About VanamaliHealer

Psychic VanamaliHealerhas 19years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic VanamaliHealerhas recently helped 32members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about VanamaliHealer's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello, my name is Vanamali and I'm a Energy Reader, Healer, Tarot Reader and Counselor. From an early age I was able to see Aura energy which allows me to connect with person to give a clear and accurate information about someone's life. I have 13 years of experience in my work and I helped thousands of people in more than 8000 Sessions.

Really amazing I'll be back for sure!" ... written by maya2626
VanamaliHealer is excellent. He is extremely inciteful. He was spot on with everything he told me. I am looking forward to working with him in the future." ... written by marym62
Great !!! I hired him after I was chosen for a demo and it was totally worth it ! Thanks" ... written by sap
nice reading, connected person you are :) thank you" ... written by amoravida
Thank you. You're very good." ... written by ces
You are great !" ... written by valushe2013
Great session for healing and confidence boost. Nice personality and gentle kind nature" ... written by ikroyal
He is very intuitive and was very spot on about my life. Very much enjoyed my reading with him." ... written by jeter28
Thanks, Van for your honesty" ... written by mn
Good reading!" ... written by druvina1973
Good healing. Nice person." ... written by druvina1973
Thank you very much for your uplifting energy! You are very amazing psychic! Thank you for your advices, motivation and wonderful words from angels. ;) xxxx" ... written by fd
Very helpful and positive. Very effective. So nice to talk to you" ... written by druvina1973
Great healing abilities... Very accurate at spotting my problems... Thank you! :)" ... written by swetz2012
Very kind, very accurate, very positive, I am grateful. " ... written by zimerili1
Very nice and I will be back again soon! He did a great job in such a short time." ... written by missgreeneyes
Inspiring! Helped me clarify how I was feeling, and gave me guidance on how to make improvements in my life even though I had limited time today. Will return soon for a more in-depth session!" ... written by unlocked
I am blown out of my mind with this accurate reading. " ... written by annimca47
Very encouraging!" ... written by druvina1973
Lovely guy and good reader..." ... written by marion
He's accurate on reading aura and gives good advice. He's good for healing" ... written by angels
insightful as always, compassionate and informative and always a pleasure to get a reading from!!" ... written by afroditi23
so kind and awesome!" ... written by van
wow - kind of incredible really - top notch stuff..really goes to deep level for sure...ok thanks V - really appreciated...andamp; def. catch up later. namaste." ... written by batdancer
He is very accurate. Strongly recommend him." ... written by Humility
good insight and inspirational message from the angels. His demeanor and way of speaking is very calming. " ... written by golden
Feeling the energy, thank you vana, again! this man is amazing, had a healing session and I can really feel it :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
Vana is amazing :) he told me my life purpose and guided me on what to do to change my life :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
What a lovely guy, caring and in tune ~ gave answer before I even asked my question , he just spoke and the angels answered. Fab! Thank you for being so fast and to the point and so generous with your gift. " ... written by vanillamanilla
Healing session was great, love this man." ... written by Saraharas
Very encouraging, promising, I actually cried which is not something I do anymore, thank you will be back definitely x" ... written by vanessakg
God bless you my friend.You continue to amaze me with wonderful healing powers." ... written by Lightseeker1
Very good reader, thank you for all the infos, very nice to talk to and on point! " ... written by bonbon2012
He was great connected very well with my energy!!! i was soooo shocked when he was head on about everything about who i am and my relationship status at the moment and where my true heart lies...illl be looking forward to my old love coming back into my life in a couple months time =)" ... written by luckycharms312
Thank you so much for help xxx" ... written by ale510
This man is unbelievable! He really got down to these bottom of whats going on in my life and is trying to help me. If you are confused about your life and situation Vanamali will help you." ... written by fpinkney
He had read me like a book, and give me really useful advice. Thank you, will be back :)" ... written by owlgirl
Wow, that was great, my second reading with him, and he is always on target." ... written by lala88
Good relationship!" ... written by druvina1973
I really appreciate everything you have told me. you are amazing absolutely amazing ." ... written by victoria111
This guy is great at picking up energy and directing you as to how to heal and move forward. I enjoyed his spirit and the way he connected very much!" ... written by silliness
VanamaliHealer was wonderful! His reading was so in-depth and he's such a kind and loving person. It did me a lot of good to hear from him. I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Very honest, very good energy, love him!" ... written by Saraharas
Had few credits and I was pleased on the quick connection and his answers and guidance." ... written by dallascowboys8
Its always a pleasure to speak with VanamailiHealer, To be honest with you all and I never said this about any of the psychics but VanamailHealler is the best psychic who gives you a very detailed reading for a good price. Hes goes deep down into your situation and explains what is go on. Then he will give you advice on what to do." ... written by fpinkney
Amazing guy... I thoroughly enjoyed his reading and his energy. Will be back for more. Thank you!" ... written by Nicky
Thank you for your energy, it helped shed a lot of tears. I will be back for more healing. Love and Light" ... written by fpinkney
Always excellent. Very motivating session, cleared up lots of questions, happy to have a guide." ... written by stellar
Omg! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! This man is truly an angel here on earth to help us. He told the truth no matter what it was. He gave hope. He gave compassion. One of the best readings I have ever had. I have found a long life friend. Love and blessings to you Vana! xx" ... written by lilwildspirit
He is so very nice, he does care and gives you some accurate information! Give him a try :)" ... written by Case
Very good and detailed! So accurate! Definitely recommend him! Thank you " ... written by Stars125
Wow, I love this guy he is spot on, very well connected. Thanks for your help." ... written by Angelight67
Loved his reading, full of understanding and caring... Got to know my life mission and more...would come back again for sure!" ... written by janetet
He is simply amazing. Very helpful and could read me like a book. I will come back for another reading. 5 stars! Thank you again, and God Bless." ... written by sweetstephy31
Wonderful, he could read me like a book. I'm going to purchase more credits and have another reading with him, Simply amazing! 5 stars" ... written by sweetstephy31
Excellent reading. Insightful and connects deeply. " ... written by Mooon
He`s the best" ... written by Moongirl17
excellent reading, very accurate, and it help me with my question of how to fell better will chat again" ... written by northstarrr
Vanamali was so wonderful he confermed everything i was feeling an i cryed dureing are private session it was like he knew exactly who i was an pin pointed my soul calling he was amazing an hes truely a gift to this earth im so grateful to be able to have came across him it gave me so much peace! idd dare to say he is the best on this site!!!! love and blessing" ... written by mstgurl
Great!" ... written by J
Wow he knew everything inside me !!!" ... written by goodfuture23
Wonderful reading, greatly connected." ... written by kellygal77
Spirit-Filled Healer with real psychic connections! Powerful reading! Thank you." ... written by ladydove
He seriously is accurate and genuine. I was sceptical about this, but don't be sceptical. 5 stars. He is truly a gem :)" ... written by peaceand
Absolutely incredible. Highly recommended. " ... written by justinsensei2
Very sweet, I feel a little more empowered to stand up for what i believe in. " ... written by BeBecca
Awww thank you so much always a great help xxxx " ... written by ale510
he is so kind and caring. I felt very connected and loved." ... written by Melinda
Wow he is really good!! I learn so many things from him. He really cares his client not just like others giving you what you wanted to hear just to get your money. I can really recommend him seriously, his really@x good." ... written by Sarah
Very great and accurate reading. what a nice, honest guy. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for clarity and direction." ... written by decarson
So impressed with his style and kind nature. Just a wonderful Experience!!!! Thank you " ... written by Lynn
My healing session with VanamaliHealer was wonderful and very rejuvenating." ... written by sweetsiren0072
He was great! Saw everything and felt everything also. Gave great accuracy and great insight with everything going on in my life. Very caring, very very caring. I'm going to him again and I highly recommend him." ... written by donorak
Told me everything I need to know. thank you.. " ... written by jeany90
Really good reading very easy to talk too and very quick." ... written by smiler801
Wow! Amazing, felt what I was feeling. Knew just what to do." ... written by KnightWing
Thx you for much so many details i needed to know it was pleasure to join u in pvt . God bless !!!" ... written by queenbee22
Wonderful reading!! Vana wants to help heal you and keep you on the right path. He sees all aspects of your personality and what might be holding you back. He just wants to help you reach your highest potential in life. Such a kind and loving soul. The best!" ... written by seakat1
I don't usually give reviews, but it seems to me like this guy really knows his stuff. Such a loving beautiful person, too! I just wish he were online now :)" ... written by lucinde
Very enlightening session... as always!" ... written by stellar
What can i say? One of a kind reading... True insight. Thank you" ... written by Tom
thank you for your help" ... written by nextelledlifee
Truly inspiring. Now, to take action !" ... written by Fireaxis
Thanks again for another wonderful reading!" ... written by swsiren
Lovely to hear what VanamaliHealer had to say. He gave me good advice and seemed to know me very well! Excellent, thank you so much." ... written by Annabellissimo
Vana was right on, Bless you Vana, I have always known what you said, my only trouble is that I have not had the power to do it. Yes you are gifted, yes, i will meditate more." ... written by revad67
It was fantastic! He is a very kind person! And helps people! And he is very positive thank you!!" ... written by Fire_Diva
Very amazing!! Thank you for your help! And very accurate!! God bless you" ... written by Fire_Diva
This expert is very passionate about his work. He has so much energy and desire to help and it really shows. He managed to help me even in a short session. He has very good abilities. Recommended." ... written by _Alexis
I understand what was said but it is very hard to do what he said. I've tried so hard." ... written by lindacalder
Wonderful reader! Thank you so much and God bless you!" ... written by Heartnsoul
VanamaliHealer really helped to get to the truth of a situation. He has shown me what I needed to know and hear. Thank you!" ... written by Justin
Very amazing! Thanks you!!" ... written by Fire_Diva
He is wonderful and just so true in what he tells you. Its amazing. I feel lighter, like i can face tomorrow stronger. Thanks you." ... written by lindy
I had a lot of readings on Oranum, but this guy is amazing! Please try him! He is AMAZING and spot on with his connection. I had 3 readings with him so far, can't get enough... :)" ... written by elle11
Great advise, thank you!" ... written by purplerain
Thank you so much. I have always been focused on what i wanted to do with my life and he has confirmed that i am on the right path and he has given me the tool to do better in my relationship with others and to manifest dreams and hopes into reality. It was such a relief to know that angels are giving me guidance. thank you so much for the lesson learnt. highly recommended. 5 stars. " ... written by megabee9
I wish I could give VanamaliHealer more than 5 stars!! He is truly amazing!! He connected with me very quickly and he knew me so well!!! The things he told me about my thoughts and feelings no one would ever know. Not even my friends or family. He's really great at feeling the emotions you have about a certain situation. He is also extremely accurate with the readings and predictions he gives. He gives excellent advice and is very detailed with his explanations of everything! I loved my reading and I will definitely be back!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Wow. Excellent, honest answers. Blew me away how much he knew about me and so quickly! He gave hard truths but with positive messages. Highly recommend!" ... written by christina
Great, nice, kind reading, very honest " ... written by veezee
I would give this man 10 stars if i could. Just amazing!" ... written by luckystar222
Very in depth and accurate reading!" ... written by ooopsi
This was my second reading with Vana in a long time. He remembered me! this reading was reallly really great. You can definitely feel the energy going throughout the whole reading. I wish we were in the same timezone so I can go to him more often. Such a great guy. Thanks a lot Vana!" ... written by Donorak
I am glad i spoke to him" ... written by sprathap10
This was a very different reading and quite exceptional. Vana was very straightforward and honest and very in tune with energies and chakras. Bless xx" ... written by TwinSoul15
GOOD!" ... written by CHRISTINE
Vana has just given me a very good, accurate and informative reading. He is very genuine and he told me what I needed to hear. I would recommend him to anyone. He is warm and heartfelt and gifted." ... written by Kaikash
One of the best and intense energy healing i have ever done in my life. Thank you so much." ... written by Donorak
Very, very detailed, encouraging and accurate. He was spot on with the past and present, as well as looking to the future which included things I thought about for a long time. Very good read, and I would say the most accurate and detailed read I have yet! " ... written by Karenda
