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Psychic YanaWitchhas 15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic YanaWitchhas recently helped 11244members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about YanaWitch's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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work with Angels and bio-energy. I can sending cleaning energy and COURSE REMOVE (after the course analysis) - negative blocks also I sending Angels blessings and healing energy. I KNOW MANY SPELL (only white magic) FOR LOVE, BETTER JOB, LUCKY, MONEY ETC... NOW I LEARNING, THAT I'LL BE A WICCA PRIESTESS... Beside 12 years practice and I have several people in my family who were also witches, and

Accurate gifted very intuned" ... written by Nancy Sharp
Very accurate and great reading!" ... written by Csilla_Goddess
Excellent Reading!!Thankyou for your insight!!!Very cool calm and collective reader!!Gifted :)" ... written by rattail1
I had a very nice reading with this psychic. She was warm and compassionate throughout her reading. I appreciate her honest answers and all the positive energy. I will seek her for guidance again. " ... written by wee318
Yana is very very caring and really makes you feel as though she really cares! Thankyou so much and I look forward to talking to you soon! " ... written by joedy07
I love the positive energy she puts out. I could really feel the energy, long after I left. I would recommend her to anyone with troubles that may need help immediately..." ... written by Lil717
Thank you very much, Yana for your reading and your healing powers, im very relaxed atm and your reading is most pleasant, i appreciate what you have done for me. I cant thank you enough." ... written by wabbit1988
She is good and helpful, ran out of credits but I will definitely come back to talk to her." ... written by katnguyen
she is beautiful and warm...she has helped me and will guide you as well" ... written by li
Thank you for the reading. It was great!!!" ... written by Angel168
She is a great reader. I was happy to listen to her as her advises were very good. Thank you." ... written by danielpiccolo
Always awesome!Hope her readings right!Coz damn i feel good :)" ... written by rattail1
thank you" ... written by nahlasultry
WOW, this Strong woman, has wonderful insight, clears chakra block amazing!!!! She is wonderful and I will always come back!!!! Her angel card reading r also wonderful. After clearing my blocks I feel at peace so much!!!! DON'T Miss Out!!! Thanks so much Yana, u r truely appreciated, Thanks you, I am so Grateful to have found you!!!" ... written by franklinchell15
She is good" ... written by starfish444
Yana is very good and patient and kind. she is able to help me so much. " ... written by lis
She is the most gifted person I have ever met. She knew nothing about me, and yet she still could read my mind. She also knew where exactly I needed to be healed. She is a good healer. I'm in a different country than her and she has healed me in many ways. I believe in her and I always will. I think she can do a lot more for you if you believe in her and her white magic. ♥ Listen to your heart ♥ " ... written by Scorpius7516
Yana is very good! Definitly I recommend her! :)" ... written by mariela3009
She was lovely and sweet. Nice reading!" ... written by necklace15
Thank you....feel alot better already. " ... written by Helgaz
great chick love chatting to her always helps me with lots " ... written by newzealand78
Problem with the system but she sounds nice on free chat:)" ... written by milona
Very kind and warm. Nice chakra cleanse. Felt the energy." ... written by fairyonhip
Very nice love her ,was right in everything ,recommend to everyone.... x" ... written by susana74
Terriffic...insightfull. and also very good advice!!" ... written by joselansas55
difficult to say - we will see if the chakra cleansing helps. very kind person" ... written by turtlesrus1
she is amazing..she sensed something deeper in me that no other psychic has told me ..... " ... written by christine305
Very good reading again :)" ... written by Ana
Yana is very delightful and very insightful to talk with. She is sincere and sees things clearly with compassion. She cleansed my charka and I have felt much better since. A real gem here if you are confused she will help." ... written by geoff007
She was nice and friendly. The reading was very good." ... written by marxis79
The talented Yana... i come to her for 4 readings already : ) Thank you" ... written by Neel
She is the real deal and so in tune with yourself. You lost time, she is one of this beautiful beings that makes the world better and I recommend her to you for a private. She is excellent, calming and honest:))) Köszönöm!, Yana:))))xx" ... written by milona
She is the best! She is kind and considerate and wise and helpful all in one. She will help you...like she has helped me. " ... written by asilorange
don't know yet have to wait for prediction to happen." ... written by dolly575
Slow typing but accurate." ... written by faeriegirl
she was good but a lil slow typing," ... written by lushez26
I feel much better. Yana is such a lovely person, very caring and immediately knew what my problem was. She's given me sound advice and I plan on taking it. Best wishes." ... written by beccixy
She is always tuned in and gives such great advice and guidance. She is such a wonderful healer!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Thank you Yana for the uplifting reading today. You are extremely accurate and precise." ... written by Lovepassenger
I'm truly thankful.. :)" ... written by tanvi002
Great reading! Picked up exactly what was going on with her cards and gave me alot of insight, advice, and predictions. Love my reading with her!! Would definitely try her again! " ... written by Nona29
