About TracyBlessings

Psychic TracyBlessingshas 30-years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic TracyBlessingshas recently helped 2085members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about TracyBlessings's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

**I SPECIALIZE IN SOUL MATE RECOGNITION, DECEPTION AND CHEATING, as well as OTHER RELATIONSHIP ISSUES. Come see me in private chat for clarity on your personal situation.**

PLEASE TAKE NOTE - I NO LONGER PROVIDE TIME FRAMES FOR EVENTS IN READINGS. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST THEM. Though Spirit has been very gracious in providing time frames which are almost always amazingly on target, even for such menial issues as when someone will send a text or initiate communication, the providing of such information has occasionally resulted in negative energy when clients demand a specific time frame for events to take place and the outcome is not what they want to hear. Many clients get stuck in unhealthy, dependencies on these time frames rather than taking positive action in their own lives. After considerable thought and consultation with Spirit I have decided to eliminate this potential problem with clients in my readings. Thank you for your understanding, consideration, and cooperation.


1. I DO NOT PULL CARDS IN MY FREE CHAT ROOM - And it is for a good reason: First of all, I am not connected to your energy in the free chat room, so any card I pull for you would have absolutely no relevance to your personal life or situation. Second, even if I were connected to your energy in the free chat room, pulling a single card is like showing you one piece of a jigsaw puzzle and expecting you to be able to see the whole picture. It does you absolutely no good and is of no value or service to you. So I don't pull cards in my room. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO.

2. I DO NOT ANSWER YES OR NO QUESTIONS OR ANY QUESTION ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL LIFE IN THE FREE CHAT ROOM - Even a yes or no question requires that I be connected to your energy, and the energy of those involved in the situation, in order to be able to give you the insight and guidance you desire. And I am not connected to your energy in the free chat room, so this is an impossible request. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO ANSWER PERSONAL QUESTIONS IN THE FREE CHAT ROOM...EVEN A YES OR NO QUESTION.

3. I AM NOT CONNECTED TO YOUR ENERGY IN THE FREE CHAT ROOM - As a Second Generation Natural Empath and Intuitive it is very important that I protect myself and my own energy while I am working on this site. As you can imagine, I interact with over 100 people during every single shift, and not everyone has the best energy or intentions. So I deliberately put protections around myself before I come on shift in order to NOT connect with people's energy. When you take me to private consultation I do a 30 second ritual to connect with your energy and the other energies involved in your situation and only then am I able to connect and gain insight into your life and concerns. AGAIN, PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL LIFE IN THE FREE CHAT ROOM.

4. THE FREE CHAT ROOM WAS NOT CREATED TO BE USED FOR ANSWERING QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL LIFE - The free chat room is a benefit of membership. It was designed to be an open environment where you may interact with any or all of the advisers and psychics on the site, as much as you like, so that you can find someone you feel cofortable with and whom you would trust to share your private, intimate questions and concerns with in a private consultation. THIS BENEFIT IS UNIQUE TO ORANUM and is something you will not find available, even for a fee, on any other psychic website. PLEASE RESPECT THIS BENEFIT AND UTILIZE IT FOR THE PURPOSE FOR WHICH IT WAS INTENDED.

5. I WILL GIVE FIRST PRIORITY AND ATTENTION TO MY CURRENT, PAYING CLIENTS IN THE FREE CHAT ROOM. If you are new and are just checking things out, please feel free to observe and get comfortable...but know that I WILL ALWAYS FOCUS THE MOST ATTENTION AND ENERGY ON MY EXISTING, PAYING CLIENTS.

6. BE KIND AND POLITE IN MY ROOM - I do not tolerate any disrespect to myself or the other members in my room and absolutely WILL ban you immediately if you display any kind of rudeness, flaming, sexual harassment, etc. I'm saddened that I even need to include this rule...but unfortunately, based on experience, this is a very necessary rule for me to mention.


* HEALING BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS and helping you obtain the outcome you desire by offering you REAL, CONCRETE, USABLE ADVICE
* HELPING YOU FIND YOUR SOUL MATE. Determining whether a meaningful LOVE RELATIONSHIP is coming for you in the next 12 months or not.
* MONEY, FINANCE, CAREER, JOB CHANGES, RELOCATION, etc. I can let you know if it looks like you will get that job or not.
* CONNECTION WITH LOVED ONES WHO HAVE PASSED ON - And sharing any messages they may wish to give you, as well as passing along your messages to them.
* Self-Esteem and Improved Quality of Life

~~~~~ABOUT ME~~~~~

I'm a Second Generation Natural Intuitive and Empath. This means that I was born with the ability to tap into other people's energies to sense what's going on with and around them.

My mother is also a natural intuitive, so I was fortunate to be raised in an environment where "sensing things of Spirit" was a normal and common occurrence for me.

When I was 26 years old I had a spontaneous vision and received a message of unconditional Love and Blessing from an Angelic spirit being whom I lovingly refer to as "Spirit" in my readings. Since that time I have felt a special "calling" to share my gift with others in order to help them gain the guidance and direction they seek as they strive to find their own Life Path, Soul Mate, and Special Purpose in life.

I am honest and direct, so you won't get a sugar-coated version of the truth from me...though I am very compassionate, so I will try to give you the real deal in a way that will provide you with solid, usable information and that will empower you to take the most beneficial next step on your life path.

I am especially gifted when it comes to sensing lies, deception, negative energy, and a deliberate intent to cause harm in a given situation...whether this is love/romance oriented, finance/career related, or any other situation of concern. I can also sense loving, benevolent energies and help that is available to you in the situation...both from the living, and in many cases, from those who have passed on.

Through the tarot cards Spirit provides me with a detailed "story board" description of what has been going on in the past, what is currently happening, and what the potential outcome will be if you continue to pursue the path you have been traveling.

I do NOT offer _quick_ Yes or No answers to a problem, so if this is what you are looking for then you will be best served contacting someone else. I provide a detailed look into the situation with your most likely outcome. Spirit CAN generally give me a sense of whether or not an outcome will be positive/beneficial or negative/bad for you. But She almost always offers more insight than you expect.

I care about my clients and give my all to them. My source is Heavenly Mother/The Divine Feminine/The Goddess. I know She genuinely cares about you and will help me guide you to the truth of the situation. I look forward to hearing from you and will be sending you Love, Light and Positive Healing Energy.

~~~Some Recent Testimonials~~~
Wow, Tracy and Spirit are fantastic! She is the best psychic I have seen in 20 years without a doubt! This was my 1st online private chat reading with her but I had done 3 email readings last year, all excellent! Now the private chat was excellent too, and I received great advice. I highly recommend TracyBlessings! Jerseylil, in Maryland

She's AMAZING! I have had 3 readings with her and she has been right about so much. She connects so well and knows so much about my situation. I only go to her! Thanks Tracy! I'l be back soon! ekfloyd89, richmond

Tracy is just a gift from Heaven...She just really knows what the heck is goin' on!!! it can just be stunning sometime and it can leave me speak-less at her accuracy...just incredible :) dreamer65, Houston

1 word: WONDERFUL, thank you so much! Tanisha33, Springfield Mass

She is amazing and her spirit is so cooll!!!!!! vjrei01, Miami

She was dead on about everything, totally worth it, loved her!! vvd450, Fairbanks AK

Tracy, you are a TRUE BLESSING! Your connection is undoubted one of the best here on Oranum. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 5 stars angel_hugs, Vestby, Norway

Amazing. i gave her no information and she just blurted it all out as though she had been watching the entire situation unfold right in front of us.. Tracy thank you. I am crying tears of joy xoxoxo jasminepapas, Australia

***Disclaimer - This site is intended for entertainment purposes only. While I will do my very best to give you the most accurate insight and information possible, please know that I can guarantee no particular outcome, including time lines. Free Will is always a factor and will always have a bearing on the outcome of a reading.

We are prohibited from answering questions about or predicting the outcome of medical conditions or legal proceedings. We are not allowed to predict lottery, bingo, or other gaming numbers or any aspect of a gambling nature. ..

