around the corner! She's just lovely. :) I highly recommend her if you are looking for an accurate and fast assisting spiritual counselor (aka psychic, if you prefer that term). Thank you Ahinora! God bless you. " ... written by SARA DAVIS
Very good. Will talk with her again." ... written by allsons
Fantastic!!!" ... written by mv
This woman was AMAZING!!!!! She saw EVERYTHING!!!!! Some of it was not easy to hear at all, my plate has been so full and difficult, but it was amazing!!! xooxo" ... written by Alexis
Goooooood as always ! Thank you Ahinora ;-)" ... written by Yolanda
she's wonderful !!!! and very accurate !!" ... written by diamond
Good reading very detailed." ... written by Sunday
Ahinora connected fast. Lots of things that she saw. I hope all her predictions come true. Thank you." ... written by kittychu
I've had a lot of readings in the past but never a reading like hers. She really knew things about me and the person i asked about without me explaining anything. She knew I was a smoker and even knew that I barely eat any vegetables....This was a ridiculous reading and I look forward to her prediction. Thank you! " ... written by dip
good reader" ... written by smiley2011
very good reading very detailed." ... written by Sunday
I was feeling down before I spoken with her. I addressed my issues and she made me feel so much better. She is so sincere and nice that I believe her when she said everything works out for the better. I'm keeping her words and look forward to my future. I really appreciate the enlightenment that she have brought to me. I feel 100% better and every way possible! " ... written by Shereice
she is very good and very direct. " ... written by wren1414
Great reading. SHe's the best! Very realistic. Disappointing to hear the truth, but now i am prepared." ... written by honest
a great reading once again with ahinora she has helped in my situation. will definitely return" ... written by lynn
seems good" ... written by smiley2011
good reading. connected quickly" ... written by jan
She is good. Pickup on things without me telling her anything. Very in depth and detailed." ... written by Janice
Thank you for the reading . appreciate it." ... written by princess1218
Gave good advice." ... written by Diana
I really do love her, she sugarcoats NOTHING!! she tells it how it is, cry if you want but its honest and I appreciate that. All her predictions have come true. I absolutely love this lady. She is one of my favorites on Oranum. " ... written by Junekay
good reader, gives good advice" ... written by smiley2011
She is different from the others , she can make me smile , and find out everything..... she opened and changed the mindset and doubts that I feel ...thanks a million ahinora" ... written by amalia
Very helpful!! Quite accurate." ... written by Lynette
Great reading very detailed and honest." ... written by Sunday
Great body scan..told me things to look out for and I will keep an eye on it. Thanks" ... written by janesi
amaizing woman" ... written by ina
great" ... written by Abigail
very honest an to the point" ... written by georgianna
Great reading and very helpful as always." ... written by boru
Ahinora is great, you won't be disappointed from session with this lovely lady." ... written by poque
quick connection about me and who I am. Eventhough I was asking about one particular issue - she giving me those answers plus reading my character. She noted my hang -ups and how I need to get away from those. " ... written by crsDEE
thank you for great reading" ... written by talebini
amaizing woman" ... written by ina
very caring, very knowing, very intuitive, very helpful, very honest, very talented.....thank you!!" ... written by mary
thank you for the straight forward answer." ... written by cd
very interesting and unusual reading. i give 5 stars wish i had more time thank you " ... written by carlos
It was ok. Thanks for reading." ... written by Nousha
had my first reading with ahinora here on oranum and she red me very different to other readers, she immidiately tackeled my core issues and behaviour patterns which i repeat, she advised me sincerely and cared for my wellbeing, i would highly recommend her if you're looking for information which will improve your life. it gave me a thought and im recognizing what needs to change as time passes, very fast reader also. thank you" ... written by spiritfreewe
Ahinora is sweet...she goes right in and connect quickly. She's no nonsense, not here to tell you what you want to hear. She's honest and that's what I like. Great ability and a sweet smile...what else do ya want" ... written by Bronxie
Thanks Ahinora,your advice for my situations." ... written by happy
Always a pleasure" ... written by long
Very insightful and accurate. Thank you so much, I appreciate it." ... written by Ashlen
She is the best. :) She is the only one I trust and continue to come back to. She is very honest and direct. She looks out for me. " ... written by honestanswers
