About ThePsychicOra

Psychic ThePsychicOrahas 19years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic ThePsychicOrahas recently helped 43members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about ThePsychicOra's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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great reader so happy" ... written by sunshine
Amazing reading! He is so accurate and fantastic connection to every situation. You must get a reading with him! AMAZING!!!!" ... written by ikroyal
After the energy healing sessions, I feel lighter than before. As if my sight are clearer." ... written by littlebudy1
He was really good =)" ... written by luckycharms312
You were great , thanks for the reading" ... written by santhia1989
He is very great, detailed, honest, calm and very accurate. :-) " ... written by bellacasa
Nice reader." ... written by andreabaker1223
He's so great!" ... written by Jade
He's very accurate and such a sweet man!" ... written by Jade
Great!" ... written by vonjay1990
I did not provide anything but names and dobs - as usually. But this time I kept my mouth shut and said nothing about my situation and wrote down my question and words as if I was the happiest person alive. Well, I am, sort of! :) And PsychicOra blew me away with his accuracy - he knew that I and special someone are separated by great distance, etc... Very beautiful and accurate reading. Everybody try!" ... written by Susanna
WOW PsychicOra is absolutely fantastic! He is another great reader for Oranum!! He truly gifted and lovely man I highly recommend you have private with him.... Thank you Ora for my reading it was GREAT." ... written by marion
I wish I could have spent more today as I felt a possible match here. I asked him about 3 men and he picked up on the guy I am most involved with! He hit this on the nail and was able to talk about him and what is going on in his life which could very well be... I like this psychic... I think he is real!! " ... written by halovm
I can't wait to see the results!! He is such a sweetie pie...." ... written by Jewelia
Thanks for the prediction." ... written by Twinheart
Interesting reading. We will see. Thanks so much." ... written by poquette
Nice man with lots of understanding!! :~)" ... written by Priya
He was great!! More feedback on issues I didn't even ask about!! Gave me answers before I asked! I am excited and looking forward to his reading to unfold... :)" ... written by reikilb
I had a lot of info to share, but I was not able to share due to the lack of funds." ... written by Searching247
This brother knows his stuff." ... written by jp
Very accurate!" ... written by Sam_Hope2
He was very straight forward and honest... I truly believe he was connected to my situation and gave me honest answers... He is authentic!!" ... written by reikilb
Another good reading giving me hope again when my patience is almost all.......:)" ... written by Nicole Snijders
Very nice person. Gave a lot of confidence in myself after interacting with ThePsychicOra. Thanks for his prayers for me. I will only know the prediction after few months...and I am sure it will be correct." ... written by Vijay
I was very happy with my reading" ... written by TALEBINI
He's very good!" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you so much for your time that you share with me today while you interpenetrating my dream. I really appreciate your time that you share with me today." ... written by noga1981
Great connection, was totally on the mark. Is quick in a pvt reading and does not waste time. I would recommend. " ... written by ladybird05
Great reading, great accuracy... I have faith in what he had to say... much love to u!!" ... written by steph
Psychicora was great... very compassionate.. and gave me specific timelines.. I am anxious for everything to unfold!! I believe everything will come true!! " ... written by reikilb
Very accurate, and really enjoyed the reading. 100 stars!" ... written by DaisyNova
Fast and intuitive. Explains what he sees." ... written by Alneverus
Lots of good insight from the reading! Look forward to the predictions happening! Thank you and God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Thank you! " ... written by heartnsoul
Thank you for the reading, hun." ... written by friendly22
Brilliant reading very accurate and spot on. I will be back again soon." ... written by Lorann23
Wowwwww....he is great and so right in predicting my back for results!" ... written by misspeach
He was accurate and was right on with my current situation. Thank you I appreciate the reading very much and will consider your advice." ... written by Messenger87
Psychcora was awesome as always.. He is on spot, truthful, honest and compassionate.." ... written by reikilb
He is simply wonderful. I am going to believe now his predictions will come true and I will place new feedback when my dreams are finally realised as he predicts!" ... written by ikroyal
Didn't have enough time but so far so good!" ... written by simona222
Amazing, and knew more than I actually told him... I would definitely come back again. " ... written by stephanie07
Very quick with answers, makes accurate predictions, and has a kind, friendly personality." ... written by christina
Thanks so much. This reading was very positive and helpful." ... written by justinsensei2
Wonderful! I don't have any other words. " ... written by kristina
ThePsychicOra is great at connecting quickly and doesn't need tools! Just came back for a follow up reading." ... written by cherryblossom10
I came back to find out more information. The reading was very helpful and I can now see what a positive future lies in store. I highly recommend you to anyone." ... written by justinsensei2
Great, to the point, connected quickly and knew the answers without me giving him much detail except names and date of birth. He zeroed in on my exact situation, with great detail. he is an excellent psychic, real, exact, no sugar coating! a must try :) I would recommend him as a 10 star if i could but 5 is the highest. I believe he deserves much more." ... written by dreamz25
Thank you for allowing me to have a reading with you today." ... written by Tanya
Helpful!" ... written by marion
Knew things about me that no one could know." ... written by Sam
Great reading thanks!" ... written by usr
Great reading! Thank You very much!" ... written by Nurse
Great reading as always. Psychicora is dead on as always." ... written by reikilb
Used no tools as far as I could tell. Pure connection, makes sure he is connected, and gives good advice on hard subjects." ... written by l
I had a very good reading and would have another with him." ... written by Angela
He knew things that I didn't even give clue about! Very good." ... written by bella
Great reading and very compassionate; thank you." ... written by lotus71
He knew things and confirmed things I have felt going on. Now I wait it see if the next couple of months turn out the way he said they would....and I am very excited for my future now." ... written by sheryl
Psychicora is awesome!! He was dead on with what was going on in my love life andamp; added confirmation andamp; clarity... I am excited to welcome what he told me will come into my life!! I believe in him!! " ... written by reikilb
He's a very caring man. " ... written by l
He got the problem spot on and was accurate with details. Will come back if his time frame checks out and can't wait for it to occur." ... written by fairmemories
ThePsychicOra is lovely, kind and in tune with those around me about whom I have confusion/conflict/concern. He's helpful, clarifying and reassuring. Also, he helped me figure out how to get my camera working!" ... written by l
ThePsychicOra connected immediatley with my situation and new details of my personal situation and provided very good advice! Will certainly come back for update!" ... written by Clarence01
He was very nice and gave me lots of hope towards my situation i will surely come back for more :)" ... written by jazzy
Everything psychicora has told me is becoming true. He is truly connected. I am anticipating the prediction he gave me today and look forward to it all unfolding..." ... written by reikilb
Ora provided good insite into relationship matters, in-depth." ... written by Clarence01
Thank you , Ora! very accurate and detailed reading. " ... written by BlanQ
Ora provided a concise reading who gave advice and reassurance of my situation - if you have not had a reading with Ora then get one now!" ... written by Clarence01
Fantastic" ... written by all4love
Great reading will be back for update for sure! xx" ... written by nancy
Ora is going to help my friend, am hoping it will work as he has advised that it will. Thank you Ora... I look forward to your resolution. Many Blessings to you..." ... written by nansee
Very nice and he doesn't waste your time. And he was very detailed. Got right to the point. I highly recommend you give him a private. Sorry i didn't have much credits, but i will be back with more another time. Thankyou again!" ... written by sweetstephy31
Very insightful, gave me a peace of mind. Thank you." ... written by Jennifer
Amazing. Thank you." ... written by JS
Sweet man who made a lot of predictions. Let's see how it works out." ... written by iconnect 2
He seemed to be spot on. I shall return for more updates as he gets them. 5 stars." ... written by stargazer152
Psychicora is always awesome... He gave me lots to think about... About how to create my own love connection... And encouraged me to manifest my own relationship destiny." ... written by reikilb
Thank you." ... written by s
He is very good and compassionate... he is worth every minute." ... written by Jack
He was good and gave me a lot of details." ... written by bubblygirl
He was awesome very to the point and very spot on with wot her said Thank you so much" ... written by simon
He's amazing. Very accurate and down to earth. Excited about the results." ... written by Victoria
PsychicOra was great, he eased my fears and gave me positive energy. Awaiting the outcome of what he said. Thank you." ... written by Michael
Positive reader!" ... written by michelange9
Interesting reading. Many predictions. Worked with me on the price of reading that I appreciate." ... written by me
He is very good at what he is saying." ... written by alyabaw
Very good and compassionate reader. Straight to the point." ... written by Kerry Gi
Thank you!" ... written by Amy
good" ... written by ritesh
He was good, said i can follow up with him in Oct" ... written by Jaysa
good connection, fast connection, fast typing, always talks of positive things when unsure what to do . thanks again" ... written by kelly
thank you for this great healing" ... written by mimiliebe
I like this reader because he is able to see the root of the problem and offer ways to solve them quickly. If you are open to his advice, he can help you change yourself. " ... written by David
very peacefull and uplifting reading with psychicora, can see all the details about the situation, very accurate" ... written by mimiliebe
Thanks for your help! sorry I ran out of time and funds! " ... written by asfadfas
Very good!" ... written by Capwoman
Very kind." ... written by GD
Woooow.. he shouldn't be priced at 1.45 he should be 9.99 a minute! mind blowing amazing reading ty" ... written by PB1923
WOW! That was great!" ... written by BK
Great update...Ora gave me further details and once again gave information that was positive and calming. Awaiting the outcome. Thank you Ora" ... written by Michael
Very good reading" ... written by Colin
Psychic Ora was amazing.. Went through so many details. Very empathic and knows how you feel. Definitely can relate with you. Great guy.. very caring.. very honest." ... written by Virgo
Awesome as usual." ... written by DisappearingOne
Was very insightful and full with detail on every question that was asked." ... written by Disappearing One
Ora, gave me an update on my situation and it was great. thank you." ... written by Michael
Psychic Ora thank you for the reading. Highly recommended" ... written by vnessa99
He is Good!" ... written by Sonia
Awesome! Too good." ... written by unknownjourney13
Great reading. Hope the prediction will come true." ... written by megali
Good." ... written by Rhadhannia/Nancy
A good reading." ... written by pavan
He's good if you ask him very directly what your question is!" ... written by Sonia
Great feedback, thank you." ... written by Michael
Good update, waiting for what is to come. Thank u again" ... written by Michael
Good update, will come back for more." ... written by Michael
Psychic Ora is always wonderful! Great reading. Listens to every questionandamp; concern! Great reading. :)" ... written by reikilb
* Highly Recommend * ThePsychicOra is gifted. He has been my regular advisor because his readings are accurate. He gave me very good advice and provide prayer for me as well. I always feel assured after receiving readings from him. I will continue to come see him for my spiritual guidance. Thank you, Ora." ... written by izzy98027
He gave me direct clear insight into my issue and insight into my relationship, I pray what he says comes to pass! But I believe it is what I really want so it will!" ... written by Sonia
Nice person, good advise, good reading. Will back to have his reading again. Thank you so much." ... written by nat
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I trust PsychicOra completely. He is very accurate. He has and is helping me deal with my current issues and predicament. He is giving me hope and insight to my future. His ability to look into relationship is excellent. It allows me to make better decision for myself. " ... written by izzy98027
Very good! Picked up on my situation and gave me a really good prediction. I will update!!! Very very good!" ... written by Sarah
Very kind and gentle!" ... written by aquariusgirl1935
This psychic reader is extremely helpful and provides the right medicine for ur issue. He is very confident about what he says or about his predictions. I will definitely be in touch wid him. Waiting for the outcome. " ... written by Moiz
Thank you so much! " ... written by Jazmine
Wow...nice reading. Thank you for your help and intuition. " ... written by izzy98027
Very kind and straight forward. I felt very secure with his answers and knowledge." ... written by Margie