This man knows - he really is amazing how he can see everything. He can see what the situation is - he can see what the feelings are for the people involved - and he can feel the path to take. WOW WOW WOW!!!" ... written by June
Fantastic! Thank you so much! God bless you :) Truly amazing!" ... written by Kristina
Another amazing reading. Everything I needed to know and more. Vanamali... once again you have given me the guidance and answers I was seeking. Bless you my friend. You are truly an angel walking among us." ... written by Lightseeker1
very inspiring and powerful... Great advice... Thank you very much." ... written by Mahtabi
Very good.." ... written by Maryam
Vanamali read me perfectly, knew what was holding me back and advised me exactly how to get unstuck and how to take care of myself. He is very accurate and compassionate." ... written by MaryB11
This man is very good he knew everything he was so right, love this man thank you so much I will be back! " ... written by angiebabe13
Vanamali was very very good, to the point , is kind, but still tells you the truth, which is what one seeks." ... written by maria
I have tears in my eyes from the heartfelt reading I had with Vanamali. I don't know what I would do without this beautiful soul to guide and inspire me. Blessings my dear friend." ... written by Lightseeker1
I trust Vanamali completely to give me the best guidance and he makes me want to move forward, so inspiring, life changing !!" ... written by kelly
An amazing and powerful gifted time with vanamali. " ... written by beautywithinone
I'm speechless... Quite possibly the most emotional and beneficial readings I have ever had. From the moment I met him in free chat I knew instantly that he is a genuine caring soul that only wants the best for everyone." ... written by SunnyD
Very loving and caring.. Lovely reading :). " ... written by Anushka Arya
Good. " ... written by V
Wonderful, life coach...he has the answers to your questions without asking any questions...he is very kindhearted...warm, and very insightful" ... written by jc
He is just mind blowing, so much quality info, useful and practical, hands on advice, that it took my breath away!!!" ... written by happiness
Wonderful healing energy - love it - feel calm and peaceful...excellent help!" ... written by alwayslove
Amazing reading, he is very in tune andamp; talented, and has helped me realize the next steps i need to take. looking forward to future readings." ... written by stellarmaget
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! It will be an investment, I was totally blown away by the way he was talking about myself and my partner, it's like he was a fly on the wall. A million stars to this genuine psychic." ... written by Megabee
I just experienced my first healing session with VanamaliHealer. It was very powerful. I could literally feel the energy moving throughout my chakras. Thank you so much :-)" ... written by cherryblossom10
5 stars he is just the best i had more than 3 readings with him, he goes to so much trouble to explain properly, he is fast and spot on with his reading u cant get enough of him AMAZING..." ... written by elle11
Great reading thanks!" ... written by zimerili1
I kept spending money today looking for someone to help me my anxiety was so high i felt so worried! I am so glad i came to vanamali's room today! I needed the help ..healing and support. The best healer... im so emotional..Please if anyone is hurting please come here because he really cares and you need a psychic that cares instead of someone trying to take your money for their own entertainment. Let him heal your chakras and lead you to peace. Life is hard and sometimes we need that help. Love and light to you all" ... written by Felicia
You always a great help! Thanks so much! Love you! xxx" ... written by ale
Amazing, once again!" ... written by stellarmaget
He is the BEST, great at energy reading, knows you're life story, amazing!!! :))" ... written by elle11
Very sincere and honest, got a great advice and inspiration!" ... written by matilda
Vanamali is so in tune with what it is that you're seeking/asking. His words are so pure and true. I highly recommend using his gifts to seek clarity. Thanks Vanamali" ... written by Aurorasun
Very good reader...intuitive, knows the facts, and gives great advice on what action to take..." ... written by Ian
Great. Very helpful and nice." ... written by sadhana
He has such a great heart and soul and knows me to the core. I'm so glad I took the time to take this reading. I'm kind of poor, so I don't really have the money to get readings, but this is the best 40 bucks I ever spent." ... written by Krysania
I appreciate your kindness and advice, thank you :)" ... written by Lou
His smile is healing and he is so gifted. He can see things so well and he confirms everything. AMAZING!!" ... written by mina
Knew my thoughts and feelings straightaway. Was very honest and gave me the advice I needed to hear, as well as how to move on. Will go back for another reading for sure." ... written by Joi
He's a very good reader. He channels into you and without use of tools. Amazing." ... written by Delor63
He was very helpful and a very sweet and kind person! :) x" ... written by Priya
Very good, always enjoy... looking forward to my healing." ... written by stellar
Vanamali was incredible.. helpful beyond words. He really helped me see my life's purpose and was extremely down to earth. I love the way he sees things.. he knows how to explain them to you so that you will understand. Most importantly, he doesn't give any sketchy information. We connected instantly. It was such a pleasure to have a reading with him." ... written by Taylor
He is D... Good! 5 Stars!" ... written by Loverboy
Very compassionate, direct and to the point. Doesn't sugar coat anything. Definitely would recommend him to my friends. Makes a connection in free chat and then elaborates." ... written by Dreamie75
excellent :)" ... written by kimbo
Another outstanding reading.Van can connect in an instant and once more has given me the guidance and answers I needed. Not just an amazing psychic but a very dear friend." ... written by Lightseeker1
He is the best and honest." ... written by serbboy87
Wow, this is my second reading with Vanamali. He is so lovely and caring and is one of the best on Oranum. Will definitely be back for more. Blessings x " ... written by Angelight67
Thank you again! perfect reading!! ;) He is amazing! I like him!!" ... written by kristina
Vanama I truly believe ever since I started in free chat. Now i had my private chat, Vanama is truly amazing . I'll get back for some feedback about my greencard on his prediction. God be with us. FIVE STAR PSYCHIC and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PEOPLE!!!" ... written by Fe
Thank you so much Vana! Through some of the deepest, darkest depths you have given me hope. You truly are an angel. Thank you for being you! xxx" ... written by lilwildspirit
Excellent reader. Tuned into my situation quickly and was able to do a healing. Highly recommended." ... written by Nate
Thank you very much! Fantastic as always!! :) :)" ... written by Kristina
Geepers - this man gives so much to ppl - van you are cherished indeed" ... written by susanne
There is no one on Oranum like Van. You don't have to tell him what the issue is, he already knows and can offer info on how to move forward." ... written by Nate
Vanamali is an interesting and compassionate reader. I felt he was correct in a lot of issues in my life. Enjoyed the reading and feel he really wants to help me achieve my goals and improve my life. Thanks." ... written by kealia35
What can I say..Vanamali, I feel so blessed to have you in my life.Your guidance and compassion has completely transformed my way of thinking and im so grateful to you for taking me on this amazing spiritual journey. Bless you my friend.xxoo" ... written by Lightseeker1
Another amazing clairvoyant, so accurate, you just ask your question and listen. :) He wants it that way but to be honest he's right ;) Nice personality and very useful advice :)" ... written by corinne9
Lovely, compassionate reading." ... written by Julie
Van is a very special man with an amazing gift of healing. Try him." ... written by nate
Thanks again Vana for your insight and support as always xx" ... written by lilwildspirit
Great reading, very accurate, very kind man" ... written by ruth99
God I love Vanamali, he is fantastic, he is the best of the best I have had many readings with him and always come back for more. Thanks for all your help and guidance Angel Blessings. xxx" ... written by Angelight67
Once again a superstar reading. You will not be disappointed in a reading with Vana. He is accurate, truthful and very compassionate. I send this man more blessings to keep being the wonderful, caring, honest person that he is and that his life is blessed in return for the good he gives out to others xx" ... written by lilwildspirit
Very good reading and very good connection. I know what I have to do change my life and will certainly be giving go. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom. I wish I had more time but I will be back! " ... written by mich221
This is my second private with him. He is truly wonderful and helpful. He has so much knowledge. He helped me a lot during this pvt. Thank you again." ... written by sweetstephy31
It was very fast but very accurate! I am very grateful since I just got a new friend.. I will definitely come back there's much more to talk about, thank you!" ... written by Mariam
Amazing reading, have no words... He is to the point and I highly recommend him..." ... written by sara356
He is amazing and beautiful connect with the angels.. hvala" ... written by Gaby11
VanamaliHealer is simply amazing! He will pick up on your energy right away, and have insight into your life. He gives great advice to keep pushing you in the right direction. 100% spot on, no doubt. Thank you so much Vanamal, your reading meant the world to me. :) " ... written by CountingStars
WOW! AMAZING! So much insight, details and understanding. Beautiful soul. Thank you:)" ... written by Gaby11
Thank you again, Vanamali! ;) You are amazing! Best luck and love for you! ;) xxx" ... written by fire
Vanamali is a fantastic person! :) I enjoy talking to him and his spirit is very beautiful and inspiring! ;) Thank you for everything. :) You are the best. :) xxx" ... written by fire
Vanamali is very kind and accurate person! :) Thank you for your support and advices you are amazing! :) xx god bless you" ... written by fire
Wow!! An absolutely amazing reader. Completely spot on with EVERYTHING. It was a bit scary to know that someone can see your energy like that, but what he leaves one with is absolutely encouraging and helpful. I have no idea how he does it, but he's amazing! I'm very thankful for your guidance." ... written by Lisa
5 star as always xxxxx" ... written by Angelight67
Was a great reading. I felt he was completely spot on. Will definitely be back." ... written by sarebear
Amazing reading. Kind, loving advice. Great energy. Thank you." ... written by Eva
Vanamali is an accurate reader, He reads me like a book, simply amazing." ... written by annimca47
Very insightful. Highly recommended!I really enjoyed his approach." ... written by 69wondering
Very good. Accurate." ... written by Shamsta247
Great reading, thanks for your help." ... written by theresa
A perfect, perfect meditation and healing session. Thank you so much, Vana - many blessings back to you! xxx" ... written by lilwildspirit
Vanamali understands me perfectly, including how my past has affected me, my present, what the future holds for me and my relationships as well. He gives excellent, invigorating advice. A lovely person and reader, an instrument of God." ... written by MaryB11
I am speechless. I felt like he knew me inside out. Probably one of the most powerful readings I have ever had. He is so amazing, kind and brilliant. I highly recommend him. What a gift he is." ... written by iconnect
Thanks for putting my mind at rest as always with your compassion, wisdom and angel blessings. Love and light to you xx" ... written by lilwildspirit
Van is just a beaming light of clean, real, strong and healing energy. I am very blessed to have the guidance and insight he provides in my life. Thank you Van for everything you do." ... written by Leesa
Thank you vana again! you are the greatest :)) xx" ... written by Jody
Vana is phenomenal! ALWAYS xxx" ... written by Jody
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! This guy is truly an angel from heaven. The best healing I have ever received. Totally recommended him. He is so accurate, even without any detail given. Gives helpful advice and guidance. If you need help please go to him... " ... written by lilwildspirit
Really good. Picked up on very important things without telling him anything whatsoever. " ... written by Borealis
Wonderful, warm, open psychic. Very insightful. Will come back." ... written by joellenr
Simply incredible!" ... written by iconnect
Vanamali, is a guru. He is a deeply connected spiritual being with so much knowledge, and yet he is so humble and kind. Please get a reading from him. So worth every penny." ... written by iconnect
Vanamali is a good reader. I enjoy his style of reading and he is always so encouraging. I think he was accurate in reading on a issue in my life. Thanks!" ... written by kealia35
Vanamali read my mood instantly without me telling him anything. He is definitely accurate and gives you the confidence to proceed on your intuition. He also tells you how to care for yourself and to whom to pray. Lovely, lovely, lovely!" ... written by MaryB11
great reading" ... written by trevka
love your energy it really is so powerful!" ... written by Ava
very very good reading," ... written by Cristina
Amazing and so loving really helped me i even took notes! Thank you for helping me through this time in my life!" ... written by Ava
very honest" ... written by LifesLife
great insight :)" ... written by Life
Just delightful, insightful and a blessing, always. I remember where i am going, what i need to do and how after his readings. The joy and sincerity he radiates is why i come back. XO" ... written by Anastasia
Awesome reading, it was SPOT ON!! Great advice and opened my eyes to the decisions I need to make. Thank you so much for your guidance." ... written by Jewel
absolutely spot on!!! so accurate xx" ... written by Lauren
Very great reader, really helped me figure out what I have to do in order to save my relationship. I recommend you guys to talk to him because he truly is remarkable. " ... written by Lisa
This brilliant man always eases my heart and mind... you will not be disappointed in any reading with him... Love and light always my friend. xx" ... written by lilwildspirit
I appreciate your sincere word with me. :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
I will create miracles no matter what... Brilliant words my friend! xx" ... written by lilwildspirit
Wow. This man is so wonderful and clear. Very supportive and amazing. I really appreciate him. I could feel in in my heart. Thank you so much. I will follow your advice and be back Blessings. Anna" ... written by Anna