Wow!!!!!! Thats all i can say right well spent" ... written by blessed05
Very nice, very helpful. I will be back for another reading." ... written by cinlorri
Today was an extremely rough day for me , I felt that my life was about to go down a road I didn't want it to go. Tracy was able to give me the answers and the path that I need to take right now in my life, Lots of insight. Great Reading.........Thanks so much Tracy . Love .Light. Peace " ... written by JadedHeart
very helpful, and on point...will be back for another reading..thank you so much tracyblessings" ... written by blessed05
Excellent insight into my situation. Would highly recommend her :)" ... written by TBetti
Very very helpful, she is nice and kind, i will come back to her. Thank you for your help ." ... written by pepita24
She was kind, gave me options but helped me see outcomes of those options. She had useful advice and i feel much better about what to do with my life now. She definitely sensed me and my relationship/career. " ... written by rockhoundcarrie
One of the best expriences on this site (and there are a lot of great people on here). She is honest and *very* kind. She truly cares about those she is reading for and will answer as many questions as possible. She will try to get an inderstanding of the situation and make sure that you know all of the information that she recieves. She gets striaght to the point, is mindful of your time and money, and has amazing insight. She offers advice on a psychic level as well as physical. As said before, she is a great psychic! " ... written by Mary
Never seen anybody being so aware about my current situation!!! This Lady can really tell you what is important for you and direct you where to go!!! Thank you a million....Strongly recommentd Her!!!" ... written by Marko73
so sweet and wonderful. She was dead on with my struggles and knew how to help. " ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Great, thank you for your advice!" ... written by chelcee
She was sooo helpful! thank you so much for everything ill definitely come back next time. I feel much better and thank you! God bless u and your spirit! :)" ... written by ready2lovehim
She is very accurate, Right on the Dot. She takes in consideration for what I felt and she knows what she was talking about. She is very sweet and understanding. She communicates well and she is very detailed..." ... written by lilyforyou
We are all responsible for our emotions but some can not handle some psychics that are harsh. Tracy is able to put things at ease for you and I love her for that. I love that her spirit guide communicates with her it is so beautiful! I was able to get all my answers from her with such clarity. I have learned why I am not excelling in what I want to do for people and that is my ultimate love in this universe. She gave me so much insight and most importantly empowerment for the better of mankind. I recommend her to the fullest. I have consulted 4 people on here and by far she has been the best!!! TRUST HER READINGS ARE 100% FULL PROOF!" ... written by NMRKNMRKNMRK
Such an awesome person. Love her and always right on the money" ... written by juju1975
Very encouraging insightful and I would like to thank her for her reading." ... written by Randanis2000
She helped me feel a little better and gave me quick yes/no answers to my questions. She knew a lot about my situation without me saying a word. I just hope what she saw is right..." ... written by redrover129
She was very genuine and straight forward, shared a lot of insight. Thank you Tracy." ... written by Erin
She is the most amazing woman ever! " ... written by XTurtleManX
She is an amazing Woman. I love this woman. Her intuition is so great and her readings are the best. She makes me laugh and smile all the time and makes my night a blast. I love you Tracy. - Tristan" ... written by XTurtleManX
Tracy is wonderful, amazing, and highly accurate. i cannot wait for many more readings from her, and I mean MANY! Lots of love to you and your family, Tracy, and thank you for the accurate reading. " ... written by Very Pleased
So helpful and caring. Wonderful." ... written by sparkly1
Tracy is very helpful and is very caring. This was my first time on the site and I really enjoyed her!! Great job!!!" ... written by tyrah93
Tracy is wonderful..she really gets to the heart of the matter and I believe she really really feels what the situation is...there is just NO WAY she could know some of the things she knows if she wasn't connected.. She is very comforting and although not always good news, it is true news. Thank you so much and it is always such a joy to speak with you..Thank you so very much for your caring and compassion.." ... written by dreamer65
Oh Thank you Tracy for letting your spirit guides lead you into the right direction and giving me clarity on my future." ... written by kprattis
I felt that Miss Tracy really connectd with my energy and didn't just sugar coat my reading but gave it to me straight! She is very heartwarming and I left the reading feeling very at ease and at peace. She's a tru blessing :)" ... written by RedStiletto
This reading was absolutely amazing. One of the all time best. Extremely honest and accurate... strongly recommended. I will definitely be back again!" ... written by rolinsand
So specific and correct loved every minute of my reading...all my questions were answered in details...SHES THE BEST!" ... written by anik22
A very wonderful reader. Honest, accurate and last but not least, professional. She also has a healing energy. If you are ready to hear the truth, give Tracy a try! Thank you Trace. I will be back!" ... written by coconut1980
Very accurate just wish had enough money for a longer session!" ... written by crystalphillips
Truly a remarkable psychic. I am always amazed with her clarity and the information she receives from her guide. If anyone is looking for clarity, you should try this psychic. I have read with hundreds of psychics over the past year, I tell you she is a genuine psychic. " ... written by wee318
She was very impressed...she was HONEST... i didnt get the information i wanted.. instead i got THE TRUTH..... ty for for that tracy !!!! i definatly am happy i came into a reading with her... and i feel much lighter... just being able to talk to her and get everything off my chest.. and a message i recieved int he start of our chat from her guide was just so right on target..." ... written by 2012
Enjoyed my reading. Very clear, focused and great energy. " ... written by LadyL5
SO HELPFUL !!!! shes great !!!! you must get a reading with her. but be sure to tell her everything and be honest and open up... if you are honest with your situation she can tune in and give you the best advice, she is also very very accurate!!!!!! I've had several visits with her and i just think she is the BEST." ... written by amanda
Wonderful reading. Thank you,Tracy!" ... written by okalulu
Tracy is very very cute and she is on the spot! I will come back for sure, I need your advices!!! " ... written by Kevin2585
She was really helpful to me! Lovely and caring, she knew exactly what was going on with me. She genuinely cares about helping you. I will be back :)" ... written by pixie21xp
WOW amazing..... Tracy is amazing! I cant wait to see if what was said happens in two weeks. I highly reommend Tracy." ... written by sparklejules
Really nice lady! Great reading, direct, while still being friendly. You can feel that she really wants to help you. Thank you so much. You have given me great peace. I look forward to our next chat. xoxo" ... written by brazilgirl1
thank you very much" ... written by brian82
oh i love her, she is very sweet and kind , and she give all the positive energy...she has a great energy about everything ,and i belive her ,and come back soon ,,and recomend her to every one....thanks tracy " ... written by soosanmh59
Very good and straight forward i really enjoyed her!!!!" ... written by libra032
great reading!!!" ... written by aisha
She was very pleasant and kind and worked as fast as she could. I rushed her because of my time constraint. Iandamp;quot;m sure we could have had much better of a reading, if I had added more funds. She was great I will call her again" ... written by chibchamus
Great on the mark reading. Everything was so right" ... written by marci
Very helpful. Thank you." ... written by thingy1889 I just kept wanting to hear more. Scary how she was describing me and my situation." ... written by happymonica
I have had previous readings with Tracy and they are always spot on and very helpful! Thank you so much!" ... written by pixie21xp
Tracy was so helpful and answered the question that I have been wondering about for years.." ... written by firewoman
great reading! thats my second time with her, and great as the first time. she is a nice lady...back soon" ... written by soosanmh59
Great! Thank you!!! :-)" ... written by bluelibra1
I absolutely adore her and she is so kind and very patient and just told me so much! I highly recommend a reading with her :)" ... written by dreamgirl30
Was very kind and helpful. Thank you" ... written by dreamgirl30
Wonderful, right to the point, very blessed. Have a lot of time logged with her... will be back for more. Target on with clarification." ... written by jostens
Great reading!" ... written by jmeed77
She's awsome, truly gifted. She's the real deal." ... written by LeekaLeeka3
She continues to amaze me with her abilities. I always leave her readings with a sense of peace and calmness. I really enjoy getting sound advice from this psychic. I will stay in touch and get more advice later. " ... written by wee318
Tracy did the very best she could with my limited time, she gave a time frame, clear details and advice which I will listen to. I've had 2 email reads and 1 private chat, all have been consistent and excellent. I followed her original advice and made contact after 6 months and the responds was excellent. I really hope what she saw today comes true. I have faith because she was right before. Thank you and highly recommended xxx" ... written by apollobay
Thank you!" ... written by oflight2011
Very honest! I would definitely go back! Changed my perspective completely! :) " ... written by pxiong0121
Among many many psychics I tried here, I will only consult Tracy from now on; I was a total skeptic and used to laugh at this spiritual blah blah stuff, but now I seriously consider Tracy as my life coach and she opened up and elevated my perception of the world to a whole new level. This is my third reading with her and again I realized she's clearly God's present to me. :) I don't feel lost any more. Hope Oranum has more real deals like her and people get some real help!" ... written by ghent2011
I'm sooo sorry i ran out of fund. You sounded so sincere. I'm so glad that you got a positive message for me from the spirit. I will come back to you soon again. " ... written by missmel2011
She is amazing! " ... written by waterlover