I love talking to this MAN. He is so sweet andamp; sincere. He always helps me with my questions andamp; concerns. I feel hope again, and less anxious whenever I speak with him about my worries." ... written by Jazmine
thanks for the connection, will come chat another day" ... written by kelly
He's so sincere and kind. I hope his predictions are true but if not, he also guided me what to do for me to move forward in a healthful way" ... written by BeautifulJewelia
I added more funds to speak with him in more depth. He really is very kind, fun, and funny. He is very polite and social. I truly hope he is right" ... written by BeautifulJewelia
He is funny. He helped me a lot. I am glad I made him laugh. I hope he is right. He is a kind man." ... written by BeautifulJewelia
This person is fantastic. He can study the issue in depth and provide you the right medicine to resolve the issue. He has helped me a lot and assured me of the positive outcome. I will again give him feedback once my issue is resolved. Thanks." ... written by MOIZ
He was very caring and kind. I had few credits but he worked well with me on it to give me good insight. Gave me a timeline I will see what happens with. Thanks!" ... written by meesh2747
Was a great help" ... written by Stedman
Another great update from Ora, he is unbelievable has helped immensely. Thank you Ora " ... written by Michael
Super excellent! He is very detailed with his reading - no tools used and accurately described the whole situation. " ... written by SoulDesire1
He has consistently helped me to achieve what I want. He is helping me like a brother. I'm waiting for his predictions to come true. Thank you. " ... written by MOIZ
** Highly Recommended ** ThePsychicOra has been very accurate of his earlier reading for me. He helped me with clearing some blockages regarding my relationship. He gave me a new prediction which I will know by next month. YEA!! I am a satisfied returning customer. I will be back to post the update." ... written by izzy98027
One of PsychicoOra predictions did come to pass today....thank you. He has given me an uplifting feeling. I'll await to see the other things he said that will happen later on this year. Thank you again." ... written by Michael
Very very accurate ....strongly recommend" ... written by sara356
A very good reader thanks so much" ... written by zimerili1
I can't say much, you just have to ask him everything yourself." ... written by hfindley
Once again he gave me fantastic readings. I highly recommend him. Once my issue is resolved I will give him a GREAT FEEDBACK. Thank you." ... written by MOIZ
He's so kind, patient, funny....I will have to wait to see if his predictions come true!" ... written by Julia
I really ENJOY talking to ORA. He always calm my spirit andamp; help me learn whatever it is I need to know andamp; be aware of. He is very sincere and kind. I feel a lot comfortable talking to him andamp; getting some insight where I need it most. " ... written by Jazmine
he was awesome, very nice, very caring, and very helpful, definitely having more readings with him" ... written by a sahota
Good!" ... written by tejaswini
As usual, I had a great update and can not wait until my next apt with ThePsychicOra, he is only the best and only wishes his clients the best, and truly does everything to help his clients and help them in what ever situation they are in and any and all ways he can help. I visit and chat with ThePsychicOra DAILY, and he ALWAYSSSSSSSS helps me and I ALWAYS leave feeling 1000000000000000000% better, with a lighter heart, and stress free, knowing I can rely on him, and am able to handle everything better. ThePsychicOra was a stranger, yet, I can share EVERYTHING with him, and I KNOW he will only guide me and help me. THANK YOU SOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH ThePsychicOra, I truly and greatly appreciate all you have and all you are doing for me, it means more than anything!!!! " ... written by a sahota
Great reading!!! :)" ... written by Krissy
great reader " ... written by nikki
Great" ... written by nikki
One of Ora's predictions came to pass. I hope that the next one will as well. He has a lot of positive energy which I feel and is patient and kind. God bless!" ... written by globe
Very good reader." ... written by Toni
once he start reading you ,its spontainous quick and to the point..." ... written by sara356
He helped me to maintain the positive energy. His readings are very pleasing and consistent. Thank you." ... written by MOIZ
He's very detailed about the reading, and feel positive. Thanks!" ... written by Angel
He seemed great, sincere and kind. Praying his predictions will be true!" ... written by margot
!" ... written by suny
GREAT READER!!!... Waiting for his predictions to occur... Staying positive that all will work out for the BEST!!!" ... written by OCEAN
*Excellent* as always. PsychicOra's insight is right on. He has not let me down about his predictions. So far what he told me have come true. My big date is coming this end of year. I will be back to update because it is important to give credit when it is due. I had an opposite prediction by another. Which I will also update as well of the accuracy of both readings. * HIGHLY RECOMMEND *" ... written by izzy98027
We had the most wonderful update this morning. This expert is full of positive energy and very compassionate." ... written by zimerili1
The psychic Ora he is awesome... Makes the reading such a pleasure... Highly recommend him... He's great." ... written by vnessa99
This is my 3rd reading with him, he is helping me greatly and has taken away my worries, he is just so amazing and really accurate, I will be a regular here just because of PsychicOra :)" ... written by Christopher
He was slow and did took a while to even answer 1 question I don't think we connected." ... written by Acealways
very good, thank you!" ... written by christina
I absolutely LOVE him, he is soooo caring, passionate, and helpful, reading was great, can't wait until my follow up, I was very comfortable with him, and able to easily communicate with him, he saw my pain, was here to help me, ONLY AFTER I SMILED THO!!!!! haha " ... written by a sahota
He is very caring and willing to help. " ... written by Bridgette
fantastic!! I've had um... I can't even count how many readings with him, haha, he is great!" ... written by a sahota
I enjoyed my short session with PsychicOra. Hopefully, what he told me will come about. I would have another session with him maybe, next month" ... written by Pearls2
Good." ... written by a
He has consistently helped me and he said that he will continue to help till my issue is resolved. He is very nice and caring. Thank you!!!" ... written by MOIZ
I really enjoyed this reading. He was very on and reassuring. " ... written by Angela
Great update, lifted weight off my shoulder, very thorough and accurate, cant wait for my next update, he is very kind and caring, and cares for his members" ... written by a sahota
Very nice reading, very informing. Made me feel good about my issue. Thank you." ... written by loveornolove
I liked my responses. I suffer from heavy anxiety, andamp; he assured me there is nothing to worry about. It is just curiosity that is killing me mainly. I will have a reading again." ... written by Jorge Al
This is the person who I go to for everything, I choose none other for my most important questions because I know ora is just incredibly powerful and will never disappoint me but tell me only the truth, I am always awed at his words, god bless this man." ... written by Christopher
Confirmed everything!" ... written by UCA
He is amazing! Knew everything without question!" ... written by christina
Thank you for the information, time will tell only the strong will survive with Gods Help !!" ... written by queenbee22
He is amazing... He told me things I would have never thought possible. He told me things about people who I though were most loyal are actually the ones trying to make my life bad and it made sense. My friends please you will not regret a reading with Ora he is simply amazing. I am truly speechless." ... written by Christopher
Excellent reading by a very good expert, wonderful and strong reading thanks." ... written by zimerili1
Psychic Ora is highly recommended straight up and honest... " ... written by vnessa99
Good guy if predictions come about is great." ... written by dan
Very good, I enjoyed the reading!" ... written by isobell
gave a good reading..." ... written by pavan
I love having my updates with ThePsychicOra, he is always great at what he does. Thank you!" ... written by Angela
Awesome guy. Great reading. I loved the reading heaps. It was well worth my money thanks heaps PsychicOra." ... written by gusessendon
Very good." ... written by gusessendon
This expert gives the best predictions by far, amazing thanks." ... written by zimerili1
Recvd a great update with many details things are moving in a positive way for me. excited for the information !! THX YOU" ... written by queenbee22
i am just.. speechless, i am awed.. i don't know what to say at this time, thepsychicora.. he is just so powerful and incredibly amazing, he has forever changed my life.. he has fixed me and gotten rid of my problems and brought much peace into my life.. because of him i can now move on and follow my dreams i cant remember how many readings i have had with him but this one today.. it was like none other the things he has said in the past have come through.. job promotions ect.. and i am just waiting now to see what else might happen but i know it will surely be for the best, my friends here on oranum please help your self by trying him out you will never been disappointed but that is up to you i highly recommend this psychic to the world and to be honest right now i am just emotional, i cant remember the last time i was so happy but it is all thanks to this man the wonderful psychic ora my thanks to him may god bless his soul and shower him with blessings for eternity." ... written by Christopher
I have daily pvt or chat with ThePsychicOra and he always advises me not to worry and of the situation and what is currently happening, always have great readings and chats with him." ... written by calizbestjatti
Ora gave me a great update...there is still work to be done but i am confident that with his guidance and help the end result will be happy and joyous. Thank you Ora." ... written by Michael
Another great pvf reading with thepsychicora, was feeling down and he gave me strength and lifted my spirit" ... written by calizbestjatti
Very accurate!" ... written by JJ
Thanks for the update." ... written by zimerili1
This guy is pretty amazing!! He caught right onto my situation and it was very exciting to hear about it. Hes is pretty accurate and fast at what he does. Thank you very much for your time :) Cant wait for your predictions" ... written by Lisa
Ora, is to the point and consitent w another reading i have had..RIGHT to the timeline.I am hoping i will come back and everything that i was told comes to pass..Highly Recommend if you want STRAIGHT QUICK andamp; to the POINT answers !!!!! 5 STARS!!!!!" ... written by Jennifer
He seemed very nice,but i have to say it took a while to get this info through,and for him to tune in." ... written by Cheresse
Thank you so much for your reading. It was very accurate and reassuring. " ... written by Michael
Finally had another reading with Ora, he is great, and prays for me, connects well and incite and very caring and understanding." ... written by CALIZ
Awsome reading very kind man thank you heaps" ... written by gusessendon
Quite insightful!!" ... written by Bhanu
Always makes me feel good. Thanks for your kind words." ... written by Al
Good update, things are progressing. Thank you Ora." ... written by Michael
Very good follow-up reading with some good advice and insight." ... written by Onslow_Cracker
Good reading. He explains in detail." ... written by tejaswini
Very good reader! Quick to connect and to the point. Even contacted me to advise an update with me detail. Gave me peace" ... written by funinmck
Well I was not clear at first. ThePsychicOra, he was giving me some pointers, thanks." ... written by MICHELLE
very good amazing as always" ... written by tina
wow - wow - wow. " ... written by kalarni
Great reader" ... written by need2know5
Very good reading, thank you." ... written by gusessendon
Amazing, simply amazing. Was one of the best readings I've had." ... written by Jamaal
Always a great update!" ... written by Angela
Heavenly reading when it comes true" ... written by Daniel
Great!!! Able to tune into my situation. Very helpful and focuses on what matters most like the details for you regarding things in the long-term. " ... written by pharenregina
A good update!" ... written by zimerili1
very good" ... written by gusessendon
Hes Great!!" ... written by AZareya
my daughter spoke to ora today and was so positive in her what she had to say after. "ora was quick and straight to the point"" ... written by sanity53
my daughter spoke with this young gentleman today and said "very quick response and very respectful when talking to me"" ... written by sanity53
Okay. Thanks." ... written by Sally
He was very thoughtful and kind. I appreciated his advice and will see what happens. Thank you for listening and your insight" ... written by gina
ThePsychicOra.. he can just never disappoint me :) everything he says always happens.. it always comes through and he is so good at what he does,it always leaves me lost for words,he is incredibly kind and caring and always welcomes those in need and anyone for that matter ,he connects so quickly and gives allot of details right on the spot, i cannot remember how many readings i have done with this man but i am happy to have done each and everyone of them and will continue to do readings in the future :) Thank you my friend!" ... written by Christopher
Always a great reading!" ... written by Angela
Very positive and very insightful, I hope predictions do come true :)" ... written by alma
Always good." ... written by dan
ThePsychicOra is my #1 most trusted psychic here on Oranum everything is says is accurate, I always have readings with him every month and i am always pleased with what he has to say, he has helped me greatly in my life and continues to do just that, if anyone else would like to have incredible insights into their life it would be the right thing to choose this man, he is no joke and will tell you what it is, there is no sugar coating is tells only the truth and you will see everything he says is on point. Thank you my friend you are an amazing person, I hope to have many more amazing readings and predictions with you in the time to come." ... written by Christopher
