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Psychic TarotExpert30has 5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic TarotExpert30has recently helped 743members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about TarotExpert30's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

READ MY PROFILE BEFORE WRITING! 1 Free card will be offered as a connection, NO QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED. Be aware that I am not Psychic, Clarivident or Medium!, I am a Card Reader and there is a BIG difference on how I work with them and how your energies are captured by them, this is called CARTOMANCY,

Most people think that when someone seeks esoteric insight it is because they want clarification on certain situations or people in their life. In most cases this is true, but in some cases people are just not ready for the blunt truth and these are the people that I will be looking at in this article.

We are all essentially on a journey, which in basic terms could be compared with school. We begin in Kindergarten and we progress through stages to reach University. We make mistakes, we learn from them. As we grow so does our perception of the world around us. We learn to handle people and situations in different ways, we grow to understand what works for us and what impedes our progress. This is all healthy and helps us to evolve into a well rounded adult who can interact in an adult world in a productive and positive way. However, there are certain things that impede our journey, such as abuse, neglect, coming from a poor social and economic background and conditioning from the people around us.

This conditioning can leave us feeling anything from worthless and insignificant, to superior, judgemental and self important.

Entitlement junkies are not always materialistic selfish people. Entitlement can be an assumption that there are certain things in life that they are ‘supposed to have’ and when they seek a psychic reading, the only thing they want to know is WHEN that will happen. WHEN they will get what they want, desire, seek, DESERVE TO HAVE!!!

This is how a reading can be quickly derailed. A psychic or reader isn’t there to reassure you that you will have what you want. They are here to tell you what they see and if that doesn’t correlate with what you want then a good psychic can tell you why your desires are not materialising.

Occasionally I will read for a client, and at the end they will ‘recap’ what I have told them and end up with something that barely resembles what we have just spent the last hour discussing. They grasp the parts that fit in with what they believe they are entitled to, and conveniently forget the parts that require them to do any work on themselves, such as give up an obsession, or letting go of the ego driven need to manipulate someone elses free will.

When you change the way you do things, you do it for your own good, not to coerce someone else into giving you want you want. Thats not love, its control.

The question you need to ask yourself is, ‘Do I want genuine insight, or do I just want someone to tell me that I will get everything I desire within the next 6 months?’ You also need to ask yourself why, if you haven’t yet managed to achieve your goals based on your current actions and thought patterns, that another 6 months is going to make a difference to anything.

Change comes from within, there is no quick fix, no short cut and a reading might not always be what you were hoping to hear, but which is better? A truth you dont want to hear, or a lie?

1 – Most important rule – Stay away from any psychic, spiritualist or medium that claims you are cursed, but they may be able to help you – for an additional fee! This is an old scam, and many naïve, vulnerable people have lost a lot of money dealing with these devious imposters.

2 – Avoid a psychic, spiritualist or medium that claims to be 100% accurate. It is impossible to calculate that figure. No tool or formula exists to measure the ability of such person. This is false advertisement, as there is no hard evidence to back up their claims. This points towards deception.

3 – No psychic, spiritualist or medium should make you dependent on him or her. If a psychic makes you believe that you need to come back at a later time for more, or if they send you mail or email telling you that they have important information for you, they want your money. An intuitive reading should leave you feeling empowered, not dependent. A good reading should give you direction for the next few months. Except in unsual circumstances, I discourage clients from seeing their psychic frequently or more than once per week.

4 – Keep away from any psychic, spiritualist or medium who tells you only what you want to hear. Avoid those who only tell you fairytales. Steer clear from those who only give you good news. It is painful as a reader to deliver unpleasant news to the seeker, but if a psychic is telling you that everything is fine, yet you know that things are not so good, then end the relationship with that reader. I always tell the whole truth during a reading. I always look for the positive side in every situation and try to guide my clients towards the best possible outcome, but the truth is – life is not all fairytales.

5 – Keep away from spiritualists who offer to remove curses, cast spells and perform black magic for a fee. These people are whacked and after your money. Changes in your life can only come from within YOU. I will offer you the tools and direction if you want to, but I can’t do things for you.