I just want to say thank you TracyBlessing for your help. What an amazing psychic. I am extremely happy to have a pure and genuine psychic to get advice and guidance from. I will still in touch and continue to seek her for advice. " ... written by wee318
She was amazing as always. She confirmed and explained the different situations concerning my career. She was extremely accurate about the different people involved in my career situation. Once again, I am happy that I have a genuine psychic who can give me sound advice and guidance. Thank you for all of your help and guidance. " ... written by wee318
I'm sooo sorry i ran out of fund. You sounded so sincere. I'm so glad that you got a positive message for me from the spirit. I will come back to you soon again. " ... written by missmel2011
Wonderful Tracy! Thank you this will be an exciting week." ... written by ArtbyRiggs
Great!" ... written by MayGirl
I just had another great reading with this psychic. She reassured me about my situation and direction. I appreciated her honest and compassionate advice. I will stay in contact and continue to seek her for advice in the future. " ... written by wee318
Once again she has been a godsend..A lovely and kind lady. Compassionate and caring in her readings. Thank you so much my dear. Will be back...Blessings and Angelcare." ... written by oceansandjoy1
i loved your reading....very concise and cut through all the rift raft of the situation....i really enjoyed the msg spirit had and know that u are the real deal...thanks Tracy" ... written by ttgal50
She was great to talk to....seemed connected....very quick to read as well." ... written by mrkskp
Tracy is awesome! I've emailed her several times and did a private as well...She's got GREAT energy and was spot on w/ her information. Love her!" ... written by imwuz1
The psychic Tracyblessings is such a sweet and warm welcoming psychic. She is very in tuned with her spirit guide. Her readings are just out of this world. She is a psychic who does not sugarcoat anything or lie to you. She is a caring psychic who is here to help you and be there for you. She is like a mother in my personal experience. I give her 5 out of 5 stars. Thank you for hiring another wonderful psychic that is wonderful and warm welcoming. " ... written by XTurtleManX
I will most surely try to get back with you on the situation between Kent and I ... I am going to take the risk and send the letter/poem! :) Thanks so much. You are awesome!" ... written by doloann
She was very insightful and encouraging and i felt the truth of the situation coming through her. THANKS SO MUCH! Love andamp; Light!" ... written by doloann
Thank you very much for the information. it was really helpful." ... written by Angel168
Shes right on and shes amazing. She does great readings. " ... written by XTurtleManX
She was right on about everything. Her predictions were absoutly amazing and shes an amazing person. Spirit was amazing and did a wonderful job. She got in touch and did her job and it was just absoultly brillant! Love Ya Tracy! Get a reading with her you wont regret it!" ... written by XTurtleManX
Very nice :) Would do again if credits were added next time :D" ... written by irenesayaka
When you're confused and down, Tracy is the one to go to! She gave me so much clarity and insight as to what's going on, and I feel SOOOO much better now! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Very nice and on target with a lot of things very good insight." ... written by mlevergne
Shes amazing :D!!" ... written by XTurtleManX
Wow, Tracy is so sweet and accurate. She nailed my bf like there's no tomorrow, and her predictions were right on cue with my feeling. What a great reading! She didn't sugarcoat, she communicated with her Spirit, and she was fantastic. I highly recommend her!" ... written by wing-mei
Tracy was so kind when I spoke to her, I hope what she said is right and that things will improve!" ... written by chelcee
she is a wonderful person...full of light and love. Gives her readings with compassion, and care..Thank you so much. I will be back again. God Bless and Angel Care. " ... written by oceansandjoy1
wow just one word so AWESOME thank you so much." ... written by TUSHAN
As always, today was amazing! I love my Tracy and her incredibly accurate spirit guide - they are both just thoughtful and they always amaze me. I learn about me and life so much with them. Talk to you next week! Hope there are more psychics like here on oranum so people can get real help and guide they deserve. " ... written by candc
didnt get to finish my reading hopefully she can email me the rest..." ... written by cca0393
She is on point!! Get a reading now!! haha thanks,Tracy!" ... written by enterchange
She is absolutly amazing.. I joined the site and looked around for weeks to figure out who I wanted to talk to and a week later came across Tracy. I wasnt even in her room for more than ten mins and added credits to get a readong from her.. I came across her for a reason... She makes me feel soo much better after hearing what she has to say... Im going to continue to come back. Thanks!! " ... written by Ekfloyd89
she is a nice lady...and really accurate " ... written by soosanmh59
brilliant ............. i know where i am going and what i have to do im so gratefull thank you so much xxxxx" ... written by hazelhazel
she has described the situation even before i told her of the instances surrounding my issues. I feel a strong connection with her and i highly recommend her. Thanks Tracy!!" ... written by ceffie
Thank you" ... written by InvalidUsername
Seemed to be in tune with what i wanted to know,and gave good advise on how to help myself in these areas" ... written by lauren2527
She is a wonderful person. Her heart is so bright. Her readings were right on target and she helped me out a lot. She is a wonderful psychic online. I would suggest her to anyone. She would be a 10 star rating instead of 5 :) " ... written by XTurtleManX
what a great reading!!!!!" ... written by cabbyaj
Very nice and to the point." ... written by warpmind69
She's wonderful. I really enjoy getting readings from her!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
awesome! " ... written by ardrawes
Tracy was great as always! Always enjoy my readings with her! She was honest, to the point, considerate and kind. She never ceases to amaze me with her readings! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Awesome :D " ... written by XTurtleManX
Tracy is fantastic. She is really good at what she does and predicts and gives honest, sound advice. I love her to pieces! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Tracy is very accurate and goes into detail. I will be back thanks Tracy!!" ... written by Tracie
Great comfort of reading. I will try to follow with the advice giving by her spirits. Thanks so much." ... written by Alexsheart
I was needing some direction and she gave insights - so invaluable. Compassionate and respectful approach - very much appreciated. Highly recommended. Thank you so much Tracy." ... written by ceffie
Tracy was just super. Such good energy. Thank you TracyBlessing!" ... written by bridgetteml
thank you very much:)" ... written by brian82
Tracy is incredibly gifted. Helped advise on serious/complicated issue. Confirmed for me what I needed to know, which was extremely helpful. She's nothing but good!!!" ... written by shia12
Great reading! Tracy touched on so many issues in my short time allowance. Very kind and has a very bright aura!" ... written by merooker
Tracy was fantastic and her guide well words cant give her enough credit all i can tell everyone is you really need to allow this lady to read for you both her guide and Tracy did a wonderful job and pointed some faults that have had a grip on me for quite a while and now moving forward she picked up many things. Just a fantastic reading." ... written by raym57
Excellent reading, as usual. I will be back. Thank you and much love and blessings." ... written by katehrine1965
Very detailed and a pleasure to talk with. " ... written by leskfish
As usual she is great. " ... written by ema
Amazing! Everything was right on the dot! Couldn't believe how much she knew about me just from my name. Phenomenal!" ... written by Nismo_17
Very helpful and ty, I've a little better of an idea of things now." ... written by swphoenix
She was so wonderful seemed as if she was connected to source and I didn't feel as if she wa a script in way shape or form....great thanks will be back soon for more insight!!!! namaste" ... written by shaniqualanders
She is great reader accurate I hope her dates become true " ... written by ema
^_^ she was awesome, compassionate, and very patient with me. Great connection, even if i didnt like what i learned about myself lol." ... written by Angelwings626
She is amazing. She is very helpful. Shes a great woman and I would highly recommend her. Your Son loves you mommy :)" ... written by XTurtleManX
What an incredible e-mail reading I received from Tracy Blessings! She focused right in on the problem like a laser beam and gave me very helpful advice and more information than I was even expecting. Her accuracy describing people and situations was pretty amazing! Time will tell if the Spirit predictions come to pass, but I will definitely contact her again in the future and highly recommend her readings. Thank you, Tracy!" ... written by Jerseylil
After months of searching for the answer, I just found mine tonight. Thank you so much Tracy for helping me resolve my brain and heart battle. I truly recommend Tracy for a reading! No matter what you will NOT be disappointed =) Hugs to all." ... written by katnguyen
Oh My God. This woman is amazing. I can not begin to thank her and spirit for all the information that was given to me. She is the real deal, so go and have a private reading with her. You will not regret it... Thank you Tracy and thank you spirit, God Bless" ... written by Gretchen71
My heart pitter patters pitter patters because I know that she will speak nothing but THE TRUTH!" ... written by NMRKNMRKNMRK
She is very inspired and very much in touch." ... written by juliahelen8918
Wow what an amazing reading. She is awesome. Thank you so much Tracy. i will definitely keep you posted on everything. God Bless" ... written by Gretchen71
TRACYBLESSINGS is a wonderful and very accurate reader. I have had several email readings with her, and she is extremely insightful and sincere,as well as being an excellent Psychic. I really like how she is so tuned in and gets it right every time. Thank You Tracy, You are a great help to me. Blessings, JULIAHELEN8918" ... written by juliahelen8918
Wonderful reading. Thank you" ... written by Lovepassenger
Wow, simply wow. She is amazing. A lot of light for me after her reading. God Bless and Thank You and spirit." ... written by Gretchen71
Simply no words! Extrordanary psychic! Highly recommended!" ... written by vc1976
I have just had a fantastic reading withTRACYBLESSINGS and what a Blessing she is indeed!" ... written by juliahelen8918
It's good to be validated. And to know things are going the way they should. Good psychic, wish I had more credits though!" ... written by Archeia
