About WaterElohim

Psychic WaterElohimhas 13years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic WaterElohimhas recently helped 49members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about WaterElohim's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hi there! I'm Water Elohim. I am an expert Tarot Reader with 10 years of experience. I have been an expert in Oranum since 2011. Now I am back! I provide readings, personal advice- I am very accurate and honest. I will always tell you the truth , I will always focus in finding a positive outcome to your situation. I will be waiting for you!!!

Great! thanks!" ... written by Darko12345
Thoroughly enjoyed this reading. He is funny and caring and i will be back for another reading!!!" ... written by tash1921
WaterElohim connected very well with me. He read the cards extremely well. Thank you for the reading." ... written by justinsensei
Loved your reading very accurate and on point" ... written by 34yaya34
He is the best!!! Really, give him a try and I think you will be so pleased." ... written by leogirl
Great reading. Very insightful." ... written by aisha
Amazing was right about my past and gave me great guidance in what to do with my future and waiting to see if predictions come true. Thank you and god bless you sweety xoxoxoxoxxo" ... written by man
great reading! " ... written by liz
WaterElohim is a very positive reader and advisor. He makes me fee good every time I talk to him. Give him a try!" ... written by CookieJan
What a gem. Thankyou" ... written by
as always wonderful reading... u need to take him in hes awesome. :)" ... written by miss.k
Wonderful reading as always. I really appreciate your insight, and positive explanations. Thank you!!!" ... written by baillarina
Very awesome Reading I enjoyed it!" ... written by Dafny
good reading. i have two choices now . " ... written by cindy
His wonderful I am speechless. his gets detail and so kind and tell you all I strongly suggest him to others, ty:)" ... written by H
very good and gives time frames aswell " ... written by SOUL
Very precise and sincere. Good vibes from him. Gentle soul and reading was honest. Is quick in explaining details. Explains where you are now in life and what to expect for near future. " ... written by dalerob
A beautiful soul, who is compassionate but honest. Thank you so very much for the reading. You were spot on. " ... written by Mizztique
Great insight!!absolutely awesome!!!Ran out of credz but i will be back!!!Thankyou so much!!! :)" ... written by rattail1
It was nice talk with waterelohim! He ansrd all my que: it was great talk....!" ... written by monica
He's so awesome great picked up on energy very quickly and went to it....i recommend him he is very acurate in all of it...thanks " ... written by welobey1
Listen,You must get a reading from WATERLOHIM!!! :) Waterelohim is on the money. Its like he was inside of my head. I'm a hard person to get proper readings, but this was impressive. He knew what my problems were, he explained everything. He let me ask questions, he has patience. He's a great guy, one of Gods blessings most definitely. I'll be back. ( MG) " ... written by MrsChung1
Friendly, accurate. Will consult again. " ... written by m80siren
Very kind gentleman. A sincere interest in person on the other end of the camera/ chat. " ... written by tammyw
My reading was very good! I feel confident about what he has told me! THANKS SO MUCH" ... written by kish216
Great person, Thanks A+++" ... written by teko123
Excellent, fast, funny, and hit everything right thank u i will be back..xx" ... written by dymonds47
Great energy and very kind and right to the point! Thanks so much for your help..... You were awesome...." ... written by missgreeneyes
He was really helpfull, nice guy, and go to the point" ... written by redvioletd
Excellent insight!!Thank you so much!Today is a new day !" ... written by rattail1
He was right on the money with his reading. Thank you for the insight and advice." ... written by amhjth
He is totally amazing :) I really enjoyed this reading - he kept me smiling all time :) Confirmed the things I knew already! Very cool guy - try him out! 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
I think he gave me a wonderful reading he was kind and was very clear in his reading. Great job" ... written by jilla67
he was very accurate and good.. Got to the point I will advise everyone that is looking for truth to see him" ... written by PassionLover2012
He is great. I was in a dilemma this morning but he made me overcome it. Great reading, straight to the point. I will definitely try him again..." ... written by Anniekins
Very thorough reading. He was able to pick up on something without me saying anything! Thank you!" ... written by florwer85