6 – NO ONE can tell you for sure what your future will be because your future is always changing. You are always changing. You have control of your life, how you respond to life – you make decisions, you can influence, you can change our mind, you can choose where to put your efforts, etc. An intuitive reader can “see” into your possible future by reading your energy patterns and reading the energy that is present NOW. You will change, and as YOU change, so does your future. I give readings every day in which I predict things that later come true, but it is only because the subject of the reading had the power to change it and they did it themselves.

My name is Eduardo, the interest in tarot came into my life about 5 years ago, thanks to a Cuban woman who ended up being my master and guidance during my learning cycle. I would like to state clearly that, Tarot is not something you should be depening always, the cards are a tool to explain us a situation or answer questions, but it is very important that you are sincere and straight, otherwise the deck will show if something is not right!. I would like everybody to understand that sometimes the cards will show something different, this is because they are trying to tell us something that it is important and it should be taken seriously, the same way I take seriously your questions and problems. I don’t do spells, magic nor anything related, there are things which we humans should not tamper with. Please do not hesitate in taking me for a private reading, I am here to help you and most or all of your doubts can be known through a complete reading.

About the Horoscopes, they are only available via E-mail and I will need your place, date and time of birth, I will have them ready for you in 48 hrs maximum. as usual there will be no free questions or consultations in the chat about it. For those who choose a horoscope it does have it's advantages, specially for those who want to keep the information, this horoscope will offer an insight for the next 6 months to 1 year long. The same applies for e-mail card readings and of course one more benefit which is a fixed price!.

Some little rules to help everybody and ourselves!:

Due to the fact that many users come to get a freecard, it is necessary to control this a little bit, I am happy to receive you in my room, but also understand and remember, that is it not good to go and get readings from many psychics, this is only complicating things for both you and me, if you are requesting a reading from one or two stay with them until you are feeling secure, this is for one simple reason!, if you start asking and getting readings and demos from everybody, you will make yourself confused and also it is not polite, since you are not respecting the work of my colleagues, a mixture of energies can occur and it will not benefit you in any way.

I WILL NOT ANSWER DIRECT QUESTIONS IN THE FREE ROOM! (PLEASE READ THE WEBSITE RULES AND POLICIES)...... for answering any direct questions get some credits, so you can have your own personalized reading, it will give you a very good explanation to your questions and problems, if you would like to explain me your problem still then do so!, I am also here to give advice and suggestions. Do not use profane language, and be respectful to everybody, be it me or other users and members!.

Racism or discrimination will not be tolerated at all.

Please be patient, all of us would like to be heard and treated well, let’s practice it by having a little patience when I am working, everybody will have it’s chance, patience is a virtue!, if you do happen to be urged do not hesitate in taking me for a private reading, or feel free to choose another psychic, there will be no hard feelings!.
And the most important...., it is not correct or allowed to speak about death, it is something in the cycle of life that we cannot change, all of us come and will go eventually.