YanaWitch is excellent and a true Empath. The reading was very good, uplifting and precise. I kept extending my time with her as I felt she had so much more to tell... Thank you Yana..." ... written by Iaeizel
She is a kind soul who reads very well. Picks up on things right away. Knew exactly what was happening in my situation - including something I did not ever mention! Wonderful - FIVE STARS!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Wonderful - she did a negative block analysis and cleaned my chakras for me - WONDERFUL. Felt better immediately and she gave Angel blessings! 5 STARS!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
I really appreciate her chakra readings and healings. They are helpful and she picks up on exactly what is happening with me." ... written by sacredlove71
She is fantastic - I love her work! She tunes right in and is able to read the situation perfectly. Such a gifted and wonderful reader!!" ... written by sacredlove71
GREAT THINGS ON THE WAY NEED CLARITY,andamp;amp; I GOT IT!! WONDERFUL!!" ... written by queenbee22
Such a sweet reader. she has a nice energy and power for seeing and for clearing your energy. thank you yana i feel much much better! xoxo" ... written by divinegoodness
This was my third reading with Yana and again I have to say that I don't know where she gets it but her engery is so very strong and so very clear that you can actually feel it while you are talking to her. The angels are all around her and I enjoy speaking to her each and every time. She tells me what I need to know and sets me at ease. Truely worth your time." ... written by geoff007
Half of what I asked, I already knew the answer, and she did too, she was on the dot on everything. Helped me more than I ever thought possible. I've NEVER believed in readers or psychics, but YanaWitch touched my heart andamp; I felt every word she said to be true. I'm said that I could not talk to her longer. Thank you again andamp; know that I finally have tears of joy for once in my life, and it was because you helped me." ... written by msmama84
I hope it works. Lovely energy. Would like more time since the credit ran out very quickly. Thank you" ... written by Irma24
Very very good" ... written by iwanttoloveme
perfect" ... written by iwanttoloveme
excellent stuff!! cant deny" ... written by iwanttoloveme
ran out of credits :( but vey good" ... written by iwanttoloveme
Truly amazing!!!! i couldnt have asked for a better answer! will be back deffo" ... written by iwanttoloveme
She is very good. Very accurate readings. GREAT JOB YANA! Thank you." ... written by jaykay67
very fast typer, accurate, and comfortable to speak with...thank you Yana, wonderful person 10 STARS" ... written by crizantema
Thanks a lot for the insight. You were GREAT...love and best regards, Looking forward to chatting with you soon. Vandana." ... written by Vandana
Yana, is kind and excellent. she knows immediately and will tell the truth." ... written by lisa
The best i should have chosen her earlier....willing to help. Really healing us. Highly recommended..." ... written by confused2012
Great every time no matter the topic!!! Truly blessed with a natural talent." ... written by iwanttoloveme
Very kind and true!" ... written by rg
Highly recommended...no waste time for the credit u spent. Willing to help in all aspect. Better try the best I have encountered in Oranum. Thanks Madam Yanawitch. You are God sent." ... written by confused2012
Great!" ... written by MayGirl
I want just to say that Yana is a gift that the Angels have given to us. A reading with her is a pure joy and she will give you clarity and truth to your questions. I feel very blessed to get her insights. Blessings to you Yana :)" ... written by geoff007
Very good looks like an old friend " ... written by celestekayt101
She wonderful and sooooo good I can't say enough about her! She is real deal and such a lovely lady with such a caring heart.... 5stars al the way!!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Very good, thank you." ... written by BarbaA
Thank you Yana! Very nice, kind person, gave me much hope. I hope your predictions come to pass I will let you know :) xx" ... written by f999111
Yana is very quick to tune in...gives great advice...2nd reading with her....Thank You for your honesty Yana! Blessings, Michelle " ... written by frustrated67
Yana, is exceptionally accurate, did not say anything but name and dob. she knew exactly what was going on, and could pick up our energies, she cleared blockages in us, she is honest and gives a true reading, and advice. Thank You Yana! Blessings, Love, and Light! Michelle" ... written by frustrated67
Yana has a very warm and healing energy. I recommend her very much because as we spoke I felt the healing taking place and connection to myself. She guided me to Angelic energy, and also helped me to clear my chakras. Thank you Yana. I am looking forward to talk with her again. " ... written by Adelosa
She was very sweet and loving i will come back to her again " ... written by MISTIE1
Right on target! " ... written by 12aqua
Yana is so very amazing. Her engergy is just astounding and can tune in quickly on the sitution that you need to ask her about. She always help me everytime I speak with her and she can help you too." ... written by geoff007
Very good reading, caring and supportive." ... written by maryannepav
Very sweet and kind!" ... written by jupitertunder
I loved it, it helped me! i wish i had more time!" ... written by RealMage13
Very compassionate and generous." ... written by padmapani
One word AMAZING!!!" ... written by Chloe28
Yanawitch is very good, she revealed something that nobody knew about! Only my family and I knew about certain things. I definitely recommend her!" ... written by kiumars1971
Excellent reader...very compassionate and on point. very accurate and quick. 1000 starsssss!!! thanks Yana!" ... written by lisa