Very good." ... written by dan
Update with great details thx u" ... written by queenbee22
He is the best, hands down, I swear!" ... written by michel'le green
Excellent and all accurate, too the point, 10 on 10." ... written by need2know5
Made me feel more comfortable about things." ... written by Laura
A lot of detail, and answered my questions." ... written by S
Thank you so much for making me feel better. I think there is a chance for happiness in my life. Your words will help me fall asleep tonight. " ... written by loveornolove
wonderfully sweet and caring." ... written by loveornolove
Thank you for your help!" ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
Very good and so accurate! " ... written by Jem
Ora gave me a lot of hope with his reading. I can't wait for his prediction to happen. His prediction months ago never changed. I will come back for updates." ... written by Moonchild59
great info thx u 4 ur in put cant gv up yet " ... written by QUEENBEE22
Very accurate and gave me great insight into my situation very pleased!!!!!! A+++ " ... written by Jemina
Good reading, waiting to see what happens tomorrow. " ... written by Danielle
Very compassionate and caring. He was very insightful about my future with my boyfriend. I enjoyed our conversations and will continue to seek his advice. " ... written by ABRN77
He is serious, and genuinely wants to help." ... written by fashion78
He is one of the best readers I have met." ... written by lena88
Great reading. very positive of my future. I hope everything will come out as he said. " ... written by MZLOVELYRED32
Great!" ... written by Angela
Had great insight and seemed right about a lot. Only time will tell. He was incredibly helpful but for some reason the page stopped working and we had to cut it short. If you are reading this ThePsychicOra, thank you ever so much for your help and insight and good luck and lots of love." ... written by IsabellaB
Thanx!!!!!!" ... written by zimerili1
Very good gave me info that I find helpful for life. For my future.. Very sweet." ... written by Sarah
The Psychic Ora was really helpful.. he went into insights of every situation and helped me to understand the situation better and gave me a hope of what I thought will not happen and also corrected that the the predictions given by other psychics was not correct. Would recommend Ora and would rate him as a 5 star reader.. Thanks dear will wait for 4 days and I look forward to hear from you." ... written by cheedu12
Firstly, ThePsychic Ora to me is the National Geograph archeological aventures, stories, research, beuatiful eyebrows, waving hair....takes me to an earlier time of discovery. He's too polite to be in this era, but is a gift to anyone seeking news. I felt so many impressions, energies. Great." ... written by Jerdine
Concise, andamp; conscientious. Thank You." ... written by S
Very great reader " ... written by jody
EXCELLENT reading right to the point and on the spot reading...I just got to work hard and stay positive!!!" ... written by Stormfire36
I had some good news and good update, I hope all will come at the end of this month." ... written by cali
Accurate, calm, on point. I just hope that his predictions come true!" ... written by Jewels
I had a good reading with great details and time frame. I will keep you posted!" ... written by Meli
great reading, patience and accurate" ... written by mjm
he is the best and and very helpful. answered all the questions and is so so kind. So precise and consistent in his reading. thank you so much and i believe everyone out there should please just try him he is worth every penny." ... written by jj
Accurate and respected me. God bless him." ... written by Lavendar
Great reading. Very nice and accurate!" ... written by D. a
I was running low of credits but Ora could connect fairly well. Thank you for the reading :) " ... written by casualcolor
greta" ... written by M
good" ... written by mskifatd
My first reading w Ora. I went into pvt after my demo.. as he knew things without me telling him. He is on point..focuses on the right issue. He looks in to details andamp; feelings. He is insightful. He knew things without me having told him. " ... written by Shuchi
This was my first reading and it was very insightful! Would definitely recommend him to anyone." ... written by Daydreamz
Thanks Ora..About 3 yrs ago when I first came on this site, Ora was the 2nd read id ever had..of course at that time what he told me I thought he was nuts..he told me that when I would finally meet w my man he would want to kiss me and when he did his scent would be left on me..etc......COME TO PASSS....Its been NOW over a YEAR ive been in contact and w this man..ANd the FIRST meeting.."HE Kissed Me and "his" cologne" was left on me...ORa is really good..even gives not soo good info..he was the only one that saw a block in my relationship b/c this man moved w another woman...Hes AN HONEST reader as far as I know..n not to worry his predictions come true..ONE read..ALL CAME TO PASS" ... written by Jennifer
excellent reading to the point and very kind pls use him he is so good" ... written by jj
Great reading, gave good advice. I will be back for me insight" ... written by MZLOVELYRED32
Great reading I received from him. He can feel what is currently going on and right on the spot with it. Hope to have another reading with him." ... written by Tidarut
Wow with out knowing anything about where I am with life events at this time he totally clarified things and hit the mark very impressed! Great read!" ... written by bblilhelpers
good, thank you" ... written by u
Thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by fragrant
Very well.. is in to the point about my life. Thank you." ... written by Marites
He as yet again proved incredible.. his work is amazing and he is on of the best on here! we have had sooo many readings ,everything ora says is the truth this is why i come to him thankyou my friend." ... written by Christopher
Okay til psychic left I still have credits. Be nice to know what happened" ... written by Sanity 53`
Nice and quick and very positive. Thank You so Very Much. Blessings!" ... written by Mary
He was very helpful an understanding an new what he was saying an doing help me out thank you ill be back." ... written by Erin Stephens
Wow, once we reconnected ThePsychicOra went into action. He was to the point and the flow of information was great. We covered many issues and as a result I am a more relaxed person tonight," ... written by Sanity53..Cecily
He is good, thanks!" ... written by happy
Good!!!!!!" ... written by e
Thanks again. Chat soon. And remember to keep SMILING! WOO! HOO! XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Was an amazing reading, he is one my guides I follow what he say." ... written by disco
He is good!!!!!" ... written by Emma
Answered my question straight forward. Thank You. " ... written by Mary
Psychic Ora used the webcam to get a better reading through facial. This actually helped me relax. Good wishes to this man and his ability to express my life story so well. I am starting a new relationship in 2 weeks and his reading covered all this. Thanks!" ... written by Sanity53..Cecily
he is truly amazing honest and focus. i really enjoyed our talk." ... written by maritza
Nice person with nice energy. recommend him. Was good in his work. " ... written by Elena
A difficult start due to site technical issues. But good clarity once we got going." ... written by Laura
Excellent reading. Excited to see if predictions will occur around time frame that was given." ... written by Amy
very good reading" ... written by termo
Excellent very positive I love that energy he brings "and you can feel it" always hoping your achieve greatness" keep up the good work!! " ... written by Stormfire28
great as always!" ... written by jody
I have respect for ThePsychicOra. I was very confused about an issue and he helped me unravel it. Through the assistance of TPOra I was able to review my situation and get direction to go forward. Thank you." ... written by Sanity53..Cecily
Great one! well recommended..good vibes and good advice! Looking forward for your predictions!" ... written by Lila3678
One of the best on Oranum. Always very accurate and to the point." ... written by Amy
Psychi Ora assisted my daughter with her heart break answering her email. For me, I got a bit confused but realised he was talking of things very up to date and that amazed me. I had already come to see the benefits of his powers and now I am living by them. It feels great! Thanks." ... written by Sanity53..Cecily
ThePsychicOra helped me get over some paranoia issues tonight re. my own life. He then gave a shorter reading for my daughters' children. Thank you for your patience!" ... written by Sanity53..Cecily
Very helpful, picks up on things quickly." ... written by Eileen
connected very easily with only a name and dob. I feel like he provided lots of good information and has a really great rate. He is truly in this to help others see...not to just pad his pockets. Give him a try." ... written by pink
Reassuring, thank you." ... written by Mary
great update" ... written by zimerili1
The Ora Psychic put me back on my right foot tonight. I had allowed doubt to creep into my situation and that confused the issue. The Pychic Ora was able to unravel it all and place it in the correct position and now I feel I am heading in the right direction Thanks" ... written by Sanity53..Cecily
very eye opening, felt at ease with him" ... written by sanity53
Thank you Ora. I will update you. Please do pray for me Thank you." ... written by G
Reassuring. I was having self doubts but TPOra helped by advising me of the paths in my life and the need to choose the right one. I made the decision and feel confident of the near future. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Thank you again for your patience and for the lesson in confidence. I'm sorry it was cut short." ... written by "Sanity53
My life strategy changed overnight and left me wandering in my mind. PT Ora was able to unravel these thoughts and set me straight again. Thank you." ... written by sanity53
very good. very fast and has a keen mind to grasp the situation. Thanks" ... written by sanity23
I am excited to discover more" ... written by Jennifer
Good, and helpful" ... written by Indhuja Devadass
Ora gave me a new direction to take and advised me I would learn much from patience. Not what I really wanted to hear but it had to be said and I appreciate Ora for saying it. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Thanks" ... written by fragrant
The system threw me out and said website had expired on my first attempt. When I came back to try again, the system froze the psychics image and typing. Not very satisfying and using creds for no reason. The bit of info I was getting from psychic was starting to get somewhere. " ... written by TP Ora
Good intuition and empathy - but got a bit too personal at times" ... written by Maria Pritchard
This session went through without any system faults. PTOra answered my question extensively which is what I needed. I had some paranoia going on and PTOra managed to break that down. The information was precise and to the point and in simple language for me to understand. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
The reading was informative, clear and to the point. TP Ora has an open attitude and is easy to understand, Thanks" ... written by sanity53
The reading started okay but like the one earlier today it had to be stopped for repairs." ... written by sanity53
Intense reading today with information coming forth very quickly. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
The Psychic Ora was fast, accurate and easy to chat with and his grasp of the English language is very good." ... written by sanity53
Ora is very kind and caring. I look forward to his advice and the things he said. Bless him x" ... written by G
good reading thank u " ... written by miss knight
He has been helping me in a very difficult time - very accurate and on target - he sees things no one knows - I HIGHLY recommend - THANK YOU!" ... written by Charmaine Corry
I always find talking about my personal life difficult. However, today TP Ora managed to help me sift through and organise the issues I'm currently facing. It's much easier to think now. He is very good. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
good, precise" ... written by L
made me feel at ease, answered all questions quickly and to the point." ... written by barbara
Psychic Ora is quick, accurate and adapts to situations well. " ... written by sanity53
TP Ora was as usual, on the point today and his answers were spot on. When he reads, Ora seems to look right through me and comes up with the answers almost as quick as I type the question. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Psychic ora did a great job of sorting through one section of my legal matter. He then organised the matter into sections and I was cut off (my end). He is very good and knows his work. Thanks " ... written by sanity53
Ora is wonderful at what he does. He is quiet and serious but manages to give direction and advice with empathy. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Ora spoke to me with web cam today and it made the reading. Ora is very good and fast at typing. Also at getting the answers." ... written by sanity53
A very gentle but powerful psychic!" ... written by Anita
I found it hard to get motivated this afternoon, but the matter I am seeking help with is moving very fast. Ora just calmly listens, thinks and then gives a response. The response I got this afternoon was not what I was looking for but Ora worked at giving me a work a round. He is very good." ... written by sanity53
was very helpful he gave me a time frame which seemed reasonable to find my true love. He was knowledgeable about my love life. He used the time reasonably and I would use him again about another question" ... written by Jermy Strom
Today /The Psychic Ora gave me some life choices and helped me come to a decision about my major issue of stress. He is very caring, listens and then provides an answer to my question. Ora is quick, accurate and empathic. Thanks." ... written by sanity53