Loved the reading... was very personal and friendly... seemed to have a lot of guidance... thank you!" ... written by mitch
AMAZING READER!!!" ... written by Dawakened1
VanamaliHealer is an amazing psychic and healer. I feel so happy, so awaken after a session. Highly recommended. 5 stars." ... written by annimca47
WOW! I love VanamaliHealer! He is always telling the truth and he is so inspiring person! Wow! :) Thank you very much! God bless you. :)" ... written by Fire_Diva
Thanks soo much a great help as always." ... written by ale
Another awesome healing session. If you really want to improve your life - Vana is the one to help you xx" ... written by lilwildspirit
You are simply awesome. felt so good talking to you.... Hope I see good results. Will let you know how I go. Thanks a lot again :)" ... written by DocBugs
Van does amazing work. The most profound readings I have ever had." ... written by Nate
Another amazing reading. Vanamali continues to astound me with his insight. I am indebted to this man for the changes that have happened in my life and the transformation that is taking place .A wonderful healer but even more important....a special person in my heart. A truly amazing man." ... written by Lightseeker1
Very good and creative to help me heal and prepare for my future. Very positive and healing," ... written by emeraldblue
Very happy with this reading. Very refreshing and connected well. Thank you Vanamali for your time with me. I feel much better and more rooted in my purpose and path. Sending you love and much light. Namaste. xoxo" ... written by shay
WOW, OMG HE IS FANTASTIC, ALWAYS CONNECTED." ... written by Angelight67
Good reading... he is a very sweet, intuitive reader." ... written by Joellenr
Thank you so much for detailed reading..I will take time to have the situation go smooth, so that there no misunderstandings" ... written by queenbee22
Vanamali, you took my breathe away of how accurate you were. I will definitely come back again. I thank you oh so very much." ... written by suzie1961
Such a kind and compassionate soul! Thank you for the much needed guidance and clarity Vanamali! Much love and light to you!" ... written by Heartnsoul
5 Stars!!!!" ... written by CA
It is always such a pleasure to hear you speak. Than you fo the directions and the special session to get me in touch with my angel. Will be back soon. You are awesome. :)" ... written by DocBUgs
Excellent reader! Authentic angel! A million stars!" ... written by Ann S
Very honest, very helpful. Knew so much i didn't expect at all." ... written by sahreen
Great reader!!" ... written by D
Amazing reading. This man is brilliant. He was 100% accurate. What a gift to the world. Please go for private. Worth your time and money. Very selfless and here for the right reasons." ... written by followbliss
Very very good reading! So sincere and so much effort! I truly thank you." ... written by candy
He is so awesome and really wants to help you sincerely. His guidance and cards are so true and accurate. Always go to him when I need true introspective. Very good and 20 stars!" ... written by Angel
He said somethings that were spookily true. Told me some things that I was thinking without getting much input from me. Wonderful! *****" ... written by Justin
Amazing as ever. Great job *****" ... written by Justin
Wonderful, wonderful man. So gifted and so wise. " ... written by iconnect2
Very nice, thank you for making things more clear for me!" ... written by stella
Vanamali is always a pleasure to talk to and have a reading with, would recommend him to everyone!" ... written by sarah
Van is my own guardian angel. This beautiful soul has given me my life back and I simply cannot express just how amazing he is. The only psychic I will ever come too and a beautiful,beautiful friend. Five stars is simply not enough." ... written by Lightseeker1
Vana is always amazing! hes ability is unmatched ! he brings such a uniqueness to oranum and he has such a beautiful heart! thank you for indepth help vana! lots of love to you! :) xxxx" ... written by Jody
This is for 2 readings, I had to add more credits as it run out in first time...thank you for your advices that I needed to hear. I got lots to think of and will do as adviced. Thank you!" ... written by Janetet
Vanamali gave a lot of accurate information about what is in my heart, and how I express my soul. Also gave good advice." ... written by AceOfCupss
He is 100% accurate. Not what I want to hear, but he is amazing ! It is a long reading, everything he said is incredible correct. No doubt with his psychic abilities and his insight. Highly highly recommend. God bless him. It is a very sad answer to all wishes I want, but I know he is right. Thank you . Have to accept the truth and work on it." ... written by coffeecandy
Wow.... I feel blessed to have you in my life Van.Your insight,wisdom,empathy and compassion just radiate in our private readings. Your energy just flows...." ... written by Lightseeker1
Thanks for guidance for my life again!" ... written by Janetet
He was absolutely amazing and detailed on my concerns and provided me with ways to get me to where I want to be. He is very caring and I was very impressed with details he picked up on. I would definitely go back to him. Thank you so much!" ... written by Diana
The reading was very detailed a lot of information. Enjoyed the reading." ... written by indiabonita
He's just the best!" ... written by DrAwesome
Wow, what an uplifting private session. Vanamali, you are loved. Blessings." ... written by Marsha
Very sweet and compassionate, to the point. Thank you for a confirming and enlightening reading." ... written by T
I was touched dearly by what he had to say to me and I appreciate it very much." ... written by Ashley Jackson
You've been very insightful and helpful. I understand very much what I need to do and how to be happy and confident in myself. Lovely reading and very detailed." ... written by tara
Lovely reader, very insightful. Be back soon." ... written by tired
Lovely, kind, thoughtful, thorough and detailed as well. Authentic, thank you, Vanamal. Blessings!" ... written by Samsharia
Very comforting reality check, truly healing and accurate! Thank you Vana I feel completely reconnected!" ... written by Jolana
:) wow ..:) Wow wow...:) super. Just have to try him. You wont be dissapointed. :) Great" ... written by md3311
Thank you vana! As always, you always empower me. Thank you :) xx" ... written by Jody
Thank you ... I will try to be more positive for July 14 or April 15." ... written by linn
He is simply wonderful...thank you vana " ... written by lilwildspirit
Thank you very much for your advice. You gave me something very important to think about. I will be back to let you know developments. " ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
He knew exactly what I was thinking, and left me speechless throughout the whole reading. By far, he's one of the best readers on this site. I highly recommend Vanamali to be your guide. As promised, he led me straight to spiritual enlightenment. I look forward to having more readings by this man throughout the path of my life's journey. " ... written by Jennifer
Vana is a great reader and a healer. He is very insightful." ... written by pamela
Awesome as usual. Even if it did hurt ;) xx" ... written by lilwildspirit
wow! such clarity and honesty in our reading. I am so happy to have found vana. I leave my readings with hope and answers to help my future. I highly recommend Vanamalihealer, he builds a strong connection and i could feel his spiritual presence in my heart and mind. Definitely will come to him again!" ... written by Sahreen
Great reading. He connects right away and feels what is going on. He gave me a lot of good advice, and hopefully his predictions also come true.... cant wait to update :=)" ... written by Ann
Vanamalhealer is so accurate and caring. He connected with me immediately. He gave me a lot of insight and my life will never be the same because of the words and the connection we experienced. Thank you!" ... written by wonderer323
Awesome. I feel he was spot on with all the emotions in my life and whats holding me back. Will be talking a lot more." ... written by chrism13
Very intuitive and practical. Really the best on this site. Highly recommend." ... written by Gr8T
VanamaliHealer is a very caring, genuine, intuitive and talented psychic that works with Archangels, Chakras, and Light Energy. His reading was very detailed, positive, uplifting and insightful. He helped me to understand my current situation and the future. The areas of development, abilities, potentials and opportunities. I highly recommend a reading, it will change your perspective for the better." ... written by Martkos
I think he was very accurate !" ... written by oceanbreeze281
A great reading, very honest reader and fantastic straight talking advice. Very grateful!! xx" ... written by benaulim
Vana was truly helpful. He gave me honest concrete answers andamp; advice sent with compassion.Thanks Vana :)" ... written by tammi
He is a great guy, he helped me a lot opened my eyes... very straight to the point, he tells you what is good and bad for you." ... written by mp
I just tried my first Chakra Cleansing, Healing, Meditation. Now I feel very relaxed and energised. A positive and uplifting experience. Feeling tired, in pain, stressed or upset? VanamaliHealer can help. I highly recommend a Healing Session." ... written by Martkos
Lovely meditation and healing with vana! thank you so much, feel so peaceful and at ease! Love you van. xxxx" ... written by Jody
Once again the most inspiring reading about my situation and life. Seriously if you want answers and resolutions - Vana is your go to guy. He tells it as it is... Love n light as always my friend xx" ... written by lilwildspirit
Wow a very powerful healing - Thank you! xx" ... written by lilwildspirit
VanamaliHealer is an honest, sincere and empathic psychic. He provides pure healing and good advice about any topic in life. He was able to provide me with detailed guidance and clarity on how to improve my life. I highly recommend an extended reading." ... written by Martkos
Outstanding reading and I received everything he said as truth. His gifts are really real and right on point. Thanks millions with 5 stars and thumbs up!" ... written by Jean
Love his reading, very good advice, and has told me information that has resonated in my heart. Thumbs up!" ... written by Geraldine
Absolutely mind blowing! On point and revealing! " ... written by Maria
I completed a Chakra Healing Meditation with VanamaliHealer and now I feel very much relaxed and at peace. I was also able to find about my spiritual development from my past life and where is can lead me in this Current Life. I Highly Recommend a 15 to 20 minute Healing Session." ... written by Martkos
Thank you Vanamali of your guidance for empowering and purifying info. Much appreciated. xox" ... written by Janette
VanamaliHealer is AMAZING. I know it sounds like I am just saying that but no, I really mean it. He hit every aspect of my being to the T !! He knew things about me that only occur in my own thoughts, things that I have not shared with anyone ever. I am completely blown away and shocked on how accurate you are Vanamali ! Thank you a thousand times and bless you for your wise words. I heard everything you said completely and wholeheartedly !" ... written by Ri
Thank you for the amazing reading! You are a fantastic person! Thanks for being with me when I needed you! thank you :) xxx" ... written by fd
What a great guy...excellent reading...not only does he give u predictions and is connected with you and situation extremely well,he also guides you on how to go about your issues and problems for the best possible outcome..will speak to you like a best friend who genuinely wants whats best for you....." ... written by spirit
Very calm and patient, gave good insight. Thank you vana." ... written by Vanilla
Really great! Spot on reading. Thanks Vana, love and light." ... written by sarebear
So remarkable and very insightful, highly recommend a reading from him...Thank you, Vanamalihealer :) " ... written by Kat ( Gracefulflight
Lovely as always!" ... written by Sarah
Vanamali is a very enthusiastic and passionate character. He is brilliant!" ... written by shygirl77
He is amazing! WOW! Thanks a lot for your help! You are incredible! :) thanks for your support :) god bless you xx" ... written by fd
excellent!" ... written by Tiffany
I understand a little bit more the behavior of this person, great information, I hope all will be better for 2014 thank you for explaining the issues I need to be aware of. God Bless Happy Holidays" ... written by queenbee22
Consistent advice as always." ... written by lilwildspirit
Thank you for a great reading. It's helping me gain perspective." ... written by stellar
VanamaliHealer is a patient, compassionate, and knowledgeable Psychic. If you need advice about life's challenges, spiritual development, or healing, please try a private session. " ... written by Martkos
Very helpful gave me what I needed.. Right on the dot about how I feel and what needs to be done! A healer indeed!!!" ... written by meisupani
Made sense to me. Read me very well. Healthy eating and serious relationship. Will have choices. Help people which I love anyway. Will contact again." ... written by MaryKate
Vana as always hits everything right on the head! he is unbelievable and i am so thankful to of found him! he has helped me tremendously, hes way of connecting is amazing and he truly sees things AS THEY ARE and sees well into the future too! everything he has told me has happened...everytime! thank you van! :)xx" ... written by Jody
Very good reading and good advice. Good energy! Thank you!" ... written by ZetaTheShiny
Very good and very insightful! :-) Don't know how he could do it, but he saw clearly what is going in my life. Will come back to him again! :-)" ... written by Marco
Very good but got cut off in the middle of the reading." ... written by MaryKate
Fantastic thank you, you definitely gave me good advice and got me to a tee, I will act on your advice. Thanks." ... written by nibikerchick
I love this man, he is a great reader and always connects strong and fast with me. I would recommend him to everyone!" ... written by Sarah
Very, very kind and helpful reading, no sugarcoating, straight to the point. Really opened my eyes in some ways... thank you!! x" ... written by jazzychic
Thank you!!" ... written by Talebini
Thank you VanamaliHealer! You are amazing! :) you were a great support! xxx ;) God Bless you! :) xxx " ... written by fd
WOW! :) I love his psychic he is honest, kind, and accurate! thanks for your insight! :) xxx" ... written by fd
Very respectful and informative. Will be back to update." ... written by melanie432
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Amazing reading thank you so much! God bless you! :)" ... written by ...