Yana is a lovely wonderful person :)) she is soooo caring and sweet!! god bless u yana 5stars forsure :))" ... written by michele6099
Yana is Just Wonderful and Accurate...Love U Yana. Tnx Dear. Will def B Back ;)" ... written by Jennifer786
Absolutely amazing.well worth the wait for her.calm clear precise." ... written by fretan
Wonderful reader!" ... written by Chloe28
Thank you so much!" ... written by Romeo_18
Very compassionate and generous. " ... written by padmapani
Hey Long time Nice to see you again God Bless Thank Your for your Wisdom, Will Try My best Hope it all works out . Will be back again." ... written by queenbee22
She is fantastic white witch would highly recommend" ... written by 1111warlock
Yana is accurate and quick. She is a great person and is very caring, thanks my friend. She was correct to tell me I will meet someone, I have met him. She will guide you." ... written by lisa
Yana, thank you... when I saw your face I felt you were special, and you are. Thank you for my reading, you have given me hope." ... written by Vicuska
Great as usual and always! Relaxing and healing. xxx" ... written by fretan
Truthful and amazing!!" ... written by Chloe28
Once again yana has given me insight and is always a pleasure for me to talk to. If you need help or clarity you need to take her to private" ... written by geoff007
Amazing lady....can give more than 5 stars if they are available...very true and fast...too good" ... written by rani4you
Thanq so much....she knows what she is speaking and amazing positive enegry...thanq again." ... written by rani4you
Thank you for those wonderful readings....She is too accurate and straight forwards... I really like her..Will come back." ... written by rani4you
I love the reading. She hit it on the spot and I look forward to have more readings from her." ... written by toni808
Brilliant, fantastic very lovely woman!" ... written by freebecca
Great" ... written by druvina1973
I'm still a little puzzled , but it was a good reading." ... written by MrsChung1
Such a sweet lady, very quick with her response.. and very accurate as well :)" ... written by butterflywings10
Thank you! " ... written by termo11
Very helpful.awsome" ... written by druvina1973
Very helpful. Great work!" ... written by druvina1973
Helpful. Effective!" ... written by druvina1973
Very helpful!" ... written by druvina1973
Great, helpful!" ... written by druvina1973
Very helpful, hard to hear, knew a lot liked her she does a good reading and repairs things Which is very good." ... written by dfeary1526
Thanks... I'll let you know if your predictions do come to pass.... it was and awesome reading!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Thank you Yana darling!" ... written by aimee78
Great.." ... written by myfaith10
What a gorgeous soul who is able to tune right into how you feel... She gave me timelines and I hope they come true... Will be back again, soon, very soon!" ... written by heathermarie0301
Excellent insight. Appreciate your time and honesty." ... written by jeraldryan
Thank you so much for your help. I will keep your prediction in mind and look out for them." ... written by thorvy
Good reading, good to just talk to feel relieved!" ... written by keshia2243
She is Awesome, and worth every penny, very accurate... totally recommend her!!!!!" ... written by guthrie38
A lovely woman go straight to the point fast and answer fast the thing you ask.. she make you feel comfortable and hope things she said will come true.. Amazing reading... " ... written by ginlin
Excellent... No flowery rubbish, just straight answers. Will definitely have another reading with her!" ... written by nero315
Thank you so very much. I believe I ran out of credits but I hope what you were able to do will put her at ease. I pray there is nothing else that will cause problems here. Thanks. You knew her very well." ... written by swalriven1983
Yana, you are the best reader on the Internet. I love your warm, sensitive heart. You are a healer and a truthful reader. I recommend your readings to anyone." ... written by jwlipscomb
Thanks for the reading!!" ... written by shopgirl
She is the best. She never disappoints me." ... written by fehu11
She is absolutely the best! The most powerful energy I ever felt from anybody....you can literally feel her work on your body when she removes bad stuff from your life....I am still in awe! God bless you Yana, you are amazing angel. very big thanks to you from my heart." ... written by fehu11
Great reading!" ... written by druvina1973
I am very satisfied with her answers, and she has really helped me relieve the weight in my heart!" ... written by amy3rocket
Thank you again and will let you know!" ... written by Marialuis
Thank you for comforting message from Jeremial Achangel. Got answer text just as she was giving me the information! thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Great reading!" ... written by elle11
Cool" ... written by lawnmaintenance
Another great reading; I always feel great in the hands of Yanawitch... She is very sincere... And she is somebody worth having a reading with. :)" ... written by Heather
Thank you love! :) xoxo" ... written by aimee78
SHE WAS GREAT!!!" ... written by Mookiebutt1
Thank you for sharing your insight." ... written by jeraldryan
Thank you." ... written by jeraldryan
Thanks you are very good but time went quick!" ... written by gerard433
Great Reading... Will be back... Love." ... written by vandana
She was fast and good! So much help...Thank you!!" ... written by NinaSolita
Thanks." ... written by guisepe
I feel good after Yana's message!!!!!!" ... written by lynn
Very helpful!" ... written by sadhana
Very helpful." ... written by sadhana
Good!" ... written by sudha2809
I going to take my change and approach him carefully. Thank you, Yana!" ... written by Florence
Very nice! Very truthful!" ... written by JodieFoster