It took almost my entire session to answer one yes or no question and even that with no certainty. I gave 2 stars because he was polite otherwise this would have been 1/5. Sorry just being honest." ... written by soulmateenigma
Very calming soothing and nice reading with Ora ... thank you." ... written by Susan
As always spot on and quick response." ... written by barb
Psychic Ora spoke with my daughter today because he had a message for her about her son. She said Ora was quick, precise and easy to understand. She also said she was surprised but understood the message." ... written by sanity53
It's been awhile since I spoke with Ora. As usual I am always inspired by his hope that one day I will get through all this. Thanks." ... written by sanity53
The Psychic Ora was accurate and in the right spot. He gave me new perspective about myself and how to put myself in a better position to get what I want. Barbara" ... written by sanity53
very good" ... written by confused
omg im so thankful for your help Ora" ... written by jody
thank you" ... written by Clover711
Offers lots of positive visions. Is very easy to understand and offers good direction. " ... written by romi944
Ora calmly listens, thinks and gives a response fitting the situation. He is very focused and steady and to the point. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Ora has a professional yet caring nature that balances well with his intuition." ... written by sanity53
Ora gave me a very detailed reading and some healing tips. He gave light to an amazing energy and was very friendly. I felt very confident at the end of the read. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Today I saw Ora show excellent insight as he looked into my situation. I was distressed but he was very reassuring in a difficult time for me. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Great." ... written by Londo
very intuitive... I have met with a couple but feel this to be true... more clarity. He has a talent, and is very insightful. I feel a burden lifted and will be coming back for more guidance." ... written by cathleen
Seemed precise, told me things that I heard others say, will wait if his predictons come true, overall was a good reading" ... written by AP
PsychicOra was very accurate with his details and gave me time frames as well, he was able to give me a lot of info including past , present and future. Hoping to see his predictions to unfold. blessings..." ... written by Lucy117
As for a medium, very on point with information about a friend of mine who passed. As for a current relationship, he was a bit off but it was tough to get a lot of information in due to no audio and just typing. But he did a wonderful job relaying information about my friend who had passed which is why I had a reading with him to begin with." ... written by April
Ora tonight was very focused, steady and to the point. His reading was very detailed, steady and to the point. Ora is a caring and wonderful soul and I feel calmed after our reading." ... written by sanity53
thank you he was very awesome thank you again 10 star" ... written by cuteface1972
i think hes able to read some of my personality, but not enough time. i will contact again when funds allow. interesting." ... written by Hulaan
very informative, waiting for predictions still" ... written by ap
this man was right on point i didn't even have to say anything. definitely will use him again." ... written by m mary
Good emotional reading made me think more clearly and be more hopeful thank you so much." ... written by Leah
This man is all too powerful one of the most powerful psychics on oranum today, his words are no joke, he tells truth, he is also a true healer and can free you of burden and clear your life to make it as good as possible with his insights and powers you will have nothing to fear! Ora is simply amazing! he cannot be replaced ,i have been seeing him since last year this man is like a guardian angel, he can help in all areas of life thankyou so much my dear brother u are all so true to me i hope everyone will consider you for a reading and work thankyou again my friend!" ... written by christopher
very good excellent" ... written by jana
Thanks for the honest and insightful reading. I really appreciate your ability to tune right into the situation and tell me what is to come. Thanks so much!" ... written by janesi
He is accurate and detailed. " ... written by Amajorsheis
He was truthful in what he says very pleased." ... written by Laylaloo
thank you good reading 5 star" ... written by cuteface1972
He is a great intuitive - he puts his heart into his response but will remain accurate. I will recommend to users to give him a try you will not regret!" ... written by Rose
He cleared my confusion away. Thanks for your quick responses." ... written by Suzanne
He is the best !" ... written by Amajorsheis
he is very kind, and very well connected, very detail.. and accurate" ... written by veezee
Very surprising" ... written by Amajorsheis
thankyou for the words u give me to make me feel soo relax like in my maind and hear u anwerd all my ? like i wanted to hear them youre very special and thankyou again for every thing and bless u always " ... written by cervantes
thankyou for every thing youre very good on youre reading " ... written by cervantes
he seems to be pretty good. he predicted this year he will commit" ... written by jazzy
Very good. Many thanks " ... written by NC1977
ok..will try again" ... written by kw
Just was great reading cant wait for this month :) to see if clarity and predictions come true:)" ... written by jamieleigh2
Excellent as always!" ... written by atlantis111
Excellent!!!" ... written by atlantis111
He is excellent reader! Very, very accurate, tunes in very quickly with great detail! I highly recommend him!" ... written by atlantis111
I had to add credits to complete the reading and I am so glad I did. He will have so much information for you. He doesn't waste your time at all. " ... written by Tyler
Perfect reading tonight. Thank you so much. You were spot on and perfectly clear" ... written by Tyler
Great medium really helped get the guidance I needed." ... written by Andrew Campbell
Excellent and insightful gave me the clarity that I needed and gave me the help and conformation to move on and make the correct decions." ... written by Andrew Campbell
Great reading... hope all comes true!!" ... written by Ash
well my update was okay..not really much i wanted to hear..we'll see if there's hope" ... written by B
He was so great and accurate...he is the besttt one ... 1000 Stars *******************************************************************************************************" ... written by Nag
Wonderful guidance. I find that Ora really can channel into the situation that burdens me and gives me great advice and predictions...accurate too. I look foward to more sessions with Ora . xo" ... written by Katrina Nadeau
thank you again for all the details you give very fast and how we want them very good friend god bless u " ... written by cervantes 30
Thank you so much for that reading. You were on point and really lifted my spirits again. I will come back for an update. " ... written by Tyler
Ora focuses on the issues at hand andamp; does not waver. Clear andamp; Direct. Blessings" ... written by Matilda
very accurate..." ... written by rani
Awesome reading!" ... written by hermestarr
Psychic Ora gave me a view into his insight tonight when he mentioned things he had no way of knowing.I look forward to seeing these predictions come true." ... written by aerindease
great insight, hoping prediction will come to pass" ... written by sparklesdazzler
awesome reading I had to get more credit to finish 10 thank you star" ... written by cuteface1972
thank you awesome reading really good updates accurate and on point 10 star" ... written by cuteface1972
Prediction was along the lines of where my work was heading - spot on with present issue, and his vision saw the outcome." ... written by Celestial Knight
thankyou soo much for my reading is always very goo every time we talk u make my day better every time thankyou god bless u always " ... written by cervantes 30
Just great reading can't wait to get results." ... written by jamieleigh2
I felt good about it. Will be back for more" ... written by Jhoan
He is helpful and gives some encouragement that things will go well. He is very positive and understand the feelings of others. He will always provide reading to ensure I understand and clear the doubts. - tinkle" ... written by Tinkle1
He is detailed and explain things to give an understanding of the situation. Awaiting to see the outcome :)" ... written by Tinkle1
Ora takes the time to be accurate and gives great detail. He sees the unfolding of future events very clearly. Blessings." ... written by Mary
PsychicOra was focused on providing insight into questions and was straight to the point." ... written by selah2010
He was very kind, generous, didn't waste the time." ... written by Hanna
great as usual." ... written by beautywithinone
an awesome connection. very detailed and interesting experience. It is a gift of energies, time and space." ... written by beautywithinone
Good reading, much detail!" ... written by atlantis111
great reader cant wait to see prediction time :)" ... written by jamie
Very kind, and gave a good reading about my future career and that I need not to lose faith in myself. He guided me and gave me light in my path and made me feel warmth inside. Thanks for the reading! I appreciate it a lot." ... written by Fernando Garcia
great" ... written by beautywithinone
He gives honest readings / answers" ... written by Amajorsheis
e has provided me detailed predictions based on my situation ...he has also been been patient and understanding towards me when I don't quite understand the situation. He helped to further explain to ensure that I get it clear and understood positively. I shall wait for the right time to come as per his predictions :) - tinkle" ... written by Tinkle1
Again he is great." ... written by piddy pie
He was great and he was correct on a lot of information" ... written by piddypie
Very insightful. Grasped my situation without any explanation. Felt much better after talking to him. Very good reader. Looking forward to speaking with him again." ... written by Shelbypooh
Thank You, I hope everything goes good. Thank You" ... written by Luz
Psychic Ora is my go to man. His excellent at helping you find solution to problems. His also spot on with fine details" ... written by Mazz1097
Great reading!!! Thanks" ... written by Ash
great" ... written by beautywithinone
his very good with providing advice about decisions. and is very accurate" ... written by Matt
great reading and accurate " ... written by claire
PsychicOra is positive. Keeps my hope alive. He gave me a good descriptive of my personality and made me realize on what things I have to be aware of and things that I have to change in order to feel better about myself. Thank you. " ... written by Jay
just wanted to say that it was a great reading!!" ... written by goodlife1977
we had a twin reading me n my friend and its always great reading thanks kindly for all ur help will be back soon" ... written by jody
thanks so much" ... written by scorpioflame 7
nice reading..." ... written by islanfgirl
what a kind man . so gentle and caring gave me a reading that helped me so much about how my partner was feeling . he was amazing and very spot on . 5 stars " ... written by missm786
he was good, im hoping it all comes true of what he says, thanks again" ... written by marie
He was spot on with every thing wow" ... written by Cemon
He is great talented for sure ....5 stars from me " ... written by come on
This was my 1st reading with ThePsychicOra. He is very nice, friendly and detailed in what he sees/reads. He gave me specific details and date to look out for. He told me exactly what he saw...the good and the bad. I thank him for his time and will see what happens. I think ThePsychicOra is a very thorough and precise Psychic with good insight into what he sees/reads." ... written by StarshineJ
gr8 time with..." ... written by Abhijit Roy
Connects very well - gives real details and no false promises - very to the point and realistic. Great reading." ... written by lotus71
Very good reading :) Will be back again. Thank-you." ... written by Roberta De Bellis
.he has given accurate and detailed reading...when I'm in doubt he will explain further and ensure I'm clear and understood..." ... written by Tinkle1
while providing reading... He is also aware of my feelings and will ensure that I don't have any doubts. He is helpful and caring..." ... written by Tinkle1
Good! Thank you! Accurate" ... written by Melissa
Woow This guy is good" ... written by Richard Sserunkuma
100% Accurate Reading.I Like Your Way Of Talk Your Knowledge Yours Sightedness Your ability to understand the issues You're amazing.I Am Impressed" ... written by Simi
WOW.... He is a very good man and have much experience in his work. He gave me short detail reading but it was very very accurate and to the point. Greattttttttttttttt psychic .. I will come back surely.. **************" ... written by Bri
Really lovely reading, will definitely use again and would recommend. :) " ... written by Marylin
Wonderful, he is great, really great. accurate. " ... written by meena11
Very positive " ... written by Jen
The future is always based on what choices are made, PsychicOra make me aware that I will have options and choices to make. Although a bit confusing, I appreciate the honesty and sincerity of his reading. Talking to him about my situation helped me to understand better the choice I am making. It also helped to know that things are going to work in my favor, regardless of what others may or may not do. This reading was very much worth my time and money." ... written by LA
this was a very interesting reading i have to see what happen 10 stars wow" ... written by cuteface1972
Veery accurate in his readings! Recommend." ... written by Joy
He is great. Much recommended. " ... written by Joy
I feel now much more at ease after talking to him, we'll see if his prediction comes true. (:" ... written by Aeureus
He gives you hope and encouragement for the future. Great guy to talk to. Thanks. " ... written by Jay
Great reader... he connects fast and always eases my mind!! Thanks so much" ... written by Ash
great reading, very detailed will change your life forever" ... written by R.
