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Psychic WyreWizardhas 25-30years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic WyreWizardhas recently helped 1551members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about WyreWizard's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.


☀Choose an expert you have a good rapport with. Just remember psychics are only human like the rest of us. But they do have certain gifts and skills.

☀Before you get a private reading, you should write down your questions in a notebook or a txt file. I have found many members tell me afterwards there was a question they forgot to ask. So remember, pick your questions carefully and write them down before starting.

☀When buying a credit package, take many factors into consideration, not just your budget. Be sure you have taken care of all financial obligations before selecting a credit package. I suggest picking the smallest credit package because it gives you up to 15 minutes with me in private reading. Please only pick the more expensive packages if your finances can permit it and you feel that a longer private reading can be helpful to you.

☀To check the quality of an expert, simply read his or her testimonials by hovering over their video feed or checking their hall. These contain the views of members who have had private readings and how they liked their experience during the session.

That is all. Now onto the rest of the profile.

❤Fast and to the point. No wasting time...Good response.
tochoose. Washington, DC | 2013-05-19 01:33:41

❤Wow, he is amazing and connected to the source. There are no words worth to give this man the praise he deserves. I will return and speak of his skills to others so that he might one day be # 1 in here. Thank you so much!
amber aka sanguine_psionic Toronto | 2013-05-21 02:21:5

❤Very clear fast and to the point.
dave newark | 2013-05-28 05:18:4

❤Always a pleasure, I feel so much better after our readings, I'm looking forward to more readings in 2013!
KarlaSmith,| USA

❤Ultra fast replies and excellent taste for music. My favorite psychic.
cakeuser | California

❤Great reading! Very helpful and accurate!
myeyesee | Philadelphia

❤Thank you Wyre, you clarified everything.
novMoon | ny

❤He is a very kind man, and when he sent me energy, white violet energy I felt it from my left hand up my arm. He is very sweet, but i would not be deceived, he is also very powerful.
swhope999 | wow

❤First reading with him, and he is amazing! He connects very quickly, and can't wait to see if predictions happen!
lifetime1974 | Arnold

❤Great insight as always and honest about things! Fantastic!
getmeright | The Earth

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Hello we are WyreWizard and ProphetessTona. WyreWizard is the one you see on webcam.
ProphetessTona is the one in chat who keeps the room in order. ProphetessTona also has the sisterhood.
They include Ellebee21 and babytrouble. Please respect them and the members. Most of all, respect yourself.

☆ⒶⒷⓄⓊⓉ ⓌⓎⓇⒺⓌⒾⓏⒶⓇⒹ: I am an auditory and tactile medium. That means I hear spirits and feel
their energies. I have had this gift my whole life. I hear the spirits of the spirit world, people's souls and
spirit guides. When people ask me questions, the spirits of the spirit world typically answer. I can talk to
people's souls to get an understanding of them and their purpose in this life. Every spirit I have talked to
has been reincarnated hundreds of times. Yes, reincarnation is a reality so don't listen to anyone who
tries to dismiss this as nonsense. Spirits evolve and they do this with the help of incarnating. If a soul
incarnated in only 1 life, she wouldn't learn that much. I call all souls and spirits she because they are
genderless beings. Some soul learn things in only a few incarnations while some take hundreds. I can
help you learn about your soul and her purpose on this world. For more info, read Destiny of Souls by
Michael Newton.

☆ⒶⒷⓄⓊⓉ ⓅⓇⓄⓅⒽⒺⓉⒺⓈⓈⓉⓄⓃⒶ I don't work for Oranum. I am ProphetessTona, I am the Divine Prophet for the 21st century. I work with WyreWizard and with the help of my sisterhood babytrouble and Ellebee21. Respect them and us please. I am a prophet, not a psychic. Prophets are different from psychics because they get their answers direct from God. Psychics get their answers from their own senses. Before me, the great prophet was Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet. He has helped many thousands of people in his life. I have frequently visited Hopkinsville Kentucky where I have family as a child and still do as an adult. I sometimes stay there. Edgar Cayce was born there. I had also lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia where he spent the last 20 years of his life. It is believed that Edgar Cayces soul passed the Great Prophet Torch to my soul before I was born. Like WyreWizard, I'm also an adviser but my adviser is God. Believe and have faith in The Great Prophet and you will Prosper.

♥Welcome to our free chat. It is in this chat where we introduce ourselves and WyreWizard gives demo
readings. We have a few simple rules. ♥

·①No flirting with the host.

·②No trollish behavior. That includes calling me Charles Manson and anyone who does will be permanently banned from my free chat.

·③No free questions in free chat outside of demo readings

ⓉⓄ ⒶⓁⓁ ⒼⓊⒺⓈⓉⓈ: Please register for membership with the site. Guests cannot stay in our chat room (or any chat room) for more than 3 minutes before the system times you out. You can't purchase credits for a private or email reading. You should register. Its completely free. Those are the rules of this site.

ⒶⒷⓄⓊⓉ ⒹⒺⓂⓄ ⓇⒺⒶⒹⒾⓃⒼⓈ: WyreWizard is the one who gives Demo readings. He gives them when the system informs him that it is time. The way WyreWizard selects who to read is by asking a trivia
question and giving it to the first member to answer it correctly. If ProphetessTona answers it first, she
will choose a member to give it to. Only registered members can participate. Guest cannot.

ⒶⒷⓄⓊⓉ ⓅⓇⒾⓋⒶⓉⒺ ⓇⒺⒶⒹⒾⓃⒼⓈ: WyreWizard does most of these. ProphetessTona will help if the member requests. In a private reading, WyreWizard will read your soul, tell you her name, color level
and the number of times she has incarnated. WyreWizard will also give you the answer to any question
you have about your life. He will give you the spirit world's answer, your soul's answer or your spirit
guide's answer. Your private readings with him will be better than others because unlike other psychics and Experts who give very long, drawn-out and overly worded readings, WyreWizard doesn't do these. He will give you short and straight answers and only the information that is relevant and that you need to hear. Private Readings that are 60+ minutes will get 20 free questions a member can have for
up to a year. If your questions concern love or a relationship, WyreWizard can speak to the soul or spirit
guide of the person of your affections. If you're looking for love, WyreWizard can get in touch with the
soul of your soul mate or twin flame if you have one. Before getting a private reading, please take
the time to write down your questions because you may forget to ask a very important question or
concern. Please be kind and leave feedback. That is very important.

ⒶⒷⓄⓊⓉ Ⓔ-ⓂⒶⒾⓁ ⓇⒺⒶⒹⒾⓃⒼⓈ: With email readings, I give more details than I do with private readings. You are allowed to ask one or two questions. Every email reading request I get, I will answer within 12 hours. With Email Readings, I am required to give a minimum of 2,000 character (roughly 500 words) response. If I am not available for private readings (like I am already in one or I am offline) then choose the email reading option. Also in email readings, I can do full tarot readings. These are very detailed, often more than twice as detailed as a standard email reading So if you would like these just talk to me in free chat and you can choose the spreads. Also, if you send an email reading request when I am not online, just tell me if you prefer standard or tarot reading. I answer most email readings immediately but I promise you'll get a reply within 12 hours.