Extremely compassionate, accurate, and insightful. A delight to work with." ... written by hopeing
She is great! Helps a lot and clears up a lot of confusion in me. Really really helped me a lot with my uncertainties. Thanks yana!" ... written by kaeelu
Thanks yana! great read as usual." ... written by kaeelu
Thank u so much for the insight! Very much helpful!" ... written by luckystar222
Thank you. Very good reading!" ... written by Greg
She is very helpful, and encouraging to stand by." ... written by amy3rocket
Thank You so much. I am glad I came to you. Light and Love!" ... written by Karen wren
Yanawitch is wonderful! she read my situation perfectly and sent me white light energy that really helped my chakras. I definitely recommend her! :)" ... written by liz
Fast and comprehensive consultation. Excellent impression, brief but concise." ... written by Lumusia
Wouzza ~ great reading... Thank you... I felt she connected very well with me... I felt at ease... In a big way... Thank you!" ... written by Tooie
GREAT READING" ... written by ann marie
She is awesome AND very COMPREHENSIVE. GOOD ADVICE, and good vision on things. Helped me on guidance and advice... Thank you so muuchh! :)" ... written by Kikitaa
GREAT!!!" ... written by jashera2368
Thanks yana." ... written by diana
Thanks so much for listening! Great adviser and comprehensive. Feel good and calm. In peace. She also sent me positive energy, and the other day a Green Light! Thanks Yana!:) Keep you updated." ... written by Kikitaa
Excellent." ... written by Emagy1
She knew what was going on without me telling her what I wanted to know. She is a great reader and is very quick. She's one of the best in Oranum and deserves 5 stars. Thank you Yana!" ... written by Moonchild59
Yana is the real deal and should be TOP OF LIST and should be highest rated I always come back to her as She is one of the very few sound real healer and psychic. Her powers are immense you feel straight away and I have no idea at all how she does this. Love her to bits. " ... written by fretan
Very good. Thank-you Yana!" ... written by Michele
She's great very detailed!" ... written by Chris
Very effective!" ... written by sadhana
She picked right up on my situation, very good reader!" ... written by Shelly
Very effective!" ... written by sadhana
She's very descriptive and very honest." ... written by Chris
Thanks for cleaning chackra and the reading, will come again." ... written by giusep
thanks heaps, will speak soon." ... written by guisep
Great!" ... written by Brian
She is very good, I ll definitely ask her to read for me again." ... written by elena
Was very fast had some good answers" ... written by claytonn
Interesting reading! But the audio was not working.." ... written by Marcos
Thank u so much, she was awesome, she is perfect, 10 in my books!" ... written by kan
Very helpful." ... written by sadhana
What she predicted is hard for me to believe, but I hope it is true. I had a horrible fight with a friend and it appears we are enemies. She told me not only will we be friends again, we will be lovers in the future! Love and happiness are coming my way. It seems impossible now, but I hope she is right. It will be interesting to see what happens." ... written by Energylady1001
Perfect!" ... written by Miss_Lady
Information is very accurate and Yana does a great job. She helped heal my wife emotionally. The Chakra healing was amazing." ... written by Brian and Sasha
Yana is amazing! So fast and wonderful! I couldnt ask for a better more satisfying experience. xoxoxo" ... written by blueyepeach
Just WOW!!! recommended!!! thank you))" ... written by Olga
XXOX. Thank you!" ... written by loving08
Yana is faaaaaast and very accurate with details of my situation ... it is an honor to get a reading from her~" ... written by Amie
Yana is amazing! She is always so fast and helps me through everything. I will never turn to anyone else :) xoxo" ... written by blueyepeach
She is amazing. Her readings are always accurate." ... written by Linda
Thank you so much for your help .... I am truly thankful ... bless you. I will be back..." ... written by Loving08
The reading was terrific, a very good expert. Very good expert, I recommend for sure." ... written by zimerili1
Yana is just a very cool person and very helpful. She's done several readings for me and is good at what she does :)" ... written by Mindy
Thank you so much for everything!! You are great... I trust you! :-)" ... written by Loving08
Yana is always amazing, fast, accurate, honest and helpful! She deserves 5 stars and to be a top person at Oranum!" ... written by blueyepeach
Thanx." ... written by Aiden
Outstanding! YanaWitch is the best psychic I've ever encountered! She's unbelievable! Her skills are amazing! She's the real deal! She gives you real answers to your questions with specific, in-depth details that matched what I was thinking. She helps you solve real world problems you're dealing with. I give her my highest recommendation. " ... written by AsothPeace
Thank you so much!" ... written by Loving08
Very insightful reading. Very good...deep. I recommend! Thank you yana..xx" ... written by GD
Outstanding! The best psychic there is! Priestess Yana is a life saver! She helps me tremendously. She's so kind, and her powers are amazing! " ... written by AsothPeace
So glad I found her!!!!!" ... written by Rosy
Effective." ... written by sadha
Very helpful, gave me guidance, support and is very intruded to situation. Would recommend to others as well." ... written by pinkpather30
Great reading. Short and straight to the point!" ... written by des
Very kind and informative. One of the best in here... bless you." ... written by Loving
She seemed good!" ... written by unknown
Beautiful reading with full of positivism, hope it come true, thanks!" ... written by Real Love
Yana is wonderful. She is caring, sweet, quick, goes straight to the point, accurate, and very talented! Its a pleasure and I thank her very much! Love you Yana xx" ... written by GD
