About Vsecretlove

Psychic Vsecretlovehas 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Vsecretlovehas recently helped 43members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Vsecretlove's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello. My name is Victoria. I'm a psychic medium,empath,reiki master,and high priestess. I'm clairsentience,clairaudient and clairvoyant. I connected with my psychic gifts at the age of 5.As I got older they became very strong at the age of 15 to my late teens. It's my calling to help guide others with their spiritual path, relationships,or finances. Let me help you on your path of enlightenment.

V secret is the best she tuned in to an important message but wish i had more time with her" ... written by LUCKYl
I love checking out the new psychics and I must say, Vsecretlove passed with flying colors. I found her to be very accurate. She knew the initial of the man that I had my eye on without telling her any name. I look forward to her predictions! I recommend her because not only is she accurate, she is fast with picking up:) Great reading Vsecret!" ... written by Destiny_Love
She is amazing! I truly recommend her..she gave me in the reading the answers that i was seeking. I will continued asking her guidance. Thank you so much Vsecret! 10 stars and more ; ) " ... written by Msprofessor7
Really liked getting a reading from her she's accurate and a very nice woman. " ... written by JaredI45
She's amazing, down to earth, very calming, accurate. She picks very instantly and great connections. Loved to have a chat and a reading :-) ty" ... written by bellacasa
5 stars, wow, you picked up my energy straight away and reassure me to follow my desires, thank you very much" ... written by Alicja
I like her method, she is quick, and very professional, can't wait for it to happen." ... written by Godsson4
Sounded great, can't wait for it all to happen!" ... written by Godsson4
Wonderful energy she has. Very sweet and to the point. Reads energy very clearly and accurately. " ... written by stargazer7
SHE IS A GREAT READER. " ... written by C
THANKS SO MUCH VSECRET!" ... written by FancyAParis
Thank you for your insights. Getting back to balance. Thanks " ... written by SS
Great Reading ! She helped find peace within me while giving me clarity in my situation. Thank you for all your help !!" ... written by go
VERY NICE READING" ... written by mssunshine11
victoria is amazing! her cards showed exactly what ive felt and what my most trusted advisers had told me. glad to know im on the right path and need to just trust universe has my back. adding her to my faves" ... written by m
Wow. She is all that and then sum more." ... written by von
Love love Victoria... she is so sweet and picks up tons of info, she sure helps me and clarifies my thoughts , and helps me feel back on track..tons of stars for VICTORIA... take her to private, you will also experience a truthful reading..love her! " ... written by t@rr@
Wow, she is SO intuitive!!! She is spot on!! She uses her cards to help her narrow down into your situation, she gets the feeling and emotions right on what is going on! She knows what you are feeling, what others are feeling and what you want. She is here to help you get through the things you cant deal with on your own. She is such a sweet caring person to help us all! " ... written by Moranda
I reall like her, she isn't pushy and take's her time, can't wait for the good stuff to start happening" ... written by Gerald
Awesome reading, thank you so much for the clarity and guidance. Truly blessed!" ... written by ik royal
Amazing. So honest and forthcoming. Really great." ... written by anita
She was amazing! Great reading, calm and to the point with dates mentioned . Will be back for updates. Fast and to the point. Thank you Vsecretlove!" ... written by sunshinec
Loved what she said its going to happen now, I just have to make the move" ... written by Godsson4
Thank you." ... written by h
This was the best experience I have ever had and I will complete everything we talked about. Vsecretlove is highly recommended." ... written by Hynetha521
Very calm, peaceful approach to my reading. She was kind and patient and gave good tips on how to take care of myself. I am glad I gave her a chance. " ... written by linda
I wish it would of went a little quicker, but over all a pretty good reading." ... written by Godsson4
One of my favorites" ... written by 69wondering
Good reading, she knew a lot about the situation!" ... written by Shelly
Oh WOW! She is absolutely amazing! Picked up everything 100% accurate - seriously! Highly recommend! 5***** " ... written by Nora
She should be called Oranum's secret, because she is a treat for those that look for her. She's awesome. Thanks V!" ... written by leelee32384
I always go to her she has eased my mind!!!!!!!! Now I can sleep like a baby :)" ... written by luclkylibra
She was very nice to talk with." ... written by Dona
She was wonderful!!! I will be back!!" ... written by angelic03
Very good reading." ... written by TonetteShilo
Very good reading." ... written by TonetteShilo
Great reading, can't wait for it to come true!" ... written by Godsson4
She was very helpful and really made me realize what i should do! If you need advice or aren't sure what to do next you should go to her. :)" ... written by moll89
She Connected very quickly to the situation. Was very specific without giving many details. She has an inviting personality and will be going to her again." ... written by callme_ambi