AMAZING Love him i will be back" ... written by jennmedical30
Experienced card reader, gave good insights. Thank you!" ... written by girlytomboy3665
Excellent reading! He made me feel very confident in moving forward with my new business!" ... written by DSecurity
Waterlohim was right on.......he picked up on my energy right away. He did not sugar coat anything, he was right on with everything he said. I will definitely be back when I get more credit." ... written by amr0268
Excellent psychic, excellent organized reading!" ... written by scales89
I just had the most amazing reading with waterelohim! he pulled a couple of things out of the cards that were so dead right that it was really scary. I can't wait to see ow the end turns out. It's like I want to read the end of the book after reading the first chapter, but I have to read through all the other chapters first. thanks so much" ... written by turtlesrus1
Very accurate reader.. touched on some key points, very insightful. He definitely has a gift!" ... written by amybeh
Muy claro...me gusta comunicarme en mi propio idioma... Estoy pensando mucho en los consejos que me diste... te agradezco la sinceridad con la que dijiste las cosas :0) Lo recomiendo..." ... written by malagasumaya
He is a great reader extremely thorough with the readings and gives great advice." ... written by florwer85
So cool and helpful with each reading. What a pleasure he is to connect with!! Thanks you again." ... written by leogirl
Very understanding and caring. Gave me good advise and hope for a good outcome!" ... written by Starliteny
I really enjoyed my reading. Boy did he pick up on my main character flaw...lol I am very familiar with the tarot meanings so I can tell eh has a good grasp of reading the cards and how they could mean with my situation. I found him to be very accurate and I hope to consult with him in the future!! Thank you again! " ... written by Nona29
thank you for an awsome reading and you were right on target with everything u saw so i will be back in the future for another reading!!! Karen" ... written by kresh43181
Elohim is always right on target with what is happening in my life. He is a truly caring guy and a gifted reader. I plan to have more readings as he is always so positive!!!" ... written by leogirl
GOOD READING " ... written by MrsChung1
he was perfectly right... I have done this for the first time in my life and at first shot he got the truth of my existing situation and future." ... written by nunababu
oh my this man is very good !!!!!! happy with my reading :) " ... written by Natalia247
Elohim is an amazing reader and one of very favorites on this site. I had some concerns tonite, and he hit them spot on as usual!!! Thank you once again E!!! " ... written by leogirl
Walter is always right on! He don't miss nothing in his readings straight and precise! I HIGHLY recommend him for a reading for all ! HE IS THE BEST! " ... written by bosetina
Elohim is an amazing reader and one of very favorites on this site. I had some concerns tonite, and he hit them spot on as usual!!! Thank you once again E!!! " ... written by leogirl
great nice to talk to !" ... written by Danny0525
.... Profound.. Ive been searching for a long time.. for the answer to a question that I already have had within me....I had the answer within me... But there I was.... searching for the answer... I just didnt know HOW to ask myself the question that would allow me to GIVE myself the answer that I had within me. He gave me the question I need to ask myself. and now I can finally give myself the answer I always knew and had.. but that I was witholding from myself. Thank you. and like i said. Profound." ... written by Amanda
he is one of the best... he connected very well ...every think he sad is true... now is time to take his advise " ... written by ano_sarado
Elohim is truly one of the best on this site. He ALWAYS zeroes in on my concerns and is extremely honest and tells you what he sees and has been right. Thank you again!!!!" ... written by leogirl
An excellent reading with exceptional insight and interpretation!" ... written by entityzen
Good reading." ... written by jswede1149
I love his energy. I wish i had more time, but he was very honest. It is hard to listen to the truth, but it is for our own good. I thought he was very good. Will be back" ... written by caroleJ
I missed you being here, good reading was looking forward to seeing you and it seems like you came in at the right time to save my situation... thank you again." ... written by Anniekins
It was so great to see you again!!! Thanks for the update:))" ... written by leogirl
Water is a bubbly man and his energy is contagious,you can't help but feel positive after reading with him." ... written by marsylyttle
He works well within his time frame and tries to help as much as possible" ... written by lotusblosssom
