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Psychic ThePsychicDeanhas 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic ThePsychicDeanhas recently helped 1members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about ThePsychicDean's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello and welcome to my Webpage….

My name is Dean. I have been working as a psychic and card reader for more than 15 years. You may also know me from working on Karma TV in Hungary and Ezo TV as a psychic and show presenter. I have worked on psychic radio shows as well.

Many times in our life, the universe sends us a message; however we either do not understand or do not want to accept these messages. My abilities are a gift from God and it is my Karma to help people to find the best path in their life.
When I was a young child my family saw that I was different, but since I was so young, they thought I was just playing games. I did not understand my abilities and did not practice using them until later in life. As I grew older, I started noticing that I was different than other people. I knew things and could read the cards with accuracy. At first I started doing card readings for my friends and my family. They kept telling me how accurate I was, that the things I was predicting were coming true just as I had told them. More people were coming to me for readings. I began to work on the TV as a Clairvoyant and Tarot Card reader. The more I used my abilities, the stronger they became. One day I quit using the cards to do readings and was able to rely only on Akasha. Akasha is like the library of souls. Everyone’s life is written in Akasha.
Then came a time in my life where I was pronounced dead. I was brought back to life, but then pronounced dead again. After this, I found that I have the ability to communicate with people who have passed on.

When I do a reading, I will ask you for your name, date of birth (yyyy/mm/dd), gender and any questions you may have. Feel free to ask about your love life, financial concerns, work or if you are confused and need direction in your life. By knowing your date of birth, I can use Akasha. Your life in Akasha is like a book on a shelf in a vast library of knowledge. When you ask your question, I can go into the library and pull the book of your life. From there I can answer any question you may have. I can also let you know anything you may need to know. I may reference cards if I need to clarify anything in your life. The cards I may use are Tarot Cards, Gypsy Cards, the wonderful Kipper Cards or Lenormand Cards. I may also use a pendulum. With the cards I can tell you what has happened in your past, what is happening or who is around you. I can see your life as a whole. When I get information from the universe, I can see your life as if I am watching a movie. The cards will provide accurate answers and the pendulum will clarify the answers even further.
If your questions concern another person, or a person that has passed on, I will need to know their name, date of birth and gender as well. If they have passed on, I will need to know the date they passed on as well.

Akasha will often reveal a past hurt that has not healed, or completely healed. These will show up as a blockage in one of your chakras, or a bruise on your aura. When this does present itself, I can use candles and the energy of the fire to help heal those past wounds. While performing the cleansing or healing ceremony, you will feel the fire’s energy coursing through your body in the areas that have been affected. Afterwards you will be at peace with yourself and your life.

God Bless You!


He is a very compassionate person that really connected with my soul and gave me very good advices... I will definitely come back for another reading!
rinagm, Miami Beach

Very intuitive he told me I was to teach my sweetie how to say no and he was to teach me how to trust! Amazing!! Kind and compassionate soul! :)
whtevrhelps, WA

he is very good!
oceansandjoy1, usa

Thank you Dean! you are amazing caring person.
mylife123, US

Dean was great he in very accurate and knows
sexyegyptian2, florida

Thank you for a beautiful reading!
Phoxee, DC

Was a very very interesting reading, definitely recommend! Unfortunately ran out of credits but was definitely worth it!
chelcee, Australia

amazing ! he is the only physic i saw who gave me complete readings with full confidence, which was not solved by the most. tons of thanks. god bless you :)
Mui, Bangalore

Dean I always love your readings. You are a true healer and an angel sent from heaven.
coconut1980, Brookly

Very sensitive and caring psychic. He answered all my questions and he gave me some more information to guide me. Really recommend Dean, he is wonderful!
tash1921, South Africa

sairakhan1, fairfax

You owe it to yourself to have a reading and chakra healing with this man. If you see me in the free chat area feel free to ask me why. He is wonderful. Thank you, brother Dean.
coconut1980, Brooklyn

Another awesome reading with Dean!!! Last time I had a reading ...the events came true..!!! I'm excited for my future ;o) Thank you so much and thanks for putting my fears at ease
Phoxee, DC

Dean you are truly gifted. I am amazed and it takes alot to amaze me.
coconut1980, Brooklyn
Very quick and to the to tune into my past and give answer towards the future. Hopefully prediction will come true.... thank you Dean
ElidaK, Toronto

Very luxury reading, and he includes everything. You don't even need to ask, he knows what you need to know!
PeterCollins, Vienna

Great reader!!! I like reading with Deanpsychic he gives me the support I am looking for and he's real sweet. Thank you Dean!
Phoxee, DC

Dean seemed to see my situation very clearly. Will definately return.
Kuzza60, Sarsfield

Wonderful reading! He is amazing! Thank you Dean, you are a special psychic.
okalulu, Wellington

One of the best readers on site. Very professional and passionate about helping others with their questions.
B.B., Usa

he's amazing...thank you so much Dean
sassiie, new york

DEANPSYCHIC was very thoughtful and gave me great advices about my future life. He is nice and accurate.
atelmo, Funchal

Dean is absolutely amazing! He was informative and completely accurate. He not only read me like an open book, but was also able to pinpoint situations in my life that were heavily weighing on my mind. He offered solutions to my obstacles and gave me hope. He doesn't sugar coat anything and is very honest about what he sees. If that isn't convincing, he gave details about my love interest. He not only physically described my love interest, but described his personality, work ethic and financial status. My reading with Dean was only 10 minutes, but in that short amount of time we were able to cover a lot of ground. He doesn't waste your time and gets to the heart of the matter you're interested in as quickly as possible. At the end, with only moments to spare. He did a chakra healing for me. I could literally feel a tingling and burning sensation course through my body. It was a wonderful feeling and completely relaxing. I felt light, happy and in great spirits. And if that isn't enough reason to go into a private reading with him...he is SMOKING HAWT! It adds to his allure and you are left with a sense of tranquility. You can feel that he cares about what he is doing professionally and wants you to be comfortable with the experience. Overall, he was incredible! But, don't take my word for it...engage him in a private reading and I have absolutely no doubt that you will soon discover these things for yourself. - MoMoSuGaH *winks*
momosugah, Las Vegas

there are no words to express it, he is so nice and such a nice healer.. you´re the best dear... tc
Dandelion1240, Uk

Amazing the best of best.. and so loving
IsisGoddess, uk

Accurate, healer and wonderful to talk to . Thanks you
mylife123, US

Respected him before, and even more so now. You are one of a kind Dean. Thank you very very much it was well worth the time :) Much love and respect to you
AlysiumDream, melbourne

Amazing reading. Very caring psychic. Thank you for sharing your gift. Answered all questions.
tash1921, South Africa

dean is very sympathetic to your troubles i hope and pray that my reading is will be as i was foretold thank you very much
allyb5, aus

Great chat! Will tune in next time ;o) Hope all his predictions come true soon ;o) Can't wait!!
Phoxee, Washington DC

That was a GREAT experience!!! AMAZING READING!!! Dean is AMAZING, positive, sincere and so helpfull :))) LOVED IT!!! thank you so much, Dean!!! hugs :*
thetruthseeker, EU

Interesting reading, I enjoyed it." ... written by RestoSham