Thanks! 5 Stars for Tracy—Excellent psychic!" ... written by Jerseylil
She was awesome!!! I will come back for another reading.." ... written by brownsuga5964
Greattt, wish i had more time!" ... written by lushez26
Insightful information from a professional and caring reader. I benefitted from my session with Tracy and would gladly consult with her again. She's well connected. Thank you, Tracy. ♥☼(ˆ◡ˆ)☼♥ " ... written by jeromeduclos
I cannot say enough about Tracy... I was fly-traped by her reading... unbelievably accurate.. i will be back" ... written by gregsax
Sometimes the truth hurt but i rather have the truth rather than false hope...and here you will get nothing but the truth! Thank you so much!" ... written by jayr3264
Amazing as usual, can't say anything else about this wonderful woman. Thank You once again for your wonderful advice and Thank Spirit for me also. God Bless" ... written by Gretchen71
i came back for another reading awesome amazing " ... written by Fran8923
Tracy was very nice and insightful She eased my worry a deceased love one. She was wonderful!" ... written by ellie62
she iis the best very kind and sweet i love her " ... written by Fran8923
She is an amazing reader. She is so trustworthy and always reading me like a book. She is such a wonderful, sweet, loving, caring person. Anyone who needs help should go to her. Love you mom! " ... written by XTurtleManX
i love her readings.. amazing..ty tracy" ... written by ekfloyd89
Tracy is just wonderful. She is so sincere and caring and always insightful and right on spot. I have had several email readings with Tracy,which I really like,because I can read them over at my leisure and be reminded of her every word. She has been a great help to me, in some very serious personal issues. I also had a chat reading and felt like I was talking to a best friend,but better because her psychic abilities are amazing. Thank You So Much Dear Tracy, JULIAHELEN8918" ... written by julia helen
very gd quick and helpful, I personally have never felt such a connection to any reader before. i will definitley be back." ... written by younglady
I'd recommend her strongly. She connects fast and gives a lot of information. I would have stayed longer only my credits ran out, I will come back talk to her soon. 5 stars." ... written by contstantcraving
Down to earth and great reader!!!" ... written by cabbyaj
she is the best my second reading with her she tracy is kind sweet shes awesome" ... written by Fran8923
Wow absolutely amazing, Thank you so much for the advice and the reading Tracy. Wow, i can not say enough about this woman and spirit. God Bless" ... written by Gretchen71
Calmed my soul! I wanna be positive !" ... written by AlvinTan
Very very insightful, sweet and down to earth! I received some very much needed clarity from her. She was right on the money and worked fast with the short time I was given. Thanks so much TRACYBLESSINGS!!!!!" ... written by nalder
Again..the most amazing reading and so accurate and to the point..there is no better on Oranum..Thank you" ... written by dreamer65
I enjoy so much speaking with Tracy and she has such a kind spirit. She really helps and puts your mind at ease whether no matter the outcome. Great reading and gives time frames. I look forward to her perdictions!" ... written by dreamgirl30
Thank you" ... written by Antranae1
Tracy was great! Very nice woman! Great readings! By far one of the best psychics and readers I have encountered. I will return without a doubt!" ... written by sandronik
Wow - fantastic reading! She is honest and does not sugar coat it but she is also positive and hopeful with her guidance. Get a private reading with her - she is the REAL DEAL!!! FIVE STARS!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
So, I just finished my private reading andamp; I couldn't be more happy with how on point Tracyblessings was! She's also a wonderful person andamp; great spirit! Money well spent! I now know that I'm doing the right thing in my life andamp; feel more comfortable in moving forward! Thank you tracyblessings! " ... written by Annetted
Great reading!!! Tuned right into my situation...I will definitely come back to do another reading!!!" ... written by girlnextdoor2012
Amazing woman and so easy to chat with. She truly has a gift and gives you concrete and sound advice. Even if my situation is complicated, she was able to tap into it with the help of her guide and answered my questions sincerely. I will surely be back:)))) Thank you:)))))" ... written by milona
Thank you for your help Tracy, unfortunately ran out of credits but when I am able to get more will definitely come back and speak to you again. It was very helpful for me and gave me some good advice. " ... written by chelcee
Her readings are amazingly accurate. Spot on! Thank you Tracy. Helped me a lot. " ... written by jaykay67
She was spot on thank you for your help . i will come back mid month to talk about work and etc. i thank you for everything. sad to see one thing end and happy to se other start. so we shall see" ... written by nala 99
She was so helpful and I felt like she really understood my issues and my concerns!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
She is an amazing psychic and I love her. She is a great role model. A great person. A beautiful person not only in her looks but I am talking about her heart and soul. Please come see her anytime you need help." ... written by XTurtleManX
Wonderful reading..TY :)" ... written by mozzy123
Tracy is absolutely one of the best intuitives i have ever spoken to...Shes on target with many things going on in my life and gave me insight on future positive things in store for me...With all that, shes caring and kind and patient..her integrity spoke volumes..I highly recommend Tracy if your looking for help in any area of your life,you wont be disappointed...Blessings to you Tracy and Hugsss" ... written by flygirl777
She is a wonderful psychic and I love her. She has such a wonderful heart and soul. She is a mother to me and I love her being my mother since I do not have a mother in real life lost at her a young age. Anyways, If you need help she is the woman to go to and she is just the greatest. I love her so much. I love you Mommyandamp;lt;3" ... written by XTurtleManX
She's amazing! " ... written by XTurtleManX
extraordinary amazing gift truly thankful tracy and spirt highly recommended no words to express answered all my question very spot on and detailed " ... written by vc1976
Briliant! really connects with what is going on. Thanks so much. I'll be back!" ... written by jessjess1
Tracy is lovely and honesty, she is really in tune as to what is going on!" ... written by araketanara
was a great reading" ... written by TheeGoddess77
She is an amazing reader and she's been there for me and I love her. She makes me smile and happy and She's a mom figure to me and she's just so great. She makes me so happy and her readings are right on target. I love you Tracy Mama. :] - Tristan" ... written by XTurtleManX
The psychic Tracyblessings is such a sweet and warm welcoming psychic. She is very in tuned with her spirit guide. Her readings are just out of this world. She is a psychic who does not sugarcoat anything or lie to you. She is a caring psychic who is here to help you and be there for you. She is like a mother in my personal experience. I give her 5 out of 5 stars. Thank you for hiring another wonderful psychic that is wonderful and warm welcoming. " ... written by XTurtleManX
Great reading, as usual. Thank you Tracy and thank spirit for me. Have a great Happy New Year!!!! God Bless " ... written by Gretchen71
tracy gave time frames, so we will see what happens in 2-3 months..can't wait! :)" ... written by nwgirl
Tracy was so Awesome not to mention right on point with her accurate reading. I'm looking forward to more future forecast readings with Tracy. Thank u Tracy, Have a safe and a Happy New Year!...." ... written by Lucy117
Very in tune with her spirit guide, very caring, I was really impressed with the things she was able to feel without me telling her. The reading was simply awesome, didn't sugar coat anything and was pretty concise when I asked for clarifications. You won't regret going into private with her, highly recommended. Thank you Tracy and Spirit" ... written by Chris
I really enjoyed our talk, good rate and she really picked up on things...when I have more funds I will give her an update on my situation:)" ... written by vamp2110
Great job! She was answering questions before I could ask them." ... written by Yourgoldenbird
She was great....just wish I had more time... =)" ... written by Jjlynnee
Tracy is Awesome!!!! You will love her, give her a try! Highly recommended! *****" ... written by Joey
Clarity and overall a very good reading! I recommend that you get a reading asap!!" ... written by maravilloso002
Very Straight Forward and Direct, Honest about your options. She'll break your options way and present advice to you. Whether you take it or not is up to you. Her advice is sincere and honest... So be ready... :) Thank you, Tracy!" ... written by esung89
Thanks" ... written by kimeu2012
Tracy was so right on with what is going on with me. I couldn't believe it. I would say you must call her. I will call back again for sure" ... written by nikkilynn
She is amazing,... i recommend her to all!" ... written by lolapstar91
Great Reading very impressed. Really lovely lady :)" ... written by Fiona35
I will be right back I have to add more funds...Very quick and accurate..thank you so much" ... written by dreamer65
Tracey was AMAZING! She needed very little information to get right to the heart of what I wanted to know. She is truly gifted!" ... written by joyfulheart
She is really accurate and right on top of the situation..I was actually stunned at her accuracy at first and didn't know how to respond,.Thank you so much...I can't wait to talk again.." ... written by dreamer65
Nice Reading." ... written by orangepapaya
I love my readings I get so much insight and she helps so much with my doubts and gives me reassurance. Thank you" ... written by dreamgirl30
I absolutely loved my reading. She is so kind and patient and told me so much. I got so much details and perdictions that I can not wait to happen. She truly has your best interest at heart. I will always come back!!" ... written by dreamgirl30
I give her 5 stars" ... written by fortunelover
My reading was wonderful with tracy we actually have alot in common from our past lives so it was great to connect with someone that has been there done that. I truly think she could connect with anyone and if not she will tell u straight up. Her conectioin with her spirit guide is awesome. I highly recommend her. " ... written by mj1963
Thanks it was great! " ... written by tacobell24
Still amazing as ever" ... written by fortunelover
she is amazing I really highly reccomend her" ... written by fortunelover
She is very accurate, honest, and I strongly recommend her for prviate." ... written by littleluckyjohn