Simply the best! A true Wiccan Priestess. Her readings are amazing and powerful. She gives you the guidance you need to overcome any obstacle in your life. " ... written by AsothPeace
Very pleasant. Very very nice. Love her. Very helpful. " ... written by Supreet
THANKS SO MUCH :-)" ... written by Loving
Thanks will be back" ... written by loving
She is very helpful and insightful,, will come back for more feedback , on the result,, looking for more reading from her! awesome!" ... written by sharyll
Absolutely fantastic, thank you so much yana! xxx Blessings to you." ... written by noknickerssue69
Great reading!" ... written by karen simmons
Amazing!" ... written by Shareese
Always the best. Love her! So genuine everytime..." ... written by Linda
Very calming and very nice." ... written by Kiara
Hope it's true... but thanks!" ... written by loving
Thanks for your help and insight Yana. Great reading! " ... written by Diana
Thank you." ... written by loving
Thank you... I am so happy and afraid at the same time... But thank you!!! And bless you!" ... written by Loving
She is awesome!" ... written by april
I must say Yana is very unique and I can tell she is very powerful. I will gladly follow the steps she gave me and I will be back for another session. Thank you Yana, you have given me hope. :)" ... written by Whitney
Thanks yana ;) Great help and insight. Much appreciated" ... written by k
She's wonderful and an intuitive person." ... written by njkmuse09
Nice lady, hard to hear, but she did type as well. " ... written by Sweetls
Thank you Yana... you made me feel a bit better! I will come back to you... Thank you so much... " ... written by TammyM76
Great read, very honest and insightful thanks." ... written by musha1
She is accurate... tuned in well... seems sweet! " ... written by Ann
She very connected and fast. she is patient but knows what she is doing." ... written by ladyl5
Dear Yana, Thank you for the reassurance, I just needed to know if this was going to be a positive situation for me. I look forward to returning to let you know how things go and Thank you my dear for the lovely angel blessing. Bless you too xxxxxx" ... written by Jade50
Very effective and helpful." ... written by sadhana
All went well, got some good energy hope for the best in the fututre... thank you yana and i will be back :)" ... written by Mariam Koroma
She is asome! To the point. she is a god sent. I will keep you posted." ... written by Marcos
Outstanding! I just finished the best psychic reading I've ever had. Priestess Yana is amazing. You can sense her powers when you talk to her. Her wisdom is off the charts. I will continue to go to Priestess Yana for guidance to help overcome the challenges in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend her. She's the best. " ... written by AsothPeace
Thanks Yana, talking to you always make me smile ;)" ... written by k
She is very intuitive and super conscious." ... written by Cristan Womack
Thank you!" ... written by loving
Thanks." ... written by loving
Thanks Yana so much for your encouragement ;)" ... written by k
Thanks" ... written by loving
Yana is very insightful and truthful. Thank you Yana. Please work your magic tonight" ... written by irelandirish
I really appreicate her efforts in healing me. I really hope to chat with her often." ... written by Gabriel
She is a 5 stars. She is 99% accurate. She is the top on ORANUM. Very powerful with her abilities. Doesn't waste your time. Worth every penny. Give her a try and you will be amazed. Highly Recommended!!" ... written by Oolong
Thank you :)" ... written by elo
Thank you :-)" ... written by loving
I read with this reader about a year ago and she was dead on. Just had another reading after being in the same situation and i hope for the best." ... written by sara
Interesting read. Will see how things go." ... written by d2k1000
Great Reader!!!!" ... written by w6a7n8
thank you" ... written by loving
Thanks for updates." ... written by luvuchaluka
I loved the chakra healing at the end, and was happy with my reading. Advice was good and appropriate. She picked up on the current energy very accurately. Feeling grateful. :)" ... written by S
She is so good. She opened my eyes and told me the whole truth. Thank you, YanaWitch. " ... written by Michelange9
TOTALLY AMAZED! I have hope. Thank you Yana! I feel like I have made a very good friend. Very accurate. Picked up on everything! And helped me with another situation that was out of my control. Luv u girl! =)" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you so much." ... written by Lenard
OMG - she is truly wonderful! I had a healing session with her - I could feel it starting while she was doing it! I wish I had found her months ago! Loves!!!! :)" ... written by Pam
Yana is very accurate and very fast too!!!!" ... written by Lora
Very kind and positive and accurate about her read. " ... written by kavintee
Everything she said thus far seemed right but the session was cut short due to a bad computer connection :(" ... written by kavintee
very good" ... written by ana
Outstanding! Priestess Yana is the best. She's always been 100% accurate in every reading I've had with her. Additionally, she's so nice and really cares. " ... written by AsothPeace
I love her energy and works very good with a lot of methods, I will keep coming back and consulting her. Very grateful :)" ... written by Sarah
She is a star reader. Very, very accurate." ... written by delly777
She is a 5 stars! Her predictions are 99% accurate. She is a gifted woman." ... written by Oolong
She sent me healing energy and everything she said was fast and we will see how it goes. :) I'll update you about it! Thank you." ... written by little one3
Another consult. Great choice. She's quick." ... written by Lumusia