Thank You WaterElohim! That was the best reading that I have received in a while! I left the reading feeling very positive and refreshed!I will keep you posted on the results. God Bless!" ... written by VirgoTheMaiden75
Really awesome follow-up reading. WaterElohim is now in my circle of most highly trusted readers and advisors. Today's long session was another great blessing for me." ... written by MerkabahMan633
WaterElohim was incredible in my reading, he helped me with my questions and gave a clear reading and got a great connection with me. " ... written by PixieSakura26
Great guy....very sweet and loving...accurate always. " ... written by beautifulmoi
Visited him again, and i confirmed that things are going as expected. very nice and gifted i will keep repeating." ... written by pepestone1
He gave a wonderful insight about my life, it was simply amazing! I am definitely coming back for another reading. :) " ... written by sunny_555
WONDERFUL reading....a ditto what i had already heard......and he knew nothing about me....very nice person...will be back" ... written by beautifulmoi
He was very accurate and patient with me, I really enjoyed the private consultation. " ... written by Bob
He is amazing. Great person, positive and really cares about your best interest!" ... written by anonymous
It's unbelievable but I think I found the BEST reader on the site, at least for me.... I have to hurry up and buy more credits, brb" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Picked up well. seems accurate, will let you know. sees contact in two months form M.. thanks." ... written by SaintlyCat123
My loooong reading with WaterElohim turned out to be the best experience I have had and I really feel like he helped me soooo much. I am actually more enthusiastic about what I just experienced than I am saying here." ... written by MerkabahMan633
He was very good and kind...and he got it right on target...ty...I will see u again..." ... written by Valerie71
Very kind and compasionate. He seems to have a real gift." ... written by celticfreckles
Carlos' readings never cease to amaze me. He synergizes, synthesizes and delivers the information and wisdom in a very personal and caring way. " ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thanks so much for the great reading. You picked up " ... written by leogirl
This man knows what he is doing. One of the most thorough and honest tarot readers. He is great!" ... written by florwer85
Wow I was amazed he was very good with everything. I need to come back and see him more often" ... written by pepestone1
A++++ HOPING FOR THE BEST :) " ... written by Summaluv8
He was straight and to the point...." ... written by tammie1974
He has such great energy...and is right on target...love it will be back..." ... written by Valerie71
Hes very accurate,, whatever he said it was true OMG I can't believe it... hes' a very nice gentle men.. you should try him out... he's wonderful!" ... written by amandestiny92
Thank you so much for the advice you gave me tonight. I will find the person that I need to be with in my life." ... written by friendly22
He was very accurate. I will be back." ... written by dcoventry
Very good! Right on point. He's worth your money. Thank you so much. Talk to you soon." ... written by vania15
WaterElohim is astute and sensitive...great read." ... written by girlfish62
What can I say I come on everytime I see he's on. About once or twice a week I get a reading from him. He's excellent. He's def my number one on here. :) Take him for a private you will not be disappointed at all. He's truly a blessing. " ... written by SweetMissK
Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be back very soon!" ... written by lm3849
Excellent reading it was very informative and extremely helpful, I will definitely come back." ... written by maryannepav
WaterElohim gave me a very insightful reading which was right on!---I'll be back!" ... written by zoonieboomer
Amazing reading very professional! I will come back to him again." ... written by Dulcechica
Oh my gosh, we are so connected. He really brings out truth and loving guidance in his readings. So, I am a reader, and he and I pulled two cards at exactly the same time as he. It was amazing.! But he really provided all the wisdom behind these and all cards he reads and all messages he receives. So nice to have his help. What a great reader and friend." ... written by MerkabahMan633
So sweet, and intuitive. Straight forward with a very positive energy! Will definitely be coming back!!" ... written by driana2012
Amazing reader, recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
Water is very good. His personality is happy and energetic. Gave great advice. Picked up the truth of a situation. I enjoyed him and am grateful for his insights." ... written by Augustflight
