About WendyToth

Psychic WendyTothhas 20-25years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic WendyTothhas recently helped 32members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about WendyToth's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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~*~ NEW PROMOTION!~*~ Pay It Forward Question Days! What is "Pay It Forward Question Days"?? This simply means: If I get a "paid reading" - I will do 30 minutes of FREE QUESTIONS in the FREE chat area. If I get another "paid reading" I will do another 30 minutes of FREE questions! This can go on for HOURS! There's NO limitations! Think of it as YOU HELP ME, I HELP YOU! ;)

~NOTICE! NOTICE! NOTICE! ~ SCHEDULE CHANGE! I have changed my hours: Tuesday through Friday, LIMITED WEEKENDS = BY REQUEST ONLY. 4 PM TO 8 PM, EASTERN STANDARD Time - as I am in the UNITED STATES.

To clarify: FREE CHAT: This is an area where YOU, as a non-member and members alike can get to know me, what it is I do and meet other like minded people. THIS IS NOT THE TIME OR PLACE TO ASK FOR A FREE READING! IF you want a reading, you MUST register!!! There are no exceptions! This is a PAYING site and I do charge for my services, I have to, this is my JOB!
PRIVATE CONSULTATION: This is the room where you and I go when you have purchased credits and selected to have a reading done with me. I do readings, advising, healing and prayer in this room with you and YOU alone.

~NOTICE~ Due to an abnormally HIGH level of RUDE BEHAVIOR, DIS-RESPECTFULNESS AND VULGAR LANGUAGE, my "FREE" Chat Room now has RULES. This is to keep the energy positive, and to keep the room peaceful so that others may become enlightened. The following rules are simply meant to enhance your experience with me, and this website. Please note the following...
1. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying, insults, and general disrespect towards me OR my highly valued MEMBERS. Failure to follow this rule will AUTOMATICALLY get you BANNED.
2. If you ask a question KNOWING it will in any way, shape or form cause conflict, you will be KICKED.
3. THERE ARE NO FREE READINGS. PERIOD. I do this as a SERVICE for you that you would not normally have access to, this is my JOB. This is how I help PAY the BILLS. To ask for FREE services is disrespectful and rude - it WILL get you banned.
4. I do FREE Question Days on TUESDAYS AND SATURDAYS. ONLY those days, repeatedly asking me questions in the FREE chat area will get you KICKED. If for some reason I am not here on those days, I WILL NOT do a make up day...and please don't insult me because I don't make an exception.

I am sorry to have to put these rules into place, but NON-MEMBERS take delight in causing chaos and mayhem. I am normally VERY tolerant but I simply can not take the rudeness anymore.
If I am NOT here and you need me, PLEASE purchase an Email Reading! This way I can help you and get back to you in a timely manner. I am usually here: Tuesday through Friday, LIMITED WEEKENDS = BY REQUEST ONLY. 4 PM TO 8 PM, EASTERN STANDARD Time - as I am in the UNITED STATES.


The best thing you can do for YOURSELF is register with this site, and seek consultation with me! I am here to guide you and help you enhance your life!
Being just a visitor doesn't help you learn about your past, present and future! Come learn what the future holds for you! I can provide answers... analysis of dreams and guide you on your journey in life. I am real, knowledgeable, amazing, accurate and honest.

About me: I first noticed my gift when I was 10 years old. This is when I first began seeing "things" and communicating with spirits/ghosts. I remember seeing the ghost of my Grandmother shortly after she passed and relying a very personal message to my Mother. Shortly after seeing her, I began seeing the ghosts of others who had worked or lived on our farm generations ago. My Mother was not surprised as she has been a psychic all her life as well. Being psychic, has run in family for many generations, on both sides. I have the gift of speaking with the dead and they seem communicate to me mostly through music, whether it be on the radio or Internet radio. I am also great at predicting the future and as I mentioned, I also see spirits. I have very telling dreams and typically I relay messages from loved ones through this method. I can also give advise on your personal affairs, as far as your career and love life go. My speciality however is your physical and emotional health. Numerous times, I have accurately advised someone of a medical condition.
All in all, I enjoy being a psychic and it would be my pleasure to assist you.

Wendy is the best. hands-down. she is straight-forward and accurate. she is very honest and won't hold back with you. I have experienced many readings, and wendy has truly been the most helpful because she keeps it real. thank you Wendy. you have helped me so much. " ... written by jstro78
Wendy was the first psychic I visited on Oranum. I didn't really like here answer on my question which in retrospect was because I wasn't ready to hear it. Wendy was accurate, straight-forward, and ultimately most helpful on guiding me in how to deal with a difficult relationship. I appreciate that Wendy doesn't hold back-she doesn't just tell you what you want to hear, and had I listened to her from the beginning, I would have been able to move on faster than I did. Thank you Wendy, you are the best!!!" ... written by jstro78
To the point, very honest" ... written by gizmo1028
Very honest and caring. Cares about her client's well-being a lot. " ... written by wing-mei
Was pretty good reading, I really believe all what i was told will happen! Will come back for sure!" ... written by kosmosss
Wendy picked up on something that I have been trying to avoid as long as possible to deal with and help me encourage myself to do it. She's a genuine person and a friend full of warmth inside of her. I learned a lot about the deepest true desires of mine talking to her. I'm very glad to have met you." ... written by ghent2011
I Really do admire her because even tho i didn't get the answers that i wanted i still got other interesting ones from spirit guards and also my career path , she is sooo honest with you , don't think she is a con or a fake or she lies cause she tells the truth 110% even if its not what your hoping to hear , Thanks so much " ... written by SpRiTwOnDeRs