Thank you Yana for your guidance, and for opening my chakras!" ... written by irelandirish
Fast reading result before time went out! A+" ... written by Shannon
Well schooled in esoteric arts.... natural gifts." ... written by SilverShower
Thanks Yana." ... written by irelandirish
She has always been accurate with her readings..." ... written by Sumsum
Very kind and quick with her readings. Thank you." ... written by kavintee
Thank you" ... written by kellylu
Thank you. I sooo hope your predictions and visions come true. Take care and god bless you. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Kind and gentle soul. Great reading." ... written by fearfree
Very informative reading. I will check with her again." ... written by Michelange9
She is a nice caring lady. She has done a white magic spell for me and she gave me clarity. After a couple days, I felt the problem was gone. She has a sweet and calm spirit." ... written by Michelange9
Thank you. Chat soon. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Excited to see what happens! " ... written by Ny
She has always been right abut everything...go to her." ... written by Sumsum
Very excited to see what happens!" ... written by Ny
Very accurate and honest!" ... written by Chelsey
She has always been accurate" ... written by Sumsum
Very helpful. She cleared away negativity, and let me know what was going on in a confusing situation." ... written by Ahz
Thank you. Chat soon. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
looking forward to seeing what happeds" ... written by ny
Yana is top notch. she's helped me in so many ways.." ... written by ladybug
thanks a lot yana you are the best" ... written by ronelle
Very good and accurate." ... written by Nicole Wagner
Thank you Yana. You have helped me." ... written by ireland irish
she's wonderful and easy to talk to" ... written by alpha
thank you ;)" ... written by k
I am so happy to have found Yana, always such a great reading , cards are spot on ! :) !" ... written by Sarah
This is my 2nd time with her and from the 1st time predictions came true and was very helpgul in cleaning my energy you feel it as she works on you and is quite fast and accurate, will always be back for more words of wisdom from her guides and work, many blessings, love and light :)" ... written by Sarah
great reading" ... written by peacefulness
Yana is awesome. she always clears the negative blocks around me. i truly appreciate her for that!!" ... written by healer
Very much on point, hit everything on the mark! She does a wonderful job to clear you and then speaks the truth when she tells you what is going on in your life. Straight to the point, not a minute wasted. Very happy with the reading. Lovely person!" ... written by LC
Good, but would have liked some further details without prompting." ... written by Maria
very positive and helpful" ... written by brightly
Fast reading, very accurate, fixes blocks right away. Drink the water like she says or you will be uncomfortable. Great reader. Will come back!" ... written by LC
thank you u did great " ... written by sasha
had my energy cleanse! thanks yana" ... written by n
Dont think she picked up on my situation well unfortunately :-/" ... written by Sparkle Pony
She is amazing a real expert and she is spot on" ... written by Rosa
very honest reading. always sends me positive energy." ... written by much love
Great again!" ... written by CJ
excellent reading" ... written by tina marie
Great!" ... written by CJ
Great as Always. The Best" ... written by Brian
lovely woman very sweet very kind and told alot more than what i asked for :)" ... written by kavintee
OUTSTANDING! Her rating equals all the stars in the universe! Priestess Yana is a true master. Her energy is so powerful. I've never felt anything like it. In all my readings with her, she's always been 100% accurate; and provided me with the exact guidance I need. I wholeheartedly recommend and trust her. " ... written by AsothPeace
great reading…love, love, Yana Witch!!! She's awesome." ... written by lovely
good reading" ... written by hkhkhjl
another great read!!!" ... written by faithful
I love Yana," ... written by Sarah
Thanks again Yana for a great reading" ... written by ronelle
Very, very good reading. I know what she predicted will happen. She is very very good." ... written by Sticky toffee
Thank you! She's excellent very very good!" ... written by b
good" ... written by sadhana
Yana was amazing! She picked up on some information that she had no way of knowing! She lifted negativity off me and helped me a lot with her insight and energy work. Thank you! " ... written by M
very good reader and healer." ... written by tushkan0710
She is fantastic, absolutely brilliant reader-very powerful energy. accurate reading" ... written by ruskas
She is a 5 STARS! OMG!!! Always accurate. A gifted woman." ... written by Oolong
Amazing reading!!! She is def a gifted and beautiful soul that was very helpful and provided much comfort and clarity...thank you so much Yana!!aloha" ... written by Lehua
A very good quick reading as I wanted an update :)" ... written by Stickytoffee
thanks...ran out of time...but helpful" ... written by leodrag
I will wait for her predictions to pass. I came back for a check to see if all was the same as previously advised, and it is." ... written by Sticky
OMG She is amazing..... I went to her cause of her testimonials.... they are amazing and when I had a reading with her she was spot on.... does not sugar coat anything and was honest. I will listen to her advice and wait her predictions...she tunes in straight away and on the money..... I recommend her to anyone" ... written by Rosa
Thank you Yana, I will do as you said." ... written by Zina
great reading. Yana is excellent @ chakra balancing" ... written by faithful
yana is amazing. honest and accurate. to the point" ... written by tender, love, and care