He is a great psychics and i believe he is good and accurate, he told me few things that is true and also wait for other predictions to come true in near future" ... written by meena11
extremly helpfull and excellent advice in what to do." ... written by Matt
Great Reading as usual. provided great insight to my life and made me feel better within." ... written by Matt
thanks so much ora" ... written by jody
I have got excellent detail with psychicora about my career he was accurate and to the point. Highly recommended . thanks.. " ... written by Bri
Another Great reading with him I am happy to get my detail .. thanks." ... written by Bria
I have another great reading with him ..... will sure back again .... thanks. " ... written by briajustin009
Great detail from him. He is nice person and have lot of great experience...... thanks. " ... written by briajustin009
In a very short time he was able to provide a lot of information. He said all will be ok and i don't have to worry. Gave me detail about career and love life. Looking forward to it. " ... written by Daniela P.
Great connection:) Wonderful reading....he really saw things for what they are and provided me with wonderful advice for the future...look forward to updates and seeing what comes of his predictions:)" ... written by Carrie
ThePsychicOra is one of the best readers I had in my life!!! I came back and I will come back for another reading because all his prediction despite some being good and some not so good:-( they all came true within the time frame that he predicted!!!! He is an amazing to use him....for me is money for me well invested! " ... written by Rita
It was a short time I had with him that he has given fast and on the point details...he always emphasis not to give up hope and hopefully time would come soon positively... - Tinkle" ... written by Tinkle1
He is good, acurate and wonderful. I will advise reading with him. He is very helpful and great. " ... written by meena11
Everything sounded good,,,,will wait until end of year to see what happens." ... written by LA
He predicted awesome news about my future and told me everything will turn out fine. he made my day soo happy. i can not wait for his predictions. 2015 here we come." ... written by Matt
Very good!!" ... written by hh
very helpful in guiding me, through ongoing problems. His Great and i respect him a lot." ... written by Matt
Wonderful reader with a kind soul! Very much appreciate his guidance and look forward to seeing when his predictions come to pass. Look forward to coming back:) Great guy!" ... written by Carrie
Allah bless me with your reading! In sha Allah everything will work as you told me! HE IS AN AWSOME READER!" ... written by vezna crawford
provide great insight about my health and told me to stay calm and everything will work out good." ... written by Matt
great. his amazing. is a really good guide" ... written by Matt
Very helpful at guiding me with my situation" ... written by Matt
Very helpful" ... written by Matt
Wonderful reader...such good update! Love coming back for good, honest updates. Very in tune:) " ... written by Carrie
good, very helpful" ... written by Matt
very gud and accurate. and very careful, prediction is very good." ... written by meena11
Thanks for the candid insight and connection to my situation. have a blessed day. thank you" ... written by meg
Had a very good session, got very good feedback and recommendations. Will definitely come back for more" ... written by Mortebn
Thanks mentor! I appreciate this a lot.. " ... written by MMarmalade
It was a short time I received the reading from him...he was fast and on the point and he explained the situation fast...he helped to clear my queries on the spot...hoping that the situation clears and would see good outcome." ... written by Tinkle1
Wonderful reader with sincere advice. Enjoy receiving updates and will def. be back!" ... written by Carrie
he is really nice and helpful, sets my mind at ease" ... written by Matt
Thankyou so much for your help and support!" ... written by Felicia
He is very good, nice, and sincere. I would love to come back to him for another reading. " ... written by Roseanna
some of his predictions did come to pass yesterday ...thank you. I'll await to see the other things " ... written by meena11
Very detailed reader, friendly, complementary, and insightful!" ... written by Ang
done a lot of reading with him, he is quite good and accurate waiting for his predictions in the coming year. i recommend to have a reading with him. Blessings !!!" ... written by meena11
He is awesome" ... written by Ashley
very helpful. made me feel heaps better" ... written by Matt
very good guidance" ... written by Matt
Such a wonderful reading and update...he is spot on with his visions and I always enjoy hearing what he has to tell me. What a great reader and confidant. Appreciate his guidance." ... written by Carrie
ThePsychicOra has become a trusted reader and friend. I appreicate his guidance and his honesty. Helps to keep me on the path of where I know I want my life to go. Hope the predictions come to pass this year:) Wonderful reader!" ... written by Carrie
thanks for connecting to my situation. you have a lot of detail and i am sorry i ran out of credits. i look forward to your prediction coming true one day soon. " ... written by meg
Wow!! He's really good he gave me all the details of this upcoming date that I will have with Renatoo. I can't wait to unfold" ... written by Sarah
Wow!! He's really good!! I will come back to him and let him know about my date and compare it with the prediction he told about my upcoming date." ... written by SARAH
He was great!!!" ... written by Kelly Morasse
Thank you for the positive vibes. I was really shocked at him calling as we were chatting and I was worried. Thank you. will come back again for an update." ... written by flovech82
Thanks for the confirmation! Wish I could write more, but my heart is heavy about the situation. Thanks again!" ... written by David
great chat...looking forward to the future!!!" ... written by sirilee
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
Great insight!" ... written by Tie
very insightful and kind, nice to talk to :)" ... written by lovesoul
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" ... written by Tie
Wonderful update....such a great connection and I feel that he really sees what is in store. I look forward to what lies ahead and appreciate his guidance!" ... written by Carrie
INCREDIBLE! I am so appreciative of your words and witness, He is passionate and descriptive. very in tune, wow! thank u so much!" ... written by SPEC
Amazing person and excellent reading will be back soon " ... written by cari
Wonderful reading with spot on connection. He sees things that I already feel. I appreciate his guidance and his words of wisdom. 5 star reader...Give him a won't be disappointed!" ... written by Carrie
Great reader 100 stars , Will come back for new info!!! And Thank you so much God bless !" ... written by sandra
Wow amazing reader .Will come back for an update .Thank you so very much !" ... written by sandra
Wow he is very nice person, very kind and know how to deal with his members. He knew everything regarding my current situation. He did not ask many questions. He gives accurate and to the point detail i recommended him and give him 100 Starz. Thanks. " ... written by jen
Very nice detail i have got from him in very short time. He is an amazing person. Thank you very much. Will come back soon. " ... written by jen
Very caring psychic he is thank you so much for all your help and guidance ." ... written by sandy
Thanks for your help. I appreciate it!" ... written by DAvid
I have got short reading with him but it was very good. " ... written by cari
Very good detail that i wanted to know. He has given me much accurate detail. I am happy to come back. Thanks " ... written by jen
Very much accurate and right in his detail Thanks " ... written by .....