TarotExpert30 is accurate and really the best to get advice from with the card readings, he sees exactly what is going on and if the solution is there or not. When I need to know anything I go to Tarot and he is spot on with the answers. Thank you Tarot 5 Stars all the way...." ... written by snowriver71
I like ed he is very good in what he is doing." ... written by maria12111
Very kind man, very helpful, got 10 stars from me. Awesome reader." ... written by maria1211
Eddy is always on point with me in the cards in the free chat. This was no different. He tells you as you need to hear and to the truth. It was very insightful and necessary for me to hear his advice, Thanks Eddy....muahhhh" ... written by lisa
He is just wonderful, wonderful. He brings clarity to your problems." ... written by Alexsheart
Greta reading and accurate " ... written by Harvey6972
thanks too you" ... written by bolton1
Thank you for your help, I was a great reading!! and you gave me good advices!!!" ... written by Sirena22
its good advice he gave me id recommend thanks a lot yes.. happy " ... written by thequeencup
I was in doubt about him, but he is VERY good and i do suggest people to get a reading done and see for youself! " ... written by Sweetrouble2011
Wow. First time caller. He was saying things as they were coming to mind. It was exceptional! Dead on. Thank you so much! ******" ... written by Paula1969
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Angel168
I liked his reading he knew what he was doing I will definitely be coming back " ... written by gcobisag
He is very intuitive. Loved my reading with him and will be looking forward for updates. Thanks again." ... written by Alexsheart
He's very good, he helped a lot!I recommend him!!!" ... written by Nora
He's very good and if you are looking for answers then I do recommend Tarot expert 30 for your private reading!" ... written by brivers39
He is amazing! The best reading I had!" ... written by Annebb
Very good spread and it was accurate I must say. A great realistic reading...no fluff, no fairytale spin...all reality that I know it to be. He also gave me great sensible advice that I know I need to take and plan on doing so....I highly recommend this reader! This reading was very clear and most helpful! thanks again!" ... written by Nona29
He was really helpful and he gave me good advices and he found everything that i knew!!Thank you again :)" ... written by fairy24
Very accurate it, you have to try him, he is really good." ... written by TUSHAN
Eduardo is amazing. He's exact, he's honest, he communicates everything you need to know. I recommend him highly to anyone who is seeking answers!!!!!!!!! 5 stars for sure" ... written by DaphneLGerry
Wow! First time caller and was very impressed. He was reading me like I was right there! Things were coming to mind and he was pulling cards for them. I couldn't keep up my typing with him. Exceptional! Very direct but honest, down to earth. Very clear. I really enjoyed having my reading with him. I will definitely be calling back to speak with him. A must call. ********" ... written by Paula
Interesting." ... written by blanca84
Very interesting reading. Highly recommend the TarotExpert!!!" ... written by tash1921
Very nice and friendly reader. He told me a lot of truth about my life." ... written by marxis79
Loved his reading again. Thank you for your help and advices!!!! You cleared my idea and situation, now I know what to do!" ... written by Sirena22
The readings were so precise and I was amazed by its accuracy. Will try to implement the advices and will definitely be back to him for more guides... :) Thank you...!" ... written by SWA2709
very gud xxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by blackcat06
Great reader. I feel lifted and focused after discussing some issues with him. Will get another private soon." ... written by klgonzalez
Very helpful!!!" ... written by schransa
Very great reading and told me alot was been going on and things to come. Made alot sense and helped me feel less confused I needed to hear what he saw for me." ... written by johnnydeppfan
Amazing reading. Was very exact with his cards and actually gave me chills at times. I feel more confident with certain things and am more aware of the reality with others. I would certainly say to talk with him and see what he has to say about you. He seems to get pretty detailed and went over a lot of areas with me! AWESOME READING " ... written by Sissy4636
Wonderful, and accurate , I enjoyed the reading and the info helped . Very professional ,compassionate , I enjoyed it thanks." ... written by AmandaB69
Very pleasant reader. I would recommend him!!!" ... written by 1212flaming
Great Tarot Reader. Fast and Accurate." ... written by MorningStar8
He is BRILLIANT! Not only accurate and very detailed, but also funny and very easy to talk with. Loved the reading. He put a big smile on my face :D Thank a lot! Will come back for an update! " ... written by hugs2020