YanaWitch is right on...any uncertaines goes right out the window...total understanding and settling with a private visit with her...Awesome!! Thank you" ... written by Lynne
Wow YanaWitch can see right through you...talk about nailing the solution right on...I could visit with this Lady for hours, just a few minutes seems so fast because you want more and more from her. Outstanding!!! Thank You ever so much! Lynne" ... written by Lynne
Time goes by very fast so one needs to listen. YanaWitch is awesome!" ... written by Lynne
If you have not met in private with YanaWitch...you are missing the boat...she is so spot. Outstanding!!!" ... written by Lynne52
She is always right on..TY" ... written by L
yana always tells the truth! " ... written by Faithful
I will try to talk to her some more, to get a better insite on my situation" ... written by Joseph
I was only with Yana for a very short time. In that time she managed to reassure me and gave a reason for what is happening. Thank you and I will be back." ... written by 5MERMAID3
Really loved the session, she is so sweet and waiting to see how it pans out in the next couple of days, thank you so much " ... written by Sherry
I hardly said anything and Yana knew everything without me saying, coming back for a second reading I am supper impressed " ... written by Sherry
Thank you so much Yana" ... written by irelandirish
very good healer" ... written by sadhana
Yana is the best! love her spell removing abilities!!" ... written by Blessings
love Yana's healing abilities. she's wonderful" ... written by light hearted
Thank you ! I have a meeting in 2 days and will find out if predictions come true but seems pretty accurate and spot on at the moment ! I´ll be back for update :)" ... written by Sarah
She's a quick reader and accurate!! :)" ... written by Shelly
always kind and on point!" ... written by tina marie
Great Reading...ill just wait till things start to happen. Thanks" ... written by gemini0605
No matter what is going on..Yana Witch can tell you what to expect and she is spot on...AWESOME thank you Yana" ... written by Lynne
Yana is awesome! She saw directly what the issue is and is helping me to correct the problem with white light energy! I am absolutely amazed and grateful!" ... written by Ashley
Wonderful reader, always gives clear advise trust her readings" ... written by pinkpather30
Always a pleasure to visit with Yana...especially when things get a little out of hand...she can put you on the right path in no time..Thank You Yana...you are very gifted" ... written by Lynne
Works very hard helping many clients. Yana is very gifted and talented and recommend a visit to her" ... written by Seahorses
Fast and 100 % accurate... worth the money...no bs. :)" ... written by Alotlikedorothy
Comforting I will heed her advice" ... written by Patti
itwas not long but I will come back to you " ... written by ida
Yana has always been accurate with her readings. Wow she blew me away tonight. Thank you Yana! " ... written by Lin
Clear reading thank you for the insight, very valuable" ... written by seahorses
Great insight yana and useful advice for futre too. very clear and direct answers" ... written by seahorses
not long enough, quick in answering, thanks " ... written by arch
I hope she is right :) ! She is kind, gentle and fast. She was right about a love prediction before that came true and wrong a second time about a lost item... I will be back to update on new predictions , very much like her and reccomend her , many blessings and much gratitude" ... written by Sarah
Yana is very dedicated and serious about her craft" ... written by seahoses
very sweet and easy to talk with, full of energy, looking forward to healing session" ... written by lovesoul
Sent positive energy to me! I felt a difference." ... written by Geneva Girl
She is very good one of the best on here...direct and to the point and types fast...Thank you again Yana...see you next month" ... written by Lynne
I love that she sends positive energy to me! I feel better after speaking with her." ... written by Geneva Girl
good reading ll wait for the result" ... written by navneets
Very helpful and very insightful." ... written by David
Her blessings are extremely helpful!!! I can always depend on her!" ... written by Geneva Girl
very useful insight and fills the gaps in my understanding, thank you" ... written by sultrystarfish
Thank you for the help and advice. You are always so accurate and helpful. Great to have another reading with you!" ... written by Roo
always a delight and love yana's ability to clear negative energy." ... written by blessings
Amazing woman! :)" ... written by Eva
my trusted friend and reader! love yana!!" ... written by Blessings
So insightful and kind! Wonderful energy and sage advice!" ... written by Eva
Thank you for the advice and help!" ... written by Roo
She answered my questions very quickly will accuracy and little information. She saw the problem and fixed it. I will look for positive results. Thank you so much Yana. " ... written by janote02
relieved for safe reading" ... written by starfiish
Miss reading with her so much which have alot improvement of breaking the relations of your ex with another person, the things that you wish happened so happy with it..very2 accurate andamp; satisfaction is there for you." ... written by survivor
Thank you for a lovely reading - lots of accurate details, and some positive predictions. I'm glad it was good news :)" ... written by K
fast and accurate reader, wish had longer to talk :(" ... written by emy
great you simply must try she answers before questions" ... written by christine
always a pleasure to catch up and get a reading from nana. she's a sweetie!!" ... written by blessings
YanaWitch was amazing...she picked up on situation very clearly. Gave me a wonderful cleansing and also provided clarity to situations ahead of me. Wonderful energy...wonderful spirit!" ... written by Carrie