ⒶⒷⓄⓊⓉ ⒽⓄⓇⓄⓈⒸⓄⓅⒺ ⓇⒺⒶⒹⒾⓃⒼⓈ: With horoscope readings, I detail 5 of your most recent past lives. Horoscope readings are twice as detailed as email readings. I am required to give a minimum of a 4,000 character (1,000 words) response. I can detail your 5 most recent past lives or give more details on a specific past life you are interested in.


I am one of Oranum's few hypnotherapists. Right now through hypnotherapy, I can regress you to your past lives and help you quit smoking. Now please note if you want this service, there is a couple things you will need. A webcam and a microphone because you can't type while in a deep trance. Also because you'll be in a trance, you will need to be in something comfortable like a recliner, lounge chair or bed,m and keep your laptop computer on a side table or nightstand. Also because a hypnotherapy session is an hour or more, be sure you have enough credits so you don't have to refill your balance during the session.

Wyre i keep telling you how relaxed i feel after a reading with you , im sure you know that by now... it was awesome and sure i'll be back for more..." ... written by Anniekins
he is the great!" ... written by queen11
Always excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by dianalj
great reading" ... written by AngelaEtwaroo199
It was a fascinating reading. Maybe more positive than I expected. He is very gentle. I like him." ... written by spiritualgirl1
he said wat he had to say,,ill beleve it when i see it..i hope it comes true :(" ... written by LorenaAries
He gave me the confirmation i needed about my soul mate..... i look forward to the outcome- thank you wyrewizard " ... written by anne11111
very in tune!" ... written by pink oracle lily
he was very insightful and types very fast. he is really good. will return for another private reading. " ... written by cookiemunster45
Thanks, prediction was positive and the things he told me made absolute sense... will contact again. Many thanks." ... written by angelove_az
Very honest and picks up on the situation. I will be back for more readings. Thank you!!!" ... written by Guest
Very nice, and quick. Doesn't waste time... I love that! Thank you" ... written by AbbieMae
As wonderful as ever i always resort back to Awesome Wyre... Thank you" ... written by Anniekins
A reading full of details...Wyrewizard has made me feel excited about my future...AND, actually shared information that other psychics have told me! Wyrewizard's picture looks a little like George Carlin...and that's a compliment!" ... written by patleeme
A gifted soul of the highest order! Wyre connected with me and my situation instantly...I am thoroughly pleased and look forward to talking with him soonest. Blessings" ... written by beautywithinone
straight to the point with whats needed to be said....recomended." ... written by riichb0y
he was spot on about alot of things, even that others have told me. good reading." ... written by dailandra1
I never met anyone like him, ready for questions, no date of birth and/or names. Gave me an answer immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by insearch1964
excellent. Fast connect and precise" ... written by getmeright
The first reading I had with him, was a demo, and I was very impressed to say the very least. He told me something that I didn't know, I don't think many people in my family know about it. I had not had the courage of asking because is a life changing truth." ... written by insearch1964
He was ok. Helpful." ... written by maryannepav
So deeply connected with anything you ask him. Wyre has an amazing ability to calm and reassure while giving good constructive advice. Most definitely worth the time to check this great gentleman out! Thanks again Wyre! xxx" ... written by beccixy
If you'd like to have a very different/unique reading to expand your consciousness then this is the psychic for you. Extremely gifted psychic - definitely one of the top ones here. Thoroughly recommended." ... written by belladonna8
I've been trying to get a reading from this guy for MONTHS- he was def. worth the wait. I don't think I've met anyone who was directly plugged into Spirit like that before! :) I will definitely come back again." ... written by Girly521
wow... he was dead on, amazing guy. now i just sit back and c if all comes true. i definatly recommend a private w him. hes crystal clear!!! thank you so much for all the hope!!! T." ... written by wingtip
He is always so sweet, and types really fast... Very accurate in what he says.. Cares about you and your problems and wants to help you as best he and spirit can. Thank you Wyre not sure you saw that because the system was really slow. I will let you know about Valentines Day :)" ... written by Jillian40
Wyre is so strait-forward and gentle and will not waste your time. The strength of his faith and connection to spirit world is truly an inspiration. Thank you for everything." ... written by OJD
Picked up on a lot... I can't validate his predictions yet but he seems to be confident in them and most of it is in line with what I've heard by others so I have faith :)" ... written by iPreferMimi
Very Good, will return." ... written by seventhheaven
Fantastic! Totally clued in and has the right perspective to matters! It's five stars for you WyreWyzard. You are a star psychic reader!!!" ... written by getmeright
Wyre is very on point and he has great ability to pick up on things very quickly. I will return again." ... written by Seventh
Amazing.. Told me about my past live too.. Quite an experience to chat with him" ... written by nk063011
Great reading. Really fast in answers and let me know about everything i was wondering. Very unique and positive. Thanks a lot." ... written by sunflower9
Always right on." ... written by pusheen77
Excellent and helpful reading" ... written by maryannepav
Everything was nice and perfect" ... written by manoj2562
You are real nice and true" ... written by manoj2562
Wow! He is very direct, fast and accurate! He has the ability to directly ask your questions to the spirits, no tarot cards needed~! " ... written by cakeuser
Amazing ...he knew everything:) thank you" ... written by suzette1234567
He is nice " ... written by manoj2562
Excellent and very intuitive." ... written by maryannepav
Great reading" ... written by maryannepav
Fantastic psychic! Keep coming for his insights and will always do...." ... written by getmeright
Perfect i liked the fast answers" ... written by manoj2562
Amazing!!! Totally enjoyed 'talking' to you. Thanks for the insights." ... written by anyoung
As usual very positive and best guidance and thats why i can always come back to him..." ... written by Anniekins
Has alot of information...quick and concise information. but we got cut off :-( thank you very much for all these messages!" ... written by Esterilla
Great reading..really enjoy his reading..always makes me feel better..thank you" ... written by suzette1234567
Good as always!" ... written by DARLING1
Very good and detailed. Thank you" ... written by scorpiorising
Great read on target, fast, motivating " ... written by meberd
Great reading " ... written by wquestra
Very fast very quick answers straight to the point and didn't feel like i was being kept there to waste my credits,, thanku wyre" ... written by f999111
Very good. Straight to the point answers. Doesn't waste time. Will certainly come back!" ... written by daffodil71
Thank you for the reading" ... written by amanda-lobb
Awesome...He even knew names, and dates. I lost my phone and he told me who had it, I cant believe he told me by name....Amazing." ... written by Parker120406
Great Reading .... Enjoyed It .... Gave Me Specific Details ..Looking Forward for It Coming True ....:) Thanks ..Hugs ..." ... written by sweetchic31
Deeply insightful and honest. A f ull five for wyre. he's accurate without frills" ... written by getmeright