Very good advice and accuracy. I am coming back for more. Thank you for the truth, Tarotexpert30." ... written by champelle
Had my second reading and he is fantastic!!!! Made me laugh alot and gave great advice." ... written by champelle
thank you." ... written by adnan123
Very Good!!! Fantastic reading." ... written by Carla
So accurate, all comes true with his reading. I will certain will continue to consult with tarotexpert." ... written by Alexsheart
He is so great and fun....hits the nail on the head every time. Thank you!" ... written by dstufra1
Thank you very much..very insightful" ... written by dreamer65
He was very sweet and very detailed showing me the cards all the time. It's very soon to say if he was right in his answers but he gave me good vibe. Gracias..hopefully all you said is right :)" ... written by Gema
Made me feel at ease. Right on point focused. " ... written by LadyL5
great reading!!!" ... written by aisha
One thing to say, amazing reading. i have no words," ... written by ouranos345
Answered my questions, very good every time , I thank you very much . " ... written by AmandaB69
I trust Eduardo with the most important aspects of my life. He is honest and forthcoming. He is accurate and kind. I will always come back to him and trust him with the critical details of my life." ... written by DaphneLGerry
As usual, he is fast, accuarte and compassionate. I always value what insight he provides me " ... written by Paula1969
HE WAS GREAT AND ACCURATE" ... written by swhope999
HE WAS GREAT AND ACCURATE" ... written by swhope999
All I can say is WOW! He hit everything thing on the dot! can t believe how amazing he was! Great advice as well! Will 100% be back to talk to him!! A M A Z I N G!!!! Give him a 5 Star! Thanks Tarotexpert30" ... written by star2385
Excellent!!!" ... written by Harvey6972
Recently had an email reading with Eduardo and he is very honest and precise working with his cards and through my horoscope. He cares and that means so much, too :) I recommend him highly!!!! Enjoy his chat room very much also!" ... written by doloann
This man is awesome!" ... written by Marlaval
As always...good reading and advice. :)" ... written by Penny43
He is really good. I will have to come back soon." ... written by luckygirl40
5 stars, no question asked!" ... written by saskia82
Great" ... written by winterhot
Little Mexican lost in Hungary:)) He is compassionate, an empath but shutttt dont tell him about it, he is funny, stubborn but he has a big heart and will help you until he sees a change in your situation. Merci Eduardo, for being you and for caring. He is truly genuine and he will help you to clarify and he give you some enlightment and peace:) He deserves five stars and I highly recommend him for a private:)))) You are loved by many of your guests in your chatroom because of your generosity and funny faces:))) " ... written by milona
Eduardo is an excellent tarot reader, and also a great listener and friend. He always helps me see a situation clearly, and offers great advice!" ... written by Starliteny
Not bad" ... written by hushhu
Just want to say that all the email readings and horoscopes and pvt readings I have had from tarotexpert have been highly intuitive and decisive and he is not just a reader but a person who really is out there wanting to help others true his gifts :) thanks Eduardo!!!!" ... written by doloann
He was excellent I did not have to provide any information except for birth sign and his reading was great all I had to do was listen and ask a question if need be so Thanks Again!" ... written by Blackgirl1525
Insightful, caring, truthful and to the point. I will certainly speak to him again." ... written by Pablo
He was very good. I did not like what i heard, but he was speaking the truth and I knew this deep down inside..If you want honesty, he is the person to talk to even though it might hurt, it is good to have someone tell you like it really is than someone telling you what you want to hear." ... written by ezeepass
He is always cool to talk to...gives it to you straight. Highly recommend." ... written by dstufra1
Good and accurate" ... written by Harvey6972
Facinating readings, always accurate." ... written by Alexsheart
I first connected with TarotExpert30 in free chat where he answered a question for me, which came true. I found his private reading one of the best and he is an expert in tarot, told me things just amazing how he could pick up on in my life situation. Explained the cards to me, and you feel so comfortable in his room. Thanks Tarot you are 5 stars!!!!!!!!" ... written by snowriver71
Very perceptive and accurate. Made me feel what I have been thinking for some time now. I will contact again." ... written by KennyinTampa