Your are so amazing, Psychic waterhelohim you have answered all my questions very very quick and fest wow I was supprised how you can connect to my energy so fest and answerd all my questions with honesty and you have, been very very accurate with your answers, you have gaved me so much clarity and you have really helped me choosing the right path muchas gracias waterhelohim. Everyone i suggest to have a reading whit the best amazing psychic ever on oranum " ... written by butterflybella22
I had a private reading regarding my marriage. He was very honest and gave me a wealth of knowledge. At the beginning of the reading I was anxious,confused and sad about my marriage-after the reading I felt like a burden had been lifter and I felt equipped to do the necessary work to save my marriage. Thank you WaterElohim." ... written by cloriesse
WaterElohim was a real sweetheart with his reading. Very accuarate and very detail. Was right on point through out the whole reading.. Can't wait to foresee my predrictions. Most definitely will get more future readings with him.... blessings to you...." ... written by Lucy117
Very good very happy with the reading" ... written by Klaudyna27
Ok well that was a very simple reading he got the situation n everything but i didn't like that he talks more than he flips cards. " ... written by mashmellowbunni3
He is very good ad such a nice guy.I will be back for more readings because he knew alot." ... written by dcoventry
WaterElohim was right on with everything he told me! He was absolutely wonderful and gave me very good advice. I am pretty new to the site but I have been looking at all of the psychics and found his manner to be warm and inviting!" ... written by nancee2448
Excellent, great reading" ... written by Journ3y
Hes very polite and honest. Charming guy. I definetly HIGHLY RECOMEND you to have a reading with him. If I could give him a 100 star rateing it still wouldnt be enough of a rating. He has very postive strong energy that will lift you're spirits high. go for it.. Have a reading with him. :)" ... written by SweetMissK
WaterElohim is astounding and on point. I highly recommend him. You won't be disappointed. " ... written by GarnetRose21
Very good -very concise and thorough- he was clear and right on about the person I was asking about and I hope he is right I have some thinking to do! " ... written by Lyne37
Water was great. He hit things right on the money and I did not have to give much information. He is very serious about the nature of his work, and will give you the honest, but the gentle truth." ... written by nikkigt06
Very nice man. Great advice. Genuinely cares. I'll be back!" ... written by cathyq
WONDERFUL always great! Thank you so much...hugs and kisses...." ... written by Valerie71
He is an awesome reader. Has made my choices clear with very little time. He has been right on the button. Has awesome connection and offers great advise." ... written by illuminate13
I love this guy. He is so real, he deserves more that 5 stars. He deserves a big raise." ... written by kaeronsmom
He was amazing and accurate and told me the truth and everything i needed to know. No sugar coating here which sometimes is just what you need in order to move forward with your life. " ... written by CibeleA27
Wow he not only gave me answers to my questions but he gave me amazing advise. This is something I really needed tonight. Thank you so much Water and GOD BLESS YOU! I will be back for another reading soon! " ... written by Shortcak
He is amazing, I hope I had more credits ,but I will be back to continue reading:(( thanks.....he told me exactly what happend to me...." ... written by sabinaa
One of my favourites here i missed him when he was not on, im glad i had a good reading with him ty. will be back for sure..." ... written by Anniekins
He was wonderful and his energy is soo contagious! Thank you for everything you did for me. " ... written by babbylovee
He is so caring, passionate and thorough....you can really trust him." ... written by Montice
He was right on target and provided honest and truthful advice. " ... written by RockChic82
As always wonderful reading with WaterElohim. HIGH HIGHLY STRONGLY recommend a reading with him. :D " ... written by SweetMissK
Everything is coming true of what he tells me...one more thing in the next few weeks...I am very happy with his readings." ... written by pepestone1
Very powerful reading, he knew a lot about me as a person and what I was dealing with, without me having to tell or explain. I HIGHLY recommend Waterelohim." ... written by marlenalena
Sooo Positive!! Just made me feel very very special. He is giving me motivation." ... written by Prettylightxoxo