great reading and follow up 10 stars thank you" ... written by cuteface1972
This guy is an awesome mentor, his great, gets me back on the right path" ... written by Matt
He is sooo helpful, " ... written by Matt
This was a different reading from what I have done before but very interesting. I am intrigues by what he said. He gave me homework to do so I will give it a try and see if it helps. He is very kind and accurate with details. Let him help you . He has a different approach but a lot of fun as well. can't wait to report back. :)" ... written by cathleen
omg what help so happy " ... written by trish
came to ask a quick question and I got me answer thank goodness. He I kind let him help you!" ... written by smalltown
great psychic and awesome mentor" ... written by matt
another awesome reading" ... written by matt
He is good and nice person and he was right and accurate in his detail. I will come back again . Recommended and age lot of stars. Thanks " ... written by GG
magic love him" ... written by trish
nice" ... written by Sharda Khade
He knew nothing about me and left the conversation after just a few minutes." ... written by Shannon Barker
Come Back Again for more detail there is a net problem but you were good and accurate thanks " ... written by GG
The PsychicOra is very helpfula and has very good grasp on energies around you and gives excellant guidance" ... written by Ankita
I want to go now but there was a good connections and good detail. ************5***********starz. " ... written by Elis
5 stars thx for your time andamp; knowledge very helpful" ... written by queenbee22
His predictions have been come true. He was right in his detail Thanks dear ora..." ... written by Bria
Ora is caring, compassionate and willing to help anyone that he can. Ora is on point with his readings and will never steer you wrong. When you come out of a reading with Ora you will feel confident, relaxed, relief and full of joy." ... written by Dalys
10 star" ... written by cuteface1972
He has given me very good detail about my career. I hope it will happen soon. See you again for more detail 5 Stars" ... written by Bjustin
Nice reading, hope it will come true!!!!" ... written by conny jonkman
Appreciate PsychicOra and his readings... Looking forward to see his predictions come to pass. Highly recommended" ... written by Carrie
very helpful" ... written by matt
A very informative, very insightful man. His reading was so full of details and it made the situation much clearer to me. A soothing and compassionate person, with a professional approach. I hope that what he told me will come to pass. " ... written by Bahamutia
Oh wow! I loved this reading. Very accurate and hopeful. Full details and guidance...the real deal. " ... written by JACK
PsychicOra is a wonderful reader...Appreciate his words of wisdom ...look forward to predictions coming to pass. Very kind energy..." ... written by Carrie
good reading he was really nice " ... written by francis
thank you for that awesome update.. always a pleasure 10 stars" ... written by cuteface1972
nice reading" ... written by amalia
Thank you!" ... written by U
good reader will be back" ... written by oles
Everything he has told me was true, he has made stunning predictions that I look forward to coming true. " ... written by Jennifer
Really long read....actually ran out of time...However! fantastic read and intensely in depth...I look forward to his predictions and I will really come back to tell ya if it comes to pass. He doesn't channel fast but that's alright if you are receiving the message that you need. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Excellent" ... written by M
Great reading from PsychicOra. Was very impressed and will see how things pan out." ... written by M
My heart is so full of joy. Your kind words and advice go a very long way. God bless you" ... written by Jennifer
I love my private readings with PsychicOra.. He is very kind and I always feel better after our reads. God Bless You" ... written by Jennifer
It is always a pleasure today was another good read. thank you for all you do" ... written by Jennifer
I love my readings with PsychicOra. and even though I am living with so much happiness now I will still continue to come to him for guidance and advise on how to proceed with my life. He is amazing and may God Bless him many many times. Thank you so much for being here for those that need you" ... written by Jennifer
He was quick when I didn't have much money to spend. I love this guy" ... written by Kaytee
Reading was done by typing, let's hope it's accurate and that I have some good news to share with him next time, thank you." ... written by Delicious
A great reading " ... written by Mag
good readings " ... written by renata
our readings just get better" ... written by Jennifer
Great reading will always come back....." ... written by Jennifer
An incredibly honest person who reads with accuracy. He tells you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. " ... written by David Miller
quick connection times, positive message, time frame discussed as well," ... written by dakota
Great reading thank you...." ... written by Aundrea
had to have another reading. good reading but still i wait for the next 23 days" ... written by malteser1970
a different reading that made me smile. I wait anxiously for the next 23 days and hopefully leave feedback with good news. Thank you for this reading." ... written by malteser1970
Thank you for your detailed reading, I can't wait to see what happens!" ... written by Starliteny
Confirmed what I was thought was going on, I am very happy to have been told what he told me was going to be the outcome" ... written by Starliteny
good reading " ... written by renata
awesome.............the best thank you" ... written by andie
He was very good...I hope his predictions come to pass, only time will tell but I have faith! He is very calming and kind...very sweet man!" ... written by Miszy
thank you" ... written by cuteface1972
Another fantastic truthful and hits the nail right on the head. He has opened my mind to so much. God Bless you" ... written by Jennifer
great reading" ... written by renata
Straight forward. Genuine and warm spirit." ... written by dangels
Great reading can't wait to speak with you again... God Bless you!!!!" ... written by Jennifer
A very good man indeed. Very understanding gentle. VERY VERY GOOD SPIRIT. Will come back to him again. 20 stars" ... written by dangels77
very precise on timing...will see if all comes to be !!" ... written by TC1957
5 stars" ... written by nip
Coming to PsychicOra is part of my daily schedule, his readings are so insightful and I always feel like I can conquer the world after we speak....thank you and God Bless" ... written by Jennifer
I spent all my money trying to figure out how to use this cam. but I will come back when i figure it out. I would like to hear what you have to say" ... written by julie
he is very clear about things, he looks into details, and gives you timeline about the things happening in the future, thank you" ... written by Delicious
thank you for the reading you focused on leela but i knew he was my passed looking forward to my future man who i will meet thank you namaste 5 stars" ... written by edna
good reading " ... written by faithlove
awsome reading " ... written by faithlove
Great person" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you" ... written by Sarah
ora always gives good readings " ... written by renata
good readings " ... written by renata
love readings with ora " ... written by renata
ThePsychicOra has given me a terrific and exciting reading with lots of hopeful messages, and valuable perspectives on my life path. I HIGhLY recommend a reading with him, as I was taken with the optimistic approach to so quarrels I was facing. He helped me to realign my perspective to how I naturally would like to experience and view life situations. Thank you ThePsychicOra!!!" ... written by marhaban
Fantastic Reading!! Highly recommend, very fast and accurate. He pinpointed the situation and gave the clearest guidance. I did not have to tell him any details. " ... written by mj
Amazing as always!" ... written by Niki
great reading. hoping for things to come true" ... written by k
Sent me an email after our last meeting, for updates." ... written by Teresa
very accurate....comforting and he shed light on many subjects.." ... written by sabrina fulford
Thanks for connecting to my situation. I appreciate your insight" ... written by meg
Great Reader, Honest Answers and he is quite nice!!! You will not be disappointed!!!! 5 star expert!" ... written by Amazing Reading
thank you good up date" ... written by cuteface1972
Wow! Wow! Cant wait!" ... written by T
Your in sight has been helpful and I am so looking forward to all of it." ... written by T
good encouraging reading today, focus on positive steps. quick typing , good english, thanks again" ... written by dakota
He was nice, fast typer and gave a lot of details" ... written by Fab
very nice reading, too bad I had to cut it short. Highly reccomend" ... written by Mary
Very quick and straight forward with precise details. Excellent !" ... written by pink is pretty
great reader" ... written by cris
He is great. Very detailed and compassionate!" ... written by Five
thanks for your guidance and your advice" ... written by dimauro
was a pleasure as always and grate reading thank u x" ... written by enushi
ok thanks for the reading. I will come back another time. thank u" ... written by Tender
hey, thanks for the reading bout the one I wanted. hope to get more answers from you. " ... written by Tender
Ora is a great reader. He is always there when you need him…… and is quick to connect. Ora remains fully focused when he is giving you advice and answers all questions for clarity. " ... written by maryanne
Great reader, and so nice too. He tells you situation facts and relationship predictions. " ... written by AMAZING READING
Awesome!!" ... written by EVAFRI
great reader, no tools, honest insight to your situation with a great smile. *****10 stars*****" ... written by Magnificent Reader
Awesome! Thank you!" ... written by T
Awesome in sight! Cant wait to see it all!" ... written by T
I enjoyed Psychic Ora's reading. It was deep and very insightful." ... written by EVAFRI
Great reading! " ... written by June
Good reading" ... written by R
Thanks for the reading." ... written by janesi
That was beautiful. What a great, unique reading. I learned so much, and gained the knowledge and understanding from your insight that will help me continue on the path I am on. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me. Blessing and hugs." ... written by familyhelper
Thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
very helpful" ... written by STAVROS
Very good reader" ... written by J
thank you so much ... I wish I had more cr and time , " ... written by rosa
very intuitive , and on the spot ... recommend him to others " ... written by rosa
excellent reader" ... written by opik
Sees Deep and gives clear advice. Psychic Ora is really amazing..." ... written by Jizz
It is ok. The time was so short to go in details. I will wait and see if his predictions are true and will be back." ... written by CANA
Thanks, let's see what the future holds and when predictions come...Long-term prediction" ... written by ruby
very good" ... written by nicole
some info but voice would be better" ... written by Leah
Ora seems to be in tune with the issues of the other person. Ora is more positive than me. I have lost hope in hearing from the other person. It looks like it is impossible that the person concerned will be in touch again. It has been so long. I hope that PsychicOra's prediction comes to pass. And everything works out well." ... written by Moonchild59
pretty insightful. I will see how prediction comes out" ... written by Bill
It was a fun reading. I hope the predictions will come true soon." ... written by Edy
very good reading ...." ... written by pete
Good reader, insightful and quick to connect; unusually tactful and considerate verbally. I am surprised at how many readers there are that tend to be blunt and rude... not this guy, excellent manners and very detailed." ... written by Alotlikedorothy
Will wait for predictions to happen. Did not use tools, seems to be very sure. Will come back to update" ... written by belovedheart12
great went back for even more details :)" ... written by Muhsybean
Amazing reading!! ThePsychicora gives lots and lots of details :). He knows about the situation without any tools, I was amazed how much he knew and happy he was not vague about his predictions, fast typing too :) . " ... written by Muhsybean
Interesting reading and insight, also sweet " ... written by Sherry K
Ora connected very fast and was very accurate in his assessment!" ... written by d
had to go back for more - he is great!" ... written by Muhsybean
Amazing detail! will be back to say how predictions unfolded " ... written by Muhsybean
PsycicOra thank you for everything! Your awesome in giving me credits and being able to get some clarity today! Let you know when things come to pass :)" ... written by T
I've just got a reading with thepyschicora and honestly speaking, he gave me a very straightforward kind of insight x" ... written by Rena Tri
He is very talented, I wish I could afford more time with him as he really looks into the situation accurately and deeply. Very kind man, fast typing and gifted insight which is what you want from a psychic, couldn't ask for more!" ... written by Muhsybean
He was great! Provided lots of details and gave me peace....thank you :)" ... written by justme0234
PsychicOra gave me positive reading. I can't wait for his predictions to come to pass. He does not sugar coat and will tell the truth. I had to end reading as the connection was poor. The frame was freezing and the typing and sending was delayed. I will come back for updates, Ora! thank you!" ... written by Moonchild59
Thanks a lot. I really appreciate the time and consideration. I find you genuine and kind. Keep it that way! Again thanks a lot." ... written by MMarmalade
I just had a reading with ThePsychicOra and wanted to share my positive feedback. He is a truly kind and gifted psychic who has given me much guidance, encouragement and hope, as well as confirmation on my future issue that i have been concerned about. Thank you so very much for the clarity and generosity in your reading! " ... written by Nelly
Very good read...helpful in understanding what is happening. " ... written by Nona
OMG ok so u knw how no one likes the "top psychics" b/c they don't knw crap..wel ORA predictied EVERYTHING to a TEE for me 2=3 yrs ago when I first I took him pvt to see what else im in store for...hes really good!!!!" ... written by Jenn
PsychicOra you are too kind! Thank you!" ... written by T
Good one" ... written by Prat