He is highly recommended. Once you get to know him he can provide all the tools you need to continue to move forward with clarity and light." ... written by Alexsheart
No nonsense... love this guy :) Highly recommend!" ... written by leti8989
Thank you...great reading!" ... written by wendic
He's awesome!!!!!!!! Very caring and to the point. Totally honest and says it like it is. I very highly recommend him!" ... written by Daphne
I like his readings very spot on! " ... written by TerraFirmaLady
I found it to be most helpful and right on and i loved talking with him very much! I cant thank him enough" ... written by ppants763
He was right on!!! i needed his help and i got it!! now i feel muchhhhhhh relief!!" ... written by sarah27
He is a fantastic reader, lsitener and empath :)" ... written by milona
Eduardo is truly connected to the Universe.. You won't be disappointed in the quality of his reads , or his sense of Humour! You may not agree or like what he tells you, but the point is he is accurate. Adore this guy!" ... written by TFL
Superb clarity... excellent personality! Hit nail on the head on everything! Super claridad, sencillez.. me encanta! Gracias!" ... written by besodulce
Eddy is one of the best...even with a free card reading, he can hit the nail on the head. he needs little info to tell you you can trust him to tell you what you need to know and to the point....its not sugar coated, but he does try for you to know how to fix the things. ...thanks as always eddy!!!" ... written by lisa
Awesome and accurate reading with Tarot Expert. He is highly recommended if you're looking for accuracy." ... written by Alexsheart
Hands down.. One of the BEST BEST readings I have ever had anywhere !!!! Very very pleased .. I highly recommend a consultation with this reader... He is at the top of the list.. and is just spot on.. doesnt waste time. very helpful.... HIS NAME SUITS HIM PERFECTLY !!!! THE NAME SAYS IT ALL !!! AND HE LIVES UP TO THE NAME !!! LOVED THE READING !!!! thank you so much !!! Thnk you and after I see my chart I will return for another reading to update you.. :)" ... written by AMANDA
He was very, accurate!! the information he gave me was comforting, and gave me advise i needed!!!" ... written by sarah j
thanks and i heed the warning was nice :)" ... written by anon
very good, right to the point , no bs. ACCURATE too. " ... written by marima
Good.." ... written by dsanam
He is a great person to talk to nice and no sugar coating" ... written by Lourdy
Well, second reading and it was a charm:))) Eduardo is so talented and able to tell you like it is and that, with humour and seriousness. He will guide you and he is realist about the fact that you have to do your part to achieve what he suggested to you. A reading with him will be a nice Christmas gift for you or someone dear to you. Thank you:)))))))))))" ... written by milona
Very clear good insight is truely amazing with reading the tarot." ... written by starlight22
You are awesome... so true.. so right.. thank you so much!!" ... written by alya
Oh, I am really sorry that I ran out of credits. But I am very thankful for you tarotexpert. You are great!" ... written by marxis79
Great guy...he did a pretty good reading. we will see what happens." ... written by spiritualgirl1
Great advice! I always enjoy me readings with Ed. Straight to the point, gives clarity to situations. Thanks Ed. " ... written by Penny43
Excellent!!" ... written by Katsi36
great" ... written by Jillian40
Great advisor" ... written by Alexsheart
Very honest and caring. Explains details very well. Puts things into perspective." ... written by Starliteny
All he said is correct, waiting for email to see and will follow up. Great reading! " ... written by youcantaffordme
Great advisor!! he is highly recommended." ... written by Alexsheart
Excellent ty " ... written by redopal
Very good , excellent , very helpful and strong reading 5 stars. all the way. pls try him you will not be unhappy. very accurate." ... written by swhope999
I like the mexican, he is really good with his cards but also such an empath. his reading was on target, quick, fun, enlightning and impressive. I recommend him for a private if you want the truth and clarity. Muchas gracias mi amigo:))))))))" ... written by milona
Eduardo is an excellent reader (and astrologer). i had this private with him now and he really goes into depth and is right on the point and helps me in my future dealings/situations and my own issues. he is awesome! thanx so much ed! you are really a wonderful reader!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))" ... written by doloann
Mucho thanks dude... you got all the details, you are so good, you are so funny too, and I really appreciate your devotion and clear messages :)" ... written by liindee-lou
thanks so much. You read the whole situation very well with not much information from my part... Merry christmas.." ... written by sunny3107