very good reading!! will await for the battle to begin!!!" ... written by michael
Very very accurate!" ... written by Victoria
great realllly great, thanks" ... written by Abigail
thank you dear this was very insightful and clarified a lot for me!" ... written by c
Great insight, she recommends tips to make the reading easier. is very quick and connected. Her following up even makes you have a great outcome from the reading. Honest and amazing." ... written by bibi123
Thanks for good advices again~" ... written by happy
she had good predictions" ... written by laura
Anihora was very quick. Right to the point. No wasting anytime. You have a question. You get your answer. Highly recommend!!" ... written by valley
Again, not what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. She's on point and the only person I trust. " ... written by JazzFairy
very good" ... written by tim
didnt have to say much but she was on point!!!!! great reading! i know what i need to do now !" ... written by victoria
Very good" ... written by Virgo1985x
Straight forward and direct on what's to come. Thank you." ... written by Alohawithlove2
thank you dear I love your insight and honesty" ... written by c
love her" ... written by -
Great update~ Thanks" ... written by happy
very good update! following hear advise or suggestions and things are moving as was told. Great job! will be talking to her again soon. Michael" ... written by michael
very in tune with my situation thank you" ... written by deborah
Love her!!! She is so great and charming and keeps it real. I would recommend her to anyone!" ... written by Cache23
she ok but not my favorite" ... written by DEBRA GREN
Very straightforward and honest, but to the point. I'm excited to see if predictions come true in upcoming months. " ... written by Heather
Very approachable and intuitive. Thanks Ahinora!" ... written by Diana Fernandez
thank you dear, always so helpful in your guidinance." ... written by c
excellent (:" ... written by elbell
Thank you for the lovely reading!" ... written by lynnrmc
Very insightful and good to listen too. My computer froze so I couldn't finish the reading!" ... written by eli
good reader as always many readings with her no tools" ... written by sam
She's the best. Honest. Fast. She sees the bigger picture, too. She's very helpful. " ... written by honestanswers
thanks so much~ always in point~" ... written by happy
Wow straight forward, did not hold back, quick typer. Really in tune with my situation like the speed of light. She talks just like someone who really cares about you and wants to guide you to the right direction but of course You have to see it yourself." ... written by H
very clear and gave me the right advice !:) she knew excatly everything i was going through!" ... written by victoria
she has a lot of information to offer. I had trouble understanding her, but that is just me. I feel she tuned in nicely" ... written by lou
Thanks for the headsup, your guidance and honesty. Can't wait for these predictions to come true. I appreciate that you follow up with me and say things as they are. Looking forward to talking to you again" ... written by bibi123
Good reading." ... written by Janice
Great Great Great!!! 10 Stars! and a Sure thing!" ... written by need2know5
as always a great reader..and fast. If you can nto understand her she will type and she types fast" ... written by long
great lots of info a few things hard to understand and follow but enjoyed reading" ... written by ppp
Great reading very detailed and honest. She is very gifted." ... written by Sunday
Great reading." ... written by Janice
Great as always, Thanks so much~" ... written by H
Always great. thank you again" ... written by fun in mck
thank u" ... written by ed
Very Accurate and great insight, connected straight away and made total sense " ... written by Carly
thank you for your advice, very nice and honest lady, would love to come again..." ... written by mati
Love her she great and very honest. She brings me insight when I need her. I would always recommend her to anyone!" ... written by Cache23
Ahinora is the only psychic I trust on Oranum. She always tells me what I need to hear and is very accurate. Very good reading tonight. " ... written by JazzFairy
She's the best. Tells like it is. No sugar coating. I trust her 100%. She is the only one worth coming to this site for. Thank you!!" ... written by honestanswers
Interesting chat.. Let's see if certain things will take place.. this is very interesting though." ... written by TheLeo
wow first time reading, shes great, very suprised" ... written by jamira76
she was very good and i would use her again " ... written by chrystalgriffith2020
Very good. Saw my situation well. " ... written by nina
Great! Knew things before I asked!" ... written by horsellady
Thank You :) " ... written by Emy
very insightful!! xo" ... written by Anna-Marie