very good but very different reading. goes into deeper insights and truths. wish i had more time to add for our reading" ... written by m
Vana is truly honest compassionate andamp; has helped me often. I heart Vana!" ... written by Sun
Simply Amazing. I have never had a better reading! He was able to connect to my exact life situation, and my soul. He told me a great deal about what I am carrying around with me, as well as what I need to do to connect to my higher purpose. He told me things that I needed to hear, and was incredibly loving. " ... written by Kaitlin Q. Calkins
Had a wonderful healing session with Van, my head is spinning!!! Totally felt his energy. He's a gifted spirit!" ... written by jazzychic7
Very nice healing" ... written by Amalia
Very loving and caring way of reading. Feel very positive. :)" ... written by Anushka Arya
Always like a friend." ... written by candy
Thanks for this awesome reading. Honestly, this is the first time I feel so positive after everything you told me. I'll remember the things you said and try to implement them in my life. You touched my heart. :) Thank you." ... written by COCOLO1989
Great reading, very accurate." ... written by sl
He is just amazing. He's one of my favorites now. He does not waste any of the creds! Value for money. He empowers as well!" ... written by Myra
VanamaliHealer is a Patient, Modest, Caring, Sincere and Talented Psychic. He is very Intuitive and Empathic and was able read my Aura and Chakras / Energy Levels, and offer me a guided Meditation and Healing, complete with Selected Music and Spontaneous Narration. The Chakra Cleansing Meditation was profound and I did feel very relaxed and energized afterwards. VanamaliHealer also provides detailed readings and accurate insight into Life Events and Personal Circumstances, including Relationships, Family, Abundance, Health, Career, Interests, and Spirituality. He can also read into past and future time lines, which provided more insight and helped answer specific questions. I would highly recommend a healing / reading of at least 20 to 30 minutes." ... written by Martkos
He is spot on with the energies, the present situation! He knows whats up! I'll confirm the prediction when it happens but he's spot on! And quick, does not waste your credits. He values you." ... written by Myra
VanamaliHealer he is so fantastic! He gives a very accurate guidance! Thank you! :)" ... written by fd
Im so impressed with this dude for real." ... written by paldan
Oh my I'm blown away what a fantastic spot on reading. Amazing. Will be back no doubt." ... written by Lorna
Another good reading. Thanks Vana :)" ... written by Sarah
Hit the nail on the head. Just love Vana and his gentle way." ... written by Sarah
Thanks a lot Vanamalihealer! I always have a pleasure to talk with you! You are soo soo amazing! God bless you xxx" ... written by fd
Another awesome session. He is able to discover the cause and offer the solution. Spot on. He delivers his messages fast, accurately and compassionately. Straight talker. Blessed. xox" ... written by lilwildspirit
VanamaliHealer readings are always honest, sincere, detailed, accurate and helpful. Like a good friend. Thanks." ... written by Martkos
Wow!!! He is AWESOME and told me so many things. I will definitely come back for more." ... written by April
Spot on again !!! what a great Support and reading thank you VanamaliHealer your the best !!!" ... written by marilynmidleton
WOW!! thanks :) :P you are amazing! =))***" ... written by f
I like very much Vanamali! You are brilliant! Thank you ! ;)x" ... written by f
Good read, to the point, thank you!" ... written by lisachambers0202
He really seemed to dig in and get the real picture, I would recommend him!!!" ... written by Questah
A pleasure as always!" ... written by sarah
Good read." ... written by jana kadri
Very fast connection, telling details. impressed . I will come back for sure!" ... written by lady
I really like it. You really helped me. However, I feel that time passes too fast and it's quite expensive hehe." ... written by Prim
WOW!!! Thank you again! I enjoy talking with you sooo much! Thank you Angel!! :) god bless you!!! :) xxxx" ... written by f
Such a powerful healing session, my head is spinnin, thank you!!!" ... written by jazzychic
Vana is such a blessing. Very honest, patient andamp; he teaches me how to be compassionate to others." ... written by Tammi
Amazing healer xo" ... written by Fimooo
He was so helpful and insightful, he knew me without me saying a word. I feel so much better and will be back." ... written by Fimooo
Lovely, caring, very understanding and fabulous at communication, a positive and calming influence, god bless you. x" ... written by Marj
had an amzing update from van his advices are great " ... written by theme
VanamaliHealer was so great today....completely helped me see and hear what I needed to. Brought me back to the solutions and provided priceless advice. I can't thank him enough...will definitely be back. Amazing reader/coach/healer!" ... written by Carrie
He is great and positive. It was fallow up. I will come back when I will have more time... Thank you !" ... written by lady
Always get an accurate reader, so I always return. Always right and oh so calming." ... written by annimca47
Thank you again." ... written by dan
Thank you again! You are amazing! Thank you for your accurate advices! You are one of the best here on Oranum! God bless you xx" ... written by f
I received a healing from Vana and not only do I feel calmer andamp; open to receive but my outer vision seems brighter! I didn't even realize my literal vision was dim until he cleared it." ... written by Tammi
It was amazing, one of the best readings I've ever had, and this being the first time online I actually felt a connection which I wasn't expecting!" ... written by wildviolets
Thanks so much Vana, spot on again with details and some helpful advice too." ... written by Sarah
WOW! I am amazed at the information Van had. He was so spot on and amazing that he put my whole life and feelings that was a complete mess into perspective. He is absolutely worth every penny. A million stars. Thank you so much Van." ... written by Joanna
Vanamali was absolutely wonderful. He knew the situation right off the bat and gave me very helpful insight and advice. I think I understand a little more about what I should do now, like the bigger picture. Thank you for your time and the reading! " ... written by sora
Very helpful advice. Will do. Thank you." ... written by Laura
Wonderful, insightful and powerful as always !!! Thank you dear Vanamali !!!" ... written by kelly
He was truly amazing, everything he said was spot on and made a lot of sense. Has given me the energy and reassurance to keep going and not to give up the light is at the end of the tunnel. :) Thank you soo much! x" ... written by Prit83
Wow! Thanks Vanamali you are great as always! Thank you for your are an incredible guide for me! I am so glad that I met you! :) God bless you xxx" ... written by fd
Thanks again, Vanamali! You are an incredible and kind person! Love talking to you and your guidance! Thanks! :) " ... written by f
Thank you Vanamalihealer. You are a true blessing! I love talking to you and your guidance! Much of love for you xxx =) xx kisses. Take care." ... written by fd
The man saw so deeply into my situation, it was like he was there with me through all of this! His advice is clear and wise! It was an amazing reading!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Excellent person, great advice, and very convincing. I like him!" ... written by maria
So far so good. He is really nice and really connects." ... written by maria
Very amazed! He read into my past and my future! I will be coming to him more often! He gives me hope for the future." ... written by Vegas
He's so kind, sweet and straight to the point... 100% accurate and very enlightening as well. He has this very loving angelic presence, and he let me see and redirect my life's purpose for the better. I will definitely be back for many more private readings. ;) Thank you." ... written by drawn2angels
He felt my emotions." ... written by val
pretty good." ... written by exyzee
He is great!" ... written by zoulaikha
He is a very special angel, he's right and knows a lot. He's a good friend, tells you the truth. I thank him for being here for me." ... written by jani
He is amazing! Very surprised!" ... written by Vegas
speechless, he is amazing, and so gifted. Everything he said shocking me. He really have a good connections with angel, I did not tell him much info. he told me a lot of details about all the things I want to know. and it is "bingo" unbelievable how could he knows everything? Highly extremely recommend, such a kind and caring person. He doesn't waste your time. and very focus on the reading. Love him and thank u." ... written by PIGLETME
Vanama was very in tuned with me. I enjoyed his reading very much. I hope to be able to speak with him again...and so should you!" ... written by BonniJeane
Very nice and honest reading!" ... written by Amanda
thankyou vanamali - a great reading, wonderful insight, hit the nail on the head and gave good advice :)" ... written by Jules
One of the best readings I had on this site. Very clear messages from the archangels and very on point about everything. Excellent!" ... written by sara
Very good as usual. Thanks Vanamali. I needed to hear those words!" ... written by Justin
There are no words that I can express for what this man can do. He is truly a gift from the heavens. This is my second reading with him, and he has exceeded any of my expectations that I have. The last time we spoke, it was of my situation, and this time I wanted healing. The healing was very intense. Brought tears to my eyes, the joy was moving through my body. Such a wonderful person. He is the absolute definition of an investment. Thank you again. " ... written by Kaitlin Q. Calkins
He is so kind. I really enjoy reading with him. He has a great connection and gives really good information too!" ... written by AbundanceToday
Very loving and speaking only words of love. Love is the greatest healer and all negativity that I created was removed and the light was brought back in my heart chakra and mind. Very soothing voice, VanamaliHealer is a messenger of LOVE and light. My 1st time having session with him, but my feelings are that he is a VERY LOVING AND KIND SOUL. Thank you from my heart for all the love and reminder of THE love of Source Energy the essence of LOVE and PURE white Light! Namaste :-)" ... written by ella
Thank you so much...will do more session tomorrow. It is profound of what my angel's saying about me." ... written by vivi
Thank you for your help. I'm glad to see you and know that I can always depend on you. Love, felicia." ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
Vana was so perfectly detailed. He connected with me extremely quick andamp; gave me a very informative session full of beneficial advice. It is always a pleasure speaking with Vana andamp; his angels:).Thanks Vana!" ... written by Sunstorm
Recommended." ... written by m4luk4
Van, is amazing every reading gives me hope! I'm very thankful I found Van. Can't wait for many more readings!!" ... written by Vegas
awesome" ... written by dan
Kind of spooking definitely something special in this psychic." ... written by smashedmonkey
Thanks again Vana! :)" ... written by Sun
A very interesting, profound and helpful reading! Thanks!" ... written by Charlie
Accurate reading, very helpful advice to understand myself better Thanks." ... written by Kindaichi
very very detailed!!!! so much accuracy in everything he says!!!!" ... written by Lauren
thank you again for all your insight, caring and great advice, you have helped me a lot!!" ... written by c
Wow what great insight, first reading with you, but really loved it THANK YOU for all your great spot on advice, will def come back" ... written by c
Thank you for the advice. I will think through and I know you are right. Appreciate. Thanks again" ... written by gugu58
As usual he was spot on. Fantastic reader, have been comming to him for about 2 years now, he's always right." ... written by sarah
Amazing, 100 percent accurate!! Wow this man is amazing!!" ... written by terri
You are an amazing person and helped me out a lot. " ... written by edith
Your the best! You give the best guidance and that is what I need right now coming out of such a rocky situation. Thanks." ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
Van is amazing, each reading gets better and better!!" ... written by Vegas
Wow!!!! There is no word at all to explain, what I just heard. He is amazing. " ... written by Mily