Wow, that was awesome! Thank you Tracy, you really are connected. Talk soon, bless you" ... written by angel_hugs
Great reading!!! Tracy has a true gift! I feel like I have direction again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I trust her 100% Now I just need to do the work... The first step is the hardest! :) THANKS!" ... written by NJSims2000
Tracy is the best...always helpful, practical, compassionate, and gets it RIGHT. Would ALWAYS recommend..." ... written by shia12
Good reader, nice person." ... written by purplehaze76
On mark - very good reading!! " ... written by swhope999
Hi, Tracy! Thanks for our earlier private reading sessions. I sent you an email reading request a couple of days hope you received and I hear from you soon. " ... written by random_diamond
She is totally great, she is really honest, very accurate, professional and most importantly she has a good spirit." ... written by littleluckujohn
Very good reading, tapped into the situation and gave clear concise information and thoughts. " ... written by missy
Still awesome! some things i did not want to hear but i needed to - things to keep in mind. thank u so much Tracy! Talk to you soon :)" ... written by ceffie
Tracy is so detailed and steady in her readings. Spirit speaks through her genuinely. She gave me a lot of valuable information that has uplifted the outlook of my future. Thank you Tracy, It was a great pleasure." ... written by OJD
She's very good." ... written by fortunelover
Outstanding! " ... written by Kipstar
Very insightful and helped ease my mind a lot!" ... written by JCJC0934
Thank you for the reading...i hope all will work out for us in the end...i really hope your predictions will come true..." ... written by alinabv
She is the best! unbelievable! I have put her down as my favorite, and im sure you will too!" ... written by struggling
Lovely reading!" ... written by indigo_eagle
Love Tracy, a wonderful psychic!:)" ... written by indigo_eagle
Tracy is the best! I love having readings with her. She is right on!" ... written by juju1975
Soooo awesome!! Oh my goodness I loved her reading! So accurate and so warm and loving! Honest reading, thank you so much Tracy! Bless you ! xoxoxo" ... written by LizNorway
Tracy and her Spirit Guide are remarkable. Their ability to sense so much, and the nuance of that understanding, is truly powerful and reassuring. The time with her was very healing. She is gifted and a kind person. I will return to her again. " ... written by Mumtaz2012
Thank you, she's a very good reader!" ... written by marbles23
She was very professional, and easy to talk to. She is so insightful and intuitive. I wait to see when the outcome we discussed comes true!!!!" ... written by MinaVamp27
She was awesome........ She was right on about everything. I will be using her again in the future. Thank You so much!!!" ... written by Bigdee33
Was very emotional but good." ... written by coyoteroper
Great reader, highly recommended." ... written by brooklyncap
Love listening to Tracy! She is a must try! Thanks again for another reading, it was great as usual! I just have no patience. " ... written by nunothat
AMAZING.. This is the BEST person to talk to. I didn't want to stop talking to her.. She is great. I would give her 10 stars if I could." ... written by fitchchic5
Awesome i love her and this is the first time she very warm i will be back for more thank u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by lesliemarie1988
Ahh she was amazing!! Really looked into my situation and gave me honest answers.. I appreciate her guidance very much." ... written by iPreferMimi
She is really, really, really good. No question she is very connected." ... written by jim
She is wonderful. Definitely one of my top Favs. She is always so patient and kind and truly likes to make sure she gets to all your questions and helps as much as she can. She is dear to my heart!" ... written by Dreamgirl30
Talented and I don't say that about a lot of people. I'm intuitive myself and I don't come across many talents." ... written by prismedwhole
That was wonderful..thank you" ... written by dreamer65
Honest and confirmed my own intuition. Great reading!" ... written by beagle88
Great!!" ... written by tyrah93
Tracy was excellent, she was able to tune into her spirit and to my energy. great Reading" ... written by Baaby
Shes a sweet heart and tries to help as much as she can. I highly recommend her and look forward to keep hearing more!" ... written by dreamgirl30
Amazing. i gave her no information and she just blurted it all out as though she had been watching the entire situation unfold right in front of us.. Tracy thank you. I am crying tears of joy xoxoxo" ... written by jasminepapas
Amazing every single time!" ... written by jasminepapas
Thank you Tracy.... i liked what i hear from her.... will come back .." ... written by Giittuu
Great as always" ... written by Tracie
It was great speaking with Tracy. Made a lot of sense all that was said. I will update you later. Thanks!" ... written by sparkly1
So far i like you" ... written by KaylaC
wow. star struck" ... written by TattooedJ
awesome" ... written by timkoh
Tracy, you are a TRUE BLESSING! Your connection is undoubted one of the best here on Oranum. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 5 stars " ... written by angel_hugs
This lady is awsome and so accurate with time frames it is scary :) will come back in August when I establish myself professionally :) bless you Tracy :)" ... written by MMaria
i like her i want to continue" ... written by KaylaC
Great reading im praying that everything comes to pass was so honest i cant wait for my next reading thank you love!!!!You have answered my prayers" ... written by cadesgirl
Awesome as usual!!!!!! fast and insightful!!!!" ... written by higherthanlife
Good reading appreciate her energy and Spirit as well. I do recommend! big hugs Tracy!" ... written by Bonn1266
So lovely, wonderful, quick and so accurate. Love her! :)" ... written by SweetMimi
She was right on target with the things that are currently occurring in my life. Awesome advice!" ... written by softspoken12
Tracy goes the extra mile and gave info that was quite useful." ... written by georgew
She goes the extra mile and about ten more and just seems to really have a spirit of wanting to help. The greatest;" ... written by georgew
On it !!! Confident in her and believe in her. " ... written by enlightenme512
She was great!!! Very helpful, and a pleasure to talk with! Thank you very much!" ... written by scadoodle
Wonderful. Tracy really helped me to figure out what the next step was for me and she really connected in to what was going on. I appreciate her guidance. I plan to use her suggestions. I will be back to update. " ... written by kkinney7
Thank you Tracy for the wonderful reading.. Its great knowing that your on the right path. Many blessings to you. " ... written by Wahine1
Good reading" ... written by lavendergirl
She is amazing and her spirit is so cooll!!!!!!" ... written by vjrei01
1 word: WONDERFUL, thank you so much!" ... written by Tanisha33
Thank you so much for your clarity and insight. A bumpy road ahead but it can and will be done. She has awesome insight. Thanks" ... written by faith4me777
Tracy is just a gift from Heaven...She just really knows what the heck is goin' on!!! it can just be stunning sometime and it can leave me speak-less at her accuracy...just incredible :) " ... written by dreamer65
Wow, Tracy and Spirit are fantastic! She is the best psychic I have seen in 20 years without a doubt! This was my 1st online private chat reading with her but I had done 3 email readings last year, all excellent! Now the private chat was excellent too, and I received great advice. I highly recommend TracyBlessings!" ... written by Jerseylil
Not sure what to make of it yet but coming back for full reading." ... written by jnswann9980
Shes wonderful excited to see how it plays out :)" ... written by osheakca
She's AMAZING! I have had 3 readings with her and she has been right about so much. She connects so well and knows so much about my situation. I only go to her! Thanks Tracy! I'l be back soon!" ... written by ekfloyd89
She is soooo great! Picked up on my situation and his without me saying much. GO to her! be back soon hun!" ... written by charmedangelx31
Excellent and accurate reading! " ... written by shell456
She was dead on about everything, totally worth it, loved her!!" ... written by vvd450
Really awesome." ... written by kdeitz
She's great. She tells you what she sees and truly feels and need to tell you. Wasn't the most positive this time, and situation did change but I know she is honest. I will wait to see what happens next" ... written by dreamgirl30
She was so on point...I have never had such an honest reading." ... written by kdeitz
Really accurate on my reading. Highly recommended to others!!!" ... written by Ammer
This was an amazing experience I had with tracyblessings who helped me with relationship issues I was having. She was kind and courteous and respected the time I had paid for be being as quick and efficient as possible. Her reading seemed very accurate to me and the situation I was messaging regarding. I definitely will visit her again, she is truly a kindred spirit. " ... written by lovetorn88
She is good!!!" ... written by scheuerm
Good reading, thanks!" ... written by Poundcake45
Great and accurate!" ... written by vjrei01
Fantastic!! love her!" ... written by flower08
Tracy is wonderful as always...just remarkable.." ... written by dreamer65
Very detailed and to the point reading. If your feeling a certain way she will confirm what it is that is causing you to feel that specific way. Great at reading energies!!! Take her to private and you will receive the clarity you are looking for! " ... written by beagle88
Love her shes spot on" ... written by osheakca
Always amazing " ... written by vvd450
Tracy was fantastic she did a reading for me a while ago and when a lot of people told me that my ex and I would not get back together she told me we would and guess what we did? get back together! so she is not only a very accurate reader but she is also a wonderful lady. When all said there was no hope one said that there was. Thank You Tracy" ... written by raym57
Very intuitive...thoughtful and very helpful. I didn't have to give much information and picked up on the situation very clearly. Thank you! " ... written by Berkeley13
Love" ... written by osheakca
Very accurate" ... written by snowwhite75
Honest, well-meaning, desire to help...Tracy is a trustworthy advisor." ... written by lilliableu
SHES THE BEST OF THE BEST! " ... written by alexandria123
I really love reading with her. She is positive and has excellent energy and is completely honest with her readings. Spot on!!" ... written by sacredlove71
You were great. Maybe when my x pays up I will be able to get more readings. " ... written by clare45
Good reading and always wonderful to talk to. She makes me feel calm and her and spirit gives great advice!" ... written by dreamgirl30