Thank you again, keep coming back because ur an awesome reader, alway on spot very happy with your advice and you are always very right thank you so much :D xoxox" ... written by Klaudyna27
Very good reader gave me accurate answers in my present life and past" ... written by alondra1991
I love this guy. He is such a genuine person, such warmth and practical advice." ... written by Nuadia1221
It was right on for my feelings, he is so honest with you and in tune with your emotions... great reading." ... written by winterfmd35
Ummmm...... Carlos is really really awesome. He is the epitomy of a psychic tarot card reader. Of all the readers here, he has been consistently on the mark thoughout his readings and IN all of his readings for me. I don't see how he isn't a Featured Oranum Psychic - he really doesn't need the cards, but they totally totally enhance his readings... REALLY REALLY REALLY!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
I loved how he held the cards up and explained then. he was accurate and right on target with everything!! " ... written by neena4444
Charlie is the best tarot card reader, especially for readings about love and relationships. Today he really helped me out so much more than I hoped. He really can see and feel truth through his card readings. I am glad he is here on Oranum!" ... written by Magician Michael
Thank you for your help!!! " ... written by Sirena22
He s great, very spot on. I will definitely stop by again for some updates" ... written by mimatisse
As always a blessing to have a reading with waterelohim. I am def coming back again. And once AGAIN I strongly deeply highly recommend a reading with him. " ... written by SweetMissK
Waterelohim is excellent at what he does, he is very careful, genuine and very enthusiastic. I recommend him to everyone! I will definetly keep in touch with him. He makes you feel comfortable. A big 5 stars to him! Thank you again! :)" ... written by chikitaboom
You will not find better energy than Water and he is spot on - no mixing words." ... written by coyoteroper
Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by LondonMarie
As always, excellent. :) " ... written by SweetMissK
Wow he is very accurate with many details gv me great insight. " ... written by queenbee22
Excellent reading thanks a lot very helpful" ... written by maryannepav
I love his personality,he said the truth the moment I was on free chat, he gave me good advice and was honest I loved it .Will be back I give him 5 stars +++++++++" ... written by Geraldinewinni
There's nothing better than finding/making a good soul connection... water has that gift... great connection!" ... written by girlfish62
Phenomenal, I have consulted with Water several times and each time he has been right on target and he has advised on how to navigate through each provblem. Thank You and many Blessings." ... written by nikkigt06
Thanks for the update!!" ... written by jrinker1
WaterElohim is my favorite psychic. He is honest, he always gives me clarity and he immensely empathic to one's situation. Will always come back to consult with him and I recommend trying him. You won't be disappointed. " ... written by GarnetRose21
YAY and double and triple yay. :) Love this guy he is awesome. Fabulous .. I extremely highly recommend him. " ... written by SweetMissK
Elohim was great, and made me feel good about my reading and explained in detail what I was going through. Made me feel better about myself." ... written by GataDeCincoDedos
He was just lovely and caring. " ... written by careyanddenzel
Another very good reading, thank you waterelohim!" ... written by pepestone1
Wonderful, full of energy, love his reading." ... written by deliliah15
He is great.." ... written by kaeronsmom
Thank you for taking the time. Good advice." ... written by Ceeclouds77
He is very good reader ,, very helpful ,, thank you very much!:)" ... written by hedy1234
OMG! Water you are a God Send! Truly you are, you cleared up all confusion I have had, and made things clearer than they have ever been. I have talked with many psychics, but none of them have given me the gentle guidance that you have offered me. I appreciate everything, your truthfulness, your passion, gentleness, and your guidance. Thank you very much!!!" ... written by nikkigt06
He is always right on. gives both positive reinforcement and accurate reading....even if you only have 5 minutes to get a reading...Thanks Water" ... written by winterfmd35
Great connection definitely worth it!" ... written by girlfish62
Very detailed reading. We connected very well." ... written by katie46
Very insightful and good with advice. Thanks!" ... written by Starliteny
He is amazing. exact, precise and very nice person. He answers them truthfully and all my questions. He is the real thing :) ty WaterElohim :)" ... written by Rowapache81