PsychicOra Thank you for the reassurance...." ... written by T
He gave me positive answers to guide my actions. I appreciate that." ... written by Spirit
best and most accurate psychic andamp; excellent reading. highly recommend him." ... written by prat
Wow he is too good reader. Connects so well with much details. He deserves 5 star. Amazing person he is." ... written by Prat
Ora,Is a great addition to oranum,he is very accurate,and his predictions do come true.In my last reading he gave me a prediction,and it came true,and within the timeframe that he gave me.He is a very honest and genuine psychic,who doesn't sugarcoat to make you feel better,he tells you just what he sees.I will be back for another reading with him in the future.He is very gifted,and the real deal.I would recommend him to everyone with no hesitation whatsoever.Many blessings to you ora,and thank you so much for a wonderful reading.Love and light.xoxo" ... written by Jennie
Thank you for everything! I so look forward to the coming weeks!" ... written by T
PsychicOra's reading about the other person is accurate. I hope his prediction comes to pass. The reading was positive. But we were having technical issues. There were a lot of delays in typing and sending. Which happens often on the site. I will come back for update. Thank you Ora!" ... written by Moonchild59
Uniquely gifted reader! Saw accurately my situation and when I followed his advice, the circumstances were EXACTLY as he predicted, down to the other person's words. INCREDIBLE!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Very helpful in my situation. " ... written by Nona
great reading thank you ora" ... written by a
Great detailed reading Gave many details about my situation Gave me a time frame for when things would happen. Lots of positive vibes and very caring. Wish i had more credits to continue the reading! Thank you so much for your help" ... written by Criss
Thank you sooo much for your insight into the now and my future. I feel so comfortable when I chat to you. Thank you. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
very uplifting words. will return in near future. thank you kindly" ... written by dale
Ora gives good readings. Needs to speed up a bit though" ... written by Shuchi
If you tell him in advance he can connect in advance n try to be ready before pvt time. I wish he would stop asking to turn on cam." ... written by SM
he was very nice very oriented and very honest." ... written by exellent psychic
gave me a date and said to come back so i hope his predication comes true" ... written by j
great reading thanks :) " ... written by meagan
good connection, good insight, thanks for the information, it has been helpful to me. talk again soon" ... written by kelly
After the healing sessions, he predicted that I will secure a job within the next 2 months. Hope his prediction will come to pass. " ... written by littlebudy1
Made a great connection, gave me lots of details. Highly recommend :)" ... written by Jupiter
excellent" ... written by A
Great honest and upfront reading!" ... written by Alicia
Tonight I had a reading with PsychicOra. It was eerie to hear someone describe me as I would describe myself. He was intuitive, accurate, did not waste time and was comfortable to be with. Thank you." ... written by Dolphin
IT WAS good" ... written by computerluv
thank you for the reading you did for me he give lot of details and explain really well honest calm nice will keep you updated thank you for your help " ... written by joseph
Psychicora Is an amazing reading,honest,accurate,and very professional,he has the most impeccable manners,I have read with him in the past and the prediction he gave to me,came to pass.He is the real deal,he won't sugarcoat just to make you happy,he will tell you exactly what he sees,which I wouldn't have it any other way.Thank you much,and for sharing your wonderful gift with us all,you are a blessing.xoxoxo" ... written by J
good" ... written by real love
PsychicOra is always accurate with his readings. His predictions happen within the time frames. I cannot wait for the next one to come to pass. He gave me hope in what looks like a hopeless situation. I have to be patient. Thank you, Ora! I will keep you updated." ... written by Moonchild59
Great reading. Detailed and very kind. looking forward to seeing what the next month brings " ... written by N/A
Quick and efficient! He was able to describe everything and give me insight on what's to come! Love you!" ... written by Pat
just want to say thank you to the psychic ora he was very fast and accurate like reading my mind i will back to let him know how evreything goes and will be back for updtes" ... written by ale
GOOD READING VERY HAPPY WITH IT" ... written by dragon
Thank you i appreciate the reading" ... written by mwisteria
very good thank u" ... written by jana
thanks for a great update into my situation, He is very detailed and gives good advice." ... written by joe
Very wonderful reading. Patient, kind, very thoughtful. Thank you very much!!" ... written by marjoram
I am happy with my private dark energy removal session and with Ora's reading. I hope all he said will come true and I can move on with my life happy. Thank you!" ... written by Lana
Thank you ThePsychicOra! You are to the point!" ... written by Amy
Thank you for your honesty ThePsychicOra!" ... written by Amy
Thank you!" ... written by Amy
Thank you brother ThePsychicOra! You are too kind to me! Excellent clarity! God Bless!" ... written by Amy
great adice, very thankful for him" ... written by katie
Ora, you helped me finding back my faith in my current situation, my friend. I will talk to you soon tomorrow!" ... written by Nicole
Thank you ThePsychicOra! Very up to date detailed reading! 10 Stars for you!" ... written by Amy
Thank you my friend! " ... written by Amy
Thank you my friend! Always very good chatting with you! Take care andamp; God Bless! 10 Stars for you!" ... written by Amy
I truly enjoyed meeting psychicora. He picked up instantly to what I was feelings and to whom I was concerned about. Hes fast and sincere and would recommend him to others to give him a try. I will definitely see him again soon" ... written by amedley
Ora is sincere in his caring for his clients. He is very kind and honest. I still have a long time to see if what he revealed will come to pass but for now, he has always been good to me. He is reliable. Please give him a try. Be open and honest so he can serve you best. I see even in his chat how he cares for his clients. His gifts are real. I can feel them" ... written by Julia
loved the healing session was great for me" ... written by katie
honest and clearly knew the situation , " ... written by katie
I had to buy more credits. That is why there is so much feedback from me about Ora. All I can tell you is he has looked out for my best interest thus far. It is too soon to know any results. I just know Ora cares and in the right way; a healthy way. He has been selfless instead of the other way around which is selfish. He gives a lot to his clients - so I have observed" ... written by Jewelia
He was really good. Told me a lot. He's great!" ... written by jessiea2640
I have had technical issues so I have to keep coming back. He is very fun, kind, funny, patient, sincere. I am learning more about Ora to form my own opinion while I wait for the results for the predictions. I have been impatient and insecure. So I keep coming back to challenge Ora. Be he has been consistent with his predictions-no matter how I try to trick him" ... written by Jewelia
Good reader, he knew my situation without saying a word. He was connected and said exactly what he saw." ... written by Darkdov
I am having extreme anxiety. I keep coming to see Ora for support, guidance, trust issues. He did a healing for me. I am already feeling better. He is such a good person. He only wants the best for his clients. He is very sincere. 2 more days and I will know if the prediction is true" ... written by Julia
Ora has been quite impressive lately (more than normal). He has been doing very special work for me for healing that I can feel!!!! He is definitely an energy healer! He really cares about his clients. I see it in his chat room and with myself. He asks for feedback too in order to know if he is meeting the needs and/or expectations of his clients. His ability to use his energy to heal is outstanding! I never experienced anything like it. He wants what is best for his clients" ... written by Julia
Ora has been working with me to help me with a relationship. Relationships take time. I am working with him to help guide me, help me heal, and help me find happiness within myself again while learning how to be successful in my love relationship." ... written by BeautifulJewelia
I am now moving on to a different area of my life for Ora to help me address: my career. Next will be finances. One thing at a time. Ora is looking into my employment/career prospects in order for me to set myself up for success based on what he sees, feels, far he has been precise. " ... written by BeautifulJewelia
Very helpful and kind" ... written by Rebecca
He has given me hope in my time of darkness" ... written by Rebecca
He was very warm and friendly. Shows much compassion to my situation. Thank you" ... written by Rebecca
I had so many topics to discuss with Ora that I had to keep leaving to get more money for credits. I am very much looking forward to these next steps and predictions. I am still undergoing energy healing because I have so many things that take a toll on me. Ora is helping me regain my health and strength. I already see and feel the difference. Please know though that energy work does take a lot out of someone. Make sure you ask Ora to rest, replenish, and eat!" ... written by BeautifulJewelia
thanx again Ora!! I'm looking forward for your healing and reading! XXX Nicole" ... written by Nicole Snijders
I am confronted with a very serious familial matter. This is a new topic for me to discuss with Ora. I am going back in session with him shortly to address this with him. He did a healing for me. I was so very depressed and weak from sending so much healing energy to so many people who had such bad bad bad bad energy. Ora made me strong. I am very happy again and back to who I was/am. TY ora!" ... written by BeauituflJewelia
very honest kind help. clear seeing." ... written by paul
amazing" ... written by china
Very sincere and not a lot of fluff. Kind and understanding. Looking forward to next reading." ... written by Siouxzan47
ONE OF THE BEST READERS OUT THERE. Ora's readings are so on point with my situation, very clear, and honest, and fast! Ora is so great to read with. Always a pleasure. " ... written by calm sanity
Thank you ThePsychicOra! God Bless! Very good clarity! Chat again soon! 10 Stars for you!" ... written by AR
I only have enough funs to speak with Ora for a few minutes. He was able to give me a quick synopsis and prediction. His last prediction came true either to the day or one day early! YAY! I will speak with you soon Ora!" ... written by Jasmine
ThepsychicOra is the best as I have been in a bad situation and really emotional. He has helped me understand and see things that i cannot see he has also given me hope and self believe. He is polite helpful and considerate and would do so much to help you. He has told me so many things that has happened and that are going to happen im 100 percent happy with my reading and hope you guys try it out too. " ... written by enushi
amazing " ... written by h
Well, I am out of credits to finish the session I had with Ora. That stinks. But he helped me feel empowered and have faith that what I need will come to pass for my family and myself. I ran out of credits when we started to get in depth in my reading.. Darn it! Ty again Ora!" ... written by BeautifulJewelia
This was my first session with Ora. I read so many wonderful things about him and his predictions coming true. I look forward to my 2 predictions coming true with love and money" ... written by Sabrina
I wish I had more funds to talk longer. Darn it! He is so kind, sweet, and helpful. I already had a prediction come true! I can't wait to learn more. I need to wait for my next paycheck" ... written by Julia
Good" ... written by Ricard
he is good thanks" ... written by H
Thank you my friend for the clear reading and clarity! 10 Stars! All the best to you always :)" ... written by AR
Thank you for lifting my spirit Ora. Easy to connected fast andamp; accurate highly recommended God gifted man wonderful reader....Amazing thanks again!!!" ... written by wisperslight
Ora is always making me positive again when i start to losing hope and gives me the advice i need right at that moment!!!" ... written by Nicole Snijders
Very good reading stars highly recommend! The only thing I dont like is this credit system. Instead of having to worry about how many credits or minutes I have left it should be a decent price so that I can enjoy the reading and not stress on how much I am spending, Something has to be done as I miss out on good readings with sound and very professional people like this reader is." ... written by Gabriel
He is very encouraging and very helpful." ... written by newnameok
he did mention that I am surrounded with negative energy. Hopefully he will heal me in the next few mins. " ... written by littlebudy1
really good reading, i'm looking forward to his predictions coming thru" ... written by d
I had a wonderfull healing and reading from Ora. Very kind, honest and caring man!! I will be back to him for sure. Thank you Ora. You keep me positive when I start loosing hope." ... written by nicole snijders
Had a wonderfull healing from ora. Made me calm again! " ... written by nicole snijders
So far, Ora's predictions have come true. He also allowed me to lea on him very heavy through a period of great loss, personal development, and mourning. I hope his prediction for the new direction my life is heading come to pass and soon. Thank you so much Ora. He's cute too! " ... written by Julia
I really like him for I feel he is serious and geniune. That is what I am looking for thanks" ... written by randi1158
He will blow ur mind, no time waster, bets on oranum" ... written by sk
he is good ," ... written by sk
good reading" ... written by Ricard
good reading, very caring" ... written by d
Very precise... Ora knows what he talks about and does not lose your time unnecessarily... He connects very quickly and you will not be disappointed with his readings...Recommended!!" ... written by Shabana
PsychicOra has been very accurate with his readings. His predictions have come to pass. He is quick and does not waste time. Like the others do. He does not sugar coat to make you happy. " ... written by Moonchild59
Good session" ... written by Ricard
So far decent reading. Will see when his prediction comes to pass." ... written by d2k1000
