About Tinkabel

Psychic Tinkabelhas 30-years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Tinkabelhas recently helped 151members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Tinkabel's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

My name is Tinkabel and I am a professional empath and psychic medium. Like all good psychics, I dream in colour & my vivid dreams are an accurate mirror into the future.

I have had psychic experiences since I was very young. Since then, I have developed my psyche so that I can share my gift with you. I also have healing hands and can work with your energies.... in a positive way, (hence the free fairy dust in my room).

My ancestors wrote the first book on Druidism in the 1600's.
(The Ancient Druids, Jos. D. Greenhalgh)

I am an intuitive reader & a people's person.

I do readings using a variety of Tarot & Oracle card decks:

Daughters of the Moon (one of my favourite tarot decks)
Quest Tarot (a detailed, exciting deck)
Lover's Tarot
Mystical Lenormand (another fave)

Oracle Cards
Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides etc. (deeply potent advice)
Ask & it is Given
Saints & Angels (Doreen Virtue)
Angel Wishes
Advice from Angels
Angel Power

Dream Interpretations

Crystal Healing

Runes (beautiful crystal runes)

I Ching

Come and share your hopes & dreams with me!

I am an astute & compassionate person who can offer you guidance & support in your times of crisis.

Share your deepest fears & learn how to rid yourself of the uncertainties that hold you back.

Find the solutions to those niggling problems & overcome your barriers... right now!

Ask your most personal and intimate questions and let spirit guide you to your destiny and lead you to your highest self.

Please feel free to come & join us in the free chat area.

Meditate with us.

Heal your mind, body, heart & soul.

Share your inspirational thoughts!

All suggestions welcomed!

Love & Light xxx

Fairies can’t fly in the rain but they can help other people fly by sprinkling them with fairy dust......
.•☀•.¸ .•☀•.¸¸ .•☀•.¸¸ .•☀•..•☀•.¸¸ .•☀•.¸¸ .•☀•.¸ .•☀•.¸¸ .•☀•.¸¸ .•☀•..•☀•.¸¸ .•☀•.¸¸ .•☀•.¸ .•☀•.¸¸ .•☀•.¸¸ •☀•.¸¸ •☀•.¸¸ •☀

I have the gifts of clairvoyance and I am also trained in psychology. I can't claim to be 100% accurate but I can usually offer insight jnto matters of importance.

By law I must also state that this service is provided for entertainment purposes to over 18's only.
No legal, financial or medical predictions.

The free chat area is for guests and members to get to know the psychics, advisers and the website in general. It is not an area for free predictions and sorry but I am not your performing monkey either - I am a fairy with human emotions and feelings! ;)

Thanks for listening. xxx

Good reading!!!" ... written by aaxilrod
HONEST. SINCERE. GREAT PERSONALITY.. WARM. COMFORTING.. BUT DEFINATLY HONEST !!!! SHE WONT TELL U WHAT U WANT TO HEAR, SHE WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH.. i will absolutly be back to see her again :) .. awesome... glad to have found her." ... written by 2012
Beautiful reading, she is kind and caring. thank you!!" ... written by pepita24
nice lady very nice reading" ... written by cinlorri
Tinkabel is the sweetest reader I have come across on this site. She's honest, caring and tells you the truth on what she feels. I loved reading with her, because she's so calming and friendly. She also makes plenty of sense when it comes to situations and what's really going on. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" ... written by wing-mei
i felt she was very accurate with my reading she helped me understand my situation i will be talking with her again" ... written by czehnder
Wonderful reading, very compassionate and to the point" ... written by hxd181
Tinkabel's room is one of the few I enjoy visiting. The atmosphere is so warm, wonderful, and genuine. " ... written by Bennett
Tinkabel was great. She picked my energy immediately and answered all my questions. She knew my situation and guided me. Thank you Tinkabel. I'll come for another reading." ... written by greekgoddess71
Tinkabel is so very warm and caring and I would reccomend her to anyone that is looking to talk with someone that is honest and wise. Thank you Tinkabel!" ... written by jodilee
she is so spot on so good i will be coming back for shore thank you the singing my songs i sing to him i think its him that putting them on the radio so it is him so he can her me sing you are so nice and a great lady tink keep up the good work love always your rose from down under " ... written by myrose
Thank you. You are amazing." ... written by coconut1980
Very comforting and informative psychic. She gave me some very relevant information and details to look into over the next few weeks. I will read with her again." ... written by wee318
I asked Tinkabel about what she saw for my career path. I expected 2 or 3 paragraphs. She was very thorough and thoughtful in her reading and responded in a much deeper and connecting way than I ever expected. I have to say after I read it for the second time my creative juices started flowing due to all of the encouragement and insight that it provided." ... written by joyjrnys
I am totally satisfied with her reading and her stick-too-it-tive-ness. Excellent reader and I give her kudos for hanging in there even though there is an ocean between us and not to mention a time zone - she got it. Thank you so much for the great reading. Nancy" ... written by nancycyd
OMG!!!! This lady was amazing!!! everything she said was positive, not to just throw it out there but all lead to the truth, i believed it because my life has been getting better!! She is very nice and sweet, CHECK HER OUT!!!" ... written by marisa007
AMAZING reading, you connected with me totaly and gave me the confirmation abotu what I was thinking of!!!! This lady has the gift and will assist you for sure!!! Recommend her!!" ... written by Sirena22
The most amazing woman! Everything I asked she knew! My true guide!" ... written by rimmer53
Excellent reading thank you, baby Tink." ... written by coconut1980
was a very interesting reading. Thank you Tinkabel :)" ... written by chelcee
Good reading. She picked up on everything!" ... written by Simundo
Amazing as always, very much worth your time and money... uplifting to just talk to...love her energy" ... written by hxd181
Lovely lady to read with, I'll be back again." ... written by MelissaH
Tink is worth the money. ;)" ... written by ChiliP
She was accurate helpfull and very compassionate." ... written by maryannepav
Tinkabel gave a very detailed emailed reading to me which helped a lot. Many of the things she wrote were true, and her email was kind, caring and thorough. I enjoyed reading the email reading, and I look forward to reading with her again. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Tinkabel is an amazing psychic and channeller. She sees things in a positive light. I felt my mom come through her on one reading and Tinkabel sees right into my soul (obviously has a great connection with my guides as well as her own). In a time of great confusion, she was able to see light at the end of the tunnel. I look forward to connecting with her again - soon! " ... written by lovefoxglove
Tink is great. Again, worth the money ..." ... written by ChiliP
Very helpfull accurate and clear" ... written by maryannepav
She was amazing! Very sweet and insightful. I definitely will get another reading very soon =:o)" ... written by jmb257
Tink, one of my favorite readers on this site, I really love just talking to her. What she told me last week came true, so I am hoping it does now too..." ... written by fleurdesil
Fantastic Lady, I was drawn straight to her. I'm glad i used my last credits hear, my heart feels fuller and i feel happier. Maybe it was only a few minutes but it was spot on and great. Thanks so much, The lighting of the candle was a lovely caring touch. xxx" ... written by EmJay87
Thank you Tink!! Lovely reading" ... written by Phoxee
Tink helps me all the time...always look for her when I am down or doubting myself" ... written by hxd181
She is the best and so far! I've seen her 3 times, love her readings everytime!!!" ... written by marisa007
She was very sincere and compassionate." ... written by beckypaige
lovely lady, good with her cards. If you can, definitely should do a reading with her. =) " ... written by katnguyen
She is wonderful, patient and very accurate." ... written by lakisha7
Thank you. You really seemed to know what was happening in my life." ... written by Jimmydee74656