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Psychic TarotGoddesshas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic TarotGoddesshas recently helped 149members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about TarotGoddess's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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A world where a mystical deck of cards becomes a book about you....and a page opens to your present. Shall I translate? :-)
His Holiness the Dalai Lama was asked, "What is the best religion?"

He answered, “The religion that makes you have more compassion, more love, more kindness to other beings, less selfishness, and makes you more forgiving, more at peace with yourself, less egoistic, more generous….that is the best religion for you.”


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***REQUEST TO SOME MEMBERS............ It is necessary for me to interact with the members who visit my room......kindly DO NOT dominate the free chat with YOUR conversations alone. It hurts the others who have been waiting to interact with me - they feel really, really ignored....though that is not my intention.

I'd appreciate if some of you, who have been indifferent to the other members, understand the issue. Free chat is for everyone to get to know the experts. Kindly do not expect me to be totally preoccupied with any ONE of you here. If you want my total attention, please come to the private room. THANK YOU!!!!


Hello and welcome....thank you for visiting :-) Hope you enjoy being here......!!!

I'm a Reiki Grandmaster, Certified Tarot Reader, Crystal Healer, Color Therapist/Color Advisor, Feng Shui Master, Vaastu & Pyramid Vaastu Expert.

My interests include - Myself, Positive Thinking, Attitude of Gratitude, Finding solutions, Reiki ,Tarot, Crystal Healing, EFT, Feng Shui, Vaastu, Pyramid Vaastu, Numerology, Tasseography, Rudraksha, Auras, Energy/Vibrations, Color Therapy, Aromatherapy, Candle Magick, Spells, Law of Attraction/Manifestation, Simple Mantra Therapy, Pendulum Dowsing, Chakras, Affirmations, Nature, Trekking, Solitude, Swimming, Reading, Observing patterns, Predicting, Traveling, Interesting Conversations, Thinking, Photography, Reading, Past life connections and other paranormal phenomenon, Chatting with God, spreading love and light, smiling & laughing, Happiness, Serendipitous happenings, Meditation, Zen, Hypnotism, music and humor, children and pets, watching the Sun rise and set.....celebrating life, surrendering and letting go...

Since my childhood I have been blessed with strange visions & dreams....stuff that I could not understand back then.....but most of which makes sense to me now!! I meditate regularly.....and am blessed with visions of holy masters. People find me friendly and comfortable to be around.....and rather easy to open up to and share their innermost thoughts and feelings. I am nonjudgmental . I believe that life should be lived with passion and purpose.

I do a "regular" job that helps me get by.....and in my free time I try to use my innate spiritual & clairvoyant gifts to reach out and help people around me. I have, so far, been of help to more than a thousand people....done thousands of tarot card readings....and done some corporate tarot shows....and I'm happy and proud to say I am rather quite in demand! I have attuned about a 100 people into Reiki.....and turned lives around with my Feng Shui/Vastu or geomantic advice......

While I know it will not always be easy to hear some answers....my forte is my honest and insightful tarot readings.

Bright Blessings,
In Light,
TarotGoddess (TG)


JITHV1987 - Oranum's pride and such a sweetheart!!!...Counselor, astrologer, tarot expert, spell caster/breaker. Very caring and straight from the heart!!! As his sister....my opinion is - he is the nuttiest guy I know!!! But ignore my opinion.....Well, he and I sometimes sing songs (a genetic problem!)...which greatly helps our clients with driving away negative spirits and ghost busting!! :-) And....really, you DONT want to try this service from either of us!!!
ROSIE76 - tarot, astrology, counseling & she is a great psychic.......we're friends and go back a long time together.
PSYCHICVICTORY - tarot, counseling....she is very mischievous...warm hearted and caring. She is world famous!!!
EASTERNMONSOON - joker...singer.....very caring and a great counselor........I almost worship her!! Wondering how and why???? Ask her!!!
ESTHERLIBRA (tarot, etc.)
SIMUNDO (tarot, etc.)
NORTIE (reads energy like you are an open book)
LADYGOLDENANGEL (tarot, psychic, etc)
LOVEPSYCHIC9 (funny guy...really funny....and a love & r'ship advisor)
WYREWIZARD (aura reader...medium)
OMSAKTI (for any spiritual help/energy/prayers - you need to feel good??? Knock on his door!!!)
JAYA678 (very, very sweet man...very unassuming & humble...chilled out...calm presence.....and a great astrologer...........you got to try his skills and see!!!)

For now, this is the list!! Phew!!!! ;-)))))) I need a break..... :-))))))