OMG!!! Van is the best!! I learn something new every time I have a chat with him!! You're amazing Van!! Thank you so much, you really do help me a lot and clear things up for me!" ... written by Vegas
Awesome reading!" ... written by Kel
woww!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kel
Did a good healing." ... written by pavan
Wow... One of a kind healer, one of a kind powerful experience!" ... written by happiness
He is very exciting!!! Gives me hope in life! Thank you so much, Van!!!" ... written by vegas
Was right on point. Knew what the issue was before I spoke about it." ... written by Ladybugs
GREAT UPDATE. THX YOU VERY MUCH1" ... written by queenbee22
Vanamal has incredible insight. " ... written by Trevor
Helped at the most important hour of need. Thanks." ... written by madhu_t46
Today's reading was very strong and powerful!" ... written by Vegas
2nd reading with Vanamali, as usual, very accurate and honest! yes, something that I don't want to be true, but he did not sugar coating, he tell the truth. Very kind man! of course keep him as favorite physic. He is amazing and so gifted. Thank you for the reading" ... written by PIGLETME
Very good!" ... written by julia
Vana was very kind and always helpful with advice. Thanks Vana :-)" ... written by Sun
That reading was fantastic! I love Vanamali's positivity and sensitivity. He was just amazing today, like he was literally reading my mind. He has told me that my future holds some really great things so I am excited." ... written by sarebear
He always surprises me in every reading! leaves me speechless!! very helpful!! " ... written by Vegas
amazing healing, very thankful I met Van, he gives me hope again in life and love. " ... written by edith
fabulous" ... written by pjgovind
Great reading with lots of information, thank you so much. I will come back when I can spend more time with you. I appreciate your insight and detailed explanation of the situation." ... written by Jenn
Great reading,highly recommended!" ... written by Maria
He is very fast, connects very well. Gave me some good thoughts…picked up well on my soul and purpose. I would highly recommend him!" ... written by D. Rose
very calm, serene and wise words. Made me reflect which helped!" ... written by pjgovind
Van is the best! Gives me hope like always!!! Thank you Van!" ... written by vegas
Amazing!!!!!" ... written by lifeslife
omg very mindblowing!!! couldnt stop reading with this man!! he said things b4 i could speak them!!! I will definitely read again!! Hes a must try!! he will stun u!" ... written by k
Awesome reading just wow!" ... written by Kel
It was my first reading with him and he was great! So gentle, right on the spot with his reading. Wish I had more time. I will definitely get another reading from him." ... written by skier8001
Van is amazing like always!!" ... written by Vegas
Quite an experience. Considering I hadn't said much about myself, everything was too relevant to doubt anymore." ... written by Eon
amazing. Truly can connect with you and knows what is going on in a profound way. thank you so much" ... written by chris138
Ty." ... written by Kel
Wow just plain amazing." ... written by Kel
Knew exactly what I'm feeling and the reasons why. Even knew my lucky number. I feel much better and feel that with the things he told me to do I will change and find the joy I so need in my life. Thanks again my friend" ... written by chris138
Van is always amazing! Thank you so much for telling me about my family! Its exciting to know that everyday I am one step closer to a better life! " ... written by Vegas
hope i clear my cords. he is great i like him" ... written by maria
awesome" ... written by Linda
He was very helpful !" ... written by Jennifer
Wow. The reading was amazing read me like in knew me .He give me the solution. Thank you for helping me." ... written by Lety79
Van is so helpful and honest and has a great knowledge, I appriciate his best intentions and advice, he is very connected to spirit! thank you!" ... written by jazzychic7
I just love this guy so much! He really knows exactly what is going on. It is like someone tells you what you need to hear, but also what you already know! He is certainly an investment! I greatly appreciate that he has the time to always be there for me. This is my third reading with him, and i'm sure it isn't my last. Amazing, Caring, Penetrating, and Truthful! 5 stars!! " ... written by Kaitlin
Van is very amazing! Highly recommend!!" ... written by Vegas
good reading......good motivation" ... written by iks
great!" ... written by diane
He is great andamp; honest psychic! Thank you very much for advising and guiding in the spiritual life ! You are a true gift of God! Blessings xxx =)" ... written by f
Great and accurate reading! Thanks for the amazing advices! :) blessings xx" ... written by fd
he was great and amazing, highly recommend him " ... written by bp
Great as always! one of the best on Oranum! Thank you :) Very honest and open psychic thank you :) " ... written by f
WOW! he is great psychic and very accurate! thanks for the advices! :)" ... written by f
Van is very passionate with his words!! I love his energy, thank you so much!! " ... written by Vegas
Vanamali connects to soul of people ... insightful" ... written by Ann
spot on ! he is amazing!" ... written by saycheese9411
he was so kind and picked up on a lot." ... written by jessica
Van is amazing like always! I know I have become more stronger and spiritual because of him!! Thank you for giving me hope in love, life and my future!" ... written by Vegas
I am blown away I am speechless" ... written by Lorna
Brilliant, excellent reading, but I got intrupted my end so had to end reading earlier than I would have liked " ... written by mandy harrison
very good reading, honest and straight forward xx" ... written by kim
We talked about alot of stuff, and he seemed to be able to know about it all. he wasn't just guessing. recommend this reader out of the others only 1.99" ... written by Callum
he was pretty good! gave good advice and i shall implement that and w8 for the results." ... written by saycheese9411
So kind and inspiring. Every time very accurate. Wonderful words and advice, thank you Vanamali. :)" ... written by Natalia
Wonderful reading... straight to the point, past, present and future he has a true gift, put me at ease, and pointed me in the right direction, his energy is amazing Thank you very much Vanamali, See you again soon " ... written by jojoed
VanamliHealer is extremely gifted." ... written by Katherine
Very helpful and quick to resolve my questions. Expertly delivered his advice and was compassionate. Will return for a reading in the future." ... written by LC
Thanks for the advice Vanamali, always insightful." ... written by Martkos
Very wonderfully speaking with Vana. Just like talking to an old friend. Thanks 4 the update Vanamali " ... written by Sun
Bravo. Completely and utterly spot on. Probably one of the best readings I have ever had." ... written by Justin
He knew more about me than most of my close family members. I aslo felt like I walked away the private with knowledge and tools to continue my path of healing this lifetime. I will definitely be back!" ... written by David
He was really good :)" ... written by Adiz
Vanamihealer was right on without me ever speaking. Insightful, honest and compasionate. I appreciate his approach and friendliness of handling my delicate situation. Aloha." ... written by Nitewalker2
He is wonderful and sooo accurate! I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Vanamali is so accurate and gives such useful advice. He is definitely connected spiritually and is such a lovely lovely person. Highly recommended." ... written by MaryB11
everything he said he was right......" ... written by indiajudy
Vanamali is so very intuitive. He knew so much about me without me having to say anything. Very sensitive and clear." ... written by sometimes4321
He is simply an angel. Such a positive soul, he gave the the words I needed to hear. Very accurate. Extremely recommended. Certainly I will return again." ... written by Vic
what a gifted soul .. truly on the mark and if you allow him, he goes deep and really sees the truth of your path; I can 100% say his predictions are on point." ... written by maddi
Vanamali is easy to converse with, compassionate in his readings and will help you understand to obtain a deeper meaning to things. I have called upon him several occasions. He is consistent." ... written by Nitewalker
beyond incredible" ... written by bec
wonderful reading. lost connection couldn't continue" ... written by three yorkies
this man is wonderfull, everything he says is just on point hes so accurate and so lovely, highly recommend " ... written by terri
Great...on point...." ... written by vilmacatala3397
ty for a nice reading :)" ... written by william
astounding, no other word could i use for the reading. I felt as if Vanamalihealer had been reading a auto biography of my life. He was kind, quick and so correct about everything. I will return to this astute, gifted young man" ... written by three yorkies
Just fantastic, as always. Sees straight into your soul. Thanks Vana." ... written by sarebear
Van understands exactly the situation I am in and gives useful advice. Very compassionate reader." ... written by MaryB11
Very, very detailed. Extremely helpful." ... written by Grace
He just gets me....he's awesome :)" ... written by sarebear
Always A Great reading, provides healing and peace of mind. X" ... written by Anastasia
good reading thanks" ... written by Sun
Amazing healer, would definitely recomend any one who is after a healing. Feel so connected to him through out the healing work. " ... written by Theme12
super excellent n to the point !never wasted a moment with him...hes very accurate" ... written by shnaz abdul
WOW! Great! Love readings with you! Fantastic! :) :) :)" ... written by f
great! thanks" ... written by f
Always a fantastic, thorough and accurate reading with VanamaliHealer. Highly recommended. " ... written by bec
It feels so good to be reunited with Van!! Like always thank you my friend for giving me clarity and hope in life!!" ... written by Vegas
Wonderfull reading wonderfull man " ... written by Nidal
Absolutely magnificent advice! You saved the day, Thanks Vana!" ... written by Sunstorm
Wow amazing session, I thought he was in the room with me! He knew so much about me and even what was going on around me physically! Definitely understands and connects well. Thank you again." ... written by bijutsu
excellent reading !! really quick and was spot on with the reading. Would highly recommend him. Thank you so much :)" ... written by bigshorty
I was drawn to Vanamali in a dream and in the private I barely spoke a word but he was so spot on with everything he was telling me. He is truly gifted and I feel privileged to have had a reading with him. Many blessings to you." ... written by Jagratti
Very spot on with everything xxx" ... written by Softice
Vanamali was really good with picking up things.. He had really good advices by sensing my situation. Thanks for the good reading vanamali :)" ... written by Pooja
A great healer " ... written by theme
Spending needed time with this person helped me do something I tried to do by myself many times and couldn't until now. to embrace myself and allow healing and open up to love. He gave me very accurate details, homework, and opened up my life so I could finally embrace my true self. Its hard to explain when you know intuitively what to do that lead me to seek him and hard to express my session. But if you know anything about his way of dealing it comes down to this, be open and allow his gifts to heal you." ... written by Laura
sorry i ran out of credits but you were spot on in everything you said about me. thank you very much! will chat again." ... written by carmen
good healer he just know like that" ... written by shalini devi
I have worked with Vanamali Healer for a while and he always talks fast and you should bring a recording of some sort to get his info otherwise you will be bombarded with too much info all at once, aside from that, he is able to see whats needed to say and believe me he is dead on for accuracy and so encouraging. Please use this person. You will learn so much about yourself. His guides are super!" ... written by Laura
He is really good. The things he says about me makes sense." ... written by anna
a lot odf time well spent and very very accurate in all areas too . wonderful" ... written by dan
Vanamali knows exactly what I'm all about and what is going on in my life. He gave me the perfect advice and is a true gem of a person. He is so very compassionate and understanding. God bless him." ... written by MaryB11