I felt she was very good. She tried to give me everything I needed in a short time. Very Helpful. WIll return to her again soon" ... written by ElleLynne91
Right on!!!" ... written by snowwhite75
Very good reading i think she was spot on x" ... written by f999111
She is very detailed and understanding. Rate her 5 stars!" ... written by quaz10
Good " ... written by jswede1149
Great girl! accurate, her spirit is great. " ... written by vjrei01
She was very honest and open and right on point, time went by so fast...will definitely see her again" ... written by cwoodruff
Wonderful reading. She gave me very good advise and I now have hope for the future. I will be following up with her in the future." ... written by rdefilip
So sweet" ... written by osheakca
Great reading " ... written by ellym3
Amazing!!!" ... written by vvd450
Since I met Tracy last year, I do not make important decision in my life without discussing it with her first. She's an accurate, honest, talented psychic with a fantastic personality. A great friend as well. I respect her deeply and highly recommend her. " ... written by magnetism
Thank you Tracy was great you gave me the answer I wanted " ... written by malperry
Wonderful as usual...Thank you so much :) " ... written by dreamer65
Very sweet and kind and helpful! gives descriptions and time frames if given! I def would chat w/her again! thank you for ur time!" ... written by waiting4myjoey
Tracy always provides me with honest, ACCURATE insight andamp; offers advice andamp; solutions for each potential outcome :)" ... written by rolinsand
Thank you. I will keep you posted with what happens xoxo" ... written by dreamgirl30
Thanks Tracy you have been correct and very accurate. Readings have come true so far. Lovely lady x" ... written by Tracie
Tracy picked right up on my work problem and made me feel so much better gave me some things to think about I will take your great advice and keep you posted on what happens in the next few months." ... written by mj1963
She was great , acurate reading and very helpfull" ... written by teakat
Tracy is amazing and very insightful.She speaks clearly and to the point. I will definately see her again!" ... written by goosegrouse
Love you Tracy shes so good" ... written by osheakca
She was very honest and has a`beautiful spirit" ... written by senita0816
She was great. Very informative. Thanks and insightful" ... written by higherthanlife
Great reading! She was on the dot about everything. She really lifted my spirits up and gave me comfort. I'm looking forward to my future. She really guided me towards a positive direction. I couldn't ask for a better reading. " ... written by Lily009
Love This Lady! She is so wonderful. If you need help I do recommend coming to see her. Her spirit is very beautiful and warmed nature just like Tracy is. :) " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
Very good." ... written by johanna123
I've had lots of readings done by tracy and she is accurate and I already have had some of the things she predicted come true. " ... written by beagle88
She is such a joy to talk to and makes me feel good whenever I speak to her. Gave me good information in little time. I will be back!" ... written by dreamgirl30
She is just wonderful. She has such a sweet disposition and made me feel connected, thank you! " ... written by higherthanlife
Always good" ... written by prismedwhole
After reading her reivews and the amount of people she helped on i decided to give her a try......... she wasted no time in answering my questions and responding to my concerns.....truly gifted and accurate!" ... written by candyla
Yes from sceptic I did become a believer.. almost all the good psychics have given me an unanimous answer to my questions, she combined numerology, tarot and spirit in her reading which was always helpful at making me see everything in a new light. Very good reader on here.. recommended.." ... written by random_diamond
Amazing amazing - dead on- great advice, warm and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her!!!!" ... written by michelle0940
Nice reading. Glad I decided to go with her. Although, some of the stuff wasn't all I wanted to hear and only time will tell about predictions, I'm still excited for them to pass. It was very interesting. She was spot on details that I had not shared with her. Very insightful and I'll definitely be coming back for more readings." ... written by djohlin
I am so glad I came to her before my big day. I got good response and look forward tomorrow now even more! Thanks hun" ... written by dreamgirl30
Taps into situation fast." ... written by starz189
Really, really good. She was really on point with what she was saying." ... written by bkcapricorn
Really helpful reading, both readings i had 2 weeks apart - she came out saying the same things.. so I felt she really was connecting to something for me. recommend xxx" ... written by random_diamond
TracyBlessings was extrodinary! She saw the situation surrounding my life exactly as it is! It brought a tremendous amount of clarity and understanding to me. Will come back and talk with her again. Highly recommend her! She is wonderful!!!" ... written by Elizabeth80
Very Very right on! Love this lady! Highly recommend" ... written by juju1975
Great reading! I really felt you read the situation well! " ... written by leowoman15
Thank You! you at least gave me hope :) " ... written by nunothat
I keep coming back because she is hitting the target with everything! i think her readings are the! perfect ..accurate and very caring as well" ... written by candyla
Sucha a blessed accurate soul gosh wow!" ... written by candyla
Excellent reading. Quick and to the point." ... written by natei08
Very to the point i had limited funds and tracy gave me a great reading she was ontarget with everything....very bubbly spirit she is def going to be a fav of mine on here!~! i'm happy i choose to go with her...answers were accurate, she tells it like it sugar coating or general responses :)" ... written by candyla
Omg! just did a reading and wow! is the only word she blew me away with her accuracy and professionalism! she was straight to the point didnt waste a second and told me things i really needed to know without me giving her too much details! wowowowo! im happy i did a reading with her will def be coming back!" ... written by candyla
It was complex, and Tracy managed to get to where I needed to be. She's great! I'll return! God's blessing, Tracy" ... written by carolyn54
She's good!" ... written by Girly521
Wonderful. Help me so much with unanswered questions." ... written by moniquea
She answered my questions and gave me a great reding. " ... written by Purplepie
Truly helpful and give me alot of information on several topics and gave me great clarity what to expect. Always a pleasure to speak with! I will keep you posted... xoxxo" ... written by dreamgirl30
Tracy connected with me on sooo many levels it was unbelievable.....not just my love issues but everything else she picked up things i havent even told her yet.....i almost cried this was a wonderful session she is truly blessed and god sent to help people with their most troubled concerns. She just confirmed so many things going on in my life .....and the tears i felt were of joy! Thank you tracy for being the best you can with me...your client and new found friend Amazing!" ... written by candyla
I only had a really short session and I can't wait to talk with her again. She is everything what you can read on her profile and I also strongly felt she is a very caring and warm-hearted person." ... written by rainbowwarrior
Good!" ... written by rainbowwarrior
Predictions happen and I love the way spirit tells them!" ... written by beagle88
Wonderful, honest and funny!" ... written by me!!
LOVE HER!!!" ... written by waiting4myjoey
She is such a kind spirit and always goes extra mile for me. I truly appreciate all her guidance and help and I will follow her advice!!! I will let you know what happens xoxoxo" ... written by dreamgirl30
Once again another astounding reading!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh I think she is the best on this site! Very accurate very on par with my situation Tracy is always ready and willing to help and she tells it like it is! No matter what... her spirit is the best andamp;Thanks a lot!" ... written by candyla
Again Astounding reading......she is trule a gifter question was left unanswered and she does not sugar coat or give general answers..she explains everything and does not waste time...ver professional and kind hearted her energy lifted my spirits and moved me in a positive way.....i'd give this readind unlimited stars if i could.....perfect just perfect! luv her" ... written by candyla
Very clear ty" ... written by jasminesachiel13
Tracy is amazing!!!!!!! i had limited time cause of my limited funds.....she treats her clients with appreciation! In my short space of time tracy answered allllll my questions.....the ones that were hurting me sleepless nights.....she is caring and considerate and most of all one hundred percent accurate about everything! Her enery is amazing....i've come across few readers on this site but i'm soooo happy i choose to go with her she is helping me thought my heartbreak and telling me not what i want to hear but what i need to hear. She is right about the situation and whats going on .....i know things are going to work out thanks to her!!!! tracy 5 stars isn't enough for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for always being there for me and again being right about everything!!!!!! Amazing!" ... written by candyla
Great!" ... written by VZ
5 stars isn't enough for her! Everyone's always waiting for this reader to come on line her chat is on fire when she's on! I'm so happy I met her... Tracy gives the best, most accurate reading ever! I definitely recommend! No questions was left unanswered... good or bad Tracy tells you not what you want to hear but what you need to hear which is the truth! Any situation... no matter what Tracy is just fantastic!" ... written by candyla
WOW WOW WOW!! Immediate connection to reader. Clear, concise, receptive and compassionate. Spot on with information and with detailed info about situation! Connection was unbelievable!!! " ... written by Psychic6
You seem confident of what was going to happen and it gave me so much hope and lifted my spirits when I really needed it. I hope it does happen for me, and bless you for being there at the time I needed help." ... written by nunothat
Very good read. " ... written by sweetewee
Thank you sooooooooooooo very much, i cried because i believed what you told me................ you're the best EVER" ... written by ciara19
Love You Tracy. She is such a great woman. So kind hearted and helpful. If you need a reading come see her. 5 star. " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
Coming back!!" ... written by QueenSonya
Very good and insightful!!" ... written by jannaballs1
Love love love" ... written by prismedwhole
Very honest andamp; very kind! She worked with what I had and genuinely wanted to help me get the answers I needed. I'll definitely try to talk to her again sometime, when my wallet is a bit more giving." ... written by QueenSonya