Deeply insightful and honest. A f ull five for wyre. he's accurate without frills" ... written by getmeright
Love his readings ..:)" ... written by Auspicious31
Very professional and gifted reader! Recommended!" ... written by Mylifes
Excellent reading and very helpful" ... written by maryannepav
Deeply connected to people and the higher world, he is a goldmine! Oranum's spiritual star. Full five stars all the way for you Wyre and for your insight! Your help has given me inner confidence and restored all my belief in people and in myself" ... written by getmeright
Very helpful, I enjoyed my first reading with him. I will be back for sure!" ... written by suga-slim
Thank you wyre, you are amazing, i will gladly be coming back again" ... written by Mollie
Amazing as usual, thank you" ... written by Mollie
Great insight as usual, thanks wyre! " ... written by OnyxLillies
Amazing as usual and accurate!" ... written by OnyxLillies
Just came back to give five stars!" ... written by MyIronButterfly
I think this guy is amazing. He was on point. He knows!!!" ... written by MyIronButterfly
Had a question was given an answer, i hope i can see prediction come to pass but ill keep hope ty again for help will b back !" ... written by saskia82
Great Connection. Loved connecting and having a reading with you Wyre... you are awesome. Love you talk again soon... blessing and love to you brother... xxoo" ... written by lovelilacs
Very good." ... written by butterflya343
He was great... Honest and very in tune to what was going on with me... Recommend him highly! Awesome." ... written by Maiden13
Great! He is so Amazing." ... written by lovelilacs
He is excellent!" ... written by dianalj
Wyrewizard is awesome he don't need any tools just straight forward connects to spirit," ... written by marionlyttle
He is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Just a fantastic connect! Wyre is one of the best on this site. Truly wonderful psychic - original, authentic" ... written by getmeright
He is so good...just finish my reading..ran out of questions cause i felt so please with his reading and how he has helped me...thank u...keep doing wwhat you do" ... written by amy111
GREAT GUY!!!" ... written by DARLING1
Was a very good reading with good advice, would recommend! " ... written by EmpressMe0821
Wyre, you gave me all the clarity I needed and I couldn't be more thankful for the help you have given too me.. I will definitely come back to you again! You deserve the best as you do for others :)" ... written by newlife4me
Told me what I needed to hear." ... written by dalilahflores
Not very much detail, but I got all my questions answered. Thank you kindly. " ... written by dalilahflores
Awesome" ... written by bonitajulie
Accurate and straight to the point." ... written by Carmen
Nice responses good encouragement look forward to always seeing what they say come true" ... written by tin
He just knew stuff that I have not told anyone! He actually unfolded something in front of my eyes. Just great and I will see what happens." ... written by allerena
Thanks for answering very quickly...love this dude...he's very good with his spirits and everything..will be back..." ... written by mompinkloves
Wyre what can i say you gave me the best news today... im feeling good ty..." ... written by Anniekins
Unusual, kind, excellent. He said some interesting things, and enlightened me on certain subjects. " ... written by beetlenut
Thanks alot Wyre :)) you are a great person and helpful all the time really !!! God bless you" ... written by llulu77
Aww wyre is so sweet and very on point! i have great faith in wot he has told me and am very much lookin forward to the forthcumin future avents, all in all very positive!" ... written by LAYLA76
Very good I didn't have enough creds but I would definitely come back, sound guy" ... written by gracerose29
Wyre has just help me get over something that's been keeping me down for years, an old wound that just wouldn't heal is now closed. Wyre is an amazing psychic and a lovely person, easy to talk to. I'll definitely be getting an other reading from him. Thanks again Wyre!" ... written by gracerose29
Halleluja WyreWizard! " ... written by Gebcie
Blessings from all of me ;-) we didnt have a private reading i dont know what happen and i would love to have more information ;-) about the messege you have for me. My and about my beloved housebond Michel.and if you could tell me about my dear frind Johnny frib you know him ;-) he send me to you ;-) Thank ou so very deep from hy heart " ... written by Gebcie
FANTASTIC" ... written by erika8
Great reading, Wyre! Thanks a million." ... written by gracerose29
He always has a take on things that are authentic. Wyre is wired in a totally different but endearing and empathetic manner. Thanks dear! Will come back for more wisdom." ... written by getmeright
He always has a take on things that are authentic. Wyre is wired in a totally different but endearing and empathetic manner. Thanks dear! Will come back for more wisdom" ... written by getmeright
Wonderful reader. Very precise and to the point. Will not waste your time. he offers fast, accurate readings! Well worth the credits! " ... written by Chloe28
Excellent as Always!!!! Thank you for the wonderful reading. I know he always tells the truth of what the spirits are telling him and I'm grateful for that." ... written by dianalj
Very interesting and informative reading. Thank you xx" ... written by Auds22
Ive been trying to meet him up here again never got lucky....he told me I would find a job within. Three weeks and make lots of.new friends and my supervisor and I would be close....that is exactly what happened!!! ty" ... written by amy111
Good " ... written by loverboy
Thanks once again..ur spirits readings always come true...will be back for more.." ... written by mika20
Awsome read!!" ... written by seventhheaven
Very good reading. A lot of clarity and positive take on matters. Excellent as always Wyre. Will come back for more advice" ... written by getmeright
Thank you very much, you wasted no time and helped me with what I needed. If I do have any trouble getting clarity from my guides then I will be back." ... written by rudegirl
Verry Helpfull Thank you so much!!!!!!! :)" ... written by tootsieroll275
Very good reading good news too but also things to think about what it could mean thanks" ... written by krad242003
He is a keen reader and always tries to help" ... written by getmeright
Thank you - I know that was probably difficult " ... written by Lyne37
Thanks so much." ... written by ThinkDeep
Thank you very much WyreWizard! " ... written by rudegirl
Wyre is the real deal...he is awesome has many giftssssssss :) I'll be a returning customer!!!!!.......has clarity and he shines like a beacon !!!!" ... written by whisperr_1
He does not make a sales pitch. but he is gifted, honest and generously empathetic! A chat with him certainly helps clear the cobwebs and he's fast too. Go to him and you will get a lot of clarity into your situation" ... written by getmeright
Awsome" ... written by seventhheaven
Great!!!" ... written by seventhheaven
The best! made me feel calm in his room and always was so kind a great soul!!" ... written by inletsoaps1
Amazing reader!! Very thoughtful, understanding and accurate! " ... written by Chloe28
He is good friend and the best ever!" ... written by twin_angel
You are effin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was surprise you got the country of my twin flame as I am actually right here in this country" ... written by eagleeyes340
Very fast! " ... written by rockerycase23
Thank You wyrewizard. That was a great reading i felt really good after that. Cant explain him but it was helpful. " ... written by myeyesee
Fanstastic reading!" ... written by AllieCat24