Great!!" ... written by jamira76
WaterElohim is a very talented Psychic. If you need clarity and direction, this is the man to talk to. He has helped me tremendously." ... written by GarnetRose21
Gave me so much clarity and hope saw right to the heart of my situation, most dead on amazing reading. I have had in a long time, connected beautifully, thank you from the bottom of my heart. " ... written by vvd450
He's amazing, very positive, I always feel like he is really there and is really wanting to help me. I appreciate everything his is doing and I'll continue to come. Thank you." ... written by Prettylightxoxo
Very friendly and gave wonderful advice. On the nose with information." ... written by monismama
Always go to his chatroom! Such a friendly and sweet guy! Always energetic and sometimes I feel like I gain energy just by visiting his chatroom. I feel better and less anxious after the reading. Thanks so much!" ... written by caligal91
Excellent as always was reading my mind. lol. Love him he is awesome. :) " ... written by SweetMissK
Thank you water for all of your help during a very difficult time for my family. You gave great insight. God Bless you!" ... written by nikkigt06
I have had many readings with Carlos and tonight was blown away by his accuracy. If you want someone who is able to pick up entirely on your situation, this is the guy!!!" ... written by leogirl
Very good and easy going" ... written by termo11
He is really really good, he knows exactly everything that is happening with u. And gives u good advise " ... written by godess01
Carlos is wonderful as a reader and as a person. Will follow up with him as soon as I am able to, hopefully" ... written by leogirl
He is awesome!" ... written by marionlyttle
Very supportive, makes me feel very positive. Very accurate I have alit of trust in him because he is very genuine. And he wants to help. Amazing person." ... written by Prettylightxoxo
Carlos is SO in touch with everything that is going on in my life! He could identify the problem, and gave me advice on how to prevent future occurrences of negativity! Will definitely be coming back again!" ... written by MinaVamp27
Water is such a soulful and for-real spirit, and also has a great gift and is a very compassionate loving soul... Great reader!" ... written by girlfish62
Nice guy honest sincere and very wise. good attitude. I will speak to him again soon! Thanks Carlos! xx" ... written by Bondibeauty
So very positive and very moving reading. gave told me all i needed to hear no matter how difficult it was to hear it " ... written by vvd450
He is a great one . I highly recommend him." ... written by emabuterfly77
Liked the reading. Was on with the situation." ... written by victoriansunset
Muy preciso en sus comentarios y consejos! Igualmente acertado en todo... MUST get a READ from HIM!" ... written by wicho01
AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! great reading. highly recommend." ... written by iconnect2
Wonderful to catch up again with you Carlos. I know you always tell me the truth, so the reading was special to me tonite with the very good news. Will speak with you again!!!! grazias" ... written by leogirl
I'm always more at ease after a reading with Carlos. He's been with me since the beginning of my journey here, and it's been so long that it feels like the situation is his as well. I appreciate that he is able to connect to the situation and energies as well as he does. I'm so much more excited about this meeting with someone very special!!! Can't wait to drop by and post the amazing news!!!!!" ... written by MinaVamp27
Thank you, I had to go. Mom was talking to me. Be back in a moment." ... written by MinaVamp27
10 stars!!! Extremely insightful." ... written by Beverly419
He is great, out going, and to the point. Thanks!" ... written by Trisha
He's a sweetie! Explains the cards well and provides guiding advice. Very awesome person and reader! Thanks so much for the read!" ... written by Caligal91
Very good reading, will work on what you have suggested." ... written by Jason
Good insight, understood situation clearly. 5 stars" ... written by Beverly419
very good insight, right on target, 5 STARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will return and get updated reading soon." ... written by Beverly419
Waterelohim is the best. We had lost touch for a few months but, when we finally reconnected, not only did he remember me, he was able to pick up where we had left off. As always, Waterelohim is highly precise, provides great advice and is a compassionate and charismatic being. He can always count on having me as one of his top clients. " ... written by Shirley
Thank you so much - awesome reading!" ... written by sunshine
Excellent and on point. " ... written by vc1976