Wow! You amazed me from the first word. You can see through me lots of things. Thank you for advises. I would love to come back and ask for more. Certainly i will. Thank you for your insights! 5 star for sure! You are gifted. :)" ... written by Alicja
he is spot on and gave me all the answers that i am looking for. God bless him!" ... written by humility
Great reading. Thank you!!!" ... written by P
his great!! thanx for the advice!!!" ... written by Sheemal Goundar
Thank you for the healing session! You brought me to purifying tears! :) I would love to do more." ... written by Alicja
VanamaliHealer is genuine in character and he has true, unquestionable talent. He appears to access information very quickly, and has the ability to answer very specific questions regarding past, present and future. Because of this I was able to achieve full benefit during just a 15 minute session with him. I highly recommend him! " ... written by Kimber
Good connection, very helpful for my growth...Exactly what I needed :)" ... written by Mily
very good reading" ... written by veezee
Wow, such an amazing reading. money well spent. Thank you and many blessings." ... written by heartdesire
i love what he had to say. nailed the x to a tee. " ... written by sweetbug
I wanted to follow up with Vanamali because of a disturbing natal chart for a potential date and, I came to Vanamli so I could see what he thought of the person. It is a good thing to do and the things he said really confirmed some of the reservations I had. Good thing I didn't meet this person. The last thing I need is anger and unfaithful guy. LOL! " ... written by MCAREY
Thank you very much! you always bring to me more peace and understanding!" ... written by Alicja
Wonderful, as per usual! I feel like he can see right into the heart of me. :)" ... written by Sarah
Was feeling down and a litle depressed but after a healing seasion with van, my mind was very light and relaxed. " ... written by Theme
THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE READING! " ... written by Alicja
Intune with his spiritguides, " ... written by Jordy
Reading was very informative,Thanks Vana." ... written by Sun
wow! wonderful reading ! He was amazing ! he is so honest, kind and accurate psychic.. its a big pleasure to talk with you.. and I really appreciate your kindness and understanding ;) xxx god bless you" ... written by fdiv
highly recommend. " ... written by soul
Beautiful and compassionate spirit. Talented amongst angels, you will smile within yourself after his reading. Blessings XOXOXO" ... written by MILA2222
AAAAAwwwwwwwsome! thank you so so much. You seem to link in to my situation without me having to explain from the start. Unbeliveable in an astounding way and totally believable in your words, Thanks, thanks ,thanks. TF." ... written by Tabathafox
Thank you very much for your help your help! Always informative and helpful!" ... written by Felicia
He gave good advice." ... written by Danielle Harris
Thank you so much... Exactly what I needed to grow spirituality" ... written by Mily
WOW! Thank you again! one of the best on Oranum! :) :) :) god bless you" ... written by f
Van gave me advice on spiritual growth and in figuring out my next steps. He always helps me in finding balance in life. He can truely connect to anyone to help them in reaching their potential so that they can succeed in life with joy. Good Day " ... written by Avish
i am very glad ,he was very intuitive ." ... written by hashani
Really greater reader and teacher! Vanamali gave me challenges and the tools to use to meet and accomplish these challenges for making my life better. Thank you very much. I recommend Vanamali to all that feel they need help making their life better." ... written by Krista Elliott
Had an amazing healing time. I would describe it as seeing the solar ecplise. I will recomend van to any one who would like to get things sorted in their life on a long term basis. Good day. " ... written by Avish
I am so glad to speak with you.. :) You calm my mind and my soul.. I am so lucky to find you.. you are my friend for a long time.. I am really lucky to speak with you and receive your wisdom and inspiration.. :) God bless you :) much love to you.. blessings :) xx" ... written by fd
Vanamalihealer is more than a psychic, he is my psychologist.... he did not only give u a timeframe, he heal you and guide you ,,,,,,, I must say he pass very good and calm energy back to the unstable me... he basically save me and my day... I recommand everyone just go see him.... it is definitely help more than money cost...... cost effective!!!" ... written by lemonbaby
van is absolutely amazing...his energy alone drew me to him...and i was blown away at how he is so very wise and insightful.. whatever you think is hidden is what he picks up on first and he tells you exactly what you need to work on.. he is respectful, but also does not sugar coat anything...also gives useful scenarios on how to get u thru whatever challenges u face...he on was spot on with all points pertaining to past and present...and I truly believe in what he sees for future.. cannot thank you enough for what you have shared with me was such a blessing to have a reading with you and I look forward to chatting with you and light x" ... written by missvika
Great reading! Thank you ;) xx God bless you" ... written by f
Vanamali thanks so much for the healing session today. It was very good to receive a spring cleaning of the key chakra points. Your observations and explanations were spot on, and the healing / meditation helped. I feel much better and energised afterwards. Much appreciated and as always I can highly recommend your services." ... written by Martkos
WOW, he described the way I am in a relationship and how i could manifest the positive energy. it was an amazing session. it was direct to the point and very calm. thank you" ... written by megabee9
Fantastic! =) Thank you" ... written by f
Thank you Vanamal, You just dont realize how much i adore you. You have literally been there for me through this whole ordeal with the situation in my life and for this i was able to gain so much respect and trust and love for you. I get up early in the morning certain days so that I can catch you here on Oranum. " ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
It was very inspiring and made alot of sense. Thank you do much I will stay focused! " ... written by lynnrmc
This guy is so good, good energy and talking!" ... written by M
Thankyou! Very informative as always! Good reading!" ... written by Felicia
He is lovely... really like his energy and the way of his work. Blessings." ... written by Gaby11
Great, very great. He is truly good, loved your advice. Feel much better." ... written by mp
Wow, the man can read my mind! Perfectly timed advice. What I have been feeling for awhile but he just said it out loud and confirmed it for me. Thank you so much Van xo" ... written by sarebear
My favorite on this site. He is a guru/ teacher in the disguise of a brilliant young psychic and healer. Wisdom, compassion and love from this man. I highly recommend him. He is a God send." ... written by iconnect
Vana is amazing, I have had many reading with him. He is very gifted, connected, and generous. He really understands what a person needs to hear. I always appreciate his time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. " ... written by Kaitlin
what a beautiful, strong meditation, so spot on and so accurate, did not need to say anything. I come to Van for healing if I feel out of balance and he helped me tremendously in the past and his hearings are immediate. such a wise, old soul, thank you so much x" ... written by jazzychic
another session to discuss current affairs. I love that van delivers honesty and doesn't beat around the bush but in a loving way and with clear explanation. he's awesome!" ... written by jazzychic
* * WOW * * Great teacher and excellent advisor. VanamaliHealer has so much knowledge you couldn't find to guide you to your spiritual path. He ask nothing from me and he knows me. I am impressed. He is a truly gifted. * * * ** 5 Stars * * *" ... written by Lovingcompassion
thank you for giving me the confirmation and guidance that I needed to hear. He was so amazing and really took the time to explain the wonderful situation ahead. 5 stars! highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
very very emotional reading!!! vanamalihealer was incredible!!!!! i cannot explain how accurate he was!!!!!!!!! i am truly blown away!! thank you so very much " ... written by Lauren
after having many readings Vanamali proved to be one of the most helpful, sincere and honest spiritual advisors. he tunes into energy on deep, accurate levels. He helped me a lot, and his words have proved to be a timeless advice.. all best to you!! x" ... written by jazzychic
he is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!! really goes deep to the root of your problems and makes you understand the situation!!!! could never thank you enough xxx" ... written by Lauren
love him. he is spectacular. he's so unbelievably connected. " ... written by tiffany
That was very what I needed straight to the point Thank you Vanamali and thank you Angels and guides for the help." ... written by Mily
Thanks again for another wonderful reading!" ... written by ssiren
Love van he is unbelievable! best on oranum ) xxx" ... written by j
This guy is my Life Coach. He's awesome!!!! Don't hesitate. Go private now. This money spent will come back to you a thousand fold. Wow!!!!! wow!!!! wow!!!!" ... written by Golden_Aura
* * *WOW* * * How do I explain the private reading sessions with VanamaliHealer?? Answer: I got more than I paid for. A true psychic with the knowing and the ability to explain things that are not easy to express. I came to him before, and this is my second time with Vanamali because other psychics can tell you what will happen, but he will explain WHY. Without any information about me, he has been accurately knowing me and have helped me to see clearly my future. I sincerely, thank you." ... written by Lovingcompassion
very good reading would definately recommend" ... written by leon
Excellent!!!! Thank you for being honest andamp; guiding me on how to go about dealing with all situations." ... written by Cher
Love van he is my number one! " ... written by Jod
I loved his energy. He was very caring and very understanding. Thank you for the reading. I will come back for more guidance. " ... written by Victoria
had a great reading, van helped me find clearity " ... written by theme12
i cannot put into words how incredible he is!!!!!!!!!!!! i am blown away!!!!!" ... written by Lauren
great! " ... written by ..
Amazing reader! Thank you so much for your time! =)))" ... written by ..
Very spiritual, wonderful reader. Vanamali connected with my problems on a deep level and offered solutions. He really tried in the time to give me as much information about my life and future as he could. 5 stars xxxxx" ... written by Elizabeth
He was so gooooood, spot on, perfect advice, great insight. He explained everything. Best 30 dollars spent on here. He needed hardly any info. He just poured it all out in detail and quickly. In depth. I didn't really need to ask questions because he knew all the answers. Wow!!! Wowwwwww!!!!!!!!! I know this is saving my marriage but it was already destined. Thank you, thank you. My four children thank you. " ... written by Golden_Aura
Awesome extremely professional ,caring, and gifted. Easy to talk to knowledgeable. Picked up on things right away with no information needed. Spot on direction and clarity. Highly recommend........." ... written by NOVA
Perfect wisdom. The angels are talking to me through Vana." ... written by Golden Aura
very good :)" ... written by alicja
this was amazing!!!!" ... written by cham
best reading ever!!" ... written by chamo
vanamali is one of the kind, he is a true spiritual advisor and councelor. He gives amazing timeless advice and words are full of wisdom i need to write down… I go to him to understand my path more deeply and every time I speak to him I learn so much, thank you!!" ... written by jazzychic
Very great insight..... super accurate on personality and situation (to a pretty granular level) without me mentioning anything. Great life coach as well." ... written by jones
great" ... written by Golden
wonderful, guiding, really helps me. same price as a psychologist but more tuned in. " ... written by golden_aura
most incredible person and psychic! always always help to my life xxxx" ... written by Lauren
Very considerate and caring. Gave sound messages. Let's see how life unfolds." ... written by .