Her name fits her Tracy is a blessing in disguise. She was very caring helpful and honest.some of the things she said were on spot. Will I talk to her again? I sure will. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Thanks again " ... written by angelbaby25
Shes the best shes helped me out very helpful and I am very happy about the results. Thank you sooo much and I will come back as much as I can. Thank you, shes great you guys!!!!!" ... written by WHISPER91
You nailed it. Gave me clarity. A million thanks. I'll keep you posted." ... written by JacquiD
Amazing Reading! Thank you :-)" ... written by joy777
Tracy your reading was exceptional. I knew after the very first comment that you were connected to me and my situation. I loved the positive energy coming from you and the connection you have with spirit is beautiful and full of light. Many, many thanks for a great reading and helping me get back on my path. " ... written by LivetheMoment2
Thanks so much. Was quick and helpful. Will come back to update you. Thank you!" ... written by stars2024
Tracy was almost dead on accurate with her timeframe and not only that, she was dead on with her predictions" ... written by raym57
I will always come to Tracy for a reading, she is truly gifted and a great advisor! She does not sugar coat...her readings are in depth and accurate. Tracy actually cares about whatever is going on. I really trust her and I think she is one of the best on this site. Tracy's Blessings - a blessing indeed!!!!!!!!! Have to met her" ... written by candyla
One word---amazing! Always very friendly, somehow...always knows what she is talking about ! Simply the best! " ... written by sandronik
Very good and helpful. Not quite what I wanted to hear for the present but things will begin to look better as time goes on. " ... written by twilson
She is great and honest and i love talking to her!" ... written by sm
This was great, she saw lots of great things that I already have confirmation of. So glad to hear what she had to say... very insiteful...Thank you Tracy!!!!!" ... written by Karina_me
Being my first time in an actual reading, I felt a deep connection. After popping up in her chatroom periodically over the past few months, I mustered up the courage to seek private consultation. She has confirmed with me what 27 other people have told me in regards to energies surrounding me and my life path. I know that I am going to help people who have been through trauma in all areas of their lives. She is truly a blessing!" ... written by maravilloso002
Always the truth told with the clarity you need. Thank you Tracy!!!!! " ... written by beagle88
Just love her! She connects with her spirit and totally knows what is going on in your life. She has an amazing gift and I recommend her to everyone. " ... written by mj1963
Fantastic reading, the real deal. I am going to follow all of your advice and let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!" ... written by crystalrei
Fantastic reading, the real deal. I am going to follow all of your advice and let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!" ... written by crystalrei
She was awesome!!!!!! Very good!" ... written by nytango1234
Thank you!" ... written by mfurney
She is very good." ... written by pepper123456
Tracy as usual did a fantastic job we are waiting on one more thing to come true as one of her predictions came true already and I can't wait for the other one so I can come back and tell her she was right again. Thanks Tracy!" ... written by raym57
Was helpful." ... written by wendy39
Please contact her! She is right on! AMAZING! THE GO TO!" ... written by love522
YAY you hit the nail on the head with everything for us. I feel more confident going forward and will definitely keep you updated. I have a good feeling now!" ... written by leowoman15
Tracy is a doll. Lots and lots of information that was extremely helpful! Thank you Tracy xo" ... written by chrissie35
Thanks she didnt have much time but she really helped me!" ... written by fashionistaT
Wonderful Lady and very insightful and helpful. We will see how the timeline works out, but she gave me hope and good advice. Thank you Tracy, you are indeed a blessing." ... written by ArtbyRiggs
I felt she has been the most real out of all the ones Ive purchased so far." ... written by Korbyl
SHE IS AWESOME!" ... written by vvd450
I loved it :) Very good." ... written by kourtneyg21
Thank u for the email reading tracy :-) it helped soothe some emotional doubts for sure but there were several parts of I wish I could discuss with you... wish our times matched up, unfortunately I'm half way across the world from you so not sure if that is possible anytime soon. xx" ... written by random_diamond
Thank you Tracy for the clarity I needed." ... written by LivetheMoment2
Amazing! She is very connected, I really enjoy her readings! :-)" ... written by joy777
There is a reason why Tracey is so highly rated! She is very accurate and insightful. She gave me great advice that was very helpful and thoughtful! I was very pleased with the reading and would recommend her to any and all!" ... written by lolapstar91
Accidently exited private chat..going right back in..." ... written by dreamer65
Excellent clarity!" ... written by lightinside
Thanks so much it was a great read. Def. will come to again!" ... written by AquariSun
Tracy was great. Her and spirit really picked up on what was going on. I will be back again for another reading. Truly enlightening!" ... written by kbj1995
Great as always. " ... written by Tracie
Shes my angel." ... written by Korbyl
Tracy is an amazing and kind soul. Right on with her reading. Thank you!!!" ... written by bridgetteml
She gave me hope and was very nice to me!" ... written by elena312
Tracy is an amazing person she helped me connect with a passed loved one and let me know that he was safe. I am forever thankful for her helping me :) thank you so much tracy!" ... written by leighaweigha0619
Awesome but missed the end of the reading all together. " ... written by firedragon803
Great as always, I was a returning customer and I will continue to return! Her and her spirit guides are awesome." ... written by lolapstar91
Picked up perfectly and accurately my situation and gave reasonable solutions." ... written by lightinside
Very efficient. She answered my question pretty well for the amount of time I gave her." ... written by crzysxycl22
She did really good...I love her." ... written by Jass7869
She is one of the top here. Many bs readers here but she is the best." ... written by myfavorite
I enjoy Tracy energy. She is so wonderful." ... written by keycarrol
Shes the best!! Worth the money" ... written by Korbyl
She is amazing as always and love her to bits. :) " ... written by ColtonLucas
Wow Tracy was really connected and she is the real deal." ... written by gwenhyvvier
Opened up doors of information that I wasn't even expecting or thinking of that gave me a completely different insight - amazing!! " ... written by missamt79
Totally different reading this time around but more reflective of how I am feeling now. always fast and helpful " ... written by random_diamond
I will always go back to her.. You always feel your right with her in her readings..Like your not alone. She is very to the point and worth your money!" ... written by Korbyl
This was the help I was seeking and found. After many attempts to find this I now have. So kind of you to help me. I am forever grateful. I will no longer have to worry that this will never sort out as now I know it will. And will not be left wondering for the rest of my life if I did the right thing at the right time. You showed me Tracy. The Greatest help I have ever received form another fellow being to regain my balance. I wish I could embrace you just to show my appreciating. But I feel that you understand my andamp;quot;Thank Youandamp;quot;." ... written by Charlie0605
Much much gratitude" ... written by gurushek
Thank you Tracy for your guidance. I will keep in touch." ... written by Charlie0605
Awesome! Thanks!" ... written by bluelibra1
Thank you for your guidance Tracy. Very much what I felt came up in the reading confirming that I am doing the right thing at the right time." ... written by Charlie0605
Thanks! :-)" ... written by bluelibra1
Excellent capabilities!" ... written by pioneer3
This lady has a true gift!!" ... written by harmonyS
She is great." ... written by kia504
Very honest!" ... written by kia504
Wonderful Tracy. Thank you for a good look at what is coming up and where things are right now. I will keep you posted. You are terriffic!" ... written by ArtbyRiggs
She is really very nice and trys to get u through your reading fast, im now just waiting for things to pass! thanks" ... written by waiting4myjoey
What you told me was very helpful. I appreciate it. Definitely would come back again. " ... written by tearesa90
Honest and quick." ... written by kanadiancutie
Thank you Tracy for your guidance and the helpful reading. " ... written by Charlie0605
Great reading! She was totally spot on about my situation, Didnt need much information, mostly validation on what she was picking up. Would recommend this psychic to anyone. Will be coming back." ... written by tash1921
Loved my reading with Tracy she was great and i will be back" ... written by marion
Thanks!" ... written by vivianso
Loved her!!!! She confirmed what i have been feeling. Will definitely be back to consult with her. Thank You!!!!" ... written by kitty83
Very good quick reading. Positive!" ... written by jack_of_trade
Thanks!" ... written by susansolta
That card you gave me really made my day and week or I guess you can't say month! I'm really happy even though we only had 2 minutes! Thank you so much!" ... written by mitsuyakino
Thank you for clearing that up for me Tracy. I will catch you later. Have a great day. " ... written by Charlie0605
seemed insightful. time will tell." ... written by Azpokergal
Very helpful, nice and truthful. I will be back for more." ... written by bulldog10111982
Very good" ... written by Itwillbeok
Uplifting and beautiful reader with positive energy." ... written by SOFIAE
She was fabulous and I will definitely be back to follow up!" ... written by roroburke
Thank you so much, not what I wanted to hear but thats ok. " ... written by katie46
AWSUM!!!! Lost for words " ... written by legalpink
Love her. She is real, honest and loving. Have not talked to her in a while. Always welcoming and intuitive. She is on the money with intuition and facts." ... written by bacidoll
She gave me an honest and very good reading. I will talk with her for updates. She did tell me things I wanted to hear. She was compassionate but honest. That is all anyone should ask for from a reading - honesty and accuracy. " ... written by twilsonone
Did a wonderful job and i really believe in her!!" ... written by Megbballgirl10
Tracy was beyond absolutely helpful...Thank you so much for your help, Tracy. " ... written by RuinofDarkness