Love her sooo much, awesome woman with great ability. So easy to understand and receive clarity." ... written by Aliyah1955
This is an HONEST WOMEN. she will not waste your tokens. as a matter of fact i told her i had EXTRA credits to spend with her because she was so right on key with my reading. and doing awesome. but she declined and told me to SAVE IT for when i NEEDED IT. she has true integrity... so do many others on Oranum... but she was just Fabulous and a True Honest Women. Positive energy. what a good person she is. AND RIGHT ON TARGET WITH MY READING. thank you." ... written by Amanda
Lovely lady, very pleasant and confident in her readings." ... written by jayebill
Thank you" ... written by mylife123
very fast..to the point...practical advice.....caring spirit who authentically speaks what she sees. Accuracy to be seen :)" ... written by bluewaters
very good reading!" ... written by aisha
Another consultation with TarotGoddess :) once again felt much better after talking to her. She really know how to help. She is not only a Psychic, but also a very knowledgeable person. This makes her the BEST! Thinking of having a Private? Take TarotGoddess! 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
Very exceptional reading." ... written by coconut1980
I loved my reading, she illuminated me with inspiration and faith that my feelings were true, and guided me through every question i raised. I feel she understood how important the issue was for me and was very caring and confident about how she answered me." ... written by tanyaolivia64
Tarot Goodess is a very positive woman. Not only that she is extremely accurate in what she sees. She finds a way to help you change your negative way of thinking so that you can help the outcome of your situation. Everytime I am in her room there is a positive vibe. Going to a private with her is so uplifting because she is so quick! She is not here to take your money. I really feel she is here to help you also! Thanks so much TarotGodess continue to keep me in your prayers. God Bless U!" ... written by neeree1
She was extremely warm, genuine and accurate. She made me see some things about myself that I had been denying. I am able to deal with my situation better because of this reading with her. I appreciate genuine and sound advice of this nature. I will follow her advice and seek her for assistance again. " ... written by wee318
Thank you sooo much! She is very positive, but accurate and honest. She didn't minimize my concerns, but used the cards to help confirm that things will be fine. I know the Tarot well enough to determine that what she saw and said was accurate. She also noticed something else completely separate going on and coming up in my life that I knew was about to happen. I would definitely use this reader again! " ... written by Nona29
Wow! Love her reading she is a nice lady, I will come back for another reading! Thank You Goddess!" ... written by cinlorri
Maximum 4000 characters..." ... written by neeree1
the first after trying a lot of Oranuim , I felt truth and hope, I will folow her advises , and never stop consulting her " ... written by emanismaiel
In one word - GREAT! She treated me as a younger brother. Very helpful and very kind." ... written by cencer
Very accurate Psychic." ... written by MorningStar8
What an amazing psychic. This was my second reading and I am even more amazed at her abilities and the way she delivers her readings. She is quick, accurate and honest. I appreciate her sound advice and guidance. I will come back again." ... written by wee318
Really liked her reading was very good at reading into my situation thank her loads for the advice she gave me will listen 5 *****" ... written by 1blessings
Sheeeeeeeeeeeeee is my sisterrrrrrrr.. i love her so much she is talented and so good at what she do....she is the nicest person in....oranum..............and i have never in my life....ran in to a special energetic like you...you are amazingggggggg and help fulll..Oranum is so lucky to have you.......please every one...please give her a try...you will love it...it worth every penny....so pleaseeeeeeee go to her i love you so much and we all love you so muchhhhhhhhhhh......godblesssss." ... written by jithv1987 (jitihn varghese)
Wonderful reading! TarotGoddess gave me insight on my situation current and future. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
I liked her quick response...she is very good and insightful!" ... written by ttgal50
excellent reading" ... written by valeriej
I had a one card reading with TarotGoddess and at the time she told me that a new move would happen suddenly. Out of the blue a few weeks later, I got some news that an apt. was available for me to move in! I would recommend anyone to her because she is really good at what she does, you learn a lot of wisdom in her free chat and she really cares about each of her clients. " ... written by sweet81pea
amazing reading!" ... written by funchallady
fabulous session! she is a kind and wise woman. quick and clear messages. she will make sure you understand her and will be mindful of your time. i will be definitely return for any concerns i have. god bless you and all your good work!" ... written by divinegoodness
She's so great at reading the situation at hand and giving me some great, useful advice! She is very knowledgeable and full of wisdom and compassion! Love her! Also, my previous reading with her did come to pass and work out as she said it would...Thanks again Goddess!" ... written by Nona29
TarotGoddess is not only a very insightful psychic/tarot reader, but she is a wonderful woman. I recieved a reading from her and she tuned in very well with my question and she provided a very indepth reading of the situation with very little information. One look at her and you know she is the real deal. Do not think twice about hiring her. She will put all your concerns at ease and show the right way to move forward. Most definitely deserves *Five stars*.Thank you lovely lady" ... written by Princess_gl
I have regular readings with TarotGodess and always consult. She is one of a kind: wise, accurate, and very loving. I loved her advice and I feel reassured about my future. Thanks for the Demo." ... written by Mylife123
Another fantastic reading, I am always amazed at " ... written by tanyaolivia64
Very good at what she does. Go and see for your self. " ... written by marie21
No comments.. just three word ,kind ..very much helpful, make u stand up from the mass" ... written by cencer
Very sincere, and honest. I would definitely talk to her again! " ... written by pxiong0121
Incredible reader - this was my second consultation with TarotGoddess, and I liked it very much. She picked up on my situation easily, and so naturally. And she also does a 3 day healing for members! I entered consultation so stressed out, and exited relaxed and smiling :) Do I recommend her? Absolutely! 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
i really like her" ... written by nana9885
Very accurate, straight to the point and she gives you tips to make your situation better!" ... written by slz0304
wao, simple and profound reading ! she is very good, professional, and love howshe reads the cards. very good at what she does, i recommend her" ... written by nazlymaria
I love her that says it all. very up front and open and careing" ... written by Nichole
Awesome clarity, so informational, she helped me a lot. she told me things I knew but needed clarified. I recommend her highly. " ... written by Aliyah1955
She was a great help, really understood my situation and made me feel about better about. She really knows what she's doing!!" ... written by littlebit76
TarotGoddess is full of suggestions and advices! She seems very caring and sincere. I really enjoyed the consultation --- Thank you once again! " ... written by hugs2020
I loved the reading , she is very good. she knows what she's talking about..highly recommended. thank you again" ... written by pepita24