Very good reader, picked up the situation without me saying a thing, fast and accurate. I will deffinately be back. Thank you! Highly recommend her you wont be disappointed... Thank you very much, Vsecretlove! " ... written by Rose
WOW! First thing she said when i entered the room was who is Kari. Your spirit guide has a message! Spot on!" ... written by Nightingale
She answered all my questions and the time frame unbelievable! I will always come back an she sends a follow up!" ... written by luckylibra
A very honest, straight forward, and clear reading. I really enjoyed my time with VSecretlove. Thank you very much for your kindness, patience, and help." ... written by RuinofDarkness
The reading was very good, she confirm some info that I kinda of knew.. Just need to take action!" ... written by Kit
Excellent reading!" ... written by Bhavna
First time on this site. I had no idea how it worked or what to expect. I just needed help. I felt so out of balance. She grounded me instantly with an awesome meditation. My body relaxed instantly. Time went by so quickly. I feel so lucky to have found her. I will be forever grateful. God Bless. " ... written by Dani
Great reading. Really eased my mind and now just to wait and see how things go. " ... written by tilthe
Absolute delight to talk to her. Her readings are special and rare for me because I never see her on here much, but when I do, I immediately consult her. Shes truly a wonderful person who reads accurately. Picked up on amazing things she couldn't have possibly known. I'm in awe of her skills and her compassion. Thank you!" ... written by leelee32384
Her session was amazing ...i got some answers that i needed.she is straight to the point...get your reading done for her :)" ... written by TheFairLady
Thanks for the confirmations..! Hope things work out..! :) " ... written by SS
thank you so much ..." ... written by ?
Great" ... written by Stacey
exceptionally wonderful, very caring and kind approach to handling delicate information, extremely helpful " ... written by L
Very insightful, right on with many of questions. I enjoyed the reading. 5 Stars definitely, Very calm and direct. What a lovely gift." ... written by Spanishhelp
thank you v" ... written by tara
WOW!! She was excellent picked up on a lot of things so very well and it all made sense she is an excellent down to earth and non judgmental advisor!!" ... written by newday
Excellent, awesome." ... written by tiff
AWESOME!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Great reading, very much in tune with the situation and will be coming back for sure. Thank you." ... written by Lisa
Wow, she was bang on about everything and offered amazing guidance. Definitely recommend!" ... written by Kristy
Excellent. " ... written by tiff
love it, love it, love it, great reading." ... written by goddessb
I love her. she had me in tears right on point with everything." ... written by naturalbeauty
Excellent , excellent , help tune into my situation , very clearly , I feel much better. Thank you for everything. Call her she helps out with inner healing." ... written by Demisha
What a wonderful reading:) Thanks Vsecretlove!" ... written by Kirsten
thank you i really needed to talk to someone you where spot on and so much help thank you very much " ... written by keyanna
Excellent!!!!!!!" ... written by tiff
Excellent reader." ... written by bee
OH MY GOSH... I LOVEEEEE VICTORIA... LOVED HER SINCE THE FIRST DAY IN HER CHAT ROOM, Victoria is sooooooo gifted.. I cannot emphasize this enough to everyone on oranum....I cannot believe how she picks up things. A truly amazing reader..if u have not tried Victoria.. u don't know what u are missing.......she has a calm demeanor and a sweet personality...a very honest beautiful woman inside and out...love her love her... grab her while u can, she isn't on a lot... when u see her.. take her for a reading........ tons of stars.. blessings my dear friend.......T" ... written by t@+@
She was awesome very straightforward and clear. She answered all my questions and I was very satisfied. Thank you i would highly recommend her." ... written by FancyAParis
Lovely first reading, great detail given." ... written by Mshelli
This lady is absolutely great. Her gift is incredible, and she really opened my mind to help me be in tune with myself. She was very valid with everything that she said. Simply outstanding!!!!!!!! I will definitely come back for more. I am super impressed." ... written by Love Lady
Thank you" ... written by l
She gets straight to the point and is so accurate. She confirmed messages of my own that I was receiving in my dreams. I get such a good vibe from her every time she reads me. The best part is she is nonjudgmental. Give her a try I'm sure it will be well worth it! Of course I will be back for updates." ... written by FancyAParis
First time reading with Vsecretlove and I thought that she was awesome....Her accuracy is outstanding.....I was very impressed with her reading.....I will definately be back for future readings and updates....Thank you so much darlin.....You deserve all the stars in the universe....((Hugs)) Xx" ... written by Ebonyeyes32
Shes amazing! so accurate and very sweet! recommend her to everyone :)" ... written by Adiz
Great, thank you , very intune to my situation. " ... written by R
a very very very good reader :) she's insanely accurate, generous with her energy and reads very in depth. very kind and thoughtful. thank you for the reading :)" ... written by starrose
very real and everything she said was the truth.. I will always use her... thanks alot" ... written by atajmom