i have not received the answer sorry, and i hoped for that i have spent my money, asked a clear question, chose you as my guide, but haven't received the answer i was looking for." ... written by Rainbowspirit123
great suggestions, patient, very on the mark with situation, cards accurate. thank you for helping me i will be back" ... written by christine
She is really fast and doesn't waste your minutes. I hope what she predicted comes!" ... written by moongirl777
she is very accurate, and kind, she offered me to lower price and gave me a longer time, I really appreciate. " ... written by julie
need more time!!" ... written by Ani3849
promising...intune with energies,,,so lets see" ... written by lovehouston
She is fast, accurate and direct to the point, no sugar coating . Thank you dear" ... written by Cara
I am so happy to have reconnected with Yana." ... written by Sarah
seemed v intune...very kind and patient...will see prediction :)" ... written by lovehouston
She's very gentle and quick." ... written by softwater
she's very good.. I hope my prediction comes true" ... written by Jnaujo
compassionate, good reading, amazing gifts" ... written by Terri
she was in tune with the energies,,i hope her prediction is correct about tonight..." ... written by lovehouston
Spot on" ... written by Hannah
Miss in her reading n have improvement....m so happy with her." ... written by Sur
I went to Yana when I was panicking about something and somehow she fixed it, the whole situation I guess she has really great powers and I am coming back for more readings :) Thank you! " ... written by Sherry K
Thank you so much for your help! I truly appreciate the insight. Yana does great work, saw impact immediately. It's worth reading with her, you will not be wasting any time." ... written by S
OMG Truly Amazing!!!!! 100% Spot on every time without fail! I am so blown away I want to cry tears of joy!" ... written by Ankica Begic
Thank you for your reading miss Yana. :)" ... written by sumi
great reading spot on with the replys will be back for more with this lady" ... written by happy
She was so helpful andamp; immediately can sense your blockage, she knew what inside you which surprise you that she only can sense it just like that. OMG may god bless her for her helpfulness. For me money doesn't matter as long as I feel better. Seriously better get read with her more helpful, so kind andamp; really accurate." ... written by COOL
She amazing really.....I really appreciate her help so much, every words she tell very fast andamp; it happened change my luck." ... written by sura
I wish I had more time. I thought it was a great read. I will be coming back for sure." ... written by Breanna
Was very nice reading" ... written by Lana
I love her reading so so so acceptable andamp; whatever u wish she try her best to do it. Very fast dont waste time. Love her capable off." ... written by sura
Shes quick and has very good energy. Thank you Yana" ... written by Plutogirl
Reading for updates which is very convincing andamp; make me happy just wait andamp; be patience...love you Yana" ... written by sura
Very satisfied!!! it help you whatever you request but just have to believe thats all." ... written by survivor
Very fast andamp; accurate really it works just have to trust what she doing. Really cant wait either she 's online or not just want to update her reading. Love her so much" ... written by survivor
thank you" ... written by da
She really2 very fast andamp; unpredictable what she cable off, so so accurate andamp; she knew what that we dont even tell..its amazing. Love you Yana Witch" ... written by Sur
very good would recommend to friends definetely" ... written by juneyvon
Yana is a beautiful person inside andamp; out. Yana listened to me without judging not many people are prepared to listen to people with real problems anymore. Thank you" ... written by Killy
Thank you for your positivity yana! :)" ... written by rebecca
Very accurate always....I just waiting for her to update reading coz I trusted her with very amazing reading." ... written by Sur
accurate and quick thank you Yana " ... written by melissa
Thank you for the healing!! xx " ... written by Sherry
Seriously she so great, she knew all what we dont know about that person." ... written by su
it was a very positive and hopeful reading....i am looking forward to next month! thanks..." ... written by lovehouston
Very appreciate of Yana, I come to her once a year for the past three years. Very informative and helpful. Always a great reading and well worth the time and money!" ... written by Rob
Really sweet, great reading, is accurate loved it thank you so much " ... written by Sherry
Love the reading, so comforting to speak to, has interesting insight and information also remembers everything :) Thank You " ... written by Sherry
I love her! I come here 3 + times a year! She is so accurate and never fails me. Thank you Yana! Blessed Be" ... written by Rob
very good" ... written by Modiano
she seems very accurate...and kind. I ll be back" ... written by cecilia germina
loved my reading, very helpful, shes truly intuitive and a healer" ... written by Harwell Bogdonavitch
pleasant reading and I am looking to her prediction for September." ... written by littlebudy1
Great reading. very in tune with the situation and what is going on. hope all will happen like predicted. Quick connection and very honest. very kind. I will be back." ... written by lornalulu
great reading, made me feel a lot better - quick connection and honest -- hoping all will happen as told. will be back!" ... written by lornalulu
I like her and her reading style. Nice person and intuitive" ... written by Zbigniew Brzezinsky
five stars always" ... written by Lumusia
This girl is REAL, and GREAT!!!!!!" ... written by Libra1967
She is great, honest and to the point. Very accurate!" ... written by suga-slim