he is so trustworthy that I look for him almost everyday" ... written by randi1158
Very nice and positive, always make me very comfortable to share all problems, good accurate and helpful readings . five stars from my side." ... written by grvshar
Always accurate, intelligent, prob solving." ... written by Gaurav
Accurate helpful and kind looking forward to the next session" ... written by Lorann23
what an amazing healing i have no words to describe. fantastic" ... written by Lorann
He was very honest with me he understood exactly what I needed to know and he made me fill so good after we spoke together,I will come back to talk with him again.He is a very pleasent person and understands and gets you answers right away." ... written by wildfire1959
He is someone I can trust... I have to reach out to him" ... written by randi1158
some people are such a blessing to meet, share with and they lift up your soul. Thank you Psychic ora for being an angel today." ... written by Lorann
Great guy" ... written by RIcard
Great. Nice person" ... written by Ricard
Nice readiing. Will see if it happens " ... written by Ricard
He answers questions generally well , he is honest ! , I have had readings w him before he is talented psychic who tries to really help!" ... written by Crazyhorse19
he was good and said nice prediction to me. thanks " ... written by b
I really like this person. He is very nice and wants to help me. I look for him almost all the time. He seems sincere in his work and very helpful. I will look for him again soon. randi1158" ... written by randi1158
Great guy and reading" ... written by Ricard
Had to comeback. Great reading, more than I expected" ... written by Ricard
Thank you for always being so kind!" ... written by AR
Nice insight " ... written by vv
Nice reading....waiting for predictions to happen. Accurate too." ... written by Glory
Thank you! Well said!" ... written by AR
Thank you kindly friend for the feedback. I will chat with you soon. Take care andamp; God Bless. All the best is wished for you always!" ... written by AR
Good advise!" ... written by Cyc
Good session. Felt positive. " ... written by Cyc
Great reading." ... written by Janice
I like my reading so far." ... written by Janice
Was great...let me give updated next seession...he was spot on situation" ... written by Nag
thank you for the insight " ... written by vh
he is a very good adviser. He is great with give awesome feedback. I recommend him." ... written by vh
Super easy to understand him. He has great energy, and does cleaning of bad energies. Very accurate, knew exactly what was going on in my life. I always come back. " ... written by mari
Outstanding, every time I come back he knows exactly my situation. Gives great advice," ... written by mari
Wow! Super accurate with what is going on with my life. I keep coming back all the time. Thank you!!" ... written by Mari
He is very good to work with." ... written by newnameok
I contacted him and felt very comfortable. I asked a question about a relationship and he told me and advised on what I should do. I was told to contact the person and to mention some things, I did, and got back a favourable reply. The prediction was that I will get a reply and I did. " ... written by Cyc
His helping for me with bad energe i wish is gonna help me and everything gonna be okay i will coming back to him" ... written by Kaja
.... he is very patient and compassionate with his answers." ... written by gwdgwdvf
he is honest with answers and truthful...." ... written by vgdvvwre
I wish what his do to me and say everything gonna happen :)" ... written by Kaja
He is a great psychic with great insight. He told me my problems before I said anyhting except my name and dob" ... written by Chiara
fantastic!!" ... written by chi
Nice and straight to the point. Picked up the ugly part of the story.." ... written by vikingelf
Thank you sir!" ... written by AR
PsychicOra is accurate with his readings. Today he gave me something to look forward to. A seemingly hopeless situation that will have positive results. Thank you, Ora! I am looking forward to your prediction to happen." ... written by Moonchild59
Thank you Psychic Ora i will keep in touch and let u know about your predictions. GOD bless continue to bless u!!" ... written by Gen
Great guy.- Nice reading" ... written by Ricard
Very polite, kind, and energetic with detail on life and healthy responses. Knowledgeable in peace and personal guidance! Looking forward to more sessions with this gentleman!" ... written by Michaela
Wow. he removed evil energies. It was intense. I would definetely recommend him!" ... written by Chiara
very good.... " ... written by wesvc
... very accurate reading... interesting, patient and thoughful." ... written by gbwdvn
I think that The PsychicOra is just a awsome psychic.He doesnt mess around and give you mumbo jumbo he is strait on and purcise all the way.I just love his readings and he he a very caring person about evryone." ... written by wildfire1959
Very nice, informative, and genuine" ... written by Brit
Great insight...takes his time, and really enjoyed his reading" ... written by Brit
Great reading" ... written by Ricard
good reader !! " ... written by Muhammad Zahidi
Very calming and comforting. Insightful. " ... written by Lynnette Karagines
psychicora is very kind and caring. He connects to your situation fast and is on point. He tunes right in to your situation. He has told me things about mine that surprised me. I truly recommend him he is one of the real deals on here. thank you psychicora will be back for more readings" ... written by amedley
Thank you for the reading" ... written by Erica
He was very quick to tune in and get connected. he didn't use any tools, which is what I prefer. He stayed on topic and answered the questions that I had. He confirmed some information without me telling him about it. " ... written by m
Would like to see. Much appreciate it and hope this will help me and make me happy. He is very much spot with his results! Thank you % " ... written by Clare731
he is truly awesome and he is sincere with his reading,I 'D recommend him if you're willing to know the truth. "HIGH FIVE"" ... written by Mojoplay
Peaceful psychic. I felt calmness even though going through a very hard time. Thankyou" ... written by Christine
making new connection...." ... written by Nicole Snijders
I want to say big thank you hope will make me so happ y and can't wait !! Thank you so much your are truly fab" ... written by Clare731
Ora was helping me with removing bad eyes effect and did hard work. He is so friendly and caring. I will keep coming back to him for updates and help. " ... written by Nicole Snijders
he is very good.... i trust what he says!" ... written by ommfmfm
Great guy nice reading" ... written by Ricard
uplifting reading when you wanted some encouragement." ... written by littlebudy1
it was a nice conversation i ran out fund but will come back soon for more.." ... written by Pure Love
Psychic Ora is accurate with his readings. I had to end private reading due to technical problems with connection. I am looking forward for his predictions to happen." ... written by moonchild
Helped me find my calling. To be a part of this community. Thank you ThePsychicOra" ... written by Christopher Gibson
He was brilliant. I really liked him and he was very helpful in an idea of something I could be doing for the future. It was brilliant and mad and beautiful and I just am beyond astounded my life is taking a turn for the absolute best and I can't stop myself from reaping it's rewards. THANK YOU The Psychic Ora" ... written by Christopher Gibson
Good reading" ... written by Ricard
Very good." ... written by ulva
a great healer, and very calming to be around " ... written by angelina
Very, very calming. I loved connecting with this psychic. Please give him a try " ... written by angelina
Ora is working hard on my relation and keeps me hoping and believing in a good future." ... written by Nicole Snijders
Ora is very good in removing bad energies.... " ... written by Nicole Snijders
PsychicOra is kind and always helpful and very accurate in his guidance." ... written by Beauty76
another great reading, and thank you for the energy work. cant wait to give you an update!!!" ... written by Gen
He was really good, will be coming back in the future" ... written by Quanica
He was a big help in my relationship and put me at ease!!" ... written by Curt
He gave me a detail insight on some things I was confused on." ... written by Curt
He helped me with reaching towards more of my successes and we have become really good friends through this. He helped heal the negative energies around me and removed the bad energies in relation to my eyes and I already feel renewed and better than I did before. Thank you ThePsychicOra! You're a true friend - and I promise I will send you some of the reward money ;)" ... written by Christopher Magyar
He helped with healing the energies reflected and found through my eyes. He helped me feel a lot better and lot better through and of myself. He is truly gifted and helps me feel very much so at ease within myself. " ... written by Christopher Magyar
He is insanely gifted. He knew there was someone here with me and helping me along my path where no one could've known this. He is here to help as a tool or messenger of healing and love and I feel as though he is my best friend, when we just met and have interacted only several times in the last week. I recommend him to anyone and everyone that comes onto this site, looking for positive reinforcement in any aspect of their life. ThePsychicOra is very deserving, thank you for all your blessings and messages. You truly deserve this promotion!" ... written by Christopher Magyar
Very good reader and healer with a big heart! " ... written by Nicole Snijders
I feel Ora is sincere and trying hard to see a situation and caring. He can see on the long term, a positive result. I feel encouraged" ... written by li
He is so very friendly and wants to help so much in a really reassuring way. Very nice to talk to, Ora!" ... written by Nicole Snijders
Ora can work on pictures you send, which is very special and helping in my situation.... thanks Ora!" ... written by Nicole Snijders
Great insight. Recommend" ... written by Arn
This is a great Psychic. Immediately told me what he felt about my difficult situation. And he will be telling me more in detail. I am glad." ... written by Rakhi
we just begin so I need to continue with some advice and steps before I can see the results. I feel Ora is caring and sincere and I trust his insight into my situation" ... written by Living Spring
He seems to have picked up on the situation but we will see how good he is with his predictions" ... written by l
Very lovely, friendly and honest man. A pleasure to talk to..... with amazing gifts. Thank you so much Ora! I will be back. X Nicole" ... written by Nicole Snijders
prayer/healing session we will see how it goes. He seemed to really want to help so I hope all will be well soon" ... written by l
Thanks Ora for your details, help and care!!! Talk to you soon! X Nicole" ... written by nicole snijders
very good healer, and good reading. even if you're not here for answers, definitely get a healing. " ... written by angelina
Very calming, and made me less anxious- his predictions are great even without you telling him any information " ... written by angelina
Very helpful and insightful. " ... written by Hunter
i was worried when i came but when i talked to him everything was of in ease . felt more calm and he reassured me about everthing thats going to happen, thanks " ... written by coldplay0
He is very good, connects fast, provides a lot of information and timeframes too. He is accurate and doesn't waste time. I will return for an update..." ... written by LB
Thank you brother! Always good chatting with you! Take care andamp; chat when time permits! 10 Stars for you! You can really sense what is going on always!" ... written by A
thanks for reading, good conection about things and feelings, but little bit slow... No sugar coating" ... written by c
He took a minimal amount of time to connect. I only asked him for one thing, but he provided a lot of detail. I got more than I asked for, which was great." ... written by genuineone
Was really nice and hopeful and connected well I hope, going to wait for prediction to pass" ... written by Sher
Very lovely and caring person!!!" ... written by Nicole Snijders
Great reading and helpful :)" ... written by Mo
he has a gift which is not common. " ... written by dawood
Very stong guy andamp; helping " ... written by Raju
He was very helpful and encouraging. He made me feel so much better about my situation and I feel he got a lot of things right I will find out in the future." ... written by Elaine
Very calm, " ... written by angie
very good deep reading " ... written by a
very detailed predictions, and wonderful to talk to" ... written by angie
He is accurate!" ... written by Miimii
Wow!!!! I really enjoyed connecting back with him. He gave me some information. I missed him and had to come back to chat with him." ... written by randi1158
Very compelling. And seemed to be able to get deeper insight into my issue than I anticipated. And offered to clear negative energies from me without my prompting. Would definitely have another reading. " ... written by Alex
GOOD" ... written by ritesh
Very special man. I would highly recommend him!!! Kind and caring!" ... written by Nicole Snijders
Very caring and trustful and helping man. Very nice to talk to. Thankx Ora!!!" ... written by Nicole Snijders
He removed my house from bad energies and is helping me with my current situation to turn it to the better...." ... written by Nicole Snijders
I highly recommend Ora. He is a sincere and caring man and works hard for you!. Try him, you will be happy to speak to him!!!" ... written by Nicole Snijders
Great psychic very helpful and friendly. Recommend him to anyone :)" ... written by E
Great reader..was fast and on target." ... written by peacewithin7
thanks!!!" ... written by c
good as always" ... written by E
he is great i can't wait to see what he says come true " ... written by drunqenmaster
Thank you dear bro for the advice! You are always so patient and caring towards me! 10 Stars for you!" ... written by A
So lovely and understandig man. Keep coming back to him." ... written by Nicole Snijders
good reading " ... written by a
Very calming presence, and a fantastic reading. A good healing process is when he removes the bad eyes affect, you feel as though a weight has been lifted off of you " ... written by _
Great reassurance. Great reading with accuracy and a good person. Very good healer as well. " ... written by a
good session" ... written by GW
Great!" ... written by GW
great psychic, and detail " ... written by a