Excellent on point no sugar coating straight to the point." ... written by vc 1976
He is a excellent reader. Knows his card real well and his cards are so accurate and real! Encouraging, good adviser as well!" ... written by PM
Very supportive and honest he always makes me feel like there's hope for me. He's also very tuned to my situation. I love him to pieces he's worth it." ... written by Prettylightxoxo
Very quick as I had little time left. Great and precise. I will definitely speak to him again. Thank you!" ... written by gibby59
As always, he is the most wonderful reader I've been to on this site! He is insightful, accurate, and tells it like it is and will be. I will do my andamp; homework andamp; and await the outcome of his predictions as well as my actions! :) I love you Carlos!!!! NEVER stop smiling!" ... written by MinaVamp27
Great reading. AMAZING. He connected with me so strong. He knows how to use tarot cards. Hes honest and quick. I bought more credits because he was so good. You should honestly take him to private. He fits all the cards together to make sense. Not one by one. " ... written by TL
He brought a tear to my eyes, with his really deep interpretation of my cards. He has been helpful and insightful before. Lucky to be his first reading of 2013 too. So glad he is back!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
My favorite. I'm so happy he is back!! He's a great reader, and gives great advice. I love him hes worth every penny!" ... written by Prettylightxoxo
As always EXCELLENT. So glad to have him back. A blessing as always. " ... written by SweetMissK
As always a lovely wonderful energetic reading. Love this guy def go to him he rocks. : D " ... written by Miss.k
The reading was very true and uplifting. He spoke of things happening as they were and gave excellent advise. This is a great expert." ... written by zimerili1
I'm really glad that we connected tonight. Your cards and interpretation gave me such detail, and I know you have " ... written by leogirl
very positive and kind man wish I had more time to spend with him; will definitely come back to this guy" ... written by love
Worth every penny spent! He picked up on my situation and personality quickly and 100% accurately. I didnt second guess anything he said, what he was saying resonated with me on a deep level. Thank you so much, I will be back!" ... written by liz
His very to point and great reader he answer all I asked his very kind and detail. I suggest him to others." ... written by Mary
He was very quick in connecting and very fast in response. Gave understanding and became a light in a very dark time... Super thankful for insight. Look forward the future and update with WaterElohim" ... written by MilaPooh87
thank you so much." ... written by Lenard
as always eased my mind., highly recommended :D " ... written by miss.k
YAY : D so glad hes back. hes awesome " ... written by miss.k
Lovely catchup session! As always he is amazing! WaterElohim has been with me since I started in 2012.He is so positive and has such happy and strong energy that just brightens your mood. Always glad to chat with him! Thanks again!" ... written by caligal91
Quick to connect, accurate to my situation happening in my life now and in past, thanks again" ... written by Dakota2043
Very joyous readinq! tanks for all te insite and assistance! 100 stars!" ... written by Benny
He is a very good psychic reader and advisor and explains things very well and very positive." ... written by CookieJan
he is awesome!" ... written by aak
He is an amazing reader and goes into very great detail about everything that is asked. Very caring and professional too. I highly recommend him!!!" ... written by leogirl
The reading was excellent, I enjoyed every second. He was accurate and very positive. I hope to have follow-up reading soon. Thank you" ... written by Mary Ann
three words. Take Him Away... :D " ... written by miss.k
such a genuine and gifted kind soul! fully recommend him" ... written by water
WaterElohim is a very good reader and adviser! Give him a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Thanks for the very detailed reading tonight and giving me so much information. You gave so many details, and I will be back for an update!!!!" ... written by nancy
He confirmed everything my guides told me.Hes right on. :)" ... written by miss.k
I don't know until i see what happens with the reading in time." ... written by dd
the most amazing reading i ever got, he accurately read out my scenarios and explained everything with extreme detail! I look forward to his predictions and will be back very soon! " ... written by dragon
Very nice young man, really puts in every effort to help, has a positive outlook will have to wait to see if it comes true! " ... written by Bonniedoon