Awswome as always... never misses a beat and I have a real friend who knows me. Everyone should come to see him .. he is a natural!" ... written by seventhheaven
Great reading! Thanks Wyre!" ... written by KC0716
Great and truly amazing connection. It has and continues to be a wonderful time with wyre all the time...blessings " ... written by beautywithinone
The only person who can connect quickly and know the name of your guides." ... written by eagleeyes340
Thanks wizard! Great reading and lots of info. Your so nice and pleasant. " ... written by myeyesee
Thank you very much. Very good reading." ... written by novMoon
Very quick and accurate. Definitely there for you. Awesome!" ... written by livehappy70
That was a great reading. Wyrewizard was very informative and clear. 5 star." ... written by myeyesee
Very good reading!! Thank you!!" ... written by buffymonet16
Wyre was very fast and wonderful. Very helpful with a current situation. Thanks so much I will be back!!" ... written by debsch67
Great reading as always. I highly recommend him. Thanks!" ... written by Beginnings7
Wyre is amazing... gave me the info I needed to make decisions I needed to make ,,,,,,,,ill be back!!!!! " ... written by whisperr_1
Great!! Gave me answers I needed. I'll come back again:) Thanks!:)" ... written by shania6868
He is very very effective. Looking forward to seeing what he says come true" ... written by getmeright
WyreWizard was a very reassuring and intuitive man. Please use him, be prepared with your questions and he will answer them for you, in a no-nonsense way. " ... written by Uvrs53
Both of them are really helpful. I had a very wonderful private .Thank you." ... written by highoffight
Thanks so much for everything,,,!!" ... written by mika20
Great reader." ... written by 1285597
Thanks once again... You are very helpful..." ... written by mika20
My fav psychic and the best reading always..." ... written by Anniekins
My reading, Wyre delivered some very big news!! I am happy with my reading and I do recommend Wyre! He is a very kind person. : ) " ... written by michelle128
I trust him. " ... written by CallMeChrissy
Omgg that's all I can say. He is so fast and answer alll my question, his prediction I can't wait for them to happen. I so love him!" ... written by Angelapebbles
Good and accurate" ... written by druvina1973
Thanks wyre told me all i hoped, will let you know if come true thak you hun. Really nice guy, 5 stars." ... written by broomstick
WyreWizard is very gifted in connecting to your guides and divine purpose. I am very grateful for the honest and straight forward approach." ... written by sacrednature
Thank you." ... written by shaz77
Thanks once again:))" ... written by mika20
The best!!! Very genuine and lovely person!!!" ... written by lyriclove
Very accurate and a quick typer. Very glad to have a had a reading with him as he connected to my uncle. Thank you so much!" ... written by midnightlily777
Thank you WyreWizard! You are the best." ... written by mika20
A very sweet and powerful connection as usual. I am happy and blessed to have connected with wyre..... 20starssss" ... written by beautywithinone
Direct answers, very accurate. 11 stars!" ... written by JBee01
Thank you! You confirmed that I am doing the right thing and that life will work out for me in the end. I liked your straight accurate talking and I found it amazing that you were able to give me a name in such a short time." ... written by FireSue
Thanks!" ... written by mika20
Great insight as always and honest about things! Fantastic!" ... written by getmeright
Thank you for your guidance! Fast and straight answers." ... written by rosha05
Very honest and specific. I enjoyed it very much. I will be back for sure!" ... written by ryanhekate85
Great reading. I always wanted to try him out for so long. Had a bit of money on my account today and truly enjoyed the reading.Thanks you." ... written by j
This dude rocks!" ... written by lukeberge82
Amazing is all I can say!!!" ... written by angie8604
Great! Masterpiece! 5 stars!" ... written by Yashoda108
He seems good, have to wait on prediction.. Thanks." ... written by SaintlyCat123
I had a good reading from Wyre. I could feel his energy and he confirmed many things for me. My first time speaking to a psychic...it confirmed gifts that I have of my own. but have always doubted. Thank you Wyre." ... written by foxfirelight
Thanks!!" ... written by mika20
I was amazed by his revelation and still have to wait and see if his words come true, but a lot of what he said made sense." ... written by Serephina
5 star for WyreWizard! Very helpful and caring, kind person. " ... written by myeyesee
First reading with him, and he is amazing! He connects very quickly, and can't wait to see if predictions happen!" ... written by lifetime1974
Thank you Wyre, you clarified everything." ... written by novMoon
This guy is grounded and amazing... He tells it like it is... He's the real deal, no sugarcoating, he will tell you straight... Whomp here it is!!!" ... written by katzhous8
Fast typer and quick answers!" ... written by Tulips90
5 star reading! Great job Wyrewizard. " ... written by myeyesee
The best! " ... written by apolly
Great chat, very direct!" ... written by KKat21
Great reading WyreWizard! 5 star every time." ... written by myeyesee
Great reading! Very helpful and accurate!" ... written by myeyesee
Another 5 star reading! Thank You WyreWizard" ... written by myeyesee
You are always so fast in your answers. " ... written by cakeuser
Wyre gave a very detailed description of my spiritual being and the answers to my questions. I highly recommend him." ... written by sweetsiren0072
Ultra fast replies and excellent taste for music. My favorite psychic." ... written by cakeuser
Good reading, thanks!" ... written by hard2break
He is a very kind man, and when he sent me energy, white violet energy I felt it from my left hand up my arm. He is very sweet, but i would not be deceived, he is also very powerful. " ... written by swhope999
The best friend ever." ... written by soul_love
Always a pleasure, I feel so much better after our readings, I'm looking forward to more readings in 2013!" ... written by KarlaSmith
Good." ... written by Tulips90
He is cool, he was very helpful, and I will pass on the info he gave to me because I know it will be helpful to others. May god, our creator, watch over us and protect us no matter the religion. And accept the spirit world because you are a spirit too and love is all you need!" ... written by jdemery
He isn't stupid. He seems to hear quite clearly that which is around him. I didn't have much time to have a better convo with him, but he seems to be legitimate." ... written by AngelOfChaos
WyreWizard is a fast, accurate psychic. Great reading and amazing abilities. 5 stars." ... written by myeyesee
Another awesome reading by my favourite... Hit it right on the head with my current job and what the next one will look like... Even got the month correct that I am looking to start a new job... Extremely accurate!" ... written by KarlaSmith
Thanks wiz! Appreciate it." ... written by kingpi
Superb! Excellent!" ... written by Palomina
Incredibly quick, seems to know his stuff" ... written by swardan
Really quick, well if correct" ... written by swardan
Perfect" ... written by carandkenzee
5 star reading from a 5 star psychic! Fast accurate and very kind. Thank You" ... written by myeyesee
Very quick hope he's right." ... written by swardan
Excellent, honest reading as always!! I highly recommend WyreWizard and will keep coming back to him. Thank you Wyre!" ... written by dianalj
He is the best. He is fast and accurate." ... written by Florysam
He was great I thank him for all the info!!!!" ... written by Clearrain
The most accurate psychic." ... written by florysam
Good and fast." ... written by florysam
Just like last time, wonderful!" ... written by TionnaPaige