Ahinora - she has the gift. On several occasions ,I have asked for important dates for each month -I use those dates to make the best of situations that happen on those days. I will go back to her for more information." ... written by cr1828
Great, excellent reading. " ... written by Janice
She is wonderful and very caring! Extremely helpful. A lovely person. 5 stars" ... written by Breeze
She is amazing knew exactly what was throwing me off balance down to some very precise details. She shared some wise words that I would only now be able to understand. Very informative and helpful. Very connected and kind. I'll try my best to take everything she shared into consideration on a daily basis. Best wishes!! :) Thank you! " ... written by Erika
awesome" ... written by gettabetter
Very quick, accurate, to the point, honest and kind. " ... written by Courtney
I love Ahinora. Thank you for another great reading! 5 stars!" ... written by Amy
good advice, she saw it clearly, I really like her and will come back. " ... written by goldenaura
I never go wrong with her. She is worth my wait and time, she never lets me down. I recommend her anytime" ... written by Cache23
Absolutely love this lady, she doesn't sugarcoat anything and she gets straight to the point. No waiting for a connection. She lets you know what is, what has been and what will come. " ... written by lisa
She's always very honest with me and I know in my gut and in my heart what she says is true for me. I can't thank her enough!! I'll always come back for a reading if I see her on!! She's the best!! " ... written by A
very good and very nice, she's great with follow ups and very supportive. She gives straight up truth, though. No sugar coating, no lies. She might look a little stern but she's so nice." ... written by goldenaura
Excellent reading. " ... written by Janice
Ahinora always understands and guides me down the correct path, even if it's not what I want. " ... written by JazzFairy
Thank you Ahinora. Straight forward, honest, no sugar coating and just what I expected. Thank you for your insight and advice. " ... written by love
Wow...no tools no gimmicks just straight advice. No sugar coating truth!! I look forward to reading again with her.." ... written by ahinora
She is great. Honest. Accurate. Will listen to her advice. Thank you!!" ... written by honestanswers
She is so awesome. I really enjoy talking to her. " ... written by Janice
ahinora....good intuitive....i admire her ability to tune in....good insights and helpful hints on how to manage things...i appriciate" ... written by Oranum user
She is very good Worth the money" ... written by plooksy
she is very precise, an amazing psychic, doesn't fool around and tells the truth!!!" ... written by Ammer
Lovely session and does not waste time at all.. She tells you all that you need to know and advises you on how to deal with stuff... thank you so much !" ... written by silver
yes good" ... written by yes
i love how accurate you are omg i will always update you love i'm amazed so accurate " ... written by m
Very intuitive lady and whatever she has told me so far she was spot on! Highly recommended" ... written by Evi
very lovely reading with a lot of information. Thank you so much for your time and i will look forward to better days ahead :)" ... written by S
nice lady I love you ahinora thanks again God bless you." ... written by shelly
bang on , honest and good reading , straight to the issue , excellent ." ... written by DHARMA
Very honest" ... written by *****
She never fails me with a reading. She the real deal" ... written by Cache23
Great reading." ... written by Janice
good advice" ... written by norcal
She seemed very honest and accurate...I am very satisfied with the reading" ... written by Ashley
Super Excellent reading. I will definitely be back." ... written by flirty bee
Lovely person she is, very direct and I am yet to see if the predictions come true. But from what she mentioned I could tell she knew what is going on and she picked up on my current issues very fast. Recommended and thank you! :) x" ... written by Elinka
amazing reader 5 starts" ... written by sam
I am nervous and mentally drained with s property problem going on for fifteen years. I got damaged by other flat owners above. They are very rich and one is a Major in the British arm forces. " ... written by Suresh
The best on this website. With the exception of one minor detail, her predictions have been all correct. She is the only one I come here for. Thank you!!!" ... written by honestanswers
good reading, and thank you, fast connect and honest" ... written by c
She is the real deal. I cannot stop coming back to her she straight forward." ... written by Cache23
she is a beautiful lady and soul straight to point no waste of time and gave me my answers with clarity! thank you so much!" ... written by v
very honest. no sugar coats" ... written by jnaujo
clear, straight to the point and honest." ... written by stephanie
Great reading!!! Her reading was spot on!!" ... written by Audrey