Loved him, very clear accurate and supportive (:" ... written by maryannepav
Very Accuarte Reader :)" ... written by erica
extremely very good reading will b back" ... written by saskia82
Fantastic reading!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by jmerritts
thanks ed for a great reading! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! GOD BLESS! =)" ... written by babe28
He was wonderful!!!!!" ... written by SugarHeart
Always on point and i would not get a private with anyone else." ... written by jmerritts
thanks!!!!! you're right and i will keep doing what i'm doing!!! " ... written by jen1210
love his energy. great clarity without effort. comes naturally to him. cuanta energia! G" ... written by besodulce
Its amazing to talk with him..... he is a very good help.." ... written by sukychi
Thank you!" ... written by Alexsheart
Ed is always point on and is direct. I appreciate that. As always...he gives good advice and direction. Thanks Ed. :)" ... written by Penny43
Wonderful!! Great read!" ... written by NiVanya
He is my #1 favorite reader of my whole life (and i have had MANY readings in m life)... also I truly enjoy his personality.....I give him 10 stars." ... written by Amanda
Eduardo was very exact. He was able to tell me things about my question that were very detailed. He was very uplifting and had a great energy about him. I will get many a readings from him after this great experience. He has abilities, wonderful guy !" ... written by ashcredo
WOW! He picked up on a few things that I already had a gut feeling about - let's see if together we are both accurate. Looks like I will know for sure before the end of March 2012 - and I will be back here to post and let everyone know. A genuine and caring guy with a great sense of humor. Also, I am waiting for an astrological analysis and I will also comment later on that. I will definitely be back to get another reading. " ... written by gale
great reading" ... written by Harvey6972
One of the best accurate readers in Oranum. All predictions come true." ... written by Alexsheart
What a lovely soul. Always giving, always caring. I would certainly recommend a reading with TarotExpert30." ... written by silverdllr
Great reading. Strait to the point. Very happy. " ... written by dalilahflores
Eudardo/tarotexpert30 is such an easy going and compassionate and intuitive reader....he is not just excellent with working with the cards but knows my life and situations thru intuition and astrology. he is a wonderful astrologist too...but most of all is a kind and wise psychic and friend! thanx eduardo for your time and gifts!" ... written by doloann
Very accurate card reading! NO regrets!" ... written by reicaa
Really good at his craft and it's not my first reading with him. He is talented, honest and quick. He deserves five stars and I highly recommend him for a pvt." ... written by milona
Thank you. Good honest general Tarot card reading. No tricks or gimmicks. Didn't ask for information. Recommended." ... written by Adrifted
Amazing!" ... written by LULUPILY13
Thank you for your integrity, your sense of humor, your stupid jokes and your protection:) You are a good friend and you are much more of an empath than me:))" ... written by milona
I have had many readings thru out my lifetime. both on Oranum andamp; In person...and there has never been a reader that I was ever more comfortable with and more trusting of then Eduardo... he is quick.. precise...he doesn't need many details other then your basic questions... I really am surprised he is not a featured psychic because he is really good at what he does. and if featured psychic was based on skills and not votes I believe Eduardo would be at the TOP... I definitely would suggest a reading with him...worth every penny... Very informative if you're looking for clear answers along with advice.. HONEST.. give him a try !" ... written by Amanda
Best reader on the site!!! Take him private consult !!" ... written by Answers
100% right on the target for me.......I highly recommend a prvt with Eduardo.. his readings have been so helpful...a few weeks back he predicted something.. and yes it DID happen as he predicted...I developed much trust in him as all his readings have been very precise to my situation and the people involved.. I am also intuitive.. and some of the predictions and visions that I had - he was also able to see these without me telling him a single peep about them...only afterwards did i tell him....Hes awesome in free chat...he is great with following up.. and he is good with remembering your situation and who you are...hes my Oranum Favorite." ... written by ANNONYMOUS
Very good !!" ... written by sangie
Excellent!" ... written by necklace15
Should be a Featured psychic - he IS if you base it on Skill !!!!.. Hit the nail on the head every time - Thanks Eduardo !!!" ... written by Virgo012