He was amazing. he touched in on so much " ... written by TionnaPaige
Thank you so much :)" ... written by jenny
Wonderful Reader..Very Quick in his typing skills and very polite. He knew what I needed before I asked. WOW!!! I love the way he communicates with the spirits. It is so awesome. I will be back again..Thank you so much Wyre." ... written by ProphetessTona
Wyre Wizard is a 5 star psychic who gives a 5 star reading. Very kind and helpful. Accurate!" ... written by myeyesee
W is fascinating to speak with.... I am still so curious, never enough time to have all the questions answered....truly lovely man. Thank you!" ... written by babs
Thank you. Very helpful reading." ... written by novmoon
Awesome reading this man is the sweetest guy I now know genuine to the core. Will be coming back again. " ... written by Andrew aka McSh0rt13
Fast and to the point. No wasting time...Good response." ... written by tochoose
Wow, he is amazing and connected to the source. There are no words worth to give this man the praise he deserves. I will return and speak of his skills to others so that he might one day be # 1 in here." ... written by amber aka sanguine_psionic
Quick and accurate!" ... written by oui
It felt good, we'll see what happens now." ... written by dave
Hmm - I have read with this reader before. I would recommend him " ... written by Lyne
Fast reader. " ... written by TonetteShilo
Very clear fast and to the point." ... written by dave
He's the best, love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by lyric
Very fast and to the point. Answers every question asked. I would recommend this expert." ... written by _X
5 star reading from a 5 star psychic. " ... written by barbara
The BEST! Here 10 stars if i could! " ... written by luckystar222
Wyre is great, fast, precise, understands situation, gives clear direct answers, explanation and encouragement. Also, gives time frames. He is good, you should definitely talk to him. Thanks Wyre!" ... written by redrose
Excellent reading, very fast connection, thank you." ... written by newbie
Very awesome, confirmed things that have been on my mind and will work well with you is a cool dude !!! Thanks!" ... written by Amber
He was terrific had my daughter already come to him 2 wks. after she passed. Said my mom will look u up and sure enough he contacted her. Blessings to u wizard.." ... written by Janine
Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by GM
He was amazing.. picked up on my energy and everything that I was feeling. Im anxious to share with him again the results of my new opportunities and gave me some feedback that i needed to hear. He picked up fast and before we went into private and already knew what i needed to know.. Thanks man.. Money well spent!!" ... written by Srunion
One of the most talented! I thank god for being able to let me connect with him." ... written by luckystar222
Very good" ... written by Hannover64
Wyre you are awsome i love your reading :)) Recommend you to everybody" ... written by kim
It was very very enlightening and interesting. So helpful, never felt so much joy and was an awesome guidance for me. Thank you. purplecloud" ... written by purplecloud
Very interesting and different reading!!!" ... written by Anna
Sounded too general without any real specifics. " ... written by Shannon
Thank you for detailed and honest reading" ... written by tanya
Wyre is unbelievable... thanks for all the help!!" ... written by GM
He is in tune with the spirit world and his guides.. He doesn't need cards to tell him which I prefer!! If you don't want cards and need answers fast.. Go see Wyre.. He's got a good personality and tells it like it is.. Thanks dude.. " ... written by Srunion
It was an interesting reading with WyreWizard. Thanks for your insight into my life." ... written by kealia35
I am the 1000th person Wyre Wizard has helped and I feel so honored. He is amazing and so talented. I have known Wyre for a year now and he hasn't let me down yet. He is honest and upbeat and very funny. When I am on my darkest days he always brings a smile to my face! Thank you Wyre for everything :) You are amazing" ... written by Midnightlily777
Thank you for the awesome reading. You answered all my questions and concerns which has given me insight, clarity, and hope for the future! Also, I appreciate your honesty and accuracy. So, people go and get a reading with Wyre, he will not waste your time or money." ... written by janesi
Wyre is truly amazing - he can guide you so well, makes you feel more clarity and gives you an inner peace. I have learned stuff i haven't with others. worth it. truly god gift." ... written by purplecloud
Very interesting reading. " ... written by seun808
Wyre is like talking to an old friend, you can open up about anything and he will not judge you. He gives precise answers to your questions, and is 100% correct 100% of the time. Awesome, talented reader." ... written by KarlaSmith
Interesting. Hope what he says comes to pass regarding me and trust of my parents." ... written by sapphron
FINE!" ... written by sapphron
He is the One of a kind.. Highly Recommend." ... written by srunion
I was going through a tough time and he helped me connect with my spirit baby. He gave me hope again! I'm soo happy to hear her messages for me. Thank you soo much WyreWizard. I cannot thank you enough!!" ... written by Krissy
Amazingly accurate and quick! I recommend him to everyone!" ... written by the Yin
I am no expert, but the energy from WW is so powerful and genuine. If you seek CLARITY speak to him. He also has excellent tunes! Thank you for your time and patience. Much love andamp; light!" ... written by Lisa-Marie
Very nice man - concise and to the point - but I have never dealt with someone who does readings the way he does - he connects with one's soul! Gave an interesting reading which I will have to wait to see if it happens!" ... written by ReshmiMm
Was very connected with me. I'm am so excited and ready to see these things come to past. I watched a demo and was amazed by Wyre's demonstration. He held up my expectations and I will definitely be visiting him again. " ... written by Mechele
He is beyond amazing. He answers questions very honestly and is very accurate with the answers.. they come fast and on point. I have never been disappointed coming to him." ... written by Andrew
Extremely amazingly accurate. Does not waste time and does not use any tools. Love his demos too." ... written by Drew
Very good, picked up many things with me. Highly recommend!" ... written by Anastasia
Excellent reading as always! WyreWizard asks and gets answers for my questions quickly. I highly recommend him! Thank you." ... written by Diana
Excellent reading and connection with me. Very nice and kind. " ... written by madhu_thomas
I will know tomorrow if he is correct. I hope so." ... written by sapphron
He is an exceptionally talented psychic who will have my business and trust for a long time." ... written by mkandy
Awesome, really one of the best here!" ... written by luckystar222
Always a pleasure!" ... written by luckystar222
Outstanding. Calmed me in the midst of a storm." ... written by mkandy
Wyre wizard is a cary kind person. 5 star work and great psychic!" ... written by barbara
He is cool, hope predictions come true. Please do try him" ... written by akash
Excellent reading. Always straight forward and gets answers quickly. A sweet compassionate man that is honest. I highly recommend WireWizard." ... written by Diana
He's kinda groovy, but not in a hippie sort of way. He has knowledge of herbs and nutrition. Respectful of the issue I presented, which was delicate. Gave prediction 5 years from now, so I won't be able to validate that for a while. Nice guy." ... written by l
I feel his gifts are legit, had to cut it short but will be back." ... written by unknown