She is great and quick to give an answer! Thanks for the reading. " ... written by leila1048
Fantastic." ... written by G27Writer
I feel a sense of comfort with her interperations and readings." ... written by G27Writer
She is precise and wonderfully accurate in her ability to feel energy toward me." ... written by G27Writer
This reading was so extremely accurate. Thank you for the insight Tracy - you're really one of the best!" ... written by rolinsand
That reading was amazing and so intense! She helped me get to the root of the problem and was very honest with what she saw. She helped me take steps to bettering my situation. She is so honest and caring. I'm an extremely greatful for her help!" ... written by daydreamer246
Tracy is the real deal. She was able to quickly connect with my energy, and she was extremely accurate in telling me the details of my past. She has a great spirit that is nurturing and full love. I would definitely recommend her to everyone. This reading was definitely emotionally healing for me on so many levels. Again, don't hesitate to give Tracy a try if you have any need for insight or direction in your life and the relationships in your life!!!! If this was an ebay transaction, I would give her 5 stars. She was great!" ... written by angolob
Fantastic reading would really recommend this lady" ... written by Kazzi819
She is a great psychic and enjoyed the reading from her. She really tunes into your situation. " ... written by cb11112
Will contact her again for insightful and accurate readings. " ... written by bacidoll
Wonderfully, insightful reading. Have consulted many times and feels as though she truly understands and is a very compassionate women. Love private." ... written by bacidoll
Very compassionate, I am going to try her advice and let everyone know how it goes!" ... written by kali0672
Tracy was a lot of fun to talk to! And her spirit guide was able to give strong guidance and advice on what to do." ... written by moonstone2
Amazing!" ... written by ksw0009
She is so sweet, I really like her, and she is to the point. and gives really good advice. " ... written by Crystalleigh123
Amazing lady, loved her guide. Has a fabulous energy and is accurate. Definately my fav. 5***" ... written by myhappyplace
Tracy is so very kind! She offers great detailed information! " ... written by haloshine
Tracy finally i can leave feedback .. i have had alot of e-mail readings , this was our firt private.. it was GREAT!! you are consistent with your readings.. u have helped me stay on track.. i know the outcome will be good .. i thank you so so so much for all your help, also to let you all know, tracy has made 2 predictions abt someone contacting me and they have happened , just waiting on the next one to happen .. tracy is AWESOME" ... written by beautifulmesss
She was right on---going back for morenow--" ... written by Kallisste
Ok, the thing is that Tracy is da BEST here! She is not just an awesome person but a very very nice and gentle soul and smart! She is Awesome! 5 stars of course." ... written by Justlikeme
Tracy and Spirit are so sweet and very helpful:) Tracy is really honest and she gives detailed information about your questions. I recommend a private reading with her:)" ... written by LoveElly
She was so great in trying to answer all my questions in such a small time frame. I entered confused and she help me clarify my situation. I wish i could have stayed longer! " ... written by Godsangels
Love talking with Tracy, she keeps me grounded and is accurate with readings." ... written by bacidoll
Some really encouraging and insightful guidance. Thank you TracyBlessings. I really appreciate it. " ... written by gnomesb
She didn't have a whole lot of time - and she was quick and to the point - Good reading highly recommend her " ... written by Lyne37
Tracy is so nice and helped me so much. Thank you." ... written by Rialey
Thanks. You have been amazing - how you can grasp so quickly what is going on and also give me suggestions how to resolve this situation." ... written by bnjpan
Tracy is a wonderful soul and her psychic intuition is right on. Awaiting predictions at this time." ... written by bacidoll
This was great. I will be back! " ... written by katani
Always inspiring!" ... written by G27Writer
Awesome insight, it was really honest!" ... written by alxndreamer
Tracey is great and to the point, she connects with you and spirit to access the whole story. Wonderful and insightful :) :)" ... written by indigo_eagle
Very caring and intuitive!" ... written by nicolemari7
She has so much warmth and sincere love that radiates through her words and is very personable. She was very insightful and definitely picked up on my situation. She gave me much to think about and left me with a more positive feeling inside. Thank you so much." ... written by Sunshine0620
Wonderful reading. Not exactly what I wanted to hear but it gave me hope." ... written by katie46
Always the best!! Amazing!" ... written by vvd450
Another wonderful reading. I needed to hear it again. Thank you!" ... written by katie46
She was able to pick up on things, about someone I am seeing, without me telling her anything about their past. It was crazy, also validated other things I have been informed of by other psychics :) Thank you!" ... written by jong866
Thanks for a clear read!" ... written by shikins
Thank you for clearing up what I thought was going on. Very informative and helpful, friendly. " ... written by becca2312
Tracy has done 2 readings for me now, about my silly boy troubles and she is always right on, I barely gave her any information, none detailed anyways, and she gave me a full on insight that was weirdly right about everything. She warned about some things and they somewhat happened and I got to talk to her about them later. I definitely see myself continuing using her as my psychic!" ... written by alxndreamer
AMAZING READING!!! I felt a great connection with her. She was very helpful to me and I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of some guidance." ... written by ishadeta
Fantastic and spot on.... Will definitely speak to you again." ... written by Piddles1974
Tracy is good n her cards n spirit is genuine ! Love the way she called on the spirit! Thank u ! " ... written by reicaa
Amazing! She is so personable and upbeat. Thank you!" ... written by H0n3y5h1v
Tracy was spot on with what's going on andamp; confirmed what I thought." ... written by rhondawahine
She was good and quick and replied to all my questions with speed and clarity...thanks Tracy." ... written by shona29
Thank you :)" ... written by brian82
Very insightful, picks up right away, clear, positive andamp; honest. Highly recommended. Thank you." ... written by zimerili1
Great lady, powerful, precise, kind, caring and most of all a good psychic in every way. Thank you Tracy." ... written by zimerili1
Tracy was right on! She picked up and gave me info that showed me she truly connected. I recommend you get a reading from her!" ... written by justme1365
Very good, connected amazingly!" ... written by teddebear
Amazing!" ... written by akbaby1
She is just so lovely :) I'm so happy i found her. I have been dancing with tears in my eyes around this situation for months and she Tracy and her guides brought me back on track. Thank you so very much! Highest recommendation! " ... written by Ashley
Great!" ... written by kristina
I had an interesting read from TracyBlessings. I look forward to seeing if her prediction comes true!" ... written by Destiny_Love
I have had many many readings From Tracy over the last year .. She has kept me strong,restored my faith, and helped me stay on course, she has helped me know when and how to proceed,and progress IS being made!! she is always coming from a place of love and genuinely wants to help,her readings are consistent and with accurate time frames for me, shes given me three time frames and they have all been very close to the time she has given(within 5 days).I am truly grateful for all of her guidance and kind words,I love givng her news on how things are progressing,I have backslid a couple times but she helps me get back on track I know she wants this to workout as much as I do... you have a beautiful heart Tracy,Lots of love,blessings and Many many Thanks!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Wow!! Thanks!" ... written by yasamananisi
Lovely woman, wonderful reading. She is just got such great energy all around. She's is defiantly a white light worker and I love for all she's done for me. Thank you Tracy. " ... written by GuardianAngelTy
WOW... What a fantastic lady! Right on the button with all the information." ... written by IainHarg46
Great reading. Thank you so much. So much to info to help me deal with the situation better." ... written by J
She was great! She has a very warm, kind presence about her and she read my situation about my soul mate with incredible accuracy. This was my first reading on this site, and I'm very impressed at the detail of the information she was able to tell me. Thank you so much to TracyBlessings! :o)" ... written by Susan
Wow. Connects straight away and on point! Great insight and clarity. 5*****" ... written by JScorp88
Thanks for the update, it's nice to know things are staying on track but it's always good to come and clarify. xxx " ... written by kristina
Enjoyed and connected with her energy! I will keep you posted with the out come. I move in about a month." ... written by kccat53
Thank you it was nice meeting you. Your reading was very informative. I will keep you posted." ... written by francine
Great! Very kind and accurate about my situation, very nice lady. Highly recommended! " ... written by veezee
Great, kind very good reading." ... written by veezee
Always incredible! She is my favorite and No.1. choice always. Connected, dedicated and honest highly recommend." ... written by ashley
Thank you thank you thank you, You are a very wonderful person to talk to. Rob, has been on my mind for months and now I can let him go, and just try being friends, I was not seeing the truth, until I had my reading with you, I know now that my soul mate is out their, and I will be back for your help, I send you pure love andamp; light, everyone you need to have a reading with her " ... written by AManda
I had the best connection with Tracy. Extremely helpful with her advice and insight. I will def be back to update on my situation. Love her!" ... written by kristina
Great, thanks x " ... written by k
Sweet sweet woman. I will definitely come back to see her. Please stop by and chat with her." ... written by RosieRN
AMAZING." ... written by amanda
Very interesting way of connecting. Good reading!" ... written by A
Wow... LOVE Tracy!!! She is so awesome and has helped me in so many ways!! I will come back again for sure!! XOXO!" ... written by DAisy
Ha! Tracy has helped me sooo much! Love her!!! Will be back again and again. " ... written by Daisy
Love Tracy!!!! Will be back!" ... written by Daisy
She is fabulous as always ...." ... written by Shona
Very helpful! :)" ... written by Melissa