Very good advice and direction to help me on my life path. " ... written by Golden Aura
Excellent Reading. Vanamali, is honest, compassionate, understanding, straight to the point and truthful. A natural psychic / intuitive and a good communicator. Provides practical and in depth insight and advice, with helpful examples. One of the best spiritual life coaches on Oranum." ... written by Martkos
Very detailed andamp; accurate infomation. Said alot of things that were very true for me and the changes I need to make to improve my life. Im very impressed with his accuracy! Thank you vanamali ;)" ... written by priscilla
Absolutely stunning reading with true abilities, deep meaning andamp; understanding, andamp; real spiritual rational. Thank you so much!" ... written by James
Vanamali is very insightful with true angelic messages to guide you in your life! He helps with present situations but also with your soul's journey. He's the guy. Don't waste your money on anyone else. I would trust Vanamali with my life(is that weird to say on here?). Totally gifted and he is special!!!! " ... written by Golden
Great and fulfilling reading on every aspect of life. Thanks!" ... written by in_the_making
Very useful, I have a lot to do now. " ... written by Mily
He is honest . " ... written by sai
Made me understand a lot of things I could not understand before." ... written by Sherry
Van gave me lots of information about 2015, and the things that I should do to get my life on track. " ... written by theme12
really missed your mentoring and insights, thank you so much!!!" ... written by c
Amazing reader. I hope the prediction comes true." ... written by Justin
Very satisfied and excellent" ... written by Gopalakrishna
Always accurate with great energy" ... written by Anastasia
I am very happy and satisfied chatting with VanamaliHealer." ... written by Gopalakrishna
very accurate detail and informative" ... written by wing
Awesome connection and reading.. very accurate and inspiring reader.. Highly recommend Vanamali !! thanks! " ... written by me
Thanks Van. Brought me to tears again with your accuracy. Spot on. xo" ... written by sarebear
Super and helpful as usual... highly recommanded" ... written by lemonbaby
Speaking with Vana is always a blessing!" ... written by Sun
great reading" ... written by veezee
Had to come back for some more time with Van. He really does get me and can read me like a charm. xo" ... written by sarebear
I enjoyed the reading, and will do what is necessary to move in my life. I thought the reading was very nice." ... written by water
Always an amazing experience, in depth and detailed readings. Gives so much clarity and insight on your situations and really cares to give you the information you not only want but need to change things in your life and feel better about it. Thank you XO" ... written by Anastasia
Had the most amazing healing session with van. A guided healing meditation with the angels. And through out the healing process van tells you important information about your life and how the process of healing works at the level of energies (chakra's) which he works at. I belive befor he does this, he also identifies which part of your life needs to be worked at. Most amazing, informative and fruitful !!!" ... written by theme12
thank you dear, I often simply need to have my head and heart in line,.. you help a lot darling!" ... written by c
nice energy, good reading" ... written by kw
Thanks my friend. I needed your advice on this. You are right on and with your help to remind me what to do is already with me. " ... written by Lovingcompassion
great help and support with deep insight! thank you!" ... written by c
amazing as always!" ... written by Sarah
Great connection, good kick in the butt that I needed so badly. Thank you Mr. Vanamali. Always insightful and I think just hearing your voice makes my day better. ;)" ... written by dingding
Thanks Van, great connection as always :)" ... written by Sarah
amazing as always!" ... written by Tiffany
divine sent helping angel, i love him to pieces" ... written by soulconnection
good" ... written by annette
very profound and healing experience with this wonderful human being! he gets to such deep levels within your soul and the healing is on a deep and meaningful level.. theres no need to hide with this reader... he can see who you truly are.. and he is simply amazing. thank u :)) " ... written by b
He's good" ... written by vix
What an amazing connection this man has! Very quick and clear and very much to the point and correct. He covers all bases and to be honest you don't need to get a reading anywhere else after one with him. RECOMMENDED!" ... written by Trixiescott1968
Wow ! he could see right inside of me like no one else. Saw my situation like he was right here staying with me. Gave him one question andamp; he took it from there, I really didn't have to say anything more. Glad I recorded it , because i need to hear his advice again, to help me make changes to myself andamp; situation." ... written by Flowing
Thanks again for a great reading!" ... written by swsiren
i cant believe how insightful he is, its like he knows the whole story... very impressed. thank you" ... written by afroditi23
great reading, i will try to do what you say and thanks for the advice. i hope things change for me." ... written by linda
love love loved my reading with him!! I will have to come back for me" ... written by l
Very insightful. Good direction and very affirming in life path for my daughter. I will consult again. Thank you so much." ... written by Golden Aura
VanamaliHealer was incredibly helpful to me today!! Can't say enough kind words about how his words and guidance has affected me...letting go of the past and welcoming in the future has me excited again. Looking forward to what 2015 will grateful for his help today...his energy and spirit is so calming. 5 stars!!!" ... written by Carrie
This man is a real gift! He speaks the truth, higher wisdom, for your highest good. He is the real deal, if you are looking for true guidance for your soul's growth and purpose, you must experience his abilities for yourself. He is a blessing to the site!" ... written by atlantis111
Very insightful, helpful, spot on guy!! I recommend!" ... written by Londo
Bless you great reading thanks for your help x" ... written by Mel
I have had a few readings with vanamali healer and every private is so different but special.. his guidance points me in the right direction and he connects on such a deep spiritual level to the given situation.. which is what I like. I like understanding why things are such a way, and he explains it with such care and understanding, and the most important, what action steps I should take.. worth every penny! everyone should have a vanamlihealer in their lives. thank you :))" ... written by j
always spot on. pure and gifted, highly recommended" ... written by bec
Wonderfull reading thank you!" ... written by Sonja Boes
Thank you so much for an amazing reading and for helping me realize that everything takes time." ... written by megabee9
Wow.... I honestly have no words to describe what I just experienced with Vanamali Healer. He could not have been more detailed, accurate, precise, wise, patient, kind, motivating... I feel like I just left a weekend long retreat in the mountains and I don't want to leave! Oh my God! This man is amazing and a TRUE, true gifted psychic and healer. Healer in a sense that he healed me with words. I cannot believe what just happened in private chat. As many readings I have had here, none compare to this. 100% satisfied. Simply amazing..." ... written by Sam603
Gifted and so giving and compassionate." ... written by familyhelper
You are amazing and truly gifted. Thank you." ... written by familyhelper
the best on oranum" ... written by kj
kj" ... written by kj
had a good guidance reading from vanz" ... written by theme
love him and his caring and spot on advice, always return for mentoring and updatees. thank you again my dear, xx c" ... written by c
Thank you so much for all your insight and positive energy and helping me to find the path to understand who I am and how to get there. How you describe my life is a picture storybook of how it has been. Following your guidance to understanding myself will bring me much happiness and realizing that who I am is okay. I cannot thank you enough. I must learn how to re-align my chakras and meditate and I'll be all set and on the right path to finding my destiny and happiness. :)" ... written by familyhelper
had a great demo with him very clear on the answer " ... written by sandra
thankyou darling, alwasy deep and clear understanding and insight to my situation and great advice. sending love always" ... written by c
very beautiful soul! incredibly accurate!" ... written by Lauren
Wow! Soooo much information he gave me!! And so accurately described my current situation, I can only believe the future predictions... He also gave me a really clear understanding of how to change things... just a really good read. Thank you, and many blessings to u xx" ... written by sam
Thank you Vanamali for going straight to the heart of it, with no word from me, knowing not only the situation, my inner world and energy system, diagnosis spot on, but also for giving me the tools, and the homework. " ... written by sunshine
This was the longest reading i had, but he really read in me like in a book. there lots of things i needed to hear! Now i can go on!" ... written by Sonia
Counselor, Healer, Reader, Awesome" ... written by Monroe
Good Read, Wow" ... written by Monroe
very good " ... written by sunita700
as inspiring as usual . Thanks so much vanimal" ... written by lemonbaby
Great uplifting insight and reminders of life! Vanamali is great and just what I needed to hear. He should write a book or do this for a living. :)" ... written by GoldenAura
great reading very helpful and informative" ... written by jo
Very insightful " ... written by Trixiescott1968
Vanamali Healer is the best." ... written by divpriya
Vanamali Healer is the best. He is accurate, very compassionate. Love talking to him." ... written by DivPriya
Spot on again as always. Thanks Van, always love your work xo" ... written by sarebear
Very good on emotional issues with relationships" ... written by Ebabe
he is an expert in what he does. strongly recommend!" ... written by grace
Such a light of clarity, honesty and love !!! Always a pleasure to have a reading with Van, he's simply very gifted and an amazing person. XO" ... written by Anastasia
He is very true! I am happy that I open my Oranum tonight for allow me to meet Vanamali and have this beautiful session with him! " ... written by Susan
i like his manner, his insight and compassion; hes very wise and comforting, i will return to him, thx!!" ... written by afroditi23
thank you Vanamali! you are so right and accurate about the situation i asked, waiting for your predictions! xxx" ... written by Alicja
Amazing ! So insightful and spot on ! Very Kind " ... written by Anne
good direction and helps center me. " ... written by golden
i felt like an open book with this Vanamali healer, superb" ... written by nada
good insight, helping me find best decision" ... written by goldenaura
good advice for relationships on a very spiritual level that really appeals to me. He really understand someone on a much higher level and I appreciate his insight. " ... written by golden
Good reading" ... written by Ganesh
one of the more practical readings. I def felt like he had a connection" ... written by keith
Thanks again for another lovely reading! I always love how you give a deeper and more detailed insight into my situation. I highly recommend VanamaliHealer" ... written by swsiren
Thank you for the thorough reading. Very different than anything I have had before, but very accurate. Wonderful!!! highly recooment. THank you so much. " ... written by M.
So helpful, I received so much clarity. I was really touched by how well he knew my situation and what I was going threw within myself." ... written by Barbara
Excellent reading! We had a strong connection. I appreciate Van's warmth and caring." ... written by AJ
Great guidance, gentle but truthful insight for best outcome of relationships. thank you" ... written by goldenaura
amazingly honest, i love the advice that was given to me by Vanamali " ... written by nada
I had the best reading!!! Very positive energy with him and he was right on with everything about my life. The changes and the things I need to do. I will so use him again, so wonderful and charming. AWESOME READING!" ... written by julieweinburg12
I find him amazing. He picked up on very specific things relating to my situation. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Great reading and very compassionate" ... written by bob7261
very accurate and helpful and kind" ... written by ali
wow! Direct and to the point, wonderful gets straight into the reading, doesn't ask too many questions and picked up my situation correctly. Thank you for your support and guidance Vanamali i really appreciate you and the insight and guidance you have given to me. Many many many blessings, Love and Peace." ... written by lionessroar
Wow, VanamaliHealer really knew how to read my energy and what my issues that are blocking my life. This is the kind of reading you need to empower you, and that you yourself is your conduit with accurate statements about what is going on with you and around you (did not even have to say name, DOB only energy). Also help me sort out relationship issues and everything he said what correct about the other person! Also made some predictions which I feel in my heart will come to fruition :-)" ... written by CeLia
He is amazing.. I will 100% be coming back for more :) Intuition and wisdom - great tools for a reading that actually helps and make the truth clear. Thanks Vanamali. You are more than just a psychic " ... written by A
He is truly amazing. Different fro any reader that I have every experienced on this site or off of it. He really gave me advice and insight that I knew in my heart but was too afraid to commit. He was able to read me like a book and things became so deep that I began to cry. Thank you so much. You will forever be my favorite reader. I will work on the things you talked to me about and comeback for updates." ... written by Artisa
good, positive reading always. " ... written by gldn
My reading with Vanamali was really great and very helpful. He accurately connected to my situation and quickly as well. He is most kind and caring but also clearly asserted things that were necessary to push points and get this information across in a way that was heard. Most insightful and I will most definitely be back to see him again when I can. Thank you, you shine bright Vanamali :)" ... written by Angel
really great reader. Very accurate and great advice. Does not waste time and gets to the point immediately." ... written by Ess
he was spot on the readings. i appreciate kindness, and complete honesty- - even though it wasn't exactly what i wanted to hear. " ... written by mm
answers as you ask and has already been very on spot with a lot... :)" ... written by tochoose
Thank you. See you in 6 months or so. He always helps me to get a great insight to move forward." ... written by Mily
on the spot. I will def go back to him everytime. his honest and everyword he said was true. Iv been to many many physic but his really great." ... written by kiran
He's a blessing and treasured gift sent to us to help and guide us. Always amazing, accurate, friendly and inspirational, so much love for him and in his approach and his sincerity !! XO" ... written by Anastasia
Great reading by Vanamali !! Very accurate about my issues and gave very good advise. Always enjoy our conversations, he is a very wise and spiritual young man!! Highly recommended!! " ... written by Lynda22
He is really helped open my eye and see what was really going on. he is truly gifted and caught on quickly with my situation" ... written by Abby
he is very honest and insightful" ... written by MEMOONA BILAL
Very accurate reading, he is a fantastic reader and is so kind and brilliant." ... written by sereneplus
good reading, life lessons. " ... written by great reading
Excellent reader, very in tune. Great advice I would highly recommend him." ... written by phyl
I have to say that this was the best reading I have done!! By far :) Very insightful, he was clear and got straight to the point and covered so much. And, he did not need to know anything prior to starting, everything flowed out naturally and very accurately. I am being totally up front and was wowed. Best reading ever!" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