Cool reading ." ... written by Johnny
I had an excellent reading. Very high quality information from Wyre. I trust his expertise." ... written by lexiriley
Wonderful thank you. When money comes again I will look you up thank you again." ... written by speedi7
Wiz can talk to spirits!!! He connected me to the soul of my beloved father! Thx WyreWiz! Highly recommended if you need answers from the spirits!" ... written by Clias
I had wonderful reading with WyreWiZard, he is very accurate. I respect him and his work. Thank you so much for the Reading Mr. WyreWizard!" ... written by Mai
when I say he's good oh my hes great does not waste your time or prolong the questions wizard has a gift thank you so much, he deserves five plus stars." ... written by nerita
He is fast and time will tell if what we discussed will play out. I hope so anyway. Thank you" ... written by uvegottalaugh
He's full of bologna! He tried to say that my fiancé wants to end our relationship when I know for a fact it isn't true!" ... written by Colleen
As always WyreWizard is the best. He is quick and doesn't waste your time. Thank you!" ... written by Diana
Great, fast reader. Direct to the point." ... written by Karma
Amazing! " ... written by luckystar222
Very sweet and outstanding n to the point " ... written by kashish shyam
Nice bloke and good reading cheers wyre " ... written by jennyren
***** 5 stars for this psychic. Very Quick andamp; Accurate. He knew what I was going to ask before I ask him. Love his abilities. He is my favorite psychic out of everyone on ORANUM. He is very patient and caring. I like also that he doesn't judge what you ask him. I will be back again. Thank you Wyrewizard, you made my day brighter. : )" ... written by Tona
He's very helpful and right on" ... written by Jennifer
This isn't the first time I've had him and he's still as quick as last time. Very chill and friendly! I recommend!" ... written by ~~
Very patient guy! Go see him! He's awesome!" ... written by ~~
This was an amazing reading. No tools, very fast and honest! Picked up on everything going on in my situation right now. I recommend!" ... written by Ev1200
Accurate, to the point, no BS... Will consult again." ... written by mike
Loved my reading with Wyre Wizard!!! really hit things that I never thought about." ... written by Michelle
Blew me away! He told me things my soul and my spirit guide were telling me!!! He confirmed my deepest wish and its outcome. I cannot be more sure of anything in my entire life! This guy is for real!!! You will not regret it!" ... written by MinaVamp27
Thank you again Wyre andamp; Prophetess Tona! " ... written by Lydia
Thank you Wyre andamp; Prophetess Tona! " ... written by Lydia
Thank you " ... written by Lydia
Connects very fast. He is awesome...." ... written by Nicki
Very comforting. New things about me without having to tell him anything." ... written by LoveBuzz
Damn he's fast and good. Will be back for a more in depth reading once his prediction comes to pass!!! " ... written by angel
Thanks wyre, very helpful!" ... written by novmoon
Will take on board what I have been told and hope things work out." ... written by strebor34
I have had many privates with him. As usual he always accurate and positive. I always leave with positive energies." ... written by donna
Identifies with my situation immediately and offered helpful insight and suggestions for me to turn my luck around. Thank you so so much, and I shall continue to pray for you and yours Wyre!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! :))))))))))" ... written by MinaVamp27
I appreciated him letting me ask a few more questions, they were all over the place too. :))) Thanks for answering my burning questions!!!" ... written by MinaVamp27
He was straight to the point." ... written by not important
GREAT, straight to the point. Nice tunes, good tshirt. what aint to love" ... written by 123leonie
Amazing reading, thank you! Straight to the point!" ... written by starchild1234
Amazing reading! Right on in so many aspects! he couldn't have known all this without being REAL. Thank you, sending you my deepest appreciation! XO" ... written by starchild1234
He was GREAT. He told me everything I needed to know." ... written by Valerie
Have to see to believe how good this man is. Words cant exsplain. I highly recommend him. Thank you Wyre,,Will be back." ... written by Tona
Excellent reading... Very quick..." ... written by GD
Thanks Wizard. I need to think about the reading. I will let it percolate. But thanks. Will update as things come to pass. Cheers. " ... written by SweetDaffodil
Wyre is fantastic! Quick straight to the point, picks up fast, and provided me with solutions...Thanks WIz... God bless you x" ... written by GD
Great reading, very very intuitive and guidance is fantastic." ... written by ikroyalakr
He is very fast and accurate, I loved speaking with him :)" ... written by lexi
Very good reading!!!" ... written by Kay
Great reading!!! His answers are always quick and accurate!! :)" ... written by Krissy
Wow he was awesome I never told him a thing but he told me lots thank you" ... written by simon
Great update. Timelines were accurate. " ... written by GD
Awesome. There is NO words to explain how good the psychic is. He knew all my answers, some before I even ask. He blew my mind away. Everyone you must have a private with him. I feel he is "THE BEST PSYCHIC ON ORANUM" Thank you wyre. I will be back for sure. You are unbelievable. I would give you a BIG HUG if I could. One fantastic man." ... written by Tona
He's a very nice man and gave good reading. Hope his predictions come true, will let him know. He's one of the best on ORANUM." ... written by broomstick
Thanks Wyre" ... written by D
Very insightful." ... written by jana
Amazing period." ... written by elena
To the point and good advice. " ... written by pjgovind
Very nice reading, very encouraging x" ... written by carina
I felt a great energy. I liked my session. I trust him." ... written by bilge
Fast connection, great reading." ... written by sunny
So fast! Great reading! I'm grateful for the advice. I'll be back." ... written by SAL9768
What he said is what he said, he means it now. I will come back after 3 months and see about what he said, overall I think he is the best! " ... written by loser1
Very spiritual!" ... written by ann
excellent, very fast, , to the point,definitely recommend!" ... written by berry
He's very good - Glad he is back ! " ... written by Jennifer
wyre cool, I amazed at some his predictions, I trust inhis predictions, and tona, they rare pychics, they have something different fromotheres who good here too, they have insight" ... written by jane
very gifted and talented and compassionate" ... written by flamingsoul
Thank you wyre wizard always a great reading from a great guy and psychic. Very kind person and good soul" ... written by barbara
Wirewizard rules big time ....." ... written by loverboy
good reader " ... written by andre
AWESOME!!!!!" ... written by planejane7
Again a 5 star reader and great soul" ... written by barbara
always a very good soul. also a very good psychic" ... written by barbara
Thank you. Will see if comes true." ... written by Jaqueline
Intuitive, recommend!" ... written by B
He is so fast and straight forward with his replies. Instant connection. I liked that about him, his method is unique. " ... written by Stephanie
Thanks for the reading as always a 5 star" ... written by barbara
thank u for the quick and direct answers. blessings to u" ... written by g
Fast and excellent reading. Answers to the point and straightforward, no waste of time and money. 5 stars!" ... written by light
Thank you." ... written by Liz
wow what a amazing reading thank you so much" ... written by linda
Super fast to connect and he doesn't sugar coat anything. He's great :-)" ... written by SAL9768
