About Sunee

Psychic Suneehas 5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Suneehas recently helped 202members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Sunee's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Do you need clarity and SUNshine in your life? Are you wondering if a person is going to be just a friend, a date, or a possible mate?

Life seem like it is in a rut and you want to get an outside perspective on what may need to change or will change?

Are you looking at your energy levels and wondering what is going on and need an energy reading on what is going on with you -whether it be mind, body, or spirit or all areas? Is your career or finances needing to be looked at?

No tools are needed but they can be utilized if requested.

The ability to become another human and knowing what they know, feel what they feel, and knowing what another person is feeling or doing is a gift given by the divine!

Assistance is there to look at what is, what was, and what can be if you are able to implement necessary steps that assist you on your path. Sometimes we just need a little guidance.

I have had experience with Love and Different Types of Relationships, Career Readings, Lost and Found Persons & Pets, Medium Readings (speaking to loved ones who have past on who want to be reached),using Clairvoyant, Channeled, and/or Automatic Writing methods from within.

I am honest and to the point, while offering love to assist clients with assisting themselves in a nurturing yet straight-forward way. I have worked on the radio and television while doing retreats and still do as time allows with other work. Traveling to assist others with their suffering and overcoming their obstacles is my priority these days when not working on Oranum.

I have done so many different types of work in this area of spiritual advising but, notice that I enjoy chat readings more than anything. It is very uplifting and motivating for me and for the clients. It is a gift I would like to share. Love and truth are offered and in a compassionate yet straight-forward manner.

Email Readings are still done every day and answered no matter what the schedule is for Chat Readings. Take advantage of these prices. We have great psychics on Oranum. We all will assist you. Be open and receive! If you come with clear questions and even write them down beforehand, the readings are so much easier for the psychic to sense... and you get more fast and accurate readings as your guides provide in the readings as I've seen done a lot over the years. You are the key to the reading. Do the preparation!! And have no attachment to the outcome! Will give the reading with honesty, love and SUNshine. If you would like some sun and clarity in your life... contact me... SUNee

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wat an lovely person my god she is sooooo nice and comforting and amazing " ... written by allyb5
truly amazing experience :))) strongly recommend to everybody! and will come back for sure! Thanks, Sunee!" ... written by thetruthseeker
very down to earth... i loved her way of communicating her thoughts... It was fun and she was right on about everyone involved! We will talk againg... love the raimaker!!" ... written by ellasmom34
Very very in tuned and very nice to have someone who is so be very accurate and right on the money! She felt everything from what others where thinking to what I was thinking. I will be back to her from now on." ... written by Vayrae2
Very Accurate!!! Thank you Sunee :)" ... written by mozzy123
I have been anticipating this private session with Sunee. She was on point and comforting and understanding of my circumstances. What was so amazing is that she gave me a timeframe of when to expect changes in my life. I felt so much better after having my session. Thank you Sunee." ... written by I_Love_Life
hit me where it hurt but i need it! ha great reading" ... written by swtscorpio
Great lady and wonderfully accurate! I highly recommend her." ... written by Naseth
Amazing! She truly is wonderful! she's on point, gives amazing advise and she's helped me open my eyes and realize alot of things! Thank you so much Sunee!!!! Your an angel!" ... written by cowboicasanova
very very very good in fact perfect" ... written by blessing4sharron
love her energy...very good reading..." ... written by sphinx777
Thank you so much, a good reading ...." ... written by Redeye2610
I could tell she was genuine just from talking to her in free chat, thanx for the reading, even though i had limited time she told me a lot. God Bless Sweet Girl" ... written by destiny123
Quick, concise reading with lots of info. Thanks again Sunee!" ... written by fireopal77
She was dead on with my reading. I told her very little and she was able to tell me all about my situation, not necessarily what I want to hear but the truth as I really knew in my heart." ... written by Newkysingle
She was great I enjoyed her reading, she was very honest,down to earth and open about what his feelings were, and could also provide a time frame thanks" ... written by tyesha_wht
thank you! very much! you've been a great help to my situation :) " ... written by mysticdream25
Sunee is wise beyond her youth. Not only did her gift as a psychic come through in her reading, but in her ability to use the information to advise and help me maintain a positive situation. Her gift as a clairvoyant was affirmed by her seeing the present situation and people in my life very accurately (spot on), and this gave me the trust to believe in her counsel regarding the situation. Give Sunee a try you will not be sorry. " ... written by fireopal77
Sunee had a lot to say about me, and she was very accurate and sincere. She can write very fast (in case u can't listen) and she definately has great skills! She could see all about me and my partner. Also, she was able to give me some guidance in order to make my relationship go the right path." ... written by atelmo
Lovely lady with great insight. Without giving her much info she's extremely accurate on situations. Highly recommend her." ... written by tash1921
She helped me to make a choice!! She was straight to the point in her answers, didn't waste any second in private! You will feel that she is really gifted! Thank you Sunee!!! everyone should try ;)" ... written by kosmosss
A very energetic, beautiful and smart lady. Definitely worth visiting. " ... written by Taylor
Great reading tho, she picked up on a lot that s for sure, before i even said anything. She has a gift!!" ... written by steph
Very accurate!!!! thank you so much" ... written by sassiie
she was really cool and was able to pick up on things that i didnt even hint at. Cliche to say i know but she gave me a really good read and i feel better about stuff now. Im kinda excited for the future now!" ... written by jake1994
Great reading. She really has a gift. Give her a try you will not be disappointed. " ... written by dmariae
She is very accurate , i will suggest anyone to have a private reading with her , it will worth your money and your time.....thank you so much Sunee may God bless you." ... written by genesis28
awesome reading, very accurate and she is such a wonderful person! Thank you ! i will definitely be back :)" ... written by Onica86
SUNEE is an excellent and genuine reader, i was impressed with her reading, and felt a strong conection to her, i will definetley have another reading and reccomend others to choose Sunee im sure you ill not be dissapointed." ... written by Destiny
Very accurate!!" ... written by 1212flaming
well hit on the nail the people i asked about" ... written by mariaworldfree
She's the bestttttttt! FReakin Awesome" ... written by cjay23