As always, great readings. Thank you!" ... written by TarynPage
if you need the hard honest non sugar-coated truth,.. go for it,.. this is where u get it,.. full-on and no mercy,. u better listen and take it in. thank you darling" ... written by c
good insight, positive reading, honest answers, she is great. 5 star reader " ... written by goldnaura
Really good" ... written by Mark Nielsen
thanks" ... written by f
I absolutely love her, she is always on point and doesn't tell me what I want to hear but what will happen.... I'm always hopefully, but she puts the reality check on me plus all her predictions come true. I recommend everyone to at least one reading with her make sure you point out the most thing you really want to hear and brass yourself for the answer. lol Love each reading. " ... written by Junekay
Good reading." ... written by vjrei01
I learned a lot from ahinora. Thanks for being honest. Have a great morning" ... written by Enchanted3
good reading and very insightful" ... written by coffee
Thank You for my reading! I enjyed it a lot! I will bemore grounded as you say and try to motivate myself. Thank you for pointing out my flaws as this is what I needed to hear. I really enjoyed that I was able to hear you, bc information cam every quickly! Thank you for being so ccurate. I will be on the look out for you! xoxo!" ... written by Lynn
Always great. Gives correct predictions. She's the only one who does it here!" ... written by .
Amazing reader...surprised me!!! right on oint with every word...thank you so much" ... written by happylucky
Very good reading, trust her. " ... written by vjrei01
very good she knew how I was feeling 5 stars" ... written by anesa
she's great" ... written by Cristina
Good clear answers, and very trustfull" ... written by Mark Nielsen
very nice lady, very insightful!" ... written by Katie
Helpful and caring. " ... written by Nona
very helpful and seen things that helped me understand my situation. " ... written by Nona
I love her readings, excellent. " ... written by vjrei01
Very good reader, very good advice. " ... written by vjrei01
I love ahinora - so understanding and gives you permission to do what you know you need to - but may be holding yourself from." ... written by Amy
hey she was wise and said what she seen I didn' like it is what it is " ... written by debra
She is great, details, direct honest and to the point. Great advise" ... written by Vita
wonderful reading, I asked about one particular item, once she was connected to me; she answered that question and started giving info for other things ! it was like a flood of info just pouring out. wish I had more credits" ... written by rs1828
Ahinora is seriously the sweetest and best, I love talking to her. She truly cares and is here to help =) I will definitely be back again! you are very talented ! " ... written by sladj.
Always the best. Accurate. Fast. Great insight and advice. Thank you!" ... written by honestsanswers
Great reading. Very detailed." ... written by Janice
Thank you for the honest reading very much appreciate. " ... written by CH
great right on!" ... written by Shantell
I like her readings, she is good. " ... written by vjrei01
she was quick to connect. hit some key points. Some great advice given" ... written by a
Very good reading, she is awesome. Thank you. " ... written by vjrei01
Always speaks the truth. She's the only one I come to!" ... written by honestanswers
Thank you for the reading, I will keep you posted." ... written by Jennifer
Very true straight to the point and direct. Same things that other psychics said. Very accurate." ... written by Kachie
she was awesome and very precise and told me exactly what I needed to hear.... thank you so much and I would recommend you anytime, Om Shanti blessed be" ... written by Lori
Very good reading very detauked and honest:)" ... written by Sunday
Good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
Excellent and connected very well on all matters..." ... written by Stormfire28
another reading (regular customer)" ... written by Rob
more insight about the truth" ... written by Robby
nice reading, she connected with my energy quickly , answered my questions" ... written by cs828
Good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
another reading with Ahinora ," ... written by Rob
thank you so much!!" ... written by Ava
she's very honest and her predictions come true" ... written by lisa
Ahinora went straight to the point and was very accurate too. Sometimes I don't want to hear what she has to say but she is always right." ... written by flirty bee
Very good. Very straightforward and fast. I can't ask better guidance than Ahinora. She is the best- understands what is the most important and accurate in her readings in the past. I trust her completely." ... written by honestanswers
my first testimony on a psychic, because I respect her with my heart." ... written by Robby