This precious man is so honest, funny, witty and I recommend him in private as you will feel better and obtain clarity:))) He deserves five stars and he is really there to help." ... written by milona
TarotExpert is very detailed and very intuitive with reading his cards and picking up on my energy. i am always really satisfied. he has alot of compassion and humor and empathy. i recommend him highly!!!! A class A psychic/tarot card reader!!!! thanks eduardo!" ... written by doloann
Was very thorough and detailed. I feel he was accurate but I guess only time will tell :) Thank you so much." ... written by iPreferMimi
Eduardo is a very empathetic person who picks on my energies quickly as he understands my situation and guides me in compassion and reality. I really think he is a top psychic on Oranum and an excellent astrologer and tarot reader, too. Thanks so much for all your wise counsel Eduardo! :)))" ... written by doloann
Very helpful and I reco" ... written by Aquarius1989
Very helpful and I reco" ... written by Aquarius1989
I cannot believe how accurate he was about my situation! It was like he went into our minds and read everything! He confirmed a lot of things for me, and I look forward to his predictions passing. Wow, what a great reader! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Thank you :)" ... written by eloelfar
Nice!" ... written by Harvey6972
Perfect knew everything and on the mark." ... written by madame1
Awesome reading answered all my questions in a very short time! Clarified my thoughts!Thank you so much!" ... written by rattail1
TarotExpert30, what can I say he is wonderful, on point and very kind. People do yourself a pleasure....go to him!" ... written by swhope999
Xoxoxoxoxo thank you so much - after he warmed up to the situation he saw it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but granded its a complicated situation ..thank you so much again :-)))))" ... written by KittyCat000
Great." ... written by Pinklover01
Great, I loved it." ... written by Chrissy95
Very accurate!" ... written by Harvey6972
TarotExpert30 is spot on with his card readings, accurate and helpful. I find him caring and understanding person and recommend him for private if you want answers to questions.Thanks Tarot 5 stars !!!!" ... written by snowriver71
Everything he said just made sense, and cleared my mind from all it's thoughts, pulling me in the right direction. Thank you!" ... written by chrissilou
Ty very much! He's very good." ... written by BAM4869
Very good" ... written by Harvey6972
When I have a reading with TarotExpert30 he is always accurate and really knows the situation and helps with things by giving me more understanding, he is great...5 Stars !!!" ... written by snowriver71
Thank you so much. x" ... written by eaglesridge
he is rocking cool. very hel[pful with good soul. pls used his gifts" ... written by swhope999
He read my situation right, very good suggestions for me to guide me" ... written by ellym3
Great reading :)" ... written by karatechic
Very good" ... written by maria1211
This guy is amazing, told me some wonderful things, I'm so happy I had a reading with him, he was in tune with my situation!" ... written by De5pina
Awesome reading at all time, very accurate!!" ... written by Alexsheart
Thank you for being concerned about my medical situation and giving me adequate counsel. However, I'm not suprised because you have a kind heart:) " ... written by milona
Very helpful. Thank you!!!" ... written by elle1980
Thank you so much for all your help with this matter, tarot gave me a lot of advice about my situation and he explained the people involved perfectly. Would give him 10 stars if possible, very indepth reading, thank you :)" ... written by f999111
Soothing!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Harvey6972
Eduardo is a reader who is definetly on top of things and is very , very wise and intuitive with picking up on my energies...connecting. he knows exactly what situations are when reading cards and thru astrology. i am very much pleased with his honesty and compassion and friendliness. i have had other readings plus email ones and give him 10 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanx ed!" ... written by doloann
Straightforward, practical advice, no wishy-washy stuff at all. Perfect!" ... written by EllieBellie
Good and thorough!" ... written by focusing
Crazy Eduardo is funny, compassionate, empathic, gifted, and he cares about everyone in his room. As for me, humility and ethics are the keys to a realistic and an accurate reading; Mr Tarot Expert definitely owns those abilities. Furthermore, he is able to bring a smile on your face when everything seems dark and pointless. If you don't want sugarcoating and a truthful reading, he is highly recommended in private. Thus, that is all I have to mention about him and I thank him for his objectivity. " ... written by milona
