Psychic YEMANJA3has 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic YEMANJA3has recently helped 166members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about YEMANJA3's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Have been blessed with the power of chants and will help with valuable advises to guide you to a better life and living.
Tools: Astrology, Chakra, Numerology (Tarot rider wite and Tarot Osho Zen)
Abilities: Clairvoyant, Dream analyst
Expertise: Career/work, Destiny/life path, Family/home, Health, Love/relationships, Money/finance, Spiritual development
Style: Inspirational
In my room you will get your accurate numerology readings,astrology, compatibility readings, dream forecast, solution and the way to success in job or career, education or study, love and relation, finance and income, couples and family .

Beside this, there is also a mysterious solution and it’s really precious in the world and still live in our space found by our rishis, which is called as mantras (chant). Mantras have the abilities to reduce the effect of bad karma, dhoshas, sickness and all those negative energies that flows in our life. It is also help to re-energize the 7 chakras in human to keep it run properly and indirectly pull the good energy to build virtuous aura.
That’s what I called myself as Angel of Mantras and I am able and blessed to give you the proper and easiest guidelines to solve your problems in any ways with the guide of my mantras’ power.In my experience for almost 10 years, my miserable life ended with happiness, peace in mind and a lots of miracles happens to change my life after I pull the good energy to clean the bad effect.

You also able to get some knowledge on ayurvedic treatment and also some tips on how to use this treatment to gain or maintain good health, cure sickness, for skin and body and hair care. No any expensive medicine or cosmetics needed, use only natural item from nature. Economical but the best remedies ever
Ayurvedic is known as healer or therapy and was introduced and used by the rishis and gurus in the ancient times.

Use the right items and the remedies, will make you feel the differences and enhance your health quality. Here, I can suggest the best way to achieve optimum, glowing health. Provide you with some homemade tips and would be beneficial for you as well.

Keep glowing with virtuous aura and be hale and hearty always.

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Very good reading and very good insight. " ... written by Harold DeCamp
Perfect, if you want a good reading you need to go to her:)" ... written by Aryastark
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Yema is a warm andamp; inviting friend who makes u feel at ease and safe in a vulnerable environment...she is a priceless joy in a jaded world...CONGRATS TO YOUR SUPERPOWERS!!" ... written by Christopher
Yemanja is incredible. English and Spanish she is awesome!!! " ... written by VIctor Gonzalez Coriano
I found parts of it difficult to follow, but i think she is gifted." ... written by angelszone
excellent" ... written by gregg
great reader" ... written by new
true and detailed reader with great hope..recommend greatly!" ... written by new