She was right about everything she told me. Didn't have to tell her much. Right on spot! She even remembered my last reading and she was right as well ;)" ... written by Ana Victoria
I am a repeat customer and I find her honest and truthful. She is a natural born psychic and doesn't use tarot cards which I find is more accurate." ... written by Gem
she is awesome" ... written by julien
Ahinora was awesome. She really knows her stuff. 5 star+" ... written by BK
Very honest and accurate... tells me how it is no matter how painful it may be... I want to hear the truth. Thank you so much for your amazing reading !!!. " ... written by Lisa
all went well, for the first time this year. I will do as suggested. I will return in a few weeks. thanks so much." ... written by michael
I love this woman, she is sooooo good. Thank you. She is the real thing, trust her. " ... written by vjrei01
Absolutely awesome." ... written by flirty bee
Very up front... I like that about her " ... written by L. S
I was a little confused about some things but I kind of understand now. She has made me look at things that I need to face and am so afraid to do so. I will go see her again" ... written by Ruthie
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
she is awesome" ... written by Ahinora
great reading" ... written by computerluv
really good!" ... written by emily
Ahinora was very clear about my situation. It resonated truthfully in me. She was not the first psychic I went to, but she tuned in to my situation in a very similar manner and gave me hope and confidence. She was also very generous about clarifying what she said so that I really understood. Thank you! artisticparkway" ... written by artisticparkway
my one stop check when situation get awry" ... written by mystic
Honest and to the point" ... written by Onslow
always come to her for true answers and she is always accurate,wow" ... written by pia
thank you very much for the private reading really nice accurate saw my current situation and give me lot of good guiadance i will follow and let you know how its evolving :)" ... written by joseph
omg !! I'm in love with her !! honest accurate , inspirational !!! just the info i needed to continue to move forward !! I will be back for sure !!" ... written by tamjones
Ahinira is a gift to us. What makes her interesting is her Clairvoyance is too accurate. She always amazes me." ... written by getsome
Great as always! I always look forward to a reading from Ahinora. She is wonderful and truthful. Thanks..." ... written by Love
On point" ... written by cecily
hi first time talking to her concerning my health she shed some light on it i will take her advice thanks ahinora god bless." ... written by debra green
Love her Love her Love her! She is the real deal and does not sugar code anything. She tells it like it is regardless if you like it or not. I will come to her any day." ... written by Cache23
On spot as usual. Very accurate! Thank you so much!" ... written by Ana
very straight forward. I like her. Thank u so much" ... written by galz
She is wonderful. She knew my situation and told me more than what others were able to see. " ... written by Davette
I believe she was honest, kind, and very quick. She provided accurate information and was able to read my energy. I highly recommend her. " ... written by Rose
She is always great very honest and just love her! " ... written by Lyn
Thanks for an awesome reading! Very insightful!! answers the question before i can ask... amazing" ... written by Darrell
Thank you so very much. I truly appreciate your reading." ... written by lastsearch1
She is the truth! She will guide you in the right directions. She will not lie for you to know the truth. I recommend her anytime!" ... written by Cache23
liked the reading" ... written by computerluv
Very nice reading, always accurate. Thank you. The best in Oranum. " ... written by vjrei01
Very straight to the point and informative. Great read." ... written by Kennedy
Thank You" ... written by StarMoon5
Very insightful and honest!" ... written by RJ
Always very straightforward and no sugar coating. the best on this site. I only come to her." ... written by honestanswers
great reading" ... written by lucinda yarbrough
very good and thank you. Will be back." ... written by wendy and mark
A very accurate reading in some ways , of the things about me that are correct, but the future I cannot confirm yet ! but very insightful,precise, and quick. thank you" ... written by Teresa
Good reading." ... written by D
thanks Ahinora, your direct, pointed reading without sugar coating" ... written by sw
As always she connects straight on, gives it to you direct no sugar coating, along with time frames. If you want the raw truth come see this wonderful lady. Thumbs Up!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Cordie167
very sweet lady very honest and caring so wise and advisable! i enjoyed my reading and completely understood what she was saying about my situation. thanks." ... written by natalie