very good and strait to the point thank you will be back" ... written by linda
He is good " ... written by Nidal
unbelievable !!!!! very good" ... written by lopezina
very calm and understanding person" ... written by riya
he was very helpful will see him again." ... written by s
good stuff" ... written by mfurney
awesome job. will come back." ... written by eva
very kind, patient, fast...love wyre for the human being that he is!!" ... written by angelc.
Hes very quick and I got to ask a lot of questions. Hope to see a couple things come true. Crosses fingers!" ... written by JJ
amazzzziing" ... written by unknownjourney
AMAAZING" ... written by luckystar222
nice guy - quick. articulate. no messing around." ... written by Butterfly
good" ... written by l
He is fast with answers so he don't waste your time thank you I will keep you updated." ... written by Kathy
I have a feeling he is true, will come to see him again" ... written by fragrant
super fast. doesn't waste your time nor money and answers questions accurately without giving him anything" ... written by m
Great reading!! helped a lot!" ... written by krissy
great!" ... written by angelc.
very quick and accurate" ... written by young
He was awesome! " ... written by Tee
SIMPLY AMAZING!" ... written by MARYJO
Doesn't try to drag it on and on. Gets to the point. Excellent communicator! Quality advice!!!! Awesome reader!! Thanks! Very pleased." ... written by Dee (Ballpark)
awesome, quick and accurate!" ... written by nivanya
Thanks wyre wizard accurate and straight to the point. Definately will be back Thankyou" ... written by Vnesa99
great! my second reading I think I found a reader I will go to from now on he is always on so I can take him pvt he is good try him." ... written by Kathy
thanks!" ... written by FV
No frills, no messing around, Wyre just gives it to you straight - and quickly. He's great!" ... written by Sal9768
Amazing he didn't even ask my name that is a first. He knew so much he is amazing. Gentle and beautiful with his gift. He helped a lot I will be chatting with him from time to time he is my new favorite." ... written by Creative113
thank you for the cool reading!" ... written by nf1
good reading :)" ... written by nf1
thank ou very good an quick" ... written by linda
nice clear, confident reading. i like him. he doesn't waste your time and is genuinely insightful." ... written by k
Interesting reading... will see how predictions play out. Will keep you posted. " ... written by Tanya
one word: Amazing!!!!" ... written by Maria
thanks wiz spot on and very honest thank u sooo much" ... written by mel
he is fast, to the point, hes a nice guy and I think hes honest! :) thank u WyreWizard" ... written by citamama
thank you " ... written by linda
Thanks for the reading." ... written by Liz
another great reading he answered all my questions and he don't waste your time so he is the one to go too. thanks WyreWizard" ... written by Kathy
cool" ... written by mary
A friendly man with good insights." ... written by Rick
another great reading my 3rd or 4th one from him always answers all my questions and I will come back for another reading again thanks ......." ... written by Kathy
Wyre is extremely professional and well-spoken. He started out the hypno session just fine, except my audio setup wasn't working!! So i'll have to come back. Regardless, I think his services will truly be an asset to me and my spiritual journey." ... written by t.d.
There were people talking in the background and he seemed to be patronizing me. Did not feel like he took me or my situation seriously and did not sense a connection at all. It all felt like an act but maybe thats just me. Advice for you buddy, keep your family quiet in the back and tell them to not make your clients feel like you are making fun of them. " ... written by A
Wow Wyre is always awesome. He gave direct, honest, insightful information and has calmed my anxiousness in a situation. Will return for an update!" ... written by janesi
Thank you again for another 5 star reading with a great kind person wyrewizard" ... written by barbara
thank u again friend" ... written by shareca
he is a great reader... thanks for the help" ... written by shareca
Incredible. Amazing. TY Wyre," ... written by JB
I like that he is a medium for spirits. Nice guy." ... written by Laura
wyre was very helpful, really good reader" ... written by novmoon
Wyre, a hidden gem on Oranum." ... written by Dan
What a great reading..I really liked it..clear,accurate to the core and quick.." ... written by t
Good fast reader. I hope he is accurate." ... written by Krista Elliott
very kind. a very good reader. his past predictions came true for me. give him a try. xoxo" ... written by a
WyreWizard is amazing quick detailed intelligent honest and straightforward. I didn't realize how quickly he gives answers. It just amazes me. He is wise beyond his years. He is very straightforward, doesn't delay any answers doesn't dilly dally or answer vaguely. Definitely a must. Fantastic reader" ... written by bnjpangels
He is wonderful, I've had alot of questions setting on my mind have not had time to have clarity on he provided me with all the information I needed. " ... written by pinkpather30
wyre is an awesome reader; one of the few , i believe that can see far into the future accurately. He is definitely one to check out highly reccomend." ... written by kate
Extremely quick, I have no doubt he is genuine" ... written by Sam
very quick to pick up on the situation....I felt he was accurate.. time will tell... but a good informative reading. Thank u " ... written by sam
Excellent" ... written by Sam
Very quick... spot on and loved it. Would read again with him" ... written by Cindy
Amazing!!!" ... written by lovelife
Was very insightful. Highly recommended." ... written by Beginnings7
Told you he is the awesome..." ... written by Anniekins
I definitely want to continue!" ... written by Beginnings7
Very good and quick with responses. He picked up on everything and was very accurate. He is awesome!" ... written by scorpiorising
No wonder i keep coming back to him always feels good after a reading with Wyre he is great and i know i'll be back for more... Thank you Wyre." ... written by Anniekins
Beyond words. Far exceeded my expectations. Thank you Wyre. I'm overwhelmed." ... written by pinchofsalt
OMG!!!!!!Wyrewizard blew me away with how fast he gave me answers and tuned in to my situation. I really feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders after talking to him. He even surprised me with some extra information that he saw! Thanks Wyre and I will be back for more readings that are longer!!!!!" ... written by sweet81pea
He is great as always and so reassuring. I highly recommend Wyrewizard for a private reading." ... written by dianalj
not sure what happened the connection ended..I will try to reconnect... " ... written by pinkoraclelilly
Wyrewizard is the best psychic I've ever dealt with. He gets direct messages from spirit guides which has helped me tremendously!!!! He's great and I highly recommend him!!!" ... written by dianalj
he is the top of the tops!i have no doubt he is the real thing..thanks wyre" ... written by tealblue
Well i was amazed on what WyreWizard Told me. He is a beautiful Spirit, and I will definetly be back for another reading. dont hesitate get a reading, you wont be disappointed. I give him 5 stars " ... written by Susan
He is very good! I really loved his reading. He is like a very old and good friend. Recommend him!" ... written by MarkCH
Wow i felt a actually connection with him will be back to talk to him again amazing" ... written by cindy46
He is so good very detail, very calm person, i love the reading with him very much, and i will be back to him again." ... written by TUSHAN
Wyre talks about everything with you it a very inde.pt reading. Have a nice day." ... written by Deidre35