Ms V, is a very nice person, and was well tuned into my situation. I would highly recommend her and I will chatting with you again soon. " ... written by UarewithMe
the real deal!!!" ... written by mystery
great reading" ... written by Abundance
Shes amazing and was spot on- shes really nice and caring she connects really well :)" ... written by Adiz
She is so down to earth and calming. not judgemental and absolutely great at giving insight. Love her! Thank you!" ... written by Justine
she was bang on and she is awesome!!! very gifted psychic and knows her stuff will come back very sweet " ... written by gr8tday
Excellent!!!!!!!!!" ... written by tiff
i lpve her reading it was amazing connecting shet 5 star in my book, and look forward ton working with her in my life path.. love and light " ... written by clearblu
She was great" ... written by lajuana
Wow this was the most beautiful reading I ever had!! I knew that the deep feelings I have in my situation meant something very special and she confirmed everything that I felt in my heart to be true!! She connected so well to my emotions and of the other person involved. She saw what was happening in my situation without any details from me. I've never been to any other reader who truly understood the situation on such a deep level. Thank you so much and sorry to cut off in the middle of the last card when my credits ran out! I will update you whenever possible and let you know how things go :) " ... written by Lilly1217
she is really good and sincere, highly recommended." ... written by teatree77
very good reading, i had minimal credits i wish we had more time" ... written by sdfs
right on point" ... written by computerluv
yeah nice read...she has good energy. cheers" ... written by batdancer
great reading, connected immediately!!! :) you should get her reading. shes fast and honest. " ... written by teisha
Spot On !" ... written by Will
told me the guy i was talking to will not get together, which is OK, that's just life." ... written by sindy
so kind" ... written by ann
Great job!" ... written by Funinmck
I like the over all reading, Let's see what happen's next, thanks Vsecret! :)" ... written by Godsson4
Amazing, i loved her ! the best and accurate!" ... written by molina631
Vsecret made a good connection. I will wait to see about new love in may or june. and the business kicking off in March. " ... written by BFM
Amazing updates!!! Sorry I cut off again when my credits ran out after adding more!! She was right about the last reading and I look forward to things continuing to pan out positively. I could seriously read with her all night, she is so amazing! :) I'm so happy we could finally update since the last reading months ago! It was also such a comfort to connect with my grandfather and know he is now one of my spirit guides! Thank you so much I will update with you again for sure! She is so down to earth and sweet. Highly recommended!!! :) " ... written by Lilly1217
right on point" ... written by computerluv
Loved my reading I got to connect with my Mum and she was spot on. 5 stars! Will defiantly be back to see her again " ... written by Kristal
Very fast and on point!! A+++" ... written by Walejr
Thank you!" ... written by TB
Thanks so much for clarifying everything vsecret!!" ... written by FancyAParis
She was really in tune. I can't wait to see things play out...Thanks, love!" ... written by Valerie71
Very quick to answer my question. Picked up on issues surrounding my situation." ... written by Happy
She was very straightforward and kind. Nonjudgmental. I will come back again for updates." ... written by ckeg
Very good reader. Confident. And reassuring" ... written by ckeg
She is absolutely awesome and accurate I really enjoyed her and would love to come back she is my new fav.......GREAT READING WISH I HAD MORE TIME WITH HER.....oh yea and she don't wast ur time LOVE U LOVE ULOVE U........." ... written by OPTIMISTIC29
As per usual, just her energy is calming and talking to her makes everything feel better as well. such a sweetheart." ... written by Justine
Said what she felt and saw thank u" ... written by pamela0619
Just amazing.. was able to connect with a deceased friend of mine. VSL was able to pick up a small detail that only my deceased friend and I would know.... Def will come back for more reading. Thanks Vsl" ... written by Chia
Great reading, new exactly what was going on in my life. Great Advise" ... written by Mari
Wow she really picks up on accurate details each time I have a reading with her! She is amazing and so down to earth, I always love her readings! I Highly recommend her!! " ... written by Lilly
nice" ... written by SS
She's fantastic!" ... written by Fish
thanks so much. great reading. very amazed" ... written by familyhelper
Always a pleasure to get a reading from her. She's pretty in tune with the situation. She's not judgmental and she's very kind." ... written by ckeg
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow I had a very strong feeling that I should talk to her and I'm so glad I did. She's sensational. I think anyone that has the opportunity to take her to private should grab it with both hands. She is truly gifted and connected and along side that sweet and kind. What more can you ask for. I will definitely be back." ... written by Fish
Great psychic highly recommended!" ... written by Fish
This was my first read with her and I really liked it. Very specific and detailed." ... written by Gina
Love her great accuracy!" ... written by steph
She was accurate and she picked up my situations right away!" ... written by Sam_Hope2