Very fast and very precise! " ... written by Susanne Møller Nielsen
thanks for the reading, was interesting and tells me a lot. " ... written by v90k
outstanding once again. Just need to pursue things slowly. She is so spot on about things it is incredible!" ... written by michael
She is the best. She is accurate, direct, fast. No sugar coating. " ... written by honestanswers
thanks for good reading" ... written by Cuteeiee
She is avery good reader." ... written by Sunday
ty ahinora, for present situation pick up things" ... written by sw
good reading, recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
I always come to her for advise because she is the truth!" ... written by Cache23
Very on point. No tools, connects on a deeper level." ... written by zemoriak
she is amazing. i am BLOWN AWAY" ... written by Nina
thanks Ahinora, for all things correctly pick up. " ... written by Sw
thanks good connection" ... written by sw
very amazing reader 100000 stars to her" ... written by sam
good and to the point I like the way she reads" ... written by gf
thankyou very honest" ... written by Kim Marr
thank you so much:) she was very fast and on point lovely reading, and kind lady. " ... written by dragon
connected quick, truthful. " ... written by lornalulu
Came back to her second time. Gives information directly! needs no tools, connects in no time!" ... written by Nina
Great reading!" ... written by Apo
Thanks!" ... written by Isch
Total honesty...much appreciated...help me see things the way they should be seen. Thank you!" ... written by lornalulu
Thnkx" ... written by marquise
Amazing reading from ahinora. one of the best and most accurate I had on site. very highly recommended. she answered all my questions fast and with no hesitation" ... written by angelswithme
i enjoy my readings with ahinora; she sees a , lot.and is a great reader. thank you ahinora" ... written by kake
xlnt as usual." ... written by kc
she is very straightforward!" ... written by c
Great reading." ... written by Sunday
it was awesome" ... written by Marquise
She is very fast, clear and to the point! waise adviser :) .Love her , TEN STARS! " ... written by Kunoichi
thank you for encouraging words... Bless you. " ... written by womaninTears...
thanks for reading" ... written by s
Straight to the point, no sugarcoating. Honest reading " ... written by June
Good reading...thanks nora.." ... written by Mansi
love it :-)" ... written by Gina
thanks for reading" ... written by sw
amazing , truthful, andamp; spot on a s usual !!! i love her !! never bs , just straight to the point , even before you ask your questions... outstanding!! 500 million stars!!" ... written by tamjones
She's amazing , she always right about what's going on with my life. she has helped me on every aspect of my life . very recommended . she does not lie .she tells me the truth even its hard to listen to . she gives good advice. i am very happy i met her." ... written by Natalia
Her readings are always spot on,, harsh but honest lol " ... written by Lisa
GOOD Reader" ... written by new
Another truths revealed." ... written by Rob
great lady, great psychic, just try her" ... written by iza 528
ahinora is great. " ... written by k
Another great reading, has been consistently on point for a few months now. Very insightful and caring. Timelines and predictions have been consistent and true. Definitely recommend" ... written by Karrie
Very accurate, she nailed everything. very surprised!" ... written by Lily
Good and very intuitive " ... written by Evi
was very helpful in helping solve my questions. Thank you she hit it right on the head to my answers to what I have been curious about. Thank you" ... written by Sunshyn56278
another update about my life matters!" ... written by rob
thanks" ... written by gk
amazing as usual !!! always on point , well connected to her guides , no sugar coating , just the plain truth!!! fantastic reading!!!" ... written by tamjones
she's amazingly accurate" ... written by FashionDiva
She amazing as always . " ... written by Natalia
always the best and straight to the point. lovely reader, many blessings." ... written by merry
fantastic as always !!! I love my updates with Ahinora !! She is the best!!" ... written by tamjones
thanks!!!" ... written by c
she was very straight forward. Made me feel i need to do whats best for myself and gave me inner strength " ... written by Beverly
Very accurate and honest! " ... written by Maria
thanks!!!" ... written by c
She is very good. I keep returning to her because she is honest and fast. Tells like it is. " ... written by .
Very inspiring. Gave the perfect advice for my situation. " ... written by LightBreeze
She is excellent. Fast and straightforward answers." ... written by honestanswers
She was very quick, straight to the point, didn't waste money. Highly recommended!" ... written by Adam
Thanks!!!" ... written by c
Always the best. She's the only person I trust on this site!" ... written by honestanswers