wow... Vanamalia was directly into the thick of things without me saying a word. he spoke about things I have barely told anybody let alone mentioned within our chat. he read me so accurately and so caringly and attuned! Such a kind and gifted angelic soul. I will be back to read with him again" ... written by Sebastien
all I felt inside, was told by him. " ... written by m
Very good reading. Helpful insights, without sugar coating. Recommended." ... written by Daniel
VanamaliHealer is very knowledgeable and helpful, thank you so much for the insight and clarity. Spot-on, saw everything correctly. Gave very good advice, I will be following it. Love and Blessings." ... written by J
Your energy in very clear and u took your time. Wish I had more time. thank you ever so much. May God continue to bless n keep you. By the way I like that Background Picture. have a great Day." ... written by Annicia
Again very good reading , accurate , jump right to the point. REcommendeD!" ... written by lemonbaby
Excellent reading. He could see the exact problem in my life and has given good suggestions." ... written by Being
Great interesting reading, really hit to the core and made me emotional will be back once I get more credits. Thank You :) " ... written by Sherry K
Thanks so much, Van. This was very helpful." ... written by Justin
As good as always....feel positive after talking to him....." ... written by lemonbaby
Wow! blowed my mind! amazing!" ... written by magicoAura
WOW! I am mindblown" ... written by Serra
Van was amazing, he really hit the nail on reading me and the other person, who i asked about, Van is Genuine and really sees true visions in regards to seeing through people and there lives, and I am so happy to have met him and read with him, and I look foward to his predictions coming true. Your a Godsent van thank you so much." ... written by ben
Really good psychic. Loved my reading!" ... written by Naina
he is good as always and give me good ideas" ... written by m
Very good reading, helpful" ... written by neshee
Thanks so much to Vanamali... very uplifting messages of truth and love and very accurate. Highly recommend Vanamali , if you are seeking the truth! " ... written by Lynda22
Thanks for the clarity.. hope I stop feeling like the zombie i do rite now. You are very intuitive and connect well with energies. " ... written by Shiks
he is amazing!!!! accurate and made me cry. that's a good thing" ... written by Moonlyte21
Great as before! so insightful :) " ... written by Serra
he is my guide , mentor ************ stars" ... written by simone
AMAZING AND KIND ALWAYS" ... written by Anastasia
this guys got some great skills, good emotional understanding and real intuitive, helpful approach." ... written by Prof. Irwin Corey
Relly an adept healer and seer, he helped me become aware of some deep patterns and how to heal them." ... written by Ollie Neuwirth
Vanamali is very good reader, spot on and very intuitive, fast, kind person, five stars! very proactive and good advices" ... written by Ernie Rethwitsch
Very helpful I think" ... written by ThomasKnight
very good reading, good insights" ... written by nasah
I really like this guy. Hes got an awesome perspecitive and approach to healing , right on the money and proactive about seeing the solutions and deep patterns. I reccomend this guy five stars." ... written by Christy the Clown
was very genuine and outstanding reading, knew everything and helped with my chakras" ... written by katie
Amazing, such a blessing to the world. I am grateful to have come across Van and to God for giving me more of an earth guide to help me on my life journey here in the physical world XO" ... written by Anastasia
This guy's a great, engaged healer, and I appreciate his abilties and sincerity." ... written by Bernie Worrell
Hi...great time...sorry I had to go didn't know credits were quite that expensive. Thank you though. Excellent job" ... written by Flarington
great reading van thank you " ... written by theme
Great intutive and counsellor, appreciate his perspective" ... written by Giuseppe Granfalloon
Van is amazing, truly gifted in every which way. He knew me at the back of his hand and read me literally like a book." ... written by Cassie
Amazingly gifted individual who's super accurate with readings and giving heartwarming advice." ... written by Cassie
Saved my life" ... written by Rob
Fabulous......" ... written by manorama
I'm blown away. Very intense reading. incredibly strong energy. Extremely accurate and enlightening. Very gifted reader! I am so grateful to have found him" ... written by Amy
Very good.." ... written by Nandita
a person who really genuinely is made for showing others something useful in life, take him to pvt, it's worth it x" ... written by frag
Very good reading. Very insightful and meaningful. :)" ... written by Aruki Miko
Van's got a great vision and helps me see my issues and work w a postiive ,proactive vision for healing. Very engaged and aware reader." ... written by Ezra Von Clangtrammel
Van is a caring compassionate guy and a great intuitive." ... written by Gunther grass
another amazing session" ... written by Rob
Its one of that day in life when you accidentally stumble upon a few people but, experience your life changing and getting inspired by a wonderful simple approach as Van’s. This is just the beginning thats all i can say for now until next time……." ... written by Manorama1
I love van so much hes the only person i come to on here! hes absolutely astounding and the best of the best! honestly hes insight and depth of detail will astonish you! thank you again van :)xxx" ... written by Jodz
thank you van amazing update thank you !!! " ... written by theme
Superb, simply superb. Van's healing/reading/intuitive skills go good w his enthusiastic life coaching n encouragement i really appreicate it great psychological understanding" ... written by Granville Crenwick
great advice thank you van " ... written by theme
truly amazing. He makes you realize you had something in you and then there is a sudden burst of energy to be the person that is buried in you. He reads into energy, your current situation and future and tells you how to focus on you. Hardship does not go but how you deal with it makes a whole difference...making things easier as if there was no obstacles to deal with. Thank you x" ... written by sara
Great healing session. Van could connect with me very well and my energy chakras. Picked up where I need to work on. Thanks and I`ll be back. " ... written by Moon
Again Van really helps me and he is as good as always" ... written by lemonbaby
Van connects really good. The first time I went in his chat room, he can already feel my energy. Van also speaks word to word from his heart, you can feel his sincerity, his kindness and I really appreciate that. " ... written by Karen
Good reading thank you" ... written by nasher
Thanks again for another wonderful reading!!!" ... written by ffairy
Wow Wow Wow..the reading was smooth and structured with tapping into the energies involved and guiding through the process of solution. Great advice. Thank so much" ... written by MN
Awesome guy." ... written by Justin
vanamali - what a reading - thank you - transforming !" ... written by thetimeisnow
Friendly " ... written by shiva
Iam inspired to be me " ... written by Manorama1
I like Van, he has an engaged manner and effective techiniques for helping...very intuitive also" ... written by Quinston Qurchill
Very interesting and detailed.I loved the way he is explains the things around my aura and life" ... written by Tamara100
Thanks for your insight, I enjoyed the reading" ... written by ffairy
Very introspective! " ... written by telt
Amazing as always :) " ... written by Serra
Thank you for your advise as a friend. " ... written by Goldenflower
Great reading, so accurate, wow" ... written by heartdesire
Very nice man, gives good advice. Sees where the problems lie" ... written by Prairie
Vana is a really good person to talk to about your chakaras. He is passionate about helping people see where their energies are draining and excelled. This will help you where to focus in your life. In his sessions he helps people understand what they should also do to improve. " ... written by Pri
Nice informative reading. Gave me a lot to think about" ... written by jen
Amazing reader, picks up on so much, and has wonderful advice." ... written by M
thank you van for your support your aweosome" ... written by theme
nice,he is great !" ... written by sriram
good reading" ... written by neyuni
Thank you very much for today. " ... written by brianaaf2
Wow he was very good and saw the situation clearly and gave great advice. We will see what happens. Thank You!!!" ... written by bell
That was fantastic. spot on" ... written by Scrol123
I like van's readings, he's quick and intuitive, caring person." ... written by Thor Heyerdahl
great as usual!" ... written by Sarah
Very fast, very compassionate. " ... written by Wolfposse
Amazing reader!! Wow... I can actually say really wow. " ... written by love
Vanamalihealer is the best! I have been to him several times over the past year and he is has been bang on. He tunes into your energy field and does energy healing but he also does the prediction and insight things...I take notes of our sessions and in hindsight he has always been right. I highly recommend him!" ... written by NK
Amazing, I will remember him. " ... written by Cee
amazing! Very in depth and things said about me first are absolutely true! 5 stars!" ... written by love
Great insight and advice, as always. Thanks for the private chat. Very helpful." ... written by Martkos
Just had my first reading with Vanamali - one of the most amazing and insightful readings I have ever had. Thank you so much." ... written by Champers11
Hes good! connected right on spot. thank you Vanami" ... written by flattops
Brilliant, read the personalities very very well. Was spot on with the situation - WOW!" ... written by Trickynic1971
so accurate and caring individual, remembered me from a long time ago, talk to him!" ... written by onceuponatime
Another great session with Vanamali. Thank you so much for you encouraging words and insight. " ... written by M
Good reading and fast. no wastage of credits." ... written by smilingface7
Vanamali is an amazing and exceptional reader! His insights are so detailed and clear." ... written by Champers11
Amazing as usual" ... written by Serra
good advise!" ... written by l
thank you! he is a true person and knows stuff! really good!!!" ... written by m
great reading with vanamali :)" ... written by happy girl88
He is very honest and clear in his messages and felt, coming from his heart. I really like his energy, person and soul. thank you. " ... written by fresiaflower
This guy is fricking incredible. Too bad I didn't have much time left. He is the real deal. I called into a psychic hotline today, I didn't get much information... I tried another psychic on here, it was a bad experience... This guy on the other hand read me like a book. He didn't ask for my name, my birth information or anything. Just straight up told me about myself and my problems. I highly recommend him. " ... written by Mark
He has a very calming energy about him. I loved his reading. Not really a prediction so to speak but he picks up on things and gives you potentials. Options..." ... written by N/A
Amazing as always" ... written by serra
good read" ... written by DS
Thank you , i will keep in mind. " ... written by beautyqueen1001
accurate in his perceptions and what he sees" ... written by ll
The Best, i don't know how i could be better guided in my journey without Vans existence and presence ! Xo" ... written by Anastasia
Thanks for the reading. Very accurate! And helpful!" ... written by Jose
Such ana amzing reading! so happy to get a reading!" ... written by K
Such good reading " ... written by Kim Fields
Thank you for the reading." ... written by xo
Vanamalihealer is a fantastic reader! He gives a very different and valuable reading style to what I have experienced previously." ... written by Champers11
He connected very fast with me. To the point...." ... written by Nimya
Excellent reading, very insightful. " ... written by Anne
Thank you my friend! thank you for all your words." ... written by QUEENSARINA
Thank you, 5 stars" ... written by Pat
Lovely energy. thank you for reading." ... written by Marga
great reader - doesnt just scratch the surface - goes deep into things. " ... written by batdancer
Thank you! This reader is really a healer and spiritual advisor. Highly recommended if you want to learn." ... written by Lana
Detailed, reads you from within and out. He's great!" ... written by Jule
Gave some great advice I will that to heart!" ... written by bythesea
This man read me like an open book. He picked up A LOT of things about me without me giving any details. Honestly, I'm quite shocked by his ability. Will definitely come back for another reading!" ... written by Sum yung Guy
Fantastic reader. Vanamali was 100% accurate with everything he said about my life and situation. And that was without me giving him any information whatsoever about myself, not even my name or DOB. Extremely impressed. It was like speaking to someone who had known me for years and was giving me an honest overall appraisal of my life to date, where I am at now, and what I need to work on from here. A very gifted person. Highly recommended." ... written by sPEcTrA7
VanamaliHealer is such a gifted soul. He has amazing energy and is a wonderful life coach and reader. He truly gives you amazing advice and has your best interests at heart. I appreciate him and enjoy our readings...highly recommended!" ... written by Carrie
Good reading, thank you. Very accurate on the lady but ran out of time on the business," ... written by noosaareee
Very details reading from Vanamali without DOB..and he knows the situation well. " ... written by Emily
Helpful and caring" ... written by Mary B.
Thank you!" ... written by m
Amazing. Good insight and nice advise" ... written by Ricard
Excellent as every time" ... written by M
Vanamali is an amazing reader; he is right on the button with everything." ... written by Champers11
Great reader... wonderful life coach, wish I had more time with you!" ... written by Brandy
Very exceptional. It felt very real, very honest, I felt like he really cared, that he was definitely tuning into my actual situation. He picked up so much about my circumstances and energy and I am glad that I spent the time in his private room. Without doubt, I will be back. Many thanks. " ... written by Di
Vanamali is an amazing reader - extremely insigtful, fast and detailed!" ... written by Champers11
Amazing session! Really put a lot of things in perspective for me" ... written by labellavita35
He is simply Awesome ! His reading is so accurate andamp; excellent !! I like the way he explain with full of care andamp; concern with complete in detail ! He is really AMAZING !!!!!" ... written by Jay Shiva
Full of advice!" ... written by leahanna
Thank you so much! He is amazing helped me to understand the situation! He is pure gold. " ... written by mistyeyed
Thanks, what a great teacher he is." ... written by JJ
Instantly was able to get me and was able to spontaneously say so many accurate things. It was really incredible, and I wish I could have stayed longer. I'm so thankful for finding this person, and at just the right time. " ... written by Jennifer
Was looking for a help to myself got some steps to do that. " ... written by Nanna
i've had a lot of private readings on this site. this psychic is probably the most amazing one i've worked with. i asked about a relationship, and he described the person exactly. he also described me exactly. it was like he was literally here somehow seeing into me, and seeing into her. if you try anyone on this site, try him! you will not be disappointed!" ... written by joe
Fantastic connection, really felt like he picked up on my personality and current situation. Very articulate, and understanding. Genuinely nice person." ... written by Karrie
great reader knew so much and helped me a lot with what i need to do to continue on my path" ... written by mangos
interesting reading you having given me much to think on and can't wait to get another reading to let you no where things are going " ... written by rosie
Very in tuned with me and so very helpful!" ... written by Ava
Spiritual connection. Very helpful and look forward to my next reading. very fast talker and focuses on the need." ... written by Liz
Genuine guy ... Wise and True ... Use both ears with this man x" ... written by katzhous8