He is awesome to the point and value for money... he is worth much more then he charges and he understands the value of it.. love u ed .. thanks for all the guidance and readings" ... written by shona29
Eduardo knows his cards and his astrology and he is able to use them with his sound judgment. If you want to obtain clarity and feel better about your current situation, he is highly recommended to help you get the answers that you need. " ... written by milona
Good reading!" ... written by maria12111
He's very good!! Knowing the situation very well. Thank you for the advise. " ... written by Pam_mie
Thank you for the update" ... written by Alexsheart
Very helpful and caring... will come back again... thanks!" ... written by sukychi
He is a nice person. i love talking with him." ... written by luckygirl40
Adorable reading . Is adorable." ... written by maria12111
AMAZING!!!! He is amazing and spot on. He didn't need much info from me he already had the answers! " ... written by Chloe28
I had another e-mail reading with eduardo (had not had credits in a while to see him) and he directs and guides with honesty and forthrightness and with sincere caring! i am in awe of how close he knows my situations and how he sees thru his energies and the cards what would be best....but it is up to me as he puts it, in some situations. i love having readings by ed and am recommending him with 5 stars and more to all who need to see life as it is and get wise counsel!! love you eduardo!" ... written by doloann
Fast and accurate" ... written by thanya
:) he is just amazing" ... written by maria12111
Eduardo never sugar coates his readings which is one of the reasons i respect him and i always can count on him to be straightforward, compassionate, and excellent with picking up on my energies and reading for me and others connected with me...he is accurate in his readings and energy connection. he is very kind and humorous and i recommend him highly 10 stars!!!!! Eduardo, thank you for your reading and for your friendship! :)" ... written by doloann
Right on the money!!!" ... written by Harvey6972
So amazed of how tuned and how well he read the cards!! its a WOW FROM ME!!! 5 starts!" ... written by malinda2011
Danngggg broo ur real goodd thnx a million!!" ... written by rjjimenez
Awesome update, he is always accurate." ... written by Alexsheart
He is wonderful and honest and knows what he is saying. I give him 10 stars." ... written by luckygirl40
Good as always." ... written by shona29
I love talking with him he is so positive and correct on his tarot cards. You must try him!!!" ... written by luckygirl40
5 stars ed is very good with his cards. He was well intuned to my situation..Thanks ed." ... written by frizzle441
Amazing, accurate, friendly and a lot more than I thought he would be. he was totally right about my past when i didnt give any hint... very generous and helpful. warm and caring, the reading was great...could connect immidiately. helped me even when i had so low credits. he is genuine, talented and adorable...very accurate and unbelievable in a good way. helps all that he can and gives time frames. one of the most lovely psychics i have met, very fast and so quick to connect provides lots of details. will come back for more, was an amazing experience.." ... written by letmeforgive
Thanks a lot...u hav shown me a new way :) Anyways u r really sweet n cute :)" ... written by Shilpika
Heya, thanks for our reading I look forward to receiving my email from you soon xxx" ... written by rainbowjar
When I need advice I go to TarotExpert30 and he always has the answers for me. Thank you so much, 5 stars for Tarot he knows what he is doing and does not waste you time...enjoy every reading with him...." ... written by snowriver71
Thank you i needed clarification and he told me the way things really are, its helped so much " ... written by HollyB123
Very good:) I highly recommend:)" ... written by katarzbl
He is so nice...very accommodating and straight forward." ... written by days0213
Another great reading!" ... written by malinda2011
I love Ed!!!!! He's so honest and to the point. He never sugar coats it. He tell's the truth and he's always been right on!!! I trust his advice and I'll always come back to him in the future." ... written by DaphneLGerry
All accurate in all he says. " ... written by Alexsheart
Eduardo's reading was very clear and accurate about my current situation and i gained valuable insight into the possible future.. I really appreciated his candour an honesty- for me a reading is only useful if it is honest...Ed's reading was realistic and honest, and he gave me advise in a direct but compassionate way. I would highly recommend " ... written by Highpriestess012
Very very good reading." ... written by Tauser
He is accurate as always. I love him. Thanks!" ... written by shona29