He really helped me to understand allot about my questions. and most of the things he told me made me feel real good. I can't wait to tell him what happens next." ... written by estania1
He was great :) Quite accurate, got great insights! Thanks a ton.. Appreciated a lot! DEFINITELY TRY HIM andamp; HE IS GREAT!" ... written by VicLove
Excellent!!! He was able to get messages from my Dad who has crossed over. He received answers for me from the spirits around me. I highly recommend him and will come back to him." ... written by dianalj
thank you for answering all my questions! such a sweet guy! i like to your music too! :)" ... written by mmd1990
It was really nice private readaing. I got accurate answers. I am more calm and more trusted in my life now.Its very good Wyrewizard don't use any tolls only his mind during consultation. Thank you for accurate answers. I will come back again. " ... written by mylife1984
THE BEST!!! very simply said you have a incredibly talented person who can read energy no cards just talent, extremely accurate and to the point, worth every minute of your time. " ... written by jasmin
As usual he is great...thank you Wyre..." ... written by Anniekins
Absolutely incredibly accurate! I would definitely recommend Wyre to any of my friends!" ... written by chelliesally
wyre has a wisdom and a knowledge rivaled by no one. i know i can come to him and i will come away with some amazing insight from the great beyond. his guides are ancient - as is wyre's soul and i value both more than words can say. thank you wyre. blessed be." ... written by lovefoxglove
Another amazing reading!! He is in touch with the spirit world and relays messages in a clear, concise manner. Truly an eye-opener and very much enjoyable. :)" ... written by diamondbaby
He is very good at what he does, It was amazing what he told me, and a little bit strange but it fits on my life i know the answers now about a bunch of stuff happening to me..." ... written by queenXI
Thanks a lot dear I hope your predictions will come true.. God bless you, you have always been there when ever we needed an answer from you..wishing u the best always :)))))))))))))" ... written by Lulu101
We will see if I get that call next week I am hoping and again I will be patient if possible!!!" ... written by bob
Thank you...very nice!" ... written by dreamer65
absolutely incredible, there are no words to describe his talent, he is the real thing, no cards no encouragements, just incredible insight. he has an absolute rare gift like no other!!!" ... written by jas
I know I will talk to him again." ... written by oneface
I had the most WONDERFUL, MAGICAL reading experience with Wyre! He is truly amazing in a sense of his own. His "connection" is out of this world, literally!! He is by far the BEST psychic I have ever come in contact with. " ... written by diamondbaby
Very insightful and to the point! I recommend Wyrewizard to anyone. Thank you :)" ... written by mozzy123
As usual he is great he gets straight to the point and clears your dilemma within minutes. I highly recommend him...Thank you Wyre..." ... written by Anniekins
he's great" ... written by chelle54
Very, very good!" ... written by lollypuck
This was a very interesting andamp; mind-opening experience. Thank you WyreWizard :)" ... written by rolinsand
This man is really good and fast. He does not waste time. And he is accurate. Definitely worth the money. One of the best here on this site. I am so happy with my reading." ... written by AdiShakti
good care! very informative! spot on! he has insight!" ... written by janesella
Wyrewizard is very good and I liked what he told me he is the best!!! I recommend him!!!" ... written by goddess70
really god psyquic!, you have to experience yourself! Right to the point and very nice." ... written by lollypuck
Very good psychic, helpful if you need to know where you stand with someone!" ... written by AgentOrange69
right on spot!!!!!!!!!" ... written by AngelaEtwaroo199
GREAT! pinpointed like a fine needle... ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **" ... written by jostens
He is very good, I liked the reading a lot. I wish i had more money" ... written by mimiroo
Insightfull, nice guy." ... written by jackson001
Thank you Wyre. You calmed me down. Great great readinig with this man. Try him you won't be dissapointed." ... written by mary558
Very to the point, accurate, good or bad, quick and effecient - most effective w/live readings." ... written by jmp
Very accurate! Was able to tell me where I'm originally from without asking anything! Highly recommend him!!" ... written by aisha
He's different from rest of the Psychics ! He reads your aura and your soul. An amazing experience !!" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Wyre is amazing, he's to the point and he types fast and he will give you dates and time frames. In his free chat room he will lift your spirits and help you to stay positive. His true ability to tap into your situation is clearly real as he knows what troubles you without you having to do too much talking." ... written by tinwoman
Thank you for the great reading, I would definately recommend him..." ... written by Anniekins
awesome guy!!! Thank for getting some worries off my back!" ... written by mmd1990
I LOVE THIS GUY! HE was AMAZING! He was so awesome and truthful. I hope it works. I hope everything he told me will come true. I'm so happy I talked with him. Thank you!" ... written by meganne26
He was very calming and very very positive. What i liked about his reading, is that I didn't feel drained. In fact I felt very settled and strong after the reading." ... written by geminineil2011
Love the readings... Can't wait to see the results... Wish me luck, guys...! :)" ... written by SWA2709
Wyrewizard knows what he speaks about .The reading was very helpful.I would like to contact him for further readings" ... written by Angela33
wyre is a very unique man...." ... written by TRENECIA
Wyre is unique.. in his abilties and perspective, ty for your insight Wyre " ... written by lovnlight
He connected well to the spirits and what he was told." ... written by dianalj
Pleasant chat, well it will be interesting if his prediction comes true vroom vroom" ... written by crazyfish69
so absolutely impressed by this man !!!!!! Amazing... I get him... I really get him..... YES !!!!!! I recommend highly !!!!!!!!!!! ty " ... written by Spare2012
Good reading, he is fast:)" ... written by LittleStar5
Wizard is truly a very unique being and has very different talents than the majority of readers on this site. Such a great reading!" ... written by m
He seems like a very gentle, caring soul, truly interested in helping!" ... written by ladyfuschia
awesome reading. it was an honor to be read by someone who is such an old soul - and it was really, really helpful to learn about previous lifetimes. wyrewizard is a very gifted psychic and past life reader. i will definitely return. :)" ... written by lovefoxglove
He's great, good knowledge gave me my spirits name ect and colour VERY INTERESTING ... and he's got fabulous taste in music ;-D One Love Blessings xx" ... written by gypsylee
I absolutely love him!!! Thank you so much wyrewizard...enjoyed the private reading...very blunt, honest, quick...i didn't even have to tell him much!!! will definitely be in contact soon =)" ... written by mscuervo808
Very interesting predictions... will see what comes true!" ... written by tangerinedream
AMAZING... I felt goosebumps :) I HIGHLY reccomed this man, he can communicate so well :) I WILL be back for more readings... :)" ... written by casondra.. andamp;quot;KAYJEM PSYCHICandamp;
excellent reading thank u so much....highly recommend him ..blessings xx" ... written by gemma26
good reading..will come back to him..thank you" ... written by pepita24